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Friday 9/15- Today on the show we had our girl CARDI B in the building!! (soon to be the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill to hit number one with her song "Bodak Yellow" on the Billboard Hot 100 without a feature if the culture allows this). She spoke about her relationship with Migos member Offset, new album, and even though she has new ride she still doesn't have her license. But hey, who has the time for that when she's meeting people like Beyonce! Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Floyd Mayweather because he defended Donald Trump comments on grabbing women by the p***. Moreover, we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners are givers or takers when it comes to the bedroom.

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Angela Charlemagne, the garb of a rapid forbids the voice of a culture wash like means is one of my baby shows just because I always keep young, but there are quite aware on paper there. You know their listening through the back door
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Morning Angel Yea Minorities, the Charlemagne, these data plan for Friday overly excited. They rise that because we have the queen come in this morning. My one internally TAT S. All right said the queen come in by this morning, realities the woman with the number, though a young, queen, ok, but beyond the different type of going now God by which she had the number two song, and
soon to be number one. Agri COD Ii be, will be hit. It's my ass God, love of God, he began crying. She withdrew from MR clubs. Reality shows two housed in makes takes over now, as numbers ran in by yesterday. Have in some way and is again, I was increased, ok, I guess it's very important job you would encouraging. Yesterday we see that was I love it flags, Uganda, while we have dedicated until the measured came by you have to be adapted to show will be talking about the garden, but none of that came before he met on the best dress of the night. What had good all I know Could it be got the number two song in the country and if she gets number once you will be the first female wrapper: to be number one without a feature since Lauryn Hill twenty three years ago. Right. So I think it is very important that we go out there and download bodak yellow by bodak, yellow
dream border glazing, fifty thousand sixty thousand away. So that includes everything that includes dj spinning, That includes you, guys stream in it. You gotta watch in a video download in buying it anything that has to do a car we even her. You know that guy border yellower get recognized at my God. We voted at Yale erected eagerly. Have you know that the video way the words in so you know what say you could actually learn a song here. Even if you watch tat anything that has to do with their boat at yellow record, dream you download you purchase dj? You support we'll get to Bulgaria has often culture into has TAT Cardiff. What I called you this is what a coach around here. Ok, we need this to happen at right, angles, regulations than you and they you gotta, be dynamic. Bt hip hop away, Amazing shy being nine shouted beating, I was nominated again. So thank you to be easy and shouted. Everybody is dj area.
When they get a coward area the candidate, in the same way that they do and if you will not be able to better Emma Habit of what that change. Fascicles or maybe you could change Tunisia, not this united action around a lot about this, which is one of the main, though, a dove, keep evolve in every year. Does he gave his neck? Gm one is asked the shaggy man wanted issue. I shall be buried at us, the video I mean we get close to knowing our world star over thousand order you to page, and it continues to grow and definitely appreciated the spot. If I shot up so the record is close to the top. Twenty record is close to go out and so happy invested myself and really decided to do it. Thank you guys are appreciated at let's get to show cracker front page news that we talk about breaking news. There was an explosion in London will tell you why they are treating it as a terror incident also connected Jenkins.
Will give you an update, because they have now review the civilians video footage from the hotel car. I will get into all that in more keep a lock and cod II be will be in a building next hour. Is the breakfast locomotion morning. Everybody is the g envy. Angela YE shall a God. We are the breakfast club whisking some front page news now it that, for the use in Texans beat sleet Cincinnati, bangles thirteen to nine Talk about what happened in London? He? Well! Yes, this actually just happened this morning. This is three. Twenty. A m Meantime AIDS, when he I am in London, there was an incident in the end, the tube which has shut down part.
A busy London underground line. They are doing this incident as terrorism witnesses that they heard announcements from officials as some kind of explosion had occurred on a train. So Parsons Green Street station is closed. So we don't know. Did this really just happened so they trying to figure out what went down. There was a lot of panic. People's shouting screaming people were running down. The steps trying to avoid the explosion alright. Well, let's talk about, came at Genk, and can we really Can you make a judgement we have nothing possums Monica was so can make a junk into the young lady who, nineteen years old she was staying at the Crown Plaza. She was at the Crown Plaza Chicago here, hotel going to a party with her friends, and then she mysteriously was found dead in the freezer. So a lot of people were putting us
regulation on social media. Saying will lie model of story, saying that she was raped. He was murdered by her frail my god. She's gonna lie when ever I supported the story, and I said we don't have a those details that if people and social media speculating, I wanted to wait, that's why, when its weight, because now they have review this surveillance, video footage and what they sign, that footage was her walking into the freezer on her own and then never coming back out now Andrew HOMES, who is an activist in Chicago who has worked with many police agencies during his ears of anti violence, activism had this to say videos and anybody cool birthday on there than anybody
anybody from some sort of video to her, where they release the video footage to the family? So she has. Instead, it seen it yet, but you do have the surveillance video for so according to Andrew Home is what you see in the footage he's waiting in the lobby at the Crown Plaza Hotel after her friends went back up to the room where they had the parties to get some of their possessions. She then takes the elevate to a lower level. Wine is around opening doors, she's disoriented and that's when she entered the kitchen and walks into the walk and freeze another family is still waiting for toxic. Budgets has to see whether or not anybody I put anything in her drink. That's one thing: they still want to see any saying that there were just allowed. Then there is there were circulating. Now here is Teresa Martin, who was connected Jenkins mother, make a last says earlier, one Salazar, Mona wrong. When he tell me at all
make a mining so as to get up a lab exotic protest that I should have listened to him earlier cuz. He did make a lot of sense huh, so I guess y'all doing too much, but only thing, I'm asking you out: cuz y'all, please just do it at peace, don't get on people's nothing, to talk the talk about. What is why social media is dangerous. Social media had a whole murder plot, had it all figured out, but I was loyal to the hotel for two hundred dollars and raped and murdered by friends. Megan assumptions Alla time away for the facts of the case. The play out, madam even every point, on a devil who manage to someone I am called, was pistol vigilance thought out. As I listen, we don't know what happened. This is weight and that is what happened. We will be sure that we should be like that with everything like stop. Jumping to conclusions is located. No and tell you no simple and aunt em and common sense We said on radio? No, I definitely said. Oh, she was an old
don't be a surveillance today we did it as if they were fighting have indifferent came as if they were reviewing footage France. So we were waiting to get that information so what they they either hotel is saying that they are offering to pay for the funeral That's one thing, but you know I mean the most unfortunate of this incident is that the young lady is dead. Now some people feel like that unsecured, you should have been blocked off and people should have been able to access that area. Tat was negligent for that will last for a page news, I get it all features. Eight hundred five, eight firewater, five, one of your upset. You need event, hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night? A horrible night? You just would have been a little bit or, if you feel blessed- and you had a great night great morning, whatever it maybe eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one up right now is to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast club,
go away. Wake up or black we want from you is John, was getting off each other. I then I wonder, though it gotta be black man.
Days. Everybody likes to doubt the conclusion and I like the job began as they affect the people. While the negative ways are afforded a news incorrectly, though you guys actually taking the time to find out a story before you report. It is a true blessings by appreciate your gaps are doing that math. I know people too little fault that you, but don't be mad at the game. You doing the right thing, but give it up here we gotta from one thank you fellows days, did the tall from Havana the dog amount for supper. They would absolving yes, sir about him cowboy. We audio doll defeated a day needed immediately. You see, they think they be designed. They beheld in the breach, defeated at the fact that that is early but uses early. But how about some cow? What you call a format? You can't Boys got bribery. Bribes. How about that above we are here. You understand why you man? No now, let's go back,
every go, have a go. Obray ride suggests that the Florida I get married what we are about here tomorrow, young a married man, man, you nor a body count. I do you care local this. You know you know Why you don't tell me you're, never ass, you, I had a bad anyway with burning Brittany. Make sure you have your future gradually delays Adulator made it goes vassal enjoy we'll go away. You read like the merits of this alone. Is there ain't get it off my chest: calling because I'm glad? Ok, what's others, while you plasma Well, I'm glad to have introduced a guy promoting and built my home.
I'm really excited about, after all by myself, a land when you remove the Alaska. Furthermore, you all by your blog with everybody else, was why Alaska Well, because I want to get away from fifty one originally ban. Said he you like Alaska, I love allows. The weather is nice, where people friendly and even opportunities here. You got yellow eskimo boo. Yet not yet I bet in Alaska is more than eighty million is right. You can't even get a man in the lab go now. The boys them had laid a voice. Yet a man does not define you later I believe that while but a man divine- and you have to say to you, employ you haven't you happy
new yadda yadda answer yes up and you love the call up exactly because it pays. Like I said I will go were going arising in Alaska All the time factor is called in Alaska were always called in Alaska. Yes, I would think so am I showed up get it off. Each has a hundred five one hundred and five, what if you're upset you need a vehicle is now with the breakfast club the morning the breakfast club. Counting down you're gonna, get it off each other. You may want to breakfast laughing, but as a military level basis that we dazed have regular features. Mama, I'm piling up
they have come in now and I don't have a boyfriend was going nowhere. You tell him to be, as one I mean. Don't you find those words. You want my opinion and I used to think I was telling one about other listeners. Christianity was makeup and how could she doesn't have a boyfriend is, you don't have to have a man to be happy some people in bad relationships. Them would be happier if they were soon after the war have to find the right man will have to be realised were Sycamore day longer. Like argued Javier says she doubted Mariette she's, the one woman wearing your language, rather than the other call and go out of you ort. Not people won't make what we may wonder. Write me
I'm glad you called this morning. I'm sure you confuse now, I'm I'm I'm I'm wishes on France may view both now really, but I'm looking at you. I would have liked to put me on because I can I find there. I was the right one that you hold out for their right. Why don't you have a man just to handling hello there, his library, without every regular features, brown men like that I gotta get a month ago, another spell a black man around in there hasn't wages broke baggy ran about is ever go would allow this job get ravages. How are you going? It's mine, I'm good, how you got nothing my boss everywhere, but without like it at all, you are. What you said is now is that without, however tat I think I've been, I do not like the others, other methods and many consider yes or no,
of cargo yet about a thousand feet goblet. Today? What about that? And I do not like the fact that we have you know my name does not truly thought of videos you often due to freeze ourselves. So what are you talking about? Begged evaded the video as our valence videos, showing her walking freeze or on our own thought. It are friends. Do you not, I feel a lot of video the ban on now I'd here because like allow, what the latter it also more than it has ever, you on the internet have completed deaf above the devil was manner than it does now. We live in the information age would have so much misinformation. There is a video and show this young, lady walking into the freezer by herself, but they are still waiting for toxicology results to see if there was anything that was put in her drink. As you can see TAT she was sorry anti according to people losing money. I actually had to say- and I do not only want to make assumptions, but it's our colleague's report, broadly majority had upheld ravenous. Well, that's not put.
The nuclear legislative initiative disoriented, welcomes your authority and his party in hotels, uniting you, those he's. Ok, that's why ain't least they'll may show that she reported story may show when she got as you put it. What would she really had? Not just things off the internet and new rights? Dorie, there's no story it. They are. We know the young man was there waiting there as well as that of regular gave gray. We haven't seen the reservations, video footage, we don't know exactly what happened, but we will, I am sure at some point, because there is no real well, you did all future aid on five, a five one, o five one. If we need event or if you wanna tell us why you, but you can so that any term you would have rooms on away. Yes, we are going to talk about the BT. Have a wise nominations, which are you who the nominations and you can make your own educated guess: who's gonna win wet. Alright. To all that when we come back, you belong to the breakfast global Mona, the breakfast.
The report raises the Reul report whose glove may, where there was on Hollywood, unlocked, and he said some things that were very good. In about food, my guide and aluminium. Let patiently Melissa. For now. He was defending down a term for those grab him by that vagina comments in reality said you don't know anything about dollar shown the erases until he ran for President Moi LE reminded the daylight a he speak like a real man's spoke Rome ass me, she had a better at a squeeze, rather regret adequate. I felt it right. He talking lacking youth on the move is a you know. I only I grant about elicit a Why has don't shoot among the other way. You just don't worry duly got there. Ok, first, my room and do not like that and secondly, yes, damage has many instances before he became president. Even with his.
Is it in says that he had with people not being allowed to live in those resident here because they were black, I think even got sued? For that measures be clear. Men do we do say? Oh she got a friend, you gotta my body, but ain't nobody Santa the gravel by ass, like no m, that that's what I can say tat to squeeze on that occurred in talking about what I consider we might talk mostly The bonobo woman look would have before me. Long fought for meat as far the guys, I'm crazy, nobody ever somebody degree I knew I had to grab as Roma goes on. To talk about that attempts are more years. What he said seem nothing. It is little matter whose real progress in their broccoli- it doesn't matter, does not go start. My dr see the things is too many. People are worried about what trump is what other presidents, I don't get away about what you'd you're you're trying to do and what level you're trying to get to They are what nobody was doing. I gotta worry about what I'm trying do.
I'm gonna get to Lhasa Army is gonna. Factors may actually making everyone making four parts. Examining the announcement is not going to let you know, John Wayne, no mother, there should be tribute paid thirty, four, twenty five twenty six May hours. I should be I'll get my point of political Floyd. May, whether read our era now does not matter whether they should feel. I may well need to shut up up up. Ok, you got healthcare that immigration. You got the travel ban tragedy not being allowed to military, just sedentary burthen, YO bombers, administrations shift away from private brothers, Lycra Donald Trump policy for in all kinds of problems for people in several problems, so much bigger than who pays what in taxes Floyd. So I'm out of touch with reality and it s tat guy main problem? I love Lloyd, Deaf and I think the problem is he's out at such a reality. He forgot where he came from me. Forgot would have grown in Michigan. They got him two years. He forgot about the Hey guys. I only problem forgets about to have that. You do not go around grabbing women better. Forget
I can't do none of your pink Floyd of you think Donald drums only problem that he presented to America is who pays what intact is out of touch? You are innocent people. Always members at the man who have no money is poor, but the man who has nothing but money is poor and employment. Then I'll get it twisted. I'm upset about subjects as they have to pay the dust on a small scale. The big scale is, what's gonna with everything else in his country, how people are a veritable by twenty million, even how it had not only have how island. Let me finish, remember Republicans, had about this. In my later, not ESPN, apparently tied to kick Gmail hell off the edge off the air and replace it with another black hole is, after all, the controversy. That happened with her sweeping away down old chap now. Here is what was said: okay apparently ESPN originally try to keep her off the air Wednesday evening, but Michael Psmith refused to do the show without her. Both sources also said that producers reached out to other Black ESPN House, Michael Ease and L Duncan, to ask them to serve as fill in
but they both did not agree to take the place of hill or of Psmith either. So they would. It either had to place him with some white co host or not announced, so they ended up back on the air. Now ESPN is aim. That's not true. They said yesterday was a hearted unusual day with a number of people interpret. Did they without a full picture that happened now. He said in the end ultimate Michael into mill appeared on the show last night and doing to show the way they did the outcome. We always desired. We never ass any other ankara's to do last night show period It is nothing to remove ESPN from your cable baggage if they make their own decisions and fired mellow. Ok, They already the audio, have put themselves on the side of hatred in bigotry by disagreeing with Marylin saying you know her position Adamo trumpet that their position. So I beg you as a simple, but I made him. He has the Inn: ok, either. We must be clear that it can be as the end either
We are very well I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report that when we come back cardy be will be jobs, may drop. One atomic bombs were young cod number two song in the country will about at yellow and we wanted to go to number one right. When we come back to me, don't move is supporting. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess, end badly woman with the number two song in the country so as to be number Y gotta. Give me a man having both of that. It is an illusion. Yeah down good last night, you know Why don't you come in and because I know you're gonna say sent by language that was it
you are gone and then I just I remain remembering the last semyonovna that life is beautiful night. Beating her proper word nominations. You are leaving the path room, nine of them. What is inside with further the most have had. None they got a belated Hendrick and what you gotta be gender continued Arabas not be evaluating vaguely my indeed a now that it has learned a year where you know Miss Miller. You deserved. Oh, I totally. I gather that Thou war, even whenever this civil war is the worst seven days a week, would have a good thing or goods what the Deuce describe World room for it. In his word for muslim citizens have relied doom. I'm so tired. Ah my colleague, I can't I'm tired of
getting up and going on these days and then, as I you rather be here, or do you rather be Sikiana, but ours in he owes me again. He had thought so. Cardy shut up as be made in America, and she was like get adding I'm goin to Atlanta right now. There's you too have up his days left gonna loudly Lana, where Guide, ok. Next, when impact track. Clearly, if got yellow Beth Mix tape, I want you to know that to MR six month unanimously idea, above with both of them, with Mademoiselle, uniting our right now this way- and I think this could be best new hip. Hop therefore got that you know Jane Home through money going to go in terms of global, has with your colleague did a lot of stuff, but you gotta get it. Nonetheless, I am sure yeah did Del ass to make even result in our generosity. It all colleagues to machine behind another job, not hustler, would fancy tat
machine code. You don't have that yet as you throughout the athlete hair I single every year for Bodeguita who know how changes nematode a goddamn country and This is the way in my be number one good. There will be no might about it he believed be mobile. Every day, the year- but you know you see all of these- had sickly performer, ambitious HEP video foreboding allow me now and I'm glad they feel. To go? I live I mean examined or I'll give you six seven, which one would minimal. How do you read them? Things are getting better by video, but I gather best. Who had provided remain above one year after the leg is allowed new new upcoming artist in there I was. I owe you, girls tell you, no shame,
now key. I guess I wanted to have legal get one little talk about their recognition to be number one boat. I get out of our regular gains. The bitch knew the right line to night northern neighbour. Moving towards a single hearing. I thought I was gonna make you haven't come now next month wait a year. I wanted to drive next month. If I wanted to job next month and every single time I would like, I think I got had they are God, it's aerosols is ignored. Bugging. You see me because he's a vague day among competing where myself out competing with the goddamn limits, will get the record, and now is it about alone? So do we we're going to be number one. Good thing is governed. It is going be number one. Not will you mimicking and Kodak Black on their record after they say like you was mimicking his rhymestyle soda I was really like me
gang and everything you know like, because our I use my own words thing. I use my own words is certain things that you flew away. You Floyd how it is and is vague whatever, Why did you call a boat act as a kind of a candle light thrown out? His eyes is thy one, I'm body and you want to know the code. I wrote a cradle cardy modestly, but I'm be Lizzie never allowed. Was I s eyes, thou. I, like the MECCA now deeper competitive cause your boyfriend off. That is in the meagre he's here now and as the above will be at the beach Have half a words? Are you like? Ok, I got nominated, for there is one of the other in the same category as they add you want me to wind beyond over him does does. Does our measure be You love him for them. A lot of people like you and me,
Then we'll have largely unawares. You what you look like you, a lot of things. Magyars can gain a couple wait now. How did we get something? Do you say that you say I'm in love like in love? Does deal you're? Not you know guess it's useless have acquired it. Doesn't let you is there between them. Noted that you put if you cannot deliver on Athena relationship, even if you do not deserve to have. One point that you. I never said that now imposed on two days ago. Our roads. Well, you know what that is a very good idea: gaudy really in law the brake on uniting. Please don't like you are now because I, like you line
love without lousy. You are proposing a lot of bridges on you have the criminal will. You know she wasn't as we have just ass we and as a big daily. I was frightened centre right now. People are like a relationship, goes Katy being rescued the altogether s view. Out of we feel to be run, all imbues, you have people who are united. And I ve been doing it for the past at did it there's not third sound doing fashion, we get everything in issues. They ain't never really You know I came to her by IP warm related problem. Any satisfaction, you go people, we want to say nothing to each other. We may present. I would oversee yes, always I dare say degree the quartet, but that you believe this had been the biggest out for you, because I mean I saw you performing. It was dear this year and fashion week, has been Alexander the or some square can afford you. Now you are ok. You saw
prevent blow. On my last bicycle, yeah yeah I used as notes Damon, your President Bam. Take this purely roaming. Don't go in the high loading yeah. Ok, she puts up to now These are as yet only over the whole world can see everything you got no moraine have now guy IRAN, where I'm lying, I gotta be valid. Pearly, ring out last year when you're the greatest vigilant when and where are we in the long run. You know you know you'll! Would you no one would be both being and was in a hurry on. Its aim on the table were got on from where you go. Car design is coming to you now. Let us style you, for it is in a vastly we, you there's guy right. If you is a come on in our we got more with Cardi B when we come back so don't move. Is the breakfast club good morning The breakfast club, sporting everybody is the jail.
Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club Cati bees in a building E. Now you have emigrated video like yeah la the last time. I thought I saw hug me if you show me a you know. Can I now so focused on our right now. There's a lot of people come to my way, my letter just years and what you draw regionally, now we are talking about them. Now talk like passion, TAT man is united and people who still watching man. My one about me, ass, you are, is not normally got the british troops, barely truck where no license and heavy doll. I rely everytime. You know ASEAN as they I'm writing this man. Forgive by Mayo, you got your life is no regarding. Why couldn't you like the Jack Odin? I give you know I'm saying time. You know why I'm not doing this today
do you not to drive it found gamma nations here? What did I tell you Dr Lecter Bow to obey yeah when no buys industry my leg of the black nervous as passengers or you know, she's from carried my dad said that idea bake, though hired out nor to kill you so long drive the drug for you, I'm ok, I got you gotta get when you speak of making US yeah go back of a dynamic compensation when she called you, you got her in Europe we do need is compensated. Man yeah. I care about to get them back ghetto on G Eazy rugged user, can you stop, would all serves bitching Jerry, who ain't Jerrick,
You know, as I do, that India has, that you know people on the stand, though, that I, like beef woods ambitiously Linda, heard enough notary into her. Why you still does not only put does we're all my free, they're gonna mop rags live God beyond the Alpine Edgewater Water management. Only about every word. You remember your house, you know work you can try. Another resides in Ireland is a good sign that our bring my friend so my family to come to my great big as we like. What that also you can't walk to target are not met, Timmy, better. The browser axis lots of a gas Asian get now they ate it so that we use. I hate- and I knew you know whatever it is more like before you're happy, but now is more like not aid cannot produce jobs or you could wait. I mean Ets as Really I gotta let it go now as now really I go by MRS says Lang. Well, you just I'm some
you just don't know somebody Perrier leg but worry reason with somebody have leg of a girl was idea because they are going to be somebody that you know from earth. Where reason would it be cause. You nothin, I believe best of United had debates not to keep them safe. You evolving am evolving, but his egg I'm not all the way you are? You are an inspiration to a lot of the girls out there. They see where you came from from the Strip club to reality tv, two, Gimme a number one racket about Nobody knows that is available information. All these young girls. Are they look it up to you if those efforts, a good and then, if those egg, like a lot of pressure, they is want. Nobody expecting me to be this, beautiful amazing person is always in a good nice move and I don't wanna be leg. Somebody that guy I gotta watch when I say it causes kids. Why to me as the right, then I guess I.
Follow me may cause. If you find my direction a you, Mr Dimas Pattern back, but you do give good advice to have enough money to rely on this. We started like in your social media, because people talk about the rapid delivery. What the messaging was you know what I mean, there's no light I am not at all right I'm gonna see mature. Wherever you told her of they need to go to educational, that they want to be brigands servant of Agamemnon you because you ve got it. You gotta be smart and you know it now. You talk about in Santa Gaga access which subjects in things because a lot of things I learned, I learned at school. They, for example, they went out the dancer right. I swear I use where we're gonna caucasian Club caucasian club in downtown. I wanna laboratories be ways, although there, like french people, the time. Was it you, friends, classing college and, as I owe my guy you for fast, I speak a little bit of bread
things school and that's a gift you're really refers, will lose their several more Georgia of eventually come to a bit like that would have been enough. What is an ambulance real elephants, their land use of stuff like stuff make? There has been a massive. Why are you talking some nasty? Would you with Instagram into debt? Charlemagne could be present, that's what all of it. I was wrong with the dynamic. Now you don T know you re sitting you'd. Do you see the things tat he beats waiting? Is so smart c est ass. My love, what
twist of our long term were added sigh, but they value was saying it was. I been may so my senses its everything that I want to say what I came wordy re libraries that they want to save what I've been kidnapped by the word for word regarding operation without thing, no yeah yeah yeah, but what reward the wisdom to beyond say, o J, we give you when you met them and made an american aid, is now they say a lot of other beautiful stuff airline alike. Air stuff, you know where I met levy Do you have any idea what Abbe? I was via my role. I was still in the bag like ok, he's about to have her moment. Bats are you there is work to be with us days so that no you don't even notice she came there. Could you were always performing and then all within, and there was a god- is mayhem. You know Baxter,
he's an mba eyes. They walks up and moving everybody out the way, but you were performers. Are you didn't know designated and jazzy walk? and are they all? May we took her to get off stage and see Beyonce and Jay Z standing there waiting on her, and it was a great moment to see you come out and Beyonce. Right there and impose the pigs areas as I did May no man Jesus you, but I don't want. I want to know why, God you're so good to me, I don't understand cuz, I'm not the nicest, in the world, but I've gotta be something you do and all of you, you could not something positive energy in order to get all his back air year, a couple of people making it You do related of unit number one you'll be too for a solo, female rapid and new sources. Lorn hill, they hit number one without a feature you do realise that have been twenty. Three is laugh you now. I feel like that Taiwan in Boston
when the world furiously, while both the dream has really does that the men against that Dame mingled in the Bronx? No, no, no, no, no! No! No I'll added the dominican players, all you guys. I thank God. You're gonna do like is for your red, Sox, mathematics, age. You out should add. I am a brand New York. I think I do I love, you, abortion, electricity. We got more authority, be where we come back no whole morning. Everybody is dj in Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club cardy bees in the building. We will continue our when you love love it I would like to know waging done after lumber law that always guided me. We need loving. Guy was a dog for eleven it by them on record, saying so, what was that decision? If to say you know what I'm doing, what it can t you could alone,
everything you mean you or tv. Every week it was a big. How will aid within itself? This is only it wasn't leg. It was then lights cause. I just didn't want like no more John, already guy leg, symbolism, rather wanted? Don't they dear me, no more extra Harlan up and as is that is, as I go was just raised- is Canada, guys fire? By that I mean we stood out accompany while on this directive I dive need to dare say. Vidal, though, is, are you gonna do your own show? Does the thing is? I guess I gotta do something more of the work and is that cuz I'm going to do my own show like I really got to plan it out. Think about it straight and I got it like sensible, so cuz, that's all it took for the people. That's locked up man you series, I let them document your to superstar in autumn. Let him come see you want at this shows in
studio, I kind of them. We re really thinking about doing stuff, like that, commissioner, I don't like you because I could crazies I've met, you can kind of birth, Brett a brush profit allude you and that you will have a beef doing. God he's got a copy. You know my grandma dude in jail. Does he know about all that is now I do no more. Men, and I do not mean going, though you never go your profile. Memorial Isaac, valued at an aggravating is aggravated days, may We have a beer. Would you when you got no loss of ability and new column prison?
now do no more than that. I know that you do not know how her ever x I haven't. I know, let me ask you about this. Have you been thinking about investing? I saw the other day that some more says something. As you said, it wasn't really directed at you, but she had your video posted right, as he said, just cause you baby, don't mean your winning, you better be reading paperwork. Did you take that as a challenge, because then you did, it seems like respond every day. I definitely did if we have the world what most of the world felt it Daphne felt in his is. I am not a dumb girl. You know I have a I good. A good team have parents, Jesus and Geese beggars. Is I have a good team in our parents? You don't even know where the way it was Irene. Aren't you she said it wasn't about those bones:
There was a pull that radio and is just cause you busy with girls mobile the other me may always yet I don't care, I do I'm not a dumb girl. Doing this already live for little had many contracts, lawyers or the stuff. He asked you to be in her video, the lunchroom o the videos, our nobody's information is becoming ever more discreet sources and tell Charlemagne You yourself made up Yacu tomato Jago, convened each hoax joke on nothing. Does stupid is great details of that shit did you bring caught me on your show at night, cod, be this thought, but I guess he Dahmer Island was better though it is. What is that
It's only a cool now breed destroy our goal, but every night- and you remind me, Mr Right, as reference Dan Afraid said he needed to get on it. I've been very telethon. Are you gonna do it as much as they got it got some thought you got. But you had a moment at the rear. May do you basically told everybody you stay with cabinet. What makes you us begot about social issues like that will always be gown social issue. As a lot of things by the men like alive things, ideas we feel like it's unfair and is vague, yellow. This has now been does is wrong, but I don't wanna talk too much about it. Cause I might get killed. Norville from international assistance.
We are obliged to undergo a girl years. You gotta get over there. You do you guys, Goin debates. I know you like your girlfriend medical issued. An equal, ok go. He is Nowhere turn gay lemme go ahead in Mogadishu Zone Although the looming my girl before o thou out of growth, I got an hour now. We're was where we want to see it happen. Let you ll go, there's gotta keep coming up and nor is it that guy no refugees, opaque income, gay and, as I really love, but she was crime, as you say they growed eyes. He was here girl before yeah. Why are you not like? I made the type that I do not like a guy have like fine right. You never been in a relationship with another woman. While I was foreseen, so is not rule.
I guess boys he is not a real Europe, unlike their love word. When will you out a girl? We gotta go we know very well, it wasn't really well. I was just you know, experiments in your leg. Oh, I think I like her. I please let me make out every day I would invite you give anything about her situation and its new to me, like its new, that she has like I've, never had a girlfriend girlfriend gradual and enemies. His leg, they look happy Miller, very happy. I rather we were at the high level and on a deadline that further how the whole family, one day they coolly a cool. Why do you think I should be number one god tell people right now at issue goes green boat at yellow. While all these
You go in and going out they nodded. This weekend's would be number one next week because help, oh god, insist that out I'm saying I know been number one now one time namby. Whenever one can goddamn it and you will call it would go. Number one another number one. Next week, man Rollin caught him be happy to have the number one record in the country, and I can we have a common and announce if criminal law is a dream in these grave. It is we gain. We need to be number one, the cap, because this is what I called you. We need clarity, the noble and next week in this area for the cold, in agriculture. We again areas What are we going to for culture is like them movie bring it on material. On what they got to do with what I have called for the culture when they go to download. It lasted only oregano another one.
Very well. I knew I should ever got near my aim to be clarity, bring it on board. We are and we will make article novel line. They'll get is the breakfast club is gaudy, Bree, at first glance, Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Muskets aromas talk fergie with annually. This clause is tat after being married for eight years, Fergie and Jazz Duma are separating they release to statement. They said with absolute love and respect. We decided separate couple earlier this year to give our family the best opportunity to adjust. We wanted to keep this a private matter before sharing it with the public. We are
we'll always be united in our support of each other and our family. So they ever for Europe together, Axel and Fergie was just on the breakfast club, and here is when is she said? The horse thing open up about love is pain its ago, carnival rock ease rock ballad. Does it doesn't those other songs but Georgia yourself with with the relationship that you keep going back to is that fight and that something you can't leave or get away from it got you up their relationship Basically, I D get out of what would find a mechanism allowing got you other relations now, I'm not only is it on that out of it. I don't know no, no, no, no regulated the wardsman, no arab country. They ve been active voice in separate instance earlier this year, so I guess that song was pretty much about their situation our board of actually had a shower, for you seem like to give a little blow below, but I say we have family
if I may remind you clearly just lookin out for the less fortunate admiration for like northern charity working for you, I write bathing him up word? Nominations are are in unless he who you think I'm gonna take take some of these big a war is now best hip. Hop video who do you have is a Kendrick, humble future mask off friends, Montanans Whaley unfair but I cannot be to embrace until a wild. Does our car to be boat at yellow? What was the best of it? I'm a candid and go mom. I like her, humble but are also loafers motel forgettable. You found another area longshot every other kindred mammoths, they'll give it. I think it was very creative in latitude and things he didn't. It was was don't I right now as far as lyricist of the year, would you give it tat she and the wrapper Drake Jake o J C R, Kendrick Lamar Lyricist of the EU. Doesn't over there I have given category you gotta mean he put off wherefore.
However, for outlining J we should be even though you still puts out arms out of you should be in those categories anymore, because he's a god him see no he's one of the greatest lyricists water, but then you ass have only just talking about this year right. About the J J worthwhile, but they can't Lamar's album without even J before fourfold, say: J, ai right! That's what it feels like an single of the year. Would you give it a bad and boozy Bodeguita ILO humble mask off wild eyed single of the year bad ambrosia may say about him. Boozy haughty Gotta be shed, is the envy of a bamboo she was. There may be some. I give you my categories now d, I am. I am whose you would last year to participate automata living year, which, again day of the year to DJ drama fairly day S go
Did they carried out or dj mustard fell? It ass a dj envy Ladys aimed I'm an emanation diameter learner say: envy I'll have had an amazing phenomenon. Reality has tag envy, bring it on everybody. Volvo Deasey tag envy bring it. I know about our ability to array, you're nice. I want to make this one as well, of course, who had best new hip, hop artists. Ok, I mean a. Colleagues I nor mean hair and later this autumn, cow egotism, Kodak Black Playboy, cardio Tse Risk Category B is not an army that Turkey be ourselves not even close. I write well, that's the Bt Hiphop aware subsists getting your ready for that. There is going to be. In Miami by the way is airing on October, tenth, ok, Now, let's get into Drake, apparently his security team rough the single shot, Mendez and so many times about the situation on the tonight, so they might have been a little too enthusiastic. Take out what he's?
and I go over like an like us. They highlight he must leg. Remember me from previous experiences: they twice over and I gotta take touches aside his like sixty six three hundred security guards, no sound like, unlike in the middle of the weaken, show with like my arm, hope behind my back, like with his Drake Security Guard. Like has me just completely at his mercy, and I see Drake. Governed and in my eyes I knew it was like help me please for Hake, and luckily like he like, looked at me, and I saw him like put the things to go and is mine and he realized it was me and it comes over and grabbed the garden today, you don't do that is as I was I was. I was terrified. Our security, almost it at a little over zealous debut Ruby Landrigan. I was actually a breakfast club party, and this is when you and Enrique Beef and Drake actually went to the club to see you it without parties. I was walking stage and they block Mama.
Be. When I ain't gonna stay, I will not by us around a vip. I was like Mozilla drinks. If he's really look of Charlemagne and they almost toss me flit mean to me out what Alpine Authority gambling Don't ever knew me isn't view the. Why would you go? I want to see way if he was really looking for. You are well aware that was sent to support. My guy shall emanates how to get a picture. I never do that for me both right at the table, and I don't know what I've been doing over to that area. While I may easily- and that's your rumor why Don T you dare Devil dog you today for Friday, symptom of fifty gold, the Floyd me whether June you no money, may whether did an interview would Holly
and unlocked food them up. We'll get Hollywood unlock. My maid Jason led Homey Melissa for travelling to clues boss. Money may, whether you know Floyd at the relationship with our celebrity in Chief Donald J Trump. That's his guy. Credible? How you all get mad at every other black brows were taking pictures. Would Donald Trump would not floyd me with pointed damage I have a lot in common, no because no matter what no matter what they do. Say no matter who d a faint they still gonna support is actually a credible beaufort. Emma Teflon. Well, Floyd may whether junior was on Hollywood unlocked and they ask them. Bud Donald Trump infamous groundwater, whom comments and Floyd actually defended them. If they would, he had to say about it until I people, like the true he speak like a real man's spoke. Home being a measure that I just add a squeeze rather regret adequate. I felt right he talking Lackman top
youth on the move, a you know, I only I grant about it. I must not be a real man. It ok now play a quiver him trying to read now play to cover me. What am I doing highway We are now very no, no grandmother. No alumina now do discuss. Will my guys in my gauss how a woman looks absolutely do I discuss how fat Thereas is an hour their breast. I how nice their body is. Absolutely I do that. Will my male and female friends. Everyone appreciates nice body, so we deadly talk like that amongst each other, but I have never thought to myself. Incurs any of my home with a touch of woman without her consent, because Floyd love you realize it would damage saying that when you are rich, powerful and a celebrity, you can basically do what you want to a woman. Is a woman, grab and bought a pool fly when you say things like man's yet
as you see I add to squeeze, whereas I grabbed Arafat, as are you asking this wonderful consent? Do that? Are you just feel like you can do that? Because if there are you sure you can do that because you put wait, equivocate reminded the daylight Donna, some people like the true. He speak real means spoke Rome, ass, being a measure that I just add a squeeze arrive at adequate. I felt right he talking Lackman TOP yeah, I'm a man. You know I only I grant about a year ago now play everything I have that play a real Floyd, knives Owen, high radio For now we will need to be humble. Ok, he ended ended, that interview on Hollywood, unlocked by saying yeah, grabbed her by the poor and and and how about you,
sexual assaults assault charge to go along with all domestic violence charges. You have acquired over two years. My brother's, listen to me. We can talk amongst each other. In the locker room, barbershops recall studios Weber, we gather congregate, we could talk amongst each other. All we want about women in their bodies, but having a sense of entitlement when it comes to a woman's body. The mines that you can just touch woman where you want when you want, because of who you are, is predatory in criminal. Okay. So one thing having locker room talk amongst each other is another to be predatory and criminal. I am happy financially Floyd may, whether at the cop everything he has, but always remember. The man who has no money is poor, but demand I have nothing, but money is the pores political money may weather not play played. Another may was, and I join high radio. I bet you're bleeding what'd, you sorry about that the establishment in May? Well, he needs no defending UK, stop it well.
No wait. A you see how play Hey Well, that's a guy you still bringing over by my house after the dj and being friends still staying on stage with him. You were a dark in there. You guys know right now, when we come back, it's free. As you know about me, regular or you'll give authority what then Would you figure primary marine mammal? Oh give or take? What do I mean landlord Ivan about is in the bedroom. Now we had this discussion with Tammy Rivera lack of flak as wife unless serve as an and every relationships someone's
where in some ways it is like a toppled by having don't. Why are you there when they receive is more the pleasure? Are you the one that gives it more, because it is always a relationship somebody's? It gave us somebody's it take her which, when in no doubt about it, but it s not a good relationship, sharp and I would like to take you know you gotta, be a giver, editor glad you, I both, but I'm saying somebody's more wine always know no local elections, where the everybody's morbid take her up overtake premium overtake and I had a brother Dudley like this- is at times we are orgasm with sleep, then my wife,
orgasm? Might you stuck in a bearing on the Danish ran out? Why do they might get dragged of game? Try my worst of all, be about why you didn't do. How far is good? I know what I would do without your mom you're me bout every once in a while the. Why was the gophers right now. You know you said yourself a value to locate. Obviously, right you know what's going on, I would like my gophers a mean that I'm not gonna. Take you absolutely! No, that no we're after me is we have laid out criminal networks. That is impaired knows that make us a period of time. Then let us, then it now for Managua doors with the blood come in a balanced way. I would say that our morbid gibbered than a taker- ok, some people, please more now is get mine, but I felt like I do more work, but I enjoy seventy verities bankers annoying. How is be impossible? Fifty get your It was really seventy either ass, ever Seventy verities bankers donor. How is it impossible? You, Joe woman of Sugar,
You also outlined above rightly massacres and if you read the performer yet do irreparable long. If she did euthanasia, the programme until she gives off what is it, then you get fellatio legacy of inflation no matter what matters is one who gives wasn't. We all get all but I'll eat the poor. Whiskey on a more continued anything. The link between always dogma waving give me fellatio, because once again, I am give her as well. So if I let her get me, fellatio initially gives me altogether following. I why bagel you said your ago and now, with equal eight hundred, one in five women. Are you a giver or taker? Call us up right now. Is the breakfast one, the breakfast club that was he goes bad an boogie morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. It's Friday, see no tat means. Forgave re gave Ricky
Brad, today's freaky freaky freaky Friday question comes from annually, ease podcast lip service right now, Abbott Olive savagely, Tammy River on and one topic that we talk about is: are you more of a giver or take her in the relationship? we all know in relationships is, of course we give em we take, but simply one person does more than the other right we'll if it wishes to say so. There's people there do more like, for instance, you may be more active in the bedroom. Get on tat right is that you do all that well, but then, as you, but that is my takers that you might be more like he does all it out for you and when are you Angela Samarova Giver, You have a game. I knew the how NED Idumea you gave her. I take her out the amours limits. If so, you take her young data, you don't need five, a five one, o five one. While I more take her? Yes, I am, It is very hurting additive and I'll be sleeping, issued his car,
I say beta blessing you in an after foolishly. She says that baby but I think we should have this data, but because pretty much her where his hat, you know she knows, I'm tired, and you know that you know any morass issues relating to wish you gotta? Do it in a baby? Go to sleep? Why is it that are more of a given? You I'm definitely more of the active when you know all over the place. Jumping around I've been with guys before there were more givers than I was of inner, as obviously this in time that you gave me then you taken take more than you give, but I was general a morbid giver allows. This is in fact the ILO. Sadly, I owe you a or taker. While I agree with Charlie, I think it's fifty fifty by, if I had to choose Alice you haven't figured. It may be that ideas education by in life and was impossible impassive boats and met somebody, a hundred percent it ass. You go out beyond the bigger ochre. Thank you MA am rob you guys by allows theirs,
Maybe maybe you give or take a boat we both, but if you had a pick one which one do you use these and then everybody does both by we. I am giver. You like to give you like the please tell me what is thy for you in the bedroom and all over the way. He said you all over the place. What do you mean? blade item unreal rig, evil, I'm doing a lot of stuff. My freaky like in about three, no, oh, no so yeah wherever you're. Moreover, you more of a rider than a missionary. Yeah, ok, awry is regular. You ok a ban, and I give up more than you. I am a man made thirty. Ok, you got a yellow, more freedom, but winter Amby but you like that, but if I it hello who's, this way recall my collagen say that not one of them was every day. You know when you say that the FAO in some goes back to you,
does hid her legs so crazy right now, where's! He traveled Greens, Sammy by this guy. You give varies a couple more but give a man you know I'd, give birth and found you gotta do is take thousands like yours do not accept. The word is desperate. Let me give you know: ok, so you like to please your women more of core values of Europe, more growth more when I'm urban and in that way, more universal, open, fair, you wanna, whereby the guys I better the best they get. Please because you are pleased that turns them all your or Europe America Theatre for you. You know you know what you know, I'm giving you know that the only last month you do over to play at eighty five. Eighty five one and five: what is
As you know, what that means really gave re gave rigging, fried asking you a give or take a course of love is the breathless cloak morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. It's Friday, see no tat means free gave vague very good, comes from Angela ease. Lip service pack has Tammy outstanding roaming. And we were bare family Revere was on the package, centrality of David or in a fashion. This fashion weaken the city, sauciness earn a fashion, weak event, and you were talking about giving and taking you write, emulation in your bedroom, someone's normally more of a giver and another person obviously is more of a take downloads when'd you when I'm not tired out medieval but in general you always tired. I'm trying to trick you, I think of route. But let's go to laws. Hello, who is our mission in Darfur
are you to lose any Angela. Are you give or take a may, give her just like this? Angela, ok, explain. My boyfriend is like to hear me what I want. I do him more than me. You do without going to sell your happy about it. Also a Kapital hasn't Europe give her by default. So are you kind of boring into battle here? He is boring! You, ok, let's just giving she does everything but you must know how she says it is out excited and that have always do everything. I do get all excited inflation, yes, Adele and am Sorgen spitten saliva everywhere year. An EU coffers testicles way
Yes, I do. I will. Maybe you argument, will I'm sorry, you have agreed to make sure you didn't sounds so having as he doesn't do ass. She likes allows this man and world was eyebrow, you'll give or take a I'm, never marry you gotta get the off with you, the airline. After Bell, you pay me the girl, don't you get it killed her right now. You know you gotta, give it up and I can t bear all and then give it. I found it. You ve got a problem. Later you no girl, oh, that Europe will be very difficult to sell your mind. We gave it because you want to get good reviews of the original girl pollinate our prayers not be watered down out of it and that it will end well. Luca vagabonds allows is missing, you give or take a job by day a you life.
Using a looming up up up. Look at alighted. At any event, I later I may well be the man away more of a man to be out of a man or a woman. I just thought I gotta have never liked. My woman to be What s attitude allows is. My name is third man for top on a gap left out, so make a difference in the community method that out but shut out the caribbean tool for my life from the Caribbean. But I know what I mean son, I'm DR eyes at an end, the art. Yes, I love it all by Colombia, down my Panama, Colombia, Nokia.
They're, not popular, but you're. The one of vacation yards jacket, San Andreas, ok, now you are giving me am- I gave out they manner, I believe, of a man. Woman tend to be talking about sex than to evacuate a lot. If you do the right thing, but we got some are free, like you take a longer time for women live like Deborah. Ok, I'll, tell you why? Because you had the goal of making sure that she's pleased you want the way you could further either you gotta lotta wiser for her legs can be shaken. Or a well ok there we go that awaits us dear. Oh thank you arrive at most a little story. The moral of the story is, of course you gave a new take, but Anne Lively would lead for everything to be balance. I think the best people people who enjoy giving
not necessarily expecting every time but being pleased by the results of being generous and am pleased with that occur. Every year I take her. You discuss shut up now we got rooms on away. Yes, they talk about this capacity agreement between Rob and black. China would tell you the details about that. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, he believed at the breakfast table morning morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club. Now before we get to Rome is, let me shot out to kid Caprice, Kicklebury, legendary dj. He as a break a foundation it. He has called give a kid that car ways of getting money in helping to keep in Houston he's actually getting money, Bynum books by the supplies, pens and pencils, and I just thought that was a good cause, give a kid dot: com, Giv, a kid dot com who shot the kid Capri and also this weekend, but we're doing shout to the breakfast club shots of packers at the Bundy.
The hi, Ho Silver Shelter power, one hundred and five in New York we have a hurricane relief drive. I may have an eighteen wheeler going to have it in Teaneck New Jersey, from twelve to four this sunday, twelve to four I'll be out there, and we just going to load that truck up with everything we possibly can people have been affected by the hurricane with I have I mean everything: water, clothes, feminine products, pampers similar perishable, yes, anything that we possibly can send down. They have twice to help. We deafening on a low that up and within a need the help of everybody out there so you don't have much and you say one only got a couple of things: ass fine goes with an immediate help path. This stuff up. I got my kids they gonna help date. There are going to school today, an egg eaten clothes from kids. So it's it's a really dope. So we're gonna go out. There is hopefully Yolanda. You out there I'll be out there my wife would be outdated. Casey crew be celebrities about their help and is for good cause. Shout the mighty Pakistan Brooklyn loading up. The package
oh baby. I should be loading I've that seen you going to be doing stuff in the truck she going to be neat. She can be throwing toys at what she probably try to take the toys out, the truck but she's only one years old, all right, but Are you guys on Sunday villas rooms, a sort of some bad, the report annually on the breakfast web September. Twenty point is the day and ass a day that opus starts on sixty minutes, so one of her first stories is gonna. Kick up we're talking about America's political divisions. She wants to do stories and have impact c is driven by that and that's by that show. Sixty minutes is such a good it for her that it be exciting about. I feel so good. I would love for Oprah. Compare ones. Are you so we gave a great conversational just talk would love to talk about every thing would Oprah.
Really is by machines, she's, filthy, rich and she still works latin Dedbroke mosquito hustled, like she's dead, broken. I respect that are a natural nowhere has in his there. He will host the daily sell for another five. Years. So congratulations to Trevor, no as well. He was still remain responsible for writing. Executive producing and hosting the programme are still for the daily show. So Congrats progressed to him he's a friend special. Yes, now rob and Black China less Gus their custody agreement. They were battling it up and now they have set their custody war. Now he was trying to give ten thousand a month, a child support, but she went it more than fifty thousand dollars a month, so they have agreed to twenty thousand a month at. How did she get them was robbed, doesn't have a job. Like us, his mom is rich. You just get that I mean he has sat company
who you ever seen in my room socks. I don't even know what sacks they reduce Alina Mark is, but I may under such a nobody, nobody by memories, natural demo. Ok, I write well. In addition, he has agreed to drop head. She has agreed to drop her domestic violence allegations against him and he has agreed to pay her legal bill, and on that I bury blacks. Am I make more money than you do know so she said I will drop the domestic values charge, but you have to pay we twenty thousand, he doesn't want their own his record, so he decided to focus as low is feels like allegedly others illegally. Like allegedly blackmail omit Ankara's Dennis Patty Lag lead our pay it s. Nothing to her of turkish women are right now. Try, as has posted, that he is appearing in court this morning, hey posted on his instagram facing twenty years in prison and almost loss at all because of a Haider pray for your boy, hashtag free choice, as has ip banger so
he's in quiet this morning. I'm sure will hear more about that whence he leaves court. Nickel looked at usually it's me area with a couple of weeks and tell me out everything has gone over her from in a but a definite. Seemed to know. Twenty years prisoner, I write in snoop dogs, Sun and Wednesday. Joint big bother bran. Now what he wants to do cried out Brutus is. He wants to actually help design the big brother brand sneakers, here's what he said. I love the big followed. Where were you some of my own? I hope no divorce himself to do the job that be a nice Calabro new era when I'm Angela YE and that, as you are a rumour report, all right? Thank you. Miss eat now shall to revolt tv now, of course, our release. My video from a single text, you number feature in February and slink if you haven't seen, go to breakfast club, you two pays check it out or you can go to whirl stall, go to pay check it out stream it. Let me note, but to night or revolt tv at nine o clock they do on behind the scenes of everything you could possibly see they walking through my crib. They go.
Everything in a house of how we shot the video is, is the old I hate to say it. Mtv as a result, but is that all MTV stout identity creates like empty, be crib, slash behind the scenes at a video making it a video? So that's tonight every vote shouted your where he put it together. It's not ok, Joe actually capable of creating a stayed for. Like fourteen fifteen, I was actually seen the process. Might have seen who stole my belt. Somebody stole my belt mademoiselle might have been Joe Wegg itself. That happened tonight at none. Like a revolt tv. If you have revoked, definitely check it out tonight at nine at night, not a people's choice mix it up next week. Throwback. Let me know what you want to do on a Friday at Dj Envy question right now is to breakfast locomotive.
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