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Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj Back and Fourth


Tuesday- Well Nicki Minaj and Cardi B was definitely the talk of the morning, but through all that back and forth they never encouraged people to vote. But speaking on voting, one person that is trying to get back the democratic vote is Hillary Clinton. However, with her comment, "They all look alike" about Cory Booker and Eric Holder who Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to. Moreover, we opened up the lines to see if our listeners thought Hillary Clinton may have went too far wit the comment or, if it was just jokes.

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Well, I'm a drop in exile, today is to ensure that data only taking place there, You say what within threw down the well, that's what happens when you work too hard headed travels with all confused like half an hour late. Why are you today is that you should have told me that he always a gathering of data is dated vanka introduced to the book. Trapping is hard work I'd two in the morning, not Irena, because I gotta book. Sign, intimated the Grove Home Mixture united the night all right it yesterday that the good knight of the night to the October there you ve got a book sign it tonight in the grove and early at seven p m so that you can catch me. Yes, I'm ok sure
If they do, they call you later. They were David. All day today is to evaluate leaves laws halloween. There was a lot of activity yesterday. Where I see we got a lot to talk about before the internet, Jimmy family will be joining us this morning. Always is not Jimmy Camel Where did you meet him, which would you be found which, as a Greek, I felt my Jody fell into doing through right, yeah, endemic mean three, which was the right one go home now. Ok, Jimmy found a bit more needs to be valid. Gimme that it will be this morning all right now you must tell us about. Tell us about yesterday was very active. First I was twitter and I saw a lot of people talking about Queen radio. So I think, let me listen to this cuz. I was at home, so I'm listening to that. Then I saw Cardi B's tweets in response. She posted what she
the same is visually. Nineteen responses, basic human needs had to say yesterday so well, you know, you guys way in and listen to both sides and Louis, you think just ended just You know about what does what he had to make their call and got them both wonderfulness again, but a stab in right now, under which I personally think they got on the phones again. If somebody got them all a foreigner, somebody's Bolton over them and made them. Stop that absolutely no Bosnia of bone at. I think so what the hell did you get on the phone. Nobody bothers me above those situations. Neither one of those young Ladys told people to go vote during any. It owes rant when you got everybody. Detention like that, especially the coaches. Attention like that, can you just throwing a goal? Will have you don't mean it? I was thinking the same thing. Is they go?
I'm glad you won't. Let me just say global. I wasn't there now that we have been saying that early always big. Nobody ever get well guess what nobody listens to people in the comments I ride, lose it a people that is actually generate nodded his energy, making your pay attention paid attention to every word. I came on accordion did you move yesterday and neither one of them said anything of any substance. Well, no tell you all about the inner room was this morning. It was a lot going on air. We got front pages where we talk about you, let's talk about you Talkin about voting, would tell you, went down a term saying about angiogram now calling him a thief, no boy all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep a lacklustre breakfast club warning morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was gained some front page age news. When we talk about you,
so about damage. From now it's weeded out in Florida. There is a choice between a Harvard year. Educated man name ran to scientists, who has been a great congressmen and will be a great governor and a democratic was a thief and who was mayor of poorly run. Tallahassee said to be one of the most corrupt cities in the country, I don't know what makes Andrew dilemma thief and be added has he was supposed to be one of the most corrupt cities in the country. That is my first time hearing that neighbours election is next week. So Corsican be a lot of mud, slinging name calling people big enough Besides it s, not ass death, not something that I didn't expect right now. The voting is underway in Florida and give them is trying to be the states first african american governor need leading by double digits according to a recent CNN pole, so and you get him did respond on. Twitter is a choice between having the courage to act, the person you are tracked talking or a night's down
at real down a trumpet howling, because he's weak Florida GO vote today. Now, press secretary, Sarah Standards is saying: angiogram was under investigation by the FBI and that's was met by the word thief and she said I would refer you to that. But Andrew Guillaume is saying that he is not under any investigation by the FBI and that these are desperate falsehoods. From what has noted the our programme to tell ass his city government would not into Andrew Gill, and personally I write so, let's talk What happened? North Carolina and North Carolina, Highschool freshmen was charge of first degree murder now. Accordingly, a police officers? These suspect is Dateline, Craig Coffee, sixteen years old and he's in the Mecklenburg County jail. The victim is senior Bobby MC keep in so what happened was according to reports they were the conflict that started with bullying and that bullying spiral out of control and his fear took over a young person brought a gun to solve, the problems, so
was it not the case in between the two and that led to the fatal shooting of students? No one else was in in the shooting, and it was something that's been built up according to reports, overtime, and what about my homeboy is in Charlotte? Send me that video yesterday, I'm not. I didn't watch it don't like who I don't want to see this adding that vetoes shooting of two black people into Kroger groceries during Kentucky. I know you guys heard about that. That's being invested, it as a hate crime. Gregory, a Bush is a white fifty one year old and he is accused of killing we started with sixty nine and Vicki Jones, a sixty seven inside of a grocery store in the parking lot he tried to enter a predominantly black charts before that shooting he couldn't get inside. The doors are already like people had left already. There was only a few people inside so after that he went to Kroger's and ended up People now, according to reports when he was captured, people who said that he said a white, don't shoot white. So that's right! Why? Right now, they're saying this looks like a hate crime, wrangling
no depressing Friday, anything positive anything at all. Anybody! the school Mary you're gonna eat the argument from pay due positive, decided, gonna vote next next next next week there you go now and always make front. It is rather a front page before pays next week depends on you right. What's that, front page news that get it off my chest: eight hundred I have a five one, o five one. If you need to view it as of right now, eight hundred five, eight five one of firewood airlines wide open, is to breakfast club. Combining the breakfast go away, go mad or black Michelle. You don't like about me monsieur what I did. Do you like that own corny, pull that you do everything the groundwork? Do you again you get. You got the saying, Poland and Lithuania.
Indeed, I think I'm gonna do it. What does it say, ended a breakfast club where the pose works? You know it. freight is now broken, don't fix it burns had it with me Let me give you some very they'll believe what you want to see what you will see. What would I want you to get it? I want you to turn around and big guy like bang. It flew back adding air and Land Michel me to real. You don't go just use my body monetarist on women's day. You could just started legit you ve got provide a man and talk to him in mass pay. You ask me, I tell you, that's only the reason was that everybody dies every very good afternoon. Your gear moaning about right. Now it is the morale Machu. Oh my goodness. Oh my god. It's good use me for my body reactor
good morning, reactor no more in a digital futures moment I'll get off my back to them, bad, if you guys are a big piano. You guys, don't you than to get people out about shut up, shut up, you're not allowed at slander to come. I lend my god Damn law Usanga could be sounds silly, re Millay. How good you know, I'm not gonna, let her go out and we give people a devil list. everything she has to say before we meet. You looks to a lot of people. Dont know how to vote. I was having a discussion with the one I don't know how to bilateral you by the type of beer or that they create something back. What now about dear people who know how people? What are you talking about? We we, Tis James on edge. We do we got. We got Gerald Gigs Army that agile awry on government backlash up at the zoo by you to have something like ok about policy, perhaps golden alive anything. Do you, MRS at a breakfast club, do just came through we
allow me we will appear to know better than those with experts and voting just like on the export of real estate. I was best while you they have somebody with me. You have no unanimity within any people, no other deadlines for when they have to register of all where they can actually go to register Damone go very vote by having people don't know. The whole package of bodies have often about politics. Although the minorities is like to teach you wanna press a button, We need a mighty deeds. You gonna walk into a move impressive button baby. Reform does not what you want, then. I never looked at about this. What I guess, what that in trying to figure out, if you don't go into the voting booth involved, as we already know what I did you trying to say we should we should teach people what to vote for You say that you have had a very vaguely teach people how to press the bandwidth deadline. Does the wasted time another wasted time. Have you ever been to avoidable yeah? I've done about it,
but both the one told me they never been avoidable. They want a boat, but they don't know how Oh, but you get in here and looked all play, you know that I can claim Mama like tat. He might be right, she might be right, I'm not gonna go for national goes beyond as every Lilith crazy to all of us. We just go to everyone for the first time. We know you guys have a piano, reporting and decided to open does not have now never about it. You have no idea what will they walking and then not to confuse, and I work in a member that first I'm gonna go. You see the name of the person, India's grounds to switch a name, and I know did you do now? I didn't know I mean it was waiting. We do we may move. We know it was pretty easy. I knew I was gonna vote. Madam president, maybe it's not it's easy for everybody which no please please. Please don't say please: it was easy for me by talking to people about me how much people belt love, but now that we have never guidance Madame a voting booth of eight years.
ok right now he was using a lot. She was. I thought she was trying to say that we are not encouraging people to vote, which is alive because we literally have somebody on at least once a week about voting in the voting process and why we should be voting and who we should be voting for, but she's talking about physically walking into a boom in pressing the button can understand without your here. They have difficulty with everything gone inside of the both to do it. It s like saying, ok to breakfast, I began to teach people how to drive a car to certain things. We can do even better. Do it on your own. We shall get it. You gotta figure out some things on your own, regulate, get it off your jazz, eight hundred five, a five one or fire one. If you need a vent or need had, did learn how to vote. It is up
breakfast alimony, the breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man, but a payment we want to hear from you on the breakfast- allows there's a chocolate. The toaster Guiteau time are we doing now lie was a big job. What are you gonna, boatmen, absolutely body? We owe that to do that. We have a lot of all brown My brother did ass. I think I not account my gentle did little to put things right. Charlemagne make sure you showing a bowling ball help if we go to allay today. Even then I got to lose some four envy check it out. Have you seen every right in his fancy car looking like a toasted are supposed to dominate. Remember he's a secret that nobody knows: Ladys dream about, distorted Amatolas, though time we found a barbarian Shobo waiting, Well, my devalued. You have
lily right. Women are obviously fantasizing about Emmy, because somebody just called in this morning, fantasizing about a woman told his opposes. It amends hoses, not sound like it looks appealing, but it sounds like you would taste Delicious good in it. No although my told you gotta, stop using my body for you, but you know and stop using my body, but objectify me it's alright saying I know areas our real autonomy. We gotta geology, I get filled to objectify me shudder. Hello there is brand Brandon was out of each you all know. You won't day, let me ok, No, you didn't get a chance to say one. Your phone is trans. Now we know you didn't hear you now. You're congratulate the problematic loudly daughter, my own life, applause, not by a long to go congratulations alarming. Thank you. Man
did you did you know about when you wouldn't it? ok loud and did you learn? Did you know how to vote when you want to know my melick lies just make a show of. Thank you love. If you do not have it took his ballot what a demi they will not have got his baby. We're broke that doesn't know them. You would have means Dickie Valley twice. I don't know about it. Hello this well worded maybe your name, my name, is not legitimate. Somebody's enable dj legwork. I was ass. Easy vary from back to the point of often When do you South Carolina right now? Ok, you know features, but I don't think what's happening, good shower. May I feel how to say what I mean. Like them, I'm electoral turnout Right now I got big glass, bided they ve gone. I got bid again to night,
was gone and I'm in a merger might not told you he's gonna be embedded man for Halloween. Tomorrow they go on what was going on you, people, you must be delicious, don't objectified body, use you sound taste Despite it s quite a bit you and ensuring that the seconds must be the same spot. When I try to catch, and we were in the world today, you know we came, gave a guy got revenge or workers by anyone Runnin away. We would warn you, I suppose now We now have I gotta miles. So you know we will judge you liked about me and my wife, you give them enough. I gotta get exterminated. That is what our I brought me better leave out alive. You gotta lived colleagues dominated. Oh, you know a bit buys bided twice, you don't know the poisonous and that was it a brown reckless fighter y. All, was black and big one. I've seen a lot of what we have some lack in big by in you. I don't know about that from Ukraine.
I will put it that way. Learn to look to the future. In the first harmless chosen for Swazi South Carolina but you're not does emerge, will sign you down and get on. It was a two hour right now. I feel bad about Alyosha to mass May on jobs. Sharp, ok brought it did it all future as eight hundred five, a five one or five one day you got rooms runaway. Yes, let's talk about, I guess Nicky Inquiry immediately this morning there is so much to get into so Nicky Menage versus Committee, be whose side are you on and is an issue? We have to choose eyes all right, we'll get internet. When we come back Cuba largest breakfast local border breakfast, a more everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we are the breakfast club was gets it aromas. This talk Nicky Inquiry
with Angela his club. I was at home yesterday, and this was going down. While I was at home. Relaxing ended. Started off with. I guess I mean obviously this view between party being taken, as has been going on for quite some time, but things have been reignited now I did see when as he posted it saying that Nicky was sharing parties, personal phone number and discussed all of that happening. Barnett humanize, when our queen radio and had this is about the fight between car. B and Raw Lee, which allegedly she's saying there really hit cardy, be exceeded. He is saying that it was security, other peoples, that it was securing oak operator in the forehead check it out. There is surveillance, knowledge in the building, where the, where the assault took place I also had my camera man there. You went home and told people that security had shoe, and we, there lie continue
Because of legal reasons I told her. I don't tell anyone you hit her because I don't want nobody trying to sue me held her head and punch her, like, I don't know eight nine ten times and I could hear it and it was like, like body that want to pull up the surveillance, but I will give you a hundred thousand dollars I make this thing right. How can you why, wouldn't you say DORA Lee not to say nothing, good, onawandah body to sue me were now. You want crummy radio, saying something yeah. Why are you being your own eye? Witness Nicky chase mine if it is true, but you know gotta be honeybees gotta, be daring, Iguana nobody's police, I'm I don't matter lay. Why would you say that bilateral I try to be had to say in response? How are you saying that I've got a rag bag valley when there are so many footage is abandoned? where am I getting rag there? You'll I saw muzzle gave and keep up with your lies buried sustain that you got the footage, your camera manga,
But now you fucking about you want to pay somebody one hundred dollars and they give you the footage. Yo make sense when you talkin, I thought you was. Don't know what this body's up you'll stand the words on Cuba. Then we re here Miss tongue led the street fighter, now. I know why is there no way Riley their grow? Nine times? No equality nine times and nobody got at night. I had a lotta gamma them out and make him, and I am glad that this thou went in the back on the blades. I offered money for the footage spend the bank. I have put it on my own camera, but I was asking for the overhead foot is that the venue may have you does it matter if you got the footage, Raleigh, hidden gaudy? Why not put the footage of absolute footage I write the next in they discussed was making. Changing her verse imo to support his Nicky and then or motors what you said I was using you gonna, cordial quarterback, when little.
That was the best complement I've ever given a female wrapper ever they said that I was this thing off said. Wonder me am, I mean, goes no, not loves that that's a bar that I wouldn't dissing or step, but she told him. I was this thing him. They ve and had a lot of this. You know seeds for them not to those people. I too, like me, and she succeeded, because speak up. I had a shot you take, but I'm a wrapper. Remember that our right, how do we respond to the prime? Well, so what happened was I don't have an guiding Nicky changed over some notice board cardiac why she didn't, like Nicky's version, why she went to her to change it changeovers Sula three times, and I was not failure of your talking about all, of course you'll be on Nick Lombardy following it over bids from a single centre party, not my coats, because you never help me too in this area, and I can't do that night and I got the receipts being bring. There's my phone, I'm going through my
Emma that I went all the way up old forwards when he stuck in this was your number I called you twice and who did an answer: and that's all my label, I'm not doing the video ass. You don't change here. They got petty prettier, yesterday lazy to my going on, I'm just myocardium. If you didn't know nobody, the global blood his whole shot up like new one in an access global continually at all. I right now. I d be also says that if Nicky ones to have these conversations with her, they could do it in person. A couple differ ways. Then, since you say you tired of talking about it, I'm tired of talking about it. So you really want to talk about it. You know what a link me we can always think of. You know to reach, you know because senator, however, you want to suddenly we could talk about it or we can fight it out, I'm with whatever, but I'm sick and tired of their backing. Where's my boy, any. I'm sick and tired of it to our love, cardiac I love and Nicky is down
this went out and call it a day, but long admire a yawn ridiculous more into it. The next hour cause they start talking about different deals that turned down the other person so different. Where should I use they tied up All kinds of receives of here is this presentation at here is my agency live here? Is an artist co signing this by making do say? Ok, you guys, let's focus on positive things. only from here on. Our were also As I know, this step was entertaining and funny to a ladder, people, but I won't be discussing this nonsense any more. Thank you for the support and in harassment year after year love you
I haven't, heard one real issue. Yet all I hear you mean all yours, too, rich women fighting over first world problems about who got this deal and we feel and whose goals beyond this region, who else beyond after over the bandits Enigma saying our right, then let's keep it positive and keep it pushing see all add stupid, like you say, but not. Let me give a level my head, what what what you put James or made us now in a different situation when it ever Irena? Now, absolutely you can say If you want to save our who voter nobody put a hand with security, Nicky Menage Assain S natural, so we their arms. Is that both sides of web? to them. I say they know would have you believe what, if what, if the police don't investigating this situation based off, and they were very loud mind you said very Well- might make it. You said somebody in her entourage, so do somebody- and she was the eyewitness sneaky just said that on there's a would have died of now rarely get picked up and make it investigated because it wouldn't you say, can analysis
This is a waste of money and ways to tackle terrorism, not evolve, assaulted the processes if they'd overcharged, innocent vision because not domestic, where they do an investigation. If something happened and there's people theirs That is because they have evidence now. They believe that it is now I mean we're body lay. This is the person they hit our global. I was there a witness I'm glad they. Finally squash, I will be finally did now, one of the really squire? it sounded going on, so lonely got my for you bet. I yes, please go vote, o t I may delegate and that a huge rumour of her she's so funny over it The minutes is a waste of time and energy on everybody body on cod, import and export. It is a waste of time and energy like an old, well refilling people. If you didn't hear what happened when giving you both sides, I think I think, just respond, but anyway, up next out front
you know that we talk about man, you know many people have Stds right now, we'll talk about it me what right? and nothing positive. You know what that is. We know that, MR that test is part of our proposals and exit the breakfast locomotive reporting everybody's d, J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are. The breakfast club was getting some front page news. now. I know all the pages play last night and I note a Patriot one: that's what I'd do. No Diana who they place at night was really into another pick two pages to do he's having a great team. Anyone. Last night we notice anew Ripley less, maybe you and congratulations to Calais Thompson. He beats have curries three point record. He shot the most and made the most important in a game he made what team cell congratulating him? The patriot be to build twenty five to six, and you know clay demand enjoy the so good you for nuclear Thomson. Beyond its unity,
they said he was in a shootin slump in the whole system. I really like he's got fifty two last night. What's a slump in good faith? games, Islam into games constitute a slide or no, but anyway, what are you talking about? I write was since we have to teach people how to vote. We have somebody that came to the breakfast Club Gerald AID Greg's now his executive, vice president of the ECB, ablaze, repeated Georgia chapter is also a civil rights attorney and he sat by here to talk about border suppression was happening in Georgia right now and Harry. Well, they have the exact match system which basically save your name, does not match. The names on you lie says your birth certificate, any type of irregular. Did your signature, you should not be able to ask for making to say a thing. It doesn't matter unless you have your middle initial on your idea, but is now Your voter registration- cried, they can say, that's not inexact match exactly as our people can do is. Chick may sure you have all your identifying information you passport you driver's license and and
four provisional ballad, they tell you that you cannot vote because you can vote and they bring Andy appropriate identification three days later, to make sure you vote counts, but we can vote. Would at some time. More so to avoid light voters, suppression or because the cast a ballot in differ. They re everywhere, surveying you know, it's important to me so that you know what your options I do if they try to tell you that you can't vote correct at that time, so we want to make sure that you actually are able to vote to even gettin that both to make it happen. all right now here than article they came out on CNN dating while you haven't std, I wanted to talk. This because we did have a tap at the other day. Person call them. as you may have Herpes. Their bad. You got into this time, but it is bad if you haven't been marketed, will were one of them.
who's it, how do I tell the person? And when do I tell the person that I'm dating that I have this right? That's really an issue and dating some people feel discouraged about dating because they know they haven't std and they know. That is something that is gonna come up. Well, as in it and did this whole thing where they said that wine into sexually active Americans well contracting STD by the time that they turned twenty five, as half of all Americans will have an as well as city by the time they turned twenty five amassing which, when it my older, but they dig my that's associated with having an estimate and make people believe they will be able to date and that no We want to have sex with them, but they do have some information for you on how you should handle that yes, enemy on museum, does a statistic. I've never been a part of I've, never had a std in my life. Now, when did you tell a potential partner there too? haven't std, while, according to sex therapists, Diana gleam, she says when first dating from when most people want to put their best put forward and disclosed and for me and about themselves over time and as comfort, trust and feelings develop. I understand academic
say you're gonna blow out that information what it, but if you dig somebody in and you tell them later on, isn't it like you wasted time goes, is no one to go. No all night, I would do you have to tell you that we as it were, but have no no, but to get it in then you, let me know, did you got an std, that's going to come up with something to show ratings that you gonna date with somebody, and it doesn't go anywhere there. What do you tell him where social and valuable tell somebody get started? We will do that well, you better have sexy nabs ago. That is that it is not about having sex in a moment stupid. I'm talking about. If you know eventually, you gonna have sex with their present after a few days, then you let him know, now. We know you all heightened heavy in you but negative. You automata person S, nothing! That's not what I'm saying it was very important is that disclosure status as sexual activity becomes clearly eminent, so you have to at least tell them before sexual activity. Now it's up to you, your level of comfort and telling somebody you don't want to stay on the first day you shouldn't, but if you will come to whenever you want to do that, that's your own discretion, but you do to do that before this any type of sexual activity
let us be honest about your sexual health, make sure you get tested. You have anything that way. Some things are terrible. You can handle that now there. when you do tell a potential partner about your lcd status, then you have to make sure you give that person, space and take a day or two to circle back with questions and try your best not to take their response personally, so they also websites that you can go onto like positive signals that calm and dating positives, I cannot sort of single darker, positive Ngos. Dotcom positives that com the only ones. I know that as in all diseases, usually really tell your partner by distance Charlemagne guy. Talking, please remember: mobility is the ones that are curable whether at that time you should definitely to God. Now, oh no, I'm telling you I get. If I got clear media gonorrhea civil anything else that eventually will be cured? I'm just gonna. Did you install you a deal of God
start you I'll, do the drip go wherever you don't have an ethically and you're about to have sex. Of course you know you'd, have you Vanessa D, write and your name Having said that, I would say that there is no time If you pass that on that's fine, but if you do have one and you are about to have sex of course, no matter what you have to say something of young men and women, the media- and you know you tackling media and you sleeping with a woman Then you around you gotta accolade, you appeared so ok, there's another sex. Educator am Loreen said that did experiments. He went on tender for a month. The weeping. In her bio said, I have Jineta Herbie swipe right. Only if you're cool with it since No one was ass. It gonna hit a rapid. She said that people were very appreciative of how a friend she was about that mason and people were actually down to meet up and get to know each other better. So yeah, really think about is right. The way you gotta think about it that's right, you, you say, and half of Americans web LCD Grech. You have an authentic
and twenty faster, what we need to do is to breakfast club was. We need the like by tender positive, that car crash and mingle positive back on my. We need to start buying those ice. We can make a fortune may shut up what are you talking about? You wanna wrap it up, but naturally I, why do you even open your mouth? We can help people every this. Isn't serpent. How'd you shut up but all human lives. These stds, I'm gonna, go around well, I mean really, that's your friend hated it right. I am all for points of money for the rebuilding of Herpes Harvey's. Now now you oughta rebranded by me. Now We need to remain at home that I get so bad rat because Herpes is actually skin disease is not a. I don't know. I don't know how to talk about. It doesn't have to be sexually transmitted that's what I'm saying menotomy in a solemn, since our rights rights are right, but they do but they knew that when we come back Jimmy,
rather will be joining us. Looking Jimmy Fallon, yes said all this to breakfast, The breakfast club Everybody is the J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne, the girl, we all the breakfast club we got us pursue guess in about a burglar first driver as right, didn't know it was me club really gravitate. We know you're a late night wholesome no, I haven't had breakfast yet by urban up road. I have two kids and so before five minutes when they wake up. he do readily daddy's of idea. I get up, I mean they wake me up now. I went to bed. There are enough to walk in the better known and wake up, which is cute, but also like gathered that is. Are you crazy day like go to the games? Yell screen? I now I'm gonna. I think it's that's. I dont want to be that cabotage where everyone's ending up lengthen, I barely my dog into maybe too, my little games, so
Bessie. Maybe four means was bad that affect use. You got odor Jimmy really decry the zero just stay up all night do other dad you're. So there is no. We had puzzled alone on the show. Complete he's found ass trash monogamy. I ass. A man can pose Malone along like both Malone by great, so we did because you want to go to ongoing, This dialogue are now draws big things. I've never been to us. Well, you never that all gone now they went to New York City going there and I'm going to go to a vague retainers rather limited Sally. I do know how they make money. First, I'll gravitation went in to go. If I took an escalator up to my table, that's a big Al Gore.
Went to a restaurant. We take an escalating in the restaurant, I go and they go. He go these bread stakes, unlimited bread, six in a free and go for had em. They are delicious, whose great nigger you some salad, unlimited sound is much wants, free, ok I mean, what's a business model here, getting one which I some wine I go out of chairing, I let it happen if you want to try some the samples of free. So at this point I have had breadths excel at like three days of wine. Pave rented single, haven't Avery, summons grace restaurant. Then I go. We get it at the end. Whatever it was good and then I went inside, I joked around and said: hey it's my friend's birthday, even though it wasn't post birthday, but as I can you get him a cake. We can because an actual complimentary Are they really? How do I pay first of Indonesia? They didn't notice, it would Jimmy Frau and imposed Malone. They do we found it, but that's, ok, but that wasn't Zimmer debate
gave us you guys for you, because you guys are filming because you perfectly Andrews and the avatars virtual. We'll after that you have fallen and twisted. So you can add european day for the South and EAST is unlimited. Like you pay ozone unlimited and understand it will not only many Remy yours. No one. Can you darling. I read the Hudson before Rebecca Jimmy you gotta drinking Rigel. Why didn't you probably have no difficulties of rubble hell. I can't drink and do what I do man. I got that night when I left proposed. We finish taping upright ten. Thirty he's drinking beer He was going to where we are now on the ground. it's gonna be allowed. Come on. I think we're gonna go out like gets master guarded ass, the old man, Do they come on we're Irish where's, the where's, the pub that peer pressure boy and a girl
then the irish room like a timely Michigan, I shall place. Then I'm like every places to go to his prey closed. I gotta go at Avis. Doping has Ipad, still go God I mean Don Hills. That's closed. And I will try back a cell how area days I used to do pieties there there. Those are you call that, like like a dance clubs to go to again Missus old, Can you dance when all the worse than what divides us? How about you? I went to see just intimidation and when we started flew D, J T, that's a great guy is required, I like a loser. You want. I won't get five five hundred I wanted to say anyways, so he gave it has used to ensure regarding a great army.
If I go there and it's like you, got me some vip ticket, where I guess the whole bottom floors at nightclub. So I go to this thing again. I'm forty four years old I resolved as a blessing man they had on yonder applaud now, do not every day die in every day for now the blessing. I understand that before five role in clubs, that's stupid that, as you said, you know what I'm doing. I got this thing. I go to a dance, so what do we do? They got you wanna drinking added one drink. Then people Youtube Nego, he's got drinking from tests are dead. And it's made like ants, go Jeremy Way when you tubing this dance, I go just stand there and then they got that can be used. Could I just hate generally music, Zayigo you'd think me a drink than someone ask as we know. Right now, I do have a drink I have to do something you better than just think it it seems likely to sit in the chair and clap for you and I can't be dancing
and in a night club on me for the record, you might have a drink. You look drunk when you dance anyone. Let you see my move at a wedding, a scientist guy is kids, get sign up. member of the european agenda, because you just care when you can't just stand there because that's wrong and then you can dance cause. You're barriers should oppose, I don't know man, I was a child, so awkward there, so I'mma and I miss my friends. Look at him. Go like screaming and clapping for him. Cuz he's great, but next, I now you really look old nodded charity came in just sit down and be real. They reading glasses of labour, but that was driving dunghills someplace, where they to go now But you know, I'm studying what all there do. We do. We gotTA ready ass kids. Now you have your own house. You build a bar to crew exactly as they don't go anywhere you when resistant,
I'm looking at home makes it seem like you have a problem. I feel like I've only drink socially like when we go out with people by like a home for the world of drink, surrounded me, along with your home, to grab a yak. What you want isn't that fleets, the Sultana business, wants its homework homeward like young. I would try hard to have to do to image to perception when you see headlines, but always gotta bring her brows, and now you just out you're gonna have wondering to have a good time, but you afraid to that pressure. Yes, that really I mean no exam? Other guys with me. I think that's the cave. Make old stories in your things. Get reserve Reserve has got a book of management, and so I think you ve heard worse. Like that's, I had, I think, when you see those things it's like now,
can't I can't have a drink from how do you deal with social media? Is everybody's always go and at you about it? Oh yeah, is it easy? No, it's tough. I mean I, I hope my kids out outlived this social meeting. I don't think the greatest thing. I'd better get anything about it. If I didn't have to promote my Sherwin beyond, we have more with Jimmy Fallow or we come back. Don't move is the breakfast club morning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club we have Jimmy fell in in the building Charlemagne, and finding the tomato love. It is perfect for someone with eighty every day. Every is completely different and it's so. It was exciting stuff like this week alone, tonight. We have Tyler Perry and KISS flew down her they, when you see those guys together as a random. Madam Ashton, Ervay, that's what it shows you be man. It should be like your brain, like what that was just. It should be like food for rain. We had was so different in cool. We avert.
Blake his command Thursday. Why do you have related HE d of that? No desire money? I've been diagnosed, I'm tongues, edges d, we want? Our view about, as TB results that rather dilemma whereby the edges visiting guys, we will give it back in the guise of miscellaneous, even real values and felt that are totally. I said if you dont, like them, Victoria you're, just gonna, give you gotta say we did tat, maybe they noting as something at it. It doesn't matter, oh yeah, nay. I know so Avenue, remarried issues Gregory my kids love you and not because it is show what you got, that all is wrong because they didn't like I would add a roll call you as the long ride and business universal, the universe and his dope is don't like you.
The thing is that the whole universe will cover tat little. Nobody had fallen right, name changes had so. If we got two deals NBC I signed up for late night embassy Universal. So am I had ago universal universes studios. I share my road ass though well so then I go contain these wrote his people and they share. So they set me up. This mark would bury this. Guy was ape. He does all the roller coaster. Universe, I pigeons Diego, is Kunak give it is again a ride soaring in denial. Did you I don't get you unbelievers. Greater depth on the Irish hang on. Why don't you sit in the things in a simulated like physically angler over the orange groves of its cool? I go if I that is, have you gone through near city it in your racing in a car against me, so they go that's great. now, who are you and Calabria showed Jeremy, and I had Jimmy and they go well. Whenever good, like an airplane kind, o Brien
Norway has very was used cut two years later. The show goes well, we get to nature, they call me and they go to remember, piteous relic us rather go asked and my paper idea I got so we worked and I, with my writers, like three years film, a thing: it's a giant giant similar There's no simulator right and it is read with a car- is called race through New York you gonna be out of the Jews. I've got a difficult moment. Are you? Are you have them More result in New York and you have the roller coaster with its high. Maybe they alone ice cream loud, I'm glad they document doo doo Doo allotted thing. There revolve around hip hop code, you do you have an actual love for her papa you just appropriating. Your browser bonus culture badia I do. I do. I do like I like everything, I've pop culture fanatic
I mean grown up. I was in those eighties days. So for me, was beastie boys rhodium see article J. I love your indifference that now and in the room so tell me about some group or some bad had never heard of real prevented. The reason never heard, let's get it had of challenge each other like Oh, don't let down very edgy move for you all black Hereat may, by the way that you have to convince. Yeah. I wasn't it was not easy. Xinjiang like as well- as a private dilber governing white covert, effective help roaming costs, ok, you're, fine! I ran out to get out of here. I think it s about suffering. I would add that would have been hiding to get them to actually commit. Why haven't you my friend, Neil Brennan, reproduced chapels,
we love Neil. You got another went over if our guy, I haven't, got a really good now, my three nobly they do so he suddenly about producing, and he goes that I really want again to stand at one of folks understand because I got because who's the bank and beyond We need a good bankers and following MAX Weinberg and that which is contesting battle, and so my he was just routes, I am using the roots of you, my has value o? None of us aged asked them because they know a lot about the elder. Everything is as it was worse thing can happen if you know so I called their manager, and I asked him- and I didn't hear back nymph like three weeks they're on there in Paris. So then, am I her back the managing Richard call me. I'm said What was held a meeting like in your office and together with ideas with the ideas that thanks great much
I do not have an office so my guardian officer, I call Michael says, and I want to be with routes. I think their thinking about it and even office. I borrow Laurens Office, so I went to his office, which is really nice. Looks out on satellite stage, looks like an enduring, and so I had their manager quest love. Threeg and my producer and we had a meeting a night. I silk two things one: if you do, this will be the best ban in Israel TV and were to you were wrong. Philly. Where retrain, ran away and know you and train, can train erased Khazar. What have you been doing? That's, I think. As my reasons in quest of said, I would ask you to question: is one is if we have a good jazz grouper, some ajar, someone from that can't normally give booked on a show? Can we have them
and with a bad night. I give her behind cognizant Lego Rethink army that he wants to be and of every have regularly. Holler Bianca gives you guys. You know he s conduct. We have them on and support ago? Absolute is number two. This is lore Michael's office where's the popular with the great question, because it's a comedy, nerd question: they only comedy nerds know that more and has a thing of basket. Popcorn in his office like every. She has her alive. We see that so that we can be amazing thing for me was like. Can we go along with this guy? I will weaken back, we got more with Jimmy Fallon. Without talk about that, we played in trumps here. You remember that all told him about we come back as the breakfast club the morning boy. Everybody is d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club we have Jimmy fell in in the building. We see new plan trumps here. Yes, no thank you like for that. Ideally I e to people
I was in a siding with his politics on a human eye them maybe I can make it might be. I was touching his hair to save his hair, Israel, Israel, yeah, it's real, No, it's never leave Israel Are you sure I don't think that is what you want you want to get back. Last week I had. Rather my head he's been on the show. Bunch tasks use a big reality, CERN Nbc, so I've known him. Long time, so those asthma touches her eyes to do a bit where I touch internally. Mark at me. I tell you He came out at nine this again. He said you could you can message her up, so you so I just didn't see it was real. I can make a good match. Did you read voting for drop died and I do not. Yeah. I do regret that no new Yorker, rather than anyone else, just found out that already Ronnie started. You don't pay attention. The ratings natural. I have
Started to now, but I was I never did I never cared about ratings ever everyone knows brings out to me now. I've been going out scenario. Was they talk about the thing? I don't really understand it because she's not my thing, I do the best job. I can't unchanged for anybody. I don't do a badge I try to do the best job again so that I can do. I can affect ravings. Even like you had a great time, if any had is, who is the. Who is that person? I've never met anyone in my life, I Tiffany how she's got energy. I mean she makes me tired and I got a lot energy. The Spirit she's great he's Tiffany. All this really. As you know, a great friend of my real it. Yes, she was a hype and for a jewish part, marmots was ethics, was put his arms We are counting on your heart. Is this one is one of the many jewels via a blackboard brand new executive producing now I did you find somebody
we have a new showrunner coming in his name- is Jim Dale. He's from the Olympics and today show is good, but you know we switch it up all the times like changes, good, fresh ideas. Different said, Eyeballs Louisiana going, do everything that second, it's gonna have ever known. As the main international took a ratings. Who do you think is because politics was necessarily your strong suit. Jacobi Bellazin, maybe I mean people wanted they're, just people obsessed with politics right now and taking a side, and so maybe that's the thing I mean also it's raining thing for me is like really honest I don't think the numbers in general are good in general, late night, when everybody or everyone gets for tv dislike. That's so really what I meant ratings like it's, not good around, so that, as is our households, have taken him, but the eighteen, forty, nine eighteen, thirty five young people were still number one, but does again that's if you want to go
involved with real. I wouldn't. If I would like to invite to anyone, I say: don't listen arranged, but I have to note and talk about because it would give asked me about it's on my I don't know, and I really do not know what the ratings I really doubt, but if I am that bad someone from embassy will, you know: I'm ratings, I hate ratings because they never tell you a bottom unless their bad associate put a hand we went to her distress were eight years and I always there was a bottom women and their dad. Why do you think they know late night, no black we might hold on tv or when you get Samantha B, However Chelsea launch of he's gone I'm gonna go network. Do oh, the last. I'll, send you home MAGIC, Helen? I wanted magic, I wanna. Do I love? I love. Chile was the musical I left. I read in the area as a guy. I love that act alone, know that right and he was chosen as now it has been delayed.
I wonder why this fire now umsuka noble virus written. By the way I do buyer now about the weather bought it. Yes, you said I'll take the chair, I gotta show and well whatever bought the weather channel, who bear. No real people are pretty the valued and try to just. Somebody's gotta worry, as you think I don't know why. I really don't know. We should pay the person to make fun of battles wobegone whether we had a picture. I don't really make fun of candidates of Trump. I mean I could do an impression of him, so it's kind of, but again. Is it tat you think if it's a clever way to do it, that's then I'll. Do it we're doing a thing where it just him trainer rally trying to go to all these rallies was. I did him in, but on the wagon make up, which is funny because He can't I show you would use omega, really yeah lads who put their art
of honesty knows no, I swear to God. You know swearing eyes when he would leave just be an empty baggage, vetoes and abreast. No, you just missed. Is producing the words and you say, like a got it because density volume but as I got the directions becoming a J impotent to end his message so we do sketches. I bans is funding a touchy subject wide like offended Mesa. No is ya, doin, send anyone, and one day when fuel, If, between about anything yeah. We, I told me to be a man or a single hats. I don't know when the guidelines boy, daddy, I think he was used here- is some in old interviewer, assuming that where I said that I was embarrassed managed by that and is like that I was. I was it. Fraid. Those humanizing is Jimmy the man that was
mentioning only when we think the present treaty too vague and one frame it. HU, thank you for what you say about the manual say what kind of got a point my place after nobody, the aim, because you can't please everybody Jimmy you gonna drive yourself crazy. If you try to please everyone, you gonna think some people, some nine. No, but it's like there was in the past. And I think use that leaves didn't hear the interview I didn't adding apologize, for having a man I apologize for anyone. There was offended that they think I support his politics. Ok, so you were being a man. I was but definitely my shirt off. That's how their little be. Now I was lifting condone down a little way. It's what I said I was so badly. I was like a tune to back a meaningless, really have mail. I was really mainly there's nothing. You know the definition of manly anything where we don't. We subscribed I'm such a man with a glance. Ok, don't wash your router if they really metals, don't even ass, Jimmie Dale,
Claire, Jimmy stab ok, but the name everybody who try to please everyone, no doing a lot of laws, and it was ok Jimmy starve, ok, but the name everybody who try to please everyone. No, I don't know I don't like it was it ok, gotcha, better and better answer added on the island Byron relate that's my food right. There is Jimmy valid beg. You would you and mom breathless Club is not. Is the breakfast morning emotive. Everybody is d, J envy Angela YE shall I mean guy. We are the breakfast club muskets, these rumours, let's talk MAC Miller
Is about the report on the breakfast club, where the map military view counted, booby, lives, team and that's gonna happen around the world. This goes down Halloween nights, so the musician spam He said that the celebration of Life benefit concept which feature chance. The wrapper says it's rip, Travis got and its impact events of staples will be avoided. For everybody to watch globally said. Is All kinds of frozen immemorial. Events are aftermath. Bill is passing, but this the official one. This is the only event that sanctioned by his. Emily and contributing to the Mcmillan Circles Fund resting please magneto, carefully recipes are right. Now we are, we touch, about powerhouse intricacy. Six, nine was, I powerhouse. He was a surprise gas or meeting is he was actually supposed to be at Howard,
in homecoming weekend. They say that they lost about three hundred thousand dollars after giving refunds to over three thousand people, he cancelled thirty five minutes before the doors opened why is performing a powerhouse illusory. Why decay of law? it was You mean to tell me to God you, six nine turned on a three hour, but how much is being promoted with the hair was decided last three hundred yeah sure about if I pay eighty, seventy with pay, sixty thousand innovate according to sources, and why would I turn down a bag? Become? Do powerhouse perhaps a pretty big. It's our station is what I was in the Middle EAST Asian in New York, and I M a data. Will you lucky? I don't ever since it does not back on the line and made a bitch, I would have been about or maybe for its causes. And that's not even a lot of money for him in his holiness. You know he wanted to get all stage has been banned from certain build in genoa, probably the biggest considered a year, so yea one known as a game. Otherwise I like this banking birthday. You know I right now
Thirty minutes Lionel impeded by what we got. Some more of cardi be verses A nice within play everything earlier would listen, I'm just to give you the information on what happened and making a was accused of elite. In people's phone numbers cardy bees since their hennessy said that she did like her, number here is what Nicky had to say my fans, always they evolve Nicky along, we will have to say, but you lie on me: leaking numbers lap. I was one a photo shoot out? I don't even know what was happening, Somalia, my phone, I'm one. What's going on in numbers. Could time are you talking about bets whoa whoa I write we shall only big boy. I was a strong they leaking members than when he had to say about that. He has Bacardi said how come my phone number one hour after the odds occasion at the harp is bizarre party saw me Miranda number golly when you know the whole twenty six
and was happening. Air barley used to have her number Cecily numbers this guy linked recently and who has number valley how come everybody they got, have issues with their numbers, golly most decisions Cancel argument were barley right. How come must as the number having gotten, because I heavy Thank God you make a great difference. Eternal Keyser evidence he's got rebuttals I right now. Here's where Nicky has to say about cardy. Stopping her bags You told me that my birth on the twenty one, Savage London London on the track or star Trek it was about you. I caught my engineering. I said hey, can you tell her when I recorded this birth? She wasn't
popping out, I don't know anything about her, so was that twenty one savage savage into that London on the track record, it was clear that she wanted to turn them against me and she succeeded the cookie kush records you wanted to get on that record. I ended up getting on it and if you notice it went from being twenty one savage to Travis got on it. He wasn't allowed because he was won her single so now mind you. I could, as that you start my bad twice, but some videos they me am, I ok when putting tribe in Scotland where, because remakes- and I said sure The criminals are any hard to be had this to say about these allegations. Nitrogen is that they are trying to stop your bag, because twenty wants that resemble a music video with you says, I'm not even that close to their men, so How can I have the power to bear me since I am hey Bundle, this music, video that you're getting paid for for me does sound that no less. They then do the music video Mitchell. Twenty one and also the sun was boiling good. So I will wasting time see them
bathing met. You notice why you should not you fools again. Go back over these things because people from a distance gantos, who I don't know who's who in his education, I D, like I don't know, what's going on right now, I've been could be only gonna little grab a lab. I have they stopped well Nick Yemen, as the last things he said, but they she wants to focus on positive things. Only from here on our inquiry be said, are right, then, let's keep it positively keep pushing after hours of this back and forth. I think somebody get on the phone is built up over I'll. Take it has ended. I'm just mad that neither one of them say go vote at all during all of those ranch, not one of them. Other two go vote and you got all those people attention like that just say: go vote! by remembered for the next five six days. I've along it is when the vote, no six, when your election, the body when you get into any type of twitter beef and going back and forth somebody just doin vote on November six for people waiting was added to the beef and end, though that in their admission of milk
her write, a Mozilla YE and that's your rumour report Roca broken Miss you bridges asked me: what would it The shadow may really like you, envy out that the beef now I said, no music, so he o me, that's it back as you know, like many large areas? That is not a secret Don't you know you know I think we need to do a little breakfast club court next hour. Could we ve ordered, I did in the room on this saw people divided on social media on this yesterday, but Hilary it needs to come to the front of the congregation to have a word with her, but we also need to go to breakfast club court to see if this is he Hall worthy. Ok,
I will do that. Next, keep unlocked the breakfast locomotor fat, northern areas of man to comply with Mary Weybridge Ptolemy champion. I've got to make a judgment of always gonna be on the dot the other day they told you the breadth of calm dog you the day to day well, dog, you Dave, or to the October there
If I may or may not go to Hillary Clinton now yesterday, why everyone was caught up in Nicky, Cardy Gate Hilary Clean made some comments that people are either not aware of don't care about our fine. We for whatever reason when it comes to this particular situation, this air all of a sudden, understand contexts. Ok, I think context is key for everything, but in his social media era, everything seems to be out of context. Life is out of context are even when things are in context. People take things out of context to create the narrative they want to create. Now I, like you very Clinton, in fact, I really think we dropped ball and twenty sixteen by not giving her into the White House that an understatement, because I really feel black people as a whole would have benefited from her being president, because I think she really wanted to write the wrongs of her husbands. Ninety four crime bill. When you looked at Hilary Circle in twenty sixteen, we all saw it. He saw it in beside. It was all black women majority black women, and I think she would be the type of president. Everyone could hold accountable, not just a president for particular based, but a president for all people, s just my opinion. Ok, black people for the most part, loved acquaintance and for the most part the Clinton seem the love black people. They are good white allies right Mama's, taken insane it. How someways had overlooked the white friend it at the at the cook? I guess the problem, sometimes what your white for in that they might get a little too comfortable. You know you be in all our own, you, white friends. They sing a rap song to end worded in the leered day may lead flying you gotta check him. Ok, that's usually holidays, and you got a clue, white friend, great person, not erases, but sometimes they get to comfortable and they end up doing the same things that are set out. Another black person was not their friend. It could and would absolutely a Finn. Ok saying what you have to check on your screen, faint, strong friend, you may also have to check your white Fraid. Not evidence about the play all will be bought up and rubbed his club court, because that is where we have taken this situation, because I need to know if Hillary Clinton deserve donkey of the day for this joke that she may and I
with air quotation marks around joke now Hilary was being interviewed by Karin, wish your full recall in cars. We should go to you as congressmen. Confuse these two congressmen were Corey Booker and Eric holder. Listen how he responded. What do you think of corn lockers and even come on, having a feel for I don't want anything about consent kick in an assurance essential. I start to get to that kind of love their colder Erika Archive Org ass. I say I know they look alike, noting tat, rather, while not only little more time for the people it back when I not have heard of this still looking at gotta be videos on edge to grant bladed. What do you think of corn book raising it in color having appeal for? I don't want anything vacancy and kick and an assurance essential. I start to get to that kind of
There are colder Erika, oh yes, I do. I know they look alike, no think, rather, why? Now now? Don't you today does not discriminate. We all have our buys. Is I attempt to be self aware as possible in order to check mine? We all know that if any one on the right hand made that scene joke nobody would care about the context. It would be no excuses. Okay, there would be no excuses made for vodka trump. Sarah be sand, is making Kelly anyone out on the right had made that exact same joke in the exact same contacts you all would have been only ass posting video hd video we copy did Nicky yesterday. Nor do I think Hillary Clinton is racist. Nor do I think that remark was races. No, don't think it's a matter of a white ally get into comfortable hell. Yes, because when I fear of their keychain would carriage was, I know she has made jokes like never before in she makes them around on the way people. The timing was too impeccable. When was Hillary Clinton ever known for her committee timing, when it, what does she have a show and committed time? He said I was a glimpse into the real her dislike when she was on the breadth of club. She gave a glimpse into the real her. Now I have a problem with honesty. Remember when she was on the verge of clemency was very honest when I bought up defect women when YE bought of defect about her keepin hot softened, her bag- and you know she's. I said to her. This is one of those times they will say she's pandering to black. You will remember that memory fresh memory, let them in that you always carry with you caught us. Rarely you yeah hats. Ass really has not. Even I want you to know people, even if it is the occasion when we look back at work and is it working through failure in Adam she's, aware of what she's doing so just like making Kelly last week, who was aware, I'm sure a Hilary as a white woman of a certain age, she had the no even sarcasm, ending Jeff that joke about all black people. Looking like wooden fly now, I'm just being an equal opportunity. He hard distributor. I don't care about left right up down, select, start air, be all I care about giving people regretted they deserve being stupid. Doktor fail was here just yesterday in what did he say? The last thing I say before I walk on stage are close my eyes and say: do not walk out their say. Some stupid do not work
got there and say something stupid. I feel, like Ulysses, said something stupid. Now some people feel like she did. The people who show like she didn't, I think its democratic bias are, were turning a blind eye because Hillary Clinton, because based on the fire storm, I know it would have been if someone on the right had fed displayed again. One more time is one more time politically. What do you think of corn Booker's even come I having carefully, I don't want anything back and sang ticket shares essential. I start to get to that kind of love their colder Erika Archive Org ass. I say I know they look alike. I think I think you should get a he had, simply because you can't let you wait for indeed their comfortable, but let's discuss hit the breadth of clockwork music did right, eight hundred five, eight five one or five one which on the relevant Clayton this morning. I we need you to close and right now we turning a blind eye. Democratic bias is, is democratic. Bias is never you gave way. Who do you mean cause? I see a lot of people going and on her ladder, Republicans Alot of people saying that sees a racist, now, she's despicable if Megan Kelly would have said that it simply because she says even understand black face the evidence the republic is calling on the basis of the Democrats could see democratically to be turning a blind eye to those comments arrive, and when I pleaded in a room this morning, people were saying: oh she's, just being sarcastic, oh, not insane has just being cast. You didn't you reaction was different, but allowed you will let you just being sarcasm around just saying that came from the other side. It will be worth three out here right now, what us all of the form of aid.
Five, a five one, o five one is a democratic by his call us right now, or does he deserved biggest hawk, and I got Cathy Griffin roomy my inhabitants, all on deck mocha list listens to us as the preface locomotive, the breakfast words: the weapons in battle rap, the world's most brutal lyrical sport from legendary music, video directed Joseph Khan and producer Eminem, the normal, be body to the story of an accidental rat battle, superstar shocking everyone you nosey rather morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club played a music that is a music we are in breakfast club court. So we ask in right now eight hundred five, five one and five one always a blind eye to Hillary Clinton based on these comically to come this way. What do you think of corn Booker's knitting, common hymning appeal, for I don't want anything about him, saying, take them and the chains and central start to get to that kind of political Europe holder, the Erika oil.
I know they all look alike. Nothing to round up to now. Has he now I dont nosey travel elicited a couple times, unthinking watch it and as the end of a black people or some or were you that they all look alike right like also disrespectful is like that, or is it also most orchestrating like pleasure? We all look alike which way she goes base our cassock, as he's correcting Harris Wishing who made a mistake and confused too, person, one black prison for another, so she's calling her out on her mistake. She The issue is clearly being sarcastic. Dialogue is a joke inappropriate, and should she be able to make that joke that something that if one of us would have said, I'll, be fine right, but its Hillary Clinton. So that's why people have a problem with their bessie was definitely I guess I'll feel comfortable what it is like say. Oh I think it over the old lovingly chicken, like I don't think it, as is his housing belated certainty. I should say I understand the context of the joke, I think she was being sarcastic. She wore
checking care. Swishing, shading Paris was a little bit, but so that, as what I don't understand how ya disdain contents when it's convenient d, all because guess what that would mean Kelly, DOW Sarah, how could be sanders if thou to vodka tribe, anybody on the right context would be all the way out the window, and yet we need to be trying to hit a sarcasm. Oh, she was checking the lady. She Shouldn T said it because she's, why, as widely was able to make their joke ya know yard we going crazy if it was somebody on the right when I'm with Emma play along which, because you have people, I don't really know. That is why we know there is an emotive net. You should notify us and I think one has got to reform on Microsoft. My and we are doing is gonna work out in listening. I talk about donkey. I think lamping hurry sugar, whole history, where she backs up Everything that she says throughout our whole campaign when this thing go. Therefore, comment filling a thoroughly.
the line, but I think it's clearly done in a manner and I think a room got that MIT. use that yeah we'll show political parties, not that I care bottoms asking I'm a democrat approval point. Ok, however, I am very active. I definitely agree with you there. The outrage of the Republican at said the same thing here, so we understand context any money that we like as you are not going to get. A lot of people are like a lot of Vienna regularly. There's a lot of you, but they don't like are even Democrats and they don't want you to run again for president, but they are and ass. She was trying to be funny rate. We saw racial firestorm last week with Megan Kelly, Kelly was disassembly. Asking a question like she's a wide blackberries wrong about it. You should know that you should know that you know they pillars and noted that joke as events of John anymore a wider black, John or onward. Nobody thing about Hillary Clinton
but she was grateful for the continent for man. If you look at her reminding her by supporting it in Berlin, but just proportionally locked away, people and then you gotta do you, her husband reform the welfare state which protected more white people, our welfare, but it still her by people. So I will be is that much of an hour when he looked at her actual Hester Mocha Ninja lay may do you love me. Commodity Lilium, saying: ah the one on the server. You know I would basically the same. the white woman in America who considered her I would be in our being that you do have to be careful about what you think. I know you Technically, probably joking, but I think Charlemagne is right in the situation that you have to be careful. What you say, whether you're already or nice man they making those like that. Ok, ok, you two comfortable arrived in aid in the woman carriage was replied well done yachting cast out. This is a well done well for catching her out. There now right were fired.
five one o five one right now it s breakfast club Court were asking Turning a blind eye to Hillary Clinton is this democratic bias, or does she deserved doggie of the day? Call us up right, I was the breakfast locomotive. Everybody is d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club Mary. This joint Charlemagne is confused. He doesn't know if of Hillary Clinton donkey today and not or not. A few number equal opportunity. He hard distributor, I think dashi does deserve argue today simply because you just can't get that comfortable. I don't care if you are a good way person in Euro white Ally, you can't get their comfortable to make this kind of joke. Listen. What do you think of current blockers colony of having a careful eye? what what do you think of him saying kick them and the and centrally start to get to that kind of political Europe, holder, colder, Erika Yes, I do, I know they all look alike. No, they don't wanta, see. I agree which use yeah it was it was it. I don't think she would do it.
Is our castaway, but it is certain jokes you just can't make even in a sarcastic I understand the context. I think she was being sarcastic. She was checking Kara Switcher, you know, but instil you can't dead. Joking, we gave Megan Kelly Hell last week for asking a question. Bout. Why is black face wrongly that all you're, a woman of a certain age you should know you think Hilary Outta the noted that joke could possibly be offensive to black people. So why does she feels accountable to make a joke? I must go to foreigners ass lay higher that. As legal morning now it's organ Hillary Clinton NATO bases races. I thought I'd go. None at all on a lot of the light, but I don't think this specific comment was needs to be wasted. I agree with you. I don't think so, even but that don't mean ass, you see she still can become too, but not to say and I get there, but at the same time I think it was more. He wanted to be
out of other! More brief, if you know any like, I know you can't tell them apart, but you wouldn't say it like that uranium like he does in fact be combated, but you gonna like Monkey what I mean she should awarded a low degradation. She d say contrary to popular white belief. I say your black, we put all local. I think I said you know. I know they looked the same to you, it's a! U we had, as that would have really an attack on her. But still you know me I don't have a job, you agree. What do you think? All black people look alike specimens. You look like a cosmic said a word about it. They call black look alike. Who does what you better, not be helping all black people looked like you got. What you said was you gotta make clearness was, as you she d say, contrary to popular belief, all black viewpoint or look alike. Are you now you re equip from the point from the left, No, that was all very well.
When you when you, when you're playing on certain playing field, you can't be so quick from note the laugh or whatever the hell you just say. Everything's? Ok, you can't be comfortable out of things. I think. If you listen to the way he would say she would look there. What about is always they all looked like for you? now cavalry along no is crazy, all the way people are called is it gets Hilary, not a black people, defoiled less that ray and now my guys, the Robins elevate, its democratic, buys in we let these people get to comfortable around us because you're no good in Damn. Well, if that was somebody on the right, you would raise hell. Megan Kelly asked a question last week you wonder: why did he get fired, asking about what I think about it? It s not the only reason you got fired, the really will do you, no matter where we do not actually existed until last week. We do not make a check now they were avenues for quite some time now actually comes about August. I propose her. We did not know
that's your added notice, your existed until last week. I my baby. I've got the Republicans, definitely take together way more than we do consider. That was a Republican. They said that they would have been defended added a death. Listen! I just like seeing hypocrisy. Seeing people contradict themselves is clear: the crowded, biased- and I want to be equal opportunity, he hard distributor. So you can't given to our please really my give Hillary Clinton the biggest here he you stupid. Mother. Are you all right Thank you for that dog you today. I know we got rules on away. Yes, let's talk about. Will Smith and data picky Psmith unread table Talkin at say what they had to? they about all kinds of things like swinging and Scientology swing. You saw the confirmed after listening Rumours are next. This number one is the breakfast locomotive breakfast. A voting everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We ought to breakfast complicated, is almost thought. Well, Psmith.
Building the day? This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club. I well read table talk is really happen right now and people loving these episodes. So if you, Mr Wurtz, met and data, Picket Smith were really talkin about their marriage issues the struggles that they ve gone through as a couple he talks about. Basically, added things that he was doing. He thought he was doing for her, but it was really more for himself. He even discuss. her fortieth birthday Party and how was a low point. He went through all this trouble but married obliged to perform. He gave video with sound bites from her lay grandmother. She had never seen before doing all as things but ah data I wanted was to actually choose with her husband and then the next day he had even more festivities plan and she was like it's my birthday. She told me that the pie,
he was the most ridiculous display of my ego, so, while other that have any like monsieur earlier than ordinary areas may allow their craziness that's why you gotta pay attention to what your partner once maybe they know. What are these huge gentlemen is that our public, and it was only by some time with we will. We think that is men, and then we don't do That is why didn't you do anything for me and if you do something is too much. So how are you do when I get it, but she was You know, and he even acknowledge all that stuff that he did was for. His own ego, he was doing those things to prove what I I guess, what a great personal words would agree has been. He was and if he was paying, tension to her. He would have known that all she, when it was for the two of them to spend some time together, can think about Is it aware doing different things, you're right, but that's what communication is important. It is- and I think all of my head just tell me exactly what you want. I can make it happen right where here's some more of what happened during this interview. They talked about how many?
they ve been through, and that's why they don't use the marriage title we won't even call ourselves marry, you know, is a life partnership on the sense tat. We ve created a foul, days together, be allowed each other in a spiritual sand, atmosphere to me it gives us the freedom to create a different contacts and, worst of all for ourselves and not have to live up to the expected. of what right here consider marriage. There is nothing that could happen. There we won't be together and love each other and is not cause we just sand. It is because we ve cracked each other's head. Intellectual way to say we see other people it is it over relationship authorities are aware they talk about. That's. So here is what I asked clearing up some of these rumours, cars or less clear. Some rumours are possible, but just to have our record just the historical rumours we ve never been scientologists trail,
what we ve never been swingers never been. We never goes where you go understood best, specific livestock. So that's it Sifted, civically, hassling surfing as rabies swings, but they can be Pacific, as has been split it for you ass if a specific exhausted watching trouble include was regarded She made him the words do what I say: specific rights it. Well, you guys Otherwise, how episode in at the end of it, he did say that he was so proud of her with her success with red tape will talk. You said it is a joy that I've always hoped you would have its beautiful. Now overdue Renee is working with Netflix, they gonna be doing a prince documentary. How exciting is that you know how much I love prince he's my favorite, it is ever now they had the focus. Formation of his estate and that's gonna, be interviews. Archival footers photos archive access, it's a multiple! documentary it's gonna cover his entire life. Every day about the time I met Fritz. Yes, we were there,
de Deodar. We may there you remember when he floated away, and I took the picture of them as he was floating away in the picture. My phone went pitch black, yes, you're all remains out, you don't take a picture and I just had a sneak land. That's what happens in his prints if he was a picture of anybody should be, for instance, that didn't work out now your phone with crept in it literally went black. I took a picture of him. I had to pick him up only at a cape on he was floating away and it went black. Everybody saw it, but that's why you got to pay attention. Prince speaks out. You know now let us talk about body. That movie is coming into theatres on Friday, too bad. A rat movie, which is the world's most brutal lyrical. Sport is produced by Eminem and it's a comedy about an then a rat battle, superstar NASH. I mean you're also dying in this movie. Yes, I'm in the movie and I are have. I have a producer credible, consulting producer on the movie as well, but the movie is going to be dope as a challenges. This whole notion of political correctness and how far
What would your words and it showed that your word really do- have consequences that you can say what you want, but they will become which is to your words. I can't wait to ya, see affrighted growing even got a bad movie Durkheim to get my information, see the trailer and all it right now The chasm bodied appear later this week and Joseph kind as well Joe to combat the creative film in Jackie, Long and Kalen. Kalen Mama again. Let me grass Nokia, let me were excited to be happy with tweeting us everything ass, my guy right guy those last may and enough. Not your guy. They understood, be Morgana. Firstly, when I feel like I alone the night I see people indiscreet city hold. I guys Angela Ye Revolt asked to go out to review. We'll see tomorrow, everybody scale unworthy. We look it up. You go good everywhere. They people's choice, mixes up next this cup keep in rural New Hampshire on the side of it highway the hill witness a light in the sky, a craft hovering above a field-
They thought there was the end of their story too, later under Hypnosis David Lee, that there is more to that night. So what had they forgotten? the strange case, a Betty and Barney Hell this season on strange arrivals. A coat action of Iheart radio and grim and mild from Erin Monkey. Listen to change. Arrivals on the hard radio at on Apple pie casts or wherever you get your podcast below this robber listening to my voice, which commands trust and respect. Yes, what my body as is back and that's a win for everyone. If you're a long time, listen to the show, you probably already know the deal each week, I bring you hard hitting journalism and also light entertainment. I contain MA. The dunes vine thereon, burgundy, biogas on the Iheart, radio, app apple pie, guess or where ever you get your pockets.
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