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Singer Case stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his upcoming tour and 20 years in the business.

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Real celebrity real, some joint yesterday morning everybody is DJ. The angel Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guessing the building case. Well guess case walks. India is actually thank you for last night. I give her my eyes. You are right, and you may tell me why I was guys when I would I be last night inaccurate I was at cases before me as an album outlined very well. I form and another thing. Ok I'll see ya. Answers hosting you write a light at the end of the matter with you, you ve got your sick studio. Ok, ok! You know that the EU should I even got a mignon musical sorry said his next Monday is less catalogues enough.
As we said, I mean it s a veil and may I make music could enjoy it not by me- and here I want to stress our right- he's a desert right. You started off in a group that you ve been sallow ever since right. Would you ever considered doing something like you know, trying to do a soup actually was something I was supposed to do like that, but it was gonna be like a t. Teach everything's will eat like rock music. I really, which is never get his neighbor. There were able get off the ground yet, but we were working on R. U Download Iraq a lover lover up. They know that we will know that you are planning to year. Was me Tokyo from drew and we shall figure. Whilst we can find out about it, I wasn't there was no fit. It was like minded, with the year, was always some wrong wooden legs some gotta, be we celebrated by dead back it s, okay, but we it is. It got a mesh or some level
then we could do the nurses later. It was never really most so I was been so was this in this course of time has been five years interpret. Your last album was ignoring that time. Before that now we will talk about five and doing we like we do song here somewhere, so Emmi immigrant, often longest he's got a possibility, may be since you hasn't stay here. Yet amazed every possibility. You think they'll except you that, though they know you of the army guy happily of after such meetings you think they'll except the referee male aren't I mean they may or may not by some that that I enjoy it. Like I mean these? Actually I did it not gonna, be a challenge for me now how much money do you made of touch me? Tease me and happily have aftermath dotted ragged edge progresses wherever a yak Azeri by one year, by the way ahead at the wedding, it says we d be erased played I like it. Just came out with data RO now just gotta get to the point where we have to stop, because my catalogue
knows is enough that you back your job. Is I got out of door diaries, we say and what is thy people wanted heated classics, you, God is like new music may or may not be received. Well, but classics always gonna be classics. Amy was wrong classics, but I still don't know me. Imagine: does the fetus mentality that Ghak ourselves like given up yeah? I can see why you say that like em, like my new music, doesn't And as a joint didn't, have you don't enjoyed Doin it any more than I could see by the way he said? Oh, my dear my catalogues enough, Can I get them like while peasants does I think it right that it goes to the roof of the way they did no more solar wound. His mother Stevie
this catalogue is enough, but he put out a new amicable years ago, Andrew cause. That's it s really likes it. Did you look ass? You live Andy most people Pappy could do. I envy music and be successful at if they dont level or even reduce thriller were pretty right, even those forever. Like I mean he's catalogue, I would say his catalogues enough near, but even in a game for twenty years, almost right, you analyze, teens and when you first came out, and so now, especially with social media and others, when I got there was allotted drama back in a day by a lot of fun and you had a lot of fun. And I had whereby was windy as cameras everywhere. You look afforded next shot, you actually such self and immigrant IRA data. That was how do you do what's if there was a fire
I am be roused drop and I was moving the gun and had a hair trigger, went off. Who win in radio came up the bet you? I saw Mackey by letting look, there's blood thousand when not as bless they love. You know, look about. There was your mood you holding to go like this. I would you I'm like there's enough picked it up. There are sitting on a bed. I picked it up of the thing and went off back we're moving to just put it up. The output in the closet oak, dynamically studies that the kids, whereas anywhere they will come in writing make sure they didn't. You know you say you were being safe still behind a kind of out of me and I would just say loud and clear: no to the best intentions say about that. Had the best intentions, though, who God bless my girl, editor Moser they'll go. Yes, you, the people, not strategies of them. Our one person not imitated created by everybody, thought my girl shot me like
Like my colleague, I am at airports like by DNA buys lamentably down like then they never gap. Has that while I am only going to make over and over again we may say you could still thing. Is that wouldn't be here when I came to a guy? and I went. Could I in no way hit me and lived in a mirror in trying to think of them? I mean just my paycheck, although you mean, Mediately, haven't you got such I mean what I mean when I, when I first got up and went to see where it hit me, and then when I saw him, I call hell. No, I tried to sing like not like full out like a song about. I just want to see. Could I talk or sing and then I was like cool I'm gonna, get the values. We mad finish that off your handwriting the bomb Bay did. I do ask you to do a lot, but I need to do something we right. So I wonder if it wasn't like nowhere near be fatal to it could have
but it is an area where Europe is like a couple of millimetres, and yet it could have been used for cleaner men have already thing about you or me: you have to get a naval rather chicks, only allegedly legit That's, what I'm saying I'm glad social media was around. All I had to worry about was Wendy and me and Wendy was cool. She can call me and be like look. I got to stack up stuff about Ex bags, or I could use you look at the facts. This issue should give to our freedom she'd, like I'm just telling amalgam blow you look at the way. You talk. Ok, why we see, like you so much not to do that as likeable it s magic, Ah, no Heavens, no not like that. What they do. You know what I've got. I would now where I I was it like the gray, Wendy's husband and when he proposed as saying he was again just sing and I'm a proposed to so. Maybe that was why I don't even rather a grim Britain
of their modem Oberon one hesitated. So maybe I was it okay, it s recent. Whereas may I call you thanks, and am she can't let you do with that. I was with them like Betsy, like I'm just gonna. Let you know that you need to move a little different. An everyday was straits nature. Yet if people with annual data Bs Anna, you deny that by she was in the video, happily ever any by individual easy, you have noticed that anybody only by you to a software, I never noticed any time at any time a girl in a video, oh yeah, they gotta get lucky. I guess you supposed to have that cat tap a chemistry, though that's the point of doing a video relay year, but they just go all the way. Would it Did you pick her for it because they wanted on? There was, I differ, video six. There was out of the term and I was like there was into much stuff. I want my new sounds like that's. Why we are here at I d? No, no, no, no, no videos, Alberto Cocoa and I've.
In his office. Unlike right, there is a year. You did you did you know, did you couldn't get look at? Our authorities can be used super if not I knew she loved you that be in a video I knew there came allows death like this is happening here. Is that you show? Yes, I'm sure there is resistance. Yeah, he wanted yet unwanted like what he wanted you to everyone, the new law on a man I want to be bad one other person at dinner was yet, and people will say it like foolishness, unlike Nobby, you can lose either way would be alone. Bianca data, but at that time I think me alone was in something else and that's what I'm gonna do. Ok, when a fresh lawyers with a smile, is very odd thing, and I might be that guy, like you, do some different foxy brandy said she did their future for free. You have been an error. Touch me tv set out.
We have managed it within a week distorting because democracy is being another now that never her, but I would like the chatter. Ugly denied our sea, at which point, as you did, to freedom of religion, then, as now? Ok category Yes, it was young to others. It doesn't with young two years under a new look at them. Way to consent to video like there was witness, is able to ratify the video yeah. What about marriage implies? What about the outdated? I was Actually this is you got that was you guys dated and they sent. You said she was abusive towards you given that as they should not now has now it s. Not. I wasn't what I say no to the budget you have visited, isn't that we would take good care of you with this. Do right when he was, I going to ask you These rumours so using different studies and what about the Roma Reggie
the Buddha Mary alike. I never beat up no girls like if anything so scars from abroad. Stuffy hit me that's what I said in AIDS, a thing, it turned into the case that he was a bit earlier and we have got a plan. Very likely, but that's not how to set it down goes like in case. You said he was buried it no one was in passing. Unlike what what did you do it? whoever was there I've gotta whenever there, where I live, you for it out: weeds heating oil seed in trust me how year no Jean focus should be managed for what would it will make a woman when it throws something at you, you re historical happily have, after all been adopted. It will suddenly there last night the video calls me so much headaches candidate. Will you should? more romantic. You suppose you want to marry me everything. I say that I believe ass ever
what kind of over tat so now, even I did I did do down. What is my birthday? Did the flowers never did again? Flowers anymore, you units of the girl flowers wants now did the flowers like a heavily on you as regards Bulgaria, While we again was that night just too much gesture. That is a lot without car, because a lot of pressure that you have you got your thing. These sexy saw job at a live up to that meant. Well, you got two, but they try. They make you day. They did put. The pressure was too, but was the most over the Valentine's day for young. We will you felt, like boy am really case out. Isn't this used to be my thing? he's, be like be like you sure you don't write, reason yet leg up my girls and allay so at a friends have a well certain time, so she actually, she was watching me on one hundred and pop go. You know take the day before and then I walked in and walked up behind so she's dead kindest after those girls do you ve got it would live this year.
Yeah, but she had no idea. I was coming to LA so then I came walked up behind her. So I was like well I'm about to go to hotel. Then we got to the hotel had like some champagne is like a diamond bracelet in the bathroom. It was a diamond necklace under the pillow. Yeah? That was very happy. I was a hell of a night. Was why we? U merited knock as aid by those who, sadly, really? Well, you can't Mary was not. As now now we broke other reasons, but that the help that didn't help mammas looking at crazy. I've assimilated, Yanhamu, never says I paint a picture is missing. You not offended. You write all of them Joel Missy, you afraid of pitches, timid, Barbara Notch affront, but you will find that it is as yet and I wrote I wrote almost Allison recorded. Can you make a lot of money when you read your regulator? Yeah I mean you, can you can you can make it our shows? Is that like there, but most of them
it had a my arms. Are written Karun, I'm cool written while I was that all about we'll go recovery and able to sleep, you and abused man, we talk Let me talk to give us. Our work to Georgia been remains of what are the old Nada meal Jodo just got back together on or net on that tabled thing about what like Sumter, but we ve been like best friends like twenty five years, the all arms we did together. So I remember reading in two thousand and eleven you were working on this album you quite some time now to get it.
Smoking is modest. No smoke is that it is a fact that whatever is a real right. You know nobody. That is all right. Then it is Myra Absolute. There will be broad debate, but yes away, so it took a long time. The kind of get this done, how many things to do and what was the delay? It wasn't really delay. Actually, there was a different producer there we're there was he D. Like was seven songs, so we wasted a whole bunch of term. They turn out to be a lady. So let s yeah. He was a lady Oriana best operational reviewer. None Emma's world leaders have female innovation year. Yoga gaze bitch, that's what would you say it? I prefer lady, ok, so many people know we're. Oh just a guy who Georgiana Lady nothing. If your lady tat man is a lady neighbour
we that we know none he sent here. Do you d, like seven, eight songs, an album and then once their fellows, right well start over the wisdom with the web and heat in the paperwork. Wasn't right or he would. He was making is not even a good is not even a good. He tried to leverage the songs to get a different situation had nothing to do with me resolved you Jabez each other strong army com, a bluff in our plate. I gave em like your game, the finger later, the reality Iraqis tonnes really there was the figure who was will be there was one of us is there was one by here. So we went to the role of ass, not the relevant anymore. So that me tell but the good at google- and I never hear the Lord's came down, and then they have is to produce wellnigh where it was.
It is a well. We did about maybe thirty songs somewhere, that what are you listen to now? I would think Alice well run on listening to kindle But other net Alison LSD, sunlight dead. There comes out, listen to music. I was no motel, a Mamma gazed, even wonder. Michael Jackson Dave roughen temptations. Unless there is, as I met at the OJ arm, be cats. Respect was going on in army, Roma are respected to an extent, but I think that it needs to be balanced like we can always be in the club Every song can't be about China. Take these to strip without the club. Gotta me we are that's fine, but most of my life, happens outside the clock, good enough, diggs other things that we are we to sing about it. We ve talked about in the dust ass. Molly thing is that they intended to be some balance like it can't be that all the time. What do you do? You think it as you think dead, Ladys aren't the same anymore. Not things
reflecting that there could be a little bit of it, but what I really think that we hip hop in army got together and that somewhere along the lines that aren't be losses, identity and became more hip hop in our bee in every year, yet maintain this idea, and but aren't we didn't economy merged into it and now some mutant offspring now algae article about my marriage is don't work today, anyway, they used to and a lot of what they said. An article by the latter has to do with social media would distract aid. We got a bag were not embed alone when bear with our farm paying attention to other things. You're looking at other people that have like bodies that we don't have in you know, all volumes is parliament's view that, to those Idea, that's why a lot of people can't maintain marriages and had a conversation about that last night yet, and it is sad to cuz a lot of stuff that you sent. Social media is fake. It's like when you get them. People used to get like the Nissan
like a Ferrari kid on rising. If you're gonna they get on here it doesn't it They bodies, Newsdealer Nissan, but you got. The kid you on is the grand by thy we sung mother, yes, it is, is gonna say, but I want to go back to your problem Bethink. When news is that a council decision you would make when you would do record, would have our borders like Ptolemy maintain my army is a magical thing about. You know. Tonight, though, you know my things that I always try to make music from honest place, so TAT was never buy, confirms it now coming over, That would never crossed my mind. A thing about that honestly. Brasswork, that's why I never did I've had songs where people's I'd say right.
Songs was like some crazy tomfoolery and, unlike young at sea and like I did not do it or like those, we were all for you here. Yoga might go. Did you like now beyond that saying there was the greatest thing that you just do off the table and give them the studio is tons of em the craziest. If our no is a ton of em, but it's like drip drip, drip, drip very drop at work. We were net, is your laundry everybody drop is gonna, get judge guy. I love you, but I like it. When I'm from within its like king, am I hadn't? You walk around cribbage as it dropped drink every year. When I was a lot, it sounds you get like some nuts
in only one calling nonsense, but if it is just not me, thought are reduced of business. Not me I'd people could tell you vacant agricultural budget. Witness to what were you know to pain and struggle had so rightly like quit. Did you? Wouldn't you didn't just to pursue music was quick anyway, I did you get his fellowship. None of that Baptist mean you mommy, like Malta Infra. Yes, he might thing was there was like as long as you in this house. Will you know you you're not gonna, be doing it because it s Worley, though I think when I'm out, because I wasn't with wider celebrate Christmas- could hear them, for now, but a term touch me tease me came out, none of them went no more than they look at me. Christmas, sound birthdays, Brayley S when you turn back to a narrow nobody here. My word
everybody when America is nearly always want to leave this causes it was too much like is, is personally to me like a cop. That's my personal like anything any organization and alienation from the world or even from your family? Is there some might not right about that to me anyway moment at his word now but he was thinking it every time. People come of it. We ve got some ideas or witness. You always send me a watch tower awake ass. He heard misconstrued. What do religion? but I say none of them its aid. A new day. No did you know, could use to grow. Fuel serves no absolutely maybe posted up at the airport now really never seen. Two recently right when you come in and positive right, where you come in it, then we will not go my dolls out in the morning that have committed You may not know any more able, announcer Estralla Wag, where there was a kingdom law right on my corner, where these are come I'll, be they come. I come here everything a week
every week, maybe way as it is. No wonder you get it. Who does see you in a moving now? I never had never heard of about other amby artists hating on you too much did you ever have any of those issues that member we had. Actually Charlemagne and Emmi escape at a fight between. Jack Jack it as in its terrors? Before that there will be a talked about in Andalusia, none really had anonymously their problem. Nobody talks about, you might have been Irish somebody say some dinner. When the programme about could that unity hasn't sailors. Stuff was assured you Ebby little as yummy. Now, but I beg you to be, I gotta be little stuff like door shows doubling I'm not going on before then added jargon, not knowing that you talking to some of our somebody high school with it there he caused me like you, you may was target Michael, was problem. Now
several. What's up, or even you walk or see you re enter your walk past, May I go to him like hell. You may got a problem with me. He let you just walk away from it, but but I never got to imitate the item or face anyway. You plan on going Einstein anticipate this album yoga. Brutal working on this phenomenon by yourself is gonna, be here now and the promise of it's gonna be a thing. No thank you would be a big day. Is like a secret right now to the press, covers press coverage in the press coverage this'll be crazy. I did get a chance to case performed this recently. So, as a great shout is getting ETA. Has Anna new songs downgrades faction? Thank you. Now you just about timeliness, and then you are shook up for that. I guess you're you're there was on it. I was interested last night. We had some technical issues here. You can't stop in
in Vienna, youngest ideas song overcomes Weena. Doing like though it was it was it was rough deal. Am I guess we how you can start as meeting color starter gimme. Your nature far turned to start to meeting our the distorted, reduce view. That is the biggest on. Long as big a New York, a euro mess that you got that inexorable. What was the matter with me? Ok, listen up, you'll, be naw, that's the problem. The problem is: how much does the music reflect your actual life Roma? But you know music, not a whole lot right this moment, but I mean it's things it I've been through. And things that I'm sure we'll go through again, but for the most part, I'm I'm conical of so right now so protest. Awesome drama was ten. Some drama, our right
an area that is all you need is coming to light. You is breathing noble rail. My brother's dead, get abuse, never represent. That worries me Mary made a lot of money on her view that Why can't you and I could beat our coverage- is a picture of a scar gas that their gaze that you have had to escape Jays. What is it that money It is good that you too, for I was made, and now all we actually not imitative. Forty point is that I was named that way he got it from. I don't know, but I had my God Father's name was case. He had a son named case and his son got killed when he was sixteen and they asked my mom. Could they name their first time? And I hated my name grown up cause from the time I was too. I got teased by my cousins did in school, your bag. He's crazy did. I was sick on my girl. Put a point where Mamma said we want as you like memory, you want to change the name, the Craig,
Oh, my God budgets are busy glad now my gear cool. Now, if one is in any case, the agreement now, almost name young bless you can go to their great, we know was makin that internet ta, you live for you you won't be around. I was out right now on the payment. Amadou Heavens, the Heavens door, and we appreciate join us. They are very much. Is the breakfast club, the money.
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