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Friday 6/29- Today on the show we had rapper Casanova stop by where he spoke about squashing the beef between him and Tekashi69, his new EP "Commissary" and more. Also we had top funniest comedian Russell Peters stop by so you know all the jokes on any topic. But don't let any of that distract you from the fact that it is officially Charlamagne tha God birthday today, and from now on will like to be called C-40. 

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If you need business communications use varnish, they ve got you I'd communications context, centres and communications AP eyes that will make your life complete communication wise, but that's it vantage, waited all those there a graded, making extremely entertaining it informative park ass. They make you feel smarter, more inspired, but you know what that's ok, they all need to be best it absolutely everything their fine would just being the absolute best at business. Communications bondage now we're talkin a class twenty twenty
We know things have been super. Weird lately were robbed of a graduation ceremony, so we found some people to write. You coincidence, beaches are legit, he's a very good she's into over twenty of your favorites from DJ college coach. Abbe warm off to halls ain't there all here to give me the wisdom that we could always right. Now, this entire radios, Newport, has commencement creatures drop, make a team from my heart, ready lack ends and they may seventy us all. I heard radio station in partnership with the twenty twenty census claim your future start here. The thread is new hit pod gas from Ozzy media that export history, surprising connections in order to discover one thing leads to another like how movie mobiles and early Hollywood helped spark the me to movement today.
Get it on. I hurt radio wherever useless age, even do so either. So most page this morning is usually pay and everybody phasing in spending to go with me to the Roma rubbing the wrong way ravaged by we in the committee we solemnly there. We are the breakfast club, scorpion is out right now and we will be plain facts. Office every hour was to keep alive right here. This one's called for cod fishery J C. Is the breakfast club,
the pounding down you're gonna get it all began, Mayo you wanna breakfast blessing, but at the same time allowing their rapid philosophy. We realise that the bank will revolve material, that we get more commercial banks would actually like to show you some clean. I am very happy that more people have died in the water will now. Nobody did no more cable, general or mobility find in it, but I do see more people watch you. Ok, you don't you ever lied, replacements mining. Locating, I would say you you haven't been able to. Let us know that you pay attention area by every now that we need to know somebody an audience we cannot allow. This measure was I'll. Get her features are young
were, there must be a matter of were never manner and I hope to have one single wagon name. Them all given how serious it is worse. Yours, you're, not gonna, have migrated hello. This is what the man is a laugh, why Kamer Postal General features yard alone, because I like people, they have like shoe polish
be overshadowed by almost bare Newsday corral. Hoffa people know that we have found a real superstars become out plays, had been my dream, become all refer to get an interview and no doubt in my mind, tat. I M a b there, one day to sit down in front of you guys talk about what I got goin off and if you ever give you believe you guys illegal outta. My video is tat. They re ass into line and millions of people are missing. Oh God, what you're married daughter, hurry up another turn it back on a more critical you. If you could you please call me, are you looking for video you to water or my pay? All Galbraith give you like you what're you going around the world will be removed from Brown for Whitey. All gas no break right round no more languages. There did not offer more with sugar registration scheme a shy about. It has been the first ball hello. This area was re, Mama
major give your teacher. Well, let me try but I would like you would have done it without now. but I will be used in our traffic, is not about two days ago. I don't know about three and a half. The new land upon row had the way for a soldier. You do you think that meet eyes. They could be a twenty four hour discount higher shop. Higher I'll get it. I pay sixty dollars for it the next day. You know the exact same thing happened to me: the road again. Higher understand, died, tat, we're gonna, go back to two thousand and four things you thought was is used in our industry due to illness. From so doing absolutely I had this why you embodies call, but I had a Jaguar literally every three four months. I had eaten same tire, replaced it wouldn't thought flat: oligarchy,
Asylum, a yellow, humble, whereas we have to know about the air right, we're gonna beat. I took their go right back to the lab and when you go chiefly waterfall needs restricted, originally used to allow this peak hours a day we'll get it off? We just had a habit of purple and have a history of Aristotle, I'm calling you they put out of bed room corny pick up the phone call me with every really cool exactly. I woke up this morning for hypothetical founded by applying the comic love is forever you sure you not be visited by those. Sometimes people see free proposal. I am naughty talk about me, but it is really very limited. Yeah. It was that might be about you all the best. I will do subliminal. You'd think are about you say a lot about. You asked to get it off your says. Eight hundred
Five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if your a bitch need event hit us up right now. If the breakfast club come on, go away wake up or black. We want to hear from you. Allow there were twelve days what's that broke. The ravages of red tape today walked right and we might year, Jan Mulder. Ok, we weren't argumentatively Nablus ass, we say
Mauritania, belated, why our board of my birth and able to Youtube video? He do with lengthy midday. I made my way has inspired, not incorporated, allow this area was burned. My mind from beach. Regular features brought burglar dollar with Bobby without bearing went out on this point to say. First of all, you know I got the right, I'm married an analogy, though I know you you have all over, but you know who I am. I always bore, but it s all about rare grandly tell me exactly what happened Do a thing like you are working well say: if you say everybody wanted, they can have the need to integrate them. You know what I'm not entirely with degrees. They want you to go and see him ever seen. Would you would you back because you know it
one day, I will wait by greed. Honourable is girls. Are you gonna marry you you're you're? We're was a girl and for growing year, unless you're Instagram at eight Emma Katy tell you all for your journalist agreement would be out. There was a girl. I m here. I wasn't rage at eight, a m. I t all of you are. You are W h, my glowering Michael bottle, and you know it as your girl. I feel about you. Do man you got the man. I will see the launch of new evidence, you you're the guy, that's what he's into cabbie, not only I try the haggard out happy new year. My baby Norma,
I know, I'm a guard money. You can't do anything about. It- is about a girl like the old without Mary found by what the high, but that it was Would you, if you're worried about what somebody out things about you? Even if I had my way the glad, as you rightly pointed out, we think we are in fact is not there, but you always knives immediately cobble diminutive. What are you make freedom of life there myself and diminishes you? Why do you want me to give about five minutes or you? What do you think you think you are making a tiny bit sociopaths yea either go looking guy made you a wifi. Both beautiful tell congratulate. I know what you get out of that active would diminish, and you know what I can do no good night out a day. We must not allow this
I love you will take the phone audio thorough dynamic. Now, would you agree with me bought of bottom baby? Our joint led a butterfly from basic issue, Butterfly Yeoman call of normal now my ball and not be working to that end. let me tell you I'm blocked about work of a job. I am there. I draw my phone.
Now the main and allow some rare baby right way. Eight billion. For me, I'm walking around with spoke low law. What we ve happened. You allow me this. What we re orphanage now lay out all right, all right I'll get it. We will have a black day very good, but if I was you know for ruminants, you know how to live with you gotta, depriving five what'll. I will give you a chance to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Everybody is T J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now you know everyone. The third is that we do ask in sums arms. You know people call people DM and people a male and he got a very interesting a male. Yes, she wants to know what degree does a man with poor texting grammar turn? You are assuming
he also by him, is great. How much would it matter my grammar isn't exactly perfect, but damn this guy I've recently started talking to seem supercool by his texting, is a huge turn off He says here when he means here there when it should be there and never bothered to use any kind of punctuation. How important is the the proper grammar when texting, lousy. Thank God that a merry because my grandma, grandma grandma genocide. Roundel Michael, I don't use punctuation values wrong here there you know I'm we do not million one thing that I just texting keep em all. Is amazing, because muffled supposed to be smart enabled to be smarter than us, but they're, not They still let all these bad grammar is the fly unarmed, no good at it. I'm no good grammar, I'm no good punctuation and all kinds of thermal, neither about away shouldn't really matter to them ass. It may write a book all my fault, you know what I'm trying to say or are we just then that's why I like reality, should have long text messages, thereby need to get away from the long text thread may pick up the phone
in Cardiff person, you really want to talk to. I do, and I d like to make an effort to at least do things properly, like I know, is not always gonna be correct. Sometimes I sent out things a little mistaken it, but I think its consistent. All kinds of mistakes. If you work for me and you send out a text message and there's all kinds of areas. Data by bother me and if you sent me text messages with all kinds of errors, I will probably have to say something like hey. Why do you text like that? Sometimes we both purposely spelling, Long like direct dis. Instead, it is, or you know, is weird. I don't understand why we do that we grown Nora, so I do feel like it's important to Chad and still there, and especially when you try to make an impression early on now actually spoke John Legend on Lip service, which is out right now about this and here's what he had to say these are perceived to me. I will be able to do it with with some. I will die, Does crises are really good taxi, as people from are tweeting sees you that clever and everything and she's, not always strict with grammar
he's intentional. With regret. I like around you know, the rule is that he has our own rules and she she does it for affect more than because she doesn't know the grammar, and so that's part of half Almah. What there was as our banter on tax was really good, and if someone was texted me like and and that their spelling was all over the place and a grandma's all over the place, I'm like nah couldn't do it to the phone lines. Hello, who's, this and anyone who now how important grandma when it comes to somebody you do. You know we go that you with a very important factor when you're dead meeting some, I better Purnell, but we make you happy figure trotted. I guess they figure out what they are talking about. Definitely block you hear, fell by my while black somebody there yet, but my beggared wanted what you were times there like. I know how to do this. For my fellow in both reports and your fortune, your honor,
right well being wrong now, because you're, not even that, and do the right where I get your employment law, worried though it did it, I'm pregnant of its impact and learn how to combat and on the king I know I'm like. Oh, I don't know I just in all events as better, I know I came in o w- I do I know easy. It was mostly when you do it a million one thinks is void. People abroad would go now. I could say your Graham is all over the place. Bro you already. You already are ready for my relationship, though you know me, I'm a widely lab that day, like that I've got. What I believe is. Did you don't owe me? No one at the thing like you know you baby activity. That is how do you know what is now considering brother?
that way. When we began our rapporteur, I want our allows is healthy. How are you buy a kills? so I'll get about grandma. When it comes to our relations you, what do you think? I totally agree with libraries demanded that you now it's a no, he I hate wondering what they then have been like. Oh, I will go in there, but ban or then is deterring. Also of our point, if I put meet me here, eighty eight awe and if the jewelry store I wanna buy you, oh god, damn twenty care ring the proposed view. You not go meet me here. Asia can without caring good point it I'll carry. Eighty beg you. Mamma was the moral of the story, is their moral of the story, I say I make the effort Gollum, saying at least try to there's no reason that you should be spelling things wrong, because we have all the correct. We have Google. We have all these tools to make sure that we can do
properly. I envy you have kids, you shouldn't be testing the kids and properly with them, but I told him I learned to just talking Sakhalin Ex post of my being in his tone whenever you gotta do do. I do have one more of alma sarcastic people. Why sometimes you know? I'm sorry, just sarcastically. it can be completely ruined by inability to use correct, grandma and has not been worth and getting nice, witty sarcastic, common, often reclassifying tat. You which some bad grammar so did even land away. You wanted. It lay the breakfast. I do about data Minnesota, Reverend Gloves Charlemagne God annually DJ areas still in God, damned Disneyworld what Mama TAT, the Norway's hair out miss out. Right now: com a very ably BP altogether got that, neither the seven thousand? Why don't you go music and I did it for major old, always said it?
As you know, he leaves you wanted. A people call them as all the EPA not easy I ve been the biggest challenge. Viewed as wide industry may stand, oh, why were they not trouble? I think that the biggest and on I think his heart is harmful to does not police. Like you just gotta make musically is concerned. I think everybody is gale or trolling causes in whatever you want to call it near, and people get really tell you yeah. I got role as lots.
Funny man is like a serious. You know that Europe has a whole situation, you into capacity that cutaway sold, so that I could I saw myself insurance. I saw myself by bad, but all God, God Guy was talk inside of. Why do you even really have an issue which is yet another issue? I just want the uprising against low tech bake just like that old man, but you know how it's all man like really begin to how you said you get to see life is not personal. Is business, is where he's out enough of an help them with business me too late, but I'm proud of my days. Sometimes you know is eagles. You got your people, he got his people, you guys have in confrontation. Things are happening in people.
In question. I would rather you know, you'll, never won a really be in that situation and put people around no lower rubs does should each other when they represent real. You do I'm real, oh god, we now. I would it out- and I would add we now have to you know you know you know I gotta go to when you got an hour. You gotta know about it, and I see this. This is doing about the right. I think a lot of these proposals is really Facon sought a thing more like ninety nine, so the one percent is figuring out. We mad the goal to book latest like that, but I think most rapid or fraud cases or features is fake.
These vague just like evil with which will guide you joy. Everybody was so happy to be overnight, but that the most people with the same people like Canada, boy liquors, ample sarka, believe it. When I'm looking at the people posts in it only trying to trick me, I got a trick in arms. There have you ass. It is, I think, I've found a wife and a black day when you a jedi, calling you dumb as mother alive almost strictly and now look at what it is. As you know, what let me stay out the way we're how does and that have an accommodating to come together. How did I get last? It was crazy man. There's no wasn't plan. I gotta talk to him. He didn't go to talk to me are usually progress. Gonna love! Some was laid down a black women, a car to people. You know over some associates of his, so we get.
the poor girl safety measures. Do you know how you don't care you're going we get out? We talk a little. You go down a blot he's right there at last, the outcome of the car, the traveller, so we came and we chopped it up. You know I'm saying I'm not going to say what was said, but we chopped it up and then right and there are no, I was audible- argue cause, I'm so smart lot, books more, I'm so street small and so TAT s the our plane seconds and I felt like I was like so little kid is, even though I do let alone a Graham. I still entertained the author. I do not say so. I put myself in an unknown is even after I got. I would like it was a a pill to swallow them. I am I heard it was almost go to my ever gonna say you know what that's not grow enough.
What about all those his way through before, like the video poultry, you walk down a blog in it with a shootin la we even talked about that men are the most ill. Are you? Are you told me, let's lohmann, as we do ye level of opportunities sleep, but on it I they d also those room of the issue, the population's at Berkeley, where they went at five in the would you know is like I explained earlier. Do you really can explain not been made. I don't want post loved in because we know we know that affect Agnes view during the business, I was about to be robbing again I couldn't believe it everybody I get again before the Boggley
clay, I couldn't get a book in case you get the reputation of he's beaten with his prayers, rosy and sorghum holiday boiling over my car, a so to me and a good part about it is This was the like, guy was with, and this is all while a mob rule like this. Happily, while I'm old roll out, even though he made it up role thank shot out suitable, there's a girl. I got up I would like to a month ago the appeal: never without new bundle you living alone, lose you didn't get your God discreet. I've got all cats in overcoming a radio, unworkable dangers. One sort of breast implants Charlemagne got annually, DJ levies in Disneyworld or make nobody's gonna build as well. I was happy when I use all your together gum light. I remember Texan you anyway, and leave it alone. Here was, although people I'd,
he made me. I love will release gave me was Tata Tatars. Kid Tatars gave me in TAT Ass, a yoke Another issue. I say you get locked up, you dont, and then I understood it light may pose like again on the jail. Do I've been incarcerated also, maltese have opportunities, and I'm looking like cannot afford loser and is not even about the money is not even Burma, wrapped, where I'm told Emma afford to go to jail and come out. I am told her in arms. There are different the gentleman I gotta go on control of jail, control of false folded, drugs image! I'm not gonna make it out of jail. All these people that already let me know family and all mothers brothers others they all that major girlfriends everybody friends
in answer and I was in jail, sullen drugs. Nonsense up can believe them. I believe they sorry. I would never leave you again how there was a mistake, and I believe oh Mamma Lyra, you look can get my mom's come see me now here- you go see me then You see me now, I'm look alike. Everything gets taken away from me if I go to jail because MIA upper via from our family nap, nobody's now, happily noble Yale me since I came here to get over the fact that when you went to jail, like you said Mothers, tragedies girl, I'm not coming to see you. How do you say? Ok, I'm sure, some time ago, sometimes all about earlier that sometimes we love. I just had a big of my mother about what my daughter's graduation with the other day. So my mom text me and said: dang, that's crazy. I didn't get no invite. So I asked my daughter. I said you didn't you invite grandma
it is about us, Ellison became the mammography face new knowledge, my daughter graduate, but if that you never came to nothing, I had to deal with issues like well. My name is love. In fact, today follows the unanimity me I'll be funds. This is I've been above how ironic consolidation It is a bad if any. She just just recently told me like so work, but the crazy thing is a lot mama. Mother spoil me right in its largest were left alone say so now sometimes should be prime on a fall and not just be heartily. Inquired the years like in a light like I still remember, letters like no mob leaves is concealing. Please pay! You told me he's gonna. Let me you won't be replaced to see me till. I get me as
You somebody else now my go MA ma you. Yet Nor do I get a visit dismissal, some some somebody's informally for answer you sending you nodded sick, look alike day and have more used to go. Did you ask of us? You felt that way cookie man. My mom is just like my mom would get me. Even if you look at my documentary, I did my mom will get me from under a car with the smoking gun. My come into the house, Mama Harding does somebody beat Mama give me the gun My mom is a different type of mother, but now fell God, so Sheikh and mixed billing, You don't say like the Barclays I say about me: please can I come in You and me you in a secular music, hurt me cause. I'm light of dawn,
Whitman diplomas smoking. I was able to Chris Mount who can't come so eighty four, so we shot that's what those two mama, even with the signals which is like me I'll go I'll, go back to jail to defend myself with the protection of myself. But do I go in go back to jail, do uncle looking, but I just make the com or anybody com. You don't say because it really not worth it. People understand jail being go thing. My native understand you don't even a continent that is actually to young is when you go to that date. Ok, what you say a phone call tat. You affiliated you all boy, Joe and that's how they get the title: telescope People is really people that we have learnt a duty of what they did. With their debt was born I didn't have nothing to do with that. They grab and squeeze they grab and gazed at the weather solely to drive the guns
I will go and I just wasn't ready for truthfully. I said I could take it. There are normal. These are not the fight. Was my gun. You now say and look into all stop are posted thought they might have been arrested. Thirty, some tat thing. I got my conviction that they love love like some day again. Do I wanna go to you. If I, two year, but is a situation I can show you got about how it affects had died here. Yes, that's another situation. Even we would be in a father in law along its leader, Adapter Vienna, Father, like Miss in my daughter, like you care, Something you lovely civilians, land, never spurious been. Oh father, my daughter was born, while our jail, so I ain't even Mr Ngo, like like Joe you up, my soul. Even now. Learn in America like I just came up the road,
de. My house, I voted, jumped only just be shocking. Oh you, can you believe you was missing out on this in all their energies for years you know save or my son. I don't need to be able to talk about chastened, my dream to build sunlight and unlike what I feel is like a bug you gotta do better. So it'll all on alone. What do never did to me? If all world, I would
Jazz ennobled coming up the world, will they just want to sort of breakfast club gets the Duomo Data Minnesota Breakfast Club, Charlemagne, gaudy, actually D J B than Disneyworld on May Catherine obeyed and build the internet across. My answer is like the playground. I like that you in parliament we have an accommodation, one all. Why should it be cool? But if it's a crowd around is over to the Dell just this whole. Like I said this all industries fate in just like I said, don't tell me, can I love you casual grew protein will not die. I see them doing that. We examine all you know not to talk about more by putting all these rapidly fate is real family members that da the Aral Sea people going today. Candle light of posting Caroline Lassie RAP was going to these people. Stuff is like yeah, we mourn for them, but they have nothing to do with you. You do not do not if you gotta, do not do that for every person that does that get mission of the cow gonna lose purposes, somebody dies, pull up, pulsate contains effect. You definitely Lagos euros are like the clubman. That's how you got her. That's. How did you get away with decades during aggravating ever found a balance that will set a tragic situation inside that online? You sign up for you. I must say that, for the shot, a maze and for you and for corporate people rushlight- oh my god, I can't believe then I'll talk about the whole doo doo doo there see these bodies drop, hold, weekly or monthly, are losing friends are losing family members allusion, whatever our Boston, a gun is like? Oh, my gosh. This is so long. I was wrong stuff, you wrap about you do what are you talking about here and in you know, everybody saying the real dude, oh yeah, justice justice right again like like, like myself out, was one of those shooting door stuff like that. My mom would say was sick, like at all on the loss of life. Could they could be in jail for rhetoric later? But you can't pick aside, you could say is wrong or prefer everybody not saying go talk to them. Kids on kids, don't mono better, not about a live alone. That's what you tell me your votes on taking up like listen, the kids will listen and because I listen to know adults when it was coming to you now get out of here may washed up local. Listen, it's a! U fail, but at the end of the day, like this whole thing is just fake. Like big peoples, we showed so people, they don't even know. You had the greatest thing and we, like we noted in this green paper, respect Israel. So what I mean by that UK disgorged disrespecting people just because the industry is vague, you can't be wanted old guy. Now am I saying tissues, but nobody that's why you say no names. We know
This is all just trying to say: the corporate people is good to do which are doing. This is sad, but for the people who have been in a street scene is every day to get up and go to somebody else house in a different state for is the grand video ethical like that's what it for it. Could you post in it? If you come in, and peace donated in peace come near an input it put a body on unless somebody catch, you leave fake, fake it in peace like come when he was here that was dope cool afterwards there were like. I don't know the exact do. Almost everything prefer. I know opposed this song. I, but no, I feel rested blow my minor, but I'm not gonna get it hosted in look at it. Look at it look at a crazy thing. Unless be honest. I really will back on these two pages. Just when a lot of people talk about a year, I haven't saw more cities wrappers with blunt pitcher activities before you do your research, yeah yeah, that's voted tweet. I don't do that to me.
They say he was great use a legend. While you can tell me when you deal with people who helped me now asked what a goblin Fit dealing Hove. Anybody give me a compliment. Anyone ready to roast everybody, every individual s posed to be alleging for RO every legend that cause lawful yo. How do you do word up. That really might lead me, like you, don't realize lawyer report them like this morning. I got the oh geez be listening to music. We don't big of the young
The young is pervasive, would have you know them? Even we make legal. I saw me. Gamma show s obedience. Years ago I was, I was turning up. I was turning it make. You feel good it make. You understand you dollar right thing, don't wait till. I value tell me that you could say my life it. What an oh geez, they're saying they love S x x, would await Collyer. Listen, you bugging, stop told them all drink parents start doing. Is that's not how you do it. Let me show you how you do it make you lose it. Nobody did that everybody. I was also about the Bt Award Leisure and he was workin by some are opposed to procedure. We was inappropriate me him to other people are just hit. Put it on my is that nobody was walking. Nobody was told everybody was you did that would Drake moment whose duties while it? So what are you with all his love and an industry in its kill me by understanding? Now I understand it understand these people not gonna, let you went into you somebody a top priority. That's it. If you wasn't, who was people when you could say something you have a platform. You know, I'm saying I am aware that when you now whatever no my back the crab and not care about, that's why that was still being as one about another. Nonetheless say I'll go go to do listening party. I do a lot of stuff. I put a lot of people music in and I looked at her sitting and nobody postmarked music of an economist of downward, that is of a big lama pulling up to your party. None of that is over for that, because you really don't generally care about me anyway. What's commissary me with the kind of Serbia would commissary? Might I told you I always used to call for commerce of everything in jail is overcome, so relate who have got the most commissaries nonsense? You got commissary about we about phone Abbas, almost everything and always want to commissary, like all your money, money for Kosovo who have any money for cancer, so dinner looked at it. I should name or project come so because this is what got me need that that Hulu back me some gas and coal.
and ass. I just came up with the weather for another falling outcome and I wanted to come out. I got what I loved is easy, but the problem at did she called a comb offers. This system is at an amateur about low. She called you might gave the boy now calm offers persistently and I got a big feature in their care say an album on our coming soon ere. I will commissary. I never make ass though it tell him what a fire you want to do is to grant curse and no one is going to work on Twitter and Facebook happy birthday again on his man again really young, we ve gone again Leyla and Willow let me offer my pop up Polar Sea George
we see me said loud would pose a problem as another player went away with a and anguish I've never been goin. I don't know what they got going vanilla twice in the past by the GPA early friends like that these were nowhere. We haven't so good. Some good Miss Smith, who made the following me around the Katy America. Well, I'm find someplace else. Are we know more than you do got meet all right. I got here we go to the Bahamas vacant bombers above a job it only for the bourgeois. In the whole country club albums out his breakfast club.
I was born and I don T mean TAT. Breakfast you today for Friday goes to a young lady names of fear. Alan now look man. It is too much real risk. Profile into my room. Discrimination goin on adding any streets was to be cry. Wolf. Come to racism. Ok, ya, know a cry. Wolf is right. Yes, I, like the one we are informed. People don't know, is to raise a false alarm asked for assistance when you needed to exact our lie in that. Is it Actually was the Faroe Islands now coins into washed impose affair will disrupt Passenger was late to board a Spirit Airlines flight from a land of the laws which is now going to the internet. Reports of terror was late hour flight and when told she was late board. She ran.
The gate agent and got on the flight anyway. Now I'm not the highest great awaited dispensary, but if you do something like that in any port in the world. No matter the airline is not going well for you watch the get that memo know. Is she willing to take responsibility for her own actions, because she said it was spirit, airlines, fault or her tardiness in the first place, because she claimed that Spirit, close the boarding gate twenty minutes earlier than scheduled. First of all, why the hell you find We heard a soldier ass above the flight on bare one time and he can't fly for no reason. The weather was night. Everything was good and he can't fly for no reason and refused to give me my money back when I call on all rapid spirit. But do you go now when this us? close the Boyne Gate early in. She she claimed when Austria hold the boarding gate early. You know she decided the weapon eyes, racism and discrimination in order to prove a point, and she decided to do it all. On a eighteen minute, Facebook Grant, let's go to ABC seven Chicago report, police passengers
and on board a spirit. Airlines plane is going viral on social media passengers to fear. A Allen had apparently missed an earlier flight from Atlanta De Las Vegas Spirit ERA It says. Alan ran down the boarding rap of another Spirit flight to Vegas and took a seat that wasn't ticketed to her when the gate age try to remove from the plane she refused and instead fired off or cell phone and took her story to Facebook lie a Spirit gate agent, tries to get out to stand up and she refuses to one buckler seek them. Alan tells or Facebook live body as the entire episode is. Spirits fall for making her miss her initial Vegas flight said salad wouldn't, but the airline ordered all the other passengers to DE playing Atlanta policed in board the plane to remove Alan Alan is being charged with criminal trespass, simple battery and obstruction of a law enforcement officer. I know basin What we have missing on airlines lately, you wanna gives a fair to benefit. The doubt was the ferrets conga. Ladies and gentlemen. Okay, we are all walkin contradictions single one of us, but the fairy cod This is ridiculous. Less listen to some of
the fear Alan's Facebook grants lie from Spirit Airlines. I'm not gonna, displaying Yarborough you're giving me are you in a way I get up now today, I'm a measure is rewarded began. Did you ever fly? Don't like very God. Security began now that the white men young earlier, when a gate with gold, but when a black maybe try to communicate their guide, the bravery of the data of them. I was given the guys, I'm orthodox, or what do you say what citizens rights you doesn't curse? It can't be here because, because he's off of She let us know that immediately after CASA seems- and I know that you should know This moment, she's a liar very well that we should know she can't be trusted now she was asked by the crew insecurity and get out of our seat an exit, the plane. She said this
an obvious wage and negotiate with Bulgaria. Has clearly data there they care about me, I'm home casually. Ok forward is now she called the crew and security, tears and says you'd. Being terror in our own country, all because she was late hour, flight decided to run path, the gate agent. After being told you couldn't boy, do play one thing, so many of us lag is self awareness. Self awareness is the ability to take an eyes. Look at your life without any attack. Medea being right or wrong good Abed Sophia, none of that because you called the insecurity tears. She also says: being racially discriminated against. Some of you are claiming these two things. What you can do is then proceed. arise and be races toward other passages if they are being the plane because of your bs? Oh, you didn't know that. Having listened to the framework that I got back I'll get about either lady fell. Oh God bless the obliging soggy up. blindly flying is new quality by me.
Maybe you that way. The guy is thereby paddle Muntingville, I'm gonna get you see. I was married, she's, crazy, wow problem, Bosnia president was the boy and flight and gave affair a donkey today in a moment. Thank you for doing my job. Young lady Finally, a names, I could show you love, but I thank you now back to severe come on this as it will be. Recently discriminated against all at a time when can we see relax discrimination on airlines from two Meeker Mallory to Asian Guy got dragged off the plane which use affair a stab aids, though web Israel issues like racism for your own personal agenda and how you Rachel discriminate against yourself, a call yourself. A monkey monkey may the monkey now it was late. The flag, you re,
security agent boarded anyway embroidered anyway, and if age pose nine eleven, when a random agritourism can happen at any moment, you're lucky you shut again this nothing to do a racism discrimination. Is it you and your own poor choices, please let them haven't you who had the boy playing plane because affair give fear Alan, the biggest here yeah, Europe is the word Moldavia, more disorder brethren. of Charlemagne God annually, Deja envious, still Disneyworld. We have a special guessing the building, an innocent out man, guy makes a lot of money. He says I buried it now I was a young man and that it would be awful, but that is a man, and he says that I don't know. I don't like it either it's a problem My breasts, more to me than this body. That hearing makes a lot of money, but I do not, for a start is irrational name a few years ago on the world's highest peak meaningless.
And although I may do research this guy, you know who is always Russell Venus entirely on tv night, and found me mega you money on a row may moment on the road. I am and I clicked up when nobody, that's why how'd you get to the point, though you I ended up when his eyes vague immediately. I know the guy just start. I've been doing a thirty years now there has been a minute. You know but in the time and then the star start. I've been doing arenas now for eleven eleven years I'll. So you know lotta guys get one Irina to have been my six one were to be some humble beginnings. Oh damn humble beginning, remember doing the Bronx Bbq back and ninety six, the bronze
because you have Fordham Road and at my one thirty in the morning and getting boat off stage, you got boot up, oh hell, yeah. I deserved it so happens at least eleven Nellie. Recently, the I'd. Only in her I don't understand what happened. I was watching it now. I dont understand I mean I see how it could happen. And I know LISA. So you know I mean it's, it's question of membership got a ban some send someone just piss you off in your own stage. and to me sometimes and I've I catch myself, but you know it's things where, if you don't care, Besides, you gonna go past the point of being able to come back I'll, give Damocles lamp analogous haggard these eleven. I am used to say the word again. She said you wouldn't stop using its own. Who cares enough, though? You know, as a brown man, I can't Erika Geigy called it to you, guys
I get called it's already interview on cabotage. As you said, you have a phenomenal memory for people who were nice. Do you want to come up absolutely? Have you any of those people reported on every single one of you continued it? I went to this day and its money, because I you'll see like things like low things. Come up in the news about certain people Like I just said hello markedly. I always knew a jerk. I mean you already like everybody. This get in trouble like most of EM there. They were really like ivy ways. We talk about a man who was, it was the people. I met him at a Netflix thing like years ago, like five years ago and the President Netflix, introduce we jungles harvests recipe disease. The first comic do the Netflix straight the Senate special in an hour, it's kind of gave a half look and gave me a fish handshake Your committee and I go yeah
and in one of these and then his wife was like know how these really funny have seen him and then it goes, and that was it and outside is what you would think of your head of agency. You would want to know, would wander about come again after another thing on an over, I rubbed Monrovia, look the wrong way for these people. I don't know what to do. I am like I like he could have been bodies to chubby, like whatever the deal, I'm alone. Anyway. Don't never say you wrote hobby wisely near there's. No, I'm not I'm not I'm not a tree. What about any instances? I never got to me Bill Cosby I think I met him once my fancy became and what happened to them. appropriate Medical caused me. Why do you think was? U will get? No starting position is to treat northern along this. Like the lesson, I think that's who they always were. I think that You find out who you are when you have money is how you try.
People then that's that's, who find out that person very Judy. I say money doesn't change, it is multiplied whatever it is you already here. Oh I take note of all the stuff when I'm out a sale, people talk to the server whatever much fun do them in that could still be a oh a register of in summer, my daily information this morning- and it was this guy cameras neighbour and he used to want to hire new people he would take them to lunch- is something just to see would treat the wages and he would make the wages get the order all on purpose. He would tell a way to get their order wrong. Appropriate ziyadi would react, yes, when I am one of those people? I don't trust nobody in the convention. She makes me the wrong thing. I would like to be really that, as this would be fine I'll alley this I grub without food. It's ok, my parents, from the third world. It's good, though, what have you done to change a narrative? Those wide, like you know, being a guy in a position of power, I see this thing out. I'm really think of myself is gonna position about really it, because I'm I'm still doing everything from myself. I am no I'm not.
What I'm not him with Sandler, I'm not I'm with Chris, I'm not I'm let you could be now. We now know each other, but a nobody goes yo think any funny, because I look at the do that they do Co. Unlike Stan you move. I guess one the guy you can control, I'm, not the guy you can control are not add control, and I mean these dead. They probably don't know what to do it. You think that's what it is. I mean I also university on the first ending exactly there was none before I mean I was soon billions on before me, but in business as a first guy. So it's cool like well now is too old. Now is to out of shape. Whatever the deal is because he's you know, but I was there before these. As the thing is, I can. I watch these cats when they do the interviews and unlike our unless you pay, no no no pain.
I am asking for another, but you could give the ring a little bit in may learn anything. I can't believe you would think into owning comedy like I feel I gotta. Think of that. Forty eight, I mean you know they that's now they look at kids in the lake twenties early thirties, but find it's funny. I am, I know, but the problem is they don't look at it like that? It's like they look at that time They don't want a lot of these kids never came up the road, they never did the road, so they don't even know what it's like stay in like hotel, where you like in autumn asleep in the carcasses nicer in early. They they don't really get it, but I mean asked where the game goes. can't complain because I'm still killing it on my side, but it's one of those EEG Antonov of an ego thing over sister in all these one labour respect from the kids, do you ever reach out to them yourself? Maybe they present, you know, say you know, I think you're really dope. I just wanna The problem is, I don't think, they're dope, die. I don't I mean I'm alive.
There's some I mean there's a but the guys at a really, though, are the guy's. Nobody knows, but that's what I'm saying. There are people who want to reach out to everybody's does offer someone there. Nobody really knows, but I mean those guys that have been doing it longer than these cats at a really good and for whatever reason they don't want to leave their home town or whatever they like tat do lunches. You would be so ill were sensible. Neither encouragement that because I believe they tell him. I tell mother times and other guy in Dallas named poverty, We think that these executives in these buildings, just on industry, now the deaf when I was there, said there's a reason. All these little little guys were any rather well in his friend was name. It is popular because What he's in the street, though you might like, there's nobody in the street. Listening to that, it's all these kids, it You know that they are lying near whatever. It is out of my how people find music anymore, and then you know when you go to a club. They play all that trash and bothers me, because back in the day, when you go to club you gotta club to hear music, you didn't know because you
to find out. What was good and now you gotta club, they hear some then another. I got one here. The song I know, unlike now, is not the way everybody's at break. Workers in the closure is completed the world's different and we got accepted and in Ottawa, sound crusty, old guy, but economic growth, the owner, not crusty, but you know that I get it. I feel it is a waste of time. The world is different to the world, is changing Galway order and we gotta be accepted because it gonna go backwards. I can only go forward. I don't wanna be amongst the youth, though I got feel like let the you ve been a you in here we be where we are, You know I same thing. I say you know em. When one we weren't when armies, it was coming up in what it made fun of us. the older people the same thing. So I can't when I catch me, I do not like you doing the same thing people did to you make make fun of the dance them like we had the worst stances in oak,
Image pageant cabbage savage ever lie, but the beers women have set out a fly play kicks debts, we lose our young young, kidnap liberty. Doing very drew me, however, going to conflicts have been a kitchen in my daughter with these two now to do not exactly like what would it was wrong when he had no idea of each other and my daughter, seven have she's trying to flossy other day and at sea because I think she got the indian Jean of Noah no rhythm. More community Russell Peat coming up on we'll Data Minnesota Breakfast Club. He hasn't one more data. What sort of breakfast Club Charlemagne God here we have one of the top ten I've, big media and in the world in the building- I now recipes. You have the light movie will want. Do you have the money without a whole lot of thing, but it seemed like a what go with it.
Do you not know what the respect to go with it respect, or can we not you guys, get alot of people who come in for some respect on? Then I asked yes. Yes, you got our thinking about the money. For me I mean no money is great. I mean those farmers and I get it to us that the monies great the good thing I mean that with by me, as I like to makes. I don't want to be alone at the top of the mountain sides, make whoever's around me. You come with me or who admired I'll, make sure you're. Ok in know, I'm with every old school rap. I was an average grub listening to, but if anything, because Netflix actually did you as their is committing a did me as their first and then they Everybody else better in pay by the paint everybody else labour again- and I was like oh it's gone- is that that's how we're doing this? I was shocked that you did because of You make so much money on the road somebody's arenas. Why give Netflix an hour I mean?
now, it was a I like to be the first to do things. I was the first guy to start the strict standard special straighten Netflix, the only problem with Addison. When you're the first in almost forgot, airmen and elsewhere did you make more money got offered yeah, but I mean that's. What is I mean? I mean money got you know have me there. I mean they. I may more. No, definitely not me more than ever more than that, maybe you know goblet as one of the few times more that so in your idea, wound way forward. Is it time to have maybe I'll underground even more than that on the abbot that was nice yeah. I know that that's the thing I was like, ok and then I saw it We're up in their way the twenty million another hour that we're we're. Gonna, there's no great, though what in those then they gave Amy Shimmer fifteen. That pieces she released there and I might go ok. Sorry, Am I gonna call him like somebody ten elegant evidence, excellent lung and allow back.
We are your name humor conference. Now I was able to be special. Even if we're friends, I tell her enemies, was it, but it was a special may. I do about it and I never got all my special or the best ever, but in Ireland when my when my stuff is like a week on Madeira and Assorted, those special based off exactly. Is it what you do I saw your numbers and stand up now Tom. Their ride need balk at that moment. Gods you! It's really is right about that moment. I mean I mean it- fire guy out of your high there? you might have thing is when you you're, not really hot industries like just on unites yea, it doesn't mean you are as good as you think you are here, the same time when they're not on United, as it doesn't mean you're, not as good as you are aware. I rather have the people I'd rather be no yelling on how many people you know arenas everywhere across the world? Not even out the world now to enforce hell, stadium August eighteen, almost L, a fifteen to twelve fifteen.
Probably thought out already now I'm trying to that's why I'm here and you're here where I well, I do what they do don't had, though, like what is it that you want this? I'd like to be a movies lot more movies, I mean in better movies, with with bigger budgets in a domain, is to be able to know big budget found. Visigoths all moves, everyday, Roth, low budget move. Indian detective come on the low budget movie his areas, and so did you see it in a way that these funds, it's a bunch o. You know about me, now come back, we don't know we like you, haven't gotten. Would you deserve out of the game? Forget I know you know what it is when I say it out loud now. I'm talking, I realise how ungrateful and I'll be the first, I'm almost whether call myself on anything. He now I'm ready to call myself out only introduce to you on the Forbes lists of one of the timescale. Paid comedians ally. I here's the thing: ok, so I've been on their forms list I think five times in a row and each time I climbed, last night. In the last time I did was on it fears, as number three and
I was always below people who had tv shows and movies, so you feel like a tv show the movie you can buy nobody, I kind of like industry should be like well, let's give, how much money? How much could this guy be worth? If we put him in movies tv or repair em up with somebody who, like an Alias Lopez, Cube cubes on a lose, I met one of em. Have you met you? like on. I got real level will make you do you do that he sat in front of me at a fight not tempt among seldom maybe twelve thirteen years ago that you actually here in my top five, what he say back. Thank thank you. And then my beg of you and provide a number one. Really we talk to me about. I know, but you know how many crows guy sooner or later put grows guy and that it is a real on away. You said it was a load sarcastic day. You might have
and say like that. I, when I was a part of our rural gradually, like all those operators may get to know about. I can't believe it you ve blown. I do like that when guys come on here and they talk about me, I really liked it like one spin, in bad came in lower and lower. I mean is that that to me that, all. I want growth that you didn't want to. Shop is for him, and I was a kid I did that's when and Laura was going through some stuff back, then in it. We had no money, Emma's wife was on the rocks and I God was I going them is given fix. You up Now. Look at me. I got a role in the Crimea, but it was you know yet it's more like not so I find it gently down what about your mom road there. You know- and I was worried about him. I wasn't on a financial. I was word item on a personal note, because you know you don't do that. MR that person vote for
seem come out at my got on this level, my damn as criminals. See that criminals, I re dude he's such a nice kid. I asked a collar Milton, as you know it now railways, one it'll, be ready if he'd other a forward in a huge in return. Somebody's favours a rustle. No, I don't want anything. I don't want it to me. I want them to do with somebody else. Sylvia, Did we haven't you? You don't know a video, because we were there, but I mean like I want you know like look at. If any, yes, I mean tyranny. Flippin it into other things. Absolute, and these are all people I know I know all these kids. I got. I that's what I like to see, giraffe like flippin it on. You know this all my people that it makes me very happy to see on it. I just want some of the cats to be like and they like I get allow these guys posted there. There were there since it whatever they like. I'm the first common to do this, and I know I was just recognises all energy islands it will. You ever do is Netflix special. For his guide in that regard, I learned to force the two most in I was as
first got it. I'm on the forest. Guided. Do six arena tours in a row, a guy like you but they MAO's Itabod Anko. Could they want to read it to her golden cook? coming known as wiper, I'm almost six six, nobody payments, Is there any? I know no, but you know what it is. I'm an indian guy with a white name and I didn't change it as my slave name is what happened to me. How may happen Your son! Thank you, sir. I have no clue. You want to see The fact that about him will you volumes of men recipe design Instagram at the real, subpoena but you might was I on Twitter. I mean I Angela when I link all my instagram stuff to my twitter do anything they have you follow mannerisms watch my stories. I do more stores and I do posting and obvious. You're, mad love you to come of every couple months, I'm down just gone into given up from him always regulation. By pursuing one a did. You watch it Bob evolution on Netflix,
Now I was watching the series we rhapsody manner as and when she the room one than I did. I bet losing. I hereby Lucian. It's it's on networks for possible when I m e, we wanna Peabody allow again a one and Amy. I want to pay Buckley, so you have a Emmy, an appeal by it, but that's for producing executive produce, Hiphop evolution. Why and we went deep, but we got cocoa Iraq on their Wigan Hark. Everyone hurt, don't give interviews but are to a man. So I called her do what other world you have. We don't know about an awesome, some canadian ones in a manner Kid you matter Russell we matter brown lives matter is Russell pleaded, ladies gentlemen, to breakfast club, the breakfast club. Here's something good is a new shell from the Seneca women Podcast network, and I hurt radio. It's a great way. To start your day on. The positive side of life were so grateful to Bank of America for supporting here something good and for supporting organisations across the EU.
Tree or on the front lines, addressing medical response capacity, food insecurity, access to learning and providing support to vulnerable populations. I'm Kim israeli listen to hear something good on the eye heart radioactive apple podcast or were every listened to your favorite shows. Hey, I'm morass, gavel: Camper hosts of the trend reporter a new path from Iheart radio. You may know me from tv where I cover any and every thing as Aforetime Emmy warbling journalist in my new podcast, the trend reporter I'm putting my reporting skills to work in the world of beauty and wellness. I'm talking to fashion style is make of artists. Influencers health experts and more to find out everything you I dunno about the trans. You should know listen to the trend reporter on the Iheart radio, Ab Apple podcast or wherever you get your broadcast.
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