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The cast of Chocolate City stops through to chat with The Breakfast Club

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We'll real, celebrity real. Some joint existed. There boring everybody is dj envy into a gloomy Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, the gauchos pursue gas from the movie, chocolate city? What are at their heads in? I would only readiness club as club room with job as it is not a porno knowing no porn. We don't know your child, see your you got this character, Michael right, whose I'd just like everybody? That's all caused hostile and hostile importing mom. Whatever could not mark here to do a lot here to write those into something important job it boards and jobs to be. There should clubs, so you better, as you know, when you, when you have the re physique for something Amber in the movie right, he's the main character. His brothers DNA Davis advocate a fax places MA
Sandy re yet what already re DE raised every very funny in this movie now in all, you need to make some money. You know how it happens and get some extra money, because we have to study all the time about the women yeah right is the women of the law. Without really is alive. Subculture of exotic dances, male dances- we always hear about the women, but it really is a huge subculture for for male dances like the black man my God in his colleague, amassing. That means that, in the more like MAGIC mountain no way like chronic shock, the city, a magic MIKE is like China compares not the yard to bring it on is really to different move. Would you be the males without using a big girls like that's? What are you I think, a pick, a bigger us. How do I know no more referred? I am not going to say what it is. Actually women, to get married review. I want to know of the biggest saw Thyssen Strip needs, are welcome, aboard stage report audiences all goes on. State aid for research
you know? You could not everybody's openness by may lie when we would do in the movie. We went in and went to the club and Emily was for research, but you have everybody in an interesting parties when you're in there the women really control the space right, they go, they have fun and they go home. They not trying to pull women. You know, like our guys, China put like why you work in a moment candidate. I beg of you. I got a feeling of men, they were not now. Let me down my place, I'm goddamn overview survey hours, but a better. My girls, I was hosting, tell you what I think male review. They make it the right. I know script went inside you, I grandmother. Software was let me just like about this now, because the men were stripping,
who is so anyway on a couch. They actually did put her on a chair in the middle of this days. I picked it up and dig those pictures of an effort. Will my friends came, they say, listen when nobody touching me, You know they light. It was all about first time going right. They will I gonna win. Nobody touching me tell them don't do it is don't know how to move an amateur. You ended up happening right. Ok, one of my friends, with a whole bunch of us that we're on state and decided to stay because I'm hosting and thereby set a table to drink a champagne. Next thing you know my friends get drunk two of them going immodest days, lay on the floor. You mix, and I am one of the step. Whereas a band is dick on my friends forehead the actual happens as allowing airlines ride it. Considering like a city like the back ahead being grab and introduced across his they. Let you liked me alive. Ass women rightly like they like beds, how'd, you right the got process of most mail through plug wherever they go, nuts man and it
you think, is in no hurry to lie, say was lying. There is all the things that your man can do at home. That's ways both to be like when you so earnestly dimmers SL. For guys it doesn't hurt for you know why something like this, because you can learn. In a language that is on a woman's forehead, Maybe now I live in the way of any level happen, let them in the air and turn him around one hundred zero blooming. As you go, the quasi known industry, lobby, Knollys Females industry club. Now, what do you do in his nails industry club, you gotta slabs a male. We know. As a Democrat, I deplore these. It ass a girl, MR goes makin ad aware of a guy goes. He wanted a review
There was the smack. Now, none of us know what does it do this girl who do not allowed in the club? I would allow new club in- and I wouldn't like if I was a bit- you know I just wouldn't be working at night, you say, and that would be made off, but its deeper than Jesse, no seeing men because, obviously physically, like we're in the movie as a ladder women they came to see this morning. It was mostly female audience, so is fun for us to ask, as it is like a lot of people had the stigma about going to marry view shows and whether these guys like, but as he has really been entertaining but occasion more behind the scenes. Kind of thy players ball, which was a play, is lilies labour lovely, I know, but you know was interesting, is is if not always peaches and cream. Like you know, brothers giddy in their like, if, if you got a cat like in the movie where, where his character comes in on ladies and honour amateur night,
kind of winds, the crowd, there's a problem with the fine go after him that there is less money now hey money now, yet you know they they they get it in. If, if somebody is awesome, if, if, if, if his cat, like we got a cat in the movie made Jamaica, he asked some problems, he's easement shot icing. Yet none at all, no Jamaica was one of the other dance Aurelia, but but but Thyssen Character actually kind of place. His cactus Jamaica was shot ten times. You know SAM, because another cat was jealousy was making that much money, so sometimes it can be problems in the club so upon here in it. If a guy has a big subpoenas than yours, re Girls- and I naturally want to go to him- you see him. I just came in at far front on new. Ok, so you put aside their native make Gimme the allusion to join. This is big low. Sometimes I mean from from what we hear they have like fantasy enhancements. They do that the women like that I mean you know I can speak for everybody, but but yes is said to be
dynasts if it's a fantasy enhancement now most Emma ones. Now me that what they do is they put the saddle, and it is high time to act. They tied a string around it really tied to cut off their flow, partly of That makes it enlarges knows they might imagine, might move notable, cleanest verloc goes at it Do I don't like you guys, regulation over me anyway, because regulation off you, you know you, you read the Hisself danish list Phoenix unless Motor Johanna Benign. Have you heard of you, you just regulation on the Cotonou circulation? That's how they they hired the whole time because is like the blood stays there happen to me during the film the happen
me, like, I think, has already decided on an old like I don't really know is called the entire world is about. It is called the inside all right. I don't really know anything, so they told me this is what you do. Is you knows my first time do something like that, and it can enlarge it in a certain way, but is it is not for its not comfortable? and ass. We happened to me during the European Year exactly, but a real one like there's a scene in the film where happens is one like, maybe three seconds that we use In the film rider communism get out. Roddy now does not get out a correct. All you're still dancing why so it over? There is good it breakdowns. Regular thing about. It is in all my characters across my my whole career, I'm usually have my shop in some seen, ran up, they mostly athletes. So a lot of stuff is like locker room scenes and, like my bedroom, think myself, so I think is still like for me- is still in the lane.
Of all my acting stuff is not on a character for me. Just another sport though it be, I beg of you to please somebody she is not in line with our losses, went up and for me I grab my hair twisted it up. I locked it up, grew big thick beard, because my characters name is madness, and when I spoke with the direct I told him I said I want to create a character for this. All my character was kind of earthly. Afro centric walked with a you know. Egyptian Kane had you know, elections on so was. It was different from me. Nobody it was what you're regiment made you drink a lot of water with their entire definitely most of the time, but also beans, and I, like you, are my freezes. I think I work out Saki eat what I want, but you got your before you, yes, you're, looking after them. Yes, I mean I work out. I take care of myself. I drink a lot of water, the secret for me, and I tell him
body. This all the time black seed oil, black seed oil, it on a cleansing, the blood cleansers, the skin heels. The properties of the skin from the US level black seed oil that in your food or I'd I'd, take it orally right, drink it and put it on my skin flexi it I never blacks are lacking. Is a secret black seed oil, egyptian black seed oil related ever you gotta go to health, L, Harlow, more helpful stores, deed herbs has it, but but really black seed oil is is magical. They say that black seed oil- was everything except death in it, and it really does see we're gonna actor and forms is right. I don't want to get a very ordinary offered. Some kid I mean I'm a bear me to use a choreographer for Brittany Spade and said
Three boy than sank: mighty good. Every white poppy boy ban, audio yeah yeah. I created the DAS, desperate and sinks by biased what I want to empty music for Brittany Spear. Sixteen angular, Jennifer Lopez, work of Michael Jackson, prints on bless you I was a young from the Brok suggests, had big dreams, man and added I ve seen by his dad's, you loaded me. Yet. There's not a year. You made a lot of money and honest old man, I'm here now, Finally, I would like to do down that right is. It was pre there and it was like. I was up when I guess all food. I thought management so many years as a choreographer. Now such a huge audience. I said I can't leave all this money on the table and I was sitting down one day watching Billy blanks and I just thought no wise ever done this with dance and I started writing the treatment it took me body yet put it together in kind of shop it, and then I did it Berlin after that man, you know, like life, changed my where the London Rewire than address ended, and it is there at all because, like a sea laurie, I give them she still choreographer.
Kory, Kory, Kory, Kory, Kory cry out. Very well for me was: it was about a transition. It was about become an entrepreneur business magna on quite a few businesses. Now it was just about utilizing the money that I had made to work for me and other places. You know, don't work, hard work, smart conduct, so the other builders that the other businesses I have now a kind of like a infrastructure not only for myself but for my kids, going all out of the young black kid from the front. Rendre yes, get into that field is just is, is about dreaming, man is about utilised in own scripture, says, have faith without works is dead, and I believe that you have to be creatively dreaming and then put action behind it and allow yourself to to gain access to a mentor right, get a mentor somebody who already has which you want. So you can have a viewpoint and a perspective of where you want to go and that's what we talk about like during chocolate city. So the same process is, you know, somebody say it. While that was easy for you to do the movie, because your dance at no, that was a character played, it was a new school.
There was a new character. Is a new new want it? Nothing is easy, you know it's it's its application and its creative thought and action follow behind and in belief system and myself. Without this guide about made many seventeen, seventy eight twenty second go check them. Looking, fellow those, it is really a year Is there a movie? I mean it's still a movie it at your girl living here very agitated, as you are definitely laugh. If you go see, is really a funny. We have learned a line in the building yesterday, were they not here they were, there is some guy there in January is actually in the movie as well. Let me tell you, I was pretty goods becomes out, may twenty second AMC, theatres and on demand of you, don't feel I get off your couch and you can watch it or demand the same day Maybe you don't want everybody to see you in the data. Maybe you want to get add. Ons man lying idle Bromley notion. We got, I was in love. They Deborah home right. I'm telling you! If you do a couple, a move that we did in a movie you years. Something may have to give it.
For baby is unlike deck. Is the breath was glad to get the gas job with you?
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