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Cast of Power: Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora Interview and More


Thursday 6/28 - Today on the show we were visited by some of the stars of the show Power,  Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora where they spoke about what we can expect in the new season, if Naturi is spiteful towards Spanish Women, Joseph once having anger problems and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Lakeith Standfield for giving a tired apology after posting an offensive video of him rapping about the LGBT community and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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The class of twenty twenty deserves a proper send off, which is why I hurt radio in Doritos. Brings you commencement of the podcast featuring speeches and dedication from icons we admire most here from John Legends cash and many many more check out commencement of the podcast dropping may fifteenth on the eye heart, radio app or wherever you get podcast with especial Doritos valedictorian episode, where Doritos takes graduation speeches to another level by naming five grads, giving them each fifty thousand dollars intuition and sharing their speeches with the world class
twenty twenty. We know things have been kind of out of the ordinary lately. You're not gonna, get a graduation. Sarah. So I hurt radio found some people to write commencement speeches. Just for you, John Legend, Hillary Clinton into over twenty of your favorite from DJ college coach can have you won back to halt, listened too. I hardly knew hot commencement speeches drop me. Fifty, I harmonious Sunday may. Seventy across all radio stations brought to you by directive taking the class of twenty twenty valedictorian to another. The thread is a new hit podcast from Ozzy media. There explores history, surprising connections in order to discover one thing leads to another like how movie mobiles and early Hollywood helped spark me to movement today, get it on ice.
Radio wherever you listen? This is your wake a whole day job again. The Angela Charlemagne myself on a planet is respect issue, because this is a voices signs in a day the coveted morning so called through more do you want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest good body, USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good Morning, Angela YE she's, not here yet Charlemagne again
please do not play if there is one more day. One more day, war, more data base birthday. One more thing: One day when my data babe, I am I dead, drunk when a goose, Barbara, logical, zombies, birthdays tomorrow, a man's molest them authorities is over I'm officially on crucial Anna Dana role when it may Edison out. In all growth may be raised. It gave at the starting tomorrow, but Dorothy call me C4 glory from now until June, twenty nine through job in both Ebby eighteen. Would you know where twenty eighteen Well, it ain't you got me forty or you may have heard a low, allow more hard now, you're, gray, hair was that parliament plays doing that We have here a keepsake whereby that right leaving their removal
we have a die, my mama bad enough as it is. They now when it comes as a militia grow up. Gray, had positive on the arm. Pay its market up. Any pubic areas will be all kind of crazy on you, and you tell me if you envy obstinacy, Here there and everywhere I go along. He was very explicit. There's the pipeline wow, I know how you get greater embracing age is a blessing. I am happy to be here now right whilst will be happy to be what you do for your birthday tomorrow, we're not the country to mom, I'm gone, managing joy on out of the country to my family, some of em delegation will yesterday what Universal Universal being of ourselves and not universal universal, and it was great it was. It was probably was probably one of the best ventures that I have
the kids and everything we just had an amazing time, though not all arrived, seeing all the shows a matter Harry Potter guy, but if you're into Harry Potter, that is the place for you to your ride, to train a road to train mulatto loved them. We would she loved to ride entering avenue maybe that drink of banana venturing to airport away you, The wonderment I've never seen. Airy patent only knew the Geneva, and I have this bear. Bear a beer butter lack, no it's a beer butter drink which is not like real beer, but his and yet, in the movie that they serve at the park odd out, it was amazing Whereby Avenant Amendment a good time today is actually see world. So I'm enjoy my stay out in Florida, Kissimmee floored, I'm having a great. I never went to see world renowned like to go to see words, do not like it s, just a fish prison now zoos and staff. For the same reason, I got a legacy in autumn whales held captive and being totally new tricks. Remind me of slavery of three welly. Exactly Van only gonna like gonna like see y know, lunacy were nevertheless this lonely,
we must use will be opposed the person of the sea, whales and dolphins and in all those types of sea animal shown in case you very active for he knew very actively. When I go on vacation the difference between me and my friends, they wanna go out. They want to go to pieties, When lay around sleep go to bed early. Will I wanted? but I got five kids em up, argues, think differently and shortly knows it aid. They want to go out there. You don't want to sit at the beach and you sit at the poor, nay, what right through pay, no matter which nobody wants to do when I, how much sleep you me when I'm on vacation exley, with my friends. I already know they're going to get it. Let's go to the club. Let's go here. Let's do this! That's going this excursion, I'm going to be like Love is out of illicit work unless it be invade clubs, eyeing or no bipolar review, whether bendy of friends- and they don't normally do that. You felt like I near to Hogwarts, express
the hardware, hardliners, Hogwarts distress, the other two Harry Potter dreams. Call right will ask it to show crackly at the cast a power joining us, this motor right at all costs. We have military, not an internal security, joining us ache. AIDS Hammy, charming Yoko it with jewels. Were they use, it happens to us. It was just a correspondingly more doggedly warned me: ok, we'll just have to show greater for patients. Are we talking about? Let's talk about justice, Anthony Kennedy, he is its hiring and I'll. Tell you what that means for all of us all right, we'll get into all that when we come back and guess what is based birthday tomorrow is pays birthday it among us, work differently. I never had with our man, not gonna lie. They leave their others about gear. I was a big mouth debate, no led the awaited wording or more database birthday. You got well more creative database, reckless cloak awarded Silesia, get something
If we cannot even awaited until next week now be ok I'll write morning, nobody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news now, judge can We were ties, the software that he has just as Anthony Kennedy had retired from the Supreme Court, so his retirement is effective July thirty first, how does that affect us with them? sit down. A chump will be able to nominate a justice who were with Replace Kennedy and somebody who, Be even more conservative now just Anthony Kennedy? has been very instrumental in certain key things like abortion rights, making sure that we have produced rights available to us. Also affirmative I also met a gay rights merits being gay marriage right. So we have equal rights for people who went to get married, no matter what their sexual orientation is.
And so when somebody knows appointed who will be appointed by Donald Trump, that person will have effects for decades to come. Here's went down a chump had to say we are about to go up. We have to break a great one. We have to pick one. That's gonna be there for forty years. Forty five years now have in Kennedy. Was these swing vote between the four liberal justices in the four more conservative wins, so we will see This could be actually really detrimental to us in the southern part of Europe. It is real justice issued in it as further measures, for this is a second opportunity to nominate you. I just in time beyond what you think you were, thereby when a clue bombs would Donald Trump card. You are the big con began. You was just a matter very young, very, very, very conservative That is your home. You should have said Kim Kardashian gotta be more out of the eighty eight were forty forty one. These young amongst our circle? Ok, if in a guy
he's going to kill him, but I think it can be called you been gone. You will be the new Supreme Court, just as you heard her first run without their work. You do drugs. Has it don't blame it on me like this all right now what we talk about, how we are going to about two cats who have been charged now, George, a copy of that area. Presley ease way. You turn himself in yesterday, and that is for the June twentieth, slaying of tony green. He was tat. The officer was chasing a vehicle which only green behind the will and after he's got that vehicle both on a green in the passenger ran that's when there was a scuffle and presley fired and stir Green repeatedly and killed him, so he has been charged in that death and Georgia. Cap has been tars in there.
Death and the EAST Pittsburgh officer who killed an swine arose, and I'm aunt wine rosy with only seventeen years old, has also been charge. Ass, big because police officers, don't you like a jog? Would criminal homicide he's much like manslaughter? Something like red flag is actually got shod with criminal homicide said the lad, what he was only on a force, I was it. I mean that he had made a gentle that's. Why did you not for long enough to get their blues Yoda protection? Yet a land of any sort is learning Bonnie. Legally, we don't know you were born with the rest of us for years I we got dirt on each had won't even know you doggie you gotta go far right. Well, that's front page news now get her off. He chess eight hundred five, eight five one five one if you're upset
If it is not right now, maybe at a bad night or slow morning, you just need to get a little bit, or maybe you want to spread some positivity Andrews Lobby, five one or five one was a view as when it am exhausted. This morning I ve spent a whole entire day. Sharon's everybody who came out to Jesus for life and guide tested yesterday, because it was national, HIV Testing Day Bam and let you know right now is there until, like eight o clock That's nice, though I am exhausted, but I got set it in a lotta. People came out invaders. Well anybody passages when we want to develop an as anybody else goes asked about it. Are you don't see right there in a moment? What you tell me, but I'm not going to ask them What do you want to be worse than it is nobody there had to be candle now, all right, we'll get it off. Ahs call us up right now. The number again is eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one is the breakfast club good morning
The breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you wanna bread, which allows there's a trap, was going to attract hides, bring into a beauty how're you doing about dollar me with subsidies. I wanna hear I wonder how you do it, you, oh how you do. I think the right now but avert event. The motto What's they gazed celebrate laboured under each night, though? Let them well. Rob a bank media you'll use, you ought to be met. The bottom line, a crack boy. You are too good a burial by but about whether there is really because not all frequently and thought about the jaded eight year old. Who would you buy them?
my way, preferably ape were being gay. Oh yeah, yeah yeah, oh, unfortunately, the town name Anthony about ten years old, and I wanted to bring patiently story the biggest weaken we die out of here. You can t afford to family that you buddy Boy, Ansell services were call, May thirteen time or his family due to abuse reported by your teacher, maybe the better. They put them. I really felt, and unfortunately he was killed by my boyfriend and I think everyone out their mandatory appeared the down without apparent and had to be had any animosity towards Elsie Bp Community. With about your partner thought about the algae, BP, community and really Dubai, you gonna have a child with a broken, because you don't know who you are gonna, like you re, no he's out of gonna love you really to be higher than before their regular.
But thank you so much for commissary. Now it does Amphora excellent obeys. Absolutely hello. This would be the early was sub. Roses saw the man of God was not you, you know I mean I'm. So how are you, sir? I'm good, I'm good get it off inches broke there. Are you know, gotta get off my chest of yourself. I sell stressed the ready. You do well, nothing, nothing argued on a cruise, and you know the axis in low technical in giving me myself passport. Am I thought at first the delegation low vacation wherever, but not an add on all right now, so just gonna pay private! You know, I'm not gonna argue nothing! You, like the afghan dynamic, will now enable not gonna argued ass, great ass for the kids. You know so much about about every funds as we work today.
Given that have allowed pointed out, we are gone way. What will you try to go on your crews on checking to Jamaica while the majority of allowing some already appear. However, the baby miles, I will give it a passport either. You know you go home, you rob and you may go broke my own. I think rather get it off my chest. Eight hundred five- five one off I won't have you need divinities up right now. Is the breakfast club component breakfast, down to get it off each ass, the young man from you wonder: breakfast law allows this aided the leopard about airline however, you will have noted that you might have. I do find it don't headed by the positive Leaveth morning, every flagged up a little bit out my own life, which is going treaty where right now, twenty
living by myself. Now I actually went back to school after about three years off and I graduated I got a job straight out of school, so I'm just happy about how my life is going right now. So, if I can do it, anybody else can do it too. Regulation baby represents a Ford threefold thoroughly waken up this morning. With such a positive, optimistic attitude from knowing you appreciate what you added life you give less or more, you do not arab yeah, you're right. You know a happier birth. Eighty Youtube beg you baby. I appreciate their all. I knew how worldwide thing the day, though, because I always see me if there on the radio everybody I love is likely to give at this hour out, fell down my friends and family, down real page was happening now. Right allows this major learned about revenue. Lotta do yeah, You know I didn't get it off regions minimum problematical about a year. Only back I come in
I've got a whole family to manage our thinking. By Aggravate God, like I told you tat very night, arrived a mere how light. I'm telling you like, you know, play for clean. You, like you got spiders, he got others I believe I do you, you got all family. Are you live element of parents wanted you to know that a catalogue of trees and everything I have our backs, Now you know why you or level we will you just don't know, K and Semi doesn't let you come to it as is definitely something going on there, and these have been holiday, which you will leave you do. Can you climb anytime any picks up the phone yeah? Let me rephrase wish holidays the big ones thing duplicate Christmas, valentines, together with me, my bed there, while you you look at I to live in it,
asking if you live alone would have his parents, they listen! It's ok! If you live in Homer Japan's whoop. Let me me me: there you're right you just a hole in his life. Would I may have another whole girlfriend s, ten of local after man, you figure it out. You haven't you some options, ok, get to the bottom and needs of our. I will take you Mamma. That is made up, set it off your chest, eight hundred five, eight five one or five one, he d- that you gave us a bit any time they even got rooms runaway yes, a mild Emmy has invented that he'll be going into. I'm not sure how I feel about this also rest in peace to Joe Jackson will give you some more information on so Jackson's passing.
And our condolences go out to the family, all right, we'll get into all that when we come back you locked to breakfast locomotive breakfast morning, everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast good morning now. Odds and night. Today is shallow means last day in his thirty's, unless they do should tweet him right now hit em up what is agreement in and tell him what he should do and his eyes in those suggestions. I got dissolve regular recent that you never done before AIDS, something that you ve never been there. I am doing something I know them. Foreigners turn afford you gotta, try like each other minor right now and tell him I'm just what he should not on? Nobody hasn't done. No credit! Ok I'll, get you as well. Let's get in their rooms talking about Lamar, Odom, money,
with Angela Close by Lamar Odom. We told you before that he's venturing into the cannabis business has a brand call the rich soil organics. He says that. Legal remedy, actually assisted him through rehab. Any found certain strange that support wellness, one Now he's gonna be doing a book at ten, our book, a memoir and it's gonna be on showers of February. Are you guys excite? How do you feel about a form of grant aid being in the drug business now, and it makes me feel right near me. I I'll call, you know, feel weird about it, but anything it did. It assist him through rehab. So I don't know you now oh by the way I mean I get it, but I don't get it too low cry. You interested in his book, I would definitely read real Odom. Absolutely. I guess he's going to be also talking about what led to the end of his marriage
now you might as well be great, and I had this whole thing way It has been Eliza overdosing brothel he'll, be revealing everything that went on behind close doors in the hospital and what the world it and get to see in his rehab love goods, Mogi Drugstore, some definite be into the mountain I Braxton family values they ve all walked off the show their thing, everybody, except for wine CAS member showed up that was Tracy. She showed up. They were all scheduled to shew in Atlanta and sell, because only Tracy showed up, everybody got sent home, they said they refusing to return to work until the network and the production company renegotiate their contracts where the second half of season six, this they feel they are words Robin Travel stipends, I so low its laughable and they went their salaries increased as well. I wouldn't go: did you do whatever you want, because a hit for we d, you know it. Tv for some under contract until season nine and right now there is Instead they got Annabel contracts at playing good neutrality.
As on new money before they get to ordered him injuries edit. It ok because sums then you initially make a contract. You don't realize what a hit something's gonna be and then you might want to renegotiate a deal that they find a beam to double nine You say you doesn't I pass the line of the season. Nine. These are not yet air it s eyes. He was six, I mean could have been. Maybe they renewed early. I, like you, know in a third. See there said who knows, but apparently they want some. Why didn T treaty that we all want more money land as you, and I don't want you to try to get a phone call it and get that remain rested a city doesn't sound. You have a group text message in some people, like the tyranny of alerts on MR texts are adapted giant Jimmy I mean they had been ordered to pay twenty. Five million dollar got it. You have a deafening, have it for paid royalties, and that is to Stephen my after ruling that they had paid him for some design work that he did.
Three models of beads headphone, so they argue that at First Lamar only order where royalties on the first model, any through them and eventually the jury agree. That he did do what he was about to do so now, they're paying twenty five million that wasn't when I'm Steve My job on a close watch tv Lamar get your goddamn one and Jimmy Vienna, Doktor Drake, guided the old. I have no delusion polio bed, twenty five million dollars a right. I re Wendy Williams. She says it. Her life has completely changed since she got her graves disease creeping back last year. She sent in a video messy and this has played at the graves disease and Thyroid foundation. They have a fan patients in family conference, an the disease had been being controlled with medication, but a return because he had the wrong dosage. So apparently she said The was fine. I had the radioactive iodine medication taking my pillow day mining, my business them back in the fall around you. Last year? I said, if really weird, I'm thinking, maybe it's a casualty of men. A pause are aware.
Ramping up procedures and nine of the windy show. Who knows what it is, but she said it was an answer she passed out on the show. Their life has completely changed and she said the doktor say it's gonna take at least six months to maybe a year to level off her medication. Which is why she's always wearing flat you can't we heels anymore, she's, always falling tripping. She said the illness sometimes makes her off. Balance bless him and his wife at our let back in the big than those you have got shut out, lay digital. She asked me to actually make her feel they laugh was set on Ireland. Mohammed Lucy managed to get everything under control. Again, I judge action is dead at eighty nine years old, Robert Goebbels Georgics per year in one go see he died at a hospice in Vegas. He was moved there a couple of days ago and he died at three thirty a m on a Wednesday morning. They said that his wife Catherine had been in bedside some of children and great grandchildren were there as well. Even having have problems for quite some time. He got hospitalized a couple.
Years ago we had a high fever, and then he came back Amy Us Addison and three heart attacks back in twenty fifteen and they had always maker and him as well so Joe Jackson region. It was time, Michael Jackson, who damn near where four billion another superstar jack of damn near half billion, and he read the bunch of kids there used to be millionaires. Ok, I may add ten kids, they Stella you're, giving me a flag call him about Father me why you got kids in jail. Neither is it acts in posted as well are ip the hawk Joseph Jackson spending those last few moments with you, where everything being able to say everything I need to tell you before saying goodbye was such a blessing from political body. I read you here who get your son go to prison for selling made. Rather, like me, what your Jackson got all his kid kicked up out here. You critiquing Joe Jackson on his disciplinary ways. I right I'm Angela YE, and that is you. I remember point all right. Thank you miss you know,
Next, we got front page news. What we talking a front page news, you are we going to be talking about? U S, adults, they dont get enough exercise. I tell you what the percentages are local. We'll get into all that when we come back people ACT is to breakfast locomotive morning every. Is the G envy Angela YE shall remain the girl we are. The breakfast club was a front page news. Now we need more exercising yes now only twenty three percent of Eu Us adults get enough exercise that, according to the U S, department of Health and Human services, what they say you should be getting Hammett exercise. You think the average person between the aid- of eighteen and sixty four should get a week. I break in it
by our low weekly visited Jim said at least two hundred and fifty minutes of moderate physical activity or seventy five minutes, a vigorous physical activity each week at least as well as must so strengthening activities at least twice a week, more than anything that the average person they recommended to get at least that amount so You know it be great if you could do more than that, but there's a minimally that at least what you me enough: another matter that do not have the right, and I ask you got out the right died go along with that is well. My aunt atossa varies a lad state by state. They said these state that had the highest percentage of adults and meet the guidelines with thirty two point: five percent Calcutta, I'll Roddy. All you know all the Allah dismal Vanessa tv inevitable make you like China hyperlink
anxious, so you just want to go. Do something to eat or write. A lot of the states with the highest percentages are states that have our cold weather states. So that's places I Colorado New Hampshire Massachusetts. You would think it would be warmer stays, but I guess it is cold weather stays. They do a lot of leisure time, physical activity. Maybe they do things I skiing snowboarding and things like that. So some states it feel to me go where in the south, like Florida, Georgia and Alabama rejoin over to the German You only got one body, I will never understand people who treat material positions in their Lobo Mitre Dale Bud, and even if you know gonna, the Jim is allowed to add to it things, you can do a lot of time, people fairly well anyway, yeah how someone everyday work instead of driving certain places, loosened guidelines that thing that you do wake up to a hundred quid pro quo.
If a most people do, I write Justice Anthony Kennedys, a conservative who was working with the judges, the Supreme Court is retiring in that's gonna, be effective July. Thirty, four, as it is very important to us, because he was a conservative who also provide a key votes that help support same sex, marriage, abortion, access, an affirmative action, so who is Donald Trump going to appoint? Next, that's gonna be the question and that could actually has a major major, major major major impact on us. Here's what damage from had to say we have to come up with them. The great one. We have to pick one. That's gonna be there for forty years. Forty five years, I have reliable sources, have reliable sources judge is gonna, be none other than Conway S. Job and I was bombed for this, psyche resources broth with no matter you don't care about it. Together. They do you, no matter what you thought decided resources
We need a new Supreme Court judge appointed by the Real Donald Trump Bobby said now, by November, around mid term elections sound. Alright, I'm Angela YE, and that is your front page news all right. There you may see. Now, when we come back, we have some of the cash from power joining us. No, you know you to be less as some less of a couple county attach a day. You go tell me tat when we join in this will be come back to work with real names. You I was a very nice and Ngos are secure Lego. Although woods automobile come back as the breakfast locomotor three body is the g envy. Charlamagne, Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we have some of the costs of power in the building Joseph and needs very good morning, moon shining, mandatory, tosses, Lugosi, loyal slumber goes a
No, this is gonna. Work goes to stop. Selling drugs wanted to divorce. Haven't even can we carry out an evaluation, go started, it thankee, Dana EAST. I did you know it's funny. I had a lot of comments. You know what I said. Tat and TAT is tat. An issue like wait. A minute now now, first of her husband goes, has been sleeping Angela for four seasons, but no Tosh is needed, love to and the lawyer filled a space. You know that de, as do the women suffer from achieving man, s room. Yes, we we're yeah as rosy. I meet a man, you Lloyd. I helped out over them.
With the clauses lawyer job that is causing no way. I can trust them, but I really package for us. You know, but this year Terry Silver Play by the amazing Brandon branded Victor Dixon is awesome and I'm excited for people to see how that love affair kind of grow. You know indices intact as these Tommy, not a smuggler. Only once, though, now that's that's before people wrote people, I was gonna get us together, not that bad of a friend like US delegation like you should play by Leyla. I would never do that, so no Tashin Tommy urges Gummy brother and sister back. I really am back as he's based in whatever gotta people at a designer value added. I view the bog who sniffs Coke
It's right, o Brien would have to be done. I that's right. That's right! It's in character, Charlemagne down he's somebody somebody's been watching the chosen to begin padded Raina getting gettin killed. If you care to your mother
you oughta uncle that affect all emotionally for me, was so emotional, because in I'm a mom now and plain playing their part was it was hard to Canada. Remove myself, I mean seeing a little beautiful girl being shot on screen. People call me up, like you can't do that s messed up, and unlike Hague I mean this is the beauty of our show. The writing is unpredictable. Horny camp kills it Carolyn and our entire writing. Staff is amazing, but for me was hard to watch so how it affects my characters Atocha this season she's broke it. This is the first time you won't get to see. The glamour is beautiful, pull together, snatched Tashin Saint Patrick, you will see a broken vulnerable
I think it makes Tommy really introspective. Does he see something like this is a casualty of that kind of life style, and I think that it makes him say- and this is what I've dedicated my life to Missus? How is affected me rather than if it somebody that, on your Well, are you I hate that you signed up for it's hard to say I mean a million times harder when somebody innocent and that somebody that you can that's part of your family is an is killed by something that they certainly don't deserve, but you're, but yet year loyal to this thing. So I think that it really makes you take a look in your inward at yourself. Nets would talk Tommy's doing consistently this even in those Haiti character right now. You think three right now to trade.
Is he gonna get it? Not your son, I mean it's a real careful. Yes, I mean like a rainy, is killing Magrini junior place tree? He is just not listening to me and sometimes he would like. He made a woman he needs. He needs a lot of discipline that I tried to give him. You see, Tosh, o trodden human smack season three and he caught my hand, he's act now. I M praying form old. You don't realize you're, just going to rob, have led to resolve, as I'm saying how adds he wouldn't even eat his good good spanking. My notice, exuberant acquiring a kind of any cause you aren't paying we are now I'm in your lives that he is able to get away with doing all these things. Without you guys they re really knowing was happening. You really glad he's the only one that kind of preach
They just check on the fatal vans like dumb somebody's gonna have to check, and this this season for years he's gonna happen. I think it's tough for my group literary because too rigid so much flag and I've seen Michael right. Act as if they are really talking about him. But he's come at me and, unlike our, although you might have you got united, let's Shiloh, mainly what is a compromise that will come from me and my people, who, at the low dinosaur motor oil movie, though did you shall never had nothing to do with your battery on that is real life, looks like you, insult so can I download com I nevertheless sharply can now. Do you remember that her? Yes? Well, when Charlemagne common impulse, chocolate cases, does interpersonal kisses and now a mammoth data. Braywick. What's gonna dinosaur, that's his face, he can change. I can change when it would work
Just stop. I look like an own goal that smuggling and other contacts of talks on the show its origin and, yes, I said to ashes. See their about you on the radio. I have prosthetic, like Mr Fischler. Ray Auditor has dared to allow our does. Oh did, I would have done well, I've taught us oh yeah. Ok right was the biggest downfall airplane automata. Please under my leg you know my ghost of uneven. Why was it you like? You, want to be trapped in the character of ghosts? So then he downfall the plan, the characters of Tommy untouched life, having mainly that keeping the work at work and not bringing home. Sometimes it's pretty in towns, and you know my wife is just like a leave that don't you know ye get there
you get the eyes of my bed, listen to some times. We forget itself guy. I sometimes feel like the downfall. Is it just with mainly with men? I think this is I did, and I really am tat show like they're, watching season won through three and his allotted sex and their decide. You always good is honest. I when I was little Kim it's it's hard to to remove yourself from what they see on tv people almost idolize that woman and only get to know me like that's not me. I am afraid of being stuck in these characters, though, will you be Tommy in touch of ever I've been acting for so long that I never even think about it. That is always like a one time he's done under the next thing in our lives and out, and am grateful that people are like now, your Tommy for life. That's all it's fantastic and a big shouts of fifth, because fifth said this season when he goes Joe when you, when you, when you're whatever a war people gonna be like you know, you know the one with Tommy play the doktor evaluated guys.
If I give you got in somebody out his money in the end as an employer held their pain and is like is like fifteen shut out of fifty cause, he's silent on the show and yeah. You know he's a great boss where emotionally invested in Yo Yo. Can these characters are growing every year? So you feel, like you know them, because everything, you, like that's my girl or Yelena TV. I don't do it, don't worry. What are you doing that DR on that issue, and a liar I mean you, thank you do. Is you got it he's? I mean he's here, he's these and you're, not sleeping with your husband anymore, so we're not even together, very technically separated. I mean, if you go back, he did go served me. Divorce papers so me. I may have missed sign because Angela got him in jail and you know that situation to emigrate, branded woman, heroic courts.
Of course, because we're in a radio they would have a clear view here to see me about. I was living. Where is he now no negative? Not at all we got more with the cares of power. Will somebody Joseph mandatory in the building people locked the breakfast locomotive e g envy Angel ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club good morning. Everybody Obadiah drinking water. Why? Ok, but only where will this kid's rooms assault moaning?
Did the toy annually on the breakfast club, where Monet secretly recorded a phone conversation that China has been Sidney had with Tyler Perry and rolling out at sea, obtain those secretly recorded conversations and some of what happened in this conversation was moaning said she wanted to talk to Medea. Instead, telepathic has ever since TAT Perry became a billionaire he's, been different check it out. I would urge you to let mainly talker Medea, because we used all talk. Locale occur language rubber, you talk like you, don't get it I did Madea cuz that bitch is real to her gut and she don't give a fo pie come out, but everybody knows she love you, but she going to tell you
we'll see when you step away from Medea. You became Tyler private, big, an area. This is the conversation I haven't. I will guide. What do you want me to do so? You are brothers slapping your car and you leave it to fight for you to get you about the God Damn car. So it's ok to regard people out there who missionary zeal gaiters eagerly record. We would have no money to honor. That's ok! They're river! I right now. In addition to this, I see plays parted. The conversation where Tyler Perry is actually telling Monet key is going to get her money found the movie precious, what they want.
That means that when you don't do that, you take that away from a blade allow women are the only within all the money that was coming in from persons and I'm sure she's. Oh, not dissolve money coming from precious so the moneyed as she's oldies will may showed ass. She get some anonymous ominous it. That means, but are we forgetting the frankness he secretly regarding this foreign conversational? Take what you? What does she tried? It Barbara. What would you do not approve by doin it? I guess he sang to show people a day. You know back up with her claims. Are she was the truth that I guess
The moon. Is you don't know what I'm gonna do it or befalling nobody dared lagoon? Do it or not, and worry about you record my golden NASH? Yes, who has played a chemist, easy metallic Perry talking about his pabulum mony? How does it work out? Will you and overdue? Then all I just tried between What happened to navigate through all that, where my problem entirely good, though this blue nordic gold digging Indian secretly recorded as he's having a phone conversation trying to straighten something out an individual item at issue. I want to join great in things
Would you- and you should have recalled me and put me I'm thing you're trying to help we always back they're, gonna, say the problem. Is we don't know what has happened before it is conversation after with the follow up where, as we know, the part that she wants to know if you'd, like he's trying to help us in our region, where does he like China, the hurdle or try to discredit our at all named as Wagner's northern honourable about it? I write. Well, some have running out. Got that conversation, I'm sure me somehow thinner They got me movies and mighty car everything gradually mornin luxury right now thousands paid respect to x, X, x, centrality on at the memorial service that was in Florida. We told you guys you had the BBC Centre Florida had a
whose memorial and little yet he was their little woozy. Very ski masks, some guy Denzil, carry on them showed up as well as thousands of other people and that just went down yesterday from twelve to six. They said people were not permitted to bring cellphones into the arena. Sammy Sosa recently did an interview and he was with sports. Best rated talking about his house skin bleaching thing: you is allowed things he talks about an about one thing: there released it out. You know people, we always talk about Sammy Sosa skin color. He said look What I am today. This is my life and I won t garbage whom nobody I do whatever I once so. This interview took place in Dubai and no obviously very luxurious hotel any is pointing to the luxury around him saying he doesn't care what the critics think and had to say about him. Now he said, he's been using a bleaching cream that he applies before going to bed and that skin tone, as
it's a cream that it uses to soften his Ghana, but it has obliged him some years bought away that Israel, Skin Legion people, ok, yeah I'll, be likened the Columbia. Sadly, my air, I know they tell you Sammy so saying that there is no way you can call me Samuelson arrayed, look at what services use tells him now. Is that what you use a shudder? If now, he said that I was constantly cod stare right baby while was Sammy sells his son Sammy says a junior was once a major league baseball prospect, but he was bullied as a child, because his father was accused of using performance enhancing drugs is a playwright. Eddie was constantly called the stair right baby while growing up, but he never told his father what he had endured.
And now he said he doesn't speak with his father about what people say on nine about his skin. So I will be with you no matter if you think that people look at you the dam for greater look above all, regardless of whether you care about ok, this gamble, bleating allegations hurt your feelings is then no matter which must be looked like them is also and people was clouded me for that. I deserved she clouds why you're. So many is happy with the way he looks at what he likes it. I don't believe that nowhere keeps, though it in no way he didn't want to why he went away drafted. I think at this point is trying to reverse the the effects of it. Are China even it out something in his still greatly. There's no way you can look is knoweth damsels delivered himself in a mere UK happy. What have you guys do? Look alike and shut up no argument in the least bit immediately, and that is your room, a report.
All right. Thank you. Miss YE shall reminds us that one day do base birthday. One date obeys birthday, one day to raise birthday one day to raise birthday. Now you give it a dark into the keys, therefore remove the coming from can I get you like to have a word with all right, we're getting to that when we come back, keep a lot since the breakfast club good morning. Don't I know you are not responsible for dog. You need to know what the hell did. You get those least become donkey of today. The breakfast club bridging duty, yes dog, you today for thirty June, twenty eighth, the lad there my priorities right away. To the young brother Lucky Stanfield. Now you probably know the key is the odd but perceptive.
Most of the time high earn on ethics is landed, drop one includes bombs were effects in the latter case oh yeah areas, earn his arm. There is doubt about its various right safely. Now you have ever met, look even president. You know you gonna gives off dairies. Fives Oak actually saw him. Couple times last week could do a slight serial killer potential. Ok, Is one of those people? Have you see somewhere, you tell you if you would watch him. Like. If you have a committed, a random agritourism, we would be shocked when not like shock shocked, ok, but We would fain is lucky Stanfield as brilliant of daddy is is probably do something stupid, and I, has come, ladies and gentlemen, looking February the great actor terrible wrapper and when you first rapport- a couple years ago here in a rapid club, I tried to tell him I'll flashed back at that moment, a miser tropical bows cipher sarcoma cited lol, White Miss out buys the egg. Is a? U turn in the Thyssen burning the might she's like a bird The title that make tragedy some burgundy light, because looking right
make a mom I'll break em I'll make law Was a bird thou courthouse dissolve baseball sliding is saved his rape an infinite like mine. Ninety six anonymity balls off you not of re use. Bizarre! I don't charlemagne- is me not me. I this translates key from himself because I knew tat if we keep kept wrapping paper. Something bad would happen We alright now, ladies and get them and see Lakeith Stanfield has a movie coming out nationwide on July 13th in the car. Sorry to bother you, but just a couple weeks before He is said to be released, he's under fire from using homophobic terms. You looking for. The video and ideal the caption offensive freestyle not pretty easily offended he pulled. It is The with the caption offensive Freestyle, not pretty easily offended Let's Haiti's Bassorah bars boy you're, just like France, were sick. Take their children
Back this is only black rags on the side, like a racist guys only like to brag, but I'm straight out the ass and fingers and all these games again cuz, they hate this. More more turned up. The add. Look he's dead, just ain't it! Ok, I will never be it. I will never encourage you to pursue a rap career, you to doping, acting to be wasting your time. China be safari. Ok, you are lucky Stanfield, not lucky Murray. And the most beautiful thing in his well before you to shut up a vessel when it comes to wrapping, not dimension, lucky Oh what era we living people love to be outraged so why give do anything to be outraged about Gay women are demanding marries beg eligibility demanded, marries back. They not trying to be disrespected a language that they dean. You know disrespectful, especially from someone, would avoid employee. Form like yours, argue in Hollywood. You works.
Ass? I would gave you every day all day. Why didn't you just turn when he a gay colleagues and ask them to this? Offend you non animal scratched, expressly I'll have to ask a person if They learn, IRAN would Maggie, is offensive or get out. Stupid on my part because it gives down. You ask me questions that they already know the answer to ok. I know the F word in the gay community is superfluous of death, literally line wine in chapter one of what not desire to gay people. Okay, lucky you shouldn't, I'll bet the net, but that The only reason I'm Givin Wiki donkey today reason he's gettin donkeys because it is lame, ass, apology and excuse. He came up
as to why he released his freestyle using homophobic terms. You hear the apology, please I'm making videos all the time which I usually end up, deleting as soon as I make them, and they soon characters are some characters, have different viewpoints and different views on life and just different different perspectives and some things out on my abuser online with it. Sometimes my views aren't aligned with and this character that you've seen as a character. I'm definitely not in line with an. I definitely don't believe those things. So I just want people to know the light coming from me. I've never been homophobic, have never agreed with homophobic or hatred toward anyone. For that matter, Please follow me gimme. The mass gang excuse the problem with these artsy negroes writing
the negroes. I'd want to conceal a b f under the guise of some type of art. Ok, if you can post at freestyle, went to captain offence freeze thou, not forty easily offended you can you can all time is of dumpling. Would you didn't? I bet, because you potent Cuba, that you got the backlash, we're doing freestyle would homophobia, terms. Ok, you now. We know you board that issues such as lucky, because you told us the freestyle was offensive in the caption You said it was not for the easily offended okay. If your intent was to offend, then why are you now apologizing for intentionally offending people? I know why, because you got a movie coming out in two weeks, sorry to bother you okay and those film people and your aging and you managed it gonna on ass and told you- you don't get out there and apologized right now, it's gonna be consequences and repercussions. Ok, look if I don't think you're, homophobic, ok, but one quest. If you loved dvd Community- and why would you probably offender- please give lackeys danfield we ve found enamel, don't
are you all about e g? yeah right, of the day well deserved small, nobler Keith, Dost, thou smaller arrest. Modern now are we come back ass, ye eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you got a question for you call a right now it give me relationship advice to any type of advice. You help you with all your problems and number again is eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one ask Yee is the breakfasts. Kimono morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain ago. We are the breakfast club starve. Ask you allows this, can a com which, of course, if he thought I am already by
I'm am a thirty year old. Ok, I'm trying how can I get so much? He felt a mature of poor people you're the vineyard, thereby the understandable He really sweet. Now really loving, hearing fight, I'm guerrilla Erica, raising my band, you cannot force somebody to be Mormons. Driving with what they really ideas allotted things in life that people kind of have to go through to learn. Just like we did when we were young, we had to go. Do certain things to grow up. You can't tell somebody what to do. They have to live. It expire Sirius and grow from it. So there's gonna, be there things that he does less empire The reason why you like him is part of the reason why you don't like it, I'm sure, there's a lot of things about his handy and thirty and sweet and young in untarnished, in the way that it no somebody. Oh there may be you probably really like those things about him, but you know what that is the fact that these
the things he has an experience. So in some ways he is a mature. So you do have. Be patient because that is who he is is part of the process. One more thing like I'd arguing I've never got any drugs mop anything else. Jury and when he had in aeroplanes You started dating him. He was drinking right well you only saw each other on the we again. Is it always only data dreadfully believe Lizzie he's probably irritating to him there you don't drink. You know sometimes He believed it does, but a person dies leg is who they are eighty. If he can accept the fact that you don't drink, I sometimes I'm sure, he's idea. I wish my girl could just have a drink with me. And loosened. I don't got sad that right. So I think for both of you. You know that differences is probably whereby charred y'all together in some ways cuz opposites do attract, but then you can't get mad at those. Differences and try to change a person because, as when you guys really won't get along
yeah. I think you are right. You're welcome, go, look mama as key hundred five. Eighty five, one o five one. If you got a question for you call a right now is to breakfast locomotive parting. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club, we're in the middle of as key hello, allow a anonymous Arnie good morning or for you, I e, without pay, so either with a guy for about life work together. We eventually, I really close try to explore the day if we could be together. Every family tat broke it off can didn't like my attire, He didn't like that. I wasn't driven and bogus enough for our seas is pretty offensive. Here they re a little bit avow did he ever
valid point in Europe. I did. He have any valid points. In your opinion, I mean I went back and I am afraid there by driving focus ambition of China. What I look for most of the Monfils. I would like to think that I have those quality that well, how can a man in my career M of done for, though, I'm on my way- and I guess, give me a couple years, older de la where you want to be at his leg it out on more ok, I mean what I feel like a low and the care of where he thy life. Though you came for me a little bit. We pay out a couple times after that try to keep a little bit like more platonic going. I walk through thing again. We hard in a kind of making their hard me because it seemed like. Maybe you, though, little interest bed, but then again, you did just trying come for me. Cb, he broke it off with you. There was to hang out with you. That's right,
you're, still love it because it actually still had entered or because we worked together. Those who make sure it's like awkward were seized me like you're willing, with whatever you once yeah. I got them that I let him be in control of the situation, and you are you ok, with letting him being controlling and being at whatever? If he wants to hang out, you hang out. If he doesn't you don't I mean I rarely exactly. I feel involved with it it hard violating running out of them? I get better bead below it, pensions are in that you never know what's going to happen unless he tells you have you asked him not since you broke it off, but I need to have a conversation. It listen if he can feel comfortable, asking you to go for walks and do things and hang out kind of choose. You like you guys, are dating, but not be dating an you just. Do it he's that doing anything wrong? now? If you ask them lead, I'm confused no what's going on between us. It seems like you like me sometimes, but you do act like I was an ambitious enough for you. You broke things off with me as
You know I don't want. It is waste, my time hanging out with you. If there's nothing about to happen, so just be straight up and be honest with me. No. I only know right bearings, I just as some honesty. So I know what I need to do and make my decisions on what I went things. How I want things to happen. You know you can't let people control your relationship, you gotta be in control too. And if we too, and if he doesn't want, would do if he doesn't want what you want, then you gotta be out right, I'm a little myself but vague bell. I I get it Are you doing here somebody else? I know. I know getting around the effect, but thank you I write Mama. Our I ask. IE, eight hundred foggy five, one o five one. If you need relationship advise you could hear ye any term that we got rooms on away you. Yes, I said about Damon DAS, and since this step is going on today, where Monet, recording Tyler Perry secretly, let's see what they meant, as has to say about Lee Daniels, all right, we'll get into all out
We come back morning. Everybody use e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, less gets it aromas, less told David S. Filling the day. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club. I write about Damon's, as is aimed at least Daniels is a culture of Voltaire. Now it all started with. As you know, I'll give you guys are recap diamond s. That he lately daniels some money for movie check it out. We oppose me about a script I'll call the woodsman and I believe in the script- and you know I have the money and he told me like. No one will cut the check at culturally. We don't stick together and I had it and I want to be in the movie business until I gave him the two million dollars he didn't have to go to court to get it, it wasn't in pain, meds. I gave him a flat. Two million We made our money back so then he came to mean a description of box and he was like- and I would like to describe to you like a little crazy and I was a guy. You know I'm
My true name back. This isn't not working capital, I'm independent. I rather put this into me now, right now, according to Damon Gas, still never ended, have getting his money. His would, as he's had happened, Willie Daniels angles Eyeglass. Now, I'm a showcase. My directing skills here, you'll get your money back in a month. I promise you three months tabs just do this, for me, keep sticking together. You know you got your money back, so I sent her a Colbert just mentioned: get my money back no matter what in the movie, ended up costing more like ten me and other investors how to get in, and I lost control, and I can't even get our money back. I write well, this is right now when Damon Jasmine Antium see live. He says that the Danube is a culture of ocean check it out is what I consider culture vulture, someone that takes from the culture even here lackeys these black and he's really This is running a good black men and try to help them and exploits to culture. Oil sub
matter is about the culture, but when it comes down the even pay back the culture to how you eat. This has no explanation and I try to work it out. What was the moon, windy and ass his right dashes right he's? Have we correct This whole situation. I need my mighty Bre absolute money where five million. That is something that I think I'm I'm I'm deserving of this. It is something I think I'm old, I gave you two May dollars roaming, my money back readiness and back and forth, like some back as ethically Daniel suit him, Danny, I don't know yet a deadly was in back of within me. A ridge. Listen big, daddy! You Peter Man is money back. I said in a voice that don't know that I am less movie and I'm tired out aside, he is accused of trying to get a woman. Seeing IDA kicked off of a plane,
As he has dog allergy, so he was seated in front of the women in any rainy was allergic to done. Unfortunately, the woman of blind and dogmas. She had already gotten approval for it. It's not funny include Mov died out as I don't you do it. A man. Look at me get a site. I've. I've got my diet and playing a little dog related vs IE. You'll be I've. Let them that I didn't now has the woman's it offer him analogy fell by he declined has eaten wanna. Take medication before show he ended up having to justice. The plane is going to take a railway operators who have been back into plain. He said, noted while you re more suited to wage a blue, but if you do have allergies you have to let their airline know. I had a time which is not something that I ever have thought about doing, because people can get their doors clear to find a plane. So if you don't let them know is
they're not going to accommodate you, so you know he said, are all its own on us. What we see, sometimes you can, of course, Bosporus nuts on a plane, or you can have certain title you have to let them know before you gonna write like you have to. Let them know if you have not allergies, if you're allergic to animals or whatever, because all that matters and it is they're, not gonna, Commodore Zagreb landlady. I wish you could see TAT Dallas attitude because it s out Anna was you consider dog on What are the ones that are doubtless outcomes from to us? Both right, I re fly. May, whether, as a new, what's that he says class eighteen million dollars, he said is called the billionaire watch and he said if you don't know about it, Google billionaire Watch. Furthermore, you called We know why brigades you nobility alone can nobility. Then he D made, I was on a goddamn watched them show some some principle somebody over in in and whereby all eight more as an investment peace and is now
we're no damn. Eighty million hours as a Jacob in company watch is not like a classic term. Peace like a rolex or in autumn or is really our Redeemer paddock to thirty nine emerald, cut the gate. Diamonds. Don't eat weighing up to three carrots. Arabic agree with this then, when he pulls the yesterday found one full dumb enough to bite his watch. Ok, yeah satellites, hey it's all right! If we want I, why didn't you know you dollar? Why? What? What? If we want to wait a little bit and employees Chivato floated pay a teenager, maybe now rating over like elemental easy by making flooding of flitting about you know so now, Yellin Ryanair Floyd is T moist, smart man, Eagle, pay, eight Donald Land. All movement will no longer be. Let me out alive, which I have to say there was an watch weak from what I heard. You're, a big set up an ivy. I wait here were bad you're gonna, say about
watch, I presume, are getting out. I'm real with watches Cyprus. It is there in the highly would walk a famous, so is Tyler Perry, I repeat, any young go and how the way Avenant chipmunks will be getting a star on the Hollywood. Walker fame, Pink, Teddy Reilly. Rob one clear each other drop. One said he rallied. God bless the gods called Guy Aaron Hall, Damien Hall right now, as one of my favorite, our be groups of water, I love guy bats, avenant chipmunks from annex as a year. I classic another respect. It often is the leading group. I myself, I'm in the brazen group nor the charismatic going at all the girls like nomes now manages, gives the lie to the credit for the work that Theodorus I'm importunate. Alan puts it employs Bratislava, would be out of a job to trying to find a way to aid on ass, though I hate or now that it is a good thing that needs that I could ok
before we re in a debate on this. The daytime stays at our. I hire radio music festival, there's not going to affect, but one that is growing one that is not really you arrive. Thickets are day time stays vips. We go on sale while they also you can get a hundred. You can get them for a hundred seven, and I was particularly I hurt radio dot com Celeste. It gets now it that package you get a vip ticket to the daytime stays at. I hurt radio music festival. You get access to the BP pit in front of his days. Access to the Vienna entrance at a Vegas Festival grounds and you get to be in the sweet with us in the air conditioning three levels of whose US open air patio or indoor, air, Avenant, chipmunks, old indoor, air conditioned seated options and private food and areas and you get to what's logic, Lucy very and belly from the comfort of oogaboo? Yes, here my low salaries, you know he was gonna, be waiting. We talk about this everyday blogging. Is it a lot
he's outside you know he's outside I, radio dot com elastic is to get out tickets, whose remit would like student of logic was again you have, but one which our hey on anything whose, on inside the ok so he's have black so easy to have these performers, George, they have elected yes, decided, was able to inspire the visiting the black artisan into one black Mabel. I gotta than we know you guys Dayton, Rich murmured Audrey, we want a rolling, a razor looking man, a bed. I write. Well, that's your women report right. They are. This leads to revolt, tumor, nervously, audible. I ride. I write em nationality. Can you do to me? of able, nope renewed and well, and you see the bride really, get him one in New York Knicks that he's had a conversation. If you see you talk to him, yes, you and I have allowed you didn't. I sat in the prime of my business- is like a hope him and his family, my maid
I noted that yet my long about you I shall remain lion high. He line they did you don't give a New York, they fight their mccrae, but you don't yet you? Yes, yes, they don't even have a team saw so you and we mix vain arms they know drawn out or to those like my goodness, all right. Well, people. Choice mixes up next to request in the breakfast. Welcome all the class of twenty Twenty deserves a proper send off, which is why I hurt radio in derivatives. Brings you commencement of the pod cast featuring speeches and dedication from icons we admire most here from John Legends cash, and many many more check out commencement. The pod cast, dropping may fifteenth on the heart radioactive or wherever you get pod casts with especial Doritos. Valedictorian episode were to readers, takes graduation speeches to another level by naming five grads, giving them each fifty thousand dollars intuition and sharing their speeches with the World
I hurt radio and the? U S. Census bureau wanted to do something special for the class of twenty twenty, so we made commencement a new path cast with words of inspiration from the biggest names like John Legend, TIM Cook and cash. I wasn't. I hurt radios new pod cast commencement in partnership with the twenty twenty census speeches drop may fifteenth on. I ought radioactive or wherever you get your pot casts. Remember you can do something that will affect the next ten years. So if you lived in a dorm dont worry your school will count you. If you didn't visit twenty twenty census, Dog Gov Flash grad to be counted.
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