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Today on the show, we got word during "Front Page News" that the Ketchup brand Heinz is in debt, and we just wanted to know how, since that is the main ketchup brand, according to DJ Envy. So we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners use any different brand and if they keep it in the refrigerator or the cabinet. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Chief Executive of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft for  paying for sex acts. Also, we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners ever did the same thing. 

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good morning. Usa, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, like Charlemagne. Good morning, AIDS Lee like losing our waste, has now been days music for a minute out. You know what I got better and then I just haven't been getting unless they buy things. As part of the reason you better go did about two hours in nets gang yesterday, you gotta go to doubt the Mitchell As I say, I can't even going so. There is a sensitive, I don't feel bad about their them and once more the nets game or you could be a suit. You better go to your way through documents, you're right way, what Avons robe now it is definitely sometimes they can use. As you pregnant pursued, bright with no non GMO, sixty bissing, four legged, weaken F has not been a weakened. Does it as last week last week, you sick? What do we as well as we will. Let me say that the Chinese there, you lies largely linked to day. I am, I packed.
As to episode lamented tomorrow, you will die on their blog moderated panel, and then I have the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies. Fundraiser Toby Toby do memory that if you know I'll be back Salazar Brundtland Ass, they were last night, Well, I don't mind you if somebody about other better about there's diameter, Yes, are you re doing their duty? I told you that better go before their thee. Take yourself, commissioner. You know that I've been traveling allowable and normally abbot routine. When I'm here, like I do my choosing, I take my vitamins and adieu. My house, you know nutritional routine up and I was travelling, go so dramatically: better. Go to doktor make everything I may show our land and ginger might have the floor, some crazy, better go! You have the floor. Is going around now. That's the only reason I'm that their consent, as everybody think, Dear what what
The reasoning is ass. Everyone sake you guy. Well, you shall see a broken. That's. It also adds to change it again. Last night, near shouted changes outcomes out this Friday shout to change now. For me, five kids, I got a seventh the fifteen five afforded to soda one, is getting ready for college and one is getting ready for high school sobbing. We all the high schools in the local area check them out and just seen if I like, em, like the education, like the curriculum like the the football programme basketball opprobrium, the lacrosse programmes having auto scuse, aesthetic Logan to a couple of schools. This formed a check it out the next week I gotta take Madison, we gonna run, can be like, college one. We all start. You Colombia will go to. How would Hampton we'll go to spell men? Will oh to Miami. You see a lay in all in between so
We do in doing that. This is you can get an idea of colleges and in and see some of those capital Collier visit those canvasses. I wanna go away. It out of the house, go Joy College, Lagarde, wishing kind of wars to stay close to the decree. It would go away, get the hell out go enjoy on me now. Do me to go. Enjoy life by you. Stay too close to her. We don't really get the experience you don't get to live on. Your own a way. Man I went to Hampton I enjoyed in my life, went to old EU we enjoyed, it will go away to other protective go away. Nor shall I allowed While I was a little vague right, what are you talking about? it wasn't a affright anyone here Monday, ok, monomer business life, like God, bless you sick, yellowtail, I, what is it
that was damp showed an absolutely lady got Lo Tan that no New Jersey, son, ok, you got a training pathways, your time off, but I'm off his grey that Unita image reflect a low mental health break every now, and then you think about I've always reflecting now I didn't have the whole point. You didn't think about need not think about your buyer Machu, to empower able. Let's get this over the front pages, what we talked about where we are going to be talking about rabbit crap, I ll give you in on this path of body blowing the situation of a voice, but I wish I was always the problem here may well, it's again the law, but I mean he lost his wife and two thousand and one the king is against the law. They would said I it is right to do this. All the time in the media. Would everybody it may not sex. That day that he was such. But I'm saying it is against the law, so people participating because think about the wind
and who are involved, as is like this is like it is illegal, isn't like going to buy. We did a drug spiten refrigerated, and you happen to get me you happen to media. While you did lays down the exact. I said that this involves human beings. Yeah. Did. You know that they will be exact trafficked. I know you, then, I'm sure your private, we probably freely- and I we ass- he had a woman like yesterday, who was a former sex worker, as you talked about the situation that she within and how she ended up and happy, but don't they about these women. You haven't thought about it. I get deal doubt, but did we did? He know he would participating about it? Would women already found out that the only person who exactly the only person there there were people who images of these bad and even they ve been arrested than never usually arrested job You get him, you will get a negative on alchemy answers, but I never usually arrest them show because of his name. They arrested his ass by blowing up what causes regret, but we'll get internet in front news and more don't always to breakfast club tomorrow morning
We bought his dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club, some page, knew what we thought. We were less that I've talking about rapid craft in all these people there have been around. There will be arrested in this whole trafficking fraud are right, saw the whole thing started at a sex trafficking investigation. That's the health department, employee alerted police back in July to signs of human trafficking at this spa orchids of Asia dates back. They said that they were.
And saw a seemingly all male clientele? They slow internet postings that described as far as a rob and tug, and then they said they went there to do a routine inspection and they saw that there were two rooms of bedsheets and pillows and dressers that have medicine and clothing as well as a fridge with food and condiments was led them to believe that people were living there. They then a ramp up the investigation and they went in the dumpster. That's where they found a rift up ledger they found credit card was eaten napkins with seamen on it. They said the men would come to the spine leave after all thirty minutes to an hour. They said it was clear to us. This was a trafficking case because of the circumstances there not leaving their. There are twenty four hours a day: the hygiene with minimal at best a bathroom. Some of these women work seven days a week and had as many as a client day. They had no days off, they said they were about. Two hundred alleged dies had had been or will be arrested and please have seized at least million dollars and ass. He said this is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg and they go on to say that a lot.
The women who they are now calling press tooth they're calling them. Victimize women were alert to the United States with promises of work. They were promised to be house where's our waiters, unless they got their their passports were snatched away from them and the police. They looked at the police as enemy. They were told that something would happen to their loved ones that they didn't cooperate, and so that's why this is a case of coercion. Cuz people look at it, though they are doing it cuz they You know a lot of times. These women are forced and coerced into being victims of sex trafficking. We would you just reported in the store. That is the story everybody should be talking about, would just like we usually do in Amerika. The focus is on the person who have the most notoriety. Rather crab was an artist extravagant old women. So now acquaints acquaint documents. They said that a cracked, If we had three sons that happened on January nineteenth to women's, it turns quote, manipulating his genitals and then after that the women cleans him up and they gave them Egypt
hundred dollar bill and they said they would be granted in January twentieth Day, the patriots were plainly chiefs and that happened anywhere to women. And then they said. It was therefore only about fourteen minutes on that day. In any exited and went to his blue Bentley so he's he, along with others, are facing so when you are in jail if they are convicted, on the first degree misdemeanor charge of soliciting another to commit prostitution and that maximum sentence for that is up to a year in jail or hundred out, the community service, but are we really have be ended? Worley? Ok, I thought they were indiscretion parlor. Where are you going to pause illegal brine? I thought that it was like us. I dislike the cedar minuet in an hour now learned all by disagreement that Gimme a double well in a Robin Doug. No end of Adam is a lot of these women. Their work at these place only languages. So do I replaces Vegas our people that victims of sex trafficking they got here to the United States
thinking. They would get a better life in there, but if you don't know that is a main goin inane, you d think is one of these Pugsy Parliament going off for years has not already positive popped up. Yesterday, you Paul has been rapid login, we, now known as the is not an excuse of good as life, and they like this is gonna eggs. That's a now someone's been doing now? You are aware, I am disgusted above ground gonna leave both in the midst of happiness the owner annoying the new patriots he's delivered. Just six super Championships rings Mississippi and you, ladies in Bosnia, keg, mellow, Rubagub Mcguinness, as why thousands who doubt at eleven? I leave us all. The more reason why didn't leave them bothers you to jump dollar would have situation, but I think he has a girlfriend anyway. That is front page news. Get it off my chest. Eight hundred feet, the five one o five. One of your upset, you need event, is up right now, maybe had a bad night bad morning, whatever it may there under the weather, eight hundred five a viable. Five one get it off your chances to breakfast locomotive breakfast.
Go away wake up or black we want to hear from you allows- is possible. It was a man. Get it off my chest, your right I don't want to get nervous all of My memory and I'm gonna talk opportunity to reach We man, whose name they have met legal, be Piper Counter was needed for two thousand and seventeen experiment, roads and really bad bad and I put resembled a stroke, but I'm guy women I didn't have one but why should aim Machinima, gradual quarterly? Let current area from where?
I'm from all over them, both in the lab, and then you know what I'm going to give us the way. If you want to people who say I want the EU to be high level, should eat me. You're! Ok, you remember the life was, then she forgot her memory. What do you do I learnt? Member about who was we had a one day, an accurate, my very good speed, I would love to see it much of your memory. I love me because you clearly, you haven't love like all of it. No, no! No! No big chunk flag MA am I talking to me about what he gave birth how I got rid of everybody out alone I had. No memory of that do you would have no thirty nine. How long ago, this this happen in two thousand and seventeen the advice missing, not big pieces on together.
Maybe a chunk form when she, my mom, pass a big jump over my mom cast away at less than that of two thousand and eleven crown were. You about your name in your eyes grew hoarding. I can remember a lot is happening, so hopefully you everywhere have any really. I don't care with bad video idle Kevin video. I don't care what exert being wrong. Maybe if you have any information on me, you got a problem. I have put the angel Facebook Ankara whether they were guys. Who would you they have you name. They know your high school. So hopefully somebody a contact your facebook and get you to them memories. At any moment, good luck arrive you gave them it is. You know, remember another maternity recollecting about ten develop so that certain things she does remember as a whole that she doesn't adding another guy doing I omitted to mother launches a whole lot. She remembers in India is eighty percent of things. She doesn't blonde beauty hey good morning ringing.
What were blind beauty? I don't know. I just want to say thank you for you guys this morning cuz over the years, I've called, and even though sometimes they say Charlemagne is hard. The truth Why one monogram Charlemagne combing out where another fine bone you they were better. With writing. Now. How, though, even though you may be hard, he believes outline here I'll, be voted through What about where major wagon add we work, but I for my part before that I love my baby. And I started writing and our court of their full for trying to eight or whatever in poetry and lack of use to reproach. You know I do miss some ideas for black his through my butt. If it's ok for rice everywhere, you Dave love these garden of terrible already go Mama told it wanted.
They are men and have to address them and then being called fashion. I know you'd be dollar death in, but they were selling. Our falter has the greatest thing: I'd be progress and have it doesn't work had fed them. Nobody to breaking the villa could not even the cramped these people to come, because you can't. We wonder why I came from Berlin. You paint by what happened. Bourbon, you're, really, everybody wonder I came from him paint a picture. Great was here. He would be that we had been my God Sea does not permit it it. A terrible is not harsh now mechanism in practice. This will you are, I'm really never you mean you need more preparation right out. You got that right, see what an ex ante supporting and you are. You came out just insulting Billy Porter right at the top of it. Now. Yes, you did it when a masquerade, said one emasculate. All media haven't drift, Feminine called banking,
escalating. Will you not thinking about Billy Porter when you wrote that live now a lot, and I don't see without what he had on is blind You here may never seen what he or she is blown. Tell me what's out there. Might everybody's bastards gave you nobody, please I'm out. I lost my sight. I don't play me. Oh you write mumble stupid our. I beg you. Mamma love you! I love you back. I'm gonna stay at home Come back, alright, get off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent into something out with the breakfast club this morning, you're gonna get. It argued. Yes, whether your man wore black but I've been. We want to hear from you on a breakfast look: oh yeah come on and get it off it s, Nicole,
good morning. I believe that a month ago, congratulations, my little girl and you have now decided that balance. Little sister and our baggage whatsoever, that law but I'll be out in a baby wow? or he would manage you wouldn't got upon his also have to have a baby. What's he going out after you had a baby, That leaves, though, he don't that you need some time to be able to go out your mom For me. This is crazy to me. You should be able to go out to interact with people, and that leads me to think that daily, but I have to say- and it has Sudan he's had a baby. Also, why will you won't the going to charge. You know what you need club. Oh my god. Oh my god, you as enemies, they do the same. Mama dj? What I d J
go alone the day. We must break it off your chest. Ptolemais was I respect you so the morning. While a wound man may be taken ass, a man Some of you know tat the girl in Rio Do they really? China believe what you say Billina about those there. You know, I always say my main yeah we're bringing it to be our thank you May you always followed by the family? It are you trying to motivate people. In their I'm looking to do I'm just driving They will now monitor way out unbounded them, possibly of them like the one they derive from the argument that appreciate. My absolutely I'm glad you expect the guy's year, by then
everyone will be always either we re equip. I want to feel better, my wife of overheated the way the hour when my bag, man, they'll be less right every day as right, we changed our narrative baby s, efforts to Need. I remind me of all and now my movement, man is the ground new day, but no letter sent a library now live now but now I'm not on my computer, but you have to look it up. Yeah. You probably should keep driving bro just keep driving it. Don't never ever do music. You know we might be nice, I'm up. What do you mean nobody here, you do my work, a lot about a free ride problem are blown on olive oil ones can be saved
the whole with you. Why is it that is eighty five five one over one. If you need that, you gave us up right now. Now we got was unaware you? Yes, Help me he is out of jail. Find out was the first place. He went to minimum usual good in order Momo, you go well wrote it. Walk Hollywood broke every day. Right ma. That will go mean, manages to be bought. Really now I will get internet makes people access to weapons. Furthermore, the breakfast a morning, everyone is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was kids aromas, less talk Dame dash.
With Angela close Mister Damon Dance has an announcement that he wants to make sure that everybody knows about China. Many must make sure that you and very late and tell everybody no was ochre heard about it. He has reportedly brought back the majority interest in his Ex wife retort, quoting company now is said. They didn't want me to announce yet because they won Rachel decide something say she would ensue them, but that has nothing to do with me. Some celebrating cause. Why would rates? Do not want me to buy back the company investors, six million of my own money into like a real bus. Only so EVA and Tallulah DAS would have accompanied as I bought it back and I'm gonna relaunch luxury with EVA and Tallulah's the face. We are real, fast and family the years now and we are one hundred percent Andy one hundred million. A year company family owned by a black man will drop. Called love named ass, they re Rachel, trying to block the black his purchased for whatever reason- and I don't know what their relations,
They like Elisa Solidarity, said Rachel, please oh Missus Dale up and if you do please publicly explain yourself. Whoever doesn't matter about this is an obvious hater, so well on almost deserted he's trying to block deserve whatever relief ass. You see, I'm not out of lack of a seminar. Unease at an airship, China blackish, you should be happy- is delighted that they had kids a b o the phase out of something on November. Eight are being set up a black man buying into a hundred million dollar company, the more use it at the better. Why don't know if she really it without means? He still involved in it I think she is here and I think the other shoe was owned by somebody Else- needs by back the other shit on the majority interest in bride. No, no I wanna, be a hater? Ok, some trouble. But ass you get an animated. Ninety eight you're, not eight or even you, wanted it all day book a gradual babe I right now, let's
about Michael Jackson, accuser away Robson from leaving Neverland. You know that document we must come out on its beyond next week crash. Is anybody in here gonna want to know now they agree as one of the goals they give us more information. Allow soup fella you do. I do want to say I want to see what would I want to see what they talk about? I mean I want to be able to see what I want to see the old What are you guys? Allied? I don't want to. I don't want to see it, but I want to see our listen. It automatically line in this war. On the old back into data, nothing happened, social, you know what he really did- debt for money, While we talk it again now for money, I already ethics lack, of course, as well Whether saying now is weighed Robson was actually trying to auction off some of Michael Jackson, memorabilia back two thousand eleven. He consign is collection to Julian's auctions and they said they paid him when we saw the whatever from his collar and because he needed the money he asked to remain anonymous.
That he didn't want anyone to know it was him selling those items and by lay did not agree to that and they elicited as the way it works in collection, and they saw a couple of items a pair of black spandex pendulous for loves from the music video for bad and if a door from the smooth criminal, video, those got about two thousand and thirty thousand dollars. Always Britain over Megrims away, rouses mark you swore and of their nothing happened. Him back in the day now you say something happened to him back in the day, you probably say Nothing happened to him for money now he's talking about something happening them again. Why for money, my respect and I right now. I Kelly is out of jail. He had come up with that one or two thousand Alabama told you before he had said. Take care and child supports. If you wanted to avoid getting locked up again now away brutal, do you now? Yes, yes, the handle that and they I bet there were protesters yelling outside. They call them pedophile asking him. How would you Ella someone urinating on his daughter things like that. They said that they
women there were actually trying to raise money to get him out of jail, decided to go for museum whatever mercy. Is that crazy? That's that's. Ridiculous does really sad, but that is women, and now there is another sixty zero. That's come forward, but I these female. I Kelly fans were trying to oppose this ban because he was unable to pay these A quite collect said the office was receiving cause when FEMA Kelly fans. When you know how to postpone for him. They said the love, Israel. I guess that's true. I don't understand it in the first place that he waits he sat down and had a meal at Donald Vanessa, retorted Mcdonald, we used to pick up a lot of women, allegedly USA way right back to their whose main unhappy with wood which they used to a woman at amygdala me we're right back there. Does it fully presto legacy led taken pictures they ages does therefore the whole scene. He he can't. He doesn't care about these crimes like a dog, Moxa territory would hear enough. His ok he's Peter Demagogy,
several times we goes right back there when he gets out of prison now play until his adviser dine arrested. He says that these charges against our colleague conspiracy. No, he said his client was hyper sexual due to being abused as a child himself, but he s a denied all of these claims. He says it. Our Kelly is the biggest survive. Out of all of this stuff. Statements like that are so loud me because we got tapes. Are people actually see What are you doing and supposedly on these states? Tapes is very clear. The girl is fourteen years old. They say that this is collusion between life I'm in female friends who have been convergence and the Russians don't say the word collusion without knowing the Russians in two out of the russian state Well, don't run of the Russians have landed. Now. If you wanted in now. If you wanted to believe it is collusion against. I tell you my Lizzie, though everybody adamant aid Annabel, the Russians, lifetime
all I was all it takes. We seen Madge Difficult, o totally amazing. Eighteen, fifty is everything all right. Again, that is your room of the poor feels great and I am more money than our colleague knuckle may dwell on phone yesterday. Talking about you know too, we buy. I believe I can fly publishing he off, either the mounting up to now the desk innovation. There right right, well front page news: next: Uzzano, Remagen, illegal remagen, believe of LE listen, physic, condiment, that everybody uses and somehow this continent does that make any money, and I can't think of anything I will give you Let's keep allotted to breakfast locomotor breakfast club your morning so now would be the say, arrives bad books morning the body is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are. The breakfast club was handsome front page news, but we're talking about you or less had about craft high
We are used that right that ketchup catch up? Yes, yes, muck his love, it well look right. They are not doing so well now Heinz took on debt when they catch a giant was taken private and it was taken private for twenty eight billion dollars. Fine, the sitting was key ingredients that may that happen, but now they have a lot of twelve point. Six billion dollars in his aim their profits for this year. Well far as well, they said profits are flat. Revenue has shrunk. Somebody needs to be far worse. They said it was a lot of management. There's someone here. What we find is Norway, catch up is not making money like catch craft. What are they catch? It do you use when you go places, any other cattle to have higher. They have heard still, but everybody uses I'll catch of army wit, whether you gotta fast food aid have hides in Every house is an market where you buy linkage, eyeing bodies Thorburn the boy
No, you don't of independent got the money like that you buy, they have in our grand, thereby waning sap Natsir, which I always by nobody, cares about catch up like that, and I dare say that once it tastes vanity ass, they do in other days on what we can do, no more than a commercial interests we with our commercial. Would it took forever the commander bottle to catch a rule they at the fifty seven who is dead. I find the hunt was one of the pines. Nobody wants that bad avatar than while about bodily kids owing to take them to get out of my way, Sidney Hole in the case of likeness. Nobody at the fifty didn't I may have been telling them over time. That's how they may they do they visit whoever's was dead men, in a company be fires. No way Heine should be not make it we are ready to store, bought brains, restore brands of these kinds of securing eyes, tomato one, the bottle, and it was then what did it make alone is huge and latino Morgan S biggest Heinz in May. Is that what they do they mix it? I mean it's gonna be worth equity
to put that in about all alike, are ya like an original condiments? Might I want my catch of mixing? My is great. I right now. Let's talk about this story. One of the most powerful men and the Roman Catholic Church was found guilty of multiple child sex offences. They was a secret shroud in Melbourne in December, and only now can they reveal it. They have actually lifted that whole order where they couldn't talk about it. Australian card, an old George Pelleas. Now, seventy seven years old, they said he's gonna almost certainly face present. He gets sentence in March. A jerry did find him guilty of one type of sexual penetration of a child and for charges of an indecent act with in the presence of a child's back from the late nineteenth nineties, the most senior catholic official to be found guilty of child sex offences to date.
In a talk about how they were too quiet boys drinking wine in the small room at the back of the cathedral, and that's when power, who was then the Archbishop Melbourne found them in force, one of the boys to perform oral sex on him and performed in an indecent act on his friend. So, according to his accuse there, he said he struggled with shame, loneliness and depression after the abuses that, like many survivors, it has taken me years to understand the impact upon my life. At some point, we realised that we trust someone we should have feared and we fear those genuine relationships that we should trust. So that was his statement, so he has been found guilty now. They said there was an
Are there a young boy who was the victim died from a drug overdose? He never revealed the abuse to anyone. So what I will do is music jailed leg was he's get sentence in March ogre. Yes, it has been found guilty, so he's, of course, denying all of these charges. He saying that whole thing where the product Derek accusations where the products of a fantasy- and he said that he never a forest of border, perform oral sex. You said it was deranged falsehood. I'm sure we hear a lot more things to come right. That is front page news now This is over. The former is asking eight hundred five. Eight I want all five one since we were talking catch which is very hard leave that I am what branded ketchup deals telling he hides organic star brand edge of his boss in all. Catch up, as from now noticed, is so many different. When we already people got store brain catch up, a new coverts, I don't even know any but obviously I d,
his eyes. Use Anna's organic, do use huts, one hundred percent, that's right. They can programmes to be simply valets organic. I guess this lab at all? It's all my use of the different is, if I go to a fast food by and you have to other, there is Heinz all day. I use store brain when I got the tomato on about you know saying like death Dagda guaranteed, as most people have nobody really going to destroy insane you. I need this brand and I jump to bring their eyes all know, and I hate call catch a bilateral. I did he graduated at a local councillor temperature as money. She learned. If you put it in a like? I do I like room like war like coconuts, what was the point of having some hat food and then you didn't call cancer exactly I'm with you. I never thought about you I'll get it I could. I, like might arrive being hat live if you got a bird allows by arrangements have been afraid after you open a reg, but that's why sometimes I like to have the packets, because in the packets around
and bitter, and I have to worry about letting my exit hijab gets her rooms him for my whole life to judge it was in the fridge rated growin up announced as as ever and become an adult my wife keeps to catch up in the cupboard food. Every you don't. I, when you have ketchup and then you squeeze it out and others water motorcycle may have to show that you got to say firstly that anything and then put it in store and, by the same thing, at a different ceylon permit catch. If I may be Ambergris ever, on a sad, and I did it tells him because my cousin, you may catch of sandwiches was his birthday. Yesterday, too, is applicable red and it wasn't because we were broke leaders like catch everywhere, just catch up sandwiches and with disgust when people per catch up on the prize already that put it on a side and dip. So was the question catcher what Miranda gets up there? You dammit eight hundred thriving firewater viable, which is having to ketchup conversation, call is now catch up to our cats of garbage is to breakfast locomotive, breakfast pay
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my name is sure pearl wells? This is the story of my son Courtney. Your money was critical to dollar. Fifty is the biggest here he was a ladies man even with his auntie and his grandmother, I'm just the rapper Cornick Opel's a good in twenty six, he he wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police Station, granted that damage in very bad in its the story of mine urge for the true. This is somebody a co production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty, wherever you get your pocket. This is somebody's. Try somebody desires to know why I desire to know what happened. The monk
listen to somebody on the eye, radio out apple podcast. Wherever you get your bike body, everybody is J envy Angela YE shall a guy. We are the breakfast club refugees join as the reform. Page news as leads us, the catch of bread I can't times is going through some problems right now they have a self financing choose their stock is down like twenty seven percent. I wouldn't ever thought I would have these issues, but they have a huge debt and they are I d, how they gonna take care of that. So we ask you will have a low forward. It eight hundred five, a five or no five were what brand to catch up. Do you use nines? I use, and we use eyes, my grandmother. She would steal ketchup, packets pack, every you know what I love about level she would take with. I level is not just the pact I like, when it's a little square like sauce viewpoint. No they're, not imagine so you can either opened the whole thing. Are you could squeeze it out there s no school, that's news! Graphic fillet chiefly. Has that that there was such a package.
The thing I never respected, if it is it hides behind all these have to commercial, where you take forever for the council to come onto bottle. I remember commerce, as there is only one that as bad as what you have to hit the fifty seven for it to come out the squeezing ones which they have now it's. The problem under they also have simply Heinz, which is organic. So there's no Gmos, no artificial sweeteners, that's the one! I use my memories, but you better the selling point, because you know why would I want my catch up the ticket? bubble coming out of the bottle, like my fries will be getting cold. While I'm waiting for the schedule to come out for the more I think it's the best ketchup that you can buy is the store brand, none of them like just go on air, find a catch The tomato and bottle bite at is cheaper, says I tomato sauce This will serve as a watery eyes. I may tell you more: people bought his door brain down, they ve been isolated. Ketchup has been around since eighteen, sixty nine. Well, how long
The storm has been adopted and if it doesn't come, if you get a knife in you, you you make sure comes out which- and I bet, if we did, it tastes- has right now. I bet you know you, but you would not know. There was a momentary hind right here. Still brand whatever something outright right there. But you would not noted every word. I wouldn't go too far. As we have Anthony Online Anthony Good Morning, good enable everyone, cancer do use Anthony. Are you mad Charlemagne a guide to go and take a picture of a refrigerated, show me a schedule. I want a full bottles. That you give away all. I want something. I believe him right, I'm a beyond doubt embryology. I don't know what you're up within the house. I've never paid much attention to, but I do know that I do not agree. I do not distort brands, would have historically see yeah do you day where he doesn't believe crazy,
my god, Damn aluminum luxury. It is worth noting rebranding believe me, bridle related, you used all bought hate, open, Jason, what gotta catch Adeiu Bro we want a good morning. My love all your passport, by almost every day by day. Why mister I go to push its progress towards. Tomato out. My today on the bar biogas, dismantling of brass at your house is hello. This is Lamar Lamar. What's the catch of Deirdre came from don't get and I look at the package goes down we are really the W W. I appeal to you. I know about the both to put both the The renewed vigour it any more like. Maybe they don't you as it was you open it you're supposed to rephrase Euralia, they says aims can spread whence you open it and take off their sale. I don't do that. I never guess I never got surmounted. Gonna get water Ito water.
That organic is due at dinner on that because, as you know about Malta, your job is always going to me for making a bit of paper, but his freedom may, like you, know Chinese thought them to catch up with it. Take them out. I just don't get going. I am renewed in all categories really think about you. You know what did come to think of a meat to our God. Man had saws, may soy sauce mad dog saucy catcher pianos Katy hand. I am while it s tat. I buy it, although I am I out the European Forum, condiments Druidism right is obeyed, but much I behind gigantic simply agreed. Okay, vaguer, though you know, I gotta go and can catch against avian cats are already being evaded. Tomatoes I don't know why the majority tomatoes
Gmos? All of that anyway, that eight hundred thriving far one o firewood? What type of catch up do you call us now is to breakfast logo? Morning morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club now we're talking ketchup this morning he told us a front page news it catch a business has happened, but if it perhaps hide, is having a problem, it was, it was gone or they took on a day. Is it mismanagement of money and overpaying, four things, but apparently there stack price has plummeted. Twenty cent percent- and they have a lot of twelve point six billion dollars of you- could catch of no matter like you Thank you, Madam President, that I and my matter to me like you, I got a guy like the store brain ketchup. You don't even tell a different story, differs in catch of you. Don't you can tell us when it had like what are the no sugar or die? I hate sugary catch it, but ass. You simply.
It has no artificially knows no Gmos. All about no sugar catch up with disgust and cameramen made a great point. He says when you go to restaurant, they don't put the ketchup into Fridge Reda it they be at the table for four forever. So Europe this is shown by people rather use it up and one day s way and you'd emanating fill it. You do know to catch up. It immediately takes the temperature, whatever you put it up, it's cold sums. It hits the hot fries. No, because I did that's why so, when I did they'll call us! I, like my room. Temperature animals are being abortionist of deepening portfolio. Now I don't like the one I had never before MAC. Has it bamberger highlighting the temperature to we got acumen when alike who met with zebra. I was our love. What type of cancer be use? Q Matter Use, Walmart, scrape Are you worry about MRS Breyer? Baby onawandah? Would you believe they will honour goaded, paintings and you're gonna get to be my hands all you, you don't think about it. You got all less was half
he's not top alarm Burma. It also gives me when I want to use my view. Take these aggravate the difference. It is now high. Had tasted, no, you can again we will we do. I wish we could do this right now. Are we don't do this to my academic? Ninety percent? No guarantee of a theme. People are restaurant. Poor catch up in other bottles, so you might have done. Bottle, be put in a store brand catch him right in air navigation, never know even light and thickness. Ever because I find the brand zine as thick. You know, Roca that's really like I've used can avoid it tastes. We're to me, dress, occur good morning no be hey now use our meeting. What's advocates of do like Mama
we do not agree with you. Oughta will follow me by pulling out. Ok, we got a higher bodily that does not require a visa, how, but at home and better, nobody has ever done that in the history of light you believe you're, so we're gonna must do Heinz awake that is dorm. Not what to beg you Bob hello. This morning good morning, how you doin my putting bless my free, and how would you know this is because the Miami Charlemagne, I believe, what China being a hundred percent every thing? It's not gulf, ok, nothing, my toenails medication, everything!
you mean you ve been Dominic gaping. Yes, everything that you go to the store, everything it I set my free, and how would you know this is a victory for my army main. I pity what China being a hundred percent every thing? It's not gulf, ok, nothing's vital need to hang on medication. You know your honor, but not a viewpoint, regular category, to buy up and not as you are you are, you gotta be dominican. He knows that the people they may come to see. You know what I'm gonna. Do you like your life? I put water. I put shook added my water. It's delicious. I grew up like there now, and I put my your next year- is very good to you. Let me tell you something: I'm began stronger block begins to because people s Second Gettys us all
determining English. Maybe not, but you guys made up double victor. I love you keep dominican bankers. See but the man again right. I'm telling you starboard, That is why the majority of people is getting star brain. They walk into these Dore than they grab the cheapest ketchup, simple, that immunity was catch up. Is the star bran, one
was the more than stories demoralized story, a job of learn how to save some goddamn money. That is because it was not. That again has been explained. I answer is you know, I really don't know. There's always I say to you and you can buy the big bargain brand of labour last, a long time you guys get a big day. Muddle benighted is walking, may only have to look into private catch up. My life gets up close it. I get sued Alison twenty nice guys catch air audacity. I want you to talk, you can go to where it allows you to talk. Talk, talk again, dollar. Eighty now I want you to talk to any say right now: I've, gotta Mcdonald, you do take a big handful. Everytime you every time I go to Mcdonald like I have extra ketchup are really needed, but I put him: I draw no more talk sobering a dollar sixty now I don't know what you did opposite deny when we got room was covered up. You are we talking about I. Yes, let's talk about you. See smaller again, as we are gonna keep on doing when it's how you some more of what could be who's in his defence of him, saying that
was really attacked or I will get it When we come back as the breakfast cloak of morning, I'm Robert Evans hosts behind the bastards and it could happen here. I spent a lot of my career in my time writing about fascism and searching authoritarianism, world, and I am generally A pretty bummed out as a result so enjoy I have two thousand nineteen. I travelled the world looking for hope and I found it in what you might consider to be an unlikely place. Northeastern Syria, a place called Russia when you heard this place referred to in its people referred to in the news there generally called just the car What I found in Russia in the summer of two thousand nineteen was somewhat stranger in so much more revolutionary than the story of a group of people valiantly battling against ISIS. Instead, I the story of the war in Syria that you haven't seen on the news. The story of an idealistic dream that had the unlikely chance to flower in the dry flame, racked plains of Northeast Syria. I murmured Evans, and this is the women's war.
Listen to the women's war on the eye, heart, radio, app Apple podcast, wherever you get your podcast Boarding. Everybody is D, J, envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club morning good morning. Combat Charlemagne. Yes, now every Amazon away when we took my nose, rummaging less advanced, sounds a boy. I was one of the happiest data erika by dewdrop. Engagement is Eric about, and I want to say how be borne data guy comedian De Re Davis. They re David. Fifty one again argue that may be raised with me one day they re really fifty one for at least the past five years, so you do too happy birthday to air. Due to our them. The burglars yesterday, she's gonna be performing. They were her coming up soon and I think I have to go to that way, but I'll be dope.
Be dope eyes, so we got room is when we come back. No move is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast club was densities. What was the stalled soldier boy Bob? This is the reul report annually on the breakfast, so some people method- that is so dear boy and drank, hasn't beef right and this kind of started on the breakfast Club Wendy happen. Why do me? May I have a big becomingness out because he was locked up yes allows locked out, so they came up with a noble erected, a Drake being look. I Yahoo mail I'd be progressed There has been a bog. Superfluous may well be right. The big Robin world right here from the worldwide as well,
Not only that guides he's rigour, then you know everything I know young, I drank always far song tell me, was really gone, no duty drawback, anything already Wasn't that that well. He also went on to say how he feels like Drake. Did him dirty cuz? He didn't ask him to star. In the we made it video back in twenty thirteen, he said to double XL. Why we ain't shoot. Yeah? Why and bring me on toward a performer when time, but he was performing my record on toys, as little slick is like that, while apparently they do have a good relationship and he shares some dams between him and Drake and he told the drag you can drink talking to soldier boy, and he said you know, as always lab adios aside side? I don't know if you are serious about the video thing, but I never knew you wanted to do a video for we made it. You know I would have done that is put on some real is drag and then he said, kill that show listen, drink, PAN homogeneous, oh gee, that's what he's a pulled out a stab in the back. Would allow Eu Law young. Is there no respect their? Oh geez? I shot him.
We saw that Airbus so much. He picked a wrong. Sir he was like I was completed. Fro known as it has been it did it didn't matter, and it didn't matter that I was able to ourselves that outside the area now said the boy and Highgate Thou, it seems like those two for real might not like each other, especially after other things that have happened. So boy was briefly dating Black China and he did put out this sweet, which was very rude and a lot of people reposted, which says so the boy to delete, but he sent me a black. China could never work she like and whereas I tiger and then he said I after baby Mama, laid fortnight with your son is a mere Uruguay soldier, where regional long, you see our soldier boy had in people yank Tiger about their club. That's why dragon yeah? You know the one no smoke y know, let's be clear that I have nothing to do with. There? Was a boy get very dynamic so now that what they say what happened with Tiger was the man who he got into a within a club where people,
had at least a white Maybach from and then didn't pay that six thousand dollars a month, so it got repoed, but Tiger was saying that they should have repo the car. So that's a let you know what happened and supposedly now, they're all good. Everything is water under the bread there's no issues as normal, crazy, Suda Jesse's Mallette. When you pray somebody who do a job for you may shooting out another alibis old boy pay those guys in their clubs do that the tiger and they got a rock solid alibis. Lahti did Beethoven, also disrespectfully ass, fair level. I we can't be friends, Africa's few of the air and illegal moved? Look LU, LU, shrugged, blue show, Gaffer Lou US showed the low push after I did get out of here. So it was a good view of examples. Widening the cloak anybody got into it. I guess at the guy's every put his car. They had some words on the case in and that's why you know things escalated alike must or better job on this story says more about. It sounds allowed at say, dislike
no tell me a story is alive and well. You know where, because tag abandoned his at that's geographies, darling. Here's what you said about soldier boy com, you can call it a comeback! Seven may your rank is now much waste how'd you make the things on which are still play down when around saying that you made me why you fainted arise. So soldier boy has also done his own away now. This one you is, that is great quality cause it's not out. Yet something that was recorded on the phone, so Well, don't breathed out at the ranch. Nobody about the kind of beef that makes me go vague, no rabid does the rapidly Bulgaria I drop, drop thoughtful Beaufort him leave. I might add My lad has been given special permission. He is able to travel to leave Illinois while he waits for trial
facing disorderly cannot decide just as for filing a false police reports. So at first he was prohibited from leaving the state, and now he can't get permission from the judge is allowed to attend meetings with his attorney, but he just can't leave the country, so his next court date will be Mars foreseen in the meantime. They have pulled up some old sweets from is called on court attackers. The brothers Ola enable assumed arrow and they're saying back and twenty thirteen they had these swedes, where they are basically using gay slurs, and then He said why you following think. Oh say you know that and words gay right and this sum homophobic things that was said on there. So media I so I guess what is happening here
he's trying to ruin a cat going to make it seem like they wouldn't have anything to do with. You know Jesse like the saying that he is a victim of a homophobic attack, so they're trying to say that these brothers, who say that they are not racist and homophobic and they're, not anti trump. They said we were born and raised in Chicago and are american citizens. I guess what they're trying to say is: maybe he they did attack him. I don't know, I'm just giving all dangerous. You say they were pale or white Winwood when he got better. Listen people following the case of importing or the new findings have everyone you to start making us over as you have your legs ass, you say you like him and I actually, I think, that's fine, because you know you're living is cultural ya. Wanna cancel somebody would now you found somebody. You really don't want to cancel somebody made a mistake. Ah Jesse does can do apologize into bed in future. Does it and pay for the consequences of his actions? Double nasty ices. As saying that the testimony found the brothers went sideways about speaking in front of the grand jury, so now they halted the proceedings and a criminal charge was filed. Instead,
all right now I got to tell you. I would I just try the new flavors of orange, vanilla, coke and Orange Vanilla, Coke, zero sugar yeah. You heard that right and I have to tell you it's a great combination of Coke orange and vanilla flavor go ahead to your closest retailer today and make sure you about what I'm through water would turn into a commercial Amanda YE, and that's your room, a report already brow, what role well cows. I welcome our messages. Thing man wrong waiting around you got it all. I waited brow and, as part of its role with turned into a commercial road it. Ok all right he's got a jerk me aside. I guess we need Doug. You do Well We'll have to now we're gonna talk about store brand catch up in how it tastes better than Heinz and hunted and craft and all of the good stuff. As always, I'm a rift yep. Ok, he will act with breakfast locomotive. Morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now I gave Robert Craft donkey of the
Robert grabbed me to make no sense to be worth six point: six billion dollars in pulling up the city. Massage Palos show for it in a Bentley, they get hands for a couple hundred dollars, so we ask and have you ever paid for a sex at eight hundred five, a firewall one actually dj envy, no Charlemagne, you ve told me, so we have to think I don't wanna be so quick to judge robber gravity because he seventy seven years old. I don't know what I'd be Doin there: seventy seven years old, but still want to get some action. Nokia, ok, I might have to pull of tools. You followers well, but on paper back in the day when rooms in his group I want to say, is the first time might have ever received. Oral. Was indiscreet club from his grip Amazon pay twenty dollars I was going to two hours, but it, but what? What? What what it was when you give it a money she does it do the duration of the song of the deed. He played a short song. You finish,
in what are best dealt with. I will then get I went into the shoe pay room would her, while a song was already played foggy retweet I'll have now got like thirty seconds action now, like day and night as you like. All of you want to go. You argue moment. No more money than we are once again, those poor people pleasures. Why is Robert Craft partaking in poor people blazers easily should we add the time he got or from a crack it I don't know about when was that you were gone, how come you're, so what would happen in that situation is the also in cracking when you so reckon. Sometimes Gregg, though, have money they do. Sexual Faye was but a crack inhabit a menace. You almost vulgar o dog sharply, who sat up yet you ve never paid for any type of sexual lagging no, never know mountainous group club, nothing. You bought a woman, a bag, I'm alive, millions about your wife or even though not
now is not the same for somebody you're dating a macro region where you're talking about I'm ain't, even if you are made as bang again, maybe you're, gay relating doesn't wife argue to run after that prostitution is over younger over you. Do yourself, didn't they? Don't you think it's just gives you young younger boil is all gonna. Think Grab gotTa Madonna that had been in a city avenue side, follow you. It outlines the billionaire. Even now, let's go to them hello. There is major going, then they re too. Have you ever pay for sex act No, I don't really have an hour, but I just wanted to say in regard to this one crossing. It could be a coincidence, but obviously he recently founded Reform alliance to help bring more light to what's going on with the injustice in the prison system. Qana coincidental that all of a sudden, they found him and is paying for sex acts, but that's cool and all, but
I believe that the first time you ve done it, I can't imagine a billion years was an already under way are doing these things or that whoever caught him where he was didn't already noted that place with doing those things. I think that they wanted to highlight him out the criminal threatened him with a year in jail because you ve putting a voice to what's going on in the black community at America. In regard to the breadth of this debate, I think that we should engage in this matter. Yeah he's different thing wrong, but, let's not let it tee all the Good NEWS that use trying to do, which is typical, American oppression, thank goodness with some picture or fact basically gave what you're doing. Ok, my remaining malamute pushed back into the blue white Devils advocate for a second God. We did a lot of good in the community. Do what I mean you're, but if not after your bill, God give ties with raping and dragging within barber crowd literally paid
our money for sexual act, gobbled up, clear, multi billion over the willing art is abandoning its eight. Do we don't know the woman was unwilling. Could there was trafficking go. I remember there against our way of these, women were being worth eleven, these squalid conditions and they had their passports taken from them and they were told they were coming here to get jobs in will be. They ended up our group do everything that the woman, but being around crap is white. I will not let her the white may be able to get low slap. One arrest, ok grounds that lesson I have it. If you'd Black Roger was you pay for sex that before Bre, yes, either I have many years ago, I'm gonna tell you bought. It concerns our children, lot of my young fellow. They put me on a boy displays when I got embarrassing about agrees that it no longer about another dozen inhibitor between solidarity. There were four dollars. A fifty cents
but why not dollars and fifty zero? Yes sire did they have changed for twenty? I think they do. You know about how much money I gave up What would you have done enough in order to put a rubber on unit you all a Michel? What Michel you pay for us exactly What did you pay for? My part believe it was waiting for my excellent from ascribed allow. He pays your access, and would you prefer to give you a hundred dollars why it was a year now and now I see a good well, I had to pay you because you
you under freak of our Europe, ah drug we may even have integrity, may not wanted to be audio. Given a woman who is not in our respective ADA do not. Why did you get this may as numbers? We just sent him some eight hundred different world five. What have you ever paid for us exact call as nails to breakfast locomotion morning? Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We, the breakfast club, where asking have you ever paid for a sexy now Charlemagne, as done twice wanted to strip Club, he paid twenty dollars the other time. It was a crack. It this is back in the day when they used to have champagne rooms in the Strip club. You know I'm saying we need to have champagne rooms in the Strip club. You know the stripper would take you back there and Will you give her toilet Alice? You would you off? She give you some of that summit action. With their mouths do doodle, you know for the duration of a song.
He knows of a mere zero point out in the middle of his eyes. Only dollar, thirty forty five seconds action means. Did you complete? What did you reach completion? Bio got very valuable thing of action, and then she was. I give you a minute give continue. You gotta give me as we I'll Milo young as an avenue tween out of why I write Dennis every play for sex act before well, I will say any time I've been on a date initially fearfully. Yes, I don't know that's paying plan sex, goddamn you laying charming on a date. No, no, no, no divided over dinner me all that a banker automobile market. That is So anytime! You take somebody on a day. That's consider prostitution, but why sabotage
They think I pay my paper. You are big indirectly, football that women are actually included is not going out, no broke ass, negro and you not give no broke out Negro football, hello, sir. You pay for extra before Tell you some every earth that ain't a burden of able mobile out of algae Lupin would lead. I hate my guide AG lights, it being a good person and take us and one on a day and being chivalry. Is paying by Secretary when Eliza USA. Somebody broke out on that people like oh, are you broke, I'm not gonna. How do I get my rural? I've never has access somebody because of the amount of money that they have a moan sir, you ever we, as it was last. If you pay for sex, are reminded that either go. Would you buy Why would you buy about a dummy
by getting goodbye there. The dumbest thing I ever is really allows this by somebody something the Eu Patroness eggs avoided. They wish the last time you pay for sex, but all the mecca like about went out or do you Norman you pay for safer fourteen? How much was it Why don't you show me I'm afraid dodgy so goddamn downtown? We call it. I thought not for little more linear hello is. This is our from Brooklyn Earl you ever be allocated for this exact mining era, or you don't worry about it. How much did you pay by what you do in Europe? public so that the latter is there a man without their wild out a divided Europe public? How much did you pay a bit about a? But, but and how many times you get a sexual agony of too many
How much did you come back browser but thought a combat wrote that it also may make up I'll get me when you wanted to be. Are you gonna do it? You was into into forest of me all. We want to do the whole wanted that thinks about you're gonna, get right to the boy I'll be thus pay them to leave. Animal leave. Alright closure, Somebody paid you force exec up right now. There you have a girl, do you call, it will itself be called overnight for three January now no autonomy, and I was the Charlemagne a page. It doubly whether me more broken aim. That was a. They pay. You about labelling you got two years ago. Have ours they pay you. I wanted in Baghdad we found dollars it? What did you have to do for five hundred bogey? I mean
Why didn't you know like an idiot no sexual act. Now I'm going to tell you that, You gave rise to the challenges that have a conversation I don't believe you either, I'm sorry, but I believe we have absolutely no. You are now man behind you know. You were born to oversee now, see allow them all may be doin it. Now Robin I should have been doing you do private accompany back me. I want the out of about Holly Robin Crab. Morocco. Groundwater validates grab one you own, a law on a low Robin talk. Now than in my lab. I go with you. Remember that bad allow this, one way, the matter with my somebody pay you for sexual act. Was they paid you what you had to do other gaily? Without do I use a MAC?
last year there were about you. Do you hear back without you? Let him you different back with you. We have heard about Bell there, which made it back like the backs ads or in the back, but what have murdered loud. You know that no backbone, no bad guy, I'm your eyes. I learn you have been dug it right away you like my amendment now, but I will be why. Why are you so so short? My now really hundred now how you I owe you think out. Yet, exactly ass allies. Elmo happening out hunting it out that last year had been my way that, like really get into it, big mom. Would you have done every known at home,
tell me things, I'm about to don't tell no man that you dating that cuz. I'm always feel like I'm overpaying. You know, I'm saying since you just out here charging one hundred dollars ain't your mama gave me my early on it. I don't know how great that fails to do more for more. I've got a good to see where you from big moment where more than a story, when Loki Breadbox have a nice day, the story of the moral of the. Men. Women created these rules. They created these. With sound like they don't want? No scrub Monti, Elsie and Daphne jar? Can you my building no romance what our fine it's in there, women created these rural. That's why men like they gotta give money right now in this? I think they are women,
is like men who ambitious, who are doing things with allows us like men like women, who are also no. I mean you gotta bring something to the table and I got brings up into the drawing room. Will Sweetwater woman who works in Mcdonalds, A woman will naturally would a man who think that women I think they were made the wagon Mcdonald. I know you would naturally you'd have asked I used today. Somebody from Tackle bell, The way when I was younger exactly now yeah baby- I don't know this. Many lag, my aid, some shortest grow men had begun to reckon it might have recognised the right. Now I have a blame it on number. One have away for all that doesn't matter by me, I'm not gonna, I don't feel like hey in order for you to go out on a day when you have to buy me this, and do do that really feel like that now for love, Amanda have to die anyway. We are all aware you, yes, I said about Heidi, be you're gonna enjoy, this now we know kind of these young, but she's gonna help you guys
learn about ninety slaying. I will get it at next, keep it to breakfast the breakfast a morning everybody the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a god. We arrange rumours, morn, very could we are producing Eddie just look at the producer hey I'm thinking about knowing afforded de challenge olive unknown quantity, Gylingden played out like a year on the way you want to do it this morning, when I right now, let's get to these rules as Failing that this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club now just announced that I was gonna take about why lay in red table talk and how he wins defined in love. Ass had to miss Barry on Twitter, she's, listeners,
I'm all love. Why lay once and needs period you look on and I didn't cook I her paying vat displaying. You know valet arise, so he is on a red tabletop, that's coming up and next episode and they D put out a preview so check it out. This well once you do, because I know you look for love. Tell the camera equerry will I want a woman. I wanna hear this on a woman to show me I want in a woman. You know I know I want to lead like a women. I believe that it was in a strong, an immense, be my friend for real, like law, as he is that is very important to an underhand and because I am not a regular make for better or worse. My bad is bad. My good is amazing, so you need someone to an addendum crazily wash. You knows These have now like game to a lot of women
that's really how widely talks after Lamb really wants. A good woman that I'm tired you. These are regular causes that hates me up about like he wants to be a relationship. We had a nice to our top a while. I'm lip service and he wasn't. Even so they show the world. What do you believe in what we are actually target? A lotta women I wanna get while eighty at heart abusing came out. Everybody was tweeting me about him, so there was a zombie would think of game. You not a meagre he'll, say things like that: move like good up like hell of a bait the throw out right. Would he really really mean what you say? He really was to be relations. I right now. Let's grab him sales. It's like Gunnar and offsets are going to have some big first weeks now they set gunners. Album is expected to sell between seventy five and eighty thousand copies and asset is gonna, be between seventy seven and eighty two thousand in the first, so we were gonna your beloved of loose and also a couple times, and I will go away out of the countries we cannot pleaded. I think we have used our eleven months album between forty and forty five thousand in Cologne
has a while. We wait, mix tape and that's gonna be between twenty five and twenty. Eight thousand. Was U way Mona baby here? While we wake us is putting this music gotten, so she puts out album Osama incomes while he waits was. It was a fair return to also Ah, my like do anything for clout, allow anything like a lady. I was legacy. Ally gum play tat. Some of these are really who, like the record, don't lose me not to say I with me. Is a very very like the first one to Swede, rather for local joy, like the legacy joy to our now, let us talk about Hardy B and she has her Reebok nineties theme challenge, as suggested. We buy classics, presents card to be versus the nineties, and here she is explaining some ninety slaying. Encase ya, don't know. In a bag of chips, are more that and now more like wolves brain. Fallen and with a solar enough fake
mean Black fell for all your cue sides are lying. Viagra for now I gotta put original finger. Ninety four! Ninety just moving Dinah hold figures may live first it s car I'll? Get Obama will be able to walking, though we need to bring back side by side with a good word. I re will try to be also announced. Her toy dates coming up as well so side in though it's real the bed and July twenty third and am food July. Thirty first here I have some days so check that out aright spy glee he has written down a job has responded to us by Glee, said at the Asker Spiky when his first ever ask or- and this is what he said on stage due to dollar twenty presidential election is around the corner- was all both alive.
I'll be in the right side of history. Must the right thing all right with Donald Trump on Twitter and said be nice if Spike Lee could read his notes or better yet not have to use notes at all when doing his erases hit on your president, who has done more for African Americans criminal justice reform with unemployment, Emerson, history, tax cuts, etc than almost any other president. Why are you gotta hit races to allow their do? Will do this by Greece availed racist? I don't have anything races. I didn t. Let them make the Morrow choice between Levin hate less due to writing. You say nothing about re, feel even see. Would party to vote. I attended the wool voyages, their Labianca rifle you'll. Never you I hit dog. Will? How does my grandma youth they Donald Trump Frumps Interference? I write well I'm Angela YE and that's U rumour report.
I revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next get you requested to breakfast club, bemoaning warning everybody's d, J envy Angela YE shall amend guy. We are the breakfast club now its black is to remove yes, but we do not have been read our produce a good brother, any of it. Ah, to produce a day a dead in his eyes a day, and I want to do the for the D out What that was about animal, why he said it will for anybody who may have forgotten what afforded the challenge was the flash back to an error by do they did the best at breakfast. Represents a new black history. Man legit.
When does make fun of me find tamer reopen rotten rear, they dared not all local needs to take a lead in that was another new black instrument. Imagine courtesy of the breakfast room thought affordable judge. That means that you wanted me look great. How did he created way why you want to do more? Today that he said no come only the no common arrogance and paws importance here, all right, I will we come back, you got to be positive. No don't move. Is a breakfast locomotion.
Morning, everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club, Thou shalt everybody in the de I'll, be in the the de later on the doorway. What Abdel we Italians repeat at strata tonight in Detroit shadow- body of the trade. I gotta take a on some of my properties as well so I'll be in Detroit later on, and also shout to a martyr, you for stopping through some bar and yet she dropped her yesterday, she's running from made today out Chicago or I may show you guys, get out in votes it out the involve. She really explain a ladder, the stories that have been circulating about her and why she is more in touch with the people and our experience to just experience that she has. She has a law degree as such ology. All of that right, yes, she's been back, but she has the rapporteur. Colonies were on. The west side is from the West side, so get out there and vote today, Chicago right, Joel. Get a positive note, the people as they are, when you see other people of the hour,
taken it. Presently, you can never be hurt by what they say. I do even if This latter, you ok, they are lying to you because they are afraid you will discover that they are not perfect, proudly There ya go. I am Oscar Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global pandemic. We're facing there's a lot of information going around about other viruses spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to give you and your family healthy, it's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye, hard, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your part gassed. Syria! Isn't it country whose name is often associated with hope these days, but when I held there in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the Northeast Cholera Java. I didn't just find fear in violence. I found hope
a group of brave feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society. You can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series: the women's war, listen to the women's war on the eye, heart, radio, app apple podcast or ever you get your podcast.
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