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Chance The Rapper and Donnie Trumpet stop through to discuss their band The Social Experiment. They chat about growing up in Chicago, staying out of gangs, working with Madonna, beef with Drake, social activism and much more.

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Boil celebrity real. Some joint existed there. What are you as the J Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we are. The breakfast club got a special guess: we're us in the building of the rebel Diane, because without judges as done trolls, I've, everybody, you said briskly, would dounia my good honest shows little darling trumpet with everybody, not less thought back. Who is changed with unfamiliar, which you yet I've never really heard a song, never out of verse. So, for someone like, me who's, not appoint chance. The rabble who are you, I am the rapporteur from Chicago twenty one You are asking about you, I'm the rapid, but I'm an artist of source from Chicago and for the people, and I got to mix.
I realize Arabas one as Europe is: is there not a couple years ago? That would be the one that you know it. I am afraid I guess you today you might know it. You may not know unexplained occurrence of attending gender was recorded. While I was on today suspension from high school what you do well, you suspended we have to know what the rules are ever read everything I had we not really a lottery bullock on on school property, I guess alike, have zip zip not like, like a like me, maybe the coroner may be accorded a smoking. I wish but they were trying to add intend to sir. I didn't, I didn't want bag, it was for me You know I was a little trying to say now. I don't know what was incriminating. What was not yet I was jealous, but they they gave me suspended somebody. Tell you gonna days of the week I was in high school. I probably should now the long term. When I was in high school back, we used to get money. When we used to tell on people for haven't we
retaining a poor man like way do like they do not know. Why would he would he do? We would go tell on it one issue that you ve always been like, because the man who like to look at how we got a gun, though we tell on him and get money when you got guns, two people in everything. That's my son. Somebody tell on you out got to be crazy about found out. Somebody told on me. I think it was just the school was into like what I was honest and stuff. So, like I kind of followed me around the police officer that was issued to the school, what kind of like randomly check my locker and I'll text you, and he was actually found me. I was a little bit actually like a cup of wax away from schools, outscore daughter so like I was like in an alley somewhere and do just walked up on me and grabbed me. Take me back to the school make sure they they kick me out of school and then then take me to patients are often days and you didn't make save in the library and military equipment elaborate. They did so there's this thing
you media Chicago ages as to Chicago bubble I brazenly basically give the space for a young kids to laddies media, whether it be like you know, using the internet and never programmes from again. You know, work stuff or also like instruments and production of wearing a recording studio in music. They re glasses mandate of grub in it and they like China then in enough I'm working closely with the entire. You know as the way the daddy man died. Gary. We now it is the role now definitely not a hand. I have my own personal we'd carrier ten days, especially I don't want any of their trouble. Those among you go to the library to study a new was actually making a mistake. I mean, I think my mom was glad that I was at the library regardless I don't have to, the expound, know what I was doing, the library, but it was lying. There was like
snuff in than there has also been microgram through their call, nurses and like it was led by a guy named our brother, might rest in peace, but he was momentum, a grown up and you just have all these kids from the city using all sizes city cause was right, downtown, like all the trains came, and everybody coming just you know, make a statement likely answer saying you know wrapper, do with inequality forward stuff, like people come up and present, and that was my spot, the solid game of ants now. Did you read it? You opened up with digital live, so our open up, the Cotonou wasn't shuttle to Cotonou Montague Snowford were now little blue black history multilingual. Where were you when they may go back and listen to your music? I'm it was louder polluter and they were saying that you would like to highlight a lap loser last year. You know not only was it Chicago by you bought out, our Kelly came out and I'm into you, everybody you'd see to no avail, would you know very well documented grown up up up up up while, yes, we're.
It was our diameter. He said it wasn't. You married infinitely committee Oh, my god, I've been trying to people like you They learn about in his arms. Are. Thank you very much. Yes, that's actually were made me, go back and say, oh came, and you were on the devil s how freshmen cover, and there was another thing bright whence ray. I was up here. He said yard, since have issue leg. He called you aware to include new faith and called you a widow raffle whereon may travel are cool people's. Ah, we met at the at the double taxation we didn't. We don't know each other really before that, but are the activity in office now we will call very valuable I don't know. Maybe he fell, stand off his majesty, detect it, but we're cool thing. When I got really sick early last year, I was getting ready to play. I could travel on tax to I'd like a high flute like a high temperature. Eggs were mixed with, like
Like tonsillitis just a bunch of stuff, I met, I haven't everybody with excited ass, it allowed a polluted everybody. Was we gotta see I test rather before me, I did. I did the first week in a coach and brought out Justin Bieber was used thing. Then I went on a string of shows like from a british member things and between I got really sick on that will end between weep and almost half of the next week. I can go this saint terrible temperature influenced of prisons. What can play, but a lot of people in me up with, like words of like you, I hope you do an already enjoy was running and like reading, like you begged him, to double, exert a positive note. We dont yet we know each other. I think the thing is what we we paused and really understand. Each other will come from first bullock. Now we understand, we just have our own lives and we both want each other basic choices. He's the dealer in guys, like you, ready.
Sir. I mean leaders ever gonna. Wait it's going in it because those different ways to look at everything, there's gonna method that is classy them in Rapto for sure. I think its message, that is classes of world would inevitably a rapid figures with the rapid, like one of the only like you know, really really not just competitive sport. Musics black contact, sport, music, like is, and always feels like- that- has to be one defined objective, one
of music, and we always have to find one person nets in killing everybody else in his. It's not really like that. Another genius- and I think that as in arms- and I don't think it's just weird- I think it's like European systematically like that- deserve predominantly black art and successful people. Don't want it to be like Europe's and a bunch of people taken over music in a rather be Europe's, and you know the Kremlin about them. I think I think everybody can move successfully and do what they want to do and make the type of music they want to make an oral make the job as a whole and not just the gene, but because we send us predominantly black John I got will make the people move right now. You you also volunteer for Morocco, Burma where he was guided. How was that could easily said? There were closely with him yet Norma puffs as work with black for a long time rather than the government will be the year more policies like a move in a shady
lucky he has worked and governor formerly one time, believes he works in the mayor's office now, but yeah I'll do our eyes. Glee waken allows soon. I used to live in DC. Thank you from like these revenue circular, my father for every year, but are yet he eat. I grew up in a sound working tat. Did you pass feel it when you go into the rabbit? and she was so connected politically, I mean when I was running out, because I've been doing this as utterly ourselves like thirteenth witching, like I think, originally wasn't necessarily the main idea, but I think it is as easy as it grew. My dad is like you know, he was a campaign manager really put people and office put show people to the people they re on and my dad at a certain point. Gonna campaign managed man and show me how to like. You know, prevent fires in and move on framework organically with the people to like, for you, I'm a bad use, political activism.
You got it for the people they dare to do from scandalous. Was the gas names tell me what would you say there Lollapalooza Chicago pebbly like today? Maybe your biggest most impact for performing, definitely from me We had played loud applause a couple years in a row that will guide you. What do you do? I play the trumpet mostly, but at a loss of things around as Donnie Trumpet, yet all a groove yeah we're and I ll go with a social experiment where a collective, whether we want a social experiment, Danny is deleted. You played with his these days and Frank Ocean, and we worked together in the past and eventually started on their social experiments. We ve been aims and with it the name in front of our universe and like all of events that we throw you know we do like, like you just said, social and political activism, and we do that as a social experiment. We just
make a lot of moves, but yet Danny is like you're. The first man coming over to eleven of the first come along with a group project with a low. If the first social experiment project, as well as a unit is, is headed by any trump. Their name was the social experiment. What is what is the remedies? Actually I like me,
Yahoo. Socially okay, so this also experiment is more than just me and Danny, but as a collective and allow to define, as there is in our interest in making dope free stuff comes in, and it doesn't even really just ah referred music boylike, it's it's it's it's a blend of production are writing as how we started off like after I finished my last project ass, her ah started doing a lot of writing and producing for other artist in this collective felt, a social experiment, Anna worked or some really dope, artists, like ah l, Viner and J, CALL and Joe Scott and Wildlife, and a lot of different people, and eventually we will. I go like while maturing as the ban as my back a band fur from alive shows, we started making songs that we were like. We should necessarily show this to Anybody Travis and why the singer rapporteur, in a sample
we should put about us of so since now we just been a kind of a mission to make the deepest after we can possible, give it away free. Yet I still thus the move that work and which also shows merchandise. What yeah I mean money spent remain different ways, I think, like their art, like you say, merchandise, touring, ah sponsorships as a lot away for artists to make money without necessarily selling their song from one dollar during, like a small deal with Spotify for Europe's and some type of distribution on your man with all kinds of labels, users have acted, Naxa saying. Yes, I think I mean it. It's it's a is a deep conversational alot of Bascombe Ramona residential care. I, like I like how deep against Nike Charlemagne, deep questions. I think I think, having star quality, is, but I think like, a thing music is that is moving in the direction where it's gonna become a little bit more extreme.
I love the way. The music is very inclusive, used it to to bring a lot of people to different things, mainly advertising Arabs and building of brands and stuff, but I think it's not the black thing anymore. It's not just a black thing anymore, and I'm saying it's not just a you know, I'm saying the musical thing about music and lyrics about being able to relate with people, and I think all of that stuff is dope, but we're kind of trying to retract it in you know what I mean when I say bohemian society, I got a society. We are radically really. I regard smells like like a bohemian, evaluate those needs, We are talking about the starving people. Having tried lacks. Also, that's that's one of the independent and image independent is it? Is it successful because a lot of odyssey independent in a getting six seven dollars an hour? We notice not true. It sounds great task, but we don't see the money, so is it awaited you wanna go because when a major they will push you to a scale.
You can't do independently. I might not necessarily agree with you. I'm pushing you to a level that that you might not be able to get you. There is definitely the distribution. They could put you in the seat that I'm in right now and tell you you don't seem to go up to the radio stations. They can put you on a stage somewhere like was last night. They could put you in a lot of different places, but I think it's about being Europe's and the manager of the project of the project of the product, Europe's how you get there right, exactly so like for me and for negro for the social experiment, because his real name no Danny is his name those measures, but I can only go from our Donnie tools want near, but for us is about that groundwork I am saying, having that person a person connections where people that their by my music or invest in me as a product and as a person, know me, and they feel like I'm connected to to the community and connect it just in a way this closer than like you
that their prayers relationship when you, when you're buying album from death jam, but you are supporting this one artists, Genome Santa Rosa that that the label is Europe's and pushing the product and then there's the consumer and the consumer is the John DOE below you connect an authoritarian supply exam? Well, you know that exactly Darwin Miranda comes to you. It to get on, the songs is no Clarence is that she has this. You can just come to you and you can have Yeah I mean you still got to work out yeah. We still got to work out our clearances. I still need my side artist agreement. I still got lawyers. I still like him right now, nobody label
but there's nobody that's gonna. Take the percentage. Is nobody. That's gonna, say: ok, I'm gonna work out the deal for your much worried. I don't ya publishing. Yet we got on publishing house. We got no sound, we do we do the stuff. The way we want to do and say how much I can no longer be question for Danny Danny declared. Do you get a lot of planetary, reaches people always say drummerstown? We know he s money, they give the trumpet classically. It is a very women friendly instrument. It requires a mouth where new blow there you go, I don't know, maybe it's the beautiful soundly, maybe the man behind the trumpet, through its all those things, is russian Madonna. What have you got your school? She does not go by your food and were not acquainted, What was he never asked to vote on them? You know, overthrew is definitely not doing verses from those good
But now we just work were close friends very respectable woman. How did it happen? You're, twenty one. You, though, Madonna's Sixty something right, audio books, close, for it has actually funny. I just realized what mattered through Frank Ocean with Roma. He brought it to show us, and why tell a thumb? the moment. I'm gonna. Let me make one final point. We beg about being on this super alike. On another planet, you known, fan and Michael. We met you, no Jesse Madonna had its shell
it seems to be getting came back in the daylight mature right. You know where I live knows. What's up the essential comes to what she was, what she affair. I guess she, she came through Frank and put her on the music. I only know Frank do through Danny were originally new through Danny, but are we at frame brought it to a show? We met real quick. We didn't talk for a while, and then we read some festival and I got a call from Jersey and use like Yo Madonna acts may go on the record of this economic record about icons, blah blah blah, and I think that it be better. If somebody was a new version, I think could be a new act on that on the record. The whole is called open. Your story just have your number to call you. Well, are you J? I shouldn't coma freshness every cop at the manager, my manager, but yet we know some people are regulation. It easy, as we are the main America first will ask him and his wife got hacked, and I said so. The white beard,
yeah yeah. I mean say that on Uk Jacob, our general, I dont you internally glimmers of our global come. I was very clear later. We might not agree about the only issue here make the moonlight was supported, joy, bath yeah. I don't know people out for joy and I don't really understand well, I like she's, she likes music. I am not really really close to her, but look like we may be met a couple times when I was a short hooker does, like I said my days to work for for a bottom up, but if you dare legit, born. Like everybody knows, this war is so easy to get like very much so Emma s not very very easy. My debt, an organ, the music of stuff but like when I want to do I like to talk about the social activism and political activism
now a starting our own, open Chicago and is working with the Feel museum adrift in our free museum campus Day for us out. Unless our neighbour anything that we want to do. I know I have the proper channels in its through machinations and like the tactics We learned early on four, just getting music to the people and just like understanding in realising our own fan base and our own friends could be those though people that support us, you know, are artistically. You know like his his father's background in politics. Definitely contributed to us being out on the street like passing out, makes tapes in and if you know I'm trying to figure did all it does not have any of you a two dollar thirteen when you did after ever that when you started, you know these connections the J, these Madonna's, just today reminds eighty thousand all that has happened in that year. Yeah I will save for the most part like twenty two I dropped. It
and a project goes a year at a high school, and if things were things, Obama for me in the city and the city as a whole was Bobby Europe's everybody's coming up around the same time, and then I think the Ashraf Project was just a little bit. Better put together and we had a better game plan for it, and I put out in arms and professionally put out a tape as just rapid before so. What's up with that out and we had like the game plants ever gonna to arouse gonna, do merge and in Europe's interest of a full, well thought out. Gambling things took off and I think people just started to take notice, no sobered vigorously. Could I do in Hamburg, opponent of ignorance or when I was, I felt myself worthless in a sample form at the Woody's Salvador, somebody's Vanessa duty added things saved money or saves a Monday. My lesson- and it was I who image as Robert A group- and I might say good- I mean after applicants whose VIC the Anti Vanclein, as my brother
no doubt about the inverse. That's my brother will we. We went to great school together and went through lots of different musical phases. You know like a rock face when we all listen to like pink Floyd and led Zeppelin and stuff, and then we went through like a hip, hop hip, hop face. When you know I'm saying we're like we only listen to old old school hip, hop in like underground, hip, hop and pop there was all about like hip, hop and then right, and then we are in a band together, call kids these days for a couple years in Chicago and we color we. We would do all the gorilla tactics that we're talking about you, no chance doing for ass, wrap in ten day like we would be in the high schools, pet. You know, selling tickets in and go into different high schools in the city in blast and our music out the trunk in Toronto, sell tickets and trying to get people to come to shows and stuff so um yeah we just kind of came up in a room. Go place in and with the band you know, VIC got a lot of experience, writing music in that way like
jamming in a room with a bunch of people playing instruments. You know he's always been a very instrumental person of a vocalist in So when we play shows a lot of times, chance will come up in an rap verses or just like jump around is around eleven twenty, two then, when we started playing south myself worst and chance came the south by and we we just the kind of all together in a real organic way. You know, and we started Germany gather in restaurants, who do you think has been the most inspirational present as waste at ease and made it. You imagined she was shocked. Right was an idea without end. You know cause either difficult president everybody to get there. We ought to get all yet these taxes. Like the answer, I think most people have made music that our aid and people there are over and younger boys.
We have only very generous year. We feel like he's the best. The best answer like. Can you really put him in a category two all had our station would never love already that when he's never given us a full body of work, rap Why, as a solo as outcast, they put out some of the best, absolutely greatest group Norquist with him of the soul. I don't know yet, while the love below is like one of the best outcome, if we just counted there as well as on the whole, it oaten heartbreak thing to me: yeah spawned a whole lot of music, and let people know that you could do something different about. I think everyone at Amsterdam took aims in black music out of it and just the whole idea of being a wrapper. I mean like being a vocalist and being a rapporteur, in being like being an instrument. You know like he'd, though He changes his voice or manipulates his voice and like pictures it up and weird ways are like speed, stuff up and slow stuff thou lucky he made his voice.
They more than just like. Writing. A rat, you not, I mean like an end, it inspired a lot of people after him to treat their voice and unique ways. To come up with their own ways of making rap music that wasn't just riding wraps. No one. You have thought experiment with drugs. Could you just don't acid rat and I'm gonna hit a whole pink Floyd legs absolutely must be around that time. Oh no, I think I'll actually attributed to somebody guys today a variety free- and I was in a senior- only knows what I can say that on the radio Cosette was just raise going with her. Now he knows what issues just very meagre gypsies. Right. You but you're going to traveller What she says I rather than have same occupation, is that now is the time like this. When you do to him, This is what together unity. Community aren't gonna, make a joke, but already entered
you mean, like I gave me so much ass, a junior, so you were from we too, as it did. You start Draken for our. I am still not a drink. I was never really a drink to smoke. We and actually I smoke cigarettes from a really young age, which is a terrible habit. Bullock yet and went like cigarettes, we as it and now I can't really barely smugly dissuasion conversations above you because I thought of sea cod acid wrap it. Then I heard people like Troy. I'd say you know you're the guy that rap about using their use. I wasn't uttereth our air family. I don't do ass it on that internet life that wisdom Sidney. You top you, you you're, very political. My did your father comes from a government. You notice you, like you're, doing things very grass root, which is another question I have his arm, be doubtful reverie don t. Always I asked him about won't. I
said the draw a product of media hype like a lot of publications. Put you in front of their magazines early. You know a couple years ago and your more of a product of media hype than actual- I guess- haven't affair talent or we live, and we live in media hype lay with the reason why people a successful a lot of the time now, a days because of media hype or because of the twitter and the sound clouds in the face books. In the end, all the different ways that these kids can literally talk to chance. The rapporteur literally talk to some of their favorite artists. You not, I mean like they can explain themselves and ask questions in an NGO Mason two shows and get all the information for the for the download of the hour and they can get whatever they need from this one place in its really simple, and it's really easy for them to get, and I think the whole The of media hype has changed by by making the internet the place where people find music like its rights, the place where people understanding music now. So it's like the idea of media hype. It is, is music
there has been an early on with a couple of complex the covers been. Did you want? That's all I mean for me. I guess for it for different people. It seems like it comes at a different time. Right, like I mean I'm turning, one sort of some people might be young and the sub vivum older, but like when I got the complex stuff like I said, I will make music since I was fourteen hours recording basements with seen terrible microphones an autopsy like I've been through the filter. Because of a struggling, Wrapper, Europe's air and then I still feel like a struggling lap. I still feel like I'm hungry, to learn how to get to know anymore. You he's got cancer cells and GM. A diary limit automatically follow. Our number is not, as is for me, it was never I never wanted to like. I feel like I was something being seen: shoved down people strokes and I wish you will realize, wrote a little bit. You felt like not too many people are telling you chance. The rapporteur and I saw your cousin magnesium make, but I've never heard of him
there are big I've never heard of verse, hence the type of music where you have to leave. And to the music to be like, oh my god, now, I'm a subscriber rooms It's not the type of music. Where your frank and tell you you we would are. In that way, we in Sweden, was on you told a lotta people watch videos and in other areas really message you tell me, I mean: have you got They might only be one afternoon the USA we have. Libya has, I think, how ya gotta, if you like- music, if you like, if you like, music and lyrics like if you're not like a person, s leg, yo, everybody gotta be real hot or, like. You are only like this kind of be like if you are using, where everybody will be revised wants. You should never wake the boy. Oh I'm fire like acts about my life, I'm I'm very I'm very cold like this, like it. No, I see the video which you an absolutist, delight, the cigarette smoking. Does you look young and video was three years ago, yeah four years ago, coordinate the bath aggression
college and not by homes was, and I think that you are proposing a smoker like these local, like a crazy personnel, sat waiting in the golden locks it when I e smoking, but what the videos I've been terrible smoking of it, but I don't like that I realize now, I'm not gonna. Look we don't smoke. We would look cigarettes. Is easier to quit. Hark away, though, that it is increasingly a cigarette, but yeah I mean The second point where I thought that that was like and because I was younger, I had a different way of thinking, but I thought that was my branda thought. It was cool for me to be and to be myself round because mocha cigarettes with myself. I want to smoke cigarettes and videos and want to be I'm not gonna where different clothes for videos. I'm not gonna do this for videos, because be myself and I figured out recently their cigarettes isn't myself. That is something that I do Was it it's all your it in a military rapid, but exactly no bread? Yet it did, they might use it. You think your birth is diminished a little bit, and only then I say that has just come to the surface in Baghdad was on a cover, magazines and all old place. In his dislike day, you kind of disappeared Bush
I mean I I feel like I have a released. A lot of new were either released a project in Rwanda and people like projects, but I think everybody pretty excited for this serve project, which is the first social experiment project I mean, I think, if it wasn't for that project, I probably wouldn't sold out Webster all last night or got the cover of failure. I'm saying with the whole bad or be sitting here talking to you. I think it's everybody's looking for what I want to do next and I'm glad that people are into and the answer is: I'm do new music, I'm the do new dope laugh about beaches. Surfboards waves is aside what to serve about her surf. Originally was a play on wanting to live in a lay kind of and living action How, unlike those obviously no surf culture in Chicago. There is an ally, but we're
making a lot o wavy music so it was kind of feeling it was kind of any kind of just an ironic play on on the word and end the idea of surfing and that being a cop you're a part of the culture and it just gonna kept grew. In changing and evolving, and then you know we brought it all to the to the collective and we just been hashing it out and it's you know changed a lot and morphed into what it is in and yeah. It's just all rugged vibes that about what's happening on having fewer people are putting the issue.
Talk about. Railways are rational, is a secret arena that I like her from me, for I think for all of us is the dope is thing, is create music. We will create a music, that's why we spend time aims as just riding and production collective, like making music for other people to release, as we don't necessarily think that maybe the world isn't ready to hear it item. I add my voice, or maybe the world isn't ready to to experience it from my platform, because it won't, they will be able to get to gain access to Europe's Alec. There's this hire people that could use the same sought. So we love just making record, and I think the idea behind this project was to make music as if we are a production arrayed in collective and like not necessarily focused on making hot records. But
stuff that resonates would people for a long time. I think other songs on the project, a very dramatic and cinematic and every song as its own moment on the project. Every time I think, nobody's gonna be able to skip through the project very its attention grabbing from the moment that you here none of the people that other than using a tiny trouble in the social experiment I listed on the project. She gonna, listen through it. Like special guess, secret versus the insistence that insight disagreements. Further listeners is for the listeners like this project. It you know it's it's like car music head for music, like it, you can listen to it in a lot of places you to listen to what a lot of people can also listen to a completely buyers. Oversell. You know is put it yet. It also makes us stronger exactly that. That's what we're trying to do, gonna, let it lets you lose, I might be ass, they call serve it out and tweets are bored do not listen and that such a good job,
using and say it one more time. Ok boy, you should do. A relief like Biagi, tweeted out put hashtag serve where were you only get these gonna Jonesy a breakfast club in a minor Charlemagne taken over that's a good idea, but we do not worry. We often see how to jail of wood getting killed emitted. That's a great! I am tired of Chicago. Yeah, I'm gonna, be all avoid. Not joining gangs led picking up guns going that rock, when, when you're really really young, it's not really saying much of much too much thought that goes into it, and I'm saying like you, if you have to learn from the people that are a little bit older than you so I think, for the most part and I'm might be an overstatement, will, I think everybody lives in Chicago at some point, threw up again like everybody in Chicago assumption.
Woke up, feel like Europe say like like they were gang affiliate would not within Europe. One numbered in around two hundred three hundred and nine doesnt work like that. There's only five or six is, but the point is like I'll drink was the sixth, different kind of six. The hope that the only point is, I think, what we didn't understand was that different places to get information from so we created this. Ah, this this thing called the staff, which is our collective. As a collective myself up you from the social experiment, artists from Chicago king. Louis Hannibal bears a lot of different people that I work with where we ve created the staff of people that are workers dedicated to rooms in Korea. Opportunities with you. So we do this open mic thing to just started. We had a second one that a lot of dope people come and cover it until the publication's, but we do open mic kind of bi weekly for kids. In high school to bring the id,
come up and make a statement in Spain is not necessarily the the quickest way to abstain, Tina violence in Chicago, but it's an outlet stand we, the people that have a real connection to these gears and piano us on a first name basis and can come out of which we also or like. I said earlier this this club with the feel museum in the entire museum campus in Chicago to make a free day for kids from the South West as to come check out the museums so having to Father just totally, Kept you yeah great, I mean be asylum, have a father, it's all about the decisions we make at the end of the day. No matter where you are you not me, like those gangs and violence anywhere, you go, is just about how you deal with it in and I think growing up in The cargo, you know shapes you and moulds you into the kind of person that a loyal person or a group.
Like relying on your friends is ok and like you know that the whole idea gang mentality or whatever has gone completely arrived, but it didn't start from a terrible, terrible places. Darted from political places started from a a uniting places, started from a young, a place of of sensitivity, but also a place of of strength. You not, I mean China be protective of your. Of yourself in your friends around you. So I think you know it's not a invaluable lesson that you learn growing up in Chicago just about how you deal with with what comes from a note about the odious and Chicago you kindly worse, Lou pays and common you. You do a lot of work with them. You know we're commoner of work, will comment of of worked with Lupex unless Twister, I mean Chicago's. A very small place. Lamps here is not a no New York is very vast and theirs of grace had come out here from the different burrows in, like people eventually connect over a barber Chicago's. It s a place where,
more, the likely your grandma know somebody Grandma Europe's like more than likely, you grew up down the street from somebody say, a small town in a big city. This act grandmother and commons. Mother are really good France, for example. So and actually call me when I was a shortly going to library and left voice. No message by should keep it up in life. He workin on my music type. Random forego I get them back. My phone is lit broke for real, like I had actually do like me, my phone at all times, because you know you never knows no called president agree now. What do you take the brok coming to fight? You know? I don't want. You talked him dishonour right? Don't talk to me right now that we don't have an email for the present, but I do rock with him if he wants to give me some advice or something wrong here, my phone round and another so Drake new drink subliminal that each other. Is there a question lad with it? What what relationship
Man, Draco areas a chance to wrap lateral note at night like that I don't know about, or nobody seven did, it mean I'm gonna break or them he read it there you might as well. I saw me out of the same, and so people know that you don't know who I am mediocre colder like I've. Only of only seen drank a couple of times. The first tell me We actually talked about the recording and he told me that you wanted to collaborate. Those I reckon I was working on a long time ago, called body that I for J call. It was then it is a song about Isaac. I think I'll get there, probably never come out earnestly. We feel connected to this. I like any more, but at the time it was I can allow directives like that artists in hip hop record
around the etiquette refugee Golden Zella, you wrote a full wreck of a vehicle. You not anonymous. Nano arrow wreckers reject heavy vehicles as much as it is a good friend of mine. We worked on a lot of stuff together. Everything everybody's at Yale, so like, while use work enough for a self driving and afterwards like he was one of the closest people took to the south. Magic is just always around sand like are recording Danny in Jeff Giddy from our ban. Actually a plan for his soul, driver global social experiments shout out on the project, but that records thought he was for Jake Hole I had a virus on it, Jekylls where's, never guy anyway. Anyways I got circulated and that's what happened to hip hop is like something is dope before it gets released. Artist pass it around somebody somehow Drake got it heard it you liked it I figure you told me like entering internal somebody that they knew at all. Shone like a song I made on ten day when my first make statements when twelve, where I may
like a mention to drink. Only virility goes a death, but we talked about it and we're like we didn't, really does each other. We did what, make us all together. We should work on since then I ve only seen dreg, maybe some once in Chicago. He showed I love. I came through in and support it and I and I bought that the new em I loved, unwelcome so yeah. That's me a direct relationship with Russia. We ve only twice you give off a lot of positive, really meant you had done. Thank you. I didn't know what man. I really budget will be some drug using the idiots would really appreciate you to make. As you know, it's crazy is one I was coming down here. Everybody, the shrine of bread me they were like your shovel he's. Gonna, say some crazy love to you answer and I don't know profile me burial, Tyler, proud black man for the people's parliament knock. We haven't bought for people who may ever directly, maybe just a quick sixty you can use it.
It can be written with a view to love. You would I watched, as you know, people watch. I know people ass the brakes. Club. I love the breakfast club on think. I'm a rap on the breakfast club I think we're get this relationship which we are now under way. We did, he come back out and then they are young. Lady in no way means that demands are really appreciate. Great artist now rap right now, but keep looking from afar determining factor like all were stated reference less, not very, was indicted in regions like the homophobic. For no reason. No ninety got troubles. You wanna play a little. You know I'm busy had if this really just it's really just for this money sticker. If I got a job it nor yet he I carry the now, we will have less dignity. I will do this for you, you Alabama, yeah we're really real bad last. Look afford another hot hip. Hop me yeah, unlike in like tenants
ten years ago had, I thought, not be the how they got their socialist women. Ok here we go. Did you, God for join us. Thank you. Thank you. So much love pray envy, you man show me your problem map. I appreciate you, you us though, but I didn't give you any buys, but we can combat great with it would then be backing, as the first item is, nonetheless, lousy, a music. If you come ok, When you go whether or not we are now embarking bars, our taxes, It's not me, I'm positive! You have never been dying. There can be. No, I think you ll HIV can be in any doubt. Northern army is cool Uvira like music. My really
Oh right, you I just did that causes junctions. My merrily call you guys got great, want gather strongest Ernest coming out right now. I, like the huge man like the penal thing. You know what I'm unnecessarily like a fan of his music. He don't even seem narrowly committed, even music us honour. The makes any major changes your name, I think he was just entities, got a new chapter open and I don't really know them. Islamic different I've, music, but I'm excited forties coming another he's dope and always got thereby stay with a view to fund the new youth were not afraid of. You think you should be making just as much money is who are the jeez? Somebody I mean me very closely as now how much money I make but man childish above good, but I know you trying to say how glad he made the point. Could I say to him gentle, but you go away, but it either. We don't only about his back on a vital kiss. You washed out give you know that the good guy, greener chairs
Rapport Donnie trouble. We appreciate you got it, you guys name, that's an animal of it No I've got it was their type and you adopted both meekin regarding any had trumpery. My only I have lots of me, you see here. There's lots of peace the guy job guide? I appreciate. Thank you very much. Thank you. His cloak more
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