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Friday 11/ 17 - Today on the show we did a recap of our Change 4 Change Radiothon, benefiting The Gathering for Justice Organization- a non profit organization founded by Harry Belafonte which sponsors movements such as the "Women's March, Colin Kaepernicks "Know Your Rights Campaign #WomensMarch, @kaepernick7’s KnowYourRights campaign and the NY Justice League. We raised over 700,000 dollars all thanks to our celeb friends such as Will I Am who started it off by donating 50,000 dollars, Kevin Hart, Eminem, Diddy and of course our loyal listeners really helped out as well. Also Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Joseline Hernandez for having a diss record towards Cardi B. During the recap we also had visits from T- Pain where he spoke about his new album, not getting respect in his home town Tallahassee and more. Moreover, Safari gave us a visit as well, where he spoke about his rapping skills, Nicki Minaj and more. 

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In the past few months. The notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day, especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something good for today we spoke to Morgan Brochure, scientific communications manager at Pee, Angie about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to DAWN power wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes and you can get back. The things you love visit, dawn, dish, dot com forgotten is in Newport cost about hundreds of young women who have disappeared and turned up dead in horrors, Mexico right across the border from El Paso, Texas. It a story about borders, migration and corruption. We talked of it. Families, FBI agents and a former? U S ambassador, to understand why these crimes have remained unsolved?
Listen to forgotten women, farmers on the radio at all. What have you got? Your put costs, every day or some other cities in the categories remained with body. Do you go? Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo.
Julie good Morning, Charlemagne planted in fraud is ready and we are really here. We may lie, maybe they don't have to do in eighteen hours. Yesterday, best right at midnight raise the money for the gathering for judges organization. We read over seven hundred thousand dollars and eighteen hours, Laploshka Aubrey, brutal God aware here alive. And in living color this morning. Now you know what you want personality. Shout out yesterday, o first volume shouted but if we raised over seven hundred thousand dollars yesterday, which was amazing, we got a lot of big donations from a lot of Lebanese, but you guys already a really pushed us over the top, whether it was a dollar five dollars to analyze, fifty or We cannot allow to be bled donated as well celebrities. I don't need a bigger, didn't, really have to shout to Eminem
M M and emotion: math is Foundation donated a hundred and fifty thousand really donated a hundred thousand calories. You fifty one thousand do well. I am fifty dollars. As he did Kevin heart. Fifty thousand yes, yes, he D lost around twenty thousand video Of course we will be able to say ludicrous: wouldn't they wanted. Those aim is big. Altos knickknack cannon at a huge donation began aborted on camera, yeah yeah yeah, Canada was big. He pointed out on camera a kindness I would beg your pardon a runaway Jesse small NET, he dominating the even didn't. We tell anybody any between did even taxi just didn't. I was always happened upon his name up and see la la la la Terence, Jane ARM and Angela Angela er. I am a member of the commission
well. If you paid off mass the p p o tat dolphin tv oh trembling, timberland donated swiss beats. Yes, sir, Yes, there is a lot more stuff common cause. You know we kept it. Openness is still Oberon, as you could take five to sixty five to want to keep it open until I don't give a wider at nuts II level What else we can get a lobby was they wanted donated data? They got paid a day and a lot of people right will be done. In the next couple of days so drought Wanna clues bombs, Charlemagne a guy? This was his dream in his brain job and he came up with this idea. We were in a meeting. He says I really want to do something to help to do You know- and I haven't seen a radio thorn in years- and this is where they and he came up with the idea collectively, added. But this was his brain child soldiers.
What is the matter my hand because the admitted he spoke to Kostiei? He fought with the boys ass. He made it happened and it would have been so thank you, as the money went to a great cause investing about it was explaining what is money People could love. You will raise money, go news who's this person on Monday, the gallant rejecting it would not be found by high butterfly daily or fiscal spawning. For a common cabotage, no you're right, Canada, one is marginal, just begin. What the right away wasn't a hard fight it out, because that's what happened when you got a person of color specially away no color, like Hosty S, rings it omitted power. You know it's played a need. Just right. You understood. Why is needed to be done. She understood why it should be done. That's right! You want to have universal values, whether Nowadays, we see with a real aid. She also needs of the people. I garden. You know we go on you the why we will vote against them. We make things happen and ass. We did and asked what we do. Geronimo minimise donated to forget about Remy disguise a gear.
I am very happy to be here on Friday, Goddamn also safari scab easy. He don't even be joining us this morning. S defy actually the third letter we came by yesterday. They combine, we didn't get a chance to play because on a different model, but we don't play this morning. S re very, very, very funny. Obesity painting painfully be you're, never gonna get well absolutely and we'll get a lot of stuff whenever yesterday in and we got a lot to talk about easily. Not. Even though this is romance in the morning. You already know afraid to show Grattan Front page news we talked about lack there is much easier. You not hear. No doubt we dogma and what is that when we come back his ragged up, your daddy is the better the more regular and everybody is dj? Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast publicans and front page news started football. If there is a very full steam was Science, forty two seven careless talk how
frankly, the Senator of Minnesota now a couple of days ago, leant tweeting, I believe her name is- as she was basically sexually harassed by him, and we have the audio having some fastened his massive, his let's against my face, and he stuck his tongue in my mouth. So fast- and all I can remember, is that his lips were really. Why slimy, I remember, I pushed him off with my hands. I just remember, I almost punch them so has every time I see him now like hands clenched fist? Well, you said he didn't do it and land that you came up. This picture came out now this picture. Let me describe as pie sure he is. Are you a soldier it near eager to see you. I thought he was a soldier. She sleeping and he's kind of like grabbing her boobs through her shirt. They wanted and again looking back at the camera smile right because sexual assault culture,
culture, one man and had been the norm for so long for in this picture? I know that he does not been wrong. I try to do what the call is. Goose girl made the gravel grub breath. I gotta go I never did. No one called a gloomy. Are we just gotTa Goosey mine is mine? You haven't done anything wrong when you learn everything absolutely responded. He said the first thing I wanted to apologize to the end to everyone else's part of their tour to everyone who has worked for me to everyone. I represent into everyone who council me to be an ally in supporter and champion of women. Is I respect women? I don't respect men who don't back at my own actions have giving people a good reason to doubt. That makes me feel ashamed, while the President Donald Trump responded, the Alfred This time picture is really bad of you don't shut up that no more. It speaks a thousand words if dont forty five don't shut the hell up. Where do hands go in pictures, two, three, four: five: six, while she's
leaps now relate audio of Donald Trump Member dinner. By run down from that is granted by the learning, should play doll thing. Will you scribes. Why do you let him why women, let's grab my report? My note that down from the tree did everything to night and day no, he didn't put their heads just last week, he was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment or respect for women, Leslie style tape. Customer how'd you throughout our. U goofing wrangles things now when you grab Mormons breath according to the urban dictionaries where he stood behind an unsuspecting victim, you call your hand and between her legs and gradually genitals, mimicking the shape of whose his neck, Men have been historically disgusting. While we do not admit it ourselves, infection the so called the sexual assault, culture, red culture, we did the terrible. Would it especially if you gave in seventeen eighty nine early two thousands, what things are changing Raina?
Adrian Severin, was accused of sexually assaulted a sixteen year old fan. Now Girl allegedly was forced to have sex with him and also the body guard. What do you mean? Other body. Go he's also mean off, one of whom have monthly S back with them. The girls alleged they say there is a police report was the best is long. That he said this is a ridiculous for story. Now you say I didn't really haven't. Even those you far too pleased right. I got to get you a me. Listen man! I don't know When the police said, she decided at the press charges against me how she was scared and humiliating, whereas it is another thing that we can discuss later on, but do not I'm happy A lot of these women are revealing a lot of because you can hear You don't reveal, but you know, want everything
that alone. Will we do have to discuss allegations and accusations? How do we would alligators regulation do if it takes a right will ask for it age news, not get it off my chest, eight hundred five, five one o five. One of your obsession needed You can hit us up right now, or maybe you feel like us. We feel bless this morning. Nothing but positive vibes. We would you guys have raised over seven. One hundred thousand dollars. I miss my daughter's school play yesterday. Okay, my daughter was a lost boy in Peter PAN for her fourth grade play. But you know we were right, in my view, a good cause, and she understood yesterday my daughter passed her permettez. She turned sixteen and was so excited to go out without first with her daddy and we missed it, but it was for great causing she understood that now right, but it'll features eight hundred forty five one five one.
Suppose to breakfast club the morning some breakfast falling down. You're gonna, get you on the breakfast laughing, but then Are you guys? You see how I guess came early this morning, garboils the both of you Rather, what you ever able able to accomplish, pick up your oh, why nobody can compete, which I could I do stuff like this God bless you. You guys have an every week. God bless everything. I know about your family, your children guidelines. We are receiving all whatever days. I'm a degree in a league of all because the listeners, like you Abbe eyes, which you guys
Have your bike, Charlemagne Audio, but is bomb? Have the diary why they did it? Be I love you. I wish you a play and more I know is. I bet you. People like you know, play with people like you, but I love you thought I was above the I make. My computer work amazing power but I guess you learn. Erewhile thumb advocate one good inside the boy, love, there's, no gas alone knows no gas. U S was reminded knowledge. May I don't know you don't know it was an umbrella, given our future say were really man. I know how to play the altar yea firmer, but may I like what's our door Allow me to change the change, but smaller cities MER the baby I'll make a big change. You have come to the aid of HIV feel like any smaller towns.
What did you do? I love. You know that what we do to enable charlemagne- and I naturally we already schools- we talk to the students come on. Go I doubt it. Didn T beat oh I'm about a man under other minimal, been a long time. But what will we do we like, and I are we making? I wait. I are under somewhat David in December in Mississippi? I can remember exactly what we make our way above the October. I think on the Argus our baby, kid like the body we can get it
I was in August last year. Their leisure allows is having an enlightened I've ever like me that that is not the first time it happened at other heading for it back where I know that there are no at land or anything like that. I don't have a gown really not. However, I do wonder if other people I know a normal human being, I would get an attack in the tropics again. I dont one hundred then about it. Having had the negative turn out the lights, a major power and then everybody could be to slaughter. I forgot what could be just what the Vienna summit we we don't know stuff like that. Our good use, legal, Michael, you can't go report is on the policies, really got. Nobody at his landlady did make it is very likely just get. It all features, eight hundred five, five one and five one. If you need that is obvious,
breakfast club boy, some breakfast! I got wake up matter black. We want to use the new allows. This dream dray would have given her features, wrote I was gone. I bitterly air understated man I'll go in there. Johnny back in the old man found in a pre the right. Ok, you know, I've been around jail, many job. Madam I dont anywhere the my view I am. Can I thought you didn't? You know how to play out of pocket. Why didn't you
There is only one guy, or will you not a meeting on one of the items Rhine, aware of animal body? I meet a guy land aloud. He married dude investigation by ignoring it so Sir, what happened? Young lady, she lost her life in a family lost their dead ordered a baby girl was, is varies a guy. I know about you already know about it. Who had been at all at my little goose, improving Asia, Goosey goose in a dry up, another man? Listen, I'm tellin! You man, I gotta have admitted it and that's all, earlier we were all non red called your sexual or so called your sexual sexual harassment, culture, and it was really a fourth and the things the images He saw a music energy, we saw on tv and everybody neither unlearn Abbe at maybe they was on Perry. Allow this.
Refugees is one I'll be glad to get off my chest, random. I saw the alarm and data which are anti braided sounded out some of the truth we read yesterday. I love the measures that were were put out every day. I appreciate your arguments and we appreciate what you do that you would you guys do out there as well get off my chest. Eight hundred families? of one or far. What, if you need event you can hit, is that now covered up next in the room? Is rigour play back? Some of the calls from you guys and celebrities. Come back here to talk about some of the Romans we measure today to mail. I e one hour on the top right. You know a few things that I wanted to talk about their reading. It is you have to talk about it. I saw at our playback somebody's calls like the celebrity they dare call donated. Could that was that it was inspiration to me yesterday when we come back, we want to do. I want to start off with kicked off when I am yes right and I was installed.
But we don't have any by headed, bring us thou bubbling over the entire invited to come in they knelt by Starbucks, solid dynamite, literally button. The figurative reaction is directed morning. Some breakfast club gives it a room, as we have to talk Eve. Air we added sought. Rumour has the breakfast club raise elaborate age will use that he is willing to do. Some was a little bit now e people, a man, Eve cause, you criticise, Nicky manoeuvres is no paper magazine. Come have you seen the book cover?
cover thought. Cabana thought I mean I'd done. Our islands did we could all our faces and put a more Nicky's body right after he has a deep seated on this. Listen what you said, but as a woman from my point of view personally, I would not be able to do that. I think in this climate, it's not good. I think every artist has a right to express themselves. However, they want to express themselves- and I respect that as well. For me personally, as I started coming up in the business, I started realizing that young girls were looking up to me and younger people were looking out for me in that not that you want to be a role model, but it becomes what you look around you raise in Rome on me. She says you wouldn't do it right now and his point of alike Eve used to be a scribble, she was young she's all denounce as you went to that's why the woman from you don't have to go through that you ve grown ass woman. She said I thought net. He wouldn't do hurry. Marriage is knowing that probably didn't make her feel good
and ass. You got all this reflects on a machine knocking Nicky, she D say nothing. She wouldn't right and in it an AIDS life right now. She doesn't need to she not really rap and she has a billionaire boyfriend Nicky monopoly. I've been little king did things like this, or maybe they design we need. You don't have to duty the immunity of big business mobile brain at this point. You don't have to do so, and Agri Square was. You want to do that, but, as our thing, if he wants to do right now have to now also we have to talk about. Yesterday we raised over seven hundred thousand dollars you guys are reported is true. A practice is factual. This is real. Dubrovnik were really great. Overset ran forward having for Justice Organization, which is organization I was founded by high by the fund, is a non profit and their fiscal sponsor forgotten. Having no you're right can a woman's march and just began wisely and a ladder celebrity stepped up, and I believe it all started from this guy right here will, I am, who
yesterday and made a huge donation. Less listen! You re! The monies are vital for some reason: life when it comes to doing the right thing. Allowed people don't pick up the phone. You know whatever you may really do out I'll pick her up right. Let's say you know Eddie uploaded twenty four hours, resented it that's what you want to go
now move. If we say that we want to point out the numbers of what we re going to everybody to have you didn't will great? No, I know what it is like. Every year we ve got around, I have my doubts that I'd be every year. I allegation raise money, we build bygone. You no pity skills that around by technology, democratic and so every year around this time he spread so after he call them donated twenty thousand. He then called back here William call back from South Africa said this parties eleven years like paved the way for a lot of our freedoms and on alongside you know, all the light absolutely possible for the view that we have a United Europe
They're gonna do in word fighting with a great opportunity to have. You know this type of activity happen. Every quarter model. We are bound together and have the kind of love to help each one of us. How pretty short my grief he hasn t feel like I have. My movie is delayed. A proud of groundwater can now part of the same programme, have been doing for the past seven years and no he'd, probably gonna wanna bite, and he got money flash in any just about your money, you, above all, community funds. The health of community policy by twenty eight. That really do not know what I have done, any twenty Joe. You say enough, not another, let alone it I'll, do it. The great thing,
I will. I am aware of the fact that he donated their money and then everybody wanted to out. Do him absolutely clear call cow ecology wanted only fifty one down than yet puff call. If any one of you don't need a high ranking, wanted trump on both then I'll know Eminem, with his acting his wage, Might there what are I see what everybody I do and let me be the biggest donor of deny any donated a hundred and fifty thousand a man. Thank you to thank you to every single one of them. A mobile place and more people are called in during the shell, but when we come back, that's the rumour point. When we come back, feel pain will be joining us, giving new our mother called oblivion Roca, we'll kicking Tallahassee payment. We come back, Ebay, many made to measure Tpa summaries back. I chose to do it at the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is DJ, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guests in the building. Is that by yesterday to pay them
haven't you haven't paid you. Would you blame for nagging pay me by judges? I never asked for an ever- was lower than I gotta do it anyway. No man, Would you know as well as the as is happening in advance? Is I waited long enough in advance? If, as we always somebody You got a present for the money that they owe. You too is tying at a good feeling, like those guidelines, do not present lugging zones that are not like it Milo. I still haven't animal or about the day he doesn't. Then I put out there now you release some of the music that you have a Wayne boat. Maybe they can work something out. I don't know I mean Let us bring me waiting for heating but a feature right. It was you you do some for you, you design for me was more rights nor arising out of the bag is not is not again call present vanity is really Athos.
Member member, I am the man, you got money, oh How did I got a door and from us I'm gonna be out in a half million has come to light forgot money. That was a big red areas, but do you know? without change evidence of anyone like a massive Grey zone would order altogether problem when you kind of like Homeboy version will you I may we home is like is usually amateur money now I like you, I am not another line about. Is another labour another anybody about it is my dream realised that hey you with the old and get this new right in they figured it out and there has been fine. I gonna do with me. Where's, leisure, millions relationship, as is to be decided by the right. Reverse, but you know you know he invaded Wayne having Andy
everybody can argue where money comes from anywhere where can come from and by live. And how can you get on that interest in an area that eventually a man in a vague muggy? I get it back. If I'm out the game, I don't even know more than ours, and I remember that money is well loved by everybody so what have they need? A region I would have wished to Burma need a feature of the black. An underground legit ive, always gonna, be love, doing thousands them together in our numb. Always better way. You got the overwhelming vote together with don't they might have not do but Yes, I am always wondered what was all your revamp businesses that there was less than you put album out eleven the closure of down Gladwell out? There goes on. I regret I wouldn't even on anything, drugged really don't forget
Many wreckage. Somebody hit you really have. I was in Vegas Cobbler, forgive heart he paid perform. If you pay was, was that you don't have to Why would I, another one dancing for two hours straight. You have a lot of wreck its head. Everything under fifteen minutes, and then hands they have no. I was publishing you get from all actually have a lot of rhetoric that make real added value to our read it out, because that's what that's why hazard a break because it was that's all I'm trying to do is gonna make more. And make more money and other then studio more and I was at home in vain. I wanna see Marquis as well. Also one that is more than that and that's not it was avoided. My life- I was what music over We then Anita understands that back is that everyone working out new, dumb, not under the t, play, take a break I did like, T paint sound, come to a close for a second
good air, hard, Rhine and Aurelio Everyday I've never gonna get. Then I gotta get their guard. And around in an honest around in the dark, This is the way they lay more now. So you know something that unseen. It's not gonna happen. And me Van angry black guy? Wasn't people started on his dark eyes? Why are you know? I forgot about handed Only then is dying. Ever me enough started, would not in front of my wife. And I just wanted a beggar maid I'll, be smart about what I'm afraid. You're gonna be a doubly jar. And what I mean by that
yet in order to blame in this way, the jailer did deaf Auto told that became the New York Foul removes a lower having met established. It is kept going on up now. I'm fine I was straight up when the money I added ass. They ve got money in our guardians, so the sub like theirs. They was more important than my kids. Not call me other daddy, they fail because, because there are lots of along allowed, my give thought that at home and me on tv, relax unless I didn't see them, but when I came all meals are completely version
around the ESA again too bad. I, like I gotta, come mechanisms like my daughter was running from proceeding, reckon Amazon's I like when I find my hired. You did not do it all. I added value as though you know renounced now gone on and in other areas too much money have drunk out a dynamic areas. Is over that, though we could you depressed the something or are they get first, our judges we gotta could be the money to be they do not come from that Vienna revived Adam CALL Water in advance. Having all once I was as follows: the anniversary, like you, just drag it because there you wake up in the morning and make a major problem.
You know you got a girl, you want to be able to say as the process like what is is there and then once that's not an effect in my day to day life. That's when I got the breadth and understanding and more because it turned into a self inflicting depression at a deadly data myself, because I was wrong in my own life and then they know why, because I also wanted to buy while the report was ever serve, as is now the gift cards and amuse against wanting you got everything I can provide real fairly banana, then you kind of like so far move me very and then you, nobody was out Illuminati, they gonna everybody's zone. Nobody really kill enough. There is then Illuminati, there's gonna be there. Everybody's later than it is.
A range of does what it is all alone on. The family was because obsession with that of ours, as that is the real that fear, God the most likely they always given the guy. You know like China is having a lunatic given up the guy, but not one present a fan, then this death metal Van aware that openly work of the devil. I know I know I just like that- is no way that black guy, that much money when other man some gathered round table of white do is involved, we got more, would see pay. Will we come back to the latter. The breakfast club bemoaning breakfast morning, everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club Nazi, paying you feel like tallahassean supports magnesia everything they feel like. They need to worry me out
if I was the event that I have not fallen arise, conveying a lighted by a long way to go after buying are really needed. Like all down undue largesse outward no, you are. There is like when you, when you come over job. And you as our visit to clarify why? What do you have money to learn from each other? that kind of mentality or or maybe it isn't revolves denominator. Only nonviolent could be that in their view, but I still think bother. Me you don't need to run on average. I'm about to come back to me with news from Thailand, evaluate them about this. Do that you said We ought to do that used to be around me and now. Around anymore. He's man. If you left, even though you plan was leave and when he heard tat when his every time When we get money we don't leave, nothing I'm out of here. We do some better, but I guess you can have all around five million, Madame even gone through a plan that we vote. Yes, you do
oh Mamma long! I wasn't you ll never come back again because I am very glad and worth tat was so well. They're gonna have Lana calls in and, unlike while having as I'm all down, I was there. I wanna go last, but then they didn't change the time zone is there how long you ve gone and put me on after but they'd in Germany, a curfew. That is why this right? In the middle of last year, the lights they cut MIKE Y, got everyday thought. Like the smiled down. I lay ass crazy things. All american have a ban as you like ten feet, joy, it was weird and I felt, like I wasn't valued and apply lava for myself in my name in Zaire like TAT, as a great idea. I'll put it in my name. I got to thinking tat it only and with we lead outside of commands or merging
If no your leg it didn't. I have eleven Miami. Like that, I've alone, we ve never been. That said it s like we set in the whole thing up within flawed we say nothing about me. I feel like we could be and we should be as capital city like you know, so I got more love for that. In another place on his work already known as if the funds needed one I do go. This is its back next time you should set it out like uses that idea areas of regularity, but you know you could be a good thing like this. They give us another by another day when I go to the little woman, what they want right along the unlimited ovary and any money. I do get front something they want to give it to you now and urban want their own very little Mamma do. Is they require no big, no big nation? widening, they want some work on which started barbecue been,
Well, you know you're, not you they like do you need to have a law, but I beg you to give due Things? Sometimes your home town go out of their way to show you tat, they don't care, we ensured Bobby you. None of them has like. We were lacking they love, you know they do it on purpose. Where are they really do not think it is a natural? We already know you're gonna thing and it's not like you know not vessel Madam president, my gaze on land, but they ran out. Nay. I want every aspect so rather like out you D. Rather, Bosnia, though, is the biggest another. They love allies, larger battered women. When I got it, I thought you were these marrow thinner than the biggest Jane you had back in here. You'll regret, airport
over the cash as a how much oh four hundred thousand God was right. I thought that you and I know, but you know I gotta figure out- that nobody would by really biased now what I wanted. It should have been vague and I didn't think ahead of it Is it really didn't think that who's gonna come at me with diamonds and I'm really job needed, are needed things, the man I needed. People know that there are, even if they didn't know that everybody thought it was very clear, but in my man knows real. I knew that none of my car These are bought all my God straight out, like no doubt do no payment, though knives, if he's alive, you know and Mama now These things belong me in a real, if not The car is well, nobody knows nobody cared enough, are gonna, rented
every day on land, everyone about out my own, and it is just that you didn't absolute hundred thousand calm down imaginative. Nobody told you. That was a bad idea. Language It is a big deal. I tell them three times of the rule of law Malta, Julius that I want to change? I want a big ass Jane Bit. There's! No doubt we wanted to be a big idea. Means programs like I wanna, take your money, but at the same time As a Dane, I must say how much I was gonna gods either cannot lads? Is that only the biggest j? That's they began to do. Try me to show until now wouldn't do it now need the biggest train you come up with any other magus vessel. The latter was pointed out that you say melted down toward drama about of bottles.
Driver had about it the bottles yet a couple about as yet. I can't say that what would I was I will maybe all Dolly's company they may bottles of arms around here whose bottles there's not a noise yeah yeah another through the back door that costs money, the labour government to change from the big thought about. Oh no, I did not give us the rock the daily. They gave a body like maybe I'd, try to give its almost a little better give it up. Now, here's the majority voting or of drugs. Are they gonna wanna? Take this an illegal and more did you come here? What's stopping the women's role bodies to have those both of those who were there you're no longer You love him afforded them. Thou is gone and the wind there, my wife, I always hear me out clean, about their the rather drains as always was a brave and you have
No other man, you're responsible, led by we got more, would see pay. Will we come back like everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club where we talk about the bartender. You said you see a future before anybody else did do said, in any all was done about it. You started in love scruples right right, but didn't you cannot have one. If you bought the bought into this way back along with binding as two thousand and seven and visionary I am. I am. I accept that that would have been abolished and it was only a minor all over me. I mean there generally more nice than the dancers, not nice lookin what they have to be accommodating.
Because in isolated only out of nowhere right now, but I'm so embarrassed. The hell. Are you? If you don't ever, do somebody there that usually low. Less attitude from that didn't smack gonna have all night I haven't read what negative they wear with aid. You know they gained organ and avoiding around I usually just more or less they're gonna get a move on mechanism for new generation. I can't tenders are amazing. What has always been amazing in I've, gotta gotta, let us where they live everywhere, even in his letter lose them if we are to make any money around for the ever bother. You but I don't wanna use out of tune anymore, because body doin it not at all. Could you know it like? I was then people voting out of my mother I guess it's on Monday and and I couldn't let again lead
They were using my flag for me. I that's makes knows inside. You know, I've laid thought about it wants, but it only our groundwater, because my manager, diameter imagine how do you know why I would have liked even all out of tune anymore. I'm like do you hear the mouth every bit of robbing will arrive in use all right, you're married the world. I want everybody who used or are you mad at you have yet to prepare those relationships at all? No, not at all. They voted it that you gave us back from from in blatant lead, cadmium. Us, and then we go now. This is the old at another event, because they know what they did and it was the people they called me to get on the phone. Why do they call me to get on evolve? So they could you now. You know who it was. This is a whole generation of people. I have easy vain on, as you can do what it is and then, after that,
They not only have they get him anymore because he lorries will advise you got to do things tat. You can run away so it was. I don't really understand another. We will use them as why did you have been a set of data? Just pay homage, and they did have been. I guess you deceive me or not at all, not at our own event of that committee. They said you he paying too much. Your ought to be paid for. Out of you, like you said that he bade the browser, fell battle, yeah Avenant or wherever this is because in other areas we will expect me to do it. If we do anything like that, is it wasn't? Even I wouldn't even better- about it. It was just the media and fans have like. That was an omen, the best thing ever when other view would alienate when we like our daily gale desire. I wait what work then refers. Rigour me up in the wrong, not this garbage the innovative and
I got you know, he's got twisted in the new media vows, because at that time I was long down and other we're just enjoying themselves or reinvent themselves and it seem like they will do in some. Some resolution like zone there's no again The word. By doing my goddamn wagging his woman, have you in jail that, like a real conversation here, are absolutely nothing Migration is not the real challenges we granted that it was at that very body in view of their. I had to change my energy than elsewhere degrades, dragging a lively that work and I'll come back when Yvonne. You want them and be a ban on out,
We like I'm for sure, gonna build once again on his own his mother of unwanted connotation, would spoil drugs in Europe. Debate hey, I'm clean I know that a bit of a headline drinking water to be well, why? What is your dog above the quick back and forth about you know then misunderstand my girl, like one one like that when we do that, I figured that out a third of these bodies lane on radio those aid donors aboard record of their like that was. Rises, security God until you all they know I'm coming back. They know I've got this whole thing was that I think the only person I didn't know J rail so how many services are the right areas?
John Mc Mommy gonna support Gregor out, as I was asking Ebro, could he yet J to do it all mass it and it's urgent? look a day, but I don't want anybody to know when he comes out of you. Don't visas, it does. There's always surprised. I get that he had ever take that, though I was actually golly receiving the massive right enough, as though I mean that I would have voted for. You already knew that greater J noted Did you know that I'm thinking he knows now the grounds for the rights of those get back to the business. And you know it- you big ass change on what they were doing oblivion, why the name oblivion celebration outcome. At present vulgar I felt like I was, is and avoid alone founded by myself, but I was then again. It was me you don't know nothin? So I put myself in that and
Zander lies in oblivion, our Lord! If we go out there like our small advance, you know it was a real Israel. Depression that I could have gone out of an agenda, but I was also somewhat forces they in their together with a strategy you want something when I was working for me and began to make me feel great as a legal status certain level of control in advance. The law gave being made that such remain below they write about those. Now he has gone out with that. Didn't you pay. The breakfast arise, loyalty.
Lamar shout tv ease own five dog donated gently down a lot. Yesterday we appreciate you saying for saying what has read the money for the gathering for justice organizations are dog made a nice healthy donations tat the dog in Gaza, where d visa lot irregular and make a lot of money made on by nothing at Bruges value. Maybe that's the only rap Gruner. We know Jays. None of it today are the same ones. You D, J, AI things happened whereas when anything everything into great might be silver beyond asked, the headless gives it always, let's find out, who discard Ebay. With his close now, it seems like a wrapper tackle them wherever it seems,
Carter. Ever went so called entertainer right she going musical artist struggle Grabber day you guide, but it seems like ass. The world is also perform, has thrown some bars at Cardy, be with jostling, dazzling from loving her. How Joscelyn baffling gasoline awesome internet we don't want to talk about those in LOS Angeles was here would have done. It was very pleasant and we're going to keep it that way. Ok, but those are accordingly left within which he saw what she said
No one, not one my authority of class, one of being foot dragging once abrogated trading partner thing. You would have allowed consigned it's how you back your working, but world wide. Listen, have subtitles water, radio to radio of income which subtitles animal. What she said just now bloody, but let me give a Muslim. Though, as gas look, why don't you go on old? Was I don't know where is coming from a. Why would a jealousy envy
or I would have come from come on jobs when you bet it in Iraq. It is where you came on a breath of club over the summer. She said that she had. No problems were guardian, it she was going away for donkey If I did, I guess I'm a month, we now need to talk to Joscelyn Javelin, coming to further guarantees real like everywhere, which, above all right well before we get to donkey today. Also gotta have some positivity. Yesterday we told you about. Will I am he started off. The donations is far celebrities, a concern donated twenty thousand and call back and said a thousand wasn't enough, so he had to donate fifty thousand other than we were raised? In my view, the gathering for Justice Nonprofit Organization as high about funding not profit and air fiscal sponsor forgotten having no you're right camp, the women's marched injustice, legal quasi right then we call J, colony and Martin is was here and we said well must reach the cowardice he would call it would donate as play what he said I M going to prison.
Carbon? We ideology of girls, they're gonna, try to rob you, but it's you now get more. Oh, I want you thought model with great energy and things let the world it you'd. Look all what you call me, but he died because plea,
Naturally, we know best right. One of the greatest ever did I love this gave. Fifty thousand dollars will, I am said, the Barack Obama. We appreciate anything, you do shouted anything you do we just. Let me alone. Would you best there will. I have donated fifteen of our neighbours, so amazing interview with the breakfast club marching it is beyond this love. This history are about this beautiful and the answer to question it. Will I get, did I wanna get fifty one cow? Now I love death. I love there in the Roma Ray the breadth of club array. With a thousand av. Now, that's not really rumours of fact with this interim report and then after that we got another call our boys came in here. He was on the phone
about await. I wasn't the next big donation. After can legislate. Donation was dealers duty. Indeed around one account. Bond for daily melt in guiding set foot is vague. Huge donation is guys performing on ESA. Nowadays we can change, the wrapper is hosting, but he of the special musical gas correct and this guy to its foundation the Marshal matters foundation they this donated. One hundred and fifty thousand down, I'm an amateur, eminent, eminent, eminent mainly by the World Bank. You guys a hundred and fifty thousand now says the merry we need an white allies to show up absolutely showed any showed up the absence of any donate money. You don't Is it a gathering for Justice organization which enable the findings on innovation and support of garlic no you're right, can't justice leads Mallory. Linda's also comprise an air women's Marster slogan.
Theo s rain. He showed up and we appreciate yet said, ass, the rumour report. Now Come back Charlemagne given down Gaeta joscelyn her and as you know, the common front garden is really got aware what I would do when we come back, he pulled out his gold link. Is the breakfast club gang? Don't you Don't talk to you today does not discriminate my now the solid divide, as it donkey to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep the day the my guy sharing Azure made a donation yesterday to two for just your day, while it MAX bid actually should hit this morning. There was on UK time by a check that minimal my guy. It you're not dont you today for Friday November, seventeen voltage, Her name is now Joscelyn became infamous because the lies and hip hop for many of us were first introduced there. I never heard her before
as I have no issues with Jaclyn Hernandez. I you think she was a. I fear that she wasn't really a but was indeed a whole, but then she got pregnant a baby and conspiracy theory went out the window from me on my mind, has evolved from Adieu. I might have to fight Wendy for a woman s. Ok with me are right, but dont today doesn't discriminate. Now Joscelyn had been trying to get our music carry off the ground for a while now, but at playing just won't take off the coroner runway for no apparent reason. I asked the pilot was too proud looming. He don't know age advocate, I won't tell us was going on from what I can see is no bad. The way we go in meetings on the playing field to be fine is just one of those things, but he got his eyes the monoplane ago, two thousand on the runway and they probably about to cancer. Ok for no reason,
Joscelyn ties it known as runway she's Madge having taken off yet so when you sit on the runway watch, another planes take off and come and go with. They please, if thought, given its, don't get mad at every thing in every by K. First, you get mad because all other flight had taken off before Then you get mad at the airline you on, because you think data. As can every other airline, is taken off what you now joscelyn haven't gotten quite pointless. Men are own airline. Yet did I know, but she clearly at about other airlines that had taken off and soaring high because apparently Today we were here at the breakfast club, reasonable. Seven for gathering for Justice Organization, when our neighbours was dropping distracts the queen card. You be few years somebody, was distracts called hate me now. I believe
You know. What's goin on one may have very loudly, not class one being foot dragging one thing. You have heard of local sending you back at work in them, but believe me, I'm sorry. That was published in his. I really am I not. A radio doesn't come, which subtitles our parliament, but for all over. I record please give me some as gas. Ok come on come on. Many someone's gonna come on guinea. One little that AIDS, my dream drinking Drink a low Starbucks come will allow k of the mobile air yeah right, here's the thing I hate things that a few by jealousy and envy. Ok
stay in that, especially when you wanna be pop and so bad. You allowed a jealousy and envied cause you to shoot the person you jealous and envious of, because you think your name is gonna make you have asked, not This works ever attend. And then someone else's light won't make your shine bright, especially when it ain't about nothing. Joscelyn is simply mad because carried these plane is taken off Jostling plainest started the runway. I recall when Stevie J, our baby daddy's dead Joscelyn, was keeping him from seeing each other because he was mad. Cod Ii B was bobbin remedy we get it we hit it Lastly, let me see: this number As I do not know the court is enormous and were joscelyn apparently wooden legs, DV, Jason, baby, disused, matted carried me now,
Jasmine Hernandez about there when she was here on the breakfast club this summer. I think you have an issue accordingly, strainer emu, the ground and taken up. Because you see people like COD Ii, be they out here by the alone. Now I led shouts of cloudy. I love Qaeda's she's, amazing she's done a great job, yeah she's doing a good job in his pocket, and my thing is light. Everything happens for people difference, I mean you know so well, I might say when this matter, you know as long as I believe, and I love what I do is take too. I know what's going to happen and I don't have APOLLO anybody their color. God there before me, especially because I've been present for a year and a half of you know well used them like his team, but they tell you, but you have to pay for my them less. You know
recovery, no Jacqueline. This is why you getting dark here today. Just pacifically said over the mad, because everything is about timing. Now, do I think musically your time will come now, but I'm not. I don't know what our creator had planned for you, but I do know. Life is all about timing. Like you said the unwritten. Becomes reach. Aboard unavailable becomes available, unattainable becomes attainable. You just gotta have patience. You said it yourself and waited all out is ah timing. What happened today? Ok in our judgement, made those promises. To sum up what I guess watching carded big their number one regular boat at yellow, given their role is to cover get anyone may cover in the Irish hard mentioned by everybody in the game. I guess it's just ass, my sick. She got sick and wish you guys she was feeling in our stomach. She ended up. Not garbage as district joscelyn are listen Amigo
I'm innocent and made his way. You are a prime example right now and hated all really age. You in fact they ate themselves, because your reflection of what they wish to be aid is a weak emotion, assign a failure. Tat when you just admitting that your musical careers fade good. Now, you're not copy, be listen. People only hate on you when you got something they want. Do you think I'd be as something Joscelyn won't leave that question? Is it easy? so give cause you don't gotta music career, Javelin, Amandas we gotta get. This ever happened. Ok, I want you to aid is paid out? Your heart today, o Joscelyn Braden everybody body, hidden the Joplin leaders incorrectly. Ah ha. In the universe. We wanted. Thank you today for bringing us here. Thank you for everybody coming together and be positive and everybody working like they need to work in this move on to the next step. I appreciate you thank you, forgot the universe and all that
things on a woman s right get back to work. He remembered a next step nor the next I bid for you, the next step You'll be remembered, is don't leave you If, when anger and hate in your heart, you only be heard yourself what person you hate, please give often her native Sweet founded Hamilton. You d oh gee, well when we come back safari from loving him, Parliament now has explained, as yesterday during a radio gone too came up right and we have time to discuss. We didn't you didn't. Want me to be honest with right. What we'll planet ass right, we'll do that will get that always don't move. If Belarus locomotive the breakfast we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess, inability safari! You want invite.
Germany needs to start out within a buy it. Now you wasn't, he just cause. I can't ever again got the Jews. Resources is likely to make. The call pop up now here relates to fill. Content can be carried out, as I do. Of course he had a forward. Yes, he did No, you wear it when it was seventy degree that now those are curios code. If you have no way to hear reason, you, decide to pick up deferred Waterford thing that has been on the training of airline offers. You don't know, and he has seen yet email know who could resume your emails there, like hey arm now supply, we don't know if you know what goes into was being done in Vienna, getting your ferko analyzing and they will. I be, You have come to the headquarters, so we can show you so you can start wherever I any. I will not go. I you now
They have been arguing electing a thing, although preying on your industry, but I urge you thinkin about nine Jesse. Amazing jamais. Nor, how are you they doping on you. You show them that Europe is tough, his bunk lodging making decide of our own, probably formula. You know and behind all right. As on saying you know, like dropped, project body of work or fur coat. Ok, so you can't stop worrying gently to fulfil a full day moments. It was worked out, so you don't know everybody figured out of your over thirty years and a real fur Peter saw they were about to look again at its track. You can tell a cohesive nor we see no achieving what time and who had the list.
Vague allied in the world, as it has not got about that all my love. I never that look. There's a good course you could. We will be acting Barbara. Nobody spoke about saw what had happened. Was a boy the dude he did, but Beijing and my hair right, my so when he did it, he didn't wash it out. What are the Beijing is, something that gives a good James agree are noble. Look so if a dynamic you're here extra extra black black, like shoe polish, Likewise largesse shoe polish awry die year again, so they put it. Put it in my hair and I had to film and I couldn't be late, so I just as I go, Just leave it up to finish a later, so I don't wash it out so ages. Had my hair, looking
There was no had the and drive area came a person. Could he says something it was? It was in their almost. Rather it wasn't have pardoned it wasn't just a text and housekeeper was it is located. What I know so crazy and some people hit me. I've got like do some work with them and I pay me a lot of money to do now. I wouldn't want you to do it. Is some hair growth? How much do you think I not all age you try to get the hell? I bet trying good. I did the surgery if a gas deserving airlines rounded that years ago, before one of your work, just let it go Why you gotta do it? Romania would not be word is right. Now you have a body. I don't think you know why the Mai alive in the middle of my play, Robocop you're gonna, have my head pause. Why have we seen only other they only on it. When I go dredging Jamaica Matter, we can
rare about rabid Anti Roma reports. Are firing senior shoot? You gotta get what you are talking about because they make a nice undercover paper magazine. You say Why is it that these kind of fishes are always wanted you take for me, while I'm Dr Darling Video data reality sofa and ass, it may seem maneuver, I'm not a reality. So, sir! Yes, you know I'm just out there now you, the real challenge is very marked by dinner, but but Levin did you pride in the loving it Bob you gave me? Don't you today? Would you, but I would like to add that we are going to. Let me explain what happened in that segment. I just finished speaking about my uncle. Was just killed. Right saw these you'd areas where I was that many of our death when I was talking about that
make a living and allay that's the week. My uncle got killed I was talking about everything doing it, amazing that you try out new career peak, and you're, not gonna, let everybody there was an eye, it was really makes I was in the world to talk about my uncle and now that I will take it if he cried like that good, he leave a loving about medical gravity. Lovemaking, never go back to that. You shut, you shoot me shot again. You free no taxes in your line Oda the irony that I'm not gonna line is like I'm not doing nothing for attention. I hate in honor like those those. With some amazing pictures and I used a really want her to take pictures. I definitely unfairness. La River. We words by. Do you wanna see legitimacy inspired, but it has no idea what I had to see the breakfast club promptly.
In these places. The world's most likely matches your little black guy isn't remains as you that's, the material does pervert goes on me now. Yours deleting I sat at a beta humans are now running and now you're trying to shoot you shot because you could. This- has nothing to do with it. Don't you're right, you're, right, you're right, but you wanted you back, go look How can I get you back? No, of course I still care bar you wanna back, you do you want to sell it. Shall I just was saying you should work. I was saying about depleted what everybody else their uniforms inside Are you issue in a way? I should get why you firing? I've been in the yard, some kind of speed sweetie.
A little guy. I know now resemblances them tragedies in the family. Members unfortunate. We, like you, said sectors are about your brother. Anything like that. No are you sure about this situation so far as this is crazy, No everyone involved. So it's just something. I would never, though, in a million years there, what actually happened I am sure no one would have thought something like that is is just crazy when you know the people social life, but can you read your brain or you know cod I even as I know you don't call on each side of the visit of the other data. Note I gotta be tough to even going to system the same order, not even Jo Leinen guilty. I dunno users are an orange yellow is vital and we have not got that already too. Even if you want to go out in order, we got more was too far,
we come back. Don't move is the breakfast loved the morning is DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club. We got safari and building illegally. Really comes you up here because everybody how much money remaining hum of the reality of diner muscles manner whenever you gotta be preserved, got real security. When asked about everything situation in that way. You know what I just made me realize that too much it will normally militants below. Absolutely, no small. So what do you think of meat milk being sentenced to four years? None of my business, What are we getting under way? Why would he avenue for, as we know how much you you have to do is have you got your credit card? You guys were excited or anything you got two hundred mile ones, but can't take ass, much ass. Twenty
wonder now we usually cared to cash from artist We could say I'll blow your rugged, Norway's Lincoln, take them and listen. Let me tell you, may not gonna, let you get the document. You lack right or a cold volume. Problem is money. I don't care what you say: Charlemagne, I'm so nice Charlemagne, I'm not even a beggar. My asking because when I drop you gonna here and if you like, but I haven't harmonised, We listen to music and giving all my first project Charlemagne was my angel from Opera, makes you what you say about it. No, I don't remember what I said. He supported it Mary was a lot of us all, but when you re feedback on your movie definitely does not say what the whole on by the term Monolith Armstrong Perinatal shocking in it. Just a million, if it alone labels are you to what I mean I mean depend.
Why would you do we want them to get a million you know? Do let me give him a proxy servers. I got every now was aided, so you are united Wag. If you could try to meet, you ought to be you. One about one of the last year, we'll be back at the moment. I think someone's. Ok, how much you know rising sums. Why we all know about it. You started from count. We got one involving ok, we'll take a twenty five located casual. You gotta use a credit card carried. My credit. Is you ve got a guy, you gotta go see as a kind of course call you would go on roads. Would you go on lemme? Ask us you are? Surely they hate you You can ask you. Why did you love what Mohammed Charlemagne God here you know say no more as being lab Now many of the my bag safari law right nationally, not goods.
So the actual real do now. One of the best wrappers in the world- I went out with you one when you talk about a pilot I choose in all things are fired you, where you had a visit by the way that the latter will always they supply. That is why, if you make an see when you talk like that that you the best in the world where we start here, like I defy similar good bottom, believe me who will just like you, don't believe me? I believe it is right now. Did you know them? We must all bear it. I guess that you have a baby the world has never go down by an article. We're going to arrest the video thing for people. Look, I'm feelin lyrical a biblical sitting
some operators to no matter how you see it under pinnacle, pitiful imbecile? If you're gonna make a physical you end of critical figure subliminal, you know no criminal burial. Typical! No see me I'm a visible ok and origin of the patent. Stamina spasm for combating Amr, really frightened found an assassin got on my side, Chrysler passion, a bunch of men x, which has prevailed, attraction, feeding our bush. That's a distraction ripping on any be destined adaption, one not abruptly bringing back in new, more money for Don Giovanni backing before I die, I'm calling you Atkins. Man, you one for a code, one November twenty was Charlemagne aggressive may to hide, not look out thousand. This translates into a relatively high. I was, Who may have? U S? Name and adolescent Nicky rob you? Could you got about the same love, saying above the minimum levels of another,
which is a little. By way of do you think that Mickey's fell off a little bit? I saw you quote in one hour did you quoted the labelling of UK smoke you gave me the lays brought late like that. Was I like never actually here I would like to make it up his art like specifies a display. Is the obvious. I guess that's the guy, that is a very nice but nobody's anyone. I know a guy like you because I think are the guide of determined approve. You're absolutely I'd know is not even about who you wrong. It's just that I got a family. My family depends on me and I want to be my mom proud. I will say: was it is. I do like the fact that you didn't. To the wayside.
Once more be done to you didn't like the waste sites. You didn't whether you were always Jake now you remember how you make yourself chronometers the first time you ever see something positive to me. Thank medication, The wayside lay in a way that we have presented for donating money, but you gotta. Do you forms a shovel negation? Well after due to? Can you guys help me or my rent next month? If you need it as you are doing, a good job, I'm joking, they want to do now. You know a year. You know almost sixteen Roquat, listen Charlemagne. Champagne, his hair used to look like a ball for my campaign. I'm here we go phones, Charlemagne leave me alone, go home a spade. I'm of
good deck. Of course, you'll get outta my people, always somebody coded. I go to Gaza, so negative. Your support you, but as natural you guys are fully supported you more than I thought it would be for real. Now, ya were the first people to ever gimme your big platform that person, if you ever do ajar definite changed. Every thing that I dont know why we submitted a hundred times doesn't have you would? At this point, I would like to tell you now that my cry? Nobody was, I worry, you got what you wanted. You broke up seriously I'm gonna like me, but we sensitive emotion with, of course When you get a long time, I realize Joe Dam is really really over. Of course, there was times you know that feel it hit me, but you know I just wish outside all. This is most of the recast.
Be friends. Branding. I'm saying, as I got, an email from you you know is not. War of earning money are nothing, but it's just was unclear how things are a big you ever wishes. We should have still been able to be like YO, laugh about things, and you know that is now back in how you call me. I've tried, listen worthy our, nor not definitely try to reach out, and will I go in I'm sailors speak good. I want to know what you say: vagary there was nothing back of residing in a way for them to take a few years now, like you gotta, let allotted time pass when there's like no the things that are and always got deeply. She said. No, what the whole amount herdsmen sounds. It takes a few yet more now the meek. She really will be used as an observer. Which is out of the listen to other people's music. A you need to know myself
yeah. Ok, we're gonna! Never let anybody else implores me so Alison myself. I got the nice only to listen other people on addressing the tools for a cold volume. One day now, Spotify, you told us as representative Jane, what do you he's got some breakfast e g envy Angela Ye Charlemagne about. We are the breakfast club. Now we hear after being on a radio for eighteen hours, just who love. Eighteen, six beyond midnight, raising money for the gathered for Justice Organization arrived at a phantom nonprofit, their fiscal
so the woman's Marge Justice Legal Y, see in common cabotage, no you're right can't. We have eighteen hours yesterday and we re over. Seven hundred thousand dollars dropped like farms for libraries. Didn't, listen, listen, listen, us every day, man Everything'Ll dahlia donating counted, and how does he gets it outnumber in? Thank God we were able to do have regarding for justice Organization or less kitchen. Rumours are sought, came K, some vodka. This is the answer. The breakfast club right now we gotta talk came K. Now they saying that she might have accidentally announced the birth of the big one at the birth of a baby, the gender of the baby. Let's hit audio my daughter, I think she's really true,
ass. She we had a baby sour over the weekend and I thought you not. I really do want to have a baby shower because I won't hurt. I feel that some things coming and for her to really understand it, so people buy toys and gifts and she was opening them all up the next day she said mom, you know since baby sisters, not here, I think I need her choice in my room and I'll play with them and just make sure there, although caper baby sister, so she soon baby sister. So You could say, congratulations bodies have in another my congratulations? The colony the thing is building a guy like that. I got my situation like that. I'm gonna Oda daughter and I got a younger daughter and its good. The wash them have that big sister lost The dynamic any run run hazarded makes his losses shirts on together as a beautiful thing right now. You gotta, get your boiling Skynet boy got through to hammer, get doesn't redraw tonight. Ok, we all get different redrawn. Gotta worry about that. There are, I am at risk. I was a hole in a bad light when you are in a bad light.
In my view, the whole point of low growth that you batteries the right way to involve young women. You did wrong while you will come and that we also have to send a rest in peace, a little peep long island M C. He died at the age of twenty one. They believe it was an overdose, so you said rest in peace to low people. What are you know? Lobby was. I can't keep up with all the people that peaceful God bless. Him said that he died over an overdose grandma confirm again only worth. And lastly, yesterday, during a radio, far daddy called every day, he gave a huge donation it, let's get that call loggers out had there was what inspiration did he called to hold out by love S right, bilingualism away by the way did he donated on a thousand dollars yesterday right, and then there is the unfinished Iraq of their MAR goddammit. Ok, kindly deceit and bottles and back that's was
he'll be able to make these gonna donation is rightly put him bottled up. The matter right below the very man sounded eating. I borrowed identity, modify. We had about us all around that we all did his black on network revolt, less right indecision. I go and look for companies that Iraq must wait a minute. That's what I wanted to say. You know I'm out I love you guys who put together Charlemagne. I know you would a spot of the duties. I think this is an incredible his gray and the way we gotta use that power. You know what type of what we do. You know all this, as our jobs in home is a great honour to have your law revolver, and I think there is also another thing about people understand ever both as a platform for us and for our voice and we're gonna, be you know of steering the programme in a new direction, because, right now we don't have any media outlets. Revolt is the only in a black majority. Honed network in the United States.
You know I just really love and appreciate you guys and proud a guy that we want to support. Also put me down four hundred thousand hours yesterday donated a hundred thousand dollars. We proceed getting things done. Absolutely I've never tried those are of you. I didn't we gas the money on the train only a makes. You know what it we got joint enjoyed only through another join, I only to meet. You need a mission, and I will try to remember the alike. I think I'm officially on vacation right in that area can replace method in my ass driver. Re was on his toes Nora, enjoy right
what the hell did you do? You guys know what he does exist in does nothing. I told my chose to, I thought everybody would donated justly gathering for justice. Did you gotta there ever told the daily for donating? Now you thousand gas, and I tried his friends, vanilla, Iraq right well how to commercial, none at all, but a right to Sweden. Just what you like go there Moses, maneuver employment, women alone. Ok, like me, woman, ally, yes We would all peoples, joys mixes up nice. Let us know what you wanna hear. Revolt will see a later is the breakfast programme. Never. Has the world of golf been more fascinating or more in flux, thanks to a suddenly newfound appreciation for sport that millions love and even more millions of Miss watching my new podcast, the shack, show hosted by me, Jeff Shackelford will be that say space to discuss matters both vitally important and total. Escape us, so as the pro
afterwards ease back into business and recreational golfers, rekindle their passion, forgetting outdoors and getting easily aggravated em, maybe minus view bunker, eggs, cart sharing or those awkward chess bob's. The shack show will be in your too ready to offer the sports last independent voices sticking up for what really matters each week, In our view, a wide array of Gaul smartest funny, it's the most compelling mines as we attempt to gauge the state of the game and sometimes I'll, just chime in with a quick take on those inevitable first world golf dramas, so listen and follow the shack show on the eye higher radio, apple podcast or wherever you listen, depart guest The only way is through cast in partnership with our radio under Duennas, as we hear from the world's greatest athletes, coaches and trainers, as they discuss how they utilised training competition air recovery to improve their performance. A push star defence,
and chase young has been wreaking havoc on the college level for the last three seas, but now says, gets ready for spouses risk. Is that Redskins? his gaze of the professional love his chase, making men attack you notice by Yankee Commoner in essence, the biggest things that I wanted to do are playing this game. I was there. I was day care one day. The fields right in the that, I'm definitely to try to keep on door, and I feel like just being in my best that now We help me make an impact on the field, and hopefully my impact can inspire people. One word: listen The only way is through available now on the radio or where you get your pockets
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