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Friday 5/19- Today on the show we had Andy Cohen visit to speak on the drama on RHOA and more. But do not let that distract you from Charlamagne completely destroying Jason Whitlock on Donkey of the Day, because of the comments he made about "Tha God". Moreover, comedian Corey Holcomb even joined in to help. Also we opened up the phone lines to hear what our listeners had to say about Jason Whitlock comments to Charlamagne.

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Even so it s a most dangerous morning, is big day and everybody Pheasant intending to go with me to the ruler rubbing the wrong way ravaged by.
You just go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go Angela, ease one in late Charlemagne. These data plan is right here. I want to call it Bob for Friday dammit absolutely right. We can see the loan have appreciated around of regime, the weekends more and more as a guide modem and avoid appreciate the weekend when you really work during the week like really work by really put in their time. You look forward to weaken them. Absent The last thing I was out and fully failure it really does a lot. A rat battle stay still or heavy into lyricism and fairly. So I had to Iranian hosted a rat battles last night new anybody, you shot nobody.
Shot. It was actually a nightglow owing guess it was a nice event. They would all away with rapid odd, but nobody got shot. It will face no beef who just a dope within our unfailing added. Tom near yesterday. An assault vessel I just joined the weather. Yesterday was ninety degrees in New York City and they can get up to now two. Ninety three, the weather was his beautiful. I was his out ran around just enjoy in the weather. What you do yesterday was actually coming back from allay our day yesterday from a level yeah, like six anymore we didn't land here in New York City until two o clock. If you ever landed edge, Kay around two through dirty and then have, your way to rush hour entered a city? First go to Manhattan, and then go to share the agony about seven thirty netting lottery flowery a clear cemeteries. Those I did the same oven for play. Before I have are coming back from ITALY. I have absolutely no count William s distributive living in New York City It is wrong and we know it has enjoyed a well now.
I seen somebody from Fox NEWS. Sports is a Fox news. A fox boards knows what I would call a small one turned out the glacier too much. You said he was not pushing it in his place. You threatened me. He did threatened there is no deal is how is now that we have a date buys by his side No, no! I womanhood protecting logic Christine. Meyer allowed to doubt the threat he threatened me. They'll, get value threatened right now you should. I was scared. I was nervous. I feel threatened. Can I will advise rail threatened? Ladies and gentlemen, my own land will react as more numbed is gone, no opened the door a little bit let guarding them le Godspeed through me. That's what God does not regard you speak to me. Sometimes so far eight o clock. So I dont you today. Me Jason? What like the coming to front an aggregation, we'd like to have a word with horror? Secondly, a gloomy: maybe I can save him from self ha meals labelling. I usually ignore people who I see dont genuinely loved themselves, and maybe I can make lumps Dhaka yeah.
Others in the round Jazzy it, though back at all, it is love for free from it. I reckon yeah is love for free, add a comment: gay solemn economic give us and free loved ass. It comes back to give out fleda energy. I thought I could give out free small, but I'm a give out free love. This morning. Ok, ok, Eddie Colon will be joining us this morning, permitting my auntie may. When did Andy come now. Mother lack any madam. You flirt below too much. Ned is upon. Envy weight DJ a wee bit ly. What through the air was Yes, I did. I did watch what happens lab. I didn't have to bend over to do it in committee. Once you do what you gotta do to was, I don't you spotted front page news is next would say about his horrible horrible. I want to call it an action does he did on purpose to skydrive and his cargo ran twenty two people over killed?
It will give you all updates on for you be here by the natives breakfast look. Why are you d J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we other breakfast clause lonesome one zero could very well be listening on fire Friday and you noted at the bed and booty. All your member fine Frugal is better. Ok, all right all right, we'll Haskins, a front page news there MBA lives, they would know games last neighbour, cleaving plays bosses tonight at eight thirty in game too casually the series one. Oh, I must talk about. What happened in Times square. As you know, this is crazy. Yesterday, so an eighteen year old woman was killed and twenty two people were injured, and that is because a man, Richard Rojas, was twenty six years old from the Bronx decided to drive his two thousand nine hundred accord due Times square and went on the sidewalk and ended up injuring swayed to people who killing one. Now. What does your uncle charlatan your capacity for pc p? Dana busy people of my colleagues from the rocks. I keep telling article
the people in the world from the Bronx and all afloat. Nowadays, that he was? He was in an even if it ever since he came over the navy. He had a lot of problems had a lot of drink in the Bronx began. I see two deed of you. I had a lower prior wind from the Bronx. He has a separate from psychological issues. He told please he expected that the officers would shoot him and he said I made him. Do it blocking boy he had meant well from It goes back to a lot of people have mental health problems. That is true. All everything you say is true, but is also from the Bronx keep telling you over and over a great these people in the world in the Bronx in all the floor in order to get from page energy. I mean that was really the main big story. Rodger Ailes I passed away. He built fast food into a powerhouse and then he was forced out because of sexual harassment allegations he died yesterday. He was seventy seven years old. He actually suffered some complications after
He fell at his home last week in Florida and any stepped into a coma without a fox, you don't have. No women essentially arrest, pleaded them anything to live for What about me. You would want to accompany last job last summer after he was soon for sexual harassment. Other women came forward after that to support her claims and the one woman who first charged him. She actually ended getting twenty million dollars, nothing else to live for man. Sexual harassment gave him. Having is everyday life. Ok, when United no than sexually actually arouse woman. What is there for you to do around like that front page news. Now get it off your chest. Back tell him. Are you mad? I tell him what you bless. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you having day and you just wanting to vent. So you can have a great day. You can now, if you feel blessed, and you would have spread some positivity, you can do that as well. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us up right now. It's the breakfast club good morning,
The breakfast club, is it your time to get it off. Your jets are the main from you on breakfast on your mind is high. Problem earmarked a renewed you feelin is why feeling great feeling blast, Anttila really blasted. I'm had got up and I will do for the show me. The body give we're locked out. He showed me I'm so happy that you gave that whatever creepy, whatever her name, donkey a big shipping going over the mob, but, along with you and I'm glad, providing put that happily Louis, you know- oh Jesus would like being good. Has me grew uses Cumbered Foods jubilant the way these bullets does she got so easily go put you in your play. He threatened. Rightly, do you threaten me ourselves? We do know. Is it
they need to be dealt with. That they need to get to three right now is, It is a deal with you dad, usually meanness, afraid, I'm tired. That's it. I take that as a threat by his calls Chris Christine logic. That was a threat. I'm scared at risk. If we allow this vicious circle of Roma neighbor. What why you mad this morning May, however, entirely the thing I do Hope Africa, I've been Paypal is aware during happy a five year vision on medical. I call so we go when I want my thing had died and the latter may, because you guys never let me finish talking for you hang upon It has been designated for this. Would you say that the Roma, last week by our show is out, he's a mega to my side. We are you Don T hurry. He said I'm doing fine, I don't want to let you know, put it out there. If you ever.
For a couple that you want to call mingle with me and my girl a downward at our ideal. A discussion is raising mocha dad you, I've Regimes union shot mega keyboard it's Friday when it is ready for different. Maybe maybe you and envy, and his wife in your girl could maybe legs which are now press loud incidents are have you no doubt your girl around ninety a home market? Will he was a legacy to him? He was the reply. I'm not doing it not doing this. I the offer Therefore, we now The issue is not interested in a threesome envy hello. This day from the settlements. Are you mad man, because I've been doing other have remained for a year and a half or my? U, two, gentlemen were made by you scared some funny videos and I'm doin some different abnormal. I would not let him know about reckon ever have
My brother, my brother, you said you said you were doing it for a year and a half. You know I have a book out called black privilege. Opportunity comes to those who created in that book. I talked about putting the weed in the bag, meaning that everything has a process a year and a half is not a long time. Sir, keep pushing really believe in what you believe in ok you now long Avenue. Radio night alone has ok. Now you know who that is a funny is because it could be just to you what everyone around when it even though is given. Not a lot of people will get a lot of people tagged met here, something he said is Escap com I have allowed you to perish. I reminded get where every day and every day to give you an opportunity for you to page, the video ass. He came, they oppose. We as
you are right now lie to go. Look at their jades video see if he's funny. If he's not funny, leave commented on this page enemies of what are you gonna have a than that? Not a long time now go to the processor, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you want to get something off your chest, maybe tell him why you're mad and tell him why you're blessed call us now, it's the breakfast club come on The breakfast club your time to get it off the agenda. The email from you, wanna breakfast on your life, is able to try and make all now very mild, my? U Mabruki, I man. Bread, but why you bless on blood? They must go get bored three cornered, greeted lonely, Congrats man congratulated run. I gave in Katyn Giraffe weary of Charlemagne logging on me. I think you forgot baby dropped that thing. Medical got that please go do black privileges are right now, bookstore everywhere. Will you at all
ok, ok, I will be about the most suitable for God. When they told me yesterday allows is a lot of bees in black guy man reward robe of oil, for you not only fit out. Why I really known is quite a Patty gang watch major give the idea you broke check the aims from Gus. Ok. I just bought a guiding guy said you wanna say that guy, who I alone have poor guy would Lena guide. I e our own people or because that's all you guys, you guys you re regulations, you guys. Tell me: do you intimated item loads on Satan, gotta kingdom to watch them boys, you that you didn't listen and then talk doing AIDS? That's get it off my chest, eight hundred firing five one or five whenever their rooms on away yes, but I just ass, he turned down being the first person to do a deal with apple music ourselves.
Pay and he puts out some music. He released a whole bunch of music and would tell you about those collapse with wheezy. All right, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep it lacked. The breakfast locomotive breakfast is about the report on the breakfast apparently keepin has had these sounds any day with Lithuania, since two thousand nine unreleased memory was both at the tea Wayne Project. I remember and that never happens where he has eight songs, that never, saw the light of day and he decided to go ahead and put a minority tweeted. I'm feel a real spontaneous right now, hashtag Two thousand nine had tat the missing page in the history book. Did any of you guys, listen to me Eight song now I gotta listen to answer his is a bit of one of those signs for you. It's called listen to
I can see the Dooley with the truly I usually are truly might shed one to me. It is money without like mine, and I want a better life and method of all, but they don T about Burma. No deal is added my body without it. It sounds like two thousand does I mean I got fighting for people that has little ways been I think its exact involved people, people who grew up in an arrow. You know who remember Wouldn, t paying low way we're Doin songs together under one hit, so yeah you know have do you take the kids school and you know get off. My family is Ireland S alone to present it to present its terms. Almost go you're without a college now lower Seven year, newsy changed so much like life changes so much worse,
anyway. He wanted to put it out just sitting there and why not? Swine fever is afraid you can stream. Maybe look on tourism, What the deal is, though, a bad man with Lithuania, because you know I visited a wing can't is put out music right. So I don't know. Have that's gonna wearable, cheaper major raised whether we It is clear as a little way, but you can't is put it out. Anna had happened behind the scenes that cheap Keefe says he turned down being the first artists with an apple music Dilly said he could have the first person to do that. He didn't interview with Larry Jackson, one iota each vote sitting down with Larry Jackson, who was formerly the executive vice president of an hour in scope and he's now apple musics, head of content, and he said that they were talking. They were talking about me to take an apple in they say before they did anybody that communities at Genoa, Larry call these. Are you gonna? Be the firs, artisan apple music? You say he turned it down in Asia to devour yeah, I don't away when it, but Eric
anyway? There's something I want you to tell anybody, that's brazen hours you could have invested in our point in you didn't do it don't tell you by NASA battle. I now here's some good NEWS: Charlemagne is gonna, be hosting the be easy experience where you must do me for Mugabe. What Aquila? Now there should be pretty exciting thing Clearly they can do it last year I don't know I want to know what has to be to newcomers. Areas are basically it's a genius talk. Series is passive, it's over BT experience, Ellie LIVE and Coca COLA presents it and they sit down and talk to some pretty big people in the industry. Like Tracy, Alice, Rogers and labour duve. Nay ever do any of you. I would include the laughing I would want to do with being Ellie for BT awards. Weaken they'll, get ya, know daddy my type of energy. Ya, know daddy my type of energy, but when he came to me, They told me to people that be interviewing, especially Tracy, Ellis Ross.
Easy re enable gouvernail, the Guatemalan all right said: that's gonna be going down a BT away needed, Did you take it? So you re man's if you haven't, got a beating Grandpa comrade? Oh, I don't know, I shouldn't initiative show for tv Did you see what I'm busied alpha Bulgaria gotta, be the experience and you can get you get you to give them a view in a lot of people a day in June? twenty four for it is June forward in trade, and I put it this activity user. You could do more about it, which ratio is wrong, is re able juvenile, that's worth the price of admission to absolute. I've got an idea. Lazy ass member they had like is seated outside outdoors and people could just watch. The interview take place. I was gonna, be yeah. Well, I like to think about going to boys rather need to use. Do you not being honest, we have everything rising, fragmented Espy authority, fundamentally indigo, one unlikely, maybe a sphere fifty! Well, I'm a utility- and that is your room
now. I think you may see when we come back. We got front page news on. Everybody is being J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast cloud aims on Friday morning. Yes, it is less gains or front page news that players NBA players. Last night, everybody had at the night off, but Cleveland to night and play Boston. Eight eight thirty came to the eastern conference. Fine, the carefully the series one. Oh now tell me what happened in Times Square so soon ass. He saw a risk. Yes, I'd. Terrible situation rigid row has twenty six from the bronze was driving here today. The nine hundred accord. That is when he ploughed into pedestrians in times square. He ended up injuring at least twenty two people and killing an eighteen year. Old woman now, according to law enforcement, Why is there saying that he did not suffer from psychological issues and they did say he tested positive for pc p at the time by the way he's from the Bronx. Listen to you, gosh I'll betray the people in the world come from Florida in the rocks. They said it wanted
They should have pulled him out what a each other, runaway validation worked his ass and find that they are having to face in everything they should indeed like to. Let you looking at a video is like you just have. No. No worries gradually to look at it, but it my gosh vows. Thank God, made him do it, God, and I made you do that you know so scared about that. I have always right, then Tom Swift, and I'm afraid the only give members as very I'm surprised, the only tool when there are other people in critical condition right now that hopefully, will pull through I've gone anyway. You dont, like them. Indiana I've been Ronaldo people. I've never been a lot of veal is unsafe laboratories. You don't know who the Torres guy you're only control, trying to paint Highgate Vienna guaranteeing about life. I mean, of course, we have this week up and live going to be among people with the scary thing about life? Is you cannot control other people's energy threat? Somebody having a bad day, somebody going through something and they take it out on you right now at situation and why didn't Nypd issued I'd?
not like the call for the funding of breach of advocating that the car by going heritage. Adam would be nice we have that the time when demand weapon, I turned the cards or weapon right. He killed somebody thou. While in that, when you put the shoe somebody Nypd. Ok, now the real threat dollar goods Marin is there that wrestled them down and held them now to police were able exists when I've lost that tough out my mouthwash, what is the latest, you ve gotta game and they flow step now what else we talk my front page news? May we are talking about police officer, Betty Savvy, who was acquainted, mistresses, we'll Antonio Oklahoma after she shot and killed an unarmed black in Cologne, all black man? What this man? What actual way. When a car who actually kills him by his. Let him live through another muck. Forty year old, Terence Creature, he was unarmed, he headed dog vehicle might in his business. Had it hands up in the air and she still went ahead and shot and killed him Bruce
God, damn it isn't exactly what I'm Talkin military deliberated via nine hours before acquitting her. I don't get this one honestly, though he had no weapons, no guns, no problem over Ganz Activity was, do you know he's a big there, do how to police pick and choose who they want to shoot? Ok, is the big black skin terrify you that much? it must, but we have already of his sister right. May I say when Sheraton their whole family came together and they were speaking about their disappointment.
This verdict swallow backs. Were there all the elements of mass slaughter was their tears of hands were up? Terence was not an imminent threat. Parents do not attack her parents did not charge at her. Terence was not your browser very shall be. Was the aggressor, maybe she'll be had the gun many Shelby murdered. My brother is discoursing. Didn't do nothing at all for her to do absolutely nothing. You do me, one guy plough the car in the middle of Tom Square Ages, signature SL somewhere. Nobody shall be also had reported history of a set of excessive force and somehow some way she still manage to get off. She's gonna use curse, did not know what he had in the choir. Souci was taught to free to act as though
He had again. That's why she was so you don't already has a cosy, just shoot and local authority as under the angry sleep for her life alpha him the lad. I did everything I could to stop these creatures. Death is his fault. For he said I remain away, then at least sadly. Sadly, how do you believe in the judicial system, with things like that I'd his idly vehicle with starred known to all of this, as I unknown to it? Now I have to tell you things like that you like how how could they passed now? How that have exactly how much more we want to say how is always how why would we, what do we know? What do we do away? I'm asking: what do we do? I became leaving a judicial system could obviously ass network of us where the family, Not only is gag doesn't workforce families their plans to file a civil still, even though the criminal case is over, but they still have not got in there. Just she doesn't have a license anymore, have gone right, she's off the force police were their demise. That should not be put back on the forest policy would have and will
what's the matter you know, just as in those situations can bring, turns back I will ask for a page news. I will we come back from the age. What we have indeed call not reach, one was rather our lands. What happens like what it allows wise legal from Bravo Ethical and when we come back as reference locomotive warning, everybody is the envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. You have expressed your guess inability. What has this morning with the anti go? Hey guys come back now. He would only time to ask what the cameras at a rolling cause. They gave us a whole list of demands. They sat long, that's hard to indian hallway. They said, do not know if that few Harvey Oh, my god, I set up a Steve Army Doorbell my dressing room door. I did because of these memo. I thought it was so funny. You feel the same way. No, here's the deal
people were trying to talk to him? I dont think that they're trying to get selfies with him in the hallway they're trying to produce their show like if, if people are mice, I've come up to me in the hallway and they want to talk to me about my I'm, assuming that they are trying to make my show better right and there, like a, can we talk about this we're doing whatever I mean they're not come by four selfies like, and I have an idea, ok than that could be here Not really I mean look, I I can speak for Steve Army and the Euro so, but I thought that memo was all areas I mean I put it up on my dressing room door, love you, I'm sure, come by four little things. Maybe the family members in terror was to take a page right. Minneapolis, nobody I'm sure it distracts no absolute in advance. It felt like if these people work on your staff to make yourself better and they are professionals that they kind of know. How was it you and
know what to say what to ask you, why you do it? It's just yeah. I mean what what what what is his staff doing? What are they doing to Steve heart? in those hallway, doing. I didn't show last week as when, in fact it was before that memo came out in the end, but no he was he was like walking through the hallway, with his security guy. When I last service like ok, so a real housewives of a land and allow it to show what does she want to show? Did you expect any of that now I didn't, I didn't know I really didn't. I wish now major those story that whole I was Really you surprised that that Phadrig said this came from me, I was really really surprised your face. Was I mean classic where she said, and you Why did you lie to me like that's? What's that
the thing that I do you know I told her after we spoke a few days later, and I said I was really surprised that you didn't defend yourself more and I I feel like. I was growing her kind of lines like. Let me help you write exactly like look, I mean because the truth of the matter is the: Do you know? Team candy has been talking about Vader affirm a few years good understand where her ah disdain or where you know where she how she could be getting frustrated that by ties In future. There was very Bassa yeah, that's what it s not like us he's a lawyer. I was surprised by. I wonder why he didn't like. I don't know just in a role she knew she was in a wrong. It was not much you can do right. That's right by sea did after we say that the producers told her. She did say that a barrier she did so requested in their produce IRA produce. I don't believe it and all
so I know Pedro, and I know everyone on the in group. You can't tell them oh go say this on camera like it just doesn't work of your matter real housewife. They do their own thing not about annex, but I'm really, that's why we hire them right. Yes, though, is it ruminants was rumored as she is fire has he been let go. You're is rumour that that she find I mean, look we're looking at next season and you have to look at where we are where we left off, which is that none of the women why to engage with her. That's a tough place to come back from. That's all say on that re, very rare that one They housewives, I mean all kinds of crazy. Things happened. Layer housewives, lying they guides. India had well, it's funny, and people are comparing this. You know people are tweeting musing way. You know you, you don't you re so was on the show, and she I think that as
producer of the show you have to look at the dynamic of the group is, I remember in season two of New Jersey when Daniele was on an end at the end of that season, two reunion, no one, really wanted to have anything to do with our. It is hard to come back from that. It's about a group of friends. To write. You know your shoe group of friends, that's that's what you have to look at. What is it about firms go to see me about friends, ILO and Loud Linares, tension with friends? May I want to have to think you to everybody, like. I was part of it like it, some people of friends, but then they might not like this one. I know that is no, that absolutely is, but if it's Ivan, Wine, then that's also not fair to the law. I wonder, and I didn't really I mean there- you go That means, and by not kind of thousand possibility to Romania's coming back issue. Can you mean?
really give here? You know I now here's the thing, there's a lot of rumours about season. Ten, an answer is it came a nanny, that's a big rumour and the answer is we have, started. Shooting we will. We will let you now as soon as it happens now: phone no man on this, no husband has ever gotten paid her boyfriend or anything rival, housewives right right, ok, I was dubbed verify before the women get paid. Now, whatever they want to do with their money, if they would rather go of theirs by right away from this up to them, but we're about to win ranking has ever been a time that you ve won it like like one of the husband of weapons to be on the show and they ve been reluctant like would you ever be like? Ok, if we care bad precedent to sad to start paying the guy's, because the idea is this? Is it show about women and their lives and the guys come with that their part of the package euro so that it is there
Sid are part of the package and more a you know. Some of them will engage more than others and on the one hand their prerogative and on the other hand we obviously encourage engagement. We ve been lucky with it. Because the guys have typically wanted to be a part of the show and they ve. Then they view as supporting their wives and end. We think it's great and you know sometimes you know, there's a lot of talk on Twitter, like, oh, you know they want a page or whatever I'm like, listen part of their jobs. You know there's supporting their wives and bless them for doing a you know incisively. Why are they the reunion? Will there the reunion, because we invited them and we asked them to come and we I love it, that one feels whether one and Nathan widen and an exactly true real, how exactly visa envy of gear your wife goes on. You don't get nothing.
That's right in my way get those my body I examined, supports middle, come back to envy and Adam, where and other tabs yeah. I we got more. We Andy call when we come back morning. Every body is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club. We have any common in the building there. Are there We see that you had to take out because it just to while it'll just too much, but I was watching to see which array ed. I guess she was car ain t x. Has it made fun of hitting her? Yes, you have there There have been things that we have taken our typically. If it happens rather camera, it's fair game. I got the story with Charae was fascinating. First of all on several levels, I think, first of all, it showed us a window into a sight of charae that we never knew, which was something very vulnerable and sad and painful in her past. Explained kind of who is she is and why she bathes away. She died when so that was really interesting and, second of all, I think that, as I want to say, it was
educational, but I want to say that it was some that women who have maybe then through that in the past, could look at either relate to or have a thought about or learn about. Teachable needs a teacher no moment. I think it. I think it really is, and I think I think you re in retrospect is go from what she has said is glad that it was out there, because it's kind of she's got in a lot of support from people and My friends on the show, and so yeah- that's rare if he ever gonna finish dismayed I don't know it load. I mean yeah looks like she's kind of in the final stretch as its. You know that if it were eight years now on, like that, have told you re that those rights are now less about, love connects so excited. You guys, love connection, I'm hosting in its back on Fox, nay, twenty fifth Thursdays at nine. After Jamie five, His new shall beaches am I like. I could win that show by the way
I bet you could about you, wouldn't do about unloved connection. Do you think you can tell us about local executed a lot of people? I don't know a radio for love connected display. Will love connection you guys it is the best show, and it is so perfect for me. Basically, we set up two sexy singles on three aids each. So we so, let's say you're coming on the occasion of so come on the show, and you say this is my type, a guy. I'm gonna set you on three blind dates with three guys? Ok and we are going to that. You're gonna go on the dates and then based. You're gonna come on the show and I'm gonna have each of the three guys on video and we're gonna. I'm gonna hear about your dates, the good, the bad, the awkward, the ugly. At the beginning of the day we have each of you rate each other's looks, based on your first impression on a scale of one to ten. We got people grading, each other's looks, which is so August. Their amazing or so awkward and think
You know we're guys on their easy. I thought I told you big booty and our booty wasn't big enough. So I gave her three like crazy, it's so crazy and then they talk about the dates. And we have the audience vote on who they think should be the personnel alot correction. I can add, Are you the classic but its updated? So then? But if the so then at the end we have you say: okay, this is the guy that I want to be my love connection we bring about. Then we find HU. The audience voted for if the audience voted for a different got. Let's say they chose envy, who you had a horrible death. With in your head and unheard envy? And now you can choose to go away and overnight day with your love connection or will give you ten thousand dollars to go off with dj envy. So there's a little lover, money thing at the end of every other southwest. So it's so cool you guys. It's so funny. We set up, there's, there's every nikobob we ought revamp menage is weak
managers science, Venezuela, where I live in TAT, I like level managed and then you know we ve got every and foxes really into diversity and on the under other, show it's like. They only set white people up with white people like people with Bobby we ve got. Interracial couples from God. We have this week, I think, she's in the Premier Episodes Winner first aid ever with a white guy, and I said what What did you? What were you thinking, Are you guys? I was terrified, I go why'd. You goes cause, he was. Why am I feel, like I've never been to dinner with our? Why they, I d like you to have and they totally connected through I mean it was re use, so much money, gay couples. Where are we hey couples with hot lesbians like super hot that what the real help OZ, franchise, moon on deck? Ah, you know what we could put homemakers having killer rating comment now. Yet I think that that is a good group and you know the other all evidence
five and atomic them whatever with Katy. Think we always see God what happen with Katy. She I think it was kind of a mutual. I think there was something with her acts or something there were it was it tied up. She was unable to come back. I would love Taverner Guide as he was on the show, a novel guy that wooden mariner. I think the father of the kids. I think I could be wrong. Ok, ass, he had to leave. I'm gonna, expand into other. I think we're good right now. Don't you think he'll be back? I am, I think, my you do. I was too early, or will you know what we were in Lhasa Pippen? They were refusing yeah you're right and that's true. Actually we went three seasons with my Emmi. The thing about it is that you know Mama Elsa got really sick. She was actually a really important part of that show and when she got sick and left the show people were kind of like what was I just the rating went down season three, which has never the direction that you out one at and then, like? The reunions really went down the ratings and it's like if data
see the reunions, maybe there's a problem. I thought I would have been better Let me I've been good people into them. Now I never asked you ok, because I know you pay attention to everything that, yes, I do culture. So have you been following this Ellie red story of him. I have I mean, I'm assuming you guys about allay all areas that the out I mean. I look, I'm a huge Ellie, Reed family, huge l, every advance. So I don't know anything what's going on and it has been a great guy knows: wife, Aragon met their kids and I love ally, we gotta, under the earth for him? So I don't know why this theory unfold right out No, I mean I don't really know what happened in. I love you earlier about how hard it is sometimes like to claim for women. Actually harassing Zeppa, like little incident happened. You know I've been right like what sexual harassment, if somebody says to you, you look really good, and that is that sexual harassment? No! No.
Then I was at a, but then I will first Christmas Party and wanted to failed lady MAC Numa. But events I think this investment awry. That's the direction I mean, but also its play ball, but also by the way, there's a double standard. But if you slapped her on the bilateral May, that is sexual harassment. A girl, you know of woman does that to you it's more properly considered playful. Now, your her assistant and she's, like over dj. Shall we not pretty ass sexual harassment and Adobe allows like I say you guys? Actually? Can you bend over teacher No, you don't work here is just right, belongs only kill. Nobody marketing decides in your shoulder. Scouting there right. I really met Michelle Obama. Recently I did. How was that it was
ray. It was so cool. I saw Charlemagne there may, and I said I go or you watching the housewives, because I've met her a few times and have always kind of into I've, always heard that you watch as thousands and she's She goes. I can't wait for power for the reunion and I really has rarely. I say we go. That's what I led me to what I love. You show a molecule. Tat surprised me. I will have you had the term zombie right radio now she does that when that now she does. I love Michelle Obama. I would go to the ends of the earth for her to our rivalries away way. Let connection me made twenty fifth on flights is after Jamie Foxes, new show beaches am and its great you guys Thursday night watch it before you go out. I love dating cells, I'm telling you This is so good. You guys are no eleven dollars, could actually twenty fifth foxy region get out the love connection with Andy Cohen. Thank you. Ve become thanks, causing without reserve. Is the breakfast club more
The breakfast club everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall complaint. We are the breakfast club. So far as it goes into Loomis, who felt opera the report is the rule of law. The miraculous vince, there's something wrong with envy am convinced that our aid for rural was an airway use. Twenty seven commencement- and he gave quite an inspirational speech about women in women's rights. Here's what he had to say. Your generation is unravelling deeply entrenched laws, principles and misguided use that have held women back for far too long and therefore have how does all back the human race, the world that you will move in will be a lot better for it
The first generation that navigate the world with the security and the confidence to treat women as equally gotta love for round May drummer bond for free. Is always on the right side of things. Is I convey specifically about women's rights it and why use graduation array amber rose? It had to hire armed security. We told you her house guy broken into and she Maxie home young Sebastian within the house. If they were leaving and she saw the surveillance video, a man broke in Hung after about four hours before he left there was surveillance, video, the captured him inside and outside of the house. So Siena has armed caps, twenty four seven on duty at her house, just making sure that everything is safe should therefore right. She also fails bedroom and locked the door going about from unlocked the door. She told everybody else to do that. Christopher Philly thing she said. So I guess that's what a guy
if you lock the heart, even when she's in the house, I can type of go in their bedroom and lock the door going to bathroom and lock the door. She tells everybody else to do that. Christopher Philly things she said, So I guess that's why the guy, you know goin any rooms. Anything like. Maybe I write Blackie Einstein he's out armband and he put out his song. The song is called birthday and he is addressing young dog. Very
directly in the sound taken up our carbon today, you gonna tell me you fancy. Through some one February, there will be a major problem that we are not going to make a start down your birthday. We have found a birthday permanently thoughts about the first day. I write so basically, he still maintaining his innocence, check out more from black Yanks his birthday song to come and see how they would put a scale for July. As you go, go up and play day for my hand, in their precise on me, this is not a base, their ministers for hours on end. Let me give I ran at the bottom I've. Never in my life heard black against the rat If I no idea, I thought black young. There was a
and personality. I knew that I gotta come every day. I note a d shakes, so we got a dollar a bunch of nine they'll just to break it down. For you is saying, a young Duff sat up his own truck and press charges on him and said the play until the pc did Eddie setting Anything. Maybe up against it is a road all statement and when the police com and ask you to actually do it appears David you might as well do it Those aren't you should, if you're innocent Harry. Well, that's the sound birthday. If you want to take it out younger Gaza, did it a song for for free black and he got for you pretty quickly So it is our aid to seduce you gonna, let go against. The Anna, like young, dove bright, seem like good young bride about energy. Who out It has given his money in his brain like. Why have you come to this undertaking? Can we can can somebody's that these brothers damages letter
a combination of movement in the past there right now, especially since a hundred bullets at a cobbler, but our young early, all you do is causing yourself money now blocking the canopy of loyalty to play ball, like is pointless and you may you mention young doggie, I'm kind of jealousy young, the amateur whack because I just bought my wife folk anniversary he's where HU, I, like you, wanna, went away. The bag got Toto all after what you wanted to actually way too bad. You didn't cause, you know how to convert a junk dog now border from my wife, but other was limited edition. I got out of the bag and these well. As I feel that he's wearing your back, I mean you know more power to him. He has good taste you're right? I'm Angela you and that's your rumour blunder. Fluidity is actually this now Ellie DE bag. I can't afford lighting up ability for tv
no let ned bag lights out like tv I dont want to back the Luxembourg TV is cool. It's nice limited edition that bag deserves you smashed into Doc was always all lit up for rising pacing. The walls are right. Well asked the Roma port for Donkey overdue Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mixed. Like adults, club bridge I've been called a lot of my twenty four years. Been donkey at Bay is a new way. Yes dog. You today for freight Friday made nineteen goes to sports journalist Juicy Whitlock. If you don't know, Jason will argues he's the cause of a deal is born tv. That I never heard of until yesterday caused people yourself on Fox boards, one now fast boards has been in the news this week because Carling Coward at Laval Ball on it showed is weakened. Laval got into an exchange with Kristen lay. He also fund supports one play, a real, quick, three
Everyone's memory. Have you sold misuse soda a good amount to me. How many stay in your name anyway. Look I'll tell him I'm not only while bottle whether or not this was happening. I saw a white man. My problem is, you are a hate, her I'm never disrespect women, but I tell you what did I'm glad you act like that sometimes come into its ok. Do you do you think? Are you? What are you threatening me? Ok now I gave Christian lady donkey. Aided date is weak for those comments, because that is textbook. Let me weaponize my whiteness to demonize the black man? Anybody who can't see that doesn't want to see it, and I said during donkey of the day that you played the race card by accident. You weapon either whiteness on purpose. Would that's what she did and I stand by my statement that the same kind of energy that got em until killed you got. These idiots wanted How can you compare of our body Emmett Macintyre of our body? Amateur, I'm simply saying,
weapon of whiteness demonized. The black man is what got em it'll kill death, the same energy Christine lay he gave out in the middle. Of that exchange. Yes, that man says you're gonna get was come. Until you Christine lay he that's him simply. San com is gonna. Come your way based off the comments you made about him and how he raises kids, but Christine by your logic, if you think that's a threat in jail and Whitlock definitely threaten me yesterday on car, cow, would showed. How can we played a Charlemagne? God has come a Christine in a totally unprofessional, dangerous, irresponsible way. Some of this spot interracial way that I think, is difficult for white people to handle this by area of expertise? I'm gonna go at Charlemagne, God and all these idiots. Frank was club, is the most powerful popular oh, been radio show in America. In New York, Ella based lawyers and other national show its serious ex him. He needs to be dealt with and he's gonna get deal with.
As there is excellent. I hardly me I'm gonna be dealt with. I need to be dealt with. That is a threat, Jason Whitlock, if you think, would Laval ah said the precious Christine Lady is third than you think, oh dear me is absolutely a threat, Jason Wit I said that I am spinning this in a racial way that it's hard for white people to handle. You know why it's hard for wife, you would have had those because waste of good black skin- you Jason Whitlocke, get around you, Ok, you in court and knows how to truth, how we migration, our growth in his country. If we don't communicate, tell him the truth same way, Christian lay, he can say what makes our uncomfortable. I can point out. Blackmail makes me uncomfortable and Christian lay he demonizing Laval, ball and weapon either her whiteness. By saying this man was threatening her when he clearly was. It makes me uncomfortable and yet So you the example of a motel, because that's the same kind of energy that got him killed news like that, wouldn't be hard boy. You wouldn't handle Jason with locks. If negroes in position like you to tell them the truth, told him the truth, but you too busy attacking black people and demonizing us,
You don't seem to understand that Malcolm X once that, if you're not cheerful the nose, was why have you hate and people who are being oppressed and loving people? What do I need a price and Willis two thousand and seventeen? If Michael was alive, he wouldn't say newspaper, he would say media and you would be Talkin directly to negroes like you, because when Jason Whitlock on this show speak for yourself yesterday, along with Eric Davis, Christmas ART and the when this gross Kristen lady. He said this solemn, the God did a commentary. Labeling you the donkey of the day, and this kind of sent me over that. Because he whipped as far as to knowledge as this to what happened with immature Four Charlemagne, the guy to use his platform, the most powerful urban. Here pop station in Amerika. What a huge following to throw that kind of. He on you when your intentions, your mommy, Is that all your interact, Chauvelin Lamar Ball was disrespectful at all for him. That kind of heat on you and your family. This is ridiculous and play
into a racial politics than has gotten out of and I'll be a social media. Charlemagne stop it grow. We, may you don't mind that to build your following social media people over Twitter. Please stop and think we're being racially divided for no reason for the attainment of people over Twitter and an instagram. This needs to stop pests was never supposed to be. War and its turned into. I was never says that we want to see me in the bar between me and Charlemagne, God and now is turned into that. It's it's. Were on raised that original racial discussion, it's not a feminist discussion, it was about respect and to start the guide. I would love to colony or shall I have actually been a fan of the breakfast club we can have a healthy conversation about this makes them good come out of it. Let's do it, but some respect my homework.
Jason Wedlock has the nerve to unmitigated got to say what I say with irresponsible, inappropriate, dangerous out about even added how to say that I don't have to demonize someone, but not once did you check Kristine Leahy for demonizing Lavar ball? Not once did you tell Kristine Leahy the herd, demonization of Lavar Ball is dangerous and Eric Davidson Christmas I am disappointed and you both because not once did either wanting you negroes big up and try to explain to the damsel and distress. Why she was in the wrong, even if you feel like Laval, ball was in the wrong, you think are planned victim and positioning herself like she was in some sort of danger from the big scary. Black man was ok, Yeah keeps dreaming about lack of respect for Christine lay you, but on that showed her she's positioned in the back at a buzz. You won't you. Look or not and talk to her? How what yes? in a back of the of you, respect are so much position she's, a real part of the show and guess I'll have to break their neck. To talk to her hey Christine last thing I have to say to you is the way they have you positioned in that room is how they feel you should be positions in life. Okay, bye! any guys way off to decide, but if that is not about right
by Jason Budgeting, Whitlock Jason whitlock- you have the nerve to by someone being inappropriate, irresponsible danger out of bounds, Jason Whitlock, have you met yourself. I remember nautical you wrote about during a Williams calling her and under she was Serene Williams, the greatest interplay of our time, tat bad apples about time, regattas agenda. You said she was an under a tv when your lives from that article was seriously how can serene fill out her size. Sixteen short would grazing at her stall between matches Jason Whitlocke, said. Serena Williams has chosen this mother her athletic gives into an unsightly. Layer of thick muscular blubber a by private. Her unwillingness to commit to a training regiment indict all it is coming from a man who wattles when he walks a man who looks like he s too concentrate with every breath. He takes had the nerve to body. Shame Serena Williams, but that's what you do: Jason Whitlock, you look,
appeared now black excellent? You always grabbed demonize black people in the media, for absolutely no reason, let's run through a few at him. Shall we, I just told you about Serena well chosen Whitlocke, also had something negative to say about Lebron, James Equality, commercial, how you speak. But a man who did a commercial encouraging equality must know what he said about the wrong Lebron James, that I don't think people are getting his athletic privilege and wealth. For their part and races deviates. There is growing up and therefore, if you buy, You understand my analogy: why say he's not dead? Doubt my
it'll analogy Tracy, but our on is like Donald try and address create house whale abroad is about building bridges, bringing people together, Donald Trump build walls. He wants to keep people divided howdy remotely the same Jason Whitlock also doesn't think Carling Cabinet is our fancy glass here. It should have sent us here still be question a hundred percent and I think it's fair game. This kid was about instagram models. Tattoos is tabs and building the column Coppermine Bran. Until the very moment he loses starting quarterback job and now he's out here in his mind, the Cornwall I don't buy I don't care all he's raising awareness for this, or that rhetoric is dangerous because it makes it seem like the issue that common cabinet will protest is an important if you make it. We work with fewer like Ireland. Cabinets protests are unimportant than by default you make it will. Carling cabinet is actually protesting, which is an unarmed killing of people, especially people of color, but a police seem not important, but Jason we live,
this is what you do is just stick is that you get attention attack and even I've that a black and prominent in our community, I refuse to believe you would come came before women, woman color the way you before Christine lay he's a you. Keep telling me not to make this a race thing, but the same way Christine lay. He used the text. Example of weapon, rising whiteness and demonizing blackness. You are a textbook example of a twisted house life you off to. In the jungle, you're doin. What you have to do to keep your white counterparts happy, because you think it gives you some sort of job security. I mean look as documented that no black people, Eddie Murphy and one of the work which you so you went over the fire was one to be done they had washed up. That's all you do is broken by black people on board, wipe it What a joy agenda you would have at least attempted to school. Christine lay he on wire rhetoric with dangerous, not just to Laval Ball, but historically, why of energy, has been dangerous to black men in this country for ever now, Jason we're like. I know you threaten me and said I was gonna, be dealt with, but I need you to have the same enthusiasm when it comes to deal
obesity, ok, you need to lose weight. My brother, I first lasting best love, always be self love and Why you don't love anyone? Look Jason Whitlocke as our slave will need all of the white man. Only does it take on black people, so we know he doesn't love us, but true vision will act of love himself. If you love love you would lose weight are people our people and when you are built like Cleveland from family guy in real life, nine times out of ten your heart and you better not yet Alphonse ports, one today and say our bodies aims you because damage you body shames arena and I'm not going back and forth. You because I know you eat this kind of attention up. I mean you everything. Would you really love dining on attention and I'm not given you anymore until you lose two hundred pounds, I refused to go back forward a man would love himself. Ok, I would not take any critique from you serious until you take your license and lose weight Jason Whitlocke of your confused know what I'm telling you it's simple you too fat for four door, and I don't take fat house laser for Dorothy
I'm just using. This is a moment to teach the white people you work with that. A confused about a christian lady situation will evolve. Ball is so serious and is simply because some white women in his country have a history of weapon, adding their whiteness the demon, either man and and if guidelines Jason Whitlock, can convey that message than guys Charlemagne. God can please give fedora wearing how slave Jason whitlocke the biggest he obsolete? Alright allows Britain loved it s a lie low, given I love her free dismaying had their say, manage our lifetime. Given our love for foreign debt will love five. Eight firewood, Five one Jason Whitlocke com, it's! What do you think cause right now, let's talk about it and I'm wondering where Corey Holcomb into Corey, Holcomb gotta show demanded the big indeed in New York, at the bare he's in the lobby number in court Is the breakfast locomotive the breakfast club
DORA wearing how slave named Jason Wit lot is even more Jason Lot. I don't have anything out this egg man Korihor come here. Choreographer welcome the morning paying budgets will accord, is a professional berber before him twenty two thirty day day, Food some bourbon now is what they call Uncle Tom. We definitely Ty everything he says, he's looking for approval. Caucasian people out of one of those guys noted Bulgaria's you, people fear they learn. Well, you really is it, but rather that- and you know what caucasian people don't like uncle down someday you I could have you know of your people- is only a matter of return on all intelligence No, you don't love. You sell their arms, they don't let em so, no matter how Jason Willa tries to get coup with them or whatever I'm I'm, I'm just saying you make it a full legislative by. You may feel that
when you make a fool out of everything I had to do with a wise to people. You attack attack, Lebron James Williams, the attack and thou shalt. Got it just makes it seem like he has a problem deep down it's out with himself. He cannot stay people who can walk up a flight of stairs if you ever? Let it go you just look back real fast personally, with Jason went what are you with an ally and he needed a rat at a hotel? Does he know a friend Mamma and you don't put em over me, but I was nice out of the others. Do ok I'll drop him over the hotel and
sort of loneliness in his eye was like when we was Dr Evil hammer radio all, but that incredible how music was blank really wanted it to be abolished in job you out of the way they work in and out of your mother out, make what you want a big decided low. Let's go talk, eight hundred five, a five one or five one allows this. We're gonna Davy? What do you think it's easy would last com is clear what I think- and I put him one day in love with the cart and yet no
idea was gonna like he had no idea what the black community go through it. The day with a black community is doing. Is that as the bar off lay it has another there? Why don't you feel that there is a threat because he could I haven't you did, though, the only way to white man is to threaten the black man making money. You didn't know how to make him. I meant that. What are you doing all of our body gives a catchy guy, but I love what you do for a kiss. You you, you put it in you. Put you put it right now. I think like a ball of his re, evaluate cooler.
Low, be, but we are above all, amorrhites like his swag. You know you went on to show all girl was trying to get at him with our lead negativity. You try to hang I'm in a room, see like there's something. It was like this. What I like, I would be if she was Tom, crazy about me by our learned. Maybe we see what goes on with an eight hour crazy. I shall give you needed with actual went on to say about the energy is a term of a five one, and five on Corey Whole comes in a building, was still taking your phone calls wit, lots com is weak or it will be a big indeed it a night at seven p m. We combat the brain Furthermore, morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club nephew just join us. Charlemagne gave doggie of the data Jason Whitlock sir column of FAT Fedora where and how I got a bag of aubergines not challenged him. Have you wanna go back for me? You got to lose two hundred pounds now way if they want to come on the shell
they gathered together. Now, if tat, before about engaging with people who might have a different point of view in kind of having conversations whether we are increasingly on the show I gotta bring. I Angela Rye appeared to form for women. The woman you tell her. Why her weapon either her whiteness demonize black man is an obligation to do it. You threatened Why would you have me we were then add: Tammy Lauren appear before she can't. So why would large and was there is way she cancelled in. We haven't made that mistake. Maybe I'll call Oh, come into building now he's gonna, be the big. He added tonight, as we give tonight, deny one show the bacon created out of my head. Does the good Lord doesn't mean there is a huge accomplishment.
Oh man, don't mosquitoes girls had? No. Those girls now now used to harm is done like, like the only sixty dollars outnumbered now what we said you will come into force. Think somebody was asking about Donald Trump. What's his opinion on Donald Trump I'll come on, you know on the Roma aware black man. So how can I be bored I'll drop nobody's about, but I will say it is Donald Trump. He really the guy you pass out money through the streets. You know the iraqi people, industry, Z pass the money. People with influence. Only problem is, if you feel like you, got some notoriety. He get you up there in them towels and when you get off the elevator, you get them cameras right. How are you where's, the UK sneak in there their money of detail. A body of negro illustrates you got there
You can't have it already referred it I'll get. You gotta see that places when they woke up like the name, things happened, I've seen as right. He goes that you are now eight hundred five five one off. I want a lot of people on. Allow me to give the V1 Geezer Whitlocke com. It's allows this aid, as I wouldn't think John would loves com. Is data? Would like some? It's really. I think images region and the fact that each other anything about Charlemagne. I really think he was used by nuclear fuels or Russia. China appeared heard not really this noble shouted. They say he would determine the paid at the whole immature thing. It is take that around with it You just don't look at me. Go you go you want you got it didn't you wanted, I'm sure hello, this early name anyway,
shells. What do you think was calm and soldiers who were locked out of water tat outside of men for a really addressing the real issue? Could the Bang Bang Bang ah cries out for attention like in order to define Christina and at the lake Charlemagne, broken down with research, in fact who back they'll be petty with the let him know that when you build is now ok, all you do is someone who slew pettiness the normal already got come on, I'm very wise guy, but God you have sometimes you have to, because they won't get away with the things that they feel anything that people like Charlemagne. Call you out, on the be at that go on then it'll just glad by, and I want to say thank you because people of color all over the world like we need somebody dependence
and advise all greatly when you said it hard for why people to understand things that I'm saying, if you wouldn't be, if you would just drove to him when you up, there was real, he magazine get their dip in his be getting a tentative in his right in the middle of it. I come forbear what a woman in a way real, tired and had fallen at bay than his way he has got off to bed and as in the current times this your boy, seven, thirty, seven, thirty, eight! You take it now. The key message outcome: should a Beacon box office get their early? What else you were Ok, I want you. In areas we have gone out, live their lives with people. Might not local girls in the shower ya. Gotta show gotta video feed. These show really good show you prizes. Jim the cab who is going to the young man himself took off his glasses and swung around.
Pointed at areas by land to everything that he was drunk Dinah. Any view areas came in, he was drunk, you know he was using So that's why I do want to say this cuz I haven't had a chance to talk to him, but I'm not mad at you Aries that threatening message you left on my phone. I know you was just embarrassed if I take if I took took him seriously, be look of all air, but I know what I see you was all that we have called for burglary. Don't wanna help them above the blue. At this level romance will solve the result of by using the video got cut off a bit Billy veiled in overloading language edges. He black the policies that we failed to the floor, and I ll be, as I don't want to get better. He was just really go you when I held the mob. I know you got a man s all you doing nobody.
I'm going to die, is it it costs money to file, allows the areas they get money to be fighting no law suit about some do duenna internet so out of stories that people will be like nobody is ill about. You know you gotta, let, and you know the people In our view, they were, they want. You just can't beat of everybody again, but this is well what wasn't say it just like that Lady data say what they do. My age like they were just talking about which automated the whole show. You have touched them during the brakes. He was very good. Spectral. You know any was uses a bad guy. He was up desolate, lined up to our labour as allies. In lessons I scan. May we get emotional? Sometimes you know you owning a pushes, but to fall Autozone man, I bought this equipment. What if y'all told this appointment- and that was the main thing I was working? I was worried about- don't break the desk you know areas, although you men are just be for real,
you deliver real you on unviable about no matter. What I have an even bigger beat up will be a variety of mothers to be embarrassed about right now. How do you feel about these man wrappers? All that has been very into the him, they got be baggy. Ok, so you into his baggy, Why is beggar, my poor one all, but a weirdo went away, no problem, you know our where it does not respond very good. I don't care what time we would have a show of all mechanic. I simply my bag laddies. If you wanna get him, would give for Christmas Maggie. You are actually night Seasick outgoing welcome at the big data. We appreciate you for joining us right. I want to sit on. Ladies real is taken there.
An overall number and earn in your way to reaffirm my greatest all right if the bread with loud gory all go, make our role as a way to make a did. You have a massive openly that all candidate as one would argue this look at Lambeth morning. Everybody relax day was Madame Exit bonding new May. Ninety was borned any related, they would maintain, saluted God, Malcolm X, rightly the breakfast public goods, a rule is the sole drake. Tour remains with Angela disclose think. We would all agree that there has been some tension between Jake, Inter Alia in some sets. Absolutely them some barbs exchange. Well, they finally have posted a pity together and Drake said the city needs more of this. Unless of that, and then he put six I guess it's who at em both from cigarettes out both I'd is doing today, finally comes together in this,
What is it never won't be upset about unity between people. Ok, number big unity is what we all need until unity and grab of operation is great things. Firstly in Toronto, simultaneous it that's really I'm trying to lead, and I would ever little beef can be that they wasn't anything through Pierre rises like that's a nice little wave, but it don't seem like they are still looked at it like a pop in pop and music scheme of things, because there's no togetherness I right now, let's discuss jam veto Rossi with it. This is bad is Nick. I do have some of these shoes to luxuries to accompany and according to a man, that used to work there. She saying that these that Serena Williams was disgusting and would not give her the same discount as they gave to white celebrity. While now there is a race discrimination, lawsuit that Whitney Wilburn has filed, she said she was recruited to work there and two thousand feet.
From another Madison Avenue Fashion has where she'd been for five years, but they said according to Whitney, she was treated very poorly because she was black. She said that hurts Europeans left no doubt that there was Rachel animosity towards African Americans, for instance, when the world famous athlete Serena Williams, beer, her staff? As for a discount on her extensive purchases, jam pizza. Manages. Reply responded with a racially disparaging comments which made it clear that company did not want african American to wear it shoes. They said she was disgusting and then they whip pressured to give a discount from vulgar magazine. They offered only a fraction of the discount the whites but he's typically receive now. She also says they through numerous elaborate dinner parties in social events for all the boutique. There remains by white employees and never once held an event for historic He was the arms you, the only back and lay there for a year and a half were in their company I wish you luck. Diameter rustling, sound expensive
I can pronouncements said is right and I would think that is how I mean I can understand our anybody could not once he just sell their shoes to anyone. With a celebrity their wares them that especially Serena Williams, alignment and she's transcended Ebby, any type of area Saigu reason would lux nobody. Worms the views on it. Basically, somebody s Father rated discrimination, lawsuit against that company I raise new dog has an album out. So congratulations to him. That's his fifteenth solo, album as cod. Never left. David Banner has finally put out his God backs, album, so that's available to stream. Oh, you got back, they come out right. Drug monocles Basra may be the better now than ass, his averment twenty fourteen. I thought people in town as we will forget and that you're ok, Perry has a new song out with Nicky Menage. It's gonna be hurt bits, YO, album by the way that this issue will be on. The song is called swish swish. Here's a listener before
you get a job we see around here, like his part in this, you even where you can get in here. I never met up with the famous, but another leader was queen again as a young army advocated there? Ok Amity Perry Fan. Dance, you don't listen, listen! I wanted a boys all at a time. I was in a teenage dream all that time. I love Prism. Ok, sorry,
nothing last Friday made where the majority here on the breadth of clover ass, having it I've, been concert, Katy, Perry concerts by myself, with the balloons followed. I have asked my guy. Madame problem include Bob Adam Animal. Had anatomy, be one that like look now, provocation very concert, propagated, Perry, concert where- and I was there by Myself- Pitney balloons ok, there's gonna hear there. You go music. Naturally, either yeah rumour report.
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