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Chris Weidman & Anthony Johnson


Chris Weidman & Anthony Johnson stop through to discuss their fights with Vitor Belfort and Daniel Cormier.

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We'll be boiled celebrity real. Some joint exists today, more than ever, is DJ. Envy AIDS will ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club regards was breath. I guess Building together. Can devilish kick your ass. We have Anthony Johnson increase, we and ass. They write wadman model. Would you beat up and put some movement? You did you take it out of combining rise more and more, we know you guys are fighting and I want to know the first thing why you have see. Why put body. A new phase in YA yesterday legs do all that in the course of time.
That is why, while you intuitively, could I bigger casualties, we don't have to be bigger, you can be in a better way class. I just like you know competition, so that's just who I am anything this you know they can pass me hurt you down for besides Bundy Jumping skydiving definite tribe, always wanted. You got robbing people having cool is amazing: hey man, stubby notice, with new talent, every pride, pretty good, an ice cream yeah, I was. I was good. I've never been in a fight really two out of high school really there, again the street on a general? That's how it is always athletic. Just tough, you know, being a k, a grown up in the country I mean I fell out of trees in our type of stuff lay. There are still lay aside like. Why not try something. If I'm right here
you raised on now, arrive at a bar got you like demerits Thomas Place, whether to demographic goes for my own town, he does a man does not now for training he doesn't and one that would merely and then airborne in place for. Thank you place what. Of course, now now than you did you two top rigour it useful to fight our bones Jones yeah supposed to with anyone, did ok go ahead. I was a hidden rang situation, the budgeting. He did some things, but you know that's this things he has to do with you know now. I have done you come here one. So that's was my focus I now, but I'm sure yeah, I'm disappoint could ever. Could you know when you get to this level? You want to find the best of the best and even though John is a here right now, he still the best of the best, in my opinion, so as to have more respect,
I still want to fight him, you know is Nan personal, it's just I want to see if I can beat the. The guy found King unified again in the USA? I think you will just you don't wanna, be on top and then gave boat it like you, didn't and then not finish what you started. So I think he's gonna come back even stronger hallowed you take off between fight A month a mouth, I sing it unless you get injured unless you get engine Handle Japan's z. When you look ass, though my leg, Borgia going, you know it be, they say you did have a low drug is not your fault. You gotta have some type of vice for which are due to take their job I thought you knew with good people now have given me. I think we're all capable do stupid things. So yeah be smart enough to try some people that aren't gonna. Put you in those situations as easy is easier said than done. Lenny you beat somebody today.
Uncle or does the rest stop one political, finally kill somebody, because we want a fair, I'm innocent children by controlled environment. You know you, your opponent and the rough. The wreck isn't gonna. Let you take too much damage
Is he absolutely knows that you can take it? You know now seeing some guys get beat up and yes, she gone on. Those are the tough as guys the fire hate fighting guys like them workers. You yourself said that, after an injury, you come back down because your bones at sea, stronger after you ve, had their injuries. I am in your bones, a stronger, but also a time set back of any very poor and poor life. You know you you have to learn from it, and so I think, having Andrews's is one we're doin, I am becoming better from setback centre, has prevented us from having a fight that you anticipate it having as they can't wait on you, obviously any like. Ok here will my fight actually having pushed back, because I got into a fresh, my ribs and so on, but thank God we re behold fight together, store up so five bitterly twenty third. So it's good! What do you want? Why did they do you see it?
is biggest boxy occurs, is way more exciting wireless Maxie. It is way more exciting. Didn't like the big fight like to pack email me whether stealthily people on is what feel it. That's all you have, though, what who else was is there in, but I feel I feel I am a may. I feel your memories are. It is Finally, our garden has been around for safeguards that are only knows about buxom we're still very new. We try to come in here we told the security guards front. As you know, we were with the: U S sees a: U S, We would like to encourage you know. This is still a new sport gotcha we ve been around for how many years now, like fifteen Might I can't have mining your resolute? Let's get something straight boxing is not fighting. One element of funding, as I was saying, wrestling is fighting for, you know what crime
Funny you and I have only which obviously- and I got your face- not fight with you- I see- is exactly what you are allowed to do on the streets without bringing any weapons game is pretty much as real as it gets boxes just thrown. Has you can't kick? You can take a do down cancer middle? I mean it's really not. This is one aspect. This is amazing, part of lady with a name Rhonda rousing. She said she could be may without, like she probably jobs, are probably developed, a fence they always cocky. Amistad join. You know Emma may now people feel they take a really just step into it. And they don't realize it is a whole box and has a mentality. Just you know they have some any people in the areas and saying you know you're the best you're, the champ, you can do whatever. I think they getting mixed up a little bit and it drives me crazy, so they feel like they're on top of the world whenever. They actually get in there with somebody that knows mixed martial arts and once they hit the ground, they like a fish out of water. They don't know what to do from that point. That done and then go back to box
What made a brother learn how to do the mix, martial arts thing uniting investment in I was finished with wrestling. I wasn't gonna try and be no. Triangle off what I've been anything, so I just kind of fell into it. You are you got boats. Is that way? You're like a blogger, I was eating, go like the actual and a dozen himself. I never did any Marshall eyes any move to one single patent, the wrestling rather wrestling. Now Nobody knows how much I don't help. So how did you get it? Because if you will see that even here right now, it is the same exacting I started Ruslan. I wrestled well college and then I could iconic rough finalized, so I can always, even if I lose, do a dude in and wrestling I'd, always by night. He definite can't be mere fight, so I just ended feel my discount what I meant to do and then I travelled to Daphne laboriously got an injured before the trials and isolate when each
Mixed Marshall, as I just downloaded only left, are you for regulating bruises now, half time yes, nominate, I'm gonna talk to any care is actually from ahead, but yeah no rainy camp is, you know you want you train kept up almost be harder than the fights and we get in there. You know. Are you not uncountable, there's nothing there. You M seem for so. How do you get the key? they run you other high flowery Ali flowery ashes cauliflowers, I bruising, so you can get from box you from wrestling both basely when you're you're gets hit swells above with blood, and if it gets hit again and gets hit again in the council. We have many years later to. Let us know that after the item- and I have thought about it- like a train and have to be that intense gazelle it because when you will actually fight is or level Tina media does nothing. What I wanted is wanting worse in the world in the b, in a fight with it, with a professional athletes. Shy. Take your head off you're, tired! You can't do next. I mean there's nothing worse than that, so you have to make sure you, your train.
Like a crazy man, so that doesn't have something of a thing about the money that will keep me here in what we say is a disease could give us Bob workers alike, is would love to know how much money do you get your guy? The winners, owing to me, as you know, is like anything you have to start from the ground up. You might make five hundred year, for, as I did at first by you could be depends on their mode of yet more than a year. It happens that sometimes within you know, when you at the top of the food chain, you can make in half a meal more, you know just depends and I'm sure, to train a health. Shall I knew better into like me, smashing chicks, Nothing really worked. I decided to find somebody always says you little fight an exit. King Gos uses Mexicans Bernstein stop now. They have How hard aren't you gonna, kill him? Wait a minute,
so now you know where you're coming may never easy resilient right. My dream, I did you, give him some tips on how we can do the things in his errand afloat arise over and above its weaknesses. Do you think I am actually knowing things I do jitsu instead by that date, does put you in an advantage. I mean you have to know everyone to get to the top. Were where, where work, where we are at right now, when you have to know every single marshland, if you don't that's, that's how the guy's gonna beat you, so we had to be the best we possibly can be masters and procedures you and take part in box and its high in time in wrestling.
You have to be the best be in every one of those things. Why did it legally meal, so violent erased allows facing corruption, bracelets and dirty politics in New York in one of those guys he's not here anymore, Gaza holding back from being voted for voting for an assembly he may I discover I thought you might like you killed them, no longer what it does, it gets going. Benzene is going to happen soon, Evans, who actually have a date set December six analysis regarding the way I see they put that they put a date set, so they put it
I want to go there. You haven't even anatomy share of without the weapon. What would I do for a sport would be in the major market? Let me I mean this is at the centre of fighting as it were, Ali was, as you know, there's a minute of your Frazier and all these other duties and box, and the names of grace grace on them, ass square garden, billboard and for us to have that there's be amazing and for not to be theirs is insane. It's been were literally allowed to fight every other place in the world. Sazen your ass great, a southern wrong that have you guys ever did islamist unrest. And I always thought to myself. If somebody has you in a move right, will you stuck one article in many other java happened? I think this is lose sight of the main idea Lee you home. You have much time to think like that. I put you. If I put you in a written brunetta children, could you not?
That's good work for five that you put him in a red light. Now the endorsement there looking out, as I'm sure, the endorsement, the other pouring it and because I've heard a lot of people say they would come in. Big ears, have meetings to endorse nor crews you'll see liner, maybe Ronan, like that everything's cool. I should say you know right now, we'll see who's everything works. I think I will we be just sign with reboot
as Bigley might sausage, which, as I say, I was actually there because I was there and I am flay, may, whether fight the previous one. A couple of days ago, when they were coming down, I'm tired of Sunday USC do so assigned offering storage life River searched it's gonna be set in motion. Were you won't see that you're she fires? Are there with all different types of Sponsor Morgiana Bridges, Reebok, maybe one or two that you see allows in a cage. So it's gonna be more likely to end a feller or will it out of obesity like when you spot by re back or were Nike again this, whereas tough, because you have got to have to start from the ground up. You know I mean and of course, the law. You are the less you get paid, but you can build up to where you need to be, but once again you gotta put their working at the job to get where you want to be good. I gotta do things outside of sport to make this sport bigger and I'm out. I was talking about the innovative method and, if all the greater,
reality shows the plan, as you would think it with football sea than this weekend in middle to play off any gel NBA with all its unwanted football today tell ya, They are no longer only reality shows where the USA, already anyway, a celebrity check on that matter found singular begun. Oh you guys above married. Her three leveraging. We think they happen. I'm trying to key method out of the matters that can have you guys have, it is now and in that an old case would somebody I just didn't know what this is bad for, like sometimes people are asked us every night at every guys. Warfare, absolutely debate by people who I was and why don't you have before you? This is because you see fire but out freshness fighter who were my boys, who loves, start trouble, troubled, big big. You said, and my friends way more intimately look in the May summit
said there. Why problem? My boy, you want he looked shred of meat coming to me because I was I not come straight out me throws applies, I just drove on the floor and I started to look just embarrassment. A slap in the face like just now little or no he uses gave Nogales elderly. Then you got back up etiquette embarrassed about what I said was a man who was just kind of funny. Hoses, embarrassing bouncers left no votes, just let it happen. He has probably just on other points on my kid. I'm grown back down the floor guests, They Moldavia slap rounds of an early warning idea waiting until now, whereas now it wasn't just because you know those lover yeah push from the fates here, as I have no idea what land and that was stout, maybe life those five years ago. Does my less frequent. I hardly go out any more, but I always get assets in question. It was good ass. You get mess within, not not really no
Nobody smiles, really gonna, look as big as any real of being a broadly mobile air, but you might know somebody my test, you once maybe what you your lady, a wife essay. Some by all, you will one day so there was a u allowed to given again, you won't in trouble for that. I thank you for not only very marks in Africa because, as well as the face looking here, you go, but if you start punch in the dude in those gonna have black eyes you're his brain damage,
Jesus Christ damage ticket five man, you know no, no he's had history, sidewalk dot, the I have to register yourselves as weapons. Could they always say that about boxes they got arrested ahead? Is a deadly weapon or licence relations fighter? So I think right right away. I think that's pretty much the same thing you like you, if you, if you got a corner, unified, beat up that dude and secondly the court. You know I know what I'm doing. I know what my hands could doing a job. Now, I'm Anthony amendments asking I read an article where we ve been following a giant bones down story where you said that you felt like people were trying to seem like that. Fight. That you're about to do is not legitimate, because it's not him. So can you speak a little bit about that and how important it is in the Dame John made his own. Been me, and they are like then come here myself, not fighters delay will not let you fired.
And if we don't beat giant it seemed like a dead matter. Would that's not the case? John John beat himself outside of the cage. You not I mean that's. Why is now what does right now so they give. They gave me a genuine opportunity to be no more now you know, and we don't we don't take any credit from John. He still the best, but people still need to respect us because we go out there we put on the line. We were still find for totally the way they can say. Want to say which they gonna do. We do they gonna love is a definite is at an end. Date doesn't really matter where they say or the jailer fight against. Then you have a lasting area. You guys are friends with each other S.
Like I gotta fight you, but we shall fight me like ya ya, like trotted, kill each other more Europeans. It just depends on. You know: jotted down you weren't, they hate me yeah Amanda, vehicle Mandy, so pretty cool. We speak in english guy. You know a call him up, and you know, as well as day was on the phone anything but we're cool. It's gotta be gonna rough though good. You MIKE You in a museum with his wife is K, is beaten him up and will cause you know, fighters have their own or switch. You have it or you don't. But you know this is is just a business this. What we doing this week, we do it because we love to do it just because we beat each other up in the cage, doesn't mean we have each other outside of the gay. Can I own logo? you lose days there. It is what it daddy to let you for losses at when you lose. How do you get back on black eyed prepare for natural causes like that fight is always on. Even when you lose in. How did
lose. I wasn't it would do well to follow them. Just like he was the better got an idea. My best some happy at ended a damn. I mean I'm disappointing results, but I'm still at what myself, because I did the best I could do so. I don't put that I've oppression myself there. If I lose stand in a world that is geared to lose Christiaan freedom at the moment, not muscatel newsman, not us don't you feel like, especially when you see things I can appear before. Flay was finally able when he may lose, as they want an endeavour. Last diva people are like ok, he's waiting too much money to see. Alas, there are plenty of doctors and haters. I did a lot of the duchess fuel from the fire. The great thing about that, as is that they're always gonna, be there is a good motivational to have shown him up. I don't think we want to see you lose and if you can,
basically Lee destroying people, I'm having as it different Floyd could always guy Heaven s annoyed, obviously by one of those lines without more though Lloyd run. He just easy go binding on established again he understands the game, but then you got like another hour as golden age, rather knock your head off a triple diedre he's he's not box and his brother. Yes, we need say, TAT grew jail right after you have any amendment asking you also where I'm suspended as well and now you're back. Was there a time when you thought you were gonna, make it back what he gets. His wonderful tells me I may was suspected and domestic violence, but the charges we drop. You know
you know what doing that time. I knew I didn't do anything wrong, but whenever it comes down to something like that- and you just never know, what's going to happen- and I was depressed- I can't lie- I was super depressed and just didn't know what was going to happen. Cuz. You know when anybody says you know, they've been hit a male. Everybody automatically believes it not at all, wet and ass. The pie that that just give me on answer and you know I felt like a lot of people didn't have my bet but wise the charges were drop then all of a sudden everybody shows back up. You know he could fight against our friends again so well same time. Also. That made me realize who was really doubtful wasn't. So I made I mean game, isn't open my eyes even more, but if anything you do. The woman who consider the method by the view does restrain her.
Let me put a move on or you put a honor, you know these crazy. It's crazy did in. Like I said no, but it's just gave their lives just getting, never have known ass. I wouldn't want, but it's just a sad thing. You know people can say something on a MAC. We everybody believes it. You know, no matter how to media must put it. They gonna put it in people. Does not, Madly thing, that's how it went down. That's what happened and must again as men. We have to try and prove that we didn't do anything so in that basic deserts yeah and, as will yield year, they haven't innocent macro. You said you may want to talk about it. We have some stuff here about. I am sure you will appreciate you guys. Are us a good luck to fight you? What is it
We have examined me. Twenty zero only served midway. There were you began. Your breakfast glove is crystallizing left wide men widening. The white man like a gun and ably Joseph visit. You guys and thank you
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