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Friday 6/22 - Today on the show we had mayor of Tallahassee Andrew Gillum, who is now running for governor of Florida, where he spoke about economy change, having kids learn about trade in school and more. Speaking of Florida, you know how Charlamagne loves to give his "Donkey of the Day" to people from there, and today he gave it to the man who was charged for the murder of XXX Tentacion, which happened in Miami Florida. Moral of the story, don't get tricked off the street for chasing clout. Speaking of clout we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought, once Fabolous got caught in a girls dm and she blasted him on social media for it, but was she clout chasing, according to Fab she was. 

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I hurt radio and the? U S. Census bureau wanted to do something special for the class of twenty twenty, so we made commencement a new pod cast with words of inspiration from the biggest names like John Legend, TIM Cook and cash. I wasn't. I hurt radios new pod cast commencement in partnership with the twenty twenty cents s speeches drop may fifteenth on. I ought radioactive or wherever you get your pipe casts. Remember you can do something that will affect the next ten years. So if you lived in adorn dont worry your school will count you. If you didn't visit twenty twenty census, DOT, Gov Flash grad to be counted a glass of twenty twenty. We know have been kind of out of the ordinary lately you're not gonna, get the graduation Sarah. So I hurt radio, The people who write commencement speeches just for you, John Legend, Hillary Clinton into over twenty of your favorites from DJ call it a coach can have you come back to haunt us into. I hardly knew commencement speeches drop made. Fifty I harmonious Sunday may. Seventy across all
brought to you by Doritos, taking the class of twenty twenty valedictorian to another, Angela Charlemagne, the garb of a rapid forbids the voice of a culture wash like means is one of my baby shows just because I always keep your young, but there are quite aware on paper there. You know their listening through the back door. These are the planet. I go about India, Marsala, mainly God, one third of the World Moldavia Minnesota Reference Club. I have no idea, what's going on this morning, we're having a technical difficulty because DJ envy in Orlando uneasily than I lay for Bt Award
can but we're trying to get this situation scrape. But in the meantime, I M here to tell you about the things that are going on this morning. We have our Tallahassee may agile Gill he'll be here this morning. Eleven AIR Florida vehicle use easier about much of a well oiled machine. We only empty gave it of envy you to look at the double doors to look at you. Just jump did so floor. So flawless- and here the way where they, as he's running for Governor Florida, Abbe very exciting, and I have visited the vote- would that what happened today? He would actually, when good, democratic, nomination and the only keep on patient absolutely. Does my guy Andrew give him also. We have to cast of Luke Change, which came out this morning early this morning on Netflix might call to play blue cage child. She o Koker, is the writer on new cage. Simone Missick mythical plays Mister Knightley, albeit all be here this morning, excited about that man. I'm excited to that man as well, but I had it
crazy, crazy. You know I'm in Albania right just guy you're like two hours ago. Why? Well my flight was delayed first, it Lay in a couple hours then, when we finally got on the plane, they made us get back off after everyone got everyone guideline, it was delayed. Rather than there was some type of malfunction with, though air. Something like that? Be everybody had to get off? Then it took like a three hours for them too, I guess exit, and so finally landed whence you check in a hotel in and come here to work with a lot of weight above obligatory, not complain about the lagoon. Good asking all final destination was William, complaining arms is exploiting. I had a very long day- God you got yesterday and is a BT awards out here this weekend and allay so a lot of people out thoughts. Also. What are we gonna? We don't go right, danger Billina, they don't event, may do so
You got a front page news. My answer. You saw the jacket that Millennia chump had as an airport yesterday when his news broke, but the jacket that Millennia chump was wearing. What is her explanation for? Wearing a jacket like this when she was talking about child detention centres in Texas Emma to actually go visit, some you have I'd like to hear more about your store. Good I'm trying to figure out a social media payment, a narrative that doesn't exist. The shovel reason why weren't come I now, if you're going to visit these points out in his chair detention centres- and you are very aware of your fashion and have all kinds of handlers around you. I don't think simply make us with sly by but we'll talk about it. Work towards more good is more a sort of reference club. More data Minnesota breakfast. I got this man's regarded ass. I got it. I was here today of job everybody would dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was gained some front page news. Tell talk about your president's wife. Yes,
the first lady millennia traps. He took a visit to the: U S, Mexico border. She was going to its an and emigrants immigrant children, shelter but everybody's paying attention to the jacket that she had on the jacket from last season, it Zara thirty nine dollars and on the back of the jacket it says I really dont care. Do you were crazy thing? for her to wear because she's very into her fashion. She always pays attention when she goes to different countries to different meetings and events to which he has on an initiative when a thirty nine dollar Jagger before either, but according to her person team, they said it jack it. There was no hidden message after today's important visit to Texas. I hope the media isn't going to choose to focus on her. Wardrobe it s. Great her rep said it was nothing but trot said it was a message to the fake news media down a tramp of course had something to say he rode on Twitter, as he always does. I can't find it
Can you tell us how to me? I really don't care. Do you written on the back of Melania's jacket? He said referred to the fake news. Media say: Melania has learned how dishonest they are. Truly no longer cares so we don't know only their message. There is no message. Was it something like this? I was in that way. Here's what you had to say why she was in a detention centre. I'm here to learn about you and retired. Now you have children on a long term basis, and I also like to ask you how I can have these two families will be hardware, nor does use Morgan was I don't know why I never heard that woman speak in my life. I have never had any it when she stole Michelle Obama speech. Yes, you do. You know about the trade leader I didn't realize you could knowing of Lisbon, one thing for sure do think certain about their Jackie. You gotta Drabant, include blood. We have
thirty dollars jacket from me, come on unless he my love frugal individual, you non frugal Van draws. Okay, I M a frugal was therefore my insulting ass. He never does things identify ways. Jack is like that. She's very frugal other wardrobe, you think, is therefore thumbs. Riveted poured out of thirty ballad jacket sound at its worst statement idle did you may have expensive bags human scale, but you go from there to a thirty about Jack. I don't think so. He than Shiva now before I ain't gonna talk about you. Let's talk about extract test extent, ass, yawns, death. Now, there's a new internet trend that people are doing there actually mimicking his death by uploading pictures of themselves slumped over in a car and calling it the x X, extant axion talons that crazy, no, not necessarily, nevertheless, outgrown Branford is there, but you have a happiness. Some of his bans are saying that this is actually being attention to his death and making people more aware of the government cover ups,
MC cover up of- oh my god, I'm so my guy, I'm so happy to be all what government cover up. Did you keep things going on? They have no government cover. Three me: girls, who decided to rob Triple x and they shot him in his neck and killed him, and now, when it owes AIDS is in jail and two more will be locked up. So what's the government cover up with it, Mcgovern donor and is not waiting to know my god? He my guys around all molest front page news now where we come back, we have annual Gilias just one by he's running the one positive thing coming out a floating nowadays, casualties one in four governor of Florida and without giving him when we come back so don't move amount afloat right now mean Kissimmee Florida. We brown like us anymore, vacation, I'm taken, accused Disney. We already have. Good time, but we'll see what happens, but now flawed as nice. Well, who were mad, I love flowed over. There is no denying that the craziest people in all of miracle come from abroad and all a flawed, ok, but Andrew.
Gives me hope that everybody and flawed and I created, could evaded the issue of election without a day, even when the democratic primary nomination direct? Yes, I will take away and when we come back to it all, is to breakfast locomotor The breakfast club, one in every body, is the J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, gutters pursue guess into building merits our have enough. Governor Florida, Andrew Ilium was up man back good to be back with your, including you know, other from Hampton nomes, rather than you again, because we re election day, man August twenty, eight is the primary election. We actually have an interesting day because we just got our fifth opponents in the race. Another millionaire, actually is a billionaire so itself for millionaire billionaires in me running for the democratic nomination for Governor Florin, the Stacey Abrams inspire you, absolutely Stacy. As my own Stacy's, my sister, we have prayed.
Together many mornings. As you can imagine Charlemagne, this is probably, though lonely. One of the lonely. Yes, experiences that you can have as running for office in everyone's calling you anything, but it now everything but a child, a God and you gotta get up every single day persisting trying to make maker moves, but the fact of her sister in Georgia, one with over seventy six percent of the vote and a state like Georgia and the south is the beginning, something I think pretty powerful. You dig her strategy of of catering to specific base black people you think that health is gradually you, we gotta recognize what the demographics are in their state right I mean this is a state where you got as she identifies overhead. A thousand four hundred thousand. It may was hers tat black voters who are eligible to vote but have not registered devote. My threshold is a little bit. Different democrats have lost the race for governor in the state of flora these last two times by less than one percent fewer than
Seventy thousand. Both my belief is, is the reason why we been losing is because we ve been trying to run these races republican light that doesn't give our voters reason to go out and vote for anything as so what we said in this race is that the only way we're going to win it is by giving our voters arisen a vote for something and not just against the borders, we ve got a move that we ve got a motive. Eight. These are people who feel like they ve had it worse. I feel like they are struggling to make ends meet their kids, are tending public schools and being pushed out due to high stakes testing. We get brothers and sisters who are paid. Their debts of society are trying to get back into society. Did they pay their debt and Kaye vote. One point: seven million of them in a state of Florida. I can't get jobs because we keep asking about criminal background history, even though it has no impact on whether they can do job. Those are the everyday issues of people and if we don't talk about that, we have no hope of getting those books of the pole and instead of trying to convert the Trump voter, why not just go and talk to our voters and give them a reason to show up empty?
the anti job rhetoric on me unworthy. I need you to be pro people turn on when you do for people. I was my apprentices be in touch with people's needs. I obviously like you're, not a millionaire or billionaire. You are more inserted where the average person is dealing with. Could not agree more and as our move around the stay, Angela we have talked a vote is about the fact that if everybody running in this race on the Democratic or the republic inside my lived experience in Florida is more like the everyday Floridians than anybody else running, and I don't think we can disqualify that I know what it was like to watch my mother and my father, trade between which bills they could pay before some guy cut off that experience. In forms my politics. The fact that were standing in the gap on behalf of a lot of people were, depending on us, for their very lively who realize they realize the biggest concern Floridians is. Is it help
is it gun. Control is a guy as he is in a. What is what are you gonna get? I'm crazy fascinatingest concern right now. If you will to listen to the polls. The number one concern amongst Floridians is healthcare right. These are people who are concerned about getting sick, because if they get sick they can go to work and if they can go to work they can earn. A wage, and if they cannot earn a wage, then we need to pay their bills, and so we ve got a now cried the environment. Where we expand medicated, get people access to the health care they need to live out, fulfilled laws and by the way for those of us with healthcare and I'm one of em. We don't get away Scot free right with those individuals who don't have health care if they're going to the emergency room to access care, the most expensive and least affair.
Should form of healthcare. The system will extract its money, one way or another in the way they were typically extracted. Is your premiums will go up here over year? No prediction tat: what to expect in this system, withdraw its money and will continue paying into a system that is inefficient and doesn't work guns absolutely their word about that. The question is whether or not they start to show but the poles and make it matter right policies, nothing without a demand. If you don't show up with the ability to other put somebody in office or take somebody out of office, there's no respect there and that's what I'm hoping that their recognise is that they gotta show up to be part of the process elect orally. I've got more
Andrew Gilan will become back as the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is D J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne to go. We are the breakfast club. We have a special guest in a building running for governor of Florida. Andrew give him a player, you have to create jobs. What what are you um? I believe flora, of course, will always be a bit of a destination for vacation and that's fine, but the truth is we got a now build a kind of economy. That's a twenty four centre economy, a some of what we can do, in my opinion, for a sunshine state, and yet our contribution to solar is diminishes right. What would it mean? Flora was to become a global leader of green energy, of solar energy
farming, energy sources and not just their. What about the kind of entrepreneurship and innovation that we can attract our state based off of leaning into what it means to deal with global climate change, build a more resilient state? What if we decided to pull down those resources than Bill high speed, rail, twenty four central transportation state of water? What we decided instead of high stakes, testing our kids to death tests that don't tell us what they know, but how will they take it s? Why? Wouldn't we re infuse back into our high school system, trades woodwork, mechanical electrical, technical, we're talking about people or their own bosses, in some cases their Poland? Now fifty sixty grant a year that's a good living weave. We put stigma on people who work with their hands. I'm telling you my dad my dead in Mamma mom, both my school buses and buses have to tell you between the two of them. They exampled too, with a heart as workers. I've, I've known even to this day. My mother still works right. She contributes into my campaign of between five
dollars in twenty dollars, each moth right and she gonna call me when it's out of deductive the make sure to package get to me. I want to know if it gets sucked away bus what is more. We get the package. My white staff was very confused when they purser Maceda Mama's baggage arrive. Like one package may, let us add over money we ended, they were doing in ITALY in Albania is in response to all of the issues of police brutality and what they are doing is their offering a thing and police officers, money like a stipend to come and live in the community and also giving them. I think it was like thirty five thousand dollars towards a home mortgage rough. What do you think about programmes like that
and the way we've done them in my city as well, where we have try to incentivize law enforcement to live in the communities that they are responsible for, helping to police and keep safe. We're not recruiting enough people of color into this feel people who come from these backgrounds and experiences at all of us know a threat is in the eye of the beholder, but I actually believe actually believe that we gotta go alone. You know deeper with regard to how it is with training law enforcement, as well as cultural competency, does really necessary in order to interact with diverse communities. Is it possible for a leader a governor are to be on the side of the police and the people. I do believe that absolutely I mean I think if we should be the people, but when it when they're not, you have to hold them accountable and absolutely essential that they know they don't and I've been criticise. I mean I didn't get. Did the police unions endorsement of my race for Mayor one hour when I ran, I won with seventy six percent of the vote, but they didn't endorse me because I was critical of a particular incident that took place, and my only pointed them is that you,
I join with me in calling out their behaviour enterprises. They know your profession, it creates distrust between you the communities in which you or your charge to serve, and so when I call them out. Instead, a beat me up. I may add, tat Blue and tied police join with me. I say we all stand against bad policing that it's bad for the profession in his bare for the community Bay. They carry on their waste by the power of God. It would be really effective. In my opinion, If these law enforcement entities would join with the community and saying you know what we have here tolerance for bad behaviour. We have zero tolerance for people who take advantage of their positions and, by the way, this without regard to raise I've, seen black officers and offices of Color act with impunity toward the people that they served as much as I've seen white offices do it right, and so this is not a color thing. This is really about that blue line with egg is drawn. You said you of the police officers have them
Our of God they do on it. With your recently gave deposited teaches Tudor we'll non flawed. I mean they try to, but I don't invite that not the teachers, but they did allow for gun on personnel to do it in an. Let me just say. I do believe that we should do everything that we cannot campuses until we can bring to heal the ubiquitous access to guns in society. We gotta make sure that our kids can go to school and feel safe under the protection school resource officers. What we don't want to have happened is because you now have law enforcement in schools from kindergarten up to twelve gray, that now situations where young people would normally go to the danish students or to the principal or be subject to corrective action on the campus is now comes a criminal violation where we hand cuffing in arresting our kids in moving them through the criminal justice pipeline, but being a kid right. So what weight link Lincoln to people come out there?
in voting, make showed a devil, cannot wait. I'm on my mind. I know people need to donate. We want them to go to add you give em Dakar, the election is August, twenty Eightth and you invoked by mail or early voting up to as many as thirty days out from the election is the brain. Closer more the breakfast club? with Angela, his club, listen. Detrick De Williams has appeared in court yesterday. He heard the tar that he's a thing in the shooting death of x x, extant, ass. He and there are still two more people involved according to the cops that that's what they believe and the judge has already signed to other arrest warrants for those other two people now here is what happened when Deadlock Williams, when, before the judge, Ok Dietrich governs,
Jay Williams, please Mister Williams. You are charged with one count. First degree: murder, you have what you are going to have be held no bond at this point. How to is a probation violation, no bond hold, and you also have hub rating without a valid driver's license. Man, I'm all about reality, checks! Baby! Ok, life is not a game. A fortnight, a call of duty. You kids idea, yellow living in a simulation arrested, his real live consequences, the actions and I have had no remorse for Dietrich Williams. Now Dj Gaza has previous arrest for cocaine, possession weapons possessing domestic violence, aggravated aside with the firing and theft, auto bye, bye, bye, bye, put them under the jail. You know I got a guy like that. Will eventually kill somebody. You love our possibly Gill user. You gotta get absolutely you gotta give him our egos. If he got going about a broad daylight, you kill somebody broad daylight oval, almost nothing! Nothing! Now you can. Then all you say to lieutenant.
When nothing so now I gotta go with them. He ease levies, Babbitt Ecosystem aid. You have surveillance bodies in all the better, the cap's it going through everything I re in the meantime, exec sexting Ass, yawns mom says that he had a baby on the way she poster of an ultra sound, but the captain he left as a final gift. So it happened. They sitting on a war or to other free word. Yes, said their letter to save money. Two people, a good idea with anna- was all week, whether I not that I know of sources. We don't know media created a whole another narrative and intended a whole murder on somebody did didn't. Do other people, you don't know yet ass Jesus Christ were an incessant media switched. It is aiming at a lot going on to vote yes
as supposedly has a baby on the way, and they are saying that the baby Ma Am is: is the woman who was his girlfriend at the time Cleopatra Bernard? She had posted on the sign, a gram in inner there. You have it so they say the Bay estimate she's about four months pregnant. Now, This tragic situation all agree. The boy, but death we live go is ok. I re now. Chippy red in the meantime has put Amazon ghostbusters that features execs extent, ass, young, cable and ski masks. The slump that this is the earth release. Since he has passed away
here is a little bit of of X on Amazon, but let me remind you, gonna: do you wanna Melanie body as a result of those best is working on Amazon as the first on their excellent exit? Extant ass? You has been I now since he passed away ass, chippy red song. Yes goes best. There is an acquaintance to be ready, as who said that acts who is a good friend of his was also murdered on his birthday red chippy respiratory disorders, I write to cause you. Six. Nine was supposed to be in the UK, is weak, he's doing his world domination tour, but he had to end and tat. He had to reschedule because of the immigration law. Apparently he couldn't get in so management statements. Other loyal fans are too costly. Six,
me humbly apologize due to an issue with immigration. Our London in Manchester Data will be postponed until further notice. The rest of the tour will go on according to schedule. Thank you for your answer. Immigration law, the naivety they won't. Let a man because of all the troubled at e was colony caused by me. Immigration laws, yeah, that's their statement, so Inevitably the same thing for those are the trouble with a red letter day ass. He leaned a UK customs agents actually lie to keep him out. And they said they lied about his criminal pass, just so that he couldn't get any was supposed to play. These shows they were sold out and they city with whose health for twelve hours after he got into Belgium. They said a customs agents repeatedly told him they flags and because he spent more than twelve months behind bars and they're, saying that never happen, and his team have also worked months in advance to ensure he had all the proper way the work and sponsors for centuries? Are you saying that they're lying as it were to come in
I ran a man's in a year, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you is ye. Now, where we come back, we have the cast of marbles look Kay there. We join in us and also the right as a working with them. When we come back here, my andriessen Bobby vomit. One of five wondered who I hope he will kick with them. When we come back to don't move it's a Friday, it is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is We re envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast Clodagh interrupted Michael's their wants to get his hair braided on how her brains work. I don't wanna to you in your brain Lapierre. Will we have holding to build new cage, music and recent like a jail was gone. A good things manner. Av tv clubs as even to locate the first model showed a top its first season ass at a million other gardens
maybe that was all thing was like we wanted to be the second record, their elevated, like we want to be low in theory, we wanted to Mars will take we wanted to be. You know all the score. Europe's answer it was always about trying to Rina replicate what war Then she stated that level data music journalist background as exciting, because I feel like I know you because of your history, this as a new thing journey. Listen if you make this transition is pretty incredible and I love what you bring. You know through marvels, Leucadia people- I don't know they talk about your music- is to explain to the people which has done me. I was lucky to be the right place at the right time,
but we have biggie. You know in house. Paradise is the first time I interviewed him was actually two weeks after ready to die, came out right right up to twenty six things aims what you know right in his assistant from Brooklyn, and I was actually the last person to interview report. I killed, and so you know talking to him in writing a book about him which led me right. The movie was ultimately give me up, so you do show you know he changed my life and in on fully appreciative of him. Miss Wallace in you know just all he is he somebody to change it like everybody around him just from knowing you nonsense. So it's like all. This is really used as an excuse. Enough of your pop. You do now legacy quick cyber before you back to locate. Are you sure about reception in the toy? Could after regulatory got better, we tie, I feel like it is Well, when you what we at home and comes on Tv Wyatt bombing, I think the thing is it like. I wish that we could have gone.
Car industry at a common allows. It ass, you know, like I felt like we didn't, go half and towards nothing New York deed, but have elected national aid to an early, Tudor warming, email, useless thing. I mean our item. I say that because I think George someone would say the same thing. It's a good movie, but we had so many things in terms of budget in terms of time things go against it. I could have been great think honestly if it could have been a little more cut but I've, but I think for what it was. I bet I definitely. I am really proud,
and if the galloping always comes back recently to be ideal. If our back to another black, severe, ok, now we're gonna pressures in China, did you offer you ve gone and feeds into top useful, not rest on. Our laurels had think that, because people like the show and I'm fan of the show that we were safe in, I think everybody went back in and thought. How can we make this better from the music selection on his part? To I mean you ve colonists up right after these were rat like okay, so this is our mongering used as the theme for the second We have avoided a new game followed the first. He was so so you know second season down prerogatives will. So let me somebody who died love it got the Yale Annual expanded into Brooklyn right, yeah, citing. Oh, yes, very, for waken up on my carter, embryo we gotta go up.
Have you ever been brought gonna Bronx here can alone. Will you come ahead as well run? Wasn't I mean I was I read Archie? That was it but I did so only in the garage you where you re right as a black on saving. By now I didn't get in the comic books. I can't say that I am a comic book animal. Be careful though, as I didn't say Van lanes, them underlies unit and grow ever go back at least start study and, like the missing, I heard. No, when I got the job just love made, it seem like Marvel had snipers everywhere. He was. I don't want a comic book store and background book. In everybody's will no longer be tonight. I'm like a black woman living in L. A by looking at me
lives right goes. Where have you gotta call bookstores than I have, and so this is the money I was in alliance with dinner appears out of the air was a comic book. Is a new Lucchese was like hologram. Let me just go near by and I go and get it now as I hated you got any nothing just like. Oh, yes, right, there are a great free. Do you guys have any Missy night comical? Oh, let me check again now. Guy help me fully forty five after he checked me out. You like redoubled and gave em like common was there was you gave me nothin like there are no less as you know, the air we got that relies on whom I would like our relief. Are you mad at me? Relax use legato you on watch some stupid amateur is definitely to be eroded.
Ok, you got the Bionic on out of that change occurred I give more fight. I mean, I think that the funds have been waiting for this iteration of midnight. He was three to forty plus years ago, and so it's going to be able to finally makes it up. I still with us, It is very hard about real that you can't you nobody wirelessly. Where were you last night? You know I was thinking of you know if enough people, we need to build this time. Maybe vision three like you know what it is. I m glad I am that are going on in the railway that influence this season. Everything everything I mean all the others trample you know was references to sure yeah I mean that's just like you, you can't go through. You know doing this as conscious black people and even if you're, not hidden. These issues directly is still affects, like an undercurrent.
You know everything that we do it, but I think the thing about entertainment in terms of our aid and shame in that way will the insane have fun, but it then, at the same time, there's always gonna be you know the message Even I located became Leucadia. You know, there's a message in that year and that will surely we should not stop it now, because for relevant. Do what gone all right now and we deal with citizens about like junior celebrity, you know, everybody's everybody's, you know social media platform. I like Leucadia now. So what are we to be like this? I just joined several months ago in and and you when you look it's social media. Everybody's I got to level of pain. Even if it's like five dollars doesn't matter, you know they get it to get on the platform and its feet and they want to be seen. It will be heard. A video thing. The world is under chamberlains, no matter where you are there's never time with them was not taken you, so we do without alike in the sector. These now might have you really had lucchese power powers in real life? Did that you could be responsible them, especially in this area
of a white, I'm not I'm, not gonna lie man. I think you know, I think, is obviously very difficult to have absolute power of checks and balances. That is no way you can be ignored. The complete absolute power and no one can check you and then you don't go No, you don't go awry because he is just one thing than we ve been away now the White House and start you know when somebody's not check and you and your bully and people not speak it up and saying things you and you do one thing you get away with you not doing anything you get away with it. After, while you feeling like you're invisible person- and you not really thinking about the people, you don't see, other people use it for yourself, cuz, I think about it. We all have this part of our data. That is my myopic that week that we sort of get up every day. World revolves around us and the eyes. Joking. I was a kid. You walk in a room there. Nobody really do you get the rules that apply in all the city is easily. This almost like, you know, like Youtube video. You come on a corner been embraced. The story, you know behave and then made a party allied. That's like they're playing a party lipid people think that way
because Foma what no fear me now. You know I've gone all know everybody no, you know their time that me, I think everybody had their ties with more sport. I do feel like by go some old vs. Please is certainly positive. I go. Because that is how I feel like I'm have happened when we go into those powers we had. The parliament was the first thing you think you would do if we had. Those I prefer arresting outdone has gone down in reality is about a new challenge, for you run out again man. Look. We oughta were taken on board we figured out later but deadline to get him out of there in on this, as first thing, I we have more with the costs of marvels. Leucadia don't go anywhere, this locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. We have the cast of marbles new, Kate and right to hear my call to small music ain't jail. Show me: did you not Leucas or you have cut yourself
a bleeding right. I don't deserve a bigger than tat. You know I'm a guy, like you know, with the police brutality, though I know that a good cops. You know, as I do Do a lot of good cause, and I know I see them now. You know to show me love, sometimes because lamentable went among them. The recognized me you know like I'm always you know, I'm always been old, I'm doing the right thing, but we all know that doesn't necessarily mean anything. So as we have always like. I look at it because People look at us in all. You know you live in us. You know every castle less. Naturally, no you walk around. We among the people, they can happiness to. So that's why gonna source me to speak out and to have a voice, because if you did you sit by use watch, it happened to the next person, no matter what the violation is they get away with next thing, you know me something you do and they can appoint pointed out to you and is going. You got me next victim. So have you gotta speak out now you ve been avowed recently you know what I think are causing a slick stuff. Do you like? I know you do you know what I guess you know. I guess I mean look at me coming at a moment,
your honor, I places domino mean the uneven Mozart, most cops, they recognize mean as a good thing, but at the same time it will take a granite, haven't gotten profiles, a thousand grass cool, but about a crazy fan. Like other crazy fantasies was the question you know what I've never had never break my baby worried me. No, no logic. As most of you know you would you, like a boxer Mme finds a mighty one, tries to by that time. Not just you know, so loves obey, that's I'm I'm glad as otherwise that we work on a bodyguard. We were gonna fight, nobody's, I'm glad, I'm glad I they issue having thank us a media recently how's that affecting you, because I know I've been undoubtedly David. I know a guy called tat. No one was like
no, but I always say: you're shrines a year, THEL, no more, no less a burst of daily life in the bad. Now you must go to lose out what you must go out. I must go media not now be regarded as it would have been more girls that then you're like animals does pulls out you're, not about political stuff. All the time I'm trying to keep us happy now. What are you? That's nice sums are carried out in a more political answer. I'm trying to get this thing I like to do and what I did it
when people are paying attention and as what was very importantly, because when we look aid Robin to those, though it was assumed people and We want a deal with. You know this random people. Do you know that, guy that conversation that has been won with that I got allows that go on in life. This new knows too much. That is still too much time. You know it's a sound, a postcard everytime you pose, you got think about Would you both- and you know, item within as ammonia, poles be thoughtful? You posted a pig methods. We discharge, amethyst grown female, lead in anything Netflix for continuing the conversation. Autism Osgood women of color still continue to face. While one pay disparity, we don't get paid no day, some or now we'll pay, and we, the damn sure, don't pay what we should repay. You know I love the viola. Davis posted how everybody's like? Oh, I'm, the blackmail street. What can I get paid like narrow street to the idea that you know when we re scripts? You can read a script and like all this beautiful stuff back character than you, like Anderson felt. This is wonderful. You get to pay. Sixty
Ireland is like such as that black thirty and you go all so everything I ran prior to that could not be me women of color and have a white woman, though the idea that we are, we have to be inserted into store in your description, we're a description where a talk we're a box to check off, but I think this shows like Lou, caging movies, like black Panther. Show that we are thereby money dear shows, like near white people, human insecurity You know what I mean like all of these things, so that the world is interested in scandal. Tell your stories, but we still have to deal with the idea that we're all angry in that we all have the same viewpoint. What I love about insecure is that you seem young black women. There are not the world's idea of what young african american women they are allowed to be messy
I d be sexy. They are allowed to be nerdy, nerdy goofy. All those things with no more awkward, as you know, has reminded us, it is rare, is really rare in order to go back into a well somebody struggles, which was almost more we're. Terry crews appear holidays. We talk about being sexually assaulted in some other things. Allister's have any of you guys been especially our support, because you know you look very cruising seal, a big, strong legs. Football played a light, touch him in order, but it happens that as there have been any you now anchor MA, am I not physically I've rare for woman? I think I pray before I walk into any door and I think I also from Detroit give off a do, not with means by which people have not tried me. In that way I mean I had like some random writer tries to mow. I want to date you even though I've been staying, I have a boyfriend
was years ago, but thankfully I've not, but I know a lot of women who have not been that lucky who have you know been put in horrible sexual situations onset and during a meetings, but I have not thank etc. These things that you look back at and you like that yeah, I don't have anything- fell belay in year and aggressive that you look back at any rate. Let alone can at that, and there is a big difference between you know, sexual. So as money flirt with you as the major Mahal at you and I work at the workplace and, as was weird, you know that the movement has in a very is very rich civic, but its name time has been very blanket as a general statement. People of anybody who, interpreted at movement may have said something look at a certain way and is becoming very hard to tell what is deemed inappropriate. So I got I posted long demagogues they look man. I mean it's very simple. If the person does not,
to be with you, then you just move on this move on, like don't don't be creepy just move on and fuss about who they love. You will give me reciprocate and is more is if you gas forces lighted, it's that is more you feel, like you can't get a fair and just listen. Don't let that nothing is eggs? Didn't what you like that? Why would you want them to handle sexy Michael's alot of such fees and locate? How do you know where they are beyond don't feel bad? Then we deny haven't of coffee This could have abandoned gonna. They had the bad like those regions which he knows is awkward. You know it's not like. What we have achieved is a real see, there's about thirty crew members somewhere the near brought him a more common was pop up that never onset before that Nepal around a corner. You notice that weird, so, no matter how you set it up, like we know, could be like the directive, says put your hand he had dude.
And is a lotta oppenheimer? Sexy was my first sexy ever ever What are you doing with the epidemic? You really good. In so many words and about it every year by what happened was bred. This group, like I've, got the job and then I got to read the script and I'm Reintegrate area and they dislike and then miss uniting supper top and then little Luke aid takes up his shirt in the world. Ears like rope. Nowhere because I never never never wanted to do a sexy in that way, not is no so everybody on my seem literally negotiated everything down to the crack of my ass. You can I thought of her black, but not, of course, not the level of a gigantic, so I went in there now and they knew that I was not lay in a rather what about my body by low, even on non than they did
over there? How would I get it? I would have gone mad about double Dubai doubles. Look man is negative, by that. I mean I'm awake declared about a double it. Nobody d becomes blossoms is wanted about a double physically and the way they move they may not. Like you know it's like mathematically plan. You remember thing. I think that you so do you want that person who looks like kind of like Johan Erika do this? There was her body, I wouldn't have video, but I would argue that was what was your login legged yeah, now unwilling
while the Erika Google, but now there are going to keep alive, we get more with the cast of Luke cage. I move to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain ago. We are the breakfast club. We have the cast of models, bouquet, which is out right now. My call to Simone missing and write a jail show me what would have the rhythm of the blacks we're own movies like black Panther? we saw that black line and we think that remove alluded. I think the thing was was for you know we first time out, you know, breaking the internet are breaking Netflix. At least you know. I think how to set a precedent in terms of Hollywood, saying you know what less green light. Some of you know about black lightning black Panther, either what a day
it goes back was already was already in the works. It basically show that there is a world wide audience for this and then, of course we what rankly dead. You know it just blew up to a level that no one out you like, even though we think we could have predicted it. It is, went so much further, so much faster. So now the precious back on us. From the standpoint of like how come back out, but I think the thing is is that people? You know we ve been gone for long enough. What people are thinking about us again, and so we just gotta come back heart like you know, and I think what great is that there is now an environment where, like there aren't enough black severe Olsson and people not only Joseph, there needs to be more but their people that there is a huge demand away How will you Luke cage? Nonetheless, it is New York setting out to seeing the world of work and young nothing about the oh yeah. You know what is great, because cod is this excellent world that is. Is it like what Africa could be? It was left untouched. Amicable is greatest. Resources is
Nominal continent and is no reason for the things that are going on there d be happening. A widow is because we had not been in here alone him and think about it: kings, queens of the diamonds, the jewels oppressors. All those resources should be the richest continent richest people in the world, but that's not the case, and so mad that happen. That's like will become too is an out. That's imagine a world we have is something you can actually visit. We have Harlem Ivy League, its best one, replace in love. We would love, it is visiting hey list as this visit, but this is where we live, so that the ethical thing about it is. I would hope that we establish like its harm. The doesn't exist anymore, but this US, but also harm the did exist, and so was really gonna talk him out there. You know hounds gentrifying, changing we deal with that, but that, at the same time, palms Paradise represents language. So what what? What the cod club
So what when its lounge was- or you know what our lives ass fire at ice was, you know so to me, the hot Harlem has always been like a mixture of like Washington, Dc Las Vegas in one place, and so you name it is because a year both I mean you, our politics, you know you ve got in its aim and that, of course, when you have those she also in a crime, and so is like so is the one placed above. You know, Percy sudden Frank Lucas on one's life, though, is this like it? You will have that bound. So it is a really. You know. As much of a question of on you know how to use view. Show through the prism of weakened as more like as much as working days, a celebration of afghan culture. You know what Luke cage celebrates is not the whole diaspora, not only african american culture, but also this season. Will you know when, with the rise of bushmeat in Brooklyn, you don't you making culture, jamaican cultures, always kind of been at the centre of the birth, hippo and really just gonna get in above. Nor did we get a pig meat, Louis
the vagina jabbering because ranks because member of the Board of Yemen came to my bird. Yes, they never able to global loans provided was denied because we want to do that. If our doors was a Dj George, Without a doubt, don't don't get me started anyway, we like you have now. He was added. Remember that, as I remember, those are not positive. We remove. It is my wants weaknesses, the sharp rise in spite of our and or something Ali. Greece all came. We outlined a wonderful titles and we do so in a gas fired and would be to skip gone with. Then he'd get Burnham.
And here we do no good. As are you an idea of a Bush master. Look, I know who can beat located a big boy. You know what it was like. Ok after here, the music is all this is for me. Let's start with music, it was I going through, like you know, who are various villains, that locates gone up against. Ok, Bush master, at least in the comic, had gone through the same process that create Hulu cage brother looting depending you look like all the way through bile. These say: ok, he's from a mysterious, caribbean island of milk is so, let's make it Jamaica like this.
Specific like let's really lead into that, because you know if season one was about the witching, location, mobile universe season. Two is really about the roofs of Hiphop well from the jamaican side, and then from you know, if each talkin about the stokes like after what its character, Stokes village, you know less deal with the blues, let let let us deal with them with font, let like like. Let us deal with really. You know the american side. Now it's like they're both having this conflict in one place which halls Paradise and you say, oh Tang obligation, wasn't at me brig dead. Now that was a thing was it was really more about foresees a one is like a hip. Hop almost didn't exist, Molly, and so the thing I was thinkin about was like. Let's just go raw like like let lecherous religious, you know instead of discomfort as something commercial like. Let's, what would it be like to you know Mary, like shimmy shemeah, with arm Lucchese, ITALY bullshit, bouncing off
is when you put like hard core hip hop prettily. Ninety sip of wooded superhero action, it is gives it a certain like Paul, Sonaput Edna was on Monday. I dont want Reggie Cathy before you yeah yeah man, that if lately foggy seething too and he passed away out of their impact, all you why we dedicate season to his is the first voice. You hear it episode one in his last voice year in episode. Thirteen arm he decided impact in the thing about him was his as as incredible a garter who elevated every city was in on the thing I remember most by register, laugh like when we had the first tabled. We, which I think was it, was the young. The best hey will have been a part of. Not only was he did, you hear his voice, which is disliking level, but like anything that he found funny like he does like, like this big con it this year.
Diagnose. I remember when he was diagnosed while we're shooting. I remember the time you stopped, you know smoking and you know I really was trying to let you know correct his life and get healthier, and then he got diagnosed during the shoot started, declining doing the shoot and he never felt like making it that you can never feel like. He was down. He always had positive attitude. He came only just positive. Just you know like hey, I'm gonna make it make it do this. I was checked on em. Even if we start work, any was going to focus on a treatment check them all time. He always had a positive response. He was, I was, I noticed
we shouldn't bodily with things- will work out? You knock. It cannot tell what was gonna happen, but it is painful to watch the decline. You know tell the best during their ITALY did a massive story to arrest the plan. That is something that I, as an actor, walked away like not only feel like men up I'm around this legit on. All these amazing shows when awarding from staged to screen everywhere, but just him as a human being then was so giving in the midst of being feeling like everything is being taken away. I really wish that that you ve got to say himself the season, because you see he's a credible, and you know the show and all of us were was to so much better for having been around or we appreciate your I would join Us Leucadia users does that right now they might not in jail. Thank you guys would join us appreciate. You guys is to breakfast club the morning the breakfast so bad
The report on the breakfast led CN tailors album is out. Can you guys find it anyway no like every other good music release that has come out of his mouth. It takes him. Any rain is everywhere We gotta came us, alas, carried out, as you have pointed out, this whole flight back from Paris. Kenya has been finishing Etienne his record oh mg, it's so good, and he added to its that moment, when L Buggy miss, learn how send you a voice note with some strong words of encouragement for you. M interlude O Angie, I mean I'm about to die, so she put has tag a word from EL buggy about to be. Let keep that same energy array, while the album is keep that same energy and we were able to find us. For one of the sounds, we don't know what his clerk has again and that information is available online as of right now, but here
it is then the names of people mostly knows me just now, and they get another banana mainly when you really are renowned wicked Amy, really Galileo and gave the language issue again. I raise the dazzling. Nippers sounds gay rights. Tiana, I'm excited to hear her out, It's crazy cause. You know he was on the plane as came cried ass. He inside China finish it up and am. Is they all really get to hear the album and so is pretty much ready, but she did have that listening session an l a last night, it was held in a studio lad and there was a set muddled after Harlem, because it is the BT awards out here this week or Europe
So most Africa when I got bigger mov, I'm no longer. I was now, but I never heard about Deanna off now abandoned by the way? I don't know they that new records are what I'm gonna write. I right now, let's discuss a little came. She was on the red carpet talking with entertainment tonight and she was asked about as somebody between Nicky, menage and caribbean sway, and on that here's what happened? What do you mean Of course we are not even I haven't party is, after all, I don't know the other way round parties. My girl answer, I'm fighting for my girl cried. He was the problem. I raise, I don't know law that mean I don't know Norton personally or I've never heard of little can keep the same. Energy should all record Nicky Mature wine, inhuman when the king was on the breath club. Here's what you said about Nicky Opera Player, Reykjavik, Slim called automatic, some central pay day unstable. Type of mechanism three years ago, I play them this record or
New album shares his or her automatic, and the song is so simple. That, I believe is slim. I bought a whole new sound. The problem with her is, she was: We carry with it and never had a problem with her. I was always nice with her always was a very obnoxious person, but I was always nice with her. Furthermore, only in a while we plead that found by does now, because little came in Nicky, I just like general and fifty there. Never get along? They never gonna be cooled and never going be friends. A low came was just keep the same energy. I don't think a problem, two thousand and eleven exactly progress has been made, for example, I'd. Never somebody I've kind of fifty about job fifty relay who are somebody. I've got a job. Fit the job here like who we know that there was a plain wins out that there was to be gay when they was on a flight together? Now nobody knows they dismounted and now I don't know aims which either things but changing. No, I have no doubt,
you do know my colleague ANA playing. I didn't want to get arrested. Indeed, federal offensive fight, monoplane, they would know daily in a way tat. I would never be cool thought he'd, never, never, never at all, they will be in a wheelchair bump in each other array, not added a lady Lena who knows areas, anyone same Rwanda playing by the way I am girlfriends create America kill wants to do the movie, but I guess he's having a issues China, film studios that its valuable she said you can tell any studio in town and they got fifty to sixty million. I already had the script we can make an epoch story We can make a lot of money, but me hustling and knocking on doors begging to do this story is not where its at anymore. It deserves somebody to see the value in it and right that check that's what it's people, often think I have the power. Well, I have a lot of creative implicate. I know the vision of it I need the money, that's what this industry is all about, supporting artisan supporting storytellers.
The hearing the audience for what they want any. There is still a lack of value for what black women once yet. We have proven to be one of the strongest consumers in the marketplace Oh you know my girlfriend fanatic and I've been screaming for a girlfriend movie for years. It's just a lot of culturally clueless executives out there and they don't realize that people watching girlfriends for a Whole season, we at rancid target in Walmart divided the dvd box. Of all aid, see tell em girl, we win girlfriends merchandise. All the time I got girlfriends t shirts and girlfriends have bids is really culturally clues about the impact that girlfriend who had Beth it that you tell him girl. So I read cell, yet maybe somebody than anything point at issue, What the issue is then come up. A deck is a system of values. A big budget, though, because you think about it, will be like girls, your browser, but they got a budget of like nineteen, oh maybe between eighteen into Something like that unlawful conferences proven, like you, said its programme. What a lot of you! I said I'm not really dead
things, I'm really not being by things you may not have been budget for having their death. We may get back. Yeah, but you want to make that and then some a mean, no signal that a lot of money, area when I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report. Thank you. Monsieur Charlemagne, youth who had given her dark too. We need your boy the coming to frighten the congregation I'd added the young man was being charged with killing wrapper x, x, compassion? We need to confront the challenges we like to have a whirlwind direct will get into that when we come back, keep alive
is the breakfast club kimono donkey gabble dog you today for Friday, you twenty second gold, Dietrich Williams, a young man from Florida who was arrested in charge with the murder of Robert X, X, x and passion. You know what your uncle shall always says kid. The craziest pupil in America come from the Bronx and all of Florida. And once again flawed is proving me right, exec sexton, touching on with cannibal out by one of his own, which is usually the case. Now, if you haven't hurt exports outside a motorcycle dealership, indeed, filled, beach went to arm in approached him in what is believed to have been a robbery charges for Diedre, conclude first degree. Probation violation for theft of a com,
vehicle and driving without a valid licence deed european Court yesterday, to face charges less able to judge, had to say to him. Ok Dietrich, giving Shea, where is Mister William, are charged with one can first degree murder. You have what you are going to have beheld no bond at this point to his probation violet nobody hall. Then you also have operating without a valid driver's license. No Bonbon Albano feel bad for the young man at all. They all remorse the imo Our reality check baby and comes a point in time. With certain circumstances, certain people have to become lessons for us all. Sometimes people die literally and figuratively. In order for others to live in this situation, accepts extant, ass yawn. Is dead literally literally and his killer Dietrich lambs dead, figurative. We always all over his younger He was on probation, already, has a criminal history and adding a first degree murder on to his resume and you'll, be like fifty plus years old before he sees the streets against. If he sees them again at all and I don't feel
of whom you know why, because a couple of days, effort after X, X, extant ass yon was killed, he paused to pick on Facebook. Would the caption don't piss me off you will never know what's next, what a bunch of guerrilla mode using your modem, their symbolise, don't say nothing Our main god feel about this by Pope. Shaky life is not a game. A fortnight ago. Are you kidding that living in a simulation? Ok is real, live consequences. The action I don't think the generation is realizing that and I'm going to tell you what my father always told me. If you don't change your lifestyle, you going to end up in jail, dead or broke sitting under the tree somewhere and make certain choices. Those are the consequences. I don't feel sorry for these kids and I can't wait until they pick up the other two. When I'm say a thing like this come across. My time line is video right here. Had the caption exes killers amid the killing excellence, it is late, basely slip on yourself, you just so gloomy Baghdad is what I'm telling you I will be next well. Listen
thumbscrew these gives our social media showing off the bag he took from eggs and like a murderer, just a regular activity that happens, nor did they, like you, know, a stop at chick fillet by ok, good. Once again, but you gotta go another in order for the people to learn small be will ever know almost age while people learn from the mistakes of others. Learn from food like Dietrich Williams, because all his cloud chasing ya Doin is really deaf in jail chasing after Jason. Coffins prison cells and you pursuing is all in the name of legs. Retweet follows in clout, none of which can come sooner across all the bonds or loyalty our life Ok virtual reality really cannot convey. You put a harsh realities of your dumb ass choices, and you know it. I don't. I don't want you to think for one second, that I'm preaching to you, kids. Ok, I don't want you to think that I do not want you to think that I'm preaching UK because I know that what I'm saying right now from both the y'all is going in one and right right, the other and guess what I don't care. If you listen listening that because I don't have to do your brothers and I'm not going
we have the magazine Orient. Ok, I'm just uncle here to give you some food for thought, but you got to do your own dishes and do your own dishes and I'm saddened this week, because y'all gave Satan the four hundred and forty one okay this week in Florida Ex extant Tatyana killed and three young brother in the given the system allotted time off. One senseless act of violent deaths, a fourth one for Satan. Ok, the moral of the story. Is this a jades? Don't you tricked off discreet, chasing cloud? Ok, ok, Please give Diedre one of the biggest here. Alright. Well, thank you for that donkey of the day. Now, will we come back? We gotta talk fabulous. De I am now you explain his story of what happened with fab, but apparently asked fab was in some young Ladys DE hams. Now it looks like first adona with their conversations.
Prior to this, but he did send her message: energy em, you don't stay in New York. Do you know Username is miss, but another extra as Peru. She screen grabbed it and wrote the. Whereas now I'm good love enjoy, and she also said one I'm engaged to I hate abusive men. Three I hate cheaters, for I have a business email, five m, that in New York six, I love my teeth. Seven, I have standards, eight, I'm not a video vixen, nine red number, one that just because fab asked r and D him are you in New York city? You dont like! So what? So? What is the question? Eight hundred fathoms I wonder if I were what we ask him and I just want a real fabs response as well. A positive picture we waste to five nineties. Tell him where to five man, I gotta be where public figure hose, who think there one clout chase away from being Kim Kardashian, and then he put the hashtag summer on video doubtful dishonor she's, going to make it sound like she's couches and could all I'm looking at his fat and Why the amphion saying you don't stand, and why do you we don't know I was about that
the meeting. That is nothing you gonna want video for some on live ablishunists, video, yesterday's it could have been. She needs somebody for video. I didn't see him saying, hey, which let me call you. You look You let me, do I allowed you to the mules man like you out, that's gonna. Do some much less got? No, he just said: are you in New York, fab issued and video? It could have been for video shoe economic, their views in his annual you know a summer time covers even over something like dal, either way. You don't stay in and why do you a simple question, as you jump out now lousy held conversation? Was there will say this? This is a lesson that what are you guys out and be with you d, I'm a woman who you dont, know and ask anything no Charlemagne If you would- and I are dreadfully word- but there were even if it was something innocent, but I'm just saying rings- and I am saying, is that these can be taken and scream. Sad imposed it in a lot of times. In our view, needs at the nice aid one or in a video, the smart away in the future to go about. That. Would be to have someone else
tax arise, the business or whatever it all that she saw. You can just be very specific because their yo, you do You don't say it and why do you wear shooting a video today would like you to come to any specific, but because it What about the other than that I know well. He could also have grabbed it. There was a whole accommodation he could screenshot it impose. It is well right, but you you you, you always say it doesn't matter bacon, Bacon document, whatever they want. It there. It doesn't matter when allows better than nobody. Nobody can only applaud. Nobody cares about the tulip revolution. Wages and Emily things. That's right in that it. That's why I went I would have hit somebody regardless of whatever was hey. I'm doing is or a need that now no way if it is either not be my assistant alma wisely hit, you could. I blame game, has never NASA matter simply see things. What does absolutely because the auditing Europe must, of course, what we asked people this morning.
Oh, she cried out is classed as well as the countries and ask him all right. I don't u father one o five one. Do you think these young lady is clout chasing? Oh dear, oh dear, we found a hollow Jesus Christ. I call us up right now. Very little in the morning the breakfast warning: everybody is DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Just join us, we're talking fabulous. No, have we Farrabee? Yes, am I as a message to a young lady who name is Miss with Extra S, Peru, and he said you don't stay in New York to you. That's the part of the conversation that she screamed grabbed and wrote the words now I'm good love enjoy over it. Then she also went on impose it. S story said I'm one. I'm engaged to a hate, abusive men, three I hate cheaters, for I have a business, a male five m that any York six. I love my teeth. Seven, I have done.
Eight and that a video, vixen, nine we'd, never win the war for the war, for us of all one cloud cheese and to Cloud Jason, three clergy, in four clouds, even fire clouds, even six cloud Jason, seven clouds asian ache, lodgings nine read or write one? Guinea is cloud CHE thing we re all that he said DORA was, you know, stay in and why do you she jumped out the window? She just wanted to use their future phrase now I'm good love enjoy. I thought you wanted to do was see the problem with this. Is we don't know if that was sitting for five just shot a video in New York City? So it could be. I need a check for my video. It could have been anything but, like the fact is from that conversation we don't know, but his house is probably effed up right now because of that which makes no sense, because he probably was just saying hey: are you free for this video We saying, like you say, but I do think, is not as my thing for him at this point in time to be dming women that he doesn't know because his house is in shambles a little right now and from what we know announced
What about what do we know? One? As I have always found you, don't we sleep? I mean you ve been within an we. I sought a video of the German that happened outside the house. As I am sure, is a lot more guys, I've been in relationships where you have gone through things and how difficult it is. Where you started running out yet I sought a drama videos. I wish you all the figures to him and Emily two thousand about living. They live like a golden. So would you let him say things like I don't take like a mountain be back to normal. Man? I'm not assuming was in the people house. All I know is this that young lady is definitely cloud chasing cuz, all fabulous, asking zero dollars and one cents do you know Stan, and why do you you don't know what has happened prior to that conversations that we can assume that he didn't say we don't know what happened if something that happened she d
So what are we really going to tell us about what happened? She would oppose any value of common. Let's go to reform this go to reformat allows this surge, Nay said. Would you believe this young lady is cloud chastened or do you believe fab onto for abolition is pretty much. The same simple agree which are due to jobs are now both it and how to build a public and later Regis situation of major thing. Hi. How are you I get this speech like I'm trying to get all Ireland is being play in my country? Don't they already have a man? My life is grown like I just ask you where you, or did you get that, like the words like this? If you ve had enough girls, you don't know what I've done it before. Yes, I've had a programme
hi. How are you also decided? Third, like I did said a high like, are you? Are you? Are you stemming the everybody? We want something from being polite? Will you don't know how to get my word? There come on my mouth to care about what they feel. You said nowadays now right hello. Is this a amiably, these young ladys cloud chasing it? Do you think a family to four hours you ve been opened up a bit them where a quote, I'm cool proudly complain, mobilise move a little more militant than that I would be mad. If I see my boyfriend dynamism girl, you didn't know say: hey, do you know, do you stay in New York, whatever alibi alive and is even if he said I was doing a video, Anita girls? What a video used to be met ever listen I'll leave. We want the perfect, but again why he went and other people who exactly we went out.
Who are you what I do? I do agree that we should be more specific man, but I mean if they ever young lady, that you warn your video following your social media got the quickest way to get to her and they say if I myself, it would be ideal break it. You have a lot of explaining to do by our preferred. If you would be like you say very specifically, have somebody reach out. I would prefer you didn't dm another woman who you don't know and ask questions. I hey. Are you in my city, all right, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one? Where do you believe this young lady was clout chasing or do you think that I was trying to holler call us now with the breakfast pokemon? body? Is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl? We are the breakfast club now, if you join us, we're talking about fab fabulous. Now you tell me what would have apparently he down to a woman on Instagram and he said to her. You won't stay in New York. Do you know she screamed grab that exceed in general, the? Whereas now I'm good love enjoy and then she went on suppose one I'm and gazed
these men three, I hate cheaters, for I have a business email. Five on that in New York, six Ella, my teeth. Seven I have standards are met many of its in nineteen member when one she's clergyman, Tuesday's cloud, Jason Theses, clergy, to forge closer file, ravages and thinks you, slabs agents, Evans, you clause, whereby EU parties in nine red number one she's clergy and ask you to hold Is it if you just wanted to expose a man? Okay, that's funny! You expose a banana when you start with. I, just like my teeth, like you're, trying to make yourself a man. So now you trying to be funny you're, trying to spark something on the blogs. What you did now Now, though, many now behind a for a video was something we don't know. If somebody hit me of unsolicited, HU. I did, and I witten posts that on social media do all that. You know I'm happy. I probably just ignore it.
Away. There was more to this conversation she would oppose. Did you know she would oppose any solve right? This is nothing now I will go to the full amount allows this J J was gonna abroad. What we're talking about fab? You believe he was. He was hollerin, or do you think she just cloud chasing and the operation of the right now with on that very further out that about like a very wasn't payments like fab actual ultimate so but then again, we all know that you might be, but no no Avonlea knocks on today have a very good point. Is that, of course, he's colleges and you can tell it? I was the only message, because, when your messages of private it ask on the initial message, do you accept so now the present you don't Dan, and why does this mean
I had him we're talkin fab duping fab is cloud chase. No, do you think you have shown our situation the way, a guy like message me like that before and then you know it's gonna be nice and reply, and like my time either panda thought you know, communism, crazy stopped or maybe he was just trying to avoid- is a joy, but he did not want to get into the first way so about how about not reply. Instead of coming up with our top ten list of fear, you hate Brad, I think you were made them extra without MA am and less or whatever you gotta handled differently with ivy we're. Never gonna, ok, we're not in there she got what you wanted. You got poseners aid room reducing, upholding our bawler broke, his club is dog, and why do we not that on our name? No, but you got what you wanted and I am sure that it now she moved differently after washing his experience. You know if they have business they want to handle. Just be very specific. When you send out those emails, I have somebody else contact the person.
Were you ethically when I know also do a view of you're a woman. You don't miss out on opportunities The window like this young lady. Could you can assume that all God just try less? He said she now. Maybe they watch videos said she doesn't do that anyway, so we'll just my older, my older blood. Follow me says: hey somebody help me. What is clout chasing you do what you mean older people to follow you, yet nobody, though, to people on the radio, I don't even know how we talk about data be adequately qualities. I can explain it. I can explain to find generation. You nothin fuel tank. I go now saint like me. Have you almost forty? Like me alone, forty? This is what did it for generation? Exclaimed cloud is JUICE Reich Kay JUICE began, a Jew guess, so you not back in the day. Somebody wanted the juice. Now I don't want you
yeah. They turn a user name to get day on cloud. Basically you, how do we marry? I think I ve called card from you know we're clout you get clout like. Get. Somebody else is vain, as you try to hang out with that aim, is patient and get cloud from Belgian around in the ground. Let's go out, got gout got? U s girl going. I would you do now who doubt their produce back in the day. Do you to hang around people got? Did you think if somebody juice cool, rub off on you and never did you know I mean I don't think I think diving every day, I think juice and cloud a pretty much the same way moral of the story. The moral of the story is man. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about The jury is what is a cloud chasing via mobile? No more Why do we Malone articles incredible railroad, girl right now? You ve got rooms or away. Yes, we are going to talk about a rapid who just got arrested, he's been released since then, and he was arrested for drugs and gum possession a sound serious but will break it.
Are you all right we'll get into all that when we went on bad luck? Is the breakfast club come on building the day. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club. Yes, James Elles was arrested after he and whoever he was with lead caps on a chase and Georgia. They ended with him getting arrested for possession of drugs and a handgun. But what really happened is he was in the car whether the people they found some marijuana and painkillers, Purkis, NED, Babe cartridges, TAC oil to loaded pistols and cash. Now, according Jim Jones out, money was as petty cash. One of the pieces was stolen, is according to the cops, but nobody admitted it anything was there. So you know when that happens. Everyone went into getting arrested and going to jail. Now he was released on seven thousand dollars bail and it turns out that He had a misdemeanor by the prescription pills now being in the original containing, as he did have the paperwork for that. So we had a prescription.
I believe, is more than his story because Josie way smarter than that an accident. You know, I don't know, Going I've been in those situations. Will you in a car which some body- and you know somebody find drugs in nobody. To claim anything until you get to the police station it in the prisons. We would like more, but it is too late, but in area fifty cent of question that opportunity you take a job, he posted the Magyar Sms Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy with ever you doing who told you to get the strap. I re kind, yea West, he actually went to go, see his girlfriend Virgil as Virgil is the man's artistic director for Louisa Time and Virgil. Adler had his first ever collection, fellow over time as men's artistic director. He was in Paris and hanging showed up front and centre, and the two of them had a very emotional moment, a hug
I'm really really really long time and they both appeared to be crying afterwards. So among our respective latvian and cry for all or why we would have to be honest with you, I, like I'm glad you're supposed to be. There are right, not our system. May I act I haven't seen each other. Will beef in arguing in a cottage embraced? Could they started with each other? That was, nice are no longer. There was crime because they also have to do is get another white renovation. Look adding always lie about their emotions, twenty JANET, Lange Athos away at the two of them had been on greater, as of Laden, I'm sure Virgil. With her. Be they kindly actually showed up to show his support and he'd. You know so I think it was more about that's what it felt like I right now, let's discuss Drake looks like people are saying that you might have a double album coming after they was billboard spotted in Toronto. As read a side by side, and then it had the name of the album under that Scorpion June. Twenty nine
could be a dogma. You here for a direct debit Abu drew gotta. Do it you gotta do to distract us from the fact that paucity gave. My oh, I think of them loud will be. Doping Well, maybe don't you gotta? Do it you gotta do level Jake like Leon, is double arms. Historically, have not been good. Looks for art is now it doesn't get double Adams Biggie. You have done the one exception. Biggie hotspot army only exceptions now name from other outcasts. Outcasts that wasn't a double without different there was about this that I was there. I was heavily outcome in an honorary dive in our now cheat no other downcast, and we can now see that allows on no going. Rather, air is cool level as one of the exemptions. It's like three exceptions. Would then you got the blueprint to I'm trying to think government version of model that we never have done a good job. They would all of them suggests. You know verify I'm trying to think of some of the type of my hair, but I can't even bigger
double albums. Allow double. Our laws are not always the moon, but they could be in. I am well aware, stick to what everyone else is doing if you feel like great round, make it happen. All Lord. I want our feels the fall for this. Ok, I will not. Let me bring just grab me from the frog, their posted to do drink. L crevasse. Would you try out right now? Our analysis about the eye? Radio music festival is another distraction. Cause we got some hookups for you, so tickets to day time stays vips. We go on sale two days and may so you lock him for that and he's gonna sell pretty soon. Actually, so I think this is because the air you can t get in those tickets, two hundred and seventy nine dollars. Particular you can purchase them. I hurt radio that commerce last take it. You know we. I have so much fun at the village and, of course, where there's a you can be in the sweet with us. You get access to the vip pit in front of the stage.
And you also have access to the VIP sweet where you will be able to view everything is nice and comfortable. They have air conditioning. You can have a private food and drink area that we ought to be sitting around kicking it at an also get a chance to see large igloo. Z, barbellion and other artists perform as well so again, but I heard radioed com slash tickets, right, I'm usually ye, and that is your room, a report on his right raw right bank. You miss you now, let's get to the mix. Let me know what you want to hear. We all start off with a mob d, not always prodigies having so, We started off. Let us know what you wanna hear at. Do you love me? I want to hear I find I got back lean outside it gets out of here before you know, and as the breakfast club from my heart, radio and Tribeca studios. This is fierce upon cast about the incredible women who never made it nor history books and the modern women carrying on their legacies. Today, I'm your host job yards
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