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Thursday 6/8- Today on the show comedian Hasan Minhaj came on the show and spoke about America's fear Of Muslims, freedom Of Speech and more. Also Charlamagne gave " Donkey of the Day" to Flint Official Flint Phil Stair after using racial slur and Angela helped our listeners out during Ask Yee.

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This is your wake a whole day, job envy annually, Charlemagne guy on the planet is respected. Show because this is a voices assize zones in a day the coveted morning so called we Don T want the view that the world's most dangerous more than you do, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo go go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go good morning. Angel YE guidelines is Andy Charlemagne. Please it applied. It is yes, it's Thursday to weaken is almost here. I started the call in this morning. Another like all. Do it learned the harsh lesson yesterday is a lesson that I learned early on in my life, but I do not follow it. Some time was that Canada, everybody's you make your food may but carry chicken just some to my stomach is, is not conducive to images being able to walk around normally without having to go to the toilet every fifteen to twenty minutes. I woke up this morning. The morale for fifteen, a m in a cold, sweat and, above all, are followed. I couldn't intra Braille differently. Yesterday we had a full. Was that you know? Not only did I e the food are going to huge pain and I have had the kids out of the data in it was actually one of the best jerk chickens because it wasn't too spicy. Wasn't too sassy Saucy was ill Isla de Jure, as should the jury regional. No, encouraging you button, you look at the tissue. Ok, we understand its great. We get it absolutely shout the cash those jerk day after it was amazing to carry his way wholesome food here yesterday, after the Show- and I thought it was good about it- home inevitable, congratulations, Demi, dirty, ok for twenty minutes. My life this morning on totally and jump in the shower in mid shower, had to jump out the shouted back onto rarely jumped back. Immissio. Yes,
absolutely no magic that knowledge a button, and so I took in that all you yesterday. Yes, actually granted again for been aware of my play, hide and seek getting home lots of whole panel most were yesterday. I tried to I d: go actually to two teens listening pirates article two I got in here when I got out there was a fire departmental seem rather actually measure. I got there exactly the right time because amateur you will happen now to change attitudes weeded out fire marshal shut down. My listening should do their it's on my fans and support. Is you got to find a way out make up for it tomorrow, details coming as today, but I showed up and when I got there I came a little bit. I was gonna go I ate, but I got a little bit earlier. Cosette was meeting somebody janitor Olano. He is the Minister tourism for Saint Martin Cell to him. Did he get it yeah? I got out of hand when I got ready area, they will. I they had set it down already bets and knew the people at the door, and they were like just coming may now coming right now so abort, whoever was women right at that moment, United just walk up at the exact right time, then we know one could get in and there was way more people outside and inside law was the board and no one could get him really. There was there was probably a mechanism about fifty people inside because the fire marshal wasn't letting anybody in and they kept coming, inciting counting people- and I don't understand what are you probably relative, new music, pretty girl may any of it, because no one to two chain showed up and I think they let him in, but they wouldn't. Let anybody in always is the love you, but I couldn't get inside. Just left soldier tried under typical industry boy to be a whole bunch of life. Would not, but I must say one thing: that's why, when I do my birthday party and events like that, I don't try to do- is in place the norm. I do it in a place. It always does events that I know everybody will be able to get into right will to change. Try. You always shows a lot of those who are trying to show you some love. If you try to bury China, give advocates we'll get the show crack in front page news. What we talked about. May we were talking about this during yesterday with my friends. Imagine
you think you can do with them per cassettes, and then you end up dying from it with eyes with happening in Portugal play rains. It is reckoned boy, devil, businessmen, Osama knowledge from the daily shall be here this morning to bottom left. Yes, we'll take it. We have, of course, regrets about the players ass. They are going to have to breakfast locomotive here we will be voting. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we other breakfast club, blueskin some front page news last I the NBA Finals Game, three, the warriors mister Caswall, eighteen, one thirteen, but that was finally again the calves game care should have one again. They were up until about a minute before he left could or should award raw Miss delay of that. What it ended the game if he D made outlay of none, is absolutely Corbett. If you re a death, Recoil became what a bit over both those interests is, don't understand a lot over three and they lost their game ass. They had a momentum, no gamble, unseaworthy, just ability and be a final political vision of northern means was that completely goods there was a good game. No, there was actually a good game. Little game, a thousand we're going to care should still good wine. I can't see the calves didn't sweat, but you know you still got from delusional queenly Cavalier France, who are thin stupid things like well. Last year we were three one and we came back to win. Fears largely didn't, have come into ran out there. Ok, you're, not beaten, go to say warriors war games in a row, and I do not have- and I don't know what they can do next year to beat them like. I really don't know it can add Carmelo make an ad Chris Paul.
You know I mean negative- is she's a few pieces they could put together that it brings bringing together many novel decrease Bobby you gotta get your car mellow. You definitely call mellow Camilla Bianco analysis. Absolutely Gary regulated jasmine from now Canelo coming off. Come no division to secure jasper, decent stood the place to eat. A lot is to replace the elevator good for twenty baby. Nobody save me look abroad, drive it back in and kick it out come alone can can still shoe agree Nellis, Talk about this overdose, you talk you you what yes he's been a wave of overdoses in Georgia, at least four people have died, and they said yesterday in the course of a couple hours, there were six more cases of overdoses, those six cases we're not fatal fight. A lot of people have been hospital lies in the past couple of days as well compel overdoses, people think they're taking taking Percocet cigar, small, yellow, yellow, but there are some other unknown ingredients. Now, according to reports, the drug is ten thousand times more potent and morphine
people know what's in these pills, so basically stop buying these street drugs. People are under the impression that these pills are safer there other than Heroin ETA things, but they don't even know what's in them. Salvage just be careful if you out there and you think in his cool to buy a purchaser and take it. People are dying in having overdoses friend I mean here, and we shouldn't layer. Molly for executive gives a clear version in that area, but in very familiar with dirty word notes on groups right, thirty June became say you know, don't take, for example, the diagram within three Bali Programme on Radio on atomic weapons.
Europe is the same. Damn rank and stop trying to try to justify was wrong wrong wrong. All brought the book. We consistently been a whole lot of rules for radio. Yes, we do what else we told my probationary. Our second about James call me now. He will testify to days everybody paying attention to this same. Basically, our government is going to shut down during this period of time, just to watch him testify and he is testifying that Donald Trump demanded loyalty and try to get him to clothe an investigation into former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, plain right. So we're going to see what happens but they're saying that tramp already fills vindicated by commies. Testimony already knows what he's going to say, and he s set aside some time to watch this as well would erode scruple. We are already has already stressed the moaning, so he's now gonna go for this morning in basically has a full statement already this out, but you can read like seven pages long, our beloved front page news get it off reaches eight hundred foggy five one far. What if you're absurdity debate, you would have a great do see what it gives more features. Eight hundred fireweed firewater firewood or, if you feel bless you just want to spread some blessings upon the people. Eight hundred five five one phone call us right now: former wide open to breakfast locomotive, your German, whether you want to hear from you what will ya, but we gotta, learn about about coldly
clearly Cleveland odds with not with any adequate cavalier the cold we and be finally look old baby. Actually, where I'm going all the way, Actually, I have so far been no put it for my dash there, because the ah I survived I've got to know how, but almost prayers I don't want this person was drunk. Well, leave you, I don't know the two way road saw anything between mean that car with the without a guard real. Why? Why do you have a dazzling himself? Well, in the event that I die, my car got big data, tat care. Who did that in all the bicycle? you see day what habit of actually caves Norma vehicle they not that expensive and if you I pulled over exactly conferred what exactly gonna when you get pulled overall, it is a problem in terms of another reason why appetites Javert whale could I be like it was crazy. How I got there, but I may, by my heart,
literally about job, I check my because I thought it was over Are you going to say it out? Will you join Instagram, sir? You will keep it to yourself, I'm a bloody I am. I will Well, you're. Remember Charlotte me up. I got it, I told you didn't we could adopt towards this dinner and, above all, young, that you know the day I met. You owe me do it, they might be, thereby my go. Your various area beg you will call them. Thank God. You made a promise. You yes, DARPA right dont, say good morning come on it. No, I'm not married may what what what was was worried? Sick man, you don't you go to the police, I just wanna police out in Jersey. They were taken away,
that was all fire, and it was actually the wrong outside that there was a car accident. This he was gonna, please Jason and the car crash into this guy. He was on fire and the police would kick in whom they were trying to put him under what I've gotta be wanted right around the articles. There was actually hit the right to housing that I was wrong and I read over beat him up near the window, you they weren't, stopping the guy our views on fire disease or find real kicker gotta. You realize what you stop it out. You stop right about that. You roll! Don't you know you started running opened, you're fired a video. It was a very old man. It's kinda guy. The man ass he had to leave because you got job are all when you're on five right. If you see something on fire and neither does Michael try to stop it, I even have stubborn and you don't kick a person. I would know what I would do us all you off. I have identified me out of my standpoint, opens down there, you broke
the Red Am it right now, with all of you run over runner for No, he running the car crashed into him that car they crashed into him was the one that, within the high speeches he had nothing to do with it. all right, we'll get it all pictures, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, call us now with the breakfast club good morning, is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you on the breakfast. We are poor or allow you may poker yeah. Maybe I name is poker approval from the Brooks. No, are you mad this morning, I'm mad, because yesterday I was driving at all. Guess your ball and pick up your staff, and I had the right away at the light and some girl. We shall come out from a parking lot and he went away. He almost hit my work around her
He had the audacity to pull up next to my car is both women and men like how in the world so I've heard and burnt out, and I'm wondering about people Why does night then and pulled up and came onto the market? there's no window and started talking about my. We ve never met my body over her head, but I can look like this, my we'd, because I'm very pretty new another and why you got think is so bad away. You admitted urge your we looked her. She did you emitted a shriek. She gently but somebody get longer than is cause you're. We was in look you're right, I'm so. Are we wasn't looking right? Well, ok, like does not them all my. We should encourage Jakarta Maritime who grow Magala saw the game. Is it the people of the crazy people from the Bronx? In my name, for it there s no argument,
We will all gain programme, not oblige me and, like you, I thought you hit my pride and he got a thing like this. I, like your currently driving at nineteen, ninety nine Yoda, my causes that have been fixed. He'd like what you look like you can pick out by some white muddled. Like Google relax. You have a great day, you're you're a word you're on your way to work right now about the clock. In about five minutes, were you wanted? You proved our by wide mother who remember to Burma Eads, ok,
we have to watch this video. Thank you. I would have to say that they were not China beautify Daphne, where are they just want that to him a static kicking here guns and everything here they weren't entrepreneur, fire offer Knocker is discussing half over the guy he's a his thirty percent. His body is variety sailing critical condition and he was wrong. He was dropped, her even rear. You don't even know you stop driver wrongs that brought him. You know. If I saw somebody on fire, I would try to stop model now. Let this agony unjustified at an average of the violent, a big if they were doing what I said, I will do what I'm saying of Alsace somebody on fire. I will try to compliment you just stop at a mood.
he will die in his embodies the situation be able. If you join us, I guess Copsewood chastened individual in a car that car crash there's somebody else. The person they crashed into was on fire. He got the caused or drought. What does it dropped? I brought windows start right here. I married you wanna anthems Norbert without draw shout about job, but he was rolled into the calves distorting kick his ass. Do so also discuss it. I raise a neck from pay again only I safe and make our families and his family, and hopefully he will survive and be ok. I e we rooms waterway. Yes, we are gonna talk about. I was watching this video. Ok, I don't know that much about x, X, x, tenth extends beyond his eyes. A younger you gotta, don't reckon, I know a lot about him army, but what I do know is that he just recently got gentle. He was on state in San Diego and will tell you what he said happen once I jumped blood. He got it odd, but we'll talk about it when we come back to breakfast locomotive
morning. Every body is dj. Envy envy Yee Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get to less Talk audits by the name of x, x extension. The reul report was glad we can apply ethics x ray now. Let's go along again Iranians
performing in San Diego last night, and now video footage has emerged everywhere of him getting knocked out on stage now. He quickly went on twitter after this happen and said Ella. Well, you should see the other guy and he had this to say after the incident was Julius, whose robs loan Arap zones another artist as his home town. He has his own called Shobo, so I guess they ve been heavens and back and forth
and they don't get along. Now. He also had went on his snap and he said you did good your home. You got a good head. Army won't lie, but how does it feel? Knowing your frame, I died, and I know that you not saying I had anything to do with the quotes. Stranger stabbing hang him, but your homey not look into how right now and here's what s he had to say. While he was on live on the video you're. Turning over and helping him rod was what was more than one occasion. This is why I'm so glad that hip hop is not just a young man, sport, anymore cuz. I don't know any of these little negroes. You talk about, and I don't care to know I'm after what you just told me. It's the first time I've ever heard of talk about on the radio, and we talking about him get knives out in people given stabbed. I wouldn't you know he was wreckage. Look at me as X, X, x, ragged.
You notice that another mably directly answerable his vast stones back right, generally find plenty of relevant wrappers closer to my ears. I can enjoy to change that. I'm commoner array levity. I did go viable, though, in it it does. The crazy thine stays performing. Summits is jumps out from the side. Implanted him. Since it aground, and then it may lay and soon we, as was accurate research, Kurdish caught him in the same guy, was saying in a drugstore list. I told them. I dressed man and I assume you get back the image you did you put out. What are they expect to happen in his life? I right now: Chloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. Apparently, there Ipad has been stolen according to style magazine this thing in L, a prostitute found a device inside a hotel room two years ago and somehow she got into the Ipad that was Latin found. All these pictures of Chloe and Lamar. So supposedly there's some extra. I don't know
What's gonna be out here, what I want to see two big naked power forwards in bed room together now nobody wants to see that he ball at sixty six triple x action to yourself. I right now. Let's go back to this Derek Fisher. Do you I class now to make matters worse? This aim that the Suv their Derek Fisher wrecked and he was in the car with his girlfriend glory government this happen and he was charged with DUI. The car was registered to met by all problems can be found for this message. As my goodness knows, what enormously difficult it was a twenty fifteen, a white escalate and they hit the guard real flipped over a while. They were driving loan from cats and they're, saying that the car was given to her specifically for the kids for her to gather together across Europe is less Miller, Mare bonds as Roma people around him. There do routes and do voodoo and they put routes and food Warner carve. Another man overdrive this vehicle allowed direct were fortunately the car that was for the kids denied the kids in right. It haven't gives it slipped over. I also if we have a good food, I write well I'm annually and that your rumour reports, which gives a front page news the last I the warriors, breed the calves and game three, one. Eighteen, one, thirteen. It was actually a good game. The calves had a game, maybe thirty six,
Lebron misses MRS, and get they ball the ball back. Any browser to was important. Moreover, he misses a three point, a wide, open, three and then again the two Kevin Dorette beyond what happened? A rainy day, three point of media which is over rat. You never really have the game against going. They wore the view. Only up my life for six I literally two positions for the warriors and they could be up in, like me. You never really have to have they wouldn't that liability been over because it would, if it is still up to with like thirty seconds left leg, do I, but that it was all alone series is three and of an mba fine of the community. Or can you got a lot of? You lose no cash fans who are still saying things like now has happened. Last year we were down three one last year and we came back go into serious. You really think you gonna win for games wrong. If the goods they would come on Israel, realistic, if he could add- and I mean anything- could happen- think this is a possibility- ok, lacerated weapon of mass destruction and having returned into ran on eighty ok, now that we have initiated- could I never talk about these overdose? Yes, what
will have died in Georgia and dozens more people have been hospitalized, and that is because of pill overdoses. Now people think their buying percosian. And it turns out what they are buying. They have no idea within these pills. It's a grey material. There saying that has a toxic cocktail of opium drugs and it looks like great, concrete mixing powder. It has different sex. Variations. It's either light powdery, but it can even look chunky and rock like according to points the drug they are buying is ten thousand times more potent than morphine. So imagine that it also includes an elephant tranquilizer inside It's about a liar, overdosing and dying from this street drug. I'm so glad I'm gonna bad habits. You know it is can't seem to think that happen. A pill is safer than doing heroin and has been glorified a latin music crazy. What is cool cause rhubarb played represents, which is actually Molly perquisite. Ok
exemplars very cool duties, drugs, let us it's well from pay, always hanging about James call me now he is appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee. This is happening by the way at ten, a m in bars and around the area in DC are setting up like watch parties for you to come in and watch his testimony here He has submitted a written testimony and basically the former FBI director James call me will be saying that the path didn't demanded his loyalty person him to drop a probe and two eggs National Security Advisor I Flynn and pressured him to publicly declare that trump himself. not under investigation. He said he was not very comfortable with the president's actions it seem like Trump was trying to create a patronage is released. Ship with him and he's going to testify that he felt compelled to immediately right down details of these encounters that he have a Donald Trump for the record. Okay, so he said during a private meeting in the oval office down a chimpanzee said, I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go to Flynn go he's a good guy. I hope you can let this go. He said he only reply
He is a good guy. I did not say I would let this go either times have changed. Our words too much movie tumor tv shows gloves, like James call me would disappear long time ago. This was only the homeland of scandalously James call me my going. They all disappeared down or Japan shares I'll be watching as well, so we'll be seeing what he writes on twitter during this testimony. Growth occur all right, That is front. Page news. When we come back, Hassan manoeuvres will be joining us. A saint Bernard senior correspondent for the daily, a great fan of up Netflix Car home coming any with the mud limit, the weight corresponds them, don't kick it. We haven't we back, don't move as to breakfast locomotive. Mornin everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean the guy. We are the breakfast club. You got a special guess about, and senior correspondent for daily show, not afraid of common personal Netflix cod coming king, and he was main speaker,
We call it the way I was one of them. It is our right. Ladies and gentlemen, at a time when I was at the end of August bag, methodical back the MTV What is you old and on MTV mom? I got a lot of a failed. they all have then they all may ridiculous. Yeah laugh of feed a man I knew I this could possibly not go out I mean the title: the show was philosophy: There was a really bad areas. body in unwanted MTV, a ridiculous. This would pop in any of the tribe millionaire glistening. You know how, when something works than there like, we just need diet, Pepsi, that. When I don't need another I believe that it is just like that was like philosophy,
the designer to future. There you go to the house that I glimpsed sounds, but it's not. That aim like great aunt Hannah, like that. How much have the current political climate helped your career, political culture has become popular culture. Politics has become reality. Television, Madonna terms because he has that professional wrestling background he's brought that to politics, so that doesn't want to the cadets. You look so whack me now. Ever since the trump trumps gonna get away, yeah radical over the trumps than the goddamn Bianca's reality stranger than fiction, it's weird its staff. Definitely bizarre. What do you think about the how bout my situation with him using the end where it and then people wanting to fire him and then send people saying, listen, they're, my friend, the black people. It was right for him to do that, but we should let us lie, but would be your new year. I think it's like this, so first of all from being from muslim community, we ve had problems with bill more before he's got a lot of sort of Islamophobia greater
that has been done on the show that being said about, you spoke about an aid we apple again, so he's been doing that any kind of gotten a past people elected Louisa. He Sebastian, of freedom of speech and he gives it the politicians. I think those are mutually exclusive concepts. He's made a few bad decisions, but he's also groundbreaking revolutionary in that medium so I can have problems with one and still give props in another another way as well, you don't ever used inward ill. I've actually use the end word in reference to something that I was called.
You know, I mean I call you the same. They gave you you will learn you get a ban on special. I talk about. I wouldn't Ronald Reagan, Craig I know, but I use the word now. I've been I've been called the sand and word with gloating yeah that he said, but I don't we openly Edna like I'm, never understood that debate Why is that a thing was that? Can I use it like what why I dont, like the fundamental reason, they. Were you really like you, don't know. What do I have muslim friends in important? We can further we'll everybody uses the word and it doesn't feel away. Colleagues brown and black. Would you what you want make the people of color rise wet my These are on the side of caution. Even if someone gives me the password you can use it. I might add, is why even worse, wrong to you. They lie what would you bob the what about your favorite records,
political line of lonely you, but I'm also old enough to like understand Contact Saunders like so for me, it's just Paris, got a member is imperative. Google maps were, and there you don't. You want to think about the someone told me this and I will man knowing this and then using the word kind of message with my head he's like theirs, other word in the english language that says: hey I used to own you like property, like that, Other word has that connotation. Oh, I don't know man that even so to me when I have begun in yeah. So to me using that word, it's getting when one of them is a powerful lot like hold on thirty one. I know now I am old enough to know. I don't know man in a special. I talk about a crime that happen at my house.
Post nine eleven when they do the glad the air in the people that we call in our house called me and my dad a sand, and you know, but I I I made the choice to to use the word in the special so that people could hear it does what people call me a fan, an ado coon- a camel jockey sail up here- you know that, but to like gangrene, like a little reason. The dune goon is mine, their crime was hilarious, so you know these mass in the windows to our house. Put you like your alliteration and I'm glad it's poetic window, you nuts, where, as you do that on this budget, oh yeah it'll go that he's real deep moment here, and then you again You come out into the lab, but laughter and crying are two sides of the same court. You ever been in it like a really thought of situation, and then your os, like us
kind of hilarious got beat yes or bad one time it was all swollen. None was crying in return, the lab near and, furthermore, mathematical laughed and grinding Jesus man. I dig the girl had tat broke my heart, I thought mathematical, the bad things. I would argue that it had had sectoral dialogues with Miss. Wasn't my idea of- and I was crying like youth, who could you make me do that? I see as a good at that plane is like a lubricate a boy you should use at all. If I do- and I just wanted to say with respect to anything, especially the right road, but its eye- Netflix Homecoming King network- How do you feel when comedians make muslim jokes that that Bobby widow, I'm really a proponent of a free speech to say what you want to say, but I'm a big advocate in presenting the best argument: may the best you meant when so you can get up there. You can say whatever you want to save. You have the right to do that, whether it's a comedian, Richard Spencer, you can do that you're gonna Facebook.
four repercussions, Vega, but my as a comedian, I'm like I'm gonna, present a better argument to the audience. and I would hope that the audience is. I get up guys right. Not this insane do we got more would have sermonized when we come back. We have to talk about their corresponding. Did it down from didn't, show up and moral keep alive, the breakfast club, pouring everybody's e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club we. comedian manoeuvres in the building. I e I was reading an article about how they send a depiction of Muslims, and Hollywood is non existent, are not very positive, generally, not like. If you look at like homeland, it's always from the poorest active of. He's crazy brown dues equalising and they ve come. here to kill us what is going on the young Brown kids, into me? I would love to see a narrative and that's what I wanted to do in homecoming. King is
What is the ninety nine point? Nine percent of Muslims grey what do they deal with in the face of insanity right so when a terrorist attack happened, how do they navigate the color? there damage of that He spoke about that in his person spoke about how, after nine eleven, how America felt but then also how Muslims in muslim family air, like. I can't about this idea of the american Dream Tax, a lot of immigrants believe in this concept, where, like my parents, they emigrated here. If you like you immigrate to the country pay. This thing called the american dream. Tax you're gonna go through some racism and if it doesn't cost you your life or you look is pay. The tax on a member here, but I was born here I'm a citizen actually have the audacity of equality and equal alike. Therefore, like I've, I pay my taxes on em among contributing member of society, that, oh that's I caught me that my generation and my parents generation they struggle with that of the irrational fear of Muslims in America. No
the conversation that we need to have. We need a level up the conversation to say so the problem Mexicans or the problem, Muslims or the problem now is violent extremism right, violent extremism has no color or religion, but do you just? mode through times Square, the absolute again They began to Marie on the dry here ever the dude in Portland, every community, every our group's of insane people in the world combating that Daphne you'll conversation that we need an that's what I always say: Muslims dont, like extremists, terror. Is that the majority I little about Georgia, Peter ISIS actually kills. Are Muslims right? That's the sadly blowup Moxley through insane people also this is the. Irrational fear of Muslims in America were already here and we already control every aspect of your life. Think about New York City food. rotation, medicine we a lock you, this building you're lying Habib. Let me get a kebab are. I am so sick
finally, to the hospital. I was raging thing doktor now, but you now we every corner, we you garden, but we do so you're welcome. can my mom is adopter she's certain she? She was so the vs she's been there for decades every corner. She got a poisoned you, she didn't so you're welcome the rebuilding of members of society. This is insanity to think that one point five billion Muslims, to destroy the earth. Now. Will you think should be done about radical islamic extremists? As I know, you know the name of the Muslim banned in the nice organization around and people like what he's the one you think we're on the third travel ban and are more travel bans in star wars reboots insane at how do you How do you combat extremism? I don't know I'm not an expert again, I'm not the FBI. Has it affect the union fairly traveller, I'm lucky
because my family is from India right now. That's not one of the seven countries that was on you know the bans on very lucky in that way. But it's it's angel, especially come out of the White House, correspondence dinner, I took a lot of heat from right in that new movement of insane people on Twitter, ices yeah, I'm not like you cause. You engage. Yes, I do that's insane. You crack ass, Craig, that's insanity, merging laddies. It was wrong. You gotta give them Charlemagne, given that it is not even had a clock. You guessed, it uses rise early like Charlemagne, ready to go out Steve Ban and, unlike relics, lived, my life rigid spreads all of what really yes, what is it with you? What are you doing? Gales? What am I going to solve by going at
avatar onto the youth and hence the leg, every type something and enter lead. It can get it cadavers. Sometimes I do there, but I dont engage either with anger. Point will be going at ball brave. Ninety seven. How do you know it going to everyone? You feel stupid idea of that war. guy Haagen his girlfriend cavity rudest anybody ever damage. We did you or something about something you set out in the new and gaze that I thought he was gonna call me out after the dinner. Yes, cause he's. Crazy idea, bars ready for I had some so I had act. I called it on what was a car DEFCON orange in case he showed up. I had like an orange card ready to go like these. Are all the joke that I'm going to do is happening at the moment. Was so good for you, because nobody has wanted to do it here and used.
The muslim comedians is made perfect sense and I would like either. Does the Congo really well was on our really bad and you wrote the occasion thank had yet. classic immigrant situation? Nobody wanted to touch the job wanted. I came in with my god my mob and on that I have the emigrant ideas here to solve the problem, and I just came right in, and I did what my dad and my mom and so many other immigrants have done. This country are right. You don't want to do. This will do this in an rip it yeah. Now what about Cathy Griffin in their whole city, waiting with hair holding their? yeah, I'm added Donald Trump cutting you, don't gotta be cruel, so, I don't have to hold a decapitated head of a president, too, show that I dislike you, you imagine you would have did it. You want to tell you about my oh, my career would win over, but but I think think think about the opposite. When people ignorant of Cathy Gryffons right, imagine some conservative comedian, Jeff
where or whatever holding up capital head of Robin Elizabeth, worn Brok, Obama, where we were here. We ve been like those insanity so to me, I'm like, all four again. An open market place of ideas may the best idea. When I was not ignite idea again, you can be critical, you just to you, don't have to burn the entire building down or go after baron or you don't have to do that. What the whole concept of a full views re. Let me talk about his Lama phobia and things like that accusation that I feel like people. Fear what they know and understand correct. That's why I say again: you'll stand of special is very good that we have never had a conversation with a muslim person. I can work stay in here. This p, o t other pulled into getting FED thing correct from the media. Correct you watch, homeland you're, like these people are terrifying. If you watch say in a home coming to me again, I think its representation of
Ninety nine point: nine nine nine percent of New Brown America has to deal with. This is what it's like. They turn on their tv and their dealing with collective guilt, and I wanted to put that perspective out there. I'm empathetic to people that being fed distorted version of reality. And to that you can you only make decisions based on what you know, but I think also you got a people accountable to say, hey. You also have to be open to new information, the airy fairy, I'm not a very sad you for joining us. They show you. I said Sacho Annapolis. If you haven't had a chance to see yet far more complicated in Guatemala Daily show every night Where can I find him you find me on Twitter as Instagram Management instruments, yet people's bafflement will they have an Islam and ass the breakfast? Thank you
well. Chris Brown is going to be releasing his documentary. Chris Brown welcome to my life in theaters nationwide, and that is actually gonna be today, so that these can have appearances from jail. I should say facts and more and they gonna talk about the periods of his life. There were rates multi with his relationships is legal problems over the past few years and everything and he also has his album coming out soon. So there you have it. If you're bakers, brown, I think we have already we about you. I was any of it difficult to record. The process was, as you know, two other transitional must survive You process, but you I was incarcerated, had different things that we're gonna like my child, relations while charging you know showcase monarchs today was the hardest,
but in reality it was not enough. None of this is like gravitated or else to make. You feel a certain way. Just raw said Emily Empty, as indeed is destroying data. Wfan? Has it and an I'm sure to be available elsewhere after that? But if your big fan increase Brown and you wanna go check that out and see exclusive interviews and hear him talk first hand about. Was going on any actually had. I had a premiere for it. Many bodies darted to us, though, is really cute. Workers is more so now show fans are run out and go see that me personally. If I get a check some time ago to remove you, gonna see wonder woman, while I am, I pray you I gotta go see wonder was while my prejudice Dc English. You want all right, that's good news. I was telling you everybody setting out what a great movie it is and broke. The latter records where women as it was directed by women are. I grant aid is back on the road. Now she was performing and pear. She had extra extra security.
Actually padded down the fans and inspected, basically every inch of their bodies, and she actually has an added somewhere over the rainbow. That's gonna be a stable for his show Well now that was her clothing show for her when her clothing song for her one of Manchester Show, and she performed it in Paris to here is on a singing summit over the Rainbow Ok, I is this an incident everything that happened. Yes, it is and TAT the somewhere over the rainbow would like man in America is devilish.
Bring tee of the EIS, regardless of what the situation is, what the context is when you hit a ragged ya, laudable orbic array, Eminem has given high school graduates in Flint, Miss again at other flick community schools. Some free beats by drain headphones by the graduating classes. Russ every school yet for they went community schools are so great the were gifted a free Pierre and they were sent in by Eminem himself and right when they went on but seems to get a diploma, they would get those and he also even put up a video congratulating all of them and a play that throughout the speaker systems. Least somebody given the people in Flint something round of applause. People arrived absolute and they sound like they re money as well as fire and Water Christ crisis inflict miss again. I re people going in and Jessica sense and found him are upset, not enough. You guys saw, but she posted photos of her. Of five years old wearing a bikini, and people were going insane if it was inappropriate. If you ever vote tv, you can see the pictures.
Her daughter right, I know, was still a thing now. People writing suits you. He makes lad lot of money. Her clothing, her shoes, in order that they said she might make up to a billion dollars her industry. that her brandishing the dynamo for long term that are now people was saying, was inappropriate too much too soon. Now cool in a world filled with pearls, protect people were riding protect your children. This is not for social media and say would never posed a photo of their own young women are all creditors. In your opinion, off that's a five euros he's wearing bikini she's go into the pool or the beach ask you in your opinion, I put my daughter bikini at the age of four. If you'd look like that, or you think like that, you decree yeah are some raw you? If you look at a five year in like your that age, you looking sexy or that looks inappropriate, others, the brain work, and now I like, on a five year out like this study, the southern. I would think of anyone well thought
Fourthly, I noted with that little scooters I'm going to school to us is going to think again I find it to be very where the people look for decide something like that, because I did go to the beach kids are wearing bathing suit. So it's not like something you can't wear look public five years ago looked at sixty good. Now we see the five rural enjoying a beat. You everybody think about going to debate and having a your daughter like TAT, having no tap on just about him she got over tabloid. Why would at last she got out. I think people do that would have been at the poor and been on vacation girl, yet where little girls cadets well young girls who was not like there is anything, but I didn't have seen that Mademoiselle programming of EU and sometimes you sitting boy than before. Five, though it may be, but negative low pay we just running around in the pool pull. You also need labour globalism, call them a little boy. That's weird as a little awkward, and I like that. I write well amazingly ye and
you are rumour report for donkey overdue. Job Democrats are being killed every day, a little bit of a mixed adult club. Bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty three years. The donkey other bay is a new white dog. You today for thirty June aid goes to feels. Do you mean I know feels there is, but he is an official at an agency that manages foreclose homes in Flint, Michigan neighbour, to Places Genesee County land Bacon feels tales of sales manager big now, unless you been on on another planet, are living in a bubble somewhere than you are fully aware of the Flint water crisis of fleet, a city that has allotted debt, switch from buying the choice, pre treated water to using Flint River Water and Flint River water, which is we more toxic, was not properly treated under orders from state officials causing lead from old pipes to go into the city's water in both they have clean water crisis. Ok, flew water crisis was complete failure of government period. Everybody knows it was
behind him. Fbi investigation city officials got charged like is not a secret, but feels data them believe that feels there is actually victim blaming inaction. victim blaming. You know a lot of people say: not only was it a failure of government Flint Michigan, I called the right of water crisis, it was systemic racism and it's not hard to argue systemic racism. Part when you hear fills dare say that the Flint water crisis was caused by inwards. Yes, fails there, an official at an agency and manages foreclose, inflamed blamed different flint or crisis on inward cut, the music and- let fleet audio has little bit of work eyes like others, I friends are meaningless, trash stopping their bills
Evan inward, don't pay their bills. That, ladies and gentlemen, is bigotry, guides eggs matters and a white missing and where it is, I gotta get him about it, but in that context feels there said f an inward dont pay. Their bills indeed said. I want to call him and words if you have never bigotry before new life there you have it not dimension victim blaming at his finest like textbook victim blaming like you re poor woman. It entails her fall because what she was wearing victim blaming. You pointed out community essays after one year now, of course feels there resigned and in his resignation letter he didn't wanna those insincere apology that I hate, because the only come after said person receives backlash. He said he was deeply sigh for what he said in a recording which he described as his private opinion on Flint water crisis, any sensitive language. I do not know how I can freeze my friends in coal work is well, you don't have coworkers anymore, because you resign. You don't have to worry about that and of black friend you talkin about. They should have thought they should have followed you on all social media Sykes already they haven't. I want to know why don't I annexing, I can use no revenge for the person you hit him talking about people like this.
has listened Phil The true test of a man, characters, Howdy Aqua, nobody's, watch and feel had no idea he was being recorded. So therefore you didn't know people watching. So that is why it is so don't Hammett atoms, I'm sorry bs, because it's not genuine. You have shown us exactly who you are and we believe you so fear. We will give you the same energy. You gave us ass wild discrepancy, you know races, big it, but that'll do. Please give feel feels data biggest. He hardly even every two years to retire and are resigned as they should have fired him to make a statement
nobody better higher amount there. Even thank you for a dog you today up next ask IE eight hundred five, eight five one five. What have you got a question for YE relationship question? Are you need some advice? Call ye right now, eight hundred five, five one of firewood will put you live on air or you can always email us which Emily me. Ye may know that can help me e g mail, darker, slowed everybody on board of system into smaller, suffer from a low diarrhoea. That's me, Tiggle shot a pebble, shouted animals, something Jackie, so our homes were kept. I want to send it back right: ask used next at the breakfast locomotor in Angelo YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club allows these days
A d wish, of course to free I've, been waiting, my boyfriend for a year and a half we ve known each other. He was like my first love in high school to reunite perfecting it. I know you love me. I love him very much, for he is certainly within it, thankyou out how and when he is junkie, useful for say what I love. That was as each trying to get help because impart time to recover from an addiction is trying to get how cause addiction addiction? Is a disease, alcohol addiction way? Is it something that he's trying to do and get help because he knows he has a problem. Hinging yeah goes back and forth were AAA, but other than that really, I wouldn't say I think he wants declared. I think he's scared, as most people are right
Ok, I mean that's a tough one, because the main thing is that you said he does want to get help, but is not an easy Dixon to kick at all. That's why, how many people have struggled with it, and I am sure that you feel If I leave him, I will pay for something to happen and for his area has to get even worse there, but at the same time is it your life a lot as well, and you concerned about him in there I don't know, and it would be like a than any. I don't know if there is a time where it would be like this is enough and I guess I'll. Have you been Where did this virus going with him to his meetings in China have gone to a meeting for home with him. I've looked up other, like resources for an China, get avow suggestions but like that, but I've never actually gone, with them meeting. Ok, I mean this and you love him and that's the issue that you guys.
When you care about himself so less say. Even if one day, don't end up together. I'm sure you want him to kick this addiction and move on with his life. Yes, I would recommend that you be supportive as possible. Does he wants you to come with him and ass they one time, because I do Phil. I things like that could be helpful to you for you to understand, maybe why he doesn't think that he does so. You can be more of a influence for him by was really brain is that nobody can quit these things. Unless it's not, easy to do and unless they make a real committed effort ray and in order it's not your wrist. Sensibility- and it's not your fault, but if you care about, you should do whatever it is that you can to try to help a minute that health means you visit. leave being there then I might be setting that takes into than the animal s never tried that the chair I could. I could go with him of our answer that
right. So I would suggest trying that- and I do other people around him, like family members in other people, that he's friends with. Are they helpful as well? I would say his family, his friends now, I believe, needs to cut off his friends, but in can't say that I'm not leaving it might be a conversation for you to have with his family to have them even be more supportive and with his friend nobody has to cut his friends up, but you should just be like listen he's doubling with alcoholism? It is a disease. It's an addiction is potentially awful. Things could happen and if you're really his friend, then it would be great if you guys could be helpful as well as in. Let's do things they don't include drinking to air. Ok and good luck to you. and let us know anything we can do, and you know any expert professional help that you need to yet. I know you ve been trying in reaching out in an researching different things, but you can always check back with us and we can try
you out as well with that. I think is a watch You look Mama now, thanks to you that if a deal with- and you have to be- a great person. If you let him be drawn persons area be by their side through their absolutely ask IE, eight under five, a firewall or far. What have you got a course of vehicle now was to breakfast body is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Now we have canvas underline now can't issue for North Carolina. You recently been engaged. Congratulations! Thank you! Thank you now. What did you find out about the ring? Mama, our workers, some old phone out I mean, I know he hadn t been engaged forbore to his a couple years ago, though I'm lookin at some phone, oh and I saw a photo of his egg way, the same, engage wearing Maggie Wool Emma
because I M doing bacterium and on my number one, because I always think about the Mama like simplifying ring that he used, but I never had any crew and I fully accept that one day and he said no, he went and traded it. So he laughed whatever What are you are now, I'm with him in photos, and I bring it to the tension and he's like all that's not the same rate. This guy. Why am I being too hard on about the growing, even though, and for his back there now is it can as it possibly not the same ring out the foger pray. What identical to call to me, but in
the hand and, at the same rate? Ok, the bigger issue is this? Is it lying? That's. The bigger issue is not in back or not necessarily the ring it's when you asked him. Is he lying to you about whether or not is the same anchors? I would hate to find out that you ask him a question directly and he lied to your face when you have photographic evidence. Does not a good sign right so that I'm asking you? Is it really the same thing? I will love for you to send me to picture so I can actually see a side by side and make their determination, but what I would say what I will tell you to do is give as have other issues are, as is the first like real thing. That's business, the first real bring that came up, ok, well think. What you need to tell them is listen. It just makes me uncomfortable. I love you. I want to marry. You is now all about the ring, but it does make me uncomfortable to think TAT. I might have as very similar ring or possibly the same ring as Europe. Acts so
What would be a great thing to do as a compromise have both of us is less pick a different ring out right.
The bigger issue really is. Is he telling you the truth? When you ask him a question, I know it's, you know, maybe he'd never die, you would get quiet. Maybe thirty would do this and you wouldn't have any thee would never notice or never find out. So he just instincts merely lied. Who knows, but if this is the only issue guys have ever had, I wouldn't make it the biggest deal in the world. But what I would let him know is lesson in a no matter. What, in a relationship there are gonna, be problems that arise is how you solve those problems and how you buried them. So how we deal with it is say, listen, I know you said is not the same ring all good. It looks to similar for me. Can we at least just so I'm more comfortable, do this and we can move on over Mamma? I prefer it all right. Ask III, Andrea, fame, bottle far one I'm sure the Samara were how'd. You sure looks like it. He probably told you got ring bag is girl would never find out round which are devoted to say, rest, a big issue. Are you lying? What does it matter very much on our though it matters if he ladder is yet another rather be different? If she s had yet you know, but yes, it is. She gave the ring bank that what it is tat, nobody would say it, but he lag now, though, also ok, be it all nosey and be in word about the prayers. Why governed? What approach focusing on the future look forward, while large wife turned assault? Could she looked back gods
look forward, look forward! Well, when I have this I'll ring from the past that can help a look back in time. He looked down at the head of a whole bridges Ask IE eight hundred five, a firewall or five whenever our rules on away. Yes, let's talk about tee, my verses, tiny another. Two of them were best of friends, their children's guy parents in everything and they had a huge falling out. Well now they're trying to resolve things, but there's a lot of other extra side issues. Ok, also we have a huge announcement, happened right before mix you don't want to lose jobs only. What is that a huge investment, because sometimes you sit in judgment first, like you, pre was Wurtemberg before we talk about a mobile broadband is when a man comes out before really supposed to happen, so we does wandering problem while broker when that happened right before mix it also anyways breakfast morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE charlemagne- God we are the breakfast club was gets. It are almost. Let's talk power
It's about the report on the breakfast. I re power is coming back to start on June. Twenty fittingly await guessing allow Anthony's carried to the key issue, is gonna be dating on this new season. Will she brought you mother she's back ochre? She is gonna, be dating Tommy. They're gonna have some type of romance going on, so I'm excited for that. There should be just seeing now when Joseph Sakharov, who plays Tommy, was question about. He said this is my sister and if you talk bad about her, I'm going you he said. I think we have a mutual admiration for each other. We build up a friendly relationship, so there were put into a math sexual relationship. Obviously no private parts are being put near each other, but we really are a kiss and touching. So it is a luxury to do it with somebody. You like and respect Wanna kill casual as if I'm not mistaken,
all you got to watch the last season before I catch up with power. Take so long to come back, but I feel like it was trying to kill in the last season. I thought disappeared now about they would do all kinds of illegally that of his shot. Remember so, basically Does he last Tatars again as well? We don't know it's a possibility, as possibility probably include bombs were for dilemma and single. You know in real life, she's alone, that we want she said: well, we re no legs Lee according to reports there not together. I re tame. I has apologised to tat the two of them haven't beginning along I've been having allowed it back and forth, and it's really sad cause. You know, that's the Chad the chill God Aaron's and everything in tat I had even weighed in and said that they should just get over their beef with each other and then say more away on Instagram said you know been thinking, although I don't like social media is not the best place to work out personal issues. Sometimes it can be the most effective way to get your loved ones. Attend.
I love you guys and tiny you since I was ninety years old? I would have never dreamed that none of us would be in this position against public perceptions. We know it's not because of that show or lies that paper bag, Toya has said or anyone else who has had something to say about the disagreement so paper bags. is TAT. Your right. That's who she's referencing wise, though way drop poverty more brightly. How lovely right I love good creative Woody's landed paper. Bag toy is funny Isn t, so bad, that's funny to lead entered the palace team. I apologize to Chinese. Is that I'm sorry for my part, in a hurry I have my best friend and her family, including all of our kids and Tipp. Ah back together, again now seems, like tiny, has accepted that apology, but twice as mad. Now those go preparatory, you far back Firebird Toil now: toys a paper bag, Toya, really bitch,
what does your nine sincere apology and fake ass public outreach have to do with me? You I ve figures bitch. I know Euro wrote all of pathetic attention. Seeking bull is, but you conveniently got to tell them. Why are really mad speak up I'll, tell him, and you and your so called best friend, Ten years fell out. Why didn't you tell them? How petty you really are? What's up a bit gets mad because a friend pose a birthday message about another friend I have you answered Otis, petty as basic. I met at every one who went on the real, not show that she was fire from I'm sick, you pop and off on everybody, and then I envy them which all over the tab under the table. As you talk, is about your own sisters. You are disrespect both disloyal jealous attention, be it goes on, does not prevent Mozart. Flatbed toil bought away. We find it love, always paper bag toy. My new book would be dropping in July, was wrong. People Baxter learn waiting for me to come out on bail back? I guess it's cheaper than the high
a version- I don't know about it, but because a book- and you came in a really good I'll, do you get out of a book than the present less she took offence to being copied that toy bag toy? Is that of how large ebay- and the last thing that I want to say- is that add Tom cruise confirm that there's gonna be a tab, guns, sequel of ya thought have gun, but then we came out and nineteen, eighty six and Thou Kilmer posted a picture of himself and he d, Was the beyond he said, still guided just saying someone when are we want discuss the fact that Tom Cruise has had more work done any instagram motto. Any car dashing engine has innovation adamant alongside that man is not aid, since at least the age third lesson address. I desert they just so I don't know how to know what goes on in their demand is not aid, since at least aged thirty tuba. I write well, I mean A, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss ye now drum roll, please
Tell me about this thing before I can see why on earth needs going down Saturday September, twenty darted De Las Vegas Village on this trip across from it, looks as though you Nazism. We did. Maybe we can do no anatomy, ruining it Now we already so you about colleagues, would I'll, be right, as they were highly talented colleague zone our radio tally, Visa Coward worthwhile Rally, dear colleague, Colleen, and in music. All the time we can show was now. We need to give us the other guy could only what you ok. What does that? What are we died? And then we tell you about french Montana. No black women will be forgiven for it. You know, open it. I just want to help the situation does not help us get when you don't pre planned before songs. I now just adding to what do I do
Oh would avoid rain radio music festival than you, and we would ideally would it s. It has gone down. Citizens Vanguard at the LAS Vegas Village asked some the luck. So I that's. How started Ochre Aristotle? Are we gonna? Do it again? you ruined announcement. Does anyone tells you anything, get ready for our data village presented by capital, wanted to twenty seven seen our hard radio music? First all try down Saturday September twenty one. We told you about curly, oh, who was then take it from the end of it. I was gonna take it from here. We have before MRS Bipeds Montana Carlito. We just added that right. You join us, I'd be happy. Sweet you can get to take is now a ticket. that can join admiringly time, Billy
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