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Corey Holcomb stops through to chat about his weekend shows at Carolines, being on tour with Kevin Hart and how women don't value themselves much these days.

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Real celebrity real, some joint existed there more than everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall lead me to go. We are the breakfast club got his best guess the korean government decided. I know this was you may know others want to say to all girls ass, Thou game in New York, and I was a thousand I gave that I thought I was gonna help you get a buddy pairs back to Florida mail today. So right now they ve been texted. Me love. Your road are eager to bypass it. So they stop it stop vehemently lotta girl steals Doug. You away, not somebody bears life is not my place to be. Second is whether that is called
according call you to get a doctor fail, but in some people say you hard on you on these women as enemies and asking to speak. Why not a hot on the women like peopled League, the coveted women love me as the girls group, without daddy's they have issues with my group would have liked. IRAN or you do not need a lot. Don't look at all the while it ass. You got your lead, the maze. You noticed that you need to know in its answer. If twenty have great women had ever known fact, if it is the view of the differences between girl farther than girls. No one will you know when you got a dad in your life, you get to see to others that it again you have to see what what it's like to grow up with a man as well as a woman graduate- and this is a lot of girls- really don't get a chance to be around a man and today start date. Them- and you know a lot of and when you didn't, you know, Whereafter resulted disappointed and thereby,
in the thirties. They get dead. Man look on my face. What about guys they grow up without it add other issues too. But I'll digger. There you go in and I Steve Ivy too, What I think what I did want to a show where I didn't know I was on the air with him and I didn't speak and he got mad and he was saying bad stuff about me, and you know I go like it was a comedy showed a radio once when I was in Kentucky the the lady who, on the show with him, I don't know I was patched into knows. I was mad because I didn't speak tool valley. We talk you when you were speaking about no wouldn't do that that way, he he just felt as though I should have acknowledged him, but I was like I know you were on the air I didn't know. I was on the air. With them and their role. He was mad and he said something not a credible.
Just like oh man, I know you're gonna, go to pieces with their merit, is deep on data bank of mediating when he usually Oji both about. But I thank you. You know what you know what you know and I will I will give respect those who deserve it. He's he's been around many fine words they relevant. But if you want to tell crazy I do it, that's what I do, how bowing down oh boy. Was one of the guys who was the friends had a barber that are used These data afro cake, about put net Avril kid procedural man and had just so I used to get his Africa now. Yesterday we did phone while an out and out of any Maoist there would, as you said, and better Hence, to me on the snake: whatever the White Van Brandt pants is an outrage,
there's this will my Google up from the broad opted for longer than the twenties words are now where weirdos does. It also helps we would the girls who grew up our fathers like does give it another thought it could you think about people like Steve Odd when he d write the books like ACT Act like a lady think, like a man? Why, from what I understand it in right, but ok bought the book of Somalia. That's cool too, but you know the thing that everybody talks about, and I I got to talk about it to is the ninety day things. Don't, ladies, don't do that? Are you playing yourself? That's how you get sick. How do you do, sir? Because when you desire to let him do it he's gotta? Do it, but I do you is gonna, be doing other things? Were he flies waiting while you
So now you gotta be called the doers led away three. My I'm sure you ve gone three months that I have effects before monotony. Poverty keeps me a business law, girls are struggling and they may my assistance on offer. Anywhere from forty. Eight hours will enable Revalue vagina that autumnal right now, I know I mean come on unborn Brooklyn later, if you like, the only have made much easier divination if a misrepresentation of black people why out Boggley, you know they think they got jobs there its eggs from Massa- that's what I call it and they have to say things to try to make black people look bad, because even a Smith S suspended. We was bold enough to say something about women when he spoke from the heart Women is a big says. Something about women involves the need to make sure you don't do not put yourself in their position. Mammy was whispered, but
goes on air and he says a lot of stuff about black people. He never get suspended. Fidessa winner represent it, so he takes advantage of any goes in on us. Is, I was told him: most of I'd like that, because a suitable was fixed? Ladies and gentlemen, we all saw it if you watch football, if you don't forbore to super bowl with fix, my silence was not given the ball and they did not show his face it. The energy they didn't want to be too through bull and repeat again how guy with dread zoo, do don't conform to media, the ball envy. You know what's happening, not think we're conform to believe not aware, lay dead badly. Yes, what you saw happen. Nab salute power was witness. Martha ledge was not given the ball. Natty call you to get a doctor Phil I just sit and as a member I alone am under further. Communism is a member on a breakfast club as lightning his. I'm not lately must year was about it. As you know, bleaching gear
Finally, bodies now talk doggone very hypothetically about there is ill hypothetically about what Legion must gain road users. What do I tell you? What do you do that? I'll be lost I've seen people believe this us always themselves a dead, I'm gonna town of thy. Well, you just don't like you mom I beg of you bleachers Gill nets that some type of Roger you air, which Emma now going to ask you this, I say positive picture of an. I think it was immature embed. Any proof had fill them a bit with images.
There was a majority will know it was a pity ah little boys and bear the girl. In fact, another foxhole party joke about very fine, but I actually like Jamie fought and I had already be off on the funds are, and you know it ended away. I didn't really wanted to air, but I had another issue here. Do you know what always say? Oh my twitter do not dislike Debbie flags are just go in. Sometimes you know what I mean. People go at all me that jobs that oh meal with him, but I don't care if anybody ever get like super offended, applying wages down after groundwater bodies, so absent couples walk out of this one. Do his girl walked l and he was driving strong only about their job at a very critical gets here. I could collapse ages a go get. I felt I drafted. People who are easily frustrated, they sometimes
the comedy shows, don't go to where they want to go to get mad. I seen this Lady walk to the manager of the club, Improv inhalation was literally crying because the comedian, when we talk of Joe, but my group is that really the innovative those your brother of ineffective brothers return? But what about people? You know like highly that academic did I ever get like? Ok, that's not cool. It's you went in a people can say what they want to say about all kinds of people. I try to stay in my life. I wanted a turnout, tv jobs, the probably were held me, move up the ranks, a Hollywood faster if they don't display me in a way where I wanna be display. I want to be
this guy? That guy, that I'm trying to be? That's that's what has happened on on all failed when I do it dislike, while now Maccadon. I also want to say something crazy. You don't ask rabies is a competent guys. We, let me be Marcel many love black Jesus. I know when you said you were there when you babies were born when you pit will. Probably, though, maybe you know me, you gave me a bit now is mob, ran a comedy. Its bald in the beginning of a lot of people who are not ever closer. Miss Hale you taken too far, but I desire to fill in the wood God S, while maybe too little lifestyle alive and unable to turn now certain tv jaws, because the people come see me, you know I'll, follow you onto it all with one s, mail, wonder if certain things Corey see git would give him blackball your way of moving as domes extra community against women. Only asthma. If I shouted me with joy and many gave a fire you again, he with ecstasy
would not doing then gay why this is important, that I say on a guy These got No, not at all man and he called the people from I'm glad. Forget it I would know I was talking to them. They was inquiry. I beg you for ages. They just told me, you cannot talk about hate and you can talk about maybe being Somalia, but if you got a job you can make a joke. So you know he's like my cousin's he's flaming gay and we go at it all the time I just I'm smart enough. I've been giving information not to talk about people like all. I want to fight you or something like that. So that's How do I get away with a video executive? Is there anything you know it's like most of the time that a deal with you or you are there? Not anybody gave it had a command. You know where are you not of zero? Sometimes you guys were bold. Another allow and I want to say on the air when I
Paul Moody and further he hailed by then- and there were not enough at this point, that the Kurds and what an awful avoiding eighty dollars was at an end of it. I mean cheat morning. Women but married women, embedded cheetahs action agreed with that Y know. Meiji morning, women women expect to get married in it's just you and them further, and that is not going to happen in this country. Because men have an appetite to chase women and when we have enough money to do it, it makes it a lot easier for us to chase women and pay him enough for them to be quiet. Even to be quiet. You can play a very expensive and have got you are really. The struggle was real. Addendum street Have you ever been in a matter of course? I've been in a monogamous relations,
Would you care, but there was no hurt you curry, I do it at a lovely, like somebody might be going on a Whim Azores, Madeira, nobody. Hurry of those worry like that. You were higher than what we ve all been before. We talk about it Oh my girlfriend fuses african girl because you're, A and c c love me for a girl pitches Jackson State that was my first of a really beard shock that heard about a relies, deserve a revolving drawing rights remaining eight women in no alone Women, women, women make the world go round know jobs are come up with a materials of my wife. Helps me come up with this.
Lotta below you, no matter what it by why those weaker would stop. If you ve got the crazy type of personality to Rinaldo Disease is the hustle baby you adequacy Cory's than of your Carolinas, we can. I saw Corey, stand on a competent want our course said to the crowd. You know I got a bachelor rejuvenation thing you norms and making making. Now back, you know, be remedied me right. We ve been away what we all got us to have. A lot of people want to made in your mom, like my brother, would not do to do, but it at this weekend. The girl did you bring eating, I won't let him I know you don't have to argue with your girlfriend. Is weak in New York is bringing to the show everything you want to stay. I'm gonna get it off my chest boy. How nice, if it gets
yes, I take to something like leaves. Research action needs to know, apply such behold, tutorial owner, surgical can move up, and the guy you feel about how can a setting weapon again? Silence all those closeted since the hedges and my brain a girl like nor will financially ahead. Are you gonna, be quiet and overlook stuff that you know you're not post overlook, that's how you make it the way you know you are using a wedding ring and Kevin hot, yet issue by Kevin Arctic said Lucy, like every comic. I suddenly say I might get very bad. Will Kevin Hart. That's my man. Kevin Hart took me on tour with him and I never would expect him to. Let me go on, when I'm because a bar style with little queen, you hear me say I want you to go a bit it before, as I have a whole new respect, forget her high even before, because you know we, we know each other and allay these play basketball, and he,
The wedding we cannot allow the guy we'll Perker did go, makes make those movies you we'll package We were given me. A tad did earlier. Would areas areas beer said Adam CARE can't say one of the great gps, so many writers Kevin doesn't have a lotta writers. What is that carbon and hurry doing at me, because I, like areas, beers, do but there's a lot a guy who's, envious, cabin and that's what comes with success. This logic who, on the radio envy of you guys want when nobody. I know you don't know you not do another, though I should be glad if I'm sorry for me right there. Were everybody likes you something's wrong. I agree competition good I love it? I don't get mad guys who say something about me, a whatever unless you said it to my face and it looks like we're getting ready to go to dinner. My orders is real of people. Say me: are you back? A man is beautiful. Now, while another couple tat look like we will get the relay yesterday, they don't lose comedians
written in each other's face wages act like barely wrappers moral values, although in the wilds now, as it was little more than last book, but it was the last shell and everybody was done. Gideon well smuggle unaware that hope here, there's no fighters or do you think of the good reputation of black people coming you point out, one that aren't, we think, is a good well. I always bring up the fact that minister, fair kinds, nay my life after listening to what he had to say, I realize I wasn't alone ITALY in the world, so I always give him. You know his props, but there's a lot of black representation that doesn't get the the media exposure the day deserves. So a lot of people would bring up people wouldn't even know, but cars like Charles Barkley, always given opportunities to be on radio or television, because they will say something negative about their own, and I feel like the powers that be allow that,
nobody's ever challenge them. Another. Her Jaws, Barkley Stephen, a Smith talk about their issues with call caging people with real talk about their issues were black people, so you know you some goods, man, say somethin else, predictable, what you doin nice, even the can for their right projects very television, and you want to do something that represents you in the way that you feel is used and what would that be? Well, I've pitch the couple of sick arms. Were you know what I'm saying? I have a search it on the shore Oh television isn't necessarily ready, or somebody like me to do that. They'll have a show like scandal. Rang armies of their easily and Mary Jane. You saw them. Do you know what I'm saying, but my time is coming out of them: the man, oh quite ass, the main making out to be always inside cheeks. Nurses enjoyed, did it would put up? There live television,
as a way of ease and in certain level you know I'd. Even our society o power, the data or you're all nursey, so that lets you know they're bringing in. I am grateful for never been in a rush, but my success because you're observance of nothing? So if I may Everything is good to me. So, oh God has been good to me. I've never been in a rush with the entertainment industry. When I to allay I was in a late fifteen days. I had a deal. A fox television so they ve, always you know been interested in me is fine and alive for meet us while not really knocking the industry. I understand. Is television you're, not gonna, have a guy like me or tell him
Is there what I will say of I'm allowed to say it, but if they could? Finally, for me, I believe my times come then Comic Ryan is created of his. So many come with a no go to a lady. I get these fields. I added deal with five. I gotta do him feel like when that happened, the will television is very difficult, you can get a television deal but to actually get their show. On the air is very difficult. S. Watch movies are better because when you get a movie green, let you have a good chance that a movie made an antipathy etas right, just cause you got a television show you can you can shoot the television, so I'm sure you know about this. What actually shot their so inevitably there, while the politics at a gay man, but it's all there will come see you do we get to Caroline. Actually, Emma beheld is making wasn't terms. Terms, although the jobs which are normally Caroline back, I'm going to get you to get together to other relating to the twenty second, also while it out this summer, we appreciate you join another major girl, re, evaluate view, re evaluate her life, but taken it.
Oil garage does. Was this big me? I've always wanted to be earlier cells early here present you can't the Barbarian Mamma dont go. That's why you still got the going is the breakfast club is going on?
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