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1-5 - Today on the show we had New Jersey senator who has now announced his run for President, Cory Booker. He spoke about his run for 2020, Big Pharma, domestic agenda and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the day" to Liem Neeson for his remarks saying he was once seeking revenge on black man after he found out a black man raped his friend, but was he wrong for thinking this way? we opened up the phone lines afterwards to see what our listeners thought about it. 

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I always wanted to be a woman in charge. I became that one. because of the little dress. I the advances in the season of my path cast in charge would be vs. I sit down with some of the women I admire most for it. With conversations about the journey of light and survival list. we only unspotted by beginning Marge, twelve with new episodes every Thursday, either from Zagreb and I'm gonna phase on we're real life best friends, but we met playing fake life best friends turn and gdp on the sick come scrubbs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to we watch the series one episode of the time
put our memories into a pod cast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lords editors, writers and even brought masters would tell us about what inspired the series and how we became a family. You can listen upon cast vague doctors, real friends with Second Donald on the eye heart radioactive apple podcast and wherever you get your mind, CAS
in the morning you guys got been talking to experience a morning chauvelin, like idiots break with the devising of ultra bank. This plan my morning, you really not. Perhaps the greatest waiting come to show men and early I'd be a big time. Let me we gotta be very big. Actually Charlemagne got a breakfast club page
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Morning, angels, mining, Zambian Charlemagne. Again, please do not let it is to day you, you got a troublemaker. Has my protest when you buy a blackboard, making the knowledge heavily out people daddy's cheaply and more yonder births worth less than the man. I thought I might Instagram posts when he wants Amazon. My son, this is my son me a moment that I myself have to do this in the light of the great it has nothing to do with why he was picked up, there's nothing!
with a mess with my god when you want to have- and I never seen so many stupid kids like they don't even understand. You knows the amendments to the gate and you have the internet as at all, normally be in the midst of all that I'm a businessman them as being of everything bad at university is meant as a barbs words you can avoid the levelling out about really I got shot twice in the same spot. Mountain resolved merely add that discussion, a cup of like six months ago. It was the same discussion, will listen mattered to say they are having on the internet right. We know the type of love that make the internet burn. We notice, I would make the one via the internet and make it burn, and you a ball imaging menage gnawed you one of those things that make it. But how can I, like more ligament. I've been playin already
true it is a baseball is just envy, not is a baseball, because not a blog, but I say we I mean this was something that we spoke about six months ago. She said whatever she said about assembly, but, inheriting in I, it was all over. The place. Last saw these blasted out, so I said I will respect your states, Digg is wag, but our respective I'd think as well, so that a plan b, you don't know a drama, live my life, I'm not the one we have before us is liable to go. My guy. You know that it is our biology area win but anyway, but that's what it is shared values. I meet our lap and everything yesterday they yo people I so stupid now, but you know funny thing is: I was in a land, so I didn't really catch it until I lay a god of the President or what I landed my foes. All fine line is enough to delete. It would have to normal forest snapchat economic forces. retorted the only thing of all via nano. Now Bob seizure,
I think, if you look at your comments, because you will have to look into com- is only I'm uniting care, but it was funny some of em, well area loved was real. They call me all types and aims yesterday, namely our I'd say. these solemnly what Indonesia to see what he would say. Ass has been called this automated reply, interracial solar doubt where waste in other words, gaze largesse sound well there you, maybe they told me that, lay how many there I do not know. If I like gee, I agree with those who really like. Well, I wouldn't worry when we reach agreement, but it is a way was, I think, you're off a blackboard That is why they like so happy now their legs Charlemagne is about. Begins parliament's backing I'd make another not ablishn. I wouldn't you, like my view, nodded. I didn't none other dislike granted like some other way than of a dislike her. I did. I did some Louis you move it. I didn't like it. You know she's good,
You know people make mistakes, they do things and so long as she's doing some bars Some bars does not only the man, I mean she knows our field about self. In this way, Therefore, we want further most could afford rigid model, while creating for the rapporteur has asked about the job. That's how I feel about my dj is like a ghost data from ideas must aim for a dj. You know because our artist will put pressure on a dj faster than no put the pressure to music directive. Voracity no put the prey around our land, rather Asia's. My admiration manager, the overly ceo of a label that owner via the first thing to do, is come to a dj like us, that's crazy s battle, but everyone who I'm good dj the closer to the street, Is it a little more accessible easy to touch that
In fact, I know you, you know you. You know you personally that ignores personally, but I d like to have a bunch of each other for king before I did it for cipher sales before that. If a lot of people say enough, for you too has anybody, so necessarily care was listen. Do you think you are female beef at a minimum and have hops, so you and Guinea dispassionately need to squash you're. Not a female is then that the bigger picture here how about that. No matter what man, that's, ok, is measured. You wanna be met to now. You notice the most rages regime motor show on the planet. We all a healthy balance of the nonsense that were discussing now, but we also have to any twenty presidential candidate. Coy book on nosey leave away, No. Why do you do that? No, our german trot nor write about how document about beef before it out we did did he gets to fight we ve done for me. I knew it
You don't remember. I wish I'd James. There was a boy winning documentary That is why it was really tough. pain. He actually ended a moving that election, but they documented the whole process of it and it was dirty or charges beloved nooks year Luther Would you know why people into a really didn't take decoy book alive because he was from the suburbs efforts in any move to new acceding to how it is when they look at you, as I can outsider, becoming insinuate? Unaverred, don't love a little more than a dozen mixture above those honourable I wasn't, it would be a, but that was in itself. has been living and nowhere. You know since then told shortterm later forgot. All about that, and we got from page knows what we are We are going to be telling about the Superbowl. How were the numbers on the Superbowl? Well, I will give you that breakdowns not too bright
all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast Cloacam work is the angels Allah mean to go. We ran for collaborating on highly pole, Hale at home. I am asking for wage news, always eigenvalue rest in peace to young and the rest of TAT, Christoph Saint John. He was found. Daddy was fifty two years old, they said just last week. He was treated for depression and he also engage five months ago, his fiancee posted. How did it happen? How why did you lie? so early and left me all alone, you know then I am losing Cosby so if I remember one in the vegetarian- began boyfriend any who played on the young and residence. Ninety ninety one, you got nine Daytime, Emmy Award nominations in one ten Babylon and is endemic. If he image aware that each are going you grandma yesterday, on your own anti and make sure that she ok with some
that was an e was episode, was an inert absorb carbon. Ba wasn't a boy from the network on organ failure, has paid him without a different things, like everybody hates, Graham laid on my hand, a different world, your grandma, nor from young and restless absolute grandma devastated this morning here in all your mama. Now they are, ass, he also less ascend Julian back in twenty fourteen. His son took his own life, so it s just a guess, dealing with press in every region. I know Joe somebody lavish dream I than scream load on one of em out scream how this morning listening there. Guy marriage obliged in transition into the Tories Biagi, for whatever reason I was sent in a Babby brand? Is mine and my way of sharing and have ahead and who gets one could get you in their mood. I write. Nationale rose, this is gonna, be upsetting to you. They are far from bankruptcy, shouted. Gentlemen, I know you're a big fan is our group was roused routes as food
Charlotte pilot Route is always rational before rational. Yes, they fastened bankruptcy. They are going to close a ninety four stores, so they said basically they had too much debt. They bricks and mortar presence was actually a burden for them, so they are planned to hopefully emerged from this bankruptcy getting new owner and have about one. A little followed a fashionable model and go e commerce lay closing down. Some story doesn't like for over twenty years. longer embedded in for over twenty one, I would say in identifying with twenty one is passing. It is only females love your shoulder. So, if you look like Robert Goebbels Oculina, my wife, you shall lose a lot of money when men does really worthwhile to Charles Ruse bed in a rainbow nonsense the Superbowl had the lowest viewers since two thousand eight, so that said, Jessica Update for as far as how many people were watching the Superbowl and it's the historically lowest scoring game, but is also one of the lowest view.
Declining the the past every year. The fraga, because so many other ways to watch tv wearing collude watch by two point: seven million across all the networks levelled that people are the digital properties, Banana Fallon, everything, ineffective people, a boy garden and stuff like that between a guess. It's a lot of different ways: the watch this war than it's over. I write what What is your front page news about future is eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent his right now will get you on the edge This locomotive breakfast club your morning so now would be to say no to haven't adults. Nobody had to Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee pleasantries
being on millions of items. If it's happening on your adults no day, it's happening on Ebay for breakfast, but there is no doubt aware was look at me. Do I was just about to their regular features. who's gonna gives a byword advised the most beautiful woman in the name of ash ass. My wife is people's awesome other and everything in the world. I love that no mercy is awesome said Every morning I wake up servant. I wake up what a smile it not be better, save brutal mad at you fearlessly. I wake up next to his wife and his master. The committee's, why would it be his wife amuse designed to be financed allows is all right
Ultimately, one hour you saved me from Cleveland. Thank me because everyone I rise in inflation. I behaved badly on the apple, my phone by long tire, you'll need to non citizens, Leubronn LE. That's it we're. Oh don't do that, but I want to say I love you, the little man right now because yesterday. You are very hypocritical in the way the king, when at good meal about out everything else, for binding lies before about the fact that they had? No wonder you pay, but you also when interlude reported about Wow you're like oh, we will by tat by somebody would dreaming the world for that wasn't bunny either. However, What are you really there? Look where you got attacked by magna supporters funds, but that is a real. the weight of her death, it Molly and then you're gonna get some man again will about a judge us he's more than other person, a magazine of attack, of course, that it will not want to make
So that's it! You wait and let us be matters. You can write your dad, ok I'll go to take that are made, they did of the Gay Tupac note. I was kind of funny I Thank you very much for your butt out. Replay died, not with arm and value. The president are taking medicine in its great she's. Happy marriage exceeds a baby, don't go out the kind of people on low, but you do not know your emotions are real. So I appreciate you being mad at me and appreciate the love, and I noted the man is coming from a genuine place and you want me to do better How do you I've been listening forever, so I'm really proud you're doing I thank you very much. from
Maybe now boy was subs even breaks in the way of a long time ago. We don't you, dare London wrote back about black about why our ball, they hate as MR but I've gotta get off my back to back the mallet evaluate the new taking me. I'm a bit of top of black people thought there more black morning, maybe maybe not got a good man already banned in order that we might. But so are you telling me that you would not love again to plant? Can you imagine will keep your head? It would have been about if you get mad, they like made up of the so you tell me you wouldn't want to get around from again to my
I want to get allow nobody Yang visions that arise from a gate to reach out early no, I gazed at the navigator would do to park. Avenue knows very well that will bring about a day. How would do to Prague landed Elaine in its own coveting jewelry, and she has a good father, five one or five one of you need the venue two sub now is the breakfast locomotive breakfast I go away, go mad. At last. We have a new one in a million call right now we have Caleb Online Kaliko Morning. I care of the more and more in their old age limit
guerrilla. I envy you call of Charlemagne. You have a huge crucial element. I do actually com Here was the one like solemn. You ve got me, hamper work with Georgia and I'm trying to find you noticed your life ye. The normal alma Willard he's right great days, maybe no pseudo. I thank you so much. But that is his. Do you have any other word for you? I mean I just want to say that we really thank you. I mean I know where he'll look at you. I hope while my guys y know for real you walk away like he had a good way like a sexy, I'm mad boy you're between members. As soon as these guys, kids, I drive game
I am worried now you I'll leave satisfy, like you, don't even think twice about baby day a reality lifeline their new ground rules. Are you saying that I got big game, as you know, is not about where a woman called they put it there he'll be right with you. It is aimed at all change my Burma that monies to outline the main course gentlemanlike slings and a boy would not. Would you mind an obvious No, never in about twenty eight years, and I will never leave we remembered monsieur. Could you stuff talking to envy no care about laptop you run into each other one day
Mary and I have now been better your wiper. What this is all very disrespect for goods is what I'm happily married, but thank you kill. I appreciate you appreciating gale older lemme, give you some, whereas you should be appreciated our number. There is a pebble, but you A man came up Aubrey leggy those trying to get you a, burned with joy at the same time is money. Now, you're Leap comes universe. Ass though she d say I got you know: you're a beautiful eyebrows gear and Larry. I'm like a cop bottle like why, back in the day, my little you know it, and I'm sorry you may need to be. There will be no more wife that of non aligned. You can I get them three children together that we appreciate our break up a happy outcome. She'll do not even know me
Then you can t have a blood they. We appreciate that you ve collar is ruthless. Awry ok well well, well that's how long they scream height of mourning organised higher. I let you know what I got money because you know your birth, sounds about a network of breath Muslim and is happy to be here. They can fail to appreciate meta flattery will get you everywhere. You don't have. No! That is true We got a human right I'll give you update on twenty one savage an ice in what's happening with him, because he did apply to stay in the country, a couple of the ghost I will tell you what it is all right, we'll get its rednecks keep alive, the breakfast global, more bread for everybody,
is the jury. Envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. Let's get to these rumours was told twenty one savage at the Reul report was glove. Let's Adele Venza, what's happening with twenty one: savage with his whole visa situation now, according to twenty one. Abbott his lawyer. This aim that we might have triggered his arrest was his visa app case and he actually made a move to become a legal resident and that's what may have caused them to investigate the application. They did. A background check which appear revealed that he was born in the UK came to the. U S legally and two thousand five he did have as visa, but it expire the next year and he's been here illegally ever since. According to his lawyer, this has happened to so many people is now when he found the bizarre because he was a child when this happen. Now, according
his lawyer, he was trying to apply for a u visa back and twenty seventeen and that's a visa that a former Rivoli relief for people who have been here illegally for ten years a longer. Whoever qualifying? U S, relative living here he has three. It's who are born here, so that would qualify him to be able to remain here legally now they did how to bring up this felony conviction. I support that up, but his lawyers That was expands, though dashing even be an issue for him and twenty one, because, as you have five years or so crazy businesses is vital rice, who is attorney ice is trying to unnecessarily punish him and the Visa Eddie, life were also is. Can we also based? and being a victim of a crime, he was shot during a twenty thirteen send it where his best friend was murdered in that affected him physically and mentally severely. So he goes on to say that being a I am also put him in a position for being here permanent I will do my guards when you a man, he's a great guy. I think twenty one in the Vienna
of this whole illegal immigrant deportation thing away. Macmillan, meek of prison reform has sometimes things happen. Yes, oh god, can work. Do you really think that twenty one is go in there being a good voice for this situation, not only the elbows. Ok, absolutely no man posted it's a damn same when we live in a world where people derive often fee negative energy, laugh at others who are going through real life challenges fighter for their lives and freedom is sick of it. However, in the end, people will see this too shall come to pass freedom one. Sadly, if they're using this delighted- twenty one on other things will go this August. in Seoul random. The pick him up for this situation even had the street for a couple years. Nasa Hanover should be an issue. I agree with that. Would you know sometimes you we have an axe to grind because all of the aid to seals guys, who may have been a certain way industry, actually changed your life and evolve and something else circadian for tat. But we'll get fatalities is unlike others, you not really supposed to feel ass. If you stick disarmament, I right now his teeth.
as they are. The love is appreciated by money is last of our worries from awareness and support is what we need p. A real one for speaking out may set him up. He for quality control be vocal. This is an issue Atta people go through that you may never know and gave her bed. They have to go through to my guide me, the enormity of the men, all it. If you would have you know, run for president the common heritage of the world in the court's book like the same way they talked about the Justice Mallette situation in regard to hate crime. This is a time to talk about it. When once avenue situation in regard to illegal immigrants in that debate, There is even grand assembly that we ve been seeing. You know even before it to anyone savage this would Donald Trump tying to shut down the border. Although China who gets rid of data and everything so that something that has been an issue ongoing, that we should pay attention to your want to be cool yo and look on your comments to the culture yummy reach us having a guy twenty way to subjugate bouquet. I right now for everybody excited, for Atlanta season, three they're saying that may not come and twenty
and seen as may not come out this year, but it is currently being written. So we don't know if it's gonna happen this year, but they are at least working. So you now that people have been posting footage of different things right now and I'm excited were Ellen. As one of my favorite show. I want a mirage and I like it when is like a year to in between the shoulder. Let me look man I want it would act though I do want to buy and it was very like I need and secure bag. I need Atlanta Basle Anonymous is at the moment, and I would like to see it all the time forget about it. Take you to miss it. So am I win? Is power come back? When is this show come and anything worth or if it is worth doing, I re nasty a green has apologised. We told you about his post, big boy big. We write him, it's! U Pham. Do! That is f. These so called protest. As you just got one hundred million with the press, I'll kill for you and that's because people were criticising bid. I for performing at the Sybil have time celibacy low is right for his guy
Mallory Gonna have to manage. It adds that rarely see loud problem can just want to make sure you are. He has some of the items. We love really feel about mothers and fathers. We have lost the chosen empty, on the front line. Also, some includes he be one and ask them what there is to like about pose I've been outside of jail for two days in the cold China help detainees get who water and lights Amazon other is today YA, don't want it with me. Well, sealer has since apologized to address what has become a large misunderstanding- and I hope you will receive this post is clarity closure. Most important an apology I posted yesterday excited the heat of the moment and spirit, a triumph in support of my fellow and land and sea maiden brother, big boy, my post speaking exclusively him and about those who are opposed to him performing. I would never disrespect our devalue the stance severity of why it has been a clause? as far as our living situation here in Amerika, so he did apologizing
so here s a low Elsie Lowood. He was bugging. You know you have to say after so call protesters. Are you gotta realized people? I hear fighting for you even right, you don't know it and you never know when you're gonna be an association and need those same people to meet Mallory than the mice and in the lindorm and become residue comrade for you, you never not now, as a response to Peter has Peter when a big boy, hey big boy, You move is horrifying when animals have to die for your outfits, elevated, like their fur, that he had during the performance, but in other news, big boy has announced a dungeon family reunion tour. So that's gonna, be happening, he'll be onto our with goody mob sleep, and organise noise and keeping the gong w C. The domestic and over political creed ain't never been a negative degree. Temperatures clue them. you. Can we as something else you dont have to wherefer? No Ewing talking, you dont, be happy to bake in Turkey Bridge we would argue their animal. That anyone need animals nope as that Do I've been a vegetarian. Now wait a minute
suppose you gotta be led the morning, she was gonna have alone, but let us now, as we also budgetary authority I reckon I know, has been ago animals things were free society. We know we heard I right was that. Is Europe the report and by the way into but a big, and it is China's new year today and is the year of the pig so happy Chinese New Young. I invite you, UK shot out? Pigs? Have you say ITALY, pork? Isn't here the Big Chinese, NEA and shouts or- and this is our hunt- a thousand budget epithet valley, eighty thousand sudatta pigs, arable episode- get the biggest sat out there. We got from pay them next year. When we talk about, I mean we are going to talk about the super bowl and their historically low numbers. I must tell you who has come painted on what they did as far as well.
if a beau are said, I think not letting our. I will get internet next keep alive. The breakfast locomotive morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was gained some front page. News, obits, openly Bennett. Colleagues, we talked about the Ottoman historically black Holly's they might have to shut down. They did surpassed their goal of raising a five million dollars to help them stay open and they actually raise a point, two million dollars, so they still have to undergo formal, appealing to make sure everything is good to go by pointing at least they have to pass that goal. Now. Why was a shadow was bad financing? Bad management was alone missions that we know what they did have to fund a raise. to raise that money, and that became a community Y ever so I don't know if it was bad. You know me Maybe people alumni weren't giving back the way they should. You know, I can't tell you exactly what happened with what we have lots of inequality outdated. Had they go last Friday in Friday, when the lad these anymore, they re there like last four million is weakened S.
been accomplished a database. Let's everybody they actually supported. My view will come about right now. Super bobbio ship has fallen, to its lowest since two thousand eight with the new What impact patriots win over the rams and some people clearly were not watching the game. Here's where our sharply heads AIDS Bawler. I don't watch took me and other things. until cabinet, ray I somewhere in, is not black bodily and avail. I was I wanna watch the Superbowl our right now, that number of one point: seven million total audience comes when you add up everything so with you, I sit on the network on Interactive NFL, digital properties, Verizon, media, mobile properties. The kind of ditto properties, as all those numbers put together a wee the anniversary, cuz they blackballed Carling Cabinet, because fellows are raises organization is because a raises organization in college shit and want to play in a rage.
Organization and we sit and watch or even of Carling. Its job doesn't mean it and if there is any less races, air, what's the goal Poland is telling us that a long time about a more powerful message would be full colonies in innovative in care about the police. Brutality blackened rob you crazy to have the police and a blackboard me for standing up. My community stout make a lot more people give the innovative, finger, that you can't be silent and expect everyone to boycott, and we don't even know why we are really boycott against what you say, but is a lotta at least airplane and a failed their feed a family, some that as well so as is kind of like do not support them because they still China makes money. If some going to feed their families into us say on his side. You know this is, sound heroes, family members, everybody thou know not only by the end of last year, was Jennifer from time to time to think the collar needs to have a message on wheat cap. But what are we? What am I, with because he did. He took me because you would protest just as their black and probably will be the day of Napoleon, so I thought
then by Bali him, because that is why every body was given the innovative middle finger serve they get if he gets to be higher. That doesn't go away. No in. Why would you want to work for raises organization tat? Why would you want to work for an organisation that arose in the middle finger to black and brown people, an injustice that we feel that we have the gangway on their side? This out, I just think column needs message. I think I'm whitecap, but what do we know tonight is the state of the union. By the way, are you guys gonna? What's Donald Trump Annie they did. The union around wouldn't miss that stand up to pressure for the world's best end up, must stand a comedian going today, Donald Trump man. I got my Book Club Divine Franklin tonight, so I won't be home to watch it, but I'm sure I'll catch a lot of it digitally I right where that, your front page news all right now. Will we come back loading the diameter of one of his
Large enemy, as we all know, is not really an arch enemy, but he's gonna be. When he's may not call main competitors ness right, New Jersey, city, Corey Book, it will be joining us. Twenty twenty presidential candidate Corey Book S rights- I may have no at home, so I told him when we come back to an old movies to breakfast locomotive breakfast your morning, so never beat us saying at nine eight central, I'm easy American saw the until story, a soul drain from the producers of the new edition story when man ignites a black cultural revolution think while was is down. Cornelius Americans, though series premier tonight at nine eight central, I'm Bt Breakfast jobs Duomo there What is your breakfast club Charlemagne got annually on the way envy that it gets? You gonna way back from a land, but we have a man, I'm a very interested in talking to you run of a president and twenty twenty Senator Corey bookies here is good to be here, and I thank you for.
the morning. How I do well man well man, it's good to be here. You know I'm a fan and appreciate you keeping the tradition going of black radio, which has always been about informing, inspiring challenging as well as in now. Let's talk about this, because you didn't ask that you were running on the very day a black history, man, yes and people were speculating that you would announce it at some point. So what made you this I finally ok! This is the young gonna. Do it for me, right now, word appoint nor country were focused on lose faith in this nation building work for that people feel left out left behind, and I think a lot of extra figure forces tearing us apart are stronger than that would hold us together. Why? I just don't believe that a big time that we get back to bringing people together to focus on in justice, to focus on a social justice and advancing the idea.
Of America, for more people dollar John told faced a nation that you don't stand a chance right of any believing you. While there is a person entitled there's, not a person with listened to my voice right now, who has not been underestimated down, he doubted and overcome any way, and so this is what down Trump is. No. I'm gonna show that the power of the people is greater than the person in power in. If you believe that, and believe me, especially somebody come in the pathway that I've come only twenty one. People in american history have gone from being the mayor of the city to being the United States Senate on the fourth popularly elected african American, the history of our countries, the United States Senate. Wait we have a history as a country of doing things, other peoples it couldn't be done and if you're one of those believers as time for us as America to start doing possible things again in support. My campaign show ya: gotTA, Corey, Booker, dot com give a dollar two dollars because we're gonna show
that the people we can do this book, I have a specific agenda for Blackfeet and if so, what is looking haven't? I, as an african American, you know as a black person, so much of the law, the the reality for all Americans. If you look at through the lens of african Americans, they ve been many ways: the conscience of this country, from its founding, when we said we are going to be a nation of liberty and justice for all the African Merrick spirits. challenge. The inadequacy of those words when it met reality and so right now you pick an issue from maternal mortality rates to incarceration the broken criminal justice system to access to health care. You see african Americans having worse outcomes and mute address the issues of Americans power African American that the
we promise of America becomes real. Let me give you an example. It is one of the main reasons I did shy away from my pulse. You told me: wasn't it a big issue in the minds of Europeans, but I ran telling people. I was going to Washington to do something about mass incarceration and they said was not big issue, but but we came down there and for years I've been a centre for over five years. I worked worked worked just last Congress. We finally got a bill done now. It does not solve. The problem was the first time in our lifetime, after the prison population going to five hundred percent. A finally, we have legislation that we I was able to get done with people who decide the aisle source tearing down the assertion of mass incarceration. So so much of my life is about where I live, and the only United States Senate listen Intercity community black and brown meaning below them.
Already long thanks vice by choice. You have a specific agenda for these black people. I've of specific agenda for for the american people, which it which includes uplifting like everybody notice, is inseparably here, was a rising tide of all border, normally see that now community. Let me give an example: I have a bill that got a lot of attention called baby bonds. Its offensive aim for saying that every person born in America should have an account created for them. Thousands of dollars put in all over time doubt
there's no time and at the end, if you are low income american of up to fifty thousand dollars and that addresses all Americans, but it actually helped the racial wealth gap in a significant way. So, by addressing this problem with an idea of of creating savings, accounts for every child born in America helps all children, but a dramatically helps african american swell and commute. The last example of this is that criminal justice bill, but I just did baking the ritual active that crack cocaine powder in disparity fix ninety percent of people benefit of net or african Americans, because a criminal justice system is biased towards African American. So when you fix system. You help poor white folks who get screwed by the system as well. A disproportionately you're gonna help those people that are most affected by an unjust criminal, just Hetty, Madeleine, no EK right and everything that you know living in new ache and having where ingenuity,
using that matter for some other platforms that you have as far as funding for present soon. This is the problem I am proud of. You know. Newark is a city. The disregard of disrespect, just plain didst, Thou Newark is going to the biggest economic development boom since in eighteen sixty one of the lowest unemployment rate we ve seen in a long time, but more than this from the supermarkets in the neighborhood. The doubling of affordable housing to incredible, increasing or education system right down to work is ranked washing adverse chemo study, the number one city in all of America for what's called BP, odd schools. I poverty, yet high performance was outperform the suburbs and so Newark is in many ways a testimony to what we can achieve when we all come together. Now we have to solve all our problems in New York, but in a very short time we made massive leaps and gain and I'm tired of people the disrespect urban spaces they put him down, and so for me speaking to all of America now I think this is a time where people are downing what we can do
a country their beginning to believe we're at each other's throats. We can't get things done and I'm seeing we can address the unfinished business in August of Water, the game in look what when I play football play football in college and I used to know when we were gonna score touchdown when I started hearing the other huddle, the defensive huddle start tearing each other down yellin each other. I looked at my my my friends in the huddled I believe we're about to score because that's where we aren't America, we have all across his country. This common paying people are hurting. Republicans and Democrats put an aside their prescription drugs. They can't afford him Effie pens, goin up hundreds of percent because of this unjust gouging, this being done, people work and full time, jobs, factory, torrent, towns, a farm communities intercity canoes and still need food stamps just to get by. We have all of this common pain. We ve law,
the sense of common purpose in this country. We need to get back to callings country together to achieve a greater justice for all Theo. You said you are just who was he? U not. We cap I'm with cap, because people forget what he is they make. What do you want to make him the focus? I've taught the brother. He is a humble man. It is not about him. It is about the ongoing injustice in our country, s when it comes to the criminal justice system when it comes to a level to police accountability, and so you know we may disagree on tactics at times, but there's nobody that that they can say that in terms of the commitment to the cause of trying to reform this broken criminal justice system. I don't think this folks that many folks are more committed to that fight every single day than I am that let my deeds speak for me. What I compliment is mariner work, re entry programmes, changing or court system, the first drug courts, veteran courts, youth courts in state in New Jersey.
As well as well as from the things I ve gotten done. As united, we got more weight. Quarry Booker, he's wonderful president for twenty twenty four. We come back at the breakfast locomotive warning. Everybody is D J, Envy Angela YE shall I mean to go. We are the breakfast club. Now we have New Jersey, Senator Corey, Booker use water for president in a building Charlemagne. You got a lot of flags
Give him breaks the pharmaceutical industry. Can you explain it odd that that's one more frustrating to me too, because my record speaks for itself number one is. When I was mayor of Newark, we were able to get programmes to drive down, prescription drugs loss for reasons, because without rageous, if people were put aside their air there prescription drugs. When I became a senator I've written the legislation on importing drugs with Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Bob Casey, I'm one of co sponsors to hold former suitable companies literally punish them if they raised. There are therefore super rate higher than other countries. This is crazy that drugs develop the United States or cheaper in places like Russia or your or or your western Europe. In the Arctic at home, I of sponsored the legislation the LAO Medicare took to negotiate cost. But if you look at the bills, I've written the bills are sponsored the programmes I did when I met the Newark has been focused on tearing down a pharmaceutical prices in the file thing is I'm one of five senators, only certain six now out of the hundred senders. It does not take corporate money. I will not take over path money and in this presidential campaign were not taken. The corporate pack money were not taken. Lobbyists money are not taken money from former executive. We're gonna run this campaign to wait. Campaigns should be run on the power of the people and we can trust you regulating vig pharmacies.
Look at the bills, I've sponsored and the work that I've done would regulate them in and frankly, if I become president stays, we're gonna pushed to build a punish them if they raise prices, we're gonna big sure that we hold them accountable by taking away their patent exclusivity if they raise your drugs in that way, so I did a great of files into resume between legs. They, you in Burundi, are your accommodate book. I I differentiate myself by what I stand for, which is me. I will always talk about the urgency for us to revive a sense of civic grace. I was raised on this idea that we have got to create a more beloved. It, focuses on injustice and addresses it. Now more than ever, we don't need to fight fire with fire is king, said so eloquently darkness can't rather darkness only light can do that. He can't drive out hate. Only love can do that, and so have you ever hours I know you get rhyme anything with single. I think some challenges around withdraw the rhyme orange.
But but look we can't be defined by what we are against the gotta be defined by what were for do. You think the attacks on uncommonly record as a prosecutor, you think of it. I think all of us should with you just ask me some tough questions. I think all of us you run for president people want a right to expect that you would expect, what happened? Let everybody he's gonna, have their record scrutinise and they need to be prepared to defend that you got a guy in Virginia, was betrayed the public trust and thinks somehow there and little to this. No, if you want to leave you gotta have black face north, and you know that does not mean that a sound his pays yeah, but we really gotta get back to this understanding in America. We need each other and you can't disrespect entire swaths of his country and think that you deserve to leave or racism never thought they needed. I didn't even look at us as a whole. People fishes of a human being
never thought they need something, allow my hollowed and install the karma resource. It constitute constitute echoing say three fifths of the word. Oh yeah, and so look. This country had these very imperfect geniuses. If founded this nation and they put ideas out there, they were bigger than there is I d of freedom and equality, but the real story of America is active. Change, doesn't come from washing and comes to wash, and this is the best thing I learned this woman on the fifth or the project. I moved into some projects for almost a decade and it was. It was intolerable conditions why? Why do you do it? Because these are the folks who elected me when Miss Jones walked every single door in these projects, tell both for Corey Booker, I'm a guy been had been the city for two years now Joe PAMELA goes like in coming to America. Golden lay a bad sign, a man I was, I was no hot water. A battle in mice and Roach Lebanon sixteenth, the stair. It was rough, but
this woman. She missed Jones. She were to the prosecutor's office in nor sheet. I have money, not lived, her son was murdered in the lobby of the building. I lived back in the eighties and I used to say: why are you still stay here and she goes? Is I'm in charge? A homeland security should often said ass. She wasn't some secretary presents cabinet, but she knew that life every day you have a choice to make is to accept things as they are or to take responsibility for changing, and so what she taught me is the most precious definition of hope I have ever heard. Hope is in some kind of pollyanna thing. Old things are getting better I'm sorry hope is seeing the ugly MR wretchedness, the darkness of the reality which we live, but hope is the active conviction that despair will never have the last word, and so what I saw in this country. I hate to tell you this, but since our trump wasn't it
the president is- has been the most hopeful. I've ever been for our democracy. Why? Because I've seen a whole bunch of folk who were sitting on the sidelines, do enough agri been think it was worthy of voting or engage. I've seen folks now get up and get involved. I remember after presence presents inaugural speech. I was so I had a throbbing headache that night I thought he was really get up there and say: maybe someone like magnanimous. At least he had a whole bunch of malice, very little charity. I went home at night in my basement apartment in DC, just like curled up headache. Thinking to myself, healthcare is in danger, is going through. My mom, and all the things that were in danger is eleven, a basement of um yeah. When you go immediately, ETA knowledge
the garden. I got great. I have great landlord. I have people and look out for me. It's good, it's nice apartment by really a bachelor heart. What I'm trying to say that try to save about him he's got an election. Ladies and gentlemen, freedom of the media and then the next morning I wake up, and I see hundreds of thousands of Miss Jones that we're not gonna. Let Donald Trump have the last word. More people turned out with women, smart and turned out or his I will address, and then they were saying this is not a time to curl up shut up to give up its time to stand up to speak up to rise up on my favorite moments is an american citizen. I figured moments as an American, my life
favorite mom is one of my top moments was when they would win the Muslim ban and I ran out to Dulles Airport and to go try to negotiate to get the people who are being the pain, accept the lawyer, I'm just running up there to do my duty. I come into the order of the airport and there are hundreds and hundreds of people chanting american slogan. In every time a muslim family would come out and being detained. They would break into these cheers. I saw you the megaphone here. This is like this is like saying. This is what like the ideals of all of our great faith, are the welcoming the stranger I haven't got more when New Jersey, Senator Corey Booker he's running for President twenty twenty we'll talk to him. All me. Come back as the breakfast locomotive J Envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have New Jersey, Senator Corey, in a bill that he's one of president in twenty twenty Corey book. Ye are you concerned about the whole voting process, because that is something that is, I think,
I haven't you. How can I be anyone? I find his eyelids doesn't cut corrupting Elam elements in our society. Right now that we should all be be talking about money in politics. The second corrupting influence right now to me is the gerrymandering going on you. Have these states with his far more democratic voters? because Republic has control those state legislatures. They draw the lines to pack districts back all the Democrats in one district, so they can try to preserve their power. The third thing is going on is to be an evil in our country is trying to suppress a vote of low income, Americans, people of color and other groups. We ve seen in North Carolina federal judge. It said to that legislature. What you ve done is trotted: disenfranchise blacks with boats, surgical like precision, so we see since the Supreme Court decision gutted that the voting rights
you now you all these states doing all kind of gains to try to restrict access to the polls, and so we should be aware of this because it's a throwback, and so what do you do about it? You surrender to cynicism, although not by boats, not an account. No, that means we need to come out with more force and a more defiant ferocious love and say: I'm gonna do whatever it takes to secure this democracy, because I really do believe democracies benefit when more people or engage more people. Bob. In fact, if just stick with African American, if every Americans voted not it if the sixty percent in the present but a ninety percent, they would change the face of this country. So we have the power also realised that this goes on the outcome of the vote. For them. Like you know, the Democrats have not fulfilled a lot of problems. So two things one his, I think of elections we lost, we ve lost so many issues and the centre right.
By one vote. So a lot of issues we care about would have gotten accomplished if we were Hillary Clinton right now and again, not oaks, and only after Americans. This letter, it's all over them rapidly, but if Philly Detroit the walking at come out enlarge way, she would be pressing. I states right now. We wouldn't c is environmental injustice. We see going on educational injustices seagoing all these things. We do have the power. The problem is commonly people give up. Their power is not realized. They haven't in the first place, participation when even be happening. If they didn't want to take away your power exactly do they know the threat there going at them right now, because reality is: is America is changing for the good people, want a universal access to health,
people want marijuana loss to change, people believe in climate change and the party that empower this nine climate change is denying access to health care. That's that's giving corporations large that that that that party is losing its base, and so, but yet, if that those we dont boat, we are endorsing. The very things are happening to us, and people right now should be angry. Angers, productive emotion, they should be dissatisfied that we live in a country where it's easier in thousands of places where people define unleaded gasoline and unleaded water. People should be dissatisfied. One out of every three incarcerated women on the planet. Earth is in the United States of America and the overwhelming majority of survivors of sexual trauma. People talk the school prison pipeline. We throw women, we ve been sexually assaulted in prison at rates that should be. In contrast, we should be dissatisfied in this country. There are people working full time, jobs, an Caskey extra shifts and don't have enough money to provide food for their families. We should be dissatisfied than America. There are seven million senior citizens work hard, all their lives. Relying on social security checks are so meagre is still at are below the effective poverty line, and if your dissatisfaction as you doing nothing but sitting in what I call a state, a sedentary agitation when you're so upset about what you see that their, but you don't get off your ass and stay,
up with this country where people you none of us in this studio. None of us would be here if I weren't willing to die for us how much a presidential candidate, personal life factor into feeble diseases, because people like you being single could affect your your chance, you being a bachelor in a basement apartment house ignore now it has allowed the get an event Ghana champion and terrible things. It is, then it has underlined it was still somehow I mean, I think, that down trunk elected president. This point with the person like that you know that anybody. You would only be like you be like the third president. I think I think other went first waters two more years until I might then we make There is some time elapsed before we gotta do exist to my girlfriends. By listen to this. You know one of August companies that want to manage money- now we must argue hat- might become. President Wade is much for that
No, I got I lay not before. I declare president I'm a big somebody respect core, but we got a book Have you must now be the black Charlemagne under blogs robot, but that that make amends for lady? Where, yes, thank you for saying ass, he waited banking person also do evidence. Rational someone else, someone you may potentially Mary what it would look like these, but what we ve gotten it I'll, be right there at least not above all, the issues, optimal part of this in a written. I would rather you not be married, like Donald Trump Similarity Utopia, you know what I'm saying that looks like a miserable union. To me. I think is my mother, the common on on. I know, but I well utilised is America Data Data,
happy to get it right reality is. I am ready to sir I'm ready to put my heart my spirit, my energy, my ideas, my love for the american people and let myself be judged by the way. This is not what you want my ideals about, creating that more beloved, meaning revival of civic, raised the focus on injustice to focus on the unfinished business market. They I'm happy to have put my best out there, but I believe I believe this is what american these right now there's. Something is people they're, gonna, pull people together for purpose. We had a common thing were lacking in letting us
is, if you believe in me, please go to portable Niger. Health joint are join our efforts. The alphabet driver, what a bet that new amazement of home and I have never imagined. I have largely been on a corner either that you know you're gonna get your bet. I remember these. We got. Doesn't he had, and that is the way we can get you aren't you can accept. I have even better than I do better than nice matches nice place in my apartment, but I have the best landlords that logic I show us the bedroom apartment own instagram. You want me to go through. We have really eyes in my apartment. Would love to see it wasn't you hand, lack lights and posters and let the black hair and enclosing idea when I say that I do think that personal life only matters if you ve done some horrible things, and we take that into account like if somebody is an abuse there. If somebody has said terrible things.
our women, terrible things about men or whatever. It is. I think, ass. Many personal lives to matter, but if you're a moral person, I think that should be offered a rethink. If we do not want you to know what we do, little real show their government. That idea, why was I wish to say that its people should know that those words you say we're gospel? Thank you. I am the website again, so you can go, don't Corey, Booker, DOT, com c, o r. Why be o k e r dot com go and you can actually text rise, or I s key to or zero two zero, three and inside uproar text, message alert and more info We also believe that we will be put thou, probably posts in my my meeting with a low basement apartment. What are very bad You guys got a lot about this guy. Then I got nothing. Asylum seeker don't be already Romania. Ten years you can you do
a woman of what I would love. I would love to combat Mama's the court will good. Thank you come out. Thank you for an translated the union tonight. Are you gonna be waiting? I'm gonna be there because I respect the presidency your basement, apart from the white Paper, only with the help of the people, I will do for the basement apartment. Why the White House, at the White House best Nagoya, look at that you browser. Thank you. Thank you guys, bearing with Angela his club, where the game in jail button have reignited their beef now, as a sign that about to be released as not out yet and he's talking about other people's wives or go out. I haven't heard the song so we do know that he is talking about Joe Buttons fiance. Since aunt Hannah Annie posted Joe Button, you can't sooner before discussing the vagina Why are you? I turned
went to an on air personality, enjoy retirements now here was Roby alone employers in our own efforts. Melody Mcmahon, though, that these groups are not all of which we have not. All of them are right. Now. Here's how Joe Button responded If this were true, why am I a hearing about it now cause if you beat at some point and we never heard about it. I'm to assume you didn't think it was such a step and if you believe it to be a step now, I'm assuming it to be because she is with me which You wanted a weird their gives brave behind guys. loser. Faces gives you I don't give to what anybody day before. I was involved with it. This is marketing one or one It wasn't. I'm shot Joe took debate like endeavouring to them
no game and is trying to market a single, but I guess it works both ways: yoga content with Paca gained steelworks or spoiling screamed out in championing. I do a disregard I have and the second clip you gonna hear right now, Joe Biden is talking about games own dirt. Some type of sexual harassment claims found against him in a lawsuit to which he lost as one game as just lay and up in park with his finger up under age girls that happened. This is what game put put online. That person should stay far away from topics like this what I'm saying you now! I want you to Santa of anybody. Denies these allegations. We only the tape fan idea! You enter thing take, but I don't know anyone have to do the other unless he saying game smashed listen was under age. I gotta get yeah we even know of it even happened forever. I was thinking about. This too was that is forty or me talking, I think, would game if Have the regular you're talking about sleeping with us
rapids wide. I think there's corny, but when I was eighteen, I thought poxy any smashed, Biggie's, wife, Faith Evans was incredible. We call him up one of the greatest this records of our times over Canada gave no one denies. I have been appointed pot needed to write. They also had a real beef when they would do and disregards. Is Well, I don't know they. Game has beef with me. people right now legacy beef only hunger about. Can I just put on doing saying you slip which somebody's wife, another wrappers wife when POG did it? We said it was gangster They gave a matter that was disregarded like that that they were all over my little different. So, but also you don't win, win, big day dreams of f in a member J C data, now he was ass when he talked about. He also apologise: how many they do it, but you know I'm just saying when you know in advance that I may say in hindsight: wasn't corny opened the coin epoch said about big his wife?
and then I don't think I'm gonna disregard everything is game. I think it also be no incentive job. What was rapid, like us, a rat battled. Another from the question was the question. I think everything you can say. Anyhow anyone pot stopped, but imagine favorites. Yes, Ok, that was called everyone. I now, as a woman, I always think escorting that was already go, kill us all go in times like when did I thought it was time for our first place, a personal Plato, to mix tape? What this means is coming, no, but I think that this is kind of came out of nowhere near you know. Johnny doesn't push up through some like him and game, goes each of our right now that's not about! We now know about game boy. Joe got like that. It strikes me know what you mean anyway, that combine. Let's talk about time, radiologist, Thou Buntin now did now budget has a new memoir lessons add to a meaningful life and she talks about being. supermodel boobs, add that she says she regrets having protected by having panic attacks during her.
Career. She also talks about her waiting with Tom Brady and you better about his excess pregnancy. They had started dating, they got set up on a blind date and they both agreed to delay study. Family of their own, because they both had really great career? at the time, but two months into their relationship. He told her that his ex girlfriend two years was pregnant with his baby. You can imagine how horrifying that must be said. She talks about all that in the book that her world being turned upside down at the moment, but how they Nobody! That's! So that's her book! Her memoir is out. Our idea methods announce he's doing a twentieth anniversary tour for its dark and how his habits Robin Hood Dear Mcdermott tickets are going on sale on Friday of anybody. There was scope, see at the man in the moon. Let there be no visitors, LISA, hope so and France Montana hasn't. His Vegas residency announced that he is going to be doing a two year extended stay, Ray so sad its starting later this month we told you about treaty, be announcing her Vegas residency as well,
and Andy can. You know him from the fire festival documentary on Netflix fire If you don't remember who he is, has refresher he's an event producer and he told this famous story, but must focus so good and well? What's That's not! It got was Charlemagne? Ok. What are you talking about? You know what kinky over there man, correct use you guys can do we have a clip, but we call the suddenly. We need you to take one big things for the team, what you're Our wonderful gave leader and we need you to go down. Will you suck to fix this water problem? and I literally dry. Of home a shower, I drank some mouthwash MIKE. Oh my gosh, I'm really- and I got into my card to drive across the island to take one team trouble include. We shall I made at the beginning of merit in here. Well he's getting all kinds of deals. Now you have got off. Some three differ water.
companies share your stay right. Also, he's gotten three tv show offers notable network job article love a blow job tank. I guarantee you wanted network of local that you can outside our word do our job! Ok! Now you also said that he is reason enough for about a show about hosting crazy events in what it takes to make them happy. I want to have a baby that's right of supervision, be I knew you had best seller offer. Fellatio abilities and you should be able to get a little goddamn deal to you. Nobody need an indictment here would be daisy. Is the bee Jake egg? Ok, to be days. I know that it. Yes, you wouldn't be a bit of Egypt. You never been a bees. Is, I got a would be Jays before I write because your book in Egypt really evoke
good, I'm anyway, very small. I imagine that you are a rumour report. Do all right beneath the come on a burglar club, where tat. I would have loved you can't even light a dead man. You, nobody can do you just drinking water, related on parts solemnising and gave them mouthwash as ever, let you take that take us up to fix it. Swallow Given a donkey leader, though even lower swallow for Junior William Nielsen come in front of the congregation we ll have a world of omnium decent. Whatever name is, I will get internet next. People access to breakfast locomotive, J, every Angela Gay Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club now it's out he's three month. Yesterday's History, mov and you know, doin black history mov me do new black. His dream of legends are new black history mov moment, and today we want to show case
Black history mov moment between Clare Huxtable, Inverness out suitable. This is one clear, scolded Vanessa for attempting to her. A black history. Man moment you bring itself in house right now and, if you think about thirty, Brad Homeless, something believe lying on the floor, from burning building dying of asphyxia and you're down it well to more. Having on aren't. You Vanessa you weren't. You go down there to Baltimore and have been funded. As a tell me, didn't you go for big fan open your mouth and I'm asking you a question. I only hope that you can have the same experience Vanessa. I hope that one day you come to realize exactly how it feels to think that your child's life is in danger. You'll have taken us from levels of frenzy panic,
dress and now the we know, you're, ok Ray That's where we are right now vanessa. We because we know that you have been to Baltimore Maryland, with the wretched too had That was a black list three month moment brought to you by the breakfast club. A little bit of assorted occurs. We shall amazing we'll be out of a job where you're gonna put coggeshall by going to airport a culture bro used to us, because we just don't call it the God. We showed you call it. The obstacles as a year has been called the Huxtable way. The changing needs of the moment, backwater culture, but our rivalry,
a positive note or move as the breakfast locomotive. Yes, dog you today for to day February fifty gold little Liam Nisi now yesterday in an interview that Liam Neeson did with the independent he confessed that he wants to Rome Discreet looking for random black man, the murder- I repeat, an interview, Liam Neeson- did with independent. He confessed tat. He once Rome Discreet looking for random black man emerged and no need to him. He repeated again you can listen, Ilium, niece and say it yourself. Let's go to the independent report, police she troubleshoot right, but she handled the situation of the Roma. I asked: did you or color show support version? I haven't opened to areas with cash, hoping I'd be approached by some. I am ashamed to say that I did it for maybe a week hoping some black bastard would come out of a pub got me of something. So I could come. He said black bastard would eyes be brave board our heart, a hard c r k and hard bastard now context matters Liam didn't see just wanted to kill a black man for this border, killing a black man. He wasn't doing any big game black bath and hunting. Liam Neeson at a friend was raped by a black man. Therefore, I made him wanna go, kill a black man here. The thing Liam Neeson end the reason you are getting donkey today your friend got rate by a black man. Therefore, only black bastard, you should want to kill the black bastard who raped you, Frank. Ok, I noted a lotta wipe. You would think all black people look alike in some. You think we are all one big monolith, a group we are not and killing a random innocent black man, because your friend got rate by a black man has not gone saw anything. So, let's not you your friends, rape as an excuse for you, wanna kill random black made because I feel like you would have that desire, regardless of your friend, got killed or not. Now, I'm a play. White devils advocate for a second. I respect his honesty because I don't think we can heal things. You don't reveal. Also think that when you're honest about you truly feel about something you have done, you have to be prepared for the backlash. I think that the same way eyes, man after unlearned allotted allotted bs, I have learned in my life liam- is dealing with the fact that he clearly was a racist and that his racism led him to want to commit a random acts of violence against a black man under the guise of seeking revenge for a friend who was raped, which makes zero since because, once again, the only person you should have wanted to kill is the person who actually your friend, but please let Cathy Griffin hand my white workmen might work. Please give this giant Yahoo mail low, big ass. He ha, ah ah Lena getting a mention in this interview about how he got past ad, and why doesn't feel like at him how wrong it was at an heroic comrade enlisted all enemy than having to make any? Does it feel like this? Still our arms or art insane at twenty point of view of the gaudy annetta? We all racially profile is a horrible thing to omit to, but we all do it. I know I do in court in court and that he did. He did talk about how you learned from learning as it is, but I did learn a lesson from eventually and I come from a society agreeable troubles in a couple of tears to die of hunger strike.
Stand for revenge, but it just leads to more veins and more killing and all other stuff it's happening. The violence is proof that he said it was how he grew up in Northern Ireland during a period of intense political unrest. He was fuelled by the misguided belief that indiscriminate violence was a reasonable response. Imagine if he would. I came across a black person at that time yeah, but he said he is often at a black person. You know started last autumn issue to me as I wanted it with a white person if he had been looking for a white person. It is a good question. Angela you, I shall let me thank you for that delegated day hit. Thank you. Only resources now we're getting more got you flirt with me. When we come back positive, no don't move. Is the breakfast locomotive pointing everybody is D J Envy Angela Gay Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club now having just mister. Solomon gave donkey of the day to listen. Listen, though
you're talking today, lilies in because it comes that he made it independent less. Here she told me she had contrived to handle the situation of the road. I asked did you know or color? She said it was a black person. I haven't opened on areas where the car hoping I'd be approached I am ashamed to say that I did it for maybe a week hoping some black bastard would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something in a soda come. He said you want to kill him random black man, because his friend was raped by a black man makes no sense to me because, I think that of your friend was raped by specific man and you should go, kill that may not a whole rates of pay me another Henriette, random person, firewall black men will nevertheless over the full of eight hundred five, a firewall or five one. Was he wore fulfil it at way? He didn't actually do it. We actually felt that way: you'd, probably that mad, that he felt that way
I think you thereof, one killer random black purse. Yes, but if my daughter was raped by someone, the out of another out in order. We will put them out there. You want to kill that carried out an approach. That would be that, but I don't know Oh man, I would be if somebody rate my daughter, if the ring my best, for I don't know what I would want to think at that time, that the stated I would do it, but I'm sure all types of bicycle do somebody's mostly equivalent a lump of Trump Lublin, all Mexicans and more violence. Anais all Mexicans or rape is in drug dealers because of what a select few I don't need items an ice disabling general. but I will let you know also. You know you look at some of our relative to lay my grandmother, this light white people because of all the things that way. people have done to her and end of family members and a path is how to kill them. No, I will say no grandma was kind of crazy. Throughout history, we have a large sample size of whiteness and is not dead, shows us their white people I've been very prejudice towards other minorities through our time. So I,
is that why you grandmother probability Alzheimer s dinner I was at the time by as you know, the Virginia, but you desirable to Brooklyn. Of growing up in dissolve. Yes, I'm pretty sure Shakespeare. Racism at a high level? Does he probably had a lot of legitimate reasons to dislike whiteness give you ve been profile than discriminated, hence by a group of people for your whole life, then you may have an obviously certain feeling towards that group of people if something happened, somebody by one person one well one incident and then you want to kill a random Listen, that's insane! and I think that we are only eight wiping away white supremacy right Then I hate I hate prejudice. I hate whiteness because my guide in years cool, but we need a white, avoid supremacy, Rebecca more use than Rebecca drooping. He was wrong for fear. That way, I don't think it would be wrong. I think it was a differently. I think he could have been that. Definitely not by a diamond grew up that look happened
yet for trade, that by a black man, does something wrong. Whether very minute for his mother is displayed love at a place, but when I walk in parts- and I come from a country with a view to act in that way, you bill Yet when a person does some black community, we build whether it would not hurt people its it you'll be back That is a good point you bring up because they have always put the rape is tag on black men. Like has been going on since the beginning the times and Liam probably does feel like all black men already or maybe did a detrimental, and I don't think you still feels that way. Sgi body Do that he was wrong villain, always marking. I think he was by I think that was the purpose of them. You know we're building, interviews,
reason why he said that in a public interview, that's going to be listened to a lot of people, and it's because it's a way for him to tell his experience how he learned from it and how, over time we got over it, and I think that's why you left me Intranet diary. yeah I got here, though interview like I said I just heard a great wages we laid it just sounded very disturbing to me. Those lullaby like Charlemagne, Johnny's dignity of illicit arrested interview before even put him on a dark. You today so kind of task tax matters, but you know I still take the ass still think that the context of war killer, random black man, because a black person raved your friend, I think, ass, a stupid way. I think it is which Elvis yell what that was abroad but the man, I'm I'm air Yonder area was he rode fulfilling their way. Elves yeah man Morrissey was like how you going to go and just talk in a random person just based on race. Just because something happens you doesn't mean you know you can just go and just attack
birth rate that is re drink at all. What is I mean? Have you David? like attacking a random person. I wouldn't boys and men. Men, birth, unama, pain for not going do that not enough, I gotta quite bizarre, remained outside real requests for short, yes, but what? What? What? What is the psychological programme you're talking about? What do you mean that you ve gotta, that years of psychological programming from all the bier by though just what do you mean by that all I mean, like you know, just growing up in America, growin up in America. He tell us certain people are like this are certain people alike, that are these people, This needs people do tat in his dislike when you grow up and you ve never been around. On any of these people have not to you meet these people that you realise already stereotypes, tat we ve been taught are bs until you actually sit down. Have conversations. Would you be when you like? Oh you know, People will do this in people. Don't do that, like the only people I met my travels that are exactly the way society told me to alight. Can people how?
presently made beige made- are sensitive We should all ridiculous like day. they're dead, only one that bit stereotypes that I've been taught you let it have now there was a joke let me add that new funding somebody's mad Ethel Adrian laid your regular metaphorically, you Michael bad Apple. Cried I love what five one we're talking leave Neeson. Was he wrong for the way that he was feeling called us now? The breakfast locomotive everybody's d, J Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast club nephew just joined charlemagne- gave leave Nissan donkey of the day for what we are Then, of course they met. I guy a censure targeted, equities com is right here that he gives it independently. Here she told me
had been raped, but he handled the situation of the rain. I asked, Did you know or color? She said it was a black person. I been up and down for the car, hoping I'd be approached. I am ashamed to say that I do for maybe a week hoping some black. bastard would come out of a pub glibly about something you so I could come
it was an. I didn't, hear the whole interview but means I guess somebody hit only deafened of context. For me, you do not go around one, the chill random at the end of it. He says you know it s, a raw away to feel that way to all the reason. I say that maybe the same somebody else they made me feel and maybe at anything site you can get dont get it every all thoughts of his insight that gives inquired captain it had now united. Now you just bring it about two hundred zero draw on yourself or no damn reason for a site. Hey kid on the no side me refusal. Elsa means well, what does not really is not really agar, but not to think stupid to want to go around children, random black people just because a specific black pressing in old Rachel for what you should go want to kill that may not all black people so was he wore fulfil it that way, hey, don't you five, a five one, o five one keys come on come on it was you. Violent are women
I don't really feel no type of way about that. I mean honestly, I feel like if the roles were reversed and a lot of act like a food in this one, I think he will be treating this situation loaded You set up right now at the rules were very speedy, meme light up like a bit with a black, They are looking for a crack. I've gotta go because you know the mighty. Why right now I'll be right back, I know whereby people would know I would still think that that black person is truly what you would, but I don't think I I think, a lot of aspects including this one. I think that the roles were reversed. You will be reacted differently saying that's very, like go get the person who actually did that to your friend. Don't don't don't as why net Sabrina Good morning, I would listen clear donkey of the day, and I did read about LEO Meeting yesterday and I was really disappointed because I have always been a fan of it, but no, he felt was saying how do you feel, but he should be prepared for the pre prepared for the backlash.
along with the true, doesn't it s a very good point of view like I? Don't think he's wrong for expressing his feelings, but there is going to be allowed to get out there yet another make you feel away. Yes, exactly because as an area for half a guess, they take, it came out it S. One of my favorite and I'm not gonna, want you to think with Havana, because because now I've got different lights, but at the end of the day, like I said, no, no one is blocked, they how they feel, but you have to pay my biggest there. I love all people, and I was right above all, people we obtain our whole. We never had it issued far. If I don't like the person, I don't like that person another very much older that way, but I don't understand how others always been a hope to where they could have fell away toward the third person. Because of their race. I've had things got to be by all kinds of racist, but I've never felt a negative way of all their particular all raised because of what happened to me or what happened to a loved one, my ankle directed towards the person
who did whenever they get sound, was well azure. Immature racism is such a tricky disease because we never know of your truly cured of it innovation- is so deeply rooted in people's of you hated or put regular raised that much at some point in your life? Do you really really ever grow out of it and how do we know you're over this we haven't got what did it matter? Politicians when they see the politician that you should be doing race staying psychologically. The governor of Virginia, who had black, we saw an allegedly it's like you can't be. in a position of power. Can we really truly don't know how you feel about African Americans was the more recent I don't really have the moral of the story. No, that you shouldn't calves, wide nets, hey. Profiling is wrong. If you have a specific before departure, take it out on that person and not a whole.
Some people will we ever was at away. Yes said about kindly Bianca morning. America's you tell the metal additive in things like the Superbowl. Half time show her relation motherhood and Oliver you can enjoy it out. Will you today makes people locked? The breakfast locomotive breakfast is due to report annually on the breakfast club where society be was anger, mining, America and he talked about the half time- show why she didn't perform, even though she was asked yes, but she said he hired my friend bank. Understand? Why was this guy saw him poor and was such a book? It means that my shoe. It means a lot to me because it is illegal. Super who stand enough was is like we're going to once again, the boy kind over once calling
back in the league, I'm so confused by this because of the kind we have four. Why did you call him and ask that we do have this conversation? What was his answer? You should You can add diversely of this kind, I'm just saying like if Carl, and took a need, because of the poor, the injustice that black and brown people are facing at the hands of the police. The NFL by black while in calling shows that they don't give a damn about the injustice that, after the black and brown people so that should be the issued affected. The vows That is a racist organization right, not that cognitive, another job in college didn't wanna play for that result, innovation, but he does want to play. I don't know didn't you want to get on a team now. I really dont know ok our Well, let me also talks about work in twenty four hours a day, even though she's having a hostess and she's Burkina musics he's got performers in advance he's got a baby check it out. I know like so much you have a ninety five after work to home, most of the time
like I don't go home, I'm overseas. Yes, it is hard. I just think to myself, like as a refugee camp. so secure. Let go my dashing and our Lambeau issues like eating. Out of your mind, crime. They have the money to save the Lambeau. Money does have that took the waiver low culture. I write also, as she discusses her recent splits with her. has been by. Maybe they are gonna, be back together. That's what, if look alike, We are right. You know you gotta, take us to know. A lot of people is telling me like all you could day you cafe, another man Babylon his life, I can I go for anybody I want you no know who wine you for you are sometimes I feel, and people want me for clarity, be soon. As I say, Did a video there are now with this guy anymore all these males who lives in my dams idea: let's go to dinner, Malalai our neighbours as exile. Who was it I'm sure you know she wrote their within Europe? Absolutely, I only wonder because she's gaudy at this point as you right,
right. Well, now, let's talk about new can and now you know he's been actually filling. Four Wendy Williams on her show us she's been hospital, lies in all kinds of things since he's getting treatment and hears what he had to say. As far as his own conversation with Wendy Williams, I spoke to Wendy autocracy. sounded amazing resolved on a phone. If our thinking that- and you know, I was also really awesome- we had a conversation with her and her whole families that you want to speak as family unit, her I'll talk to Kevin Lyttle Kevin. They said they all good the love in the past and is still there cuz. That's what you need at times like this. We working this stuff out of seems like it see Maradona like this when they can say that here from when he first hand self area, I re Michael, Jordan has signed a first look deal with Amazon. You know he's already signed a deal with Warner Brothers, so now as yet another partnership. So it looks like he's. Gonna be the big things. Even if he's
in front of the camera behind the camera, so that's good news for him. His outlier society productions, company so boy there was some rumor going around that he had kidnapped a woman. The woman actually Father, please report against him, and he said that this is all because the women who is in Calais is flawed out lying now. She said that so boy beat her and then took her in his garage entitles, who had seen for six hours now court sources, the real story, so the way have been dating. Her ended the relationship and she was angry. She came to his house as he was drunk and crash. Her car in his dry way, people were in. The house partying her. The crash came ass added. She was not welcome and that she should leave. So that is his side of the story. He saying that is one hundred percent fabricated, but the police did take a kidnapping. Rip from Canada, and I still investigate all legacy from sold. You should say kidnapping come Now they are brands, though disdain a moment I rise. There will be. Who updated on that, but I mean
a year, and that is your room, a report and again happy Chinese New year. Today is chinese new year as the year. The pig f. Why I broker under me It depends on what you are saying is with her your animal is what that means, for you can look at it. Well, look it up for you, and let you know- and then you can look up and see what type a year you're gonna have this year for the year the PIG according yours will evolve Bob you don't have to eat the pig dog all right. Thank you. Mrs revolt will see tomorrow everybody else. People's choice mixes up next, its request in the sky at morning body is the J envy. Angela ye shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club a shout: the quarry Booker Senator Corey. We joined us this morning. Prayers your candidate for twenty twenty, asked right, he'll waiting to stated a union tonight from his air mattress he's gonna be Lisbon appeal. May there
in Romania, the Cabinet imagine living environment alignment in energy matters yet or land lying on war? Really, yes, I know about the scarf election. Let's let there be no, maybe not might go inside his election Bible was analysed. We wish we don quite Booker Dakar, Korea. Let's go, I'm donate bullet and in our Lord, have mercy geez, I don't even like Grandma said of Elisa Mattress dry. Do thou shall we will leave, leaves it up those in the positive noticed, simply dismay. Real love is accepting other people away. They are without trying to change them. If we try to change them is me that we will really liked, and it is easier to find When was already the way you want him or her to be. Instead of trying to change said person forever,
Vivian yoga. I am Oscar Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global pandemic. We're facing there's a lot of information going around about a virus is spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy. It's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation, so you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your part guests,
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