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Today on the show we had Democratic politician and now Presidential candidate Julian Castro. He spoke on immigration reform, reparations and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Christopher Darden the lawyer who also represented O.J, because he decided to represent the boy who murdered Nipsey Hussle. Morever, we opened up the phone lines after Angela reported in the Rumor Report that Tiffany Haddish spoke on accidentally pooing on herself in an Uber, and we wanted to know if any of our listeners had crazy Uber stories. 

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for everyone more info it on a virus stock of? Let's all do our part because we're all hashtag alone together brought to you by the Council is a ghost hall indeed Roland fighters? Why does IRAN claimed covered? Nineteen? Is a? U S, bio weapon. I'm then vote. And in our new show strange news daily. We are shedding light on the most bizarre, disturbing and unusual news of the day. Every From the latest exploits of Florida man to the mind, boggling developments in space exploration, topsecret government experience- its newly revealed stories of the paranormal and more listened to
news daily. On the I heard, radio up, apple pie, gas or wherever you find your favorite shows you love. You. Sam rats rather sit out the most prominent you ass. A girl in a more bluntly drama, was people's choice of people whose bridges, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, more an angel. He manages Andy Charlemagne again. Let it is yes, it's Friday is Friday
This is a good Friday. I feel good night after me, I'm with you this week because, since the murder of Mr Nixy US, slowly, as we have done everything nothing at all did. You have been very down all week, but you ve made it to another. We thank God. Ok, we made it in another, we absolutely at my mail or was it if you are breathing you orgy Dagon. Ok, thank God that we're like you got it so many people coming to me yesterday asked me for Hugs Right Bay, once you guys, you said the other day with a more doubtless a black man. They, u lower land, listen because we have already conversations about toxic masculinity, which is something I never even really understood a couple years ago today, when you looked, can you see you know how men act in certain basis, not just with each other, but will he would? Women, of course, is just like a man who spread more love, stubby, tough, for no reason in I'm say: if
No love yourself! I love you, you know about yourself. I value of you not appreciate yourself. I appreciate you appreciate me in Vienna. My cup is so, for I am able to poor plenty of what I got into other pupils patent. What would your guy can? Micro, somebody's loving cup is added value of their love early. Now you show you know now. What would you guys got rid of the Nigerian by the way they give us our job, mostly dramas out, may know eighty journals, gas love you. I love you not I wanna be invited, and how do you do I care? What do I care about the white care because the way I'm a guy's, a person who will know how?
dammit world loves, you gave it a of live animal J. I love my black and brothers are aiming in fine white regulatory evening. They show him that he, these loved every day, you know, say no disrespect to me the way people out there with your new safety. Maybe the most love that is the problem of poverty amongst the prejudice. The very sad legacy feminine die out. Nobody, no mouser realities now mornings, Theseus lousy. What are you gonna? Get mining still need a bit more about black and brown. Brotherly love looms warning. I love your. How are younger morning sorry Steve die right. The hijacking beg. You said you weren't Abu gadget what are you you're Bangemann Jacket watch any bobbio jackets? Did you bring the pack? His essence here has forgotten. I forget it. I forget their baggage every more light. Three, my nose military, multiple, bringing us where does have to start paying tat sweet ass? Would you
If you don't know Angela YE since up to my house, she doesn't have to pay to exit out against law now that it has lost. But she says TAT, I wish you d, never pay tax and I did get it at all to get totally forget outbreak. But if I needed a brain, That is not love, knobs well wholly on cash that will be joining us. Twenty twenty presidential candidate and former secretary of s right. I have a lot of questions for you know somebody these Emma S, Antonia form. If an italian citizen, it's on you, you know me nobody listens to us in San Antonio. Frustration and I got a magazine I list as Lady Cumnor was stationed here shops. You guys want it. I will ask if she'll probably will I'm looking for your face. You you're used to make now you ve got
Four pages we talk about. Yes, this is a really says: do I remember we told you about the missing child and went missing near her. Distorts us crazy robbery, but no one would they pits came forward and said he was that's how they will tell you what happened with that broker. We're gonna tell you Father, well, you'll find you will get into all that when we come back, you locked the breakfast locomotive morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela YE shall remain God. We are the breakfast and rob would include love. Ninety five beaten stem Dago, Marianna Democracy, better structured, stay focused, we'll have kids, four page news. Always talking about you were later this week. We tell you about sympathy, pits and when he was six years old, he went missing back in two thousand and eleven
have allegedly been found at their escaping his Catherine cod? Nine, when one said he was Timothy turns out. The whole thing was a hoax watch out for you. They attacked and reveal that he's claims to be the fourteen year old. But it's really a twenty three year old man he's twenty three years are working away. Williams is picture, looks grown even think. He's thirty something usually as beer and how are you a fourteen year old water, their mistakes? We study with him. He said he was committee. Peasants turned himself and no reason we escaped from his captors. They had so this picture before now, as it was in that they would China TAT, you know, find out. Who is really him so, of course, as you know, are breaking that is for the family. But you know there's no way he was a fourteen year old. His name is really Brian. Michael raining, MRS Ogata, growth, individual post butcher s e revolt, Paolo revising, but yet
well. I wait and see the patriot, so everyone thought this morning so ass far ass, I would rather you know, I was still they weren't, showing any of that information. They said they still investigation into a dna tests turns out. He had just escaped her. I mean that escape he again released from jail and me was that at present, that's why you know going around in giving people hugged and telling them that you love him is very important, because that guy right clearly lacks love song. Was there anything you seek attention? There's no way is pointing forcing you wanna pigeon, so bad, and you know why you know what shape want all falls and certainly Tonia, who thought he was fourteen years old I just want to hold today is what a whole we launched a child, you just hope, and maybe he had a beard fourteen. You never know when you just try and report back
I was fourteen, my God, damn it. I think, there's investigators he claimed to be near Timothy based they probably would like. Ok, there's no way. This is true of our right now. Let's talk about Jeff bases and his soon to be x y. They have agreed to divorce terms and she is gonna. Get some Amazon stabbed you gonna get twenty five percent of their Amazon stack, so that's gonna give her a four percent stake in the company. Now must that's. Why should gotta be legs? Release top three riches? Women in the world. There is worth thirty five billion dollars, Amazon's current market value, which she had on the list of riches, women's least in America you gotta be like knows you want another three rights. Ethics is limited number three number instruments or produce more you D, better prepared to do so, for leisure, with ideas lesson when you can divorce. In those terms, my go ahead, do you for once you glowing
you're, not interested fish for growth. I right now, let's see hustle wherefore sluggard made a regular devastating, ideally lives. He has so Eric holder has. We did not guilty to murder, I don't know how but he's being represented by attorney Chris Garden. Chris darting did enter that not guilty plea on his clients. Behalf- and you know him from his work as oppressed Peter in the murder case against OJ. Since then, it was an act like I'd mood hell. I was until yesterday everybody, but he represented using they gave him a golden gave. Could I also, think about the famous attorney my gaze do like Johnny, Coughran, Rebecca, dashing and thought I was done. I wonder why he would take it I have no idea, maybe you when's attention and loyal lawyers, take cases because they need money. One. Ho Jon anyway, you think arrogant enough money to pay him like that.
But promote I'm sure I don't know somebody get somebody to Jeremy clearly now anyway, that's your front page news. Now I thank you. Miss you now get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, a five one and five one of you upset. You need event, hit us up right now. Maybe you in the elevated this morning, as somebody will, let me go right before you got internet, elevating, don't want you to walk and why money fort- and there was nothing you can do with a door causing you just Melanie, my goodness, we'll get it off each. As you all know it wasn't me. I was holding my breath. Eight hundred five, a five one and five one of you need event is up right now is to breakfast locomotive: Breakfast got wake up, ass man or black. We want to hear from you here, today's Europe are very. It's my job.
Have we had a very early birthday what're you gonna do much. Lastly, I went to the pr with the group. My friend then forgotten. My enemy was my best friend is fastened on China. The way to have that she'll do what you do to my only these days. The early Araby and be used the word condo. Ok, an ongoing skydiving tomorrow arrival, but maybe we're going to key were established more away. Another if I'm gonna hit the colored restaurant and despite what are you gonna go to figure looking on rising above illegally, they gotta fried seismic roadside. Well, you know so enjoy their Albert Einstein. Gonna go. You got twenty agreed earlier. This gradual, bigger broccoli. This amazing, the greens, are amazing, you'll love. It became God? I have noted what does need to be a grand opening aren't going straight away that I am not on her.
But you know where I put out the energy final, the dialogue. We are requesting that when all we met me, I wouldn't have a good morning and happy birthday Mama, but is vanquishing put out yeah come on in. You guys know more and do my duty of each other one is that I wanted to give a brace of worry. No man has bad. I hear you understand now be marked and then I'll pay, but keep going. Such an amazing job with all the stress I'm trying to open up a gym in our small town, Mccormick South Carolina with no support really but he's getting all the love from outsiders, and I just want to tell him that he's amazing and to just keep doing what he's doing and everyone goes to now. If you re Mccormick bag
I know you can stop by and see our gym and watch it grow and once it's open it'll be raised Mccormick come here. That's what I thought. So you know I do not support a support. All things are clear line of the sad brought about. It is sometimes when you open things in South Carolina, you came Would you name on good people? Aid on you, ve known every bad. Was there, but to do again out, maybe thirty out cargo love, Mama Bank. If thou my guy have a black, quicker, neutral shouts, my train, a regime is opened up. His is Jimmy opened up a vague Jim out in Jersey, so shall to Richie MIKE Us my given of each Hasbro. I just heard too of the code is large, hey come on a woman's Bob Everyday lives are Thailand and Burma. Somebody whereby you gotta go, Did you know the girl one of the work right? So I guess
that data be mighty was shaking with Edward turn around and get up. For ass, though she don't know best what you know about. So As you know, a very welcome. You know you can call me. I got a girl ok I'll, let you know story just because you suspect year will not be. I want but my handled like they're like there. So you talked about their Wendell. How do you not through a more just gonna blow my name? like eating. What will know I didn't know what to say all your girl, no respect. You do now real Never and thereby girls be matter that girl, when your man she's sailing a man could Why you know about it? Many disrespect of you. You got a question for you: You know somebody loaded. I wondered why do some women to me when I got a girl but cannot wait? We argued a ban yellows little by little
I thought you just told you why. I think I think that is because some women that don't want the hassle of having these somebody's boat. The nine guys lie lads who Bilby and a relationship and that's how you all things are working now do so that's what it is. And get it off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you need to vent hit us up now, is the breakfast club. Good morning the breakfast club, you're gonna get. It argued. Yes, whether your man wore black but a payment. We want to hear from you wanna bread, the door, I d go monetary gum. Our main ally and earlier we love you bargaining over. Just. Let me tell you something I drive a over then the answer here and have to do better leave,
get on my by allowing in a way that no child something there. Only I'm a man data reporter report. You thanks to the pool as I get them, but it's like those. It doesn't go any further than the school. Are we gonna do better at parent, and my mother always told me: if I can smell you, you could flow yourself, but we gotta do online appeared, though: thou didst, Jews, How old are you while I have three different age because I have little hope here that I have elements were kid, but even the middle school here if combine that occur in aid, you're running all right. What kid valued! let me hear you re a middle school. You gotta not want their own. I got a middle school kids do right away. You like for grave gray, doing on a region that have yeah why moccasins zone on parents Sadly new and the other thing is, I know all you, Nevertheless, you gotta be kidding.
What you doin a funny. I get bigger nowhere, mommy and daddy got into the night before you have. No one daddy don't come on when the Place we gotta do better what'd. I hereby he'll kill you right, but what about the dispute there may not have the best circumstances mean they may not have water. They may not have electricity that you never know what people are going to be left with a lot of you get off my back. About LA mommy and daddy business? I needed rights. Only beg you Mamma, I might have might not have the means to wash day day. More data. Why didn't you just did a solid My mom. Are you guys get rewarded? I'm gonna become part of lack world not likely I've had it was
your grandpa regrouping and thinking aloud, I'm part of realising that what our legs, absolutely one man in one word to say about me: it's not ok, I'll be back. Is that ok to generate getaway driver hey. You know what I'm gonna. Do it and I'll tell you a blog about building a. Where is my love? I've had enough of what we can brought knowledge. We're going to have to stop these savages and they can't kill mine. I feel you a hundred right by your baby. That's why we spreading love out here in these streets. You know, saying: go hug go hug a fellow queen today and tell her you love her. You value her. You appreciate her. She is a queen, Friday morning method. Thank you. Ma am alone Lamar. But Sir Lamorak ravages, you wanna get off my chest. Five people that are under way about how people should be abandoned
the I don't understand, baggy, represent something that most people from the industry. It fires to be trouble. I've been a hospital, or only there and get back and other dear to many people? Not do not or you didn't do. They know that well. Well, you didn't have to because pretty much now by like a brother, occurs, and because we have, Many had all unable to get drunk had come back at about two in the neighborhood. That's all. I want to say that the way you we can have been badly, would pose media area paper that night piano now people feel like you have to be in love, is music would have even if you're, not a fan of music. Why do you have The event music have empathy for birthday. The tragedy of the tragic situation all across the board. That was you I sent the positive work should make. You feel away deadly, because men and not be a light up in the gallery. A couple thousand now about
what happened then it by so many people? I did try to try to do that, especially young black men of I did feel like people need to be more, let it go any faster condolences to his family. Thank you get but do you know how about I gotta go out there? We need to do. That is more than the we got enough Castro coming in it at seven, with a dead guy. We need to open up the phone and everybody feel and I'm afraid I've been in a fight, this whole wheat behind is never hustle Sidra. I would love to know how you feel ok or eight hundred, A five little fire won't get it off my chest that we got rooms on away you. Yes, there said about ideas. They just signed a major major superstar know there was a hundreds of millions of cash Bob dollars in cash involve also Let's talk about a rapid was in New York Times number one best selling book. Alright, we'll get So all that when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive breakfast so bad.
This is the route towards annually on the breakfast. Well, I'm sure this is inciting for linen as ex his son, O town will never nineteen on the country chart tough tone by the was not act like this. Isn't a tough load load lotion dig billboard removed that because they said the song was not country enough
now. If you want to hear the of the song here, it is played. Somebody's gonna know more about the money right on low neglect trash, but as long as a back their luggage gave you say, your name is now. Is that crazy that they would remove it from the billboards hides the country There was an analogy rugged, though this was a poor man. He went and got Billy. Cyrus on the remix cause, Billy re Cyrus that this was a travesty. They would do this and
is how their remit sounds. Ass, a curtain recommend just about he'll, tell tale. I know my god now and you can say that we as a countryman Billy, resigned from the trapped between the use of data in the oven and have not a country ragged, just because a person's things about horses doesn't make it a country. What makes a country reckon I don't know, but hard to about now genetic material? Diving does that's a country devalue gotta accident in does top things about horses, though, make it a country so directly when they have been like a hip, Hop Beckett. What makes it has no legal it made when we really did rugged with some regret that a country record we really did record would floated georgian line that a country I am assuming
they said it was asked to talk was talk. What was crazy is that it was on the child, it started as a country recorded and they removed. It was the problem the country's stations play well. According to billboard, they said when determining to address a few factors are examined by first and foremost musical composition, while all tat mode incorporates references. The country cowboy imagery it does not embrace Amber. Kind elements of today's country music to chart in its current version tropical above why people did she gazed up your baby? Segregation is still I read all if you would have this except anybody and our genes molucca. She stations play a thousand which is labelled postal loaded, hip, hop logic is empty, his hip say? Would you put your papa want anything they operate at tropical above? Why people, dammit demographic promising, is shifting segregated over logics Black Milly S, he's having like he's half in half,
anyway remain in full by reach lagging of logic. He is now the first wrapper with the New York Times number one best: selling novel oaken lands at book right here, supermarket but that will get alongside soundtrack album of the same name. So the soundtrack wasn't as and do as great, but the book is in number one best selling novels our congratulations to logic. All right now. Also congratulations to tee. I he's gonna be starring in a new movie is called collar. One hundred and it's a directed by Mary read, sees the same person who did these straight out of Brooklyn Movie back in the nineties, and so basically this has to do with radio. Is focus on a popular radio personality and his chance encounter with a female listener. So if you saw the pictures of t, I Many of us have at him at all. We presume pretending to be rid of rosemary unless there was one of them is the radio personality I just know he's in the movie a low radio movies. What about the other movies of all time is talk to me, starting
and she had always to pity Greenstein, some all here for a radio. My leg, radio movie than radio tv shows. All right I'll be anti has done a deal with data? Is yes, congratulations, above them and was gone. You feel about this, my short, but she's gonna launchers signatures growth and apparel with them, as is also going to serve as a creative partner? And we don't forget you I ve partially did that collaboration with TAT Chap says you gonna relaunch Ivy Park with Adidas. Now so remember allowed people where I ve got a lotta ivy part clothing, to whom we are aware that these all we're poem is it asked the boy did it has money should now be. This is the partnership of a lifetime. For me, I d this has had to mend success in pushing creative boundaries. We share a philosophy that puts creativity, growth and social responsibility at the forefront A business can go dashes or not be staged. She will come to deal with the pony very suddenly Coney a new balance. I see it coming
I re well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report. All right, thank you. Machinery welcomed them using goggles darling. Itself gives you never know. You look so give me from paisley. That's right on my yes, we are going to be talking about. Amazon stack, find out who gonna, be getting about thirty billion dollars worth of Amazon bargainers or I will talk about their legs people access to breakfast locomotive. I always wanted to be a woman in charge. I became that woman because of the little dress. I am the Enron first in the season of my path cast in charge with DV ass, I sit down with some of the women. I admire most intimate conversations about the journey of life and survive list We only unspotted five getting March twelve with new episodes every Thursday.
A social distancing Tipp, while the CDC urges you to avoid close contact like hugging, her shaking hands. There are other nonphysical ways to say hello, wave wink. You sign language, Salute smile, give the peace. I throw open air high five. Do jazz hands, remember stay, a minimum of six feet or two arms length away from others and stay home if you can for more info visit, Corona virus doc off. Let's all do our part because we're all hashtag alone, together brought to you by the Council, It was clear your morning so never would be to if you can have any superpower. What would it be on April fifth, Jesse The worst Suzanne and you'll find out she Zahm is the ultimate wish fulfilment about a kid named Billy Batson, who transformed into a superhero with just one word. She, SAM Anthea, is April fit
morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we oughta Breakfast Club Wisconsin Front Page news when we talk about ye. Well, let's first target Mackenzie Bays, as Jeff bases is soon to be ex wife. They agree to the voice turns its he's? Gonna feel get at twenty five percent of their Amazon stats, valued at about thirty five billion dollars. Was she got there? We figure out where she that enriches people in american military shareholder Lord under women, women yet, but we would also include Mamma Mamma Mamma Tansy Mass Mackenzie Mckinley looks so beautiful today, animal what you're doing nowadays, which a hare married and your skin marry me I'm alive. Slander, Dm Instagram logic. They gave him all of our interests in the Washington post. Seventy five percent of Amazon back into surrender, her interest in blue origin, which is the aerospace company that he started back in two thousand and seven prepare for that, though, the more beautiful you look so good day.
Herbert this endeavour. Amazing, I see came off light there. That's why she's happy he's a leg. You know the marriage is over, but I still respect em in he can have is voting shares and everything else he needs his brain I right now there's a pilot programme in Indiana, with five anti in schools and a local. Now What they want to do is provide go to to go meals for students that are in need and they're going to actually use excess cats at cafeteria food. In order to do that, so they pick up that excess food that have been prepared by that saved and then these kids get to go me. I said ass. I got a whole boy, nay many many lives in Jersey. Many usually does the leaves done at a run holidays of you still does. It would feel go to like restaurants, who have like all his excess food. Your collective in just give it up to the less fortunate it makes since May two thousand and eleven I don't have any way everyone up. I right now, Timothy pits. Then we told you this story about this. Zero child who went missing back in two thousand and eleven
allegedly just a couple of days ago. They are saying that he was found in Ohio. He said he escaped his cap. There is any called nine one one and said he escaped his two kidnappers turns the whole thing was: a halt, ass, crazy! Yes, the person who claim to be Timothy pits. Him was real a twenty three year old man named Brian, Rennie. Now Timothy would have been a fourteen year old. So fourteen years old and clearly that I haven't, when you see the picture, a Brian use that's my girl ass may, as well, which always Antonio Slew, thereby Ellison. Ninety five beaten, Saint Antonio, all the only to be ashamed of yourself, I'm not even upset, I mean I'm upset. It is do pretending to beat his little boy, but there's no way how you look at this all out man and say disguised forty way using insane Antonia meditated. Don't you know? Is it a higher? Oh, yes, this matter is viewed, as always, Anatolia argued
Madame Mare of ours? They won't keep certain about dated thirty. Eight we ourselves and fraud has been a rough with a high or what the hell is wrong. With our new norms noted this low is twenty three old Roman. Haven't you pretend to be forty? My only going to keep all oh, the pet of arms, which Well, you away actually just got an idea. Last year, so We are worried that was gonna have been like. How do you not think that, because you know they were going to do a dna test, you did Why don't you let me do delete the dealings. Access is weird. How do you not think that you're gonna get caught? I'm just completed a fake story. You wanted to sober people won't like clouds, so maybe that they were going to take him in and like raise him. You don't want to be like twenty three of the EU. Is this a cloud trees is the Chicago police. So unjustly smaller than I read or write were their planning, so they went to actually see him because he's they want to have to pay a hundred. Thirty thousand dollars for the cost of investigating the case
a hundred and thirty thousand investigate investigate decades. Yet allowed people were involved, police department, other overtime work. The people had to do now. I will just over from everyone, and now they are. They had to wait seven days before filing a civilised against similar that's pass and they say they I'm going to go forward with that life. You know I used to run from everyone, and money is because its cargo police already have enough. You leave leaks, so much information media you already got to charge is dismissed rate jack audibly. Then they got a bunch of evidence against you, but you stuff his seal. Why someone s sealed stuff thought to leak innocent, As you know, there was a sealed, still start started. Now that you don't want to pay two hundred and very badly anything with his last year is now. If they slew him, they can ask for three times the annulment of the investigation to be three hundred ninety thousand out and not about the future programming. Only somewhat disconcerted, probably rulers showed how do to you are new situation. Erasmus cargo like randomly pull him over. Yes, do thing, I think so money just get paid. A minority group I write were what
you say you he's innocent motor shore, wouldn't believe me, the money doesn't mean that he's guilty you wanted to. Of you than Newhaven it? Let us ten thousand, go and get all the community service? That is your family, right now. When we come back twenty twenty presidential candidate, helium There will be joining in former secretary of Heart and Bulgarians residence on the to somebody who used to work for high, because this question that I have about how did I do understand, especially when it comes to homeless people in Europe and our pensions that are so I'll talk to them. Next it all over the breakfast Club morning morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in a building user Castro building a presidential candidate would actual white, as experience has written a scammer served Obama as the housing sector. You there's like a very moderate. Was for the last two and a half years. The administration, and before that I had been mayor of San Antonio for five. What was your job, then? What did you do as far as housing in
but look at how it will be the mission of hard really is to make sure that their more affordable housing opportunities for people across the country had also deals with homeownership, making making sure that folks can afford to buy a home. So that's what I did for two and a half years I was head of Hoddan. I travelled to hundred different communities and thirty nine states figuring out how we could be stronger partners so that people can have more housing opportunity? on the urban development side of it. It was really about making sure that people could rise up no matter what neighborhood they were living in. Is it true that Braga God, you are using a pan to express I had just driven through the dry through appendix brassiere was I'd April, sixteenth, twenty fourteen and I did the phone, and you know how sometimes on your cell phone. It says unknown or block call. It said private. So if you ever get a call This is private, my dear the phone,
but it is not always a secretary. Originally, you know they say hold for the president. They do not seem to me will mean higher, We need your something said: block call, you never mean private. On there. You know there is a private, its is unknown or block all would have it good job. I do yeah, I feel like we accomplish the lot. You know, maybe the thing that are most proud of his. We actually accomplished the most significant rule to train desegregate communities. Ever since the nineteen succeed for housing a course when the Trump Administration came in a couple years later, they put it on ice, but it was something called a firm ITALY furthering for housing and the idea was to communities receiving federal taxpayer dollar through high, you had to get more serious about how you gonna create equal housing opportunity in your jurisdiction. It is heartening to see some of the policies you guys put into place, getting dismantled for sure big.
And knowing that I believe that this administration takes this attitude, that, if you poor, there's something wrong with you. I don't believe that, just because your poor that there's something wrong with you in fact I remember better of the households that HUD helped Forty three percent of those households had somebody that was working age. Somebody was working so there a lot of people that are out there that are working that are smeared some how lazy or they don't want to work or that something is wrong with him and I just completely disagree with their. Why doesn't provide free housing for veterans, always wanted it well. No, I mean one of the big things that we did actually was that Obama had this goal, an ending veteran homelessness and so between two thousand and ten and two thousand and sixteen veteran homelessness went down by forty seven percent and actually that's
This is an interesting story. This was one example of where Washington actually worked. The way that you would hope it should work right. Congress appropriated the money for the vouchers for people to get housing the president, the rest of us illustration worked with mayors and governors to actually implement this programme housing authorities across the country and over those six years I mean we almost reduced veteran homelessness by half. Unfortunately, this A couple of years is tobacco. I don't have an e mail. I wanted. My biggest Pepys is watching our America treatise veteran I feel like veteran should be, should be tax exempt filling. I should freely. Boy and August. I statement much is to be able to eat and painted with an army. Definitely owe them at a debt of gratitude. Your recently, just yesterday, I put out a bold immigration proposal and one of the things that I address that immigration proposal, for instance, is it there. But you folks who have served our country and they were undocumented and then they got deporting there are.
So many folks were living in Mexico right now. We're veterans who have gone deported, who served honourably. Who should be allowed to come into this kind? because he served in a you. Have you have you got a plan d criminalize illegal entry into the country? I do we were that a hundred percent too because allowed lot eyes but look at it. They don't realize allowed people are coming because it time to flee from a situation these women. Kids and they should be criminals, because they tied to the United States and a lot has but come here, and they want to be able to come here legally, but you have to get here fares to seek asylum. No, it's not like breaking the line as if there was the play vs. All my plan is basically not to treat these folks like criminals. It used to be basically that before two thousand for we treat this as a civil of a penalty, civil violation, not criminal, and I wanted to go back to her
Let that way. I also you know: I don't buy bs of this administration that a whole bunch of women and children, families that are flee, dangerous situations in Honduras, El Salvador. What the Mala present a danger to this country- they don't this present. And told us about a year ago that if we could just be cruel enough to take way little children from their mothers that that would stop. That would deter more families from coming and instead to day more families are coming than before. So cruelty has failed. I want us to choose compassion kid dying out its meeting about another kid it dad. Oh, they ended up dying in detention centres, Oslo, Jacqueline, I think, a gal seven years old. She died and see BP custody with her father and
an autopsy in they determined that the reason she died was because of an infection. The president, a few days ago, suggested that her father had taken the blame because she was dehydrated. Was a complete lie and another in Brasilia lies yeah. I know right, but but I mean that think about that. Just out s votes for a second, what kind of peace, and are you when you're willing to lie about the death of a seven year old girl and her grieving father? That's how far this man has sunk. Let me I gotta be ass. What is hidden at ash on yellow handedly, MRS Lulling, I gave an astronomical one leg and with a striking that have not been striving to excuse, I'm getting old man of moist, I'd like to be more european thought came to mind what I'll do I'll see that integration at the board? If, if well,
Look we had a hundred thousand people became less last month, from my mind. What we need to do is make sure that we treat people like human beings between with compassion and also that we have a way to process their claims of asylum. A peep some people have asked when I propose this immigration plan yesterday. Well, is this open borders and they said no, that's a republican talking point. Of course, deportation is still an option, but believe that people should be treated as human beings. Is it true tat. They always wanted to talk with the conservative that oh Mamma ministration deport him more illegal immigrants, the nitty sitting president. In the first year,
The abandonment straight in the number of deportations was higher than it had been in the Bush administration. The Clinton administration and I think the bombing ministration got better about the issue of immigration. As the years went by and twenty twelve the executive order, Dhaka that all of us know that dress dreamers was instituted, and then, in twenty fourteen November, twenty fourteen DARPA, which got blocked up in the courts but yeah me. I think it's true that the administration over time it got better at one time. The number of deportations was, I think you know two or three million. So how do we get mad? A drop of prison of Amazon is anything. Why wouldn't say that Ababa was doing the same thing, because tromp has a level
cruelty, ward, these families, also this resident, began his campaign by suggesting that Mexico was sending rapists and right runners. So there's a clear animist that this president has demonstrated toward Mexicans. Latin Americans people are coming across the border that Barack Obama never engaged in that kind of talk and in fact, spoke on many since is about the value of immigrants in a very in a very humane way, but it was nine day in terms of how present Obama looked at him a grants and how Donald Trump cards. I we have more, would sweaty twenty presidential candidate wholly on cash to when we come back to movies to breakfast locomotive back your wealth thrown burgundy pike. S return
the brand new season and I'm pulling out all the stops in the past. You ve heard me speak and do a minimal amount of listening with luminaries from all walks of life. I spoke at everyone from glorious, Dinah San, Diego jig. As that for a tapestry of audio entertainment. This season is going to be even more We ve got some great gaslight. So far we booked a couple of guys for the band weighing charm, and that is it seriously. I'm not gonna lie. We are under book, it's a problem I had to call the wing John guys myself their friends and doing me a big favor when listening to this help me out. If you know Him. If may tell him to return. My damn calls already listen to RON. Burgundy part gas on the eye, heart, radio, app apple pie, guess or where ever you get your pockets.
As the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club was still talking to twenty twenty presidential candidate. We on Castro Charlemagne and what what laws would you put back in place become president that I'm sure trumpets take another Barack Obama, but in a play when he was in office. Well I mean I would the first executive order that I would sign if I'm president, on the afternoon of January twentieth would be to recommend the United States to the Paris Climate, a court so that we lead again on call I'm a change. I believe that we need to go to a system where everybody gets Medicare. However, at the same time, in the first order of business is repairing the damage that this present has done to toe the affordable care. Act because more than a million people have already lost coverage because they're trying to sabotage our healthcare,
system, a loved one. You laana they tapir, and he asked you about. Bernie Sanders stance on reparations, and you say why, wouldn't you compensate people who are actual property? I wouldn t. I believe that we should new people. Ask me by reparations- and I said near that under our constitution, that we compensate somebody if we take their property. So why would to compensate somebody if they actually work property is sanctioned by the state of law, and then some folks say: oh well, you know nobody that's alive today was was enslaved and I said Well, you know. Let me address at just for a second as a legal matter. If you had a piece of property and the government, took away from you today and then you passed away tomorrow. Your estate would still be able to pursue We are against the government for taking that property, so
Why shouldn't the descendants of slaves still have a claim with regard to the federal government against the government for the grave injustice, the original sin of slavery in this nation? What I've also said is that I support Shield Jackson, Liese legislation to do a study and appoint a commission on reparations to assemble a group of people who understand this issue, who have the respect of communities around the nation and then to make recommendations to the President and the Congress on how we can best address reparations, and I think we need to do it that way, because part of the process is in healing absolute. You know. I think that it's a healing process for
Everybody in this country, some people say well, aren't you just stuck in the past, and I say it is about the past, but it's really about the future is a little socio. Economic gaps were created because of slavery, like they're still affecting us to this day, and I am not convinced that were ever gonna fully come together as one nation like he'll until your dress, original sin of slavery. No one about marijuana. We talk of a lot about it in so many of us have been locked up in a family. Members have been locked up from their water. What it! What do you think about I want to build and legalised marijuana, and I support it. I think that we have good examples in places like Colorado, of how you can do that, obviously can be regulated. Ride in the regulation of needs be thoughtful. Ass to be that you know that our own community can actually invest in own somebody's dispensaries and somebody's places.
They are now. I hope that that that's one of the outcomes, small business opportunities, folks from neighborhoods across urban communities in the country that are able to benefit because of it he also think we need to look at people who have been incarcerated a because of neurons wanna possession and I'm a fan of some of these jurisdictions that have gone backward to try to respond records because there have been so many people, especially communities of color, and have ended up incarcerated and serving time in jail for relatively minor offences. We need to do that. We need to build on that first Step act. That was just passed, so we continued reform. Justice system. I think we need to do things like invest more in our public defender system. We need to continue the work of the task force. The present oh set up on policing in the twenty first century. A couple weeks ago I was in Charleston,
Carolina, I, my birthplace. Those areas is a great town and I was two blocks away from the mother Manual Amy Church and, of course, in twenty fifteen Dylan Roof went into the church and he murdered nine people said: you're Dylann roof can do that and then a few hours later be apprehended without incident, as he should be angular given. Yet Well, then, what about era garner and what about to fund large and what about Walter, Scott, and what about Michael Brown and what about sender bland we'd make sure that police departments across his country treat everybody the same. No matter colored, your skin or what neighborhood you live in. I think that there are some police departments out there that had been willing to make reforms and if I'm president, I'm gonna poor, so that we can do that when you have a form, look like languages endings you can say this has been positive. I see in this work
well, I mean I think body cams is a very straightforward example that people can understand its increased accountability and also the perspective of subsidies is still get off the air. We got baby without really one, and that is why the footage, too, it is important right that you do see more officers being held accountable. We d make sure that the jury system is fair to everybody there that far each BC use an old lot of programmes that, within a was taken, not giving the money to the ABC use and ignore our community absolutely positively still needs database, you absolutely and dumb something when you think about it. You know today we have this twenty first century global economy. The requires more knowledge, more skill. Than ever before, and the communities that have got left out, especially the black community. Now is the time when we need to be investing in their ability to thrive, because me
look at what's happening in countries like China or India, where they're producing tons and tons of young people that are well educated and intelligent and hungry, and ambitious and creative like in that world. We don't have anybody to waste, and so I've supported our support, and when I was mayor, you helped raise money for efforts to make sure that young African Americans Vinos have more higher education opportunity. Now before you leave, you say it transpires. He's gonna have America begging for immigrants in the future. What would a demi the it is that we need a lot of these immigrants and others, agriculture weathers the house howdy industry, a number of other industries unemployment rate is three point. Eight three point: nine percent we need their talent and are birth rate is declining baby boomers in record numbers are drawing down from social security. We countries around the world that have an aging population, we're gonna, have an aging population. So I said, if we're not careful in TWAIN it thirty years, if we don't get this right, we're gonna be begging.
Or immigrants, America we need only by immigrants. You want what man be here without immigrants, but where's, We have wife, you will be well, I mean in the part of building up this country. You know we ve been in power up, you know. I mean people from Europe have been an important part of building up this country, but people from all over the world have been important part of building up this country. We built this country. You're dating back. These lay states, Annabella Jack- and I agree with you- there is a lot of this country was built on the back of slave labour and, as we are talking about earlier, we have never fully accounted for that absolute moment what they like you in us, oh give me, don't you will you they already having problems with, though nay I also I am. I haven't hit that sixty five thousand donation or contribution threshold,
that you have to to guarantee that you're gonna be in one of these democratic debates, and so my website is wholly on for the future dot com. And I'm on Twitter on Instagram Facebook so find us, and now hopefully folks can make a contribution to signify grand She five, no sixty five thousand unique contribution, which I have done. I realise what year ya know I bring where that by now. I you know I have said I wasn't born a front runner in grow up front runner on the West Coast, San Antonio Alot of people out there don't feel like their front runners, but to do what he what we do, what our families do a miracle work hard, and I believe that by the time the I will caucus comes around in February, twenty twenty, that I can be a front runner are or who Castro appreciate you for joining us thanks a lot thanks for having arise the breakfast locomotive array morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain the God we are. The breakfast club good morning is more directed to shoulder envy at all events
his jacket right, my God version, my enemies, joint the whole covered by God? I think I, like these jacket this morning in our later somebody delivered you have it. I just want to close bar for black men love. He said you love me the fancy. What happens when you hug you fellow brothers, Elsie love me man. I was like a game. I step. I had deliberately a house envy love me: can I pay for your? Your loans? Are black and that a black man like me, we must treat each other better, that women should have taken refuge, lovely a whole different way. Ok Thank you. My sorry you're worried about you. I love you. I love you too. I love you. I love you. I love you more than eleven more. He wants you to know our logo Yoyo Benghazi, back three months, hello, hello them is in every house three, my LA sailor LAO tonight.
In three while financially long ago, my Lauer ones were like man love baby. What kind of what s? The thing you put on him by local somehow go too far were absent. Second about what kind of spam and their sharp Amis NBC, whether it be only today right at my grandma again, a red faring, Morgan, rallo, hair margin, Raffer we're gonna, be amateur. Morgan on Amazon is used today shows word by today, as I announced embassy augurs. Wasn't one is one msnbc. Ok, all right, they're method and we got room is unaware ye. Where we talk about yes, a sick about Tiffany had ass. She gets very honest about it. Incidents she had in Ober glaring.
In that we were right after all, right we'll get internet next. He belongs to breakfast locomotive warning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Let's get cities, Romas, assault, Tiffany Hamish. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, where seventy had it was an Jimmy him alive and he was set them better ladder different things, including what in New year's the e remember. She had a show on New year's eve that did not go as planned and people were set about her. Just not. It's funny as anticipated. No Europe where it was us what about it was a bad day at work What happened? Was I get off that and fly directly to Miami like the night before in a lot of my friends, rant ale and I didn't come what we gotta go out come on. Let's go on that celebrate now like go to sleep. I got a big show tomorrow. They like not come on. You got to celebrate and I danced all night. I drank more than I've ever drank in my entire life.
Be that, as it happens, when you air piety before work, sometimes used a dialogue that was an early thousand remo later I was, I am all that we always made the word now taken about at least he made off to work. We made it rarely and has never been timezone meeting gets who work on time we had one lame, exacting very loves all night drug is how I have come in handy, have Asheville and one to our regions was socking. Firstly, ok were anyways. Yes, it talks about an incident in her Ober, and let me tell you that I am so glad and again that will, because I told you before I got an over ones and parents, and it of sitting in some urine that someone left in the hot air was where the seat was wet and it was nah modality hot you like it. Thank you. Anyway, he's graduates. If any had is overweight and rob the little mouth about Google mopped up a little bit word back.
I thought I was dead. I definitely woke up there. I was heartened really bad and they were like on if, if you gotta make a video, so let everybody know what you're gonna be in. If you saw it is we all want, is to grant aid you now that that was not always go. So if you have any kind of these you know she not read. I re whether he goes on to talk about how she's gonna make it up to the people who do come to show. You go back to my army, actually, actually I'm goin back this summer and ongoing too doing a big show and anyone who has a ticket from New Jersey from that line? They can get them for free if they present to take it and if they don't have to there is some lights wanted, Alex and all the money that we do this for myself, I'm gonna donates departments will decide to suit the nurse
whose positive any had what was right and if you do, if you start anew at you, pull my man, what do you think I will give you gonna shoot down the least stealing I'll give you two rate would like a car aubert for people sometimes, and they make my raining go down like if you call it will before somewhere, and they act up in that Auburn. I definitely fell like I've had situations where some of my friends are low wild and they ve done things in order that our call for them and it caused my ratings. Her family would have redraw to clean up your own poor girl with the government the written go up now over what I gotta get moving on. All right now, Leffingwell Wendy Williams, a photo of her that has falcons learned, apparently He was riding around Walmart alleged to see this picture. I bid year policies and a mobile Walmart cart, and he looked very dishevelled and they civilization
start. Accepting hug sees clearly going through a hard time, I'm prayers for her, and they said one person said: that's why it is good to talk about full. Tables turn on you. At any moment she was traveller shop according to one of those mobile Walmart cards. Have a four point. Six exuberant was one shot him. Obama was that if a boy, six of them was good law, as you know, in a dog who took that picture ocean want to target. Walmart. Well, Wait Kelvin Shop and untidy Kelvin of seeing like here under cover, copper, coach cop at drug like the old man, astronomer, young, China Belinda would decayed. Would you really Boston if we bear who took that Picea Wendy? The kind posted it had that even get out like that of more Chin This is your genes into the little car. Norma carton issued criticism, James. There are some new clubs, her person, didn't you, Am I right
maternity leave, volleyball maternity closed with a lot of leisure, intrusive and think I d be. She gets one. He won nominations for the twenty nineteen billboard, music of organised congrats to carry being opened called love body, sycamore nominating than any other artists this year he's nominated in eighteen, different categories, That's amazing! Twenty wine nominees ass, though I had, even though there was twenty one category mole deserve shoot, it s like they every category dammit. I write so congratulations, security. The present was congratulating her was her husband offset he paused it all you how's, where, because of my wife gave you a hose hope tonight, without the rest of your life in cats, money where the lie. What law was it all day? Support? Is why you're mad about that? Then he said
I was hating undergo Katy bad out. She is the God would include bond for a good man and you go to that. Is that the use of the word hole that probably got people have said no, no brightening people because they were like other people were FEMA. Wrappers were existed before you would Nicky bribed Mickey played paved the way in big. Well, ok, now you gotta come you gonna, go way back greatly. Got little games will pave the way for Nicky illiteracy laid way of more recent I've Nicky made away for the car that a wording that cod is making the wave of new generation. I think he met more of the the women who never rat before like discovers, live and Asia Rabble. I was a kid answers Asian caught him hose. I can understand it, but then you gotta thoughts bowling different gonna, be like G age, o a tea. Great the God, God
what, anyway, I've got a guy like report, because you know problem Pham God now showed me, Can we giving it I'll get you? Wouldn't you like to know how this five Friday mornings is asked you about to tell him all is going. Chris died? He needs to confront the challenges that await we'll find out. That is, if you dont know when we come back as the breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning. So now would be the same elevate twenty five years and moving the culture forward at the twenty ninth in Athens Festival presented by Coca COLA July Fourth, the seventh in New Orleans featuring performance is by Miss Eliot marries oblige knives her among fifty more register for free of answer by ticket at essence, the vote that com. Is there a guy like you or
I don't give a damn dog. You today does not discriminate. My now, the song today by got the donkey their breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today, ginger got my nose runs Jesus Christ. Don't you today, for Friday April fiscal, the attorney Christopher Dark. Do you remember that name he was upset. Acute in the Oj Simpson murder case back in the day now he is representing hold the junior Erika area Junior is the sucker who due to the late great and hustle, isolate this past Sunday Ike if it imagine I gotta, say legitimate, were guilty, have been found guilty of Russian. I be sued. We sought to civilians, video, but allegedly one of my favorite movies of our time the devil's advocates dying out, but she knowing piano reads this movie was about how pianos care
The Kevin Laura was a lawyer defending a child molesters anybody any sudden movie great film, rightfully grandma, well whiteness for there was but Kevin lower. Lord defending a charm molesting. Have we the trial he realized his client is guilty, but to cross examination, Cavendish Groin DVD credibility right, securing a not guilty verdict. You should really watch a movie. This weekend is a great movie but long story short, because all of you can watch movies on your own. If it comes a point it comes up, Kevin realises he's doing the devil's work because he is choosing The thing that comes with being a successful attorney over morals and doing was right, I'm doing it. What job? I'm telling you it is movies about, because the light but the moral of the story, the gist of it is doing, was right, no matter what ok. I often wonder about that when it comes to attorneys, because I feel like money is not good money but attorneys. Don't act like that. You know how can you represent some one when you know they are guilty of they are being accused of ok. Erica did Junior and his attorney,
Christopher DAWN wearing court. Yesterday, let's go to kick out ninety bs early for the report. Police Eric holder was formally charged today, with the murder of Nixy hustle to cows have attempted murder the two men who were standing next to him and account of being a fellow with a few her arm, and he also has a very famous attorney Christopher Garden. Who was a prosecutor? in the Oj Simpson case, twenty four years ago, porters bail was set at five million dollars and he will be back in court on May tenth outside of core Darting did not answer any questions. When I asked, if holders people reached out to him, he said I have to catch a plane and then he hustle down the staircase criminal done- has been vilified before during doing Oji Simpson trap somebody people label him a race trader. Other people blamed his courtroom strategy for Simpsons Ultimate acquittal because he's the one who made Oji try on the gloves and that's what
ultimately got Oji acquainted what died doesn't other give. It is said that negative public opinion is rarely kept him from doing what he believes is right. Why you think this is right. In fact, he said in his book in contempt. I understand some black prosecutors have a name for the pressure they feel from those in the community who criticized for standing up and convict in black criminals. Here the thing I have zero problem, what a black person being convicted of a crime. Okay, if, indeed, at black person, they commit a crime. Now a lot of times. You don't know for sure if the person in the Crimea being accused of, but other town we have all evidence we need indicates an empty. Also, you have you witnesses and you surveillance, video. This situation happened in broad daylight on a beautiful Sunday, LOS Angeles, if you family. You knew by that night early the next morning who had killed and Hussle okay. The problem I have- and I know all attorneys- have a job to do and everyone is entitled to their I too have an attorney which he got to have a moral cup? Is, don't you think yeah? Can you stand
the court room, what this man and let him enter and that guilty play. You are really going to attempt to convince us and convince a jury convinced the judge, this man did not kill me. Hustle win the whole Net saw him, kill Nixy hustle. Unfortunately, mean, unfortunately, phenomena while we share to travel of veto that video him being shot, but I need an attorney to explain: this to me when you know someone is guilty and you know someone was loved and you know people want to see justice served. How can you go in a quorum and represent them and try to get them freedom? I've never understood that logic. Not Christopher tried to keep cameras out of the courtroom. He argued, unsuccessfully, to keep media cameras from films his climb, his client Dornier Raymond hearing thing. He believed there was an issue of identity with deputy This too good tourney Jarman, Canny countered that, and he said Eric. Oh do which had already been widely spread in the media dry.
How to close bomb to Jamba. Can you buy me some damn sense cuz. This is my whole point. Chris Darden everybody in the world knows what happened in this case. We may not know all the details. We might may not know why it was done. Was it jealousy wasn't hit from another enemy and if we don't know that for what back to the matter is a coin. According to the surveillance, video is Erika De Junior killed, nifty huh. I understand why some lawyers true money over moral, because I must I believe that if you don't have integra you have nothing you can't buy. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical parsing, you really have nothing. Lemme give Christopher guarding the biggest hee hee hee you stupid, mother, you Tom, and I just want to be clear. There is a surveillance we may it is a failure right how good like requires dear, as I worked like was. The question is, What I'm saying is witnesses.
Where does the scale of the video ecossaise? Is you can't really tell? But these witnesses in is a bunch of witnesses out there not only nip cease Fran, it isn't from video you can it is people running people all over the place so obviously taken there. I fear that we would any crime, but you know we live in the social media era. Will you see all these crimes caught on camera feel that way with any crime How could you with an attorney represents a body when you know that you see their guilty Roca? Weird me all right: well, you for that? Donkey of the days are now We come back, we were told about all burner overrated. Come from what I came from Tiffany had assured us utitsa. Has he put down his a little and over in short, it is often a car. I haven't happening over the guy. You have ever done an inquiry that appear banana car devilish on him, an undercover less about the former we still coming, ADA Jake, five, a firewall or five. When was the last Wednesday, and you ve done in October, or in a lift.
As requested, eight Andrew where's work. Five five, one o five, you unlock, raises think wagons bear from whom and yes, the hip robot, was banned from over. How'd you get in. If I'm not mistaken, you got an ILO ban rule would do you, then Erika among alive. I pulled up. They get wax our big him up as we work well. As timberlands at a hundred and four degree whether he has gloves and his back pocket. There is no reason for me to pick about stereotyping and man is a preacher arrival, talk about what we come back at the Paris club combining the breakfast morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club good morning leverages join, is which gonna craziest thing that happened to you in all Burnett Historic gave him Tiffany hanish. Does she put it over? She started over before? Yes, she has now, not in a vehicle Butterworth done it once then, maybe god Damn Cicada having done an overview,
ask your genes, eight hundred five, fire? One problem was the craziest thing that happened to you over even a great story, sue. I have one time I was in over on a girl with me kept thrown up. Site! I've got a crimson Liverpool over, so she could, though, at though throw up that was a very good and I've as situations where, in a Affairs go off and it will be drivers and go crazy on them and I believe, chill out my writing. I haven't I anything crazy other than you know ever go to like Miami Beach ago in any place with, is it a beach? Sometimes the the seats of be wet with people just got out of the beach he's got repairs axis one. She pessimism urine went on
Yet I led and still is terrible thing. You know I gotta have showed me the gods on our having greatly always stories. Actually, I'm a four point: six million for pointing out the four point: seven, congratulations, but I have a brother who, as some terrible was doors, blacks, he's been man were twice. He lay a ban, any ban. You got an ILO ban, fluted dj mouser! More is not my fault, though, when it. What would now? What why? Why are you knew that banned because he's Let's try to make me get the car and I haven't wax I was utility, no it'll be a hundred and forty. He's outside you have one timberlands or gloves in your backpack. Actually, I'm always ready how many uber drivers are you beating up six from last year, that would normally be wholly beaten. Sulphur, maybe this over. They had themselves know this, and when you got the car trying to ignore the calm beat you the time to guide the kid you got into your suitcase, Do you like a black only when those who must wear my street and well live there? It was like world dark, so I guess
when you go open S, treatment of wax export what you six six Finally, you beat him up waxes six point: six muscular like usefully will cause the movie we're symbol in Galicia and you can do them. Organise guidance. Asked you to get out you got out and he drove up alone. I didn't I didn't even called mother. All away went down. A street too must take the car and Gaza call him. My guilt is this what we take our increasingly less good guy wags housing, but every time someone happen, always the geese Charlemagne plant variety way, so I'm gonna give guy little leeway in that way. Can you that that will be to have a rethink? A Hutu behind them have always any sound. Some happy, and I see no one shall remain guys do with this logic is: does why don't we just push people face? No more calmly. Show me put you up to this right, which you may was wrong. Why would I do I know these are used it, so you beat up six overdrive, as in the past two years at the airport, exactly
so you feel bad. You may have room now, they biosecurity cash. Now that you are now being navigable Burglah, as you know, you can't live. I think that anybody who piece of six overdrive as in the past you deserve to be met from move, that's correct The commissioner is this: let us consider for landmines to hide your face before I pray you bear from live. Matthew was crazy. They may have been an over, so I want to see them. Canadian right, ok, I got an uber and his weeded legal. Want to roll a split maneuver before I got home. Ring, ok, I got my papers, but then my Jordan saw to take off my shoes and then, while I'm coming down his role in this work, and I wonder why who gets to my to my house on Meda. But I love I love one of my shoe there over and then before I get time to stop. He loved doesnt overtook is naked yeah. One of them thought, though, ok,
and you're a big ones to own when you need them on the five thirteen we need them. Memory! Arab! I wonder what his rating is item eight hundred five five one- oh five, one, what's the craziest thing that happened to you and also call us now little driver who got beat about wax callers flown breathless, local border warning: everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club good morning now, if you just joined us, would Sorkin about somebody crazy things that happened in of all. But now we have shown the Loya Jirga morning. Was the craziest thing that happened in over mad the back of an uber in Atlanta for the weekend on the way to the club and- and I seem to pull over to the gas station, but the gas station didn't have any bathrooms
I you have to get over the over. We got in Don't bother me! That's why you're previous dream? I mean, and I wanted to be a bathroom. We were in a public place like that, the legal disdain and would you have brought the vagina- was good. Like like when I got it all myself back in the day. I started to him, but he goes. Maybe you need to do some key goal to make sure that never happens again about that okay. Okay now you do but kickers will you will you shall keep a tight back there? started. I myself voted with tools: Agnes Aloof, Emma illegal mode, and you know how every morning The crazy thing that happening over while I'm over driver here, indeed, land they are completely open, arrives at the land. I got a pair of tabling politely. Had me, the joys of typing,
Those are my back be two female Maxie, though a brother and sister. Can you guess they're rape occasion? Well, why don't you join d, This is what happens next in the back up. It was the brother and sister Anne I drove on the lake. It would like thirty minutes away like the suburban areas. My we will approach in. They were getting more comfortable. You wanna come you like you know they were rather is this differ Rinaldo toward the hold me Alabama over Parliament, less Cleveland It is clear. What is a clear need to learn a gleam doubts about the yeah, I won't be able to find a new jersey. I was all, but I am over driver, my girlfriend. Amidst gravy global, my boyfriend had a heart attack in all, but from her from the hillside had been tasted nor bluefin tuna, be they men and he
when we passed away. So is not a great. You know that crazy, but will you new driving you four degrees and look at what you guys are doing that now? Do we die? You reconcile two thousand you guys up. I want to say to you guys that I thought this was our was going to be about Nipsey, Hussle and us being able to talk about how we feel about that, but also what you guys do in terms of Chris DART and find out if he was ever a. Cuba or any by in the road and sixty or anything, do admit you hustle, and if this is way of now try to get it back That will allow us to be organizations here in New York and the guy. By airlines. Have you always do sometime, and if not, why areas probation officer opposite? So, please get on yes inside I had it been Goin I had taken from now. We will not talk about liberty, but you know Tis Friday, want to give the mood I, but I mean you know we got plenty of time to talk about him, see the funerals collins soon. I believe absolutely one fourth daughter
we're gonna. Do you overdrive, Awad, I'd better for me? now that a little bit of a month ago and between job about what everything that happened in orbit of my birth light were in my life. What it's all about about dialogue is to learn how to do it So you get big. Why the hell out of my way out of their already bought land by back abiding by promoting the tavern you'll, be wait too long but I get up playing life without our older people. A people are aware of what comes out of date back to update your mad at you can have some ice. How far is it like a mile away? I move eating more valued me about my girl wherever it, but I jump in the guy, not in the end that problem all jump out. You just do about with both the t, always
Who am, I thought, you'd all my work by the way I did the newspaper conclude my part by my eyes with so we took up on my blog They are on an romantic tugging at all night driving. You pick it up like you looking at me, you know my right on my declared letting already Robin Please look at allowing a lot over the book I wanted. I like to travel I've. No, you should have told you to you need me you told him if you don't make her orgasm, give you a story in their body. I'm Dr Gabby mean they Bob loaded. Died on like mad. That is why I would like nobody globally.
Think about it. I had a the map and believing that I got everything to build on my own. I got allowed you to repeat honesty, mark I feel like that illegal would you can send breakfast Club Emma Gmail Doc are fully aware that actually have an overriding though I because they called the over someone an app her thin ended up having a sexual incident in the over who, and I want to their name out here with they actually in all, but rarely night work produce a day, a Mercedes standing? Next to me, they're. Coming of what you have done in my. What have you got that often I got the aim of my body and I will go next morning. I was wondering why there's always complaints them over, and I look at two point five rating after this and the driver said that
about a guide in the back seat and got it everywhere, where you know what everyone everywhere, you no need to get a one story than average wage, the girl Washington's, while there you know I've, gotta wickeder, what what now you're gonna do you know what you ve got represent away? Yes, this about surveys, you ve handsome, but if you have to say- empire? The next season was going on with Jesse, would say yet where she waited on our right, we'll get into all that. Next keep a lot you what you will swallow too If there's a briefing cleaned up man the breakfast we got away made in room. My good name is deeply, but the hacks I'm a man even further by leaves a great guy, but he has solved said that all the black and brown people are hugging each other in tone. Without them we we loved
that we value totally appreciates how the theme is really is what never gave Nigger hygienic isn't here again to go out again that I am nickname, langers italian love, you run, so why can t you get ahead? you mean loved all his life you'll. Be fine America, even in your home or euro little garden unable about crime- and this gives it a rule- is military. Reread the reul report was well more issues for reactors dad. Now you guys remember that reality had to sue her own father ran up anti because he's been fraudulently profiting off of her brand He said that he was her rap and there were involving realities. We parted accompanying caught fancy entertainment cause he's acting like he's work
with her representing area, a Loegria alone proved us right now. The issue is now this guy named chef, and he goes online and he does are these cooking with Hennessy videos. He has more than nine million views from parity videos, always showing him with Hennessy. He says that he said I end with rattled anti, because I'll. Tell him. Anna plays a central role in the company and entrusted He said that he was gonna, give him a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar marketing budget, but so far only gotten fifty thousand dollars, whereas Rest Ronald says that is being held up by a south amount Can investors and he went, somebody was promise. Anyone's damages is well, nobody told of any to like you know, just be a groovy and jump at the fact that this means that is associated with reality. Nobody UK one sign when somebody just because it would have associated with. I would want to talk to the person why cities like her rap. So I guess you fellow
and every other day calls you'd lay age of anyone, think Rihanna guess I'm doing all night. He said this problem was a general faced armed and when we have more, she busy shooting the studio record of all, isn't a studio record. A third on approval, were you know him arson, one, our daddy democracy, that last name is. She may not want to see him for money. I might just be to stand. Is TAT Ladys in disguise, saying you know that created with his company when I'm not sure you just call I'm sure she has no. Are you still doing you know in the meantime, shove any sort was a big chicken the main issue? Browed like taste? It sounds tasty. Any ticket office now. Let's talk about a and game, they saying than we were gonna make to hunt the two hundred and fifty million dollars when one day who cares struggling to close Bob venture then gave twenty one more days, How much weight is between two hundred and two and if it be you already budgeting in us all the first weekend, I would think
Craig like I have a Billy, but maybe that inevitably to buy in their country of origin labelling and make that might laughable martigues well before you haven't ok. Now, let's talk about this, fifteen million dollar trust fund story. There became a here so excited about. Yazzi tackles posted a scene, bigs posters Toto was true. Our main aim doses guys. There was a report that aisy wisdom fifteen million dollar trust when foreign Nixy hustle kids and they do confirm that it was a fake news report they said is inaccurate and please don't Ready, that's as sensitive thing. Why would somebody make up a story Michael clicks for like salary to ease dope. It is then ya spread. Everything on in it, but the truth, everything that building on the internet spreads vast, but the truth. Nobody here but the truth when the lies pointed to think TAT, I am sure, and as he has been set up fine for his damn sure, I'm sure that their mothers were holding down and the family any where'd. You could look at their posts until it was rigged. It any may come from any source,
like it was no source cited for that. It was just a headline in both metallic what a picture of nifty in jail and peoples posting it like. Why would you think out the truth, and why would you just it often ask him in a detailed impact caused posted. That's why I'm talking to our motor multinational to factors such as last night was that pack I mean you know. That sounds like something whole would do right now, when you just hit him and ask if, like this came from nowhere, seem bags and pick out who have no source for which are just spread. It is crazy. Beth. I re well I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report very firm how'd. You know that hey The new flame is an Orange Manila. Coke in irons, vanilla, coexist sugar yeah, you heard their rank and I have to tell you it's a grey combination of Coke Orange vanilla flavour. Had your closest retailers, and sir I am out. Thank you. Am I right revolt we'll see you tomorrow, everybody? Oh, he wanted Saturday Myra Revolt, we'll see you guys. On Monday, everybody
Choice mixes up next and then also old, King Combs will be joining us, for nobody has a new project out right now. So will kick it would King Combs after to make? So let us what you want to hear. I get you a question. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one we're going to start off with. I got five on it, and it's was so big in the movie us and go get that on this morning, right after breakfast, Pokemon Mornin everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We got us pursue guess in a billion euros MA am here was several birthday. First and foremost. Thank you. Thank you. So much filing now you ve. Let me now Huckabee vs. As you know, Vegas was doomed. Yet I won't let you into collaborate. Australia egg is not is vitally so yet me. I know what you mean. I do they do you out of a global basis. Numbers sway Lee. By then we ve got me off the stays wow
I believe and get an idea you and your gun was. You know whether they could guess daffodil son of eggs, superstore x. I guess you gotta respect you ran nobody out right now, but it is also to anyone laid out immediately But I am a little bit now. You do a model in if you do a music hosted thing. So what do you prefer? The most proper firm, Moses, definite music, as the mile in it wasn't nothin that I like reached out to do an agenda that we reached out to me. The music is just lay really when my high and passion is like to sum up, then one day since hours super little as per the project out there, I'm so proud of as a whole bunch it
different Bob's different features on that t. Grisly city, girls, german tied dollar, see why, in on its who saw how much influence at your dad had all this out was indeed a whole step away, always wondered hosting over you like. I want to do in my own, and I come to you on a flight me watching him. When I was younger, was really him being near. The most could have been resolved. I learned so much from to see him towards doors of ideas in it. Used been in the studio. Light can only needs to be, has all right now. He knows that, but when I saw the music he definitely was. I yo is He actually encouraged me to put out more songs either you have thy extra things to prove because people kind of one it's a doubt too, because they wanted to say as gummy tries for sure a hundred percent below I put myself like doubled its harms the light someone out there. You pay you to hate, rule, quick and then people just see if that so ages, lately has got a hit.
Me: I could get a hit sunlight dad, but I'm still did his son in law. That saga work harder to prove that Europe can cause. I'm see three unchristian cause, I'm not just did he say for me, sir. I read something with you: you dare kicked you up the house waken up for the breakfast to to make the level of their story camp is so cool so day was pretty gloomy outside the outside thousands in and on their Ralph Regos. They help me get that it check. Immunity is talking in you re like seeing men like you like to see is a worthy policy surrounded by sharing by biologists, Chile, so his ear, and he came my own selfish. I worked in this week which of zones we within. That's how you want studios idea, man I was as in other questions, but wasn't good enough for you. Get out. My house baviaan miles Rayner out beneath
like the first meal of the day, might actually been a lady whom you, beyond his on honest, I'm but is maybe get out and go ahead to sleep in the studio. I got my own little bad boys to the Hollywood, so How do you know where love do said? This has been blocked by them. As in the same question, that's always solemnly, I, my back. If somewhere, we talked about how perfect about the Cripple Zog, is you woke up too late for breakfast spurs he kicked off. Could you look a little breathlessly, educating, wagging, imagine why didn't he Do you only eat me Why are you always to grow? just short of which so well The name is nowhere. Com
Wow everywhere, you don't know your way, misused. Some thought your, whereas the young men who know all my age at the outset. That means that you so stars of NATO S, one listen you see that picture right ok now resorting to come in. Everywhere. There put a damn sure and the ivy look with dean over it back share launch!
the citizen who said that the sale of travel visa o the page I get. I the only one that do you know. I didn't know it was a poor party. So, although that is less known, I was I was alone Levant, I'm lucky K. Collins has six parties may do you go? You have a lot to be twenty one. Man is great. I tell you that all the other do onawandah does with a dna and twinning why sufficient now eternal were new drink lobby Rob Adami legal redress present. Who have you ever been drunk jellybean Oh dear, oh dear my birthday, I was a little tipsy, or would you prefer us about their daily on Sir Edward? Mr Corbett. I D Leon is hit though you gotta get added value. I guess you like a daisy.
He had a son, I feel a drink. You got to kill the required level just give me hey, you know a Latvia have only been talking for like a we. Normally They are about three do love, but I thought that I am glad that you are. We appreciate you, this man and out Miss out right now, sincerely see you sincerely see three our right now good cited ass. You have, please is the breakfast. It's getting Bab, I shouted King Combs for joining us. Look at sound serve. My legs are nervous tough service, pretty dope or feature is regional. Then why are you in city, girls, anti grisly degraded motto as a shout to King Homesite, and also to night? I will be out in Bingham tinsel shouts everybody out and being obtained I'll. See you guys later on to night. Yes, I met it out to Detroit, did do do you.
These are really exist. Relax, raise Zella, which, though it as we give it. It is we again I have anything. Players looted, homey, just hilarious gentle areas is performing at car lived. All we get. Ok, you got, shows there and made no miles. I may go check her out onto a beauty gone on Sunday those that want to shade Roma Beauty car boot. Have called a beauty guy under somewhat the shade room, Sunday, a beauty got ok, I'll, be a beauty gone or funding is going to be less Galen. I there flew to age. If initiator of me, I think fireside sadism, let there be no- and I would be more Sunday and salute Aaron Burnett, as CNN had been her show. Last night out front, but I was because I watch out front like, namely every other, namely when I'm all winding down. I want to catch of online. I note the World NEWS today, around seven o clock M, always
in her shows old dog beyond her show last night, so food, the errand and also short, shouts, Morgan Radford of wine, we're gonna, be on her show, MSNBC deftly check out and they for happiness in it. We got a shot out Castro for joining us today, warning Castro yesterday on cost twenty twenty presidential candidate, so astonished when you brothers, Canada, air former secretary of how'd, you know I got questions for anybody who runs heard because I don't then how come military veterans, don't get in free room in I follow. You forfeit his country at the least. You should have when you return home is a place to stay Nothing pisses me off more than seeing veterans in sign in a big for change, undesirable and plan for people to know about, and plans and vouchers and things that they are eligible for as well. Yes, there over to be yes the pilot and no man is. We can remember it is when you hang out what you folks, you are the sum of the five people close to you
You can't breathless busier finical yoga, Syria in a country whose name is often associated with hope these days. But when I held there in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the northeast Ro Java, I didn't just fine, and fear and violence. I found hope a group of feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society. You can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series: the whim. WAR, into the women's war on the heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. Is a ghost haunting de Berulle in the food fighters. Why does IRAN claim covert? Nineteen is a? U S, bio weapon, I'm Benbow and in our new show strange news daily. We are shedding light on the most bizarre, disturbing and unusual news of the day. Every
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