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Monday 11/20 - Today on the show we had Cyhi the Prynce stop by where he spoke about working with Kanye West, gangsta rappers and even gave us a freestyle. Moreover, we did a flash back to when Lecrae stopped by and spoke about about being depressed, saving a women from committing suicide and more. Also, we replayed the time Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Chanel West Coast for putting herself in the rap category with Kanye and Drake, while using Charlamagne as a pawn; and we even played back some of our funniest "Shoot Your Shot's" with one listener shooting his shot at his wife!

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His job, Loveday child envy. Annually. Charlemagne girl cell on a planet is respect issue, because this is a voice. Is the signs in a gay the coveted morning so called we Don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous mortgage is your job to get it off your jes, whether your man, but I haven't, we want to hear from you on the breadth of, has childlike rely on what was the jailer get it off? I just need you to do me a favor and bid her a copy of the lion
in the light of your life like apologize, but unlike wooded Japan, beating gotta, do they haven't seen is pretty bad. Maybe I don't even think my parents have seen the lion king You know what I'm an idiot. I do for her coffee for their equipment Christmas. I watch which apparent line can cause. You have pursued a line and you have to see like me, have is actually like, like like a lot that is actually the story of black people in America. You really pay attention to what you, because you to play you to play this into play. You think a play by asking the council and also make it may thereby to that article, the lion Caroline to me, but I don't worry I'll, never get it for you. Why did you see pie to stretch hard towards like belly point?
to night ass. He put it simply wanted an unseen play. Hunted. The courtesy to play allows is all you need. Your help rob and sound a little less than two weeks ago. I was sure of the other party. May I came back out. New Yorkers is like brain a morning honestly that the light I woke up this amount has been about window. Why don't you- so you can't tell your problem that job, I'm retired homey call. The council me were waiting for the Kurds, waited for the crab, the get their cost pulled up. All we stole army, a doktor and get out of the car came out? Let's I need listen. I'm gonna put out there who are due to download from Jago dollar, mainly by getting square What did we just did? He's not gonna meet drug right now is a definite can immediately on home area pm looks like a crying to be regularly being your guy beg you broadly.
Is a crime to be dragging a coherent? I'm just asking nothing. So you did all features. Eighty five, eighty five, one o five. One of your obsession event hit us up right now is to breakfast locomotive. Georgiana get an obvious asked whether we want to hear from you wanna bread casually get ravages Mamma. I will call on the day that I feel is actually not anything of watches by I love with laugh. I we quit my job a thing here in that thing, a eyes out: It was all very vague and had a month. I thought you were good positive. My luggage gratitude is your attitude. Will one day board you got your bloodstream or are you like in your job? Is internet is very well by the guy. Ago. Our, I beg your mama, allows. There's Rob Rob Eurovision
Now, what is black lives matter? Doing or the people live, people that, being in in other parts of the world, seemed like a really talk about what happens with black lives matter. In America or what is going on here to focus on, you can have your question Where do you do? You do anything but a black glad, Madame Romania than another thing he said? No, so are you question? what we do for any black loud, Madame movement anyway, of your you're, not doing anything for my grandmother movement, all it's like an idiot year does worker for propaganda or America. You guys don't give it a little baby. My brother, my brother, are you hungry, are younger, is more a younger I'd, better go ok, go of young created. Ok, We need binding energy and my allows, there's lots of
regular features, brown men on black, but I gotta get a month ago and fell in love. Around as lasers, wrote, psyche Rapid ever go. What girl right get it off? Each has eight hundred foggy firewood, o five one to breakfast locomotive breakfast wanting everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, we got a special guess inability and yet the cry was half brother. I may I got it and I'll show you know it's not enjoy divide. Why why the locrians necessary right now, a laugh illegal occur, might be necessary. All my goodness come on. Man is like corner I wish you to work and that of all the bought it now in a couple of days, right, you're, the one day to Burma because it come out the money tat ran agrarian rat, so you gotta data, lizards about men and joy.
I'm not man, you know it's just so much going on and I mean societally culturally natural disasters everywhere. You know I'm saying so I feel like ever. And a well to just be able to tell me I hope in a milliner chaos. Not now have this all rise, you tweet it of any one feels unsafe and you re a needs, help and goose let me know. If you pay intuition load you, the idea would ever needed to do. I would ever needed to do in its various idea of evil about before before felt we we, we hoped for people on twitter followers, stocks of grey, we gotta go on as they are known and oh, I got a lot of you like me. Will you let me go to university american? Am I gonna do where you were so the data transfer? What today we saw some people want to traverse Gozo, young Youngblood lady. She was like Madonna, feel safe. You! U nonsense on. I want to transfer to another school, so
no, sir, not somehow girl whom you know works in academic it. Lies in the whole ass. She gave me to run down or how to help these data transfer and in a really really just matter right and share in Japan. I his the fee is gonna cost lightly Why you never for people problem nuclear bombs in the great can allow you to be humble about tax married. I know our respective Wagglewiggle big deal about it, but not a big deal. Man I just enough for me. I feel that if you want to change was gone on a society, especially in this climate. You got see that programmes you got you no publicity and and for me I feel like I'm, not with the publicity in the programs on I mean policies like I don't know. All of that. You know I'm saying, but I know program. So I can you know what the program I can put you in a volunteered a prisoner someone I gotTA, Blamore wanna do that type. So let us get it now. So you saved my life. Yoda was Craig. I wasn't it
Incidentally, we all totally closed. You saved a transgender from common czolgosz, craze, Allama, Andy Mineo, with him and wash heights and he's argue, You know this is New York, so we we was talking about. Hardly be winning side by tell them about my uncle Bob. Gotta be wedding and you we wash eyes then came capital. You nonsense. You say you know she achieved. Was in a browser addresses our over evidence. It arouses light. We can walk from where we had walked over here, use right there, and it is just as a random things greatly in the right place at the right time. Really good faith in God just be walking. Do Ashton Heightened neighbourhood man. That's why I was crazy right because, when I saw her run in with our shared off,
Are we not now they want to buy? Why you did snapped is mass of us our running short of some like yours, I'm in the Bronx those online. I'm like yellow animal she's run away. If he's like New York, let a half is the inexpressible brought out. All the people in the world come from all the flawed and abruptly as there is a new road owing to certain of you like I have as or media I was like ocean, we ease eyes New York, letter happiness and I could be this. She ran into like you noted the pillars, the whole bridges I she ran into it. First split I hear waddled is blood everywhere. Sunlight YO was gone Kansas. Let this happen he's like New York letter was so he's a little bit shot like I was gonna, she gets up and we stand by right at the bridge and she rested a bridge in an and literally trouser job in just I just so happen, a reflex ground
and yet it down. I go you trip and what you doin she liked don't let me go on trying to go meet dad, I said: listen. We can talk about that right. Now. God wants you to live, but he ain't done with you. Yet you know she resting with me. She strong, strong, okay. Because I was like you know she had a loaf. Like Barbicane shadow, you and I like you. I think this is a transgender if someone may on a was gone all right now, so Mama Eddie showed the human being the need to have it. The lanterns women are transforming Forgive me I ll not be politically incorrect, but it was a human being that man doesn't filming, so we wrestling and finally she's like I. Let me rest. Let me rest. I said I, but you I just feel ass though she said now, nay, she jumped Rebecca was how to jump over the bridge again on my go calm down so I hold in our union, in an old man, run up lights. You gotta, stop. She kick him and adjust bow. He fallen ground. Bali Andy's, like somebody called a police police com and asked a real, must have part about it,
police got there. The first couple officers. Were you no help for trying to lights, subdue her in and calm down, but then they saw her wrestling and some other cops from a distance. Just Tussle Canadian Ass, no question that eighty eight, MR came it's tough guy, you know just not compassionate and it was. It was an ugly saying, but you know hopefully she's good lucky because you you, a man wrestling with her not all over. You aren't allowed only though he was used domestic. Dollar nodding a noble and I was like it was a weird like ours. Just trying to keep of job in Man S inside of it out to you now So may I please, if you, if, if you listen to this, may hit me up, I had no idea you guys they by the great yo. It was. Why more locri. When we come back to its breakfast to breakfast locomotive breakfast
morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have locri in the building charming. You know that no you're, really decent human being, and I was actually listening to overzealous who saw park at this morning. Gown she had on it, but they were talking about how the essence of life isn't being human is realising other people's pain and in coming to the aid of others warrant pain? Not to me who do tomorrow to poison is what their background is. What they do, you just saw a human being and you re oh yeah, I can't even in my eyes, just be thinking to myself like us. I went to a lot of you know. Suicidal fail, isn't thoughts, you know through twenty. Sixteen too I can only because I'm ages audited. Universe is the trauma from watching people more. On television and ended up so many other things to item. It was gonna. U gotta gunboat on you by police officer to her. It is raining
I think that you of all people would have received a close and that the gas tat is you read in, but I'm a real one man on my be a real, I think that's the problem is that is this misconception I, like you, know you guys. People are these pitcher, perfect folks, you not of sand. If anything we we should be the most vulnerable to most. For, like listen, I know I'm jacked up. I know I need I don't claim to have it all together. So for me, you know like I had an item on it, but it was just like man, I'm just tired. You don't say I'm just tired of about a nonsense. It is it's not like. I was like our mother duties can only stop and think about, like anybody who said said a source I always think about what was going on your body, you know, sands Gama, your keys, Adobe. You know your loved ones Most somebody got. It is now faced the trauma, Senor Body, Lancelot Grass, or don't ever ever. I always consider that but lost, or should I just went through so much any annulled.
An interest oughta the scrutiny and when your whole, when you start mix, have faith and honest up inside it just Gabriel ugly and weird it's with known as the under their disabled imo. One point my life, I thought about suicide and even when I was doing you, Ve Ministry and Mohammed Moth, number thirty, eight in Colombia, South Carolina now really trying. The underwriters Papua had a menagerie too. I wouldn t cheeks so fiercely drunken out overnight authorities. That's about all ban are the right man. I didn't need my journey oligopoly, I'm going to disobeyed, so I actually did. Indeed, Russia will gotcha adult place. You saw what it always will get you out of obviously cliches God, but I got three really good France machine to be J. Eighty two dashi man who just tell me now and they were trying to fix me they just machine face me-
baby China thinking? I am entitled to eat. You talk a real sigh way. You talkin outside your neck, drawing an eight hour I'll, say you know your brother, you needed, you know, think on right right way. They were just like. I feel, uber innocent. I fear you, you know, keep keep talking. I must keep wrestling through a mandate, illicit air and at times we need an. U s I feel like an esoteric patient has anything to do with the politics of everything you have happening again. Are you now that's really what what what a popped offer me was like the silence em. You know a lot of people. Look at me and my all you love gas. All is the whole like an hour, I had a conversation a million times but, like you know me, Having, God doesn't, doesn't make me, you know a conservative republican or whatever I'm saying and I think that's the mentality. People like like stop talk about politics from Arkansas amount to mere rice,
Parson that a policy Loretta I. What are you talking about? I so doesn't authorities in broken enough about situations like that. You feel me by and large. I think that you know a lot of people have The vote will allow people have done a lot of great stuff. You know shut up till I passed on the coming in. The Bay Area whose who's been real about about about. There's been a lot of local people. I'm just saying you know it was really folks who their faith is connected to patriotism and nationalism. Mine is not one of satellite. Mama side you play should be it right, like I don't like got it. I don't got in here to save a mer, to save the world. So that's my whole thing like that American? But I'm not like my faith and patriotism Mamma, I believe all that type of weird stuff. So that's what we're got me in a lot of attention at the items you feel like you couldn't wherewith, because your fan base would be like. I can't believe me
only that he would do us all with despair markers army. Now I think There's no me an aim. They know what I'm about a saudi normal, I'm I'm I'm would be real and yeah I'm a man of God would not, but at the same time I'm going to be real and I'm going to do what I what I feel like it's necessary artistically. You don't understand. So I work with anybody. You know it's just: what are we going to be Talkin? you know I'm saying like I'm at work with anybody in and I may just have to jump on the tracking and put my little spin on it. You know what I'm saying like I don't know how that works It ain't no rules to it, so to speak, like other, thereby try to make rules for this in a rosy just follow what you believe. It is right in saying in and make the music they degeneration Exposure foundation. America is so influenced by western thought and western thought is gradually becoming
like Anti God, you don't understand, like I don't believe in God. So, but when you go to the east, God is still a very huge part of their culture. So you know you go to Africa. You go to China would not. God is still up it's a big thing, but I feel, like you know, we get real air again in, like look at everything, we've been done. We move away from the council on my way home boy them near the talking about. The matter rather than calamity, if you like, but man, ok about the earth you know we'd be, should be putting money into other places that climate change- and I don't care about that. The USA will give our gods I don't care about your kids grandchildren. You turn into a legacy from the south. We hunt the eat me be fish, we guard to eat, the nerve is everyday. Do when you talk about costs, So they think they for governor GOSH doesn't that's a fact euros and always a mess with the grocery store body. Bunch of many things work together,
come on out. That's all! That's all I'm saying we outside you for joining us may not was always knew. Ladies and gentlemen is look: cry. Is the breakfast programme on it? It's down this future sound is due to the breakfast lunch aids. Don't method, method, method up its efficiency, shall we got Michael, allow might was set up in the morning now you want to do you want to shoot you shot, I'm kind of confusing. You shoot me shout with Kenya, whose Kenya, my wife, how are you shooting you shot, which a wife lacking? Usually, she would ask that all day long last out myself this morning, my wife s, gonna sexier of kind of secularism, mostly of you, you you're gonna, teach your wife like she's, just a girl who constantly trying to court. But this is a complicated story. Blown up, my wife, but who years.
And now she seated on she left me for someone. Oh, I will always love your wife left you for somebody. And now you long corridor radio and try to get our back. They would. It is our clodagh work, one whatever with my family and he felt tat. The love was near and he was seated on the guy. The club Anna a few months back. Are you? I don't blame you used in Gaza, sleep with that man. You're no You are here working hard to provide for your family, as a man should issue should have any when Adele, who used to be an ever, we used to go out. I gave added, I believe everything that you buy the crowd.
Cried. I will come to the radio and slept files. You don't you bet a man up was a? U n. You gave a everything you use you give up. Love and emotion. The money is always good, but did you give it? I love and emotion in conversation as new mental will give all would have become work. You look back with mercury means, oh that derive from Isn t it does deadly. Does not given permission to cheat. You gotta stop blaming yourself. If she wanted to get out you get it. You said you wanted now she should achieve exactly Gyre back conversation. Did she tell you this year and in employment and only thing, I'm, the one level, my guy tabby, that growth is not your fault. Bureau is not your fault, but you be stormy. You might not have been earlier, but you should she did know what you want all they love. I want my wife, When my God, what is my wife is another woman's I mean another man,
at this moment that made, as I knows, I loved you for another major chided on Eu China work it out my oh, my god, my god, I can't believe might when we come back with a collar on alone. You, you know, you be strong, cello utilise, you feel anybody's, don't cry is be strong, as is natural for if every night is for our, you know why you call and remove all having only Jim Raina, in giving my my wait up and go and find me some folks This is his wife, you know when we come back, we'll call. Can you make you good island you'll? Maybe nice me, this is crazy. I'm hurt in budget, be nice. Many you wanna hurt. The guy is cry when we come back
Can you move the breakfast locomotive morning? Every body is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of shoot you shot. My is China shooting shot with his wife. Kenya I MIKE is all of two you allow like area for the worry bore a better more shallow ever mean. Pardon me really. Angry. Pardon me an air carrier or watch bird flu is broken.
I love you, you cry. What are you coming? You never tag. I mean like you that your kid you're aboard to the poor boy, but I haven't done anything about that, hello, hello, Kenya, Kenya morning, Angel Celimene for the breakfast club region. We show me got here. How are you want any you? While I don't even know it they might now. Can you area k you blaming him and you couldn't spoke to him? You can said: aid is not working as you didn't have to just cheat on Kenya. You cheated on my Kenya Will you take it all my life? I bring him.
No, no, don't blame opened up and let another may have peanuts inside of it. That's not right Let me tell you didn't let me the way we want free was provided for family and, yes, you didn't come home. He made some mistakes, but enough. We just got leave to unite divorce, gonna Bogart, went on divorce and then go have your way. What other penises you cheated? your browser. I know you haven't even when we were on our own identically, had him have his sex what his boss? Now you don't know what's going on here, you got a grip on. You know all of that, but I would call on you you are. You are mine, say Europe, Kenya MIKE you need the made up. My can stop acting like this. He is wrong. Speak up. My you wrong! two plus two equal five. What happened before
Why don't I wasn t besides, I'm not the funny about women cheated MIKE's we'd, like many Judith before you, and I are my good. I proved what my family, my god, you I was able to call you. You never come off again. I'm a water because he was a June. I wonder whether he doesn't want to lose. You know what do we know? What do you want I'll I'll, be a fair weather, fair for you to cheat on a man? So can you aren't you gonna give another Indonesia for divorce is given of the Sharia, speak, it talk it out and see. If you can hang here, we want Anyone be they want to take you back because you must eat limits as why am I took my mother. I would
MIKE stop MIKE Mike up. Madam, I got one of my lap fired. You saw them coming back and makes I just want to take my left. Knuckle anaerobic, deepen the your temple migrants. If you don't stop District Virginia been together since eight years old you are, you are his Charles MOM, will you do my opportunity a chance. I really really wanted at the boy I mean, and this is what you know. Everything within me told me that listen what's happening. I mean, I guess I'll, think about it. You know no, no, you gotta get Michel, but what would be urgency to write about it, but guess what they wouldn't be in this situation could be, I say, did you see it may be? Ok, but enough it, wait you J C. So you need to make a formal lab. I urge you say I apologize yet. Can you guys I go
when my design lower like me better now, you need to take to court, might start divorce, irreconcilable differences at the end of the day. I'd say, while lonely, no man, my pollinate right anyway, get much better man. You gotta do better than that. I'm a genius you wipe. Who, then, can you are you why the name. Can you remember that it had to do with anything other than those asking you? I don't know why? Ok Ok. Thank you again. We shall do what it can you just talk about after this may be call each other, have some large and talk it out their past, my going to take away your gimme a call figure it out- and I give my call to figure it out this this weekend is friday- I go out to dinner and now talk it out of their cool
I'll, be I tell you, I just I guess I'll write my my Lee, you Michael you Frida's Friday. Please, oh yes, please say you know working here, ok, good, all right! Well, Google! guys you better to me my I wanna, take a hot and put on a baggy nick. Please Everything right. I mean you. Don't know what I've been through our rights- I'm leaving loudly largely because I can you gotta go let your majesty flourishing. Can you thank you for trade Thank you and good luck. I have heard nothing like this. My life come: oh man, you cheated on and each Ici blaming him. Would you not help you made me to go back? Can you imagine if a man you that excuse? Imagine if I told my wife you me too bad. I would go away went neighbour. Would ever I lock me away in a mental institution, probably wrong jobs without reserve. Loon girls grace is actually just shut. The breakfast locomotive
he's down this future. Sound is due to the breakfast lunch AIDS: don't mess it up, method, method of journalism to shout. We demand a girl of the work that the but the idea to our I married I about you, gotta good, atypical devout drinks, every none at all. Maybe you don't fix it. Lcd, prom, condemnation of european values. This is a good idea to shoot you shot. If she knows she giving hideous doll. And I would even have a prescription at once a week ago, like a packet, Burma Supper and then you get it. I'm busy Majesty adjusted Garcia year. She, Daphne Digital LCD into gear, to get to prescription, broke out. Now around scared pursue Mercer out We are to help me lines. Have you haven't had a driving you have you ever had a conversation who argued the girl Dave Door was born or she borders
I have heard many not question: do you put the gun in your mouth before you doctor? You know you will get a paper offer her words, because if you talk to her before put the gun in your mouth. There's, probably why she's not inter ethnic is your breath is clearly funky now have worked. Well, ok, let's give out anyway, I may name on the Hudson Bay conversations I daresay senior when he buys gum savvy interested to see. If she noticed you when you walk in earlier years referred forever. Be a reason that you have been shot you shot yet other than just nerve. Maybe he's gay and maybe get a small we gotta know. Madam, is ok with me. Maybe you need some bosoms Annie than for anxiety Arab prescribes afford. You know how to give up the girl once you should use that when we come back, we gonna quality. If it has any right, let's have year Natalia.
Move right program called time you when we come to breakfast in the agency Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of shoot you shot. We have devised to on line, not Avanti gonna shoot. You shot man make their fungal color. I referred earlier to workers from the pharmacy.
Avant they from the honesty how to get my number gave it to me. Remember no, I don't remember, I never gave you must wait. Please don't say what do you want to argue that it should give me another? You gave your day search Facebook, your number tranquil Jesus. I understand you didn't. I tell us despite I'm sorry this way. Let's have you if he has a ways deasey and the angel ye shall have even breathless. Lemme yeah we're doing going old. We gave him your name. May I say he was calling issue his shack as he has a question you he said he comes in there all the time to buy gum. Oh my god, oh Margaret, the to despise gone out only them, but his changing his hair, like I'll put it on good. Oh, my god. He's decree beers gloomy. I wonder what you do you still on the phone you can hear you can hear you got this kind only been care because you ve got them out and looked up.
Number one Facebook, as we near February. My move now really because Facebook does provide this kind of information, but I do think we would have asked them be, nor did he get your number before and but your weight. Why are you calling me about understanding wants to have sex with? No, no, it wasn't take are out of date was to take you out on a date Why would I lie down two billion people on the planet? You think I will go out what they do. No, no, no! No! No! No! No large Islamic! You have. Aim of America. I would argue for tat. You have my keep. Anyone know why me keep one hundred and seventy has adult agony, we're not even doing it like that. Are you kidding me
figure out figure me out now the wandering, please. Let me tell you a medicine for diabetes for HIV for cancer and become an everyday buying gum. Do you learned how creepy, Why would you prefer I've him something for his adult acne, shitty, Garcia, Germantown all have a great many more Diana ass. You say, and I got believing anywhere always give. As I am aware there like they're always offer people got what I learned that creepy annulled was annulled. Digital dialogue last words everyday croupier, you two were divine. I feel it really operating fluid nicer, slow work would be. You know, you love me girl, you're waiting for him lie. You mean him all about taking the gun from him. If have never taken gone from, have never catch fire, caviar,
because that's not Natalia next time. You company, I will call the policemen he's creepy his own initiative, you may you might need to get a ridge. We didn't know I'm sorry to know we don't know. What do you use your mother or father was clearly a Josephine. The name of idea you familiar advantage when, from Josie Year for Commercial back They re my thing. That's on outlets! Happy, I'm sorry! I we gotta go. We get things together only I, the body have a black day, stop stalking women. Ok I'll see you, for. I see you next week, girl. Let us remember ye shall rise, shoot
sharp donkey gabble day for to day September? Nineteen go this. You know why cause you know she no, of course, and I had a little earlier this year on MTV ridiculous. Let's hear an occasional familiar, always gratitude, distance out and drove was like whatever I said about you, I'm going to say to you and I will continue to stay until you revolvah magic. Something They make it. The truth are those meanwhile grew up in one word or I'll go with. You would have said no great any demonizing the same person who caused by me
When we see word we young money. I got Sancho French Montana, widely tidal clue. Get em into a verbal or of them having metabolites both my mind. Many still came back and in fact why you don't know, what's wrong We, as the other no musical drought record so we will always liked to say Wayne found again drink, but they all we bought loads within Tiger journalism. Larry's bless her little heart did thing abortion West Coast. Is that she's always talking about this imaginary resume? She has she's always talking about his track record she's like the side chick who claims she's the main chick. But when you ask the guys about it, ass, you claim to be with an open mind, Nobody would know what caused to try to convince and produce a name a. Why do something then
producer really wants to do, and ass recorded music what're, you know West Coast, to produce a one about help and makes the man s music? Yes, you now wanted. Of a wanted interested in helping our provide soundtrack for her unseasoned chicken breath in Asia. As a reminder that, back in the day when I wanted to work with you, you played me. Oh yes, we ve heard this tale before back. Then you didn't want me
How do you know? I mean that's what happened which nobody went on loving her probably would kill you abilities, please I wrap in saying, and I have been elected these illegal like ours, with low wage young lady, like I, sat and play all my music, a little green ass on the French Montana Snoopy real side, all assigned a driver yeah you ass, an immeasurable. I wasn't, as I was an assessment fresh months my yet we should work to shame on. You, pray, never look at China work which its way with the best. I can drop bob a wonder ass. Well, you got a treat everyone respect because you never know who's gonna be who ok, basically a one told Delhi own at a whole demand ace now in the mail at issue? No one calls wasn't allowed on a one sandwich and when she got introduce through a tribe call curve, not only
she stopped running down our track record. It was interesting to see how she took me tell her that she was whack, cannot lank tat solemnize anyway, I had to tell him what a live jasmin has went out some of the biggest wrappers history so I'm up there with cod and Frank and everybody what made you know what's come here, just playing me up in the calibre of them. Did you say why has very ambitious? Do you know what coastline because I have called are drinking con before it since I caught her work is well she's on their level. First of all, even though Craig had never been mock up a green tea. I have always said it was an extremely talented individual. Just because I call com. Where can you call dashing, and I think he's in the second place does not mean I am not a fan. Can you wasn't? he's a college you should now on. None of these things are right must be clear and therefore its ivory delusional illusions in his work around Europe,
delusions non ballade lesions mood. Can who went delusions more neutral delusions. I would say she now you fall under the bizarre delusions category. Somebody adding a bizarre delusions are noble last likewise rightly illusion was. Are the losers are considered extremely odd, highly implausible, inappropriate based on a person's culture and life experience Ok, an example of a bizarre bizarre. And would be the belief that an alien perform surgery and replaced all your blood would Kool aid without leaving a Scot Thou Gale Arsenal West? I was thinking she's on the same level as Draken Congo, where, because Charlemagne a so called this all of them, I have been very specific about any reason. Why their feeling draken con you about something, but those guys are extremely town, just like what you should now. I think you're a lovely for us in which had just a whack Artis. Ok, I think Donald Trump is whack. Enough said where a bunch times on his radio, but that don't make you to president others. You know doesn't make you one.
As politicians in the world does just good ideas, you ain't Donald Trump Chanel Euro Whack, rap. Ok, done. You, the good all those people you that is long track record and has gotten you absolutely no way you have every musical. She called known to man and you chief failing and you know what they say when all else fails, there's always delusion GINO, don't go Jason, Texas, PETE, thicket almonds in Amerika with that you used to please gives you know was caused the biggest here. Is this, the breakfast everybody's D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. We got us pursue guess in about any of her eyes. What's happening. What's up what's going on man, I always wanted to know. What did you mean when you said real? Don't do breakfast club interviews, real guys, don't know, rested on the principle that have occurred in a man.
You see. A lot of art is copy of envy, like no one as an unpleasant. Will you you know me like maybe like China Dogs, viable. I may your art is well. You may now be gangs who occasional, we do know interview. While you bring your attorney with you this event. Will we really do lobby? One would not be fair that art its Argillite bay, as our Do you not being interrogated is the end of life? If you really is three, do we really want to coffee and talk about what you'll live in? What were made your arms and one is today this idea of you know it is the place for that. Absolutely tell us that you you're a writer as well as an artist, is a lot for continuity with yes, now other hooks more of these brainstorm by anymore, so alike, aid like bow a lonely,
am I right? The rat there like they're, not more so, have a deterrent. We just been talking about direct the record when Pablo was dying prior like seven the whole life, lonely rat or a jungle studio. He wrapped twelve verses before Pablo thing in the manner are really just read. Also over then go to sleep. Outta here. Give me a chance and regions and made a rap everything's, but we ve been talking about it for two years. The right we live in have a lears. Lay though it was I in its work within one week Let me, like you know my ninety one. We might be like three days. You state of my strength and restrict the medicines gone. Is ass, bad ass, tat my hands as your favorite? yeah yeah yeah, I got a rugged, do exist a good game in areas like mad like the holy church,
How does it available? God? Never seen a work together before now, the first for me, how did you earlier? What he discovered me on the internet, I'll did song gunning a guy named Yelawolf is I was I was tat, yellower element. Rubber, yellow of appealed. I'm gonna give them our awkward it as I do. I just had to fires, and God that was like Emma Lanka than a Lana was tough for me to lie. Do a table. You ve got one desire. Is Canada variable my situation would like you know, as a rat would do the rat, leaving today there although whatever so we beat, we did get record little. Do you know video yea scene and on all in an end is kind of start putting on his tumblr and in a week, lady flume it'll Lion is, is being weavers part of their lives, Was this a year whatever
mommy and finance was the first is that as far as Madame during that I've always wondered away. You fresh eighty like to China, put out that fellow our that media Dave you album, or was it you being patient and saying? Ok, is not It is now time I want over me MA am like I experienced a street in sober level sober. I was just happy than that had to go back to the trap. Now, what a tat would deliver waters? It means there carry quick me. I wouldn't maybe my fault cuz, I'm just happy now you know how to do it. I use so the fans was affairs light very adamant about Islam. Deafening want to do this for them to his will, not just for myself, but I would never first try to carry out an worked on this last five items on brooding. Did you give aid absolute look devil exactly like inside the pace is not here. Really pay ass. They issue for that it complained nobody light. He had come, let you off!
Pay me. Ok are adieu walked in a studio. Was the leather black sea, though his things on and then my genes. Are upon the phone appeals are put together. Brow he, if you do waters? If you did an engineer if you'd cameraman, if we actually want, about this. All your name is on the right. That's. Why be so? Many people, What are you gonna do with being the brainstorm review within, darling. You report reckon I, like air body rode on the record is air by within their good piece of European, a blip S own interests, because you wonder like, like sometimes canyon, seems so narcissistic, and I see that you are such a big ego and he seemed so self centered that you and thank you, be such a giving person like. Yeah man. Could he already samples already taken up, got three examples: magazine is fifteen. Twenty people got at supper,
but that's I use he do you know me? I appreciate it I think a lot of time. You know people we have even owning reckon. I know by we overly reckon that on five you answer the door. It was your clothes Well, why I rely for his deal? Was we yeah that now? How did you know we're gonna? What happened with their situation? Well, I'm a further will. Actually when Tony and Jerry Faye, I was in a group and I'd. Take me back now you know how I got my life fitting. Ok, though you know me, I would like one of the best, rather than mildly, but yeah, a new booth Duma panel, noble outta, my guy is you dog, you know, there's a new boost to body. You know me, so I was a duke I was just trying to get out of my sister house on some gangster. You know the saying they was just like. Okay, do you want to get out of this? We need this.
Some trying to figure out somebody help me. You know me, you know Gimme a check or those of booze like which letters boom always got a place of even odd situation, all the way workout cuz. You know the def jam regime and you know he'll a reason all that I just always appreciated him for just taking a chance to like get me out, I need nothing else from boo, didn't kind of go right, because once I got to def jam, it was like boo left boy, Larry left in like four months after that, so it's like damn I'm stuck, but then, no yea just start doomsday logo. We all want to. Let him go online. Ironing this ain't, a beside me so yea, was my young man come over here right for me. You know I'm saying do this, do this and then we'll get you some cash aid, and then we come back you know, get you out of the situation. It has won the day. No double Sandy's would dare before good mood, Yeah I was already on def jam. You know I want to make him trap records, though me, and you know it was kind of bunheads about that.
From Atlanta Remagen about, but if I can listen, a rat drawn, a line installers rather about fifteen yards of France was critical of the religious thing, We are just group in a church and I would like probably bear more better than us just a bit. It is that which is tragic get away from me, bow was heard and I want to stay wrangle. I went to lay out to the club, we're not by my first cd I purchase was reasonable. Doubt in it was really could do for Philly with teach me out. A rat. Just thought is the most prolific, twenty or thirty. Viewed the rat like na wraps. Is it with you? they belong to me, I'm trying to rapidly about what are you hear me? We hire you. Me now go back
Mr Crowley, to give middle cipher he's killings always like telling me. I made you and give you our only lie around so powerful. Later I mean com. I, for one, am I knew your do them high school and the others here. Come on you, like me, man, that's my partner record, you know and we got more which had a prince. We come back, don't move to breakfast everybody's, the envy angels, Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast clubs. I had a princess in the building. Now you can know Kearny with GMO without the song elephant. Talk about it right now, now may work if you don't know, you're going to be and we can hold a topical together- ok, so that they were moved by the do like this
Eminem, Dr Dre Album, and he had some controversy that he was going through. People would like keep asking me like. You know different things. They asking me that was like the biggest Peni me, why do you pajama Waldo anyone ever gave fault Was it lay dead, general, a power struggle so to write desire to write a rabbi garbage tattoo going abroad, so tat, only a web browser like Burma, We shall now you know me so I made a song tat actually will cut. Air would like a parity almost to make other no meekin draggled Lord. Today they are just through that. It is the light throw it. And I just saw the district of recital- that it is regular o k via really explain a banal meagre was guilty at averse to it and we never finished the actual with though hobby so many reckon I'd be mass, as other words is less on. Pride was voted. The elegant do all project go elephant in the room. Now I was gonna be like that I don't know what the name I was gonna be by not be light in all. They got new conscience,
like a viable somebody's lab. We were like rebel beggar full. Let me rails they'd with O I will give you no means that I thought we was is kind of really stand. But it is never came to flourish, and I mean you know me What thing about Burma he's a free artist, so I can't you can you? Russia's greatness is so many says, like Manna saying, come was last meaning that we try to gain because we will see more than it be like all by fame is the famous rugged has brought the matter they really. Are you just, but we ve been talking to labor. We gotta have a bad guy levy by reverend on year, hedges by people just honest. If you would think when I see him, they think they got a budget goes right. None at all happens what Alyosha, by all of us go beater. He ain't there eating outcome. I lay there was a young I write and stuff.
Why any failure in the land of ev alive. You never say I say as a vain like they say. You know you jump on a jet. These tat would take it out of date. Long I'll tell you that do carnival bit ly is just like stuff like that remain like. Just like us. They bow in a light wrangling, go thou, not even care about people. Knowing you got goes right as well Brady open about it? Again I get out. There is real look at other bills. Rhino like, as you have thing about something that is what you already cock, a rat or body rap. You can have goes why this to me, Look at our goals at Graham you download. Graham there you, a dialogue. I'll stay is fitting people. We have witnessed you girls, they sense, nor the other Are they got twenty people's Dave but erratic Gotta, be you and engineer. If I, how do you compete with twenty
musical matter, and is it you and engineer it ass, a journalist, the people that I you know I just that work with you on your label, causing it to make some money there in a room up a new rights, and now he contributed to this track. He contributed, we haven't a conversation and everybody gets paid. What are back in the day unless, unless we don't know Oh God were creating immaculate records, I guess body so yea, nor would it matter Gunjay early are really would thou Biggie raised. I would hang around. The big head goes right is hereby thing a mayor. I'm pretty sure they has upon us in every new land? No bees do J, a few Abu tat. You- and I say this- is data like to leave you. My name is Bogota, like that, when there is, if you don't worry, we react to a man and might be loud gowned right now apartment area. How wanted to react, though? You know a lot of this judgment. Just above all really morsel about the actual lyrics they say they to expose. The easiest. Do is ready anyway. They list aspect.
By what happened with the word that, but there was something that are the very marked awesome. I had my computers, we can all get out here. Was a? U God S, authorities take away their that's. Why was nervous, I think, is of playlists that I will not put up for my colleagues on the size and do you know get my vagina gives you just happened to title stuff either to I am even a computer, people always Burma, which grass the I'm still pills Olympia Zone, our hearts? of damage. We try to figure that out now and make it so must the big clad do have those cyber wreckers alma would have computer if this door is correct. I remember that for the first, these are when you bought regrouping. In a said, it was like six records he cut off many will be used for this equal and you having to put up six records, May I my about twenty of the only honest we have to be right
the one who knows about does daylight zigzag is is telling me short, I'm not a name rather than the elephant in the room project make it. I want to know what kind of was written about that mean that may was Congo. My lot like you know me, I really be no one. Unfortunately, tumblr love in Phoebe Valley from the, but I no black people really are low. You know me he'd Linda's than notices, maybe even You know me about my modest, but Whoopi Whoop told me tat. He lay who is that, unlike what a Jew, unless made alma got what we got, these have force. Will you
oh yeah, we'll all you do our wrapper everybody'd on Udo knows. I can really wrangling anytime. I wrote for yea and this guy we don't someone you ready around our moral to mean a blow them poligized there we go Lego. How sad a press? No doubt, nowadays. Yes, can you hear me? Ok, about his road, because that could never force dreams of me being on the Forbes list, and the forgeries was almost job that bitch you gotta move would afford, live play my grateful for my forklift, this four slash five for my waist. I go to war with or if I try to take away the Lord's get the math talking world peace, don't hit the fan, rappers that have fake beats and where is Vince Mcmahon. I never threw a rock and then hit my hand. Y'all should come Kathy cuz, I'm in the
Every was on cod dope. A rapid is the re. Let's go! Ok, yeah, I say monoplane Outlaw Madonna without flaw that doubt job with the south drop that can now ball. Anybody in this town dog data comfortable as our shop in the town hall, I've run underground nominal growl hall. Neil Armstrong, wait, you know my downfall, they should be shot Pooty taken within about self all map. It went to the king s shoe to South Park people. Your fancy catch it. That's the foul ball. You don't want to see them. Gas, pullup, Whitcomb, golf clubs, Nanda for details of scaring, do drab ass. They woke up to what to dollar state. I had a month's, I'm gonna know what was too. I was late. You suck is, but a move away from a birthday. I wish it well enough blew up. The cake celebration chose to do good,
because that can doubt a night not good twice at the curse like I'll walk around. Like a bush like I try to stay down the earth, but I've had to fly like an old goose veil like ours is a strike. You can tell a lot about a bitch. Perhaps you could rise without my before this good pipe. What I look like they face. Multiple stigma kind is for weakness, salaries for meekness, sleepless nights run down the street. Baby girl. I don't mean to be positions that cut a bit I'll bet. The GM. If I see fit, but also gees, does still get too. We fix you wanna, be upon them all, but I'm trying to speak Dick and not the buggy gave them like I'm three six, when the we lit be rapidly This'Ll be, can keep a secret Beaumont. Sneak these savages library
They could not sweetly greatly from energy to be more than the finish line at the Preakness. I used to break them down, make sure was remiss being the least I've made up the street for EAST. We want a lot a rat way before that's all the math. I got so much to lose. I can't afford to travel to have be. I got me, but even the water tat. Now Don't you break out he's out right now, there's another guinea, no double Sundays may Priolo garden two of our prejudge outbreaks diplomas, but let me bring his majesty our platform revolt as well beyond our November, something less Gideon gone you. If you don't posed monuments to growing amounted to groom twitter that only by my have re vigorously something absolutely right: Charlemagne now there you have, it is to bring the a breakfast
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