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Tuesday 4/21- Today on the show David Banner stopped by and spoke about his new album and all the things that are wrong with society and hip hop today and how to improve. Also after rumors about numerous couples splitting because of the side chick we opened up the phone lines to see if the rumors have our listeners scared to even think of having another person on the side. Also, Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Greg Gutfeld from Fox News.

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Even so it s a most dangerous morning brought his big day in everybody's. Isn't spending to go with me to the ruler rubbing the wrong way? The breakfast rabbi Marty? You s! Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, go go! Go, go, go, go, go! Go! go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Happy, Friday! Yes, yes, as Tibet, clever, Angela YE, nobody ever Charlemagne guy.
your morning annually at super excited. I have not been to sleep, not slept. Like word forty eight. I would like to four hours and forty out here. You're Tellin allays funny, because I was just in allay. We crossed paths yesterday and I can again. I know you had your book signing s and everybody give enemy of thinking. I was still and allay lame. Literally about twenty people. Are you over? There are you guys who shall remains book signing? But I had to come back to New York. Will vote was allude to early droplet clues As for the girl and boy by the noble active Grove, it was a sword out event. Yesterday, I carried champion moderation in they absolutely positively ran out of books, which is at what you ve been happening, a lot of bonded nobles all throughout the country and is interesting because you know that the book publishers, like you, were on our fifth reprint
not sure what that means, but I know it means it's good to drop one of clues bombs for that, damn it very much that came out yesterday. Ass, greener. I was in allay because I was causing the real in today's my last day on the real so may show you guys check that out. Ok, ok occasion, Madame anyway time at the Ladys, that we have some good topics. Good discussions there very at all it has worked, envy Danby, a nicer No, it's handbags! Oh you look a lot. You look a robber who, this morning, that's for me, real, rather modest, more nerve. Yet today by this, just came back last night from Elaine. I gotta go to Saint Thomas today for this. I can't the island you gotta go to say time is nice and I can of the islands, competition, I'm working guys and I are working managing I'm actually look affords my flight back to New York tonight. Why only today, luridly there s all us all.
what I do want to lay down five hours and not be bought it in fine piece o unify unopposed. It's disgusting, his people around with all its no matter. What is wrong with the guy gets rid of other people. You know you know, I was exaggerated, cajole nano foreign models, No, I don't think your hands off in your seat, uninformed, muddled on who, for Sometimes we get up there, you just gotta, let it go amen, Avons, it happens baby arriving as this could to show greater proposals that we talk about less about Bill O Reilly. A lot more information is coming out will be. We talked about him, actually getting pay out, leaving a facts and must tell you that it's gonna be and what other women are thing. I will get it all that enabled us this morning. Yes, I will say that David and it will be joining us. Monica will kick with David Banner, don't always drake shoulders to breakfast locomotive Angela Yea Charlemagne guy? We are. The breakfast club was getting some front page news sports last night's plugin.
I thought it shall. Maybe you should play off last night now about industry. Really I was no basketball pays. You should be ashamed of themselves that they were twenty six points. Ok, they had the calves, and they boil abroad now here what people, say about when he was the place is unstoppable. We came back and forth employees. Last night, thirteen rebounds twelve assist the calves lead we owe he, when I was in a last name: Leubronn Jean always bring the calves back. Why don't you can't, bag, Zella Bywater back they alone. As that is not true. now Milwaukee bugs beats, run Arabas, wonderful, seventy seven and surprisingly, the grizzly bleakness burs, one o five. Ninety foreign did I mentioned, carry evidently last night it was all about the whole secondary abandoned, seem at all First of all, I got all the points drink out back Leubronn blah blah blah Was the child labour unit three. There was a low carbon, however, at what he was past.
two I mean amazing aim was the gains made the cell to take on board use? Iraq is take on a thunder it must take on a you taught: Jazz Nellis Automobile O Reilly. O Reilly, he's gonna, get a huge pay out. Ok, twenty five million dollars, because that is under his contract as part of the settlements. To leave the network because of all these sexual harassment scandal not just leave you, and I want you to do my servants luggage right, so em yeah he's getting there appear, even in spite of everything that happened there's, no moral contract in his you, no moral clause in his contract or anything, but a lot of people are coming forward discussing is how it was in fact news what it was like working in the same way, thing as Bill O Reilly. Now per capita burgess. She He was on the view and she's the one they talked about Belarus, calling her hot chocolate, as you told them,
the stories that we hadn't heard before listen to what she said happen when she was on the elevator with Bill O Reilly fast forward, two three four weeks there We were on the elevator alone and he let me offers I walked in front of him and, as I was getting off the elevator he said looking good their girl. The hairs on the back of my neck, I knew the brunt groaning was going on. We were in later he didn't speak, then he waits get off the elevator and hasn't walking in front of him makes these remarks. I casting. That's easy when we said that he would go past her desk in car high targeting grunted her all the time. Now here's some more of what she had said While she was on the view now I told friends and family members, I didn't tell Fox cause. I was in a permanent. An employer fox, and I didn't tell my agency, because I didn't want to ruin my agencies relation ship with Fox NEWS because they are
people there on social media, two thousand and ten you tweeted. I contracted a Fox news for six months a few years ago. Bill O Reilly is a piece of agenda two fourteen you say Bill O Reilly likes Black, Then I'll leave it at that. Right now, but some of her old tweets before the now Sarah Palin, interestingly enough, has spoken out about what is like working at Fox NEWS. He was on CNN the lead and here's what you to say about her role as a Fox news channel contributor I used to be with box it corporate culture. There obviously has to change a women don't deserve. They should not ever have to put up with any kind of intimidating works, but at the same time, if a woman believes that she is being intimidated and her ass, she needs to stand up and do something about it, not stick around for a patriot Ray European. Now right. To all of this happens is ours after below
we got, let go below Raby. This is I've been a bad news with great got, fills and co host Kimberly Gulf Oil our eyes like eyes were wag cry, baby call your camp counselor, your dress, vaguer, give em a raise say you are giving american sirens Will you bob? I I I I think I think I've got a good point. Yes, somewhere you money, it is red. The team. Why don't you just shut? Well, not just it's back and forth on facts news, but basically she was talking about her dress and then he's and he's she said he said Clia, just because he said you can give him a raise unease that you're giving America raise right after tobler matter, but I guess I got to see alcove oraibi right away. Respecting and by calling a morally billow Raby aka right will last
page news tell him. Are you mad? Eight hundred five, eight five five one. If you're upset me need debate, you could call us right now or tell him what you bless. If you feel better Today's Friday, maybe reach a birthday, maybe be in a great mood. Ones present positivity call us up right now, eight hundred, a five one or far, one call us right now is to bring locomotive the breakfast about a level Are you a younger body, Mariposa Berea matter ass? They mass the angry as the aid. It has the best offer why you, man, was bloodless, go below those below to promote What's up bro tell him why you mad this morning, I'm mad that this show wasn't for you dj envy. I think you would be going down the tubes because you got Charlamagne THA God always talkin trash to hide behind the my blue or whatever you want, but without you why I listened b for the planet I saw you was tat, you will say more
raise your brain of hard by the by he's been here about right now know got nothin about anything. All you do is. If we want the people come on, man real appear real man wow you slowly, he bears vendetta. Listening, I'm glad, I'm glad something makes you listen. That's all that matters is beautiful to examine it is That is why I call on this morning. Blessed: are you mad? I'm ball. Then a man on a y y. You, my mama, I'm mad, because I want to know about my mom town and I'm looking for apartment and minimum is eighteen hundred a month for month, raggedy harm it in their basement that they receive renovated. Will you let me like I'm lookin at last going queen? You know you don't like it.
Said I ever had, whereas in the movement of Queen you need to get another job, but what leaned out? I was nothing another good. Now I have a good jobs. I mean I'm twenty two one hundred and fifty nine is good. Money report applies you looking at me, like Fourth Hills freshman. That area. Aren't you gonna go loafer indefatigable poppy sounds I dunno, Socrates and private, one of them every time I make that way, and I must therefore commuter now you gotta go wrong. I was kind of on Montenegro rose there. That's a good run. Queens village is a good one. valleys dream I below to Mars, but you can get right on our way to work only ass, if you were in the room. Yeah? No one, and I don't want to move there. I would want moody that nature. They judge or find a bronze Marietta branches up and coming back here, though he evidently going, but that's a good time to get in when I found the way up, we better way limit everywhere. They spend about no, I'm gonna do about it, but they homeward neither did I before you, I wasn't I
a livid, your mom, you take a few steps back. Take faster for they got allow. This was obvious J C from Jason, you mad, and you bless why you mad first bro, I'm mad because they letting this white man get off with you know doing what he did to those women, but they quit crucified Bill Cosby. You know what I mean I'm blessed, because I get to be a part of the world No doubt you got you gotta understand man, only one bill for a decade keener get off for sexual stuff, so AOL Mail is all about. My appreciate Duff, I beg you black privilege, opportunity comes those created it out right now, all right tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, two hundred and fifty one when we come back, tell him. I you blessed, is the breakfast club good morning
the breakfast club. Are you bless? The nightly freely have failed, bless the congregation at eight hundred vibrate five, when o five one brave deeds, the breakfast club, yes itself it seldom. Why you bless. You know. I'm bless this morning. Why shout to SAM? So the galaxy as eight came today when I got to work. It was here waiting for me man, he had a new fall in, isn't what I need is a shout. The sands of herself did they say Will you now but I M getting mines it. I got my first allow me to give up his guy here when I got my services zombies, selfish noise. but I am now allows is David with AIDS anymore. once in a while. You bless us, it's a lovely bless
Oh yeah, we bless me. We loved them, above all on askew man, I'm having a dollar against each other man pre Prepared when we learned man, we wanted to do. No, they don't come obey drought, the job when a cool bozrah gay marriage may allow this Tina. Furthermore, you bless and elastic a new man. I've been working. Very people became back from the family that I have tried up for you. What you gonna do what I think I live in the same way I value cancer by some sleep? Relax guy right allows is. Take me to tell him how you bless, but I'm blessed cuz. I woke up this morning. I'm headed to work, making thirty dollars a week with my step, daddy. My life is good.
More there. Why you, like you step that is so much better food been upon the life you have met. You really daddy cloud over. Ok, my uncle Sir Global. I want to ask, but also like ours, one stop it allows theirs. days element you bless no one had ever met at the gate and pointing out that work. The drive by land and all those out municipal, problem. Man a book is sought out alone, the bog, the nobles, but the book publishing, printed books right now, as we speak, so they will be restock and Michel real. So you can still find miss. Someplace dunwoodie sold out now lay yesterday, but they remain a great feel proud, but you can honour our lives.
Tell him, are you mad emblem is all over the place this morning, but people imagine they bless for now. Will you go see? Madame blesses would, however, you feel tat. I feel it is my feelings. Manhatto, John two weeks ago, led to people do tat. Well, this. Let him go we're doing tomorrow, Stop Monday, we got room was yes what's up Adrian Browner. He was arrested but tell you what for all around here was about Cuba. Gooding senior he was found dead was how you, where people are saying passively, could have happened. Ochre. Would you all that and we come back after breakfast, Lebanon, the breakfast club, it. Bad. Did the report annually eat breakfast Adrian Gonna get arrested yet again the police arrested him after they put him away in his suv and they were bullets all over there.
again, the merrily he had been involved in sense. I pursued our earlier when they put him over. He was trying to cross into. Kentucky, they don't know where he was headed. He was not injured. Now he did tell police that unidentified suspect, followed him as he left in area bar and fired several shots at his vehicle that he was driving. Please did find evidence of it shooting at the alleged crime scene, but reason that he got a rather was because he had failure to appear in court from a previous arrests and twenty fourteen for disorderly conduct, an intoxication show you I was going to say he was booked and he was released hours later on bomb, but he has to go to court April twenty seventh you're, broader wanna be, and her name is so bad. You go get Woody the for. If you keep it up, I gates, he is the aims of this rumour report to having gates he is still in jail. He remained behind bars because a judge did deny him bail. He had a bond hearing on Wednesday. We don't know why he was denied Audubon, but he is not going to get out ok, so he still
now, Kodak Black in the meantime is facing a passable eight year jail sentence. They want to do that they said he violated his probation according to damn reports. Pricing the thing that he'll be sentenced to eight years in prison for assaulting a bar tender ETA Miami Strip Club, it's not just the assault but the. To Miami was also not authorized by his probation officer mercy, so lazy that will see what happens living I cares into early negro because I know exactly what I don't want to do in my life, because it is absolutely right that it was a dream to this now putting senior. Who is obviously Cuba, Gooding, Juniors Father was founded He was seventy two years old he's a popular thing or he was also the lead singer of the group. The main ingredients from the seventies Had that song everybody plays the full everywhere. We blew a long time to gather or another. he alive, even in his father, was names as well. Now
saying that he was found slumps over in his Jaguar, who is parked in wooden House California, on Ventura Boulevard, the fire department. Ban to the scene? They try CPR, they could not necessitate him. They did find some empty bottles the car and they suspect right now, He died from an overdose, they don't That is what happened. He was seventy two years old again, while our Angela YE, and that is your room, a report or I beg you Lucy now guys, I'm just curious. we know. Very well, is a story about him. I'm committing suicide in his daughter, we are now getting fourteen may now. Is it actually does any my love? That's really true. I dont know about the forty million dollars. I'm sure it is a suicide clauses, something in their contract when it comes to stuff like that, I seriously doubt broke Amity scares we that is true, now. When we come back David Banner will be joining us, will kick it with David vanish. Don't move is to breakfast locomotive
There was drink, would freak love morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in a building. Dear sir Mister back with them, I love when David Van come back and you can buy a ready to teach it out is no working poured out of James Bond with the five next time. Yes, and happy belated birthday by the wall by July. Recovery that a slow down allied but made up on no one day eyes. You fell asleep at eight o clock That is the home of the day the Vienna will come to the club about, would dj ballet agency. It was finished. You wouldn't be share, anyone be poor. Nobody, you is there pansy by be dry,
every night. That's how I got close to all the DJS. I used to drink them at every city like I'm, not going to call his name, but the DJ and Dallas I drunk him in under the table. They had to take him and dump them on his on his front. Porch there, nobody, but by my body, star, rejecting our global drenches, so much hand issued at my liver started with act in alcohol? So what idea was that Stalin people see me drink cranberry in vodka, so started doing next set nightmare next tat. I would not with tip the waiters, a hundred dollars and say give me cranberry double up on DJ, gave him ass to say, as I started, to make you just cranberry juice gone around in a going around a country hammering DE days there like David Ban as a bees,
I've got drew it literally about a year ago, rather than your body rejects, outlining. How do you know what it's like? Every time I have any alcohol bruised Rebecca like an thing was in and I'll tell you when I knew it was bad. I went to the danish one day. And has asked me to smoke cigarettes as announced smoke, cigarettes like coffee, I like no railways drink, is so much and see that the die from the Hennessy had turned back Mama Brian Brush mighty every data somewhat Hennessy out shrank Ambrosch. That is clear, and so may is, is a blessing for me to be able to steal, tell these stories and if I have to do,
somebody under the table every night did is too so that the targeted these aid- you, you haven't, put our music you five years. Why? Why why I had to find a way to make great music? As I tell people first responsibility at you have as an artist examine german music even with I'll call, lyrical rap was what happens a lot of time to allow local apis feel like they are better than the beak so they'll get a me, so take a smash the record and they get decide as that again. Making a all from far right, so it's me away to learn how to make don't music without compromising. Where I was spiritually manages to time for me to do it it being, then. I am thankful for he's got. Failure. Is man I think I, probably the most fortunate person on this earth bro, like I was I was walking yesterday from the mall and
people with Islam panel. We proud I've been out. They cause white folks to like. wow you, I don't like David Battle were proud. I be I was on it. I was on a plane coming here this morning and the lady on applying for me to decide who, like I just like to thank you for everything that you do like he working apple com is like my priorities are off the chain weed single or nothing else they would talk, notes me that my comment three under the Guy Box had turned into just like social commentary. I will people going back and forth about politics? But this is all three about a woman. You haven't even heard before for me to be able to get pay as much money as I get pay, and I am so very fortunate to get paid to do something s right. I never have. That feeling before my life like, if you do music to a certain degree, you sacrifice something somewhere in Odessa
Mr Deva Pale in a way to get around this, where I understand why he went to Africa and its own market. Before the vote after thoughts. What the chance to do so so brother. I am grateful man grave Niyazov, either five years doing a lot of public speaking. One is in that at working as activists woodwork, You choose to do that more than just in attain. I want to severe severe depression. And an a Mohammed from the who was, my brother's was well you you get Belize and two three houses it. I couldn't sleep at night and when I started do a wasp you told me to do my life change in a style of dna, sleep and eliminating a magic San Asma. I really believe how to care more non pair those gonna. I would add that the new government I would have done. I had a doktor. She said I am not a holistic doktor. She said you, cholesterol is Aloha, she said, but I'm looking Your eyes in spirit is gone. She said, if you don't find
your spirit. body is gone follow and I promise you bro, like assume I started taking care of his money in open not a wrappers in Lahti. Entertainers won't tell you the truth and Dave Chappelle say: that's. Like you see all of these people. No running down Broadway naked in in in in in LA taking off all their clothes stretching and all this kind of stuff. You said, I know, he's not weak people, it's something about RP, in a time of day right were frequent. They figured out. We dig is because some people noted their compromise. Anything like the one thing that you know you would necessarily do, but you didn't pay check for I'll. Tell you what I believe and especially about apartment is one of the things that I wanted to say. I believe you is given into. Why supremacy, even think about arm be as much as as people too about rat. You have married women who are happily Mary depressing other women,
talking about me and I know they're talking about you know. You know man, dogs, in a bid to marry and your happy so the same way that we tail these key is to stay and who is then, who are you who live in the middle of July? So slight mass violation of our people. We have sole into it and because in right now, there's no longer in any key if its success, now we'll go along with one thing: pop used to have one it was right or wrong. We have rules, we don't mess with police and sorry, not base natures where we may end up being. We have rules, but now it no matter what you do view successful, no matter what do bring. People must be got against. It could give like. I just hate- and I hear always talk about mumble rap and what these, is doing, but then I shot People when I said this break comes from my elders one day,
see all the people that we talk about. Doing the golden age of wrath did everything they could to cross over Iraq records. They did every would it be pop aims in see any white person anybody that they could not wanted oh, what a white people and our key has looked at. It was like s success. So I started doing why. So we don't do it all day because we want, Yet so don't worry. We got more with David beta when we come back, keep it lacked, we'll get his thoughts on artists who try to cross when a pop music in that getting support from the black community, I don't move- is a breakfast locomotive. Breakfast there was plodding next door would come see me everybody is e g envy Angel ye. Shall I mean guy. We are the breakfast club. Where are they we'd manner in the building. I e we! little yadda here and he talked about wanting to see more people of color in his audience and for them to enjoy
music more an. I remember when I worked for voting at a certain point, their audience turning him like all white audiences and they felt it about that they wanted to have black people come to their souls. I never did is one the crown in moments of my life, like a pimp head, Blue all the way up in a while. actually common appeared to do a photo shoe, and is this guy who had honor at this time is bold type. you do an enormous the bene: turn around. It was my favorite rapid was Andrade three thousand. He sat down and told me win out, has had gotten to be to do blood venue alike literally because they have such a big stab and they had to pay people literally they couldn't fit in their riders. All their financial was stability, they literally couldn't do black clubs anymore, and I can tell the heart in his eyes. The truth is this: we try
go part when, in actuality, black people define everything on this earth we wait for all you have to do and think about this. What's the difference between Alias art is ambiguous artists, as it pertains to light splashing Wanna be less Addis sees lies. What do they do pose right, right, run toward who doesn't alias artists deduction they went away. You want to know why, because they know, that their delight, if you do great things as as defended southern, four came. Every body will come to you know my was a perfect example at it When his career made a deal, he stayed Both you don't want out to clubs and hey, listen, listen to me know he stayed in that booth and did the best, but he did a t feature straight and every one of them was far above the whole world to him. So for me, everybody wants to cross over because they think that that's where the money is, but we spend.
how trillion dollars a year and we can make black people love themselves. You wouldn't have to be glow. That sounds great. I think about what our community allow. Two thousand will support each other mobile famous being. The problem is that most black people don't like to be black in a we say to that, made it our bees salmon right, we say: rapid, zealot, just a symbolic SAM, Psmith, idiotic, a problem, seldom black music, even the way that we, where our hair, in the things that we, the things that we invest- thou money not sounds out at sea in lieu of Tom. Put a black man or a oh boy less he has addressed so you feel it off, but we will give all of our money. I mean in it. It put our kids in detriment to be something else. The first thing That's what the guy boxes about. We gotta make black people love themselves again, Sir, like one of you, what is the guy? but a north album? Beware, God bugs me. I can't tell you again,
with the guy boxes, sort of like the secret is something that people have to learn on their mental. Am I saying that if black people had to pay for school literally had to pay for every level of school and she is, would miss a day of anything that you get for free? You don't have to respect for in the things that are most valuable on things that are free so insane it went off find out where the guy, what we're God was in who the guy Box, behold My whole entire life change. the Rhine foot for for success. I used to want it so bad. As soon as it didn't matter to me anymore. It comes to me my stay of trips out. ah, I turned down more money than than doing what I take, because I know what a lady is, nowhere God he is. I remember What are you saying that, like at times you had taken a dumb things down in order to get that commercial? In that radio plan? We have. We have two unjust.
People haven't been out of slavery longer than they were in it an end in and from a psychological standpoint. We don't get a proper information, ass cool and not equip would especially the history to make our attitudes and love themselves in other scientists call and an it talks about. Em said he a guy Molly. I had to work in a walking debate, what no black folks workin soul is robbing the ideals that to just a symbolic as with us, is supposed to do, and Ass Elvis L. This is just like Elvis we don't vinyl music and everybody is selfish. It took our using nabbed culture. Ask God to help with so when I broke down in in my lecture about how black we have existed over a hundred thousand years before the first white G, and when are you gonna teach? These key is that the richest man ever walked is was not Bill Gates Man's among you feel when you say he is like. Oh so I can be a black,
will create a math aside, so math a hard fight, a whore now, at least they been, they had opportunity to touch it through my leg: So now when I asked them about our does the reason why the priorities are so high that anything that sometimes people think, like you tell them. Ok, this is some things that you have to do to make money be mobility. I can't do it. yeah and thus does not lessen. Does what the reason? Why is it important for me to be successful leg as much as we criticise these children? You could see what does on Now, what is positive and negative runner? Do you know what it does, but, like think about the people? Most of us look up to it broke rousing, but I would just like to say that you know the problem is it is. It is having men tours and having people that we are up to you know I'll go to my dad is as a child, but you know what intrigues me with drug dealers and that, because they saw drugs because what the hell, what they symbolizing looked like, they had one
like they have cause and clothes of women. An outline that realise when I got out of place, work and make money. I realise that was wrong, but now, when I try to do without trotted teach these kids issue, these kids that cross old London Abbas Maya's up on my work schedule or my instagram, tell you what I'll do so. You can see how hot I worked obtained. What I got what it may be that in your right, but it makes you wanna, get in a tame it and have led us people are, they see be unsuccessful, were quick to embrace something that we know is wow what what what went with us like people, selling dope? Ok, you hustle! I'll, join that you hustle, but problem that I have is not so much that you selling dope, but the fact that you are making these children think it's an option, and it's a good thing to do. I know back, we yeah, don't bills new will run out and they will. I know it's true. I may go on go there is money both reduces on how did not start hustling until I was in college because
those men who were always they ate of the music do aid now Breton put to death. We Elvis would break your email. Elsie was some dough to have rules, you couldn't failed, doktor pregnant women. You can fail two children or you will die now we're edible in music, honest truth! Would there are no rules, for these key is now think does as literally look at day. Life. Ok, also dough bore one. lawyer or That way we look at it, isn't I bought anything. Is that's the reason why you have so many snatches, because most of these tests for that no way we got more with David Banner coming up. Next is gonna. Explain Why Donald Trump is the greatest thing that happened to America. He said it keep a lacklustre purpose locomotive morning
Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a god. We are the breakfast club. We have David been into building a Solomon. You said trumps election was the best thing that ever happened to America. What, while I that the greatest thing that he D was take away fact that liberal white people say this is a pulse ratio. America Oh you know that is not now think about the job when, the last time you sing black people. This engage in the political process the day after the day after the alleged yoga falls on the street actor. Well you see what do you know how much money laundering the Trump day they are engaged so think about this think about when our trillion airs and billionaires may doing chaos. That's the reason why they create chaos. So instead of us worry it an error by trip and I'll drop it one good for us When Obama was in office, we will sleep, don't we was super sleep, so black people
they are absurd met, but, England. Now who has fought for the pit person on a street, it got worse for them doing Obama statistically. So for me, please. We know what the truth is, and wit tromp is Amerika and I love it only. Why folds that was HOLLAND? Try out a back Stepan now. Is it lay an influx of love it and look? What is good? He has waken our people with a stern kick in the air, so we know the only person s gonna do it is the guy bucks now aren't you won't say you know, like America, you should is meant for Blackie. I feel like Now we should take advantage of all the chaos that happening. What do you I agree that what I will say is that it was freaking out doing a chaos wish assistant, sit back and look at. This is where we need, and this is where, where a lot of people became rich lass.
when the whole mortgage thing drop in interest rates were crazy. This is where we need leaders say you know to our community. Hold your money right now, as one is up, and this goes down. This is what you need to invest in them, make sure after it you and your family's upon. Yes, it would be great for us to have leaders, but every time we have a meter. What that does is enough. The whole concept of the guy but which comes out may nineteenth k forget, Will we have a leader? is the reason why I want to talk to me, but I don't believe Toby wilds, I'm just not coming back. Save you, Airbus, oh Jesus to do their work form where I think the story of Jesus was to show you that you could be God on earth ammo and any of your black ass fast for forty days avoiding eyes you my walk on water. To someone get a leader we give the responsibility to their leader than we walk off and leave them? Yes, it would be great have leaders, but if you don't have a moral code that you leave by all they do is do what were they The acting Malcolm Morton hurt US
What may help does because, what's that, when they die every day every day cause people didn't believe in the codes in the air. They believe that a man or one, how long did it take you to make this a fair Larry years, has been available for free. Whatever has people are very mad at me, and I'm gonna be honest with you. One of the reasons why, in our love surprise at among a Mercedes, but all it was actually for me to release that now, because it is my best work and asked Having said that, I have an anxiety to normal. Extending the door of the college. You see me, your daughter There were a whole bunch of hot sin ray say it in his cesspool. I noticed when I was in college. Oh yeah, we could waited a freshman clans pay me and I thought I had felt about the garbage This is one of the dope. Is your pop jails? Ever probably doing a moment when people needed the most, but maybe care at least so light.
What is x. I pushed it back cuz. I don't want to send my daughter out there by herself and I couldn't once you get it out there once you want to go. Everybody has But the reason why my given it to you, if you eggs, is because I know you have a vested interest in my daughter because you have at best interests in awaited, I think so I can give it to her uncle. You know them say: give a tool. See as long as I'm as gotta. Let it go, and I know I put them other than the first while she fire, because she come from me, not a damn thing, but also going be able to defend herself and speak for yourself because would ask therefore a day of a bad outcome without one May. Ninety, though Malcolm X, s birthday ninety day is going to be released to the world as a college, nor priority right, not ass, thin amazed the most to me because, on average, how many people someone Antioch everyone lot about seven million are being weakened. Wash this. I had
saying that if I hear you, I wouldn't me they'll, let's just say not, in my fans, not even hip hop just people who listen to you. Just like when United deal what they deem instead of talking about it. They people poor back and ask that drop but there was one point: three percent: that's what I'm we want. Debate, if just those six meal people white their weight and priority gobs right now it would change the whole scope of music and then would doubt would tell the key is, is oh that's what you do. the due be on the same way. We looked at the drug dealers. It wasn't the fact that there was some like you said it was the success. So if we stop talking about what we want and put our money behind example it in there you go right what they the bad guy about three all right now. Vote for Europe is the purpose of the war. The breakfast club
The report is the Reul report, whose club, where tiny wag on Wendy, William Science, you talked about a lot of different things, including heard the boy s fancy. I, of course, now one presidency, you had to Bernice Burgos, the rumoured girlfriend of come when they had a back and forth is and here is where tiny had to say about that she's somebody that comes in a school you know he is made, is Mebbe into. It is what he does. You know, and she had nothing to do with whatever was gone off with us before anyway, you bizarre if we were already going to whatever we go there. She just came in a pitcher Athens filed for divorce, an end of only problem, were her. Was she now? I say what I see somebody made a comment about
her on my page, I say what I said. I reply. That's cool, ok, but then you come back when another video speaking on my marriage was as we know. No, then you come back with the final video thing in myself and unfair like ok. Now you cake while at the same time is there, but I mean you really can be met a burn these. If she came into the picture after they were getting a divorce, he ass. He was saying that it has nothing to do. I was their social media back and forth by tiny. They think. than a barrier verse, because, like a pan, the path around a something pass through, that'll be out. There were four twenty. We passed around a lot of things and we love those things we passed around, stop judging things that are passed round the burmese pastor,
my my she's not drop articles, but Herod S, Burgos, now, Wendy US outside tiny. There she's not completely innocent either and here's. How tiny responded to that words, whereas is never been anything extra wit me have lower, never, who you know them. Sampler I've been I've loved alone, TAT River. I was your husband I have a problem with that like why you in Vegas or up or employed, may weathers crotch if he would have been doing the right thing, I would have been at Maria. You wanted whether he had been doing the right thing. I wouldn't been all above me with his crutch, ok, sounds a messy, but the two of them have far for divorce. So you know, I guess that's it most, and he sat divorce. I wished him the best man notwithstanding the ITA Lubeck, while another mare is that everybody has been talking about, is Carmelo and La La Anthony. Now ITALY. They do have a pre nap and there are millions at stake Carmelo Sentimental about one hundred and twenty four million dollar contract any
two hundred million during his career now allow also has been steadily working as well says: he's contribute but through the millions, a lot at stake now, I suppose They they have a pre up, that's worth millions, but some people are saying is a cheating clause, then Carmelo could be in trouble, find Finally, as far as well, I guess out of it, the two of them supposedly China has things out together, where they don't actually even have to go to court and fight over it, but just come to an end minute understanding. Now, right now, temporarily. He gets primary custody of their son and he gets visitation. Does it. another couple. I would love to work things out. You know Lala, really great friend myself. If they get a divorce out, she gets the money simply because LAO dinner engine. I got a ruler when I go out. People who got more money to media have to pay one while I always have to pay draw our love and territories drug. I have learned from our friend Lala. They ve got, that was your friend. They do or get help the best for her, ok and fellow right over
nobody in the meantime, a theme is responding to the fact that a well afloat Its aim is responding to the allegations that he is a dead beat dad their baby. Mom is saying that he has been paying anything well, according to my sources closer. he's been making monthly payments of five thousand dollars, so Alexis Adams. There is every month old son. He was blind by her taking him to court buddy things that she is being greedy because he wants him to pay. Even more money now sources. Her side or things you never agreed. The five thousand was a fair amount, but he accepted it because needed the money she said, there's a high I said, living in New York City can afford childcare, so she can't leave. B and go to work, Did your home referred just now was parted by side. She thought all. I thought to myself every story you read what may it is so simple and better to just be which your wife and make it work In my view, be this letter was definitely a deems. It is rumour replied guys you people
the managers. They were produced a filthy out here. I don't have time to get to now be, but we'll get into that in the next room. A report I write, em Angela YE, and that is your sigh peace. Rumour report here you go awry Ye Charlemagne yeah. We give them I can to Mere Fox news. As a very Raby environment and is the main named Gregg GUT feeling did you Bernard is adding. For that reason I got about like a child. He needs a comedy a guy like that world power. I will get to get fail when we come back. If the latter is the breathless locomotive,
Don't deals a day. Job Democrats are being held here today, a little bit of a mess like adults. I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other day is a new: why don't you today for Friday April? Twenty first goes degree gut showed a Fox news. Now. Is it safe to say tat, is clearly a call Jade Fox NEWS from no, profound ain't chairman, Roger Ales was out did because a sexual harassment to belong we a bill oraibi who was recently let go because a sexual harassment claims against them is safe to say, Fox NEWS. has a very Raby environment. Ok, something is not right over there. Every single one of these guys Fox news, looks and sounds like pigs in heat.
Today, another wanted to pigs popped out at a litter and his name is great but failed. Now people we have to remember that timing is everything and just hours after false move Let go of Bill Oraibi Gregg that failed decided to make some inappropriate. It's too wanted to women on the panel with him, but less listen to this policy, Rhetoric arise as well. Where cry baby call your camp counselor, you dressmaker, give em a raise, say you are giving american sirens Bob, I I I I think I think I'd better get point. Yes somewhere you. Why are you just read the teased? Why don't you just shut basically gray good food? that the young lady is causing America have an erection because of dress poor choice
phrasing right now: let's just tell you, at the highest rate of wheat and the dispensary, but of Roger S got let go because a sexual harassment and bill orally got Lego because of sexual harassment lasting I'll. Be there? of our Good Fox NEWS, making inappropriate sexual common to a woman. There may be misconstrued ass, you guessed it sexual has meant the problem here right as these guys don't care, because their damn near rewarded by Fox NEWS, where baby of militarily is rumoured to be given to pay out of twenty five million Roger Ales, gotta room would pay out of forty million. If I can such LEO, Ass women, then get paid Pervert Leif said, we are asking the women that sounds like a fair deal to me. Ok seed, a culture of Fox NEWS, has to be changed at the root yeah because Culture at Fox NEWS is Arabia, coach, anythin, training, any something when fat
white men, fatty doing it for the Culture Fox NEWS to cordially and talking about every culture. Please give Gregg felt a Fox news, because he hoped, smart enough you will, as I would think they would know. Morally what is right and was wrong and what you can can do and can I can't say, leisure, beast more. This is ridiculous Europe, but it is ridiculous. Charlemagne beg you for a dog you today. Yes, now fellas have you been visiting ITALY usual more port? You should be scared street right about natural. To imagine that values me with going our marriage obliging can do you see what's going on with Carmelo and land you see. What's going on with tee, I in tiny everything is so public right now you see what's going on a flow rate and a girl, he said he was never even in a relationship with she wants a whole bunch of money from a letter you're. So as a married man as in Belgium as a former boyfriend, as a former teeter, I'm scared great,
oh, no problems whatsoever. I am happily married. It will stay that way. There is no room in my life. Was I to why have been scared straight for years now and I'm scared three foot? how'd they ever married due to you better. Do it right? You know why I'm not gonna lie. I was watching fences you guys why expenses, no outcome! from a lay on a flight. I read the play along, I'm a guy, but I watch the movie. You will be scared, stray from rising fences, gazettes. Pretty That's what happened in that movie as well. He ended up having to get scared straight level while However, that is not going on an old. Yes, that will be all that a good side chick is it extremely hard to find nowadays in this area? And it's just not worth it cuz you side, chick, do not know how to sit down to eat this slice of pizza and be quiet, and you guys don't know how to use a condom with your side, chicks. Okay, how about that
Well? Well, my lord, with eight hundred and eighty five one on fire, we all things is coming out in the news in the rumours. Are you fellows get straight? That is
wasting call right now, so reckless club good morning. There was make mail or eyes on your morning. Every body is the day envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, so we ask in which everything is going on in the room. Is ITALY talked about this morning? She talked about Milby, she told about Lala Carmelo. She talked about TIA in tiny values. All you scare straight out there, my brothers, it s safe, normal, ok, there's! No such thing as a good, such a good sign, Chickasaw defy. Personally, I'm scared straight on a one, no problems. Ok, I love my wife from happily married us all and eat it ain't worth it like. You said he. If you love your wife, if you love your family dinner were put in any thing at risk. For that I love my wife, and I am not only must gauge straight. I'm scared, soup, history and you know so crazy, always guys. Look stupid like like none of none of this looks fly like you know me not won't, would drop include poverty. I D. I ain't no dummy governing not flatter myself without lightwood body when he was separated, though, what what from what we hear, we don't know a dollar one eye. All I'm saying it already. All this looks messy.
It looks filthy and looked like a big wasted time I dont want those problems will have got rid of those laws. Allow this aid of POL pot where LAS Vegas per year and everything has gone on UK straight, never know. Now, what are these care see? Some some people, some people learn Hardway much, but what Palestine is infidelity eight day job, because just gay career pool the damn fool you knew about it as allows as the earlier gap earlier cap with a turnover of a bad. No there we got all that seven, five, seven, you scarce Draper, the outer straight meant a lot. So many relate the Loya jirga, your women women, in order to battle in order that they are better. They know that they not again, but not with millions, were at their bare by the two billion over time, though I don't you get a guy like you will forgive the money monies bad too, but you eat elude the love. You like a beta want to really get you back. Your outward upward and I need to know what I've been rock and which have Diego yeah mean aplenty parties. May all of these due to be more loyal due to it today, guys they will there women, you know, god we like loyalty, you know that's my palm! I do. What do you want? Even treaty, a woman like any woman? Treatin embedded in any negro any life allows this. Had I found my name: ok, I'm going to say you scheme history, but you must escape somebody. St Helens Historic I've been affected by a couple years now airy attack in Haifa shopping online. Do you aside chicken? You happen to be his magic air here without Brian unmarried butter, salt? Also, he has a girlfriend inhumane yeah. I can't wait to see this lifetime. No must continue to fiscal impact. My gun is not now. Why now, why do you need aside? Do what what? Why is it? The sex is money. What is going on now? Don't let the town to town that far when disaster, you re all want your cup. Stop it. Natural now would know what. Why did you need, as I do well? Are you wearing dating anyone at the time when I moved out what I landed by reality will go back, they carry, whereas our colleague feather. In fact, I go out the fire, and then this is a damn Seamus. Somebody's wife is somebody psyche. Kidney street is the sad news. Aren't I respect your vows? When will you give it up or are you just won't, give it up Viana do be aside dude into the indicator. For now I guess maybe in the future. Might then does it give you anything money or dizzy. Just give you to be what a buckle media now away where protection yadda. Where protection every time. Don't you my little girl now I know you alive because you had a husband at home and husband hit me wrong. Doesn't Juba John is used to wrongness okay, so you ain't, gonna, put
where somebody else. I just can't wait to your plane, lands carrying on the wheels on it and when I play lay with no wheels on it is, can be sold every girl right, Mama. Well, you may say of use. You have you met a small up, YO allusion family over some big on that in a waste must be safe. When you I'm telling you just call your uncle Charlotte back when is really really bad and will try to pitch described the lifetime. Ok, goodbye! Aren't you guys, eight hundred five, a five or no firewood. Everything has gone on in a news. La la mellow male be what else tat tiny? Are you scared straight? You re one of our wanted to breakfast locomotive. We are the breakfast club now we're asking with everything they re actually talked about in the room. Is I mean t eyes, any flow right. They'll be imperfect, one lala and columella. You scared straight. That is the question. Eighty five, eighty five one o five one. Are you finally realising that these sad cheeks
not worth it. I mean out been realised You know I really love domino em, you sometimes you gotta, put your hand on bestowed. Understand is hot. We all men we grow. We evolve. What had this point. My life watching all in and brought them grown ass made gonna do what they're going to. I don't want a problem and I don't want to do then that's gonna embarrass are hurt my family at this point, my life hell. No, let's go to the full launcelot with his eye with that now now it's all Are you scared to death with everything has gone on? In a knows, all man, I'm telling you man he's girl. They saw an old man, God thickly women just do ya hello. This was good you say you fell in love, which is object. We both phone do you What are you what you know, you're a sucker for love, right, muggy, solemn, one foot on the stock of mad everything, medical. My fault tat it all my programme, Reynaud everything. I love
but we both Mary go. So you trigger yes, I think the way you should treat your wife. You should be given your wife that kind of respect the gold to your phone there. Today Did you get rid of this? Algebra too, you know is still active through is building knows mine. You told her husband, so why? Yet a solemn get me out of my life, yeah have mercy on Thetis gave me out to ever really just got anxiety thing, not just, Jewish, you tell your wife call. You wanted oh yeah, together. I thought my burden, our domino don't you know you gave your widely report, my may about beard, everybody. You know you gave your wife go, get some tea free God rate. I would point out that the boy I care Well. It was always allow this morning that the basic calling on Queen
Stacy. Now what would talk inside cheeks today and ask him about a scared straight or are you a sergeant? No I'm not! I am I happy we were man. Ok, I guess I cannot understand what is going on with diesel basketball Beethoven What will you do days while they are always not just brass? Timor is not just basketball players, and that is a rap. Is Israel be able to trust me to garbage man got aside aside what it now one ingredient, not bring up a woman, nothing to offer you man. We want good rail and fire life in June, but now we need a woman who had wandered in their work without a new right. You right now, Yet we also want more Kosovo. Me, ok, that is guy wish in April was a day, Let me now Latvia's sodomy Vladimir gotten his cheek pregnant three times over,
the woman? That's not yours Yes, your woman s, your baby moment, a mother, you kids, that disrespect american MASH, maybe five paper as bay, now you're gonna pregnant revolves were you ever think about a manifesto, so good man, I could pull out or else how many abortions, yet life move go, do their feelings. I gather move gag in our view, is that that, right day, let you know that you shouldn't be doing some. Ok, then three carriages, ass God, we're saying you know you're not supposed to be doing is which are damaging to steady. IRAN last may I leave my love to, but you know what came out of a global came out with me. I want the book I was unable to boot consequence. Those sites are you would you like?
my little girl. I know man she's cool made of university in his book. You write books and you could just comes confuse. You wanna be the fellows you these gear straight out. There you see, what's going on in a news from everybody else's mistake. It ain't worth it. You don't want to go down that route. the down arrow and I hate Muzzle Villona rout arms they files. Now I have television. Now I look down when I walk past people Ottawa to be no water. Nothing is now the man me honestly- and this is a grown man talking when deftly learn from his mistakes. If you're gonna teach, you promised in vain relationship and you just gotta grub entry, people like people. instead of tools and yellow selfish eagle workshop. Ok, that all major for we only cheap for ego. No other reason, you do. We call it a bit on Magellan, love, I'm on the. What could they would drug yellow numbers? Dig you still want an absolutely right. Well, when we come We got room is on the way and also does more than we do in we're doing two things in a mixed
gonna represents a prince. Could this is the anniversary of his death, I represent finance because two days ago was the anniversary of the Ill matic out so goes this morning to mix it requested and rumors on always breakfast upperman more with rumor report with Angela Mary J talking more about what her estranged has been can do was doing with her money now going into marriage blige. Spend four hundred and twenty thousand dollars and said it was travel charges, but that was to run around with his eye. Peace now they black blazes. Those expenses were not business related. They did not include her spending money on his girlfriend. What is God I want to tell you this morning ass day, which no one else would my woman I adopted running through now. We told you but
I can do once more than a hundred and ten thousand dollars per month and spouses support get adding a bird array they're gonna. you and you spend it over them. A half mill undecided were not enough are, we now may be in the meantime, as being through by the nanny for defamation. According to the nanny now be lying and heard divorce case against even Bellerophon Anti. Now we told before they may be said that Stephen got them any pregnant and had an abortion in boys in and that the man as he has control over her sex tapes and is talking about releasing them all kinds of things. pictures and exhibit, and everything in the lawsuit buttercup into the nannies. You saying that none of that is true array souci now filing for defamation. Assad's Zulu yeah than This is ridiculous and keep your penis dissolve guys they save out here has no such it is a good sides. You anymore,
and air in her nand as an attitude, its officials say that they are going to release air and her name is his brain to bless in university. We don't know when that's gonna happen, but that's what the family was. Ok now the lawyer, but they want to do something secrecy is more football. They want to see about concussion things like odyssey. If you met him, I mean yeah CD, Megan again, Gangbang they want to see if he was affected by Cee City and they went that information to how about other families gotcha right now. In the meantime, they are saying that has his death has officially been world a suicide. There were three: Was I note, allegedly there were found near him and that sell and Al Drake. He was the jobs It is against the burglary told about the women who broke into his house and drank some soda and all of that. Well, he contacted the p d, but he says he's not gonna cooperate with her prosecution. It was it if you're a woman- and he thinks it will be crucial to make her a fell and because of this incident, he believes that she suffers from mental issues as nice Jake trousers.
Somebody broke into your house, you be a little nervous scared, but absolute array and don't forget, I'm gonna be call hosting on the real it's my last day, co hosting on the real. So in case You guys, I haven't seen it yet here, Little preview of what will be talking about during girl chat on the rule is actually about my parents and on a figure who happy you about this very unique family of your own. Your dad is chinese and your mom is black, only thing that makes them unique. I understand that they have an interesting living arrangement. They actually still lived together, but they are divorced. They ve been divorced. Maybe over like a round twenty years or so ago. Squatting. Nobody wants to move our little didn't follow each other on Facebook, but they still like hang out. We still go to family functions. They still go shopping. My dear still complains about the credit card bill like they still do. They all of those things
I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report or right. Thank you. Miss you now shut up. A revolt will see you guys next week in everybody else, for everyone to celebrate princes life. This is the anniversary of his death, so we go get a little prince mix on and a couple of days, Go. We celebrated the twenty three to twenty three year anniversary of the automatic out so low some NASA once and yes today we will be low principle and a little now. Let me know you favour Prince joint in your favorite. Joy from automatic call us up right this is my final fry recklessness at DJ. Given this go
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