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Thursday 5/3- Today on the show we had the cast of the show "Dear White People" ( Logan Browning, Antoinette Robertson, Ashley Blaine Featherson) where they spoke on the meaning of the show title, the use of the N- Word and Logan even opened up to us about something she never told out in the open before. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to the man who is now charged for extorting Kevin Hart's sex tape and Angela helped some listeners during "Ask Yee".

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I gotta get back down like a mega voyages, took all we got no point. His prayers round about recently joined a breakfast club say some Muddle bodied USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, loading aids in the mining began. The enemy in the galleries did a planet is yes, it's Thursday it is. Finally, warm here in New York City. I know there were nationally syndicated. What has been called here. Ok,
today. I would like what eighty degrees, the clatter eighty. Today's debate closed to nine, really they had in my brain records. Today it was close to my own city planner after one machine, a number harbour a planet. They turn into whether when they want to turn in the timber now and they want to. not an obvious abbeys woman S. All I'm just happy is warm aka. Finally, go outside apple barbecue go outside I wanna Bobby. Now. What would I give outside the coal would now later wars will be a lot of full order by MRS Gacek, SBS fifty hours out. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Like you said, we had an event at the Jews by would do this wealth wednesdays thing once a month and we had a credit expert, Ireland, NET co, funding cuts and it was a great great, great great event. as a lot of people. There were there we're having questions about how to fix their credit and how to get their credit score, how to get out and get a lot of questions. Sometimes where embarrass we find out where, indeed, when we know what I don't even know, what our credit score is. So people GSM
personalized help and it was really nice is interact with everyone and for people to be like ok, I know what the first steps are, because you can get your answer rate lowered on certain debt that you may have, while you have to do, is called the company and asked- and I think they said I seventy seven percent of the time. The lower your interests before you were only record of school is is up, does not you if you have a credit card and you are in debt and at least as long as you make the minimum payment and you pay on time and you call them and you like ok, you know say that interest rate is nineteen percent, and you ask to lower nine times out. Attack was seven times out of ten their lower. If were you just a few s, welcome was the worst. They make and you ask any tell you know you still owe to many new slowly right. You deaf you, don't wanna critical. When eighteen percent you be paying for about a year I mean sometimes what happens is withdrew archives or maybe you haven't page a bill in your interest rate, shoots up and you gotta pay attention to cutting. All right all right. What we have the cast of deal white people, it s your contract, tomato remark at him,
about my late night tonight, midnight tonight, I'm Netflix loved your wife, you will, I can't we receive Intuit at all. We got whose come into small Logan Browning, ok decimate the white answer when it Robertson has no place, can now see he's on cocoa, cocoa and ass, the malaysian fastened- Three young Ladys will be asked. He blamed feathers any it out these three, a young ladys, will be joining us this morning. Ok and was catasauqua confrontations. Are we talking about will be taken, about imagine some money, just a flying around us that in the air which a grab it and then return it. When you find out, it's not yours to return it
Do as God side. Don't wanna talk about it. When we come back as a breakfast locomotive morning, everybody is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast Club Blueskins front Page news, philosophic, envy, Aigner, Utah jazz be to use and rockets one. Sixteen one o eight was over the rocks of the gradual. Another knows tat. One was one one side, one one never talk about all this money flying around and ass Indiana. They please they're asking people to return money. If you found him loose, many we're right, on Wednesday, you have to its Burnett now and was it was a brings track and I guess the back door came open. Somehow look I got just came a window. Look. I gotta keep an hour now the jug Javert. So stay, please the driver waves at him and pointed to the back of his check and that's when he realizes door, wasn't secure and had opened and them was blowing everywhere there saying it's about six hundred thousand dollars or above a break from being a blessing. As all I was hardly said six
the thousand dollar alone. Now, in particular, please I'm looking for a school bus driver who stopped to grab cash know. There are still looking for four, individuals in a white pickup truck who were pulling a utility trailer who may they got one of the bags of money, and they are basically looking for anybody who stooped to pick up the can no man there, maybe getting to grips with license plate numbers on the stab manages toying with good, encourage its turn that money back and no questions asked bows What can they do find is keyboard loses. We possess goobers, drive and probably underpaid observed a goddamn when you drop, one of whose bonds for everybody in Indiana received a blessing in air no money hit. You deserve lesson ramble lesson. If they do see a license, plate never find out. Will you I don't amateur money, you guys I love that's one hundred Alitalia air back years. Fifty dollars, I got nothing whatever to God, wanted me to God. Dammit I right now. Let's talk about it
african american men who were arrested at the star butts in Philadelphia last month. It's by protest over Rachel, biased at Starbucks, now they have reached agreements with Starbucks. Starbucks has pledged to support a two hundred thousand dollar efforts to encourage young entrepreneurs. Saw, the men are going Dante Robinson in Russia. Nelson are going to work with the city and a non profit organization. They are going to a war the two hundred thousand dollar grant to pilot curriculum for public school students to develop the skills necessary to pursue their dreams of being? Entrepreneurs are some of the real needs of Nobel yeah. Now the two young men themselves resettlement for a dollar for themselves, but they reach that agreement. Twenty thousand dollars for the public schools of one or more years of Jesus come on. Man gotta, go away, more bread and their dignity on money for the public good, and I gotta go when you put himself alone. That's right, you gotta reread. I thought the city gave them a dollar and said that they will give to one
Our analysis Starbucks just settled and ate it and say how much Starbucks that'll get away said. He gave them behind it all books. No! No! No! No! I read that three times I noted for four hours at a big is embraced. All biofuels are about to say God, damn it. She read every Starbucks Games of money, but slowly Ojeda, MRS Lienemann for dollar, one sitting with the city, but we don't know what Starbucks and gave them, but they our getting the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degrees for free and that's gonna, be through our partnership with Arab State University. In that part of the agreement with Starbucks as well have cute, but you know led for both gabled in big bucks: ok dramatically, Basel to young mink about ready to read it. I was yesterday as it is no way to really only taken down, but instead the city, game, Adele into doubt thousand opening programmes a Starbucks settle in and see how might want a thickness idiot guess I don't know. Maybe he should have decided tone it down thousand programme Edinburgh. Maybe the city with the programmes are unaware of the police work for this video. We allow my style ballgame
filled, police work for the city absolute year round and round, at the start that they did call the police- and, I guess didn't say: please- have a certain products. When their car by arrest a man or a management? I guess I mean I'm not sure, but that's wait undesirable, Gotta might have they settle for a lifetime style books give cod on the slams. I am sure that, in every language, migrate, even above Still no fishing ban lifted a blank community mark up and start getting my great I'm right Duncan donors to today's. How greening Duncan don't know their reserves would tell me black people voting will give Marguerite even stop giving it ended. We want a sub overload the Artemis, guys tween him and let him now you can go back. I guess I just want a greedy, real, quick vessel. All right. That is your front page news get off your chest. five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now. Maybe you had a bad night or bad more
maybe you one event. You have read some positivity eight hundred five five one o five wants to breakfast locomotive breakfast pounding down. You're gonna get it if you want to breakfast gladly but allows this day negative. She just brought us all, and I learned TAT we can go forward. I care about is above bigger day money, though the two brothers they're gonna minor, but it become all. May you gotta right, but we boycotting Starbucks for livestock boxes, tat suitors! You keep saying. I guess I guess it is allowed this here a moment. Refugees. I won't tell shower level that he can go, get help bring tee at an air bread because they have a really good greatly. If you are a keyboard, That is an open air Brad around here. Then you would have suggested.
So let Starbucks is completely cancelled, even though the guy got any money because then more than just the situation would be lethal profiling, God you than other store They are black, raising their work, their Starbucks. What do you do? Collection, all right near by free idea in Grady when they come, it allows there's gonna, be a walkie. What Carthage and wiped out I've had lira gone down to early Romania Grady another year, relax my bag, motivate Davy Freddie chances again, a girl who is getting better has had outside. Now they don't even gonna pay to play. No more females are out comparative yoga. Clearly want to benefit the weather breakin that they react. Liberal attitude, I doubt it Furthermore, the work, all the women who in this area are now grandma's. Ok, yes, moving on
Probably you Fred Kentucky Derby radical around economy. I just you know, maybe go to the horse. Show I don't know. I know I know I know one that you keep calling these women hold the next prime. The me right might be about be alone, Yo Yo. What's up get it off your chest, man matter Charlemagne God Day for protecting Kanye. Worse, when Obviously he say what he said. Any Adam interpreted at the TGV painted to talk about How did you know the motion to talk about how he was to be a black? public and basically and how people need to get a of welfare and all, but bunch of I stuff How did Albert victims are? Could you dummy created? you are here, I just because you out there now I can't kill your way. You know projector They say what he meant to say what you should have said and when he, Absolutely on a born peer, be he said had this black Orleans, who was there
was about politics in her politics word, all the bomb Republican Trump stuff, how black people shooting each other, and you don't have to do realize you do what you do realize that about what a person meant to say is what they said, and I mean that's what I said yesterday when I gave him donkey today's and once again how about protecting her, because You say what he meant remember what he meant no under a jump judging and based on what he said, not what he meant. What he said was slavery was a choice and now the dumb statement so once again on protecting them. You can check it because he's it will be able to choice and that's where he met, and you told us a mile and drawn up at an alarming reports. We are really to the yard. I am agreed humane. Why she has yielded transgress me out this morning. Is that what it is gonna be weighted average experts, and that's why I feel I feel I do But the people came out and correct.
burn em and you appear to check them that I mean there's like to tell you how I am less than myself my eye, but but once again, not just in Congo was by what he meant to say, I'm. Judging by what he said, I gave him dog you today and I thought slavery with a choice with the dumbest thing. He could have a say in front a white people protect them again. All I know you can now go to Starbucks until at least Monday unwanted doubled right met. I do drove me to stop sums are ok you there is, even if you have some liquors double jar, ravening gobbled, Rainier, radicalized colleges drove me to have to drinks out my gotta go to the arrival of works of art,
as eight hundred five a five one in five women get it of you had chanced to breakfast locomotive breakfast got wake up. Man or black we want to hear from you lay must have absolute, only just really tired. I would have been able to debate, but many times a week for ways rather graduate they love to give you all in it were wide campaign paper. Twelve gauge favours grew project people. They don't do work at the last minute, I'm trying to gradually in a lovely, didn't work at the last minute not go to college. I give you like in the sum of good, will all Morgan stuff like final report, where it finally yeah, but they also give you papers on papers all deeper. Why? I don't know what you're gonna do with their tunnels you back away, but they always loved to give you my word at the last minute for you, or do you want to feel sorry for you could use even deeper felt? I beg you to have your tat. Give up like a little tired of all right Mama Bulgaria will gradually be wanted to do. No more homework arouses for fear. Their focus target was not regular features Psmith all over our overall or cargo of absurd. That were very good figures. To hear of her late autumn, I watched over by virtue of its work over come back from her already at the bottom of the EC. Turkey were to change a little way away here. You have always denied, because we want to be very well whereby you guys are thus a boy, the badger biological coming will. Then I really boys who do not use light burning. Radio debate will be those do so. We got a lot of trouble when all I got away up about a british plan and above today really to deter mother. You know it is running a sombre. He does you trying to tell him so does really still his foreigners doom of religious booty, reboot, already Mama pursue remotest. Mama problem occurs again. Why would you do that? You can have a little crazy levies, era, mama, I'm engines in Kentucky horse gonna. Tell him I'll call you wanna go out again. Never my gear ravages mom is we're. Gonna have people Mama all my golden moments at your man alone have about the thing around my mom, I'm going on you guys. Are you doin, I memorized of that, because if I there's crowd a new site and another three by their Hutu shining there to get rich, quick, I'm in a situation where I do need aim is by every. I feel, like some people, look at me, like oh she's, just trying to get the money actually trying to have a business. My fiance are an aside. Our year of business has not been great because we had major things happen with opportunities by we. What we want we gathered by did make sure it was when it was ended by it had been at downfall. That were the only thing we had in his bike. We can't even where we ve Boston, we're trying to make me and now the only form of income. So what are you? What are you raise? A motive? Organ is by business, it's on twitter, and why should we donated his business? Tell me: well, we took our income tax money last year to purchase a truck in a fool dropped, so we get it gives to the trail it, but that is not the trailer, but we purchase day and the people who we bought it round, which will accompany it was a peevish infamy with fiery, where prices by the repair equal the price of what the truck call and we can't making money. Now I told we call the company I, how do you expect us to make payments when our to our truckers, costly in the shop is like? Maybe I was very corral funding workable, I'm sorry that investment is made a bad investment in like a lot of people who make bad investments you gotta did you set about it. I hope I'm not gonna do not crowd funding worthy. Ok, it's just not! Ok! I'm the analogue download to tell you I'll pick up next job. You in a hobby, good value keyword made us about investment. Had access to the best of us just keep going about. A call was once
when I say I lost almost one in a damn car. While I was so happy to get rid of it, it s, not our entrepreneurs, your work, they invest in words. You can't make an investment, lose your money and NGO. Ask a bunch of people to give you the money back. All of us all of us got a little bit of debt somewhere away. Sorry, bull Simum, there, maybe maybe tell you, may get a pic about an extra jobs, and we now don't sell some eighty, but just keep worker Hottam showed a comeback around a right. Ok, Leslie, axioms emblem they back ass. She made me, didn't you got a bag and people for money. Could she made about investment aid work? I think I'm all made up the waiters work. Stop it s! Why people similar legal formula sometime, I replied that go hisself. Goodness, gracious get it off my chest, eight hundred five a photo five one. If you need event, you can hit us at any time ye, yes, without any rooms covered up. Yes, I set about well, I am find out what he had to say about kangaroo slavery comments and by his height, is broken from it. Also Katy be she's, been unlike his hair against the world, but tell you what's going on now. I will get into all that when we come back, people act is to breakfast locomotive breakfast, so bad. This is due to report annually on the breakfast club. Where was I am, was anchor morning, Britain any talked about hanging, controversial team as he live any view in which he said that slavery was a choice,
here is what will I am said about how that conversation affected him that broke my heart. what about my grandma, who was born in nineteen twenty and I'm grandmother's grandma, who was a slave and when you're a slave, your owned, that's by force. Stand the need to have free thought, but if your thoughts aren't researched, that is just going to hurt those areas- still in conditions where it's not choice when they go down the street? There's a liquor store and fast food restaurants and your education is not being funded. The same weight as in calabash is so that statement was One of the most ignorant statements at any body that came from the hood could ever say about their ancestors. We thought of you disregard attain a bunch of conservative talked points. Did she saw him right, but now it goes on to say that he hoped it's not to raise awareness that you could sell some wreckers in some shoes, because that would be the worst thing to do and I went to bed Give it s this man is a clown, are song just when platinum, but after come on broad
give a f. This man is a clown, are song just when platinum, but f that come on broad and if any flunk he's gotta problem. See me please, please black people. our right now. Eve was on her show as well on the talk and hears what she had to say Eve was on her show as well on the talk and here's what she had to say about Congo statements. I care under they are, how a black man that was born on the south side of Chicago could have these ideas. I can't does there. How also which I just found out a friend of mine, told me that his mother may she rest in peace, was an african american studies. Professor, you cannot have these ideas without facts to back them up. Slavery is a fact and we are still feeling the effects of sleep these people are on them is Larry. Was a choice? Was an inaccurate ignorant ass? They made nobody told in role in slavery. Nobody told nobody went down to slavery to fill out a job application. Nobody told the plague slave. While you are right now goes on to clarify whose music she thinks you should listen to. Let me tell you something
the end of the day we all got lucky and plucked out of our hoods and lived these amazing lives, but you cannot be so far in your bubble to think that you are not a part of my actual family if any younger others out there. Looking at me, listen to me today pick up some not pick up some Daimio Marley pick up. Some J call pick up some kinda MAR Allah. Music is great, as you Toby would listen to what you read. The book is good. It is good to re. Workers can use an artist. You say you have a choice when it comes to it you say you want to condemn, but when you turn about history, no reasonable goodbye and Congo is gonna, be putting the finishing, he's on his album. He has left to go back to the mountain tat and he's back in way. Yeoman. That's the unwary interesting to see. When can you drop some music going? Conny drops a new sneaker. If everybody got to save energy, they got right now rubber, find out on Saturday Cassese. Easy collection actually goes live on sale
They four hundred dollars short through four antiquity data tights times. Women. If women terrorism measures that may be but is also a petition online and that is on cared sue and they're, asking Adidas to boycott Congo where so far they China get ten thousand signatures there, almost at five thousand, and that Jason says: well, can you can live safely in his multi million dollar castle? There s a black America continually marginalized and subject to unjust laws in treatment. Some even die because behavior is so ingrained in our society. Congo West has a free, a right to free speech and he has the right to speak lies and misinformation and misplaced opinions, but we, as consumers, have the right to fight back against this type of dangerous.
Again. You as consumers, you boycott could indeed is not known boycott. Can you? I think that it is not just sell enclose the Black America, but not only that candidate. He didn't say anything. I was against a law, he didn't say anything razors is. It was ill at ease very slowly, but I guess I don't know. I guess one us enough. We're gonna happen when those member states, I'm an aim and Adam comes out of stock and also our medium and sneak a scam that right I'm right away. You kids need to bundle sneakers, you can speak in the stocks are correct, but your case need to buy those makes amazingly hand. That is your room and appointed a crazy thing is I want my easy devotee goes. I don't have away now being by twenty nine. I didn't. Even people sell the item away, don't sell em sees deals, they make, you must know, buying still proud and on any gazing at all. Only the, but I can't wait to see very but to keep Zeman you and everybody vinyl easy. Tactically. Nobody by Muslims diet shall become you with France of uneven label such an effort in them types. Ok, but you know what what's next week
front page news. When we talk about going to care their livelihood. I'll have to from ok I'm. Yes, we are deciding about down on Ciampi, just gotten nominated for words about prize Nobel prize tell you about it, from his new around that's next breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club was gained some front page news, Quick MBA recap: last they viewed such as be to use in rock, as they tie the seriously one one. Sixteen one o aids hunker not tonight this explains Celtics end. The calves plead the rafters Ellison Much president knowledge of you. Yes, then Download shrub has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Now the novel, Jim was spearheaded, of course, by some of the Republic including Luke Messer, who is locked in Lacheneur Dio people Mary Battle for us in its seat in Indiana. In the letter it says, since taking office, President Chump has worked,
Airless leads to apply maximum pressure on North Korea to end its illicit weapons programmes and bring peace to the region, went down a try but was in Michigan during our reelection rally on Saturday, the crowd started. Chanting know about Nobel bowed down. A temple was discussing his efforts, North Korea. You will give a Nobel Peace Prize to a man who cheating on his wife were porn stars and painter hush money. You will give a Nobel Peace Prize to a man with administration in Vienna forget about every FBI. Don't give a Nobel Peace Prize to a man who has caused more division in in any president. Can you just nominee anyone rollicking play for and then I now there's four presidents, and then he and I dating who have been Nobel Peace Prize Winners, Morocco bombers, one on yes, he is at the hour Roosevelt's widow, Wilson, and Jimmy Carter I know the winners and hopefully sound jump unhappy. Arrived
analyses about what happened on South West now, no one I was on vacation envy. You talked about a story about a woman who die from the injuries room when she was nearly set out of a blown out window on South West Flight out of We already have one now. Something else happened would be hardly any data during and after they give a flies off with a big both in the sky apparent. There was a crack in the and a window cracked in mid air borrowed. It was that there was a loud path at the pilot came out flight was going to from Chicago they had to do an emergency landing in Cleveland. They said it was pretty tense and base. Oh did have pressure in the cabin, but they didn't know how much longer they were going to have it. Unfortunately, for that, They did manage to make that landing, but there was crack in them. Get what you pay for. Ok, keep telling you. Why would you want to fly on something that when you walk on it, they tell you to pick your seat every man or woman for himself, and I got time for that. Okay, it's a bust in the sky
I've, never heard of a window crack and on a plane out is crazy. Southwestern also crazy itself, now a road to me, we did have an incident when I was very young I'll, never forget this flight. I was our my parents, have you guys ever had the acid and mass pop down no light winter? They happened to me what apparently somebody pushed it are open a little bit while we were up in the air and all of a sudden, it got very rocky their flight attendants. One of them turn like Sheet White Shield. Her mind everybody with going crazy than the attitude Mass Pat down, and you have breathed attitude mass until they were able to land flight itself was even source MAX
I'm leaving I live, I don't think they have. They think they do have water. You put me on. The south was right to examine this. I wish we did manage to shove. Was God he rather than I am alive? But somehow we were here, you put it s, our women. Aren't you going to South Carolina for some of us like I want ya to come down. I gotcha flights, never had it when I think about it, had a culture where something is going on a flight I drew never have insulation itself worthless. People bring go to. Another scraggly in South West. They let you have goats on I remember that play then we landed the hotel. We stated Axiom me appears at the go him by our own sheets, because we want a sleeping in the bay Did a thirty day. I well I'm only benefits as impairs letter the toilet to mobilise all right when we come back, we have the cask of deer white people realise that
well we'll talk about it. I'm gonna k we proceeded to what, for me, is this Friday on Netflix arranged to breakfast level, Mona the breakfast in everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club because a special guess inability to show him have you come back the care of Why do you say to me? What is it I'm Logan Browning near the White yeah gaze and I'm Ashley, blame feathers Angelo Brooks Man's when I Robertson Cook Oconnors, good morning and luxury about dear, why people explained to him what it is dear, why people theories that follows several students of color on the landscape of an ivy league, predominantly White university and racial tensions get till an all time high when a black face parties thrown. So we follow each student individually in kind of
see their lives and how they deal with racism and social injustice winger, a white plays, a black is unlikely. What a letter this show writing to write the white people, I think it's saying see us acknowledges hear us, you know what saying about Howard. We feel there were two at Times is valid and work being unapologetic about one of the best examples of day is when SAM Whites boyfriend actually gave, the cuts right and my report was reviewed Scare Jha. We do away scares, call the cops drainage, devilish carrier, and you know there was a whole debate and we ve been having this debate about why people, using the end where, in song thing and not? Ok, drappin words, and he.
Saying a word like him, though. K now gave for clarification on that. Another guy faster gave here, do daddy there. No- and I beg of you knows that right and it turns into a whole debating they get into an argument about that and then gave as the person they actually the captain he's why and he's your boyfriend SAM on. There's: no, have you guys ever better somebody way using the inward, though owning along you and not eyes at the fly. Not me I don't want anything. Are they will still be right now become our sincere, why people books and, like I hear people like lasting
music and their. Why I'm always looking to be like what you desire? No, you don't see that a global, highly Lawsy tyres differently. Why those advocate can't you see with local views of what have you done? Why might be confusing where I stood on get why people use the word like you're thinking I like the song. I can sing it. I'm like yeah, but that still a line you can't cross. So if you like some people like debating that it's not a debate like you can't use this word Canada. I'm on it. Now by I describe it feel like bats. I give a black, Jason said you know, we endured slavery for so long. We should be able to call why people like
others are being tracked down, and I made my point is that I don't think that you're not walk you out being like war, just cover slavery, unable to say like I guess out of a reaction foot away to my people who have been oppressed now Logan, you cared to really intrigues me because she saw militant on the solvency does date, a white. Why guy and I think that people lose a level of blackness when a date outside areas John one thing that I think that there is a part of your blackened. Is that you get to explore deeper when you are in a relationship with another person of your same ethnicity? Is a choice? Is a choice of everybody gets He has to make a move as if they were my boy I've only guideline I did. Then there was an interesting bring you home, fair
How does the moment I haven't you Megan mother? Why? Why why these or like that went over his head like a weight? So what Tom. You were right now and I can do it, I'm not I'm more. How are you are very low level ends is, but now we're. Bringing him home would be fined issues I Babylon ear to I why I need you to understand what I'm talking about an EU that I don't want to know the member states know, even if this is- and I won't even want to be in a situation where his leg oh, like you guys, are eating like ie, but where does that come problem? You know, and I have to be like well way. It would be unfair to female. I leave you just get it less dating Asian, then I'm sorry
Have we not how we re use it having been made man? Yes, that was based over? Where is the re putting her book that all of a sudden, everybody got mad at that as he d black women, so just get with asian men? many have their own class of men in China issue by Bay outnumber moonlight. Dray seminars, something graving because they used to give women can ever to learn what a baby grown. Then I do not think that educated women today date. Whoever, then, where are they now and I want you know, I mean on an opposite spectrum. black women or men, that its import to them to be with someone else, as black like sometimes were ashamed for that too or like when I say that, like it is important to me thy marry a black man. Could I I've said that many a time or continue to say it? That's important to me clearly from where we come from and how that was prohibited.
Report I want to. I was back together as less likely. We, especially when you go to school, This'Ll mixed. Because I lay I get my daughter now. She goes on mixed school, where I don't really see dating a black person right now. It s five, one of the Buddha APC you so bad, because she doesn't see some into how I felt myself Howard check. Being a howard, just changed my life. If everything you would the Howard, because you know do so, the discredit the plea black woman goes on, I believe now I thought of stress because I swear, I grew up leg in the diesel area by winters predominantly. Why calls growing on zone. That was the reason why I went to her, because I wanted that experiences. I my experience prior to that was more like Winchester, but as far as like Michael just bear these completely different ninja. Well, and you have no way when we welcome you ask about your hair. I did now I didn't know better I'd, be aware it nice areas I didn't realize like out, but most even realize it until you do like I was the only black girl on my entire all in my building, and I really
didn't realize it until one thing would happen, you no one will a thing so many say something: you go oh down like or you're alive, but rise early hurry taught you buy. You gave you, I asked you ain't gonna buy. It is to talk to my, but there is, but still honour on an are predominantly white campus, just like Winchester their pockets of black. But when they think together knew that you hang out is your own little media has met him back their black eyes. I my school, they will have like a black girlfriend, but then they will go to the sorority and fraternity parties in the white, the white ones, and it be like a whole world. So they are near grow, frown with these white girls, but that it was so they had every day what they never even as would never even cry. No because it was like having a whole different world. Rumour Hennessy, this a lot of guys who your black many data, black women
she would why groaning consider Jean I don't buy that is now before us does not consider it just like exploring a fetish. Everything right is out of sight, so by lie makes it ok right, if not only anything, about the Lebanon and see what a white man it does here. How you feel about that why you want to sell out like lightning, why? Why would we back with the catch of de away peoples it all over? The breakfast locomotive, morning. Everybody's is J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club of the cap. de away, people in a building Charlemagne now wanted it to do. I view as I, when you ask someone who looks ethnically different. What are you about now Why why you say I say a category and sometimes
hurry and I do not like what do you mean and then they ask our what Agnes it he could. My last name, D, you know and then the people, but I got you then again, are you there are you that what are you wearing a person is about the sluggish around. What there's somebody asked knew you nurse early. I know how you say: if you say what are you guys think that's asking I am a human Winnie Ariane when one the Emma PETE, while I dont like is on people, say what you have to be mixed with something, because your this young lady, when making a man or woman who was I mean, of course, were all mixed. The capacity but like assuming you have to be mixed to be beautiful or have to be mixed. Have certainty anonymous views about, the carriage Jacobo efforts, whether or not I felt about her. You know because she's very sweet, but then there's anything, as he does, there were irritate me sometime. You are sure you know it s really like that. I guess really trying to fit in the air and certain spaces
when I say well, why is he doing that? And so how did you feel about that character Can you explain her the way that I I mean I feel, when you read it on the page. If, if, if you'd, on adapt to it, people are going to just see her as as just vapid, oars she's. His does very superficial, but from my understanding doesn't my thought process about it was if I grew up in a world that view towards a eurocentric ideal of beauty and eyes Other girls, a weaves and stuff, while my hair was natural and they were getting all the attention from the men. What What I do to be noticed from men and end, if you think about it? There are moments where we we, we do different things because we're I too we want to be loved and ultimately everybody wants to be loved in some kind of validation so for cocoa. The salmon cocoa feud happen.
If I don't know you you watched Oliver season by lay cocoa was doing everything to be with Troy and then her best friend dated Trot So that's when you start to see the mean girl coming out of cocoa, it's coming from a place of pain and then dealing with the whole colours and miss you, and I are lazy, my hair lady, like nice, where it would then we will hear- is that and then, when she likes him, you might like to on Tuesday like that, of course, the Ford report, in view of what you said of you ever felt, the need to conform to wide standards of beauty was black woman. What? as modelling- and I don't know any better yes, because I was told very very blunt, like specifically your way prettier with straight here: that's it like, that's what we want from you, I we don't want you to where you her natural and I left that agency and ended up going afford.
And when I wear my hair curly, I started working so much more when I didn't understand that I was empowering people by choosing to just be comfortable and set myself the way that I was I was just kind of life will know. I want to do something different and now that I can now that I understand it like having that black magic moment for cocoa walking down the stairs natural hair. Unsure of the man that was, it and I was vying for where I got a week for and all of these things for would accept me how I looked naturally and then having him say I don't care about your hair with such a beautiful moment and my mother, I awoke Remembering now remember in high school hum wanting colored contact,
no yeah! I remember our job any pictures about my oh, my hat with all your with the hazel eyes. Your google Chrome is green. Those areas eyes and you say yes for I am saying this as they those on my what fifteen. Maybe I doll in retrospect probably is what I was trying to do that that would make me more attractive. That's the way more exotic, more look different than just the Dogskin Blackwell. I am, I think it was how the imagery around me was affecting subconsciously like that looks more interesting, may be re amount of innovation, but to be honest about it,
Rock, and I was slowly about- is some news: Muffy girls, I I've never felt like I've had to conform to Europe. He and standards, but I do feel like I've had to constantly try to find do. I lean more am I more why, in my more black, do I wear field? Do I, where food do I wear away where no seriously like I'd, would where I grew up? I grew up in very nice neighborhood in the worst county in Georgia. I went to public school growing up so I I my mom travel for living. I wore things from London and Paris to this. Public school, where we like, we don't things from London and Paris and sort out, maybe I have a lot a lot, and so then I
ok mom, you gotta. I can't like I gotta survive and you I need do. We need to change this like I mean to fit in and so and then, after that winter came areas in a corner, private school, all crap. I got fit in mind. We are changes that raggedest archival magnolia embarrass you gonna cut my hair like the white grows. They have layers. Are you straight? My hair cut it like the way so yeah? I guess I was, but it was depending on the environment. I wasn't went both ways for me, so you call me stupid man, your bi regional, real life at both? My parents are blocked Ok, you know my recently, you know I am going to go and say that you have never said this in public, I'm adopted I was raised by black parents. I've I met my parents, my Birth mom was why am, I doubt was bite, but I ve never met them while go good god you have
early waited my whole. I d say about out with pleasure and has moved a meme Logan. It's made it very honestly. This is the most free moment of my parliamentary life and career because it has made it very difficult for me to explain how I relate to salmon, how I dont, because I was raised with black parents. I was raised black like Lampblack, but I don't look black one. So I don't understand you weren't, you have good, you know, I mean they see the light eyes. They seem like they gotta. What do you mean like they were in and they got really? What are you exactly what I'm over my bit, but I was raised with black banana go oh, but I am it's very confusing, confusing identity for me when I'm on it, when you ordered the wounded, man saw me very young. I think I was like fives live in the bats Evan. I am almost like Logan Avatar something You are my daughter, but somebody else gave birth to you. I was like, but you're my mommy is like I'm your mommy. For I was like could, even though there was I don't. I think I do
the rest of my life. I think I did and I am very kind of was how did you eventually come to give such identity while it I'm coming to grips with in all of our actually that I haven't file? That tells me what happened. Tells me that my mom was eighteen. She was young, she was her eye. She wasn't got pregnant by White Guy, an army and am I came out. They got a big catholic wedding. I came out and I was not white. She had an affair with a thirty four. Your black man who was married with just had a kid so that that I think that into like? Am I right? Do you am I being rejected by white man like like? I was the child, like all those things into my head, and I think literally this is the most boring experience. Cuz I've always been like nope nope nope doesn't exist for me. Cuz I've never said it out. Loud doesn't exist as any of this so
How much does the running of scripture Syria? Where thank you so much? I beg you know when you want to show you like you, but then you meet the care than they actually like. Who may find a way of joining this even embassies in, Thank you. He's got room,
my leader. We lay an alarmingly high other currencies. We know about in the new season. Did you know that it will be politically very area of other people? Other people I have been using you're gonna be like if you have let himself we plan to do to get here, he's he's lying in certain areas. Now, because a deer White Bank, the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning, everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall be the girl we are. The breakfast club was gets it aromas toll Kevin, or this is the Weber report on the breakfast club, where Cavan higher. It turns out that the person who actually tied to extort him Jonathan TAT Jackson was facing two felony counts now for attempted extortion,
an extortion by threatening letter was actually a friend of Kevin Hearts. They ve. Each other for more than fifteen years. Crazy, yes, Jackson was like a man to I was movie naked and the two even have several post together throughout the years. As a matter of fact, Jonathan Jackson was even a Kevin hearts. Bachelor party. No, isn't that crazy, the people closer to you about this, crazy. I mean, as the saddest thing about betrayal right, it knew that it never comes from enemies. Now, Coventry Mind blown hurt at a loss for words and simply incomplete disbelief at the moment. Wow. I gotTa Peppino was. He was in Vienna last words and then continue to use words, alas forward. I don't know what to say after that, you no longer live and definitely not say after it. Right now, I'm shall again Today, this morning, by moving about these deadly dog you deserves. It is
Ray money right now goes by the way I could act black is changing his name in its legal and all of that, his name is now bill, K, Caprice or Kicklebury Bill K, Caprice. Why? I don't I once afresh dark, I guess in the middle everything has been going on with him. His name is ill done about changing your name is about changing your lifestyle. A corner blackened by changing you behaviors about changing the people around you doses can keep you out of jail. His real name was die. You son active something how'd, you get. Bill from it. I don't know he just wants the new pre What is happening with this? he's doing, but I guess you know They don't know what's going on. Now what is happening with this whole? She bad song. That's a stand a song on the car, be album right? She batter featuring why deed, dj method didn't the to now car to I'm gone to alight as he's waiting at this baby. Now she posted if thy Cardy Beaver
is the world. Then she wrote, you know what I'm not gonna, let em efforts drive me crazy. You will love it if I was a bummer, lose everything to Morrow Homage eat, go to the studio. Post, my looks in my music, I'm dumb being a social people don't deserve real and words, so I guess ass. She felt. people- have been harassing her bothering her now one thing they did happen was cash doll was trying. to post Herman over and I guess originally she was on. The song was. Why had I read this before? I guess, Cardy on it, and here is what a sounded like they may not to pick up where a pound vaguer breathe. That's not me, I'm leaving them with the good. She s a nail, your customer counterpoise q, nor so she sat a posted.
sound cloud and they got blocked in here was her explanations. He sets as no b for or anything like that, but, of course everybody. A real it up like you was beef and here's what she says she he was annoyed about how I did before making they re both by the debate on my whenever, given the beaver by him out on a level alone. Am I I'm not even mathematician aeroplane open about it? Is why, whatever your video am I give them so that they could not have found an old among others, three, the also its weeded out, damn here or less on s on, but she says I guess originally was both Vienna, but We're gonna be a high remakes will all of them on it. What what do you got to say? I waited nothing loaded
he was on it too. There's gonna be on adding avenant. They why'd, you recorded three different versus with three different young ladys and by the time Mozilla, or are you going around? Nine probably did the recorded their court be needed? A wreck afore out man might be says she heard it, and she says she went back when I gave a new Yorker. Does it does not have this ocean it be. No beef happens all the time, all the time and amuse against noses like all this was the version this person was on it originates, but then they ain't, it always happens produces do. I was always souls whereby no money to buy nobody's China before anybody. So you know it's just. I guess cast out when it put out what her verse ways cause she liked him first and then so easy They said it was not, then she's a thought. It was funny. She sits there damning Oleson S on the lunar image and all ass. What I think of it ass, a man anyway. She bears great idea Luther
has got to cast all coming by air. Listen! I'm Havana cast us, I'm anxiety fire. So there you have it I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report our right shoulder buying. Yes, Tell us we given that down, could do. I want to talk more about this. This story about Jonathan Tar Jackson Right Kevin hard friend who was trying to start a new society species for this is that we need him to come in from the delegation. We like the hardware would derive
we'll get to that. When we come back, he belongs to breakfast logo mourning for donkey overdue to being a little bit of a mess like adult written. I've been called a lot of my twenty three years. The donkey at Bay is a new wife. Just don't you today, for Thursday made. There goes the Jonathan tied Jackson, acre action, Jackson, a J t. Now you probably have not a clue who Jonathan Jackson is because the only Jackson's we acknowledge all related to Michael and JANET Owen, Bull Bono's, you don't have a clue who Jonathan Ta Jackson is. Somebody tell you, Jonathan, tie Jackson who, for you, when you old friend of Kevin Heart, according to him, he's been movies like swipe naked and even in a movie star given hot. Think like a man too, and I know you might be thinking just because you were in a movie, would someone does it make you friends? Well, down Jonathan Kevin HOT have posted several pigs together through ideas in action. Jackson even attended Kevin's Bachelor Party sounds like they were pretty good friends to me. Now, according to the New York Times, action Jackson was a professional you as Bowler and according to the P Ba, which is a Professional Baldos Association. Jonathan has been a professional bulldozers to daddy six and his career earnings are a grand total of three thousand two hundred and fifty five dollars in zero, say: oh boy had probably. I have no idea why him being professional ball is relevant to the story, above whatever reason, when my brain processes, historic effect, that Jonathan TAT Jackson was a professional bala with nickname action. Jackson makes this story even more entertaining. In fact, if I had to run new story on my website, it would say U S. Pro bowler throws Kevin heart in a gotta because, according to him see action Jackson is in jail on a hundred thousand dollar bill facing a maximum centres of four years, because he was charged with attempted extortion and extortion by threatening letter because Jonathan tied J T action Jackson with attempting to extort he's referring actor comedian, Kevin Heartless GO to Isla de Comforter report. On Wednesday, a man was charged with attempting to extort money from actor Kevin Heart with surreptitiously recorded video of the Marid comedian with a female. According to the LOS Angeles district attorney's office, forty one year old, Jonathan Todd Jackson, a pro Buller has been charged with attempted extortion by threatening letter Jackson is accused of seeking an undisclosed amount of money from the thirty eight year old heart in August of twenty seventeen, and of also trying to sell a video of the Jumanji star in LAS Vegas. When the woman to numerous celebrity news websites, if convicted Jackson, faces a maximum sentence of four years in prison mega that day brought. This is why I feel like an open enemy is better in a faltering. Ok, I mean this is a different type. A guy called violation is worse than your friend telling your wife. You is cheap. This is worse than your friend trying to highlight your wife. Now, both for those offences would be instant of friendship, but in this situation acting Jackson was trying to ruin care of his life. He was trying to ruin his marriage, possibly ruin his livelihood. Thank God none. It is having with Damn Jonathan Todd Kevin posed to be your guy, a man you considered a frame ya got several selfies together. Ok and you will willingly lose your friendship, possibly God, given the losers. Imagine people around you lose all respect integrity for you, because you wanted to extort your may be a guy for some money craving is the cabinet imo probably have given using my if you really needed it, because you sound desperate when that seventeen January idle seventeen million which to allow changing over me and I'll, get you through? Ok, because the problem of a career any that three thousand two hundred fifty five dollars. You clearly needed the money and I would say something else about people like Jonathan Jackson, any friend at turned into an enemy had been hating since day one. You been gelatin envious of care for as long as you known him off our belong to have been popping. Ok, because this wasn't just an extortion platt, you was trying to ruin Kevin's life. Now I know what you say: you have an almost ruined his own life by cheat and well. You know what you're right! Ok, but you know what a friend Dardanelles situation he tells caviar wrong. You tell Katy was while- and he tells me have you gotta do better, because he got too much to lose, but a friend doesn't get ahold of red tape and try to sell it very blog in extort his so called for an for money. Okay, this is a prime example of calm. Yes have made a huge mistake, rain or good will come to you action Jackson, we're trying to exploit that mistake in storage, your friend now in the news broke yesterday, Kevin tweeted out mine blown hurt at a loss for words and simply incomplete disbelief at the moment. While I really hate when people say at a lot worse than a goin, to use more words after he said that the Daphne they another anyway action Jackson your face in four years in jail, but you are facing a lifetime of shame. Why ruin a great friendship over financial gain? Ok, personally, at the real friends and, more importantly, finances. But what do I know account is glad actions. Action is in jail and ugly.
people get the witnessed is calmer, because when people do you wrong is no need for revenge, just sit back and wait because those who hurt you will eventually scrubbed himself and if you're lucky God will let you watch and right now, Kevin Heart had affront rosy. The watches former friend pay for the dirty attempted to do. Ok. Historians have everybody side I and their friends all day, and if you know what I know you better, because the saddest thing about betrayal that never comes from your enemy, so please give Jonathan tied Jackson. The biggest here is a sucker like accurate. How could you possibly bees like nobody can have a total like got dollar? You saw a journalist who I am now giving less for its like. Nobody should be. As for ever get a life. Why used or talking to read a lot worse arise data level them the more others. There is always a saying to our rights Anti car. I will take you for a dark of data. Are you talking to me about using less for where he's lost worth giving up our right up next to ask IE eight hundred five, a firewall or fire one of unique relationship advice? You can call her right now. She hoped you would all your problem side is to breakfast Cloacam or torn, and everybody is D J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club reserve as key hello. This is braided
morning, good ranging Brandon Bro. How also were doing this morning? good was the question today Brandon for as you so basically near my girl, we ve been there that for almost four years and now you know we're ready, the more than together last year and I started a deep and jobs all in all. We both had a job, so we both know that if we needed to pay the bills that one of our checks we could well, recently she stopped working and act at all. Do you know that was fine? Wash you find another job it up. I could take you feel like we agreed so fast begone on a couple months now you know she's man looking, but it still seems lagging or she has a really put forth so much effort and then do not pay another build that shit and I feel I should ease the cook clean. Everything which you know it was the agreement at first reading have been built right. So now it's like I'm down the bills, but she still
They should be an equal share. The easy answer, an appeal from five ways of words that have been a couple, a man's area right and she has been looking for a job. I mean yeah, you were you not be like this, it's a lot easier than where she's making it. Sometimes. You know why I'm a might be an insensitive or I may be honest, like the sometimes when things happen, she lost her job, for whatever reason, she's trying to find an avid another job is really easy. I your ego when you're going out and look for a job, and maybe things are working now, gonna get in that call back in getting that job right away. So it's really important for you to be supportive of her right now. You guys have been together for a while and it's gotta be big in then, and you have to make sure that your supportive now you said you guys have. an agreement before as far as paying bills by right now, I've easy there that agreement has changed because she's not in she's, not workings, and now it's time for you guys to come up with a new agreement for the period of time that she's not working. Now you can approach
in a way which was Intuit working. You have to do this, but I think it's important, for you guys disguise for now, while you're looking for another job, and I want to help you with that effort- and I know his name easy. Others not easy, as you might think, let's comes Is there an agreement? Since you know you have more time to be in the house: let's do this for now, and so you work again and then we can go back to how it was four and in the meantime, you do need to be supported because you don't know where she's is like. She might not even be telling you how discouraging it is when she's going out there, Sometimes it's hard for people even put themselves out there to potentially be let down and something doesn't work out. So I think you should be sensitive that it has only been a couple of months and uneasy. I feel like I've tried to approach the situation and you know less impressive way, color oh well. Do you mind during this century now working so much? Is that, like a bare waited phrase, it for, I think day,
you have to do this at a time when Yellow Shellanne relaxing in a good mood. Maybe you know sit down, guess and take out in hay, less figure these things out, because you don't Some want to feel better because sometimes the person who is bringing home the money feels like, while I'm the one paying for everything and that attitude could you guys are supposed to be a team not a good attitude to have either, and you don't want her to feel a damn he's paying for everything I feel not worthy of certain things, and so now he's telling me what I have to do, because he is the person who has the power and the relationship you have him make it understood that I understand, the difficult time right now. So less just come to a temper Mary agreement, since we had a different agreement before, since I circumstances have tea temporarily. Let's come up with an agreement. That you guys don't even have to keep on discussing it, where you don't have to ask Would you mind doing this, but it's already understood you know. But please be important because you can imagine what it would be like for you if you were working and you
Somebody telling you will you gotta do is cause. You know you're right now, just be aware, the way that might make her feel and how it might be hard to go out in the world. China. Job Gettin told no failure reject and then come home and feeling like man. You know Even my man is making me feel like a loser. Regular leg and I hope she find them work soon. Emesa you help her out. So even if you see some good recommendation Don't even ask around two people: hey, you know Anybody Hiram, my look for a job. You know how bout then you appreciate their. Thank you, you, ok, you welcome all right ask IE, eight hundred five, a firewall or five would have unique relationship advice. It allows for a post mortem. Everybody is d, J envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ask e hello. This is your mother, I'm from Hamilton. I just had a question for an so my girlfriend here. He's not going to the air force and we ve been living here.
we're about like states might now will be together brought about a year next month and he wants more with her when he leaves for their oars. Ok and I have a good Megan good money. So I don't know I'm stuck in the middle here because I don't want to. I want to end the ship, but at the same time my China up all my life and yet we do not make a big family were met, and if you know what to do well present, just because she moves and you don't move with it doesn't mean you have to end the relationship right. Yeah good, that's what shipping that's what she said and knowledge bearing all we want to move away from the real issue was. That seems like a selfish thing for her to say, because you do have a lot of things happening with yourself, where you are so, I would recommend that you guys try to make it work and tell her that's revisit this conversation in a year after year. You know said: oh, where your atlas, if we can make this work long distance for a little while, and so we figure out what I can do, because I'm pretty happy where I'm at and you
I don't want to lose a man and things don't work out anyway. You learn, I just feel It is never a good idea to do something that you really don't want to do come relationships in general. You have to want to do it and who knows maybe a from now your once ago move because you guys would be so much in love. Maybe you will get a adjusted. Bending time out there may be they give you time to see up is other opportunities, but Let her know you're not ready to upload your life right now. It's how her, let me know, work on our relationship for the next year, see how this works over their course in time, give it a time limit, and they let her know you know during that time. You do some research see about your occupation, but could you be doing out there and then, if it makes sense- and you guys you know both agree in She agrees that she wants to stay there. Then Can it will have another conversation about it by right now, you're not ready to make them who died? You very much. You're welcome
today s daughter, ASCII, eight hundred private, firewall or fire one of unique relationship revise you can call you, we got rooms, you away. Yes, I said about survey. No Williams. Hijack humanity is unaids. Ba we talk about the dac. You serious about serene SL was how to you about. Things as he has to say, especially the relationship she never anticipated. She will be an hour. I will get into all that when we come back, he unlocked the breakfast locomotive. plenty. Everybody is the jury envy Age Lee Charlemagne ago. We all the breakfast club in those kids rules, the sorcery no use the reul report was yes, I have you guys at its hands, is either being serene documentary that it's a viper donkey series that unease be. Oh, I know they put out the fire whereas anybody in here where to get my own, but I will say something about those tat- were documented. The committee's view that make you have to watch them right. Well,
gotta to make. I only some pieces of it so far and a one thing that she's folks and of course I mean her body changing because she's an athlete. So a lot of what she has to do has to do with her body and not being able to for for a little while she was having her baby says he talks about as Yoda talks about how she ended. With Alexis, though Hany and who is the founder of read it and she says she now I thought you d married a white guy. She said in a I'm an athlete he's a business guy on black is why we are total opposites. I think we just complementary, that I think we understand hard work in different ways. He's a little piece from beings. Alexis and I are completely opposite. I'm an athlete he's a business guy, I'm his white were totally opposite. I dont know why were such a is. I think we should complement each other. I think we understand hard work in different ways. There are few people reached her heights who have that genuine,
passion whether genuine heart is probably why I love as much as I do not see, as is at issue, is educate him on racial injustices in she said that love. Whom has no college. He said I literally tell him. Well, you know there is such a difference between why people and people and he always gets to hear about things in injustices that would happen if I were white, so she said it's a very interesting, but ultimately she as I wanted to be with someone who treated me nice, someone who was able to laugh with me and someone who understood my life in someone that love me and you know I'm sure there are other people out there. But you know Alexis is the one I connected with and I wouldn't have it any other way. All mobile love, you know, looks as you just make sure you fix ruin his crown in the mornin ogre array. Analysis talk about this x, MTV executive, I in do you know I'm selling one of the normal when is being sued for alleged sexual abuse. Now a Roby Carrington has fallen
I see no em. You got Joker smile. He smiled at a we are carrying two knows more ado. Regular, look, real there well he's described as very good, looking mixed, raise charismatic young kid. Any says that back in two thousand ten, that's when He was invited out to dinner when he was trying to chaperone several tv shows what are those is about his own, bisexual, dating life. Now, according to Javier Carrington. He says the executive drove him back to his house static, him and then grew violent and said. If we didn't have sex with him, he would destroy any chance. He had of building a career and entertain. Industry. He said that he was so defeated that he'd, allow him to perform oral sex on him. Now, a few months later He said that when gray, inviting him to a golden globes after party and then proceeded to rape him without a condom as he
screaming crying and begging him to stop. So now this this lawsuit against Ex MTV executive because of all of that use, curse, Our big cars being His name is undoubtedly Segwarides signally remove them. Television academies, Hall of Fame. His name no longer appears among the official list of honour is online. All reference is were removed from the website as well. So he has been Buddhist from academies Hall of Fame Raster a jewel sand. And, in the meantime, has been indicted for that airport gun, but that he had now parent they do believe, is palpable cause that he tried to smuggle a handgun that not even allowed to possess a board of Flight at Newark Airport do dad, I'm sure wasn't actually forgot. It was in his bag. Leggy knows there is no way to get their gonna write ceremony. He has at least two felony convictions and so yeah there you have it he's right now, free
after posting a five hundred thousand dollar bonds, but he has electric minded electronic monitoring which have a restriction. His when bill can be dive. They'll put the cab show back on television. I think they should Really thinking about this yesterday, like bill can be the constable should not have to pay for this. In the milk I was a positive show. While they are acting. Bishop narrative, Huxtable's out all right said a bill can get his name off of it. Maybe I am Angela YE and at your room report, our right revolt will see tomorrow everybody also people's choice mixes up next Lescaut winning nation came out that it was an old, a guy in a young guy and young guy. The kid whose indoctrinated was under this miss belief that they're gonna have this utopia at the time. I was thinking well, he should be locked it for ever and ever now. I'd like to,
and to see whether or not he's really changed. Now we're dealing with the situation where maybe he will walk the streets again, this monster DC snipe. All episodes are available now on the eye, hard radio, app apple pie. Outcasts, wherever you listen to pack casts. Scribe today and bend the entire season so, we'll distancing slows the spread of grown a virus. So if you have a fever, dry coffin, shortness of breath, all your health provider before going in more info it on a virus, not Gov. Let's all do our part, because we're all alone together, brought you by the council
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