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Tuesday 5/16- Today on the show we had rapper Desiigner come through and lets just say he has more energy than most kids. Charlamagne also gave Donkey of the Day to Shontrell Murphy for beating her son for giving his grandma a Mother's Day gift and not giving one to her. Also, we launched another segment on the show called the "Ex Files" where listeners have the opportunity to their no good ex boyfriend/girlfriend.

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I gotta get back like a mega. Physiologist took all we ve got this press brown. I will personally join a breakfast club say some of the USA. Come on we're d visa ambient air, Yes, it's Tuesday. Yes, it is yes, you know last yesterday I had a great day I play: must son in basketball all day long ass, the sun had a great day out. One actually no ninety one. I wish I could accept. No, I paid Logan play
Was thirteen years old employ inst alive? And nobody will by summer as another line we will pass on my ass. He was when in ninety six in an idea were my bed tonight, you hard nodded their to what my uncle's did me. I did what you know. The older uncle and cousins did to me. Just try to me was on punishment unless he let you know, I just thought it back in and out using my weight got under ram and you start to scorn because he started talking too much map I got a levy and I got a levy a word. I got array and I got a right and they most manicheism around like now, like you know, but again tat. I would like to know what now I know my dad did this. When I was a can our normal utmost causes my uncle's, it is when I was a kid and now realize
to do that all the time the play and because I can't make him feel like he's better him. Last Friday yesterday there was a great work out. I had a good time, but I do yesterday. Yesterday I went to this designing women event was Diane Van Furstemburg, gradually Greenwood Yacht Diane presuppose a designer coca for women's clothing. She started with the rap just there was very popular. She has a million different styles he's been doing she seventy years old. Now she started when she was young and in twenty six says she talked about being a designer how she got stuck in the business you set by the time she was twenty four she already had. Two kids was married about get divorce and all it s super early on in life broker, so Julie, Green, while whose chairman of Atlantic records she was there, also the two of them on a panel, and they were basically just talking about their different career paths. It was were younger women, but they wanted to invite some older women that were more establishing their careers to kind of give advice and talk,
just the business from women's point of view, so that was ban. Then I went to go see designer perform design. Yes desired, observed appended then. Yes, well times I was out about yesterday's. I said I was sure he but going it was very energetically had a bands, commanded, the and the school marching ban Ochre, and they did the grand finale with him he performed for. Quite in time to borrow in design will be joining us this morning. So walking with design even can be a lot of fun or we can understand a word. He say: you'll understand him. It s a gas we're working with design of looking some front page news, what we talked about how we were talking about. I can't help it. We gotta talk about damage, have some more noble NAD sources are saying that he sees classified information with the Russians, but of course they are saying that fake news Miranda chums camp. I would also like to say about the NBA players. Boston. Congratulations! Hotel about it is fake love, Drake, ammonia, everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, some front page news
the NBA play off now. Congratulations to divorce themselves. If they defeated the washing. With one fifteen one. All five in game said about. If your child are you a small basketball player, you should really look up to the icy tabs that boys. What for for five, I'm not for over half a number five. Now in a as very small? He does moves and create shot for himself. That is just unmanageable. There's that at the world where unimaginable right, just that This is an amazing maison play. My son was very short. I tell him to look up Daisy Atomic it'll, get your boy and skills to everything that you possibly can, like. I say a timescale.
Boy is a problem, would have Charlemagne. Now. Let's talk about your President Donald Trump. Yes, your president damage have now. According to the Washington Post, he asserted highly classified information with the russian Foreign Minister and russian Ambassador to the United States and a white ass meeting in the office last week. Now some people have confirmed the CNN that that's not true, of course, firm Donald Trump side where they are saying is that there was no end from classified information that was shared, but according to the New York Times I among the details that were shared by the president was the location and Syria, where the intelligence was collected, which means that Russia could have clues as to who gathered the intelligence. According to these sources in the meeting salmon chum posted about having access to the intelligence which dealt with ices plans to use a laptop,
to blow up playing army. None of it is really matters to be honest with you, because you did not go used to impeach. Am I do not have any consequences. What he saw, cod actions is just distractions was the point made by where there should be some consequences too. This is sounds ridiculous, no sitting, president has. We're done something like this, but I've never been wouldn't even know the true, and I think that is there. Of his true number one in number two. If it is true a tough line, Trump, nothing happened to him regardless of what we report, regardless of what we he did wrong. Nothing happens our well we'll see. Hopefully something does half an hour. We have more which um? Yes, we can talk of, has asked visor. Who now have you guys? Member after down a chump fired the former FBI director James Commie, he put out this tweed James COM. You better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts a leading to the press, which
as part of a form of intimidation, heightened thravels like gonna, grow mermaid Anti. I do an FBI directive also, thereby does it have you for tabling. This could be considered witness intimidation right now. Here is what Sean space there, who, I guess is still does this. Go for a diamond tramp had to say some republic is enjoying Democrats seeking additional information on the White House in writing about the existence of any takes a clear last week at present. Has nothing further on that under way. The present world and I think I said very clear- the weak. The present would have nothing further on that. Last reply wants you to explain whether or not the warnings of the presidency made it clear what his position is I ask, because it gets to the present position, as I could do that job mere prisoner drownded. Why would you want? I was so easy either as unique whenever it is any course and the president
the same. Nobody does got any backs up a lie. It ass one mugshots bite, so bad megabyte a right of you're, a representative of a liar. Are you doing representing a bunch of life correct. Why would you who want their job I have to do is at hand can at any further information nothing. But then say that, and you got alive on Sunday. I trust you will at humble indulgence by coming down in our direct last front page news now get it off my chest. Tell him. Are you mad at tell em why your blessed aid drew foggy five, one or five one may be upset. Maybe any debate or maybe feel bless me. Today's birthday maybe treasure anniversary, maybe today just a damn good day. I'm a little said that people can come to the radio vision at five. Something in the minority told ya, uncle shawl and back. Ok, I've been attacked twice outside of your radio state already, not dimension night. How that attended, the Zenith agitation waiting to talk the one of us we are running late, knew better than mining pointless. We don't have time to talk rubber, very well
tell him. I am at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one at the breakfast club good morning. The breakfast club is your time to get it off each other. You may you from you wonder: breakfast law allows there's a man of had them Seven, five seven eight affords alimony Mabruki murmur, baby Mama man. Oh, my appeal have ye that bank Demi locked the battle. Have you never heard a great ye? Forty say, never tell She got u business. Could she might indeed be an eyewitness? Does your father would tell the now you be data? May we ve been gathered, o eight laughed, so what sad you beat it. I can pay. Why but other people still beaten alike.
Lab Fiona called me? What do you do you wrap? It happened, something and bring it in which you and then what we must do that if they do so on being guided me blocked up with a big somebody else. Exactly listen, never tell you Levant would uranium is known. In writing, I never done eleven. Would I want to know how to meet this year and test named David, clearly understood what I bet you did well tell me about that. That would make yourself, but you know what you will do and allow this nay was an ape. They found the collar. Employment have been without Nay shunted you, man You bless this morning which warmer well beloved it above, but in our blessing wanta get through, but last week I got it but don't know what I would have listened to. Y'all talk back bore, but
what will be all vow and have lying. I know you don't understand this, but the problem is how to make good morning to you, my baby, how we are to find out whether this whole now about what bless. My daughter he's graduating out of college IRAN proud as way raid on the cap and Clare? Congratulations year, greater criminal justice, I raise on that. We now have for nobody baby, except for maybe Jesus Jesus told me you want to have an employment. I will now have logged out. Well, you know what wonder DORA graduate avocado sumptuary you will absolutely the right, then. Maybe you graduate at the top of tat. Lay aside also now mission you why Elinor mingles it does
The vertical holes were the shadow daughter out. Why wouldn't dare ask our will and her name is key. Annandale ragout manuals is key, and now let me give you a protein retweeted. As you know, a few chess eight hundred five, a five one, five one of your upset you want to do it or you feel Bless call us now is to breakfast locomotive The breakfast club is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you on the breadth of theirs. I'm going to tell them what you mad until the more you bless which member our man tell us what a mare, because what I call on my birthday, I created.
Guess our lives are opposed. Bows one may live. Do we now have a belated more data? My guide travelling to come back to this guy. What occurs bombs dropped fondly nowadays, a mega when either way would have I and rubbed bomb. But I know you have ours prepare for our respect and our mega allows is hello, yes busy. Hey tell me you bless blows? Like our light man in arms and life beautiful, I got a while. I was able to reach those told you guys. We said he I live. He was gone and saw. How do you know what they are from everywhere? Hello? This is all about
was abroad. Cinema you, blasted mare, which were available were really bad because you ve got no jaws were proud that I spent four years, therefore read with a family and a body, but to give you right now in order to bring about a couple of months. I took it right. Drop it I've gotta get paid over. Ok, I broke. Allows is well, then It was a mamma, you blast, I'm black tell it elsewhere. I hated him wasn't were now. I work in a great job and my mom, how unhappy ok, congratulates you got what you got from London, I opening the England, ok, well welcome and congratulations well. Well. Come tell me why
bless the seller? Why you're mad eight hundred five hundred five one o five one and all forget in less than twenty? its design or will be building, so it's either. This either go all good. I don't like this. That designer it was not of heroin. Panda was red hot, like I don't ovum opening I'm here with open arms for designer, because those red eyed. He did not come to the reference that issue, not any cooled off a little bit. He wants to come after breakfast that is linked to us. He asked his Anna perform actually last night in the city, yeah, you really I'm not embedded in Brooklyn, and you know y know why these young? I did you just turned twenty years old, was always well. Yes, we are going to talk about bill can be what he had to say. Did his first radio interview in two years, Ruth yes, so right away? A lot of news outlets were very upset that the breakfast club gotta musical, so from his daughters yesterday going to have that again as well in case you method it also. We discussed yesterday
only get to say about tell of hurriedly Daniels. Nowhere was in pretty will tell you what he has to say about whether or not you scared of backlash and a bill cause reach. We do just that. It builds on. I want to thank the other new blood. Don't worry, I dunno Bilge IBM, you blog, not one of them. Out of my blacklist is mean right now. I've got a mean blog without even know Bill God we have new blood. Goodness gracious, alright, rumours! When we come back as the breakfast the morning the breakfast club audience DJ. Envy angel YE, Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was happening. Let's get to the room. Is this talk bill caused me about?
the report Angela eat Breakfast Durkheim B- is gearing up by his sexual assaults, rather actually starts next month and did its first interview in two years now he spoke to serious axioms, Michael smirk Heinisch, and he talked about the possible racism charges that his daughter answer made now. Here is what end they said. They really some idea sclusively to the breakfast club, I strongly believe my father's Emerson other crimes alleged against him, and I, leave that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this candle. Now here is some of my Bow Caspian Sea before any view will be up today at ten, a m, but here's what he had to say about these allegations against him or monitoring garage.
Things that I look at and I apply to the situation and there are so many goals, and I I just truly believe that some of it made me very well be that doesn't that he'd at their house ass? Well, what about the fact that within our white women, accusing you but you're accusers are both black and white with you look at the power structure and when you look at individuals there are some people who can very well be motivated by whether or not They are going to work or whether or not they might be able to get back at someone. I wouldn't call in racism, but I will say racism plays a part in how to media hands. Is it because milk I'll be got crucified in the media we morning bill,
Reilly, Donald Trump, that father seventh, Heaven roaming Polanski, it is. It is a way to the media putsch we d media, crucified bro. This way more than they do their white jacket Well, I'm glad he speak it up. Now. I'm glad is fairly speaking up because I guess it we don't know but well and a deposition previously did I made that he would get prescription preludes to give women he wanted to have sex workers. But I would never be release analysing them read at himself. So Garabin to rape allegations have anything to do a resident collective agreement, a guy for it is black and white women to choose an on board. To wait. A media handles deftly attitudes would ruin race. I right now, let's discuss Monet when she was performing at the APOLLO. We play this, but you yesterday she had some things to say about how the Perry led the annual an opera
I was not where I was one of them all of you may not have been a real were well where she apologetic about these statements day. She may cause. This went viral of course yesterday, where she sat down with her husband, Sidney Hicks, and here is what she had to say on seeing him The reason why we measure prior was because of what the the first baby everything I come from my heart, knowledgeable what I would say to Oprah Tower Lee.
Wondering about me and my husband. We will not know hires. We now know whether someone is this. The says to me: aren't you afraid of the blow back? What I will say to you as another woman? Aren't you afraid to even asked the question and I afraid of the blow back because you would say: am I getting blue back to simply be honest, remarked anybody would be an honest at helping harbours. The bar, where they had said, was that they believe that o Brien Tyler Perry participated in the Danube campaign to make her label her as difficult to work with. So that's why she has been getting you have to charge. You sell for before you make those they missed, though you have to be totally self aware, hang out and look in the mirror and you have to say, did I have a bad attitude? Was I difficult to work with, but when you ask certain things, sometimes some things at a deserve people, you say always hard to work with. It happens all the time if you question something people say: oh, that person Tatu Wherewith SAM,
B is why don't you just gotta be self aware? You write a totally make sure that you didn't contribute to that situation and that, in any way, shape of how I think most people have already went without could bows for her. If it's not just one person in one scenario, mascara underwear had some positive things to say about her friend moaning, but she is concerned about her. Here's what she said. Mama gave me one of my first jobs. I feel this unfortunate because we lovely Daniels and what he is We love Tyler Perry, we love over where freedom and if she sees she's an amazing actors and are amazing many, are somehow we gotta ceremonies together. You know of science and the hard part about this. Is other people make demands and they still get the work, but- and I must say- and I agree with what she day it I'm just saying I am concerned about my friend right now-
three sides: there restore right money. Side is decided in the treaty that you never know where so did all fall into middle somewhere. I re well, I'm answer they ye and that is your room. A report right morning. Every body is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a girl. We are the breakfast club because, president about him, did you got your reportedly dynamo beyond? Would you know when you is red, hot and pay those poverty? You didn't Bob here, but not even cooled off, you here now I why you didn't come when it was red hot from everything that you know rhythm the moment. Remember this be mad. You know how to live there go nor manual. Now is how to come back to support the family and every domain of militarized. They know because using a year when I'm gonna come and algae large and know what time it is going to put a lot on. What are we talking about? Discredit bear with Whitworth, kindly without Attica anywhere, say the song and any arguments yet how the kite, where I was crazy, be added.
Got a lotta. Let's talk to the people there. Ok, we're talking to american writer. Blood. Could you make me nervous targeting thy you'll have to target and jump you I can now? How did you got a gun on you, double guy, where there was great man. What we did was read it out. Environment was going nuts, I want to be near. Eleven label bit of war, a little bit war every night industry. Near Rosanna venom, Zimrud manager and its Jim bid. You didn't say- or do that, all right, we'll loving label that, eleven lame the directive. Also by one night, the outspoken does the shrink, the guardians of governance,
I don't I dare you right out here. I thought you inform you of all governments. Eulogy able do I'll be right there with me. I guess not in a group. What you were fresh is what will I get who me near your debt recovery division among many from your report comes platforms. You dig unfair if ever managed I hadda liberated, you didn't, you know, do promote. We talked about your wraps, I e said who every year wraps out? Was it like this ever somewhat with which he drew in and how and why did you take, our nobody told about their work, they argue girls, what his wretched, no visible. That was my only regret- was it must now that, with this report, not only allow one,
Do those or not more for him. You don't say so. This is always must wear this agony. I think it is about to start their better bigger better. So you don't make just like I got was armed guard informatics came singing, always kept me. No there's no harmonies. You didn't say the government is making the right because there, oh you, maybe not twenty. Just wanting any longer details. Now when you first came up, nobody like I e the imitation future future for future begins Spargo. I heard his music, you format. He makes beautiful music, giving up there very I'm harmony, jog, just Mega refugee Byzantium couples are acquiescent into so, I decided to make it must be design affair. The near some later evolves there that meeting our do no good reason, Gordon order, despite their zebra Bobby you ever thought of me method. You is that you will use your son.
I came back from the very big bear, but you know it's already designed it's. What are you doing out there? We decided there were taken over with diamond what platinum ethical standards is goin to go out and No, you care about the comparison, valid, valid, dramatic progress, Algeria about you, dont music, and if our recent pan big as well Votes are many and varied. There has, as you know, Just as mobile druggist going. You know, I tweet out, F, F, N Y see Radie video cause. I want more play. As I was only on your record yeah? Ok, there's a good! Quite I like this, so you feel like they haven't. Other single the waiting maid were definitely arguer uproar Naga through regular. Now I know a couple of people.
I'm a brain diamond buttons. It I'll come back and is it a go to Austria, a common Europe. One in a number of ministers gradually forms and I'll kill. Nobody said get first time up here with this shocking to me, because you know I do feel like today. At me, I, radio by then we have seen designer and whether it wasn't like that you ve forms Ankara's evangelize, because it wasn't my vote down when it comes to pay. You didn't say I really was. Maybe a busy me support city like no matter where was going on supporting you d comes in and it was like now got the time. That's com, Am I gonna movies of unbeatable movies? No sleep not stop in the studio, make sure my right mix, Zaki State, another twenty years. When will we see there are others do not there is a low sulphur, Baywatch big, We cannot always Mugger poorly. No labour mobility appeared in there, you didn't say and do not just an ocean. A channel Jamie Fox,
We talking to Mama bribe met. My bride. Graver did make a big bang better than Georgia Roland Baywatch paid the bill. Gonna play them whenever the tears in Vienna but the more and more radio? You know the reason. I think a lot of people took a personal and was upset about. It is because, before you got your deal before you was signed, a lotta dj was important panda. Indeed, no, you did just loves amusing. There's no reckon it you put out after that. That can compare. To pen like tat. Was this? The phenomena return was the most deepen. I think now is Bilbil Murdo, but you know me is, I think, a lot of people mad at you sit Avenue of radio because we supported you ever trimmings reported to have also vary from AIDS is also marked Miranda, at the moment, not informed about the problem of the bridge moment very annoying, and you know averages icons of delight. I want to make it better. Does not about anyway. I'm never Netscape above that was a bit more.
You format is want to make it better for much rusted talking as making have near you spoil you think, is boiled because panda came out in it. Adapting to top it all the way I came in the game you forms they were so so devastating. You know. I didn't know that twenty Abe's org. You know I have a plan to work where they work depend directly, but it took off so fair. Immediately later it was able to club wreck is dead the internet blue merrily crazy jack, don't worry about it, or rather the clubs. Specifically, on the verge of a mere plenty was a decree. The cheeses. When I talk to those already is way after the photographs, maybe he's a peculiar vomit pugsy may about me that mere pledges yeah. I, like the song format, put out circular this wide where a drawer euphoria about the ethical. Why is that White bear out of solidarity with these hardly may I did it all. He dismounted going into clearly got cheese it he playin it he's. Eighty like yells,
at the big known of homelessness and an apparatus with Bob Cable Nabob tee from net video. Was used to a real model. Girl told her that govern the video is not that it is very rare boys anything when regular, further legally sound a lot like huge on his right now. A man of additional from Tibet must whereby the dynamic development of operative or table crazies does, though, is that this new I For me this is the world. They know this does meet the guy's gonna find out. I'm moody, you call me, I'm not everybody zone I'm here to stay home it is making to have demanded of keeping their school. They draw to put your like riddling, like sometimes become good, argued out new technology, cowardly, let you and I we got more with design it will become bad will find out if he all drugs. Also him I've only got pulled over any city at a gun in the car will talk about all. Let's keep it lacked design is here, is to breakfast welcome
the breakfast morning, everyone, you ve J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne there we are the breakfast club we have designed in the building. Now ye we later found out. You didn't have anything to do with that. You were arrested. Were you ever nervous that it might not go the way you throw it away? Like perhaps you would end up getting as with the drugs and guns and everything in the car. I your landlord used your gas at New York, Kardashian overdue issue. Where the two of us I gotta, have knowingly drug overdose, don't you gotta have or to order, because when it happening, you can't really speak on it because you have to keep quiet, and so everything plays apples Levin everything man it could be. Anything can happen comical. Those situations which, while there may have now, is a cop, that's an obsolete, double large, yellow. Dublin love is covered by me. It's got me trying to get through the movie bearded copy. One watch among women
we try to get a car drivers, but Edith Damon awaiting some light, switch delaying and will be switch relay at one point. One of these things, a wild stop almost crashing for we jump on the other side of the street. Would own kamikaze common when all cosmic cause from we pulled back on. Is that, unlike all we put up a sound like gobbled, were no doubt my eyes I applaud the property all right now, my dear. I do not like that. So we pull up, not a com net boot. You see light on that. Did you about the com? I owe not on looking into mere. What do you got to him so am I but you know we have a number of my departments. Have you got a gun and go? Did you got the cross Nabokov already? Also my I know you are you see the is the everyday life of inform safely. Looking China, like you, like cameras, everybody ticket prices up my man.
The I ain't got then uninstall it or leave it alone. You forms that you like they're, going to go away Is there, but I dont bother. You know, you know you know tomorrow that might make might not have got their data does not bring about Bobby. I do without you knowing there's more recent. You know of any like because he was gonna run run a coronary, breaker Mommy's got call not that must secure because got caught. This brings culpable before they join upon it. For thirty minutes. Have it is our imports Extry stated the call for the idea about guidelines, have been in the garden forgot their swords, nothing. I've got so now, as I do that it is put it in the truck I might go. I thought we'd go to the police, it they had. It enables those Socrates light breeze more like, but no reason and eighty with back. They take a picture of me.
But the paid in a cage or type aware that he never got another. Not I was not going to call me. Never mutual commitments need their monopoly money nomadic. Does the driver had till suddenly informing? You know you got an idea of the script. Woe is six, whose name was an onus on the prescriptive abandoned the idea of trade, the soul. I was: u big, minimise evolves, give down a you clearly would beyond Yvonne. You know: drugs, Greer, laudable, We know that when it came about another note of this did you got that efforts to her at once? If you had lining effort it's about living on fair man, Myrna everything. It feels that the greatest brain some steam up Tabriz grow palms. How I'm seeing a growing just aka watch you d, like its greatest created, just watched, Montclair Braces grow, you didn't,
vulnerable areas where maybe big now, maybe schoolroom. Right. You got I'll call my relationship with my mother, where do we or do we or do we or do you? Because I know I wouldn't you ve gone now, will you forgive me for additives? The winning bidder remaking really out here? was war? Go la me with the alleged you pleaded to me. Let's call you pull me flimsy gold coin. Ethiopia has had the lamps I'll be they may have a follow up inside his laptop or debt is lit a priority for good Music W W W W. You will. But, like honestly, you know you know,
the man you know man Depart demanded out putting feed. You know a presidency Fianna and I'm your father came back and bring it back through the support that you know it's given ass. You know just what you do that I put it to the private sector, you understand the young men Slaughter programme, the tale itself and he the young Thankful, at my MAC. You have now passed out per woman, I think you don't knock ass. He got so much. Energy summit did not like the old impressive. Do you think about global warming to an appendage? Doing its think? Everything really that's something that you ever were concerned about it these were learning about an hour ago allow were already- and we noted, with warnings, figured should I haven't you from Santa said they named by the sort of Posner. Don't I've worked vote
We know that there were always wanted. It painted blue out poverty was an idea of their public, every asylum law. Above all, I would like, in the like climate change, Thou Meissner forecast when he had got thrown Jeff sessions, planning decrease group to drug load. I you know, I love you, What are you thought? Not your fish in Spain and great drug LE I'm glamour, Herman Mama bear, I can say, no further gum. I painted schedule, but amateur you would say, sounds like mass incarceration. Olive again firmer mass transfer is long overdue. I ve got more with design is no more is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy annually ye shall remain the guy we are. The breakfast club design is in the building. Now. Show me where you bought the people. And of which two hundred dollars Rick. I wasn't there ready made thus far,
Rio Words well over them. Damn good points is that he's Easter, then to give them a very dynamic, do not merit. I beg you to South America, is that him and his lawyer made up at my man and his message for me because on a movie them with this, is that all you What you don't know me, I got his gun link up with Europe, but you have to give more money to you, bought the beast. You guys publishing, and what have you got a record if there were no member were recited their details ass? I was, do for you of last year and you picked up a little man, when you should look like some offers them. Oh earlier, that is more person our major resuming will manage refers about that not a bit of memorial service made. Would you dig out there were rail with negative, but can he could hit laid with anything I'll pick me up.
Let me get my money man. If you pick them evidently was a disable near. You know where your valuable made abraded the real deal at, but there will be java. Mother bodies would be with smoke. A signal upon my word, I m sure you call you multi ethnic you're, happy mother. They dont ladys out there in autumn single mothers in all of these bombs, Tiring Moldavia, mom, more calm? Do you like your Meanwhile, everywhere live near me, one more besides I go about me, declared it joking around looked at each other, only reasonable how big air well qualified, crazy, came and Adam coming out in sending a library. I know it's ours? Ok, globally, nobody Le Maire, gonna put you learn how to produce What have you learned? Can you said that you know you know
and was red hot, so you would spoil. Have you learned to be more patient? Let the records work. What exactly does learn about due notice? Do not be more patient. Just you know, understand more, you forms, but you know I like it's a lot like love working for me, but I love is statesmen of ones when one and grades images megabits or not just like this village It is a wise lobby to Mercury Avenue, dig Guardy Lud, the boy can only you know that you know Coming now, come I'm about to come out and about to be more crazy, so just like every they did make the push. It push you like gonna walk to treat all we adapt died. You lay that might be brought me every time. I d sooner for Cinema document of the eight were the nobody switched on you, Is everyone you out another one, rugged India, when you know now, like the labels, thought return a call slower
You know I mean if anybody pushed on you are doubly doubly doubly everybody. No, you know I'm a great music and I got a lot coming back wave. I got a lot alleges that support me. You for me: shuttle swag, you people. Well, may I know it's our renewed form. We rebuild its. No I've got a lot of people, s balmy jail body manage money as though you that's nice, ahead of you, where you go retired baby you make the media, or even more lady Lady Van and told me that I was somewhat dedicated. I even have fallen into mouth raining, Zeiner, crazy, Molly was moving up his mellow when he came in there ladies and gentlemen. We too are bred, love newborn morning, We is his dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. So did we all understand designer? Now I did, I think,
It is understood that we didn't understand him. How can he even understood there we didn't understand, but I both under then I don't speak The lad. I was twenty. That's like gibberish battles, be daddy the between don't mind a man by doing tat. I may now and you with the internal market and this data when he was gone generous but, as you said, is speaking twenty know what does not speaking twenty? That kind of speaking to you know Isna. Yes, it is bessie. Twenty on drugs, So why are you telling me that when I'm they dealt me, we on the way we use them as you calm down, but now, when you are not suitable alternatives David I do then, but give you anxiety right where less gets it aromas us talk to be
T awards. Gas at the Reul report was glad you're going down soon, twenty fifth in May, and what are you about? Some people who were nominated, be, I think, I'd seven nominations is. Was the most and Bruno mars- got five nominations. Also is going to be going head to head with Beyonce for video of the year and then also the best female rb pop artist and album the year category. All right now, let's discuss what you think who you think is going to win certain categories, all right, if you had to guess who is going to win best male hip, hop artist between these nominees, big Sean chance, the rapper Drake,
Future J call our Kendrick Lemme, who run from full azure camphor em if it always does his best of what happened last year already before her chance, the rabble cancer up was based. On that issue to last already met my you could rob download what the end of the year way when I went to cut off as they two thousand seventeen beat don't worry, Javelin drink, I'm the goal which anther am, I think a chance jury is big. Challenges came a recently so DNS between talking about this February. Eddies too, We all know what the cut off date. We know the kind of data is a chance of joy and oversee Fred, twenty sixteen or, if it's up until now, answer. Dreg one moment I best female Hepatitis KGB, Missy, Elliot Nicky, Menage, Remy MA are young may now I would love to see nothing more than the Sea cod II be when that award bite and were gone off Lastly, I do remember
one of the young and make us she had to hire. I may add, TAT is well. I remember all the way up with the number one song is well yeah in Remy, my bad Josie Cookin, with that our boys between those two I am just came out no recently, so we can be functional, azure notice, shadow. It came early April may well, let's hear what kind of these reaction was when she found TAT, she was nominated Fitzhugh, Bt are words I would love, he called you inventive and promises, but if you're Goin Base of what happened last year, you gotta go originality and I congratulate him and so my categories best new artist. So when he was at its twenty one enough, they must go no nuclear lobby. As the wrapper wheelchair for life is an out of using that Europe is not a new ideas are known.
Nor is it a Grammy's leisure, so called one issue, but everywhere and young. I may just grab refusing a category here. You will have to give that intensive you'll have to. We have to somehow I mean they're kind of very slowly, I'm Goin savage, well, financial problems arise and, last but not least, album of the year twenty five magic Bruno Mars, just adobe your eyes, only J call a seat at the table. Salons colouring book. The wrapper or lemonade beyond it s a tough Eskimo towards Israel? the three and that now echoed this. Look at our jobs and like the large Ruggles, lousy, didn t you colourable, color and book and beyond sailor eliminate an ethical aloud with tragic No one young or just admit that the fao- or do you pay for this category? Alas, alas, going at this one, so they everybody animals a lawyer, but he loves launches out now to guide you gotta give the beyond eliminate
but she answered, I am behind a seat at the table was guardsman, have they would burn eliminate and I really like eliminate with they will buy things Please allow me a chance to wrap up now. You're Goin would would who should actually really went philosophy to today S, Russia, but hope happily went beyond. We eliminate array- I guess, unnecessarily, what happens now, one person who didn't get any nominations and that they fear, lest she should have been in the best female hip, hop artists, cattle. Three because it was six men nominated for the male when only five for the women, Jersey, illiteracy, deftly nasty twitted out this industry funny it's it ain't about the music, no more, only thematic job album last year when platinum, videos or had millions three Torres. Where I M was no credit on the charge. It's a game downright radio. Well, yeah. I know I do go around singing a single plan. It will be easier to couple recognition. Do they should I agree with that? I definitely give that too. Presented. Another examines the museum falls into that category. Release.
But you gotta, think, might winkle Missy. I arrived, again that is gonna be airing June. Twenty fifth from so may show you tat. I will be interested in seeing who's gonna win these categories, I'm Angela YE, and that you're, rumour report, already what I was born and raised a donkey devil dog you today for two they may sixteen goes to show trial. Murphy of spartan bergs argument is looted. Whole eight six forced me to the state of South Carolina actually being Colombia's alkaline decided at the black expo signing copies mob. My black privilege opportunity comes to those who created, but us not mix chicken with Porkless Data cause here shot Murphy is thirty years old and she has a sick. She owed sign
K. We are no mother. They with this past Sunday, Enchanter Murphy did what most trash. Mothers do on mother's day? She got arrested, not just arrested but got arrested for child cruelty because she decided to whip her six year old signs ass. Now I do agree that Miss Eyre pupil overreacted, what we simply used to call spanking. Ok, when I look The Tibetans I got is a youth whether was having a go pick. Moaned switch, Katyn beat what an extension cod and made to go. Take him why you remember those big wooden spoons and folks they used to be war declarations on the kitchen I used to give be with those two: ok could oppressed chided among parents, grandma everybody about wanted to, but I deserve each and every beaten I've got, would know what I mean they apply the Sancho Mirth. Ok, you shall draw got arrested for jobs do because she allegedly Accord grandma, her Mamma Haider ran sign multiple times on back side in front of
hey now. We know sixty or low low boys from South Carolina could be hard headed and deserve those max upside heads. I was one m: okay. Besides trail meters showed some because all mother's day, her son made a cod for his grandmother. But no because I have a job to do If it is low boy, you know you know, I repeat: shroud beat our thick shield soon, because all mother, they her sign, made a card his grandmother, but not her. Not only this, he beat him. She took the guard from the grandmother and ripped it in the low pieces? Ok, a nicer and written cod. These sixty boy put his blood, sweat and tears into the car he made for big mama for mothers. David little mama lived in peace. Ok, I don't the thumb anything, but we ve all seen is performed his little boy. You six years old and yes, he brought
Lee causes grandma Mommy and causes Mama by her first name. Shine trail. Ok, trial is thirty. She had a low bow, when she was twenty four and twenty four shots. Trail was still barefoot and club turn enough. Gucci Mane, okay, ok, to reason you sign made a for for grandma, not you because he don't recognize. You is Mamma because, clearly not re than their law. Boy. Ok is not new. I've seen is plot. Is Many other movies before you got mad at you sign, because the reality of the situation said in for you you're, not mama. Ok, your mama, your Mama is his bhamo, you more like a big sister. Ok, you Mamma been telling. You said the boy was born at you need to take care of your responsibilities, but no you don't want to listen. You want to be in the club bath Listen in the twenty one, savage having big, fine wearing dresses from rainbow that a six sided.
Small for your big ass. You want to go to the future concert and have big fine and leave you low boy at home with grandma is life and wonder why all mother's day he given card the grandma in knowledge, you don't try to beat him sentence. A little boy beats incessantly yourselves shine, trail. Okay, let s be away I've gotta! You you boy! Thank you is big systems am I the Mamma. You know why, because not doing your job, ok, start doing your job, J, O b shine trail and be a mom m o m. Instead of just some chick you son. No, Ok, he can. You won't have these problems, please Murphy. Murphy's we'd sounded a hamlet tones. Please yeah, we Yeah
yeah. The same old group before be descriptive came across my desk. Times already poor my God, high blood pressure can even liver alive and enjoy her old aid because she busy raising her grand is the very regular cave, the beauty, a grand kids did? They pulled butte you follow up, then you sent a magazine among Canada, Cinema Cassandra Hell, you can't even get a car. I look, God. How does dynamic aircars guy arouse our job? Your mother, your job, now right Thank you for a donkey of the day, sir. Now you come back. We're gonna do something called x files play muffy, music of very low loud, we are we sat around and headquarters thinking about how we could continue to ruin people's lives now, but also make whose lives better by ruining them right, and we came up with
little thing member at whether it is website called don't data. Remember that those data girl that amazing people were offended by TAT by it was a great website. People can upload this story: how to exert their acts: okay and post everything that they did. That was wrong, book, a chinaman! I've! U a dating him! Perhaps you would know now that he's a cannot as Tita Mary, and we hear all these stories all the time in call up here. Women call apparently talk about these significant that the Dayton is. These terrible stories are- and I wish you wouldn't deserve anyway- so with an open up the full ass, eight hundred five aids. One or five. What we want to hear your stories about your ex? Yes, we gonna, let you go in on your at you got to put them on blast, though we will give you two platform. You got disease name, gotta, say our nay, eight hundred five, a m. I want all fire where we want to know what they did to you. How do you you weren't somebody outside. It doesn't happen to any one else: eight hundred five a farm
no five one. This is called Ex violent God workers now, don't they don't go this most rural pillar learn to date, safer ants, now we need to encourage you to do just that safer. Indeed more. I do think that some people need to realise that some people's trash is just trash. Ok, I do not like to say something to trash is one for the is another mantra no somebody's exit. Just tracks download. This needs to be known as trash, We need to know not to deal distress. Eight hundred five, a viable. A viable and tell us about your eggs. You can go in on your ex and if you want to do to support a soul, Maybe just has tag expert lowdown slowdown low amongst I've run into the phone. I see you can't out of jail down. But that can also be talking about implies that we do not talk to the young lady and used in right now. The young lady in Atlanta, right now, Theo, relax, ok, is relax, be cut, become brief debate. It is not an emotional thing. Goodness I teach you here is to breakfast locomotive,
the breakfast morning, everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. Replaited theme is very fast: alright, x files, eight hundred five, a one hundred or five, where asking us up and whether to let you go in on your the view that if you remember website dont dating back home, I think that website is still about thought. There were different anywhere to fight over forty belaboured opposed paces in this area that they now it's more of a safe haven with information, and I would ask all we want to highlight smile. One of you to say they think about think that website with doing God work, and I feel that we need to do guidelines and people are nowhere near because a lot of times. You know people call the radio station in they tell us about these terrible guy that they need terrible women at these today, and you know we have, saying one man's trashes another man's treasure, but no one man and one woman's trash is really just trash and we need to make y'all the web just trash. Are you going to deal with this trash? Let's go to the phone line
Oh this, feeble. Can I e g? What news about your ex girl man slips and I had a shot of femur. I just got out the hospital right, not even the week. She pushed me down the farthest Still my pay medicine- that was her name, was what so now underbelly Sherwood I'll. Why? What? What? What did you do to make to want to want to push you downstairs? I told not to be. What are we mean we were out in one of these When I look at you, you can't make that decision. When you got a kid, you have to be there for decades and debated mother annually dollars, but what a baseball bat Mama's ratchet you'll wake up your pic around knows you graduate has in any case the Yahoo, how many kids we don't have to. You don't know she was rather than to the person you unless they are usually twins. She grew more, not a vague way about went back for more why am I love you? I love you then
Why are you guys trotted know baby hate when guys, try you throw their baby mamas under the bus. Like you, ain't know, literally like tormented stay, I put your feet, although this molecule upon for a lot of a man who could tell us about your ex me, then the ultimate Debbie is high one. By calling on pay day, everybody no oil out of there. We had a third and back again either we like, and also enable everyone that allocating funds were always use even ruggedo. We all over the world we get the notion that you will keep an overly job. You you get out that. Having did you make it easy? Ok, now about the light cells that's awful love and that we have another thought: the oil.
That all day. Don't worry, we all know will dj going. Do not Pga lofty child He wasn't arouse you fear when a child was an ass. Many of you have another one as a lie. You properly managed, because you probably wouldn't let him see his son when the sun was setting. I never had any words when the child died. He probably like damn you and you can You see my boy, you can see my boy ankles other Jabba make savings, they show you want. You want another jellia examining it all. You gotta get over to imagine a jewel yo YO significant, won't! Let you see to China and India to die, and I want a man come on. I'm not imagine and it allows this.
I know my name, Tracy, Hey Teresa, what you call a from I'm colorful by working very tell us about your alcatel chase. He got a story to tell how much my good little girl down bait here Derek W last year, but nor does it take in secure bomb freak would do. Oh, my god, you appear to type a guy that will put pressure on you. Try to control you and get what he wants from you and then try and make you feel epicure. If you dont have a strong man, your power in one breath he could be real, charming and three, but all is a plan b That is the planned behind an he. Finally, how do you- and he is violent out- I'm to look at em- take- is forty per and you would do you was a young? No, no! No! No! He was not a young boy. Priority appointed push your old man
you already know what they want: the bigger the watch, the bigger don't wanna glow. Oh, why you? I'm a freak. No, I got him a bomb freak. That's all lay because he ear freak delegate Umberto hitherto free stuff. Unilateral animal, don't be an idiot. You bring it up in a bad light. He is north of the control framework that will get violence that were there. I'll, be flatly thought about. My future media reported thank you, but there is also an saying I'm out at what did you have a duty of you toss out baby, otherwise touches ouch
Would he give big about? It happened? I baron. I don't get out of the corner. Fellow about your ex is dead bad. You want to warn the world, but we will give it. Our platform is exploiting the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl? We are the breakfast club that music you here is coming from X files and that's what this segment is call. Now we open nine hundred and ninety nine eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you have an ex that is just dirty, a bad person and you want to make sure nobody else dates him or data callers. Brian another. Now along we doing God work
We know we don't know if these people are treasures. Look at this is sort of like a car facts of sore. You wanna check it out. Just all you just telling people all the things that possibly could be wrong. Ok, now you choose, you still, bodies can be with the parson. That's on you. You know what you did to have you a lorry. Absolutely we eat tweets, yes, a melody treated as high my ex from them we are played as his mom and texted me lying about. He was about to die in the hospitals, always argue alone, ochre. No one would do that. I guess he went missing and then try to act like his mom saying that he was in the hospital dying, but he was nowhere to be found not only from a bad examples, make them so martyrs willing to go above and beyond, to tell a good law to get out of control. Marguerite alone liars. I've gotta go out of Kilter Orlando. Can you tell us about your extra? Cannot not sir she's alive. For feeding abusive out at sea were known to be never never data Sabrina. If you out
american and from a breach of the brain is data would go against the brain hello. There is a lot. I got no tell us about your eggs, I must tell you they kill battle. I would rather not have, and how do you relating in step? You blew relaying. After all, over I gotta he met there haven't gotten out, there's no more grounding or something maybe he'll be down they are in a cage by on the couch goddamn up now he was not going through your phone. What what doing Would you know- and I made him want to go to your fault- any find anything. I don't like. You have a whole lot of what you have to wait for another great without them up about it,
I don't make him a terrible eggs or gave us actually promise me that not only that fellow, when our have girl might you know he was that a girl's night These, though, is a cure. You travel about wanted to show you that you came over to girls made to see what are the prospects might be available, as you wouldn t know, using all our great allows, as they wish, nay, nay, nay, stays. You tell us about your ex I'll. Get the hell out Their aim is to move on and off. Everything about you about. These figures are vague Daniele when I would like twenty- and I got this partly when I fell apart me without being present resembling a whole bunch of common european propaganda overgrown their baby. He asked them about
the only about it. They basically she's the only both by fellow facilities are available and a gap of piety and others that the increasing who, but the baby was a year of DNA, alma guy smell even when her fellow he obeyed. The baby is not sure he'd give our backing to reality, and I think I felt because she lash analytical prohibition pregnant. Yes, you back in one of the girls
tell me about someone located last year prison about now. Above all, as I thought we were about you about me on paper issued by hey, are you dont like hey? What do you all feline alma? Basically triumphantly? you ve got a problem. I have dragged Europe. I have travelled Gould bonds. God damn it will be up to be made at least with a wealthy man. Have you any any party baby learning look out without I do not have another because they, the baby, they have a fine young Roma about. He would like both of on line had the idea of a global driving about resign or even ass. He was a little boys.
You mad dog, demanded of them because they were due to the farmer not at all levels are not you're here. Ok, ok, we end up with a man like impregnate. It maybe you'd like protocol. No one's gonna bet you're one. Nobody! Nobody today charitable now easier falconer. Anything now Russia gradually stage at noon. Baby man love what happens either talk talk here, all right, we'll less x files. X files in moral of every x files is simply one person's trash is just another person.
His dress, ranger strategies trash and is now you'll need to be aware. It is tragic that hardly any exe file story before we go to rooms and keep it will add a couple of eggs. Is that wasn't when I dated them, but actually most of them a pretty okay now, so I don't want anybody to judge them based on things that they did in their past, but I did have one ex. That was pretty terrible, but he said he's a changed. And ass. I don't want a dominant abbess now Charlemagne. One moment I wonder, was um. Nor was he wrote about your facebook or bomb your facebook. What she was a bit big girl data grown. I was fourteen fifteen, although issue and even count, I love to go on Facebook, every nine individuals who still Deutsche Bahn disguise it ass. I will we do what we want in Rome what's up about Ellie read now we told you before he is to have down from sown in music, but now this all kinds of information on what might have been happening behind the scenes, also Terence Howard, How did he recently lose forty pounds woods? You were made him do that. Ok, all immoral! Keep allotted to breakfast locomotive
The breakfast club Everybody is envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club what're, you doin Charlemagne, I'm one of the grand love for everybody look alike ever so too. Do oh, wacky IQ multitask dive. Let's talk ferrets Howard? with Angela, his club, tyrants, how it has lost forty pounds. I guess he was gained in low wage united happen. Lord shall be charged college. El Ray, and how did you lose the way, or rather why did you lose the weight? Well, here was his explanation. Because Roger was making so much fun him up. We work above me getting gaining way she was like. Do you really want to look like this? The rest of your life? You wanna, live till. I come on so every day. She would tell get me until, I got it. Right was derogatory,
It would be an honest and unravel named him and said Lucy we ashram wanna clues bombs for waffle, call it away and whether you will call waffle, colored weight loss when lightning people lose forty pounds, waffle, colorway loss and the road Oshea when I keep telling it afresh aiming good Irena Ellie Red we were discussing here leaving Sony music. What happened? Why would he stepped down in terms of being set to music industry veteran like he is one of those allegations that he made an appropriate physical advances towards an assistant at the holiday Party last year, male or female, a female assisted, believe they're, not saint Aubert. Now, according to the post they're saying that he asked her to lie down in bed with him and gave him a hug while they were at a hotel travelling on business or the coral righty also made comments about what clothes he lighted aware and described her as looking fine, so sunny put out a statement, allay read will be leaving accompany they hadn't,
elaborated on what happened yet, and they have said no comment when asked about the complaints that were made in this letter saying brought about the times are really really really join me back in the data which has led to some form career advancement. Now that is a charge, Raillery demur ease ass, a merry gather. Yes, so clearly you can't do that. What is so insurance and workers. Although these guns, your executive, fighting gay room, was four years with any get altitude sexually revenue one. Well, maybe I mean he's married to a woman, you know so we don't know what happened echoes they haven't commented early, rising commented on in that we do know that this allegation is out there he's been accused of sexual harassment, Gratulation celery and congratulations Satirical Cromer Her an Antonio committee are having their six child together, while only then that is forty swear by the way in her six. So congratulations didn't you get of effectively
As you said it dominates, heard about the men stopped ass per vessel reserve was poorer. Member may talk about, soap was burned, as is the epitome of supervising the method me as rapporteur. To rise. Don't you embody Antonio, promoting might be elected. Did New Henrietta lacks out is the right answer. He added he had twins, he had twins and as this one this is correct. His might be like the link to leg evolution in all kind of greatest of legs. I re enlarged congratulations to him everybody's his first avenue to debut at number one on the bill boy, two hundred Aventine self congratulation. Sue logic, my sword, a quarter million registered by the way for him in number one album NASA Use, do who always logic
in fact that normally eyebrows, I personally don't knowing why gap here. What's it as is actually a huge logic, then tax about it all the time, Daniel, yes, Vienna, who works it. That clearly logic has a whole lot of fans array and an outer occasioned by the way he is, and he announces tore before. And he has announced that why d is also gonna, be joining him on the role of very early troubling toolbox. For the very content like that, that's address that is gonna, be on the first leg of the two. I guess any other has DRAM Co headlines with him as well of local learn to really appreciate the kindergarten taking it for granted, where only because I guess it kindred, like Leubronn Maggie, always had great years, he'll average, thirty nine you like, I'm not just another Lebron season. He knows I was kind of
taken a dam of grand with dam is, don't you know what I'm saying I, like speaking at sea, the ease and we're talking about that right now says that hasn't soundly songs. Don't yes, which I ve got love color, nor around useter video. You will appreciate this is a video. You need to take a look at it, but yes, Alex's it on right now, so may show ya check that out has had its happy was over there at CD top dog was happening. I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report.
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