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Wednesday 4/3- Even though the stroller Blac Chyna threw did not hit anyone during the situation, it definitely did some damage to her money now, because her reaction led her to lose her deal with the stroller company "Mommiie". But the real question is was it worth it? So we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners thought Blac Chyna overreacted, or was she showing her responsibility as a mother. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to the YouTube shooter and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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even so. It also spoke this morning in order of the day, and everybody is anything to go with me to the Roma rubbing the wrong way different ravaged by good morning to you. I guess it's me: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah good morning. Easy egg amazing is tat. It was a very stupid Wednesday I gotta get it up was I beg you guess what
data is guess. What day it is all a ha ha yesterday is ones they hope day. Good morning guys I was so tat. Yesterday I was staying up to us to last algae and I've been doing a lot of travelling stain of later times. I was struggling to stay awake us into this tree last night. I looked at it this way I was at what was I talking about, which we did. You said it was that I was staying up to two, let what's the last audience wise, cardy, B B, the first ever co host and Jimmy failing to zero. Well try to become Monday. What the hell is wrong with you all right. I was so tired. I felt like I was drunk or something, and I was just sitting at home, trying to stay out, but I did stay up to watch the last og. Funny. I'm excited Kosovo is in Brooklyn, though wearing parameters. Morgan's Entities Valley back whence he reads: if any had it isn't it again attained? Isn't it was pretty good year was really funding. I want to leave it offers in the first episode Ok, I want you to know. I was I was among our pretty much just been just like you.
Been flying all over the place. I will tie my body caught up with me last night. I went to sleep at six and woke up this morning at four: a dot m. Knock out the whole ways out what I went to bed at six hours it enough on night, China stay away gonna. What's wrong, my kids with juvenile me died, and even then you know anything I was gonna was knocked out. Sometimes you need a sometimes your body just needs to just go Adele. Just relax for low bit. That was my time yesterday and then our I woke up, and I mean I woke up this morning when I was that a new, so many crazy things having yesterday, you two are going to talk about that in front page news. User desk raising. I will talk about that in more Charlemagne here, but I shall do my was out and another later related. We obviously have to be considered last week. Is China, because this enough, his last, we stop trying to be consistent. We don't get at it. That's all legal everydayness we try to be consistent. I will ask it to show cracker front page news is next estimate
global Mona warning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast Lahti of mingled Megan, author FI, already between commercial now, I'm sure whole my retreat with your whole life, arly forget them and inept tunes above Ralph row produced it. Looking so front page NEWS Ellis off: well what happened at Youtube yesterday? Yes, there is who actually posted a bizarre online manifesto. She was angry at Youtube and yesterday she opened fire at the company's northern California headquarters. Three people were wounded and she ended up killing herself. This was that Campus in San Bruno? It all started about one thousand, two hundred and forty five p dot m. That's when she went there and she started shooting the victims were two women.
The thirty six year old man they are now recovering. The man is listed in critical condition now here some of what she had posted on her website, I'm being described as a perfect on Youtube. They ate restricted. My up workout reveal a review that has nothing back in its nothing says, love I contacted supporting and they also said the same thing, they are some inappropriate teasing. Your video menacing guys like me to knowledge and many others have sent Swan scenes, saw inappropriate for children to watch, in this respect this, but my videos guess restricted. Judah worshipfully, though not seem Adam. Saying that other people's videos aren't getting restricted, but for some reason her videos I'm getting restart with a view to become a real beginners grungy. I because a sensitive Gaza was complaining because he wasn't making enough money off of Youtube adds by her contents. Yellow got ten cents for pages. They got three hundred thousand.
Views according to her on the argue, the internet way too much power. We otherwise gracious no way an animal, go, kill people and then lose my own life because you to lose pricked. My videos, why don't you go due to headquarters and ass to speak? To somebody asked at the top of my Four go our video, the unrestricted automaticism that she had to work out tutorial, Nobody adios it it. It was unfairly sense it because she said of her police, so some people in some parts of saying that she did know at least one of the victims are the people are saying right now. They cannot confirm that she knew any of them. Whether with any relationship there. Fish will list was out of his you're gonna have to get on several matters, a metal. I suddenly gotta be wrong as absolute. I don't get me wrong. I know a lot of people who seem to be saying who led the internet in social media take over their lives, but dazzled does the tat bit over the edge. I would think a little bit yeah yeah now Spotify, yes, bad effect,
Trading has begun, and one of the big winner so far in this in this spot of five trading is a tiny social media, entertainment, firm, called ten cent and, of course, Sony there to the music streaming platforms, the biggest backers tense. It holds a seven point: five percent stake, in spite of how much you think that that ended up being worth yesterday, Homo got to guess at all, thirty million thirty billion wonder ashes, verifies where thirty billion there stakes areas two billion to boot. Yet who billion is how much is aimed at stake, is now valued at as a lot of money. I don't know what that's gonna meet for a Spotify or what's gonna happen now by labels are trying to figure out when to sell and how they should share their profits. Are re entities that I'm fifty year anniversary, I'm ok, fifty yes, a letter of Martin Luther King, domination, you're. Ok, you ever! We are now me sweat
they lead no margin, Selma right values, Cynthia with Margaret was allotted, people are in Memphis, they went very starting yesterday, Rehman, Jesse Jackson, Junior was their other Chicago and where there is well and a lot of people are drawn to the re motel, which is aware king was assassinated on April. Fourth, in nineteen, sixty eight smile, alright, alright, will ask for a page news now get it all future aid. Five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night or bad morning. You want to vent or maybe want to spread some positivity whatever it may be. Eight hundred and five eight what oh five won't get it or features hit us up now to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast got away: God s manner black. We want to hear from you
we from the area was mama was half a happening, everyone, a youth, he ain t. I please the number or I like your style, you focus you have all. You know why you call this motor Mamma the shot I am, though, I'm really good Maybe you by your answer. Google. Did you Wigan big this morning now I've been happy Ok, I will thank you for being happy happy. Did you happy, but should question time on three may lie abide by them all back now. The art? I beg you to listen and many in thirty? That's how it is on radio Amato Junta for essential, but I think it's at least a minute. Thirty out that only lacking bow.
Listen listen to a minute there to get it get autism out of it. While you care a chandelier, jailer by on his nephew jail was that for me that- There will be a mercantile America more math, while will lead everyday things. My days, I'm just trying to be consistent whilst being on time this week next week, I got you ok, I respect that do you care with their respective consisted Apple I want to apologize to you guys, because I was down in the shop
and I just got up to two days ago- I'm I'm gonna have about seven and oh, my god, when he gets it was now her entire season, our wines as US man, when he made his girl, that's dead cooker right now, right I'll write. History cannot be I'm sure I might not have seen again now then this point on which we will do whatever they would have a big is gonna, be good to only one absorbs will form the glass. Hu Jia will be good. I would be talking about that this morning, the Messina you fell asleep. I feel pretty pretty humorous last night Fred. Clean God be with a prayer, but my wife, you click it. Then what? Having read how you now friend at this moment it? How do you Fran thirty seven and eleven? Am I right here? You know I got what am I gonna, let my family, because you wouldn't stop gap with part of what we need:
no government. After calling you ok. Now you have a cause, it snowed and you had to shovel you mom snow and you mad about different outcomes not occur. They woke me up at four o clock this morning. My daddy know me boy by everybody in the neighborhood Europe a thought walk about about what you need to settle before somebody try to follow me now wait a minute you used to live with your mommy and daddy for it. Yes, yes, I left my family got. My girl would have gathered up there, get my is back to get you leave him. I did you get put out ever. Did you know, because I thought I was gonna tell her to keep gambling as you one does that, so I feel that the best way for me to do with what I believe is that I do, though stupid I'm not mad at every time. You gotta take a step back and take a step forward, no matter what you better not be mad when you got a civil ass, no you're gonna have to say that yes, there, but I work up. What am I think if they give this last week, I put my clothes on the whole clout and I hope they will say what you got.
It's out now. Go man is love not ready, yet you better layer added a long walk about the revolt yard. He felt a little thought I have a plan. We tell her mainly rather it off my chest: eight hundred five a viable. Five? One of your upset. You need event. It is now the breakfast locomotive The breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether man wore black. We want to hear from you wanna breakfast, but a big regulated Baltimore was air was survey. Negro features hey I'm going dollar a little bit is more american arrive then back only relate to the lady, and I will wait here today were mobilise. Call me Try to figure out what the hell
We hear a man, you gotta get the work. My way you can emulate the work now got nothin to do with you led the word out on the why you should try to make their correlation network. We need a better agreement. Now you didn't answer my question. How late where you yesterday about both Rita Three men. I now know avowedly three. I would there be no doubt also be. I do realise that has allowed this day, which neighbour Do I owe you write that down like a fake name? No, no that was manatee. Tell us why you met. We could go to a police academy. Monday through Friday and deal with some I'm not going to say racist. There was somebody with some prejudice as people that you can see that it just refused out of them by mistake, I've tried leg calling a mile on air. Let her know about the way that there too, and I got I'm from a certain area that is open. It is a lot of urban areas.
Don't say urban ahead, Berwin arms, they black yeah, that's a word that they use. I'm sorry, They loved what you don't know, no better yeah exactly so I have to buy my tongue alive because I'm still in the police, a guy like. I can't I can't really say anything like. I have no rank. So if I were to say something, you'll find any excuse to go ahead and try to get rid of me, so I'm like by now. Is it like a struggle with their like? I really dont know what to do. I told you a few people have invented so much said so many times to so many people. That is now. What can I do to make this way because, like Eric everybody that I see like there was born and raised in a project I'm joy I'm going to try to make a difference and to see that I'm outnumber like ten to one right now, if you like, I told you no good, you know only too well that ever takes his one, no sort out on your back.
When you feel, like God against. You could only really takes one to make a different EU absolutely vital our legs embodied the hope baby, but if you like either everybody does it want to, because I'm image is too, I decide. I want to my money and we brought you know backing you, God will meet. Asia is my daily information today. This is dead Sears April for fight the good fight. Nowhere before gives you Supervalu refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is a vindication for me to clip the Lord that's Isaiah. Fifty four seventeen keep praying, keep believing keep singing songs and praise to keep fighting the good fight. If you do, that to bring you out with the victory you Amy Day you go. Do you may allows this area Antonio? Get it off it s a right, shocked at the money. I read the other categories of about we're, having waited Emily fab, adding I once you said here, we gotta get out in a rumour replied this morning when he could be facing him.
Then, for this alleged domestic violence, Nokia, alright, why don't you get it off? Futures eight hundred five, a firewall or five one room was on the way. I guess we talk about famine. Room is absolutely right. People access to breakfast locomotive breakfast more. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. Muskets aromas told fabulous. This is the Weber report on a breakfast club. Fabulous is facing up to ten years in prison. That's one kind of their degree aggravated assault and one count of making terrorist threats threats in the third degree. So, according to the complaint, is saying that fair pens, Emily being the head seven times The severe damage to her to frontier there were later medically removed. He also texted her and said that he would hit her in the head with a baseball bat. That's when,
and her father and brother to the home that they share to remove to hand guns he had in the house and that's when you see the video footage of him arriving to the home and scream mean to her father that he has a bullet with his name on it. He's a statement of denying unease glimpse the living, thereby signs now tat he had. Sometimes it is best to just be quiet and let God show people go to court, is gonna, be a direct and will Gaza with you, because, I'm sure of it days, it is all, is evidence will be presented so he's indeed guilty. This allegation. Is you just come clean now write a family as those text messages and ass. We go out where exactly that of energy as witnesses that I witness abuse the globe and I'm sure you could hear them screaming from inside the house. So a lot of this is gonna be proven. He is doing court. As you know, I guess we can only judge forever. I now, based on what we saw in a video and inevitable, he looked like a damn fool simply because of Emily COD, father and brother come get the gun, tat the house because she feared for life. The last thing you should do
come over and threaten issued five Irena, congratulations to Carmody, be she is making history yet again, Monday nights, you will be the first ever co host of the tonight show with Jimmy Alan so should be. Promoting her album invasion of privacy, which comes out on Friday and active, see perform sees us are gonna sticker and help any view the guess they haven't there's no gas are going to be yet, but it's gonna be heard their appearance on the tonight, so so congratulation Herbert listen there's an I want. Robin Cook was regarded as shouted gotta be releasing a regulation. I took a jerk vision, regos Now we get it right now to get that democratic, intimate, listen! You know you on the payroll, They are all those why why night? Why can't we freedoms? the room was that soldiers people are really believes a wide, what they believe yes, well qualified Road Robin clues bomb forgot to be rid of absolutely no urgent black China. You, I saw the drama that happened when she was at six flags and again to the argument
the women they touched, her door to dream on the hand, and then she started swinging the stroll around right. I saw that video footage world turns out. He was supposed to be doing some type of deal and collaboration with that stroller company. They have since said they are cutting ties with her all. It will be possible was a pink Lamborghini lab. When we get to the point where beginning just raised, which are developing remedying lamby only throughout the whole of the video elastic acquired spell it out. I can look I right now for the company. Mammy says that her laid his actions make it impossible to move forward with their business relationship. They said we cannot excuse that sort of reaction and behaviour, particularly and only resort around children all of its mass thirty, though she threw it did didn't break. It still was able role. That's a good shouldered right away. I don't like bed regimental like that, because what if she would walk and run a pop, and it was a somebody
trying to commit a mass shootings. She grabbed a pink growling and try to use it as a weapon for love ass. I went away which they odo. Let you you you would you would you in color to cut type? What art in UK cannot just create a scenario, but so don't got dilute our now. She felt like her child was in danger. You protecting our child as you. Girl is a weapon lad, and now, let's be clear, I don't think her. Child was indeed at a dead body was now she got. Women had actually walked away or re. Ok, we're going out loud. Her was led, see, minutes later that the Arctic, as you can see, video not going to tell somebody how to react to. How do kid was frightened feel how you feel that kid threatened the company who do as with the new not withdraw, gives you know it. I know what I'm be vaccinated, I what That kind of any rational the sturdy doesn't mean. I wasn't a company to continue to do business with somebody if they choose not to day, don't wear their know how that is very true, but I know that, but I am simply saying that is another moment are using. This girl is a weapon if she felt like the dead lady. Was there
I will now she doesn't have been endorsed, meant collaboration and more choice arise. Only range. Where can I find a stroll, would add strolled called Mommy mommy, I'm gonna buy their shoulders ray. I write or AIDS is how he would lose by a banana panel at him. Now the man, through they banana Pillar data pal during a performance back in twenty fifteen in Santa Fe New MAX Oh and now, using in his law suit, the bodyguard or the presumed, bodyguard, actually came and struck him twice. They should have as he was being restrained. He said there was no racial motivation money through a banana pill at him, but he was angered by something to do. You suppose said during the showcase now he faces battered either even tartly face charges, a battery and disturbing the peace data decided not to pursue their case He is saying that he was a thought it. No, you can't do that. You pay as it also did. I mean my bodyguard do what they supposed to do it, and you saw me all. I am glad that guy would do that banana doesn't have an endorsement of banana companies. It would be to cheat or would it be at the window would definitely a dive
They're, like those guys you Jerry, people, don't let him do business if it is what it is all right, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room reports as a jerk. Alright, come back, we have your room, a report where we talk about in ruins. No, I felt that it was a sign from news. Let me saying about what happened at Youtube and that is in northern California. Really unfortunate areas lasting one person dead. Three people injured directly internet. When we come back, he believed the breakfast club Gamala cowboy. Morning, everybody's dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, whiskey in formation of the salt, Youtube S nest in exile, as at thirty eight year old women who I end with a handgun when she went to the Youtube campuses Sambre now this was yes, a round, one p m and she started shooting now the people who got shot where two women were ages. Thirty, two and thirty, seven and thirty, two and twenty seven and thirty
year, old man they are recovering. The man is in critical condition, now cops having to release all the details about what happy about what we do know is that nothing was having some issues was what she said. Was you tube, censoring her and trying to silence her voice? Here is what she had posted, I'm being discriminated. I feel that on Youtube, they ate a restricted. My work out with you, a video that has nothing back in its nothing says, love I contacted supporting and they also said the same thing. They are some inappropriate teasing your video, many fingers like Mickey Mouse and many other. Since long since saw inappropriate for children to watch, don't get everything this, but my videos guess eight restricted
crazy, led out of you too, because you to lose her video. Yes, you can, like other people, put up videos and they don't get restricted. Nicky Menage Miley Cyrus Nessie also complain that she wasn't making enough money off of Youtube ads and she said she only got ten cents for pages. They got three hundred thousand views, so they have of course, inscribed in deleted. Her account her instagram pay. It also got deleted as well. She had posted, they want you to be their slaves and not think Add the bags they designed for you. Your knowledge is their enemy. You know this is why you can't be gone back and forth with people or social media is really permanent. Social media and I got some severe mental craze either that or your put way too much stock and his internet online thing right. Just because you have restricted your video, you can go, should have you two have about going on you to record of and ask them why He restricting your video. Don't just thought you need identified at the scene. She did shoot herself Jesus prevail when caps arrives, he already the other.
For the new tools, you could want another platform. I reaction she couldn't. You know right away. You really J abolish. If you really care about you, do you did they? Would all you gotta? Do it? No one, not even shootin themselves. When you to love me really much of you in your life, you retweet not one that no doubt what do you want to make a man that now snap tat has also added a group. Video chat and China generate some positive buzz about their services. A lot of people have actually jumped Snapchat after some issues that happened with began. I'm sure you guys. I saw that and the challenge on Iraq, which measure the group video chat were allowed to sixteen people to talk over each other at one time.
Their filter than affects available. During that conversation with TAT was the most abject serious question. Mental model have measured Otto, I don't have it either. Barely of every eye was now. I write and spat if I trading has begun now, what's going to happen with these Spotify shares, are these label is going to divide up the proceeds with artists and whence those taxpayers are may want to? Music group hasn't commented on the issue, but Sony recently said in his statement: Sony, music and the orchard. The orchard are committed to sharing with their artists and distributed labels any net gain. They may relies on the sale of Sony Musics equity stake in spite of five. This is consistent with our previously announced policy of sharing breakage an equity proceeds from Digital catalogue licences with our artists and distributed labels so you have somebody's make a lot of money. Her well yeah Spotify, let's be clear, is worth this thing right now: thirty billion dollars now the value whence they started trading. On front page news. Now, when we come back eight hundred five, eight five one o five, unless taught black China
if you have an her black shadow, got into incident at six flags, great adventure of cost or an endorsement, of course, an endorsement with this stole a company. Now, where ask an eight hundred five, a five one or five long? Do you think black China overreacted? That is the question. Now, allegedly, the nanny was pushing a baby and a young lady touched a baby, and I guess the young lady approach by China Ass Black China. If she was upset because we have audio elephant audio, I seen Turnus children, not knowing that these were hurt chosen because her nanny was pushing her children. So when she walks the baby toys me, I'm thinking that this is a mother giving me permission to interact with her child. So I untested baby simply like this. Are you killed the lady smell. She walked off like China follow behind her ass. She sat Dantes the care. Brow, don't put your hands on my kid. You could say my kids, acute verbally, but you old, I'd, know business touching my children whatsoever.
Although these pedophiles in MILAN, Do that here and just dirty nasty people don't touch my gates. I will ask indeed she overreact eight hundred five, five one o five one cause. The incident didn't happen. It happened fifteen minutes later so were asking. Could she have just let it go? And just walk away or dish soap. Call us now is to breakfast locomotive.
That was g, easy no limit morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela YE shall lead me to go. We are the breakfast club Navvy just joined us, we're talking black China. If you don't know what's goin on Black, China was six legs, we invent issues were to kids and allegedly some young girl came up in touch one of her kids. Now this is what the young girl said happen. Next, I seen Turnus children not knowing that these were her children, because her nanny was pushing her children. So when she walks the baby toys me, I'm thinking that this is a mother giving me permission to interact with her child. So I am test of every simply like this, but all your killed, the lady Smouch she walked off. Like China follow
behind her ass. She said don't as the key eyebrow, so we ask in eight hundred foggy five one five Monday black China, Overreact would have run of the blog John had told her. Don't have the camera? Well, that's completely unclear, but according to replace in saying that I am the girl called Black China heard rat, but there is also some fighting that took place where her boyfriend. Actually swung on the young, lady and the young ladys friend, yet her boyfriend. Why be an almighty j? He got involved in discovering studded swinging well. I don't think like John overreacted, simply because I dont know what made this young lady feel entitled to touch somebody else's kid. You can't use the excuse he was coming toward me with the scroll, as I felt like she was giving me permission as, like me saying this young lady walking toward resolve Alex. You will give me permission to grabber ass. Now, don't touch my kid, though value must base, and you can't tell them how to react very keen to know what the young lady really did, the Black China's came of obliging the reactor way. She did something had happened and people turn above it
children are the way nature. Is women, females, female animals? They go. I voted children, so something clearly happen We know that I think that the women, when she did it, wasn't a malicious way. It wasn't like to try to snatch tat Madame and tell you where, according to her account at this historic time, ok can I finish according to what she said was that she just testing hands? Oh she so cute, now I've just other people's kids. Who- I don't know, and no one's ever Acme Robertson Jonah an eye, and I think that an ever wasn't dead in a malicious way. I think it's finds it be like. Of course you don't want somebody touching, nor can it be like hey up overview, don't touch my child, but I dont think that the child was in danger of, and I do believe that starting a fight and funding he has actually does put your child endanger the regulation. Could we have to say it is actually did not argue envy. You got five. Yes, I got to write out. Those on random parson touched your job, especially in the face
complement. It would be a problem with our anybody touch him, my kids at all, and we weirdos increase people out there today at item in somebody to give my kids a disease the answer. I am serious very funny about anybody touch, my kids, ok I'll bet. You think that starting a fight and fanny had children is not also putting them. Avis all depends what happened now. If the incident happened to see per se to lady came to his said, hey, I touched your kids. I have a problem and I come back and let you have a problem. You touch mucky, they say if you just might be a me under the start, because it's this is my kids can be improved well if they would have been allegedly what happened? Was she touched day right like China? They don't touch my kid broken ass. She called like China Hood right right, that's enough to get something started, but if you already have that just grow touched, my carelessly with the paper thing, ok to you,
a year ago morning. Do you think a black China overreacted? No, I do not think she'll creator, the mother of your partner, that anything has happened, cleared out whether is now or later, war. Unnatural, anything, your reaction, that build children do no harm in there in his day. An adult com is it you want such a dog, though I would you do got baby There are still a good point now run banquets hasn't got Donald bite. The hell I ain't o is funny when people come to me and asked to take pictures like when it with their kids. I get permission. Do you want me to pick him up like tell me what you want me to do? You owe me to pick up. Ok, ok, I'll tell you about always. I was that when out when I took these kids are results organs. Last week I took plenty of digital accused and impose none o no argument. The patent law when one about when I chose a picture with my kids now Brandon was
So now you think black shadow, you think she did overreact. You see that my was invented that you want and even involved do not do you have kids as its that boy do I got two year old and one on the way. And saw somebody wants to be a child in touch them. You wouldn't have of wrong you now. I worry that me. The lady Cumnor walk toward there. I mean you know any who talked about. I would like you know, acted like it was awkward dove and an old girl came behind amounts like not do that? Don't do that and I will write to me. I've got you a business when I was a diary is a business. That is what my eight hundred farming viable, and what are you thinking about my vagina? How does not my right- and you call us right now- is the recent locomotive. There was reached a kid. We
no freezer morning. Every body is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club Navvy just joined us, we're talking black China now were asking eight hundred five, a five one or five. What do you think black China overreacted? She was ass. Expects me to venture in somebody touched her kid her child, and this is what the lady who touched I had the sick. I seen parts furnished children, not knowing that these were her children, because her name was pushing her children so when she walks the baby toys me, I'm thinking that this is a mother giving me permission to interact with her child. So I untested baby simply like this. Are you killed the Ladys loud? She walked off. Like China follow behind her ass, she said: don't touch the care brow. So do you think she over reacting, no amateur you authority to our member, taken my daughter to try practice when she put on the track regulatory heard. The mob
wifi just did our hair, for she had like a pig's government and all the little girl and her track. Teen came and touched her hair and I went crazy like do not touch our air. Valuable low agro do not, our magazine. Ended. I told you, I guess it's not going to pay the same now. I wonder why not you MIKE you gonna, kill plasma. I dont care is firstly, a black. Is there a classmate horizontal like the girls, such Logan's vehicles, you got brave, noting that remain are emigrating strolling. Won't we would touch a markedly. Do you see when you get you to load LISA yeah, you think she'll reacted. I really think she did. I do have a few Europe, an Ipad people approach and the grocery store or other plaything, because he has a handful of curly hair people will touch. His hair was proclaimed, they'll catch his hand and opaque. Oh he's, the Pew
I just think is really overreacting as apparent now. Will you marry me with his? We happen to our battle when it comes out children and if you're not really put in my trial in harm's way I'm not lumbering. It take only primers like like the flu, not a flu, which is this dangerous killing people. I could have to find such a new job at all. I know how dangerous the bull s eye work in a hospital, something you just overreact like battle on adult learning a little and handle the line to be upset. Idaho entire fight is alot. Let me, as you know, the cause of acute my answers to here and you ask them I dunno, underneath it shut up hood rat engross used to that nevertheless, we have been used up until I saw you were found in a negative way.
What would happen in the blood China situation? Thank you. Mamma tire bitchy, overreact notion, overreact. My not believe- and I say that because I have a time I know and if I found a round- and I feel that about out of the bottle- I don't care what you doin mad, but later like that, without with ease that our humble beard allows this rigour Alfonzo, you think she overreacted definitely overreacting All she had to do was say what she was going to have to say and that's it, but she didn't have to go, follow her around and do it wherever she did and she ain't going to traumatize her baby and by the way, I think, I think rob Kardashian I have prepared modeling. My army is clearly a big hole missing from the story. No, after after China's aid, which you say, we don't know we're dead, I say we don't know what that girl did. After that, we don't know how to respond to the legislation, responded, saying called
China had read the Amazon from a place where I see I watch tv all data see too many seek sickles. I see people sent people packages that blow up people centipedal anoraks people give each other the flu today a joke and laugh, but I'm serious about my kind of like to anybody May I call you know about lazy or by the look eyes. Think that sometimes I give you do you want to get into a fight and funny accused simply could happen. What have been? due to strong and initially hits a kid or something like that. There's no! We do not think about. Like something happens. You kids, when you get into one hundred markets and our We think about mother, bear the mother begged so hard for sure, but think about it. The main right you, what your daughter the abroad main touch. Your daughter cheek. Are you thinking of pedophile? Are you taking sickle, keep your How do you know you guys think gives very nice touch? One of my kids Amy see as different side of an institute like you, don't play what don't blow to the group of agendas,
some people resolve in your concluding woman. I went to school, you want, you can have it. You know if you would need a re dogs using involve at home my big not avoided by anyway. What I'm saying is you see when elected the nicest doll writing have puppies right? Come needleful site, a dog react white vicious. What now? What's the mothers turns out to be. Will play a little, don't turn out to be given information very right to do that you are entitled to you, gotta, be the walk into somebody else and child and touch them now. Rather they put it in this case, but I also don't feel like escalating situations when you kids around This is what I would say: no, nor does much automobile, no earthly star. We got rooms on away. Yes, they talk about the fiery. They have arrested to people in connection with their robbery. Airlines people were saying they bade him believe he got robs at all. Who so that people are saying that our social media, lotta people said it's me as any, like hey Safari and set a bet.
It didn't make a bad hosting wasting. Oh, I didn't open, but that that low or I will talk about when we come back as a breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall lead me to go. We are the breakfast closer to climate change is now your gold. Digger must talk to me, Roman. The reul report raises the Tammy Romans he has snagged deal and that jail is with title. Here is what you had to say when he announced her bonnet Cole serious crime of causes zones? I listen. I would draw the rapid and hold the falls. Ireland could do half of it about a clinical zone title and I'm so excited you guys to check me out, and I want you to see what my producing partner earnest, dukes and I have put together with amazing, active Stephanie Black Re Grady, uncanny MAX.
About time. Iran with just don't pick up the title and like the idea of the production level of bond chronicles and set out to my guy earnest, is well on that actually be with Tammy moment in Chicago this week, aim will be there for the black women's expo stoker we're gonna, be I'll be there on Sunday I right now, MAC has into introduce an earlier. Inspire collection. Is gonna come out this summer. Now people were talking about this potential collection, everybody guys so excited the earliest super fans everywhere. So they said you may happen. Inspired by your loyalty love the nineties, Glam Leah format. Collection is coming soon, a LEO Amazon and make up collection influence by her groundbreaking work and music and film. I it's gonna, be dub, I'm a major. I go and picked it up and support that I re black Panther is about to pass titanic and become the norm
Three highest earning movie in the United States. Most bore lemme get there for you was black Panther passes there, they have to still be avatar, and then they still have to be star wars. The force awakens or draw political multiplied grabbed the damn it? Yes, it avatar. Yes, you set out, are you Now I see that we have before us a way round and eyes. May I, however, see Titanic. I did see totally that's not unless the appetite avatars great Nominal feel right, so, right now, black Panther is a number form will be ever in the United States. So pretty soon in about six point, eight million dollars more. It will pass Titanic had that new number three spat in and after that, it's gotta be avatar and in the force awaken dynamical trash me tat. I was glad that animal traps a war they celebrate them will be deluded wonder why we would dine in Nassau. Now I was a contractual
and ass. If my area plenty of time to fall asleep. If this his armed robbery suspects have been captured, he says that a hundred and eighty three thousand live on tropical just below the two of em recounted law enforcement says to man that was suspected of robbing superior gunpoint where busted cops did chased them down over the George Washington breeds from Jersey, internet. They were in hot pursuit after their robbery and fourthly, New Jersey. They follow them and at one point the suspects did cry their car and then they rent on foot. That's when Jonathan Ricketts and Shawn Harewood were captured. They were about twelve blocks apart and according to Safari, he said two guys ran up on him with guns and took everything. So that's what they know so far. They said three people did run out of the truck and those two were the ones who were captured. As some of you would have told me, I should gives afar doc you to day yesterday, and I kept thinking to myself was. I can't wait until Europe. I can't into young and put the aid, I can't wait for someone immediately on the ground. A man is traumatized, he might be. You might be an interview two years now start thinking about that situation is diagram.
Following the dam that he went to go. Do an interview you have today about away when stuff. Like that happens, you adrenaline is so high that you just can continue a budget. They would eventually is going to look at absolute grab a quarter to Gaza, declares that there were two I write way. I hope they do as well and in every body was writing a dive letter. You made this whole situation. People were asked me: do you think safari? Really? Guy robbed, of course, he was not going to make up a story like I be so traumatized by some people wondering. Why will you come and do in any view- and I was her by me with Everybody- has upset all that's all I've. Let me know that we live in an era of boys and girls who are crying wolf. Everybody's couches and everybody's trolling supranational was really was not anymore. I re. Why has worked very hard to say when he was as you Martinez, as far as whether now he's gonna cooperate with the police and what is just answer. Like some people, we, like you, don't go to police There is the matter. My among Irma Gluyas Eyes, man, you, you do put a gun to my page. You too
I'm not doing all that nonsense, you did it not nothing. No kid street cold street rules. What that's going to do to get you get you killed. It's not going to do now for me, like the lost a lot more like I'm a good dude. I'm glad here, setting people up. I don't do none of that nonsense. You know I'm saying so you're the one who did it you should have. Did it it was him he s a fine of a claim to be no gangsters supplying of applying to be no screen. Guy eurozone, the civilian idea trying to make a living off some power, rapid and fur coats. Let a man God in you know. You grab enough money hunted on this, but I gotta do you now that the sound without you say that it's ok, I say was heightened Idolators empire is a good. His wrapping. His supper is ok. I got to do an employer money I'll think of them hundreds now. I have nothing to do nothing that wasn't that was dollar dollar value added. It had been added up to twenty two thirty seven, you hundreds
Mozilla YE and that you are a rumour report, sowed the safari. I shouted I yes, we give an adult to donkey of the day, is going to a young woman name, not seem Ogden get up. Another right now seem algorithm grows out of you. To direct women, algorithms, you need to come to the front garden, relax everywhere? Were I will get dead Owen Ex keep allotted to breakfast locomotive don't be a date. Did you dumb, as you get donkey of the day, is uv or don't do that knowledge is meant to imply was made available. Charlemagne tapping I've got to make a judgment of gonna, be on the donkey everyday page, You are the breakfast club, lady, whose donkey the data they well dog. You today for Wednesday April. Fourth, Golden Athene Ogden. She, the third age,
old woman who argue for handling walked onto Youtube. Campers yesterday, I started Boston arranged shot. Three p. Thank God all Lamar lie volume or library think there, and then she shut herself in a chess. Neither Shame no place in America is safe from mass shootings. Ok, seen him in will repeatedly seen him in schools you seen him in charge is now we see them on the campus? Is a? U who is truly no place in America that is safe from a potential mass shooting it as such was art? Who already has bad anxiety? All doesn't mean you want to stay home. Ok, I hate large crowds, when my life- I am I if I am somewhere and it's a lot of all I can think about- is that it's only a matter of time before a random acts of terrorism happens. Okay, because, let's be clear, if it doesn't matter their race or religious background of a shooter, whenever amid a mass shooting on american soil foreigner or not. You attend is committing an act of terrorism. Ok, for more details on this. That's gonna embassy knows what report they attack
that has been identified as the woman they came here and opened fire on Youtube has been identified as a woman that was making you two videos, it was her father, they told a thorny is warning them that she hated the company and the family before the shooting happened reached out to authorities asking them to check on our before the shooting took place, who showed swing I'll. Just before one p m Tuesday, three people shot to women in a man who is the most seriously injured police identified, the shooter, Thirty nine year old nurse seem Ogden police telling. Investing news may have been in wrath, reassuring Sarah, claiming that had to discriminate in field to recur didn't you had done had a large Youtube presence with multiple channels from animal rights. Activism, Bizarre musical parodies authorities by bog down took her own life is one last Thursday when decisions. The dynamics of the attack now know some ok committing this mass shootings enough to get
donkey aided they would do you hear her alleged motivation. Ass would sealing the deal on this. He offered me they not. Some allegedly would have said that you too was centering. Her videos were not sent, videos of Miley, Cyrus and Nicky midnight. I wish I was making this up right now. Gay are not things websites, you probably causes. Of a female, weaken bodybuilder, an animal rights act is, she boasted about humane living on our website now seem out. Oh, you can hear me where you are because none of the breakfast club, as indicated in the afterlife, but there's nothing humane, about committing a mass shootings. Ok, in fact, that is what we call inhumane. You know the opposite of humane anyway. You can go on. Are you to watch videos of things she has produced in posted in one she editors? of dancing along side herself in a black and white outfit and a cow head mask Code, Essen compelling content right there, I gotta get you double digit of you. You look awful shouted in an enemy the La Times at a protest. The protest was, I can't pins. Kenwood Marine will using pigs in training for treatment of battlefield wounds now seem set,
in a view. For me, animal rights, equal human rights- just because they can't talk, doesn't mean we should take advantage of them. It amazes me how one minute someone can be: all about humane living on social media can fight for their rights of pigs can make statements like for me, animal rights, equal human rights does because they can't talk, doesn't mean we should take advantage of them, but then you take a handgun on you too campus and take advantage of all those innocent. You and beings, but the motive. What made this young lady snap, because you follow, you too was censoring her words. Can we hear a word from the themes mouth in which he complained, what our continent being discriminated unfiltered on you to do? He had please I've angle.
I feel that on Youtube and if you go, I took my videos. You sit up. My new videos hardly get views on my old videos. That's used to gets many views. I stop getting views. They ate restricted my work out with you, a video that has nothing back in its nothing. Since all I contacted supporting, and they also said the same thing, they are some inappropriate teasing your video many fingers like an issue, not why we and others since swan scenes. Don't get angry. Stick this, but my workshops, video, gets a restricted uses. You can go back and forth. People are social media because it really is sick, deranged, mentally ill people online and when you argue, would fall on social media people from a distance kantos mentally ill. That has to be only logical reasoning that this woman has to be mentally if every few think people care about the internet any social site. That much is young. Lady was thirty. Eight years old, she's, not even a kid. Ok for you to be
had invested in the internet in a social site that you would take a handgun down you to ensure people, because there was censoring your videos. Why you pulling up on you too, like rapid use the pull up on rapidly? in the nineties, even in the nineties, when rapidly disgruntled about they deal it might have put up to the label, would a gun to what they know a shot executive, not that I know of your part of an executive Asia. I haven't heard of that, and I do not see why not. Why didn't you just go to Youtube, asked to speak to someone? ask why you videos being since it another videos on. Did you even attempt to go to Youtube elves it? I really all becomes out young, lady or whole life, was suffering from some kind of mental illness, because if we have jumped the shock that much when it comes, it is internet thing. It is time for everybody to unplug, ok, disconnect from the internet reconnect with reality. Please give not seem Ogden nothing algorithm the biggest he half leaf
that. Would America me the option that was going on. I don't know why do you care about a social site that much care because you viewed with down you care, because you view videos are being censored, you gonna actually go, should have you too, because it is an hour. I thank you for a donkey to day. Next ask ye eight hundred five five one. Eighty five one. If you knew relationship advice, you can call ye right now about you. Somebody asked me right now able line about quitting her job for another job says you go back to work after her interview with the
they tat when or any type of advice call. Ye now is to breakfast club good morning, mornin everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we in the middle of ascii issue. This is ascii, allows this. He always working rivalry. Russia coarser for you. I got a couple auditor much theory in other trying to give us at the time it industry, far saying in a music waste I'll get in Louisville, thirty, how mildly allies had absolutely they'll contacting abandoned corporate were adopted or mother to pollute shipping a theory, but I will try to take more in its time. It will not make any time for my beard background and try to get a couple audit and give it that if, in the time industry after, like you knock it take my spirit. We told alternately like it that a good look at last. They were met enormous opportunity. Where my recommendation, you really believe in your eyes in that they can do big things. Why are you willing to it?
as time and money anti I'd ask you can still have your day job and devote all your extra time to working on his music business thing. What we are doing, no more than the dirty work up a corporate over the fate of the pact and got a bit more of a man. Ok, so you are so last year in order to take our care to feed a family. But after, like I want to switch over to you know, along with the idea you going with the kid, so I just wanna put everything in the world working to go forward into the air. I mean you know it's gonna get a real real money. Instead of them. You know how it is. When I give you a couple of pieces of advice, number one is not like he's: gonna pay off immediately. That's really rare situation. You can put all your eggs in that one budget and that when bug it and it's gonna pay off right away. Could that doesn't happen like that? So
it is going to be a long grind if you're going to have to be really patient. There's a lot of variables here, you're dealing with other people and whether or not they're going to work as hard as you work, whether or not you're going to get the support that you intend to get whether or not you have to invest all your money into them. You have to be really ready, willing and able to do all of those things, I don't recommend giving up all your other streams of income, but maybe sacrificing sir and that you're not passionate about and making said that you had those things that income cause. You gonna need that to find this situation your time to do it in a labour situation. Is it a production? What are you trying to do a may? The motor gonna do with thought so that with the white people you no longer conserve, you'd love really affected are maybe get a couple crop, both illegal and all, but only the travel get out in the maze you have not a mainstream and get to know? Let people know what I feel myself am. I just went to recommend you keep. Those are the things that income some of them coming answer to confront. What it is that you need to do and come up with a plan. You know.
And even though, as you know for sure, exactly what it is, I can't just be bumping shoulders with the right people you have to have a plan of. Where are you when it be also, but these are just make sure you have contracted them, you don't ever. Put our money and time and effort into people and that have them under continuity of contracts. Euro project will not give up what I want designs, nobody not ban. I do get em read. I myself measure before you start investing. All this time and money that you haven't some type because you hate to put some time and money in cities, artists and you have nothing you know for them and then they go inside somewhere else like I got an artist that can sing and rap, but then I got a guy that can do beat it, so I'm trying to put both of them together, but as far as the details of the contract on how do I, like so say, I got an artist and he got like twenty beats right and I'm trying to get ten of a master like. I cannot write the contract to say.
And become the head had. You argue roared out there like those that a detailed and you have an entertainment attorney in time and you have to have an entertainment attorney. You need a lawyer to drive a real contracts. Okay said I guess dating from the very beginning. So what am I? hold on a line. I may give you some information, but it is the latter work and so just jump into a big. It is going to happen like that. You really have to say. And things. I know we see stories of the time we think success happen overnight. Never happens like that. You know not overnight. You know, I've been I've been going thirty five, I didn't. I bought my first house in twenty five been invested for ten twelve years. I'm just ready, I feel like you're, thirty five. I need to put another ten to fifteen and to myself instead of you know, maybe like a corporate building. I just doing this You know, I ain't talking about doing nothing. Illegal police can't come take nothing and I love that wrestle hold on the line. So I love that you're passionate about something I'm just trying to give you some advice so that you don't waste
I'm you'd always money and that you don't get disappointed at things, though happened. The way that you anticipate them to happen held underline. Ok, all right. Ye eight hundred foggy problem. Five. When you got a course of equal amounts to breakfast was Bruno Maws morning. Every body is the g envy. Angela ye shall lead me to go. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ascii, hello, who's. This hide my fear, not an anonymous wishing for you. I haven't been on my Asperger year and less weight Alec home late at night and on the plan I hear being on the door. I let it go about your lifetime movie and then I'll do you have here. You are now lies, and what we do know is that I heard the door open built out by moving my dog verbal there. Then I keep hearing it and I don't know the bill, though I live with my mom, about where air, notably with the bill,
and I went to the door and appearing in whose ham honor you spent three years ago. Yeah, ok, goodbye on the door of knowledge, but I got a character and I ended up letting him in, but I'm not really sure what you do. It's not my bompard unclear on that. Do we really know what to do so? You went to explain and three from three years ago back and he was acting a radically when you came being on your door on announcing the mill the night life, but you do. I don't want him that our that so allow for everyone Do you like hearing danger, fella gearing danger, but when he came up, in my house. You need to go to the police department and valor restraining what're. You gonna buy what a little
I mean you did let him in, but you're scared he's going to come back right and you don't want him to and you're fighting for what could potentially happen. You have to take those things very seriously. If you have some type of intuition is telling you this could be a dangerous situation, don't risk that make sure you go to the police, men valor, please reply that way to be monitoring your house he'll get serve with those papers, get a method and go to jail. If he tries to bother you again, he has another two serious and you mean business over a dozen by eleven like they would. Like I had ever known. I know you are absent. Did you did nothing wrong, don't feel like you did anything wrong? Don't let him again, but you are caught off guard don't you did something that now looking back you like, I shouldn't have done that and you're not going to it again and in order to make sure that you want to protect yourself and protect your mom and protect your house go far that police reports so that he knows it you're serious. So he knows. I don't want you coming here again: is not funding game YO, go to jail, and I mean I don't understand why you Baron Tommy, I went back even more sparingly,
Let me now late by you showed up and funding that about, like you know why you together, not by not show up at them about the guy. At the reader is and how we broke up with terrible what that light, Welcome back, allow less, Annie going to answer which- and I had to follow me- staining order against somebody before it's not a fund thing to do at all is not it, but it is a very simple process. You just bow the paperwork they have to show up in court ended. Would decide whether now he's gonna keep a restraining order, or whether to get thrown out. If he doesn't show up, you will have a restraining order if he doesn't, he still acting a radically and you feel like you're in any sort of danger. You have a restraining order and he's not supposed to come there When did you call the police, and he knows he's going to do about the european taxpayers have taken seriously and listen to your intuition. I promise year onwards there could be overload. Wife were apart, were or work by law after three years of you pop up, you know it all up again:
I re I re, won't, let them be safe than formula be saved. If you know something's, not right, then, is not right away. I'm a good luck. Very careful are right as IE eight five, a five one off I won't have you got a question for you. You could call her at any time you got rooms on away. Yes, let's talk about daisy, find our way made him cry tears of joy on today We let him in my guess, needs no introduction show. That's gonna air on Friday was next to breakfast locomotive. With the rumor report getting. I am tat for the Netflix show. My guess needs no introduction with David. Let him and it's gonna come on April. Six and J C is going through on that day. Now he talks about another. Could that's been released his crime?
When is mom confessed that she was in love with another woman check it out, for my mother is someone that she wasn't in hiding like protect their kids and didn't want to embarrass a kids and for all this time, and for her to sit in front of me and tell me I think I love so much. I mean I really cried out. That's a real story like I cried cuz. I was so happy for her that she was freaked. It happened a month ago when I was being made like she just told me. I was like I made the song the next day. That's dope beautiful thing you and it wasn't hears of happiness. He is my daisy, we David! Let him in this is when you learn your mother was gay, not new, but this is for us how we had to come at the end of the summer, heard, say: loved partner. She said like, I feel, like a shame if she held that little bit. Back still, she d say I love I'm in love. I feel like I love someone and arduous cry. We all believe
and crying cause you happy aren't, even though that is for her freedom, family, enabling crying, because you happy, however, to the joint bigger in many cases born no new cry. When you babies won't know, maybe a sociopath array, tyro banks, he hasn't Newberg eyes, clad perfect is boring and she wrote it with her Mamma. I ran her Mamma ten things. My crazy fears, Mama taught me about beauty, booty and being a bus or they cobalt it back and forth. She said she would be nowhere with Mama Carol in London's. Tell it like it is advice, so if you guys want to check out that book, if you're a big fan of Tyra Perfect, is boring. Alright, meek mill, what's going on with what the judge is saying, the reason why she's keeping him in jail, What does Jeannie's Brinkley has found document explaining why she rejected his motion to get a hearing and be
these from prison on bail. She said its deadlines makes requests. Boot Meeks request would have needed to be found a year after his original two thousand nine sentence became final, but of course it in file until twenty eighteen, because his team to know about the police, corruption scandal until just recently and that's, but the problem is so she's going really strictly by the books on this one's whiskers Pierre. She also says make has repeatedly admitted his guilt in court to the gun and drug charges that he originally face and there's nothing special about a situation. She said, post sentencing bail should only be granted in exceptional cases for compelling reasons. So, even if the cap was a dirty cop, it doesn't make this an exceptional case is basically what she saying now make males attorney has told DMZ. We have never seen such vindictiveness and disregard for the law at this level. Judge Brinkley will not be able.
Hide her conduct from the scrutiny of appellate courts, the justice system overall and the common sense and decency of the people of Pennsylvania and the? U S she ecosystem enjoy she'd, look a little laugh another. She don't take this all away. As far as you can go. Only thing we can do this point is his time did exercise rebook come out of airport, but I'm sure it's important to him into his lawyer. To really just expose what's been happening. Absolute, we went dead, corrupt police officer in having a guess what they don't do. Organ area, Babby Brown, the Babby boundary, is coming to BT and here's a Babby Brown had to say to all her path. Dotcom is gonna, stop pretty early
and then it's going to go into the times when I was put out a new edition and then it's going to go to the times. When do you know I was married to Whitney Houston? Then it's going to go to my life right now with my wife Alicia, you see me and Alicia me, and we will only friends but now to be in love with this woman and to be married to this. Woman is, as is something totally different. Any other relationship that I've had. I rise on the complaint to see in that move, Vienna. We are absolutely right, I'm Angela again, that is your room. A report alright, shall to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Now today is m o K, fifty, and because of that we will start to mix with some positivity all positive right it s. How we gonna start to make so it requested is to breakfast locomotive Do you know what it feels like to change a diaper while wearing one does your sweaty face twitch? When someone says you ve got the pregnancy glove, I it's Katy
fellow Mamma and host of Katie's grab a podcast where we have open and honest conversations about what is really like to be apparent. This season we ve got powerhouse gas like Amerika Pereira and Gabrielle Union, its real moms real talk, real tired season three from ears on Thursday night. First, listen to Katie's, Craventy Iheart, radioactive apple, podcast or wherever you get your pack here's, something good, is a new shell from the cynical women podcast network and I haven't radio each day we aspire to bring the Good NEWS. The silver lining, the glass half full, because there is good happening everywhere every day. We just need to look for and share you're. Something good is a short daily show that offers positive stories. Helpful suggestion and shared experiences to, inform and inspire you every day Listen to hear something good on the eye: heart, radio, apple, podcast or wherever It's your favorite chose subscribe now.
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