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D.L. Hughley talks R.Kelly, Reparations, and Bringing His Show To T.V.! Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Sits With The Breakfast Club And Talks Universal Basic Income, Benefitting From Tech, And His Presidential Campaign.  Charlamagne Gives Donkey Of The Day To Teacher For Making Her Student Wipe His Forehead On Ash Wednesday!

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona. So if you have a fever, dry, cough and shortness of breath call your health provider before going in more info, corona virus stock of. Let's all do our part because we're all tad alone together brought to you by the odd council? My name is Sir Pearl. Well, for the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back outside Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot, then rolled himself to the station were office's. Did everything they could to help him and then there's the true listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple podcast, wherever you get your party casts.
So we shall again like a mega yeah. Just took all we got no point. This press round about visually join a breakfast club say some visitors mining, you Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Happy Friday morning, ITALY, Mining Charlemagne. Reasonably now envious embryos, where's the unlike us, then I think he said now. I know he's at work. Listening to us right now you have got a jerk,
We can't your eyes the online and it makes us like we're all together, no matter where we are in the world. So he's chinese listening? What's up every eye, villain? Ok, great good! So I was. If Captain Marvel Movie, you saw a darker arose, I'm a model for it, buys at all times. You know have Wolverine tend to know my right off, though they don't know, I'm a true common look nerd thoroughly enjoyed Captain Marlborough. Captain model was Stella on a scale. Went to ten wanted to give us I'll give it a salad. Eight, While it is a good movie in- and it is, this is great connective tissue the end game was comes out April. Twenty six, but I guess I enjoy date night I enjoyed they may because you know I've got a big bag. Last night we were able to see. And Tito burritos into the movies here does buried. Oh my god bless that some readers
given its it'll burritos. Now, where is it only in Jersey? I have not always only I never heard of it, but I'm not gonna burrito called the MAC. Then I get without gymnast makes me break out man. You know miss me used about from gas were made. Their mag, daddy, was amazing. Levin debatable gather model is a good movie. I think people thoroughly enjoyed devoted a movie data, but you can actually order food and drink that you see up into one before, but I mean our own They re that now that feels like a real experience a bit earlier montoni No, they have great menu that went over here and yet, but anyway, the present my was in Detroit, and after that I was so spoil thou. As I know, I can go to the movies evacuate laid out on Madeira, the suit my food into the movie its aim and like having a chip, relationship, Layin mood data. Tito read out something you u thoroughly enjoy. That's it
I don't thoroughly enjoyed a voodoo data or no, I am Vienna, gonna know a disaster. I don't enjoy the finger food right now. Now I like for restaurants, that you go order from the former genuine anointed drinks and everything moves toward me. Captain mobile, indeed my damn, if you and accountable to feed I began both known trotted, jumping to do in order. A bottom up Nathan catch up to the game, ok, where the bottom of the name. When it comes to these in the last decade, a marvel of it I know less as well. We are about to do from pages and we do have some special guess joining us this morning: correct the ass My main, the EL was one of my favorite people. We wanted to people that thoroughly enjoy hearing from when it comes to any in everything and he has show debuting on tv when they talk talk about us, the about with us and I'm sure, you'll get in trouble today in some way shape now answer Yang. Is us are joining us this morning? He hasn't nano. Everything is running for president in twenty twenty, the democratic presidential candidates are used, the guy
what to do to universal universal wage for everyone universe basic income, any as a book burger as well. The war on normal people We hear a lot about feel. Like I'm fighting every day he comes from the world of TAT, so he has a lot of different types. The ideas the animals we have a chance of being. President Bush is very interesting press. I write an event. News coming up, what's up about how a man of forty with sentence yesterday and I'll tell you what you need to know about that right is all the more comin up. One word: Moldavia is modest, your breakfast club. What do I thought I'd like trying to convince us that he's pulling opened the beam and agree to support an open the demon own God? We believe you ok, you say It's here. We believe you gotta gods, they all God.
The one will do. What is your breakfast clubs all mean got ITALY. Nor do we have is an Irena right now you can't speak a cyclical airplane basketball, yarn bans, answer of everybody else is playing and you want to join a game. So bad you do a sit. There is screaming. Yeah from your seats are column of beach bastard and you can see nothing back me. You do that anyway, waffle colored negro, we ve had our yesterday every loves, waffle, color com, or they say you. I was you yes, I write front page news, you old man, a party with sentence yesterday now he was sentenced to forty seven months, which is almost forty. As for defrauding banks and the government and failing to pay taxes are millions, a thousand income that he earned from ukrainian political concern. Thank God have mercy. They act we are saying that he does have to pay restitution. That is going to rain some six million to almost twenty five million dollars, because we don't know how much money he will relinquish to the we'll government, when he asked the forfeit, that's any said that prayer and faith helped him through this time their prosecutors had asked for him to get somewhere.
Between nineteen and twenty five years in prison, but the judge felt like that was excessive because he lived in otherwise blameless life and he was a good friend in a generous person to others. He was convicted on aid. Crimes which range from tax fraud to failure to disclose bank accounts, but the most at that time was for his bank conviction and everything is running simultaneously. So obviously the longest centres is what matters most he's been in: solitary confinement for his own safety anyway, we spent nine months in jail, so he is going to get credit. For times are always over must have Willard for you yeah Jesus. That's a lot yachting government along time. If you want to go further in terms of people days at a time when they have set about them, they said people got more time for less than what he did He also has an express any type of regret. The judge then said I was surprised. I didn't hear you express regret for engaging in criminal kind, that I hope you will reflect on four years of all eyes of a bachelor boy along the way, and we must work to change voice.
And for the voyage listen like they say, people have gone to jail for more time. For less rang is true. I right now. Let's talk about University of Tennessee students in protest at its Hennessy basketball game that, after the school at a very weak response to some students in black face now and why is it- was an image and two of the four people too, of the early. Why boys and in school two of them were wearing a charcoal face mass and they catch him. Did we four way equality boys bad to get. This recall is now that I'm black, let's go hashtag black lives matter and regardless of black absent, only now miss, though let them when I want people really think that when I was in high school, I remember one of their kids at my school said. Only me and I got into the palace that he wanted to get into cause even get into. Wesleyan was because I was black. Why would we be bigger than road emerges as they being allowed? Even you would freeze. Every girl, you ve gotta, one wife, so
Kids were not expound. The student their school actually said what they would be hard pressed to expel students who appears to wear black face. They did talk about freedom of expression, even though they did I was wrong. There is definitely no type of action. They took no and at all. So now the schools in response to all of the protests have been happening on campus. They actually had a the town Hall meeting in two hundred people showed up for that so they're going to do training and buys insensitivity to different culture? Look here exactly at this point man, if you have to do racial insensitivity, training and twenty nineteen, twenty twenty, burn whole program down I, what do you mean? Buys and raises insensitivity train into done making through them. Twenty everybody should know better. Here is a good thing. Don't do black face level debate together old could have like they Edward off. I write well. That is your front page news. Now we got tell him what you may come and are able to eliminate get letters have given?
We just via a blast, tell us vice dressed years, running on one hundred forty five, one, five one. Whatever you have on your hard to swallow, whether you want express some angle, I whether you want express gratitude we here, for you, is the one with eyes out a sort of international women's day for less at LA they employ in women. In your allies that matter, I actually have my international women's day share today, president is yes says every woman is ice It is a marvellous geniuses they put out black last February norm like his removing they put out. Captain Marvel on women international was international women's day there you go it's the branches of, the breakfast club. A pounding down, you're gonna get it all began mail. You wanna breakfast gladly, but the essence of reckless club- and we are getting up- I test- is minded. Tell us by a man- tells viable S go mining. Is there a robot
a wave of violence arising away long island assured, I beg you third way. Revisions you would you needs. One is that I was gonna, get something off my chest net on guard. I don't have the cloud for liability characters, really We want a rap something ok area. This is your first element, geyser third wave yards away, but the wrong things. They come at the figure it out fixing such thing now, the symbolic it I'm sick of it now mine for on the broad guidelines for my guards on the payroll amounting never lose my passion on the key points badly. What then reopen, while I know? I'm on your mind, not to pick a joke. I've been on. Let us get on poles. I got some great gold. I don't wanna sign. I got a squad until you came in and the twelve years. Thousands something no route is unknown.
You like me on the island was gone from tracked him acoustic, who else corridor and while it, whilst gotta patented style, it I've been on my mind like us, get on pull that got some great gold. I don't want to sign. I got a squad under your summer. Came any subsequent years. Thousands something old rooted in a body like me on island was gone from tracked him acoustic, who else Coronel now what are you so I every white boy rapidly in jail. That is a dead then added at at at at at at at at at at it. But you can't they don't. Jago layer is just to flow in delivering these work brother here, maybe you gotta make away together. I would love to have a job. I appreciate you to a man they. Frankly I write it is I get it up. He had says whose death is warheads What college did me a while ago,
Solomon, I would go, get married you about you. Do you need a break wiping out the way you just report may you be why you like? I need a break from white guy. Why people Briggs a bat like if you want a slave movie? Are you see the honour killing of a black brown person. You know see any white do allow raised about it. Want a little bird from. Why be I totally agree. I told me very high you. Yes, I mean it. We are talking about here than all right. Whatever happened kill the elite that happen, but now a man. The narrow guy does not comment on the list about it. Ok, now we ve got a thing is a lotta. If there is a lot of misconceptions being we're not even misconceptions, there may actually lying on a mandarin lamented. When she was up here, said that he had some, a problematic behavior, but she never met him in person, but I guess he was planning to and then
Few people had her up in such a bad behaviour that he had I she you had enough evidence a people cover. I think I need to go to the authority because he use a platform for now hackers the guy was law, is: are you you're not banded, together using digital, baby? What are you a large black war? now. This main, that's all as he said, was she had some eggs, William over to fall. She taught summer of our, and they said he had bad spares is with him and then she said. She told him yell union Stop this predatory behaviour, she's I don't, u thou know what's going on, but you need to stop whatever it is. You do I don T like it. The boy. You got any idea what he gets back when the open a door by Baghdad in approaching our own assembly was it. She said your heart is when I heard you did some other people, so you need not that off
we need to go to the authority like giving a lie in the members by best Deborah, promptly approach. I would you I didn't like a headline as they demanded seals, lied on miserly and when its active role I issued a alive. She lives. There was here I made up my mind you through knowledge, knowledge. I re. We and get it off your chest and that's why you're mad tell us why you had the last call us at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one and get it off your chest, and you should call us Go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you what is the breakfast club and it is bad and we get it up. I test this morning we guy Kiki, underlie without Kiki. Did I do? How are you
we wanted a problem was what's the problem through the back door, but what it's all over again and again, the young lady the early morning actually measure will let them do it. No, I dont buttons, mostly good, though what a little bit about everyone gave its impact will come about Why would I guess you didn't, like you goin out of your way for some women? You don't know what you want your badly. Maybe you want to live every one thing. If you had the cigarettes already overdue what are your view and black cigarettes where stranger, but most vigorous, Yes, are you going to buy you a pack of cigarettes anyway, and so you D gave us a body of that.
What he was about to go by them. Maybe your wife wanted the woman. Have you wasn't grave want another drink about, since, as you think, I believe you know what I'm sorry I didn't mean to descend the negative attitude ass. All of your wise man, I gotta fight it. You can't tell it would be mad about. You just got to figure out what what made her mad and not do it again and key Now we got Chandler Underlie was empty. What's up get it up? You just handler No, I don't want your gun club. The attitude well, you need is more of a far off, so your boyfriend, the take you on a trip. Ok, the play watch line was why do have lacking on the play right now you gotta give me not a day before they had been there, then after Disney gonna like a low three border glues, so you can see how it is. As I were tied experience, some things I have experience had never been on a cruise. I never seen lacking and I never been Disneyworld appreciate that ensure that
Does that all? Would you make sure remarried aright Thank you, their the revise our regular. It says Brandon was gay. What is your name Brendan? They agree that while you absorb leave going to think about ah gay. How are you this morning Maybe you want to talk about this morning? You and again, are you happy? Are you mad and all you ve got your dad dad? No, no man is a precedent for you figure. For now we can use our job. Do it again. I don't love like that. I need, you argue weight on what I believe we will. As regards every. We have to make any love. You go out in a court of law. I could sell your grandfather
I write as though no less everybody originally was a movie where they change bodies. Remember, oh you're, a war that may or may not recruit run a load. Did you gotta give would have villona? Does that mean that, as does exactly what you gotta go now little Dickie college Allah inward do Chrysophora. I write that I get it up. It says. Thank you to everybody. Forget it up yet chess under his pride or as he's heard figure. They give rise of mercy, whatever type of energy but not a word anyway. Anyway, we room is on the way we gonna think about Jesse, Smollett and Chicago please department. Now they have learned their own internal investigation, who judges will look now. There's a car please department, because of him. Oh ok, let's talk about it, the one with data monies are breakfast club, the breakfast club, My name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story of my son Courtney. Your money was critical to dollar. Fifty is the biggest
my life, you with them a ladies man even which have anti in his grandmother, I'm just the robber Cornick Opel's referendum in twenty. Sixteen. He wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. Twenty nine, however boy demographic pressure or larger Photoshop and it's the story of my I search for the truth. This is somebody a coal production of the invisible institute. The interest that in time studios in association with tenderfoot tvs coming thirty, four! Wherever you get your pocket, this is some bodies. Try somebody deserve to know what happened you know what happened? The monk Listen to somebody on the eye heart radioactive apple pie, cast wherever you get your bike,
a morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we decided and join us. I wasn't late You decided to join us and allowed in here you agent, Let me give some things together when they got to get an ogre shadow buddy. I am out in Austin, Texas Tech week. So was all about tat. Last may all age BC use what together do a cold and stuff, so we had a little party for them, so shall to be small, more Sean, Lynch and me we were. They determine whether H Bc used to do so. A good site. I've gotta go Andrew Yang run for president in twenty twenty common in exile in many countries in the world today is huge and attack. Well all right. Get cities, rumours, assault, Lebron James so bad on the breakfast you read where another HBO documentary well, it's gonna be a too
our HBO Spores Documentary and the Brown James is one of the producers for that. What's my name, I Mohammed Ali Google presentable Mohammed Alima Vulcan. It would be by this. Our was made with the full participation of his estate and it's going I have never before seen photos encourage from families, private collection and positive door. Is passengers positive. I write so that's becoming a in may learn on WWW Leubronn. Wouldn't do anything like that. I'm alley anywhere and even though I thought that hearing which saluted that's that's great I'll, be one it's erected by ants, mindful quack anyway. I write by glee in the meantime has announced that she's gotta have it seasons who is coming as well, and that will be debuting in May may twenty. Fourth. For that Netflix theories up, he was the first see, then I'm sure your excited
but the second season as well. So you see the authority to indicate a we're. Gonna love really good would, but I will be told them for the sake of average watch it was they feminine Brooklyn, I'm from Brooklyn a lot of places I was on. The show is familiar to me so exciting and she's gotta have it with a classic spike Lee movie. So hopefully Jos, back this season livelier, thus are still showed that imported. I right now, Jessie Smollett. Let's get back to him, he feels like a lot of things have happened since it's hella, Jussie, Smollett's investigation has started well. Cops are now actually investigating their own department and that's because they were so many things that were leaking and they said now an internal investigation has been opened and they looking our vulnerabilities? It was all kinds of inaccurate information that was paid to the media and they want to know was putting all this false information out there, so another places Investigating and one for the monopolies need hand already forms of legal bases.
Who's calling to there was on a league there, but not all resignation it got to do a lot and I have to handle, but if a wreck as some people would, I believe, I think I write and in addition to that, there are gonna, be investigating dozens of hospital workers. Now, a lot of people, were fired, and that was in north western hospital alot of workers and nurses for an appropriately accessing Jesse Small, it's a medical records, that's where he was did after allegedly being attacked by two men back in January. They say they did gain access to. Medical charge. You know how to do that after he was accused of stating the attack. One of the nurse. It was fired said. The entire incident was a misunderstanding, as you did was glance, record while looking for another patient information, so she fired for viewing the actors charge is the feeling that termination and she sang other hospital workers, may have been the Gulf. That same reason, how do you maintain a level of professionalism when you're in that type of job because they go body? Celebrities come in these stories,
top with mine for everyone on the front page. Every pay very by talking to violent every platform in human beings is naturally know anything exactly national duty to ownership of it. Even when you go to the death penalty, a therapist is something that is supposed to be private patty and not to learn how to you. Does it give. Let me see: what's going on so my girlfriends girl, ASEAN is tired. He really got it. The USA was there as bared like they said in the news about people go to the doctors when they have problems with these good people who see a more talk about him in their proper reason girl. You know, I'm a guy does syphilis you better stabbing Athene his type while now according to the Chicago Police Department is, it is a lot more evidence that has not been shared, but the public. Yet so we, know what that is. Hopefully, everybody stats leaking identical, share from urban assumption white celebrity may, when the white celebrity must not act as a driving licence. Just I did yesterday.
Diversity of my celebrity dysfunction. Vega things they pay They wise, legible, really stuck on the island of Madeira as their biggest Halliday Saint blindly. Today they are just a picture on their website where, like people already come into town for Saint Patrick, stated their biggest highlight as why people Marty broadly white, celebrity really start. I cannot rosy approach, which does not even bigger university gay. I right now. It is our by his in tax to replace was met first suicides squad seek. Was you excited for that? No suicide suicide course DC move. Damn. That's the only reason why these common trash well, There you go in the Idris last night and a trailer for four percent is a fast and furious. For some of the rock and the boy was asking any misuse of the right to use and channels sat and looked pretty good, and it's pretty good outlooks Dogan I know now. Is We ve been over now. Would you like that of your movie, but that will be
open. It is outlined a bad guy. Why am I actually was that I re whether sequel to suicide glad is supposed to come out August. Sixteen twenty twenty one, So there you have it I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you miss. You know. We got front page news vex. When we talk about man, this story is really sick and so on. No by Amadou this story. Just because I feel like I want to put this post. They may have their because he's a disgusting person by this is awful involves. A farm taxes in Europe Alexander Perkins, and when you hear what he did you are going to want to bury him Rocha Vieira? internet next keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club luskin some front page news when we talk about how a man in Texas and say Antonia Caravan, Alexander Perkins, twenty six years old. He does confessed to rape,
a three year old female rallied value for a while. Now let me tell you how they found out the girls mother noticed discharge in the guide, all my goodness goodness he gave the baby to Stds and that's when they lost. Police investigation Committee and Gonorrhea Hog. To have a baby out three years old you to deport when they killed when they all when you, let all clearly all time, included everywhere revolt. You can see what this man looks. I drove on Alexander Perkins is his name, made during a paragraph tests to raping three you're all while he was high on Laura. While you are still alive why these two? he's in on one hundred thousand dollar bond on a felony charge of super. The sexual assaults of a child is convicted. He
faces a minimum of twenty five years in prison. Now did you women? They should kill me job. We only over just killed and like how this gusting, I you even deliver asthma, that guy's name tat his faith in any way as if you know me now discussing here. Thank you register. It is more than you would disgusted and use the share with our body of dust. We energy works. You get that off you, as I did Yesterday and I were you absolutely nasty, I write a teacher the predominantly mormon state of you tat. I was pleased that administrative leave that because now you're, all William Macleod had to return to school after attending Catholic Mass and he had the ash on his forehead and his for three teachers. With inappropriate and made him clean, with a hand wipe in front of his classmates started crying while now, firstly said he couldn't remove, because it's important is the beginning of Easter, but eventually he did remove it s crying at nine years old sellers, you, gentlemen, is inappropriate, and then I guess
predominantly Mormons Data was inappropriate to her to tell him that his name is Mona Pakistan's. He was called into a meeting with a principle in the school board and she did call and apologize he asked the noise was ass well ass. He then place administratively beyond. He explained that it was his religion if, beginning of sir, it is what I have to do. No made every movement in front of the whole entire class than she needed to give a religious discrimination fullness of Jesus Christ. Why you do that a young man only Jerry. The attack is proposing jail time for owners of allowed dogs serve. Your dog is very loud and clear answer her dive, careful envy Russia, but right now sat at a zero heavier. Yes. They're going to vote on this, but they said that, if you put your dog barked, the house or yelps for more than twenty minutes between seven seven hundred and ten p dot m. If I'm more than fifteen minutes between ten p dot m and seven a dot m, you could be subject to a fine of a thousand dollars Gee up to ninety days, are up to ninety days of community service. I urge you to do my bridge mouses and saddle broke
August. Vat River does, however, dogs balkan war in the whole neighborhood. Damn adwords, you be wondering why the donkey Balkan over and over, but I gotta, dug a centre of is a nice rich town. I got a lot of money on Saturday, so let's do it. I hate it. When dogs, bargain and people I met such a dog or whether you can just tell the dogs shut up, will you can just say, hey, shut up dog and vulgar just shut up. This ancient established from China Hub another does exactly match rode up with dogs duty. When I go, they got bigger devices that you can stop. You dolphin bark enough, they have called tranquil. Liveliness did Peter jump on. You now know damn tranquil as they have done They want a doll box who long I give him like a little. Aberration imaginative migration and we did at the humans indeed considered, evil in cruel, yellow, be sacked death, they go down and would be of no you wanna humans shut up. We just shocking, docile crew
It's a vibration at a shock of operation. Also, you said you would monitor vibration may well. You know what I hate watch we ve heard about the matter to have is due in no way Imagine tat bag. You right now, route for Universal might come into my brain here. He really steady blacking every is crazy era. Your front page news, my goodness, all right a week, big deal. You will be joining guy. This, albeit medium very entertaining, is a new late night showed about to launch in March. We'll talk about all that, so don't move is to breakfast locomotive. My name is Shapiro wealth. This is the story of my son Courtney. Nobody was critical to dollar. Fifty is the biggest.
My life, you were a ladies man even which have anti in his grandmother, I'm just the wrapper Cornick Opel's front in twenty sixteen. He wound up with the bullet in his back outside of Chicago police Station, twenty nine boy, guy granted federal government in its the story of my I search for the truth. This is somebody a co production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and tat. Ec Studios in association with tenderfoot Phoebe, coming Thirty, four, wherever you get your pocket, this is some bodies. Try somebody deserve to know what happened you know what happens among Listen to somebody on the Iheart radio, Apple podcast, wherever you get your podcast
the world both dangerous warnings, Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the bread for his club. He got his pursue gas into building, just celebrated brought any other barriers. In one of my report, I hear any in everything from a young lady has this sum is going on. I'm like I didn't. We could, then are you a common understanding now that I can't wait to has for us to sit down you. What do you think was the biggest, and this is my Michael call on them to Nigeria and do their bit of Jesse's bullet or because the biggest degage could my going given that my bookmarks idea, euthanize only gave a by law, although no, no, he will ask me to any anybody suitcases weight you know that rarely ways ring Fouquet wheels. Somebody's going to jail is made it our black. You don't have no problem with knitting along the present leave. We would all like yeah here, but I am just like. Listen to that, you can do,
damned. If I let you in board it, then they told fires, then, I didn't expect anything else there. Let me tell you what happened again, travel and have you me that I'm a real economic, homophobic, those being managed over that would ruin their lives and you know what it is. It is such a cachet and being a victim like you can't tell me that you heard that store and then go the forthcoming danger level, I don't believe it scared whom I saw some day in wage and lifting visa. Vaunted railways is grass right air moving down. Today. They made me there. Where was when he said he was gave through bag. Why are you and I saw a leg bragging about some uniting all would have to do to do they. We gotta go too far away, but let's get our news obliges get drunk. I remember there when I like the whole fighting the principles we. Why do
Did you see him too evident? Do that's what they look like a buckle at the jailer? Did they I'm like out and if you fight do like, I said you know what would you call me some day the work during the coming back, the work they make they all who would just once gradual nobody wanted to believe them on my lie about anti, like I know, I felt like there's no way, who would just make something like tat up for white cloud chosen yourself. If you all fight to be would aim should be to Madeira another matter when the tap. You know why Thirdly, we need them of a man, don't buy their legal rights remains, as he's got a job. I think that he should make restitution. Do you do there by us to say they do, but it can be wider became cocaine, something opiates do it
we'll be regarded the Odessa, smartly and then make restitution, but I think whatever whatever you get, four four line to the police station is guilty of data, be hoping to get wet. Now, I think infamy better today, we absolutely have now, must then he'll be on a thick com or a drama, but infamy works is good, is vain what do you think about all Kelly has been in the news last guy did up it is. It is obvious that he's a terrible, but this is a more about our society that it took a lifetime movie. First, like the charge, that is facing often ninety eight, ninety nine one. You took down three, so it didn't become horrible till you had a documentary about it, and people get mad at me. For thing is, if you mad at our Kelly, you got it. Michael Day, and it says a lot about society that lead all gone and they will never our committee. We get our. I don't care what you say about you. Those two men was fairly what do you believe they did it? I didn't they both babysit baby, oh baby,
I'll, listen to your music, but I'm not drop my kids off at your daycare center. That ain't going to happen, and then people go. How could you listen to our Kelly and Michael Jackson Song after all the horrible things they did? the same thing as I have never wrote, without the little boy who doesn't believe about Big Michael, was a widow, but Did you tell them low boy, because if he was staggeringly thing now, if you you would hate to think what ever happened? If he wasn't just astounded everywhere, we would never turned a deaf. I to him. Walker
ear, Debbie and one that we saw him walk and thereby the one week ago, you're not gonNA, butternut goin everyone's. We, I understand the vertical remedy about you when you, what are you doing? What we would have absent that much vain people would make these countries use when you get in trouble the first time? How did you first witnesses? Seven year old boy like out? our children definitively ministry them more kids come up is a thing not all. I can say what happened. Serial killers, argue everybody have you been here, then? What you did they? Don't you? Let me go home if, as I have already said it everything a yard, those guys say was true itself with essential point. You'd, like
I don't think that above can turn it on and I'll be easily, but but but here's the thing bar kill him, Michael Jackson, with the same kind of person in that they both get in trouble. For that thing could stop doing. There is a reason, time after time, at the time, the thought that you find yourself in those same services and is also something else when you are separate from, family, like his family, being diverted studies bandwidth. They know that they will never when you angle come so dazzling. That you been acutely wiki, maybe recently that today the fictional his gang him. I don't know what happened, but I think it says a lot about our society at the thing that offenders is always there and we waited too with the on the wicked. Do another, is the killer. Mockingbird isn't why, given that we are not, I want diversity in my dysfunctional, in every way out right day and grave. He got a laudable
we can dig up to eat it in the problem is at the same time, the grand jury was looking at our Kelly's. There was a cardinal mccarrick is the highest ranking american cardinal. He was defrocked for molesting children over deck. How come he ain't? You like you, want do. City. The lesser buys raised from the time is thirteenth time used when it. Maybe I presume you had twenty eight you got boyfriend like best government has, I think everybody who does anything to harm children, the Gaza. This status should go to jail audible. My daughters are grown seriously. We may will like will come to New York, aware on the road to give him a common which led to the same bathe, and we oppose the pigeon uses. People gonna say because they are a bunch of people in America across the world. There have not been tells the right way or have been tester, always thought vaccine is pointed it, but they said like I was one out of every six mail has been sexually molest one out anyone else if they think that low, because who,
Would you take until we are doing is wrong the menu that wasn't you saying that what you were the euro was a sweet woman indulging put your mom will allay their getting at you. You don't you loved your women. I want these. Are you? Are you? Are you like it, but it is the jury girl. Why? Wouldn't I like you- and I was night- I don't see. That is something that is home Well, you ask them and you get it grow, wait a minute I getting want to keep doing it after, though I like it a problem about why the merited Bradley way you think we might be Jamak either. No, no it down our major dubbed the ogre. That's when we have to say we have to realise our gradual awhile. What my mother, he came to pick me up if, as you and my mother would lose all your basically mother saved you and all of my other, like all and when I walk round like thank you Jesus, you, like Stockholm Syndrome, kind of this matter,
you have never go free meal. There will have to meet you, but why you like you had to go because joining the idea with regulating the Montego Bay. I knew that, like USAID, when your mom's aim to give us time to her but Like then have this. There were nine miles an hour when Mary, where you and their fill the one you have you have. There is not related to the golden hair, pepper dinner. Maybe go to sleep. You we're worker, waited on the mountain. We got all the only when we come back. Don't move is to breakfast global mornings morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club deal hugely. Is here show me now deal very crucial smoke. He isn't that, in my experience where I grew up, I was the first one. Last one picked for game. First, one pig.
Right right, so you there are certain things. I know that, if you did to me, I had divided lose my problem with him. Wasn't what he did was without a did. You not can be my asian and tell you knock on doing green glandular array must have murmured tv show you get. This is better at chased him the due to present a studio ass. They do not been reduced to being chased him office. It is don't like, if you can't do to make my father taught me that so you telling me that the only way I can be a main is this is the way he said to do it. You can't touch today. Is an invoice inessa go happy through NATO by agendas. One person is about prison in the idea that you think is taxed to fight for yourself FR. I, in the end that moment it was shocking to him because he was an expecting something like that to happen. It was the environment that he was a man as though that's how he reacted, because I think sometimes a winner-
this is really what we want their locally. But until it happens, you don't know what my reaction shock and boy. Somebody grab me some eleven where he why the main idea about anyway you, but it was a different somebody do any data? Grandma boy affinity, Jean Claude, ran back killed. This were men. Do some time a more economic lobbies method at brow, good job right! Do it went about one aim of data that amateur wasn't like by way of a global landed? Ordinary look! Well now that enlargement, That was me, as somebody would have been able to make any instead was I waited your actual freely with tobacco, my good job. For me,
but I was like damn. He was just trying to cut anybody violate your person in a way that makes you uncomfortable that to you that that that's the definition of a Thot. My problem with this whole idea is when I was a little boy, this man down the street, he was drunk pulled a gun on me, I'm thirty, four for my father's going down the street to deal with this I'm honest leave, please don't touch him. Please you didn't. Do anything beg him up. I do gotta go right up by the took a pistol demand bill. What them Is it never does want to mining? If I saw that you can't do that to me, in an hour, and I regret the fact that you can the men away. He says you can be a man, and you know gravy fuel I will give my woman the way he would wonder woman. I feel that my will know what had jumped them instead of the five in bright but amateur you went near than had ever meet. If my way is the hard to get a sale
the next day, I'm a month and then, when I really was it is how come from those same people that are all up in arms, about him being grope, don't get justice may when I do this, I guess shot the only if the if he was part- front of the house in saying people all meet, you will write on him if he was partly for the house and dark, they call the police on the starboard. This is despite big book about how you can toxic vaseline again, you can all be a man is when he's expressionism met you not a mere by committee made a single active blackmail. They have all these committees telling you what it is to be a man, I had a man to me how to be a man of rather be wrong with him. Then right with you can admit, though, at my age right now would have a blueprint I had of being a man I have totally ribbed could have served me no purpose, just point Mullay, but actually and but you had a different language when he got man Alex whereby sloppy what it took the same energy. We now have this conversation
we're gonNA. Let me read to me: you wouldn't let you do that nice, but doing like this is what you can do to me. Have you in there respond. As I know you want him to be. I shall, of course I do because I dont have people on their side, and I don't have to have these arguments into it. I got that it was weird they interview with a year. Oh, and then you get into some heap. You'd have been some broad now. Imagine that cover the like you and I had seen him at used or a two or three weeks after the interviewer winners, because We all know what happened way, though, a real to me. I'm not listen! I'm asking you to have an opinion, the people on the island. My data when it comes to just you know who you are the man could, after, like you, don't have to be an individual if a decision based on your own principles class. I am recently have gotten troubled with these there's something like you have a same sex family, a mouse. Let me think of a third group
I did say that I think that his his idea was in all is vocabulary? Was you not you'll, never see me, don't apologize or taken it up to the ombudsman of what I see a mattress buffer winter like like women when I defended, given our they get mad you're my trends in the women s, rights equally na defend their right to view your issues me, I'm lazy. I, like my woman, fully assembled look about, but people pay than at the opinions of the various up there. You can tell me no by the Burma Joe for prospective now, I want to get back to me if they I give you haven't dogs. We cannot allow their oculina beauty. We now cracked up come on sensitive man limited not only do people want to tell you how to act was as appropriate. They once did. You have a thing. And you know it, and then you can't be afraid of the vague. Will you not a jury, but you can't not expect people to get upset only there.
Big. What do you think? I'm a Wednesday evolving more unequal go back. I felt it was there because I know both it and analyse the imo. Thieves abear rabbit he's a good kid. He dreaded something about was cool and I know she's in a different place, but the bottom line I didn't think he tried the embarrassing. I didn't. I think that you can make a mistake like when they pulled up the meme of him talking about he do for money. I was a twenty year old job and they re connected with the right man and bright, and I was there was this. There was just insulting it's like would go back in time. Take things out of context. He was telling a joke that was on the best that many, the most probable, that many everyday everybody laughed at that right and we want everybody and all the sun. Twenty years later, you take out of context, needs bail out
come on. I was there was about the butler. We got more, what the hell you only when we come back, don't move to breakfast club tomorrow morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club deal hugely is here. You know how I feel about you. Is there something to say I agree with some things I don't agree with by is, as is women's human rights, but I still like you the person right and even though I my relay right now, I'm a big idea is ridiculous. I always thought at you, you thought is ridiculous, but but it comes from my wheels rate. As my wife is man all like I'm telling every day she meant hurry. My dad was a man about something and I go go home crying to parliament. Thank you. Thank you live where you live, go the way. You think, that's. What are they able to convince you change your mind since I know you're the island.
See whether a person is very sad in your ways. You're and like you said, you say what you say: you don't apologize, but can you ever say so you know I look at this differently. I was wrong shoe and when it have reserved Are you an airbag about me, but I'm sure did you used to give due to Mama Medellin me put a log. Is I don't know how to talk right now? my wife now like I'm here, my mom all over. She was alone, but you know that Above all, we like like women when I defend the cabinets again met you're my trends in a woman s ridiculous now defend their right to be your issues me, I'm lazy, like my woman, fully assembled look
We have a low, my wife, she's, a swedish woman rose. You go to church. Would it I'm telling you? What are we not? We need a Europe respect of which a man like I love my daughter's methodically get married. You do. Is your page, your Mama's, that's gonna, pay for error, my boy, the Vienna Route but not taken a clear view of what the hell. You know, your private actors, the weight that your white gives you to make your own you I now does arid anyway. There does. Part of? What I did. I was support right. The playing can fly and added weight lived Andrei. It needs all those elements to fly, but its deal wouldn't be a play without the plane. Thank all over getting? The EU may be a loose cannon. I would, as your way now by the you. I would have several curable thanks,
I don't want. My wife denoted watching your parliament is playing. My wife is the pilot. That is not a jumble where we go where we leave what color, but you you can't leslie out. Nobody can muster a love. My son is muslins. The best human beings have ever me what you're, not gonna, tell you to do because you're slow anyway, here anyway, a May. I believe your little boy would now he had appointed down got a good are without a minimal make this table leave me alone. The respective merry laugh about you with a valuable, is valuable, but not more than ten people are right there, but you would you say you have to have this perspective
we appeal to you to be de L. You re ukrainian riding. That's him! I can be a and her person. My boy, you wrote a book but because the community rights I would like to place, unlike worm, beg enormities. I haven't like beef labelling, but now, like me, put me in time. Will you really want when I, when I talk about a slowdown, and you got to say that there are no one here do not allow like what is or is only you all by yourself. All the time is some goes wrong and the first one is one of the outcomes. Today table. I owe the IRA's remained out seeding, go, let me get a job and we even have felt about. If you talk to him, he's gonna be all right, then there was one of our new tv moi gladly within two years
Above all, we need to have the dna or lay allowing or then all we did was thought modulating. The really the basis for this, but I want to do, is with you all. I think you, careless convention, I think you human and, I think, you're right. I think this is a rare combination. Less laughing together successfully a mature, the same thing: I've only been viewing it not as now we ve thought about another presidential candidates them and also to a Bertie that'll, very, like all digital in your lie, where you have been able to do in the UK. Look like me warehouse managing herbs and tell me that only the great ideas and you almost use one of you done it murder. Who do you like? A fire, like camel alike, I didn't like her silence, rose up that the same people to joke, as MRS Kuhn
I've got no idea, brilliant, I'm it anyway ogre in California. There was the promises, it tight, everything to travel, so my labour, which specifically wasn't wealthy. So they took aware buses. They took away after school programmes so waiting. So we had to walk seven miles from my neighbourhood gardener who other neighbours. So if you walk into school all against it and goes go, you would do with would know so they they went to school in anyway. Everyday you that, as with though you ve got tired of you, stubbornness go felt they were ever cause and effect. So why would you punish me for somebody taken those resources? If you looked directly would have the California positive thirteen in this bike and crime and drugs was because they took those research unit. You know after school programme no job programme, though buses no summer programme, no you're, absolutely right when you think about it, turns programs. You know like nobody up. It was a scare tactic to like it here:
they come and go and come like my prayers, the wife here from version of gay people, even if you think you can scare somebody entertaining this happens there, just room you can punish poor people for being or and we are doing by reparations the dollar conversation about Rep reverie, I think absolutely is let me, let me ask you something: you view pay reparations to. Germany does right. Why is that of a foreign concept if we gave us a fair shot, which is a fair education which we get just as good as everybody else that to make these some kind of repertoire reparations to what you can't just saying? Oh, I do think it is. Mason owes the descendants of the people they brutalize an effect. They offered us forty, eight of them you, and even that was about no- I don't think it is worth somebody use that as an egg. That's all you need is an ad says it's. You must have a black people the lobby long really, they really think They all really you every now.
Andrew Yang, the twenty twenty presidential candidate, he wants to give everybody a thousand dollars a universal basic income. Every person gets that a thousand dollars is dealt with by the working or not, or whatever you two thousand dollars: thou government that everybody why people to use? Eighth, everybody, everybody only by no either everybody will now well. Let that did not think I wasn't gonna real love through every Sunday, a guy like you see they businesses. Nobody can deny that I made answer they do that in Alaska, but that that no one I worked in Alaska know they were dividends off the oil right. That's doing but even though there are, these young men were mainly through dumping taxes like Amazon, you want it's, it's impulses of goods or services in the agreement at the Amazon like Amazon is one of those companies comes in. They take more than eight people like you pay them. The basically
move and then they don't be any taxes at all night daylight way: more wars it. If it was a double, I won't, you will follow for years with no wonder you ve gotta, be no federal, gum, medical great, I think you know me or the duchy like leg. What was it one of them money. If you excuse me, I'm gonna, get my region about your life. Is the breakfast global border right morning? Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall amend a guy. We oughta breakfast club good morning happening that mining and happy international women's day. Yet again just happy international day. Yes, no less gets it almost talk all Kelly. Really? This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club were applied view of our Kelly's interview with Gale King air? To yesterday s
did learn by their. I Kelly does not have that much money left, despite having written all those hits in bed, the road and all these performances, here's what he said Kelly's. What really caused him is the people who had access to a bank account something he found out a bank teller at like three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in the bank about all her look. Take that There are no go in there. This wait! It's why so she's? Ok, don't take sixty seven business days to clear, though that makes us How does it doesn't make sense check One account put him into another, can immediately. If that's your money, our cohesion have three hundred some million dollars in the main man? Three under some thousand islands What is even though it is money I write, dish and he doesn't like to haul DR evil. Some of the things that he says are untrue, like his ex wife, J O Kelly says that he hog tied her. Well, he responded to those allegations. Why are you making that are certainly some
I found it said it. Tat her the whole debate what we must do. This is all in those days they boats Well, this is a lie, kind of woman would tell dad who's trying to have a relationship with it. You know how many tears NATO relations with thy father. What is, should we leave we're gonna? Romeo appeal and other people, kid listen man! I listen to this hard time clip about seventy two times yesterday? What is a hard to? How do you all he doesn't want to clip pointed out? One party get that part is so damn funny. I need I'll kill. You do a compilation of stopping a bug, none, but all day Where are you making that over the summer, my phone initiated a hall tat her? although the whole debate,
Well, what do you imagine that imagine all zones eager remit would hold tight. I believe I can hold Now it I step by step and a name, a whole dies. Drab may hold your idea Kelly designate jokes about that. When a woman, red and all that biogas said that these mighty down the aisle Kelly's having I just another act, anyone I'll do it now, That's your reading! Lifelike estates holder. She does we, like aside that he learns a very important lesson and by the way, because there's gonna be a one hour prior time. Special showing even more of this interview tonight bring out of that would be calm. As eight p m. Listen, I know, murders, listen is high not the laugh at ispra. Ogier businesses is alarming. Aright,
Nobody gets hurt me not all, but what does Paul? What do you like when they rose repaired and they tied up and they tie the hands of thy yeah? Well you're, not just been a bit less learn the jug Roca. There we go have one home right now. Let's talk about Azure Clary who lives, I Kelly's tell you know as your colleague Azure Clary and jointly savage with. Doing any views as well, where I Kelly watching from the background for minded door. They said he tells us that any of you a couple of times, but he didn't end up really stopping it, but I guess things got very touchy, wow, etc. Their according to as we owe Clary her parents, which kind of black our Kelly. Here's what she saying when I was seventeen. My parents were actually making me trying to get me to take photos with him taking sexual videos with him, and they said because if they ever have the blackmail him what they're trying to do now, they can use it against him which is exactly what they're doing. Both parents are basically out here than trying to give money in scale maskers now
as well Clary. She says in her parents actually forced her to do certain things. His with she said I parents may say like a job for me and is not something I wanted to do not only I even tried to kill myself because I do not want to say as a cry out for help to tell them. This is not what I want to do with my life. This is not how I went. Spend my life. You may your father told me that he would try to take your life and that the only thing that made you happy was singing now and that's why you gamble? The pointed his enemy he's not on trial for anything that has to do with these young Ladys now being charged with anything with, as we can Jason and savage item. Eight, every navigating irrelevant, embedded being old woman about and for his characters aim is a good guy and basically saying that everybody else's allegations that not true, like already saved in the imo, understand appointed as interview, especially after you did to survive, and our colleague that you got him routine ten count he's going to prison
why try to humanize him in any way by known as the maybe they China show both sides. I don't know, I don't know I. Why do you need to see, but I do know that I Kelly's can't now also is reaching out to build caused. These publicist can help you stupid stupid they actually reaching out to cause. Spokesman, Andrew. Why it now he said there are still in discussions about joining as legal team as a crisis manager by why a desk represent bill. Cosby. Do you bill copies in Britain. They know vocabulary therein. Yeah- he might I don t- know Bill God. Be reputation, was ruined anyhow and its attitude when they to forgot about all that shut up, my need than India, never known a good ol gotta come in handy in Britain, I might imagine a year. That's your aroma report derived you miss ye. Shall we When I talk to me looking view amalgam inaugurated, oh yes,
this is a case of religious prejudice that we need to discuss for after our wine that always a good day for religious prejudice, Joker we'll get internet next, keep it lacked the breakfast club the bread was glad your mornings will never be the same as the J envy. The stairs on galaxy as ten is making it after ten years at a galaxy. This is definitely the best one. Yet the galaxy
said, is available now and you can get up to three on it. I was when you trading you all foreign Samsung that could be done by now. You often written answers it's time for talking. Is you don't leave? I have become donkey of the day. The breadth of club, it's doing down here today for Friday Margie go to a teaching me Mona. Patterson. Now see the teacher at Valley View Elementary and bountiful Utah, a great name for any place, bountiful large and quantity abundant. I like it as about the only thing I like about this story because I designs Dale, I don't love to psychologically ruined children. Do you understand when you see a bunch? A no good kid is probably a bunch, a no good adult them made him that way. We can either fail. These kids cups are empty them in Mona Patterson, snatched, his little kids and dumped is red Kool aid all over the top of his head now, William Mick
The eye is nine years old. He lives in Utah, new are predominantly mormon state. Well, William, in his family are not Mormon and they have the right Can that be mormon because of this thing, called freedom of religion or case in the constitution is called the establishment clause. Congress shall make no law respecting in Aceh. Freedom of religion are prohibiting the free exercise We all have freedom of religion, but just like most things in the constitution is not honoured. The constitution, the most disrespect of legislation in America and it my gears when I don't see simple basic constitutional, being honoured and Williams right to freedom of religion was not honoured because, William nine years old I just return to school after catholic bath. And since this week was Ash Wednesday he had to cross on his forehead. Well, when he got the school, this happens. Let's go too far, SALT Lake City. For the report police volume, the cloud was the only stood in his class with an ash cross on his forehead ash. Wednesday is the start of the Easter season, celebrate getting closer to God,
the cross didn't steal whims forehead. Very long. Ned teacher walked over and said like what designers, egg, its ash Wednesday in uncovers, were soon. As I know, it's an appropriate go. Take it off, so she gave me a dream Why were the golden she may be wiped off the schools principle, cobwebs grandmother ass, soon ass, she warned of the incident. The teacher also call- and I asked her if she read the constitution of the first amendment. She said no and oh, that Avis, what success? What happened is not acceptable later in the day we received this candy and a hundred message from his teacher said William Society we can do things from here now the teacher could face some disciplinary action. No she should soon as she asked was dead and he said is: like. It was a religion. Magadan business right is hot enough. As an adult to protect was in our heads, biomass every every week, right now, literally this morning, I'm read my daily stoic entered
There is, though, a don't unintentionally handover freedom. Every day we handle our mind the social mediated tv to what other people are doing. Think insane. We gotta protect our mind. We must maintain control although our minds and perceptions doing that as an adult, ok is hard, so imagine when your nine just trying to figure this life live thing out of the child. That's why I don't. I hate probably guide kid. We have to be the adult that we needed as Chile So if we as a doubt, understand that we can't just I didn t generally handle warm into freedom, why would you as an adult, Mona, Patterson intentionally snatch awaited this young man, William Meekly he's all right. Family have been instilling catholic buys in him. His whole life- he just came from math is Paulo boiling nine years old, probably haven't even send yet so is cross on his voice. Didn't represent a presence grief and a morning for since it represented that he belonged to Jesus
I write, a young man with a mental spiritual hide you ruin for no other reason than your religious prejudice. It amazes me when I say really: people waiting on other religious people. You can, whether you a moment a Catholic. You I bibles and by way of the chapter- God Matthewson One and is simply says, judge not that he be not judge is not rocket science. Our you need to start worrying about what boy got in his head. In and stop worrying about. What's on your heart, okay, because prejudice is wrong. I'm right in the Bible says in Colossians three hundred and twenty five. Anyone who does wrong will be repaid for their wrongs and there is no favoritism. You need to make this right Moana eating. Candy not going to work right. You may need to go to mass and get a cross on your forehead to represent your grief and mourning for your sins, because if you don't it's a great chance, God may give you a full length and send all your present his fanfold,
please give Mona Paraffin sweet, Sound Hamilton. You gave me a You right not have been a tattoo come off. You know we got Andrew Yang Common in next man he's coming back twenty twenty democratic president, and I'm really happy that he's coming I am also disappointed with today's freaky freaky Friday and you know it. Not gonna get frequent Andrew Yang. I have we not generate, I wouldn't rate for you Friday course. It would have been a day. What what have you ever been halter? You know What made you shoulda me beg you Charlemagne when a donkey of the day. Yet when we come back, Andrew Yang will be joining us. Presidential candidates will chop it up when it will we come back, don't move is to breakfast club the morning,
breakfast Club. Your mornings will never be the same as the J Envy, the stairs on Galaxy as ten is making headlines after ten years at a galaxy. This is definitely the best one. Yet the galaxy as ten is available, and you could get up to three hundred hours when you trading you're all foreigners, Samson darker breakfast back. But the world both dangerous warnings everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club. We have a special gift in a building. Yes, twenty twenty presidents repented it s right, Andrew Yang, welcome, sir. They'll be here. Thank you. So much rather me who is Andrew Yank for people who don't know all our or what do I mean to start I'm an entrepreneur whose I spent the last six and a half years running an organization? I started called venture for America that help create several thousand jobs in Detroit Leland Baltimore Saint Luke,
as Birmingham in other cities around the country, and I realise that the reason why Donald Trump won the election there, a lot of reasons there bunch of em, but one big ones- that we automated away. Four million manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri. I owe all the swing states needed to win and my in Silicon Valley and I've got a lot of them. Know that what we to the manufacturing workers were are going to do to the retail workers, the call workers, the fast food worker, the truck drivers and on and on through the economy? So I went to motion was ok what I'm gonna do by the fact that, when the third meeting of the greatest economic and technological transformation in the history of the country- answers. I got were really disappointing to horrified and I work the Obama administration. I was a presidential or they called the Good White House and so The people are talking. You were Democrats and
for whatever reason, no one wanted to actually rise to this particular challenge, and so I'm running for president to help us evolve in advance to the next stage of our economy was allotted thing that you said just now number one with the black when you get caught, Obama was running it, but got a war or normal people throughout Europe. Yeah I just about automation and a resulting in the elimination of human job, of the latter people's fears. Will you see that very scary? Oh, it is not just coming. It's already been happening, and if you look at the numbers we law, four million manufacturing jobs to automation or the number of years, and if you go to Detroit or Cleveland Saint Louis, you see the aftermath. And I started economics in college, and so, according to economic theory, all those workers would get retrain. Re skill, I knew jobs and all would be well, but then, when you
go to the communities. You see that about half of them left of work. For that never worked again and of that group about half hour for disability, then you saw a massive surge and alcohol use and drug we're those suppression, suicides and oppression, and so there's a lot of spare allow a lot of suffering and it's going unaddressed around the country and unfortunately, it's just gonna ramp up, so it with one of the things I'm trying to tell people like look this no longer speculative isn't not like? Oh, we should keep our eye on this this and ripping a hole in our communities in our society. For years now, and it's about to pick up, So why are transported worried about Mexicans and his reward, but the robots taken jobs? That's my exact point man, it is. Immigrants, immigrants have nothing to do with the economic distress many Americans are feeling is the fact that technology is advancing to a point where our labour is less and less central. To become familiar wall around Silicon Valley. So here what do we do about that? One? What are we doing away with the solution, so this loose
I'm proposing anyone whose heard about my campaign knows this, I'm proposing that we declare a dividend of a thousand dollars a month for every american adults during at age, ass, the universe, a bigger income. Yes, I suppose reversal basic income, which I rebranded the freedom dividend, because a test better with more Americans with the word freedom in it and so well at the end of the lot of a lot of us have never chiefs true liberation in his country now drew on is. The truth is one reason why Martin Luther King Champion this plan and principal died, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven the year before he was assassinated. I called it a guaranteed minimum income. Thomas pain was worded the founding of the country. It is a very american idea, so it seems far out to us. That hey? We should just have a dividend where, among its a thousand bucks a month, but we ve been talking about this for decades, Any came this close to being law, one thousand nine hundred and seventy one and actually passed the house of Representatives twice under Richard Nixon, a Milton Friedman, a thousand economist time to study sing. This would be great for America.
In one state has had a dividend for thirty seven years where everyone about state gets between one and two thousand dollars a year. No questions ass. If they did it, that's Alaska Yeah you go to Alaska right now. You live there for a year and everyone in your family gets between one and two thousand dollars a year from the petroleum dividend. Do is past thirty seven years ago by a republican governor in Alaska, deep red states, this republican governor shows up nine and eighty two and he's. I paid a lot of oil money who would you rather get it? The government who just gonna screw it up or you the alaskan people and then the Alaskan set us, please music. I thought you'd say that until they pass passes dividend and now it's wildly popular has created, thousands of jobs is improve children's health. Eyes, decreased decrease income inequality and what I'm going around the country saying is look what Alaska doing with oil money we can do for the entire country with technology. Their passing with money. Coming from so you said technology would yet so right now, and you guys do that headlines, Amazon paid
in taxes last year, despite laggard profits, Netflix paid zero intact with last year, dissuade record profits and is not their fault, adjust our system, really poorly designed to have the american public benefit from new innovations and advances in technology and that's the trap where Was it a motion, but vote was a mighty, would narrow legislative death wisdom state that we may differ not weaken unable in Gaza and I got one mistake you may how? What I've been going around saying that they look, Donald Trump is a bad present. The bad president notes it's not like all bananas are Donald Trump. As an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs Villa Donald Trump gives us all a bad name and he's more marketing charlatan. Then he is real. Builder, someone who elevates people and and build strong teams in organizations. So it's up to the american people side, what kind of background they want, but I would suggest that
american people have been casting about for some kind of change it for years, because we ve sense that our government is falling way behind the current I've had on its underlying my by any with different, so Donald Trump wins on that. But then you see Bernie Sanders achieve outsize success last time, because again people see that we need to make big changes and even more Obama's election in two thousand eight, when I voted warm twice like you can see the american people have in Hungary for some sort of accelerant too. Catch up and modernize. Our government has, we know Washington DC stuck decades in the past. What what is it- universal basic income, plain. How much do you want to give people a thousand men? every american adult gets a thousand dollars a month during at age, eighteen and I'll would be a game changer for tens of millions of american families, because we know seventy percent of Americans living paycheck to a paycheck. Fifty seven percent can afford unexpected five hundred
I built and when I am told people's look. We have the money, like our economies, of the twenty trillion dollars up five trillion in the last twelve years alone, where the richest most advanced economy in the history of the world. We can easily afford a thousand dollars a month dimly around now the mud tat die. Sixty four, it is until you die, but if you have some security than overlaps, you don't get both. I right now about universal health care. Do you believe that, along with this universal basic income wish it all universal health care, o yonder, aunt em for a single paramedic care for all. It makes no sense to have Americans writ more stressed out paying for care that we are getting well if we get sick or injure kids, yet sicker injured its backwards, its immoral and tell you there's another thing where people like waiting at the money where you need the money we spend. Eighteen percent of GDP on our healthcare twice as much as other countries to worse results, we have any money the money, is not on the public bottom line yet, but it should be
I ve been a sea of business out. I tell people very honestly, like our health care system makes it harder to hire people. It makes it harder to treat people like full time employees, because you want to turn and contractors and say hey. You know that I will add up. It makes it harder to start a business, makes a hearted change jobs, it's actually a giant impediment on our economic dynamism, growth, so so I'm for universal era and the future multiple agony, freelancers. Just because companies I tynnichus higher contractors, they don't have to pay for health care yeah. Ninety four percent of the new jobs created in this country to do that in five have been temporary gig contract. They dont have health care about Cabin Andrew Yang. When we come back, don't move to the breakfast welcome on why everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club we have Andrew Yang into building, of course, he's running for president for twenty twenty listen, we decide attacks Amazon. Doesn't Amazon close up go to a country someplace where they get huge tax breaks and n? We lose all jobs. Again.
Again. Every other advanced economy already has a value added tax and Europe's values taxes twice when I'm proposing so wedding, like we are. The number one consumer market is how they going to stop selling hear. The other thing is that, as president, I would make all of the tax incentives provided by cities and states for companies to move one hundred percent taxable. I would get rid of that stuff because it makes no sense to have cities and states fighting to give tax breaks. The amazons the world where it from the national point of view, we don't care what city or state their aunt and Amazon should be making Ways is based upon what's best for the business, not who they can get the biggest concessions. For now you say in a thousand dollars a month essay and free healthcare. About weed and what about colleges retaliatory intuition do when I said public health area that yet another asking about marijuana, marijuana and legalizing marijuana, there's a lot of money to be made from there as well, so knowing to that end? We wish that money go I'm for those of the EU
There's no marijuana remove it from the controls happens list in part because our administration of the Kremlin Laws are deeply raises its very obvious to everyone, so on April, We have two thousand twenty one, I'm in a pardon everyone who is in prison for low level, a non violent, Jogerfy alike. Marketing strategies of almost twenty baby is. It makes no sense to have people in jail for stuff, that's legal women in some parts of the country, and then there be a lot of money in, and I know there are bills that want to channel that money to african american businesses and communities, which is a great idea you can do. I thank you. So much by these marijuana laws. The area have a black agenda. You have an agenda specifically for blackmail. A lot of it overlaps with, but my overall agenda, because I think that the other freedom dividend and dust universal Health care a long way, but I'm for getting rid of private prisons. I think it makes no sense to have prisons ever profit, motivation, profit motivation, I think I'll black people, engine
Oh, I mean again. It affects every year, I'm for dramatically increasing the federal allotment each BC use because of the problem of education, renounce its become a business, and so what happens in schools and up fitting my catering to the affluent they'll donate more money and they can pay for freight in the rest of it and see how these h BC use that are of an incredible historical mission have been shown to elevate in hundreds of thousands of african Americans, but because they have these crazy endowment but some of the rich schools do that there are struggling, and so the federal government can help shore that up. I write, but as per You will be making four million dollars a year, so we may ass. Well, they may I mean what do they? May four hundred thousand dollars run antagonize proposal of my proposals that President's get attending raised of four million dollars a little and then they're not allowed to take any for profit for personal gain speech in fees are bored opportunities annexed up after the fact, because
its human narrative, finnish running they can do even today, Karamazov they can do books, but they can't join corporate boards for money. Do take speaking fees for money because its human nature, let's at present and then there's some rich ceos hang around in the oval office, and I know that three years from now they can give me four hundred thousand dollars just to show up in smoothies with their clients and employees. It's human nature. For me to be a little. Below softer on them to be, like all United does make friends of his person, because I'm gonna end up hanging out on the jet with them after, president, you get rid of that motivation, you say: look I can take a dime from anyone for personal gain. You're. Gonna pay me enough, so that you know I work for the people, but that's it. We have stop worshipping the almighty dollar, and that starts from the top, and this race can go into effect. The president after me, I really do not care we'd have to clean up our government, so it actually works.
Us, and it is clear that the item with negative, like credit, is a public service and I feel, like all public services need to be getting paid more money. Teaches police officers made Allendale if you'd a president That's a lot more. Your ball players in is watching the present get for a down and then say no more profit taking after I think another vernal Sousa Pinto Cable bill, no house moiled or mortgaging Oconnor little coming still of jobs are you're alone. But an Andrew. I loved Affected Europe here discussing solutions and that problems. In our running on a aunt, I try campaign. You actually have ideas rub it pays me that is People we do have a shot in L, a winning saw you real. We were gonna find out brother, I'm just ass, you are you are you? Are you turning to actually window just to disrupt the system We raised almost six hundred k last month, which is in just about every major Canada, eggs, upper Bernie and no one's hurting me you gotta ask how the to did that happen. I'm talking
unlike user and, like you said, well, I mean now, thanks to you all eggs, the more people heard me, which I am a very happy for you, but you're right trump is a symptom. What is the disease? The disease is the fact that we're getting pushed into economic distress, the diseases mindset, scarcity that has overtaken our people, because if you can't pay your bills, then it's very very hard to be clear thinking and optimistic about the future, the disease, and it is increasingly that we're gonna be competing against machines. A I saw where robots are going to be able to outdo us in terms of capital efficiency? This is the disease. How do you cure the actual disease? When was politicians? Do not want to touch this with a ten foot pole because they don't have real solutions and the solution I'm going to suggest that we share the bounty from all this economic progress as fast as possible, and that's why I'm running for president. The wall around Silicon Valley. There has to be a slogan inefficient,
had a man about good laws for his gun laws. Dasso, I'm apparent. I think that we need to treat gone ownership in a very similar way to the way we treat vehicle ownership. Like love, you get it, you get him to take a testing at a licence to drive a vehicle and that could kill people guns and kill people too. So we should give you some kind of test, a licensing for that too, did the hard part. The challenge of this, that there three hundred million farms in this country, like almost one for every man, woman and child, and their limited ways you can actually trying to reduce that number. So a couple of things I would do I would to have a voluntary gun buyback. Anyone wants to sell their gun, will buy it off you and all. I would also offer to upgrade everyone's guns to those signature guns were only you. Can fire turn everyone's got into a James bottle? I like death and then we're safe because my gun goes as someone else link empire yeah and that national thing, how do you do that Afghan require a lot of money to really get this money from their technology is actually not that expensive to upgrade again too
I know that, commissioner, that costs are the guns and as a value, the gun, but like I would say that that's a win for the public and the Youth Valley. I was gonna, go seller gun all at once, but these are the sorts of things I'd before I'm for trying to, provide like more positive alternatives. Then move our society in the right way, without pretending, frankly, that we can regulate the heck out of everything now know what about you know: banking bank. It is difficult, specimen african com, This is hard to get low african American them as one of the African Union's right advocate. American communities is hard to get loans. What can we do to help people get lost spot to start small business of those the beauty, the Freedom dividend man could like money follows money in a like it. If you have an american companies Robbins, and was going twelve thousand bucks. Here than all the sun and the businesses in that community, serbian, more lucrative and profitable, and then, if I'm a lender, unlike heck, yes, you want alone. Lecoq. Excite me up
they'll start investing in those communities, because the market will dry them in that direction. Doesn't work, I will do more, but I think the mark that linked up the best way, we can empower african american businesses to put money into the hands of african american Thanks dad that you should think too dahlia through them. The best way to go I've been megabits, put money in hand after maximum. Yes, I think you do two thousand, oh my god me- and I will start with the bargain- is not start with one and then maybe my second term, whenever loving at first evident today- and I have you- deserve a little bit more Ray segregation. I I read TAT, he see coats and I a hundred percent both agree with the moral case reparations this country was built on the bed
some slaves and uh. You know that there is no two ways about it so, dear to me, the question is: what can we get done? Does nothing that we can do as an aside? I would actually undue that harm from net right there. There is no real redoing history, but the path forward to me. If we put this dividend in place and at least start strengthening communities that we can take real steps forward, words hopefully again, can make things right, but hopefully you can start moving things in the right direction and worrying. I, like you, sir. Thank you MA. Am you do I, like you, What beg you can join and I wish you the best of luck and Jimmy a third websites Lincoln only the accompanying oh yeah. I guess this is actually a good thing for the campaign, so my website, Yang, twenty twenty nine com or you can do Google, Andrew Yang, in order to make the democratic debates. I need sixth five thousand individual contributors, and I'm going to get there like well right now we're at like forty six thousand dollars and then I'm going to get there in a minute. But if you want to be part of getting onto the base stages, go to yang2020 com, I don't need a buck, and let's make this case together, we got gotta,
from your great disruptions array, were Andrew Yang Data. Mightier. Haven't, though, is the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We all the breakfast club was gets. It is wrong so the hard music awards gas report, the Reul report, the breakfast club. Yes, there has been announced at sea pain will be hosting they twenty nineteen, I radio musical words now they're, so is gonna air The allay Microsoft Theatre that goes down next Thursday, starting at eight p m somebody baby, just when the massacres away, people know him again, he does He does one amassing a fox Ok, I guess alive you Norman. I write loud
should be interested in those eyes. I don't have that makes our democracy brain holes in our political will cause he just one many as new musics as well so Elisa case is gonna, be performing and she's gonna get the innovator award. A grand day tell us where John Leginn will also be making appearances, so you can still vote that so, oh no, you can't disclose yesterday so babbling about. Does it, for you are a big boy and the NFL have made a one hundred thousand dollars donation and there is afore the Martin Luther King Jr Centre for non violent social change in Atlanta? Oh, yes, I like that. You like that on Monday, big boy, one of congenital my mind all morning, not as we could actually just stop it, we talk about in this because I Kelly, because when I tell you talked about how tired he sounded just like the document, I am sure that the state of mind
the Keynesian does not want you to make that play a parasite. Aquiver told you know our model of ten June a whole people well what it does a low but come on. I discovered that the Martin Luther King Jr Heart, I am going to move on and say my gets here, maybe in how high too, even though before he was not interested in doing that, so that to be big, Previously he expressed no interest in getting a while, but now it's confirms he will. Eyes his role as baby powder and how I'd say about about it. I write. Twenty one savage now photography twenty one Savage Bank account campaign and the goal of a campaign is the booth financial literacy and chosen across the country he's partner up against with an zuma. Well he's gonna teach monthly online seminar. Attempts to help viewers investing their future bodies also announced that he's gonna work would do much to make sure that one hundred and fifty jobs go to add
at Lana Youth this June hears when he said that it can sign up for a job training. There was a connection to make those stairs necessary go to Germany or slashed applied. I write does doubt that that's what makes it different why twenty one has been doors of like that in the communities on. I want you to think he's doing edges, because these leaders, Casey really have been doing over Mueller elevator began check yeah. You know that I raised like this. I can't go West is suing. Am I an he saying it's because of servitude contract because its contract as more than seven years? Now? According to that, the Cotonou assigned a contact with my back in two thousand three. He did tens of millions of dollars from Emma from that and the money was.
Pays him after he signed seven different modifications or extensions to the ideal. Now the problem is this he's trying to say this is a law student. California, but he did say that contract in New York in California, if a contact is more than seven years than it would be served to, but in We don't have that fell down now, but Will they say they want to do tat black his lawsuit, because shit and found in New York. If you try to do that, we will revisit actually want to bother. You think I'd be disrespectful by saying that he sounded like Martin Luther King Jr does he really did, and I think he channel Emerald K Junior on purpose to listen to this case, as this is great act. Pay was widely in the hope that people will have a halter boy, May not Haug TAT, which you know a boy. How tat drive. Our whole dog only hope TAT. I can do that. Games you he added is the hall diary. We're broke the whole time everywhere.
Last autumn, landmines body reply by my goodness right You may see our right now when we come back of course. Tomorrow is the anniversary of big ease death all draw political above big small man nominated a very bad love is the Brooklyn way must show how many years gotta be by twenty five. At this point I must show, but we don't begin to mix. I let me know your favorite biggie joy, dj and baggage requesting, or eight hundred bribing five one o five. What that guy, with a passed away and ninety seven Non Burma said ass words we need to tell you into place a year's twenty. Two years may be rock saluted. All junior mafias looted dirty man off year. Biggie still, his music is timely. Still to this day, that's right, but also a day is the breakfast locomotive.
First class your morning so now would be to say they would have galleys D J envy the Saracens Galaxy as ten is making headlines after ten years at a galaxy. This is definitely the best one. Yet the galaxy tat is available now and you can get up to three on it. I was when you trading your own phone and Samson darker morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club now today is international women's day. Let me shut out to my mama. Let me shudder to my wife: we set out to my mother in law? Does it three ladys in my life that really push encouraged me to do better and always my back and says what to say. I love you Ladys ass, ever the year I heard too were have an actual international women's day event today, so that should be exciting. I also be a foot lacquer today, which uses for they are doing an international women's day panel and events and I'm acts of the juices. Courtesy of our stores uses for life. Brooklyn said will be there today,
a panel as well and then to Morrow. We haven't the women in radio event and as I I heart driven I'll, be there with the mid term, Hungary, Madeleine Brad you so you know less. Let me say something that they would do by that's me. Promoting our business now a pathogen. That's not really here the IRA's deaf, I'm not gonna say that money but it is international women's day. So if we can show up in contributing anyway and gave whatever information can and have their sisterhood I'm offering you go. You flew dollar queens of my life in order to see all my life, my mama, my wife, my sister friends, my daughter's earlier look control over my life. When I think about me, neither older women One big up to all the women out there for absent, adding a women's day and for every single day because we ve been killing it. You know, been driving, a ladder has been going on when it comes to small businesses is when it comes to voting when it comes in positions of power.
Being ceos. We have more work that needs to be done by. I appreciate the work that we have been doing in other I mean you know when you can have a thing called life. Now we all came out of the design. We wouldn't be a twelve hour when you figured out well that is to shut up When we come back, we got you positive. No, don't move is the breakfast club the morning sporting everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast Club NASH two Dj Lou, we ve. Now it's his birthday weaken earlier above their way. But again, if they weak. If a daydream about illegal says about, isn't weakened, that movie came up the South Carolina Mary was a dj. Now you love programme direct. For I heart in Indianapolis. Does my guy. I salute him, magna love to see people growing and he's drawing exceptional
Let us look my man, we also supper. I agree on anything except the one thing. It's always but little round rock letters like you know that our download all the liver, why major, regional Iceland, I let him I interrupted on georgia- has as its autonomy finally it is now my we got it The Bible, cable food doubtless know how to hold my good as well say absolutely vehement Vd Jane, is positive. Sadie in Indianapolis shabby him revels a shout to him as much again had a tailor. The and besides, I that he is a nice place it. Yes, he is people's Loki alarming and which we want to be around. Leave us alone. A positive note with positive note is simply this man is national. What are the woman's internet? How international women's day you go international today. I want to say that a woman is the full circle with,
her the power to create, nurture and transform we'll be there your critical yoga, although this rambert and you were listening to my voice, which commands trust and respect, guess what my part gases back and that's a win for everyone if you're a long time, listen to the show, you probably already know the deal each week, I bring you hard hitting journalism and also light entertainment. I contain multitudes, find thereon burgundy bar gas on the Iheart Radio, app apple pie, gas or, where ever you get, Gas. Syria isn't a country whose name is often associated with hope these days, but when I, held there in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the Northeast Cholera Java. I didn't just find fear in violence. I found hope
a group of brave feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society. You can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series. The women war. Into the women's war on the Iheart Radio, app apple podcast. Wherever you get your podcast.
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