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Wednesday 6/20 - Today on the show we had the cast of "Sorry To Bother You" stop by where they discussed the meaning of the movie, Terry Crews discussed his sexual allegation case, and "The Breakfast Club" couldn't differentiate Omari Hardwick and his role Ghost during the interview. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a North Charleston man who tried to speed off from cops, but his car was in park ( womp womp). Also, Angela Yee helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee" and one listener was trying to scoop her a baller. 

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I hurt radio and the? U S. Census bureau wanted to do something special for the class of twenty twenty, so we made commencement a new pod cast with words of inspiration from the biggest names like John Legend, TIM Cook and cash. I wasn't. I hurt radios new pod cast commencement in partnership with the twenty twenty cents s speeches drop may fifteenth on. I ought radioactive or wherever you get your pipe casts. Remember you can do something that will affect the next ten years. So if you lived in adorn dont worry your school will count you. If you didn't visit twenty twenty census, DOT, Gov Flash grad to be counted.
I heard a radio and tv mobile know that twenty twenties graduation will the unlike any other in history. So to celebrate all of the graduates we created, a new podcast called commencement featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names in music, entertainment, philanthropy and born here from John Legend Cash and many many more listen to our radios. New podcast commencement on may fifteenth and stay tuned for tee mobiles upcoming toss your cap challenge on Tik Tok to show our support for the grass only from T mobile
MRS you'll, wake up hall has drawn Loveday child these agents annually, Charlemagne girl on the planet is respected. Show because this is a voice, is the signs in a J W morning so called we Don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest new as a Yo Yo yo yeah, was Angela. Ye have these Andy, solemn and I'm sure he's running a little late, but guess what data is guess? What data yes, ha ha ha ha ha ha gay. How was it
I was in Bermuda. It was fantastic, a mere heroes, weekend festivals, Eddie, had Juba they're mine of all in all it at Moussa, my friends of high school, a whole bunch of us that we had a great time year. It was. It was eleven. Ok, I know my ways is still a little wrath, be from Ebay, ass, good, a man or a greater from New York Bermudas, only like a two hour flight. So you know, is a nice, quick, getaway talker. I want today is my son's Logan's graduation graduates middle school today. So yesterday you want it was these four graduation. He wanted a pair of White Jordan's, buddies was that Virgil, dead, Virgil is the one that owns off. Why these two also to one as worker following the time while he did a collaboration with Jordan and my son has been entities sneakers for like the last six months nets, oh you wanted for graduation. Only problem is when I came out. They were like a hundred and fifty dollars. Now they like to dance
and doubtless I've been trying to find you laddie. No, I don't have it five kids so damaging to find somebody who's been trying to sell it in that how to make that much money over recent years that I found appear so he's it'll be happy at his grandmother shave I'm on it. That's good is a good profile. Eleven seiners, Negus M vanity, should ask for more issue there when the latter, but they understood what was, I told them, what it was and they would just like. I will let us lies so he'll get those little bit later, so I'm excited for him so tat. He is graduation so anyway, today on a show, the cast sorry to bother. You will be joining us, the Ass Terry crews, Sorry Hardwicke and boots Riley, so working with them a little bit later. I haven't seen them. We see like trail. Is it's a little weird yeah? You know it so much DNA as they were me and she asked me to go, see it last night. What does she said and she told me it was a very strange moving if she with high that's what I did. I said if I was high as they would enable the crises that it was a great movie, but she said she fears. I guess she was high. Would it
even better experience that there were promoted get hired a ghostly diversify its little weird We only got front page with a little more you we gotta talk about these, and I don't have you guys have been talking about this while I've been gone, but over twenty three hundred kids separated from their parents at the? U S Mexico border and thus in about one month were released. Sad- and I know we ve been talking about this before I left- and I always feel like- is this so important for us to immigration here in the United States was going on in any Donald Trump. Dora will get into that. We combat keep allotted to breakfast club in sports. New York, Knicks has just recently signed Lebron James, don't give big news than others. Desolate rules but, like I'm afraid, or latterly everywhere, that was truly say. You thought out there in ways that no doubt the dozen positively and come back to that it work better work with their positive for the New York is positive for the bronze I don't know but actually says natural,
not as much anyway. Less and less unreal knows. What's going to happen is for Mexico Board and these kids- and I now we ve, been talking about this up here and is a situation over twenty three hundred kids have been separated from their parents at the U S, Mexico, portrait border and that in the period of about one month, that's under Donald trumps, zero tell tolerance policy. And they're, saying, there's no clear system in place to reunite them. Have you guys fallow, Michael scorning, on twitter? He opposed about this kind. The end has a lot of links to articles in case you dont know exactly what's going on, but emigrants who are a Near the border had taken a processing centres and they are trying to see if some of them are granted It's a misdemeanor crime of illegal entries. Us a lot of those immigrants, often plead guilty in group hearings. They get a census of a few days in prison or time served, and then they get quickly deported unless they have a credible, fair return to their home country, and I've been watching videos of there's one nine year old kid. They said the gangs,
the family they had to leave right away, so they left in came here and hasn't seen as parents. One now everybody's been arguing about this. Here is what Fox NEWS is Lord Ingram had to say about their these emigrant child, attend consensus. Some of these kids are five years old and younger that are being separated from their parents, and there has been studies done that show how much trauma can happen to a child when they separated from their kids at such an early age. So, since more illegal immigrants are rushing, the border more kids are being separated from their parents and temper how's, that what are essentially summer cramped camps or, as a San Diego Union Tribune described them today as lookin like basically boarding schools? Ok at another she saw the kids that when it was an AIDS boarding, school and cry hairs, yes, so, as you can see, just very tone, deaf what's going on now here is where Microgram had to say about these kids, who are in these child
concenters sitting in cages. I think it's extremely unfortunate, but what people are forgetting? They just want to listen to those tapes. I can take it to any nursery and you're gonna hear the exacting things is as as as a mother we used to go. To work and has to leave her child, and I hear you're gonna hear the same exact things so microgram unreasonably beer, kids and a child detention centre since its day care was the compassion like this seems like people just don't care about these kids. Now here's where an culture to say on facts news, and I would also say one other thing- these child actors, weeping and crying on all the other networks. Twenty four seven right now do not fall for, Mr President, to call them child acquiesce in child act is the fact that these, five year old, secure old, eight year old, nine year old, crying holding onto the gate because they pay, to go a little know who to talk to and about how you know, cemeteries, are being reunited and gave it a lot of time.
He will come here and a China get asylum and maybe they are going to get it or the going through the whole process, and they have no idea where their kids are. I right here is where core Lewandowski had to say about, as he was arguing on Fox NEWS, also Let me look. I read today about a ten year old girl with down syndrome who was taken from her mother and put in a K. While I read about a vigorous, they won't want to a ten year old with down syndrome. When I say that more than anything you the area, but the bottom line is very area these people, a crazy man, is no compassion, and this is America. This is landed a free. This is where we supposed to care about people in and take other people's problems and try to help them outright S. America, well in California has raised over four million dollars in Facebook. Fun raises for immigrant families and they are set to raise five million dollars in under five days. That's in response, so the zero tolerance policy on immigration and the separation of thousands of kids from their families and the Borders Charlotte and Day Wilna. They started their fund raising campaign to seeing a two year old girl cry
ass. Her mother, who was seeking asylum from Honduras, was being searched and detained and ITALY wanted to raise hitting hundred dollars to help cover the ban fees by one person, but it just grew so much that they raise over four million dollars. If you ever been to a candle and you see how they keep the doors. All enchained engaging in all gated open in in this section is the pitfalls in this section into german ship is deception? Is a little dog that's how that picture. Look yesterday when I see it- and I love to discover anybody with things that it's ok and its illegal at these people are doing. China comes into country, and then this is an issue which is then that's a real problem I mean it is illegal, but when I made some people are thinking as everyone who may be able to see. Where is inhumane. They're going to the people that are trying to get in here illegally by ourselves. It makes me one of them. People got kids at all, because how can you have kids and not have empathy for other people showed a compassionate
amateur misdemeanor. So, as some people just get sent right back and some people actually do get asylum and their separate it am, I never see their kids my goodness, all right? Well as front page NEWS Charlemagne, you just got here and all this at last, my god, I was a boy. You know voting will draw. We added a rally behind created through very cruel of our high lottery, create interactive, I'm sorry to bother. You asked the movie that common outside did Angela, I did a screening for it. Last night we were lucky Danfield interpret Thomson until we had a q and a state of tools You really are good music payroll Brown. I beg of you, got another pair of visas on Is it easy and you don't know where you would you give rob what I didn't from you gotta, ask requested. Would of course, then that means you learn from what I didn't from. Yes, I think I think I'm pretty sure good music sent La Magnon. Is this guy you're gonna pray dont like us leopards, oh you're, the eurobonds in the bag
and then I guess, I'm unable to be comfortable derive great, dad you big with great care, all right: okay, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now, maybe you had a bad night or you just need to vent, or maybe, when the prince of positivity eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off your chest call us the breakfast club the morning you're gonna, get an obvious asked whether you man one, but we want to hear from you wanna breakfast is Angel angel of each has brought up the lad. Today. Ok, don't hide yourself, you need to be blessed with a name. My angel, my said about a be allowed. I've got my neck like candy, at about less than a month evident, come together work. But can I congratulate grandma abrogated back I'd, pay, black everything?
about you. May we are blessed black and how we trade, which enjoy them. Kids, they grow. Frass goes out and I don't want you please talk to me. I gotta wait by the right man. He did some man needs and I could have explained to him how men, if what may leave me, The way you can. You can explain anyone marries means more weight and put for me merely as right tell a man. It is just a disgusting nasty substance and you know ever want to be managed. My late arrival and Charlemagne pulled out a big job. That's right of men, you known of their elephants, was signed, This right here is a one gallon one gal waiting. One hundred and twenty eight fluid out three point: seventy eight leader job helmings real many though I'm keeping it here. I wanted to spoil ranging and winning
it's getting, yellow without distinct, and you will understand what I mean when I say each of the many that too long hello hay was ever want to make a point about the illegal immigrants I wanna get. I want to give everybody, has the same energy bill and bad about the case. It is a halo, take their family, a pipe and pick them in your house and immediately add that you know you think you are you think it's ok they're rip kids away from their parents. I don't understand your point about it's, not about a bit her lip into her. Why would you take family of five and with Armenia has anyone. Nobody would you? Would you let me in your house, you ve, given in picking up on their path? Don't you want to keep that together with the air and then by the polluted the family, and you put them in your house and you take care of them and put their able to verify the morbid
Let the people have been ended when you D families bag. When are you not separate them from their children? Well, that I don't know that their toy forbid made choices. Immigration problem, my bad of others, maybe I'm just not a humane person, and you think that this is ok and you're a solution as well. Imagine if they were in your house that is crazy to me. A man. If you would still do when you still have the plain of that
new inside the union. Oh yes and I will take a family affair with a two year role so that they wouldn't be ripped away from their families and be torn apart. You somebody why don't we just also about their? If you know of uniting, believe inhumanity and help and other people, I am being a human being and not doing things, I've done it. I've been led to, and I believe it has to be another solution, then taking kids away from their pay. I agree wholeheartedly, but I wouldn't of your fairly five, your family farm, who emigrate eventually ever play for you to stand. She got me out. I even understand this could be a joke. I do think this is something to think about. Absolutely,
Do you know they don't give five a five one, o five one. If you need a bit, it is now the breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast your time to get it off your jets. Are the men from you, wanna breakfast on your law, allows this building will talk of a moment? Get it off. Each is very. My hour is bulgarian outline my broken. These families that are fleeing their, dream something I was lucky enough to be born three hours on their side of the border. In my cousin y know, my cousin aren't further their flee cartel. I tell my legs are barely able to to survive over there and major trying think any help, and I wish I could help them. I wish I could do something I feel like. I can't do anything and eighty Egypt Break
My heart I wish now I want you, can wait. You can praying you can hope in and if I'd Gilligan hook never gonna change. What do we have to do? A little But what can I do? I'm lived under here, again in hearing and have you ever seen a child. You arrived from their mothers arm, but I don't understand. I just don't understand how even drug cartels have more some time then from aspect in some cases, because I could go on and on Are you aware how even they had one heart than I do? I know you could call you. You could call Europe's tool to two to four three one to one and told him: the inspiration of family that the borders ask you send it to pass to cheap families together. Agony housework depend The help separated children act as something you can do immediately right now, no there's a big chocolate, the toaster Debbie by my good name, is both Vienna Walpi be nice to me and become a witness?
Sub Roma, you were gonna play another game. Another round of his adjusts me is that all right, Jack get out at a just me at a shallow, may sound like Debbie duck when he says that Technical that suggests matured eventually rub butter on a opinions when they heard the Jeff me or the more than these partners. Air played out envies apart in his hair played out was that in our apartment I did it for one source That is your part. Miss Hale, I will give you gotta. Do is have important my here, but you do not. Have any bangings No, I allow this popular with a broken long was happening flow town, that's what they call it. The deepest Obama satisfied, is really feel like a lotta. A lot news coverage didn't already given us the two always really gone on.
And just think a lot of you a lot. I lose companies. It is really given us a police and based on a certain party, and I think that one so was really really going on in the world brother. Tell us tell us on behalf of the average avc again delegation was going on and were well just like the. I will just listen to your house and about the pity just of what they really nice. A lot of them. Better able to gather fourteen day wasn't like real reach all This is not new, and I know I heard somebody say something about actors and when we really got to understand that they do have a lot of stuff. That's going on that stage. Now I can't see the kids at this, but I'm known as governor YU, you believe what I am quoting ankle. Decode, the immigrant children child acted as you believe, is gonna LA. I can't I believe it, but I know, what's Goin on your, there might be a way out and they made a law where they can pass out of ignorance.
How you go, how you call a man get mad at the news. Networks are reporting fake news, but did you call the pier report news and you don't know if it's fake or not you just talkin? where are we about air, called I've, never seen added her Gazeta. So I wouldn't know about that. That's when you re actually taken they do. The twenty two hundred case had been. They came from their families between May and June. All right, well existence. Yours to DORA, go have been goin away, the city so whatever by living in their all those inhalation, Nora, get it off my chest, eight hundred five, a five or no five one of you need to vent. You gave us up at any time. You ve got rooms on away where we are going to take that accepts extent. Ass ammo, give you honor on. What's going on in fans, do pay their final respects? Advise you will tell you what happened there. Right wing it into all that when we come back, he unlocked the breakfast locomotive breakfast, you Poyser said she thought
it's all over the beasts open, let it go, and although we still got, I remind you that the EU is out. I thought they were mile abroad in these three and six, an mba finals. You gotta remind drink. These one in one in rapid smolensk, its rooms. As talk x, X, x, ten sealant, personal rights and ass, your ego, Bob did the toy annually breakfast x x, x, two antagonize music has been climbing the charts now Music is dominating on Itunes on Amazon on spat everywhere. They said his sad song from his late The problem is the number one song on Itunes and also the song changes. From that same, album is number five album. Seventeen was came out in twenty. Seventeen is also in the top ten at number five spat. If I also did an hour ip x, X, x and tasks
on banner in Fiji is playlist at the top of its browser people. That is, by order of the other two good music of two weeks ago, exactly they only when I get the English when he was alive, don't switch up now agree to defame entity in the words of the great majority of Biagi, who was also gunned down you, nobody, until some molecules are right. In the meantime, police are offering three thousand dollar reward for any tips and the hopes that will lead to the arrest warrant. Given our troops all day right is opened up, a twitter account say: Brow, Johnny Police has opened up a twitter account open up, lived grandma, video ever leads us we're right now they are saying that they think it as a random shooting a random killing, and his team has issued a statement on his death. They said that I exit thence ass yon touch the lives of millions around the globe and will forever reside in the hearts of countless fans who listen to music, attended his concerts and felt the glow of uncontainable, undeniable and unique spirit Waterway. Only three governed, though I know that that was really low of three Rex
it. They gotta get the money from somewhere. What is they? Gotta get the money to give it to someone when the showers of all measures which would have them was money. They said about thinking to our social media community, for the many sips we receive regarding the death of local wrapper, the of offices asking anyone with information to contact, homicide, detectives, Wat, Foster and John Christianity, and they the numbers nine by four three, two one, four to one: zero, highly waiting for lead from forensics to come back from the car, and the latter only have already declared a state as an old house. But here s one collage leads us now, according to an equal extent, Afghans lawyer, he does think that the shooting was a random robberies that I think he went to the bank before it happen. I think the determination was when its by a motorcycle but detectives aren't, is counting any very right now, so they don't know exactly what happened, but cops believe it was a random shooting, and so does his lawyer in Ireland over those guys leads us to believe that we should be born of question after what I saw in the meantime, fans did pay a final respect to him at a vigil.
As they were morning him and an honour of of him. Dozens of fans actually came to the location outside of their location, motor sports. They paid respects to him. They boy flowers, photos candles. Other people do up the exile. And they were colouring the sidewalk with notes, lyrics and drawings. Now his abuse accuser actually showed up in Geneva, I'll other women who accuse him of abusing her. While she carried a child ass, she actually has broken her silence as a well listen to which had to say Baghdad, day burn my brother, I did you guys alienating well. Why would you guys always you boy, go to the visual signs that it all far here, if suitable for and they actually tastier away. She posted. I want a scream at the top of my lungs, and so I can ask then that keep screaming. I dont want to believe this. No one knows the issue
I feel for you. They allowed you do too of the moon, domestic violence right and I'm cops did had to fire rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd at his memorial. They said things got really crazy. They were at least three hundred. Bull and they were filling a stretch of Mailros Avenue and allay those fans that were there then got. Howdy, they were climbing on top of building roofs and swarming passing cars, though I rocks at near by police, and so eventually they was tear gas, pepper, sway bullets and a rubber bullets to birth. Everyone, a militant Algeria. How much you love your favorite artists? Are you favorite athlete your favorite celebrity? Sometimes edges dead wrong in something that they did and you
still like them in the knowledge that they are wrong, so don't take it out on the victim is because that debt may do somethin wrong when he was alive. I write an let's. Have scared for a second Erika is gonna, be launching a crypto currency cause a coin should call it the black doll. I actually like a coin as pretty cute now he said I think they're blockchain Crypto could be the Saviour for Africa in many ways, because it brings the power back to the people and brings security back into the currency system and also allows people to utilise it anyways where they can advance themselves and not allow government to do those things that are keeping them down I don't understand it and I'm into business and finance and investors never understand crypto. How can you just create and says? Ok, I'm going to create coin and what is the worth of it? What do you get a worth of equally coin or whatever his name is. What have you got likely? where the hell did Marco
but I've gotta, give me a call. You go through equal. I get me a cloud of know how old are you? Are you but like? What's the worth of something you really would have to Gama cream Currently there is nobody wanted now at currency, expert knowledge, currency, because the base doll, but that more easily drop article is above all a guy ever it out here doing is the work will take on board our music? What are they? For me, the other day and of while respecting May without ignoring the workmen I've kept, our currency will be available for sale in two weeks by body. Have you got a good outcome for sale, albino, damn money by money equally MIKE I've made me see. I've got a lotta claimed to be the ties, greater we'd, rather money lenders to me. I will get into that arise
Angela Ye- and that is your room- a report all right. Thank you miss ye. Now, when we come back, we have the cast of sorry to find and Bobby. I did a q and a live made for the care of the sorry to bother you I'm innocent and all it occurs. We actually have the creator revenge or rather, which is boot Riley. Then we have to improve and my all would come in, but the round not to cast the stars. Lucky's Danfield interfere. Thomson brought him homage, may file right. I haven't seen it, but when I looked at the trailer look like it needed to be had a watch, I've seen it and interests you will definitely leave them you didn't ask me what the F did. I just watch good way, obey away, I'm taking a good way of thinking to do, and I will give you that when we come back movies to breakfast locomotive one and everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl, we all the breakfast club, regardless press who gets into building. We are both Riley morning with her
mind your morning. Eta Maria way come on a guy morning would have New York has everyday near promoting sorry to bother you thought of film last week boot. I need to ask you one question I did I watch hopefully we giving way spoilers. But you? U something crazy, this differently in the movie You say I know what to me off. I didn't realize what science fiction, but the trail in Gimme that go further. Watch it online. I would they given the movies about, was watching a trailer. I've seen a little bit, but I don't want to delay, would argue stuff away. Valid mood were also send absurdest dark comedy. Magical realism and science fiction inspired by the world of telemarketing. Sorry to have a little, you know it for me shouting to Argo, even though shallow me remember about about two years ago, my first job with telemarketing any bad it was
When I got there, everybody India was make money, but me because I was I had to pay a white voice. Oh yeah, we're neighbors reassurance. I have attended to shore last names, cases. Why have we would sell Fuels are like why this is shown Casey, I'm calling from Pulkovo how you don't think I wonder for yes, I can save your punch, you money on your home, eating you and you know it work. Unless does that's what doubting lovers care details to the cave? Is you know is not only that you stand in white idea of what white is yet. I added the others, though, ever agree with codes which, incidentally, ever want to marginalize MA blackness after let my blacknesses great will you know you are in a position where you don't have to like some people? I'm sure you know if you would, don't be a fool! You tell that to him, while he that two jobs like you could make more money or not. You know, when you pretend to be defined Some time allotted away. It is his way
I think that we're why g them dominican, I'm dumb, not committing an unfair in a more open and Hollywood for a while other radical, which you know. Answer as big as a sort of a. I guess. It's a marriage between the two year, your point and in these points to make us a reality, the character ghosts coasts which constantly, but without changing the voice months more so it s what you mean that you don't have to do. I think you know if you think about a prisoner bomb is closed. Jim, but again his voice in his direction in his articulation and tonality is basically remained the same. I would say since forty, eight and thereby laplante the same so goes code which to me in a very physical of physically adjusting to the environment type of weight, and we can almost work every room because of his iq, so of course which in your brain then I think we all had to do it, but I've never had to do what boots is asked me. Character and allocate scared than to any character and in life never Wilma Voice, no parent, I've always just been me,
made me who I made my career amaze me and activists right now, which is gonna wow, look Do you like a Hollywood? Look, you know what holding is what happened to him even with this whole me to day, I'm doing it up because thought about it. I really want to talk about, but the big big deal is that they want me to accept to myself. That I am less than a human being, they literally sign off and say I am less than you. What you did to me is: ok, ok from Canada to anybody and back. This would have. What happens in this movie is that, if a dress on us so level is addressed on economic level. These things are addressed politically, but when you talk about this whole thing is people trying to trick you, you're into damaging your self image, because if you do it to you, so
you already and agrees thing is. If they do that by spreading shame they do that by spreading these, a thing to make. You pay the fact that this matter be all right, but I want to tell you the rules. You work anywhere, you go to work, you should now unmolested, whoever molested you should be fine. I don't think that there are many who are you? What? look. I personally you to think you're even worth saying something like we die my span on my case. Icily is increasing models that work. That's all Now that one or two other things is that animals punch amount because best the whole truth that we ve been too I'm here, I am twanging forty power. Black man and about the whole thing. The troll is now I'm a big vow man, I'm supposed to Jews and armed men come at me like if I may use both to go now. But the thing is I made your career aid, even all that for you to be, you know,
you. Let me get bought belgian and honest and not do not introduce a thing. My family is all that and I had a look at I believe that if you like you on the big guy anymore, supporting I know who I am, I know I'm of bother. I know I'm a husband. I know as a human being and know how much I'm worth and that affects everything that's what it way already. What did your wife say in a moment and would like confuse which you as you did you say you do go? Let him grabbed less likely he's doing train me. She said years earlier You're gonna, look at the whole picture had large and origin of matter, not people people who been knocked out and a lot of people have seeing the wrong end of what I've done. Let me to the size- and you can't do this. It will lose everything Terry we will have a wholly different. I got it right now. That's all Would you like to go through that through thing as if the idea of a written,
I come from that comes into media. That may is called me holding is: ok, I'm sorry to hear about it. But the thing is I would only angry about really, though I wasn't it, showed him dinner overnight, but there s a shout z budget. What you just said as a show, but the thing is, I think, is something come on. Call me. Poor are not poor, and on that point How do you do not do it again? I don T go grab your white men. Call you not to do that. Again What I do I know about it later on, I give them. I don't give up my lazo my arm spending. Hundreds of how's the dollar's did a pin might have to be the plaintiff consistently. Would you gotta understand? If I hadn't been core anyway, spending of money. Anyway, that's what people Then I would be straight up the defended
If I'm not your mouth, you think they would at any better, do not one bit of mercy on me. So the whole point it now uplift describe do I didn't do nothing, but why are you suing ongoing man, because I'd be here anyway. This is money. I'd, be spinning anywhere. I we got more with the cast a sorry to bother you, which is Terry crews. More Hardwicke imbues rounds it'll go anywhere to breakfast club. The moaning about we are the breakfast club. We have the cast of sorry to bother. You in a building is Jerry crews, hard, Wick and Boot Riley? How do I feel a rustle Simmons is said to drop it the homeless? some of their first of all. May I rather those out like that. Why are you email me doesn't bigger, I won't be now you, my body. Now you re Betty, This is what ya know no alive. Even owner, wasn't you dont gap. I would add that it was a home, Brett Ratner. Ah, no, what
hoping you going gas. I may complete mitigate autism Now what you mean- I didn't mean it like that non. I know exactly what you meant You call a meter Mcguinness, brother path, nobody gets a path, nobody, an omelette, you even email. We will we ll hang out together. We all do not together on what you're talkin about me I saw, but the fact is- and I saw it, but what it wants and believe me when I first came- are ignored. It will you, the email me at birth, nor indeed, all the studies. I got zero towns birthday on my way to me, are you guys? You will die, but you told me they gonna. Do applies when it to me ass. It does because abusers protect abusers. This culture protected protect each other like that, and I'm like. I have no no towers poor, because the thing the thing that you so is also the thing you gotta eat, faster real deal and abuse are minute. You one day,
Don't come back to you and what are you gonna? Do you think it away? What would you say that, even if everything you know people not less, but you because it is a unique one press while walking and now the rooms split down the Middle EAST gadfly already I gotta go this way, I'm gonna get out now. Where would you anyone, man I mean I've always been me up its work as they have been ties, do you think that wasn't back enough? There's things at that time they're gonna call me you sell enough or you do by Europe knows than ever now you doubt about what we demand of always just me on a beginning and all he's just been Terry, grew old guy. I thought people victim, shaming integrity, laboratory. I got his shirt off in your eyes. Look into that military played gay rose before out of that justifies the main driving
a man. I listened again the arguments everyday that's ridiculous. Dealing with the facts as they like Can not do this for anybody. Anybody know problem is a thing of beauty and protect the women Have any of you, I'm trying. Then I'm gonna wait a minute. That's got to the point where they tricked everybody think it as part of the job knows that a man is brought about being in Hollywood commander, you don't know it. I know you're, not I'll, be there. As we are always saying. No, no, no and Amselle you his hat is just about it the music industry has been heading out of all the time. This is now, which is a fumigation the view been act like this for time, I'm gonna, I grew up in a culture mad a film called know what it is
molesters. I know what you're going to turn their you're gonna hurt data every nobody's cat in China. Gaslight you make, you think you all you dont know was gone I'll meet you in charge. Try to turn you out you on street. They try to turn you up a bit of the Athenians and I know it and I see- and I think I care I remember when I was fourteen and walk out on a school and groaned ass man. Look at that. As on. I wait a minute ain't, you fifty pages You look at our borders is an online. Knowing how do you know what I mean is even talking about the girl? Now, what are you looking at you lookin at women and they're gonna, put up a one sided I've seen these kind of abuses regard you get. People feel like that's just part of being a man, but it's got nothing to do would be enemy. Now. What made you guys take the role in this film because watching a trail always seen a small part of it, but it seems
all right. You seem like a law to below had a wife- and I you know I was in part of it is looking like a thing with it. All of a sudden, I see a guy with what I come out into a white guy. What does what major due to spill it was, you know, was in tourism. Was Davos here, listening military just break down, and this is a different view. Can I watch you in we, you remain all the time, but in reality the depth of what we started. This does interview. A lot of. That was the reason that actual do movie, because, underneath all stop, did you say you might need some urban really get, though, underneath his lack of Britain incredibly details story about that which we go through in this country as well it is as terrorists. It social political, socio, economic, gender realities ages, for me, was very it was. It was very clear when I had first conversation with what Dismantle my right I was in ITALY would founding folly we can offer from
in power which were Curtis without even ITALY to yet I want We have had an old man and he had a conversation with me and he told me that you know owed politically euro and we're going to create this thing would have no real name too young to your character. Me mister, just Mr Andrews Different any brought on twenty March in her. You know figuring somebody out through a book She a written, and I thought that was brilliant than I thought. What do you mean about my cared to sort of being, as you said, is unidentified will, because he still he knows a lot. I decided to do the one I bet with boots permission because I think he's all seen, even though you think he's only see what you ve got his gun of in the midst of leaving quarter set out, but at the same time Yacu knows what's goin on next armies character, which represents the in America like now get here. This is where you want to get the terrorist point. Holly
This is where you want to get new. My gonna sauna Keith characters kind of going against at an end and the fact that a complete his conduit this bridge between the two, and not really be a sell out, but actually went ahead. Information does what specifically attracted me, but the end of August banning lover. This man to my left- love wept for seventy years lackeys. Therefore, one our young great young actors, Tessa talked in one over once boost zero. Oh. Here's a gas eating get through three people was that of a man does not need big data we make light of real life situation, migrated not making light of it. What it does is it makes things more ridiculous to show the contradiction clearer and that heightening of contradiction happens in two places. When we analyze something, we showed a contradictions. The show house how society functions like, even if you do in a college lecture you heightened things and examine
ray breaches. Oh, that show the contradiction. That's exactly the same thing as downward comedy. I wonder if the people who are supposed to received a message in Islam, which would be a presses, the wider who duty age, is we beg or making the I'm not under the the feeling that the way that we make social change is, we beg or presses the change. In my opinion, the way that you may change is you force some one to have to choose between you gonna make less money or you gonna make no money. You know, and- and so this film is not about talking to someone with power and hoping they see more. It's about talking to,
each other. I we got more with the cats. Sorry to bother you when we come back, he locked the breakfast global warning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club. We have the cast of sorry to bother. You knew flick. There comes out in July to recruit Zamora hard with boots. Riley Vanessa called you ever get tied it s. All. Never do that is such a classic. Seen from white jigs downtown, no, You can do no other than we ever never out of their people. Guitar reveals the out there, I'm so tired. I know I just keep. Do we see the thing? Is I never stop work you see when you have that endanger whereby crystal top of illegal programme- and I went out with you put all you gotta move your people started bottom up, I'm satisfied. You don't owe me, is now a bit stop. There I'd be died of the tragic reminded you have
problem taken these rules, as you are very much, goes to a lot of people and is hard to see you in any other or canary dumb affirms gonna like they go, go go go about getting rid of all we as it also what I think I have my gaze of memory I mean. Do you some always goes to you like I have inability, as an active, always goes to you, my dear you go right now he's just do POW Rs my day, but other people don't give him as credit as an area so good, and I think he's not acting in this man. This man is a poet. You know me, I mean leave might be both in my knock you out? If you do something like the heat,
you're, like man, I'm an of of Terry crews, unlucky several while but think about it. Every played a homosexual aids victim married her Jana Jackson, whatever I believe that for color girls have trade, I mean it is fifteen years ago is just so funny goes like now get from. I want that goes out in an area that I love for ages, and his leg is pretty is reaffirming our various movie is because just got you never had any. I mean I did Shaq on radio dish. Our policies to withdraw my darling is fine. I gotta tell mom I'm awarded in Chicago then up, I don't is just one of those where I have to remind everybody Lugano, an actor so what did so partners? What does his white boys Dagmar Roth? Does looking when PAN within this ban, may be doing it was like so disguise
Madam you wanna five. First, what is its is fill. They're gonna, while nobody along owners- and I want to know what to say ass to what is I want to say it to imbue s there right now, Romania has no want to say that the law is, the law is like. John images gave us a there Frazier night member here, but this is my opportunity, flammable Charlemagne and envy the Charlemagne for sugar. That funds remain to be the deep One of the group Charlemagne knows the that the talents of mine Charlemagne, even though that what music I know that he knows it. So the lab is: oh, you gotta, keep strategically doing things and get you away from goes, but it's scary or is it not scary and I go Charlemagne? It can't be scary because if I'm a novice
third, the tariff point. Then maybe a scary, because my bread and butter is this thing. If I'm Michael be Jordan's Age- and I do ghost oh, but if I've done all these things preceding earlier than God bless Netflix, could you go back and go Do the latter before you? God bless you so now that I play goes, which is a beautiful testimony to the security of kurdish producing Jackson and Goin. I think I know the right person report. He could robbers, but boy- and I don't know if we have a show like rights over fifty to beat as secure empty, get corny on board and get stars behind it, Then it makes Charlemagne it makes boots. It makes envy and makes Terry go well even at his brother and his friend was right, Pickford his character that sometimes we cannot see him. But in reality, if you know right Were fur whatever's Sidney Party with the right picked for forty five times be in Arabic. We don't really have an opportunity,
celebrate Sidney as alleging oval or the icon. That is, if you didn't, do very good, all the other things that he's done. So we all want the same thing. A major in journalism. I was in a world of indian shawl me that was my major, but always arise there. You have it your story, teller, Charlemagne and embryo still limited as to the way they tell stories. But satellite the apple has allow you oughta, be not, as I mentioned earlier, that you not to me. So I think, as ghost every journalist that stock within the parameters of what we know to be, then it does tell him brown people as the how wide we see and how why we don't see was ironic about it is goes, envy is wide, is so you'd almost think This guy has to be a really wide actor because knows this. Thirty five is just that there is so much with their thing. Boots makes a great point by going is harmful to see all the. The way that was given to the basket is analogous analogous to bath, wasn't coming off the play off if these ghosts, because
begin to hope so many different ways: the goals which in astronomy, museum, thereby thought the fires are due to play. The fires was like everyone everywhere, where we can use our theorem. You, like all you like Miss miles. In a lot of people shot. I mean like ghosts morning Omar you, a lot of people going, I caused in it, and it tells on them, is like you needed a got. Seventy five feet wide to play a got. Forty five, but why I will be able to your friend, is a net result? Monroe anymore? No, you, ok, ok, I say, namely on social media, were asking a rat well, then, would boost, and now I need a rat. You couldn't do. I not from persona. Non grata would apply to rock hotter than the second intifada adieu, three firewater, but more like Hiawatha, endless, lotta, slaughter. Plata, your armada inform you,
that I am a modest squalus, who must squatter, put your collar, echo black and white Gala, what kind of Fatah four dollars both and of trumpets Obama? I don't remember the rest but check this out. Every death is an abrupt one. Every cop is the correct one went under catch up and trustworthy every guess one plus one. I forget rest in the direct our eye, William Boot Man. If they were here. I would take that as an somewhere not mean just because people like a New York, don't you ever stronger man, your man of syrian booth fairy but Lily Pre, thereby? Finally, the thing that CAT Williams has done for entertainment, there'll be cool. My anyway, you know was the wisdom will become up July six and select theatres July thirteen,
everywhere there I think, go check out. Sorry, we appreciate you guys join us. Thank you, man. I think a lot about is the brilliant locomotive The breakfast club morning everybody is being J. Envy Angela YE shall remain the girl we are. The breakfast club does give the Roma's assault back the dry. Building the day. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club. That day is working on a Marvin, Gaye Bio pigs to be pretty interesting. Now a lot of people have been trying to do this. In the past. The most recent was Jamie facts who actually had landed the rights when the miniseries backing, when he succeed, but there has been no movement on that day now looks exaggerate is gonna, be the person, that's aspect This would have been out of comic another Bio pick about an artist. Would Albion buys because we can really do bio pigs? You have to do that
the bad in the ugly of a person enough something that can be hard to do if you are indeed a fan of said part is not your friend. Why adding the most implanting is too. I would like the family and people actually knew the person so that you can get real inside information that you can do that. I think ass really helpful to have people that actually knew depressing. Interacting with him. Tell a story. Cadets Andrade and even to himself by the way, is great, unaccompanied inside a good bad, and I do think it. I didn't, do it for yourself. He made himself like a full blown, severe Owens, to compensate the spirit of the business that he don't. Let's feminist up to be researched, late, half We know that it will be like notorious. How did he was portrayed enamel because he worked are now also that was in the good, the bad in that either one very one- video every with a big part of biggie leg getting discovered and I he within it alive. Now I right now. Let's talk about red tables,
are you guys, Libretto Data, Picket Smith and her daughter and her mom well, on Mondays episode. She had each agency and cookie Johnson there they talked about is a first coming out about his sexuality and leaves them jars. Hawaii check out what happened the very next day. He went to your room available just for work. We're gonna get through this. And down. Here I just need time, and then we water colours, started coming a little bit. Then I moved to New York to go to college and when he came back to visit, he picked me up for dinner and he was like you know like them to have you here. Well, we love you. I wouldn't go just like their whatever hug, you dad and whatever, but he heard me so hard almost like broke. My
At that point, I was like we're. Gonna, be ok, I'll love each other than I have had the pleasure of media couple times more easy on Saturday. I get excited when I see either outside it. It is six foot, eight inches old, either whoops somebody that arrive? They all went. It was the day the disappointment. I like the best addressed with all these women have in fact will never see humbly backward out of maize. We don't know that you can play ball and maize or nobody. Joy, urban, Madagascar, unemployed people- and I quote, we don't know of egypt- has skills on at court so easy the boy only days MA am cookies ass. In other talking about that experience and how you felt like that conversation had turned hurtful, we had a talk with dad relevant look up. My have moved the car for George. He react quickly. Thirdly, everything I came to this happens, every let it out- and I was like because my bill- and I know of
hurt his feelings when he was- and you know, is not what I wanted for my son and do you realize what you're saying? Because you know the world is not going to like and you want to live this life afterwards. You know, I told him. I thought about that was alone. Tat, fear that was right. Whatever I'm glad either Johnson exist right. A bad man makes me happy when I feel now about AIDS and and Nicky Bela. They were supposed to get me and then he wanted then not have kids. He got of his sector me and He is willing to reverse that procedure because he was Nicky Bela back so badly. They had split up, and that was because johnsing I did not want to ever become apparent and I say that he does want to marry. Her was that relationship was Ameriky said. I will give you a child, I will sacrifice and he will and do that for sector me in order to get his girl glove you by the very reasons and automatic became route. So that's good, for them are alarming hell. Her Miss Education toy is going down stairs July. Fifth, every junior beach and his
have a whole lot of openers Annette Horsey, celebrating the twentyth anniversary of that legendary album the Miss Education of Laura the p. That will be on that score include. Nor am I a my best ran fancy goad Athos Rocky says a big boy, Dale S all by the rhymes, amongst others that there be a whole lot. People are joining her as well leaving her Lord, who has created. Was body work that she has been eaten of harmony is twenty. This is why we want to get all that happened at last. Our. But I was not EU air ancillary cause. You gotta think there was food use albums first and then to do with education, and so people that will be joining her tallow quietly Dave each day. Chapelle hold out of things go on as if you guys, wanna, go and see that Classic Arab make sure. Yet a lawyer. I write em Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Monsieur Charlemagne, youth, their regular, don't do men. I have did the my neck of the woods.
Just in South Carolina need a young brother, namely Roy Jos, more to come to the front of the congregation. Man always remember. Life preparation is key Leroy You stay ready. Young guy get ready. Ok, you don't mostly Rosa low crazy, that of the wreck. Our right of abuse me right here, maybe we'll get into other. He was a big personal, we'll get a donkey. Next keep alive. The ripples locomotive, devil dog you today for waited day June twentieth goes to a twenty year may name Leroy Joe Small Leroy is from my negative would solve Caroline at a low country nor Charles to be exact drop. One includes bombs from eight point three Dammit days of demerit. All have you still going on in the world? Sometimes you just have to take a break and go see. Gotta laughter to keep from crying and Leroy
Those small is created, some comedy for me this morning always say: life is a movie. Some of us are living. With some of us living a tragedy. Some of us living the romantic found some of us an action thrill of some of us, a crime film, some of us just for a full blown com. Ok, if you are leaving the great live, you probably have a mixture of all different film genres in your existence, but Leroy small. Provided as one of the greatest comedic scenes. I in a long time, see Leroy onto day, was charged with failure to stop for blue lights, simple offence right? A lot of people have led police on high speeches before a lot of people have hit gas to shake the pulleys right now, I'm afraid to see shortly after midnight in North Charleston. Okay police were in the area of king and Romney street when they stopped the car for a traffic violation. One of the off He said he saw a passenger of the car, making movements toward the rear passenger seat run of appeal. I didn't know chosen police from that shooting and killing this foolish young man, William, I'm gonna middle nutmeg and moves around police officers in his climate. Now, according to indoors
when the they asked the passenger and the driver to get out. This happened, Charles than Man facing charges. Tonight after police say he tried to speed away from officers. One thing though his car was in part. Twenty year old, the voice mall was arrested and charged with failure to stop for blue lights. Police say just after midnight. Officers pulled them over for a traffic stop when they have them to get out of here, say small looked directly at them, then press on the gas pedal the car was smaller than for the car and drive and then drove down King street. He was eventually stop that Clementines rule avenues according to police. It was given a tin. Thousand dollar bond right. Is it the road runner yelling beat beat before he runs off or forgotten he had. No legs is like shooting I'm shot in turning around throwing your hands in the air like it went in and not even realizing that you try to help. But this is like the phone state and in run into stage dive in nobody catches. You and you asked yes the floor. What is so interesting about this situation that he, just
No, he was about to be out the fact he looked. The cab dead in his eye is a tell tale sign and he thought he had. One of our police and he was about to get away, but his domain forgot forgot to move a gear shift from P D. South with airlines. I have your new commercial right here, courtesy, Leroy, Jewels Mall, nor charts unsolved humanity. The scene is it? Let's hear it thats just pull them over for traffic. Stop They asked them to get out of here, say small, looked directly at them, then down on the gas petalled again the car was in part. I want to get away from dont you two days you shut himself up give me Rigel, Smarter Switzerland, amateur athletes. You all e g. Yeah
no more nor chosen uzzano floor here with I didn't work out our I wish. I let me thank you so much for the donkey of day. Yes, you had asked you comrade inaccurate. That's right today is how they say. You know it's time for ass. He said you have any advice that you might need to get may show. You call me up when a hundred five eight by one of my one, and I will help you Europe's one will do is modest or the birth. Of course yes was up. I'm Angela YE. It is the breakfast club in his time for ask a year. Now we are going to be taken. Your cause now give some advice out from our own expense. This isn't what I seen and what I know right now. We have Desiree on the line with that Desiree, hey how you doing. How are you fine? I just want to say I love you guys. The bird with our candidate randomly you dead, they re much. Your question is mine and know You know why not make a man mature boy seeping your way, our common learning and become a lawyer. My boyfriend is that in this thing, where will we gotta pick out, I'm yonder so without delay?
but you guys are we gonna? Do they do their, but I'm like we don't have much time to doing is no not only to get out of together. I go ahead, but I don't wanna he's really with the move right hazy, but he's got a move to better he's, moved her hard useful, so you feel like you is not mature enough right now. You have things that you would have liked, but your career for yourself for you, and he's not on the same page year were I'd desert. How old are you I'm twenty by ok, twenty five years old and sometimes it is hard for people to be on the same page when you're in a relationship a you know, women we do tend to mature, laugh ass at a man. Why and I get it together, allow quicker, I want to say this dialogue has sometimes I feel, like my boyfriend's, extremely mature as well in certain ways, and sometimes he dashed up to the plate, but I do feel like if there's things at your really passionate about and that you want to pursue and life you show me
Sure that's you do. Those things are you'll have resentment for it now in his eyes that he wants to come along and grow up and join you in figure it out. Then that's great. If he decides, he doesn't once you when you guys have a long distance relationship while Europe doing your genes and your gauze than that could potentially work out. Also- or maybe you guys want and are being on the same page at all, but I do feel like it's a mistake not to pursue, you are dreams and things that you are passionate about right after I could arise that are you drunk, I called you and I'm afraid of my fine, and I want to go back now, want to go back with a bit more dear. The people sitting was, and he he went to court you that, yet you could do that you, you got a good debate. All you could do. They know how to do it. So what what can I tell him polite? You know him go like you need to think that the newly today, right? That's how people there I as self motivated as you are an maybe you need to give him my that same motivation that he gave you, because he did obviously like you just as supports you and actually encourage you to.
Something that maybe you didn't have the confidence that maybe he doesn't have the confidence right. So maybe you maybe who needs it brainstorm with him and tell him what you think he's great at and give him that confidence is well right. Well, I will go again again like you guys, could still have a long distance of relationship and see how that works, but it is something that I don't become Goodwood along. This had been uneven a week ago. I can go on that. Have a program like about it. I know what you doin imo. Be makers are allowed you don't ever. It is fair to say boy. You know you back on my all who use has not asked me right on average, as a rare, you may need to work on that as well. If somebody ok, you may need to note a better than you gotta work on within Europe,
because if he hasn't give you any reason to feel that way, you can jump to conclusions all the time. Ass now go for our relationship either so workers some things within yourself, but this may show you pursue your dreams and hopefully hobby upper the towns and supports Manning, encourage him as well. I do the bank you so much beg you from under. Our right is ASCII one hundred five. If I went off, I one call us up. Let me know if you need some advice: whatever's Angela YE and we are in the middle of ascii, where you can call me up and ask me for a vice about absolutely anything, no judge
zone right now we got anatomy is on the line which are question a baby boy, my big bird, everybody right, binding daily. We got everything, but what I thought it worth doing, a better job within a dependable bearing won't find a better way really good money available when he was a man may be good for you now bathwater there about random framework. Now I'm a single white remembered by every guy. That's where you go around the Balkans, though guided by might be all happened about the labour movement. People rang
but that is the way we make money that a good job they were. But when I talk about bedroom and down anybody or anything about embodied by the body of wrath, big lion What I saw you bear mesmer these guys. We Birmingham and every day by yards is have a casual relationship and he doesn't want us down with you, but he does want to settle down. We talk about any everything we basically have briefer Deborah airmen babe. I am not a breath back for you. We can do everything they gather well, yeah. Maybe that's what the problem is. The problem is that she had given him everything that he wins, and so he doesn't feel like is a challenge in any way at all. You haven't, we am he's kind of looking at you as just a good time girl and he's
very out. It may be a very honest with you about. Is that what are you doing to change that we talk about being? Could gather like? I would be I've been together, but I don't wanna do the pressure that we already have, because at the measured it very strong, like I've thought about the bad, but I believe that the gardens omission, but at the same time, in London for legal, but at the moment- and we appreciate that we ve already banned I'll, be bill like a relationship with the story there you know what's interesting, Iver guys say they, they couldn't be with a girl that they had three sons with. They can't pity that person be under your wife and maybe he's one of those kinds of guy. Some guys love it. As some guys like well, that's not wife material. Will be up to you to if you pull back on giving him everything that he went and him access to Eu Access to you in the bedroom and access to being a best friend and access to everything with no holds barred without him. Maybe that's what it is hidden,
you have to be with you because he has everything he wants from you anyway. He probably bill. Beating their married to somebody and still be with you. If you wanted to bad boy, do right, because you haven't, got any boundaries on things: cuz you're just allowing him to do whatever he was everything's on his time and all and all you're doing is whatever he pleases. So if you still want to be friends with him, then you need to cut doing all the that the only way here miss something is if he doesn't have a thank you. I right I'll live Baraboo Brady. Eighty eight alibi ya know, we yeah they get. They have a show come into. Bravo! So don't you worry about you, but our enemies appreciate. You does ask you call us every what are we lose eight o clock? It depends on when the press is only we know. Images ran out the Roma
Does that mean we don't know how to do this every day? For the past seven year, whenever we tell you to carve AEGIS car, ok, one hundred five evolve. One o five one- we are all welcome. Adobe yes will be talking about vagina. Is another exciting. Yes, it always is a pleasure to talk about vaginas harm gas Adam the ones who will not go back over the reul report. The breakfast club crazy, taken recently person herself actually getting obligation, an obligation that what is that web? It s a bad you know steaming Souci was wearing. Faced man has had a heating pad and it was a spam was he put up mask he pad vagina steam? No, I don't know of any of this works, but it can't hurt right.
That's very nice is vagina steaming begging your performance. They are basically, you kind of armed groups. Will, however, over esteemed blend of dried herbs, Gruner fish, including buddy boy, and I can help you and his pms symptoms, uterine cramping fertility and many of us symptoms as well, so a lot of spies actually do vagina steaming, but, according to health experts is no real benefits. To be able to establish is no real benefits us all monitored, so they got hot shower almost theme. You vagina, Exogamy team of Germans. Are you did it? Does all these things? For you watch our yes, one expert actually says that overheating can promote and over growth of unhealthy bugs in east infections. And they did say that, after having a baby, you're vagina undergoes profound changes to prepare for birth, but also to help it he'll, afterward and steaming contains, and in no way can this theme gets her uterus or other pelvis pelvic oregano? What have you got a really
used infection in use, deem it aligned in one day a loaf of bread is comes out. You'll die, you haven't you miss. I really want to use role. I write what data pink instrument on red table talk with actually talking about things she had to do for her vagina. She said underwent. I, this treatment, virginal rejuvenation after suffering from bladder problems check it out. I can definitely feel them. I mean when I tell you that Have my yoni is like a senior all I'm not kidding so that technique where they introduce heat, which stimulates cellular turn over, which makes you feel younger again it gets. You type gets a nice. But at least eight of a giant of eighty and we make the vagina of age not fatal, began to feel. Like a sixteen year old, my God sends pity I am, I may say eighty next apparently s, I write Michael,
action is a Michael Jackson, Musical, that's gonna becoming too Broadway. Are you excited about that? That's gonna be happening in twenty. Twenty right now is untitled, but they gonna die actually had that on Broadway. I think only the goat get out now, Michael Jackson, musical I have to wait to review, see if it's good and Pharrell is teaming with black ish creator. Your Barras he's gonna be doing a musical about June team, which is the holiday that celebrates the abolition of slavery. So Kenya, berries is going to do this. I got operas slash musical and rail is gonna, write composed and produce the music, so You go that's different musicals. Are you interested in that and I'm happy for them, but I'm not interested and in other news, black China is single again. According to her, I guess former boyfriend experts, Then why be an almighty day? He posted black channel,
and I any added her are no longer together. So we don't know what could have potentially happened, but now they are split up she's thirty years, all these eighteen! There is also the two of them. I guess I back on a black lose young raise like I just use eighteen eighteen I would like to add two did. I would be interested in Kenya Bear as June team thing, I Navona seat in a musical ills and with around when all the music of all want to see that the musical I want you back You know agility vigilance, even when you know it, all the slaves were freed from from Texas in a confederate south? If I'm not mistaken in his dislike I can just imagine how to be. I gonna meet the bunch. It it'll be like a bunch of happy free, I'm free slaves, long. What is gonna be me. I'm dumb has eventually happy and better legislation and heavy Magyar nobody's gonna be out of things. I give it a chance. I might imagine,
and that is your room, a report all thank you. Miss Yait, Thou Shalt revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else to people's choice mixes up next, get you requested. Dj envy and I'll get you joins, or if we used to briefly locomotive. Here's something good is a new show from the Seneca women Podcast network, and I heard radio it's a great way to start your day on. The positive side of life were so grateful to Bank of America for supporting here. Something good and for supporting organisations across the country were on the front lines, addressing medical response capacity, food insecurity, access to learning and providing the port to born rouble populations? I'm came as a really listen to hear something good on the eye: heart, radio, F, Apple podcast or were every listened to your favorite shows a class twenty twenty
you know, things have been super. Weird lately were robbed of a graduation ceremony, so we found some people to write. You coincidence, beaches are legit, he's a very good she's into over twenty of your favorites from Dj College coach, Abbe, one off to halls ain't there all here. To give me the wisdom that we could always right now, this entire radios, Newport, has commencement creatures drop, make a team from thy heart radioactive and Sunday makes us all. I heard radio station in partnership with a twenty twenty census claim your future start here,
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