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Do You Feel Bad For Bill Cosby?


Wednesday 9/26 - Today on the show we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought about Bill Cosby's recent sentence to 3 to 10 years. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to yet another Florida person, this time it was a teacher who got fired for giving 0% to students who didn't turn in homework and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info run a virus stock of. Let's all, do our part because we're all Tad alone, together brought to you by Add council, my name is pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year old Son Courtney, wound up with the bullet. In his back outside of Chicago police Station, there's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself. Does nation were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true listen to somebody on the eye, heart, radio, apple podcast, wherever you get, your party casts
order for today world proves that there other during the captain of only one who can remain rivers, hello alone, you I guess it usually is that there are also other may not be a vulgar morning. Gods dj envy we are the breakfast allow took you
turns out, was talking about a new you come on in the mining Harry you as everything, a broadcasting from L a minute late for a couple of days how to take a meeting or two and I'll be back on Thursday. Gonna know ye today's my mom's birthday murmur ye. You know everybody's by these in September right so yesterday it was my best friends birthday, happy birthday, Santee. Is my mom's Saturday's, my brother's birthday, you know, that's cause everybody sex around the holidays December. New year's everybody has these birthdays in September, seismic Mama that's agenda, my mom em my brother last night, and I said it's my Keyser from Atlantic it was his moms birthday on Sunday. So they're gonna bring my mom too. There was a whole huge ordeal is in everybody's family members, becoming a turn into a party it was morrows tomorrow's little wanes birthday body is Jesus birthday Little Wayne says he's releasing codified on his birthday, some excited about that,
ready that it was gonna come out on Friday and he's. I never said that right. He said his birth is authors that we should begin to Cardiff of our now thing in our my ma am and my friends MA. I think we should do. That they. Therefore, I think that on normally like I'll go over, my Ma Am Managua, like all my friends in their moms Emma, do that more frequently, but we all know is more Erica Alexander Roma, live in single she'll, be joining us this morning, you talking metal. A little bit you down there, you sound terrible mused is. Might the situation in Albania of about thirty months now go ahead. An out and out and out and also you watch black ink crew. Yes, I did see there until gonna be joining us too quickly. M as well. I don't really watch it. I just wants to fight sms slang say they are expanding their franchise. In so many other cities, so ask him about that, but they had walked and the issues lawsuits against them see this single. He's been going crazy, dating TAT has been,
girls fighting over him size, I'm sure Ask about all that. Well, let's get to show cracker from me. News when we talk about man is to Moscow, and I, like you, said there can be got sentence yesterday and would tell you all about that. Ok, we'll get a threat mix, keep alive. The breakfast locomotive pouring everybody is D, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy. We are the breakfast Club Blueskins front page news for each other, you fail, caused the guy sentence it three to ten years now. Also it is a sexually violent, predator, that's what the judge has claimed. So that's gonna, be his sentence is essentially violent, predator as well he'll be ninety one of his hands, his full term. When he's released, the judge said I'm not permitted to him. Differently, based on who either who he was seized. As she said, As an end, your constant, Mr Cosby, you took her beautiful. The young spirit and crashed it. Some you he's getting really three years right. What they mean of minimum three, so, yes to do, three
so he can be out in three years possibility now his belts person made a statement saying they persecuted Jesus and look what happened that same. Mr Cosby is Jesus, but we know what this country has done to black men for centuries. About Harvey worse than are we talking about him yet not yet Sloka, but look erelong attack for them to actually do this will build? Has guess what his personnel will be in jail for putting this. For me, I don't know, be Jello pudding, but it is going to be a some type of custard dessert, so there you have, it will cause the is going to take as much at everything already man with a mad dog has been gonna do bill cargoes. Interrupting his interest in their people going over this goal, noticing seemed to know they want when it comes to boycott, which path, It been our built out of this land yesterday. Data say that he was getting empathy and social media? in all my wife, bilge I've been going to jail in you know, Brett Cabin asked the Lady and Donald Trump as president,
we want yeah yeah, I mean listen. He acts has led a really long life outside of jail, despite some of the things that that happen allegedly happens decades ago. So he should be grateful. For that part. At least now eighteen convictions were overturned in Chicago and that's because these people where all arrested by a police sergeant run away. Who was tainted so apparently they did overturned those convictions. Eighty men who are wrongfully arrested because of corruption in that unit and in Seattle. They're gonna vacate more than five hundred convictions for marijuana possession, because it unfairly impacted people of color. So they broke down what and the population of Seattle only about seven percent african American, but of the more than five hundred cases cited. Forty six percent involved african American seems a little bit unfair to me are right and the co founders
Instagram are stepping down, they have announced, they are going to leave the company and they said we are planning on taking some time off. To explore our curiosity and creativity again. Building new things requires that we step back under and when inspires as a match that with what the world these that's what we plan to do they fell the woman I well Facebook. What is it an hour ago? Yes, they're, gonna, step away from the company. Now you know faced with been having issues into grants, but having issues because it had they hand user dad with a pair of carelessness in foreign interference and also allow employers to discriminate by excluding women and older men from targeted ads and the social media site. So all kinds of issues there we have in mind Aziz Escobar? Maybe get any money about to get sued, something somebody morsel absolutely Instagram for being directed towards something crazy like that With the organ donor bill. God we die if he says, is presenting beyond these. Ninety one that if he serves a ten years but at Us- robotic academic year,
they can be dealt with in two with that's my bet. Two week, yea try to put away behind it. I say within two with a needle and if you look at how much I suggested it s, a heart, broken man legacy is indicative, Did these ready to call the grim repressive check, please jewish leather? women present, who also were affected by bill, caused these though they were rejoicing, that there was finally some justice, no wonder would bigger than with their one. On one is present right: dost, thou, dost gambling The bet ya need to be make get fancy Ferber, I'm betting on someone's life, may neither thou right well as front page news. When we come back from living, single Erika Alexander will be joining us. Yes, yes, it was up here. Recently before and she's? Just incredible, I love everything that she has going on her color fire. Media that she's doing in that she has some new announcements to make direct soldier next. Keep it lacked the breakfast
good morning warning everyone Magee Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have some special guess in a building. Yes, we have first Erica Alexander welcome back. Thank you. Lend me a good morning, coordinator, Erika she's always welcome. Here we mean it. You know what I think you I don't take. Evergreen Dago area will see. I wish this is lilium who, as she's one of the co founders of civil and its new blockchain company, and they changing the face in new good morning. My morning, labelling and lily failing in the blackness we're is that now will remove the coach of well listen. I'm waiting when I was here before I talked about my company color farm media. Our media was were bound to our our mission is to do more inclusive and diversity. Obviously there is a lot of companies doing that right. Now, we had an idea for the blackness about a year and a half ago wanted to compete in news and current events
oh, really really did know how we we knew we wanted to do it, but we do know how, and so we sought to put that to decide, because people know me for film and television. Those things started to move a little bit more set up projects and in my business partner, New Lillian, and they had a discussion talking about a new platform, a blockchain company they had created that was supposed to change how it was most decentralized authority and create new opportunities for people to do things. Inside of news media, and we talked about it and we partnered they said hey. We like what you're doing we like the ideas, so the blackness really is long form investigative reporting for under represented community the blocking of that out, leaning short zero. The blockchain is just it's just basic underlying technology for where people are calling web. Three point now said the ideas that web currently the internet
Now, as is poorly incentivize, you don't really know what's going where whose doing why, whose profiting off of why blockchain is a really transparent approach to being on the internet. So you can see all of these transactions you can see like who is paying people for what things in a most people know blockchain, because they ve heard of fit coin. That's just like one thing you can do honour, but basically you can build just write anything upon it. You can create new currencies in creating new stores of value, new types of power dynamics and it open to everybody. Has the blackness all important? Well, you know this is waiting to what you guys do all the time, and I- and I bet you this happens to you. After thirty five years, people get to know you
they get to see you over spending. Time and sort of you know see what you're at and, where you're at, in a trust you after, while he's tell you all sorts of crazy stories about themselves because they want help, they want people to listen to them. So I've had this happen. Do it to me a few times, but I just tell you a quick story. So there was this one that came up to me at your show lip service and she said to tell you about what happened to my brother. He was, he was a young football player. He took off one night, only a vice of his doctor, he took evening walked or as asthma, and he never show back up again and I found on a day or two later lynched from a tree and we're not talking. I got back in the day hanging from a tree enclose that weren't his own and choose they were to size is too small and they rule suicide. As she says, I want justice for my brother. I dont know how this could happen. So I talk about the blackness as being something to put you know things glow in the dark? I think black people always glow in the dark, but we found a way to make things
There were no one wanted to pay attention, but right now really matters. Our survival depends on our ability now and to tell stories, but for people to understand hours worries and news media is critical that is so took, as has so many people who felt so helpless about reason: things that have happened. There are important. But they don't know how to get to the media to get the attention so that their stories can be told that there can be something done all the time. People hit us out, leg, There have been, and here's some video. What happened. Please put me over, and this happened even just watching a story about the off duty police officer who show those are my domain to his apartment industry that the news tells might not be what really happened, but then things just go away like you said sometime We hear about something on the news even sometimes locally, and then that's it. That's the end of it loaded, desperate the desperate for pay attention. The breakfast morning everybody is D, J
envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy. We are the breakfast club. We still have in the build up living single Erika, Alexander an Lillian Ruiz shot me I won't ever gorgeously bigger, hold your real and, oh my god. Let me first how classy I dont really at act very much which every Owens my character was sort of in our positions would being near tempest scared around rockers younger over and it didn't come up, but I always admired him whose greatest Elvin again took my going off into the blackness. What happens to all those performers and stars What happens when there are no rules to really sustain them? That happened to me. For a very long time. I wasn't working and I had never even find a forum, but does it unemployment insurance draft with forty and I needed it, and you ask me a question on phone? What else can you train, for? What are you doing in the woman was really nasty to me like cause? You don't think I was working hard enough like why? Are you going
the Indian retrained and as it were, my mom I'm an actress in I don't know I mean what do you can you can you can now be barrister? Can't you can be this life it? I guess I could you know it had nothing to say to her that I felt because I didn't think the writing any leverage anywhere else. I know what to do as acting, and so when I saw that picture and there it was from an angle on his stomach with it. You know stuff ironic, as you ve been working all day and he was dead, his job lying in his business ray, and I know the woman to probably mean a warm. She would like all there's a lot of whatever, but I think if you ve ever been famous alive and you're going to go down turn any hat and the wheel hasn't termed. Yet you don't know how to tell people that success. Right now in your eyes, some doing what I need to do, and this is successful me so when you go to bankruptcy, court like I did and you walk into the door and a security guard looks into a thing. Is cool? Is cool you'd be surprised how come through here at rough, and I have many friends you ve got to that end. We land,
conversations. What happens is usually performers celebrities income? Why? Because of the easiest thing, if you put on that shroud and people can say anything, David, but Lord, oh did you. Because then you can explain how you ain't. No more, I mean, and I giddies yes, that's how I felt was not in battle comes We had out there. I think a lot of terms. We get money, don't do it. I want to see, if not in that outfit, but it's not our fault, that's how we were raised. I thought we were born my mom and dad didn't teach me how to invest. They didn't teach me nobody telling me how to save a daughter, my mother, her idea, Helping me was when I start to make my personal money was fifteen. I got my check I don't want anybody having access to that money, but you so there was an atm car. This is how you can get your money to me. It was fun time I want to take off friends out, show them that I had changed. You know that
The thing at him, my anything expensive or anything like that. I just wanted to do things for people and its salt slowly went away but then you know you get another job and there it is again, but the truth is I was any. Like. There was no tomorrow so that we could, you felt, like things, will comment to you. Easy than address was not used in what it had a lot of work has, a work I wish you know I was following: did the golden rule give ten percent away that type of thing, so they say: don't you always have something in a way I always did, but you know I'd, it necessarily always have money. You can always have access may be all people be kind to you. Things like that the place of it. But you know one doll started to go away and you got also. You know. After wide lay a finnish dick, you re living single, withdrew, a period where my anxiety was making me half collide is what am. I always thought that my ability to her would be there, but also I thought I had done enough successes in life. That people would give me job. I wasn't sure, would all effectively stopped completely effect. I didn't
I think I told you before I I got don't buy my agent thirty eight, as I didn't think I had any value anymore. Are you t the eleventh Ngos? Possibly come he had. I was playing around. I shouldn't have anywhere the more you know what I do know. Here's the thing and I tried now I try to open up my thinking around us as if people really like that show- and I loved doing it. If they were right conditions, perhaps I would we think it. The truth is still my hard to get momentum it for me. So because the role is so, you know connected to a look even put the hair style. That people tell you where, whatever you want, I may have to think about how she would have you know. Come after all these years I wouldn't look at my career in. Neither Kurds to move forward. Even if it costs me money, even if people did not necessarily understand you could make a lot of money, people want to see the abattoirs. You take a thing cast, do some totally different, so we'll see, but not I've said I'd at in this,
I agree with what thank you for joining us. We apply the pleasure man, my pleasure and appreciate all: did you doing congratulation everything? Thank you wonderful to see. You guys grow Eric. I think I can anyone who is great to have you Serbia, and we can't we when you must let us know so we can make a huge deal gas well, I hope, to God thing we're interested in a go to color far media dot com and people are asking how they can submit stories or be a journalist or whatever thing go on there and you'll see button click on it? Great would do our bit to areas Laura. Yes, Sure you do well is the brain you thank you. The breakfast time. Man, you know how it is. You ve been sitting in hospital rooms all night long enough, They didn't know comfortable chair for fathers, barely gotta, comfortable bedroom of bringing the here holding boarding everybody's e g envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club was gets aromas, assault, legality.
With Angela his club listen little. Yet he will be going ahead and acting. He just made this announcement on Twitter. He said I got some exciting NOS four alma, answer my haters, here's what he said exciting news, Mama Ah, my ears. Are there now smokers? what will be the first to announce that we are. Junction of shooting the long, how hard to how high boy out Did you know when you gotta? How high too, in this area would be about pills door in the open AIDS and annex another lotta people, small ones dealt on wheat aiming to do me long ago. Now, like that he'll get high. I've while I grow, has really been Granville's about the dispensaries and getting into marijuana businesslike. I mean just a movie about yet Sally
even though with the plan is gonna be, but are doing. I lay along home and realise that reality doesn't even smoke, but he's gonna be acting as the character of Roger who is the entrepreneurial, young There are one of the main character, so there you have it. I write my co rapporteur is suing bar stool. Sport see once had a package, and he's doing them for firing him and also for saying that he has Herpes when he got fired, in February? They said it was because he was as sending out tweets conning listeners losers in life, but what he is saying is as far back as last year, one of the blog as wrote a post on bars to Michael Report, is a fraudulent sack of it, then, a few days before I got fired another bar still rights. We did that he was a creepy herpes, ridden failure, defamation of I'll be the have illegally then accompanied started. Selling tee shirts of him in a clown knows with a sore under his mouth after he was fired,
money. My grab wardrobe include both my group would have cleared. You have everything you know somebody can prove. It and what a lawsuit they said, that sweet was done with actual malice and an effort to convey that Mr Rapid port suffered from Herpes and to harm mister rapid ports, reputation or you don't ever. I dont know I can answer that but he says the company also owes him three hundred and seventy five thousand dollars, so he went to breach of contract, defamation and damages in an amount to be termed an one of his is defamation, if it's true, probably because those em and medical issue, so long now than public record, I think, maybe, when they put out their picture of the t, shirt with solar under Are you trying to say that's a happy so, but even using it in a negative way was in your herpes. Ridden like haven't Arby's is bad AIR Atlas and will see what happens will see what happens here.
The problem was very body or they would receive. No certainly allow people who got a lotta, listen, there's gotta be they deserve was rather do I write Nanda given, as did give that twenty five thousand dollars to Jeffrey Owens, and remember she, primacy was gonna, give him twenty five thousand dollars. You sit on her queen radio show after they try to shame him. With that picture, I'd traded Jos. While he has donated that money to charity in full, he ass. He gave the money to a fund for the late Great Earl Hymen. He said he played bouquets bees. Russell on the cause me show. He lived ass, many years indicted at his home, which was funded and by the actors. Fannys that I am extremely grateful to Nicky Menage for enabling struggling act is to continue pursuing dreams are harming, will be shaken. His ADA bill call me: when you get down a couple weeks, then they given as also went to invade these two young women on her shall cast down and asian dark as they ve been beefing and she wants them to squash they'll, be that's my girl,
love castile anomalies and all members to cast is matter. Asia had put just the sore said asian Dal she'd says she do a collapse, raising the dream down an no one at all. Would so I Castro was dreams, streamed out dreamed asian doll Road just to body them. I already body the other one on the songs we got together and then cast our responded. Ya know she just me How can at the sight of her neck per usual, sound Damn it ass, you look and then she said. Let me check them, We set out to Molly Brazier cause me and ILO girl ain't, even in the same tax bracket and now Colleagues have Bobby's on what a cardiologist dollars now were cast out as the first when they did and now cast out, came on lip service and here's what you had to say about the whole. Damn thing she was: our Tammy Roman only have one female artist when the whole style thing like this is my name since two thousand and eleven is not the same,
We are also young about what is not that I don't like bill. I dont like burning doll. Is this not a whole less? We bow collation home, I'm can it now. I like him. I can manage of motion and Amy cast a wire arguing over knave than ain't. Even your real name. They mounted a maimed on checks, Can you mommy? Maybe I'm only to me I guess she's a knife is as a whole bunch of people with the name doll in a name all of a sudden. I wasn't How you think dolls feel? How do you think who dolls feel about humans riding around saying that now has to wait. It ok cast our Asian down. Let's have it sat on the next episode of Queen radio sending love to both of you cast out at I'm straight Amazon ignored, not even a down no more anyway. She changed her name to Asia Brett, and that was my only issue and then
given that it ok bade me an asian doll, going get into some things went again into the music is well got lots of surprises with his show. Thank you guys. Making a number one radioset on apple, every single episode record breaking nobody. Nobody will view cabbage persecute. No, I want to be a key. There may be no is dope. She squash into beef, though, in order that that that's shows that you know she tried to do the right thing, but she wants to be for everybody else as well, because watch all the beef, I wanna see no dialogue, doll crime going all the planets outside the cast our lives matter, her eye. We don't need no dolls briefing, Noma, cleaves dolls, everybody calm down now, right ethic! everybody was welcome, even if they change and aims have whatever the God would you be annoyed? No a black man like in London, and I would love that other guy, your gods, God created man in his image, a coordinated light middle name, thin. Whatever would I was not a name, it's stasis later name. Have you ever read from dig at the God? Why kill you should in Ireland
Frank, I talk about how they had his no, no, my item if they have yet, I would love very body embraced and embraced God and all right all right all right. Well, I'm leaving your rumor What now, when we come back, was over the phone lines, eight hundred five, a five one o five one. Yesterday Bill Cosby was sentenced three to ten years in prison. It seem like people change the below bid or social media that is mad as they were. People had empathy yesterday, all of a sudden it was almost like everybody was planted in a garage owners. I won't you really going to jail, not everybody out right will listen. The phone lines, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty we go talk about Bill Cosby. Do you feel bad for bill? Cosby has your feelings changed? Do I feel bad for Bill Cosby? who did it? I will not talk about it when we come back. Eight five, a five one o five one call us now is to breakfast
e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club now, let's get in front page news little Bill Cosby Inasmuch as it will be serving three to ten in prison and that is after being convicted of sexual assaults. So they are saying that if he wants to go right to work, it is any positions available in jail at a Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Facility where he, we'll be so could do. May we will know what he's gonna end up doing? He could be working in the Garden factory buddy. So, is legally blind, so the only I think they will be able to do milk, arbiters Ryan and over the next couple weeks until he asked the girl we prefer to check that may not on. As my mind, I give two weeks, but let me ask the question: what will open up? airlines, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one seems like social meat. Change the law, but when it came to Bill Cosby yesterday he was sent is three to ten and it seems like people are saying they feel bad form a little bit, you guys we
a bad for him. At all, I mean you're, a sexually violent predator. You been doing this for decades, you finally are going to jail. It is what had And when you do things I dare you end up having to go to jail. I just feel bad for the women whose lives have been affected permanently because it is their careers won't have because he closed doors for them and make sure they couldn't get work. This alone different things that went on for these women, and I rejoice for them that is finally injustice, thing. Is one want to answer that question? I mean it's a loaded, loaded ass. I mean I don't feel necessarily for him. I feel something like we all looked their picture yesterday and I'm pretty sure that we are collectively say: damn you know, feel bad about the overall situation. Cuz, you want to believe people are who they say they are you know I don't. I don't know if I feel sorry we'll call me, but I feel let down because you I know who people really are I been thinkin about in no seen his picture. It may be Give a law are at first, but then I thought about it. Like a drug women like right. Well, what I feel bad, you know, I got daughters and of elective if he did it
one of my daughter when I look at their face and still think of Oda as heave cliff Huxtable, a high note, a reason I. What I went to Hampton was because at a whole he'll men in different world, everything that he created, but the man was dirty. Man I'll get him again and again I lifted his picture and said: you'd that's got away when I guess not, so you feel a cocktail of emotions, say you feel let down? Because of all because of who we thought, we ll call me what you feel before the young women who finally got justice in death, tat what you can Have we can have more than one emotion about the situation or less open up the floor? eight hundred five, eighty five, one thousand five one bill Cosby, do you feel bad for call us up now I will take. You called, will talk to breakfast locomotive breakfast. But now, if you just joined us, we'll talk and Bill Cosby, he was sent in ST attained is yesterday and it seemed like social media changed low bit autumn. Anal people feel bad form that he sent to prison is online,
no movement. I've made people want an eye for an eye like you know they like all of build, going to jail and I'll be why they need to go to jail. Iraq have an eye to the need to be the Supreme Court of Justice in you know why than mad allow allowed. Those was almost like people were what date it was empathy. More like an eye for an eye, and I think you will like playing for so long that got real yesterday I'll shoot. You ok actually going to jail. I mean for decades Thou bill. Cosby did five get away with this. I think. Sometimes the justice system is very slow, My lady S, I'm glad he's getting some type of punishment in or outvoted look it away with truthfully honestly, but if he did those crimes issued citizens Now that I look that I feel a little bit we have seen a sad face and I thought about cliff Huxtable in all the things that he did positive, a black people. Yes, I did feel at a low, but no remorse, that let us s enough live ok too few. An array of emotion, you nausea say, but I don't know of his necessarily just a bill cause. We, I think, is the overall situation that you can have more than one emotion. You can be happy for the women who got justice, but you can also be
let down by somebody that we looked at America's day. Let's go to the full lines: hello is no more danger now age, you know, do you feel any way about bill cars, but you feel baffle amount of Babylon. Every bit of Ebay ages were either. However, I built a lot. Society is Amy and targeting him because of the african man, whoever a family even on the tv? reality of immersion in Amerika man. You use applicant, declared that America but The matter is that nobody is talking about these pre who are consistently constantly waving, molested children? Why they were India, they began faggot, nobody is talking about it. We got filmmaker What do they have at one thousand dollars aim being aren't happening to hang out with America? Never you know what I'm talking about.
A target embryo cloud me even been a topic of discussion with I'll, even know how long I dont bill is correct. Now, what are you getting is correct and that is what he bade the leopard. However, we have these pre to us. The reverend represent realize real love. Family, yet molesting our children, some of them, of course, and I were driving or charges here, he's gonna. They still investigating ivy wasting my you got. You actually got joy, he's gonna, hardly got actually devoted to jog out of his mouth, go to jail, but you're going to have one about Henry Then, why don't you and well, you know the chairs has to stop covering those things that moment ass. Part of what the problem is in the church will freeze, didn't, have tv show visible? Alright allows this to the guy
morning, pay the do. You have a big guy he's gone. Yo Yo ought to be honest, though I mean he we all know or supposedly of what he paid in its inmates. Who were how money saved you from hell right, but he got convicted for one climb. It was only one right when you went to court WWW dismantle so we gotta be that's what the what the law. I know. It's not fair. I mean he's the guy when over and over and draws been raped women, but he went to court for one case only so if you go about what the court said, I guess you got that right. So you don't feel bad will know. I know I don't feel bad whatsoever for him for what he right. I got girls me Ray. I agree they can grow our right would taking. You calls eight hundred five five one o five one. Do you feel bad for milk? As that? Question call us now to breakfast locomotive. Everybody is the
J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club they have just joined us, would talk and bill cars, but he was sent in three to ten years yesterday and it seems like social media changes, invite people feel about. For how do you feel the aid is a may, then? No doubt a lobby will act as a bride, like the odd due notice. Is America rules and never the same for fort? For us it was like when you say things like, oh bill, God we're going to jail, but Brookhaven I've, not a hobby. Why these nod are whoever owed its debts, a different ballgame for black people and why people injustices and we know desired? Have you anything you don't know? What's going to happen with him yet Cabezas I still putting additional charges. Well. I think I very long time for these charges have finally do something to bail car here, believe Cruet Leg and in right I don't know, I don't want to be rightfully so I do want to see the same energy across the board to adequately reactive had built of Yonah people say in America's rapists and cup Huxtable it into doubt. We widening they don't make jokes about it. Is the lagoon you'd? Have you, Google, wasn't situation? You'll, see things like just assault, more say rate for sexual assault,
things like that, like the waiter media cover the it very different, yet what the same energy for everybody yeah. As on Gaza, energy for everybody and once again, I think is perfectly normal till you know feel. When she different emotions about the situation. I don't necessarily feel sorry for Bill but yet I am let down that I am America's dad did is like this is heave cliff Huxtable. Yes, I do feel let down right are. The only thing I feel is great he's gonna GEO political tools. Hello? There is the rub, Rob was so rob I think, they'll cause we should it got way more time. Even if you get the MAX ten years, he had thick be victims. That means you dont doing no more than two months for each sector or you guys. I've only got sawed. One video. This downloading is his Andrea, constant was the only. This was the only tides for this particular case you to mourn three years for gone somebody's house. The two went in the cat that might well blood people give notice a blinding light. I could look at brought about turning. I would very much like
we need more night. Not everybody allows this year. Did I am from the two battle was several: how do you feel about bill cars? We brother, I know the ground now get me the time, but I like the way quality in America. You know look like the one in the furnace, but the occasions like the amateur case, the national government reopened and on the lady. Give me to him to harness the immediacy, largely live, and where that like us. They are you going, I log in a big grandma. They look. Why won't initiate grandma areas? Nobody knows that there are no grounds at stake. Now. Let me ass. She does, of course, right in Charlemagne. Just said this is somebody has made a point. This is. We asked us for a little funny right, brought Turner like we set rape. Somebody, yes only serve dream, it's for raping somebody yeah, but you know my thing is this: we shit and want to be able to get away,
with crimes. You write the weight. I why you would do we shouldn t do crimes period. Nobody should be doing you're gonna, but I want equality all across our equality. Everybody they get hit, would arson and it makes me feel awaited. I look. It brought turn a. He got three months for rape and somebody yeah he's. And God, lady ration begin the three detain attended, twenty or whatever the hell it cause he's privileged ethanol, their last right there little wrong, everybody should be going to jail, would do the same with the same energy. That's all I'm saying from the justice is not injustices and to give it. By the same in the smaller story. Gas. Malta stories simple when everybody should really he'd be careful. What is done in the dark because it comes sooner or later be better hope. Would you plan or out of his war of losing what you are right? Will you we got represent away? He has let's talk about basic Power Anti. I was connect in between the two of them. Also Kevin Durrant find out where he has going on some new ventures in Cuba. Later on in a show sees in city will be joining us from black in crew move is to breakfast locomotion
De J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast learning good morning. Let's get to these rooms was find out. Who's on a new tab did the annually on the brake his words. He has a new album on the ways on epic records right now, man, he posted. I present to you album extra dime chap featuring Day Chapelle as the voice in my head. The weight is almost over coming. Freakish Lee
soon now? What does that mean while day supplies on the absence I get out of my life I want to do is tell yourself you need a mess. I look forward That is a real I now I t I beyond epic, because the eye I has a label and he got two of the best young artists in the game, Tokyo, Jetz and translate, and they need to pee need that push.
Well, here is more of an outline of the album announcement from t I go. She really does make sure who did give you two could look the proof Shelly. I think at this point the accusation, He has spoken word over beach. We love tee advent, naturally that I totally agree his vocabulary that extensive you listen, dissipated, Haiti, I say a bunch of big words over meets our dance. I venture to say that correct Charlemagne amendments here that I care
the ran his media company. Thirty five media is partnering up with ESPN and they're gonna. Do the board room it's a new sports business show for the ESPN streaming service, so what that so adieu as bring fans behind the scenes of the board rooms talking about the evolution of sports business, ass tall from the perspective of acts spites exacts antique muggers. So there should be very interesting things you could ever every indiscreet, because if you look at it now, unlike social media, airy body, things that they know the hell's Goin on an area body out his line of work, so you know when I open up the borders are let if you will only really really did they think they nobody. I have no idea, and I think it a bee instinct for people to learn about business, to see some of their favourite athlete in Atherton deals. Got done and are going to really learned is that it is being online chat, and let me tell you about your life or, like all the time,
right and Halley Burial Lena wait. They gonna become executive, producing BT, the boomerang a reboot, it's gonna be a ten episode series which were run for thirty minutes. Each episode shabby exciting. We don't know what their release date is at this time, but I am looking forward to seeing that moves into I am always I'm always. You know sceptical when they re make the classics liked it. Terrified. Heavy lorries is what is to be new characters like Rowena waves right our aim can be no Lena respects the history and culture that movie enough, I'm sure to do it right I run a little way and we all thought is album was about to come out and it was supposed to come out. We thought on Friday? I don't know he never said that per se, but here What little weena thing now about his album release surges with me and hung in there any way for like the past forty five years to all this, I got me feeling like Tiger woods.
On my birthday, actually have something special. I will be releasing the Carter five on my birthday tomorrow, I remember the amendment Iraqi when I meet him more than just wrapped about promote design and input what exactly are blown away? My ravaged by the same thing for at least ten years most better minutes. I can't see here whether one has to say and he's been involved in August the label drama, as we all know that this Avons been held up. Some sure he is. Leads and excited to finally be putting out the music for his fans, solar, wind old in the game. Now he's a veteran I'd like to hear that perspective. Everybody's I had telling their tooth Ambien say include it now. Everyone was talking about is the answer. And her add lives during the on the run suits or here what she said. Listen carefully. Lucy was Anne, Elliot
Why and I bit meat as crazy as from the sun was that makes you feel like I couldn't do it for you, like their desperate mediocre wag bit, could all? This has now been digitally making things on earth. I thought I heard you die here that now we all use eddies who will take care of you sell idea just like I couldn't do it for you like a desperate, mediocre whack bit could catch up. Then, when I married like I couldn't do it for you, like your mistress, could so I write Eminem his kill shots we're debut at number three on the billboard hat one hundred. Congratulations, that's actually the highest tidings Sunday view of our time. So, congratulations
and they said, is already eligible for a gold certification as well General handled on, kill, sat an empty k, a black of your eminence You gotta go by these, yet you shake you also Ok, I, like you, got his face, and only where goes platinum you got it faces. The cardinal volume nanny send its greatest phases, the cover he inspired directed. Why not and it s the biggest. Maybe if I have pop song and Youtube's history as well, I'll, give you a different level of petty thou and enjoy a sentiment that of less innocence and implacable. Why am I right I'm Angela YE, and that is your room reports and all right. Thank you. Missus Schallibaum, Yasmine or even a down could do you every day I rather doubt his radio again on hand. I discuss the problem. That is a flawed is crazy, but I today we may have a solution or getting closer to why floriated crazy is, as it is. Ok, I will discuss flattered I guess this is going to somebody from Florida. You know I'll go
conferred donkeys from Florida. Find me doc. I will do it next. Keep a lot, is the breakfast locomotive? I know you want it's time for Don Quixote need is again don't illegally become donkey of today. The breadth of club basic duty, yes dog you today, for when they symptom between states, goes to the administration at us all Import, Saint Lucy Name Westgate School. I they go from great kindergarten. If, if you never to ports Lucy just notice, a town in the great state of Florida, A direct show. I don't go looking for donkey two days from flawed at a find me. You know it's August it tells you damn near every day the craziest people in America from the broth and all of Florida, and if this is what
happening in Florida than we now know why somebody's people crazy new wonder about flawed. It is something in the water he's a grow on trees in Florida, isn't bad thoughts. What is it that makes people in Florida so dead crazy. Well, I don't know if it's something in the water, but it damn sure is dumped. Definitely something in the classroom. Okay, now want to see Diana Tirado drop one of clues bombs for her. She is an eighth grade, history teacher at this school and, if I had to bet, I would say, she's not born and raised in Florida. I would bet she they're from someplace out, that's, not the Bronx and a sheet. Is born and raised in flood in single seat, one of the few people in Florida who isn't greatly nada. In Toronto, a teacher and when several students in her class turning their silence she did? Would any teacher would do? What would you do? You used to be a teaches a rare. Soon have internet. If I was, what would you do? Give them detention army, Then do it our colleague parents. Would you fail them if they repeatedly
Yes, I would love to give them the opportunity to try to make it up well possible. She this gave these kids zeros when in turn in the assignment. I thought that's the way things work, right, you don't do your homework, you dont. Do you Cyrus, you fail period as our things worked when I was in school. Ok and its rider was doing our job because the kid didn't do, there's kids have one job teaches. Have several ok, kids have two jobs behave in. Do you were you do those too He's school will be a breeze. Ok, have you behave in school? Kids teaches won't, have the discipline. If you do you work, cage teaches won't have to fail you. I thought that was a simple concept for nine flora was quoted, though you see image embassy, Forfeit report, police motivation in
duration. That's why Diane Toronto strives to provide more students as a long time. Teacher though she's off the same when she started teaching eighth grade history at Westgate imports ain't Lucy last month, but then she assigned this explore notebook projects when several students didn't turn it in Toronto found out. But what she says is the school, no zero policy, but what, if they don't work, is unacceptable. Oh no, it all to Roger was terminated by. There is no call as mentioned in the letter from the principle, since she was still in her probationary period. Toronto hopes this time she motivates policy change, run flood the flawed ever you? You have to apply Floris consistency right consistently, crazy. Only in Laura would teach you get fired prevailing students, because the students didn't turn their assignments. Me tell you something Diana Toronto. You are absolutely correct,
We have a nation of kid that I expect it to be paid and lived. There live just for showing up and if not how reality works. Ok, you do nothing, you get nothing arena, world. Do you think we're in what world do you do nothing and get half measures No such thing as a no zero policy, just like I don't ban, should have participation trophies I'd. You shouldn't get up a are rewarded for which is supposed to do. I showing is the bare minimum no! Ok! You compete. We creating a virtual world. A simulation has just not reality in the real world which put out you get back your height, which each year nobody is giving you any thing for just showing up. So why are why aren't Why are we doing to these kids and look? Ok, while we little kids, going to try and fail try and wind, so they can learn how to deal with both. I feel like I'm great because early on understood the concept of wines and losses and eventually those losses. Those else turn to learning expense, So for me, I realize now. Did you eat the? When are you learn? There are no true losses in life. If you learn from
We are all losses, are these in Florida who are benefiting from the no zero policy aren't learning a damn thing, may not learning, nothing in the classroom and a damn sure I learning and no life lessons look I would love it is no zero policy continue Florida because, as long as the school is just giving you grace was shown up never run on a dog. Her fate flawed is crazy, is good for my business, but I won't was best for society and rewarding kid for doing absolutely nothing is not helping. Society is hurting. It. Please give the administration at port Faint, Lucy, sweets amateurs. U r e g, right to say, though, that you would find you would try not to feel a kid if possible, like tat again,
up to me, and I was going on at all. Why haven't they demo they're supposed to do but avenant repeated pattern, then it's a real issue, but if it's a situation where you know you can try to avoid that you can. I feel about that man. If I give somebody a homework assignment, and you know that this homework assignment is due tomorrow. May I ask you why you didn't do your homework? If you don't a valid reason. I beg you, get ten ragged. I remember a couple of students there were didn't used to come to class and we had tears and things like tat, and so I made them come and stay every single day after school work and catch up on things cause. The lasting you wanna do is leave a kid behind if possible, Easter, waterhole attitude and a lot of times, kids have things at home, like you know, situations that we don't even know about, so you got it individually, look at that and trade figure it out. Isn't I'm just saying I gotta get what you say, but when you finally become an adult and you get a job in a given, you promotions just because, while they were killed, while we promoting kid just because
They got a learner. Kids, you gotta do get to make them due to work here. We have a lot to make them do the work by figure out. What's the problem that they haven't done, it cause usually there's something going. I ve been doing work, Digital zero, sometimes Something going on is fortnight now. That is true that right now, but but you got what you wanted you to keep any. We will take you for a donkey today, Sir up next ask IE eight hundred five, five, one o five one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call you right now shall be. I would all your problems is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club is DJ. Envy Angela Ye Charlamagne THA, the girl. We are, the breakfast club serve, ask Yee and we have now on the line, then I was up in order that our you, I'm gonna. How are you doing this? I am forgot a bit of a situation on cod.
Between eight love. Try. Why now, with two of its forever been known about the two years, there's this very couple, all that the law, while at the woman of the relationships at a beautiful, she had a very bad exited where it therefore paralyzed from a waste out where now she can't six, why wait? It's normal will probably be changed. She gave her husband permission to I have six what another woman, because she can do so only if he does it all and also because he feels like is breaking the house. May The Bible, where I come in at the problem, is because we're all not really to read the why there together, the woman is trying to give way to convince him, said the horse heart he's trying to get me to convince her forget about. Abortion are an obvious that love and I don't know what to do so She is trying to be as some type of what she
in her head is a martyr and sacrificed their relationship, because she feels upset that she cant do anything for him. I said chile, but he feels like I love you and for better or for worse as their name. Why am I being here for you and so because she so maybe she's depressed about her situation and is actually fell thy she's not worth being in a relationship with him alive The advice that I gave to my work may lie forgetful of the same thing like maybe go how we gonna cookouts what they did I gonna counselling don't had ass yours, water, Lowood, fear, you put me: the water was mainly what oh really cared about. Don't let me we. And I don't know what they have or not but have to- and you know as a friend if I were you, I would do some research and try to find a great therapist that I can recommend to make it easier to make they really do it. I'm a gap in smoking what about a year because, as you know, times. I've gives you unexpected. Swiss ever
someone I know who has multiple sclerosis and she went through something with her husband, where she felt like depressed about her situation. That is totally out of her control is not her father all and she felt like just don't, beat because I don't wanna as he you a setting herself up for what she feels like will be high break later on, when he does, she and her head again he will have to move on and she feels like. I read You just do it now and I rather not have to hold them back cause. She feels, like other. You know of him, but I also don't wanna hurt myself later on down the line and that he could be that person that could be with her forever and her and be with her and is fine with the situation you know. So what they need to do is thereupon figure out what it is all right down now but you're, a really good friend, for you know being the one that they feel like they can both come to. So whatever you can do to help you know also
and the genetic experts, as I am not an expert when it comes to a situation like this, and they definitely above me to see their seek their p as a relation as a couple. By also individually I'm going to let him know anyway. I refer you to die. Now we got more. Ask when we come back. If you need relationship advice to any type of advice, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one is the breakfast club good Morning, Jmb Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club with in the middle of ask ye eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one ye this on a line- hello, so I need some help and thereby the diplomats with a candle. Thus there he is when he or she actually has to your plan, and then she got pregnant right after she had when I'm. So she had the one year old to an international, her
had been left her who took the car, and you know, stranded her, but before that he was just a terrible. Terrible human beings are forgetting that last ray and now she's been struggling sheep, Eddie, you know she already put in her application, regular like food stamps and stuff with whether my grandma she can't afford daycare, because lie three hundred to write by then. She finally got a job offer because she has a criminal justice degree, but she still on the way to go. For target resources, though they act. Could she thought you know what the next week or so? But now she has to turn down the first job offer that she got so she just shoot built by. She can never get a leg, a right and I can't afford you know, put into child care or we don't have anyone I can so I just don't know what you know. What's teller, because you now
just call me yesterday and she's really yet about it. It sounds like a lot going. I said this man is not paying and take care of his kids. You know he's not on tat supporter, anything sure, she's gonna walk for she's, he put him on child or by you know, she's waiting for all that become through the thing: is you really want to go in the military, but they followed her that she had too many dependent, not because of her kid for her husband councils, the dependent in every time she had from the sound of the board of papers, people Oh, my god, what kind of a person is he? I can write a movie with all the crazy stuff that he has done so he doesn't ever take his kids either He can in no way is planning to help her out so that she can work and make some money. Oh he he packed up his bag for moves. Another very loud and Sheila, Montgomery Alabama, and you guys don't have any family that could temporarily how bout why she tries to figure it out Le Ilona with all three of them right. You know,
It may be a good idea, because I know she really does need this job is even with employer potential employers to let them know her situation because no times there is kinds of programmes that they can offer. You know- and I know that a difficult thing to do, but instead of just flat out turning it down, I would at least go to them and explain my situation as there is another anything: a baker provide as far as day care or any type of assistance at all you and anyway that she can. Perhaps I put an extra hours to work, though that offer something like but I would try to exhaust everything and come up with solutions. Cuz, I know, is difficult when things seem like it's not going her favorite all, but is so I don't even know that sounds like so many different things going on, because she's in the process of writing for this child support to come through you, what you get him to sign these divorce papers, which he won't do? Does she have a good lawyer this deal?
with a divorce loud, she can't order on because takeover bids, I confess better. I confess that I can't remember the different, but the law trooper if babies unconditional right, but if they don't, which you got there shall have to pay so many lawyer, Visa she's just trying to do it on our own and the FAO working and she can afford a worthy of I thought you're. The reason why I say that so important, though it's because what those terms are going to be our important is going to affect her from now. On I mean I just really hope as a family or friends or somebody you guys, can somehow come together just to help support her. Why is it you guys don't have enough family, the joke and all come together may be start something like some type of funds to help her just get through this rough time. Even if it's just a little bit contributed by everybody? I think that's what you guys need to do. Cuz she, He needs it right now.
And maybe that them, as you may have too much pride to ask for, but maybe you know as a concern, caring sister, you should try to come up with ideas, just to help her out financially causes seems like that's the main thing right now, and that a hundred mentally as well. Ok, our daughter, yeah yeah, me furthermore, we have the Emmy keep me in the loop of things that I can see how there is any ideas are things that we can come up with. Two perhaps help so the Emmy. Now good luck, Mama Bank Ear, right as five wise men are concerned about his own kid and making so that the man at least three wants to go work and do something. I find that crazy, absolutely positively crazy, right, well, ask five, a five one, o five one of unique relationship. Advise you can hit ye right now. No, we got rooms and away. Yes, you know I've been now, and then you have to take a break from social media would tell you would have a misdemeanor Gomes and what she had to say about. She's not on their right now are right.
It into all that when we come back, he believed in no forget next hour, Seti inside, If I'm blacking cruel, be joining us is to breakfast locomotive I live, I don't want to fade out behind the scenes. Congo right was club need to be recorded in office you Friday. We need to bring this Kabul to radio, because I just as one of our produce little guy if he likes kidneys. Groceries Eden, he started off the Senate for this. Time in college girl lifted my hand screens to my stream, underscore leave it. There will talk about this at any rate, recorded was ass. You got a lot of great things to say is one way and colleague gave her an outright hamstring. Less gives it aromas. Let's talk Hu Jia, building the day, this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, where data legalism information on his Hollywood unlocked show, and he talked about.
I d be a Nicky Menage and where all of their drama may have started from now. According recently. He said this is how it all started. You're the Sondra whose, on this are meagre, jamming, guess who's on their first I'll set and was in a future whose tour with making guess why featuring on his arm now led them by now. Let somebody challenge me- and I will draw up that is I got the reference track So what is the implying somebody saying is? A song drip was originally supposed to be future on their song, but then Nicky had that had future get off this ass he on time, her man and the got on an that's. Why they're on it instead of future, busily you like. If you do the song and I go on, tell me: are you gotta get off my utter online? Do not even going to try to get it now seems that, but then I seem really does have the reference check. Any red fire check it out about eight. While I get a bygone era
Kathy sinnott Dodo sounded, as stated by the thought of how did we will? We know what we know for sure future was on direct. Right here right now, so that and if you go into them in uniting Party wrote in her pose. I let you attempt is that my bags effort that we are either another artists in the energy tell them. If they work with me, you'll stop acting with them, so people are bringing out there most insane. This is why not know seems like quickly we'll probably did this awful for our men now? Did they manage Nicky? Does the family she's in a family had ignored a reckoning mandate? Scotty. They probably gave it a record by the way, that's how it was not an act like that's not out of the realm of something that you would do, though I don't know, but this is what the rumor is now
Jason. While we know who gets to see sucker today award this, we don't we going radio, but increasingly would mean that when travelling, whose vocation we actually like a twelve, don't don't turn him. What a good right now. Let's talk about Libya, as she actually is talking about return and her Bt New Jackie series finding by Sweden, Whoever is now never us sees a singer, but he also was in a relationship with both Wayne and they dream and has children as well as he has for kids now she did it view where she talked about the fact that people know this, but she took a step back, she was on drugs. Which he said I was. I was really got a word. The girl came. It was very bad or method, which was not easy and admit that I knew that there was something I was allowing Siberian was dangerous, regular give the keys at which I think help me, because I
How would I do she wants to go on forever right now, you're not begin tax or weaken. Actually, people of protein me ask me, never coming on about what I think sands. We should have her eyes. You tell her tooth right now and second about how she started late with everything in she said wait here and there are no need us, no crack. I've done called, but no pills, that's it oh baby moment at his dream, ale awaiting us, both of em for she rich. Yes, she didn't have a pre now believe she said with a dream of marriage. He was married to him so not if you don't have a peanut. Are you? What are you doing in half a year? I don't have to God hath whatever they worked out, but we do know that they did not have a premium. I write Just tell ya know: Selena Gomez is off of social media for now she's taking a break. She said after she had sent a message to Jennifer Lopez, saying that she was so inspired by wiping her performance
Sometimes you just gotta stand down and take a break. So if you guys are looking for her on their she's gonna be just taken a little social media break. I think there is anything wrong with that. I highly recommend that from time to time, I told my bare Ruth S when I know truly not give it s about anything are anybody's bodies, opinions when I get rid of social media as long as you have those media you care by the opinions of other stability. Is she said as much as I am grateful for the voice that social media gives each of us. I am equally grateful to be able to stay. Back and live my life presence at the moment I have been given kindness and encouragement only for a bit just remember negative comments can hurt anybody's feeling is an abusive relationship. Like imagine, waken up every day to a significant other verbally abusing you, that's what your relationship is like on social.
You have only one year of public figures, as I answered. I have you say something rude. I just meet you and I'll. Never see you again now blocked and that's on. Instagram is for black Does it you can't you don't instagram? Can you need a black man toward into a black onto a blog, honest room? I write to me I'm Angela YE, and that is your room and report all right. Thank you Miss Yin and forget are coming up next. Our seas in Teddy from Black chrome will be joining us, are working with them in about thirty minutes, and a people's choice mix is up. Next revolt will see it. Moral, but if you want to get your request in eight hundred five, eight five one o five one hit us up right now is to breakfast
oh come on. I am Oscar Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global pandemic. We are facing there's a lot of information going around about other viruses spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy is more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye, hard, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your part cast their arms act wrath. And I'm done phase on we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life best friends too. And on the sick, come twenty years later, we ve decided to re watch the series one episode at a time
put our memories into a podcast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy Ray is show create a bill. Lords editors, writers and even prompt masters would tell us about once by the serious and how we became a family. You can listen upon cast vague doctors, real friends with Second Donald on the eye heart radioactive apple podcast and wherever you get your Marcus,
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