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Tuesday 10/17- Today on the show we opened up the phone lines to discuss body count, and if it really matters. However, after one of the producers opened up about knowing someone with over 70 bodies, it seems the number makes a huge difference on whether they would still date someone or not. Also, after Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man jumped into a cab while his alleged date burnt to death in car fire, we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners would do the same thing.

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MRS you'll, wake up all day, job envy annually, Charlemagne guy on the planet is respected. Show because this is a voices assizes in a gay the coveted morning so called soon. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest.
Good morning, USA, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo morning. Angel YE mines is Andy Charlemagne Guy plant. It is yes, it's to this day was have been how'd. You, Diego and everybody is great and wonderful in yours just started. I mean it's actually given cool in New York desk in low Chile, but it was a warm up. They were arrested. It was. I think they fifty degrees workin out this morning, but by the rest of weakness in seventy five have doubled from Europe, but that the war The greatest army is not more than these antibiotics, especially in New York so deftly. Now, I guess is that climate change thing. Everybody keeps outcome legs, not real here,
usually just means within a get vicious no stalls by February January. Absolute, we as well as of course is a reminder, should be telling us off the air Ogilvy Jai of the inland for New House, guys guys, guys. Please explain to me what eyes to utilise the line in the lie that you can use from all, but did she calls or become? Nor have we don't have to be here on the radio. So, even if it is twenty seven in snow storm, we can be at the house doing radioset. Ok, The absolute is reminding you're going to die of the inland and because we care by John are right as listen it's barometer, something as I get over there, my life, I don't care about all enough. I'm leaving my house when it says, is an emergency situation. Radio is not doing enough to give the house why just enough we gotta lotta ready, as you know, I don't get it generated, took us.
How very heavy outside his insides lot imagined. That is, in fact, a lot of mass communication media that they need to know these type of thing. Ok, we're we're showing you how we go the extra mile for you. Ok, ok, now also coming to work, it's about, come in the warrior. That's the emergency right and went to her change right. Snow storms are kind of risk in life and limb. Correct right. I think we can push things. People should know. Did you things? Yes me ass? They should help Well, congratulations to the New York Yankees. They beat the ash those last day. They really play the bat in his back. It seemed like it so excited about bad. What banning the hidden, or banning of Betty, does it not devalued Bloom big point back into begging to back. It must be able, once you do arrival, let's get to show greater front page, we will be talking about you. We will be talking about of quiet down on trumpets and comments that he made that were fast, but he made him anyway. Vodka, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep a lot is loyalty. Contract law is to breakfast locomotive
everybody is the G envy Angel Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club was gained some front page news again, congratulations, the Yankees! They be the asteroids last night, the ash closely to see results one now in some money. Put, the Titans beat the coals. Thirty, six to twenty watches football with eighteen under five hundred, football at a time like this case now, we can stand for nothing unless you do then a faded out. You know a way forward and I can understand why you would watch but like that, I'm not watching thou right now, What you will know from page was our job yes damage. I made some comments about soldiers says in nature. He talked about for american soldiers that were killed during an amber. She had not said anything previously, but claims that he sent personal letters to their families and he also plans to call them later this week and then he goes on to act like no other presidents did this and that President Barack Obama never reached out to families. Here's
He said the traditional way of you. Look at a president Obama. Other presidents and most of them did make. Also out of him didn't make calls I like to call when its appropriate. When I think I am well to do it, I'm going to be calling them. I want a little time to pass. I'm going to be calling them. I have, as you know, since I've been president I have, but in addition I actually wrote letters individually to the soldiers were talking about and they're gonna be going out. Today or tomorrow. Donald Trump lie elated. He dared to my life. There shouldn't be no of any more than just a regular occurrence, and I mean you know you got an educated people, vote of him who believer
why? Why not control your narrative and make it seem like only brethren without ever done, Benjamin's able, as a former deputy set national secretary, advise it to our former president, Barack Obama posted on Twitter. This is an outrageous and disrespectful lie even by trump standards. Also, Obama never attacked a gold star family. Now Trump did try to backtrack little when he was asked. Whether or not that was true. He said I don't know. If you did, I was told that he didn't and a lot of president's. Don't they write letters? I do. I do a combination of both alluded w damage from Non Oda held more definite, obliging levelling told him. You know your first parliament ever do to slowly over the ones want money as it does a factual. He doesn't check anything. What sort of my right now is a state of emergency in Florida, and that is because rigid Spencer is planning to go ahead and have a speech at the universe.
The of Florida on there is now. He is the same one that organise the deadly rallies in Charlottesville and said now he's planning to speak at the University of Florida. Of course, the scheme is an art and doing for Europe S yes for free speech. He paid, I think, like almost eleven thousand dollars, but is causing them five hundred ten dollars insecurity just to make sure that, because various primary free freeze, PJ's free, are you trying to tell you few, so you can go to any university, wouldn't say hey I want to pay here. I want to pay to study. Is this as face, and then speaking, there can be no use due order and they should deny them all. You do not merely. They had every rejected a request from him, but following the if, after the event and Charlottesville, but the president was forced its change his mind after being threatened with a lawsuit, so I guess Richard Spencer and his team there, and so this we're so what have they serve to schools a day? I think that your rhetoric is divisive. I think your rhetoric is dangerous, since it allows us to enhance the European Railway Agency
am. I got killed in Charlottesville, that is, crews right will as front page. Get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now We had a bad night bad morning or you want is present positivity eight hundred foggy five. Five one four miles wide open to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club, is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you. Wanna breakfast allows is dry and from a battered them a regular features from little bill. The glass I want to get a little bit like a bit over here in a high, born battered, remember what is in the new year. We just let it go pay day of the great door and a little bit event. They heard the blind.
It is a goal that we really know what we can with very little report. My great you teach eyes clockwork attitudes, gray so far, good in battle. Everything's all right what resources are limited, sir? What are you anymore of paper? Computer projector goal that at school teachers cried Netscape, Elsie there is every that's cool thing: let their geographical go right now gave a grey mornin hello is: are you mad at you? Name is mag right. Mocha Eurovision mama the, but I young man who, every day that we owe you we need to give every bit as weakness. You must have seen a video moral that favour internal, I'm corny, but there was a device, animal like this? Why the cowards name is, I mean for Davis NASA,
every awaited upset you dont, get very vaguely Albert seen in my life is not that, even though I know you know all over nothing thing about about you Maybe we shouldn't be Doin. I die, though, not at all a man not at all get it off. Each has eight hundred five five one off. I wonder if you don't know what we're talking about an orange high school in New Jersey, a police officer grab to twins Vanity Day will give their coward the credit he deserved legally and floor like crazy. He's not like one of Madagascar. Is that like one of them was beef and is all I wanted, was swinging Adam to involve one of low put his body weight on a day when a vice principle came over to run, they help threw up against the wall, so this is by the way, did Adam Young girls, Felicia Drug, just get it off my chest, eight hundred father five, one one call us now to breakfast locomotive breakfast
You're gonna get. It argued. Yes, whether your man wore black but a payment. We want to hear from you on the breadth of allowing this great Chris, globally our school, whereas we accept this bad boy, s habit the charter, which is how people go to where we were very variable costs What are you gonna? You were very, very dangerous. Why you got down. You were why you cannot verify you got Gabriel what a delightful to that you haven't gotten all the cuban people down here already with which our do realize he's going to recruit you going to recruit and he's going there to put more
on the fire that already exist for someone with all right. Now we just joined, is what was done with the car was spent for judgment or just pensive he's doing a speech in Florida today, right of the universe. Now, if there is the end of this third, they do the same when they did two speeches, Charlottesville with all the right ones, to organise those values and Charlottesville any scheduled to speak on Thursday how you doing also a q and a session and obviously but I've learned a furious. They have declared a state of emergency. There had a rigid Spencer speech. What will be organized the one we're gonna kill you. They came back, don't get when you came a complete dog of each year up my number in line with my play, mad about giant radio by charging univee stuff like that, would know we say Sir Nabon chopping enemy. You know every day, people they were used to do
you're gonna make coffee ADI loyalties. Crooked sarcoma got under way back down a chance at an amount. Of course you know. Don't you think Hilary with a bit more about option to drop your baby, I get so evil. J which, from the doorway and I do not have any good, the better option, Hilary etc. I must beg your twenty. We roundly condemn the bigger you, John on drugs and drug man early in the morning, a contract for breakfast snack may that may arise programmes you're my guy. Now you don't That means I gotta causing drive, they all danger committed in and it Molly would beg till you joke areas, namely, why did the next door, his wife down the hill gas? Those gave Donald Trump clear way to kill the cheer does actually
not bad but gives the way you could have like worded in a little bit better without ease to trash. Ok, snag may actually wanted a joke that you have to say when everybody's drunk off to Kitty Library of the Airbus Drunk, you say that retaining our I get it off. Each has eight. Five, a five one and five: will you be governments runaway? Ah, yes, we are going to be talking about low, both he and his bread, and let me tell you about his brother, allegedly stealing more than three hundred thousand dollars from him. What is gonna be the consequences of that. I will get into all that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive, The breakfast club
everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall lead me to go. We all the breakfast club, less gets a rule was assault Bruce about ass Brougham. The reul report I rather abysses better to carry hats was boats for identity theft and fraud and as poor, stealing, allegedly three hundred thousand dollars, plus from booties bank account. Now boozy already has said that he does a mess with his brother anymore. Right now, after that I take, you had always said that he was innocent and the d A has now decided they wasn't enough evidence to go ahead, impress charges so he will not face any jail time for that. Why is there no revenues? The money? Clearly, as MRS I don't know, maybe it's not identity to. I don't know why
Have him, but maybe not had access to the account stood awaiting. You will be able to take it out in a necessarily considers still our legal right right. It's not for I who knows I'm sure, we'll find out at some point. In the meantime, boozy was on Instagram and he had on a Jordan outfit and apparently a lotta people did not feel like it was real and it will kill him for it. Now the shade room posted ahead of you guys had a chance to see it, but that was the junk mail and here is how boozy responded Allow me, as a UK, come get a foot of very located, Big Jordan's Dovetail well, you should care if he really guided after mannequin, if lacquer, if they seldom seven, there was real We as true now was re product. It could have been a problem, we would state, and sometimes it happens by now. You may look when they went Einstein's, whether an instagram within all kinds of things like it looks like his logo with
it would I man and Hannah when people know Yachting Israel, nobody edited. I picked it up dead logos, real, oh yeah, you're, right, The angle of the pan way with then, when you got money had no matter, you can wear, thinks that nobody law question right. Ok is the latter funny kindness than you know how it gets new multimedia and you my real jury. Ukraine. Arena happy when seen in his brother Bab wine seen are gonna, be having to have their big board of directors meeting today. Now, apparently they gonna try to fire. Be officially in this meeting and not officially far in order, while they have to have a board meeting is all kinds of things that they have to do and of course, happy wise in China may so that he does stay on that in the company. So we don't know Gonna happen by today is a day that happens, and you know Harvey and his brother by rising, don't get along. They barely spoken in the past five years, so their anticipating a lot of screaming, and so many different things are about to go down. Will today
avi, truly care by their company than hill step down and sell his kind of why there was a provision that says that if there were any type of sexual harassment suits as long as hobby wasting reimburse the company for any settlement.
Then all should be good man. How bid you good for business at this point I right now reads: Witherspoon has spoken out about sexual harassment and assault and how they wait. She said she was just sixteen the first time that it happened to her. She said this has been a really hard a week for women in Hollywood, for women all over the world, and a lot of situations in a lot of industries are forced to remember, and we live a lot of ugly truth. She set out my own experiences that have come back to me very vividly, and I find it really hard to sleep high to think how to communicate a lot of the feeling that I've been having about anxiety, honest the guilt for not speaking up earlier. She said a director assaulted her when she was sixteen years old. She said I wish I could tell you. It was an isolated incident in my career, but sadly it wasn't. I've had multiple experiences of harassment and sexual assault, and I dont speak about them very often. Now there was a hashtag me to that. Alyssum Olano actually started at another. Guy saw that on twitter, but that went viral Anum everybody was telling their own experiences or just putting up the hashtag me to justice so that they had been sexual.
Harassed or assaulted. You'd put that on twitter if you ve been sexually harassed or assaulted, right meets, who, as a reply to this tweet, so a lot of people participated and that has tag was tweeted nearly five hundred thousand times in twenty four hours alone, when we will not make another world a better place, but we cannot go because you know now guys will be like up. Nope can't can't moved away. We used to call you pay. People say that low enough just the way it was another one of those who wayward yes old, go forward and a lot of women did speak up and felt like it didn't matter. They weren't hurry. They said they talk to people. As is our revising. This is how he is our right. Now, Mary, oh wine, and was in court, the singer marry a wine is out of one and no bad boy artists, and that is for its tax evasion. Apparently he's only paid his taxes once in the last twelve years, one wonder liners Yamaha to me last August the fact tat we re not Tenzin scented two years in federal prison. He pleaded guilty to one kind of failure to file a taxi.
Now according to marry, a wine is now he said he says in his lawyers that exists not very sophisticated when it comes to his final sophisticated. He also has an paid his child support, so he owes a lot of money and bag child support as well almost two hundred thousand dollars. He was arrested earlier this month because he oh, that money. Now the judge said you made the decision to go behind joy, who is who is his wife joys back? This is your son and you have to pay your obligations to him now and for apparently so apparently is struggling to struggling to pay the bills. He owes that Yos two months on his rent, which is sixty two hundred dollars a month, and I ve been borrowing money from his mother, not lady. Why only book him to perform a revolt? Music conference, clearly he need the money can guide the NGO. Do I don't want to know I write and get a few thousand dollars ass. He don't let anybody I think they sound Does it eleven about now Amazingly, he, and that is your room, a noble Furthermore, one of the biggest eleven it is logical.
Maybe there's a lot of people would be storyline. You gotta be connect to a good storyline sampler pair. Arising out of money, Annie, Otobu, monism, new additives are right, any new areas than in these areas and innovating Madame marriage as ninety percent of the music industry. We ve heard this story before everybody comes eleven hypothetical broker. I can't think of anything else, brought. What they gave rose room was that we got from pages. When we talk about how we are going to be talking about Donald Trump and some lies. They told about previous president's S news the trouble I as it is doing and we'll talk about it. When we come back to breakfast locomotive, warning, everybody is deasey. Envy Angela YE shall remain the girl. We oughta breakfast club asking some front page news now spots congratulates the Yankees, they beat the ash drawers.
Night? The ashes leave the series to one no bad, the aristocratic mugeyo sissies about a person, amazing game, six innings last night, the battle. Finally on fire. Thank God. I know anymore They like football, oh, if you still wants to take in vehicles. Thirty, six, twenty two ever so much! President Ciampi, I write what damage Europe has finally spoken about for american soldiers who were killed during an ambush in his ear, and he said that he was waiting to send some personal letters to the families and found them later this week? I guess he was saying that he wrote the letter is heating up. They were male doubt or are they gonna melema tonight? But he also said that he doesn't think that previous president, or he knows that they actually dont, send out letters and contact the families of falling soldiers check it out. The traditional way of you look at a prisoner Obama and other presidents. Most of them did make also lot of. Under my calls, I like to call
when its appropriate. What I think I am able to do it I'm going to be calling them. I want a little time to pass. I'm going to be calling them. I have, as you know, since I've been president I have, but in addition I actually wrote letters individually to the soldiers were talking about and they're gonna be going out either. Today tomorrow, knowledge on knows nothing about being a president. He knows nothing about president. He has no idea to people on all that money. He has worked residents. Ok, I write what I had a bad Jackie said. He doesn't know if Obama dead right, those and Ninetys that I was told that he didn't and a lot of president's. Don't well. You didn't think like you are right now, let's talk about the state of emergency in Florida, and that is because Richard Spencer is giving a speech there. On Friday so riches brands, oh by the way, is the one who was helped organised a deadly rallies
I lit villainy actually spoke and headed up the one that was the week after those events happened now. Fliddy ends are furious about this event. At the university on a Florida that's taking place, there is day and The reason why, according to the president of the university that he's allowing it to go down, is because originally they denied his request, but then he threatened a lawsuit because of free speech, and so they are allowing him to go ahead and speak into a q and a he pay like eleven thousand dollars to use this face there by they're gonna
is gonna cost them five hundred thousand dollars insecurity or rigid friends. You know. Comes the crackers crackers he's a number one see clearly a noble and see what I mean it does show you don't freeze, PJ's freak of these pain. Speaker, I ate up the car free speech, eleven grand in this case that is causing the university five hundred thousand dollars. Amazing, really not making any money for this at all. Now, a lot of people are planning to demonstrate in response to that seminar and people have thus been threatening to get violence at the event before they get me, the cancer that everything is probably purposes stuff. True and probably a cracker Krakatoa Macgregor Crackers, because he agreed with the rhetoric decorator cracker, which has been reopened. America's matters can be a lot of problems. We only to see any that right now best known causes camps. I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room from business. Now right now we have low young, tasty, cakes. Young tail again now explain to people who young trafficking
I don't know a daily, does entail. Oh, what is it that title in the producer, Michael Business? That's production systems says I help with you. To the great produce, as she does all like. My dog you today and drove in laying sweep was an imaging and stuff like this week as innovation are at our phones and stuff like that. But we would then have a conversation yesterday. He told me about a young lady. She knows and we was having a conversation about body counts and I'll. You know when you date in some, and you getting serious. You want to know what their blood he county is correct. Was your persons body count see a friend that you were right. I mean reacted at all knows from now. Me! Ok, now try! So this is my friend she's very I'll, say prosper these very dear! Yes, though it in an cow. Is she gal bodies and see how much is a lot of bodies like ok, I've, no land and sea has almost eighty seventy bodies
eighty seven, eighty, seventy seven, seventy eight, seventy eighty, seventy or eighty bodies how ology sees tunny say drop, a blue marble divine acknowledge that created by that what he said to me. Mad then gum eighty body or mine A model that on bad in math between New what year, twenty six anyone one open ass, nine. Ninety one, we were three hundred thousand pounds, the equivalent Ninety one with three hundred about three thousand miles, would you bought it? Would you buy that we could have the same women in our cars? So if you date no woman right right and you haven't compensation Body Council, she tell you and she got seventy to eighty can you still data woman that you love now the what you thought that governments you really like we're gonna, be ass: young, tasty! Yes, is she a porn Soto now
Carl woman who clearly enjoys haven't sexism. Faith is a different. If a guy says he has seventy or eighty best disgusting. Ok, I'm glad you you don't. You borrow got body than I was or that nasty avow. Eighty I personally think regrows either way I used to have them knowledge enough. Emulate bodies may this year, the year more than its anybody, how many people are shared in this light that went out for our forests of my first HIV Aids as in early two thousand. I had to write down as usual, yet wait two weeks. We need to do so, and I had the right now all the body right. At that point, I once I got the dragon s that now they're gone. No, no! It's all is one. How many crackers wasn't to his arrival
You were right were eight hundred five. Your problem, you know fireball judge me. Your friend got everybody that we had set to gradually have noted at the fourth equivalents gradually gotta be at least seven mouths Sab, five, a five one, o five one. Would you date somebody with eighty body, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, lot, borough, Haiti Colonies, God. Eighty one point on the day that I do not think so. Many points that is national. Every book is called had issued to get anyone boy any with tight. After Lord have five eighty five, what all five one would you date? Somebody with eighty bodies is crisis our right to practice Furthermore, the breakfast club boarding everybody is the age envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club nephew just joined US young, tasty Kate. She does the boards
any other rosy its full. She does not appear for the Brown Amy up. Your name we were talking about her friend has a bodies, eighty bodies, meaning she had sex with eighty people, and we just ask an eight hundred five one thousand or far one. Would you date somebody would you day somebody with de bodies, Mamma, is young. Lady is twenty. Six twenty six and when you start avenue body count conversation that, when you interpersonal, very, very serious ya, like your really in each other's you want in the correct. So no one can fuck man I'm alive us at the stage when a person in Dayton, Lissy Footfall for four five months is get loose serious he's. Always at your house. You know ye you're in love. And you know it you, U S, gaze people, you bear it now. She was to keep everything up front and everything in real. So she goes eighty days, I'm Ladys is another out a little white lie I do not have to tell a man it's you have. Thankfully, people fellows, I wouldn't go
you tell your girl and you had sex with eighty went to people really ask the question how many people have you had set the body? I never asked me that the body tat course indefatigably was present when you serious what a personal you're really Syria, but a poor that already how many people in never never hurt. You think about what has been a refuge life with his personal you're really above you deadly, haven't about anything we're different. That makes as long as you don't have any Stds and you're wearing. Are in life. I was looking up. People's pass, make them when they are today. No, so if this person is, you know, did what they did in the past and the arm who they are right now, because the journey to where we got is a long one and now a kind of leaving Blue Charlemagne said. I I don't believe in life, but in this particular point alive is eighty two, because it must be honest if you dealt with eighty people, the probability of having something is high death and in just one year, but you can get that and if you don't let you can deal one person and get something on things they dorani, but the reality is the port. We eighty
lot more condoms. Every single time! Listen I have said the one presented: don't use condoms and get something nationally, but there has been a hundred people have you know you're with the College of Europe. We all want the Karlsruhe, maybe smarter to me, but if you have a one percent as opposed to having sex with eighty, the probability that you can some would. Eighty is greater than one fact yourself that this common inspection, as a word, don't you know, doesn't work, doesn't always word and allows for citizens rights. The reasoning would want to know these things become dependent on the town. You live in dependent on the industry or in your day no woman in the industry, and she slept with eighty people in industry as where you can go where many master check every hour release parlour. Ok, every single release, pottage every app release, potty every number one celebration plus single, are united there right. Nobody wants that. Who says that allows this day. I
really might even you name it did you know? I never did you gotta be a big size. You pick it up about point of view of that body was eighty five and eighty body that nobody, nobody, that inter related, but about the like the Airbus one like you There were four die, but they usually, I never told you ten zero of in say eight hour. I thought, maybe you better ignoring Unfledged, would have the Bronx allow this enabled Zaragoza They may not allow data girl is Ambracia, eighty body. What do you do not get outta? My reply before I was wrong, but earlier around with hair, you took ass ever, but we would be girlfriend
I've got my dog decently jack. What the hell does anyone since there is a need to drive? I want all the boys how I maybe I'm you had sex. Both include a background. Boy, you guys, thereby Belgrade is what you hire escort, meaning or a good. Yes, who has a good bribery that you know? I forget it ain't your father. No five. Would you know about their Beira about background as its own bank, Asia? And who is a big story? We get out of the bag treated like backdated Azores, where they had above ordered magnetic fields, will back us off my goodness ideas, big alleged, Revivify
What oh five one would you date? Anybody we, eighty bodies or more, is to breakfast locomotive. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy we oughta breakfast club now have just joined us. We were talking to tell if she works appeared. She does the board up. She also answer the and a host of other things? And she says she has a free that has bought a bodies, meaning that they have sex with eighty people outside a calculator right now said: what's a good number a year for them, You have sex with relatively young person for people, maybe five, the most Would you of our single at this point in my life I think you'd, eighty off any. If I was just like being now, opening linear and unproductive, I wouldn't be being productive, as I should be one of our single at this point. And you got a big when used average exit of you taken down any and everything. I anything goes down you gonna daylight hours, God and man among a people.
Only eight me what a day in how many years as a member he twenties retorted examine it's just I don't know what she thought she could again arena train on a couple of times, though,. True, then, without substantial how to cut the number data collated. Doubling up this promise, you count you not only eighty people is weak. I promise you you not formulated here, which is, why is it a problem? This is alot hello. This is all the more like MIKE There is somebody with eighty body MIKE You know how many days I'm never caught up in a breakfast, but I had to call this money. That's disgusting! were fired, it done, but you now you might have you just don't know you know. I never had you don't know how many people the person you been with as sex. We were. Eighty bodies is a lot like other allowed, only I'm mad alleged damp, and you have your man, you, like I any body, I'm not giving you profitable. While you may know that that is a low. This man is a clear idea.
You would give this person a chance. It's like you know. The past is the past. My body count over eighty. I ain't going to bother you. No. I didn't count it up to her and stop Naga more than they already had prepared, I'm twenty five or more, because they think that anything with good news, gloom, Use Mass, a lotta ugly was both among some people, like my lad, unto itself, but pay mining Commander Phronsie, where you from, furthermore out from a land, but I'm worried about, though you know, code every day to day work that moved about the net with different cultures. Different girls have you about it. I wish I could say,
baby, don't give up the idea, you know you better, you guys to locate and it is these linking idea. What do you want? Chamberlain assets it twenty thousand Whim, Fidel Castro, thirty five I was in a may all if Adele Jasper, with a dictator, probably out there tat woman from every age, everyday, his wife now they're wins, while their prostitutes from Amsterdam there they had sex with a hundred and seventy seven thousand five Do people eat they haven't. You have had a very rapid intimidated president does discussed. How did he look? They're? Probably everybody older. Now you see them they alive yeah. What a group
seventy years- oh no, ah yet a big Robin airworthy lcd were in Ottawa. A hundred and seventy five was how the story guy smaller stories somebody will like high cause. I happened to not be one it'll be bad. That, simply because I was away yes. Let's talk about Nellie he's not out of it yet because we told you about these rape charges the woman's now pressing charges anymore, but it's not over, would tell you what's happening and will tell you would see I had to say about his brother Nellie I am more people after breakfast logo, with Angela, his club Eminem, I mean Eminem. I was going to say today's eminence birthday, but Kevin Heart has released Kevin built like an eminent of using a little commercials me.
Israel and for his comedies whore and his cause irresponsible. Now here is a little snippet from that and, as you can imagine, he's not staying away from any of the topics right now been behaving like a move. Baby thou. My stupid gave me call of your response. Get me one example: a maybe an irresponsible via commonly virtue. What about those figures? Do men? Would you just don't count about controlling Zambia was possible damage? Show you irresponsible. We want it was possible to think. As I say, all this trouble include, while the camera founded time at our disposal to do Livia troops. And nobody can you your true against you and are not there but yourself on absolute? a few million dollars, often in the process of you,
and I don't know I guess you can go on his pays and click the link in his bio. I may say you get that in doing so, I shall find a just trust me. Do not use your phone when you go, she kept her or they will kick you out. They don't care who you are or less aim palaces are vague as an absolute. Right when another matter by demagogues remained ok, chronicled, modern heart again like us, are gonna, be a second leg and a third Wendy Williams own you stuff on your dirt. Ok, I right now Lebrun Dwayne Wade were on ESPN, my region, the goals, and they were talking about how cheap Leubronn is. This has been a long. Running joke within the NBA bad. Apparently, it's not a joke. Here's what was said by a sole falsely true, false, play through and using his phone. It ain't. No, I'm not turn on data roaming, I'm not buying no apps. I still got pandora with commercials, and it's just that. I'm not,
Therefore, you pay for new high level will pay for it, but how will they were technology than we did in the same way out at my pandora too? As commercials? I just got title. Ok, get us a poor black on, but I got tired about two weeks load. We will have new apps on an open doors, open door got up it off, but a patriot now part of the monastery is because in the Jews by we dont want have commercials playing. While people are listening to music, so I use my back. I oughta Spotify get a subscription columns. That is, if you compare the sheet worshippers, your play. That money from elated airline technology. While when you prepare money for ass, an amazing things, we budgets, hey paying for understanding and I pay for packing, I think, is ridiculous,
Spencer. Me try going to have any doubt about that. Take the train of finding an entire right here, where they pay for our part, now get on a train. Our right. Now, Nellie, we told you about the woman who is not going to try to see had originally accused him of rape, but now she is saying that you couldn't take the pressure of having to go up against a celebrity and she just isn't built for this social. Is not trying to cooperate with this investigation. Any further. Well he's not out of it yet because they said cops are still investigating. Law enforcement sources in Washington State say that they are undeterred by the accuser, not cooperating so they're still gathering evidence and they plan to present the case to the prosecutor's office now tee. I was on stage performing with Nellie and here's. What he said maybe terrible, sound solution. After such an aggressive right,
occasion, drab Nellie number one is something you can drop Hackney such an aggressive, reliable, Kelly's, biggest wreck, It had dropped number one. You want to be more aggressive with raided dilemma. You can see the king, then drop patent. Here, ok, go number one letter Jan has opened a school and Ghana's. Beautiful thing! He posted on his new GMO jointly yeah Hokosa. Yesterday was a special day for me and my family. We had the ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication of a brand new prime every school in Ghana I funded along with pencils of promise. I dedicated to the at Boma YO why I can't even as regards community, and so my mother, God is good and I think that is from their bed. Apparently they have never had a classroom in this community and so in kindergarten. If it rain they just heads a cancer school contagious
side under the trees? But when I, when I hear stories like that about little John and when you read the statement that he rode all, I think about these ponies really little John and be talking, saw, articulate in a way that he did say he feels like he's at last, for words have how amazing it fails to give the community something this score draw political mov lodge our little John. Ok, you did that not even up for debate a right for debate, your mom about stuff, like that. Ok, I'm Miss Kronk Museum annually, and that is your room. We are still missing the chronic every day when I'm in the germ of all on Lisbon, into his early to done. Companies low John Scrappy cry my path, troika, young blood, ass, a greater right where you are we giving a donkey? Oh my god, you know it. A guide dog you do go to a young man named sigh he'd are made
Syed Ahmed at twenty three years old, he needs to come in front of congregation. We'd like to have a word with him. He needs to be on the homepage of don't date them com. Okay, if you think that you had a bad day, we gotta do before you pour out at our in dark you get to that. When we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive, donkey, gabble dog you today, but to the October. Seventeen goes to a three twenty Three o my name saw each made now who is eat I made
he is a man who should be on a homepage of don't data grow dad come now. Sayin is currently being charged with manslaughter criminally negligent. Homicide leaving the scene of an accident aggravated unlicensed operate, in speeding. I don't even know it aggravated unless an operator means, but I think that pills in comparison to the effect that he got a bad. Oh, I hated being charged with murder. Would you like to know who's murder he's being charged with that's gonna ABC seventy offered a report. Please car police say twenty three year old Siad argument had just crashed into a concrete barrier was now in flames behind it. And he casually walked away from the scene and then rode away in a taxi back in the car is cruel. Ahmed's friend, who had been sitting right beside him, was dead or dying. The tape and police offer no evidence. He made any effort to help her operate, will now be charged with manslaughter criminally negligent. Homicide
I am leaving the scene of an accident in this world. Now life is all about perspective Some of you, ladies, went on a date with someone this weekend and took you out to eat, and then you know what mad means you pay for your own phone drink? Some, U Ladys, went out with a man is weak in it. He didn't have a causal yahoo who were everywhere, he made you Paypal will somehow went out on a day when a man is weakened, he shot club and didn't even have the decency to go. Buy you a plan b pale you had to pay for which is ok. Now have you was a woman in any of these areas? You will, I know you was no use. He told you girls, all about this lame attitude you in on a date which your vows never wanted. They would him again, and you currently think I'll do the trash because of this guy or consider yourself blessed at your date turned out better than Harlin grew all you know rest in peace to her poor girl got left in the passenger seat of a burning car because the guy she was out with who was driving a car hopped out and left her there. Ten, nine, though some you
foolish people, a sickness ain't. Well, what was so he'd supposed to do? Help? Ok, even if you can't out don't leave it at a die. As I e that the energy to escape the car and then have a cab, you could have been used. They managed to help the young lady get out the car. Ok, how bad with this date, known as I decided, he'd, didn't even attempt to say hollings life like did you at least thing by calling nine when one even think about it- and this is how you know New York, the home and most cold hearted mine business Woman, American, not just because I am leaving Helene die, but the fact they would a hail a cab in the midst of all. This is what the catch go around. What taxi driver sees a whole car on fire. We stopped for the guy in the middle of the highway. Is uber and Lyft killing the game that much that taxi cab have to take what they can't. There is no scenario where any of this makes sense. Okay, let's just say to you and it to say the young woman was dead on impact. He wouldn't know debt. Ok, she could have been unconscious. He still try to.
The only logical explanation, any it is, and it still does it make it right. If this young man was cheating on his main girl with this woman, because only present Greg? They're kind of fear me in that moment is my wife. Ok, going on in this burning? Car is bad, but what's going to happen, if my wife finds out as much work so sorry, my favorite side, chicks, but I got to go are we really should have been Doin is anyway sorry. I demand that the highly not saying this that this is what happen. Would succeed in early is trying to make sense of a senseless situational greatest makes no devil damn since it all. I expect this type of behaviour from Floridians. I even expect is from people in the Bronx, but these are new. Yorkers queens your people, envy your people claim, and can you imagine Saeed answer when someone asked him what happened? You say Oh boy, you be like Sage- does left her in the car fled. Seen. So you
like debt as a lever debt, as in the car. My girl kill me, be you home. Now, let's get to keep up and be look kid always remember, love and compassion on necessities, not luxury, Please you saw you'd, I made the biggest. He operates, Tragic, tragic, tragic, tragic situation were good. That's why you just don't let your people when anybody, my I gotta know you people, women are at all at all tat, exact legendary, said a very sad different coins. I don't know about that, creates Madame move. Their saw. He made some queens ranch. I beg for a donkey today Ellis open up the farmers. Eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. If you were in the same situation, what would you do my heel in a cab? I know that much.
Africa, HALO, Marianna, cabin, muddled, fleeing the sea. I would hope that anybody would try to hell. I'm a try to help. Having are too high and acknowledge like it was habitat, is new ever instincts you elite trash. I burn my hand in the normal call and I won't one and in addition them again do after that, it seems like we might have to spend at least in war and sat on without ever think, I should feel that have led to see like something was wrong to death by. He really was trying to hide something. I'm telling arousing Baltic us. I think he was Jean behind which, as the only bankers book you don't like, I really think you will change our aid under five. Eight five, one o five one. If you were in their same predicament, what would you do eight hundred five, five, eight hundred and Bialy Superman in bad men in they, you know black Panthers, Batman bought the call know black panthers about to they would do recall us now is to the slogan morning, the breakfast club morning? Everybody is
J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club nerve. He just joined us were asking. What would you do in this situation? The Charlemagne gave them it'd data who shall make saw he'd document. I saw you. Medicine is young man who, guy to a car wreck? What a young lady in the car and the car birth in the flames the young lady they die, jumped into a cab and went on about his business. All rice aware asking: what would you do in that situation start off, which you ye were naturally We try to help. Whoever was in the car with me. That would be my first instinct unless it was absolutely impossible, but first and foremost, which I too early, open the door and drag the map right. Never that call was on full full fledged fire. I mean I don't know you could open a door. I mean you, a trader. I don't know if it would work, but you try solemnly. What would you do? I myself for the vision of the furthest from us. Save yourselves and, of course you try to save the young lady, but I know that I would not have held a cabin fled to seeing. I'm not going to leave the EU
young lady does burned to death in that car was not going to leave the body that you know what I mean. Let me ask you a question Charlemagne. Yes, they say you were out and about on the town. Yes, and this out about on the with his, not your wife, massaging, Sunnyside, checked occurring now that that cause burning. Yes and you know that when this is all over, you got to, and I want to shoot around for my wife. So what does that mean well. You know once I get home, you know I mean she turned on the new deceive me on ass, a babe look the holiday he's coming around arm. I decided to pick up some extra money than overdrive picked up this young lady and I got bad accident, I was shook car burst into flames. I didn't know what to do so. I just jumped out and came home to you baby. That was a good lie. You made that a pretty fast, but what about this? I've never seen a uber driver with the passenger front seat. You know how my see what happened in the back of it was all wet back there. So you know, I'm saying I was just I had her sit in the front
You know me, I'm a nominated as they gonna find out. If someone was in the car with you any way whether or not you stayed or leave so, why leave a maze of human nature? You want to save someone's life. Therefore, jarred upon personal, regardless of the decision yes. At the end, the desert I'm thing in any way, with the makeup stating on your wife and left the money in the car and all, but you should know gonna find out anyway shook their moment, though you can. You can blame it I'll, just shock you not available jump down a dozen robot. I'm too often, I know there's not going to allow this agent. For what would you do? You could have found only around the power tat I can buy out of our people.
Get out of the car and away he can't help our Europe knows a lot wins it. As a jewish, idiotic is bound viewed, lunacy, Bobo had opened a dog it out the car they held a cab. You can use this aim and if you put a girl out, we gotta do something, and even if he couldn't get around at least wait and wait to try to get some to do so? But you know we do live in an era when men even holding the door before women nowadays days. What the hell it's be expect me to pull out of a burning awful allows this morning, the morning. How are you, sir, I'm good Montenegro may Israel, we ask. What would you do if you in this situation? I would definitely men and I couldn't- I call somebody would doubly not. I think I never did. Somebody could be called a dollar to do that. Same thing as I say: love, love, love and compassion and necessities. Now luxuries, eight hundred five April one phone call us now to breakfast Logan there was re git up your gaddi boarding,
The body is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean the guy. We are the breakfast club Navvy just joined us were asking. You know: Charlemagne gave dog into data which already saw he'd oxamide he'd, augmented the young man, twenty three of those who was dropped, with a young lady name, hardly rest in peace to Hollywood, and you got into a correct call birth in flames. I he jumps out of the car inhaled the cabin. Please, the z doesn't even try the young, lady or anything. So where asking? What would you do? Eight hundred five? five thousand one hundred and five, when I absolutely positively to do what I have to do to try to get that person out of the car, no matter what was going on no matter. If I had warrants. If there was a problem, you can still, you still got to have a conscience at the end of the day. If they myself, my second to think you saved as a person that, just as it is I think my mind would work for this will enable the call without any money Mama. What would you do Nicole?
one is done, asked them cause. Is the mining occurs? As somebody will? Let me my family Bobby devastating mechanism. We demonstrate our never didn't like the Knocker dredge Mamma I later below this. My name is Yahoo. Yahoo would have Yahoo your parents year what Europe marked NOME, my last name, the Yahoo and I'm not I'm not giving life. You saw a man could my father for luxury. Ok, ninety five percent of the Heron Africa many positive West African. Ok, my goodness me. I love my dear now unable to our no damn it s, a guy called the other days. It was evil all the year. We are, we all play lobby big. We call it like it is the bay what it is we
people thought our minds and by you do solemn all my job in the Euro. I would want to yourself. You know your tv now about my com are gonna, be able to give evidence, show what you know to talk and common only Bialy, although the law I gotta tell ya the ball game must give yourself a bomb yummy yankee me what's a Yankee wheel, but only what is what I was half way for the weekend. I heard something about a cobbler one of those them with my way too many. Why in our leaders, com or fire crazy out me? What is it no argument? You hear me: what is the power with? What did he blow? All I beg you, ve got the wrong guy. Your name is ya. Booty you tom, by somebody bitter tears, does it may arise coming right under the tape we gotta do better. Ok, look at your name before you, judging by your name, Yahoo e learning.
We're not add younger of Yahoo Yahoo LE. What's the Moldova story them all, the story is man. You know chivalry clearly, did a bracket, love and compassion on necessities. Now Europe may you gotta have loved the badge of other people. Braided have lower right, the government's own away- yes, a tug abandoning humanize, hopefully by now using the picture on the cover of tea magazine. The great issue would tell you some of the things that she said in the Maghreb, even now? I will get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast annually. On the breakfast, Somerset Williams made an appearance use at the convocation ceremony for Liberty University last week, and while she was there, the audience was asking for her to call. Yeah I'd say they wanted to talk to be an say that sometimes other times fastest discrepancies. They might. She was gonna low irritated by and by she did attempt to car because eight years, what you'll be almost shown mix all? Can we call beyond say, can we just
try to get home go and have a conversation will be outside our islands. Are you really gonna call for special? Ok, how to hear them? Can you put her ass? We go from here. A message, he's, probably Evan, replied Tom. I am she's married sees having the time of the more yes it now on Twitter Michel said it was a prank guph. No real numbers will use the voice and the voice mail is a young from the university and then she puts lapse in IE. Then she said not. My dear actually agree to do it before the service tat, lady name Katy. Let us use her number and she could it is a waste moment is only forty good, as Michel allows anyone else. It be non. Ok, be, I think, I'd three kids, a career, a husband s may not pick up on the first tat. The only thing is they never said it was a prank. I guess during things are now
after where it or you never said a pretty voters after they do said. I was a national debate in letting people now, though, per usual, it was just that our usual jokes on Michel Idiot as it right there. Based on that new and only frankly, without making you devoted a joke, all of them TAT, Jesus Christ, Michel Command, neutral. I right now. Let's talk about fifty cents, You know that errors on Wednesday night some BT, and there is one person that fifty cent has beef with for some time and I dont know if they were ever gonna work it out, but it appears like. Maybe they because this person working on fifty central, Actually I didn't say that at this summit He was before we know in Romania,
Everyone here is a little clip from the episode. That's going to err on Wednesday welcomes couples there. Why would you say you're here? I believe that we have strong connection it and you are you she dragged me. Oh ok, so violence is never the answer. You have to set it off. I might know that was Vivica, a fox that she's going to be in. If you remember they dated for a while, and then you know she allegedly jumped over the gate to his house and he had to get a restraining order. There are all kinds of drama the diameter of regula I mean. I know it's not that it's announce a spoof watches seen in tourism bonaventura than it would be: thou the regatta. Maybe next up out of a hat, I re making an added on the cover of tea magazine. It's the grades issue I know allowed people badly saw the cover yesterday was on social media. There
seven different covers and Nicki Minaj is on one of them now she's talking about new music and a new attitude, she said sonically, I know what the album is about to sound like I know what this album is going to mean to my fantasy. Album is everything in my life coming full circle and me being truly genuinely happy. It feels almost like a celebration. The last album the pinkprint was almost like my diary, closing the chapter and certain things and not knowing. If I was happy or sad about knew about beginning a chapter that was really writing about feeling unsure. Now I can tell you guys what happened for the last two years of my life. I know I am. I am getting a given that figure it out with his Adam and I'm living. How does give us the music like any autism is goes. We in Europe have no oversell things nowadays does give us the municipal itself as an ever of our regional list. Them yourself is actually getting rid of lightning.
We are good, like I shall into every body, is looking at her only some de facto after the whole Remy being she them ass. A with safari, read everything has gone over the visible behold challenge know our right. Now. She also talks about competition and what she looks for an people that seed channels when she's wrapping the people that influence had the three people. That's he says it's channels, she says: do you sound intelligent as your floats? Which up? Are you in command of the beats. I listen to things like that. She said: Jay, Z, Lil Wayne and Foxy Brown. Those are the three I keep in my head when I'm writing, because they've influenced me so much. I feel like I'm a part of all of them, and she said two years ago you told her ever I hear rap. I can hear Nicky in her lap. I didn't ask him who, but that was such a great compliment, so I will do that. That's what he had to say already in Managua. More Odessa like I right now, rigorous with on Snapchat and he's still wondering did by man pay little weighing yet hears what he said on his snapshot.
Wonder Berman pay there. May I make a mouse all remain a farce week, what Nobody can say ten million in a first to raise the issue of hate me. You know what I'm like, really the most badly affected yard to find each other instead of jobs for people you switched out now he goes on to talk about the time he negotiated at fifty million dollar deal with bird man, he's a Burma and knew not to pull up what he's done, other artists and environment and pay him. He would have given him the death sentence any talked about, but may also be moving his girls and planning to take the tattoos off of his face. Gooseberry mandate is gonna, give it about those tattoos he said. So take all your plastic to Mount. The re saw the tattoo. On your face. What you can do is give them young. So just back at time, they gave you that it's all Birdman got to do to shut. Everybody up is right, Lil Wayne a check, but clearly that is
impossible for him to do? Maybe it isn't that right, I don't know what's case you work at a deal, I thought that you want to check, needs good, Ok is deep at an add on a why, but is is deepen and he got a gun on one of them social media they last week and said that Eagle shut everybody up and pay waned. So shut everybody often pay wait. I really am Angela YE. That's your rumour reports all right. Thank you e mail revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else people's choice mixes up. Next, let me know which one here at d envy get your request in right now is to breakfast locomotive
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