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Donkey of the Day Goes To Alabama Abortion Ban For The 2nd Day In A Row!


Uncle Charla had to give Alabama, Donkey of the Day for the second day in a row.  Listen now!

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Right now you often for dog, you do? Is you don't innovatively become donkey of the day the breakfast club, pretty you do with eleven? I have called for the tragedy. I forgot my that the house will occur dont you today, He may have anything if it is like a part. Two to yesterday's Don Quixote Day yesterday I gave donkey to Alabama, govern a k, ivy and a twenty buy mayonnaise flavored mammals of only twenty five to six to sign into an abortion bill that could possibly sentence doctors who perform abortions to life in prison. Okay Alabama is the first state to have a straight ban on abortion with seven other states. This year pass
motion restrictions, these old caucasian colonizers in Alabama, don't care if you get pregnant, the rape began says they does, though, want you haven't abortions period. My first question always when things like this happen is why, as announced trying to figure out yesterday, what is the white to all this? While these mean care so much when it comes to what women do with their bodies, I saw people posting dishonest grandma day. Yesterday they kill quoting who poxy corn words of two popsicle. When it comes to your baby. A man has no right to tell a woman went away to create one. That is a fact now a reason. I didn't quote that exactly because pots they since a man came, make one he had no right. Tell a woman when and where to create one. The truth of the matter is me and can make babies. We can't tired and we can't have them, but we can make them, but we all know apartment so carry on not back to the Y back to the. Why of it off? Why does the boys, happening as some are saying the reason they are doing this a religious. I am not a biblical scholar, so somebody please send me to Bible Scripture should act. A motion is wrong. Admin
started, but I'm down to learn eyes there. Let me see what I would like to see is a pastor who disagrees with the abortion bands. I want one of these old white men who voted for this abortion ban and let them go ahead right. That would be interesting. Also, some people like to call it Deborah call into the breakfast club adjust pro life and don't feel like Life should be taken. Okay, somebody's all white men who voted on a bill are taking that stand to, but these are the same. People who love the death penalty, and ignore the black last Madame movement? So how much do you really care about life, our lives in general, but less listen would never had to say this morning on the breakfast club. I thought about that abortion that that you were wrong. And killing. You know come a lie that got no boy and I've got no joy Get me wrong. What about what a woman? What what about one of the biggest rate are you aware that, whatever a girl is twelve years old,
come on I'll shoot them. Want a baby. I in a baby that yeah and if she doesn't want the baby, just give it away in evening Maybe you don't have the dealer you're about to go back of a waiver of Roma Alabama? Indianapolis. Your white right, I am now I do I just use a thing about. It is love. Now that is not right and you can someone live user, be killed them all she's pro life, protrudes does our opinion. It is also hypocritical to me, especially when you know like I suggest, PAMELA turn of forty four years old. I shall five times by the policed police this week, don't see people like Devereux who are so anti. Abortion pro life standing up for her against the police, but whatever the thought about the, why ok. What is why of this? Abortion ban? I really did not understand it. When I gave it some thought. Yes, and keep in mind. I am a brilliant idiot, ok, every now and then on Sundays. I think about going to check fully, and
remind myself that is closed. Even though I have forty years of research that lets me know chick fil a is indeed closed on Sundays, for these are just my thoughts and I don't know how much thought you should put into my thoughts and I'm pretty sure you know. I will discuss this with my therapist today, but I was thinking thinking about this bad thing, and I said to myself: I don't understand. Why do you always Minnesota hell bent on this wine abortion ban? Why now in it hit me? This is all about self preservation for a white ok, follow me for a second. I know anybody who read a little bit know that, according to some since his projects, the USA will become minority white into died in forty five. I took out a void by he would meet a minority and the majority will be a Spanish Latinos population and political power will be with those communities and a
we need a new majority. Now, looking at some abortions statistics- and I thought at thirty, seven percent of women having abortion is a white thirty, seven percent of black nineteen percent hispanic seventh instead of other raised other issues. So when you understand that some wipe you have a fear of a brown planet, then you will understand the government's efforts to keep latino immigrants it's not a coincidence that yesterday Trump on veiled a new immigrant plan overall legal immigration, so you keep latino than a Spanish out you slow down in growth that community you been abortions. Well, the population of white people increases; ok, listen, not just the population, a white people, because all why viewpoint Republicans conservatives, what the white people in these particular states are indeed seven states that have already passed some sort of abortion ban their already fate. Ok, all states with feathers abortion, banner red, face Alabama, Mississippi, judge of the highly Turkey Utah August or population of these places is white
Okay, have you white every Republican, too much goddamn mayonnaise, but it's been in these places, will affect a lot of white women if they can get the number of white women having abortions down, keep Latinos out to keep the portents in maybe in twenty forty five white people won't be the majority of white people hoping to majority and they can maintain a political power they have in his country. So this isn't about religion are saving the lives of fetuses. This is about self preservation and not losing political power. Ok, today's man, a community and to down a forty five, but don't listen, me cause. I didn't cry when Tony started died in India and this morning on the way to work, I listened oldtower old room which would Billy re Cyrus Porthos. So I don't know if I can be trusted. Is it just my thoughts just the way I was feeling at the time. So please once again met Chelsea handle. Give these people.
Often these abortion banned the biggest here here that is, wage you write down. Man is what I would like to discuss. Yes, I've seen that very few around what beard and the one that you just said. Will you saw that I have seen it all over the internet? the lesson that the reason why why people don't want to allow people to have abortions is because they want to make sure they are more populated, Willissimus open up before long was over the form of aid on drew talk about it, foggy five one o five one and about what is it is not the abortion is a damning. Whenever we haven't opened to fall on the. Let me play about the abortion, the former us get your opinion. Do you agree to disagree? Eight hundred five, a firewall or five wondered Lady Deborah called in this morning. She's from Indianapolis Missy's, definitely children. I review and I think it's ok. If you dont want to have an abortion magician pass judgment I had any there and what anybody else wants to do with their own body union. Do whatever you want maturity
daddy and anyone else can do anything they want with theirs? It shouldn't be up to one per for you to make a decision for every but what about when we come back eight hundred five, five one o five ones to breakfast club component
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