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Tuesday 11/06 - Today on the show we had Michelle Williams and her fiance Chad Johnson stop by where they spoke about depression, not having sex before marriage and more. Also, did you vote today? well if you didn't you are Donkey of the Day today, as Charlamagne gave the hee-haw to all the non voters today, but we also wanted to know why some are not voting, so we opened up the phone lines to hear their reasoning.

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info, I corona virus stock of. Let's all, do apart, because we're all I tag alone together brought to you by add council. Did you know that the first computer bug was an actual? You know that x rays were used as entertainment at kids. Both parties, I'm there and I'm Gregg, and for our new pod cast surprisingly brilliant weeping collecting some of the most shocking, inspiring and downright bizarre stories from science history from space mysteries to stolen dinosaurs, you'll find it in supplies in me, brilliant from sea. So come listen, Surprisingly, brilliant on her radio, app apple pie casts or wherever you go, your pockets.
So we shall again like a mega forty. I just took all we ve got. No point this prize round have recently joined a breakfast club, say some visitors mighty, you add a Yo Yo, Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, Yo Yo with is the this club by means of a Gigi without Charlemagne. What's up these Amy Notes, hopefully Both of them are not here. Right now Charlemagne says that he has to vote this morning. He's gonna be voting. The poles open, ended,
as they area New York, New New Jersey, Connecticut at six p m- and oh, is this disease envy you were here. He was sleeping in the browser good good morning its election day, it's Tuesday. Yes, it is section. Eight makes you get out there in votes everybody's, but unless you have voted early, which a lot of people did, a lot of people voted early, actually have my credit, was, I am voting in a new place. I usually vote somewhere but I register closest to my house, so I can go right near my home in Brooklyn and vote after work today. So as soon as we get off of my head to the polls and go pick it up and then head over there in just go vote at the library Lions Gala. Now I am the ambassador for the new public libraries that we also got lubber, the. If you go to this one library that well yeah they do, they would encourage more people to go. Ok, you know that the whole thing about the library is it's not just taking out books. There's a ladder
the services that they have for people like. If you have English, the second language they have classes there. They have all types of things that you can do to help you with job, Smith- is alive. You can bet stood a vote at the library. I so there's a lot of things that go down at the libraries that was not jasper, taking our books, but yes, so they had this. use gala last night when they hunted the library lions. What are the people on? It was France's for Coppola Ochre and he was there, so he was signing books and the those that were there was five people they always standing their books. I was sitting next to me Guess Samuelson If you know he is, he owns a different restaurants, he's a chef. He owns the Revolutionary Harlem Ochre. He owns a restaurant car markets that we actually ADA Ember Mutawa, where we were staying at the resort. The princess Hamilton ear salmon is by proceeding on. He said he listened to the show, every single moral goin to you, Sir, I haven't been to the library in a long time. After the last time I've been, there was my kids. doing homework they a couple years ago. Did you go to the library growing up all the time
had to mean, if you had to do a hallmark of you had to do a project go to the library to go, get an encyclopedia now also we didn't can afford encyclopedia, they always too expensive. So He went to the library air we use a man borrowed them and in return him begun. My oh, my libraries of money from I used to go. Pay them not return hymn book, something after a while. I think it is common and now have wifi at home. You don't have a computer at home, you can go to the library and you re a resource is so it is a great thing ass. They were. I went to go visiting. You are public library, I gotta go see the first edition of Shakespeare early of Jane Eyre. They have those original books in there and they give you a holds whore and then it was amazing, ok! Well they do not mind. I love reading and I love, but I know I know tat all right well on this morning are Michel whales in Chad. Johnson will be joining us. Michel Whims, of course,
it shall. Member at her husband, share Johnson remarriage a willow. I they are engage their engage yes and ever shall clouds had less Michel Dhaka on own networks are we'll talk to them in a little bit, and it's all about vote. we'll get you ass up by even if you go get a blue early, give out the invoke a right. Now, let's get to show the front pages when we talk about well, let's talk about how many people have voted so far. A surge of younger voters will give you some numbers also would Customer opera has had to say: there's these races Robo cause that sound like its Oprah and she's responded to them. Ok,
we'll get into all that when we come back you locked to breakfast club morning morning, everybody is the J Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne girl. We are. The breakfast club was cancelled front, page news now Charlemagne eyes that my report this morning, so he is voting boy. I was going to propose those in modern times, beat the cowboys twenty eight to forty know what else we told Molly for more than thirty million Americans have voted in the mid terms, are ready, so they sing at least thirty one million people about it early nationwide. So during this point, dine at twenty point seen midterms about now
Ten million people voted early, so that's way more than what happened in twenty four teen right, but they did say why this is great. The country has been moving towards a more robust use of early voting for years and is also not clear if the early vote in key states is showing up the sport trump and Republicans or Democrats. Do you know when you vote do really know we voted for you. Do you do democratic, emigrate, Democratic republic and political problem? I know they are no everybody. Nor could I do know something about China like look it up before I go so research was happening. My area by, I don't think I've, I'm trying to think I ever voted fire Republican. It will take a lot of all forward today who actually, my in sound his name is Jim Frida, he's actually republican running. and he's really trying to help the kids in the community shall we give them better equipment for sports better field. I shouted lot more to help to the youth said. As your answer for asthma
just in the air it s the only time I will ever know, probably Republika, scarcely ever, but I do know he's doing a lot for the kids and instruments in my tower. Lives, I think you'll be a good era and well, there's a dream and twitter have been deleting accounts. That's where you deleted orbits, thousand accounts. There were urging users and that's a vote. They were actually protect. Thing to be from the Democratic Party after and they would crazy people telling them that a vote I saw some of those were now say. Ok, you must think I'm stupid now anyway, into that. Opera has had to respond. Sir racist Robo cause there were these robots they were being made in her name. The press was fatality, her and pretending to go against state,
the Abraham. If you haven't heard it- and I know this is difficult to listen to- because it's disgusting that we do have some are there for you- the magical me programme to move my fellow new urban, the governor of Georgia, where other man, your mama, I see someone white women could be tricked into voting for especially the Fatima and for everything that goes wrong, you're going to get a new car, so you get a car, but you gotta get a car. I do you get a car. Everybody gets disgusting, that's not funny at all. Is that like? Not? Even that is fine, but who even has the time or the thought to even do something like this or opera has risen,
cities are racist, Robo Cause hears what she said: races, Robo halls and my against Stacy Rooms, where I am one hundred percent for say, she's, just online gambling, and we know what to do about that vote after I get the involved. Georgia Stacy Abrams, need you make sure you get out the Invoke Florida edge. Who gave him need you make she get out there and vote vote vote vote vote vote if you gotta check or what policies on Google it this morning we'll get on the anvil. I just want to say this at another, like Oprah Latin America. Have everything else? Can you guess I'm asking you to read that bag didn't. That sounds a little of it that did not sound like over the magical need, improved mobility vaccination. You could negro, my goodness. I write
is your front page news all right now I get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, a five one. Five one of you need to vent, call us up therefore, lines are wide open. Eight hundred five, eight five one five one hit us up right now. If you want eventually get some things off your chest or if you feel bless, you spread some positivity Aidan Five, a five one, o five one again, Georgia, space abrams- need you this morning. Get your ass up. Give yourself a little extra term. Don't get their course morning. If you, if you will be a little late, you skip breakfast. If you need to space Abrams need, you add you give em out in Florida, everybody needs a UK and at their no matter where you live, go out and vote get out there and vote. I will call a sovereign. Therefore, laws are open, get it all future is to breakfast locomotive breakfast of your time to get it off your gesture. The man on the breakfast on your law allows this
Bernie very break it off it just this morning, Mama out and value of less than twenty five year old last April, two thousand and seventeen I was diagnosed with page three month after month came all radiation and they solve it. the very slim them without a bail out now, I'm three months pragmatic fell by it seems like a very healthy you, asthma, Lascaux, congratulations! Thank you. Thank you, I'm very excited very well. God is everything to gradually issues more. Thank you enjoy. Pregnancy is one of the best you in a vote today to I'm gonna run. I dont moved here about a month and had gone. I read it right away. I re! U s. I don't have a great day Mamma you to thank you regardless their baby allows this There are two dominant on your part on Labour party being ticket interplay, tab and above you know good. My nature: this is the magical, brick Volker. What's our broke
it. S was up. I know that we will carry champion felt like that. You know You know, I'm just see how. How is hardly you to get the money? finally now and again it caused by boy, could all things come on about how to get the money to go to meet us all accordingly show it. You got me out of here If you struggle over money, I wouldn't go to neither are we. They say my money and make shocking pay rent for next more broke out rank would follow more about. If you have, you have to make that the term and if you gonna forget, if you would APOLLO see cardiologists keeps EVA. Somebody wrote- and I know I gotTa Apollo ticket- ok What's the problem, you need more tickets. No, I mean why we get there the giant, uneatable I'll call. You don't know what I know where to go to www if you bought tickets but I'll have enclose having arrived at on all that was a small decision broke. No, I can get the money
The money by just can't go either you love There could be a bottom up, internal yeah. did? I know, has a good grace s person already deadly one bottle able from Europe, maybe so scare us after they gives them mosquitoes away, then why don't you ever knows that? Ok, allows is I didn't write America alone made out of each ass. Men are caught in the family and brought out our girly not pointing out yet people like for you, the player, but I'm the one who can blame them black and brown, but why why people submitted as we do? You sounded out my whose Manitou, as I do, lay wiping out of doors? We want our lady Lena media, the controversial hey clouds on the haggling ally. We go back to be you. What the mood were I you know I and is: is there I feel like things have been going on for so long, but now we have camera phones away. Exposing allow more was going on is going viral, as is as I was a bit like that happens, don't get baited into doing something that could get you in trouble and yet
film it. Let it go viral, we'll share those stories and get people fire from new jobs. then be sets out. Ass, an pariahs from the world all at One day, my lit the report, I would not be worth about drug problem and backed up by our colleague, and I got fired I love it live about that night. Do you really believe I love you make him without. Actually those who call you drive, we blame you an answer now, not gonna wearily. That's what I'm saying. I'm only words like wiping out with you about works out, I'm happy! I'm out! You can say today that I thought it was deleted. Jokers Lassen, blowed alone. I beg you Bobby. I really think I don't know. I know you know what it is as a kid you never was all individual. The Disney were able, as a key, to drive the Disney so used to take us like three days in which to pass the truck drivers and exciting
What can we do now at the time? Why are you so that in future every year, my cousin, you as you could get and shoved rather the blow to hold the fast, is, in my view, police, shared up and play their appointment opens back. We Will you have a job to do? The ok, anyway, give rise buggies on road anywhere, eight hundred five, a far what ever? If you need a venue, two sub now to breakfast locomotive breakfast falling down to breakfast but allows this? Is our global? the german jaguars. What up bro is junk welcomes regular features broke. I wanna make a shot out of my wife and kids. Like you gave me a book you of my love, a man. May we declare lousy
I say to me: I will go nude sooner precisely where we just got a shadow, his wife and kids. I love that legal, hello. Is this. Those laws, a broken off each asthma man. I want to call your very shortly after the one about the old man age it out here S. Where are they going off? Thirsty turkey, like Israel, the coushatta people get out there and afterwards heard and y'all. Let them know that their words make a difference is going to have a lot of pee appreciate, may get out there and vote. I know somebody I might take a low login because it lives might be a law but get out there and leave it up a little extra time. If you make a call this morning or you may. She breakfast is very simple: get out the involved egg. You broke, I wonder what is most crowded time at the pole, I'm shorter morning time when people are going to work right before people go to work or right when they get off work done, I'm showed us that the most crowded term, a member, let him I voted away like an afternoon. It was empty. Our right in what was empty to allow is easier.
Dj from Cali. What's up bro, get it off your chest. First off YO, YO, big ups on your. car she'll. Do we Lay you about your beautiful. I love your park, Africa Book out pocket and basically rather go into one that Yo Yo there. I am they are a bill to members. That being able to, unemployment in America having got the air force if they make it so difficult for us. I have not found one Betelgeuse with job a my rail, but what I do is evil open. It gave me interview. Confoundedly its man told him. I was alone, a lot of us do what we do. the military defy job that call what we do, but for me it should be mad. Simple. Am I do each made all I do with each other so that they make it so difficult for and any they pass it up. It happens upon and people that they are in no way I want to bring into their aid thy its it matter
Iran is Madame land to innovate. You buy the sacrifices that you may have been imagined, sacrificing for your country and I being guaranteed some I've been playing it when it's all said and done by absolutely and you don't shop, total military houses and what are the houses that are flipped a couple of weeks ago, there was a guy from the military living on the back porch. He just been opposed to protect their wishes. He had nowhere to live. when we put up when we bought the house, and I seen him and he told me he was going to military and I told him that you know if you wanted to work help was renovate the house. We would pay him to do it and he was so grateful in so happy shout to Caesar and we We actually aim a job. You know me because we understand that he may even where it was wasn't like you just turn a bomb around. I do not know he wanted to where he couldn't find a job. So please, now than we work for us and we gave some money to to help men of eight and demo them aware. I crave so shy. to honour military everybody sacrifices for asthma, that that was up in the also our good shot. My boy trap at them
every day on I d, I went there with a bad boy. rather we ever to breakfast club year job, even though show or something or a signal, I keep your truck. Drivers are authorized our pockets put it in the atmosphere right now. I'm was, I thought, pockets with Dr. Hopefully words will happen. Angela bring on Parker are years. We're ready. Atlanta days can be the end of the month or wouldn't. Let me, as your course new single circa, no Travis Single lucky to be its offer of an upstream Within my back where I live, I love it. I lit a black women under the black women. Our commitment to hear me no marketing try, Youtube Inzana, dragging on and on a black women. Also I want ip. Taylor works everywhere. Are you like for sailor? I love Taylor. You might W W W W
you're bound by their love. Her you, like girls, are fairly but should be denying our eye. We might put, you are holding out a commonplace. I can't wait for you, you'll go in your my eyes. All along in a military man is sacrificed, but his country, dealer least you could do a gone a date with Egypt. All right give it all future Andrew five, a five one, o five one. If you need a bit, you gave us up at any time. You got rules on away, yes find out. Who's is put at their first rap singles. He would you think of it. It's featuring Yo Gaddi and dare my we got snippet way. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep a lacklustre breakfast locomotive breakfast morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God. We all the breakfast club now shouts every in didn't queens of again go out in votes. That is what we do in our queen: shouts of free ride, transportation and also shudder. Saint James Practice outrage, ministries. What we do now in queens my area of queens,
we then offer free rides to Nepal. Voters who are senior citizens and can't get to the. So if you are old, and you can get to the poles I'll. Give you Instagram and a number where you can call? And if you are senior citizen we will get you to the polls this morning. You ain't got to worry about paying for a cab or uber or or not feeling like you're going to be safe, we're going to get you. oppose this morning a ripe free ride, transparent. And, if you in my barrel of queens, we're to get you to troops This morning we have a bunch of printed on the street and we're gonna get you to Nepal. want you to get out there and vote will take you all a cause. His guitar does get out there and Oh cried again as a free ride, transportation you can hit at a free riders. I'll, give it a nominal website and we'll pick you up and take to its proposal. And you back home safely right now, let's get it over.
so really Ryan report at the Reul report, the miraculous club, where Riyadh has had to send a thief and assisted Donald Trump, and that's because she was used. one of her songs. He was using when her songs during his rallies. Have you amber. He was ass, a using carouse happy during a rally, remember and refer us and that cease and desist were now Vienna has since a cease and desist as well. She has now provide her consent to MR trumped to use her music. Such use is therefore improper chums. Not the rise use of Miss fancies. Music creates a false impression. Them is fancies affiliated with connected to our otherwise associated with with Trump he was playing. Don't stop the music. during his rallies and that's how he found out because a reporter The wise it imposed for the Brucker accede, tweeted about it. As you responded to that these were letting me no makes her. That's not happening any more. I write Nicky.
Now congratulations to her. She is the first female with one hundred entries on billboards hat one hundred nice. Congratulations, ten Nicky Menage grass to her now that sign that she has a tiger. Is a sign that actually became her one hundred one hundred entry into the child's debuting at number. Eighty three on the charge, so that's it the congratulations and documenting give a round of applause of our farmers. Hundreds of Katy bees teamed up with a real reebok. They have a new part together. We can just the one used to separate one as it does. Nothing is about women, ok, with organ of our realities into says, saga, bowed and given, as now what's happened about cried. He be ochre teaming up or three back. They have a new partnerships, you posted. If you don't know now, you know how has tag Reebok, Reebok classics, our congratulations to her check. According nobody body, a local, yes and also black China she, has a new song out and is called deserve. This is our first rap single its featuring. YO, Gaddi and Jeremiah, and
We do have a snoop before you are listening. Stinky must I have about the wisdom of bad news. I thought when I found out how much you want, but you shoot you. The morning your entire animals are Roma, China and other faces like magnates gave. Your name has always some you, just as I was then and now do broke out. I'm thinkin ray I'm like you know. Surely Charlemagne not used at the polls, but if Charlemagne was here, what would he be thinking protecting about unawares. Relationship of black title is is what they lag. She says the global would attack my where something is money of a man, that's the theme of the song and so yeah no show them as they have been working on for quite some I'm trying to make it happen, go that's its snippet, it's me.
YO guardians error, my it's called deserve. God bless you right la Mandela YE, and that is your room, a report. It all right. Thank you museum, and I wouldn't tell everybody again if you in queens, of course, from queens were given free rise to senior citizens to get to the Poles em back home. I! So if you, if you If you live with senior citizen, are a senior citizens, your mom and dad is a senior citizens independent opinion appended, a pink it, a pink it a pin, seven one, eight aid for three seven thousand. Four hundred and thirty three I will get you to the Poles back and safely will take care of all the costs shout to the free ride transportation at the company. That usually takes me around traveling in Saint James Baptist reach, ministries will take here or your course die. So if you need to get to the poles, we need you to get them out and vote I will take care of. It is no reason why you can't get outdated. They will take care of it. Ass. A mother of south side? No, such coincide as well as happy, but also when you're out and about today, moving around you know just be polite to eat.
Absolutely, and I know a lot of us don't know when somebody's going to bed. It is as just full time people have high anxiety right now. Is it getting ready to vote as going they just be polite to each other. That's all I asked everybody just be very civil. Is allowed activity, alot of people moving around today, so you know, let's get out there make a happy jar right where we go from pesos Mickey. I yes, adding you're on a flight, and you end up sitting in some feces and then you're too to add their stay, a yes. He argued the plane. Why are I will get internet when we come back, keep alive the nor forget from death? CIAO, Michel Williams in her fiance chair jobs will be joining us next thousand moves to breakfast club the morning, putting everybody's these J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club luskin some front, page news. That is so. You how I'm trying to get senior citizens queens, where I'm from to get people to propose a few doing the same thing, no matter where you from a few in Georgia doing the same thing if you in Chicago few in Florida, if you're in Jersey, whatever
is hit us up in tag, as is the case, we can shout you out because we're trying to get people to Nepal, and also of you have em. If you use goober lived and those those companies offer us offering free a discount arise at the polls today also already know brainless troika artless games. front page news now monitor all the time demolish the cowboys twenty eight fourteen looks like the cowboys season is officially over. Like my giants, that what are you talking about, you suggest you guys to know if you wanna use Ober to actually get to the poles over his party part. Knowing what has tied vote together and democracy works amongst other transportation is not an issue. Are a barrier to get to the poles. You can use a promo go promo code get around the number to get around to vote and you get ten dollars up if you're, using Ober and according to lift this aimed at about fifteen million people were register by did not vote because of transfer
patient issues back in twenty sixteen, so there also offering fifty percent cent of up to five dollars off rides across the country and free rise to undisturbed communities, their face, significant obstacles to transportation? So you, to enter your zip code on lives, partner, a buzz fees website. Telco, do that's no right now. Let's talk about getting on the plane and sitting in Pooh. Imagine that happened to you, no clue what had happened to Matthew me and he was on a flight from Atlanta to Miami ourselves. I hate the decisions it. I have jumped to all the time and he said sitting there in his like what is that's mouth. He said I looked around. Any, though not another flight that smells bad. He said he was the only one who notice he said. I realise the person next to me also had their nose covered them when I to take my charger out bent down completely to charge my phone, I realize it's, not just the smell is actually theses and its of the back of my legs at all all over the wall of the play? No Georgia and I sat in it.
Oh, my goodness, so they went to the front of the plane to notify the flight crew and the crew said. Are you kidding me? We turn it in a camp alleviating clean it that's when they gave him all to paper, towels and a bottle of gin to clean himself within the bathroom. What an evil Thank you didn't know where the diarrhoea came for me to know if it without her thin. Originally he said it was a person again sick. Then they said it was a german shepherd than they said it with a golden retriever, I my goodness, but he said, doesn't matter its visa carries disease anyway. You look at it. Don't clean the plainly built using cleans the plays before you share is supposed to. They said: Diana broken motorcyclists and continuing the boarding process once the Bio has it was identified. Him reported, should not have even taken after after that they did keep on boarding the plain and fatal, Let me get either again his seat or get off play, but he got off the plane. I rather think so. I would have dragged their pool all up and down the hours that play would definitely have to stop. I would apply
Now I would fain it out. I think about I'm gonna be soon. Somebody out, I got sick all all already, above our doubt after me, yes to everybody, actually ended up being on their flight having to sit there with sees all over the place. Your daughter yeah- and you know after that, that he might take legal action. Should we gotta get sick for us We definitely should he hasn't ate on the plane landed in Miami and he was supposed to fly to Tampa, but he said he just took a uber instead for four hours cuz. He just didn't want to gonna play in after that experience. I don't others why, with those of the law, they say they couldn't move his sea. Would you have stayed on no, no Where he was again, there was paying you really well, you are already in the pool wasting their time. Was they pay now that it depends on what they pay, and now they pay a lot of money? I might have the sitting Who for low big ass, the last light out big level. Nay Logan has a game, its championship game and you gotta get home how to set before a definite discernible. I would then you could do to wipe out acquainted
oh my God is out of date and ample you dated boy. I would have you wanna signal now. both my son. Now what if it was a first class seed- and they said you could add this day in first class in the poor, go back into a middle, see in coach shuttle, Kedasa Middle, see, coach. Ok, I know you're losing. What am I gonna do to get along home will ask for page news now when we come back, Pooh NEWS to bid from destinies, Chow, Michel Williams, and how fiancee Chad jobs that will be joining. This will kick it with them next right and also can, You, the adventure with a Newt Scamander, as he teams that without this Dumbledore to stop the dark with its grinned of OZ plans to divide the visiting world, that's fantastic beast the crimes- a good. That's in there Emma sixteenth rated Peachy thirteen, so you can make it at envy open. PC those doing all right, maybe go check it out all right.
They shall member Michel waves in her fiance charges will become back as to breakfast locomotive, Dj Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakthroughs clubbing us. Unless we get in a building. A now looks like he's going to grant me she's about the before their enemies. So we welcome your mind about this morning. I haven't you nickname yet like to show TAT, show some delegations will enshrine it, give it gas, natural major, oh I like that meets the needs of each yeah, we're like the earthen clever, my first name Dmitri Google thing: she Selma matter. Even I added I found that out years ago, some Michelle How did you meet chair saw match? add it was recommended that I go to one of his retreat, so he's a
he has a ministry caught elevate base at a phoenix every year. He has a young adult camp caught Remix. They let you got it I was in a place where I think you know what I did me a word. I mean Jesus praise of worship, music So we got. What were you going to do that you needed just as the border will trigger a myself? Yes, I have heard so much about this. Retreat from from other peers in gospel, music egg, and I was like ok so I went and I forgot my maker in every things out with bare phase and have a curl and iron just ponytail as I listen. This is It is adding comfort anything else. Bled Healy Healing saw his best friends. Why was that was like ya: first, they get there. I think you and China be so cute together the flowers.
stay out of this conference concubine aware article, but he was very nice very hospitable and we literally left it at that. It was one of the most powerful live. Changing conferences. I've ever been to in my life and what will you do that for us all Marcel? Did you have this new office halo, Priscilla guy? Please I'm reflections. We arrive listeners William NBC. Obviously she beautiful a reputation. Proceeds are in What's he didn't tell you was the first night, Thereafter, we met, he made me a salad o a chicken salad, I said your mama tie you well because the way to a man heart is through what is no longer make. What made you make us all. When I grew up in charge, I was raisins,
I was raised to serve so ass. It was I midnight or somethin he comes in after he has everything saddled from church that night, he walks senator by thy Great Cyrus pasture, and I was like he goes into the refrigerator and nobody did anything nobody got up to like fix him anything he preached and everything else abnormal gonna like where I come from users you hungry. I thought that it was some salad star and I should get banned real good, get their rant, dress and distributed evenly throughout the letters as term endow was literally it and about a month later, I'm two months later, maybe he reached out to me because he remembered that I had to sing somewhere. I had to do six services and one day he said hey, I remembered you had to do. I know you going to kill it. He prayed for me and then I was lied. The sign it showed that he remembered it was odd fall and I was like I think our want
to pursue this, but I never told him because I know a lot of women come up to him as a you know, the Lord Tommy you might have been, and I never want to meet at cheek, but I knew there was something special like the single and ministry for twenty two years. Man, that's a good gene drive your penis jack. You dead! No does not worry I'd. I'd say you stay right here at the altar and the prayer lie fallow eastward to pass them show. How do you let tat you shoot you shot with the path? How'd you let the path annoyed, can go TAT, Randall Angolan, go down till you're married life, when the sun was virtually Massey undisturbed in general, when they gave Ah, the way really is awesome. He's dying. He works out is everything that was on my list except
the dark skinned part the nightmare in the night. Here he knows everything about my wife. I had this less as a yet TA ducks. the moment, aligns khazar be in a mirror got think ya. You know tat, you being allowed judge lighted Obviously I thought you'd cocky vestry dna and not a drop God. You did a problem for having a white guy. No idea he's got so much swag and are involved in Latin America. We amusing ease, put me up and saw for me. It was in a bow: oh my god, she's white, it wasn't until we went public that everybody made it a problem. What did you? Free music was usually group in a church and usually butyl black families, black room is it.
Today, like you will come back to blackmail, you will remember the blackened. What was their reactions are survey, which is so excited that somebody go mare about Africa. Language can be a male man. Let's drop off a package my dad below yet of linking up a package. They looked very offered me with anybody, and everybody was just so excited that you know he's. rate man, they know his level of commitment and who he is, and my mother dont like nobody that I've ever David, but she loves, chat how did you really feel about you? May my bringing a system- I don't know they were shocked in order I'm not the one language I mean I'd like women
You know my family. We ve been raised in such a unique way. My mom serves on a native american reservations, so our whole life has been completely multicultural. I we got more. We come back form reach out, Michel Williams, interference. A chair Johnson thrown over the breath is global warming. Everybody is D, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club for Destiny Chow. We have Michel Williamson fiance, Chair Johnson, charming when they just not as have sex before marriage larvae based saw. We started dating on Chad. Set sex is not an option and I was like all K. Our cool cause. I'm not gonna, go into me a virgin because I don't want anybody think that I've been perfect, but I felt this was so good because I don't feel pressure to have sex to keep a man, but when you say certainly mean everything everything to keep a man. I don't have to do that. I will have to fill the pressure
that an I got different results. We ve been. We were debating less than a year and he put a ring on it with no booty. It's real our loved. You are Might it not be better to nature the scripture for you to give massive? You guys have your upside down in the relationship and they were. There was a time when it didn't seem like you guys we get married right. So is that going to play on the shelf we see what happens it will play out in the show, and so the reason why we ve doing this show it's not something that we have to do. We start at Pre engagement, counselling in before we got engage spray engagement is counterfeit. I'll pay you like them. I really don't spend, is these rack son, his girl in this ring
surges money, it has not been charged with toy laboratories. Coin started sharing with our friends about clumsily, we realized how sallow many people do not do marriage counselling ere. We relax ok, let's film hours in real time, with our real therapists and that's what we chose to do. she has. She recommends. Eight sessions before she were recommends married to her couples and we're doing eight episodes. So throughout the eight sessions are finances, communication intimacy, family each week will talk about you know those different parts of our therapy, so willing list will be the guinea pig we'll sit the sulphur and let everybody at home there at me through us. Let's go hello, don't why do you guys go through their made it a period of time when it wasn't working?
as you know, the yet so this year I found myself slipping and slipping slipping back into depression, but I didn't tell anybody you. Why from unresolved. He put it together, so amazing, some some soul wounds that judges have had me so jacked up mentally, like Fagin Why? How come? I speak up for myself? How come I am statements relationships. How come the child. I witnessed, saw some things. Verbal abuse, the bullying that this, how come vat is affected me in my dolls, goodbye and saw real that whatever you're not yield from in your child manifests itself. Somehow when you are dull to it. For me, I wanted to marry chat. I wanted us to be engaged in men when we got engaged. I started billing unworthy, I mean just filling all
oppression, then who he is especially in his world. He is soul, esteemed and saw respected, but I come from as these chow booty take a music Marion amuse secular he's about to marry a pastor do asked, in his world, because a lot of people were like? Oh guys, chatty or marian darkness. Were you able to the governments of those I know, but they don't wanna guarding lavender, nay, history obey Aventine, various three is a lot of. The pressure is just a lot of the unhealed stuff. So for me the last bit was a lot of the anger, so I did Tell anybody I didn't even tell him he didn't know until I said I have to go to the hospital is when he was like. Oh I mean anybody until Pham, yet until friends, because adding what anybody to be let all garage here we go and I felt like a hypocrite because
being an ambassador for the Office of Women's health being so open since two thousand and thirteen about depression, I feel like a hypocrite like I got it just deal with this on my own. this suicidal towards the made you wanna go to the hospital or was it like ass? I have to go. Anger and the darkness that was just hours have an out of body filling not let myself Billy Lit relax. Something was take over me. I did now was not suicidal this time, but I have questions well. If this doesn't work out, why am I lit? Why should I live but I'd. I didn't, have Amy Plain and saw a hit. My bed it is up to let her know, and so we were finding various facilities to go to where I found one ass like ok. I think this is the one for me and when our winning an ad in Yemen
of whom I was. I just went. It was affecting our relationship We are broke up twice round. Assuming you broke up with him. Could you fella yeah does mean that future idea idea Paolo Earful, so I was there for like six days I wanted. Stay longer, but when famed media arms. I found out very, very scared. So my manager called me and said I just I want you to know that we got a phone call. A no no get an email and the emails We got our hands on some sensitive information about a Shell Williams we she's in a facility outside of LOS Angeles, California? We want to be respectful and reported with basically like we want facts before we do, but we will make sure that hey man, but you ever to a series of year in so I was like you know you, when you tell my store Ewing until it I'll woollen through, and so
add, came a manager, my passwords and everything think am in the house, but I can't tweet in Instagram. and he had to post it for me no who told dig it could have been the person serve a mean and powdered eggs had to eat made everybody and I loved it. Ah northern people realize today like how much we reinforce the stigma of amid too how can wear so inconsiderate of was mental health, yeah and Anna I've learned. I tried to call people crazy anymore. I just certain things I ve been learning, but in Hospital. The hall plays when you got a large, it would look like this a mess. No one, look, I can't look at you and tell you what your issue is because you're, not that's what we see on tv as crazy or the person learning to be in the mental health facility. I just hate that people found out
I think that's what keeps people from getting the help and the treatment that they need to tell anybody that you will go and just chat I wasn't even tell Mama, but as a man she I just I just so. I called certain people now close to me and then other close people a when they found out mean asked, but I want you know, did you friends call because was all over the press, I'm sure you enjoy? all members of your group and from now on and on and on our everybody was reached. Now Nor are we got more. Michel Ways Destinys Child in Chad, Johnson, her fiance, don't move as to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are. The breakfast club was speaking with Michelle.
his destiny, chow, ad hoc, fiancee, Chad, Johnson Tommy, Mercedes dormitory version of the draft outside of my views, man Cecily, I'm liable operator. Let him be great error by Mr Herman on account of three when you responses somebody's. I jeez story: where does the message go one two three or thank you. I didn't Press message to slide and showed the omens her lonely? But technically you re has said that it was in his desire to town on personal was started out to me that there are common to the retreat and ass really are the text was then the farce? Other tax, you said ideas to annul recall it and it is how do you do you jack? As I was trying to reach our message, you know like China, Kirby from Business Talk ministries are like that. I have
you mean like out he ain't gonna curve? Is the leg hey you know what about what did you tell me what about our work, and I quote that what about me and you connect and sometimes dungeon Amazon like that, some colleagues, without God just me, and you really do you bring to the table at the table. They want to. However, me new, what about you and you about connecting some? So I guess you see a little bubbles, but on the far right, I'm achievements before I can set the phone down and she says in all caps connect with six question mark. Where are my own eyes and ears? I it now, like my view, command with you about the play about mentally into
public services will guide us it out loud. What would it without a biscuit as major leg you carved doubly seems likely to have the first woman knew about connecting a castle? Would question might have ours by saw it for me with clarity, connects rigour? how are you heard it anyway, already canal far removed my bed I'll make connect over phone call or of our calmly allay will do. Logwood entry ban will not often women, my girl, because my best for my boy, he was tat. He was talk me into it and I assume you know where I met like I haven't dated six months, I'm done with it Whole situation fell like if I get this guy, get rejected right, I'm going to punch you in the mouth, because I can't
I would also say that we will get to know it's a little more matter, so I chose before him he remembered to Essex. Like me, you can't be that right, so he picked it up. As I read it broke now No, he, and so he reads it and he's I oh damn I give mad. It is their ban like she did this. You feel when you set a data is so I was you sitting back and said: oh I'm sorry I was out of bounds and then there is a man of any allows where even possibly, for weeks outside. Do you not agree that it is the ban on MECCA neck? Like you know, saw this fast for a cliff nodes version, so we started face time every night, every day, preview, yeah and you have to face them of their rights,
the unanimous vote. Even the goes so yeah meetings at a time. I was here, and there are a few months later. We actually saw each other in person and went out on a Thursday, but yet again bring with them a fabulous yeah. Much will enter and I haven't got really. Gotta best is absolves in L. A do us a word with the Dodgers re, our guys Similarly, as my father said, you know extending my my business trip left can either the injuring with you? He was hang It was cool and then only started. Like really day in a man. He told me in June of this year. He was like he's done. Looking as they are.
You use medication. Mozilla do ok! I just started with this last it because I was trying to do at holistically light. I'm just gonna work, do the inside. He was in disciplined in that area and I did it start on medication. It's been working by us, man, I'm scared of medication because one you take one thing and then you go to one thing for the four this him, and it s our values will be able to take. This data will be called grumble. Your crack gunnbiorn are all about. How do they live in a restaurant you can now be always. Is that doesn't mean bad men like? Will this medication cause another element, and I gotta take another medication for that element that these could possibly cause. What are the argument in the sexes? Why don't you
silent Gama. Why don't you do it would have noticed? I like this house to say I don't think about it, not to be a vulgar, because you know you have seen a mega I've seen I've seen them some nice pictures, I came in the Jim. You have a silly now he's process he's us You haven't seen any offer many questions about how we can take a shower with Asia. There you see movies is now imposes the lending about those ass. They like make us like those in the garden Moses. Do with this there, brother, abnormal
he worked miracles there. You know what I'm doing right. I really by real rob we're gonna, be all right him holding me nubbly me, and this week she's been pretty frisk Michael you rarely organ liar! You wait a moment later on, I wearing. No, we gonna make the we have something to uphold and listen that is is to anybody who wants to do their relationship. Do something different to get what you never that's my name.
We appreciate you guys for Jane gas. My time Bank Africa, thank you, have no airline revive remain on me, pray for me in his eyes. I knew I needed the scripture empires fiercely priori, awesome father. We thank you so much for your goodness, your grace in our life. We thank you for the way that you have a hand upon us, you from our brothers and sisters here, we're gonna. Thank you. He does go before continuing. Though, a stray given favour, as they trust in you surround him, Lord God, with a shield, and I just pray father that you'd blessing beyond our wildest dreams ingenious, namely men, and I was monsieur ways destiny shall from joining us in Chad Jones in her fiance. You can check their new show out on the network now
rumours, runaways, don't move. Is the breakfast club Gomorrah annually his club, Mr Weber, Wilson, was on Ellen Degenerous and she had this to say about being up less eyes, women's dying in a romantic comedy and also I'm kind of proud to be the first ever plus size girl to be the star of the romantic rebels and will be issued for dog you today. We do no more present things. It's all right! Well, things got it shaky after that, because people while they ran on it, because it's just simply not true, now moaning, tweeted, her and said: hey my sweet sister, less pleased that allow this business to erase our talent with giving grey areas and technicalities, take a moment and know the rest. Don't be a part of a racing it I wish you the best lemons and respond in my money. Talk talk, talk very most away. People nosey, yes linen and oppose their own people, You called you Leonard nicely to you.
Now remember any press him d millennium is bad harmonious. It was never my intention to erase anyone else's achievements, and I adore you and queen Letty by so so much and I support all plus eyes, Ladys and the positive we are doing together while people pointed out. Of course, but if I m o need both starred in Rome, two colonies, Enron, rom coms and had the lead role in those, and she responded by saying that technically eyes. She said, of course I know of these movies, and when she spoke of these movies, as he was talking about just right, ass holiday was queen, my deepest died in and fat. Girls was moaning started and she was hey girl, yeah court. I know of these movies, but it was questionable as to whether one technically those actresses, where plus eyes when filming those movies or technically those firms are categorize build. The studio ram come with the sole leaves, so there's a
Grey Area not all know about the studio, rom com solely thing liquids. Even money could deadly plus I their asses like stop it right now, a lot of people where on twitter than just going at her- and she said lacking? Everybody said that's when this has tags with the how rebel was in black party or rebel, is culturally clueless, like most people who think mammies seasoning are right. So since then she has responded. these people were saying that she was blocking all of black twitter for weighing end, even though people are just trying to educate her and they she said in a couple of intention moments hoping to lift my fellow plus eyes. Women up, I neglected to show the proper respect. Those who cause miss mountain before me, like moaning, quality, vandalism, Mccarthy, Mickey Lake and likely many others with the help of some very compare. passionate and well thought out responses from others on social media and now realise what I said was not only wrong, but also incredibly hurtful to people The problem I was hoping I was helping, make it that much more embarrassing and hard to acknowledge.
Or just deeply Y know without you for a second right outside everybody same it, she was only block and people from black toward him, and nobody else is back in every limb from such as by any about it. I was ruined, even if she was a blogging people from like twitter blacked would have Ya Mitch. Also. you're, full of hope, more growth. Are you been affected by local more than we have come to your Logan? I likely that blood sweat, and this is why we want to twice now she said a black people on twitter because I was hurting from the criticism, but those are the people I actually need to hear from more, not less again. I'm dead I'm sorry did you. Like everybody, I'm sure she didn't. I write isn't it romantic comes out, I'm February fourteen Jesse, or not as oblong about an ear. I write our Remy man she was. I stated the culture and she had some things to say about the way the committee be under. Given I'd ended there be you guys remember they went back and forth and then at the end They were like. Ok, let's move on and make some great music and you know, keep on without careers with here's. What you had to say about the end of their beef.
I'm different, like I'm not going to keep arguing with somebody I don't I don't want to. I don't want to hear this like. I don't want to hear anything and I think the part that made it the corniest after everything for like a hole seen hours and then they both like. Ok, let's be friends nothin, bring me joy, lycian or minimise, come out a new room. I think everybody said that I think somebody had to call him squashed there's no way you can go at my neck all day long and then ever eleventh hour like I, we are gonna. Really I don't know I haven't benzene or remedy algae compared Bovin and really want to see some blood. I really want to fight when you got some absolutely I get it like you just case. Ok, we friends now is that I am unsure somebody's happened between two said. I rather than vows withdrawal include bond for me, my love. I will be made at a lower over Rima. Pops out a new remind me like, can have a tussle with each other. I will say that I do
take a lot of fire you to go through all of those things. It s really hurt and it does take a bigger person, to actually squash. Instead of keeping a going in, model. You don't know manage them put a publicly. So we go. We got you. I said that it was heavily lead. We gotta vote on Tuesday, Liliana had but United front right now, like that, it's like car. You just turn yourself in in Autumn SAM, because these issues under investigation for fighting or whatever so be cool. Ok, I call I'm cool till. I see when I read in a mad and we'd another, their friends, no noted unafraid stabbed our friends I right now I've got to talk about fantastic beast crimes of grinned evolved continue, the adventure loose Commander as he teams up without this DUMBO door to stop the Darfur. Is it grinned of odds plans to divide the whizzing world? Fantastic testing? Beast you gotta, take the kids Emmi
the crimes and of all that's indicated. As November sixteenth intimated PD birthing. I bet you camp, these devil Gibbon ass. Those names is forty hearing you pronounce those neighbouring divide, Brenda Ralph. Now, anyway. Is your room report Charlemagne? Yes, we given a donkey too well, you know its election day man. So I think that we need to have a little conversation about voting, so I don't think leg. Are you who plans not devote needs to come to the front of the congregation alike? Have a whirlwind seem opportunity, Milo, be all right.
I will do that when we come back. He unlocked the breakfast locomotive of fat northern anywhere. You want this man to doubt and blow was Mary Weybridge Ptolemy champion. I've got to make a judgment of what was gonna, be on the donkey other day. They charge you abruptly dog you the day to day
well dogma of the day for to the October thirtieth May or may not go to Hillary Clinton now yesterday, why everyone was caught up in Nicky, Cardy Gate. Hillary Clinton made some comments that people are either not aware of don't care about our fine. We, for whatever reason when it comes to this particular situation, this air all of a sudden, understand contexts. Ok, I think context is key for everything, but in his social media era, everything seems to be out of context. Life is out of context are even when things are in context. People take things out of context to create the narrative they want to create. Now I, like you very Clinton, in fact, I really think we dropped ball and twenty sixteen by not giving her into the White House that an understatement, because I really feel black people as a whole would have benefited from her being president, because I think she really wanted to write the wrongs of her husbands. Ninety four crime: do we, when you looked at Hilary Circle in twenty sixteen, we all sides ye sodding beside. It was all black women majority black women, and I think she would be the type of president that everyone could hold accountable, not just a president for particular base, but a president for all people. It s just my opinion. Ok, black people for the most part, loved acquaintance and for the most part the Clinton seem the love black people. They are good white allies right Mama's taken insane it some ways out of ok. Did the white friend it at the at the cook. I guess the problems, sometimes what your white for in that they might get a little too comfortable. You know you me, you know our round, you, white friends. They sing a rap song to end worded in the lira. They may lead flying. You gotta check him. Ok, that's usually holiday. When you got a clue, white friend, great person, not erases, but sometimes they get to comfortable and they end up doing the same things that are set out. Another black person was not, therefore, in a could and would absolutely a Finn. Ok saying what you have to check on your strong faint, strong friend, you may also have to check your white frame. Not evidence about the play all will be bought up in rough, his club court, because that is where we have taken this situation, because I need to know if Hillary Clinton deserve donkey of the day for this joke that she made
with air quotation marks around joke now Hilary was being interviewed by cars. Wish your full recalled in cars which should guide to you as congressmen. Confuse these two congressmen were Corey Booker in Eric holder. Listen how he responded. What do you think of corn lockers and even come on? Having a careful, I don't want anything about him saying taken an assurance essential. I start to get to that kind of love their colder Erika Archive Org ass. I say I know they look alike, nothing while not only little more time for the people in the back. Why not have heard of this? Still looking at gotta be videos on its grant bladed. What do you think of corn lockers and even come on having a pill, for I don't want anything about him saying kick and an assurance essential. I start to get to that kind of
there are colder Erika oil Company ass. I say I know they look alike, no think. Rather, why? Now now? Don't you today does not discriminate. We all have our buys. Is I attempt to be self aware as possible in order to check mine? We all know that if any one on the right hand made that scene joke nobody would care about the context. It would be no excuses. Okay, there would be no excuses made of vodka. Trump. Sarah be said, is Megan Kelly. Anyone out on the right had made at exact same joke in the exact same contacts you all would have been only ass posting video hd video, we copy deed Nicky yesterday. Nor do I think Hillary Clinton is racist. Nor do I think, Erymanthus races. No, don't think it's a matter of a white ally get into comfortable hell. Yes, because when I fear of their keychain would carriage was, I know she has made jokes like that before and she makes them around on the way people. The timing was too impeccable. When was Hillary Clinton ever known for her committee timing, when it, what does she have a show in committee time? He said I was a glimpse into the real her dislike when she was on the breadth club. She gave a glimpse into the real her. Now I have a problem with honesty. Remember when she was on the verge of clemency was very honest when I bought up defect, will when ye bottom defect about her keepin hot, softened, her bag- and you know she's. I said to her. This is one of those times they will say she's pandering to black. You will remember it memory fresh memory, let them in that. You always carry with you. How does us really you yeah hats? Ass really has not. Even I want you to know people, even if it is the occasion when we look back at work and is it working through failure in Adam she's, aware of what she's doing so just like Megan Kelly last week, who was aware on shore Hilary as a white woman of a certain age, she had no even sarcasm, ending Jeff that joke about all black people. Looking like wooden fly now, I'm just being an equal opportunity. He hard distributor. I don't care about left right up down, select, start air, be all I care about giving people regretted they deserve being stupid. Doktor fail was here just yesterday in what did he say? The last thing I say before I walk on stage are close my eyes and say: do not walk out their say. Some stupid do not
walk out there and say something stupid. I feel, like Ulysses, said something stupid. Now. Some people feel like she did. The people who show like she didn't, I think its democratic bias are were turning a blind eye because Hillary Clinton, because based on the fire storm, I know it would have been if someone on the right had fed displayed again. One more time is one more time politically. What do you think, of course, lockers even come I having carefully. I don't want anything about consent, technicians, essential I start to get to that kind of their colder Erika Archive Org ass. I say I know they look alike. I think I think you should get a he had simply because you can't let you wait for and get their comfortable, but let's discuss hit. The breadth of Coquetry is again right. Eight hundred five, a five one or five one, which will need to be clear this morning. I we need you to close and right now all we turning a blind eye. Democratic bias is, is democratic. Bias is never you gave way. Who do you mean cause? I see a lot of people going on her ladder, Republicans Alot of people saying that sees a racist, now, she's despicable if Megan Kelly would have said that it simply because she says even understand black face the evidence the republic is calling on the basis of the Democrats could see democratically to be turning a blind eye to those comments arrive, and when I pleaded in a room this morning, people were saying: oh she's, just being sarcastic, oh, not insane has just being cast. You didn't you reaction was different but allowed you will you just being sarcasm around just saying that came from the other side, it will be worth three out here. I will submit the form
eight hundred five, a five one, o five one is a democratic by his call us right now, or does he deserved biggest hawk, and I got Cathy Griffin roomy my inhabitants, all on deck, mocha listlessly took us after breakfast locomotive the breakfast words: the weapons in battle rap, the world's most brutal lyrical sport from legendary music, video directed Joseph Khan and producer Eminem, the normal, be body to the story of an accidental rat battle. Superstar shocking he knows he rises. Do who did everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, the God we are the breakfast club opening up the phone on eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. Are you not voting to Dana Charlemagne? He voted this morning before he got here. My polling place open at six, a dot m in New Jersey, and then I got to fly out and flying out tonight to go to the Miami for this MTV election after party I had to go
examine a vulgar, didn't numerical, dicey, out I'll be gone after the show me pick up my wife in it. We gotta go vote, and you know in the last mid term election in twenty fourteen, just over thirty six percent the voting eligible population actually voted. That's terror nothing. We voting is simply this. What a lot of you would like to complain and elected Tom about problems? Would they never resent any solutions? If you don't have any other bright idea that you don't have any other ideas on how to make things better. Why would you describe feeble frugal blooming education, you vote until, Barack Obama was running. What took you so long ago when I was young
above all for the first time in two thousand and eight. I was a kid like. I never thought about it. I was thirty years old. I can't go to college. I didn't have any done wearily ahead that have any means of government whatsoever grow. Wanna door wrote a multitude of document, also think about no goddamn government, but that they gave you a lot of my government of government. We politic ourselves will do nothing to help out. Will you some kids out there? If I beg you just like you, I won't you are young, no notice. Kids are much more familiar to me incline. Then I would invite away allowed you kidding. I don't give a damn you. You know some of them, have maintained in their people, don't feel like they have devoted they'll, say I'm too busy. I don't have time to say things like. I don't like any other candidates running. They feel like their vote. as a matter of those are the reasons why people have another global log Obama was the first person I felt like spoke to me in my interest, not just good. He was black eyed the last thing that he was there any image admin anyway. So that's! Why we're not an emotive horrible? I voted for clean up. Invoking, since I was able to homer Paris, maim evoke hello. This is Anna grubbed languages, but other one others might so vote might
now. A diary motor oil, but obviously MA offers a lot. The politician that they don't care do anything they want first, a pocket. Bigger than there were around here I like to register much of the community. They never have and they never do. We not democracy is so important that we gotta hold these people accountable, and I think a lot of time we get so excited about voting, and once you put these people in office, we fall back. We have to keep our feet on the neck to make sure they do what they said. They would go do before they got enough. Yet we have you ever try to get any policies passed there than anything locally. To try to make things happen. Michael, you, black eyebrows, no more. I know that not noticing that I followed me. A lot of people will, I hope, because the ones why and the ones Blackie urged that they can't look at their values what they can operate They ve got all unable for no blank, whereas in a small way,
Could they none on about re ever you can't say that people are doing anything for you and yet they just politicians when you're not demanding that they do anything for you and you have noted policies in order to steer for a law was very well then, about me. The money the two thousand and eight when Obama pursue the leg is only about it, but I had begun a year, though, about, though me, to go on Why don't you vote outdated? Second, her at the door Bell there located Labour Melba met a bottle of parliament. A marked Darby another now abandoned a real, there, were you all, but bread, lamp and governor the nodded, but they really talk here about a local. You gotta go but the local manner I care about you, like your policies- and I am glad you bet on the admission of Europe ever being a democratic. Did nothing has changed and if you ever born democratically ear, I run a mantle, program. I get out your nicely mentor unlikely
Megan Door that women sheltered I've been abused by doing work. I mentioned we live and we appreciate we have you. Have you ever going to speak to any local politicians are inviting the matter ass meetings are motivated governing, I gotta tell all be actually thought it urge our people are our young people to get out here and already the album Eden L B, people accountable, right. That's I, but above all, right the boat they die of all our local government does right through government in that's what I care about whereby no prejudice they'll get member, but in all their death and I really care about a local go until we could all our local they'll be good at that our state. What we get all our stay there we go,
beyond that. I got historically, although you can't say that boat and locally you, you say in your change, ballooning notable locally noisily motor locomotive. Today's anything, I love your approach. Like I love everything's you're, doing going into city council meetings. You have every right to complain, sir. It ok but take We call them. I move that we have a good day. Right. I don't! U Father five, one thousand five! Fifty are you not voting? Why was now we want. We want to know why we want to talk to the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy annually. Ye shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club. Navvy just join us today. What you they vote vote vote vote, vote vote. Why not man but you're not going? We want to talk to you. I feel, like you know, a lot of people. You know you want to see actual change, but the actual change and a happen unless we make it happen. We may Gavin by voting the people we want in India. We gotta keep off foot on the next. We America keeps his foot on ordinary that old, already people that we vote in accountable, see J
Mary dormant does envy, but you might ask the morning Economic I suppose you never know both men, I've, always novel Amerika about both uncounted black with a black people in particular, are opposed. So you think they just go. Nowhere does not have gone away. The government has a total, but everything. My brothers and sisters have control over everything. So being as backing essay, I got to double the amount of time, what to eat with a bolt apparently louder and was going on up their backing. Somebody like art. Thou go bro you years. So are you talking about? We jam boys in me, George? Was our goal was running at each others? Are we so now go for smaller? Look also what I've also tell us that you are right, commissioner, fluid day, one thousand seven hundred and men of Eurostat
you ve never had a union that you gave up well, Burma, you don't they did it matter when we all went out, they have voted. No, there was a boy I will be voting for the office of you watch TV. Many implies labelling to listen. While we apply right to have the sole where at that time, body on the major earlier on camera you to show, we tried, I Buddhism as your question. You'll want to devote somewhat dissolution, be to make change of any kind,
Oh no, no! I dont mermaid and that's what I'm trying to say about allow these people, who tell you not the vote when you asked him. So what do we do to make change? They have no solutions, but we have somebody to languish in a moment. Out of what I was a kid, I would look at home. You will catch hell, Interpol in place. Now. No shame! Oh ok, I can play is not going to be a first name. She keeper to tie Hizbollah Salamanca American Quaint here we know tat, you are green or at the end there. You are my baby, you May I go about the moment the three or five butter. Living appear here, Papua along with no other down I'm days. I am disappointed and you know why, because I don't know you know
the aims Andrew give them said that if they become governor thing upon J T ignore them say if you say that, as I am, that is the problem of the man. I am of the eye working about keeping one on it. You at the end of the day we would warn of life there is certainly a lot is the land of OZ. But his off old man alive. Tell me why go involve. It fell a lot so myself I gotta, keep railway market that may want. Are you going is the land of the free world radio free. I know you're gonna, land Hermes, land of their birth to her. The lan allow those who keener equation username secreted one aim of making you don t. You come in here you tv, everywhere you, as we give ye Your eyes me, oh, of course, dingy. So what do we do that? What we do? We not go? Well, with this loose The motion would no more resources to allow at night
We are more knowledge on Nepal that what's goin on. I want to be more aware of what one hour before I just bought in numbers. You know you don't want about. You just need. You didn't need to educate yourself. Why would you want you to know? We had a whole year due to Katy originating in Salamanca role, not trust me, you, everyone into new oil. Will you wrote to devote Flora Georgia in origin, our main goal of offers. Davy nurse go. Do you owe me on his paws calls that they would sigh majority eight, nothing, I think a pm you got you out. Are you added so tonight? So so do your homework. Now you got a phone, you can go, go if you rock will mean Kiki Kiki. Do let me know
are you right out of as long as you did you draw the lessons that I don't do me like? I shall allow. Did you trust me? Nectar, Markham, learn Auburn your programme, new ports, braggin our love move, or were you smoke Damon? Ah, how they feel? elderly people boy levied on the outside. Any time you can give dove office rather than you do. I really do not know what is going to be available for Stacy Man level of pay. Mr Lomas allows the space, Abrams Baby, I don't know, there's you bet it ass. If it were telling color kid he's Daisy Abrams, I blue blue blue. Well,
there, you go my good air, you go, you know, I mean no one is in Kiev, Kiki going all my Manuel Medina Kiki that ended in areas like the top or out. I wouldn't you Why did you I love you? I love you. You must exist right, we're faces as they are taking. Now. My last name is day. This is the aim rooms, Joe Ro Ro. Please, cheating, leaky, kinky, no, yellow welcomed. You call me back the mock me about social media. Let me know you voted. Ok, What to see if they lying in a gale three or five. Would you and Georgie yeah I've got all the time
book colored enable covered in keeping a blue right right. My goodness, I was more story No you're not they're all evolving, but I do agree that it does not matter whether the Democrats are reply. regions whether we put into these positions we gotta hold them accountable. We gotta keep off put on the next and make sure that they do what they said that they're going they were going to do before they got into these offices. All right even got rooms on the way to find out. Who is this?
eggs, he is a man alive, as he remains ninety zero hour. I will tell you all about it all right. It's a breakfast! Furthermore, breakfast the morning everybody is D. J, envy, Angela YE shall it be. The girl we ought to breakfast club was given some fruit and others from prisoners. Let's get into the rules. I saw it yourself up and give it away some breakfast club, where the tease was gonna, be guess who people magazine named sexiest man alive, but you already said: let's talk about, it is Alba. So congratulations to Edges Alba. He is the sexiest man alive accordingly, but magazine. What do you guys think about that pick? has been going on for a long time. I thought they told me people magazine called me and told me. It was me I didn't call you, because magazines can't make phone calls This ain't, the editor in chief. But yes, our congratulations to adjust Elba forty six years
as a great out there, and along devotee. I remember first seeing him was on the wire and since then so much growth and progression? So congratulate hence to him what you ve got to find some other black people find radios been there for a long time. the age has for a long time. I guess Michael be joint over the next twenty years. Those I hate me man will be delayed until after me. Why we re ever, I shall out being wives or meal. Fine every night was again that's her job, because huge ordinary job is to make you feel good. Get out of the air governing around the world wide open. Her husband carved. The other tells me you're, smart, big to literally small advantage, letting currently planning a wedding, sissy brain? an easy propose back in February. So can gradually
now. Just it would lose cheerfully overview of Sunday. They would have me. I becomes exit, monitor things right direction posted a heartfelt open letter of one of his fans actually passed away. He met his band through a make. Oh it through the make a wish foundation. I love them we foundation and that person ass the way due to an undisclosed, illness subjects posted a photo of himself at the bedside of that person, K and said gonna miss you a whole that we met do make a wish and we both a genuine banned. You attacked me TAT got me while I was on swore and tell me positive things in share your dreams and goals, I'm crying in this pig, but it with tears join us cuz. We just prayed for you with your father. I'm sorry I MR attacked them my birthday. eating my sole right now, but you know how much I loved you and was looking forward to seeing you after two. I don't know why I'm writing this on Instagram. I just need to get it out, sitting heavy on my heart, will remember you forever k at the k, diaries risen he's the etiquette dire, absolutely yeah right now. Let's talk about MAC Miller, he favorite
he's the results of how MAC Miller passed away in their saying that he died from Fenton O Cocaine and he was also found in the praying this kneeling forward. With his face resting on his knees. They said he was already blue dot. That name when one car, so it was actually his assistant, found him and their name when one com so again rest in peace, to MAC Melias hard. I know because these results come in so much too long after everything has happened. So it's us discussing it yet again, but that is the result. I remain in the meantime. Is gonna be sitting down for life, their possession and that's gonna, be here with active Jes obviates You want to give us a my info, more dramatically. Mov adopted just conclude here. Yes, doctors have concluded that it knows God's work. I think that she's a superstar- and I just think that I like to see people you know glow up based off like things that actually mean something which is a public service? You really are doing great work in the Middle Mrs Maes and others
I'm going to live their therapy session next next Monday on vh1 at one at ten p m, and it's a real live therapy is not like lived a tape Pre taped, like its actual alive in the moment, just like rely on the radio right now, I'm gonna watch your mouth. No, I don't need one without my cries. Therapy now think about cursing and stuff like that occurs in very how can absolutely growth deserve occurs. I cursed like it's not like it's, not it's nothing. see in a whole bunch cameras all due out of the room and nothing like that. It's just me just the people there it's gonna, be people waiting, an audience knows not allow waters, whereas use you and at their feet in reserve in their resolve. If you cross the whole you if I try baby. Don't talk about tat, lingered, crazy, okay, with next Monday, ten year old age, one card in session live with Doktor Jes. I write about
I am happy that remains yadda. What's that I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report or a big museum. Schallibaum mean revolt was freedom. May you can't we're gonna hold you to borrow. Did not give me your here this morning is going to nothing. They ever goes. Tracy Chapman, my sue. You keep us sing a song. They'll, be careful. Somebody jumping Eugene our right anyway, That makes looking at what at DJ envy eight hundred five for a via one who was it was going. Not only that I did not bring one about article right is a breakfast locomotive My name is Sir Pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet, back outside of Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that current I shot then draw
himself to the station were office's? Did everything they could to help him and then there's? The true Listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie or wherever you get. Your party casts high there, I'm Zack rap Donna, phase on we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and JD on the sitcoms grubs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to re watch the series one episode at a time and put our memories into a pod cast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters. Would tell us about what inspired the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond, cast fake doctors, real friends with Second Donald on the high heart, radio, up apple podcast and wherever you get your Marcus,
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