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Dr. Boyce Watkins stops through to discuss finances and what steps to take in order to save money and start your own business.

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Real celebrity real. Some joint existed in mourning everybody his dj. Envy angel ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have a special guess it a building this morning. S right at the boys wagons commands was an umbrella hand over the law, everything's going longtime Paolo mine. You know you ve been having a conversation for the past two weeks about a financial. I call it. Illiteracy in home ever sentiments, Damon Dash, left united in it is part of a good conversation in all community just about finances- and you know, octopus- invest in investing in self in parliament. So I wanted to reject of a fine. It Edward did. I know that the boys wagons monopoly will offer me till the wire financial experts a phd in financing. I too find it about twenty years universe, Kentucky, Indian University, Syracuse, university, etc. I'm so in. I know a lot about money and orders. I don't have any money. I used to love
We want one Islam agent, findings, finance, I wouldn't even will expose go to college of rigour study, money, learn about money. Somebody will pay money to talk about money, but then really also learn how money can be used as a tool, not just deliberate you, but it can also enslave you and when we have a lot of multimillion in our community that scared of will shadow that are just afraid of everything afraid be controversial, etc and and I think sometimes we look I'm running the wrong way- money money that it its power like fire or like a drug like fire? Can you the cookie food and keep you warm or can burn you in your family life drug? Can either he'll you make you better organ turn to an attic allowed. That relationship with money, I think, is important because most of us think about money several times a day every day and euro, several books, all fine, yeah, yeah, y'all, Robocop Black black american money. I have another become out called. It takes a village to raise the bar a new paradigm for Black America is basically talking about you. Don't just wasted think about money in ways that that money can really be the next step and our civil rights movement. You know because
ill if you have political power without without any economic power of this kind of like I'm having a driver's license but not having a car, like you, you're, not gonna, go anyway. Unless somebody else wants, you want to give you a ride in then point you still want to go where they wanna take. Yet now questioning deemed. As mentioned earlier what'd, you dig deemed ashes interview. You know what I would describe him refresher. Yes, it will. You know what I am. I like his one day, my light, the energy the Dame comes with. Like I like to me, I think that that so many blame you have been so emasculated economically in his it's not. Someone just recently happen has been happening for hundreds of years. There are the idea of just haven't a call to manhood kind of saying you don't look. We can do better, you know and as like you, think about it on the football field, Yo Yo coach, there motivate you to play sometimes walk you out, maybe like you know you play, a bitch you'll get up, you know your view do need to win not, but the thing is, I think, would aim is interesting, because you know
he's a little bit like a. I think it looked like an eagle, album version of a Harriet told me like we get these slaves off. The plantation imma shoot you if I have to, but but you don't, we all understand that in order to escape the plantation, you have to have a plan right to go to war. You have to have a battle strategy. By now having a strategy in head right away, does not give an excuse to do not fight and that, then so that's what I like about day. My thing dames started a conversation. We want really talk about this kind of thing of all Tudor weeks ago, so I am glad he did it, but his deadly is very delicate, her a lot of our. What has really lotta. You have been very there's a lot of different things that were said something we may agree with some things. We may not play some of those days. Was the story you enjoying to safety and security of a job every day but there's no pride in it to me. Let me out These millions of people out there that don't have that. Our butts the moors everyday, basically saying because they have a board, is no pride in it. I think because people on earth
You tell people, it's ok, to have a more stable understand that they can have more than just a proud. You should have an ownership. I don't have levelled at EU level about putting your own money up and investing in yourself. Less reason why we set up the platform, so they don't have to do anything. I'm a boy Would you would you Know- and I then, during the name ever behind an amazing as abortion be proud? Ok, no pride in having a job having a boss is like calling another man daddy. How can you have abortion be proud, think it's ok to have me. Everybody has some kind of a balsam. Some level like with the interview do and Andy. I think his name, and you know it- Julia that there's always you know What even? If your business you have someone that you have to answer to your cannot fail by by every day I get up and motivated answer into the boss, illusion sodomy saying if you don't get off you boy, you're, not gonna, achieving also every China has some sort of Boston. The question is whether or not you being pumped by your life. Whether night someone is it is, is boss is
is your boss to the point where you don't feel free, You don't have any degrees of freedom in your life. You feel stuck in your own existence, in this situation? You have to make a change because here's the thing isn't it we don't get this. If, if you work for me- and on the reason that your children to eat every day on the rest that your wife has roof over her hit you really the manner your house, I'm the man of your house it. So I think that having someone you answer to is ok, but if you- Can somehow shift your situation where everything is a part shit. What you have options you know sample of the question. Grasses, do you have a few money if you, if somebody when your job calls you the inward or disrespect you or you just hate your job. Do you have enough put us You have enough other options, so you go fuck you to say, if you I'm out, if you It really do that. Then would say you have to adjust something in your life. Just because you can
It is something doesn't mean you don't have options. So so you know. Is there no problem. Having a I mean, I don't think we can agree with the statement like that per se boy. Their dignity and working hard, no matter what, but I do think that if lobbying paint by your life. You gotta make an adjustment, maggots ass him and my friends, whom I complain other time. I hate my job. I hate my boss. I hate is unlike what you can't complain about it for too long. You gotta do something about it in that case, if you're really hate it, and it's not what you want to do at some point. Instead of complaining for years and years and years you gotta get up off, you know in do something change? I get a new job made some opportunities, you absolutely I mean you know a lot of work we have to embrace is the idea of I want to believe I want to be the best about what name was trying to do, and I think that this is a conversation that has be head with a community. Not one person leading this was me him or anybody else you know all These are to be laid on the table, but I think that what
need to really consider is the idea and the importance of building things. We need a nation of builders That's why I love Louis Vereker, for example, where he's one of my favorite black leaders, because he built his stuff, eating Clonmel somebody else's tree, he planted the ceding grooves own tree, clams habitat inevitable at bath. Read them! was pass allowed by, but at the same time you know that there is a building mentality within the nation of Islam that I think we can all learn from does not mean that you don't form partnerships. It doesn't me there no pride and in working further people per SE, Amelia Kate. I cancel fulsome like that, but I do think that We have to resurrect the pride of building as opposed to just borrowing, because What we don't understand, sometimes, is that in real terms, a brutal mode. Color right now, a lot of stuff this out here it wasn't really built for us. You know it wasn't corporations were created by other people of other ethnic a hundred years ago, and we get in there and weak somehow become disappointed. Surprise when we're treated differently, because we black we dont, get the same opportunities, but you,
it really move as somebody else's house and they expect to be able shift around the furniture it is done really work, I'm so I think, taken pride and building your own house, we can be proud of that right because think about this. If you start your own business, it's not that will be bawling before, while, if ever right, but you have you have to realize you can't you can't judge the quality of a tree by the size of the seat, you'll every Every trees going start tiny it and you RO the INDIGO, that over several generations, even large companies like the Ford Motor Company. If you look at the history of a company like that, it started off as a tiny seed, it was. It was nothing now its massive and I think we have to ask ourselves not about what's happening and twenty fifteen, but what's gonna be here, twenty one fifteen with our grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren. What are you pass out? They were playing northeast. Not they visited the first generation of wealth for black people. You may civil rights that without the medicines for we are still the segregation fifty one years ago, yet I'll tell you man, I don't even know why people have them, which will mean the Amber dynasty, the fourth round of billionaires.
You see you seen some of the black elite doing extremely well. I dont think that black middle lower class are doing all that. Well, time, though, but as one thing I do agree with is as a kid grown up, I didn't learn about being entrepreneur investing. Apparently they are part of a police officer. Mamma said Gondy Life Insurance, Baden instil at me. I still at my kids. Could I was a little different, but the problem I have a day when I say deadly, is you know you tell these kids don't have a boss, you get out there and do instead of probable dame as you know, if you listen to day more, listen, the passing of user listener to holes record. You see that they started their business from in illegal activities in rural activity. So you encouraging kids will I do have a born. I started like you know. I would the college I went to high school got my degree. I went to college got my degree. I started work and save money, and that's how I built my info
you know, and you telling kid well, you shouldn't do that, and that was my problem, because a lot of kids listen or you may sell tee shirts. Now you gonna play no answer. Has turned this little piece of wood in wanting to sell teacher to juggle for you, gotta catechism, we wouldn't you got you. Can you gotta, haven't Kaplan away, you be capital, is having a job put money on that and I was in the row inevitable. Let me limit. I honestly that I agree with you on that. I think we can agree on if ashore. In one thing, I'll supplement with in is not really a matter of fighting about it. One way or the other is up. You know, there's book called the hundred dollar startup, which basically explain aid to start a business. One two hundred bucks- and I know this type of stuff works. Because I started something with my brother for about seven hundred dollars. A couple years ago we made a quarter million dollars within two years right so just from their one business right. So The thing was: if I had been there, king like ok. What can I create what can generate and I never I've done that right because
Sometimes we get caught in thinking that a job is something that someone is supposed to give us a Jew. It is also something you can create. It does mean have to do it, but thing I do say, is, I think, every Perry every who cares about the kids, should teach child how to have their own business, even if they work for somebody else, it doesn't mean then you have to be an entrepreneur or everybody's and built for it. But what I will say is either one something or invest in some. So, for example, I got together with three other people unless I know the other three didn't want to be closing the time they were to keep their jobs will ever. It comes out with say two thousand dollars you pull together their sakes. I get my twenty five some of the company, but with equities I've got three times longer run. The company goes out the expertise and the free time you guys are. Esters. Therefore, we own something we have. You got money Roma. Well, if you work I mean you know if you got a job, you can come up with two thousand books overtime and may take you a year to say that whatever, but you can go, what I mean we enjoy in so many other things. We people always say black people can't really crazy
jobs, and I don't think this through. We create a lot of jobs for the people, but all this money on these brands and all the other stuff that we do. I not thinking that money is going in, and I think that is the problem that they were sort of letting our power escape. Money is your power and you cannot give your power away because at the end of the day, you will be powers of everything we their article about Anti canoe and he was working at a phone stoa right where a lot of the fact that they don't sell, they don't have anything they can do it and everybody. You know it may be some old phone that I just laying around. He said in his own best. They turn into a billion dollar business where he would get those bones that they didn't sell any was signed and the companies that, maybe you know at your job, everybody gets a cell phone at the company gives to you and he was telling those phones that they didn't use at the store. He was like the go between person selling them
companies that had to give their employees cellphones any turned it into a billion dollar business. Just from working at this noble store, Sola doing it yeah there's a lot and I don't think he really needed much money to start that he just started mediating those because he saw need. He thought that there was this overflow phones and then he saw TAT. They were companies that needed to give employees mountain didn't want to spend a whole lot of money, so he just merged into ideas together, there you go in the thing. Is that to come up with those ideas, you have to have a certain kind of spirit you have to have. You know I mean really creating a job for yourself, it's a little bit like the differ, between somebody who thinks that they can only eat if the grocery store has food or if the restaurant serves them versus somebody who says well. Actually, if worse comes to worse, I can grow my own food. I can cook my own food, I'm not going to stay It also you should never starve to death because somebody would not bring food. You should know how to create our own food. So I think, is an idea. You don't terms of. Of creating opportunities is about building.
To produce a spirit which starts with taking pride in that I'd I have more so much more respect you know what I hear by your brothers. It they don't have much who say I own something, I'm building something then I have for people who say. Oh I work for such as cooperation on making a lot of money. It doesn't mean that both people on accomplished, but you know I really think we have to build, because I really think that this affects us politically, a socio economically, in the sense that people can have people I respect you when you always begging for something or Malcolm X, talk about that. He said. Look as long as you are begging for jobs from businesses that you do not own. You will always be severely unemployed and if you look at the unemployment disparity in nineteen, sixty five legislative former malcolm- was saying this to do that fifteen. It hasn't changed that much and otherwise data the Toby was no broad having a job. Employed. I think that you can be proud. You are a proud person, but I think, at the end of the day, you have to figure out what you, what you comfortable, what you can live with less and less lets me.
Racism is stressful for people when they. Dealing with there's an angry black middle class of people. Did all the right things went to school, they worked hard, they got these corporate jobs and they pissed off, because they know their being treated unfairly, but they don't feel that they have any options. So in an answer, and in many cases under their studies, show this affect your health, a meat for man, a killed testosterone, ass, you can you get people get cancer you sick often spoke. So nothing is You know you have to find a way to liberate yourself every store you man will, because I think it infects our families, because I think that black women have a hard time really respected black men the way they should because He must have been so beaten down by the society. We don't know what to do. We not have a visible. Right right now, and I must say that it is some sort of fundamental flaw and who we are. I'm saying that maybe we need to resurrect some ideas that can they can restore that that power may that there was nothing better that happened in my life in terms of dealing with racism they win I figured out how to start Mostar.
I mean it just admit, may mean a stronger. It may be proud or it may be more courageous. You know into this crazy. When I worked to Syracuse University, I will given all these racism also- and I got this big- what Bill O Reilly about some periods that you made a job. You won't you got it, you may the joke about lynching, Michelle obama- and I didn't like that. So you know we got into it. Wherever will he worked? Really, to get me fire in a museum, a really hard. You know in what way ten million dollar donors will say we're not gonna get money. Your school gives you gotta races. You know how will rally does now. I use them that played a part in yes, and the only defining factor in terms of whether or not I could stand by what I said verses apologize for something I did not do was whether not muffin the situation was right there, s human. Yes, when your money, when you have you money, is right you the ability to be a little bottle, I'm that more courageous and other people. I just checked my money,
My bank account stigma. Businesses that ok, if I get a buyer, I'm gonna be ok. It was ass though. So that's the idea and the thing is it: doesn't it wasn't a message which I think are the micro causes of what what so many of us experience everyday objects make sure you ve got options for use of you that options I think you're gonna be all right. I would ask you about what you said that if I'm his coat, you, let me know you said, and a man is not a man if somebody if he, if you have a job and that both you not demanding house the boss of the Manor House, you know what I will say it is fundamentally flawed for you to depend the descendants of your historical, oppresses to get the things that you need in order to survive, but the reality of you like somebody like you, you went to school. You both ass to getting degrees or put yourself in opposition to make that money so that a given you something you earn that position you earned it, but on this, and I mean you know what? For example, when I got my for jobs and professor, I was over
black person. They never hired him the hundred year history of that department, but I was not the first smart black person to apply for a job right. We ve had brilliant black people. Since there is black people came into existence. But I was the first one to get that opportunity, so Understandably, if someone does it for certain people opened the door. They just won't, though, just If I give a good example by greater from college in, I was a number of students in my hosting the class. I won a wardsman everything batches gruesome for you, I'm your busting, my boy in school. Working on Wall Street in its form because abstain, a watery this week- and it made me think about this- I said Two hundred Rev amazed to two hundred. Whilst reforms, I got two hundred rejection that LA Yes, you know and hurt me to the core. Right you know I needed one. Yes, there was a yes, Eighty one. Yes would have made a big difference in my life at the same time sometimes I give you what you want it
It's like a relationship with you know you ve been in love with somebody and they didn't want you and then maybe a year later, you realize the happy that they didn't want. You believe how somebody better, I re right, and it was the same way with that, like I can't explain why you own your own stuff when you? get a chance to feel that power being Abbas egos? deeper than the money, if you don't just for the money. I think you're missing, like ninety percent. Ways and means of money. I mean I've studied capitalism in fine is, I know all about it, but it's just our breathe easier. Every day I get up. I don't just crawl, be it about how to be right of veto it. So I think everybody should get a chance to feel this, and I think we got. We demonstrate what our kids at an end. It is no excuse to say, will I dont understand entrepreneurship. I can teach us to my keys. The best university in the history of the world is called googled icon you two back. You can literally go to Youtube University and learn everything you want to know how we actually have a website called financial duties as well that people can go to, but that's one of ability,
The outcome may know what is going to random Youtube Videos- local is not there too, Diego ok- was gathering doesnt Charlemagne. Thank you, but not the other officers is like me. The information is out there in sometimes really sometimes is something small. It might be. In, like just saying to your kid you're one day, make sure you're on your own business. If you say that a few times a year to your child will hold onto that. You know I know a guy, I know goes out of twenty seven year millionaire that's what he said. He said my dad did. Not You can have his own business, but he just always said to me: you shall have your business. He thinks by how to do it in all. What just said is what you should do. So that's what I did and now he's nor really. Well, you know him. Medea, was a cop like like you did, and also we understood the value har work of yo Judea Madame's very tough guy, was Vietnam that he did I think. The reason that I have a big problem would named s ears, because my dad has a little bit and I in whom I, my dear you know he was straight upon me. You know which way when I got to feel sorry for myself. I oughta world won't do this. We do have for me and end if
if you sort of sift through their energy that that you're receiving that my bother. You are assault, your masculinity, you realize what can maybe he has a point because the end of the day, nobody really cares that much about you in his world. Are you? That's the only right about empowerment is absolutely right about saunas, I'll. Let you know what it was. My dad that actually made me become entrepreneur because, like you said my dad was a police officer, so he was very hot me and him being so haughty me. I didn't want to work for anybody. I would never want to tackle forthwith. So I started to mix tape, distorted or my own sell him, because I didn't wanna boars and for me, like, I told a radio was my passion I loved like now, people get up when you say that their boats in the morning, I'm not tat I enjoy coming to work is not a day. What am I M going to come to work when I miss work too many days? I start fidgeted MIKE,
why do I gotta get what s called the shawl Amelia? What you do you realize what you do we were. I love this job to back what you said. There's a lot of people. I don't need to be entrepreneurs, dont have them in their heart, so that people who need to invest what can they investing for that something that people just or not at all this scandalous that markets or I don't know what they can invest in they hear about this- that more can go up and down. They feel real estate is too much money to put temper sit down of opposite down on a home. So what would you have asked for that personal doesn't want to be arch, Panada doesn't have the term has kids that just wants to invest their money. What would you tell him to put their money in something that can make money not just to a bank where they gonna make two percent of final act hundred years, something that they could possibly make someone whether you know when I first got started: investing apple money, a mutual funds and it is not complex of. If you just go to your bank and say you know, can you show me some mutual funds? I can invest in they'll show What do they even have on scenarios way? You setup drip where you take a little
Your paycheck, ten dollars fitted out whatever, and Those in this account overtime, and I can tell you that as it attacks is, is it they will not have any of you. If you like a full one, came like a test, avert type thing before three be. You know that that can be the start of kind of get about investing in it. What that's what I mean you know, I have money going into my retirement account em Even I actually, when I did finally led my job in start, my own business might work. Macao which have built up over the years a kind of played like was it played the role of a small bank for me, because sometimes you can get the capital you sometimes a banquet Linda. Are you and you just don't have it I'm so sorry I borrow against myself in whatever and at what I found Two, though, was there are so many opportunities in it when it comes to investing the black immunity. Summoning optimism is overlooked and and in literally w w trouble my money pretty quickly ills, so the bank, though just upload yourself. Diversifying your portfolio here was another mutual.
Part that is, diversification like a mutual fund is not something where you picking a stock or try to pick the right stuck at the right time. You your money, invested in thousands of stocks and in Iraq. I just put my money in dismay shoe. I had a certain like balance as far as risk, you know not too much was not too little and then I just left alone, but, as I know it s long jeopardy most especially african Americans. They want their money now data. What awaits what do you do when you flip? Would you better, Craig. What notably those now this would also grant was up. There were more richly what're you buy, because you know the Imo money mutual funds in bonds, but you look at how many black eyed him up my key to see that you know me, but what can they invested now to say you know what he's tried this or look at this, or maybe this might be few, where I can make a quick afflict. Won't you one there, a billion is being created. Every day on the internet I mean obviously these Silicon Valley, Catalan, they they gotta figure out the it'll date
create value very, very quickly, with very little capital investment, sometimes perhaps all those that are less social media apps was snapchat twice it was absolutely Yo Yo and then you don't happen it. I will say partner with someone that identifies a need unhelpfully, it might be something as simple as my friend bakes cookies, really good and win. She goes work and brings a cookies. Everybody loves them sort. You bought a guiding. Good day their sons, l cookies to all real. Maybe, but I thought you might like an everyday zone you they must themselves, could Lila up. It is also about at times. Even I can take up my most of my money like that, just when identifying a little need and- and and you know why, if I'm afraid that wants to do something, they need five hundred dollars to get started. Stone have the company whatever, and then you know you make money that way, opium
to my money has been built from small businesses. I cried online and offline as opposed to that long term stuff, it's time, so I think people should do both low level that there would be a real realistically ripe scenario, but of a business. Would you hide when your business? Would you high as employees, well. I don't know I African Americans, do I people at best suit the job. I think you do both as I am. Big fan of of iron black people eel because because people tend to hire. People like them does not agree with it is a real issue would employ discrimination, but actually like no undesirable hour after hour, relate to buy into me yes I was working with only one who can afford it. That lie that, though we shouldn love our love, people that are like us and support on community. If you go a jewish communities in our community I mean they are hooking up their family members. First informal absolute, not now. At the same time, you know you don't want to hire relatives who are going to screw up your company or a rule,
the relationship by doing a better job. So there are some relatives I would never have mahars by, but oh it. When I have an opportunity I looked people around me first I'll, take care of people in my circle, my family. Blood family or not right, and then, if I here find somebody my family. Then I might go s added at this. The US, a site like oh desk and elands. We defined contractors at a good price of light. Then, if you don't have a lot of money but it, but I'm I'm a big fan of for now. I mean why. Why wouldn't we do that? I'm that's that's really essential to survive. A lot of people are scared around a lot. I think a lot of african Americans are scared to hire our own in a fearful around you know is one of those things is like you, scared of yourself, and I see that a lot you know, I think, sometimes the the biggest supporters, I supremacy or black people. Actually, if we truly believe that you are a flawed brand of society. We hit some of us. You know we really. We we say things about ourselves that our disparaging many of us, because we don't have- we don't always have a culture to connect to
Remember a lot. A blacklist redundant doesn't even start for minibus before slavery, only. We have no clue what happened to us before we arrived on slave. Should I so for many of us we we might assembly. Let your minds on to attaining Accept within say, white institutions as a sign of progress right will say something like ok was also was the first black man to get into Harvard and proud of that which five get hundreds recently brought out right by right right, but here's the thing, though right you're, not you're, really your wife will say what this is: the first white mitigating the Moor House: they don't care, they don't consider assimilation or acceptance by us to be a step up, but we consider assimilation accepted by them to be a step up, and I just don't think that that's a healthy way to think. I look at things like that like if not the black person of making progress Harvard and making progress could thereby affecting us exactly exam.
We in Indonesia where I met. We are such a strong and capable people, I'm intellectually physically, and otherwise it or even, if you look at sports, you know like that that there really is no so white version of Shaquille, O Neill, no white version of Kobe Bryant. I think that there is something about the fact that we survived hundreds of years of the most brutal torture ever dropped on energy. If human beings on the planet- and I think that's what makes people fear us an overview you're something if you are a trainer of a big elephant and you know that elephant can crush you get a second. What do you do? You have to control the elephants, man from the very beginning and make him think you're the boss, I think that's kind of what happens does I think they were trained. It ourselves. So much are we will kill each other. We will didn't you dog, each other. We will support. Each other and I think this problem can only be a higher net. Well, you know where you are and why I don't think I think I think deadly Daniel due to some extent, as might be decent. All of us. You know, Don't get me wrong? I must say- and I hate it will then enjoy the show. I'm not
How can people who work on the show? But here's the thing black men- are the most incarcerated group of people on the planet. I there's no way than cars. We mobilise man in America, South Africa, in the height of apartheid, in its. If, apart I wish to say that the most races regime in history, cars we more black men than they did. What does it say about America right so, given that is true. Many those incarceration occur. Many those men are innocent in women as well. It occurs body a geo than if it were not everybody. We haven't everyday. Save us Everybody then that they also, but but there are so many everybody, fifty everybody but right, but every week on, your blog will write about some brother that went to prison and nineteen. Eighty two for something you didn't do did thirty years and they gave him half a million dollars of something like that's gonna, make it better what Weber them fat guy got nine million because he was to prison for rape. You did not commit
He was right. Maybe transfers cardiac hot HIV in the process that I just thought I started out you asked for years and on top of that, the prosecutors, a year later, you haven't incarcerated and found the guy who committed the crime locked him up, but didn't release him. It kept in prison for thirty years, a hidden newborn daughter. This is a kind of a loss of the kind of Holocaust really that we're dealing with. So in the light of that with that is the backdrop of all. Of this we have to understand in many cases, without brother goals before they're, always jury? I many lives was prosecuted, get a conventional is gonna. Do is paints a picture of this blackmail. That's why George Zimmermann was released because they show a picture of the trade Mart smoking weed. I all he was at the Guido George Zimmermann was when the river Jordan that's where he got murder for plain is music to allow they painted a bug in the courtroom. Their lot of a guy senator allow data. Here we gotta something. I think I but didn't you Brian banks, the football player who falsely accused or rape who lost his whole career because that that accusation hitherto They told him. He said Brian, you are a big black man.
If you go in front of a tall white jewelry, they are going to send you to prison you're not going to get justice because you're big man that's way to deploy a lot about the presbyterian apply. We know this right, so the question I ask myself why right, let me got up, don't worry about that. Question I ask myself is: if you got, there's always jury, many of whom, don't you have any black? For his don't know, a lot of black people was so easy to convince them that this by MRS Gary, the procession right perception, which com from many times and media across all. In opinion. It doesn't mean that I hate empire at I saw its would show, but I said no. I have to be a conscientious objector to the consistent portrayal. Black men as criminal.
Gangster type people, because there s now, who we are. I agree with you, but his mother to ought reflects life right and I feel like guys likely Daniels there only showing us one peel v of african Americans they're, not showing the guys like you they're, not showing we need more stuff like sound, was showing guideline model of a king Jr. We don't need anymore sleigh movies, nor do we could do without the thugs experience. We heard that numerous amount of times in music and movies Simultaneousness thoroughly Lee Daniel fought he's just showing us one peel v of African American and in my opinion, when I look at the trail of leaves work. He showing Connemara consistent peel, very the kind of shows. This cut the basement of black life, just the most of the work, most disgusting things, happen in the black unit will either well with the precious on me. I was depressed when I walk: african american harmful-
Why? What the hell is this man, my serious about, let like this poor girls get cramped on the whole movie I hated and then its here's. The thing I found out it was about a real. Why don't I found that it was a real, Then we could have a happier than at least this is what your mother Quinton Tino. His movies are so sick. The judges lie. Man what did you go to as a child, so I literally studied least background like Aretas Wikipedia page indeed to try to just understatement. Women. If we look at these background, he's experience some horrible used, my French, it does me good. You got my bad. Ok, yeah he's he's gone through some terrible things, and you know that the trial the abuse of your being denied love by his family. He talks about a sister has an obese crack attic and I think that when you go through, that kind of trauma is as it is. I propose a lot of us do can somehow associate your blackness with just the very worst thing that can happen. ITALY in a society. So what do you do that? Then? You somehow might be convinced that maybe
the other side of town with the rifles live that that's the paradise. That's where you wanna be that's where life gives good, and I think that that's unfortunate, because I think there are of healthy experiences that occur in the black humidity, and I will see those portrayed as regularly and becoming this black eyes. You got blackish. No, yes, I low Blackie lacking for this, that this is the problem that you look at empire right or love and hip hop, and you say you know what this is not positive for my people, but this will make me a lot of money right and then this is this is the problem. You say what, if I don't make it, somebody else will make it. So why do we not make it to make the money wisely? it is located within attainment, like you said about wiping LISA. Why people, because of the Morocco, put the money into the positive things that may be help? Do you maybe he's gonna? Maybe not, but I look at something like that. We're in oh, you look at your loving, it probably is active show, and you look imply in so many stereotypes. It pisses me off sometimes like they fight in telecoms, like is so stereotypical here when I walk out my house, I feel I my unable to look
for every is right, but you said about why you would look at a white people getting into more has an accomplishment. You think they look at their own in attainments equip their team of bad for white people female remunerated people, imagine I don't and ran out of my life. I know how you can you and you will get up certain like how we do well. I think people what they the whites- have the luxury give- this does does come back to wipe privileges and why supremacy to some extent with it, because they own the media outlets they get such diverse array portrayals, But but I have a lot of friends a hundred, I'm sure you do too, who will say your guitar, one or two additions and have them tell me to be the the black one with attitude swing. My loud, etc or? I got tired of being asked to be the portrays it though I remember I was very proud of eaters elbow, because the standard was their certain rules. I just will not play even for two the Perry NEWS in Tyler Perry Movie, and so the thing about media to me is that media
is just one of the most powerful forms, a propaganda and ultimate mathematics. Write me. It is controlled. Emma, yes, Gummy Hitler use media to join. Defied the persecution in the abuse in the slot of the Jew. All you got to do is you you paint them as menace to society as he's fundamentally dysfunctional people. These needs to be almost like. I almost like a roaches and maggots. If you have to exterminate and then will sign off on allowing you to exterminate them? Well, it's hard to argue that that's not what's been consistently. Happily, we black people, I'm evil Ruby lynched on a regular basis laden just like black people just for being black. They were also have an excuse, it will always be well. He was such that white woman or or he stole some cookies, are weak, practical re write her. I guess I want more easily. Could you that about you on his good, but you know so so so it is not the end of the day. I think that a lot of what we are seeing a media, weak half did not and make sure we don't fall for this idea that it's just
tame it only then does our propaganda works. Is you? Can this be legislating in? Nothing is just entertainment most sound there's an agenda, even even Lee is producer said that our goal is to blow the lid off homophobia in the black community. They understand that energy it does have an impact on the way back. But after actually say when I heard him say that they were not that I think leading Lee, you care more bottom of what we do here, because I hate driven offered like some other, but the problem is it is especially in our community. We analyzed that, unlike Charlemagne, says old time, you know we like to go to the schools and talk to the case, but in a grown up in queens, I see my dad Mussy Medea work mad overturn it make sure my Christmas was great and spend a lot of money to put me a catholic school, but then I would see all the drug dealer driving up the black workin out to when they had expensive cause the nice jewelry, the women, nothing for our community. We look at that as making it will look at the at the family as a mother, father in a household in
I am a father or on Christmas, my father never went to jail. You know we don't look at their. So when you see somebody's movies, it we talk by somebody movies, Minister society in O n. What was tat movie that you said the other data to more than her boys? Do you see what these days when we surely you know you know the morale of these. We we love, we love watch we enjoy watching those type of movies. I never gave a day about Tony motel out enables rather late Jean Valjean. Besides come into America, I came to think of a power to do away with any reader in bill. Caused me a different.
I have noted with positive to make a minor one did write. Any love Isla de la a black woman to communism is well now some of that on tv. What we have now another we are, you look ass gay and though it may seem like a flash massage may make, as they did an article that I was saying about an and deadline right, and they were saying that I am right now. The pendulum might have swung a bit too far. In the opposite, direction is too few rose before they were too few rose practice of color in Hollywood, but now, according to this article, basically fifty percent of the world in a pilot have to be ethnic, and the mandate goes all the way down to guess parts and basically Wendy saying now, is an assistant swung too far in the other direction. On the other, could be progress and I think that people be more sensitive to just just here's the thing. The reason I like blackish is now because I believe everything is: is: is cotton Kandian in cupcakes? It's because blackish allows black people to be human I would very diverse heterogeneous people.
Some of us are nerdy some of us. You know some of us are scandalous. Whatever an age is light to see stuff that where where you're being black is not the first thing that people understand about your character right, in fact, when it went up, to South Africa this week or took up. We should go. I love the fact that their people, here there are black, as everybody was black that you hold it at that point. We want to know more about who you are as a person, but sometimes- the first thing people knows I'm a black and they in incomes, while this bag and all these expectations, stereotypes- and I think that's a the burden for all of us to care, I'm it s like that. An immediate took as I am that they present fussy, a situation haven't between a police officer and a young blackmail. I don't think this is why police officer male for at the first thing, I think, is what happened. Absolute scenario. First sight is jumped to all. He was why he was black hills absolutely a minute. That's that's what we would call critical thinking which we have to do. Is really important because we got so many cases are to be revealed now of of black. Shot by the police
think. The biggest mistake we can make is assumed is assuming that every white copies waste. With a bloodthirsty wasn't killed like I was out of what that gotta fill up paranoid gale, I won't. You- No, I don't know why. I'm we do know their ratio. Profiling does it is very, very real and- and I would say I would say if they could say I'll, be with you today. I assume you Newsome cops. It worked with the datum voice. I know from my experience: I saw the good and the bad right. I've seen cops. They just were good people. They wanted to help bring about a mean. A good cop has really tough job, because you have to care about problems that are not yours, you, you know it lot of times. You're helping people get a kick out of a tree or help NATO yourselves on my fine directional it'll, just little things that there are a lot of us, don't really want to do, and then you put yourself in harm's way. But then you ve got those cops who do abuse their authority there. Many reasons to be afraid of cops. We live in a society where people assume that cops are innocent and that, if you are the quantum called criminal that some
The cops you get the benefit of the doubt about what happened. Grandma doesn't make it difficult is when you had bad experiences with caps Mhz unite. Trust period. Absolutely absolutely I mean I think good cop should be taking the lead in terms of helping weed out back up, I because because it hurts it hurts all of them? You know, because we need good cops in the world and our community. I don't think anybody want to live in a world without Police Zadok Battlefield Black Ivan, be like he's good. I feel, like I've been be like that, I'd to seek caught period and we like and then what I await yeah yeah me. You know that their blue wall of silence is real. Cops are, are your threatened in any way, sometimes threatened even with death? For speaking up, that is the system. That is really is the culprit there. Absolutely you're, just as likely be abused by black copies by White CUP in many cases obsolete. So that's it Gonna have to deal with and not give oh caught up in the black and white in not caught up in this idea that that that that every cop who shoot
a black man, somehow it is a bad evil person I'd, I dont think cops just get up wanting to kill people every day. This is me. But it is also mediator to because you know I look at my son. You know Anum. We live in a nice area in Jersey, so what he sees as what's on tv, So when we look on channel dwell, which alone or the news channel all you see is young african american anti be doing that they never show positivity, never show positive, say eight people shot, nor this is what the suspect looks. Like p B was shouted. Patterson Toby was shot neurons to be shot in Brooklyn. So my son stuff, the sea African Americans as bad, but you gotta, normative right by the minutes. I would put that was cachet into the media are entertainment. But my mother, vodka must have had a lot of people out there. They dont have parent reasonably Naomi for media rays from music is alarming now. There are many difficult downloading. It is very dangerous. Yo Yo mean that you know what we want. We still, I think, have not quite figured out
is that the mass incarceration epidemic, the start in the seventies has obliterate. The black Of this whole. Seventy two percent of black children being born without a father in the house that are released, Until so many fathers were being sent to prison marginalized. I'll. Give you one example of theirs. Again: oh of Chicago, Mario Lloyd, salsa, cocaine! Net! kill anybody least you'll. He wasn't calligraphy convicted of anything like this no you're. Well, there was a fire. Was my baby by a woman at over those know, you're going to faint omega, killed somebody what I we gotta stop saying yes, Ok, ok, fair, fair enough! He he saw he's. Ok and other people were hurt by these re, absolutely but whose interesting thing when they, when the feds took him away, they locked him They gave him fifteen licences for non violent first time offence, they locked up his mother, they locked up his sister and they locked up his brother So the question is: when you earth right there, you go so when you lack of an entire family. What happens to those kids.
Twenty years later, Mario signed gets murdered in the same neighborhood. That is father used to deal drugs in, be you those role models that you you can't take a community is gonna prosper when you're killing off all the myth. Is that what happened? A few never sold cold, and I mean I have to say, though, but it's just that Will you about my regiment agree? Agri breaking the law is wrong. We all we all agree on that, but the punishment has to fit the crime. I'm a fifty life sentences, I dont understand it feel another brother. Europe has got forty years for possess the grandma Craig I mean come on now and if he really has a river, if you really want see people breaking the law, if you really want to see people possessing drugs go to a college campuses and we have a guarantee that they will never ray a college camp. Was the widow go up in the wood and lock everybody, and not only that you said people shit so drowsy and I notice that can be a tough statement but understand it terms like, like you said you just name a young man. I gotta take care of his his grandmother, his mother and his brother didn't. You demanded a how's, your job and you say, get a job.
Mcdonald's making. No- and I was now I'm not gonna pay to make that right is a big unity that the environment and to grow up ensue. If everybody around you is doing something and that's how you were raised and that's what I mean doing sometimes is hired nothing. How genuine desire marijuana ones then understand, because I've seen outcome outcomes Jill does not undermine families. Saving over which were due to the result. Little those had his look at, and I know people who have said listen. I grew up in a terrible, neighborhoods ass whereby is doing as with every all my role models. We're doing that everybody around me that you just seem normal and so that's it makes it. I think difficult, sometimes for people, and then you given fifteen consecutive life sentences and he never had a chance to do something else are experiencing as they get a second chance, but is almost more didn't get the life sentences that made the money to send me. But it is the Charlemagne, not obey you didn't opportunity in the vicinity. They love and here's another interesting thing I mean you know we but that scenario Organ Mcdonald Oliver.
Well Son Chicago models, gives you cannot find jobs anywhere in full there are some neighborhoods where a black youth oblige me especially, has an easier time getting a gun than he has of getting education or getting a decent job in also so I think that is par. Are the issue was well and then think affront question really ask- is we know, teenagers are for our are just pray stupid lot, no, not not dumb eternity inability of the dome stuff when we have had a time anti social rights or the question to me is not what the cost of making a mistake right. Why is it that for some people in our society, like you look as someone like George Bush, that's whilst Harbour Archibald, because what George Bush wore black man- because I literally reread by said Thank you- will appreciate that I say so. What would have happened if George Bush, a poor black heating, Sabrina Green Projects in Chicago and made the same. Stacy may it later right. Exactly are you able to meet I'd, be dead idea? Prison authority would never have had a chance to become president in making up for his mistakes right. So so I think that
so for some of us actually become president? A big mistake whether you will hear me that what he's a war criminal may we note a right and an insult you to me that we have to really question. While we have a society where, for certain people, one mistake at the age of seventeen or eighteen can destroy you for life my my oh, my older brother figures with my uncle these white mode above the United Kingdom, but when he went to prison seventeen- and I don't know what happened- we was in prison, but I know bad things can occur. And at all I know. Is that way, came out. You just wasn't right mentally ill. Two years, a prisoner such a nightmare. I mean people being tortured in prison. Think about me right, get right and we may jobs about that- that's not funny ripest! a body
Ok, ok, you, rape is little funding from now. It may have been a nightmare, the right, it's it's! It's a nightmare, its torture. It's a human rights abuse is all. Put. People do that. Then. We think also how you gonna come on. We re ability, we know, that's not gonna happen, module ass! Well, I've! U kicking the job, I mean really did not look to the true here is that we limit Audrey now, where were we course: region has become profitable, so now we have a country where people don't really what you jade women in south market, their gown of dogma, the problem prisons exactly exactly so become appear. More often I regret to say, Romo David S, complete a saving money, clue casino, doktor Jack. The boys workers is Jack of all trade, led really going to finance and nine files on good, because
you haven't before we can proceed like you, remember my joy to position you Joe and jumping ahead, but you didn't jump out of the Tigris today and I do want to grant a flip side all yes from the woman named ass the day I was born, but you didn't have everything you have now from the wound. The way I got it was not by job. I got it by putting up my own money one day I have a lot of money and then the next day I don't you know why, because I put it all in the street, you keep saying you just started. You did no dog I've, always foot. I don't put up money: saving money for suckers Demi at someone confidence in me that I fled, and twenty years later, I'm still a boss. Still got a job. I would love to close on this figure this. I think The goal of being a boss is a good objective to have. I dont think everybody to be deemed ash eel thereof. People were bosses who have philosophies, and my differ from Dame alike
he is here he awakened the sleeping dragon with which is bowl common. Damned ashes named as she's always gonna. Be that person it you'll, but there's no Jesse without named ass. We know that the type of thing- and I give him we given credit for their great his his desire to take risk. Sometimes led to tremendous fortune, and sometimes some misfortune Remember you know you can't dis dames Joe per se, just because he is not always the one as well as he might have hope, because Member Donald Trump Declare bankruptcy four times right. So so so David for such right now. The idea of saving money be for suckers. No, I mean come on that that that you can't say that but I would say that that simply saving money. Does it make sense? I think we sit there by saving and investing is really the best approach right so obsolete. The at the end of the day is fine, is to keep your money in your pocket and put into things that are going to empower you. Eventually, your money has to start working for you
and in everybody can do it. I get out of the What I would call the slave mentalities, late mentality to me is win win. You will go work too. Twelve hours a day, because some I told you to come to work and they're gonna, give you a minimum wage paycheck, but when it comes to working half of that time to achieve goals for yourself whether they be educationally primarily whatever you can't put in the time now I got time you uncle guitar. Does you wanna watch basketball, wise whatever they said to me? Why? Why would you spent more time building somebody else's dream in no time building your own? That makes no sense to all without entering into the likelihood of I have time to go to school and have a job adore. Internship is a hundred and sixty eight hours in a week who invest time and what you want with time. Roy Perry there you have it back. Boys workers. We appreciate you Jack Campbell Optimum tobacco, and I appreciate the orientation grab. You know you could help me. Financial literacy is something that I think more both need, especially after what I've heard
coupled with have absolute dominant financial tips from people like. I have no clue what you are. Respect you guys in asylum have always respected backtracking. We just W Windsor, Oh man, you you Charlemagne always respected me. Even when nobody else do you know it s, while others were. Thank you beg you rather already. Is the breakfast club that the boys wagons,
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