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12/21- For Throwback Thursday it was only right to get legendary RnB group DruHill to stop by to not only speak on their new Christmas album but also to let us know that they still have them vocals. Moreover, we flashed back to when Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Kodak Black, also known as "Weed Whacker Black". Also we flashed back to some listeners who was in need of Angela's help during "Ask Yee" especially one listener who stole from her pimp/boyfriend. 

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Order of business for oil pollution from terrorism of the various categories. Maybe we ve got wake up man of letters. We want you to allow this high because alley. How are you Morally, who morning you met this morning, I feel bad. That would mean guy now baby. I bet you a few crime I have bought with you as follow your directions to beginning concept, I wrote a book review like privilege,
you have my view? What you say you do your money, you dear me, it I begin to add at either de winter would have liked I see. No de am I. What do you want now? Well, I'm holding be when he will be available to have a one on one to cutting. Maybe we idea, I reiterated our review our union to date, and I regard it as it is. I don't wanna one Georgia, when you will give us one or whenever you want a baby. Ok, no more remote regions, regions. To the people of my g and will make it happens on these both to me on radio illusion it on? I e? Yes, will you from? I am actually Thou Carolina, but I live in New York now Ok, I got you boy, you know myself, humanity would I I know I think, oh, my God
but the more I mean occasion you go away. You gonna do voice. Quichua was what you blessed is more about the advice. I am glad Mornin because I have a guy then gray. Eyes enjoy daughter, nice of you to say that I came here. Show cable. But what we said the lad. I guess me about. Why did you enjoy tat? All my than you got my husband, although I have dwelt on down the day before the one tat I had been told them of all that new bathroom, all the way What do I like you, a family all right? What do I give you don't know where we got a pie, Gaskell Lucchese, cruel me and my wife, just on my relationship, everything good bad ugly, and we have good good discussions. It is all honest also would thank you for listening, Mamma tat and we have our political family, though, that war one day I'm glad for that programme is not looking away. My guess
Let's wait. I believe this is a video blinkers Why would I believe the family quota we and I what's getting right, don't get Chad when You blood, can you gotta, bordering God, bless you behave all about right, Davy, Mama get off my chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, you can call us or if you feel blessed hit us up is to breakfast the breakfast club pounding down- you're gonna, get it on the agenda. You want the breakfast bluffing, but remember chandelier, mom. And Roma Call him. Why me? Why are you mad this morning my
mom hasn't. Let me see my daughter with them for years. I don't want full custody joint custody when she was two she's about to be nine. She tried to lie and say that I hit my daughter, but you don't know how high oh, that go with whatever the one so I'm hive and be back and I'm China had been her to get my meditations log into my joy, costly back, but she still ag in school better name. Is there an entire buddies, glows below them But if the jailer, my daughter within you know I'm over Birthdays Adam S Father Day, what are now so you know nothin, but that's why man, because I've been trying to fight this case about them for years and you don't have he has no idea- was gone. She had put mandate, which are better case, though she probably thanks to my two years of an undue. A brother, you keep fight, not love, rather than God they actually five for decades absent from the child, support in custody and Allah good government angel,
more and more leisure birthday. Lady Rachel, you, I am thirty seven. You go about how you guys today. We have great man, we have it, I'm glad you having a great birthday what you doing today, have you got a word, but that is fine. I am sure that, as well by after workable than hang out with my girl, I have three daughters. That was and about it there. I believe that you are working stuff. They should have cake make it work. My dears decorator, when I give this I'm excited, you guys already in it there are you sure you can t take a joy age. I'm positive action taken by external village, automated beyond revive, earned the right into twenty three hours, almost three hundred pounds I love about a hundred and ten brow.
We cannot allow a to kick out. Jews and salary choose out the Avonlea coming down. I got it. I got something: nice low, small, believe Lupi, the gateway how'd it go away from what made you want to do that we both I was glad pressure medicine every day and I wish is really But I wanted to change our tired. I couldn't really keep up with the girls. I wanted to do something different for myself. There you go, you want to live a healthier lifestyle, respect that ok, isolate we're having greater anymore. All right, that's the best birthday. Give you can give yourself is the gift of good health. Ok, they're, gonna blood part. You lose somebody away both a right. Now I get it off. Each has eight on your father. I have one or fire. When you bless you can call us you mad, you could call it keep allotted to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club recording. Body is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago we are the breakfast club, we got a special guess, Inability Safari. It was an invite
Nigeria needs to start within a buy it. Now you wasn't, he just cause. I can't ever again because the Jews Williams is this like that, can make the call pop up now here, because we really need to feel category eight. Eighty now as I do, of course he had a forlorn. Yes, he did dissolved. You and where and when it was seventy degree that now those are studios code. If you have no way to think he is freezing You decide to pick up the first deferred. Waterford is your thing that has been. Is anything violent offers. Not like you don't know, and he has seen yet I'm your email know who could resume your email saying like hey, you know supply, we don't know if you know what goes into was being done into getting your ferko animals name and what I want you to come to the headquarters. Can show you, so you can start wherever I anyhow laying, although I and as an email,
when I look at you in enacting intermodal preying on your industry, but I are you thinking about going to the sea and maintained you might know. How will you re a good they doping on you, you show them that you too rough as tough as bum, clad jamaican decide of our not only that what we want, I would probably I'll probably laugh. You know, and behind all of that, that's what I'm saying you know, I'm about to drop the illest project body work cost, volume, one! Ok, so you can't stop we're gonna get to fulfil a full Ferdinand moments. It was worked out, so you don't don't tell her body is vague and I'm gonna be Rover zero by the year two thousand, a real fur Peter so that you can install new norms nor about it it's looking again at its use is correctly you can tell a cohesive here. No one had more. We signor tv. What time and you had the ill is vague.
In the one thousand. Accordingly, I got my eyes. I never that look around. That's a good question. Could we would be acting Barbara? Nobody spoke about it. So happened. Was our boy, the dude he here, put Beijing and my hair right, my so when he did it, he didn't wash. Now, because I do not rush what is based measures is something that you simply James. This great look, I know, but also as a dynamic sir, here extra extra black like like us who palace election, Likewise, luggage shoe polish would arrive die year did so they put heap my hair and I had the film and I couldn't be late, so I just as I go as just leave it over finish it later, so I don't wash it out so ages. Have
here looking ram and there was no had available in the draft area. There came a person. Could you say something in it? It was. It was in line with their almost browser will. I know it wasn't how far down it wasn't just a texture and housekeeper. Was it just look crazy, but you wouldn't know so crazy. Some people hit me. I've got like do some like work with them and they pay me a lot of money to do away with. What would you do? It is some hair growth stuff Do you know you ve got no, no, not all age. You try to get the hell. I back in a dry and I'm good. I did a surgery the women give me as in the french version deserving Airlines Vienna the Dep years ago before that it will not work. Let it go out and do it broke. My here would not be where it is right. Now we have a body I don't think you know. I got my alive in the middle of my it only Robocop, you're gonna, my head was
We ve seen only other they only on it. When I grow drudgery Jamaican, not every JANET, No that's rare about, rather than a rumour requires a firing within you shoot you gotta get what we are talking about. You posted Nicky manoeuvres. Undercover paper magazine, you say why are you so that these economies are always what did you take for me? Wow? We are data. Reality shows and, as we have made some very good. Reality shows our yes, you are no one, and I am just out there. A real ones: zero, five, five of them. Bob, but we will new. Did you? in the loving it Bob you gave me. Don't you today would argue, but I would like to thank you for that. We are going to. Let me explain what happened in that segment. I just finished speaking Obama Uncle my uncle was just
he'll rights. These are areas where I was that many enemies. I was thinking about death when I was talking about and my last week of living and allay does the week my uncle got killed. So I was talking about that and then it went to the whole. Leaving thing doing it, amazing that you try out new career peak and, If you got a guy you're, not gonna, let everybody there was an eye. Really mentally. I was in the world of talk about my uncle, Now I was thinking of you cried like that. Could he leave eleven about meditated gravity, love, Nicky. I always go back to tat. You shall you shoot me shut again, you free knows, is a new line. Odor. I'm I'm be honest that I'm not gonna line is like I'm not doing nothing for tension or I hate you know no light. It was those with some amazing pictures and I used a really want her to take pictures. I got for me, that's why doesn't like, while languidly river we were inspired to you want to see
Mr Andrews by, but has no idea what I'm glad to see the breakfast club broke. The and these places now imagine you a little bit ly, isn't exactly like the most rail does. Performers on me now yours deleting base at it. Better humans are now right now, if you will try to shoot you shall, because you could have kept. It has nothing to do with the don't you're right, you're right, you're right, but you wanted you back to look it up. Come on. We are you wanted you back? No, of course I still CARE. You wanna back you do you want to sell it. Just now. I just wanna say you shoot what I was saying about the pigeon, what everybody else a uniform saves
Are you issue in a way I shall get why you firing I've been in the yard to a kind of Spain to each other. A little guy I know now is empty room tragedies in the family members. Unfortunately, we are now. Well I'll, be further attacks. Is about your brother. Anything like that? No, how do you feel about this situation so far as this is crazy? Could I know everyone involved so as to something that I would never throw in a million years would actually happening near, as you know, a way to have that something like that. That is just crazy. When you know people source to slap. Can you wrap your brain or you know, cause nobody from NASA billion on call on Sunday the visit of the other day, I note I gotta be tough to even going to system to save our unknown using Joe. Well you d arnault using an unusual. He was I allow me I do not doubt that are ready to. Even if you want to go to the Otter Nora, we got more support
when we come back. No move is the breakfast slogan morning. Breakfast embodies DJ envy Angela ye allow me to go. We are the breakfast club, gas, Safari and building. What do you think of meat milk be infinity? Two to four years on a business, or a code volume. One is dropping his money. I don't care what you say: Charlemagne, I'm so nice Charlemagne, I'm not even a beggar. My asking, because when I drop that you're gonna hear and obey life would have it historically listen to listen to music and giving all my first project Charlemagne was my angel from Opera, mixed yes, and when you do what you say about it up on all, remember what I said he supported it. Mary was our lot of his old without any real feedback on you, museum definitely does not say, but the whole on bottom. My moved on Song Paradise shown kings in it. Just had a million just let alone may males. Are you too,
What I mean, I'm independent boy, what you really want them all I wanna get a million you know. Do. Let me give me my property. I gotta efforts now will say to all of you: are you not as well? If you will try to make, you ought to be done one of those people who loses his love yeah. Would you go on them off their cause? You, our parliament, a hate. You baby, you can.
Why did you love one of Charlemagne? God here you know, say no more as bees lab right now. My name's afar Norma bad Safaris, lab right. Nash. Rhyming are good scheme, so he acts are real. Do you know it won't? Have the best represent the world. Lies are now wondering volume one when you talk about a butterfly and I choose and all the things of you when you add, as is by the way that the latter we always say so far, that is whack. You make him see when you talk like that that you, the best in the world where we stop, you like, I defy similar good. If I don't believe in me who will just like you, don't believe me, I believe that only fear I nodded yo them we're gonna get old paradise. Yes, but you have the world is not only a virgo, though not by an order, because
we now have aroused really only thing for people. Look. I'm feelin miracle a biblical sitting, Obama Peter. So no matter how you see it on the pinnacle is pitiful, you're imbecile. If you try to make a physical, you end up critical thinking, subliminal. You know no criminal, stereotypical, no see me, I'm a visible, ok, infliction of the patents damages present. Combat Amr really threatened by an assassin, got on my side, Christ, what a passion, a bunch of mad ex britches fatal attraction, feeding our bush, that's a distraction ripping on any be destined adaption or not. Bringing back in new money. Uproar don't deal, would back in your pocket sort of diet. I'm calling you Atkins at eight This man you one used to aggressive, may too no look out. Those are destroying the a great many high. I I will make you listen. I'm in and you listen Nick, you have, you got you gotta, wrapped the saying, loves and above the minimum levels,
four hundred, which represents about oil or do you think that Mickey's fell off a little? I saw you, cotton our model that you quoted the ball on it of you guess, mobile meeting. Malaysia lays bright label that was like. Never actually, alighted rig it up is out. Do you know what I like about this guy is at this point is, it is obvious that the I know that there is a very nice Paraguay, Uruguay, though nobody anyone, I know a guy like you, because I think are the guide determined to prove you absolutely I'd know is not even a harpoon. You wrong is just that. I got a family. My family depends on me and I want to be my mom proud, I will say
our state. I do like the fact that you didn't go to the wayside. Once Nicky dumped you, but you didn't like the waste cycle you didn't let alone would always a navy. Now you have you made was abandoned yourself, chronometer ass, a first time, you ever say something positive to me. Thank your medication, the wayside later loaded, a waiver. You know yeah you know. An end is almost sixteen require this Charlemagne Champagne, his hair used to look like a ball for my campaign, I'm here, we go ahead. Bones Charlemagne leave me alone. Go home a spade. I'm of
good Deck, o Connor foolish joking people always submitted coded. I gotta go to so negative. Your support you, but as natural you guys are currently we supported you more than those items to be four Rio now ya would have. First people are ever give me a big platform at first interview, Abdul Jabbar, definite chain, everything that I dont want. We instituted a hundred tied up, and I would remind you that at this point I would like in the tea and now I'm apparatus cry you. Nobody was. I worry when you and if you broke up stairs, not like me, though we sensitive and emotion.
Of course this together a long time I realize Joe Dam is really really, although of course it was times. You know that feel it hit me, but no. I just wish outside all this is Mr Blair. We can still be friends, branching, I'm saying and is like I don't mean from you, you know is not a war or I don't need money or nothing but is just was I don't care how things are going to be global wishes? We should have still been able to be like go laugh about things and you know it s, not a logical. I've tried, listen worthy our nor not I've, definitely try to reach out and black YO and I'm sailors. Because I want to know what she's a beggar returned. Ill is another. Back of illegal logging, and I welcome them to take a few years now. Allow you gotta let allotted time pass windows like no feelings at all and always got depots, Now, don't I've heard
Sometimes it takes a few years earlier anymore. Now, the meek, she really will be used as an observer missions. Isn't an odyssey, listen to other people's music and you need to know I don't know myself UK workers, I'm never let anybody else inflows me. So I was myself I got bars of nice are only to listen. Other people plenum, listen to his fur. Coat, one day now spotify you towards us, rising easy as leader body, Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club because his presence, yes in a building, he drew YO yo with it was. It was not my. Others, fiscal videos like Albania, but we have been here before
but just as goals, breaths Clare, I know you're not a Christmas out. Yes, it's an idea was in Baltimore. Ok aside, you know first Christmas. I will never after you know twenty years and which is The phrase capacitors from these again we couldn't let it go and every year so we want to make sure we gained some special issue. Money in these criticisms. That's a good one used him. I guess we'll see you know when you do these Christmas sounds ever do you have to like, as is that is out there for anybody to be able to use a public, or do you have to get things clear, There are some public domain grounds, but we only we only day, one remake, and that was silent night from the temptations has for me, like is not present.
The less. I hear you know all out war for Christmas from Morocco, Mary Ann Famine night from the temptations and we wasn't gonna sing arise. Also we need for the craziest party. Is my arm shouted the issues I envy you dont have any Christmas. Also like all I have is the temptations Christmas inhalers Wendy him seeing my right MRI carry it gives no, Christmas, all they'll make no boys. The man was the boys move their Christmas, as you said, and all of it all the way I do, but it was noted that nobody makes Christmas all the criticisms and why did ya got decided, for that reason, rebel leader Rasta only we may in a lot of islands there. You know we did so. You know before we got into the proper drew her arms. Like you know, that's not lead another year go past.
People as and when will we go you're using and how did you guys have another Adam coming out right? I said this is kind of this set up for that wanted to salute the awful creating one of the greatest moment: radio history, when I was in the radio lad, I watched your honor We in baltimore- and you know you Guys- were united in a moment I told Woody Know- is what I want you to do. When we vote in favour of good its orders this yesterday, video cuts would Nokia swinging. I walk out. This is a major way before the internet was really a thing thing. Let me know got for right before them start, and so we got you gonna. Do you
I would add, no known, I know about like a process. Recently I defer the first day. You know we got our new virtue drew. Entertainment and an empire, so we Sweden, would the people from empty a new plan, raggedy Ann It was just a Mamma website led man. We not do enough. We have there before and you know why toward front. I you know I waited sat outside by calm down. You know we talked about, but justice did does just a passion. Man is like one I mean it. I'm really really want really light on. There was a little girl, I was a little used to fight every day at rehersal and they wanted to get on. My nerves. Want a jet lag of your keep this outlook on the web of your soul. Me. I can't go annoying,
now the single point, ulleran time throne, I marry me, you may confirming generation where you fight with your friends and that they are dead and I didn't make. The point is over with Ozma notices interfere with me like that when in Baltimore know, how did you get to the point of reconciliation will bring the group back and in woody That moment you like, I got it, don't want to be here or not. What has was drinking glowing colours, thou deriving Ozma? They write another night before I mean real like do you never know where people want in life, and we will we? We came back, you know after had taken a lot of time and you known figure out what we really wanted to do, and so it was just for the Heather so fast like no real discussion after You know it was a commitment made. It was things that you know people with doing the move around and you don't be able to actually make it happen and then, all of a sudden you
our men- I wonder again, so you know that at one, but he said God organise and we're gonna get the male when he said that the first don't say on me like, as is what do you say, like everybody else, and you know it was a moment in time. It didn't go past that it wasn't like mad. If I see you in the street, you know whatever it was nothing like that it was just what it was. With the rest of you know what happens when things like tat and sometime after you guys have a ladder behind the scenes stories like before you about performance crazy happens. I ran like look over understand, not taught us our trust. For life have regular erected in the room in the last year I met you? I love you, you don't seem like. Maybe I should do that. There is real footage.
A real milk from another dad I'll, never get tired of each other like even again I mean a thing about rise out of you always like each other, but we lobbies rubber. We would be too much delay lost of his, like, I said, is expressed in a moment. I will let you understand where I am and I added at, does it we all go jugglers days. We go make his bees, the I have two mignon musically oranges. Thornfield, I mean it The reality is a new music helps with you know nor the role and be invisible, but at the same time We will. I wondered at last groups the artist I really hate Addis Developmental net in order purpose was to teach you to be in the industry as long you want to ban it. So I may we honor row every week we all with the world, and you know even before you know have in this situation with empire which has been on the road.
Nor will we do. You know I made us because, as really we started with rising with eyes were radio was I he will had erected but it wasn't until they stars perform knows was like okay thy. They do this a real. So we try to state at first because, as we know, granted people before anything, nor yet they realize we wasn't a fake jealousy. We were drew Hale, accompanied as well. So inspired by Germany's our man. Don't sound like you look you understand like do like you know been friends, would You know mental than Birmingham isn't everything, but when the day came they. Finally, my ass does the come on we're stage like due to Josie set with them. When we got this thing or disorder, we were singing a high school like I was like. I could when the jailer regional group name is by Josie Legacy obviously requires advantage, hands again rose, dry, ground, water, know and aggressive. Tell you later.
We may not like that. I will do it. Tell me, unlike some I really like, we will try to figure out the name you will like we're gonna banded together brothers. It was like tat, but an enjoyable like the name we ascribe to some studies is during part and, as you know, is a street also, but nobody says joy like I'm going to draw it hills like going to help us, so we wanted to just let people know especially. They're from Baltimore in order, no matter where we go into where we always la, where we come from we'll never forget about that. What would you here when we come back? Keep a laugh. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast born and everybody is the J envy Angela YE
Shall I mean to go? We are the breakfast club. We have drew heal in a building Charlemagne now jazz. Where were you insist, going cow was fighting where, with you in a member's raw thing, we were in the room. Just show me get nowhere when he was at the way. We know you know long around getting drunk or you by none at hit me home together. Tat came a broken up. Are you a guy with already together The role of women in rural areas in the world now seems like. I want to know used by governments in our work and our room was lot values. I come on. Use use the bathroom in our lives
come on it's never your dress. We get my shower at a certain caliber, dress summer was laughed, the Durio dressing room was lap, Inez was not. Do you remember the garbage aware that lead it? If I know Dr. Nor would they be groups was fighting back demand by my group like bad or because they need Asia. Like you told me, royal Army is like a guy. Like me, are being a goddamn, I mean no more, I always Delaware emotions and you know what I mean we try not to you know I feel I get in trouble, and I do it s not like what we seek out the distressing Wendy transiting sound to a girl about being allowed me sometimes does just were happy, I'm need for the girl, the gaze of you the man who knows where,
in general, we are, we know it wasn't even really a fight, they will learn rapidly. I know I know I agree with what you say, but I am I got there was just you know, tussling around the odd break up. I mean I want over the main energy, while visual Mamma Mamma was like a real flying in Zagreb. Did you have a drink problem back then go. Drink now at all or MAC, been no Perry, never got just live down. Now we will all work. I would have been always celebrating
We are getting triggering I literally my right after we, we still Now we are pleased that parliament has the right to draw. People was right now we are these theories about bad idea. The idea had early on in their career, but you guys it has. Some guidance in people we're helping you out. So what was that, like fur you're, starting out getting your first deal or we'll bring those trees or minimise only we put it like this. You, you learn something. There's car industry standard, which means likely not gonna, take everything from you, but we will take a lot, but in return we lower risk are billions of dollars to put you out there and you know, do everything else. So, no start now you know just like I want to be in it, and then you know, luckily, after that, that's when people started coming to say: hey you guys
we regarded as he has already had to do that you know and which is always. Therefore, oh what we knew, what we believe we're going to studio? Would they be faced the first time we record aware him, and he said All you got to do is outlive all of that deals, and then you could do everything that you want to do, and I mean like for real we've been through everything that you could go to and it's business and we were kids, like you know like like. No none it is facial had not enough is like his coming here for Baltimore one may be withdrawn or You know like a red light. We would accuse that will really like happy to be here. We shook airy by his hands like hey, you know I drew they don't drink, they don't do anything, you know, but you know, after while people you know try take advantage, you and you know, uses I'll, let you know like maybe we're here to stay, so we going to figure it out and we have a relatively hazards
why, because it was my father, you noticed I split a penny until our forty was is away. You know before we had our first deal, that we would it governs. Googled, Goin Bang voted APOLLO, we will go on. Me Jimmy, I mean you know, California, people said no means we did the whole thing I people knew who we were. We just didn't have the opportunity and we actually got the opportune the last day that we will go you together, like the production company, he called to say, look taters, meeting new evidence, workout I'll. Let you out your contract cuz, I'm always watching trying to hear singing I'm making no money, and you know we came up here till this. Look. If you tape latest tell me it said if you sing back to hook to us in fifteen minutes, you have a song out in thirty days. They laugh out. They came back the same. I was down the hit factory that ain't there, no more in the big room as soon as we finish singing that they opened up that door. They put us in studio a song about thirty days. Late and no paperwork is say: look I give ya it's all there did. I do harm
the money. Now we are make it our money, nine, on the wing going into all. When I had, I went like we learned a great Lessing early on my we got the guidelines we got, you would gave us opportunities we got to produce on our first album. You know all that stuff, but at the same time we got to see the bad side of it and because of that always stay isolated because we come from no biting when come will it invited to reunions you, no one on record companies get together. Can we were a parliament that just some kids from What any weaker saying any we could be better Anybody was out there and we just read the last twenty is proven to be oranges, ptarmigan money. I mean honestly prize. I too, like two years later. Two years later, we first I'll. Let you know you start out for, as you may like see, Donna, Megan Money, a high school so like we would like to be able to go shopping. And I like who know what I was gonna do and then we can see this beef, but it was
You know, you're, not a Davis. You know like like. We had no idea where made money for records that we did for the album. So you know we slowly, but surely you know made that you get to show money the beginning of it whatever that, but it wasn't until like that right after that second album hit, and we would like all over the world, like you know where you in London, y'all got comeback, Deshawn New York tonight, then we going to go to Africa and you know whatever else and y'all going to sit with my daughter and then it was like holy man. It is well aware, will likely life when you young, so I like you, the money to get you to show it is just like I without, then get the money to go to your account. Then you know what I've also you know you just like. You have fun, but you know what I can
we like I was always like. I could we going to figure out this business thing. You know no matter how long it takes and everybody just found a way to make us just insulated. Where you know we can kind of just do it all herself and you know, figure, Naturally, I hope that we get more. Would you here when we come back, keep alive the breakfast locomotive appointed everybody is J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago we are the breakfast club. We have drew heal in a building Charlemagne manner when it came to fiscal. Wonder go so I didn't want to go but a label pushed at all. They didn't want it. Even nobody! he wanted it. I wanted to always wanted to be the best of Jodeci that we could be Jodeci Flash boys to men and maybe kind of marriage, Boyz II, men and Jodeci. I feel like you kind of get. I guess it kind of went through. Hell is begot like a little bit of that rough sound, but then we still could sing songs that that Jodeci would never sing but Boyz II men.
You could say, and vice versa. So that was only tell you because you never wanted now may look, I'm I'm, I'm I'm telling you. I didn't culminate in a Jew now it well it s, never want to be solo of Dallas. If I'd opportunities to be a solo artists before we even decided we want to be a group had it happening, oh, no care has his version. Other shoe Yo Yo, identifying array his having read the reality of leaders like. If, if you take our honour, emotion in it with wow Wes and you know, errors, I lose my eyesight and probably thought like zebra. A black man, so the eyes like we did irregular highly visible. We had the MTV Maria was empty Red, went to Cisco Donna Wars, any king James. I got my MTV just said
give me a show, and I don't know what it's going to be about. Don't even know the name of it and you know in that moment is kind of like you could be a hater and say man. We got to do the group to the group or you can be like the man up to this point. Out of all. I regret that we do internally- and I didn't do this or are going to do that. So you know we took this stance of ok, this is only a time. Every bag is a chance to go out and figure out what they I do. We learn something mouse and explore some other start cuz. It's is not light, it just lovers out. Did we had deals with production deals and Mabel deals in Addis. There's a calf jam. You know had done the rush hour record. So they are worth their while re acclimated was, but they never got to do album. Those like right at the time for us to do I am with them and then all the sudden. What do you leave so they give us all this stuff and we can't deliver what they paid for for real. So it was just like what what are you do today in the opportunity comes, and it's like. Okay, this is something that's still
Keaton every buys attention. While I'm gonna build in you know, produce, and then, learning this and Jesus bringing people into what I, like people always lighted look at it like a man who says Galway Solo, we always lie home. You know I'm doing whatever, but you know it was really just like I pulled. This is the time where, if you so, let's say you do got a bad attitude about it's like well. This is the time where I showed her. I could do something to and that's really what it comes down to you and you know it's true, and you know what I'm saying like you know, that's his that's his what it is where you can be a guy online, they allow or wherever I was talking about man. He destroyed my life as we await the group in middle of of the wild West, video shoot, till we get away from this now, so you wouldn't know under the video you C4 Messina began and- and you have to understand it- maybe we know what he says elementary school,
We wanted to create added a video Cisco say if you gonna leave you gotta leave now does after what he came in the trailer played as a whole song in and sang, and each year was alive and then we had to go. My group, do a video with MTV, so they set their light. Where the guy, and why was does why? Who led the video live? I had bought all we down. It was just. It was really crazy. Why did we want to live in a moment I mean? No, may we have You know I was in no way we're neither had an open aside from what he just came from the street Goswell background like his mother, and I d like to church conventions, You know you out there with honey hundred and everything and we had a we had as in a way that was the first time that I knew that it was real night does do is ready to go and we were overseas.
So we got lagging fight, an arm guys that were in the fight with the people who would or security one gas run. His charity booth lack the gate and get done out. A starship net, Aversa daylight shoot back window out no more lady? We have what is go open up. The gate we gotta do come to the hotel he chastened our ban around you know lobby the hotel with guy security. Do Hindus and faced with walkie talkie is not as the. And it was guy right and I was I going by goaded ever only you know we let it was. I write. A moment later next day it was like. Oh now here I could have gone through the window, you're willing. I resumed countries imperfect putting window right through the window. He pulled the trigger, like it was like in slow motion at the Hague up the window explode.
Furthermore, we haven't we oughta give. You cannot Isaac eyes, so here go too funny taught that dividing front zayigo from where I was funny about Randal point by bully this window blew out the window or net. Sadly We never wanted, would a bullet and no by reason why our started was because our do wanted a picture for his girlfriend. With the group, nor was it has no, it won't like. I know no, no, I'm was everybody had like their families and, like my friends, Davy Ass, you know what I was going on at the time. So our boy was like look. Give a minute. Just came out staged a change in you know. So, like five minutes go past, like man, ninety displaced reaffirmed that caused in ten minutes go past Maggie Minimum. And that in this day was I wanted to do as they like. You don't think about none. He, like already just re, go off next thing. You know Kevin fighting
Do you know they like about it? He had a big. I get our marriage not manage bustle, don't fight, they want that. As you know, a security guard which you know We have it was I it was crazy, but we appreciate your guy. Staff and threw them our land being undertaken at Christmas out a definite yes. Yes, I gotta check that I'll beautiful for their holidays use pretty nice, I mean we fight. Maybe you know where we are
In our view, it is right that we start to go to their use in exile outside south, haven't mass another JAG stare out the lonely, love, that's what I mean I was in on. You know it was well you may as well, who sold about a man like you were. Does you didn't contribute to somebody? Does what it does what it comes down to it? We can, we can go through every biogas. They would they was in this ain't no shot and no bidest is how we do like we used to battle sing Oh, like you better rapidly losing his light. Such people are we to do
thing one stays with the music and the lights, and you know what I was, but what it comes down to is what happened when the mics ain't working and you guys still keep going like like we show love everywhere. We go was will feel that you going nowhere. I'm feel that, because we ain't high fiving and walking around after your whatever is like when you be in the room, and I was going to begin begin, an end of it, so we shall love to people who shall love as a view has no loud and will see no reason. Why rang like we fourteen years, although we were ass? Well, I guess it's your knees. We would then there were great because it they know man as well. I want people like people, as was also like so gorgeous still
I mean what are you gonna do with fourteen years old? You know somebody will give them some people line. I think of you can over that's why I would say like we got, they taught us, they say we're gonna teach you how to be here for ever and that's what they did as well administered pushups and sit out of my way sing the songs and running around with letters eating rehearsing for eight hours, because this is what we were supposed to do. So we just going to keep doing it as long as we got the opportunity to have hit We have never lay evidence reference programme on a breakfast. I less damage oh my god, I'm on vacation until two thousand and eighteen, I don't give a damn, which I think about that, because I deserve it now: the breadth of clubs in eighty plus markets and arguments country, so we have a lot of new listeners and probably don't even know who Charlemagne the God is so use my time off to catch up on some of my pass work. Okay! Okay, if you knew here, I do a secretary,
goddamn gated day donkey as in jackass, and that's when I give someone credit they deserve being stupid. So if you never heard of it, this is new to you, but if you are regular, listen at innocent only but goody, because it's the best of the donkey today dog you today go to the young Kodak Black, let the wreckage show. I enjoy code, black music people, if a young Kodak Agatha a mumble rabble, I don't agree, I think he actually be snapping, but that's just my opinion. What do reason Kodak Black is given? you two days because Kodak Black TOAD Socio media kind of woman he prefers live here. Keep on the chief. Where they lay lie flat. Girls can now, whenever that I know it would involve a well, but I didn't say what he meant. It was trying to say you know like dogskin girls when, instead he said black girl, you when you say dusk and girls, you talking complexion at the preference when we talk in black girls in talking to Horace, as also approach,
but if one entity you don't want, no drama within in era is black women. You don't want to problems, you don't know what truth land on social media until you pass off a group of black women and then they swarmed like the route angular bees on your blog. I now in code at black, not attack Eden apologize. Maggie double down on the comments which I don't mind right away, because of you said you studied. Okay, if needs clarification, call if you feel like you need to explain in more cool but of desert. You said, only in exactly will code, I black day when he went back on social media to address all the backlash was receiving. Let's hear it wound me, com in blue card money, you lie rare, but some black african American, but our light. Blank pages I like yellow home, so does my premise: mother, you bring news.
Why can't I black thou, like long equipment? you do know, how do you get they'll be working on the law and I am not further foremost a black woman. I know in talk to one daily basis. Don't you name of quota black, his check infinite when that black women will be ok without code, I black desiring their love, but just because black women don't want you, they mean they won't get on social media and slander? Hell out, are you ok, you know what the only way to escape this land. Black women, the mute, the words ashy problematic in trash that don't work than only allows you to delete all your social media accounts but I'll be lame right, whereas exactly what Kodak Black did yesterday That's why you didn't argue today because, like I've been saying all morning in reference to various topics, fanned on your word, I'm still sick people,
I'm having the same energy at all times, how you got no one where the single payment you, but as save energy, are you go resounded like this right, political? Believe me? I am a con man like me, baby, my yellow asthma, lowermost hedges code, blue Collar Black Donald I'm just doing some whole other right now? I ain't got nothing to do with y'all. Then he tweeted, I can take criticism and we don't give a f about the whole black red chinese thing and we're just in the situation.
Tag at Gianna. What that mean? So I'm deactivating look. I don't have a problem with a person apologizing to tell Finch as long as it's here which, most of the time they aren't, they just trying to stop the back as I have a problem with a person double down on their rhetoric either, because I love you have the same energy. You can be honest in wrong or would I notaries big is when people write code, accurate? Ok, you don't social media and take this l from black women are eight. I didn't believe me account when a big black women are red, Montana didn't deleted the cavity pitch black women are a you can't delete your leave. I write please give young quota, the biggest see her His great he's, ok, update, update damage, to give out donkeys and then after due updates, but that of data is code, black reactivated social media accounts out endemic the dog null and void, though, because he did leaders are still stand and could I black still sound? loan equipment when he talks. I keep trying to tell ya, don't tell jokes, I told the truth, I'm not joking. When I say quota like a weed wagon? Have you
I've been in the neighborhood and her delight women goes away. You know to sound, sounds like that Now this is actually, Neglect Dama, namely fealty, sound again, we'd wacko, black everybody's deeds.
Every easily Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast Club Reserve ask e hello this letter, what I know not only on Roma from abroad and acknowledges the need for Massachusetts now was, of course I love you up. My beautiful got it so listen why I remember like White Beard and he's why a black allow we gotta watch live without water, Netflix Documentary dear, I god we're why people s law about dollar and regain one of you thought you'd like counterweight blueprint. Do you can't Fabian were added trot a poem I feel like you can not played Edward you like about if you re going to get a lot of time. This is good and am I am like ok, but let me bring you to give a real quick come to their obligation because we got them were communication. I give it away so he's gonna. Wait till you embed, he could say it around,
not we'll play that look, why does he want to say to wear so badly? You wanta be able to pay an uncommonly like and merely gonna like now you can't because they thought you did a hum quietly yourself. Now he's a bottom in when you put it in you, go in there. I ran down down down, I will conclude that men are taken at just like video.
Exactly I write laminate sailors does is what do you say that in front of the people? Besides, you he's got his rival. Conversation like by Kyoto idea would like Edward Gonna make you can now put all your. Doesn't it no longer grand because you have been conquered and don't you that war, because you do understand and that's very offensive any- should understand that if he loves you and cares about to mean something offend you and is something as small as not saying a word that is offensive throughout history and gives you an awful feeling he should respect that was so difficult. Having grown over the floor without you
key people like adequate anther offer him and my teacher lowly like about the culture and was moving us one day. That way you gotta keep a culture is a baby's back then, and not using the way. We have one hundred percent, but you two thousand understand it, but you do it because you asked me what you want. You have begun now this wrong wireless n down. You don't even got to understand its offensive to you. It's offensive to a lot of people and you are saving him ass women. Why? Lord? I realize get a lazy low enough to bed
It now is going to say you should have a messenger humanities and we can understand the power we want, but they'll gazed on my thoughts, you, everyone of us, like we regard me locked up, but we ve got an extended. He understands the historical context everybody feels like in a modern society. You like how we won't be equality of people out there in the EP worth waiting time of actual. Then you have to use the word laugh over them. He said proposed people to it, which I respect by the time. The third word that carry any permitted contact for regular contact, but yeah guess somebody that wasn't gay used the f where it does offensive. Why and if the thing got out when you go around only way, like I M a gem day, don't play
now that's why I love you. Some real levied at everyone I tabled and approved. Like a boy. Thank you for cleaner, yes, haven't you should definitely go, buy him a bootleg privilege opportunity comes it alone. I read your book like you got your daughter. If there's a culture that shit why equal regained high, whatever tat they need to, have you up? There were Kelly after the morning after the club for young people to see this be funded. Slew dried out before you go to call him good luck with your problem. Rome offensive make sure he doesn't their Edward out thirty November on the everyday all day, every day on a very well that was ascii. I mean we have everybody the job. You know we do our best, all right. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one, if you got a question for you, you could call her right now. The numbers eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one is the breakfast pokemon
morning. Everybody is the J envy Angelou Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club in the middle of Ask IE eight hundred five five one o five one allows this anyhow, I aids, if any wish, of course, if he knew by all manner of that, don't you baby, I appreciate came up, wasn't is ever married from I have been for a year now we have to look at the gathers, but I am in love with my actual. I'm actually feel thing and actually, through my kids, are my active in those that love is bad marcher. If you're in love with your Ex wife used to America, has been far off the lights. On There is a ban would then become I've put into alive. You know that you put him to allow right now if he ever finds this out when he does finds out here, and I am so you feel like you- obligated to stay with him and heard him even more and put him do more. Let that may I go let him live his life and potentially fine
Can somebody who was to be within a be faithful to him? Why are you keep him ass his while you do yet they had it. All of that. I that I am an ok, diy kind, a nose does he know what authority, not that I am talking about the person, but Nepal thing he doesn't know about the came about through the other. The in your family. That's gonna affect your children also, they need to know who they are real Father is he needs in areas another man's kids. Do as in the effect that is gonna have, on your whole, entire family, the other children. Everyone now listen is a thousand situation. I think the best thing that you can do, as you have to get out of your relations, have let your husband is not fair. Him for you to be doing things that you are doing to him. You are destroying him again, but rather they together tete a tete get older. Do you, there he would, rather than when he finds out those took his eyes. Baboon
that being the Abbe itself is I'd love to and tell him how tell selfish you're laughing the matter will be with him and not be hiding beings in that be secretive and that run around behind his back, as somebody was nigh love with someone else. Tell him you, while you wanna, be soldiers safe. While you were home a delay, then, if you do anything for him, because you feel bad about, would tell you do him long in the past? If you do anything for him, let him go or I absolutely worry. I would you tell the truth about topical. Let me remind you for the sake of it, kids to their case. Even over the father is you need to know. The history of the family in every case is anything potential. There could go wrong. I don't even know all of those things. Is your ex going to step up in here very aware that the choice and he wants to be a major part of daylight, okay, so miserable so- messy ongoing you can do is due to a man, a favor and let him
the Lamb Fire real love with somebody who loves him back and somebody that Morocco, Allied whom and make things so complicated, acting like somebody else give some frustrated. Ok, listen if you are reliable. One thing, which is why they did not by two kids, goodbye. Does on the last Sunday in writing as a matter of how they ll be affected by this later on now, do it for you, kids, Ewing or do I have I am her. I know you is how beg him it now because you need to know about buying your kids, Christmas friends. Now the goddamn Does the whale get all that are a bank in good luck? when you going through some crazy things in this world, all right, ascii, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one? If you got a question for you, you can call her right now. The number is eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one now is the breakfast locomotive,
warning everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club Reserve, ask ye hello this visit from Detroit. What I would have added a day was gay wish, of course, a freezing I'll pay. Well, I'm from Detroit my baby, daddy. He read that rural areas where I believe that's where I live. I don't play my life now, because I was brought up in a much better wherever a loading or what I thought I would not want more money weighs about ass hard ass low down, so you guys when a landing city, yeah
make money together. Where were you guys doing out there now case a year and ask that I would like to hear what I said Isabel had it? Basically don't worry about it every day it like that, look like the money throughout the EU must take up then? Why did it in our work so way how them down? You wrap Japan around my baby there, maybe that's what you're doing what you doing up to nail bear. I would have liked I'm. A dead man put the brakes on the planet can handle everything. Thank them because they find me always love was thousands rulers.
Animals are you, so you say you wrap your baby, daddy, along with his other baby mom Gerald lightly, because I want to give up their kinda like together. You love
Our motion in I'm gonna fall out. He don't mean anything. I think. Perhaps let us say he's not gonna take care at the child. You guys have together unless you pay him up, isn't there his job to kind of pay to take here, his own child care must be banned and upper? No I'm about to do now is that there is a lot of money. Anyone imagine no more money were world is illegal and on here did you dollar while he's ok, I think you got his sword. These things number when, first and foremost for the sake
a child rate and units to be with him. Are you know you don't know so in a way you are you wanna get back together with other war against the money. A boot money I got money to arrive here is the money, but obviously don't you want to be there for your child and be a good example in Rome, I may say nothing happens you and you don't go to jail assent, the where's happens. After all, we are you alone and came it or not. I gonna play our thinking about that. Love, they end up in jail, and you will get allow resembling then open, veiled by me out of the earth, our biggest, where you The lesson by my own opinion. I think that you should be happy that you manage to get away from this man
was a pimp and doing everything else, because that was just gonna go down the wrong path for you and let that we all want to get money right. You got our united sacrifice and go through periods of time that we not making that much money so that later on in the future in a couple of years, and now you can legitimately maker, but you ve got a welcome, enter into law figure out the net, but he could not get away. Why you even listen is that what he has to say about what you want to do with your life, because they tell me on the direction as as I somebody that advice, You do not go to school and I go to law school in saying it s getting in the way is actually in the way himself as an egg. In order for them to control. You must make sure that you never makes out they more out of your life. Your why you're gonna go back out there. Each word yeah you, everybody telling me does well back out there all right. Well, I'm telling you go back out there, trying to persuade me about my. We not get the nightmare up till I get a lot of books where you
You know, Mr Mather, J too. How are you telling, under the name thing broadly other, take no wire writing in the third world, that's. Ok, you're! Ok, what that means I'mma? Tell you something right now. We always say what at least he'll. I will least he kept it real. Let me seize up front about it. These other dudes out here be lions. No, it's not ITALY, if not ok, for the money to do stuff like that, you just cause they being honest about it. You're one army are among the film I, like you, I rather somebody now do that you gotta expect better, for you. Seven have better expectations for yourself. How about be with that as do those things, does not bringing are the women's houses is not cheating on you that helps you take care of your family that supports you and wants you to go to school and do better for your life. Why can't you find somebody like that?
Where's the like you, ve got your days. You all you'll give them money and the angel. I refer you and me, Forget about them. Do is improved by you. What about you do something for yourself I mean I can do a lot more about them. Will he be alone, is an take here yet child and handle that instead of thinking about getting this bad money, think about securing bag for later on and I haven't foundation, haven't you education together, so you can do and be anything you want to be a life weren't, thereby goodbye array. You too, you don't call him right now, Caskey or even a what went on in a cool, but if you'd deciphered it and figured it out, I'm happy areas is madness.
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