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Ed Sheeran Interview to Nicki Finally Responding


Friday 3/10- Today on the show we had a very special guest who has become more like family, stop by, Ed Sheeran! And of course to make conversation more interesting liquor was definitely involved. Also, Nicki Minaj finally responded to Remy Ma, so we had to open up the phone lines to see how many people liked it, and lets just say their were some mixed reviews on it.

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Even so. It also spoke this morning in order of the day and everybody is anything to go by the Roma rubbing the wrong way different ravaged by, you use your Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Good Morning angel Ye Hague and when it is an easy problem into fraud, is right in our Jacksonville flawed of others.
You two full. It's amazing, allow your holidays are certainly gotta. Go to me. So Magellan got a long ago now. Boy, yes, passage out you're wearing through Florida me and I would for show last they never at the station up here. What's going on out, there is no yet started a little bit this one most bright sites that have a crazy. So if anybody is going anywhere is beginning, you have tat may be perhaps fly through some bad weather. You should check before you. So have you arrive the travelers begin first weekend about three we have had to travel. What have we done round is wanted, oh at won't be here this morning, wrong answer at shared a big deal. I guess you're exits ago, selfie were adhered. I radio or words and envy try to get in it, but he ended up. Do we spent his cheek on edge sharing your greatly the number one record in a bunch of countries right now? Let's talk about last night was crazy. Malevolent
making a nice finally put out the our data trash as you, people are three records I went say try. I want a little far alike chain. What is it I won't say trash. We very well know not a disbarred. What was it like? Sixteen bars, I'm a man in a moment it wasn't, she threw it wasn't a dismal I was like. Oh my gosh. This is one of the best records I heard, but I did think she had some balls and then she's been a couple of hours I want. From there did you like the recognise Draken Wayne are on? No other number. One is on a mug apparent was ok on like that to smash the outlook is weak. Amalgam, parent erected to anything not comprehend, are bogged. Anything I'm happy there. She did reply by car reply was trash. Room like this is my thing. Imagine me getting on a radio unclouded somebody for getting points on video and run the best you can come of what is before and have the picture that somebody surgery, you know many before have depicted in the human eye online. It is here, but we noticed
We know there was much ass, he could go out. So the fact that she was trying to be clever now is a good is that France using trash tracks is a bad word as an Sukhi there's, a lot of art is already that attract is not shrank well and elegant way out in adding figure was trash. I think it was different from see their costs it was Remy, go unheard hard for it all seven men? It is low lamp ronicky. She took her sides, her jabs, and then she posted you know where she is about why she did it, which will get into line on average Nigger reply with a culture where that was weak, brow balanced. It was trust. Me run just a meal ticklish. Is there any reason, enrichment and when you say other odd is out there address Nicky's, actually, wrapping much he's actually spitting bother, can compare it to the mumble. Represent a world like she's, actually out the important by guess potent pinned to paper and spitting actual bars, and then you will you put out videos showing the words of. Lyric demi? You really spitten. Some fire now wasn't via Natalie
I don't agree. I don't think he was the best disruption best replied somebody could ever gave, but I do who is trashy, but everybody has different opinions. I saw a lot of different things online, but we're going to get all into that this morning, we'll see what you think of course will express ourselves will play. The song will play the bears, so we can. You can hear it in case. You haven't heard it yet Angelo rights will be joining us this morning. Dropping underpins our political cometary, your political, a big for them off who loved him now, let's get the show crack of envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club skins in front page news. That solemnly they know what your backup quarterback me do. You know not don't know because I advocate there's nothing. They waved them. Yesterday I don't know we're gonna wave whenever he said they gonna trade Amato, maybe no earlier on my account, you needed somebody. Did Germany just now on the way they gonna give form. Tony Roma have really play any. You know constructive minutes in the past couple of years Michael Mazzoni, Roma. You did a lot worse to me. I thought it was a decent quarterback, but the deck
it's gotta have now been ok. I e this talk about some new photos. This is terrible, so it has been revealed that members of the Facebook Group Marines, united with sharing nude photos of women, and they saying that is not just that Facebook but there's a whole lot of other groups that sharing nude pictures of female servicemen. On various websites. So the military is looking into the posting of these nude photos or renew our service members like just most anymore lecture and what each other look share. Videos and photos with each other, and these Facebook group was the wrong, and so these patient loudly, these pictures had taken a women without their consent without their knowledge, without their permission, while the investigation, starting with the Marines, but he spread nets, are all different branches of the military you gotta. We would then become significantly more road that you brought a load of fighting for our country was wrong rather than a resolute bridge. Would you said he taken and what are they can send out? A different alone is passively, thousands of, with photos are of women who have no idea, and some of them are an active.
Duty right now their dating these guys and without their knowledge, these men are taking pictures of them baffled and you know engaging in sexual. This thirty thousand followers of one of these secret facebook groups will work. But I must again when you gotta have a facebook. Well, why is it these pictures have, whereas it around the face they may lead to the day. Why why? Why would you do if you doin somethin, you know you got no business, don't allowed even on a public for evil above all, do it at all? Don't do it at all about that means a lot in the wants. We also is there's not just depth black and white snow wants to this situation. What lesson about Amazon in his book. The number one Amazon bestseller right now is a two hundred and sixty six page book, but it's a blank pages now that book is by Michael J knows, and it's called the reasons to vote for damages That's a number one book right now on Amazon,
either trolling? The Democrats now Michael J Gnaws posted on Twitter, what's really great about this bugging, go covered a cover and about fifteen to twenty seconds and on facts and friends. They we our best to leave the pages. Blank Michael J, noses new book reasons, both the Democrats is completely blank. You know, I feel greatly the number one book on Amazon and the General Broadcasting Department is black privilege. Opportunity comes to those who created where you got my book, you guys they have another book Amazon has four point. Four out of five stars in that book is called the wide trump deserves trust, respect and admiration, and that is yet another book of blank pages on corridor worthwhile, gotta be a real aided by a book full a blank page where people live. But this number one on Amazon across his putney elaborated in just like forgive system and you're fired you make a journal. Did your couple? Gotta be fine and you are I will
I have a book with blank pages with all right. Well, that's front page news. Tell me why you're mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset, call us right now, maybe had a bad night bad morning, whatever it maybe tell him why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one also. We need you to tell him how you blessed. If you feel blessed it's your birthday, you want some positivity in your life. Call us up right now will get those calls on so don't go anywhere. Breakfast locomotive breakfast Underbody Siberia, mad ass day last the angry ass pale ass. They passed off. Why you, man was bloodless, go alone, This is our strong,
hey pheromone arrow. I will you blow my mama, I'm Goin Guy, I'm mad, because I have called a man called, let me and I'm always China. Here I give our people and our very supportive how they supposed to, and if I lived in line It's for everybody is unity and we must support a you know how to the letter of amendment no of the moment. While the line is, let me live as soon as you pull out a short while ago. Milo me, let me live. Let me get that meaningful, outperforming abandoning car backing you. Why do you have a really any down? Ok, unama, young business, black one man. You now represents a black excellent ban. I'm trying to put people line, We can draw blessings doves station baby. Oh, I went among them We are aware the J I got Where do you live? I live a long island, new you're. Ok,
as I was inspire by the retired but in my home use by or has higher, I believe, their fire or higher. My friend your more by uniting us when we work for you guys definite I beg you Mamma thing, I follow overwhelming knowledge, hello, there's ale and we would have made it easier to reach workload Thirdly, ceremonies heartily gal, yellow, sat silent. May let down the Taiwan when I woke up this morning, making my knowledge what a why this honor me out of here. I heard it by our attention here. I think, like she came talking about money, money money to say about me: isn't about bought a new place this year? Raggedy the giver I e for every, because he data reply, but now,
Now. What I? Why isn't that? What you feel about that white trash changes brought adze honesty is nowhere near sheath is nowhere near a disregard. Do I think we should try to do was cool? Yes, yes in bars, and it wasn't. This does not trash trashing. You can't area, but I reckon I guess, I'm not operated, not another, given at the it's as an I'm like this is weak. If I can, if I found s gonna be on a radio right is like Frank Ocean call, it causes a mighty gay likely you kid, you can Mickey we're. Not just never talk about somebody haven't surgery and haven't before and after pigs like no non violent, LA agree with that, but I think it is that trash and I think what she's trying to do making it a record. So you have to Europe for the next three months I think, are smart boy. Maybe this is that there is a tab and she has something else. Machine
Maybe I don't know like how Drake did Geneva afford and bought away whenever you disable your comments on Instagram about anything. If you post, that is a sign that you're not sure about what it is? You posted you wanna eighty opinion at a public. Could you not shore Dingle Roast, you and I were also fear, like essentially did do a whole posts and she said Remy has seventy two hours to respond, so maybe she has a response ready for that response, I don't know my mission was just by adding any she's a remedy. The proud a hit record of challenging the guy could be sent me to other, but I reckon fell right well, it has any toolbars, but I'm ok, that's alimony, blessed, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you feel bless your birthday, you Britain submarine your life call us now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast.
Are you bless, deny rephrase veil the congregation at eight hundred five five, when o five, why pray it's the breakfast club allows is but throughout the world what are you unless you in love with Virginia love, tutors biscuits that the best practice in the warm. You gonna tell me what God, by your while, I'm glad Deborah other working at the radio taking that actually work in border regions. Right now, at ninety eight point: seven, ok. Let's get over, there are working at the radio station to on board up. Do you guys and doing my own radio show common one after you guys I've been doing a little over a year as a partner. Yesterday. I got thought in they're. Gonna put your poor guy like you, I'm gonna ask incredibly high. Where would you would you maybe Gabriel my neighbour thoughts, but I'd go about be they act right
Dj at right, I'd ask you: do you? I regret. I need you to get their money Ogilvy franchise to chicken and businessmen left electronic data ready. I brought a communication on each and every day at six p m, and we appreciate your rough yesterday. You got right allows is provided do they have the answer? Mine Maria and I'm calling say why I'm glad I really enjoyed you guys at the end of week. You got a great name, you can actually. The focus on or an episode ever younger, wrapper yeah, that's advise you give everybody the cause of the rat. No without a rapid and zones you wanna go now great, but let us not be guided by it and I'm glad this morning, as we have to do, is cool.
I've got a hundred on my MAC. You guys and bring great is very, very, very, very sound farming that about I love you follow me. I love you to go away. I used to want to be around, and somebody told me I was waiting when then they told me, I was when I thought of folks and all radio to the true story made Doktor Robert Evans, sleuth dog derivatives commodity. I let you down any that half of that when in love, when all if we work together, we love you back. Our right. Will you tell me what have they dream? Something amazing. I need some money, while others will be rapid over any work out and that there will be MBA start anywhere. Gout bleed christened. I told you, I wasn't alone five night, I'm actually six foot here right, I am Roma platform. When our way, though some sixty three are right, we got room was unaware you well, let's get in.
Right away. Will talk about this Nicky Menage, no fraud, songs! You put out three sons, though, and will get in to what is going on on social Media is worth making has posted as a challenge to Remy MA. Why you may not be hearing she fur on the radio anymore forever good. It's all that when we come back, you believed the breathless locomotive The breakfast we are the breakfast club broadcasting from Jacksonville Florida. We here last night we had our station, I hear it must bring some food and little bit of a talking about that. I don't mess with me like that, because, and we will have you out all night if you happen to have to ride in the same car with him, you can't just go to the club and then go back to your room and go to see if you got to make a quick stop at the Strip club after we don't go out these mark. Is there more so when we come into and I'd like to see, people had to take pictures like a shaky ass. He was abducted people. Maybe out all night. Well, yes, I am a nerd I'd like to go. Get a little sleep before I gotta get up early.
Where we had a good time as high as everybody out here very hospitable. Now, let's get aromas assortment mash. This is the route towards annually on the breakfast club. Where looks like making a nice has numerous one, three and four songs on the child's right now that nominal, and that is that his boy no frauds changed it regret in your tears. She put out three songs last night We are going to see what you think about it now, one song in particular, she's taken last shots Remy MA no forth on her first, but she also has little Wayne and Drake on that song. Now in case, you have not heard it yeah we're gonna play parts of it right now. Here's one part
package pop another one. She was rapped her to boot. Guess you needed a pet. What type of bamboo shoot a friend over wrap? What type of mother believed her one son over I raised so in that part of the virtues saying that Papoose was her, goes writer on she thir, ok and then she's also referencing Remy my having to go to jail after shooting her friend from sailing for her dilemma of out and out of those two balls. These are not the problem of elvers right. There was no dynamic ass the morning Airways will break down for you in case you didn't get it all. I re take it up
no respect back to back, or you mean back to Wack back to back me and Trixie laughed at that. They say numbers don't matter when they discussing the king has six rings right. I was obviously reference drakes back to back when he did those two songs back to back and Red Remy MA put out to songs back to back. She did she there and another one, so she sign is say they're putting out his. Back to back was well. Let me for another bottle quickly Only only one line, a leg, misery, she's, a bog down basic if you Dana chick from abroad, Jaffa, good law, How do you know bogged down basic check? It is that is not tries. Inoperable That is a disease that comparable Nike AIR Max about that, and we all know that I'm does what not tram, not comprehend the nothing I'm listening
its weak, I'm glad you should have cultural. Those rash, I may listen. If you want is heavily. Are your reaction when you first heard she there to your your reaction when you first heard this not even close, not shut down the well done flood Jane clears both the alpine, nay commit a cup of NAFTA lacks. Look like left wing people still like now, so obviously Remy success in making an ass for her plastic surgery. Her response is well, you was so happy. I think surgery, and you still look like Now- is what she sang in that of the verse. She also says that she's never signed at three sixty and she says a J has never cleared his verse for her up. What I've been doing. You live in a glass plastic surgeons offers you shouldn't throw stones models here as an insult you don't making an accusation like that towards Remy is like Frank Ocean clan.
Somebody for being gay Ami clown, somebody for getting points, Don Cameron running you nominee before and after surgery, pigs, Nicky, man. I've got a line. I have not yet had ever addressed her surgery and say yes, I did you play the thirty two different story would be ineffective, she's, never addressed it and ass. She thought on shots. I really feel that does that's that's weak see, as I had a like. What you do is you break. Down every Lyric Nicky, but we do have a Remy Yasser Arafat and when we said Remy Sheep, there was a don't reckon from Fort Tibet. We does. There was this tool was his natural actually says she said to me: is the best dicks disregard of tat every without doubt it no doubt a reasonably area? I still feel it. I never said anything that Mickey said was true. What I said was you: shouldn't throws stones if you like,
if you live in a glass plastic surgery or how balls and that trash tresses, now puppy boss, not worse thing, I've ever heard it's cool. It's array will. Let me finish by reading what Nicky Menage posted on her instagram. She went on Instagram and she sat a young money to the death of me committing perjury. I got before and after a picture of you surgery, stab surgery shaming before our post them fraud disregard. Camp Eli's, great diss record effects, but here young money we don't do just records, we got hit records and this you on them. I got a bunch more on cock pause. The great took three months to respond to this records, queens, don't move on peasant time, Queen shut down there is then drop hits on Queen time. I love my fans. You are the real, BP's. Been writing my own wrapped, since I was eleven God knows next week, arbiter be for the most hat one hundred hits a boy by any woman in the world ever in the history of music. Stay in your biomass place jealousy
It's you nowhere, love to on that bad bees. Now that account down of my own voice, Janina, you guys seventy two hours to drop a hit. And I'll give you half a million dollars, if you can but any shower, and if you with that mentioning the queen name on another my album is nothing but ways. Ella my baby, you're gonna, get your complete life, love you guys so effing much let's go was you said I was like this. She said I was work before it or not respond. She says that further James. I guess he the maiden as yet planning and the greatest thing is put a password. Vienna have room is being hidden booked without saying Nicky. Name Agnes holes they may give them has been what the path to weeks. Maybe we had. I was like ourselves: apparel. Shall you know. I would like us to say what our comments by area com, its negotiation of money staff, and all that I was let you can't be scared of people's opinion. Don't you say we have come and take the good with Tibet and personally, I think, no fraud. We didn't want me at all. She gets an e for effort. I'm glad you responded with a culture, but now- and this is- why isn't real? never dropped another one. Could it allow you to be distracted like neglect references,
another one, but you go ag like sheep. It didn't happen. I it now. She she was was probably the best disrespectful dessert. I love you are aware. We have a lot more to talk about this morning when it comes to this, because she there has had its own issues right now and you may not here that at all any more on the internet on the radio and will tell you why would you gotta take money? I hear you say it I'll. Give you further down the road, a tough our record, all away all day of double platinum money my money and reconciled and install shut up. I'm gonna talk about around what would happen with what a coach now adherence coming up next M M shared will be joining us when we come back. He has the number one record in the country are commendable once the number one reckon in a country and will tell them or become let him are actually going to read you some one, and now you want some white people. They played a record to. If you haven't heard, I so keep elaborating. Everybody is the envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club. We got a friend for the wrong
our bloke from the UK I'll look here, and it is more than a bad word right now: Plastic Edwards! thanks again what we got a shot not into you told him my leg. I think it has a very great Charlemagne youth. A lick already was walk on Yahoo answers. I wonder why have you got your age envied wastewater, not only one, no, no, no! That's! It has actually fifty drink ethanol, backup network as vodka now receive a share in it. Our radio words and we took a pitcher wouldn't, but, as we actually crap Murphy's out under allows, the man wanted to make is, in my view, password date, but you killed I've already awarded. Congratulations on your ward. Thank you I was, I shall feel. Can I wore Apes American award shows that the usually always sit you like in a line and is quite all could, because, if you want to say hi to Anna, is you have to like they're up will confront of lies and other artists mail? I am
but on four on their already was they put you on a table with other? I say you can kind of chat to be. We don't really usually made it. I wish I was already called out, we listened to me. I mean yes, I know it's. You lie down in music, I know it's like MR then we will listen to you on this morning and you album felt a lot like soak, a music somebody songs on here. So so commies oakum music. They did you get any information from from the islands of equipment and I think my music forever has been inspired by art and culture. I think I did spend some time in ink in Ghana I was gonna for about three weeks and collaborate with an honest. I would echo fuse ideology and he is a very, very towns it after the asses. None of the heads of houses, just full of amazing after the arts as well, so we we create music. Others were just get this out a good. It's gonna like that. I thought I d: why are we regulate all singing Ojo, just above you alone, merrily
You guys just check Charlemagne maker. He drank as well all right he's crazy, God level have realised what was I going with IE eight minutes Bush malaria? What did the giver Lisbon yeah yeah Can we be good and I would hope for Irish northern irish whiskey. You know what they are like a bug. You met your records right, legged, you're, unapologetically UK, like the song. I was. Galloway girl to have enough. There are less irish thy of courage, Ogle ways a town in them is actually another stated Steve else on Google Wiggle, actually guys or other right in the sun. I was like our Congo. Let go away, go gazebo. Things is ongoing us. Our kind of, like I think I stepped on his days, are over the level of oppressed. You like the wicked about Tom Square? It have you and your big in the? U s
you know you know what they are. They told me not to put on go away, go like, as they said, folk music. Wasn't coal button something's, only not colenso you make it go, nothing, no other name it I'm the guy. I wanted to create an outcome that every single son was completely different. So when you skip to the next jacket is just like a key shift, so it was twelve tracks, though very divided. Basically, now on on the song eraser, you talk a lot about feeding, tempting you, oh dear, what little impatiently I think it's just an like. If you ask any musician meat meal, can she s film industry and probably our industry? Just like those was, I mean much right business. I think just there's temptations there. They drink Weatherby drugs when it because there is no doubt that they always there and you have to kind of literally the famous on every day. They can tell me how to take em astride, and you just leave these easy
the time and now be times when you cut it, looks quite attractive? Are you might wonder? I voted for a bit and then you just have to remind ourselves. That is not all I think they d me like a woman, not just any any of the above I drink drugs. Women. Do you really believe famous hell? No, it was. You know. I can't have had that that line in there and that then are quickly wrote. Nobody wants to see down at the dumps. Cause you live in. A change should be founded. I kind of aid with the line where you know in my in my home country. Andy, I in some places in America is quite hard to go outside and just go and get like a note from the shop. Was
That was gonna me I'll. Only when you a big star like a share in the area of artists who can walk on give milk again, nobody will measure fame, bother, you know because it you know, I hate. It allows me to really do a job, the olive, but there are certain instances where you know: nothing is perfect in life and you can't have like the perfect career or the perfect relationship will not perfect friendship. There's always things that around with it and with famous certain things that I would take out. But then, if the man I wouldn't have success, I had site you just have to find a balance. Must it most come with me right about finding the boats, like I kind of like, had a whirlwind success for five years and then didn't really know how I was catholic, get it through my life found, which friends I could trust him where I should live in like if, if my family were light, all right and should I be going on sawyers deliberate release in song? Is I'm taking a year out of that and just balancing allow, and now I'm gonna
what makes you so grounded like you know, we made a lot of honest and elaborate pop stars in inhuman stars, but you're, probably one of the artist that you the same every time we see in me whether is mute. You come over, say hello or you just little joke and laugh what makes you so grounded. You know I come from a very, very, very small town in the middle of nowhere in Suffolk in England, and oh Jesus was the b you like low Lucy S. Okay, this is his liquor. I've never tried it. I've figured procedures right failure here, and were never tried it. We were dry, I am. I am, and I come from a very smooth, sound of a friendship group or twelve minutes. That's like Ma Am Mcgovern's one of that french sugar. Do you Europe with them. We will remain substances will attend and I think that you can kind of go back to that town and as a veiled, it's taken off. You know no one says how's your career going. Have you met this person? Was his person like they just go? Might do you wanna point seven seismic,
This I'll be heard. Then you slept with things like it's. Just like you know, is a very valuable out of it. Yes, You know like one of our rights set with another one of a nice little sisters, thereby- and that was why, as things you got Backside It is exactly like it wasn't my it wasn't like all you ve been at the I ha wars, and I saw you at table with sound zones I'll just go straight back there. How we were at school grounds alone represents right exactly precisely. I we get more weight here when we come back, keep a lot. Don't move. Is the bridge one morning. The breakfast morning everybody is easy. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have a special gas in the building pop star adherent. Note I wanted to know Callin talked about in his first. You want him. I M going from club the club.
Club, the club, the club and then go to the studio. Tell us about that experiments on animals that we have in the club. My report has been at the club I now together. Man bar slogan. Can I want to know what the thing is with with new every turn them into your come up during breakfast. Radio suffer this man going morning. Radio at breakfast give our trade with the way that we can today Miami. I, though they off the next day, so we really really has but we're I'd. I took him to a dive buffers economic. Furthermore, they are come on man now right, right, arms out, ass, little basis, drink one or both these little more than a little boldly voltages. So you account ethnically diverse views. This we're gonna. We're gonna show us that we should have that at that.
Good, ok eligible calibre, you're, my ever going to claw back whisky. You think those are respected as though I took him to die you open with I'd You got a shot event. Ya know either we take only. I always do we're together I'd. I I didn't. I didn't do it I bought and we played simple, ok right and childs He was with any areas rolls Royce. Raise is right there with the spotlight. Eggs area radiation, namely that the Spirit and a phantom goes around them, and then he was like we're going. So one of like he's clubs now so we turned up his hip hop governor. Think Cheesy was there and flow rider and someone else who stay there, maybe another club and then another club then hit and other club and my eyes caught a black cat. His colleagues very reserved carat college. Very, like he's, you never see him get messy.
My life, is it always seen what about the champagne in his hand, these nor lawyer. Can it right? Well, is not sure cigarette is not like proper drinking it. I don't really know what what his alcohol intake is both right and then we get to the studio and I've kind of life. I have Irish blooded me so I'm just like trig Dreg Genital Freeburg as well, and we get so the M studio. I think like that, just to allow a Paypal about I'm kind of like smoking. Roll up cigarette said, rose smoke, roused moat rose, my unheeded Arlette smoking blunt and use mobile, no nine, a nice. As I read snipe tobacco people role of tobacco in England did ok in England it that does what you are doing. And there kind of any vessel affair and he doesn't yet
smoke, it doesn't cigarettes. I kind of like hot locked his whole room with back I'll play him like fifty songs of of the new album and then leave it like five o clock in the morning and yet didn't didn't. I kind of like add that fear that I say we welcome what you really will be of any use his Khomeini now. We know how colleges free features. Guy he's drunk and stooping you'll know what I would do. I would really like to remember the aid in a somewhat icon, John Legends and an tinny Hamilton J to kiss scarface and someone else. I'd love to be like one. Five second fade change your own and I'd love together. That you have cause I'm love to get college. Unlike what am I really really slow? Gentle acoustic songs Bingley weight. They need to be ready, good. You you made that you said he did. He got his his mate datum, an overhaul,
good, you say: what do you mean that you varied? He died in her. His is made that overall, we need another. One second he's on his way: and why I give it difficult to still be friends with them, because you such a man, I think it's just. I was worried about my mazes. We have the literary nothing in common other than the place that we came from men. We still have so much to talk about and we go on so well and as the kid I reckon you have you ever see. I know you as a person- and I know you as a person- and you have Industry- makes that you hang out with where you have you you have your friends. Have you who might have nothing to do with the industry? You might be like a steel workers can a borrower compulsory or like do do anything and they will hang out with the bar, and the last thing they want to hear about? Is even Sweden, the radio that, just when I like they anyone or like what they want. Some celebrities year. Have you some celebrities in my life
Before a merry now began with a waiver sea, I may add much to drink everyone. On the last analogy with a new- and you know just you do you, people have you ever, have you ever thought of Lebanese but celebrities, but not now knows liberty that more women than men are something you resort. You keep your wife. Did you know your wife into those over about offers in my dad butchers audiences? I didn't think so. It's about time for that, but really I go home and I was just got here that lives right either you got here boy. Maybe Did you find that you find comforting paying no them that the line is up uncompromising, raises a painter razor is for me when I was writing the song. I knew on a new people. Gonna take this
different ways, but I think a painter rises anything from music to mood to good company to the negative stuff like bad women. Drugs, and nothing, a painter, razors anything that kind of distraction from pain, so that stung with basically often comfort in my pain or Asia, which could be little literally anything, I went to my favorite records. I'm gonna remind me out, like rabbits leg, gnaws re, like one nod, would rat from the perspective of a gun, gouges different. You did a song from the perspective of your grandfather near. I thought that was ill and his entitled after your grandmother Nancy, my air. What made you wanna do that? Can I will into its it's the weight? Historic as it's? Not it's now not like than Ireland and Northern Ireland. Now is: oh, it's all very calm and it's all right, you know, come come down and my grandmother was from sudden own doing
Catholic, a my grandfather was not among them was approached in and when they started dating, it was literally westside story. Two sides can't makes by families or light there is conflict can happen and a protestant from Belfast married of Catholic from Wexford and they snuck off and that in secret. My grandfather who called a teeth from his dentists practice. They was working at melted. It all down into gold ring married. My grandmother and adjust I just thought it was the most amazing story and it just has to have a somewhere in about it. That was right where it came from a lot of either of the good you're, not gonna, become an item. I realise that in really know about a lot about how even my parents met no out along the edge of a really what about it? I just thought it was dog that you even went at present to you. Well, my heart- and I I I you know I am- I am a UK citizen- I am british, my family very, very, very much rooted in islands and my grandmother is irish. We have this sort of way
We will go over there like four or five times a year and visit, and we always hear stories about an end in itself. I'm a grander ranges passed away recently and he'd have stories for days about it as well, and we aim is just a kind of table that we grew up with and I actually wrote the sun with my cousin. And we were we were wherein the Sudan. We were kind of german out these folks summit, which ought to make in the Irish Sea, and he was. I will ask you write about Grandma Miranda because they have this amazing story that nobody knows about. I we got more, we Eddie here. In a matter of fact, he see, I know we use it'll platy cycle. That is why does give record orders the morning the controversial the number one in the country you heard him say that is reactive inspired the wreckage reactor at shares in a building. There would always express what what what do you splurge or not, as the panic on you in your wrist lie? What do you buy? What what makes you happy one or two things just rapidly by I've?
No I've, I stopped being a watch guy very very early on. It was John John Mayer that ruined my life now put you on the watch me. I'm was money if he's been watch that too much very, why did you have covered up his written? about about four things, about those India, but I'd like specific ones. What good look they don't appreciate whereby yeah yeah, I bet you know, and that if you get, if you get the right one, you can really like that that nice things look at age. You know what I bought a bore, the most the most while thing I've done, I think of you ever paid for a kitchen to be made yesterday for kids. What do I mean Kantian, my basement, to be motivated, India, s kitchen? worse than housing site and I just I just paid for a kitchens we re. Nobody may is worse than houses, glory home and less pay for kitchen employment, innovation, whom your enemy,
we now have a base. Basements different when you get like cookers fan extracts is absolutely my wife is killing me right. So it says that that was the m there that I guess you know why I didn't thing when I first when I first learn to drive always like obsessed with James Bond overseen by animal and ass, my mobile and ass mine the first answer and it was like yeah. I'm a drugs free mohunes. Our nose like, like such a Why haven't you following a bridge such a prey and I haven't given its indemnities- it is just that I gave a games were manages. Why forbidden just live, let that I'd say you're belay six months. Does you realize their leg ever you right? we then the August. Our lobby has grown woman model of another Migs goodness great. Now, I'm does that we don't drink like that. You know that guy we but
my guide and look like it. I'm just try and all the stuff we never drink doesn't look, it is more now. Can you take it easy on the shots, splash communities out now, and then yeah, let's let others uncle. Incidents of this is our yomei. Now don't get drunk and you will go away and cry somebody a bigger but the great job interview and I had no related- we actually we're going to phone. As you know, I'm going. I hope you know this is how much let me say how much I love and appreciate you guys. Every time the unlike I want to go into. The bright was coming to an end. We delay will go to do that to keep every other station happy. You need to do. I forcing fifteen's visa, Some are come on the show you I need to do another. Fourteen fifteen. We really appreciate the average Adrian devices. Not night. Venting must be hard because, like you said,
like. You look good on film and understanding when you say nobody wants to hear a star complain. So who do you talk to you? Don't really you don't really? I think I think that's why so many stars of addiction problems, because there's no doesnt, you can't complain to anyone even even sell the stars. You can imagine if, like Justin Bieber Light, went to just in ten Blake and was like I don't I don't need this is going well just into my first thing would be like do just smashing. It's going so
and they would all be like a positive thing, but I think I think that's why so many people end up so of going down the other eye, because, as no there's, no one's already told you, so you just spend laws on with yourself, I think, being honest, open, open and honest and finding people up. If I, if I say to my friends on the stocks, let you can be like our did, this amazing shire by came off stage after isn't, it was just me in an air conditioner, I've already bad about after your friends. Instead of being like I'll, be you ve got paid, this amount for the show, it must have been. Amazing can be like that. You know, that's took them nothing! That's how it will help through that way. You took a break good. I mean I always found an intriguing that you literally posted you gonna, take a break and you really don't you took a year. Britain even hit you up nor and at times and is easy the additive
let me know- and I know my I again- I think life is all about balance and is all about finding the right so abundance and for me I was like constantly inundated with requests. I wake up every morning will at fifty sex from a fine asking for things not being like. How are you just be like Katy? This Christmas is to keep this wedding. Guinea can pay for this and it was just like I'm I'm or a more happy today. That bit was getting to the point where it was a bit too much so are also of cut it back when travelling balanced out my life and now a fool I M in the place, and now I'm back in touch with everyone is more relaxed everyone's and I think it was just getting through ahead, but you're being hip hop it. You love hate me about music. What did you think of Remy more sheath I'd? You know I'd. I heard you speak about it, and you said it was good for the culture and I think what, when it comes from,
you know. If it was me and another thing, a sunrise- and we were writing sums back and for just the very fact that on getting inspired to write a song and come back with something I think it I put, you in anybody would be the dumbest beef ever let who would be for ensuring as an eye, but then I feel like a feeling, and when my, but you know I've read, I really really lightning humanizes Maisie. I really like already every time, still every three months to comes on all the words to leave things in it. Pull up in a monster automobile gangster with a bad days to come for Sri Lanka minutes anchor collar of what they want. You can beat agreeing the watch the queen conquer birthday fires. I ain't your brains. I must I reckon go days. I guess that's what I'm gonna do it with a mass and crew maybe he'll animals, that their money is the rise in the month of group and I'm all our allies in the bank with the pilot phase- and in fact I know it- has more money now wait.
I never gave him a bedroom. I waiting time you pay. Fifty caper reverse no outcome. You're my money, so tall them a body gotta climate, leaving client plainly that the wine at wine, As I said, we will do one track mind that really really I don't give a k a get. You can use. Did. Indeed, gay thick with thick fares may think. There's a blink do take the view that this is what you just said. Look where you live thought. About what When you don't know towards regains its ban on a good man, I do know the words, but you ve, given me, follow ok, whether you talk a lot about self medicating speaking aforesaid. Do you knew she'd like itself medicating? No, it's a different culture in England. We, like you, got you guys literally wake up and drink in the morning we drink,
sociable different than where one of the problems with ongoing monitoring can I'm I'm drinking, because the last time I was on here, you offer major income, we had it and it was fun. Right is an enjoyable experience if religious hair, with full glass whisky drink your mind, you guys below nay as a problem. You guys you guys are exactly the same level as me right now, and we haven't these an interview with smilingly laughing. That's what that's who is about it like. It is no one. It is on occasion ground drink, like that, like I used to tell me why you, the persons of Russia, because the music and you ve got all excited. I got this one, Is there some of the liquor we got here? I owe the bottles really relative and feel that way so it is rather like you got a forty you gonna. Tell me tell me about Hennessy is up I've eyes but decide. The UK rapporteur said about last Wednesday.
The island, the alarm chow, thereby Hennessy, guess he loves Courvoisier and Hennessy Alike Remy. My grandfather, junk of us in Heaven when did an old man during become such a lot. You drink some cardiac and then have exit your woman different. I would is tobacco diamonds and my dad will watch this. No one knew tat bottle designate drink. What kind of dreary hotel you? That's all you want your woman drink, some cognac. How much can you
very well, replied imply they. I don't know why, but their remy turned me to a hall contact, maybe rocketed. How much is it like? A cup has like because, like whisky gets to a point where it slow, I give me too low stiffer. Wasn't they ve got stiffly, stiffer stiffer you get stiffer drinking. Stiffer now wasn't call with the little black God. I've got a lot on the will of the floor in order to link that I would have a local economic about three at all than a cigar. I'm good the one's homeland probably hung out with J C. I thought when in Rome and each winking really fancy was gaining a readiness to go got the whisky, and the first thing I did in my mind is what you do. I grab denies Cuban put it in a whiskey, nor that I will be with uncertain around me why rookie, oh I've, never had this guy. I'm like two minutes was like a need to try and act like him enjoying this for another. Just didn't, I think, the cigar with something that you didn't like about the outcome. After my probably small night cause it
now, that's a probably smile, just don't enjoy cigars and it was. I woke up the next morning. I had the fair again I ruined some really good with you. I we get more with a here when we come back, keep a lot. Don't move is the breakfast. Morning, breakfast warning: everybody is using envy Angela YE shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have a special gets into building pop star adherent, Hulu body caused you to racial more cheaply the shape I don't know where it was that I originally thought that I finish my eye when I went in to write like a bunch of songs for other artists, and I went in the studio that morning I was all. I really want to write something for Brianna. That's why the marimba comes in and it sounds a bit caribbean cuz I was like I want to do it monitoring and reactive body
drunk now, but it away in Euro save what you for reacting yeah. I did start right agri eyes out I've body. I saw it. I am the baby. Sunlight eventually finish the love you survive region. We saw that Mandarin amazing so to my report, for that would mean a regionally started that off, rather my exact though it be amazing day, Rihanna go if you like the way you that much got himself lying as it would be changed invasion of places. I gotta go towards or the whisky anyhow oh yeah, yeah, ok, you haven't even on you you really on about. I would not like you. I got my glass. What will your competition right now before you? Did it with me? What's your competition? Now I think you know what I said: I've I've been misquoted this in so so many obstacles, because so many people when I said
we'd like to emulate Adele success, guy, I think, is bigger than it now I don't. I just think every single arts it should have a delegate benchmark. You shit, you should literally reach for the top, and if you get halfway there, no aid beyond the is the bit. Is the bark no sales voice? Ok, that I was were sailor was weighed one man cause I've. I I have got to perform with its voice and have never ever been in the presence of something that is incredible. Instead, an amazing and you just gonna sit there and we are grateful to stand next to currency because it makes you look so much better. You just gonna Blake S. Life is a different thing like when I went so when we did. We play drunken up together at central park
and I went to rehearse rather than the day before and I walked in and she was rehearsing with with with a low down his new gonna see. I do all these things and then she sits down. It is mainly gets out on a one on one like this and have never ever heard a voice like that. Just makes you go every single time she sings it states the most incredible amazing thing: We ought also to be having fabric, not a walk in the Roman, be like high on the icy many black dog or lying break out. Now you have, you could talk with you
yeah. No, no, I don't know, but I don't know what you want to hear. You wanna hear songs you an ironic live abroad, but we want to have very low one. I have welcomed as a politician, and I don't think you will know how diverse you are you not really don't. I was going to sign a small town unless that state of mind letting inside the lower house of the agent. I forget what I get avoids now. The way they had survived the paving stones are played upon the kept me on the ground to blame it on the pain. The bless me, but the life friends family filled with envy when they should be filled. The pride when the world against me, but really come alive and every day the Satan tempting to try to make him a strike. You know the whisky white lies in smoking along Think life has got to the point. I know what that is no fun. I need to get the right minded Clean myself opposite. I look in the mirror questionable This is an area with aid for someone like me, without a night by job over unit in Greece to be caught up in the hands of the industry. Show me to look to the find another used with you see. I'm well aware certain things that will destroy a man like me with that
give me one, the ones TAT Day. When, I am Mebby Mayo. Who here all day, They ve been me any day now comfort, food in my pain, Riza. I used to think that nothing could be better than store in the world my phone to take the picture puppies. I think the paint is it from The money is the root of all, even the famous how relationships and how do you think they break as well.
And they nobody wants to see you down in a dump because we live in a dream to become who is not a hundred trying to reach? Like I'm river beg you dont, be disappointed with the man of the conversations and my father on a forty. Eight twelve suddenly change those dreams. Now I'm playing for the people down, and they know me we might be in small guitar, given the same old dreams when Billy Stadium crowds, you want him for he thought I may have grown up into a hopeless Amiens, proud into the next generation aspirations the latter will be before we take the keeper raising them. Somehow, I'm well aware of certain things that will be a man like me with that said, give me the ones I am not be on my own the nomes Van Day, I can't move in my bank raid.
Mine can be raised, in terms of world CUP. This moon and look in the mirror thinks it myself us you're, probably because the industry Toby's, who looked like them, but a Foma happiness in fried food from Argentina. I wish that she could it be my first time, and I wish the never took that first line- and I wish to every word in this first right, but they give me the gun, I wish to make peace with my older cousin wished. You didn't bring the English me when it wasn't wish. I didn't price seals bosnian case. Stays on the need, much one in which the eyes no more to do with the young wish. I hadn't dropped out of school limited every single party, but hardly as now man does wish. I haven't answered that everything with which trade in part didn't come with the budget level. On the subject of this report. But like will never become public, does the sacrifices we make spending the whole time? I wish in life away thing, and this is how we let them down here on the edge looking out without fail here we got drama, but you know we don't care. I want to see you
the young man than the one we something in this is how it has been down here. Let s look at without fail. We got drama that you know, we don't care I want to see a thing it begins in the way I was my family and friends. They say help it. I wish the love was a compensation on the work was wealthy among ourselves, late night, which, on a star everyday, I wish I'd never broken. I never won through every woman. I love look up my life and what its hunting I wish I was in the Roma. Do you talk to it, but so much bans are things I did didn't. I, I wish I was homo, others might seem, could see the Keystone their burden laden with others. I was tired,
the kids on about these renewable run. So I wish I'd Roma was far more people than eleven in the music that alone, for I wish she never got cancer and if a smoke a packet they will. That make me a one. Can we, as I guess it does, was distressing us every day, the same things in the rest of us? These amendments on a razor basement my whole time. I wish in life away thing, and this is how we live in down here- the internet edge lookin out without fear.
Maybe not drama that you know we don't can easily get put your hands in the air. One wish missing in this is that we have been found in another s. Looking on without fish there we got drama, but you know we don't want to see a thing. It began in the air with them, using the goalposts cigarettes for three months and don't smoke without listen. I got enough of a coastal chosen, the gold coastline, people that I dont know share the same vision. I find truth in a hard times and was the mind and trying to find a love with a compatible style side. Sometimes I can't write sentences caught my constituent monopoly, quick, I'm trying to find myself again surrounded ITALY industry, while these ignorant men who knew the Abbe pages to pick up again, let me hit the studio and we can bring the again competitive within adrenaline, kept my daddy
we work hard? You ve never be seen. Oh my heroes, dethroned, except my tab, sap under reminiscent of monthly had when we now with a razor rose at crucial moments of us one day. One more thing of what I hear you. So much for having me back on. I want. I would definitely want to come back into every single time, even if I have to do fifteen, it is to get us all as you do when you are talking to somebody later today and you just run in your mouth and european. Like there's, remember who got you drop be able, if they all Charlemagne, the guy. Is they Charlemagne? Oh, I don't know what you know what I did I have I have this. I get in magic like them somewhere on upon all the Don Quixote days. Many do you
rolling through an unusual now, is my voices and is in the beginning. These don't keep the days, and I well know we don't know he's gonna try to collect reality. So, let's not tell him his voice. Ok, ok, I need my sound like edged Shirin wait. You're gonna got it. American action every measure whose doggie the day to day everything that is happening. I don't like you, they re going, don't you? U or or don't you time for donkey donkey today does not discriminate. My now the song today I got the donkey. They need to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today where
here and don't give a date for Friday. More active goes to a young Chicago woman named Yasmine out there now yeah is a right twenty, four year old woman who got into a fight when our twenty six, your boyfriend? areas. L is nothing wrong with a little odd occasion, which has significant other you and yours verbally go at it from the time it happens. Okay, you argue you both go another rooms, cool off, come back Watson, Netflix, smokes Wade, absent drags, have sex and get back to your relationship with that's not how things work when you day miasma now, let's go to Sea Chicago W W B, MTV Footer Report prosecutor, say yeah, has been elder, showed no remorse and a judge didn't appeared. Either. After ordering the twenty four year old, held on one million dollars bond and a first degree murder charge the autopsy The internal injuries to the victim's esophagus and stomach were consistent with chemical burns. Bleach killed, dairies Ellis LISA, Yasmine climbed on top of her boyfriend in advance
your sixty fit. The bishop endows him with the caustic liquid after an argument, port areas, his threat of girlfriend climbed on top of him and poured believes down his throat and killed her. That is story of marriage dear to my heart, because last year online it was a rumour that I too shall them. The God overdose Don Bleach and was rushed to the hospital. Now because I drank it, was forced. It well, because I was using it to lighten my skin, hey, I got the headline right here, says: Charlemagne, THA God, Hath hospitalized after following clorox to bleach his skin. Ok over the weekend after he accidentally swallowed clorox, while bleaching his skin Kay said he paid us handsomely to keep it between us in him than one hospital empty claims. Help save the whole life lucky for him. Tmz paths already banned from hospital- I just would have been everywhere. There have been multiple pictures with people claimed a radio hoses pleased his skin, through which he had violently
replied to his co host annually, violently reply, while less made. I do let's hear that exceed in the trunk of education, among others, I am, but you get an adverse abasing outbreak escalating umegae. Will you kindly sudden a major new obeys beds. We submitted a little crazy. We continued mister, why he says his skin, lighter color is due to a dermatologists. You can't help but think the trash, walking radio hosts denying all claims because he can't take the heat that would come to him to come into society's pressures to be lighter, Skit Charlemagne return to the breakfast club to work this morning and never mentioned his near death experience artifact that he looked to be suffering from the same thing: Michael Jackson's brother, which, right before he was accused of messing with the
kids, okay and quote so? Yes, when I thought a story about Darius Odeon hurt my heart. I felt for the young man because he actually died the way a lotta you out their hope and pray. I go out. Ok we're not big story about me. Laszlo drop asked all people out there reposed in hoping and praying it was true. Luckily, for me, it wasn't sadly, for Darius Ellis It was now Yasmine outdated, being held on first degree, murder and I'm just anticipated. Are you young into two things that you need to take away from this situation as we have to learn from the mistakes of others, one if your regular size, human being dont date, some one fat it in you, because when they get on top of you, you are at their mercy? Can we play the end of that clips at the end of it, Turney's note at the couple's weight difference, but the front is v four slash three two hundred and seven pounds: while the victim is five foot, seven, one hundred and thirty lb people
your regular xyz wait, don't beat someone fattening you because get on top of you. You are at their mercy and number two, no man a woman is worth a murder charge, I don't care which are arguing about walk away if you feel like he's, gonna get did at left. Ok, don't, though, your life away for somebody sometimes you need to walk away not to make someone else realise how worthy you are before you to understand. Acknowledge your own self worth. When you know your own self worth, you won't go trying to kill people, though, when your life away, because they don't appreciate you please give I've been out the two biggest here right shoulder me. Thank you for your dough here today. I was really deserved. How violently you? Where are you with me, I like reply briefly via reply now will become back. We gotta talk Nicky manoeuvres to release the wreckage. Some people are talking about a really three records. Yesterday morning, everybody's dj envy ads
Charlamagne THA God we are the breakfast club now we're Talkin is Nicki Minaj record. If you just join us, you were at least three records last night and then one direction she's throwing shots at Remy. I should say shot too reminiscent low down me interesting thing is told that when the king turned funding, Gus thinks rings right. So what are you guys? Think you didn't do anything for me. I give her equal I am glad that she responded. You know what I think is good for the cultured ass she replied, but no It didn't move me at all at all. I don't know I've Remy had plastic surgery or not, but I they D been Nicky, have been accused of having plastic surgery so much too out her if we are to say she had before and after pictures of Remy Surgery nominee before the pig.
They are of Nicky Menage online. I mean that the meat I dislike me trying to clean. Body for getting points. Dna in running on camera, like I have something it is something that dead dead has happened to you are you I don't think that you should use that shot to somebody else. I don't I don't understand, but I think a lot of people of comparing records there is no comparison. Is he that to me is one of the best diss records I've heard ever But now, as far as Nicki Minaj is trash, is not poop herbal lyrics, you know, there's some provable lyrics out there. It's not trashy, it's spitting some bars in there. I appreciate the effort. Is it comparison? No. Am I happy that she did respond that she finally responded? Yes, the way she did. It is kind of smart at the record catches she's doing it on her single, so you're going to be hearing it for months and months and months, and I think that kind of burning issue, the right. It d, never allowed it well what happened issued in Ramey mad, and I get the clearance from universal to use the beat. So now she can don't play that song anymore, and
really be hearing it on a radio on internet. So I says something about China's: a nice did that it wasn't knows that did not actually lead the rat battles, he has no issue with it. I can only tell you what cynically please into my is Nick. You put out the wreckage yesterday, I think all of em of duds, except for it Nope, the one we weigh Norma Wayne is cool the other to adjust. Okay, I know right just okay to me like an those verses ass. He came back, we Remy Remy would just ok to me. I will list of in a trap. You said treasure but the seller trash. No, Although there has brought a lawyer but somewhere we're talking to humanize reckon which date yeah man, I think article restrains envy treaty tat was all they know That would be a big boy. I could never drink a mega lie in the EU, fuel me talk and when we was intergroup text for a thing I said with his Nicky raggedest trash
loud noise, it out of its abolition. I did not exist now I did say was trash. As I said, I like, because I only heard it the first what twenty second snippet that came out now, that's not it there when I heard the rest of it when she talks about the whole pap talks about you. A friend, and all that I was. I always is clever. That's what I thought I'd like an arrangement somebody like you wrote a magazine is the best and I must say it is the best record of all time. I'm just saying is not trash Where the main thing is. I would have liked you to come back harder saw herself. Just going is the main thing is the song trash is not addressed song, but I think we had a higher anticipation broke up It was gonna, be innocent. I was there and you know I like this people and even our flag to about avenue drink Wayne on the song. I don't bother me to baulk at features. I hit him, but pop went extra hard on him up, so you eat you,
realized that what his wreck, radio, that that outline allows is yours. It was abroad. What do you think about making an urgent reckon up the light it was? It was: ok regulate. It may not have been her bed this record, but it was ok for the simple fact that you know what came after me say about really my right now like thought the likes of their best, but what she could possibly say at the boy right now. I think you are. Hello. There is even a more level by what you did a rugged private she got. Child is born I'll go lie when I first heard it. I would like, as a trash didn't have to come out this morning, it's ok. What did I not lack as this is a borderline drives? Bro
it ain't like, but then Oro what is pursued by soon. I will soon I would mitigated regulated but is weak it is as a remedy came so so so hard. I see they gave you a feeling when you heard it as low remedy would only read out what we wanted to. Have that woe? Yes, rummaging! Would honour our job and that you so much you got a load, thirty eight and she shouldn't want denied, binds them because many herself, even sadly, Now there is nothing off limits when you do a disregard. Shiva said that right so Stag, the door wide open. I could talk about anything and is a lot of things you could say hundred five, a firewall or five one. What did you think of a given, as is a record call us up now? spoke about affording everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club. Now, if you just joined us, we're talking about making a nurse, you release three wreckage yesterday one was no frauds
features Drake a little way, and this is how it sounds founded. Sixteen loud down, Swine Jane clears both get out on me. Come and pay gap of NAFTA lacks. Look like lift up overweight people still like now. So what do you big now me? Personally? I think it is that I think is horrible. I don't think it's trash, it's ok. What she's trying to do? What I see she trying to do is to try to make it a US, also you gonna here for the next three four months does a compared to see that's no way to be strong. She per Wayne Anti put Drake on it and ass the parasol with three their money in quite some time, so that was a way of being. Everybody is gonna, be interested in Asia, hurt songs and numbers one three and four on the charter. When you put him out Imaginating Ojeda sovereign mystery of almost all our policy like this, if if they will make it a single destiny,
but I M running right back. Ok when those they gonna negative, pulling out directly going anywhere. I reckon you gonna work. I I will be honest with you. I just take the recorded. O k, borderline trash bro, like others, feel like you know it That's why I hate de facto Remy dropped another one because being effect there really dropped another one Nicky can address her energy at the weak erected. I want to see your spawned sheet sheep. There was the hyena around clip. Don't go after a week. Is the weakest record like she's economic? She didn't exist like adding, is gonna weak, honestly Nellis beyond his view that it was she the when you try to act like you didn't system, You said what I said: if you got hit with a sheet for the with you: try to act like it didn't happen, and that's why I hate the fact that Remy put out another one man. I miss that, because, if she hadn't put out another one, she kind of just had Nicki backed into a corner, and I would love to see how Nikki respond
to that end. We get me wrong. I'm happy Nicky responded! I'm glad you respond to footed culture, but our response to me was weak. Now me, I said, is over for her NASH. Done. Do you think she needs to reply to this reply? I think knowing Remy she will because Remy issues. A competitive everyone's. You another whole saga, uneasy right I'll, just be some absolutely, and I don't have the judge I don't think you should throw stones when you live in a glass, a glass plastic surgeons, office, beg of you, Add plastic surgery. I don't understand one another and Ngos will remain and give you bad plastic surgery. While you come in at people for having plastic surgery like I don't understand it, as does the deaf dumb argument to me. If you had been deserted You have played a very. Why argued about who have laboured and on another? No, I know Papoose was wait? You may here alone had a drink or wheezy to call in hadn't athlete, along with problems. They don't want to live out. That overrides don't want allow. This I knew this anti often do.
The area where you get her my life and we met them in every morning. Thank you. My keep of blue boatwright me, I'm so happy Allah into our county right now. What you think I directed imo be honest Amy. He had a few beef why? But I'm sorry, I'm all cool. I really like Eve, and I did feel my she got a calm. Any way. At any rate, I mean if you wanna, play, really had a Goldwater, which I believe she's been occurring for her. She came she deliver and she destroy that satellite bubblegum rap address the light tat while you are and what are usually old school. I even roomy rubies thirty six even made most bovine majestic my arm
now. Let me borrow far whore. My car, you know even down to the angolan authorities, may generate around thirty baggage on. Would you ever orange murmur? Should my just allows this good line by name your money They re, which is taken in the human as it were. Many didn't say that I think that this is the number one thing in the world, and I love you guys, and I beg you. Had been made- and I love you right back at Us- also measurement showed or not station the breakfast Club Med, you ok, yet a breadth of solid may I love out, will you I Angela, I became so beautiful and that your role model for all whether you use situation the way you have a bit of boats class because me out
the wind, crazy. You did a disregard rag yoga image of envy. Some love, too, we need, is not important because they care about the situation is quite usual, painted probably well not a couple hours and come in the world. That is why are they not refer edible beyond what you that is not in Vietnam is the most as you know, a lot of all of us most harmful and his nose of whatever I'm very calm and very many times. But what do you think about the recommended? Well, I think that the key he was in a corner so now that he was in a corner, he had to figure out what you wanted to do. Her back was against the wall, though she would lay a good decision. Was the brain drain and little weighing on and, of course, they're gonna boost the ratings is Bell and now she's out as the grand pulled, the ADI pitcher love a reconciled in every thing. Whatever I'm waiting for were removed,
has the cup. We are you love me, keep when he turned round a pop star. He's not are you thinking about Airline Grammy's is more reliable re now, because we have made me I'd, know we love Nicky, as she has a great and paid for it would be much more fresh and I was really might come out anyway and other welcome our point. All right. What's the moral of the story is there more yet more restoring them. Glassy replied is great for the culture she had a couple. Decent lies in the no fraud record, but overall is no from Ebro. Is it now I did. That is thought it was weak. Personally, that's just my opinion any there. I don't understand why you that it was we, but you wouldn't say, trash
I went on board in the lab when I first heard it. I say: trash have to have the same thing after hearing a couple down this morning. I think it's ok borderline trash, but then, if we give the above again now, every not levelling of liquid puts out some heat and would give our product they got all the three wreckage she dropped at think the one we wait if the best one, I think, the other rugged. No regrets notice is absolute garbage to me personally and I feel, like you know, when you disable in your comments on the grandmother, the latter, how you feel, I don't think that you're very secure in the material that you put out there get disabling your comment. Cuz, you don't want to hear people's opinions like you got to take the good you got to take the badge you got to take the ugly cuz. That's just the way the game go my opinion. No fraud record biggest o k borderline trash alright. Well, we got room was away yet let's take a back seat.
The wrapper you know you donating monies into public schools in Chicago- was how you would, as he has going on by somebody, is China, where a few people a China command, and what are you, what his responses to that? Also we do have to talk about Nicky Menage as other song they should put out. I know we spent a lot of time focusing on the no fraud, but what has happened will give you some updates, or I will get into all that when we come I keep a lot that the breakfast club rumor report all right. Well chance. The rapper. We ve been talking a lot about his one million dollar donation to the Chicago public schools and other great things that he's been doing, but he has felt the need to respond to the Chicago
times now. Recently they did an article saying that his image could be tarnished because of some child support issues. Now, according to the writer, if this personal issue is handle carelessly and the public chance, the rapid, clean cut image could take a big head. After all, you can hand out money to benefit chosen you no and come up looking like you are being stingy when it comes to your own child. The article goes on to talk about change the wrapper filing to keep all his financial documents a secret and arguing that the disclosure of those workers would potentially pose safety issues for him for his child and for his childs mother. Well, here is how chance responded, be a social media. He posted a video with his daughter and his daughters, mother, temporary, lit Bobby so yeah. Do ya jobs somewhere about my family is just Furthermore, only anybody, people trial, don't don't be a fool, the weather was Annabel. You do your job and everything will be fine.
Sometime the aid already known you, don't really know people in his industry. I mean someone. If you don't. You think I, like the the cleanest end up being the filthiest bill caused me, but at this point, as the rapid, pretty slander proof right and in the article they even said that last month, cursing Coralie was the mother of his eighteen month old daughter, ass in court for temporary child support and money to obtain. Spanish, a home and she went and automobile she's unemployed, she's a child's primary caregiver, but in the same article it does say that he is actually taking care of the child. Just haven't reached a long term task. Port agreement, so he has been supporting his door to financially. But I just happen to me something long term Volker though that doesn't mean he's not taken care, shy diamond the girl together, but They broke up by maybe they'll get back to you The EU is only twenty three years own things happen is probably a rough relationship right now without the attention is getting
beyond the road all the time as you can imagine, that would be difficult for anybody's relationship right I now let's discuss. Nicky menage is third song that she put out yesterday regret in your tears now this song cool AIR Lee about her relationship with meat meal, the chorus regretting your tears now taste them cause. You know I don't chase. I replay some don't rush. Take time. Take some. I just want the memory, try to make them with you. Now I got it. You re some with you check out some of the sun. Now. I just love, never know what you don't even know: anathemas bad money is spent on human and also you don't even know who I am. I really believe this number may now, maybe I'll. Let you know
Google! Listen to that one on Itunes! I ain't even get to that whole song and I just tried it. That's not for me at all. I turn that all the way off As far as a break up thought for women legally inveighing in the song is that she said you a nerve. I know you just want to be heard. I'm a bad bet! You ain't used to that you going to ask around and make me: do you bad used to creep creep with you through the back. I can at the cash and bring you the bag, but as I see Santa FE than he was cheating on her and now she's done with him and she's gonna replace him so make. Actually, on Instagram? I don't know you guys, I'm sure you guys follow me so right when that song, Jackie did post a picture with a you know them he was just a straight line for you now it was like another side of not only with an entire year. Just look like I'm. Ok, so that's just what I believe is lagging. Allow lorries, culture man? Where are you right. What else can we say legal right
I'm Angela yeah, that's your room, a report. How Friday all right? Thank you miss either. Lotta people haven't heard the sole wish. He replies. Remy Marsalis, get it on
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