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WED 6/15 - Supermodel Jessica White stops by The Breakfast Club to talk about her new show on E! "Famously Single" and why a woman of her stature has a problem finding a man. Donkey of the Day goes to a pastor who celebrated the Orlando tragedy. His church should be "Famously Empty".

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I gotta get back down like a mega voyages took all we got no point. His prayers round about recently joined a breakfast club say some of you, a money laundering easily you feeling there? I got a letter from me on it today. Did you letter from Vienna would let us say thank you for your continued support. Love Vienna, while Marina II has those Puma panties. Also, she says and slippers ever then, am I say
I'll give you we use money or Ebay. They they move your Ebay. I really actually asked for myself I was I was. I brought it again where our size eight women's, and I guess maybe they thought I where I know why they sent me a size. I guess I sick, fuck him we can make some brave under what do? I know, I'm sorry, slowly away, you will make this money, but there's gotta do it. You festival us. This is, as we know together now. She didn't say you, none, but it doesn't. You didn't know anything about use will give it back slowdown wishes, but that we can make a loose. I would ask that you did nothing I'm gonna sell it and I'm gonna put you on Afghanistan, a person it that listen! No, closely. I get this money money. Would you We're going to show you how to get this. My album due to global split it. Why would I split it with you couldn't anything about me in what for either I never heard of Ebay
I told you about aimed only as an Ebay account. He had met high five seconds ago. I just posted about five day on Ebay, if all diseases, so they did your father gave, and yet there are Ebay where'd you get that I'm a solar system, but things were ruining every modern alone it because you didn't now by this day, yeah- that's don't ask me, questions are movies. Listening to my boy bag. It is for the citizens may get your dead. A give. Try to stay. From the ties in the coffee? I d like ties? That's why? Because, most of it did you get him pretty wagon wearily, when tea and will you to judge listeners allow was just I did the same thing when I was a kid I born with Taiwan to Providence. Sheep is too often go to buy a ballot. I my band of award always dating back in a closet, seen as a personal problem. Is there another on ever by my dad terrible attacks against the very classy tabling what are called I might add, is aware ties Awayward, obeying exactly what a coffee Morgan.
Greatest dad is is call first. Even nobody cares. What have I thought it was adopted, where is what they say, but you know think think about the he'll prefer alright, well my Dallas to listen to music. So that's why that was it? idea mooted promoting cd comes out as old anxiety and with the rooting for posits. You get him. Let em. If I had she may, that is my dad's is now actually by music. He goes to the library. Did you not? As cities in the library no say goes to the library he borrow cds and then he copies them in his computer and any brings him back. Ok, you dead is committing a Kronos against law. Knows that? Yes, it is, you can go to the library and take out a failure, but they wouldn't
caught it to your own device? That's against along and download music. I can share my music. I can give my dad lcd. I can email him songs as that illegal right, but he's getting it from the elaborate us again obtaining it. Is he who reside in the library illegally budget? Now, where do you live below middle report gives law? Then I guess it is wise and tell me what That is copyright. Infringement law cannot do that. Yes, you, king, ok, who shot to meet our energy. A b, F F here your best bet wrapper from yesterday. I just saw Mina posting he was What a grams is now there is a new record out this pop and use all these all over the clubs from or is it well, I am as it uncle murders, notices environmental demands outlook and are we while behind the scenes, Meno has knocked off a lot of chicks, a lot of industry chicks, a lot of tresses alliance. We you to tell this.
You know it maybe not risk. This is wrong with you this morning you try to take money out of my pocket. I was our pocket. You try to say my dad jail. No, you this year, knitting on Meno out what is going on with you or fraud. He's noses there's only one who is selling on where we talk about opening. We would like about our President, Barack Obama, and what he had to say about Donald Trump. He came out strong against him and his danger is a muslim ban. That he is saying would be a great idea. Also tragic. About its hard who they cannot find, would tell you what happened and also Jessica White will be joining us as a model that would Jessica Rabbit reports to Jessica. Why you're so just remarried last night on ok, so quickly a little bit as well. Keep a lot front page next is Jeremiah. We morning. Everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club minor. My would we now ask eaten some front page
age, no snare NBA care war is game. Six is tomorrow night incompletely poor, all warriors math as you have a one another title in Cleveland, the basketball goddamn always accurate release, you get the championship s neck and about the calves gonna win. This is private jets runnin. So as soon as we when we can walk off the couldn't go right to reject the you're right back, the ugly tell us about Obama seems like you, but often drop yes. Yes, they gave us soliloquy about Donald Trump and how dangerous his rhetoric in his remarks after what happened with the deadly shooting in Orlando and his call for a ban on all Muslims from entering the country. Here is what President Barack Obama had to say about Donald Trump there's only one other things were confused about who are enemies or I will come as a surprise to the thousands of tourists we ve taken up a battlefield benefit. Would naturally I mean there's no magic to the phrase: radical Islam to political talking point: it's not a strategy, but we are now seeing how
address this kind of mindset, and this kind of thinking can be. We now have proposals promptly presumptive republican nominee for president of the United States to bar all Muslims from emigrating tumor. Do republican officials actually agree with us because that's not the America. We want memento advantage, simply saying that President Barack Obama went well before he was president. And he was not an american citizen right. One in his bursting mauler cared any accuse them of all kinds of things, and we're all immigrants any can ban on Muslim Americans just because of the negative actions of wine. Ok, President Barack Obama tell you also driving people who are packed thing. Muslims who may be perhaps want to join ISIS with remarks like this. You know now add enough. You guys saw this burden. Hillary Clinton M Bernie Sanders. I see now.
Deciding that they have to team up to fight together against the common cause, a meeting last woman. What what what it is all just figure in error I mean, I think we all agree that should have happened, but I don't know what was discussed yet. I decided they sat down and million the main issue here is we have to come together Then there was some mothers alligator in Lando. Now this is often too Uruguay was attacked and dragged into the water by an alligator at Disney's, grandfather, ready and resort and spat. This happened last night and he is still missing this morning. You think actively looking for him and then this report came in about nine sixteen last night, a Disney efficiency. They are devastated. Nostril the event that stated that result. When I took my kids to a couple of years ago that it's a man made lake that they have there, that should be no alligators. Are there not with kids around
have. We should be alligators. If it's a man may lagging a mate and it may that I shouldn't be may derive from Nebraska. They were relaxing the allocated to attack the boy, the Father try to get in the water he jumped in and try to get. They can't find the gator, but he was not successful his hands on grass tat. Now they loaded, I lifeguard that was near by and they said the alligator as between four and seven feet. Long Disneyworld. I got no showed where you put our Kyoto lumber the gorilla. We would argue the gorilla gotta go navigated out. I don't love. Anybody was on staff, I know where you gonna happen there. What then going on in our land borders. We gladly Ireland a terrible terrible few days. Ok, the young lady christian name, rhyme Raymond? Proceeding remain the shooting it pulls. Nightclub now gave is eaten. People are Disneyworld, ass, crazy and in what is going on the authority. Has anybody notices? All sports authorities are closing and nobody Sidney,
just today. They think they did already announced that it will actually has affected, am under arms that earlier they did a whole entire report on it and possess a ladder witnessed theirselves come from they they said dicks waiting goes into a so well, you gotta stop witnessed, have currently given the window. The stores. Ok, have you stop witnessed them curiously, given the window to those people are starting to come in and all of appealing to you can't blame everything or just the other day and put some appealing in the window. I know I know something like the waiters disgrace naked, but don't put him in the window. It is thus not to attract a static right. Ok, that's front page news that tell him what you mad eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. If you're upset you needed, they needed something off. My chest may be had a bad night or bad morning. It just need to get something off my chest: a wonderful amazing great. They call us right now. Eight hundred five, eight five one five hundred and put love on the air is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club
you know, I make you mad with fulfilled, but can't handle. That's why you may want to break with Mauritania, and I am completely, but it's what you mammal, because Lama Baby mother always only keep don't be mad at me? Can you barely five? No want you wasn't manager. Was you didn't jars of all payments every month, he's my belgian lament. They carried they'd money. Legible says you don't knock em. I made on page our support of Burma by a low. There is, of course, man, oh man, what the hell is going on in Orlando, what happens in my sweet sweet Plays COD Orlando, Charlemagne man, one of the victims with like a good friend of mine to I worked with him for like three years crazy when something like that is so close to
because you know you're Stanley, how much you see somebody armature with somebody? You know they take it from me so well, I'm sorry to hear about your loss of simultaneous arable, and you know what can be the next tragically Nab in Orlando. A resigned white out, you're right, you're right, I'm a big back above, had come back to these He said that the embryo- and I must say that allows- is that I do. We're gonna die lap, Amelia, yeah yeah, we're not love familiar, even though you less about me, but merely a jazz would go a bag. The bottom line, gonna steal my line two seconds is crack is now taking my new project yeah,
everything I gotcha alone nonsense. Abounded welcoming here, there's nothing guys. I lose my pray go watch. Orlando could folks you didn't shout while I will try not to abandon the Lockerbie eggs and that's why don't read and downloads from running for president, the word is: met not speak about design. Here, say: men get you rapid, don't say some regarded both legs men. I keep a one hundred cause, I'm living a text on thanking God. Every time it used to giving a brick
lad guinea in just watching his heart inertia, the main one and do its part o my board, killing or known dogma, can look. I hope I did. The red mud rainbow. Former life gets heavenly Father enough from you and tell him no bother, no heavenly father. If they try me they hell of a problem, I'm a breakfast puts bitter, never been acquitted, slow, so called get a sweater would admit what I've had people tell me. I will never sell a million, but Davy Day to win gets what he felt. A million are put off for a fan. Look what I put on the grounds that the breakfast Club yams field, only ham, which nobody can catch, I'm so body imo Cloud man in itself. Cloudy I mean the hutus like o Reilly report. There is no smile and can have is Jack you, my lord You lost me after the second ball, when you said you was traveling demand or have to prepare for land that is now going to care for our young Jackie properly, and I also don't do hope you don't get you better
probability of getting killed in the Bando. Tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one keep it locked. It's the breakfast club good morning, The breakfast club. That was vice and silhouette exchange morning. Everybody is the J Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club our apologise for being a lowly this morning. I could not sleep last night for nothing, but you know what it all momentary you just lay in a bed and you just had a lot on x amount of data sex. I bet tat my wife and children after she wanted a foreigner Kane. I did have second even of everything I could not sleep, rarely those one. It was nice, you just laying bare, and you talk to your wife about a whole abundance thing than until you find. Leaving all realize? You fell asleep enemies, Asia and never have a problem, fallen, asleep, meaning as soon as I can I can say that I am not really dire way and it wasn't Missy. I watched inside a label ass mental BT, Eyewash uncle Bob knew my Give showed me along came one day. We see now is it I just couldn't sleep last night
yet even up to sex, and I will do so orgasm, then you still get all my invitation of Ngos. I got them. Young legs they obeyed began. Please only you lock, you so tat. Had a guy like that about yesterday was a terrible, because I had to go back out. I wound add to jump off some chandelier then I was gone bangemann- has actually intelligible? Another gently one for the bathroom the Jews by and another one for the major innovative they'll kill him so anyway, one of my friends has been staying with me and she has keys also, so we walked out of the house together. They out. She has her keys, I'm carrying a factor which emerge Oki, she's, just didn't. Turkey. So we were locked out and I had to wait our to get back in the house now. My boy there's Keith Malaga and my tenant has keys him out. Ok, so you start you. Luckily the rain. Yours, you not item one had a drink, sounds like you
Typically, you make lemonade at eleven, have a drink, willing and acts. I actually had a lemonade with muddled cranberries. Do they have now started to take a drink that military leader painfully shouted in every item I allowed like mad now when we come back room is what we talk about. Yes, we are going to have the best new die. You did it we oppose. I didn't know he was Mary for that long, but would tell you what he had to say to his wife on his post. Also. We are going to talk about which I find out what they just invested around seventy million dollars in all right. A more cupid locked to breakfast club component the breakfast club. The report is the rule of law. The breakfast club have any higher how's that arrived at five hundred thousand dollars worth it. My watches and was
I was in my ear. He was training came home Monday, any reported that they have now. There are surveillance cameras inside and outside so to trying to figure out who could have been. His house sits behind to security gates in a very exclusive neighbour herself has since I've events, I just feel like when I heard a shift I feel like the breath of clubs, but when he talked about half an hour we last week he talked about how many, why Susie gotten his group. I wish we had to clip, but I ve talked about that last week I feel that we like them up. He said he lies a watch every time he does a big guy, but that's not only knew that as he said it before it s, not the only time I remembered information. May then I ass, it was because he always talks about after every project that he does. He always buys himself something nice, one thing about? I do, but not as nice as what Kevin Heart buys, but I like to give myself a little. Something is this going to look forward to. After, like we lined them up, and everybody knows all the wolves and scammers listen to the breakfast club drop one of clues bombs. Faultless thieves
data and enjoy yourself, we appreciate it s? A good usually went out there like this happens inside tat. Somebody s bidding you. How are you working? I very much applaud the cowboy pop ups are right. They tend to wane. They want a paw that EU, even large Orlov gave then is arranged ass, no dog. This was a beautiful thing. He's been Mary for nineteen years, while any didn't instigated. I believe he did a throwback pitcher enough. You guys had a chance to see him and his wife Ellis, like they were going to the prom or something, but anyway that's how he celebrate. Look out you they were when they were younger too, and that they together nineteen years later now, he wrote nineteen years today from ground anniversary been a one from day. One thing for my kids lives. You gotta do is a man right, like I know my wife since ninety ninety eight since high school? Ok, that's! How long is
yeah, but you gotta count. All inroad dragged view that no matter that we only remarried leg to arms are not only marginally will you account you you'll, be out to rural Gaucho got Elinor fifteen years ago secure before twenty one years back. There are three per your marriage is when you got married, another town Alura dragged through the sound, but how will we ever married as was mentioned in comply with more or less the danish legal. Remind me he's. Gonna write twitter as a better seventy million dollars and sound clouds, so that means the value of sound cloud now has lifted to about seven hundred million dollars fish. Now, according to Twitter Theo, jagged Dorothy said there. They ve been great partner of ours over the years and their communities supported approach mirrors hours in many ways, so they us having a streaming subscription
it's gonna compete with Spotify Google play music apple, music, title and everything else, and they have all kinds of licensing deals already in place, are ignored Let me sum up making a whole lot of money in our streaming service ankara, as is dreaming service. Also, Can we have seven million dollars been awesome? I write it down of you guys. Others put its by David Banner, somehow ended up in handcuffs after some set by issue that went down in diesel. Sunday, I'm sure there's something to do with the white man where we can deal with actual allowance that bouncer at the club. He said I ve got you Edward. I gotcha you a sailor. I got money, he Ella, allegedly also through money
credit card at the bouncer David banner. He had no doubt also lead you brother does earlier. This is now Mary, not any I've seen him knows, video, not more righteous brother David Byrne, one degree barrier not yet, though, and credit card. Would you really upset because you thought you had more gas in your pocket? What is not enough to be issues but that a credit card details, ratings up and David Banner allegedly said Otto give an f about no police, and then he got a resident on designing a fight. They put him in a cop current everything, so shouldn't be such a big deal, but sometimes I don't know what the bout. Indeed How did you let his friend him bill? A banner monodist peoples? We came back to get his people's, they will remain and allegedly s house to draw monocles bonds for new black leader that industry's ok. We move low differed in modern amalgam. Did I jumped down taboo we're trying to get in the club and egg disrespectful? We don't turn on the cheek with democratic idea. No change is that, like terrible you're gonna get all avenues in a situation where the in his pocket he thought he did so. He broadly pull out twice
like as are yet. This is a delicate. You pick those credit cards up at either. You got it Dunbar gotta pick it up you gotta get out. I was thinking I do like better come on you too great a garden. You gotta go pick it up a since. In my opinion, if you look at you look silly parliamentary democracy and when I got back that is your room report, Are you all right? Thank you. Miss you now will become bag. Jessica white will be joining us it s. Now. I'm gonna Jessica White for a really long time. As he's like a sports illustrated swimsuit matter c grades, doubly money, you're gonna go alone in her before in her life and set up we'll talk there. Will we better than you sure I was an angel is cause famously thing I think that is something I a famous of the villages. Electric makes an interview where I was as on a table last night, we'll kill her when we come back, he beloved don't go anywhere, is to breakfast club combining our friend the Victoria Secret fashion, shows, and also from sports, illustrated the swim through issue. She also has an adjacent each.
In closing I as well and John Lennon K our right will that absorbs raises no there's, no, my name just like a wider twice. Now one time I just always evermore and love of mourning guys today wasn't my fault but notes uses are really sorry. My mind. Overdrive was empty minutes late, I've in state, in the city to unwelcome you're, all governs quantum diagnosed at our actually two weeks ago. Ruined, as can and for me, why are you doing? What you like appears in none is something we know is nothing like that: it's not even really sexual, it's just having control and in using my Yoni egg working out. The data to let you go out for a squad and you start orgasm used our shaken. You could drop the weights on your girls. No funny is not even your actually I'm lank lying down when you doing well. If you can do it in a few different ways, but the ones I am talking about is actually lying flat on your back
We have a few different ways, but the ones I am talking about is actually lying flat on your back and doing full ups with your die from though it's more saw it. You are your bottoms, three other exercise, because you want to have an orgasm. Like you know, it's nine Irish is started actually six years ago, when I was going through a break up, I thought you know. I started working out to release stress and- and it just happened out the clear, blue and that's what I was trying to say now, you're addicted to work. Yes, I love it has been asking me. What do you have to do now? Is my natural bell by law? The has the same body type Jessica, has always been thy beautifully thin and she still has occurred serves in everyday. Add me always everyone as if you have to like diet. Now I e whatever I want. They will be a beautiful woman. You you're in shape. Why can't you find me why it is so famously? Maybe while you know, if you let me look before May as Well- and for Roma people always assume you can't find a man, it may just be amended. You then went
have been the right one and will not have really good men? I had the commitments, shoes and I will push them away and so that's the difference. I wanted to go on the show to kind of cause. I never really talk about my personal life and I mean. A lot of things very quiet, but I wanted to go on in combat some of the rumours that I've never deny before your time and going on the show are realising that I have major commitment issues in its still a fear of my birth conducive to the way I grew up. My sisters were in, they were married, Atley, eighteen, nineteen, raw and that kind of traumatize, an expression when they didn't have good relationships is so I was always fearful of you know like if I have the same Bluff
to my veins, then maybe I could be that girl, so I'm gonna start modeling make a lot of money and just you know, live my life. The way I want to be in control of it so was border control thing, but I've had really amazing. Many was me that was the problem of global warming. Is a scene in the problem, but you were kisses her, my recent. What was that about? A blue just kissing me, ok justifying our young lives. I am now I'm a woman, the likes to have fun and I'm very honest with people, and I also saw on the show that you also kissing Willis Mc Gay. You go get harbouring on your reply. They hold ahead of deep water, arches and you're in the USA worker that I was watching. The first episode has eight kids Baby momma's boy was just a kiss guys. I didn't go and marry the guy know Krishna, and that was one of the issues like it was going to be fun but you're trying to get me out the I don't get there,
if only really I'm went into a causal. I wouldn't put it consider you know being with someone who has AIDS. In answer to a long term now, in long term, just six with a preserver thank you. Somebody gives its assets, you are so now living in a house with all those people. I grew up in in House House of Blue Bird, but that was your family. These were kind of here, but I am, but I am extremely alone or even when I was with thirteen people. So I know how to black people That was one of the biggest problems, because that's when I started realising that I do have like I liked being alone, I'm a loner M, socially introvert it. So it was challenging. They took myself on a way for me because I would be on the phone, and I was talking to the guy- that I was in love with it. I'm quite often on the. Where do you fall in that order? Thirteen kids and the young? Isn't it Why now- and you said you, fellow mostly fellow level up now- I've only been twice a man
would that wish on painting a cannon that was well shot. I love shine, but I was in love is shown by. I definitely learned a lot from him. Isn't it We have a list of guys. You data you dont, have a list of greater solemn. You tell me what you think that would no doubt regime in again, and how do you know I didn't know? I read that somewhere we actually entered the DE research. I had no idea that the research and said you dated again it says being that you dated and Canada while you were separated what was summoned to difficulties dating a man. I was legally married air do the gun. I will learn. The guy was the same thing, so you an ignoble they'll, never find ochre by Jean Valjean. I sat on the show you I did it on you, any video which is as you
Many sexy causes a great songs, such a beautiful long, bearing on like that, every time a video brands with no I'm friends now relate yea. I was using years ago he was like twenty six, as is very first of all, I was surprised when I said that you were on the show, because I do look at you as a very private person, says it I'll, just going on a show, we get to see a little bit really get much and I get to see my personality, and I think that was one of the goals for me was for people to see that I'm really down to earth and kill that. I think everybody thinks I'm like this extravagant diva and I'm real not anything like that. You me, you know they are not. Oh, no, that who know me, but you have to it's no mean first and Jessica's ass. He really fun person. We were in the Bahamas for a wedding Can you guess how miss Daisy on behalf of our preference do like white middle of african American? I love really intelligent men in Reiner, almost embryo sexual.
Clearly I would leave out. I went online and I mean no way, but we would know what are the Saviour S m. I'm just really up. You can tell me on sexually by how smart you are Maybe I could you have no guns, and you squatting in that is. We may not have acceded to saw by guys you cause you might melodious S. Night Are you out on? You need a guy and you talk to him. You can tell if you want to him immediately, that's true because most women, Nora, I everything, I think, is every single have never felt like. I could I feel like I have. I don't know I mean look at somebody inside to them and they are gay school by it takes me a little more time the filet. I know if I want to do that, and I I know instantly. How do you know just by talking to you would give me two minutes. We talk
do. I know if we gonna have anything in common in the Abbey Tillman. Do don't talk, gruffly legacy of the mouse wheel, but our mouth? We rode it. You don't. You may see me and like everyone else, that does not mean it. First of all, first and foremost, men are automatically think anyone screw you too Does it really matter, as the first thing that they're looking I they don't give two of your smart or not? I don't care about that or your substance of your moroz in your ethics and load. Before I felt was usually been hurry, I'm just just being on a real bad there, but you he's very Malcolm X. Can a guy? by their is where they were like. Listen, you don't fall in love until a man of honour and love it you have to be. Are you willing to be my phone though my mother died when I was very young, so my sisters and my brothers were very, very open and very blunt with me about how you do with men of literally been in love twice. This is not something I agree
doing, but you should never fall in love anytime. You fall, you get hurt my view, the walk out here. I now fall. You hurt yourself, she growing love with the I agree with them. I went in terms Paul and I am with that gaining can't make yourself row, I mean if you follow you can for offers. You don't like to have, and it is for our parliament, fall in love. I think you fall in love at first and then you learn how to materially live in a legal power. I regret We go right when we come back, keep it lacks is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast tat was: J C morning, everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. We have supermodel Jessica White in the building. Now do what happened that if you were in love to time that those education didn't work out well on you, one was going through at the vote.
Is there anything you learned in the general sub Margie? Fine, you can't, while allowing all that and and the first one we were very young and very overly passionate with each other. Let me make mistakes everywhere. Now, just you know he's got pride. Pride. We don't know how to communicate were both making a lot of money he's on the road on the road. It would just wasn't good timing and I still really love him. So. Would you rather date like a loser like somebody who are doing and what OJ data losers and that's it, and then you find a problem with that, because then they fell in knowing actuated by the fact that make more money than them in it. You know it's a lose lose situation. I think what you have to do is just organically allow the universe in God's, bring you the right person, I'm not looking I'm just you know, having fun eleven. My life into that person comes
Your baby has our immaculate by the way I'm looking at your edges, and I'm saying- and I was wanting to that jail when enabling easier. There was some immaculate, maybe as I thought Chile had him, but now we might have the bed baby having a gay man. Are you still been singing now because I know you ve been in the studio, began West guy that well soon, my they amongst Nirvana release. My first thing, a little girl called bipolar love, bipolar, advance, ochre, terrible. Just like a lot of people in trouble. Now you ve got very psychotic. I bet you broke some window now, it's a beautiful song. Actually, you can really love. It was the promise of AIDS kind of Lake Urban Rock thematic yourself. Of this on particularly myself and Ryan. Leslie help me produce it, but I did a lot of the music myself with the band
It's amazing tell you, planning on like going on tour, putting out a full album or right now is just putting it out there. So people can get to love it and learn it and know that I'm a real artist and then we'll take it from the edges so like I don't want to push anything down anybody's throat, especially coming from fashion, so we just have to be kind of organic, just like me, when it out airing lightly on the sofa every single you said you in relation to nuclear scratching for two years, where it was eaten, I don't know, we know wretch know the two year h between it is not a hollow graduate aids, which means that the two years of being an relationships he gets a little Nancy going through an absolute, gradual grand, but not your crabs? Bugs was issued for two years: you're not going to be talking to domain of hydrogen. For do you need to read, I watched the dams,
will be the notes turned towards the to you if you have sex with a guy who use none and now have two years. I started my commitment both comes out and I'm ready to move on the problem of eurobonds. Yes, I got rid of it. I just told you why this with the show is about heroes, might bearable. Dorothy things it was about yourself. Besides, your remit may reach what are some other things you learn about yourself. Well, I'm extremely sensitive Another reason why I didn't want to actually states who long relationship, because my fear of being hurt rate I did open up myself one time to a but, like I said, I still love the guy and I like how strong it isn't. I was six years ago my usual pessimistic Gregoire. You approach
relationship feel like you going to get hurt and it's not being pessimistic. That's being fearful out of fear is based off of you know you being overly sensitive, I'm always optimistic going into any relationship, but I find that if I don't feel like it's going to go anywhere, then I'll depart from it. But, like I said I had great men, I was just leaving. You know scared today, Waller yeah, but how do you know he's not gonna go. Nowhere are viewed as a huge. That's. The reason why I went on this show because I had a pattern what's up with this guy, who you were with six years ago, came back him as I listen. That's really try to make this work. I see you work. This of your issues, because I would assume now, after being on the show and entrusting everybody with your innermost feelings, re grids in talking to a therapist. Now, if he's egg okay, I see you ve learned a lot about yourself. Miss given another go around totally. Have his babies
Why don't we listen? You knows, go you'd! Think he'd just go crazy. You crazy, before she probably still might live about creating news. I saw you the ones that are you realize that you ve never been on a bad day. You are always the bad day, so I feel like the job. I believe. No, you know I was you know data. I was just cracking jokes. I like things smart, I see little eyes. He had a great birthday. I saw and show they showed a low snippet, that's how, when Caesar She would save your excellencies. I got no right now, I'm one of you and I replied that alongside the mouth, no they always me having file out of this stuff on the show you should really take me to Syria is. Ours is having fun to do more with a hurry now, because I'm trying to transition into acting and stuff, and I want it. I need it to take a break. I have my fans are really fanatic about me modeling and it's really difficult for me to step out and do anything else besides that, so I just had to take a break from it
I want you to change your name on Instagram in Twitter, yeah, that's exactly why, because it gets caught up. I mean I'm trapped in his body, but you know that the image of Jessica, why in meeting say you translate be art is in the world, not allowing me to do, has There are traveller body, and you know what that means our We got more, would Jessica White when we come back, keep it lacked, don't go anywhere. The breakfast was the rice until a warning ever bodies. Luigi envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club, we have Jessica White in the building as a new show on equal, famously single, now Charlemagne as regards unused no right of insolvency, I'm so that at the moment, because I'm not an early, what do they mean yours like this, we do will, as is growing all honestly. I really have an ILO as since January, if I could get a mammoth squads, Abbe celebrates enemies elements.
Now we are going to reduce your singular because, like you tell guys, element, namely up. Ok, I don't sell thousands Oliver. I sleep with the guy that I'm like I care about No, I was in a relationship were a year, He was the only man I was sleeping with and we were very happy in that department. Element until you meet a guy you honestly, I don't make up the cheating on you. Did that pretty girls feelings when they get you, I think again, Jean Claude. Maybe it's a pessimistic men. Don't you know you don't think that you could be with a man. There would never gee I doing on Wednesday. I think there was that of content. It had so that's. The only thing I can go off of these would examine, don't shoot. You deleted, I go in there and I'm sure you he'd on your government's change this scenario. Now you men talk, she really know so you ve, never change. You, God read me
now many positive yeah forgiven employees. We need to ask those twice the majority of the right. Now, I'm telling you the time I hang it. She did on I forgave twice and then walked away after I was just The little argument to was even their big of a day but I had had enough are alone build. That's a build up to me to be like how did you get those public Graham eagerly awaited cheated on so have you ever seen it? Why I don't kiss? There are cheating I do Harry Dogma which might learn of jazz. Ok. Well, though, my ex was actually in Ireland shooting a movie,
besides the beach, those them why oil is going to be like the wool What do you mean within our luck? I shot him with an island. You are so don't worry, earlier? I hated care. Good and then I had my ex who I loved, but he zoo is like my boyfriend prior to shine. He came back and the pitcher while she was gone, so I didn't necessarily considerate cheated out of that model. Though, some today is not significant along time x, s rooms, a baby mama somebody used to be. You asked what I'm not. That is that so that its heating? Now that's not where we just we we connect. It does say your reconnect, I don't have a problem and nothing happened.
It was all a lot of stuff happens there, while Jessica, that is cheating not now is how do you sell your man who was Jimmy I did not know why he hid no or nowadays, and of his new penis right. As you know, was it technically. This guy have my heart. The wet weather related as your days about he goes, though the job in ethical Madonna at we have excellent Madonna Soggy shared my such phenomena? Why you're gonna make you didn't want me to show good the title famously thing when the idea of going I'm on my way in that's exactly. Why did I know? That's why I voted to connect within the house, the most Oh you mean by connect so high rise, somebody that you still would keep in Canada Maya. Definitely I love her she's. As we heard, I saw their first episode though she was getting into a have. Suddenly I just use notions, hissing and a bathtub naked is given.
Some irish though I like them, I but, like I said to my, is she's. She smiled her or building either her all real degrading land. Will you board using. How are you in our daily give boy so yeah, that's about all near Yankee Boy to basically what she was to solve our term and opportunity. No, that's not what I heard about you re very short it in you. I have all women love shortly and for some reason, are, you Varens Holler man, I'm sure ITALY, random, ongoing next thing. Back in my day before I was a committed individual, five, ten, a better I climb, a tree We assume command last Tuesday night sitting on Eu Thy last night on Ie anymore reality tv known as it is that you cannot set you did it? Aren't you? Yes,
I am always better. Let you have a career muddle throne. I heard you the reality rather than the joke, a volume of yeah. No, I signed a contract with ie and read. In developing, shows together and it was ok. How am I gonna be introduced to the network? Martha hailing networks. Do they lay air Jessica, White United, now devised by what we do something we tonnage. Did anyone I'd? I will have a clause saying that I would. I would not do it come. You know the time of the show when I had to leave, and by that time I was going through a breakup and it kind of just emotionally fit in everything that I was going through at that time. So I just went with it, I will say on the debut episode you didn't do. Anything now is at all embarrassing. I don't do anything. That's embarrassing throughout the shell might like. That's just not really, I wasn't out their acting and I'm not calculated lake that sue and I've never done reality Michel before you, I M, ready to hear you say more than enough, such as having now is just my whole world. Really I wasn't disappear.
Could I beg you know? No, yes, I know she's not gone beyond air. Getting caught up in. Never the breakfast club is just go The report is the rule report, the when we talk about lithuanian suffering from two yet to emergency landings on his part tat when he was buying from Milwaukee back to the West Coast. Where he's back on the road he is not going to slow down at all after he got a treated for those seizures. Now he, according to some sources there saying that he was ingesting an extraordinary amount of lean and hours, leading up to seizures gotta do it. They said during the after party. He was going in and got hospitalized now he had said that he doesn't drink lean any more because of his Caesar's epilepsy. But I guess he has
been so you're gonna have to figure out how to deal. It doesn't make sense at all dialogue. That is true, but you cannot afford a relapse when you got it, a form of Munich Old Age and not be buried in watching you see growth, and we don't know if this issue a clearly. This is just I witness accounts, you know, but according to Tm Z, one on looker said the little weighing down three battles are promising code, Sarah, just by himself in the club non beyond of anomalies door, that simply because a hell you, normally by remaining resources, they seated double company automatically assume, was inside get in and you know everybody battery, some a as our lead away, boars and leaned ass, the first or second, as all away in Porto about ITALY has come by Thursday at the low Adrian three all about only right. So we don't know if that's true enough, and that is why an eye witness told Tansy I rise manager of the blog I witnessed by sign pen had recently
an interview, and it was an interview magazine and he was talking about his son Dennis Happar and he said his little ceremony, son and he was saying I was signed, his name happar pen any sucking about Dennis Happar, but he was saying what he really wanted to do was name his son stake monitoring. Yes, because he loves stakes yeah. He said. His mom was never gonna go for it, so he named assign happar pet dogs had taken rigid. What's your favorite food, would you name your son after your favorite, for we have a daughter coming right now when we are going to vote, sharp eye. Beverly was right and that we would not mean none of my children chick fillet, endeavouring with naming Popeye's Chicken and Egg Alan Labs stake, alas, evil so stay wouldn't be such a terrible
our wounded as other arable nickname stake steak. I just wanna. Eighty Am I right now we're gonna sexy, don't work for you. This was some exciting news to me when I read about this, because one of my favorite shows is returning to HBO after five years or shows this. Your enthusiasm, ok, now you know me, you know I've seen every single episode of heavier enthusiasm ever. This is, of course, a very David, this creator of Seinfeld. So now he is coming back, so I'm excited you. You guys always curve here. There's also a large thou is some exciting news for me. When I read the and Kevin Heart we told you earlier, he has got Rob five hundred thousand dollars worth of jewellery clothing watches. All of that now ya thought, like Kevin. I was up here. Perhaps we launch of a little bit willyum overload here's what he said on the breakfast club. You always
yourself a present after you do it, big project s so what'd you bias of Moscow want each watch goes, I've been to the. Why- and I am delighted that you at amalgam another got awaiting. My third were very valuable five, but in each watch goals with a project, no eight members. Why did you ever by entrepreneurs, What is your man is automatically inherit Thursday? We lied about. Will we like them up? cuz. If you are wolves and you sitting at home- and you didn't say he got thirty five watches you doing the math, you say you only got to rest only where one, why that's thirty four watches just sitting there when his prey of right now, man very well anyway, I surveillance cameras everywhere, and he has to security gate so daylight they should figure. Who did it absent? I got a feeling. Their job is gonna, be out one day and you go look at. My aim was pranks raising Jose man. I watch look familiar Erech South
inside job. Did me watch your plastic cup boys, Kiev, and that is your rank. Look like he still establishment, lady his guide. All right. Thank you, MRS Charlemagne. Yes, we give it down. Could you won T J gurgling? Did it Correia? Hong Kong is back on his is being read, have been created. Problems include poverty, economy back on it vs above Oh, my god, oh my god outdated. You don't do that! No, my dear you dog you what one. If, if you want me to tease you dont like yours, my don't feel guarantees might doesn't love baby. I keep telling I've been theme at a weakened, Spread love. We need more love. Less hate in this story is a prime example of that. Past the in Sacramento, Nay regimen as we need to come to the front of the congregation. We would like to have a word with em rationalized him, and what did I say tenacity
what the hell were. You may be him an avenue, sparely j- I am. I am uneasy because in Spanish, don't don't they Well, you know why I leave me alone. I don't leave em all evil and I need to know why I ve was billionaires. Heaven is spreading like heavy valuable paper Jose jail? I as a know, I know that to fetch a desirable jealous ones still envy jail. I see Jose they. Ninety percent I have learned a lot from rap music. Proud now issued, as has the same rule, is Jose Jessica, Roger heaviness. We come back even larger the brightness locomotives
but Don T. Other days, Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mixed adult. I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other bay is a new white dog. You today for Wednesday Jewel fifteen goes to a past in Sacramento name, Roger Mynors Centre, right angles. No, ah you found great amid is now is this treaty was giving a sermon, adversity, Baptist Church and has in terrible things some terrible things to say the land or night clubs shooting they killed fifty people now we all know by now that Post night club was a gay night club right S, no secret out. Ok, no, no see Well, I've been Tellin ya, weak sexual orientation of these people are the mad at me. Hated hate you, the woman wrong is wrong. I don't care what those people and
what would happen to them with tragic period, but for some what those people in their clubs sector. Orientation was mad as it matters. How do you feel about the situation and pass the rajah? Homenas is one of those people you ready to be pissed off this morning? Ladies and gentlemen, while I go to CBS the thirteen for report, local a sack of mental Baptist preacher issued extreme and troubling comments in a video tapes sermon actually praising the Orlando Club attacks. Are you sad that fifty per thousand, today. No, I think that's great. I think, society, They got a lot of water as a little safer tonight as Christians. Should we not be morning the death of these fifty vile, perverted predators, where's the government. What well put them up against a fine now put on farms what volume blogger brides out? Ok
Where do we begin me? So many things wrong path, Roger Roger minutes say we manufacture call him rotten Rodger from now on. I can't call that man to pass the only pass. I acknowledge it past the young Jeezy that is and pastor call it suit. My brother called which project you said fifty slash, fifty pedophiles right, prejudice when at no ok, I knew puzzle good night club play for the algae BT community to congregate. But I didn't hear anything about it. Being a night club for pedophile pedophiles and almost actual the two different things right are you can behind you presented this, making sure that even have while clubs is it a place where those who love under age flesh come the party? I wouldn't know it well, if it is, blow to building up. Ok, if that was the case, rotten Roger, I would be which you, deaf to our pedophiles, led him up. Brains, I let you say, but they're, not pedophiles, ok, they're, not prejudice decision to case this was a gay night club last summer. Check the Uk Latham, I checked, being gay. Wasn't a crime in this.
Is one of the reasons I'm spiritual in that religious, ok, some religious people, animals degree human beings you ever meet on one hand, it will point descriptors like Matthew, seven, one five which says do not judge you too will be judged. The measure you use, it will be measured to you. They'll go to look six thirty, seven to forty two and says this is do not judge, and you will not be judged, do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgiven you'll be forgiven at all, and there are those who have just get me into bibles that people preach from all the time and they ignore those she's. Ok, I've been Tellin ya all week. Hate is the route to all of these issues and believe it or not the same hate. Oh mom. Teen had when he went in the polls night club, mutual, all those people the same here they're right Mirage. Has the kind of that has no sympathy, no empathy and absolutely no remorse for whatever its hate gnawed, because, and arrived at in. You think this through ok, bad enough. These people have been murdered, but you wooden pedophiles and prejudice how you to pray it was you got my did down into only
you should have been condemned in your sermon, was almost eighteen. Ok but, like I always tell ya, we live in an era when people treat the victims of crime like the perpetrator of the crown, you treatin unmerited, like the murderer, which makes no sense to me. Ok, rotten raja passed his answer. Both his bread hate they supposed to spread love, especially when the problem we are dealing with is hate. Ok of you know, and that right Mirage of which parliament is supposed to help us solve problems not continued in, and I know you offered a solution of lining all a gay people up and blowing their brains out. But no, it's not how anyone at all SIRI, ok of men, I any it is worth GB, retina message, Love Roger, remember, proverbs, ten to twelve. Where says hatred stirs up descent but love covers all wrongs la Now how about first? John nineteen to twenty was that we love because you first loved of loved us. If anyone says I love God hates his brother. He is I
but when we do not, love is rather whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. Love love, love here we run around in the words of Avenant. You can't solve a problem with the same mindset that created it. I repeat: you can't solve a problem with the same mindset. That created it Roger Romania is the biggest he hopped lease, ok, but I can't believe people sit evaluation so disappointing to me their people and still create that How can you sit? There listens at a guide in college, a bastard and ask where money is congregation. Give yourself a he high as well thank you, but I don't get a certain when we come back. Ask ie! If you need relationship advise you can call you, right now, eight hundred five, eight five one or five. Once you put your live on the air and help you- which your I call right now. Eight hundred five, eight five one on five one is can't jewels, don't mind some breakfast lagoon.
I wasn't Chris. What's your fantasy morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club is surfer. Ask IE eight hundred five aid for What oh five one allows this escalation me she was acquitted. Visa freedom has been dealt with a half an hour our thanks and our Inverness. If you are nice, if we never talk- and I mean you gonna- move together as of next year, but within a month passes, we probably think these are two times than under the sun as if it were a golden onto. That's your boyfriend yadda two times a month exactly what but when you does, he just need a place to stay now. You have I am pleased that I have two thousand here who find it used on custody of right now,
Are you worried by within a week you weren't sixty to eighty hours a week and I get there, but if I beg you not have enough time for calm, you leave the ones. For the moment. We do hog air when we are around each other. Everything bank is perfect. I have no complaints about this man outside of the fact that we now each other. Well, there's a couple of things: he hampers the boy. No notes had twice a month move China. Now you say when you together, there's no complaints, but are you in love with him? Could you now, please if you have it? but I'm not in love with our communications skills. Here issues that yeah both have kids and you dont want to throw kid in the middle of a mix of something that you are confused about. So my recommended, into. You is let him know, here's the issue This is why I feel like we can move and together we don't even in a cane enough. Only talks you twice a mother,
for like we're at that level. Now, if you feel like you, wanna put forth their effort within the next six tonight. Months in really show me that this is a real relationship and how this is gonna work and make that efforts to see me speak to me, do more than that, and then we can consider, but until I feel more comfortable, I'm that pudding south or my children or your child. In that situation, you'd have greater understanding or airily is thank Eel data greater by the truth of the matter is really just a jump off that he smashes every now and then the troops in my bag. You we don't even have. Therefore we arrived, he said about, I can't be outlined in Rwanda, labour somebody, you don't even have sex with you, not your man, you're like cooed ESA is mentally to guys is friends allows there's a vessel their day. There was coarse if he so. My question is: why do guys always have the paper everything how long the Borgo really papers every question you are right now Are you going on a lot of birth dates? I've been on a few outside here array, so usually honor.
First, if you ask a girl out, then, yes, you should pay for her, because it's gonna make a good impression on a woman. I do feel like when you been data, for some time. You know a little bit of time. Then Women should be offering to pay, or at least go debt or paper you sometimes, but if you're going on a lot of first day says just when it is, are you about? Are you in a relationship not now blow were being single in data is expensive without really my question here: how long before she really should operate like about prosperity, but today the way that I am on a first date, I'm not going to offer to pay by. I may say: ok, I got you next time. If you took me out on a day and now you know Bilbil like four men Aladdin Times as where to me. If a guy doesn't want to pay or tries to go? Debts does not a good first impression to make, as I do feel like a man should be trying to impress me Do I give a woman as you out on a date, then she should pay. If you're the one asking for dates, then you should pay
he asked you to day than you could go debts or she could pay for you, but it that's a real issue for you. I just want to say that by being single sometimes is not the move. If you don't feel, I spend a lot money now. I do fear after y'all have gone out on some consecutive days. If she doesn't offer to pay, then that should be something that you'll have to figure out and discuss. Some women feel like they should never have to pay. Anything, because I know women my best summer Magala mention offered to pay for their bills. The paper here offered a paper everything it was already gotta go easy Lee struggle a little bit about short radical. I prefer my money on women for no reason. And Amazon you and no reason you means which we believe is declared women's day, make this Madame of money they may make for every dollar they jaw make we make about. Seventy send out Alyosha fatal knows not because you pay, because you give the more you get Calabro get you a girlfriend of you. Don't wanna keep
has been a money for no reason pagoda go to cheaper places, go for a walk in there. You go, ask IE, eight, five, a viable firewood have unique relationship advise collar right now, with the breakfast locomotive talent designer panda morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela YE shall remain the guy. We oughta breakfast club with minimum of Ask IE eight hundred five five one o five one do not. Of course, if you can call allow, there is clearly a lily was of course appreciate. The question is: how do I get
baby moment drama out of my life. Ok was that was the problem with the baby mom. We have all kinds of mobile phones Richard. My pretty much doesn't have any reason to harass bother anyone about, but he just continue to find ways to do it and trees constantly sending people to my heart, then of her fellow anywhere else. I don't have any foundation have my son. He paper to reason so excellently live in nothing. He felt he can tell her leave me alone of all my phone to my wife. Everyone has to do with you. She'll tell her. I think it should be left to turn she'll tell me there. You know to send him back to her. I mean he knows it
well, let's just right. I've heard it like. I don't wanna get physical unknown to them. We older than her, and I don't want to counter level. What do I do, and you know for a fact that your husband is doing the right thing. He is now entertainers, where many does not one in his life he's not. You don't have no inkling of feeling, like he's messing with her to know, because, since even in court, when we went to court- and we got full currently made it clear to the job, like. I do not want her to have. My number is a history of her had met her to her wound me in any way, shape or form levels become my wife. Maybe women could deal with it better because we in her work and then and he let the patient won't give up. The more recent picture was that yesterday, ok
but here is what I'm gonna say see clearly is doing its cause she's trying to break your lapses. China cause issues in your relationship is causing some issues right. It is making a very difficult for me in every way, because now, she's gettin, am I on my phone now serving your though we ve Adam. He was an he'd chagrined pouring stuff into his head about me and math, better than aren't because I'm his mom technical, you know I'm leaving him, I'm doing everything for him or whenever he sees her. He come back to me with all these questions. She even told them that I hold work there. How can I I broke up their family? Where are your dad? Oppo hurt better woman. Now I'm going to give you some advice on the situation. Cuz I've seen this actually happened to a lot of people. Wear outside forces are trying to interfere with what you have going on at home because I would have we think this is good, but you and you and your man, but do not let her miserable person interfere, which our relationship
very supportive of your man throughout this process and make sure he supportive of you as well may shortly to let him know that you are aware that he's doing what he is supposed to do and she's the one that has an issue you don't ever want to make. Is that everything that she's doings affecting your relationship, because that is a goal that is, our mission has been really have been, because sometimes I do, I believe finally the EU needs a unitary? Let him know baby leg. I know you. Are everything that you can do another these women, and this is gonna pass in some time. Maybe she needs to get of a man, by my life. Clearly she's, not happy. By don't let effect you you let him know. I support you and we're gonna get through this together. And then comes home you, let him know how much you love em. You treat him exceptionally well any questions that he has you answer. If you let him know less in color, your father has moved on, and obviously I love you. He loves you. Your mother loves you as well, where she's just mad at me, so anything she tells. You just know that she's doing that because she's mad at me and
has nothing to do with you. Everybody loves you. You know to the utmost. I'm sorry that you have to hear things like this, but you know that in anything. You want to talk to me or communicate with me about I'm here to help you in any questions you may have, but what you have to do it, be strong in your relationship in which a man so that you conclude that outside force out of your life, ok, I suggest you remember how I had been I'd. Seen you guys are a team. I know I know he tells me that all the time you think really got to me because just the other day he's got a picture to him and it would you know not appropriate with this in mind and he'd like you know, I don't know how they had my number because he doesn't give her his number. Ah, you Don T have is making a bad decision of who he dated before you. And I'm sorry it's fresh training to Hamburg. Let your relationship break down because of it ya. Gotta, stick together on this and then, if anything, let him make your relationships stronger. Thank you. Go law both do
I ask ye eight hundred Friday, five one or firewood. If you have, of course, if you can always call her or email, a breakfast club aimed at Gmail Back Marquis yeah, we got room is coming up. Yes, we are going to talk about. Heaven hide unfortunate sitting, what happened with him, you guys been partly, was develop here, also tray song he had the poor parties similar to what you re dead and things got a little crazy and designer talks about being a bag? Kid panda arrive remote keypad, more breakfast club, breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club, The report is the Reul report, whose glove Diner recently did an interview anytime you about some things that happened to him when he was young.
In Brooklyn now you go, you might even genius. He's Eddie was a bad kid and when I say younger I mean I was fourteen years old when happen sets about in the streets check it out. I will la la la with murder. I got home. I have lived in this regard There was a moment of blood in that moment of blood. I wasn't all serious. I was in Oslo Terminal as a former mayor images that moment, your mind, nor was opposed to Mama, they are mammals, pass out a morbid a design. The authority itself? May you from Brooklyn I can go ease New York, pink out projects and find a fourteen year old away were stored in their eyes. Fighting years, though they haven't annual, was that embodies in Prague right, that's what he was saying that they want to be outpacing. That's when I knew I wasn't supposed to be out. There was at tat moment he said my business agrees in chains. Is life ain't gonna get shot? Rather he not go out there,
have to kill. Seven people to realise is not for him to a young man in the pink our projects right now, seven bodies in fifty years now not even have a license. Don't shout out loud, you shall tat out. We can live together their performance- you did you bet it. Bad life of disaster is coming out later this year now show signs recently had a huge pool party kind of similar to wear Avenant Drakes House, because all these girls are finding out of you guys. Are this footage this video footage? Yes, but it is definitely a girl fight at the poor party. Now, it was seven hundred people they, including Kevin Durrant, was there it will shoulder tv videos in a girl. They all got the same chief weaved. They say mouth is rainbow. Wi Fi, madam, have its little fight Nova, sat in a simple
are you all you have to fight over all the guys they will run trained on you they'll share gap in USA angle. The rainbow arise here. The same lady AOI, that'll, Hyades Ban in Europe, bathing season, everybody's, petty wine snapchat and on the Graham Do- and I don't do that on the whole, I write all my Martine now there's more things that happen with him. There saying that he had, he had his own profile up on grinder and he also was one different websites, China Day people who use Adam for Adam and he would send shattered penis out a different man tat. He would never satisfy the later. It was grand grinders of Oda. Lack like you know, no aground on the ground is asking you, sir.
Young grind new way. There always random Obama. You got my guy, I think, on Adam for Adam S. Apparently he was just had a lot of different issues about being into man and I really wanted to face it. Any definite was reaching out to different men and
of that, but I guess he was struggling with his sexuality needed a boyfriend for himself. All the wasn't there. If you had a boyfriend product, remember the FBI's now investigating his potential activity and Oliver now cabinet. We told you about his house. Getting broken into five hundred thousand dollars of items went missing were looking at his instagram and just one minute ago he posted himself running. He said I just to not the bs I swear. I have the best angel in the world a k, a my mother, Nancy, a high are ip MA. Am I always put things in perspective? People material items can be taken away at any time, but a positive outlook and understanding of life and what's really important, can never be compromised and the heart household I have what I value the most It is my family and my health. Thank you for all your support impairs. We are good people. I love you offer loving me terms, absolutely right as beautiful. You just posted that we know you're, not home, Renate IRAN. Now That was not a lot and you up again, and that is your room. A report on the
Alright, they invited his death material things, though it does have its health. Thank goodness. Nobody was hurt. Now shall to revolt. Tv will see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else to people shows mixes up, naturally, is something at DJ. Envy eight hundred five, eight five one off I wanted to breakfast locomotion,
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