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Freaky Friday with a Hint of Righteousness


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Even so, we must treat this morning is big day and everybody says in its banana gawayne. Maybe the ruler rubbing the wrong way the breakfast ravaged by Mama
Good Lord, you, a YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go go: go online and Angela YE minorities Charlemagne began. Please did a planet is Friday. It's Friday. Yes, man weathers. Finally, nice it was that started in extra had, but it's like, so degrees, which is nice New York City right now, there's been called last couple of weeks. I had a weather is great good, I'm in Miami now, oh, you know. For me, the weather is amazing. Right now my balls, not even used it- is gonna humidity, to which you said your ball. Don't you have to, but you know it hung like this and allow above the weather in New York in New Jersey kind of keeps you test was close to your body, but here in Miami they hang. How can guess of those not so tomorrow stories I got my neck
this morning, drunk one of those Bonham about you, let them data. Now. Yesterday, I'm still planning, of course, my two year old and three are all deterrent reinforce actually in a couple of days, and we have a huge party at the house is a carnival parties would get everything together. You forget how much you have to do when you have people coming by your house how much you actually have to prepare in that the rise in the staff. Like you have to make sure your house looks. Good The thing that you don't do like kings light bulbs and our wise in order. I think that you know how I got powers to greater power. Never have you thought about this patent chicken thing. Have anybody told you that does not a normal thing that happens at a carnival? It's a petting zoo. So what everybody was they bring animals that the kids? can actually touch and play with sewed era ponies There are obvious
Goats, nobody wants a pet, no damn go, I'm a data. Maybe I thought about this last night. I really thought about this. Last Malcolm you caught you Hon, some guy you, cod is carnival place. It heard the blackness. And your voice and they through chickens be funny when it came to the patent zoo and you fell for it. You know that you want a lama, you want a low pet pet giraffe. What about a chicken using all have cool? When are you going Have you ever credited chicken? Him then think about the avenue? Alighted chickens? Yes, ever in your life? queen. There was no real Patten's lose out there, that illicit country boy, we don't pet shakier chase chicken down the country, say them grab ripped. They make poverty making her I'm ok, let's move! what kind of animal would like to see them If it was you of animal, and we would like to play with alarming. Let me bro have a lot more than those zebra. You can't get a Zebra Campbell's Campbell's you can't get in New Jersey is dead, there's a funny rule with with
What's amateur animals they gave you want? Did they do? We have a pony, ok, we have a lamp. Ok, we have limits well time, like a monkey, couldn't get a monkey guerrilla. Don't you get it, related grab, you can't do it at a house. Man I gotta get to elevate, but the elephant was busy. I guess it is for to whole what about a tiger. Woods in a busy right now tat we gotta get Tiger woods at target. A rapporteur enjoys a jewish ultra low right now, like an pandering. Knowing a panda you can get a panda to animals I was busy to, I was busy to elevate, will work and he was work any you baby got. Allow me a we gotta chickens and traditions
and it is for get the got any kangaroo. Ok, ok, that's cool around gonna Kangaroo and they said some type of cat is not a regular cat, but I'm not a word. No, it's like an exotic had no not aligned. As you cannot live in your house. Malice things can maybe something like. I should remind you re a Jaguar. Could you live in a quiet activity like wily Kiley? No, Cairo, Michaela, kids. He was wrong at you. Could you gotta resident within a gallery to shut up and we'll talk, and we all need to Harry body on the background? Megan Allah, noise, ok, amnesia and gallery I've ever going to these new. What's in front page news, we're gonna, take that we have to tackle it takes this morning. Down on tramp on Paris was gone on, but that also the travel ban. He's trying to bring about more or we'll keep Breakfast Club preface morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club and Charlemagne to answer you. We also have ducks cows,
thank you. Ruin kangaroos in Addis utmost Lama go and you got chicken Summer day something you could claim to have a patent soup. It s not like dinner to me between between goats, no dogs, chicken, you don't you know, Most tasty I've got there. Ghost does chickens. What else you say how God although we are Gardena Moscow front, page news guys and ass now last night was MBA finals. The warriors beat, the calves was thirteen ninety one, but that first Cora Furs corner was amazing, nasty way basketball should play high energy, I mean they would jump out in Jim. Everybody was trying to really play. That's the way you play the game which demeanor by to try to really I what what's medium of actually watching the game at one of our favorite spots here in Miami finger licking, ok, look my guy e class, but on other Morocco is, can be a tough when the border areas and pointed ears computer from four, but it is really not even Pharaoh, but I can't even there's enough,
Lebron does have a couple all stars on his team that need to step up car need to step up, Kevin Love needs to step up, and they could be a very formidable opponent to the golden state warriors and that first quarter? Oh, my goodness, now, let's talk about Donald Trump, the has announced yesterday that he is withdrawing the United States when the Paris climate accord and that be pretty bad. As a hundred and ninety five nations that have signed onto this so we'll be. I think one of only three that I'm not gonna be involved because he felt like it's too much economic pressure on the United States, so it is in America first policy, for example, shrub. He said he is open to every brokering. U S car, reduction commitments, bats according other nations their thing. We can just change. Every based on just the United States. That wants to renegotiate the just the request of one single party. Where one is The in Christmas in New York, city Trump will get the picture.
And this is all in case you're, not sure what this is all about. Scientific studies are showing that if we continue carbon emissions unchecked the way that it has been then atmospheric temperatures will continue. The rise. The planet will get hotter and will suffer from rising sea levels, more powerful storms and out, that will lead to food shortages and other very extreme conditions. Put even more if perspective we make of three percent of the world, but I think we do about what third of the emissions. These pollution from us we're gonna, jump Hathaway them. In order to fulfil my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the United States will withdraw from the Paris, I'm an accord but begin negotiations to re enter either the parish record or in really in time. Really new transaction The agreement is less about the climate and more about other countries gained financial advantage over the United States. While
look at when it comes to climate change, thing is only about the world getting hotter aloud not a work as hard is going to ask actually affect, other things like the sea level is powerful storm that we said shrouds that led the food shortages other things that will be a result of that or what about what is like spill cool in New York like right now we're supposed to be high animal Of course we need somebody amid explains in climate change and also a lot the saddened. You Charlemagne, Michael Cause, I heard a bunch of stores are closing. It is that kind of Charlemagne have anything to do with what am I who goes back back in my bays beggar. My whole days when I was out he had been a play, a player in that a frightful man like I am now well anyhow battle going on them like it. I've got another Dominican, some like that: the lack of public life, the toys, black clouds, decline so much over the past couple of years. The company is closing up to two hundred and twenty five stores this year. While,
remedy them. You have not seen joy until you bought the dominican woman. Oh my god, I mean a path in a rapid and family Mamma will be our faithful, pose and with it I don't know what it is. I don't know what he did with dominican women and Michael COD bag. It stays at their life. My power I guide. As for a page news, get it off my chest, eight hundred five, eight five. What oh five one of your upsets need event Corliss now, maybe you feel blasted what to call this, whatever it may be, get it off my chest, eight hundred five, eight five. One of five one is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast club. Is it your time to get it off your chancellor? The young man from Luanda breakfast on your law allows is global. And gave her mother sounds like you change your name. You bless, does want about better bled like I don't know
thirty years ago and allow my time- and I did not want to be blood I have been here. I woke up this morning now it s like a little better in my life. Had thirty you, though, the latter Iraqi in Orlando. You know they were ass, it s point yet earlier by radically got you already I am. I am glad that you say you take care of. You know I thought of the day I a doktor jasper in Charlotte endowed ass with a relatively young man, he told me: he had a heart attack a few years. Rarely, and he said he thought it was heartburn ain't even thought to go to the hospital, but he was Somebody told him to go and you went and he was having a my heart attack and ever since then I ve been a survival. Yet all week clutching much as for no damn reason, allows is who's. This, stone. Yes
when, as you all the data will be envied, Britain's zoos are everyday. You could carry. Will Peter Liese impression. Is your boy Johnstone? I am a man? Is high? Porter parties was abroad. What about a guy eighty than blogger, the artist s name, more rule nine God may occasionally. We shall look into the party. Look will wait, Laplante muck his body, yeah man, woman and you go to my seventh vary too so eloquently my little son. I didn't invite me put a party man. I didn't invite you to try getting when sir. Did you give me some water bodies? you need a party and ever
You see a need for further work. Do not bring a border point, is the economy which are imported body and you need to listen to me for the rapporteur may come and how he would envy every nearing accompany. Nobody come at an invite. You Newport Party Guy, a dangerous as every coin you in my dream, Jane I think you should let us store perform, so you let the kid see what they shouldn't be in future, I could sit in the didn't, dump and Charlamagne going sit in it. Did they would each other now be though we could do that men man to best all too much. For me right there on the end made, there came a gadget
Why did the aims? Don't I, as everybody I said, we also have some ideas would be observed, the enemy and whether you don't answer, but they don't really get off your chest. Eight hundred five, a five little fire one if you upset- or you bless call us Now- is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast is your job to get an obvious asked whether you man, but we want to hear from you wanna breakfast allows this day celebrated Mama, my ready, I was I to get through what we love you Mamma, but why are you bless just cause you got through now? this morning, I gotta farm boy, why the lions pays you right now. Do you go That's what I like to hear so let it
grab, one o clock Asia from TAT Day days, dowdy, sellen, legal job. You got to be selling legal dope and a future Roma man. Why thank you, Mamma tell him, I you bless or tell the volume at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five thousand one hundred and five, when they even got rumors on the way and find out what is more fall out. They, Cathy Griffin, is, having only did you lose a gig CNN, but there's a he's going down find out about Regina King. She has a brand new show. Coming was how you, where I have half song, is based on our will, get into all that when we come back, you locked the breakfast welcome on. The breakfast club,
about the war annually on the breakfast work. Happy graven has led to more venues that have cancelled here shows ever since, holding that Bloody Donald Trump Head and a photo now altogether, that's five place is by venues that have officially cancelled on hurts. Whore, says you're gonna be there. Press conference today, and I I guess you, to explain and elaborated advisers. Again it should dumb ass down. You know is: why was why hate when people do things like this, because it's not even sincere, does she's only data because of the backlash she is receiving, where, according to the press, release for at the press conference that she's having its has earned This weakness, Griffin released a controversial photograph of result posing with a foe, bloody mask of damage. Chums face, Miss Griffin, Amis Bloom, that's her attorney! Well, it's
the true motivation behind the image and respond to the bullying from the family- that she has endured, see I hate when people teams now want to come together would a plan what you should have done it when she first came up with that idea. Kathy Griffin team is tell it. I wasn't a good idea but now she afterburners she's gonna fix it. Now why money? This is affecting a career, and that does not, of course, a necessary, but she's gonna fix a life. You don't do that and then complain about being bullied back down on companies family and I agree with that- and also by the way, if you try to make a statement, if you're trying to make some broader political statement, we don't even respect ass, they many more cause you only the standby it right. As soon as the heat came you backed away from its you knew tat. I was gonna, bring you he did you notice, typee area Andy's Manchester Benefit concert sold out and under sixty minutes. That's that one love Manchester Forty five thousand tickets and less than six minutes. So we told you who was added is going Justin Bieber Black eye, peas, call play Miley. Cyrus Little makes Katy Perry, take them
as their Rabby Williams for railway aims and some surprise guess as well, and this is happening on June. Four kilograms: listen to drop, one could not met no stab in Philadelphia underground. You are right and regain a king is teaming up with Jane it ain't. They gonna be working on an adaptation of his song from nineteen. Eighty seven is a hip hop song. Cod, send a fella here, song occasion, never heard it. I get buried right, the sun's. Obviously their male varies in cinderellas into fella, where we believed that we would have more good. We have some eighteen eighteen year old, twenty old listeners who have never heard of David Day Nothin develop right. I think the male version- the male hip hop version of Cinderella, shabby pretty exciting this ain't that ice cube mighty.
Might even join in on the projects and send a fella. You know she played a tiger that I will be a good role. Photographers type of life is kind of like cinderellas colleagues, MC class glass, liquid, he took it back right now. We don't know how real this is our night, but real sidekicks of Charlotte I've been seeing these for the past few days right. These pictures from this alleged show it has it Instagram account, has a website and more I got to know if this is a real or not. Is it well? The Athena theories, is going to follow. The lives is seven different side sides. Six representing Charlotte. Neither creed, is of the show of said. The show is based around the sides. Six perspective using men from money. The same way men use them to bear these women have no desire to be wives, our main six. They are perfectly ok with you, positions. They more than to have fun now, the show they can
reveal who the women are dating. They packed with drama originally easier voluntarily or those Google and the show is reportedly negotiations with several network by the way If you are my side chick- and you decide to be on that, show you not my side chick no more, so I wanted to all the brothers in Charlotte dating any of these women cut him off, but that's ok has none. Adele wives, shows have real wives and them anymore either. So it could be a former psychic does true value that it all honest group measure but care the rule of law. I saw. I would think so. So I don't know and have to change their name, but we'll die too If Charley, I don't, you can real ukase, where real than they are now outside mean. That's the only thing. That's a real just another example of why it don't even pay to have aside it now the can rat heap decides is quiet. To be a time. You could tell him sit down, he disliked the pizza and be quite not anymore.
They all is how could be socially living. In reality, tv is not worth it. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour reports more. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are. The breakfast club is getting some front page news. The last night the Warriors Cavs right warriors beat the Cavs won one thousand three hundred and ninety one, I'm not going to lie that first quarter was a great fast. Or gay men. Actually I mean they will go unheard. The energy out of docking in shooting in how really was what Amazing ass, I want all series to be awful. Cortisone made I've got it's gonna be interrupted. You can sell disgrace level on the broad James based on his hair lie, watches Erle by game theory. If his airlines thought be by game free. I don't think they stand a asking a lot of people at the game. I seen a whole that the game I seen game, I seen game. I don't understand two short I seen at the game. I seen forty.
How does the handle that was at the game? It? Don't you disrespect empty handed course, name him. It was at the game you, nor was it What about that? I like em, is: does this is going on a random Thursday with enough get all of you will get money and private jets demographic bewildered. How do you want to be when I wanna be a game to us in Kevin? I ve got a picture of him on a private jet everything they will again ascending passive caps, India from cell planed. Privately now, let's talk Donald Trump. Yes downwards, rob. He has announced yesterday that he is withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate Accord hears what he had to say in order to fulfil my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens. The United States will withdraw from the Paris climate of What begin negotiations to re enter either the Paris a court or in really entirely new transaction The agreement is less about the climate and more about other.
Trees gaining a financial advantage over the United States. Right well, one hundred and ninety five nations have already signed on to that, and so now Donald Trump saying United States will not participate and that you is basically just an agreement that you're going to actually of from anything that causes more carbon emissions in the environment and wealthy nations have agreed to provide a hundred billion dollars a year to help developing countries move away from fossil fuels and used more renewable power supplies. I don't know too much by climate change. All I know is that is still called in New York City and it is June. Ok, actually June second, and is still can the chilly there right. I am against national areas located with sixty degrees. Earlier It is gonna, be eyes. Seventy so's low cheerleaders Novak we still when hoodies in light jacket. Something is clearly wrong with the climate. That's all. I know all right now. I want you to study to tell me that I also ye Michael Code
is now. This is very sad. I notice is very close to Charlemagne. Heart was news corridor less make acquires is shutting down more store than ever this year. These sales have been down so bad that the company is closing up to one hundred and twenty stores and not saying that is gonna, look any better for the future. So at one point company was one of the biggest retail stores with four years of twelve twenty five percent annual sales growth will now may have one head where the worse performances in fashion a retail period. You know, a lot of dominican women, have abandoned Michael cause and a lot of men have abandoned their dominican Sidechick sword away way works. Is you by your dominican, psychic Michael cause back and she loves you? but now those days are over and since those days are over, the stores afford my right. Well, less able to Michael calls back, I don't know, maybe six seven years ago, vote four dominican, woman and change the life like what,
It is interesting that the whole bit her lip it's like they pass it around the whole fairly bills, Facebook holes and would it is its interests like Woman in the household will be passed in and around on Facebook Poles, and would it alone something very much like the dominican women as markets. Men now cause. You see a lot of men. I care where mercies and saddles validly a nice open like it. You know who else cute Michael cause push you to Pusha T of a when I said It wasn't me sad. Never by a woman Michael causes something important to say something like that. I don't know I don't like him and ass. It had been about Michael Chorus Then we will ask for page news now where we come back it's Friday. So you know what that means. I forgive regular review, jogged masturbation now, one of the young Ladys their works up here was a master morning. It's not me, Now that you and she was the story about the camera to shine rhino face while we're ask an eight hundred,
five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five one have you ever got caught masturbating. This is a great topic and I'mma tell you why I'm currently reading a Kevin Hart's book, it doesn't come out till next week in Florida. I can't make this up life lessons and it's a section and there we talked about Patrice O Neill and how Patrice O was staying with him rest in peace to protect Oh, no. He actually walked in on Patrice O Neill masturbating. Well, yes, and it made me think, I'm like they would have a master greatness ranges house and then maybe thing was not a stranger. Worried lighthouse? Don't like us, stay in the weekend, our air, but that's kind of weird, I will eight hundred five hundred and eighty five thousand one hundred and five. When we talked and masturbation this morning, have you ever got caught. Masturbating call us up right now for breakfast local morning morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. It's free,
do you know what that means? Cuz, it's raise freaky freaky, freaky Friday question is masturbation, have ever masturbated anger court that is losing. This is an amazing question, oh Giles ridden Kevin hot book Kevin Hearts book he talks about how he walked in and caught. Chris O'Neill God, goblet dead, masturbating said at his house, Was there with him when he woke up and he wanted to have a conversation with trees. We will call the number of trees with an answer, and so he walked in and copper trees, put some baby oil and his Iran is ankles, that's crazy, yet another guy as they do, they always use a baby. Loyola lotion, dry, low use of it a real lack of be. No. I think of you knows the best lotion from estimation says my password. I because yes, it has taken, it will it's my masturbation yesterday Veni from jury. Sure, and he was saying that he doesn't use anything. He just uses his hand when no lotion and nothing you must be ensured.
Our second Zika low noise force can that Mozart is right, not only have you ever get caught never gotten cots math in an uncertain. I'm thinking about it and math bidding for quite a while. I know I I mean math based masturbation to me as like doing a number to. Let you just don't do it anyway. I am watching you know what I'm saying like you, you said things up the right way and you may show you have a certain amount of privacy, so you can get it out. So I've never done ranges house. No, I've never done it like in a bubble bathroom anywhere. I gotta do it anymore the in my own, all war in a hotel yang this week than ever that we do want to know which macerated about this we, but he had. No, I never got forty the right. You ye not now masturbating, and I been summoned as his house and masturbated so far will allow a huge, masturbate, her fellow their wishes,
just a job. Now you have man, I mean every. Why were you masturbating at a baby calibre lessen our that my brother's wife babies shower? What about the house? all of them out and let you know a little loud boasted. So we get the dragon me a month lemme go. We get the dragon, it is not true he'll be handled don't drink any ass. He thought. Why do we need on another girl frisky without ignoring the looming up? They're gonna get ready. I work tomorrow, and I just somebody got more than the house and my mother in law walked well call me- you think. What does he think he is I leave, or does he stay? What had? I would issue days? She was three meals you, the aldermen Ladys to sales. I
run doll. I got a guy just ran out as their mean little boy, why you may not mean that I, oh my god, I can't believe you're doin but there is a Jew. I guess Labour Cato those even these promises. To pee wee anyway? have you ever gonna call. Masturbation shot, a fiction, masturbation gal. I draw to fix a guy on a body of you. Wanna friction masturbation level go aggravated nothing masturbating who, by the way, I'm shot you know like in on any account masturbating. No, not yet eight hundred under five, a five. What or five wanna have you ever got court masturbating call us now is to breakfast club good morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club as fraud. As you know what that means, for you ask and eight hundred five five one off. I won't have you ever got court masturbating. I have never got court. Masturbating Charlemagne hasn't annually
As you know, a heavy masturbating I now a days and make my baby Don kinda have sex, though, why nothing, but I have no masturbation as that need them most. I, when I was freaking kinky, but ok about. I want ya to God and get cowhide book it come on next week and I was reading, read it in his funny. They were doing this I literally read yesterday about how the in Greece or near rest in peace to him was day, would Kevin hard Winter in case he woke up one morning. I want to talk to the trees and you couldn't fibre trees and he walked in and copper trees. What his pants around his was in some baby ass. We actually caught Patrice O Neill Master, beware and other government. I would never masturbating somebody's house, my wireless, for life, never say never. Have we ever got caught masturbating Let me talk to me, but he had ever thought about that. I have already
They look. I am everyone have backed by whatever air heatedly meat that is, above all about don't do called unquote, take a shower after we ve been at his back, but really I was born at a. Why didn't you just Robin have run into a private? like don't know how make him feel bad. You gotta make him feel bad like what let me finish with you couldn't finish I want to say I'm sorry and I hope you got to be ashamed. When you don't make your girl orgasm, we won't get better unless we get a chance. It's just like that team and you got to tell if a people that fat you got to tell me who don't make you orgasm? They don't make you orgasm hello who's. This I won't let you I am, but I'm Kalamazoo Michigan. Ok, you got your master, what have? I bet I got caught by maintenance man hours in my bedroom. Having a good time, I mean a really good high and I heard the door open air. He hurt me he was like I'm fine. I got the wrong apartment. I was still
you ruined what could have been a great porno, but what you have don't have given somebody a great porno script, a masturbating maintenance man's is walking all got the wrong apartment. You don't have the wrong apartment come here. When we were unable bigger about that. Follow me. I did think about that. I really want me to do was an attractive. Romania was out, but I work though a mere thou, but the next day I want I went to bed the oftener than I complain, and you know you got a wry Dan, the ideal, I would ask you to table Britain, they don't you realize what God, given you a blessing your? How best some perfectly good penis walks in and you don't take advantage of. You call him see Charlemagne article vantage of easy to Marina Labrador when you masturbate those problems.
Finally, we think about our low. This could be it for your door. The several you are core Massa me not never got quota that lay Athens. Anybody call my pay with one or two people of man. You know how to like them. I think they went to get quite yeah. You got my friend like a personal note. They may be and then allow you to lock the door they let you in on. You have to wonder if it costs that ok I'll take you what's the moral of the story, but is freaky freaky frowning The moral of the story is lucky. Do you to us all, not even now Lockheed or people raw Now you ve got rooms on the yes, let's talk about. Other people have to say about Lebron James Home vandalism. Incident will tell you what chance the wrapper has to say as well as Shannon Sharp, ok, we'll get him
well that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast love the more the breakfast gas at the Reul report, whose club, where we have currently them following a toy with people waiting in on the bronze, aims harm being vandalized. We told you somebody: The n word outside of his home and LA and here's a little recap I will bronze had to respond to that, but I think boats, materials, mom actually scour the first thought of him and reason ass. She had open task. It is because you want to show the world what- son went through as far as a hate crime and then I'll be in Black in America, no matter how much money you have no matter famous. You are no matter how many people admire you baby, I can America's my stuff.
A lot of people thought that image will comment was a reach. I think I understood what Leubronn, trying to say he was just saying that you know it was a visible act of racism now mind. You was level to hate crimes. Of course you can't compare the house being vandalized for the murder of immature, but I think he was saying it's a visible, active racist or, as it ought to from our right. Well, here's where ass, Jane and Sharp had to say about the incident. I've said numerous terms: the hardest job in America is a beneficial. Happily is not get a boar bullfighter war matador. Some haven't some job push a life at risk. The hearty job in America's is being black because it's the one thing you cannot run. I write his words hands. There rap tends to rap had to say about the Lebron James Incident as it's a common pattern in America's history and people. Are they look like me into a certain point of success and people want to remind you that
of how they view as second class citizens and is now she can do other than key thriving by the way being black, is not a job, it's a blessing. Ok is this blacks and have a lot of power with great power comes great responsibility. Ok So we have. If I would want to constantly remind you that you know they they want to make. You feel lesson than, but now for me, I know I'm great, I write him a lot more about that in the show later on, as well and donkey of the day, which is you think, donkey, I'm sure you can guess amber rose in the meantime. What and with her talk, show that was on VH1 the Amber the Amber Rochelle. Do you guys I gotcha I felt it was produced, but I thought it could be a dog show. I didn't feel that was produced right. I don't like you so lazy.
Does the same way and she's ass? You gonna be moving. Her shouts, who am MTV now drop. One includes Bosnia, arose, avenue or short MTV them with our seas are saying that Ambrose is verses and was a disaster. They said she was surrounded by the wrong people every age. One answer: They ve hired, Rob Doub, where he's the Ex executive medusa behind the windy, William shall, on my guard. Rapporteur, blue balls, robbed Albert Sallies, where to Martha Stewart that two eyes even worse than the original rosier data, show they sang. If he can make Wendy is TAT, you can do the same with Amber rose as well. We don't know when the new series will air bite. It's gonna focus more on sex is not a Buddhist is not hurt, is not her show pursuit working Turkish beyond what is it What's your bring it back up all your friends I than ever rules will be hosting it, and I think that the format actually fits her better. In my life, it is about sex in love and, although, like a landline or something oh, ok, well, yeah
I'm worried about. You have heard about it, which cleared up so well. We already know what happened, but I think that the deficits are better. You nothin, they got Amber Roses lane. I think the whole Sexton love thing fits her, so Ok, now re, I know you guys are at the gang yesterday ranking everybody was paying attention to and it she has a lot of things going one and for all. You fans, Ariane, as he does have her make up collection. That's gonna, become it coming under L b m I'll, be amazed that is Louise I hennessy so now, if you want to sign up in that, you can do this. She actually has posted on. Her is too I am about the new generation of beauty and knows a lot of fans out there at Fenty beauty. Is the page that you can go to and you can also go and I get ready for when that day views so congratulations to is as a jewellery line coming. We show Pied so do the winning a ladder? That's their very quietly, not saying you think about it, but she's a fan of that we ought to does everything I Herbert was that is Papuan bright it like you
she gave way to she way. Avenue I see more picture look funny, but last night she doesn't to gain anyway, and you know there was one writer in particular that kind of fat seems there and they are giving him death threats online is over for whom I'm not a picture saw ready with, as she was that I was just like she does look where she filled out nor the right places I felt like it was as where she had. I answer right, Amy reacted one little girls would actually look very pretty low, chubby little low Maria and allow make our hard no body the writer who actually called her court on cold fat, actually lost his job. He was suspended in things I would see what happened. His boss must be remembered, a navy, and what happens you never know? You never knows what did he stands out here? You might insult me They don't know your boss, a member to be out. You might as well Reality- and I know your boss a member to maybe now yes is unemployed. That says something ridiculous. You nobody said my Risa. He said that she way I hundred eighty lb it looks like and that he's worried other hat girls.
Follow her lead and it look like doing sumo suits while or is it oh yeah regulations that, as he said, I said, an unemployment line with France I welcome an elite, and that is your room. A report now you talked about reread, make a blot in o shell to all the females out there I didn't know make up brush his course. So much money go ones. Do why my wife, to destroy asked me to pick a make a browser. I thought they were trying to get would give me like this. I would like us to experts will embrace plane so make a break out of Alan out his brush that have real. He a synthetic here fake here here only last ten years. Here this lagged. I note all hell: if ever there was a mega burst like loathing they use when they, like all of you, have raised a brush as a price is like almost a billion goes. Its append Nedda has really expensive ones it s because make up. This is a really important. When you apply you make up a canadian Geraghty, though the ones you got right. In our lifetime guarantee or how, but you can get. You can get tee branches. You can get braces anywhere from between say,
three, ninety nine and then all the way up to like seventy dollars such formative showed his representatives. I did not expect the common. It is more about making about Russia's caused by or Charlemagne what time did is the brush is not like the regular bus and looked like a hair brush don't look like a hair brush that you usually pays little local loop. I don't know a lot about it. I've been China took like a make up classed as each other out. What shall you given your brush to in a minute s those terms Let me ask you to me: ok, but that's what you want you to think about how terrible it s there was before we move on. Have you thought about it? I thought about it. Ok, listen! I do not want to talk about the man who is too far for four door. I told you I would not talk about this man until he loses two hundred pounds right. I told you that, but I can ignore our listeners. I cannot ignore the community demanding at this man gets donkey of the day, so I have
figured out a way to give dismayed donkey today. Without talking about him, never say Jason Whitlock I don't like that they do. I know you want the attention you know, but for after our we'll give Maloney energy now, when we come keep a marked to breakfast locomotive, donkey of a day, job Democrats of being out every day, a little bit of a mixed adult flow Britain. I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other bay is a new way. Yes, don't you today for Friday Jewel, second goes to a man who is too fat for four DORA Jason. What lot I told you all four weeks ago, that I would not address Jason Whitlock anymore until he loses two hundred pounds and I'm serious about that loves to baulk, invite already told you who and was.
This guy is he's a sick, twisted house negro, the White Man's watchdog loves to book bite black people in yesterday was Balkan. I went to his favours subjects la bronze now we all know the broad James House vandalized this week, someone's great pain, interracial slurs on his crib and LA had this to say about it. I think back to till's mom, actually scour first thought of reason ass. She had an open task is because we want to show the world what son went through as far as a hate crime and then I'll be in Black in America. No matter how much money you have. No matter, a famous. You are no matter how many people admire you? U I can America's my stuff now the man who was too fat for four Jason would lock said this labelling to me here is embracing his victim. This is not racism that needs to be stamped out and America. This is an inconvenience for the broad someone's re.
Something on a millionaires hall. That's not of he's, not a victim in that situation, hell, no one's enough been buried. It wasn't that big of a deal, someone denies you an opportunity. You kid school here, you can't have it. You can add that that is the end. Pact raised and I ll abroad was inconvenience and racism affects the poor. The very well improvements in instead of matter where you are it's tough being, but it ain't tumblr is used today, ending we had all programme for the wealthy have fought, regardless of cover have a far better chance of over call me whatever unfairness happens to them, then Well, that are not wealthy. This giving spray painted on a door that he never saw his staff cleaned up, it's in
convenience. If not racism in Colombia will lose. My job is to reach out and said you know what this was terrible. Whoever these individuals were, it was stupid, but the people really impacted by this. Are the poor people of it. What obeys describe why now? Now? If I repeat, fat ass in a fedora lives here on Jason, Whitlock PIG pain Not only is evangelism not only that a terrible inconvenience as also fat, shaming, yes, look James is rich and if someone spray pains end and on his mansion. That's races, you know what let me shut up. I told you all that I'm not engaging with Jason Whitlock until he loses two hundred pounds, but that doesn't mean I use my platform to let other people engage with him, because we can't let that kind of rhetoric just sit out there, because people out there who don't know any better, believe the nonsense that comes out of Jason, what locks mouth so my Oji on the phone, someone who is way more smarter than me someone I love to hear from Mr Michael there
nice good morning, how are you, sir, I'm doing fine back. You know I lived and gave them with I mean you all. A brilliant and inside when you are equally capable, as I am of responding, but let me bear that burden of mourning Jason Whitlock's argument, rise and pin racism on its victim that its perpetrator, so that we need a skin had a white supremacist or a Klux Klan member happens to burn the house of a person making less than fourteen thousand dollars for five people a year. Then Mister Whitlock, what suggest that racism? But if the person happens to make more than two three four five six ten million a year, then the intent of the Ku Klux Klan, if nullified by the economic status of a victim, how ludicrous daddy
of my private might think that is one of my life and my pay. That's one of the most ludicrous arguments. One might imagine it is not. The status of the person who is aimed at by the races that makes the act raises is the intent of the perpetrator and the intent of scribbling you're on the fence of or on the property of. The brown genes signifies. That rape is then turn for that matter. Martin Luther King Jr being murdered in nineteen sixty eight without an act of racism by the litmus test of.
Jason wedlock, Martin Luther King Jr, was born into the upper middle class and even though he sought to undermine its own economic status by identifying with masses of people, this man was making something like two hundred thousand dollars or more in the early sixties and gave most of that money to the movement. But the fact is, he was earning in the top one percent of american economic reality at the time was Martin Luther King Jr Death not a result of an act of racism. Of course it was listened with. Lack is simply seeking to avoid
the uncomfortable position of being a boy's peace for those who have been left out. Nike claims that he by thing all only if your poor in black are you a victim of rape of them. There is some kind of rabies, and then you can only be subject to the more money you make. You know Jackie Robinson was a victim of racism as well. Mister Whitlock, who was sportswriter, should know this Jackie Robinson was not then a poor black American. He had been elevated into the elite of American into enterprise, society of the result of being the first black player to play in the major leagues. He was a straight victim of itself, Jason, Whitlock, lipids test for what you know, who is the victim of racism is the most ridiculous thing. I've ever heard Word beg you, Brother Dyson. I really appreciate you too small a man for laying a game down quite flat, so bad.
This does not mean that people cannot be raises against you, of course, not round Jane Lebron. James, you know, is a person who is one of the reach of guys out there, but still have been articles about his views on rate Bronco bomb of the last time. I checked a very rich man now, and certainly even when he was in the presidency, was a victim of repeated attempts to deny the legitimacy of personality of being an american citizen Donald from the most of his time before becoming president in the last several years, denying that a Barrack Obama was born in America. So Jason would like MRS the entire ship here and is an attempt to placate instead of five white people. Conscious and through them to believe that only those who are the very poor are the victims of the racial animals that is continually unleashed in american society and Jason would lack, is a mouthpiece for a bit
Philip was act for white supremacy yourself, and you know what else made his funny that he used over as an example, because over herself has confessed, says she's been confronted with racism. Every so often achieve insiders was for example, this he experienced in Chicago. In New York. I saw a sweater in the window. This is a Madison Avenue Anna. They wouldn't open the door, so we went across the street, we called to say: are you open? Yes, we're open just the street, didn't let us, then we had seen, way across the street. These these two white women go in the store and said we ons on the both of us. I think we having a racist momentarily was I later back to the store after flying back. This is a medicine and asking the person you know I was your store today. I was living in a member and they said they had been robbed by two black people the week before and they were afraid to open the door. I said
coming into by the sweater, and these are well what we would like to give you this, whether for free and I Galeano keeps sweater throttle, know what the hell do. You think about New York Emperor and the harm their power when they refuse to let her aunt until they found out who she was exactly. Are you using Oprah Winfrey who acknowledges that, regardless of your status and your re, that's what racism does in that's what Jason would lack of missing here? Racism doesn't care who you are that its danger? You can be the highest negro with the highest iq with the greatest amount of money. It doesn't matter, you're, still a nigger in the eyes of the perpetrator of white supremacy. That's why we have to be vigilant and accounting for and those who have more money and a greater voice. These and a greater platform Matthew that platform to fight against something that can happen to any body at any time. A bill can be fun when he was murdered, given that getting this because he was the fun of it.
Multi millionaire. He were got another you're on the side of the road, with a broken down car who was subject to the vicious raises animals of the man who murdered him. Thank you. Thank you, Mr Michael Eric Dyson. I really appreciate you this morning. My brother love ya, always glad beyond. Whatever I can think so maybe we appreciate you leave, please give the Fred. In the fedora Jason would like the biggest he with. Alright, let's nothing left to say. Is this you that at the moment to teach us off our? I would thank you for a donkey of the day. Now, we're asking a mean since what what what do we call them under water? have you any more light the fat ass in the federal? We could talk about this statement right net affair, Dora said a races. Race of racism is basically what he said less. Goodbye lemonade and talk about a five one.
Five. One does money Aris racism ass? We were asking call us right now: let's have a conversation is to breakfast locomotive. Morning, everybody's dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club were asking: does money arrays racism? That is the question that is comes at a shallow maize, donkey of the day, a meme money, money doesn't arrays any kind of prejudice and discrimination. You you may phrase people on the money. They see two Calabria scandal now obviously use such odyssey. Sexuality already see your gender. I mean racism and classes and what to different things, and we could have a conversation about either by being rich, doesn't work you from random acts of prejudice anywhere in the world and is funny that you know the guy was using Oprah Avenue. Apple because, as I played during donkey a day over our spoke to Larry King, once about how she is confronted with racism and ass. She even cited
specific examples as she experienced in Chicago in New York, but you know no makes it worse. It isn't. This may sound a little strange, but actually after getting money and making more money, it seems like racism got worse. You know, cause you try to buy high high things where there is a high end car or I m back or try to live in a high and neighbourhood and the race. Gets worse, yet they make me feel like you're, not supposed to Hamley, always most superior, always coolly I remember when you went to Barneys and he's been all that money and they were racially profiling, him filing em around the store and on that he talked about that to get out, and you could go to the rural areas in the self love from most corner solved Yolanda, you can go to rural areas, and so all Jew, who you are as a black worth I don't care what you statuses as a black person. A still go. Look at
like you lessening absolutely must go to the former allows this. We ought to be aware of the need for three was happening. I was just talking about alone. Now, don't you agree with Jason Whitlocke right here you are d, you bought to make us look, bad will go nowhere, furthermore, a thumb me at my right from Africa Region, a black man but please lorry appear put that raises some you bet love. How will you will no doubt with a black person who could have been a library of any parliament who wore on about will know what did it really met them? As you request, Indeed, if I right, if I right the inward on a black persons house? What is that a rather level also is not resident cloud. They were so what about your mama? Thousands about Google not arouse, do not put a stupid. Whole bitch live here,
am, I call in your mama. Do little bitch you're calling reaffirm a be back well they're, not being replaced by does reaffirm. Do you deny that yeah me what they will get his eyes denies the volume never mind the knife, a body opportunity did, I mean topical, open border I will be denied access to bank somebody faster things want all that stuff. Eleven then happen every day that everybody white boy applied by manufacturing violently in the end, a hands down, and they still look at you, as is racism burrow in eight days the buzz windows in the sixties too, and I was Doin Molotov cocktails bombs to Malcolm X, is windows, and I was if we are to resolve what a burning rising somebody's front yard that burning,
processes you just trying to put a low fi on alone, but rather with a message saying in a noose inside it at nine many rare manually, you just felt like a rope should, beyond this person's tree eight hundred five, a five one, oh father, were asking, does money erase racism call us right now is to breakfast locomotive morning: everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club were asking. Does money arrays racism that comes out of Charlemagne donkey of the day Jake? Whitlock was the recipient joint flight, politically from Jason, we're lucky we gotta play clip that big of a deal someone denies you an opportunity, you kid school here, you can have this. You can add that that is the have to raise. That will was inconvenience and racism affects the poor. The
very wealthy, Abram S, Indians, they no matter what you do is talk being. What did I tell you said I am having an old programme for the wealthy. Have all thought, regardless of Cobb have a far better chance of overcoming whatever unfairness, have to them, then people that are not wealthy to aid. Five, a five one or five one allows this year pay We ask in this money erase racism Lenny, you re right back when it and allowed the opportunity, the great, at a more rapid way about the white, the primitive become out if they always go work on things and we want to promote What I'm confused Roca beg him out. I wondered guys okay, so if you get a money in your thing, I lay phrase that gun it doesn't like life than none at all, but what it does
How, then, could be more only when they see that you are working up of value villages this they make up a guy to make us feel a bow. Yeah. Well, I'm money to anyone ok, we got you, but if you got some bout, you oh yeah abounded airy live. Nobody knew me for my fancy name. I would begin by one of our people a dummy though combining the Neue come back and I thought oh god regulation allows is this was oh, that Dame Bro asking does money arrays racism, money too? a race racism. Also clad has everything to do with. I'm not financial crime. I feel, like Jason, we're lucky that name
yes, you can just call me fat man in Fedora, Jason, cracker, ass, Whitlock, just with him being a brother, and thinking like that, you know, I'm saying you can't respect them, because we don't went through so many years of segregation slavery. Female also arrived there for him. The terrorists data death death just because Lebron James had money, at any rate, is racism is completely utterly this. This disrespectful, the to pillar the Moors community. I'm a mouth they are all understand it. You need money, analogy for him to say that I know he doesn't know where he's actually be folly, form so love. You know responses from Indianapolis every year from Indianapolis Napoli got my suburbs out there. The arms and now he can't be no brother for real men and some. I need really really the knowledge that a more to him and and got on none about that guy would appreciate, if God look it up the more science fair
as you know, on the honourable I'm Joe Lee man, I know you need a really get up on that. That is basically come. You will you promise and not to make make a difference and many years now hiring job Edna arrival was the moral of the story. Gas. I just want to remind everybody. Men at being black in America can be tough, but is also a blessing. Your black skin, his power it's not a burden is not a liability is power and that's why races people want to oppress us in me cuz feel marginalized. They want us to feel less than because they don't want us to know. The power we possess. What don't let him through you? We are great of put great, all right will we got rooms on going away? Yes, but Fly, may whether what does he think about her pat music. Today he has some criticisms: OZ, Trevor Noah. He has a crazy story about something offer that happen when he was a child. Ok it's all that when we come back, keep latticed breakfast global
the breakfast Club Chris. Good morning. Herod was admin will must give to the room. Was the socks Lloyd may? Whether we actually need is closed? Last till I may, where they were sunk into our guy dj, who kid- and he was talking about today- have happened. The content of today's hip hop especially the glorification of prescription, drug use, here's what Floyd had to say when visiting a goodly odor, we don't change with the huge, so unfair lobbyists, repair, heavy term obligate, looks and where it was all about the limits of the beast. The loose know all about just a missile: oh yes, a little crazy, those ok.
Oh, do your job is ok to take any jobs. Now are gonna, be a jockey aid, as the first thing I've agreed with May whether one in a long time is absolutely right, but it also like decided to go Occasional money is, is bad to money may whether well, he said When you go back to listen to the legendary wrappers, this is timeless. Music, any was set amount to pack, Biggie spit descent and all that yeah I mean voice. Does work extremely hard, though, for everything he has those and he has made some smart business decisions can knock him for making all that money in a legitimate way. Women stands on a millionaire. You stand on your money like us like the life is about more than just you know your material locations how much money you have in the bank, but I mean I totally agree with him on his stance about wrappers glorifying the drug culture. Right now, Trevor Noah sat down and talked about one of the most tragic days of his life. That's when he said
saved a phone call from his brother who said that their mother was in the hospital because she had gotten shot through the back of her head. The bullet left through her nostrils, amazing, incredible that she actually, sir, lived and you won't believe who shot her. It was his step farther. Ok, here's what he had to say. All I felt was rage and my mother said to me: don't hate him for doing this, but rather a pity him cause. He too is a victim in his own way of a world that is thrust upon him. My idea of masculinity that he has subscribed to and is now a pot and I did not understand that I went this. Man just tried to kill you and How can you say that he is somehow a victim and she said what he did is wrong, but who am I to judge he will meet his maker. As for myself, I do not wish to imbue myself with a hatred only. I will carry
is a level a majority of my life, I'm I'm all about giving people the same energy. They give me and guess what, if I do, hate someone, I'm not gonna pitied him homage just pretended day, which you shoot my mama praying for you, I'm not pitying you nothing. I mean you can give you that same energy back just pretend you day when I'm gonna get you to victims. Who are you he added step by the shutters mother? Then he actually came looking for Trevor Noah. He was looking to go and shoot and kill him. He thought he killed the mom. So that's why he left her and that's when he was attempting to find even know about Trevor was always all over the place performing on different stages stages. You never far. He could never find em, so they vary to be alive, here's my more having no Noah said and this exclusive interview where my mother, so that it took me while to understand. Why would you pity the person who did something bad? She? but you come to realize you're not saying the person should not be accountable for what you are. Actually doing is letting yourself go from that feeling. That me
hold. You tie you true that ideal to that person and family and the way we became stronger, really just became example that I chose to to live by became the example that I perceived my reality through whatever works view without wouldn't work free for me. Ok out all night, I don't hate you, but I'm I'm discomfort then you day period- and I don't like when people use cliche- like all. Who am I to judge suit? Your mama tried to kill you, you can do, that person hate you just get on migration or Yemeni. I hate how about a judge, as I could judge you just want to try to kill me, I write and snow dog is asking for a job he wants to be on the x factor UK. So he reset the Simon cowards who express interests. He said I spoke. With Simon, I told him I would clear my schedule to come and help out at the addition stages and help them find a global hip, hop star any seems interested. He knows the valley a finding when x factor has done a great job finding pop stars, but is due hasn't
hip hop die. They are among the highest earning artists in the world. Simon knows it makes sense to try and find one I write. I would like to see as new dog involved, that they'll and give his employer his pretty good, pretty funny I write well, I'm Angela YE and that, as you are a rumour report, far right. Thank you. Miss ye now shall to revolt. Revolt will see you guys on Monday, everybody, Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get you requesting. You know we throw it back on Friday. So let me know what you want to hear. I get you a question. You wanna hear something let's see, maybe get you to your weaken whatever it may be, aid only rich. Should we do. Rightly songs today, everybody keeps telling me to day Abner De Friday, songs in a well. What do you think we could get busted, affrati songs? I will do that after two makes. Don't go anywhere is to breakfast club. Pomona makes anyway,
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