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Thursday 6/15- Today on the show we had rapper Freddie Gibbs and he brought along Tony Mohammed where he spoke about getting arrested, experience in a foreign jail and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a guy that tried to rob a bank just so he doesn't have to go home to his wife and Angela helped some listeners out with "Ask Yee".

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This is your wake up call to child annually. Charlemagne got a plan in this respect is shown because this is a voice to society in the morning. So can the council state what the world's most dangerous Monica Georgia Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, envy is in this building somewhere very prove it well because we want them applied it milk, as he did a bag out ogre morning. Actually mining Charlemagne. It is done. They theirs is always exciting. Thirdly, the exciting, because the weakens tomorrow in black severe or from comes the morrow and that of the Bio PIG to practical action that way because you to watch movies weekend, I was just saying I don't feel like the energy is the same as it was for, like screenshot accounted a guy's envy, Forestus NEWS Button and the next thing I know building d go up now much J. I said these here but yeah. I understand because he's been allotted controversy behind this movie and dancing or ten was not happy about it and talked about it at that, but I do think you get into biggest John Singleton thing I just like. I can't I can't possibly way because it is, we cannot just feel like
create an Compton was comin out. It was a thing you know I mean like like like a huge movement. Part of it is also that ice cube was able to push them movie in his involve men in his none of you. Now that we're alive talked about because there in the move to ensure we have to get more money behind it, stood at a carbon. Had a lot of money seems like you was everywhere all out. Only those as well but, not least, on account of the same energy boy Devil may no chance to perform well at the Box office island. An irony boy might take it ass, a way to go for Sunday as it was sold out by Minos. Duenna special screening on Friday to Morrow he burned analysing and early in the morning drop on cluster bombs remain on them at all, I'm only from an absurd other people too, in other cities are gonna via the data just like. I do appreciate out accounting right I look forward to seeing failings aids we now I take it. You too, to see it is. The question
not much it even if they like to you. Let your kid: what paid in full knowledge of Gmos to bug movie? Maybe you need to see a first step, and I said I gotta see at first she pay what I was able to explain. It was real story where it came from, one was to use a real person. Listen, I can explain it because I seen it before. He has no expect our seeing what if there was a sexy, uneconomical jazz, that case in I don't know what to expect. What they add is that all that stuff you can do is not to Johnson Gothenburg he's not gonna raped in June last year, you lived a story, a park envy. You should go to tell you kids about story about, I don't know it's Emily. You lived it RO, bearing in mind not only the movie before he left the unlimited bandwidth. India did live it, but I don't know what they put in that movie. That's why s job fat mother- I don't know I'm house here a dj
They haven't you, notably that another kids body, simply I would ask it to show greater freddy- gives- will be joining us this morning. Now forty gives us a rapid from Indiana. He, it was used to be signed. It easy was torn overseas and got into a little trouble was locked up for a while and needed to help in he finally got out any home, so we're gonna, kick it with him. This more rights Vanessa from Devil Excel,
they put out the new cover. He has Vanessa, then she's the editor in chief, a devil exhale magazine in they put out the freshmen cover, Himsel we're going to discuss with her who made Sloka, or I will get it all busy day used to breakfast local morning morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angelo YE, Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was getting some front page news. Well, it's a first sure looks like the May, whether five will happily, namely whether Macgregor Foreigner for Saturday. Don't you dare say forty six and visual trash about is a treasure part of your boxing framework. I am of your person. I really love boxing, and this is therefore the report would have caught him. A great good done to get a chance to fight Floyd money may, whether all these great young fighters in boxing and you put in over this guy, for what is to pay that man is like the russian inviting, if, like the Russian Fightin, APOLLO and Rocky for this last fires, like one whole Hogan fought rocky figures. His fortieth fight is fortieth, win it ain't enough, as whack he's getting out of forty four fifty adversaries fiftieth when he's probably gonna. What pull in what close to two hundred million dollars per SE is about a hundred million exam excited about both these box and make it a huge pay. The end you both known, I'm, not a boxer, and you know inbox and anything can happen at any time. In fact, in this fight by the way we look at ABBA gloved irrelevant I write for them. I don't know you know what you know. It's not box in what you need think you need to think about the fact that kind of Macgregor, the actual you have to fight Diana may finally employ may whether I'm making him signed a contract. That said, if you do anything other than punch me, you know get money money out of three muslim memory. Eventually may, whether my hit does God you might freaking kick me. Am I I'm sure it's absolutely pause you want to do. I don't know. What's a good fight September, sixteen trilogy versus Canelo, our ETA browsing. I know that's, not an amazing, but I'm getting. My fight is well organised way. Six, not an unparalleled, combining both worlds, I think, is one of the things that make good fighters no boxing anything. It happened if Macgregor gets a punch. All may whether you know like that is, as I know, the gap in the United States that lets me. Maybe I'd have been narrative and excellent touch for me when it could have asked me whether have lost to us every cell in as it for a trained in over a year. Now you ve been train, is yes, he just sort of treason about a month ago. You believe that, if you want to you now quickly inaugurated a month ago to fight money just started chain in over a month ago, broken Floyd won't miss Connell. Macgregor, look stupid can be a waste of time
paid a very body when I address my life? He hasn't for over a year and a half he hasn t just on a train in a month ago, say you're, not gonna. Last night, if somebody told me for what I think I can be a good fight that let's talk about this in open fire which, when it makes its concentrate listed, start the baseball game, I write well. Officials have identified who that guy in a way that the baseball game it was James T Hodgkin's in he was the shooter at every public. He was I'm shooting at a republican member of Congress and for others on Wednesday morning, with a small business owner in Illinois, he'd find himself by his firm support of Bernie Sanders. They did review hides concerns. Facebook profile is public record's and Basically on his face book, he was saying Trump is a trader jumpers, destroying democracy has time to destroy Trump Anko. He posts that I'm March twenty second, he said, Republicans are the Taliban of the United States of America is sixty six years old and
I mean basically, is all on thy presence was defined by his politics. Nice neighbours described him as obnoxious about politics and reckless with fire arms. He had long sign, supporting Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders spoke out, publicly acknowledge that he had volunteered for his presidential campaign last year, but he did announce the violence as despicable. Here is what one person who, with a participant in what s up our practice game had to say. Fortunately I was on the first base side and- and I really do internet dugout we'd like dive, and I guess and assume full with no water, Zack Barth who works for me, was shot while he was retrieving balls in the outfield. When I got into the dugout, it wasn't ten seconds, then Z, had come running in from the outfield and he Lily we landed in each other's arms. He held me, I held him Jeff Flake took his out of and made a turn around Zags leg, to stop the bleeding
I don't understand why you just started. Shooting Republicans mouth like he's. The old guy, like he just started, hating Republicans this year enough to want to shoot them, but they said it was a bill recently that passed right with two hundred and seventeen Republicans or two hundred and seventeen people with a reason to build in your past is any truth that you I mean I don't know what that him off and what made him decisive going. I don't think anybody really knows for sure, but we do know that he was Definitely strongly antitrust arrive and then there was also a shooting in San Francisco ETA. You PS facility, the gunman, killed three men and then killed himself when police came and had were about to Baden, actually shoot at him at all and have because he killed himself as soon as the cops came discharge the weapon and put the gun to his head and killed him. Your work at the? U vs IE works at you Piazza. They said he had recently complained about work.
Excessive overtime and saying that he wasn't doing everything I mean. If you want to work overtime, adieu, PS, I know we make the joke, don't be mad, you be a virus, you be a virtually a great job. Ok and by the way that you ve in that area that we are in a dismal
The automobile decisions are really sad situation, so our condolences to the families of the three men who were killed right will as front page news. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, eight five one five. One of your upsets me didn't call us now or if you feel blessedness up, eight hundred foggy firewall or five one is to breakfast locomotive breakfast your time to get it off your check, your man, you wanna breakfast on your short, have shown a view. Without me. You ve got a lot about. You just got all congratulations walk now abroad, or am I am. I am out, I would go with older. You lab woods. Are you welcome home is remember flawed. As we now know much of the work I got you my girl, I gotta tell you. I should like to talk about current Charlemagne, my home girl border Charlemagne. I would like to tell you why the outward locked in accounting terms, shortcut Alfredo grow and I'm glad for that, and also men attracting it black currently do bigger book gala within their body would only paper coffee. So I got it now in Santa Rosa propaganda and all, but you don't owe me while I was in there, could I got home. I gotta pay recover version of the figure all round of guarantee every day, but are there could be an inspiration and on fair and open out you know people by a large majority will face what she's bless her right. Deborah cocoa coup was nay Mama. Three ninety them at ample. Now you are freed as no have you as a hostage anything right yeah. I know nothing about eighty five.
Oh, how is their fresh, fresh out of prison penis? we need only look at world level, the jury the idea of geology. You got my name's G m J. Is it easy was a brother. Now you seem to be moving. Did you like it eight level what you thought I liked it up in a movie you everything I thought of it not pulling together. Some people tell me this morning with a jerk worthy like gave out never watched over yonder about everyone, a pretty good reviews, vine, and I can therefore say that nobody W and when he had presented, is waning and said he was pretty gave you like it. By giving a pretty good too much. I think what you don't you go watch it again. Maybe your people in view of the upper, maybe you know out, I don't know some people just creepy
The major question did talk died in short, a man. You know too in tell us why you may get it off features aid. Only five in five one, o five one or if you feel blessing luminous present positivity call us up right now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Is it your time to get it off your chair of the young man from Luanda breakfast on your mind, willing on unwilling to get more willing or South Carolina jars shots? William love, you put Yugoslavia, professional gala apple, Bear whom well, but you know I never would have had an abuse. Will you order you vs driver, allow our love. You know you, Pierre, that we worked out at last. Let bake both needed will evaluate what we want for the White me case. We all make up some won't. You said you might want to save money and bio drug wondered what we die. You knocked down without got out of bed law and they got out by right now. You know me working one go over to row. Goaded white man gave us the opportunity you night. Now we are building on a bank. I repeat what we will do, what we can only try to learn or blackmail. Blame you go here. You go along, as you know you workin on implantation, but you gotta planned escape.
Now all is about my brother S. All a general work over the white men are all work of a nobody and begin, and just no debts. You do not have the means to aunt who Kyler what are now. Can you from using? You feel blasters want to tell us what the boy The Lord bless them obey up that morning ego.
job and a more thorough akkadian ambulance. Benumbed here waiting to go to work, no right, look congratulation legible assessment of Rome. I feel I thank you. I'm having a kid shut out, the Maya Ban, I little baby. We got on a one boy or girl. I've always glad Congrats Brown yeah, I feel so fat man appreciated, were pretty excited regulation, see a wife in you. That's good all features eight hundred five, five, one o five one. Now we got rooms runaway you. Yes, how would you like to play? Dad's Bob Ben Stellar will tell you how we can make tat happen for you. Well, you can make it happen for you. Also, let's discuss bachelor in Paradise, will give you an update on my CAS members are saying laid down in the poor weather sexual assault are not far. I will get into all that when we come back people access to breakfast locomotive breakfast, you fanned at the movie, dad's blog, you can have the opportunity to play dies but for charity with Ben Stiller Invincible
Abby amazing did you guys you two movie dodgeball? Yes, none of those funny lamb of years hilarious. Now let movies There anyway here is: they ve actually did a whole entire trailer to tell you what can go down check it out sorry to interrupt your internet life, but for the last thirteen years well, I've been living a sugar free protein forward lifestyle. I've watched his all of you, ve, gotten fatter and double with your hashtags near bays, near kind yeas. Everyone is so pc now, even good old fashioned bullying is out well why Goodman has decided to get with the times. That's right. It's time for a little charity, dodgeball bitches tiger lag or disguising on that when my kids and we do dodgeball adds Gaza is still foreign labour is now like a fine idea. Events, vine and those kids in the trailer. Here's his part,
we want to give everyone out there a choice you can enter for a chance to plan global gems team or on our team average Jos gives you forgot. It takes two teams to play. Dodgeball white Youtube to produce. You want two teams, you got it Jackie and is password got over another life of mitigating the movies about poor gonna, hear about my guide dog as well as a key things or dollar nine million in America than ever played dies, but you there's nobody dies, bulldozer! Kid you from Brooklyn Jersey and now you know what you know when you play handball suicide, and then you think our guiding haven't. I want to see biscuit the horse reason they have their managers bona fide funny and that's what makes it funny, as is a serious dodgeball game. They waited they play, but anyway, I wasn't your daughter. This guzzle inevitableness.
Not only that boy dodgeball little turned US guidelines. Will you float? Knowledge will notice to Tripoli and Japan on the trail. You tremble at almost Blount Big Blue God. Bondage of donations go to the still a foundation. They provide education to children around the world, so you can donate ten dollars and you can enter for a chance to win to play dodgeball game, where you can donate more. You get things like autograph item that you could win a bikes. That's a great idea. I just thought cuz. They wasn't supposed to a sequel for that movie for a long time, and it never had she do. It appear matters to fair man, breakfast cleverest affairs, a big does we don't have fan supporter I'd breathless club first to support. Is a supposedly Blair ride out? What is never big, guys ball game, all the money go to some animals and vague. You just old Melanesian, your idea, Doin things our general Geraghty, give all the money to cancer. Research does away Emily, helping live, then gather yeah
they were right at our gonna wanna play, write it down and then come back later. What an actual idea, when I finish room as you will remember that shipping on a table, please bachelor in Paradise. Now, let's give you some more information on. What's going on now we ve been telling you this story, current Olympia, those who is one of the contestants. and her Co. Star, Demario Jackson were in the pool and they were having some type of sexual activity, but she's saying that she was in a highly sexual. Since you ate situation under the influence of alcohol, but the cameras were rolling and now she released a statement. She said I am a victim and have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened the night. June? Fourth other. I have little memory of that night. Something bad obviously took place, which I understand is why direction on the show has now been suspended and producer on the show has filed a complaint against the product, as a woman. This is my worst nightmare and has now become a reality. She said she is now hiring an attorney to obtain justice and seeking therapy to begin dealing with the physical and emotional
Mama stemming from that evening. Now he has so released. A statement here is What D Mario Jackson is saying is that is unfortunate. My character and family name has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations. I will be taking swift and appropriate legal action until my name is cleared and per the advisedly. The council will be seeking all available remedies entitled to me. There. The law is now a calf member has also come forward and she's been talking to sources close the bachelor in Paradise. Now what do you She saw them hooking up in the pool, but it seemed like she was very whip it she said current yelled out to Her- and she didn't seem like she was drunk she said ass. She felt like her room was too junkie would have done something to break up their trust in the pool when she saw She had her tap off and her legs were wrapped around him. She also said the next day. Karim was upset because she said Boyfriend back home would find out, but she said she never heard common say any.
Think about it being non consensual. What network is a sure, so they are still now investigating or network. This I said it with network is the bachelor on Oh I don't want you dont, you ass, the bachelor, my wife dvd. We know that you love. It's on ABC Nbc, Noncommittal, ABC, hasn't commented get ok. Now I shall we are waiting for that's gonna returned I think they're not gonna, show this season a bachelor paradise at all clearly, but they are just released. A teaser trail four, insecure and all right now something I care about drug one include both food security by then to fly cabin heresy song with the meagre and Frank Oceans method to talk to disprove turtle. Groovy. Yes, at this season, returns to eight b, o undulates when it there it and she actually captions, July. Twenty buried is hell assumes in others. Want deserves character on in future, to be an option
pain on the first ever so I want to be so described on, wanted to open up with her in the defeat opposition eaten ice cream Georgia's Krajina herself. I worry that anyone out there she cheated on him weapon just go with him and he just I walked in the extreme I could actually Marilla excuse. You realize you justice. What, but, maybe surely wife into Harry would popped up and he signed find out what happened every into her. I write a man. Gee. That's your room, a report right now, when we come back front page news what we talked about easy within its own about it as shootings legit, happen when at a U Ps facility and when at the Republicans were practising for their game. Against Democrats are, I will get it right, we come back morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are. The breakfast club is getting some front page news. Now it's going to happen Saturday, old
six in Vegas may, whether verse Macgregor Trash fight fought on our fight. If you know anything about boxing, you notice is a huge wasted time years, a great favour. Floyd may, where there came a regular. What kind of man goddamn? They earn a shot in the fight for money. May, with all these great young boxes in sport of oxen, and you will make a mockery of the spot by leaden Lynn COM, bringing it I'll get a fight against voice may eleventh Romania's last fight. This is fifty at this is the way it was to go out. He's probably was the biggest pay day possible in this. It will be a huge paid out. I want to see if I don't want to treasure. Macgregor might just hit him one good to know where you are box in any event, does have you ever seen a lucky if a lucky push is seven that somebody out, we ve seen it all on toward me whether the greatest difference of fight of our time, unless he has slowed down tremendously com, a great, not going touch him. I guess not only that will put a finger on him in a boxing match now from Floyd may, whether I'm making condiment design something. I said: if you do anything other than punch me, you don't get paid because kind of
It is used to go in a day and fight in a certain way, which is what takes in grapples, and he might just react off also memory, and do that would otherwise. It noted the treasures right arm. Now. Let's talk about these shootings has been happening. Right there was one guy men who has been identified as thirty eight year old, Jimmy Lamb and he killed three men at a gps facility and San Francisco, and then he killed himself now. Apparently he did work at this. U p S and they said recently was complaining about overtime, as in he didn't to do any over time. It was excessive overtime authorities, dont know if he targeted the victims that he shot and killed. Five other people were injured as well, but there still investigating that situation, and then there was also a shooting. Now this shooting was by James T had consent. He a Bernie Sanders supporter and Bernie Sanders publicly acknowledge it has concerned, had volunteered for his presidential campaign, but he denounced the violence as despicable and what they are
is that he on his facebook profile would write things like Trump as a trader. Trump has destroyed our democracies time to destroy Trump. He posted all of that on his personal facebook page. He did not like Republicans, so he showed up at a baseball park practice and that's when he started shooting because he was angry with President Trump, so you will suffer from some type of mental illness or you will just fed up. The old man in new jackson- I don't know you know they said that he was always hanging around that baseball pact. They said that he was also living out of his van There was a recent. I remit. The owners are used is fed up like mail is now oh man in New York City member, no man and rejects any wanted into buzzing around. They wouldn't buzzing around. When I finally arrested you know Brown and he only got like a year. I shot him and then moving on rising like to me. He was living outside of his van for the past few months, and this was at the congressional baseball game. Practice of them are practising for that game, which is democratic as they were pebble hens and the game is still gonna go on tonight, as planned by the way they still gonna show that solidarity
that baseball can bring both sides together. I don't want to play a game. A baseball have to somebody just got shot yesterday. What the hell is wrong with job you, six sociopath, don't go grief, Did you know that killed? That is not all that you gotta give two world cereal play a game of game. Don't have to go. Look a couple days now: dreams. He adds get things they get killed in this, though by the police. ok you got killed. This game, nor have the going I don't have to do, is like we're, not gonna. Look just like all you gotta source, grown globally to charity baseball game to somebody, I shot like no now arrive but another shooting at a. U PS. We just did that out, but I'm sorry I'm sorry to be valuable. That's front page news when we come back Freddy give will be joining us now, ready gipsy science who cheesy now below average he was already has already.
He's got eyes, gotta EPA right now. I guess you equality, be: maybe the songs cause you only live twice really good project. Speaking about are everything anyone to blame locked up. They went through. I laughed Euralia in Vienna, Austria, Austria, it was all the seas. Tiring. I locked up in a racist about all that when we come back, I should organise our brother Tony Mohammed. Would amuse were belka as to breakfast nobleman morning? Nobody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got us present, guess inability for there may have already gives no Sir Mandrive Authority. Rather twenty Mamma S, lovely Gama brother wildly comes along now you got the good Weather Twenty Mohammed. Would you pretty the offer new council in may often be everything ok light. You know, like a father figure, I mean when I was in a vulnerable situation, come home again
readjusted he doesn't want to most entropy instrumental people when you know help me get back right and others are definitely bring em Araminta Windows allegations first came up, we sat here and an air we were like me. I know already gave than I can imagine something like that happening. It's hard to say. You never know what people people Volor Bet. I think we all in a room- and I got k- we all know him- doesn't seem like a Friday Gibbs scenario, not alone. Charlemagne appreciates remains I'll. Talk to him like a lot when Oswald Seasonal, his lawyer by the normal care tomorrow noted, but definitely wasn t, but they might be When I was illuminated mom, you only live twice I live in the homes. They can you detail it alot right it. It seems He took its Adria, your whole boy. I definitely the AU
tell me what happened man on in August situation, in which you know the homies was dealing with some females at a show and they took it back to the room and whatever transpired. I don't know, because I was in my room, but something happened that made her. You know want to go to the authorities Those bear for myself my found out of her child having, rather they know who Freddy gives they made an old buddy know exactly gives it s the first thing at a point. It is actually a me like on whether national charge came down. Wasn't even chart out. leaving in the whole thing so a whole year later, when I went back there, the girl went to the authorities and she got some right activist lawyer, something like that, and then she said that I had a dream that Freddie Gibbs, you know Sweet talk to me and over there in your, you know you just beautiful and innocent, but I was enough for them to charge me and hold me for those pics.
Hello not heard it before, and during my looking junior during an avatar headed Juno you, you know that the whole situation was. It was his thick this from that something that small dream can guess somebody indicted hills or thought so did. Did you did you home would actually do anything on they do nothing. My home. Without involving a situation. I do not make a Kansas disappear. Came back to the door. They have the golden I had to go to. War maize is: are they really didn't cause? I did see you on Vice LAN, discussing the situation in saying that you did learn. People not in your corner. Among those same people that where the Wednesday acts what you don't know what happened our transpire, but they just basically didn't realize you work communicate with new network or my family, and then these play fair and secure for years an army slower in heart, but
It was our experience in I. You know gotta make mistakes exactly. They haven't me one time above that criminal sexual, the jobs in a room of more boy and always talking about when all over I am. I must tell me about this situation. I was gonna. Give me hoboes. My guide I wasn't in another country to day you now, you never know it s, one of my biggest fears go into another country and is getting arrested because you don't know what to do with not like here. You can call a lawyer rank or arms call you. Why can't you girl, like Ryan, you get lots of overseas. What do you do what what did you do were? First of all man, you know it in a bail situation, so you know, I was like an army well do below here. I won't they will do bales, though no eye of the candlelight shells, Molloy Ludovic, but you know me: he came all the way from France is over. You know the opinion on basically map out a signal. Nation, where I can get like some kind of special conditions do the best I have put a licence
thousand euros, as rather a hundred grand right american care just to get bail out of France When I went to Austria, when I get extradited, I had to pay the same amount again just now. They're out there, but when I got there, they didn't Abu and ask: why has it stand jail after thirty days? in a just, and I made a deal with. He went on vacation, so United Europe vacated over their lack of why he was on was sitting in jail, waiting him to come back in a week. Yoda may well into the country, so are you allowed to leave after you did already used to any state aid it when I say that I regret that, might they took my passport, I d everything draft less volatile can move around, will not do for fun is what aid that they allow you to do show the daylight before not at all. Every day that I hear scheduled during this time. It was missed all have a lot of opportunities that I love you live. Where do you live would get out? You don't say
money already saw. Was you know? I was ok, you know me so it wasn't like you know. I was you know that I have the money was I you know. I mean I was working prize and I was onto our fire. It was this that there was a mess up. The money does coming after me and opportunities, those coming from enimie light in only you get something. This heinous is right, pang of you here, it is quite difficult. They need your family is vital for the future family in this business is done about you want to be around. You know. By wanted, such as public opinion is already lag. Ryan rate ride around is already out of people is looking those point a finger at all. You know it is and I'm I'm back in I'm acquitted in a still have to clear. My name is just a crazy, but about well still people every day there are you Rachel on my mom
you never know, seventy years from now, you might make birth of a nation movie like that in may bring this up as you fill exact, but I thought you said when you first came back. He ain't gonna do music anyway, hide in this one. YO model, because you in at the end of the day. That's what I was missing the most miles over. You know, maybe much out of me or my family and his bag man of Aachen. If this business completing this position by what I need it. If you notice what I got out of the streets for you to do is take care, my family, and if this is put me in prison do I we got more than forty years when we come back, I began its work, has experience in a foreign jail, this no album Hawaii brother Tony Mohammed. With my to keep alive morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we got He gives in the building now Freddy you gotta guess, which you Tony Mohammed. How did you look up above a moment?
I live in LA man, so you know this guy is not hard to bump into even that. Lady, that's why I rock with Minister Tony cuz. He in the streets, man turn on me. You know, I feel a lot of you know Baptist preachers in the guys in the church, in the black community and stuff like that, but they definitely not in Greece with people, like Minister, told him, although history lesson rather Mohammed, I mean but again together, Magna yea and well first of all, men. It is an honour to be they because this certainly highlighted the man and touch my life honourable minister serving he's the figure I didn't and the love that he showed me because I came out of a drug lifestyle. drug dealing Atlanta, Georgia, thirty some years ago and heard the honourable Minister Louis far gone. Teach his arm could not cocaine
and when he laid in to the lecture power last wherever it was. I have been wondering how all of my life, and then I didn't take responsibility for the damage that idea among community. And a pledge at that time that I would go back into the repair the damage that our cars and so on. countless hours in the streets winning trust of the gang members to the two Twenty some years later I have resolved at least two hundred and twenty gang conflict, and and so now gave a new Yorker reach out. For me, gangs in Chicago is reach it out. We're gonna have a piece rat right so this is why Fridays they look man. I've been through a situation in An odd is now I will these sort of, like a journalist on movement. We gotta start talking about our rapid about some of the past
does have ready, is like look out the challenges that we made a briefing. We need a briefing from the streets on something good. There and yes, I M talking about then the fauna. Cod are the day I think diminish the set on you don't have to give up you have to give up the wrong expression of that. I am right. Elevated drop, some simple tools in it and that what is Freddie is doing now studying and appoint. Aware look minister I want to use my name, and I want to challenge the article. Let me tell you: the audience can help us to unite the street Quicken in any preacher. Quickly in any so called black active. In our view, they had on the shelf. Yes, rather would you could do it one rap song. I couldn't do with fifty thousand lectures. I'm not thought had taken far gone really various because a rabbit my father dolly try to get me to listen, diminishes, bijou stuff, and I play. I know when I If a deep like the mind of Aragon, children, they fragmented Providence matured, illicit. Only I just
see made me realize all enemy really thought painted visit. This is just about us. Connected with often you. Nine would often get ideas for me. Do you know it's like I said defrayed, ok, brother, you draw circle around yourself and everybody. That's around you dry land to them. What you bring to do. You draw land back from nearly what do they bring to you? It is not an exchange. Get rid of that right. That's your problem now, Fanny had therapeutic. Was it for you to write this album arose, basically everything that I want to put my right now, while I was in the fell over there in Europe, because I didn't know if I was going to give rap again. So I know when I made bail out like I need to see the record of the whole lot of music and nothing. So I don't have any books to read anything I've decided in rhyme all wraps and ring economy are books was in german and armies in his whole. Expand it. May God helmings they. So you know you run
do. They were real yard. You set at an hour mucilage you couldn't red in the Erika, but you some books shut out the other, but that we brought me some looks in all of them She brought me a whole lot of black letter to books and I wouldn't let me get those refers better. Bush Roma can even really really really when you said They treat you like that, because you were american because you are a celebrity. Abortion is delighted with the competition Germany Hamblin, you know- I mean it was out of the only american person in the press and over years those so many things he was Andy man. From supporter I mean you know matter a black man arm raven white women in a predominantly white country. That's why me you know that. That's You know I mean ends like you know. We had tvs and sale so every night, Watch myself or foreign tv in Madrid
We need to remain in the language. Now. Do you notice allow so we know is definite quite difficult lobbying over what about that opinion Yet if I m sure we had to fight a couple nine by really Rock Lena by then I really want it like that, but you know is allowed It was a lotta, swastikas, NEO Nazis, and you know people nature in. I mean that the crazy thing. when I went over there is there is a lot of Africans locked up over here, like that. You know me, so I figured ok. These guys with alacrity black, we grew obey, saw my help. Let me have it out with them. You know what I mean.
With them and later after voting a black America exactly on my day day when Roger went measles like them, you notice that really know put me in a place, while my man, I'm really by myself like decent downward nightmare it with nobody, dared that you miss widow or spoke to anything it nobody. You know that, totally alone, all air was my pitches man in a modern, Norma Girl House. Looking at that, it is you know no one thousand come out. It is because you know at the end of the day I didn't do a known on acting with you. I really think that are lower than ever Polyte made. I may never come on you in another country to identity in every year, when I came home in the sale and offer me to ten years. I was light wildlife, I feel a thing. You know that you will be ten pretty much leaving you come back to you on your tea out like now then came the next day and a man. Would you if you just emitted. Why- and I was left alone with the yeoman, allow myself and take three: isn't my mommy immunity? Can you passed I just now
Since then we get arms and legal action going on against the girls country holiday right now, you know me so ill deadly, a big defamation, my character. And if we do take overs issue now you like area after area, come away. You know I mean I'm not I'm Dublin Apollyon, because you know me I'll travel in Armenia. at my life to remove or you don't think, I'm going to give more money to do not the wrong everybody. Everybody is like a man. You, you goin, that Euro might hear one back. You know why, because not enough, because, as everyone defamation, their message became. NI which allowed me there and they then you'll never be able to get back right exactly you normally so I got a spanish problem in keeping our door. What are you people? Firstly, I think that you yourselves have been telling us. How do you feel the love is the poor now that you have put yourself out there? Do you feel like people? listening to your side of the story, believing in you and happy for you, my love, my a shovel. Mama, thereby subordinates like us in this house
Nicole ordeal could definitely, you know do my career in Hindi. What I got going on so you know I appreciate everybody's still coming out there supporting me. I appreciate it. It is more like a father figure to me without him, partly wanting in every get back up on ahead and get back what I'm doing in I've gotta give out. Life, and I want to use my platform and had only just lay music but bad information. May we thirty one very gib region the joint and things. As the Erika lawyer shabbier. Their area is the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club bless. Kids aromas is taught by Iraq,
with Angela. His club cabin demand recently set down for an interview with bill. Timmins on the Ringer pack has not got bill sermons, and here what he had to say about who actually texted him after the NBA finals after they want his, but he said what was the most surprising text you got in the last twenty four hours Obama. Will he send a text through somebody to get to me when I say Congrats, the defense is really good wishes, random show me, enjoy it and have some fun, no typical stuff, but I don't go to the White House. I wasn't expecting that go into the way our name drop in Mostar.
DR as I see it as a great name, the drop Barack Obama geopolitically protects you you just randomly big brother shakes texted until, but you go in Iraq that happening. Yeah. I got a letter from Michelle yesterday, but Josie Mae on radio just bragging about it bragging about yes kind of right now, I dont say Michel, MRS Michelle Obama. Ok, I write disk Del Valle. Besides being let's talk about what's going on, cause bees case pursuing, say men built actually good. You know every way to take coordinated gaiety. Now they actually the very asked to hear some of the statements that were made back again. They wanted to get a better safer as testimony there if it safer as one of the people that interviewed Bill Caspian. That was the statement that they read from what he said previously
and basically what they wanted to hear again was the fact that both cause be did not have sex with Andrea constant while she was asleep or awake, but he did say that he had a consensual next session with her. There was nothing just like making out as the EU meddling and I naturally horror. Oh no, no, no! It's not. There was no penal penetration. This basically him touching her rest and genital bow ass. They gimme some men. Let me give you some delays in backing the outgoing added. Does it mean I? I love that killing in the urban dictionary. Nothing is this. I would now remember your nephew what is lacking Casey Well, I'm me when built badly used the word a napkin. That's not what you meant
I'm telling you has laying out oh what a maiden males day, but then I D had absolutely Malaysia ere. I right now in this testimony, daddy gave back in two thousand families that he never intended to have sex with Andrea constant. He said I don't trust two women who says she doesn't know how long it would take her too, he'll, and that was about her mom. So now I live without real, no women. I don't have a longer than that has been nearly thirty hours of deliberation is I was a twelve hour day yesterday, so there was no verdict still so it has. Given you an update, they are back today at nine, a m to continue. I rights and that's not gonna nasty Harvey is in trouble yet again for some comments that he may be made a joke about Flint Michigan. Now, apparently, he was on the air and he lashed out of them who was from Flint, because the man like the fact that the warriors when the NBA title this year, here's what happened.
What are you doing? on behalf of the party morning, steep argue, particular we apologise to the various research, so you have set a clear when last any tell them enjoy a nice brown glass of water. I voted for the measure of the yes vote. It was, they will become a big check, the flint so sure now accounts manner. Once words Davis found Plant Michigan said I question people not to take this person serious he's an opportunity here,
ah for show so there you go her eye. People are not too happy about that inappropriate joke. Now. Tiger woods is heading back to rehab because he could possibly lose joint custody of his two children after he got busted for do you I so now yes do that he visited the hospital with children on June. Second, then, when alone, two days later, to complete paperwork and his assessment, so that get it together. Now himself for the sake of his children. He's been having bag pain for years. He under when we haven't Arizona back in two thousand ten, because he and addiction to vague it in an ambien, and now he has to go back. Yet again, I right I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report. I thank you. Monsieur Charlemagne docketed have next May yes, it is. It is a very teachable moment. Gotta tell ya a time you uncle charlatans you all the time. Kids. Destiny is not a matter of chance as a matter of choice, all right, we're going to talk about choices for after our right next keep alive,
Does the breakfast club water Donkey Devil? Yes, dog, you today, for thirty June fifteenth goals, the Lord John Ripple Anyone yield oh gee from Kansas City Kansas. Now I'm telling the story today, because our we should learn from the mistakes of Lord John. Report is a teachable moment, ladies and gentlemen, because We shall again on his radio every day and tells you tat. Life is all about choice. Is everything in life is about choices? All we are doing throughout our whole existence is choosing constantly choosing and far too often bad things happen to people because they simply make bad choices. Now I was branch of arson
leaving the serenity prayer the serenity prayer. Is God grant me the serenity to accept the things? I cannot change courage to change the things I can and the ability in the wisdom to know the difference John Rippel, don't know, don't show I dont care that he can changes consensus. John, was lacked the courage to change this circumstance, because John is currently in a whole bunch of trouble based off something he could have simply changed. Just made a bad choice. All you do is make the wise choice. Walk away for a federal judge. Sin is Lord John Ripple, the six months of home confinement and fifty hours of communities you! Seventy one years old, Lord John River decided to rob a bank a whole big bang choices, we get bad choices, rabbit a beggar, the terrible choice, but that choice happen because of a bad choice. John made in that choice was to stay with his wife the media thoughtful free report? Please he rob a bank because he was tired.
of living with his wife. His punishment going back home for six months, large ripple faced up to twenty years in a federal prison for holding up the Bank of Labour in downtown Kansas City Kansas last summer. Instead, today, a federal judge sentenced rebel to six months of home confinement. He also got fifty hours of community service. Mr Ripple and his lawyer told the court room that Mr Ripple had been suffering from depression ever since he had heart surgery and twenty fifteen and mad depression, manifested itself into irritability, which led to this kind of sadness that would cause them to rob a bank he was diagnosed shortly after he was arrested last September. Large John Rebel wanted to get away from his wife. So annoying get away from his wife. He came up with a bright idea to rob a bank Ellison Pact is John told. Did he blamed his actions on depression? Why you depressed John, I tell you why Because your relationship and you dont want to be in when a woman you don't want to be with you, don't have the courage to leave. I hid the thing
just seventy one years old, and you can work up their courage to rob a bank. A whole big one, entire wells Woggle, one entire Bank of America? Why can't you find the just? If your wife, the voice separate, you probably know wanted you to the was seventy one budgets live on separate xyz allows, does something I'm trying to say. it is so many other choices you could have made, and none of them had to be robbed, a big we all get Del God and life. Some of you, caused in others in Rio, game live in the choices we make with those caught the risk we decide to take and the consequences which you live with. Ok, what kind? laser with John in and he decided he would rather live with the consequences of Rob a bank seventy one years old been living with consequences of just up and leaving his wife makes no sense to me. They had three c life, ok, choices, changes changes. You must make a choice to take a chance on your life. Will never change. John took a change,
make a change, but it was Roger it. You didn't have to take a chance, rob a bank in order to change in circumstances which wife you could just left. Your wife is seventy one We're gonna grown I've grandpa makes such a poor decision. What is it and to be learned in this situation. Kids. The lesson is yours: to make whatever choice you want, but you are not free from the consequences of the choice Please give Lord John Russell Sweet sounded Amazon, fleece. U r e g yeah I guess I get the lodged. You rob big, seventy one, you think you could go to jail for you, no delay, remaining years your life, what even there what is more, the luxury of your life in jail, I wouldn't mind this disbelieved
you, seventy one does supremest, though God brings, the garage still got action. I any treatment are. I would thank you for a donkey up next ask ie if any relationship advise call ye right now, eight hundred five, eight five one o five one was to email. You help me ye a Gmail dotcom die. right now? She put you live on. The air is to breakfast local morning his control. Morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's go performance along this job angels and was of course, if easy job Lastly, about yeah, my question is: I was a girl, I'm twenty four to twenty. Eight were either me the girl bird month before she found like its mass and you know we're on the seventh month in the whole time we were together. You know she did tell me, you know I don't do oral on guys or whatnot and that normal I get her I'll give me is not, but but
partner on my well, what about you know even bought, unlike is something that I could. I could do I they mind it. I really don't care. Do you know we had sex? couple times, those out even a box to whatever- and you know she she liked it or not, and then, like I went down the one on afterwards, like now is ignored, Why? Why did I augur well because you know there's a deeper meaning is that things have happened, my path and on my, why would you tell me that it was ok before so anyway? Seaborne that you give arts in her anyway here the thing like out because of her bad will happen to it and use it to comparable and about it, yet MIKE will. Why would you leave me on the believe that and she's like all well, because I didn't think you would actually do it? I write well for as a boy of cheese expressing to you there's something painful happened to her that she can't even talk about yet
then, if you really lever, you'll be patient to find out what that is, because you have no idea what that could be so much It could be something really terrific that happened to her sexually. still by the city this day or maybe he's trash give ahead. I am going by where she said Lizzie. He said then added it, but maybe he's DR given by just in other than the lack of oral sex in your relationship. Do you guys have a good relationships sexually and spirit.
Yeah yeah me get beyond she's great, so you're saying that everything else is great and our relationship is oral sex. It deal breaker for you right now and you have the patience to wait until your girlfriend can express to you what it is. It happens here and help her get through this already, but I have to pay the gravity of this group. Would you like that? But the real by writing a book, sharing information. I got here everything about much of the earth and like the really the colluded with I just want to anything. I could do to help provoke her to. Let me know a blue eminently but constantly, and I did it out of her words. Their when she's ready to open up and let you know cause you don't know why I like you, have no idea what it could be. All you can do is be understanding and let her know that you'll be there for her and that you won't look at any differently, no matter what it is that she has it's how you, but
At the end of the day, you can't fourth somebody to open up to you about something that could be a painful issue whatever. It is because she D say that some thing happen, so her that she can. Express yet so and aims I see has another. She can trust you and a bill that Chaz does take some time and if you really love and care care about her and everything else in your relationship is good, then I think what you have to do is continue to be a great man and continue to be patient with her all right. Try because it doesn't seem like its anything personal with you. It just seems like she hasn't things within herself that she has to work through that she hasn't work through yet, and honestly. Maybe you should suggest to her to get them outside counselling that you are not involved in that can help her with her issues, because you want to make her a better person and you want to help her out mentally, even masturbate. I mean that doesn't mean some people, masterpiece and people. Don't you know that doesn't mean anything but
I think it might be a clear clearly raises issues there, as she has expressly you. So maybe the The thing to do is for you to find somebody that you feel like she could talk to get some recommendations and be like listen just you know, this has nothing to do with me whether not mean you end up together. I want to make sure that your good as a person so thing. It would be a good idea for you to have somebody to speak too and that way that can help you out and help our relationship out as well. That I like that. I just think that lack Laura. They ask eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you calling out with the breakfast club good morning morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. We are Brianna on a long morning, Brianna how you doing this morning. during the course of easy? Ok. So my question is about family guy. Legs fix my end.
You really get my inside you take me on ice day. They forgot couple cancer, but only thing in my view, we Let me do that really said the boy and I can't get Boyd, unlike our colleague facing Dubai, worry. The wedding gown. I shall work on it. Are you trying to force yourself to leg somebody that you don't really leg just because he treats you well and as nice things, for you I mean cuz. A lot of women do that he looks great on paper. He seems like the ideal boyfriend, but he just doesn't turn me on like that
yeah, so you should never try to make yourself like somebody. Ok, though, he really likes me, and I don't really know, listen, I'm sure, there's a lot of guys. I really like you do them. You have to be with them here alone. If you really like him as a person and you think he's a great guy unite doing him any favours by dating him, even though you're not really into him. You know, and listen. Who knows maybe you'll appreciate him later on and be like. You know what he really was a good guy after I date all these dogs out here, but they're way more exciting. Who knows that's the risk you'll have to take, but I don't really believe in liking, somebody and dating them just because they like me and because they treat me good, I need to feel like I'm usually want to do things for you, I'm turned on and I'm excited or else what's the point oh man, yeah right,
No, my classes Bobo, who love? That's alright, ascii, eight hundred foggy five one far. What have you got a course of ie? You could call her any time or you can email with email you. It is help me ye a Gmail dotcom far right now, when we come up against a movie yes fly may where they doing. It is fighting again I'll. Give you the details about when the fight is going down and what has been happening, how much money is getting and how much money is his opponent getting all right we'll get into all that when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast global more about breakfast opera was on her first pack ass. Ever with the Hollywood reporter Anti about a lot of different thing. She talks about hitting rock bottom and grow up with her mother in Milwaukee, when she got pregnant here with tears, which he said I
bottom. I became pregnant by the uncle and hid the pregnancy I'd intended to kill myself. Actually planned on killing. I thought there is no way out other than killing myself and I just planning on how to do it. You know if I'd had the internet now I might not be alive, because now you can just google how to do it day. Ray. Was he guy raped by her uncle when she was only fourteen years old and that's what led her to wanting who consider suicide, always glad she made the right decision and rather said that was that she had a miscarriage. Actually is would happen and her father call that a second chance for her. So she said she took in those words as a man. Had throughout her life that help to reach the level of success that she's at today's Jaso and this pack has talked about there. I've beginnings of on the upper Winfrey network and all the mistakes that she made through that he talks about the usage of the end word in what happened? I would ever
with Belma here's what she said. I think the word should be eliminated from the other lexicon. I think it should be eliminated for everybody. I have been on record being anti the word period. Nobody should be allowed safe, I agree with her three hundred and sixty percent any reason. I agree with the idea that sixty percent- because when you nobody, you gotta, do better and is like it was a point in time and I followed live. You'll have always made the best added a worse a agent.
all right when it comes to point out what you wrote. It was your girl, you grow, and you have all when you don't eat Haug at all, any more ideas, nothing positive about their word and instead of trying to turn our words into a positive list is use words that are already positive, like king in brother, in God, I wouldn't have to afflict that word. Ok until he reminds you every time, drying isn't as these. These words without the campaign is high. That he's my anxiety, I'm trying with some of my body and king live because, let's get into the Forbes less, they just released their world's highest paid athletes and in the top ten there bore MBA players to soccer players, a tennis player golfer and a formula. One eraser, who do you think, is number one on the list made. Ninety three million dollars Lassie Roger floor me, one number one, Cristiano Ronaldo mauled thousand managers should be trying to get penetrated.
I'm sorry place anyway number to analyse, is actually leubronn. He made eighty six point, two million and the three as Lionel Messy sack apply ourselves more riser Federer five is Kevin's ran mirage of literally I may sixty four million placing industries, also on the list, as Deaf carries on the lists. A number eight James heart is number nine and Louis Hamilton. The formula one razor is at number ten animal, Zog Blue. Just two, surprised that war is not analyse, wait here. Finally- and this is my last year well once he does his next bite hoods Evidently, beyond the less and less get into that fight because he is going to be fighting kind of Macgregor trash. I wanna be happening on August. Twenty six years is a word Dana way had to say about the fight grocers, why large folder- and I thought they were the impossible. Video is now happening August, twenty six of the treaty, mobile and values,
I write and tragic. Connor is expected to make around a hundred million dollars for the fight but and break down all the financial rules and common Macgregor get a hundred million dollars. I'm just trying to forget what is called a Macgregor done. The earned the right to be in a boxing ring would Floyd may want to watch. It was easy one of the biggest fighters. Newsy is the biggest only minimal frames. Well, maybe the most and my lady S run John away. Why be fighting at a hundred and fifty four pounds fell at the figures it this risk disrespectful to this border box in the area where I am Angela YE, and that is your room, a report
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