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Friday 01/12 - Today on the show we had G- Eazy stop by where he spoke about his new album "The Beautiful and the Damned", ending partnership with clothing store H&M, doing drugs and more. Moreover, the executive producer and creator of the new TV series "The Chi" Lena Waithe stopped by and spoke about her coming out, the show and more. Also, after news broke about our Chief and celebrity Donald Trump Sh** Hole Countries comment, many were in a uproar, including Charlamagne, which led him to give Trump "Donkey of the Day". 

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Here's something good is a new show from Seneca women, and I hurt radio it's a great way to start your day on the positive side of life. In times like these, we may find ourselves worrying that even the simplest tasks will have a negative consequence, but here something good. We spoke to marry Johnson scientists from tied a detergent. We relied on four seventy five years in this episode. She shares valuable tips for how to do laundry in the time of corona. One last thing to worry about four: more tips and a coupon from tied go to tide, dot, com slush podcast, if you're, not cheating, not try harder than former Cubs first based in my breast, is a trick relation a weekly five gas that deep dad's into some of the craziest the camps, a deception in sports, I'm your hosting that Waxman and each week I'll interview key players and some of the most brazen and bizarre camps on level the playing field in the
of winning broad cheats, scam, artists, thirty year olds, who forged a birth certificate to play, high school basketball, I'll talk to them all. The attempt to uncover the crazy and dirty tricks of the trade, listen and followed figuration on the eye heart radioactive apple pie, gas or wherever he listened to progress. I love you. Rascal sit out the most prominent when you asked earlier. More broadly drama was young. People's choice was busy.
Money you yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Mining Sanum good morning easily. Please didn't planted in France. I want to draw one who wrote the foremost warm. I hastened to advertise their body from El Salvador but I do want to focus on two occasions in this situation of Mr Donnelly, good divide Haitians. I like I know Haitians Trump will be coughing up a frog Monday at the lace damages doesn't seem. You have any intention of apologizing, doesn't, like you said anything wrong article in the White House, don't even fair, like there's an issue trying to somehow support some certain people,
Then you'll have to apologise, because we now white powder blow them to your face. Mr Trump OJ in Ireland and in the truth now become your mouth, meaning that when you start delegate matter your mouth, when you get to feel and when you feel like you can eat anything, you sick. All of a sudden, you start Sweden, and then you throw up in actual feces comes out your mouth, then you on disdain soundly big impatience of your data, but it got a new yes before one include above this morning, I believe in Afghanistan, the pilots, as is a matter because no really believe you never recognise this very thing anyway, when somebody show you D believed absent re Donald Trump is Craig Ass, crackle white devil in anybody who still supports trump. At this point, even if you vote for, if you can't emitted, you made him take if you care to meet that need worth spreading and about time you can admit that is bad for the country in your Craig Ass crack a wide devil. Ok, yeah!
That is our main god or I want ya to complain about the right people. We take I a man but feel eggs people their support, Donald Trump by racist, also unknown got me about that, but I do feel like if you support what he believes in his ideals and him, then that makes you races, reporting, races, idea, let us, at least if you don't want to be called raises, you're an accomplice to raise complex the bigotry is the inner and in those people are border format, Well, you got a politician. You do right now you have to see what they are made. The wrong decision was about away. Have you say you re you're, exactly of you voted for home, based on that premise and in fine, but now at this point at this stage in the game, you gotta meet these bad for this absolute around these bad Nephilim light all right. Well, today, on the show g Eazy will be here, okay and also Lena Way, to be a nice balance showing this Friday morning. I love, if you don't know who Lena Waithe is she's the first black woman to win a Emmy
four comedy: writing easy is, and that was a master of men. The Thanksgiving episode from that had been given exposition energy, the robber. You know what I was actually over time, but I said Lord Elmwood Deposit money in the bank and walked over and it took my card. The gun. That leaves I get my car back and it took seven minutes before I got my car but I was a guy imago anywhere. If I give my backing to energy for seven minutes, element is held me. What's your money guys stock, and I was that it would give you call back. I think I believe it is, as you are putting many an atm using work so far, but I'm like somebody common Bobby take my card is not new, The image of the seven minutes is a model of company hold you for another three and take what you get my goddamn. Damn right. I will have to show crack of rotation as well. We, too, maybe something I don't know what it is that Download trim said yesterday by we will make sure we get all internet this morning, how right? What would you put it? Why displayed Charlotte a boy to say: hey Boss, our presidency, it hawk,
they don't want you seen and less negative would like network fly baby way, become easy as all these it, how low day cable unable to pay his post below rocks are the reckless locomotive. Morning, everybody is the G envy Angel Ye Charlemagne ago. We are. The breakfast was happening on a beautiful Friday, blueskin some front page news. I never start off with an affair for boy if you still watch the football to watch and care about the players Eagle, Savona, falcons patriotic on titans jaguars, they gonna steal, isn't saints. Take on the break ins and outs of about Donald Trump Array, Donald Trump. He was having a meeting a closed door meeting and they were talking about immigration reform and in particular what they would do
was talking about a plan that involve cutting the visa lottery in half and also making sure that the rest would go to under represented countries in Africa and temporary protective status nations, which include Haiti. Now one person in the meeting said that the languages salty on both sides and when they started talking about Haiti, that's when Donald Trump said. Why do we want people from Haiti and more Africans in the? U S, and he also said that you should get more people from countries like. Norway. He said why we when people from these is whole countries while to the United States. Meanwhile, only asshole I see on this planet is Donald Trump Mouth and guess what if I know Haitians like, I know I should Monday. He really will be definite from his mouth open, a woozy who the next step. Is it at the wise white has still predict that this common does resonate with terms base and that some people are going to be.
Very support everywhere, they ever stronger, may do believe in him, but other law makers have condemned by Donald Trump had to say several law makers from both sides. Both Republicans and Democrats. Have, Only reboot these comments and me alive and with parents, came to the United States from Haiti said. This behaviour is unacceptable from the leader. Of our nation. Are you tired republican and she demanded an apology from the president of my parents? Came from one of those countries but proudly took an oath of allegiance to the United States and took on the responsibilities of thing that, being as it is in comes with, they worked higher pay taxes and arose from nothing to take care of and provide opportunities for. Their children was a luxury trumps base is has nothing to do with conservative and liberal is have nothing to do with Democratic Republic in this have to do it right and wrong good and evil. God insane is my friend
wrong, Harry I'm saving doesn't mirror the day condemn laid down. A chums comments were, and they also said they want to have a meeting with the: U S, official, about the incident in other countries and Voter Haiti. I didn't want to close them to get their wipeout ass. Often ass Alice is, I know this is now ambassador to the United States at the damage up with misinformed, or he is Miss educated and he said I Haitians fought alongside you. The soldiers and the revolutionary war, and we continue to be great contributors to american society. The former prime Minister of Haiti, us his shame on trumped. The world is witnessing a new low today, with this issue since my mark, no YO, Donald Trump patients come into the country every day, be get you some soup gmo some generosity. You'll, be I? U tough right. So the thing is it right either. Races, he says, is these remarks, but what happens next? We just have a racist present. Let me do that too it would arrange present, we got a crack Angie, we ve been dealing with. We definitely devilish, gonna grow worse and worse and worse, and it is indeed take and once again-
I say why you I've garland certain why people crags, when races, bigoted, why people will be called Craig Ass, cracked. Nothing really and their fathers was breaking. Donald Trump was taking a message for Martin Luther King Jr Day go boy! Oh you, wanna call from one move between June you. I got a call from one king. The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by bad people, but the silence over that by the good people. This is how I feel about all use all good. Why people who can hear Donald Trump speak, Tis, races, rhetoric and not speak. About the ultimate tragedy: if not the oppression and cruelty, but above you will, but to silence all would have bought a good now. It doesn't have any issues with immigration unless its people of color, because he once more people from Norway to come here, that's what he said I came in and what people from places like Norway, yes and no country the United States on it as a man of marriage it from Norway argument now you would want more from Norway here, but I have nothing to do with well. All right, we'll ask front page
alright, let's open up the phone lines, get it off your chest, eight hundred and five five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset your life, you need to vent hit us up right now or or if you want to tell me why you're blessed the wide open as well. Five hundred and five one thousand five one hitting something out now to breakfast locomotive, The breakfast club, is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you on a breakfast is able to give their mama get it off each ass. You say your name, so Gmos are falling behind my back where I had about a wedding porn congratulation. Where you can you hear from where you are you can you ever? I, like you,
everyone can go way, maybe an ivy lavish where there are many parts of the world my son, I wonder what about now. Go may want to Mamma when my hunger, the start in a week, distribution companies she has taken is theirs who dash we should go into China's. You go in the indian, better, take it seriously. The search for the world's best, where the big data you guilty of ties so much cheaper, they're, coming she has tied. Undermining. Has a practice is tied up. Megan money of of of weave a win, win black women. Windmills hello, this what's out by David Bobby, I got a question. I was that the issue of shopping without water. After what we call white people,
on the radio like I've been your majesty, I don't want to add to the Donald Trump Card, Haitians and Africans in El Salvador. Is he called or places ass old yesterday called up? You complain about museum cracker, because you show your priorities lack, knock it off, knock it off. I call your own. If you I have the right of any like here in his name, calling on national flexibility and move on to another lagging he doesn't like this. You fritz call com. You can guess what this de crack issue fridge: Donald Trump User, cracky chief, you voted for you probably still support of sub model, where you can say that the word our way up We got that. Where would you people not play with racist player? Would you think if I play what these trump supporters now I hear no more of a rat saw what you kiss a detail This is over subpoenas every Asian in America, doorway potted a way ya want at energy exit. Crotchety all want that energy. You Cassidy whatever
I'm tired of playing with these people may. Why are you so nicely doing every night when you say that you do not only patiently Aladdin Klein Express adding fail about sent? These do not get it off; each is eighty five a firewall or for have one. If you upset you need to. It is now the breakfast logo on the breakfast club? Is it your time to get it off it s? The man from you, wanna breakfast on your life is Eli Labrador, Prom homestead, Lord Illogical features broke ok, Brian bad, like cat row which has no man. I am a yank walk outside away. You know, you sprang order, and then I realized it. I'm letting, while legume always guided, went by that. Ok, so I'm a plumber, bright bible, rain,
I don't give a lot of things. Grammar I'm alive with Colombia, you may pipe. I lay the pipe. I lay the black pipe. Actually right now, look back the cast iron, it's gonna ironic, because what we're talking about you blow the whites Donald Trump and make them black by my dad what are weak in my mom's black tonker? So I'm I'm really mad, because Otto really watch tv. That often so like a lot of the news that I get is pretty much when I go to work. You know it for five hundred and forty five in the morning, and I listen to your breakfast club rewind and I listen to a little bit of breakfast club. Then I got to get off at work. What I hear yesterday in a little bit today that you know Donald Trump is calling countries or countries, and I had a car. I gotta come home and I got a deal with my contentious family because YO this one white individual is affecting my life and everyone in my household life, and it makes it really difficult for me to get up in the morning to go to work in work for, like seventeen white people, there
like the epitome of Donald Trump followers. I understand totally what you mean, but you got to go in there today and you have to tell those people in the words of Martin Luther King Jr they them. Ok, weaken ultimate tragedy, is not the oppression and cruelty, but a bad people, but to silence all without by the good people of your co signing Donald Trump still at this point your bad and adjusts. About, would download trouble doing in Euro white person you're bad as well. I guess I'll have to do that. Then! Yes, man ever go Monica LUG. If I may to allow there's a lot more more, we call
I apologize. I daresay they why you say like you're, the hazy, Germans, they all up nearly every day. Let's go, I want the haitian massive have beyond a phone. They wouldn't you got to say my brother of popular. What now, where do I gotta get up there? Sucking hired boy? Don't talk to me, but I must enable tonight jump in all. He wanted me to look forward to working with or any country from the island. You would not believe it. You'd like when it is bad enough that it does not admit that the Black Sea decree also users, are they going to stand. You better be obliged to submit an here. Thank you, because you got up in purple. Think I love love. What will come as no surprise that it really could not bear it in mind
I know you guess I guess I don't know if they know my Haitians like, I know my Haitians. Donald Trump will be covered up or fraud by Tuesday, Mattel you go out and you want to call places like eighty s old. You want to call Africa as all you want to go out with it s all a guarantee. You wanted impatient, go, make sure you'd deprecate, not your mouth. Your mouth is gonna, be the asshole, I'm telling you it's gonna haven't you will get sick, you just our sweat and you will feel that you can't eat. You won't feel a painting stomach feel like you. Gotta do, which will have to throw up and it can be. Desiccation comes at a mouth. What you ve been there Do you really want Scott damage? You look there hey. You know some clear that no you been there before, get it off, each has eight hundred five a viable and a viable and even their rooms runaway. Yes, Lithuania's refuting reports that he had a fifteen year old son will give you the details on what he has to say. Also imagine you got your best friend fired from their job. Will tell you what rapid,
happens you anything, it's unfair does create, lowering or want to claim. Lords was no more staff, it all right, we'll get it towards a load of fitting out is the breakfast the more the breakfast club. Envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We had a breakfast club is Friday. Job would include bombs while my agent Donovan Wooden door bagration dolls. When I'm done you're right over there, he young, I am a little sick.
Oh, you won't need only one offs liberty achieve don't forty five. I know my age is like I'd know my zeal Bcg real soon and get a better right will ask its rooms so low way. The reul report was away at once to have a legal showdown. That's all because a woman is saying that he is the father of her fifteen year old son. Now he went to paternity test and he said I do not engage in a sexual relationship with Kyoto was Watson in June of two thousand. When at any other time he said in June of two thousand one I was residing in New Orleans, but my professional commitments require me to travel a great deal throughout the United States. I do not believe it is possible that I am the biological father of Dwayne round, I have never acknowledged Dwayne Brown is my son, nor was
ever made aware this birth until I was there, but the petition filed in August, and why the young lady wait so long ass, a whole law may now fifteen years ago and is named after him meanwhile now to say, is that are less even crazily doesn't have the. If, if he, if he is to fall, he does have to pay for the previous fifty years absence, leaning, Oda, low boy like Burma alone, We you, I write, a rigorous. How would you get his attention if you were an aspiring, wrapper? Well, I'll, tell you what one person did Sedgwick Miller twenty three years old is a suspect who actually tried to rob a wing stop in order to get rats its attention? No, you did you say a thing like this on a reduced, my goodness, what granted payment services will or what was it is fixed or you tell him I'm telling you he was a suspect in an attempted robbery at the wings them in Memphis and according to reports he just wanted to make sure that
rigorous, would listen to music. At some point, you really bring Roscoe listening to music. If you try to rob won his establishment of what? What logic is that I'm going to do something good for you have to? You did something bad to me, which are evaluating like illegal hunting. I kept a real. He went to the lad to try to get lights ass, a man, I'm a scientist. I cannot while one of his closest friends just got fired from United Airlines after sixteen years. Now you don't know what happened While I was vying for free using one of those family passes a buddy pass and he said well, this is unbelievable, close and we found was fire by United Airlines after sixteen years with no infractions for allowing me to fly on his pass to do. Charity work out of town more details coming please retweet. Now, according to poor wife Leeuwen, this past plenty a times, but he said the airline started digging into his flight history after
when in on them- and what is I guess, Pa Wall heads Misuse but united onto it, I do it That is why we want to rock the boat. No ok, you know when you fly on those paths we have to like. You cannot do it. You know Do you mind with Paul you gonna go down on you do come on now, United Airline said we restrict this benefits. Leisure travel, MR, while use these travel benefits for business purposes, which our policy does not permit. Now PA said that his friend is Ed, combat disabled veteran and he was actually bear close to retirement after working with United for sixteen years. All I can't believe you have given some for free and had the nerve to comply with. What is your problem? Ball? You give a free and had the nerve to complain what you Brad come all power, while you know better than that rights. If everybody active Lange on your friends past us remember, these things do
and they don't play around thirty offered. Do anybody a United Grove of Rebel, maybe back and smoothed, is overloaded to lay their eggs amazing. Getting a friend, five educated tie up and he s here for more years ago. What would actually said is absolutely accurate. Paul wall got his four invite. Don't you know wouldn't have what you don't know. Why, united by via him as a fire of yellow lag, is my thought very well, I'm Angela you- and that is your The report, which I would complain about them for free was framed. Free is free right. Well, they for those rules. When we come back Gee Easy will be unavoidable technology, easy, throw move as the breakfast locomotive morning. Every he is the gay envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special gift in a building. Furthermore, in the morning I wanted to share with you, for them are very different. Life is for the worse
I said at last, elevated would arrive. I dont like this, not how I go boy. Three ways was Terry's again, you're back on the already do a lot of movies, but the beautiful damned and I'm not a German. I am a cancer right but accurately tat. I record, alas, that right you say: have you ever seen? A devil would hello, I'm somebody got their own beam and everybody fight normal. What are you drunk? We then intended by that animal scientist I stay me send his life is roller coaster. Even people are sympathetic as they like it s like ideas, is even greater than other women have always been personally. You go through a lot of people. Don't know about. Everything is relative, an answer and everybody goes what they go through and all I can tell is my story and I'm not trying to look at one thousand and fifty to it like that.
Thou, must invite you u battling, would with drugs and alcohol, hidden, Euralia, avowal, dabble Adele, no let out later nothing alive man, but that's the thing, that's what a lot of it is about about. Alleyway. By removing ass you ve, gotten better. You said Arthur Data, tat. When were you really ought to control it? Wasn't gonna, look eliciting out in front of you at that level. His liquor market. It isn't it That is why I guess, where vested in a whiskey companies costa driver from below path, he hasn't. He had the peach when yeah, that's the motto of you deal with now get on good figure from a jacket on what is founded on it and no centre for myself. Are you? Are you honest growl, you could, you imagine, being Gemini, ultimately no leg, nothing much about
I just know that I'm a gemini like among definitely way they. That was why May was characteristic of cancer, of emotional, hard, exterior, laughter interior assurance to do out. You probably know about being a Gemini Thou, Keziah I'd Abbe Gemini that an odd assigned privately other most like crazy or younger. Leah Psycho, definitely Patrick Bateman would have been a cycle. Definitely a little crazy working to bust knows a lot about an artist, a german eyes, and I think that the duality sounds like you know, you your life as an artist. You know said everything that music in art represents in the night is still a person. At the end of the day you know Jekyll, Mr Hyde, you take that hide off. You still got to be that person when you go see mom. If you don't tell me, you go, spend time with family, Are you coming in Bologna outcome was will then about I just about hangover.
Really burying oh by the way my men Goblet father. I didn't really it Elvis granddaughter one time at my views you out and about rang in you wake up in the morning. It wasn't a good night. Oh dear no blood on the pillow, our Nowhere when their elderly data, I re, will listen agent embassy waken. Abbe you're ready to talk about that, but you had a situation at eight, a m: you had a clothing mine. Did you dividend that response amount and minds in March, and then you had to step back from that new, so contractually you're able to it was Armenia, contractually there's nothing in the contract says if we do somebody as you get out to deal in arms ass? If we were to say you do some raising the oriental art? Is there some bad air Aurora instantly, but on a may, when I saw that mean oh filling
I thought it wasn't even like conversation. It was just like I'm out, but you feel later on people, like me out of this crisis, is that core map with my name on this is now a K. Even with alarm say she didn't hear about it and it was light of Armenia is so big, You know I'm saying like this is the world I didn't the world right now being a connected as we are you not playing with the internet and things going viral and creating a conversation in a dialogue. They can happen that fast and you have our look in a white in talking about it- and in I'm sorry I'm very- very, very, like light guarded with what I put my name on. I understand like who do a record with what I attach my name to what our coasts because that's all you have is your name in satellite ass, your whole respect as a person. If I would do anything for a check him for my name on anything even if I didn't like it or where it or drank yet- and I might add in whom- the human being. So I was excited about it and satellite. That was a big opportunity
put clothes all around the world, and I'm saying and do something that I actually liked. You know I'm saying and mine was cool with, and then I saw that happen and it was like I'm not. This like. I'm out money: do you walk away from a millions? A lot like a language is not even a thing about it. Money if you can't miss- which you don't have made sound and I was his leg visited them. I mean I get my plan by law, the house off that's sand, but I've always been a baby ran like if you believe in yourself, then dissidents. Ass time, it'll come around their names. I value my valued and gone aware by my value, to whatever they saw me to want to put that money up and get behind me. I still got that in San next. The next opportunity to comes knocking, where's right right,
in a day. Did a patent in a high order? Would you would you open backup to even think it about? Maybe no business again with a budget of the eyes of minorities is a people that look like me and position of power with it. Make better decisions. I would think about man mermaid up. If I put in a baby over something like the damages, the damage is definitely die, and I just me personally, I felt, like their statement, was pretty new, pretty like air if they knew that was this a real move on appeal as a real move, ochre acts of Louis nobody was Nathan, millions and millions of dollars that, as it may well, not even like. I want to get too focused on the money, because, at the end of the day, like money can buy everything period in a family. Possibilities. How that money in me a terrible. And being whose in I'm SAM, promoting accompanied us. Don't have my dad it like. I don't care lay before you. This could be it. Could it could have been career suicide because you're, a white wrapper
this happens next thing. You know a couple months: nice e g, easy with Asian M S, nose grossly, would draw disgusting. Did. You didn't go out of two years ago by a business. I do think you did go to school and study the music business as well as this would have been a terrible move regardless What is really at the end of the day before business comes the aims and principles. This has been a human and that really what it comes down to it, we got mortgagee easy will become don't move. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning? Everybody. The gay envy. Angela ye shall amend guy. We are the breakfast club. We have g easy in the building and was argued acceptance from the hip, our community ever aroma. Music? A long time has been hard to get anything stick period in us and also and mix tape. Fatima backpacking, two thousand six in downtown Oakland, like a more support to local airport.
Walk and Biodiversity Blair. I use it was ugly and dry for a long long time and even when it started to stick is there was no sound. My work, There are no limits, my biggest record over all these years later answer has been a long process in general that were to happen because I read somewhere there s a rocky with industry. The next day I wasn't like it was near now, and I mean I've. No Rocky forever opened his first into your show. I'm iraqi, like right right when my peso came out, he was first buzzer. We estimate your friends, you can turn came to him. Would you smoked in his heart? He would let you off with you. I want you to come. New York, I open up my shows my first real New York show and I'm bugging you around, like New York? What I mean, What areas like my usual, you want Only then will they haven't go. We were so profound. We actually
I think we're gonna stay. Ratsey me walk out on as it is I who the hell is. This will slip back here. Looking like a little was ready Santa rate, a booming brought my ma. I walked on, I stayed in. It I did my thing, but is the first time We did a sorrow he was. He was in his career. Nice of you. It is our market have done so with what about God, Electronic bordered on the ear the coffee early like before my number one before you would just a huge incredible period when we get in oil. I, when I mix tape, then I found I was his watch and I found out is fairly our brain, her whole image for whole personality really was just is unapologetic is enough that she was heard, the mahars gas. He was now holding back not by no time for nothin to do her and she was moving his move. She was actually getting like you know said I too, like people, following you really have a fan base and replaced
together and I met her back stays and then I went on to the crowd and watch live her performance enough. I feel like that, when you can really tell somebody like cause you right, there, you know says not liking studio like autumn punch down? Let me clean this up. Let me next this. If you're right there in front of people and got to win people over in silence. There really just stand at you like this? when I want those days over. If iraqi, not a man. Look at me like I went so she did a thing and I was the slices superstar but you ve got a record with highly caught him, and I am here and you re talking about- I guess it you'd your girlfriend known, I assume you say do drugs together as I ran it comes it paths we given a picture floating one of her allegedly sniffing We are aware that about, I don't know,
I'm gonna go figure down those new use days, Miami you know Santa Monica. What you think I'm doing a little agreed appear. My name is John. You guys hurry on arable land and when you see too rigidly is very vague. We're in the middle of the world. You know, like some of my liberal as long as you, I'm standing sites cannot live Why were literally in the middle of nowhere do on ourselves as a holiday? Whatever an arm not occur, I live in restaurants in paragraph eleven that is new to me ass. Those is aware, I do not have that kind of privacy is gonna live like a little weird
Did you make in her heart, though any Thy Hayley her name is held. Her name is hardly a lousy. Thank you. Do you like, but would be, that you're making her hut liking like each other, we are we build up each other, not me Gotta be like Just me story also drugs for an used to be at a party Germany economic interests me we also have our Renault time. I won't ever got, as do I always say at a party year earlier: does Destiny However, there was a birthday party was like a party I'm inspire about providing the Jolly line, we met with family,
Listen, I leave it. There are no simple matter as I get away, they ate it, and you said you like pop bodies. Now I'm gonna blow, my dear, he said you know, of their views. Party would fabric in party party with that. I'm an old lady party means on employment of body, no fear a third big Brown asked us. Do I look up to our love above I haven't. I didn't always like pop would have energy changed a lot by the less? I may remind you, James Adam you let your default browser. It can be said about the business aspect of your career, for anything because you ve gotTa Loyola. Do you think you will be? You are today. If you hadn't done that of them, do you think so, I think it really I'm out of here, I hope I'm that my managers there, I met like a lot of my team, I shot my first videos when I got there like meeting somebody who just happen to have a camera. When I got a lot of just hands on
I wasn't like I'm never allowed an actual paying attention school. I never really like that was never my thing. I did enough to get by. I got through it, but I just feel like you learn from doing you learn from being like in the field getting your hands dirty like this feeling, over and over and over like getting on stage and booed off selling cds. Not working. I'm SAM put not music, not sticking. I've been uplands since Myspace say refreshing, the page in its sixty seven I mean like trying not working atmosphere like that, my persistence and I work ethic and all that most would you would you encourage and child to go to college in allowing occurs and one that get nothing
otherwise we will not accept or now macabre w w haven't you haven't told out. I don't have the area who knows them not to place right now. You know how they are there any privileges. Being a white male in her by cutting? I historian, you sound like you, ve had every day ran and everybody else, I'm a white male privileged everywhere, and I am aware that everything's easier for me in terms of music. I still have to work to get my voice heard outside in star wrapping yesterday. I've been at this for over ten, as you know, but I am aware that when do you for has become aware of your privilege is a white man. I'm an alarming run out now alive. You saw
differences between like you in use being socially aware the world and how works in the world we still live in today. As I said, we can. I respect the law, respect on the initiative of the people, so many people like they dare not aware of their Berlin? And you have to be alive, the usual privilege to combat produce more easy. When we come back here. Call D with biotech yellow. The morning. Everybody is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We have g easy in the building Amazon, Coda, Everything'Ll, be ok off you when his dog out Molest story, true as those too young, an attempt is mother left. Is that correct me? If I'm right it mother love you dead for another woman, They met a woman over those anthill than you discovered. The body in the basement, guys ass, a different that would require therapy music is Day
Music is definitely therapy. Actually that verse was therapy. That's the first time I really told a story like she was my best friend and I never told him a story like that was that kept kind of like clause on. Why? Don't you go away again? mine I mean I don't know. I don't know psychologically why people mean I'm SAM very well, we bury, but that was deafening traumatic. For me, I was I was what fifteen sixteen and, on the whole time, I mean you know. I told what the verse I say my miles was mean with a woman at the time, is a little more accepted now, but this is what two thousand and four two thousand and five like brings her around and she's like this is my best friend. You know what Ok, as a kid like why you sleeping in the same bed is your best friend she's, always what is, and I'm saying, dont really feel like a best friends situation and then to find out and in other kids bear lake. My mom have a rainbow Nelson bumpers a guy in unsound anyone or lay random car thrown away
the kid you I'm sand and then grow and becoming a man be like this like? If she loves her and she loved her? That's love. Angular got respect that period because she's diver would know by us was so come in septa coming to like, and then I mean anytime when you're a kid. You know your parents are a rap and this other person comes in and then I would be that you kind of have this like protectiveness, like my mom's, my everything like she work, jobs, raising two boys, a single mom like that's, who I work for. That's why I do it for like she's, my everything, that's my queen, so having this other figure come in and then
the grown up maturing and mean I'm SAM, a mine opening up to being like accepting of this in London, the love her too and then her kind of like spiralling into his addiction in hiding caught in the basement one night that happening, and it has been like that happening now. How did your man feel about the time when she heard it? She guy? We both cry I met a photographer. Was she loved the sun without the Father about passageway I am sure that, with dramatic for him to eleven is widely for Naomi you'd have told them of other nationalities. I don't wanna talk about it. I haven't had any sounds anybody recorded over a hundred songs, new had to pick twenty who? How does that process work? for the box and gloves, I'm always catch her face, and there was a lot. It was a lab, but I just ass. It had been two years since the last album.
I built a studio. My house eventually We are. I mean I was buzzing around forever like from toward a toward its word armed retorted, whatever so at last, when I, the last time motto towards tour for normal straight away, Finally, I cast attack. I bought a house and put a studio and has for some I lived somewhere like moon. Allowing an arm s studio was might say, place slide out doing everything a night in work and if you mean is what I know how to do. You put me in a port play some give you record, make no sense ended up with a lot of music, and why was in that vibe? I just kind of go unconscious like I'm. Just like don't distract me or bother me don't come in here just like you working and I'll, buy my head out when it's done and I was like, we got a lot of songs, how do you do a rapid about all these smashing Ali's relation, not above political? Maybe they do it again.
You live in a real rockstar lives the outcome exactly as everytime. I thought that you would be a mess like one long ago. You other Yom government, although that is coming. I like her. I thought that you would just living admitted. I thought you'd be absolute mess. You seem to have it again. Dishonest idea was less heroes drink every day. Now you think I'm alcohol do you feel like you're the awkward. Sometimes you know I've seen the asiatic I mean I'm either or army the completely awkward light the life at a party and seven were fleeing a midget it. I think the furthermore measure in person is security. Muttering sold secured near day was just tell me about them, diamonds to beat me here, the very air raids in Houston in Charlemagne, thank God Income and that's how to go about it.
You're one of DNA may shouting at all states that a sneer in it that in its eyes dating That was our undivided. I invite you to pick. You agree to a drink, devil. Thinking, obey me, that's all Data around us during the war now, how many more things with weekend, I remember seeing Jake, I say, didn't we, we can read his lesson. He was I Charlemagne give matters. What what are you? What do you do personally to avoid being labelled as culture votes? I can only be me like aware when I wear make music is. Are we like to listen to us and I do what I like to do and myself, as I saw you can be a carriage out of the skies yourself some miles. You did on the regular crash and burn you savvy cell in dreams, unless you done by she's in my head. Tell me I should be honest, but I don't pay attention. I don't know why you lying to use with me. Jesus dreams
Sally, I didn't know. What are your business is a bomb in these greeting. I will now with my life. And I'm selling dreams and who, by Anna my legs Manasseh rely hotcakes Algiers their Michael caused very like a relaxed count. The limits that Motor Michael Courts Never boy might look like Charlemagne with. By knows that there will be given by a young lady, oh my god, bag, but I'm here Why do I, sir, the background. Well, you never need data the Dominican from that have not yet eggs, Lane Adele manner, glad I'm just gonna Cameron Admettin. She gladly Jupiter concert in this world. You, sir, she she said I'm not going to name her name, and then she threw up a g or something like how she do it. I don't know the phone the banana my way legacy that you may see cares
remaining thats. What I mean was released like what are now we have, in fact, in a long time, G easy, a real old. Player. I have now broken hearted and she's she's nice girls are grossly areas anyway, they from requesting. He looks at me. I regret this when I'm so, but what does the line? yeah might regret. This went to Morrow comes with them. Drunk needs a more funding, so bored with every shadow like I hear, call becomes Covey S aiding on plants. Come on. Their degree of girls and I am not I have read this when I'm sobol near would have wished.
The light you know Santo. Another sad and call me employers la might have been a reads. It might have said that including an anonymous rehab memoranda, eight and twenty four man as go right here. I've assign Cobby Josie MILES miles the coast. Ngos is too easy due to phenomenon, and I have to walk facile every single day and another thing about the toy stating February fifteen. Yes, yet it or take us are flying the tourist eyes everywhere, fifteenth coming to a sitting near you, young Gerald, lack answer, but doesn't hurt nobody dared to geographical areas. They would not get not great Gerald live in concert subordinate Joe. The geographical areas. There is more that got my grave.
The supernatural was read, it was crazy, reveals the tour ticketed Santa Rosa. Were we ve been a lot of places as a blessing, but I see everything Australia, New Zealand again, Europe with Asia for asylum, is as yet. I was crazy. We're going to Colombia, us my way it's ok to Colombia to market, and yet I mean he an anyway died you even around nine. Don't don't don't be an overdose. Have they been invited, you fellow he was almost but the dye drove? Not all. Have you got that high and hang on, hang on, our part
rubber fairy wall into to stay foregone ass. I dislike of those initiatives at a Greek and know what he was universe against family no dies Edith ass. My final word, for you know that our workload that we only noted, ladies and gentlemen, is that he is your breakfast club. Was our right now get tickets for it or we appreciate you could join. It is most love. Thank you, reference programme on the breakfast club morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast Club Friday, a lucrative Friday at the weekend. Martin Luther King weekend to all men varies a on how we work among Luna. Knowing I went on Monday. We just go back, let's not grow you just gotta
ok, you gotta be kidding me. What good are we organ when there is everywhere only motion there Let's get to the bottom of Oprah, we actually need is close to where they are posted. On Instagram a couple of days ago, a couple of photos with open when free and Harvey wines, dean and one of those photos- he is kissing hobby whimsies cheek, and he said when you have been part of the problem for decades, but suddenly they all think you are the solution and then he said. Oh, I forgot that's right. You heard the rumours, but you had no idea. He was actually serially assaulting young starry I'd actresses, who in turn had no idea what we're getting into my badge and then put the hashtag sanctimonious. Hollywood is an omelet, the biggest proponent of or if we run into twenty twenty, but that is just a reach like how are you
getting mad at her for pictures. She took about heart, took with Harvey wise being before everybody. Lobby wisely was the theory owed sexual assault. It Eddie was as make any sense and then do it. Why need at Broadway she's at seventy five you have retired nurse, are so sweet hey Oprah, funny. I've never heard you mention my name. Can you hear me now guess not my rapists was. Is your friend Bill Clinton was even know about that? Those of us freezing like you. How would you both know? All these things is gone only on other people, alligators make an allegation. The woman Violet Paley, who was saying that James Franco forced her head into his lap, while his penis was exposed essaying that she was in a consensual sexual relationship with James Franco when they were sitting in a car and he pressured her into performing oral sex on him, something she had not done to him before she was an aspiring filmmaker and she said the power dynamic was really off well, so people are now
questioning her because of its wheat that she put up just a few months ago, she had treated. I like planning ways to ruin someone's life. The moment I meet them now, Violet Paley is saying to DMZ. I use twitter to make jokes most of the time. It was clearly a Jew Look I'm sorry! If I offended any one and I think most people nor was a joke and the people making it our trump like bat trolls. So I'm not deleting it and then neither psychotic twist, a dumb joke win so they're using that against her. Now our right keeping up the credit, genes find out something great then happen from watching that show. Exe
if our Lyman Brandon Albert decided to donate one million dollars- and that is to Alexander your house's mission now here's what he had to say. Please just want to thank him for bringing you're amazing fruit here for Alexander a house, and what we like to offer to you is a gift of stories. We'd like to start with Madison. Most people don't understand, you know the homeless. They think that all you had to be in a bag kid you have to run away. I was an athlete and for whatever reason, my mom she just couldn't deal. She was on drugs and she gave me out the house at seventeen and I found myself homeless. So that was the episode he was watching of Alexandria, how's it to shelter for homeless, women and homeless, women with kids and allay while he was watching that episode. He said he really had home for him because he grew up in single parent home in his mom, and I worked many jobs to make ends meet so he donated a million dollars to Alexandria House and
now they're saying that they plan to buy another complex to accommodate the six hundred or so people that they turn away every month, because they just don't have space and they would not have been able to do that without Brandon's donation. So that's a beautiful situation, no Ray J is being sued and he's being four hundred and thirty million dollars because of his scooty bikes, someone by the name of Jean Paul, the saying that he and Ray J spoke about starting that business to market electric scooter bike back in twenty fifteen, and he thought that arrange a celebrity would be helpful and pushing that bike out to the masses, and he says radio agreed to become an investor the door said but then later on, I guess he saying that rages. Basically still the idea for him now raising it was his idea, so this thirty million Nevertheless, it is a shakedown Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report are, I think, you miss ye. Shall I go back? Are you be nor yes, my kids to read by the actual Charles yesterday? It was nice out when they had it charges to be restored.
That's desk, would you like me and my wife, my dotted every right it I've? Never road death right will be giving a delicate to listen man. I need our cracking Chief Donald Trump in his base come from the front of congregation. We like to have a word with him asian massive salute array. We adapt our. How do you say? don't you dare come next increase Luke Gaga Gimme some time on an a priori, bullock, keep it lacked the breakfast cloacam. But don't you the day, job Democrats for being here today, a little bit of a mixed adult,
I've been called a lot of my twenty four years. The donkey at a day is a new white man. Oh man dog you today for Friday January twelve goes the dope. Forty five are celebrity in chief in his bigoted base. Donald G trumped- isn't it as far as donkey twenty eighteen, but we cast in a wide network this, when this is going to his bigoted base to people continue to support Donald Trump, in spite of his blade and racism Did she prejudice massage any and all around Boca? Have you haven't heard on Thursday Yesterday, the White House, at a meeting about caribbean and african immigrants and after an attendee proposed, restore protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and some african nation ravaged by war. Natural disasters is part of a larger immigration deal. Donald Trump. According to the washed imposed asked a question. We haven't all these people from sugar, honey, iced, tea, whole countries come here. You don't believe me,
go to CNN Don lemon he's more of a reputable source. To me, the president of the United States is racist. All of us already knew that today, President Trump talking with lawmakers in the old is about immigrants from Haiti from El Salvador and Africa Said- and I quote: why are we having all these people from all countries come here and soon is told that he Aren't you say why do we need more Haitians? Take them out. Let us be clear: the only answer: Lastly, on this planet is Donald Trump Mouth, ok, once again, for the final time, races, bigoted white people are we'll be referred to as Craig Ass Crack is in white devils, ok, Donald Trump DE cracking achieving more mad about me call in raises bigots crackers than you are having a president who build walls instead of bridges in your pocket, a problem a guy I jewel right. Eighty six on Twitter said this morning is crazy. Donald Trump supported will make raises remarks, but don't like to be called this. Now you getting all lad energy back and then some are right limits. Asia may have
Why is it like? I know my ok Donald Trump should be sick by Tuesday I write I eggs bogdanov jumped be coffin up all the turning into one by too that you want to call places like Africa. Salvador in Haiti Assholes or when you start having an uncontrollable sweat and your stomach starts. Rumbling you lose all your appetite and then you start feeling, like you, have a terrible case of diarrhea and you run to the bathroom to defecate with the president, but instead you throw up, and instead of vomit feces comes out your mouth and you understand that your mouth has been turned into an actual. Asshole. Trouble include bombs from my haitian math. What him dolls now downloads showed me a long time ago who he is, and I believe and my question is this: the his bigoted base to people voted for. Why are still glad Yodel believe him believe him think everyone who everyone who voted for a is a racist, but I do believe in this moment everyone who continues to still support. Definitely racist, definitely racist. If not raises than yours,
cobblers the racism. Ok, we all know all white people unprejudiced S. Just a ridiculous notion was senses. Martin Luther King Jr weaken. Let me give you a quote from M: okay, junior okay, I M L case is the ultimate tragedy. Is not the oppression and cruelty by bad people, but the silence over body. Good people, if you are so called good white person, prove it use your privilege to combat prejudice. If you are defending down a trumpet, is point cool. I like overt races, knowing when people stand, let's draw a line in the sand, you don't like niggars fine, I don't like races, Biggie crack ass crack as we can segregate ourselves. Okay, if I know you're a racist, I know to stay away from you, but the races who are open with the racism on the problem is those of you who are silent about what Trump is doing. You're the problem. You're, a real american. You believe inequality, liberty and justice fall if you believe that their, why are you speaking out? Ok, to have nothing to do with conservative and liberal Republican in democratic avenue? We write resin wrong good versus evil God versus saying this? Is
having the commander. In chief, they build bridges, thou walls. It's time to pick aside, I'm not trying to be diplomatic races. We negotiate with tears now chums whole bigoted base can suck. My big lags also ok right to make a maggie until it make Amerika great again crowd. You do know America's great, because the emigrants Amerika was built by immigrants salute to fill of mud here. Widely, will ease the ex deputy director of the C. I a counter terrorism and FBI's national security, bread. He was, Don lemon last night. He was so eloquent speaking on the subject of Amerika being built by people from these assholes that trunk talks about now I love
factor for the money. Lender asshole fly on CNN, but we can't, because we not cable trust me. I asked my I asked last night all right. Let's hear it not surprise in one way I'm proud, I am a proud Toller. My family was called warps and macro layers, I'm proud of that. We came when people from Ireland in ITALY were seen as dirty people dirty Catholics who didn't belong in a protestant country. Pullers built this country a hundred and ten years ago there were called slope risen, slant eyes. I work for holders who protected this country after nine eleven I'm proud today to be polar, and I won t shirt hashtag. I am them it's. The people who built America and he we denigrated until we became ashamed, and we realized that's inappropriate and were learning the lesson again today around and applaud the full of mud. We now get no teacher, but I'm gonna break
asshole thing I tied tied turning these Craig had crack is terrible terms and in terms of endearment, ok out even notice GOSH Willow mode, but I loved him because he was not used or seen enough bite MS tongue are. Eighty was telling the truth to hold true from them, but the truth is ex deputy director of The Eu Counter Terrorism, an FBI, Natural Troubridge Siena, would dine limit, speak improved policy. More did. This is how I see it, and I love this. A white hunky from Norway can come here, but a black due from Haiti CARE. What does that tell you in America that one? What that that in one generation called you a nigger? What does that tell you don? I can tell you that what what that tells a hockey like me we're no different than we were a generation ago and word learning the same lessons that we learned when we call the chinese man
slant eye when we call the man from Guatemala Spick and wet back, and we call a black man. A nigger, even though you and outside the EU are still hard at her letter has still gas is still but simple in plain: does the baby? Ok, that's what is about it is about the good people. The Americans, of all races Gin does in sexual and he's really believe in equality who really believe in liberty and justice for all is about us versus Craig Ass Cracker White Devils lines have been drawn, teams have been chosen now ask yourself what side a history of you do you want to be on our action, show Woodside Beyond to decide the got law, men and straw hat and fish net shirt, because those We, the people who have to speak to trump republican parents, those are people going to clap their hands, and it's going to look like they do in the Lebron James, game, Choctaws Ritual right, that's decide. You want to be.
Because cohesion Goals- maybe that's what you just said, but I do know haitian goals, fearful at all or please give dragging chief damage. And his basic bigots. The is he hop. My big black zalzal again, and that no rapidly on nine may know negotiating guidelines. Bout, a radio law all with I, I am what I am. I choose, my black ass, a right committed his country every day. We could you some subdue, move some generosity you'll be I'd, you top right, you top right. It is from the perfectly many. Somebody needs to bring my spirits up least our right Lena Wang. They dropped back old barn, Felina, wait right, executive, producing creator of the sky furs, black woman, female to win
Emmy for comedy riding, ok, brilliant mine- she is that's right will kick. It will help. Come back. Don't move to breakfast club of mourning. The breakfast putting everybody is the gate. Envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we have a special guess joining us as you to act as producer and screen writer. Have mislead away in a building what I thought Lena last night. She asked me to say that, as early as can be seen Probably not voluntary of remedies. Are you asking our guys in the gym, training and maternal with, like I've gotta check out the shot and by what it was like Charlemagne posted this agreement at a meeting cry like a low bitch, He was like I've. Gotta go said. Yes, they were Jason. Mitya was almost made me cry twice in one year. From this investment. I have to say, though I want the did you like it, I'd love that all day. You very very: did you pulse about it? No had imposed.
Tell us about it and not impose. Now we have to go. I you know, I am told that, because we have a rule them. I am my house it. I can't watch a show without my wife and I watched do without my way. Ok and it'll be destruction and my here's the deal and watching my wife and I know what I mean I know yet, please I'm gonna, watch together. Ok, I and then vulgar tweet about it. Ok you're goes about you that on average graduated at that and that's how we got Jason Mister come on solar, downtime, iranian library, saturated with gray, and then thank you shot, my sadness that we let them come on up here worked out that marble. Operator of the show right here, an airliner here, the first black woman to win of Emmy for comedy writing correct, it's kind of crazy, told me. Last night, you wanna be the Congo West of writing. Yeah yeah. I think, because I think my mission is to adjust them go. People know me from ass for nine and they know the Thanksgiving episode does gray eyes went Emmy for, but I
to me. You know the shy is another than other color Emma my voice and I dont want to keep surprising people as it in which our colleague like every album, felt was different than the last one. You I wouldn't even know what those same artists doesn't want. Dont, you surprised people I want good will come of it like plea, I always be guessing. What am I gonna? Do next Vagabond Michaud different found Master nine after moving out anything. How goes the high place to represent well by abacha? Your found their income is an executive produced by people from Chicago were right. Is tat, my guy and eight. Maybe maybe you know NIT picking for being then got at me. But that's my thing. You know I'll ever want to sit there go ok, I got it out only no input, you know tomato sauce my last night is like, after, like the audience, is such a huge part of my career, all of our career, that we can't do this without them. And I M really really appreciate their feedback. I want to hear from the spanish I little, but not just about the sad right about gun. Violence in a trickle effects would talk to people about what was your minds
eight war- I was you know as I do yours go and I wrote the pilot and I was living off. Angela's Angeles and you dont know my family so of the Chicago and always run back there. All the time- and I just know so connected to the city- and I was right- I'll be news stories. I guess it was really hot and a new sector years ago. Those is but the gun violence, the death. It was just getting to be really advocate there already. It is little crazy about you. No such thing as you know, the news was how they get bore with a story, and Emma was I was like you know, the people are still there. They still struggling with things as well. I was watching it and I was seeing people go into the city and reporting on, in which I appreciate. At the same time, all of these are foreigners gone into my city, who don't know what? like the survival one day. I would on oversight to run a street in the summit, air who does not know the heart beat at the city, and I know the hardly grace to false intuitively as for me, I was like I want you to tell the story- and I was reading so much like Baldwin at the time of our links to use, and I was saying how they would tell stories about US and then really pemberley vivid picture of who we are as a community and without them.
Some I want to. I want to try to do this for Chicago cause. I feel like there was and humanity Abraham at laws. There were just numbers over statistics, and I know those people and I think, there's a story behind every statistic and I'm gonna want to tell the story of people would not be so since the ties to the deaths, grubbing we happen to humanize and in the public eye, and I think that's problematic that now, have a love, a different world. Man call yourself a home ground, yeah yeah after learning, what we learned above call me. How do you separate the ardent from the artist? You know, I think it was devastating for making, because, the cars we show in a different world literally change the course of my wife. When we see me ever want to show you. Like alive jacket from me in a warning, Southside of Chicago is like a kid with my grandmother's house. So what he did may break my heart, but it doesn't, it doesn't take away. You know the the character of Whitley Gilbert it doesn't make
You know these phenomena episode television go away after that. We all remember. That was not what he should Campbell HIV episode, entanglement Ellie Riots or the phenomenon ultra Mammie dear, is what he's got a deal with? A sort of Darth scandalised can be Amy those they. Those memories are in great To my mind, like that, does it make that go away that still resin. Inside of me, and so it was really tough by me. I always is not going to make me feel any less joyful. When I watch Deschaux from what now put on it and I just feel like I'm home celestial. They may go to happen now. Meanwhile worse because Hillman is kind of like Etude awaited the cab. Absolutely no was cosmos, but I have been here. You know it changed the way of our lives and as a huge impact on us. I don't think you can throw the baby out with the bathwater. On our you said, you wanted to be a writer, since you were young eleven years old, you know
When is the right, the television. I always knew how much I love television. You know ass, always so agreeable to parent household Mama TV, I I was this a really brought me so much joy that I wanted to be a part of it and adopt the like. You know, we we hear you know grown up an inner city, that tv teaches. You had a dream to you. What to dream about and naturally, what you did for me as I hope they all want to be a part of that, and then you know what I was and fifth grade my teachers I really like reading your papers and I was like what. Why is he said because you write the way you speak and I'll just remember. I just remember that, and I think that's why it's so important for teachers to Philly highlights to kids what they do. Because I was really told outsold earlier, I do speak well. You write well great with dial you enjoy, reading a whole and also love. Why did tv when I got older mama was ok, we're going to which alive I kind of come, come by much with everything which is writing
our and in majored, in writing, producing television, economic, olives in Chicago but I will readily Chicago yet Thou think about those. What about as they like now, not out of tat year? They thought with I'm so happy. I gotta go to college in Chicago cause. You know I've Martin, university was laid down the downtown Jakarta and was amazing. We have more widely known. When we come back, don't move with the breakfast club good morning morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have Lena if, in a building atlas producer, screenwriter ye now fetish, imagine, and how many of those things that you wrote about Irene life stories, GSM Random, thy guy masturbate, on trains, the rest or yours are being. I didn't. I wasn't a writer on the show, as the like a lot of us come from our gang and as Eastern Zaire them. You know from their own life experiences that some, I rode on it was for the things given up I'll get and I didn't want to because, and they went and when Amy,
they rode through a very grateful. I think I really don't want to be muddle dino, because I'm a writer first- and I thought I was like I want- I want people thinking, she right on the show is used. Our lives, like I other, write anything as he's alive. They me and they were like. Ok, we had another. With his character without who's gonna, be some chick. That may have been a love interest Medea delight, but we like that you're, a black, lesbian and gay. You know they just as wags, with a review of the other groups to make. I like you so that our go. So as to our really trusted Emily knew my voice and they really appreciated. Marketers Eichel do this, but in an in season two, when asked Uncle back what disease we're talking about. Just like life stories, I told about coming out story and they were really entertained by and I did think Montgomery elsewhere with extraordinary, are fascinating. Amerika was mine by like. No that's. Never, though, and I like, ok and then, and in these It was a alabaster by your ma about. Ok, you keep wishing
and then I did Angela was like she. You know she read the script and she was like yeah I'd love to come like a week and got into this was I saying- I have such amazing experience to doing that, and the response I got was from our. I didn't I didn't know how much the culture needed that episode of television are really really didn't, kill someone What we saw was like finally, like we're seeing someone that reflects us, and you tell on our story, and I think for me I just sort of I didn't care. If, when I walk into a Roma, the energy changes, I didn't care to shout from the rooftops idea: I'm proud black, I'm proud to begin. I am proud to be a woman and then I realized how much of an animal I wasn't industry, because if you look at me, that people are and how we would have an outing gay black people. There aren't Hollywood, the numbers just don't atta, but I think from me what I hope is with my success and as my career and monitor generally I hope that some body looks at me and all you know it. Maybe it ain't Deborah. Maybe I should just like South China be pretending to be something: I'm not
the call for the confidence death in tree advantages lagging again on the fact unapologetically all promote it could be that conflict is interesting. Things. You are really cover their identity, as is the level of fear. I don't know, I don't know what they're afraid. I can't be too it s, not my experience where I see the taiwanese people who I know our family, but the outcome is that they are willing to. Let you scared? No, no, my boy The syrian created. Do I well remember, could I did I never thought I would be an actor or of a public person, but I remember when we were in a process that will ya the Sunday as we knew that you know that we do just won't, be God interviews, I gotta stop unjust and I had a common. What we were like. We will never ever pretend to be something we art and we get out. The other guy will need to hear that you get a lot of emails.
Ask me about data in name, I wiped the reverse. If you guys enquired about no less, how can I come out, and I don't know what do you get a lot? We can call they dig it at last. I was glad to be we're. U story, you think it's everybody's business, though, like some people to become the cloud and some people just like math actualities, your bid, you know I think that argument hell water the little bit longer a girl, but now I think it's imperative, especially of your personal color, because the truth is there you know for me when I was a young black girl who knew I was different, was watching tv. I will always be staring at the tv set looking for myself and I didn't see me and when you don't see yourself, you start to think that you don't matter ways to think there's. Something is wrong with you. So from me, I'd I'd. Take it as a responsibility to be
our as hell. You know black is ill females. They also that way when some young brown kid is in their home and turn on. You too, the lodging all our or Tarzan Netflix was master of Non. Are watching the shy or whatever it is You know they will say. Oh that's me and she's. Ok as she seems to be happy and doing quite well for us Oh, so you know what I'm gonna be brave and be myself and be out, because if she can do it as survive, that may be so. Can I school Alison his roquat? Could you call yourself a openly queer woman? When did the word queer changed from a slur to a terminal in Germany the thing for me to reply you, the war queer, is because, even though yes is lesbian, gay by set or tries intersects asexual now by? There is a lot of
no categories within our group and the reason I like to say clearly that I want a separate myself and many of those other people to me like a my fight, our fight next to a gay man, all financial, bisexual varsonofy with France personifies NA binary. I liked to say we're all One big family as though that's, why not try to say lesbian cause, I'm sort of like a five ostracizing lesbian group. In a group of that's already a minority, fell for me when I think we are actually where the sort of being all inclusive so that we are not separate myself from any other group is anything like we're. All one bit grew we're all. We all have something about as that sort of different and we all have to come out one way. So I just ass, though I were all one big family As many of my last night I had already dies. I picked up fire seasons who yet not yet, but I feel confident will arrive at I'm grateful to all these people are really showed. You know, army, so many people. So many of our people
don't do it. Don't look like we're like Instagram Impulse thing weeding and it was in others. It was. It fills similar to Thanksgiving giving you the baby, never like we don't know how people feel about a deal who I do not know where we do have. Radio, though it out, but I think for the shy you know, and we were lucky could show tat- was grace the now to release the first episode early, so we will get in Sweden and a male and common will give tags, and he was gringo, groundless and unto me before saying again. Thank you for showing us, as we are damn and that's really MA mission. As a writer, I really want to. It gain the audiences trust, and I want to continue to be a person that Really, you know way of life for our community and dumb. You know, I think, Think is something I'll take lightly and even my what one in the Emmy are really grey when I can expect for that to happen so early in my career, so I think for me I feel like I'm always trying to earn. It
Not really China are in that moment and out of it and get it, we had a few more or less was hurried back to show changed the perception that Chicago asked you to. Let me know what our ears to hear how the disorder remind them that black boys are born with a gun and their right hand apologize, never left. You know, they're gone the same amount of hope, enjoy and potential as every other located. And that you know what we are where human and, I think that's the thing- the people, often for we are human beings and we're. Just a group of Working Class, Bogota China go to work every day, raise our kids and I get the charging we can, it also to you. No, I ain't. Nobody was that they fully connected to the character and they thought there really rooting for them and care about them and even though they may be fictitious. My hope is that if you care about coup even care about brand and if you care about emitted, care about Kevin. That may be when you hear a story on the news about some young black boy being shy and killed the street, it will know- just be background noise Yolanda
nickname words, you wonder what he had for breakfast TAT morning, you wonder what his dreams were and I think that's. The mission is to get people to care about our lives. We have said you for joining us Lena wave Lean, especial man missing by the Vienna Steven Spielberg movies? I know what that means. No thieves, Google, the black woman in their movies, all brew, wolpe memento goaded loud and no matter. How would we not about looking? Aren't you coming back there whenever me? Whenever I mean I'm, a callback leads the way we live. The June list, is the breath of the moon the breakfast club bodies, DJ envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we other breakfast club now, let's get at there's a Donald Trump? Opting Bob
What did the poor annually eat breakfast club, where there was reports that Donald Trump as talked about dagger and he cards certain nations ish whole countries, including certain nations in Africa, as well as Haiti, that when accept people from there and El Salvador and El Salvador now he is backtracking, wet he tweeted out is the so called by partisan daffodil presented. Might yesterday to myself
Group of republican senators and congressmen was a big step backwards. Wall was not properly funded, chain and lottery were made worse and USA would be forced to take a large numbers of people from high crime countries which are doing badly. I won a merit based system of immigration and people will take our could help take our country to the next level. I went safety and security for our people. I want to stop the massive inflow of drugs. I went to fund our military, not do a damn defined because of the Democrats not being interested in life in safety data has now too in a big step backwards. The downs would threaten shut down, but what they are really doing is shutting down our military. At a time we needed most get smart, make Amerika great again, so that is Donald chums experts nation. Danny Annie said he didn't call it an asshole city. He said he used very strong language, but he said he did not use. The word is whole. Don't you, backtrack now, buddy, using over offers attended by several members of Congress stop, but he was already be feeling light headed. So he China backtrack before
the haitian whammy hits fully ok, not diminish? Today the Asia anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti flotation assets is notation. Spears are working overtime telling you were all made an inscribe. Had no fish shared boy, you think it'll abroad pre game powder ritual, but now now happens quickly. We feel alighted. Remember you know somebody three. Therefore, we ended up yet now. Where's beats and went on Instagram to tell everybody to go and get your colonoscopy. He was getting his and that is because of a promise tat. He made to J Ice Pig Jackson after eyes. Pig passed away after that with cancer now he had promised him that he would go and make sure he got checked out and take care of his health. Has health now was set on Instagram. Your help is your wealth. I want to start up twenty eighteen by keeping the promise made to my brother, the late Great J Ice Pick Jackson before he passed. He urged that we all spread. The word about how important our health is as men, we always
gray invincible it. That was the case. A great man in many other great men would still be on this earth. Today I did a communist could be which many men refused to do until it's too late. It only took two days where the entire process and think I'm ok, that's where I'm confused about Wendigo get one over. They said to go get one at fifty with and somebody else told me to go get one much earlier. So what do you go? Get it? My doctor said fifty, but he did say there certain checks that you can. You can test to make sure how old is with me, like they're, nine hundred and forty four right where we went and got nowhere when he's trying to say is proof that he wants to prevent people from going through what is pink, went through. Absolutely many men are in doing these until it's too late, why? One, whose area? If you have history, if you family, has history of anything that bears a little off to dismiss it. You take it out, as people will be like. I just have this pain year does deal within not refused Magua combat juggernaut, guys our souls like to an ice pigs, gas, I'm so stupid. When you like on I'm going to Nepal,
There is no doubt that the bigger my boy, what about you? You say you have to die. I write and I just wanna give us out you rather died and get a think anybody, and I went Everybody ending gonna be opening a gucci store up in Harlem. Now you posted a sign of the times. For the first time in history, a major luxury brand store has opened in Harlem Gucci by Dapper Dan Harlem, with maids ardor garments for your taste and in your speech measurements I will create or design from your mind are come up with a design for you, so that's huge after they ripped up his style the long now they are actually collaborating with him. Your walls are major yeah: that's your rumour parents, logical to ignore what he added and pay attention and forget why you like you will be well rang. Alright, what is do set for Haiti may with a thought, the mixed up with
The US right, Rapporteur, Coups Bavaw asian callback play some cold by revolt. We'll see you guys or Monday, everybody else gets its banks and not our role as will be joining us in a little bit too of going to be in New York and Caroline's all weekend. So we can keep it down now. They don't move into breakfast club good morning, I'm Veriton Day Thurston and I feel like we're. Having a moment when officer Derek job and killed, George Floyd, something in America broke, I'm going to try to explain it from the Colby connection to what defund the police actually me when Donald Trump encourages cops, not to tell people, you know something to listen to.
Having a moment on the Iheart radio laughed Apple podcast and wherever you get your pocket, it seems like it should be easy, but is not just getting out of bed and getting your days started. Trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world. Only Iheart radio app.
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