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MON 9/26 - The Breakfast Club dragged themselves back to work after a fun weekend in Vegas for OUR 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival! Recaps of the star-studded events including backstage interviews with Empire's Jussie Smollet and the crunk creator himself, Lil' Jon! Plus in a posthumous tribute to Arnold Palmer, we ask: Did he really invent the half & half? Or did it come from the hood?

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Request for the oil pollution from terrorism during the review of the cap is the only way, maybe you and Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo morning annually, Museum Charlemagne guy who's did when it is my name, my mom's. Thank you. Thank you. Happy birthday, Mamma! You, dear Mamma, you sitting today often works celebrate what she's more because I was added to deal too when you know I was out there because it after I radio right a. We knew what type of situation we would be in on Monday morning. Radio music festival, but we still chose to come to work well very day. Yesterday was a day of ours driver day. That's a flight from vs. I need another. Twenty vows, just Eureka do nothing, I'm glad you I'm beat round her and be was ass appears, and let me see Mr Flight yesterday morning at six, a m flight back.
Ass. She must have like it. I went straight from the club to do it here. We went back to the rooms he went around. I went to my room to gather our steps together of Amr, take two minutes, yeah Kanab leg. We all do sometimes at ten minutes. You look up into our my god. Why did you wake up? I don't have a veto, I was calling her a call in a room downstairs them call of whom I called the room is with differences in me and did you I'm gonna dawn all of that in the current drinkin man ass. She was drunk Dolly drink like that no model that night. I was really know you're too, instead of real right unless he was an airport sail for parity accuracy, fan flight waitin for another to get back, so she made it by like one a m bearing out in the global flask new out the global laugh. Why? Because we will and can cause the drug on. As as it's and asked the Bob having Trouble Uncle Bob Bob Human? try to new
great of like a higher granted only drink, so he introduced me to the founder in owner. Nay reached into their bag and gave me a flask of full of it, so yeah that did me off now. Ok, and we had a great time well. Besides all the drinking, the performances were amazing shout the usher should kill that he bought out ludicrous little John at a great show, yeah, listen that was amazing. We needed more black representation, it wasn't enough. I have I do not like it. If you want to day eager, you got us out Saturday, every confronted yeah become all. We need a little bit more have pop pop culture, letting people when it was it that would that's all you will get Charlemagne now. Latinos got people are, a grand and stables. Is there any lets you stay. Mozambique is letting of January was italian when gray eyes, Greek,
I want he was a ban- is latino Johns Timor at John Steam establishes the way you're pronouncing it had Bryce until They had no doubt that debate comfortable stage with deadly irregularities, May we more intelligent, mermaids gnashing we used to get to know one. We will you not on ITALY's today. Nobody Daytona, he's a good show, those delegates eyes. Relaxing other John, was music to do to boot. I gotta stop disparities bathing ok Why do we have drawn up? Was Britney's business? We don't keep trying to push the erroneous. Now, we're due to see era in Brittany cells out shows in ways that greater use of all. Yes, I did sadly again second before for the second time this year. For a time to be amazed and watch and british performed by Watson Trail for Tom Cruise action movies. You like, ok, I'm so tired of this.
O K. I will ask it to show crap out a good sense of where we have some unfortunate news over the weekend, where I want Miami Marlins, Jose for now as an unfortunate accident that happen with him ass. It will give you an update, the Washington more shootings s back and on a possible passed away. Yet legend. I will tell you all about it. When we come back, keep a to breakfast locomotive Everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, blueskins and front page news now in football, the pact's beat the lines. The bills beat the cardinals rate as we do tightens the dolphins beat and overturn the ravens, beat the Jaguars the Broncos beaten. Ngos, the vague, is viewed. The path is the giants. The jiving laws. They beat themselves, they gibes, lost shelves, the giant lasted a Redskins in order, Becum lasted a damn saga, go he hit or whatever that was data than that.
Leave him alone, our we beat our. I gave any loss to and the one I was audible junior crime. I don't know Whilst we try and beginning to get wasn't cried nor the national anthem, I don't know what he was grave. Where did they get him on? The head assembly, when I was later and again at that, may be I know that would definitely Odell crime. During the national anthem, like all these guys would mean even enough for me, shut, resolute, Bugsy loudspeaker. Forty nine has caused me to charge is eagerly to steal, is an effective policy. And I m really nice of you so much amiss in what I know that you're missing a very important one, because my Dallas Cowboys lasted Chicago Beth. Thirty one. Seventeen travel include both the Dallas Cowboys baby at that meeting. At the game, but we must be able dense, humble, I told ya, to bet on the young boy. That's all I've been sanctioned the preceding deck Prescott Zeke Elliot Bless the city was at the game: Yoda Efron BAR they also J C and be ass. It was at the games. Well now
talk about what happened in sports and tragic stuff. Tat happiness was yet, Miami Marlins Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident, very tragic accident. He was three men that were killed. They were waiting to really see other names because they want to notify their relatives, but one of them was son of a Miami dead. Please detective now they're saying that speed, is what they think as a factor in that accident. Because of the impact which the jetty the boat was upside down off of my Beach and who other victims were found dead under the vessel. One was found in the wider. None of them are wearing a life ass. They said Was no evidence of any alcohol or illegal drug use? If our bodies rocks assortment yeah, you can see the pictures of the wreck. You can see the boat I downloaded- ignores generosity in total. Some rocks that I couldn't see you can see. Clearly. Those raised by both those boats have all types, the senses and types of things we can necessarily hit those rocks, whether anything
because of the speed that there I don't know exactly what happened, but they do feel that speed was the reason why that impact was so rough and dire. Everything was so. They did announce that the game yesterday against the Atlanta brains was cancelled. God bless her brother, yet a child on the way there, Rachel money for are amazing creature. You know these I'll be still On the contrary, he had with him. I was the least what a family thinking up here robot, Arnold Palm laughing Legend on Parma, not just to drink bodies. Also adopting legend died Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh, his long time, spokesman and friend that given told ESPN, he was eighty seven years old, he died of complications from heart problems. Now is tat, his professional career back and nineteen. Fifty four he went on to win sixty two titles on the PDA, too Is it fair most of all time they have to say that he was the one that was really a pioneer in sports marketing menus in every way, and you are a lot of other athletes to get millions from endorsement
on a bomb it. The credit live in Africa have which is ice and lemonade allowed out of homer, but how we prove that he actually have in a desert drink zombie. Outage it s not like some somebody blackened created, They didn't have enough lemonade for a full glass and only had enough tea, for I have a glass. They have combined to Latvia is a pioneer in sports. Mark. Lack of these stories won the first. These you just made that whole story up your, even though we know about Obama group made up of night is ready made it up. That is marketing marketed the hell out of video. They said he only me would like one point: eight million playing God, listen man, I know you'd the refugees mages buying. Of damages airman from you and a half and how they did it all now. There's time you want another drink came about. Do you want to know. Just tell me: all right, so he was in a restaurant and he ordered the drink. That was his favorite concoction at the time and another woman overheard whom and said she would have the same thing and how the whole thing started. So nobody would be the first person they did it
aftermarket at the hell out of it. Does I ve been working with hamburgers Hamburg, the fry's on them? Stop it stab like brothers, the hood that was hiding invent debt I now Malaysia marketed navigation. Only made, or he was worth over six hundred million hours when you pass away? Only may one point eight playing of the rest, which is marketing and invest in so recently Bob Ray actually be. The log in authority would make them all at lemonade and eighty together still shrouded in them gradually ivy until you I like I see now about if you haven't, and Sweden a deadly one, strychnine site that lets you won't. Let me first of all what type of savage drinks on Sweden ideology must all kind of Patsy Legate with an unemployment, because I'm as aid us eliminated sweet enough that you don't need the icy to be sweet off. Issue discussed on windows. You'd, like drinking coolly, would know shook who does deriving shudder when asked for page news and tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, call us right now? Maybe you were pissed off over
maybe had a bad mornin, whatever it may be. Maybe Donegal backdoor today eight hundred five, eighty five, five one, four lines of wide open you can call right now invent is to breakfast club the morning the breakfast club, Are you gonna get around what they want? They want your bug. You ve got a little. I bought up alongside my leg, for girls go an awful. We neglect laminated, applaud that, and I need you to tell me why you why you met on purpose global real, Rebecca Cellarway met, my wife was a year or two hundred and eleven bad and my family had not one at You ve really. Doesn't I don't care, I don't care, what are they like? Em? They are my children permanent. I'm wondering if any man- and you have one- so you're just a girlfriend on that. One
and I have to say so- I won't be the issue analysed- If you read the book, I'm not, I thought you'd look I'll bet, you're mad at my family and the balmy vibrate over my boyfriend been away four hundred amended I'm sorry mama allow me this is really not sure can allow a money. Military opera browser canny floor me, my brother. We support our work, but there's one girl, but she had a thing for my brother. So one night we all went now and again draw good. Now he got people got pregnant, have trust in one of the girls there? Nobody, nobody, his nobody like family, see extremely annoyance is our no mercy, the Vatican. We don't trust the girls. To take that Ellen raised the baby to be the best baby can be they men like an ugly baby, Mama breath. Out of the world and you gotta get out no damaging Paley Mama.
Ok, ok, I you got it you ugly baby mama like a queen. Could you know one her showing up nowhere? Angry people see her. Jesus Christ, as you maybe moment below this rather leave people meals a day, tell em I met a man, could have been borne down a shining causing the project but his riding, but they don't do it and use it. I wish I dont use in a block the roll out havoc They love, you know what you want to have. Let you don't have to go to. Work be a Gallia Democrat man. That's how I gotta know the one thing they talk about them. All the time, and it then but little talk about the internet has been taken over by the you ain't gonna turn it over to the U n. So you You wouldn't believe that, as you know, there was that closer. The war government number three
a bad about like J Radio, gay people they opened out together. We will not know what to say beyond GDP, this guy get in the way you can get away with talking about J. Can get away with talking about beyond thou right Tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, call us now, it's the breakfast club good morning the breakfast club. That was a make male morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast. You know what I was all eyes on. You you think of it. Ass good, now, as we gotta would make no game situation. Anything else happened. Oh yeah allotted things happen over the weekend. It was mostly allotted talk back and forth. Eliza visiting cheese take place the Philly yours
following a low back, I'm following a little bit seem game to freely bought a cheese dignan. It's a game being go to fully to buy, achieves dig, it was Photoshop pig jump. A few serious stories about being a single circulating in rapid abating that around two percent- you, maybe nothing happened, maybe something day, but we got all that in the rumour reports last thing. I want to hear about his grown men arguing about who went and bought a cheesesteak. Okay, I in Vegas all we can to our festival. And we actually met Bryce until it does exist either person got look at me. Look at his face. You need to do story about how you could desire brazen, but you know your business gotta help them. TAT S door as that this story. Is it's my entire wastward aversion and deaf jam? His name is NEO. Shout the NEO conjurors. He was. My internet brought me Bryce until browser: go disarmed dogmatism, song, dull and begged me to play, and I didn't mean it became a few international Nessus hidden and
I love her embrace until I tell a story about how a couple of years ago he was sleeping in his car broke and then to see how far he come since then there's a lot of people out there, who don't know, what's going to happen with their lies in China's supper for their craft right now and justice that you never know what my hat and think about how many cause you got him, you don't you could elaborate until the sleeping remix, Tita remembered you felt when you he'd been Yod is, but nowadays you never know them next price and tell him maybe I'm going to see a ladder is early on in their careers. Barely anybody at their shows and then later on, a blown up to become huge dies. There was always a good feeling, but very bright until it is a hundred god. You never heard of perspective to so many other matters, a lot of guys, others too. It's ok to. Let them know that so we all does not go make it in f. Your dreams of being in the music industry is ok, my goodness we got rooms comedy. I guess we'll be taken about the data. What's going on with the game verses make melon is allowed aside things happening along with that
as well! Ok, we'll get all that when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive breakfast with Angela his club, where there was a lot of activity over the weekend. Still some file out over this game, verses, meek, mill situation now first step Beanie Eagle gave an interview in Botswana Radio station out their ninety two q jams, and he had something to say about: being in the studio with a meek, male here's what he said they might not get me wrong track. I just have been coming studio, so much more familiar to the situation cannot plead out like you do about it. It will be especially between the guy was not me again discuss a game with milky, so basically under drivers from us, any better
so that is, Google Fragile games. There we came to the breakfast cleverly dazzling Gazeta had been his ego. Had no idea there was a dish. But he was getting on their helping right some lyrics, which now some people are going because this whole ghostwriting thing. You know this Hokosa usage Yeah you can accuse somebody Avenue goes right of people in your team. A youth Ngos rise Well, the game was in Philly over the weekend and first he went to go. Get some cheese stakes here is he? areas on social media and also much truth. Shadow ass. I went on Instagram, he says so. First, it was his members Mickey mouse. Anyone got his because in case he can't fight. Then we figured out this end where cousin kin Perhaps these idiots go, get Beanie Siegel and bring him out a retirement or right they wraps only to get bodied on pest control. As a group then- and we I can come the Phillies who I go, get a cheese. Take from Gmos in South Philly than when I get there anyway,
I am at the tourist spot, nah Imma make sure shot his video at cuz. That's all. I know I ain't from Philly Now we know you want to Jean owed for sugar deadly when the jailer people are saying I didn't really go to MAX's. Did he really go to MAX? Is in that? We don't know we're not around two percent sure, but he did have this to say there was some room is also secular, aiding their babies. Ego that jam door beat up over the weekend. Hairs wet game had to say about that, so the young bull, not doubt doorway withdrawn jaw. He's crazy, going got based solely dismay. Daddy, do we gotta go see our way back in the lead? Role was well. You know, we on games to work in fully for nine months. Like date, no failure was a really for now might like date, no failure.
The terrible failure birthday drives. I'd like to do Jamaican Yahoo has indeed added that about patois. It is amazing that that, yes, I don't know what really happened with that cause. I have been heard from many witnesses that saw this go down. I mean I'm in here same thing, but I don't believe in and let us see and on social media. Am I wrong? What am I wrong? I'm one of you would have bottles the world's dossier on Shade room, a bodyguard, I don't believe every near say. Right now. The ideally Siegel just got knocked out in no body content on video into debt, and sixteen ok, don't worry. We Finally, I believe that a determined, a guy who neglect fifty seven years old- nothing like this happen. Our right in in peace to build none, a k, a radio right MA am do the right thing to do at a man from New York City. I will add on Saturday he was in Pittsburgh. He was sixty two years old and spiky also posted a couple of tributes to him on social media said my dear friend, my dear Moorhouse brother, the great active though none
most of you know him as a radio by passed away this morning in his home town of Pittsburgh, LIVE bill. None radio brought is now resting in power. Radio right will always be fighting the powers that be may guy watch over a billion according to sources with him, he had been battling cancer than what his wife told the Associated Press. See God there by the idea battling cancer and yo would you laugh by going to to get cheese dates? Come on game savvy? Not I got I mean I just don't think none of that is worth it. Do you lose anybody in the room missing something missing daunting yeah yeah, I'd Philly, Philly goons, another tabooed. You want attempt. Now he s a telegram don't none was a friend yet I know him as such an accomplished actor who led spike leaves a renaissance of black cinema roles are right where that is rumour report, I'm Angela YE all right! Thank you! Miss ye know we got from page energy. Ah, yes, we are going to talk about tragic.
Sitting that happens in Miami with Miami Marlins baseball player. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep allowed this to breakfast locomotive everybody. Is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are. The breakfast club is getting some front page news now list of wood football, the Packers beat the lions, the bills beat the, the rate is be detained. The dolphins beat the Brown in overtime, the raven, we D. Jaguars Broncos beat the bangles. If I could beat the Panthers, the giants beat them ass. You didn't I want you to get. Whilst we didn't do I've lost by two points and we beat ourselves guilder. Can there probably racist nor not an aid, they absolutely positively? The giant beat themselves benefit himself when he had been damned he'll go net they deadly to feel go then, they came back and boil them. Interface, inaudible, lousy crime before the game, nor the matter was emotional man. Emotional, for I know, Adele's, like all he's, got on his knees and none of mourning these. For me,
shut at last opportunity, the rams read the book Seahawks B to forty nine is cults, beat the charges the Eagles beat the Steelers ends. For Monday night foot Falcons play the saints the union is gonna drive, you know, did omit the fact my Dallas Cowboys beat Chicago bears thirty one. Seventeen drop one of clues bombs to my Dallas cowboys dammit. I told you to bet on the young boys. I told y'all in the preseason that DAK Prescott was special and I was Tony Romo. You know went down and you know what, I'm almost it well, I don't want to hear from Tony normal. Ok now, no mo regarding a wind. So even if you don't know what we're going to know what you will do the same way, the assembly, which ah team is just an unstable, is Odell beckons. Emotions look at lowood
nl as such by the tragic things going on over the weekend. In sports now Miami Marlins Jose Bananas was killed. He was only twenty four years old when he was involved in a boating accident that happened in Florida. Early Sunday morning has boat was found upside down on a jedi offer. Miami Beach two of the victims were found under the vessel and one was found in the water. None of them are wearing a life ass, they did so there was no evidence of alcohol or illegal drug use. It ideal dew like speed as a factor in the accident. Now there. Supposed to be a game yesterday by the mark, at home against the Atlanta Braves. That game was cancelled. That is vital. Slowly will rest in peace to him, and I thought you said you had a newborn unaware. I know tat. His wife was pregnant with only twenty five years old country. Did you come from ask our resident, again in Europe too? is it not managing will decrease border region bordering Ellis fine. Always where do you come from? You are Cuba in Cuba? Ok,
american cat came over from Cuba and made all his money. Now you deceased, you never know how life counter Falco that these still gives all that money really gotta guarantee contract right. I don't know about that. I himself for the families it at all. Let's talk about animal Parma, yes, Palmer was a golfing legend. He died Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh. Now he died from complications from heart problems, according to his long time, agencies tat in his career in nineteen. Fifty four professionally he went on to win sixty two. Those on the pda to which is the fifth most of all time? He also was a pioneer in sports marketing. He paved the way for scores of other athletes to get milk and from endorsement. So he was one of the highest and God for decades after his last pda tor, We a reason he gets the credit for having the haven't have, which is ice tee in lemonade.
But can anybody proved and he actually have any desire to level out another. They said that he invented it. I guess he made it populated marketed to Hell out of a name. I guarantee you stolen from the hood. I guarantee dollar ten freakin made billions off- it was worth about six and main Alice and less open. The format as front page news, ADA five, eight five, one o fibre, we're talking about this on old Parma drink. Where was this? The increase it was created in the Fourth Avenue have created. Because somebody only had enough lemonade for half a glass molly had enough tee, for I am glad that a combined to I always the catalyst you haven't have when I have and Sweden tea teak that only to add sugar to it and I just get lemonade and that's a happened. Some people say it was created in Harlem. Yes, because an end date, they call it the uptown, which is happening now I'm going to say that this is how we figure out if the half an hour straight about an apartment if it was unsweetened tea, like Anjali, says it definitely created by a white man. Okay with the first half
we d and lemonade and allow room for us in the load I'll get. You need all our sugar that can't you. If you try out upon the most of the time out of your notice, if there was a die, is a die, an honor Parma and everybody got try to buy. It was dive, rested gentrifying. On the farm about half an hour, forgetting about a big. He ever take credit for creating a better, not eight hundred five, eight firewater, five one way the half and have created. Where was their Otto Palmer created? Call us up, right now, you're gonna pomegranate, would have an app rubber. I know chick fully mastered it. Don T that much for eight hundred they'd, five, one and five one is the breakfast local morning, his for Free Catholic Drake another one that was more money more problems morning. Everybody is dj. Envy envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club married Joint as rest in peace to annul palm of golf leginn. He, people say he created the half an f. Nobody says he cried
did it, but it was named after him because I guess somebody overheard him ordering it at a restaurant and then just got popular after that. Yeah just take something that black people in the whole created a name it after a white man give the white man the credit for it to have an average rate of by young brother new tyro from previous Algeria Align. This was around to early, maintain hundreds, ok any only had enough eliminate for half a glass molly had enough tee for half a glass, so they combine the two embalm you have to have an half hour. I would. I would think It was created somewhere in the south, cause you guys and solve love your show the day you girls, I didn t, know about South Carolina, big, more lively Jean year, nearer Listen, I'm gonna start Bill Virginia Georgia. Listen absolutely right in why? I don't understand. Actually you talk about us we can t wait
with uncertainty. You know it was a white man who created that were Otto Farmers from Pennsylvania, not that Pennsylvania doesn't seem like a place. There were nominated the half in it. Now when I say that this happened in Denver Array, that's my link in a woman, overheard Desmodidae Denver was was. It was the starting place, it's gotta be somewhere in the south. It's gotta, be it of you on a bomb attack by what he actually for his drink avenue. Now, that's why we know the story because he's the one who said none would always order this in a woman over him ordering it in his hand. Oh, that sounds great. I'm mad the same day over how to know when he first drink. I often have now when he ordered individually to Babylon, who put more to whose is plug time. Of Agree will make things out all the time its experience and they their whole mothers. Entry in Europe have been half of Negro lakefront from Brooklyn
Accidents, like I say people in a hurry, create these concoctions and then people I got upon the steel and make no you're actually annually is right. He did have unseen, see, see that what I said and then lemonade in the other have which is disgusting located more dynamic is really good allies. Superman. Wesley Doings s way. Down south somewhere, and they gave me the sweet, tea and lemon and he was like when it tastes good, but it too much sugar. So what I do I take the sweet tea out of it left eleven aviator flavoring. That's what happened! Hello, who's, this and is marina. Alright, we have now come from my mother her, my mother is eighty two she created to greet them again. Iced tea empowers the kid in Brooklyn New York. Ok, so came from Brooklyn when broke every day. How would you please take it?
ok, so you, oh so you haven't, have haven't. I have been a rabble. Brooklyn Claiming everything monkeys on taking it allows is smaller than my folly Folliot, but on a Palmer I know you made a public body and a white community biting his picture, is created by the NATO, got an automatic olive swap slap yeah. Call it an apartment and the way that he also describes it. It is one third lemonade and two thirds because it has the icy, has to dominate the drink shut out, as it does his way to try to make a fancy. Ginger fine, armed, Aven'T half allows is more essential than ever It's going to happen. I have created, was created at the half in half with business. Travel is was basically not made by any, never took credit for creating it, but it was familiarised with his name. When you want to call them, you can find a better person to speak to you about it. You can actually work.
As you are for our resources. Where was created, we created an F black people in the are you care claim. Who may I do who knows by many different people who had no idea. Somebody has thought of it already will serve to appear Barroso. I have another question: is how does John Daily take credit for the haven't? Half would Vanka denude about Latin America created to have an have shifted. The way means dollar from her eighty five, a viable, no viable would talk and a half and have to honour Palmer who created it. How was it created? Callers right now, it's the breakfast club good morning, that was Tory Lanez with love morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now on upon passed away over the weekend. Everybody knows that the other problem is a drink as well is called a half and have have lemonade half iced tea,
by the way, I've never cod, I haven't, have an unemployment of. In my life of a heavy ever clodagh happen. Half a bag hijack daily, no absolute is was a haven't, have evocative Argentina call I haven't have walked along all the nice to know that long island, iced tea liquors in very close I would ask you leave where was created. Why did it was created somewhere in the south? A young brother? I think we're sweetie and emanate, maybe in the south, but with an Sweden. I see lemonade drinks on Sweden. I knew that I owe you savages that drink on Sweden and try to be happy and other sector is now help me. Then you drink out all of you and we got out one of them who drink a lot. Alcohol between ones we gotta get add ons says he drinks, it would turn. Exo was no sugar and salt antagonism. Acting as the latter is no sugar and people unscreened eighty hours enjoy many sandwiches. What
Those events mine was the have created. We believe. Yes, you need simple words. I e all right, though I nor shall I can't drink on Sweden. I see, but we're lemonade. I can. I can alone. There is sometimes very done. Where was the sweetie created and don't say, destroyed club It was in vain, ok, the infamous autonomy in question a where it will mean if he actually indian, he will. Unquestionably, he likely way. We feel you're there. We go, though, all of armour whatever gave. Maybe he admitted that part of it, but we have color altered it a little bit weep If we really do now, we made it better.
But we also need a little bit whenever he lashes lady I gave in nineteen sixty lady. I overheard him order me at the PDA poor and that's how I cheese She wanted, the palm of joint nobody dies out nowadays, we can like drinking ache. Hello. There you ever during ink yielded no white man, S or Africa. I paid out upon. The EU is therefore one of the great put it down the dark course now. Opening a lap app is career said a Bible was amply no damn girls. You right here, I saw you put it down on a dark, was one of the three key drink now let's be honest, no real! No! There is really no answer to find out why who really abandoned that drink, but they feared and gave it to him in the pig feed, because the order homemade drink that look like in they named the palm a drink and evident than had been huge, but more now, who knows really would Benedict Native
arrogance and black people in the hood. I guarantee you see that we all know we are not going to solve the dough black people in the hood in the south native Americans and black people in the hood created the. Can have I'm sure of it. A whole lot of people. People were were drinking from all over Cosette seems like a pretty common thing that you would order. Even for I knew it Arnold warm away. I was doing anyway. I would now like I've. Let me get to honour Palmer. Was more story, goes moves door used away. Mass deals, what are the forty eight laws of power to get others to do the work for you, but always they always take the credit and a thief or the thief or the. Here, the diamond, a cucumber oughta haven't have from native Americans being a room is coming up. Yes, we I go it took about little way now apparently has his book coming out from while he was incarcerated at right. His island in it has all kinds of things in some gay marriage ceremony what an
a basic instinct type, a story. They went down where he told a girlfriend and not where any pansies, regional or local switch. What are we talking about? This is his memoirs war. I write it was the target who has to pay their acts, boyfriend, a hundred and ten thousand dollars all right, into all that when we come back, keep allotted to breakfast locomotive, Did the annually eat breakfast Lithuania putting out a memoir, and this is his memoirs while he was incarcerated, this book is called guy until November is coming out were eleventh and basically was a handwritten journal and he was in jail for eight months for those guns charges back in two thousand and now he talks about how he married off to other male inmates and they decorated the hall with toilet tissue and they told
with Gator Radie said Gatorade is: is liquid gold a bitch grown ass men and GEO, hang in tissue for wedding decorations and one of them? Is it away and crazy I'm, not a comedian re jokingly about drinking gay terrain at a gay would at set up there. Now. Yes said he wants, an idle buddy wooden, whites, twenty William. So he said he rather we go back to his Selwyn show came on. He said he missed. Having said but early on female officers were suspended. They were coming to see him. Ok Annie also asked one of his girlfriend to come visit without wearing paeonies, so she could do a little basic instinct and show up her bad, but they got port. As they have these virtues before you come into. They made up put on a pair of boxers because they know she didn't have any panties. Some very entertaining a Muslim. I have to get his book at first alarmingly, I'm gonna go to jail, and I want to regional hook arena.
What about a loose short muskrats with this kind of attain gives us a long way. We told him now he said that Didier Kinabu S came in visiting him, so they had to undergo those body searches near enough to the shine loaded, a blog Robert YE do, but he also, I admit it- It was one low point for him now When you re admitted that he slept with his girlfriend in the past, you see he's at finding out that she s Drake was the absolute worthing. Could have found out, Josie came to see me. He was again true. Dam is a detail If a man never must find out why he is left by the auditor over India was girlfriend that were then what I was always with them the little high school listening, That again is red. The give you anything, but he actually addressed it in a song and everything before. If you guys remember, this was always the rumour that you accept his girl. If you remember that we are always talking about now, yes, I wrote on a daily basis, any came out a new album. You said I was that I needed things I being high with my inwardly, Bulgaria, dope, ass crib are some big booty budgets to be creative, but once it
taken away from me. My creativity was put to the ultimate test going advanced. Abby of this. But please do. I know why would drag teller marries masters girl, I guess maybe later The many admitted it may must come out what ideologies that Yemen is true. Or maybe you know- and I would rather noto, especially for some girl, innovative and been invest entire internationally in conversation. Let me know she's a smart. I remember there, others room. Is there waiting to take out a fight in every bang who it was all over? The girl that he takes up and went to his girlfriend read some Well, it away also is in the news for getting a break in his war against Burma is legal war judge is aimed at Berlin, has to open his bucks to account for them. In two dollars that little Wayne says he never saw they were supposed to split One hundred million dollar advance, but somehow Bergmann spent seventy million and went through that jewish couldn't account for it. So now. He's gonna have to go ahead and show everything that
amid the very man says that they were very good at keeping track of that. So for two years That is what it is. I don't know Would you rather amazed Massa girl? Would you rather be a man a blow to seventy million and not give you what you were supposed to get? Neither you gotta pick you gotta pick one around, magua. I write an animal Noora Gilbert arenas has won a judgment of a hundred and ten thousand dollars against his Ex Laura Gauvain. He has to pay. She has to pay him that, because she is really but ass nasty email about how he gave her Stds and then leaked it. Two different various media outlets. So he said it was merely aiding for him and it affected his ability to work on his add without being distracted. So they d get a default judgment in the case of she has to pay him.
Now I right, and that is your room, a report. I mantling Thankee easy shot, a bang. Yes, we give an adult to list. The man is a school teacher in the Bronx. His name is Kevin pulp. He sent his student on a very strange class Time will tell somebody flouted I'll talk. I will get into that when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive Is there a guy, like you or I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now the sombre Dave. I got the donkey breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today thought you today for Monday September, twenty six goes to a school teacher name. Kevin published just start is dark you by simply reading the headline from the New York Post, because it one of those headline that grabs you immediately. You want to read the hostess.
Ok to headlines teacher bits of student who owed him money for Weed I repeat, teacher bits of steel who owed him money for we have malice. Would you love details. I get it at a bomb gimme, some details. What had happened in the Bronx traveller clues, Barford, on Sunday some of my favorite sophisticated, come back from the Bronx saluting the marrow infringe Montana? These crimes? Exactly like something you dirty Brahms Niggers would do. Ok Our job of danger is a charge of good. John John VIII, Lindsey, Wildcat Academy and Hug points was arrested at the good Friday morning and charged with a sudden robbery, see Kevin pulp. His name and teach in size and allegedly fell in wheat is his game. Kevin porpoise, forty, eight years old and it would look, pop solidity, look at its core for grain may have the requesting ye for grand wherefore marijuana. So you they would any man who was in a bronze would do he asked decades I can only ask them if they knew a drug dealer and they put
in touch with a teenager who promised Kevin Eddie could get him network. He was seeking to teenagers detonated, told Kevin pull the plug in Manhattan, so Kevin gave. It forbids now. Let's be clear, this actually sound like the guy classes diamond? I would expect from a teacher in the Bronx. This is really on brand for the Bronx okay done. If I'd unidentified team told cop, you met the drug dealing in central park but was told the quantity, the drugs he was speaking with cost seven grand. So since this kid was short three racks, he D would anyone begged, bronze negro would do he said after drug deal and spent money on himself travelling That's ok! You got to open up yesterday. The plug ran off one I'm. So what you gonna do call the cops. Envious curriculum decides. Did you give him poor caught up with the kid two months later you ve to get about to blow? Women school demanded the money when, when the kid toad Teach you a blue to money. Kevin pulled did what
any teach you would do to a student who didn't follow directions he disciplined ok by putting them in the face multiple times took away as I forsakes his gold chain, and while it contained in the boys cool, I d into Metro cod I didn't really wrong with that waiting. Ok, I'm telling you I we need teachers to be tough on students. If I give you an assignment and you know, complete, disarming than discipline should be administered. A sauce also said that you have improved threatened to have the boy beat up again told the boy I'll have your mother's sexually assaulted, travelling to clues bombs to Kevin. Because he's wrong and he's absolutely deserving of the he ha, but he's also providing valuable lessons to this kid, because he's showing him how it really goes down in the drug game. Somebody owe you some money. You still owe from a beat him up and threatened to rape, his ok. What may have said this kid from a life of crime. By doing this, the kid needed three surgical, stables. The clothes gas in the back of his head in sources. State a whole lot occasion is our surveillance videos, hopefully that in
of all worlds are real soon. As of this, Friday may Kevin Pope was awaiting a Raymond at the Bronx Criminal Court, and this is all I got. Did I have made that? No, I'm not. I don't even understand would more needs to be said, but I will say it is Kevin. Paupers Actually, why have you a school teacher? You do a full love, because if you don't have a check you might picking up another job one side and that job could be a new drug game, and if this country that has giving given teaches respect they deserve by paying them more money, we might have a lot more teaches turn traps. Does please give Kevin Post sounds inhabitants list you have more time You gave and can import just alone. If, by giving my four grand man is this a ladder? I don't give a day a man
chemical, just lobe. If I give you my full grand man is there's a lot of money. How many still a teacher he gave the cheetah class assigned me that technically was on labour clauses. Emily kid failed to class assignment and you know you gotta show a real live consequences of. If you run off with somebody money during a drug dealer tussle to see Give you half I do care guy got kids give you, as I will give you epitaph their fate that you go get to teach. You learn a valuable lessons here was that a yes It means I'm gonna be able to go and score those four thousand dollars with the drugs for you got it, and a better plug Joseph the digital you had to turn to a life of selling drugs, but that's how much teaches us the appreciated in this country. I know my mother had been asked why the school teacher forward thirty, is once you have made with thirty Grannie and circulated a damn shape, am I right
adopting a day when we come back, we have to talk about our heart. Radio, music festival went down this weekend. We was while and over the weekend we would. While we wouldn't work- and we were recently- was worn out of the one and a lot of black you would. I would have not a lot of livelihood is really not the reference value is pretty relaxing. Could we could it have you two white artist, but they won't. Let us talk about it. We'll talk about acts variances when we come back. Some kinda lot is to breakfast locomotive that was family. Morning. Everybody is dj if the actual YE charlemagne- God we are the breakfast club Brachmans- is now our radio music festival. Twenty sixteen went down over the weekend. Amazing show area time. Every time we got a big, as I have so much for our authority. I how radio through every year- and I love the village part too, and I have been its Toby Ballade, something of a bit I already manifestly should go at least once in your life to me it starts off the holiday lapse. Right. No me now Friday
it was. The first show on Drake Perform Friday night. Also you to be provided. To avoid isolate. It was not, as declared that there was no clouds had to shut out no black performers disease, yet Drake Drake, defrauding, he's half and half Saturday People in Russia, people is not black. Man he's cube. Miss Cuban is jubilant ashes Black, but I was to hear pop representation with very very very light. This very minimal varies very metabolites. We had to NASA we embrace until I we had Jeremiah. You would think that a mere pop pop culture write to me I would have made us up- is pop culture. Nowadays, Then. You would think that if you allow me by representation, is able to one year they get to work on that We definitely do at a good time from from what I think is absolutely ads. They get to what other John was of music and see some modest before that some of them I knew in some of them I had never heard before. She was very educational for me, I know:
we're dealing with them. We gotta think people gotta stop was this brings bathing on the pavement. She sailed out everywhere. At Britney's, Bishop has come in gaol. Ok, dad I can't think of anything that bore me more than a britney's beers performance. Ok, we don't be pushes the air on people's. Why did he dreamt up was brings me is not compare Sierra to Brittany, people might bring. She D heralded as the art is busy anymore you're, so bad my cup of tea. I really don't watch my cup of tea and aim a couple. Lemonade and aim of copper have been have not been. It is not entirely at your brain is still out there prospering and making a living man Britney's like that. She'd, like you just gotta, know not to hang it up psych when you ve been in the NBA for too long been an mba for twenty plus years. Your last season, you know: We remember you used to be a superstars when you score, like eight to ten point, was cheer and go crazy, as everyone is built before MRS Ana well and if you are our black Addis as powerful as western, the powerhouse water
you get all your black ought as there. Why, meanwhile we like. I diversity, though stood radio, music measuring loves alike. Like I loved I offered, while love Goin, I just want to see more of US rubber Anna wanna work more? everything you know. I really have nothing to do. You know we did a lot this weekend, in the lounge and drinks. I got a bunch of allergies. I gotta burned off, because I had nothing to do. We should sit in the lounge and drink which are generally the lad. Had lies. Ninety two, but I will say there was no fool, really babies in a lot of food backstage either. Did you notice that it was to the point as you may go, get me a pizza to wine. He actually took over the breakfast club Snapchat Dirt, time that we were there any got me a pizza, some random persons. Ok, can I have a slice of pizza pizza with China was a small personal pizza and he drafted on the floor. His peace, a pizza based,
ain't that right. You know there was a lot of food dramatically bonded. I got no role. I would see their noble, which has many Susie than in the other sweetly Hedberg. Without a bunch of different things. Did you read me? Romania Burg is, as I have always endeavours yeah, but I devlen joy does Susie from noble he's all right. Am I had alchemy? Not me love, I pay for it, I'm all they know who know who know who noble. Now, when we come back, we got a chance to kick it with Jesse from Empire and all Zelie Low Java, Jesse Jesse Jesse smell it. As an aside the ways but by the way, the only these are two to three times that we worked out. We get because there wasn't any blood, no net versatile. We interviewed Jesse when we interviewed little John ended. We introduce us we're having at all about a people that I ve. I p ended three in the village
We had all black still covered and if it wasn't for Don T, Dylan Jamie Fox neither introduce Drake to nearby Davidson Danny big unless they are to blame, you will in the room big enough to know what is going to dance. You too, I think I'll get war machine jangle interests who who's this Drake right now. Are we come back? We're gonna get dead. Oh now, shouts. I feel a revolt. You guys will not see the footage because we don't have before, but we got audio when we come back. He belonged to breakfast club component
with Serbia, is DJ envy Angela, nobody Damosel of me to go to work more dangerous, Montessori Breakfast climate is back lies guineas bodies is not back now. This guy s, Jesse, smiling, there's room was because it thereby obeys have come back to the forefront in Britain for four hundred prepare for war, more chocolate to use their budgets. You know these lies ip address. This situation, Raymond United in you, as you have rightly been established color as waffle color. Yes, you W Africa, we advocate empire is bad and they re excited episode to why you excited about. I guess we gotta get value there have also, I mean you know at the moment. Presentation I didn't even read, he didn't read the script.
Rehearsal have been noted. Tat. He was just these white body with just a stand, and I do not understand. Why am I dont drunk nowhere our about a silhouette. You had them spoil Lisbon Empire now, MRS Kinnock, where things you I'll be on the show. I mean I still enjoy an issue is the language of Andrew. I would join the scene at this season, especially so I'm real, proud of it. When I like you- Haven't gotten lost in your character? You know some people play a character on tv that you only look at our Julia White as article you don't owe me you haven't lost an exit
What did you do know? We also was right when we come back, we keep the with little John as well. We all this to breakfast I would do a little John, a presentation of again. You sow worth and Game China to officially imprecise. I, like you, do a patois dogma I is amazing, so The dialogue on the low John did not get enough credit for what he has done in napalm code, I'm from the south as tools to little programs like system restore. What have you got a dj envy. I imagine a younger wanted them shall remain a God World Moldavia, Montessori Breakfast Club, backstage our twenty. Sixteen our radio music festival, yes, is going down. We see the latter day, how much
miss prompt. Wanted me little rigging, John. My brothers have none of those who can you guess what the hell are you doing down there? So you, you still got a lot of money ideology, big, as you know, I have a residency out here with Hakkasan group. So am I here pretty much every week doing Hacksaw Joel and somebody out venue. So anyway, I'm gonna pick your brain. You narrow crises, aided DJ. You don't make it might get a lever for his craft and you got you know what this is. What I think about it No! No! No! I was. I was not really looking at the urban side and not good always mean is just to connect club scene is so boring it. Everybody stands out. As I mean it's always been net, we don't I dont ducked on up. I will table got you know not what I mean
Just people just need to get back to like having a good time at an army with black women like to dance for real all night long. I remember when you play the classic and the classics was the hottest represent a night. You know like, as this is some kind of disconnect with the two. Thousands generation very salaries at the table with our battles. That's why I like out of you think on you will show to say Pablo too, with the marshpees right are only words described at Maastricht was Kronk ran Jerry was Sweden. There was certainly look different ass. We need. We re samite say that that was a nice combination. Gotta think they're home you MIKE Willie, put us all together. He was, get me- and I reckon for like two years, but I was so busy. I really had time and we finally knocked out, and so you do, you mean you gotta song, ass. It is about the before the other. Here last what are we gonna? Do you?
someone we had made that year that that great check is gonna, be great edge. Re college way, no net, that's new whips when there's a lot of them ass, his own, well yeah. I'm here would answer you know I helped put his show together what a night Vienna was, I you. I want you to you, no real and put it in for some labour so it and make it more. Aids, yelling- and, performing wait a minute. You know as well and looters here's what we're just gonna have a good time. They make sense, be led the history behind its it. How do you think I'm a letter has evolved? Musically I mean Atlanta, one thing about Lana, we'll always been doing our own thing and Cannily, music, you know so I think is still. There still definitely happening and we still got we some good challenge still come: inaudibly Lana, we gotta lotta. One thing that is The call about Atlanta, too, is largely. Our city as far as people might be listening to younger buddy, might be listening to some rock is well now. You know like there.
Opening a miser bunch of stuff. So that's amazing. Today, chapels get. You really are a path that you may you know I don't know man there, you have it we bags days. Little John stage is the breakfast globally the report. Is the reul report, the miraculous club of our congratulations to you re. He actually got a plaque from apple music, birth, album to achieve over one billion stream. Well, and that is your views. We just injury to plug been only black rubber at the Brussels we get our actual plaque. Also, he put out this morning a film inspired by the album views. Please forgive me available on a apple music. If you want to check that out, he actually did this short film.
Between long time, music, video collaborator Anthony Manner and they found it in Johannesburg, South Africa. So if you guys have a chance to go, take us out of the exact like twenty two minutes, long and his women in the in the film, is offered a million dollar to have sex with the mysterious man so on and so forth. So you guys check that out. They said that he adopted a south african accent for the performance. Inspired. Views when he went to a week long visit to South Africa in June, secretive a plot line ass, I every grows kicking and what an athlete iron attainment of you a little bit of money, and you disregard bank with Jake, while a million dollars in a little bit of money for people, yea, noble Anal programme, were made a little girl. I am it'll. Give Steve bill gates, not paying him eight dolphin in the just not happening I bet indecent proposal, but that's exactly what is right? Ok, Angelina Jolie Verses, Brad Pitt. Now they are saying that, according to Brad Pitt sources on his side, I saying that she so obsessed with become
head of the United Nations that it actually caused quite a rift in. Relationship, but he had a problem with her bringing the king. He had a poem, bringing kids to places that, where war torn countries like lebanon- and I wrap that was you have such a diverse family, where she adopted all gonna differ located like different nationalities as she was beheaded. United Nations get in relation to the house was he does a lot integrity? work and she may really fail passionate about them. Whereas, when it become headed of the United Nations, so I guess they had a argument over whether or not she could take the kids to Syria to help rebuild the war torn country. He doesn't my heart Do they want the kids ago? Basically, as I get very dangerous here I waited at will you got a buoyant yeah I mean I'm sure a lot of people would fill low strangely about that, but why
thing is enough, can have have any financial issues because they have a up. They were only married for two years. I know they were together for a long time, but they do have a preen up that spells out who gets what they have. Twelve total properties altogether a lot of that they got before they were married before they were even dating. Seven of those belong to Brad Pitt. Two of them two Angelina Jolie and three they what together before they got married over their hospitals or so the only issue now is the custody of the kids and that's a big issue. Now here's what Samuel out Jackson had to say he was question about bread. An Angelina, Jolie and primarily oversees its decisive is not its life people carry on people. Do they do I mean, as a huge segment of America, that still vague that you know what he did. Jennifer Anderson was just wrong in ages, just overjoyed that the wicked witch lost a husband or whatever you learn, and you know, but
on a wiser both been forward while people care anyone at all in the daily ass? Damn you are our journey and why we will only be dogged dogs, bread made lean and, lastly, a couple less there they are beyond singer. Jack, merely said that there will engender sound. I right now, let's just thus empire. Verse is fifty that now fifty had posted a picture of empire view as go. Go season. Three premier ratings down. He put wow the bright side. You can eat your trophies. He said that a cookie I was talking to a girl, but you felt, like you, had respond as a you. I love you cookie. I got a new show, for you be M F, coming soon. Hashtag F in vodka, Naturally, we bad pie remains number one scripted show I'm broadcast TB after preparing to a four point: one rating in adults, eighteen, forty, nine Wednesday at continues a trend of veterans showed opening well below their premiers last season, but in line with They ended its even with the finale, so she said for the confused people. Do really
there too loose chains make so much unnecessary noise. Still looking for that, Damn sent sign. I guess his absolute again congrats on your success. A black man He said, and I agree with a man like a soul- frivolous I use is petty like why can it be to black shows that exists without the two black show trial? compete with each other, like fifty, we love power. I love him by adieu. They don't have to be beaten. Network ideas are positive, something very positive mandatory. She said so proud of unitary you know. I will never let any negativity come between the law by half my sister's as women we with enough, be, as I will never add to that stress and hide it. You are dope on power and in life the lad girl, MAGIC baby shy, and I guess does he became a visa? Be enough honestly got the potential to be buried in both power and Perhaps I may just be another great shout only another graecia. I may not an ode we wanted to be. We want it to be better than no. So that's what the life is about. You want a things to be better but I'm saying imply a bargain. Both coins is being further potential than that, both in him up
different shows, I wise for different reasons. A lot of them I can't even compared to each narcos using do is great. If you Was it not all season to its own? There has a massive amazing Vienna has the potential to be as good a better than narco absolutely big meet him with living loves you ve ever been a bull, give us investment or the Netflix. Now dead tv show have potential to be amazing and credible incredible I really am annually and that's your room, a report. Alright bank. Miss Yea Shots Every vote will see you guys tomorrow, everybody else. People's choice makes Next, you wanna hear something. Eight hundred five, eight five one and five born would have you wanna, hear stop right now. You can always hit me up on Instagram at DJ envy. I got you with your request. Let's start off with some usher, you already music festival. So was only right. It's a brass locomotive.
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