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MON 9/19 - Usher stops by The Breakfast Club after the release of his new album "Hard II Love" and we talk everything from longevity & mentorship to Chilli and SnapChat pics. Then we discuss two guys who find it very hard to love each other: The Game & Meek Mill. Another season, another beef for Nicki's boo.

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I gotta get back like a mega voyages, took all we ve got this press roundabout visually join a breakfast club, say some Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! Good morning, AIDS liaison manages AMD Charlemagne galleries due to plan. It is more a day of great starts its work. We simply because my Dallas cowboys now one in one drop one a clue.
My Dallas Cowboys, Marnoo, Eulogise, undefeated to know Mary. I verily believe that without a win win awaited, the damn we win is with. Figure out. Will you give em which manage everybody's in a good mood, undefeated giants luggage but over the weekend I was out in Canada shouting about it. I was insarov so in Ottawa. Canada's kindly must second woman travelling here. A lot recently have you now Canada. There came a passport. Is our clear, no prob, DOM Goodwill can an in and out anytime. I need to send back watching all the hip hop shenanigans of the weekend, feeling so good feeling so good. As I Things like sit on my dad. He lay. My bed with my knife linen sheets enough, completely arcades. Just thank God. Not in the jungle. Now using words were over the weekend like me upon it so far, the game show kings. In that light, I in energy ride through the jungle
There was a windows I feel so good did not have to be an animal anymore, but we have a list of action of quest for you about that. I was travelling this beginning thousand Charlotte North Carolina Liner, Charlotte had a great time I was at the club, one in Charlotte. Then Peter time is spent How are you gonna do with the king of Charlotte I don't know within there had been a you beat up, but it is coincidence I didn't want to run a download you to turn. You saw that he looked at me and he was in a clever man. You know he was still out about being a king there. Then tell you about be able to be there when you from someplace, you run a banana. Then he doesn't want you to king of you need to relax and if I have a little bit and I left there and I went said biased in a lot of people in Boston over the weekend. I have this big emphasised. Authorise hemp owe him, so I think I Davy was coming They undoubtedly been aimed at the manor Redman right. Yes, we ve even bother here they do. I was asking about echoes out with it is: is we legal? It's not bad
For that one day they dont give you I time about anything so a good time. I've had enough you live in a city predominantly would find a week. Lifting slaughter is today, will gravel purge? Don't just today, but we gotta talk about front page news is a lot of things going on around the shore explosions all over the place right, that's what's! Raveling is a little bit referred here in New York, city and Geraghty, because there were some explosions that happened over the weekend and I'll, give you as much information as we have on that as is mercury still in retrograde, that's what we need to all be keeping in my don't know if market update mercury still in retrograde. That is the reason for all the crazy everything ready said it was a pipe and it was a bomb on twenty third Sheeta Manhattan and they found a bomb on twenty seventh and money. I dont Josie. I will us it will be joining us this morning as well. I've heard of no amount of love it further, heightened lab at avenue that when I was working with us a little bit, but let's get the Chopin front page news next to breakfast locomotive
that way for free Chat Drake Morning, everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, never skins of front page news last night and giant to an o undefeated they be. The saint steel is be debatable. Satan's big, lions, ravens with the brows cowboys with the Redskins Panthers, beat the forty nine is the patrons, be the dolphins. Actions beat the chiefs, the rails be deceiving the cardinals, be the box. The charges by the jagged falcons meet the rate. Is the brok was weak? The calls for gives beat the places packers. That's a piece of the pact has added Monday night for the Eagles play the bear our like you just slipped over. The cowboys, you know beat the Redskins, ok you say, there were more emphasis S editor.
Ok. I emphasised in my Dallas cowboys be washed and Redskins. Thank you set it right now. Let's talk about these three attacks in the: U S. Now this was crazy. Over the weekend there were three attacks in twelve hours in New York, any Geraghty Street, and there was also a stir. Having spree at a mall in Minnesota, Hell's Goin off now they were twenty nine people injured because of a book meaning that happen in Manhattan on twenty three and they define as if a device, a mysterious device that was blocks away. So people are extra on guard. You know the? U, n is actually having their debate at the General Assembly, so that's happening today. So if your
New York? City area is a little bit crazy, even just trying to get around grid learn or the demand side. It was intentional, but it wasn't an act of terrorism. There were no other, they haven't defined, but Emily was merely look and value of Muslim knows what it may also be sure you sound. They give you some more things. At nine thirty, a m and Seaside Packing Jersey, one of three pipe bomb type devices were wide together. They detonated in a garbage. Can they tore up? the container, but nobody else was injured and what about was returned? Mister Durham, if you put a bomb in a garbage, came in the blow w between IP would also back the domestic terrorism. Sorry religiousness show you why, when you say is intentional, hardly if you says intention that let me know gave negative Perry area then we touch about the van that happen emanating Chelsea neighbourhood. It was an explosion on TWAIN, parachute and sixth avenue what twenty nine people injured. They did find an intact pressure cooker, but lacks away. Now the governor Andrew Qualmless had the pressure cooker Andy exploded device in Chelsea with them,
so they said both devices had cell phones as timers, then at nine p, DOT M in St Cloud Minnesota, a man was wearing a security uniform. He answered crossroads. Mall made a reference to a lot and he stabbed nine people before an off duty. Police officers shot him dead the police, said a shocking intolerably. Milburgh bomb in the trash cans often asked our banana. Did you get to what an Elizabeth majority this morning? Yes, it outlines Elizabeth in these areas. It is money that actually, what is their path trains and he now needed he turned to trains, aren't really running up to do Amtrak and Baron a limited scheduled. There was a bomb found in a garbage. Can a homeless may. I was going to the garbage unfounded corner one and they sent a little robot to detonate in exploded, a mistaken. It did explode, but nobody was injured. Customs. The robot that went to detonate them
Can I say if you see something say some power, even order bomb, look like I need them home made an identifiable, I'm thinking about Bob from the more we ve, never bombed outside, of Apulia, new jobs. That less crowded would look like a look like a bug and wise to a flip for easier, flit phone. It a garbage. Can you gonna call now who left homeless man all day phone to be able to call in and say that you ve got a bomb in the tragedy that may write about now this mechanism, though Funky Nathan, water right now there s a way the home randomly find a phone book, Ladens able to bomb and drive now pay for it, nine only on people's anymore. I see a thing, you can download mailed, always look up. A change on people now nobody's phrase out this guy's, a big is out of the muslim people pay for it, but that's not. The issue may not initially right next to learn any Josie yeah. What did it work? I don't even know to bomb look like a buzzing.
See it was wise connected to a flip, for you see a flute phone, you being a wire commitments over. They are ready, detain the people that they felt like I had to pay the explosion in Chelsea arrest. You have people arrested in connection in their questioning them the recipe, people unabridged, Three people are from a list of New Jersey. Mom died in a vitamin lot going on that front. Page news, tell them what you mad. Eight hundred five, eight five one five one of your upset you need to vent us right now, fall the wide open, maybe need to get some things off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one tell him why you mad is the breakfast club good morning. The breakfast club
I noted the dynamic wouldn't want to get around what they want. They want your bug. You ve got a little. I brought up alongside my leg, for girls go an awful. We might like to applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you met on purpose global real learned a bit o about Bulgaria, though nobody wanted. Everyone is explosions, goin off all over the country. Men are that we would rose now, that day break my heart and readmission embassies. Uber you didn't call me yet. I gave you my business nose. You ve still got bigger causes to done sixty year die all right, old or young oji, I'm late, or what I preach- enacting people at one waiting, Canada image,
a week amount. Do that I didn't areas be true. Fetch me leave me, but you think my theory like New York City, yet a purple but unfortunately Coalblack Wriggle room, sit around and get your twenty June. You jack, that the same reason that as they would do flow so think we were the chicken super light in the piece of paper, bear my name on the type of data that the date was area say at breakfast club. On my back, I gotta carried away. We young black men, but then one its remit. We place no money, our struggle. I remember them day now, I'm Simon so hard, I indian no state. I got the felt I got the flavor mostly been inflated. I make that says like IE, because I'm betting, my ways have been down. Asthma, given as Robert Mugabe's opera alone is the way forward,
till the way you mad man. I got. I got a little kids governor. I made my house mainly linking gonna get into my god. What I'm kidding me ass, crazy I've got a camera. I just moved review community and I got a camera put it up. I got a good look at all video until today. The gods and the cops? I do anything man I'll know what to do when all do not stupid. I've been wanting a lot of criminal law. These are people sick, kids, up in any do some bad, so many they get in trouble for Pre planet sewed, China, followed of came home and talked to his parents of the kid a young. Do not to have today those that have the kid. Don't you know craze go get you a pebble, outlines a apathetic video footage. Social media I'd better, but our grave look for the Gaza no powder. Europe credible, you never find them. Kids on Facebook, Anakin on Facebook know. How does a kid I get the feeling you like what you think, man. Did you a pebble, then only freedom gunpowder. You know if this gag,
goes out. They would have done. It doesn't look kid he's in trouble because he pre planned it in on it and then watch like all of you called. He's already. Don't leave me my door and then you still got protection. I still can't do nothing less easy, we are willing to go right. Why do something about it allows the offers? I want to say without your piece, impressive everybody. I appreciate shyly what'd ya, but you are a little mad. Sucker word hockin artist, jump about weighed upon or you, ain't gonna do not was happening. He gave me long to put him in his place. You know now you You know, maybe you gotta hold a couple down, but that Are you all your money budget Manningham? Because you owe him money come on now bottle blind? the bottom line is yours and mine. What you owe him Money bam is money. I provide you,
alone? You some money than you just now, and I knew I favour Nagras. Come I mean you was apt to put our money back. This has to do with work. I think he would just took some type away because odium, the left, you know dollars for what I said is it have never do tomorrow. Can you admit that you're wrong, you Otis Massa money? You should go to work and say leg. You fellows in type of way. I owe you some money, that's my bad I want to be beaten about this. Let me take care of it. I'm a give you money on this date. Word word gotcha People like you to be, like our thought. I owe you a panel him off your funky dollars now giving Jimmy biofuel forty dollars could not look on it. I was, u sure needed at a couple we ve gone. You have doubt Bro lemme, you may eight hundred five, a firewall or five one of your obsession need even call us now is to breakfast club or more. The breakfast club,
that was Drake Loin Dance morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club as an I'm glad me no respond to abolish. Finally noticed morn right rule, as Ireland am sure in the rooms and also in a mixed this morning to see new to beady Siegel by God. Thou Beanie was actually most bitter versus some Ah, he literally said: why was on it Take me out of it yes, but does it threaten though I like defended their responsible, but right now that violence knock it off. And I know anyone talk about in a room with fat. I dunno I saw in oh sure, is it maybe we would allow live and which are self in that leave it alone. What is in it, whether anyone to be it already? I have been in the lack of Aberdeen out either so be it already. I had been in a now you than it might catch of fate.
We don't think we'd obligation Kingston, as that I proposed when he got off to a bad situation. While he has security and his people around him, why don't you don't put his open? Another situation just leave it alone, and I feel bad about the fact that make actually his cousins as guy killed. Anyone, come from his funeral decides it happened last week to learn, and then this will get old dumps. We'll get all internet into rumours and also forget, that will be joining us and we should all go anywhere. Is the breakfast lunch tomorrow? the breakfast club with Angela his club reverently relieving work on Friday? We got some updates on this game. Verses meat, milk issues, adasa roughly game in the club, and he went in and meek mail is an omen everything and we really what happened what's going on. Then we found out he added.
Song envy. You know about this design for awhile cod. Ninety two bar that he told me about it. A couple more trouble about the good it's all about. I write well he's a little different from the ninety two by No, I just got acquainted Niagara, no common body on. Did you call me you wouldn't want to be a normal split with them loose lips, one big you are going to do. Is this the gold state in my shoes they know no horse? Is you Would you like a toothpick major Nordic and they never been, of course, is an obvious. One. May give Nicky disposed to tell you voluntary incompatible, cue to win,
Will you leave you? Didn't you better move quickly, start thinking twice about who you happen to pull our rights? Well, there you have it. That was the ninety two buys as snippet and after that he also posted a picture. The game was it a picture with Nick human eyes, he attacked her in any tax himself real and where, at any said, the last time Nicky held a real Edward, seven great body having as Edward everybody. You know you, the wife, if you take her father, was back again be back at a hundred thousand, make no responded, putting a picture with him and Nicky wishes kissing him, and he has his middle fingers up and
You want to fight next morning, disrupts than the priority links the jig Zappia guys. Rio wrappers may show Jago support them. Industry, cats, MID ruses, mooded, Mercosur, Retrograde Magna said you got learn about speaking my name with the word rat than he TAT game. He says somebody must have sent you a Mickey. You Tippin are right, then, make me I posted a picture of game from when he was on change of heart. He said: how do you get on change? Your heart? You, a faint gangster, ain't, no real Ellie and withstand behind this every. Where was you add in life when you decided to go and change of heart and the whole had to change a hard on you because you lame our right while the game positive picture, a throwback picture of meat meal, he says to all my bus. Wiping end, whereas and put put up obviously old, has been the means died. It and Photoshop pigs less social media means of his company embryos, which are like boss. But of course we do, they never looks crazy
his creed before long. Just look ridiculous, elbows and some are buyers did come after all of that, but I will get into Shon Kingston part. I guess the real issue here is that the game feels like meek, went and said, told John Kingston that he got abroad, that a club and allay now meek male. Also, I guess- was China, call the game game posted pictures of Miss clause in the mail to show that he wasn't pick it up his cause. There's John Kingston US again then an act that it off a little peacefully in his house on Kingston started. I'm just call him many times the positive work among combat goosey from affairs, Mary trying to be no more media, no more drama. No, nothing DA. We never know conversation about nothing. I write out started things when a little man we're how to know what had the I'd know what happened, but how did you see what evidence on Kingston came with this video stand in a word. We are a plot, youngster ya, fried currently guys. Don't you straight light there
rose. You load dark pools. We always read the job. Your way, you call peace, pet, ready. Man, I don't know though it was, but waited a drop your, whereas you called peace here. We see this moon before get this. Cannot you Miss Miller Game phone number to you? I saw all those posed in means game meat meal with postal and saw those legs and shade. Roman Bala learn academic retweet. They would give me said. I want a damning whether guy wanted. We assume from sound Kingston by first has with the game had to say this is very messy. In the club rare for or you can jerry. You may do call my folks say again, big prose I run me? Can you help me get my change back. Call me back to him in latest homebound, meek college.
We told junior I'd you set up rather than a color coded taxes will meet wonderful, incriminate me and my guards Ross and we ve around your minors and make you know you cave in players or no bite off from voice. Is the grandfather of Europe was like yeah. You take him away to measure this morning, just ass. If my green bodies more well, yes, John Kingston Young, affecting the world, all I want to say This will be our mob guy. You do, but there still, whereas got money for others. What do you want to talk to? You can tell me I'm a rebel meals were knowledge. You will be able goody. All see you are how and where no see internet teleprompter, much automotive, somebody
Is there more? You were beanie. Sego now has come out of a tyrant, oh Margaret, so make may pose a video any. So please don't bring me out of time, and I put an infant tease background for my city straighten up or get straight in that one hundred I guess now. Beanie Sigel is rapper Philly. No, I didn't mind that, though I didn't mind that cuz I was actually on a track. It was all remake. They were bars. I don't mind rap. We had that next now this is my mail put out a song and check it out just felt Sancho draft should ask ones: rabbits, lama. We come to sue. You began your lady, another job, did like mad at the bar on the plate of makes mad at the bar some bars. Yes, it's a them. He suffered injury Well, no melias ended actually yeah.
The only one he said you served in ensuring but yeah there's a lot more than we had skip over, but basically a lotta back and forth. They will add. A picture is make me oppose it. A lot though about pictures of game untiring, I don't know about pictures. They ass. He also positive video that envy did with the game where the game said that he was his tied a hip, hop over my secretary, no, for at the freedom was commemorative alyosha. Oh God, sunk. A free man is, if you didn't know, I'm excitingly music, Joyce, Joker Music does want to cry whose cradle All I know is mercury is a retrograde, figures are needed.
An arm yeah. Let's go me good and how I say you this die, so nobody has also put up some sweet of you guys had a chance to see what nifty Sangree so called out. There was so much going on. I gotta pull all this out, but I'm actually like whenever he had to say he went on Twitter, any added the game and make millions if Emerson duties social media at this internet is a divide and conquer. You got a lot of young black men on your payroll statement meet. This is bad leadership. If someone's in the wrong finish, handled in an everyone, get back to the money and going be no EAST Coast West Coast. Where angle be no blackmail, men, killing black men and come to an understanding here. Putney says that gas in his beak beef between game meat meal and was sit down like men and express their differences that our group, because I feel like the situation- was like a screech situation right. So I had the would like phone calls and handled in Sri Lanka and see how it turned into a rat beef. We appreciate the bar at the abalone.
Was on stage my Emily says. A million people videotaping in it just became it in an ever had annoyed his Adams about a command the song is on his album. I write so is about to come out anyway. And any can't me of certain people. Look at this as a home. You know a gay might be pulling a publicity stunt. When, over the past few months, it was like something that should have been handled. Let that is your room. A Republican have quite have for you throughout the morning the incriminated we game is coming this big eyes. Well, Get it all jihad, looser, who said Andrea. Rachel Drink, a green Jews, drinking coffee. Is it all out, get it all out, as somebody says you you're in a clever, some are unable to get rabbit, you tell them a good. It depends, It depends on what it has always because guess what you're telling me that you're about the rob somebody that persons, not my main- and you know that you're not gonna, come to me and tell me you rob Mommy. I congratulated us Congressional changed its obligation to work. You bring the marble I've also when we come
you know: we will fight Mcloughlin, Undefined glibly, happily armed islamic love, and today I would like to make a living as Macleod Lily. I will we come back. Our Salvador us many mix to ease in building a preface locomotive jealous Drake, Popcorn Control of mourning everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall amend a guy, the breakfast club, because press guess in about an hour When you do my Mona Sammy really is especially gas. My congratulations on the new album. Yes, I really enjoyed it. I know you put it out early on title. I dont know titles. I had to listen to it It wasn't like Amazon. You already have apple. I already happier Pandora usually have ample you'd have time, because I have too many already you did you just say what would you say that we would have liked I was saying earlier, is Usher appreciated, like he needs to be
All you done in music been around his ninety four yeah. Are you appreciated? That's a question. And ass. I am sand. I mean it. It is obviously says a lot. I've been around as long as I am by no means em out. No, if I do it for me, do it to celebrate music. I do it too can celebrate a culture that I come from I mean it out and I've been a lot of places and pick up their culture. I study in New York senator from from now I made my recognition, will soften Atlanta and you know as a released army, music, reddening music. In a way that I do, you know how to bring every body back together, even when I kind of went off to being path- and you start you know, try another other John was music. Another space hop enemy, Hamish, Yea Emmy, but that everybody does you know, and no one called thing about it is that I was fearless in doing within that became in a relevant thing for artists. Who is a departure, but these are made about the design
Canada, bringing back citizen, knows, and I made a conscious decision to go towards my own culture. If we listen to the radio right now, everybody sound like a letter of sand and even you from New Jersey Brooklyn. Where are you from sound like a line of the way? The fact now that's about no limit the single yet be released at it. Catch on immediately you know it's a common, then everybody what a masterpiece reckon on nobody from no limit there's somebody sailed yeah mixed now, as a group will be chemical, I mean it will it was quoted to be a part of what piecework annoy is now he's gonna documentary around no limit records and just kind of what it is to be an entrepreneur in the south and- and I just felt like I just kind of a man this- is it just kind of like a tribute to to you when it in another way the regular written about masterpiece is happening, him. As a metaphor, why not put beyond his light ghetto d, so it all worked out. I white boy ass. He says I guarantee you like this. You, like you like get out here. We are there
there's? No, we don't like these. We are like that. Moreover, jihad you like yours, you like they get a y, know them into action. A man is so you have restored labels. Do they want. Often it was eleven November, but no limit to me felt like where we were at you know say like this is This is its all about gettin reconnecting with the people. Energy and am saddened, and then I brought the day is said to the table because it- The record was what it was to be able to just are moving again and indecent and celebrating the movement in a man, s, that's what it was more familiar. Anything anything early in your group of people to be like Russia still got it As the video watching you dance like up, I still got it. I mean a you know, you know: Gaheris dead they went through the same thing with Michael, they would do the same thing with prince. You know, I'm saying I don't know I mean I feel like I'm twenty eight. It never hurts a little bit low, potluck a little bit
what did you do? It is all about lot. Efficacy. And you do have themselves on here that our very nostalgic to which She is really popular now, with some of the new art is kind of donor back in some way. I think that all lead eightys and Ninetys you no kind of game. You learn inspiration, but I had a departure. You know just just from music. I was tryin different spacious, can't I'm workin on different things and allow myself to just be does explores mazeppa began and then in West are looking at some of the things it has gone through. Using some of that as well. You know that transition and in life you know where you kind of look at yourself in the mirror, and you like man, I'm a bit hard to love, I been the best that Ex wife
but I knew our Maud love without that title is perfectly literally gathering Agus base now said here now we re you really big your high level. I E. If you love me, are you you? You have, and I mean it MA am he ought not to everybody. You know me by. We love you Think back if somebody's close to you but you're, very transparent and your music, but I guess guarded in real life and sources be not really enough for the most part. I just you know I can live with my book open in them. Scientists like near what is congratulating by the way I Neer STAR
on the one thing that we beg them without a surprised it seemed like a came out of nowhere Monday. We see the people, I think they give you events and I wouldn't want to surprise like do they have to petition the same sort of France have to begin to start to go to the process of raising the funding, my fans and reason it to happen, and it could have happened. You know use before I think that this was a perfect timing and I'm saying may really amazing year, man like starting with going out to go to state and winning with the key rather than eleven year. Investment with down the Naples. Nicky investment. You get yeah, sneaking lemming ease, sniggered right, however, that that was gonna happen did finally did you think they can get away? I think baloney remembered his success right, so we can have him now can have abandoned the idea of what happened before because leave and has now you know China made the force.
It is our hope before you know it, when the brine decide to leave and go to Miami. I was stupid. Air in Cleveland. Did you, Baroness, during now, not. You know that once again a perspective of me. I d love in an absurd, but you know a lesson eleven years later, we got an incredible see you got a ring that go with it and I look forward to an agreement. You get away with you. Did you ever think about showing is taken when the brown love? Now It is important to be a black honour. I mean, as it relates to be in a pot of an incredible group. You no doubt jumped ship, meaning enabling carry came. I actually go the great beforehand, but it has served to be a good business in omitted it wasn't. There wasn't a decline in that way of sand who staircases popular injustice is successful in and in efforts at a team work. What what'd you know rebuilt and then, when the broad
came back? He just became a continual conversation about what we're gonna do to continue to build the inexorable initial. Thank you thank you, for, if I haven't had hoped nice place to the re lit it had visited. You notice, man, a box of citizens instead of looking at it like act. All that is decided that I was gone for the gloves on in in train. Like an actual box I spent about a year manually. She really came put the finishing touches on making should enhance the exactly what happened in the two face between he ever broader Durrant nodded. Did you spoil everything you can play basketball favourable? debased by you can't play boxing sand is what you put in the ring, and you put them gloves on you put the pay on you. Go and I want to do. I wanted to make sure I can myself so I box with images I didn't. Not join. You ask: how much are they had a couple times? You have always worked out and bidding. I say that I remember when August was up here. He was saying how, when he was on,
with you how you can and had to tell him. Listen you gotta, wear work out jam be healthy. American. And I being like a man's, what are in among other bodies in of sand, it? Is I mean if you go on travel on their role in an update someone? I showed him so like others that we do this in you know, keep it up. People read Keaton mingle. I we got more with us when we come back, keep electors to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club casual we don't morning, everybody, he's dj envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago we oughta breakfast club us it is in the building. While we nobody knows great you been around since was fourteen, like how and why you never got great for the woman social media arrow. I think that we all go crazy and mine is a matter which you choose to show social media Oliver
Kennedy and opportunity. While I'm a bit you yeah, see me and that in this new, shall we say the payment period of authoress Molly was looking at my pain. Is I just wish? I am the picture to was another Russia, you keep it in you. You thought I was. I listen. I'm glad that a mosey couldn't hide him. If you haven't mosely earlier between us and you can see the penis, then you kind of those in the shadow of death yes, I like pieces, you ever think about how you can receive disappearances. Coming out in reality. Immodest. How did it happen to you haven't been on Oji moment. You know sometimes does not like down in the shower in he was an original models. They re ever get a link. Ashes penis is exposed then, and look at it. Why wouldn't islanders graciously? I, when I left Now you know you didn't just did this right here proves that you know cough syrup, and you know I'm saying
whose names I was no work. You I'm at any negative I want you to help is that we will have to learn what you did. You think it was funny were you lay all my heart is a you know what I just can't some sometimes I use knapsack. The kind of like a lion in a look in my life my day I was easily- my name net payer man she's like and I started with yellow d it now. The demon regret and they are right in real time. Logical in said, regret. Is there anyway Red with the arab league? Is that you now talk about me regretful that now that he's my the message that, but you won't be with me anyway now, and I really mean it it s been a process like the the our main about is where we are in the same, were women
I mean if you listen to music- and you had a contrast, you never saw you woman talking about some of the things that men and no one ever so men have to count to go to this transformation. When I finally get it, you know, and if you look at my life in in our allotted is that I've been doing things. I've done it. Even the greatest saw you I kind of owner too, and I want no more rivals. I just want to kind of straighten it in the mean in a man's favorite phrases and work in progress and always say when they must have they been. I can listen, I'm just a worker There may be: don't you love a dude who would just say that as a whole is to lie in just like now, you re wrong. You ain't that one me crazy it not at all now sand, and I think that that was pointed to give back in arms in the make. Should it may have that count. Record to make it a lot easier to get over it. Ad hoc, which is having a conversation, or that have been followed women. Yet what why that there's? No reason
the commission has no logic behind. You know who are chosen this very much, I'm a young woman. You know they like at a variety you know, but when it comes to aid is no limit the fact that the area they limit in another round of those who download sooner God. What have I got? You started in the game early, so allotted puerile aid rather couldn't relate to which would nor do. Maybe I made my first single was: can you go with it? You know said: fourteen years old. What the hell did. I know about any of you, but not adding it. I just you know I just choose they staff, who I know our resonate with an economic. We ve been getting a new Asia. Anything specific is like if you connect with somebody you in with MRS elbowed. Women to bury the bell was mugged. Woman crush me like impasse is getting want. Him
Yes, I've got his angle. Hurrying offered implies a half a pound and I would have sent intended checkable coupled values such as. I believe that my mama is man, I'm like bright, not mythology, Mama's Hatboro, like underpaid issues, backbone tapirs. Nobody say this Adam is hides. Laugh I mean the process was: was person knows in candidate transformation in me being open about being hard to love? an auditor to trust, so you tell a girl, named teeth is caught on her now it hard to love ain't, just necessarily cheating, it's just kind of getting through the layers of put all these blocks up. When you go through, you know life's changes, I went through a divorce. It ain't, like I kind of have met had dinner. One hundred percent like relationships all the way across the board. So with all that, I made it very difficult for a lot of women. I was hard on. You benefit the blazing fire
yeah. I'm take the blame for the things that I can't. I went through the boy I will take all of it, but I can count on my part, but had it ate like how to woman trust you now, because you still show you talked about a lot. For these recommend. You say in your heart to trust on desire to drag it in your router and you still industry clubs do so happy. How did they still trust us? given us of a window yellow door opened of I messed up. I told you what about all I mean I'm just I'm just be an honest for me. Not just money Neither can, I said I'd lady daddy, I'm free, but you are definitely hard law. Yes, dealing women, don't take responsibility enough. I apart, I think you do. I think that probably do more than you need to there may be men, don't necessarily understand how to. I think that we both speak different languages
in it? We could be saying very clearly in you, don't get it so, unlike when you bring it down too much like the simple is common denominator makes it easy. It makes the conversation easy to cannot move through or conversation DIA, which assigned you have couple. Black boys say that is really no accompanied by boys. Young black made a couple years ago. The impression of having this you have to sign a How do you dab dab boy day? Maybe yet. You have to young black signs right, we'll walk home yeah with them about everything that's going on, because everything is also should now ten else. He wrote this book. He wrote a book to his side and then made
you know I'm talking about. We know how to me right through so great book after a netbook. I then began to understand reality of how important fathers are. Forty is right. We have to be able to communicate with our sons and make them aware in prepared him for a world that is judging they living in a different space and time and while the reality that there is somebody out there who has the right to take your life, you should be aware that a situation could escalate. You know, and you should be responsible in a moment to stay alive. That's the whole point, stay alive and advice that don't get me wrong. There's a lot of anger. If you look
what's going on in the fact that nobody's able to stay the course there's major conversations about what happens was look on. The look on the news will see. What's going on with Trayvon Martin we'll see what's going on in it with these court cases, and then it kind of doing those baby back to the next news saying. So it's really up to us as men as fathers of our children, to have that conversation had a difficult conversation with them to let them know. This is what has happened here. This is the reality of where you live. This is how People feel you known in my case many. They have many cultures of people that they not only hang out with. They know they ve been around the world. I ve seen people you ve heard of the people speak other dialects, so they re they respect their respectful at himself and respectful above. I want to say that, because I mean we go up a greater say you gotta be solving, we had it was never the black kid
Oh glare of my kids is no different to tell him about racism. They look at a kind of different like, but not the only bloggers and glass like MIKE you literally, my goal is not solely a little differently when they, even if they go to your shows you shoulda so diverse, Yes, it's organs him. Do they really get it? I mean, Their young boys and they're going to be conscious. Young men- and I'm saying I am not certain you know, and what I can say is while I have them in my care, I'm preparing them to be mindful man of the world that they live in and the reality of what their life looks like to make sure that they understand that history make sure they understand. What's not?
in textbooks, and maybe they understand who they are, where they come from, what responsibility comes with what they have and it may not necessarily be theirs. They may be judged me hurt, but off. Somebody may say some of my comment in a white light, whether they come from or he's a man. It was that one year, but that's what we headed. Is this weekend a really really odd balance. Right now you know the man, I love them. While I got them as long as I have them, protect them as much as I can absolutely I want to ask you the same girl would actually be concerned. If you ve got tat, goes on wheels workers, we greens, who do you think we were you concern if you may think the same girl with thirty? good question,
is it get out, and I would ask you to tell us how many makes, let me know your favorite US, a joint right now at dj. Envy is to breakfast locomotion, I was so many makes morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. We are the breakfast club. She is in the building Charlemagne. Now. Can we talk? are you going to ruin because members Did the tv show how to allow was ruined a grown as person she had a long check with us. It is also for this is that she got this long checklist. She happy now to say, say meaning a gimmick Annie. I don't notice that everybody can is that in a freeze it out, you first try the hollow and issues which really that was, then you think I ruined. Surely for Did you really are jugglers on what you really want units Agnes was
Billy jangling? Who did it a long time ago? I'm sure it is then other things. Definitely that happens then saw it and have to be sure. I one less. I'm gonna viewed, they ruined her. Learning it out. What have you done already? Did you ask about these anywhere window? I now hear that budget is that some of you have grown up to do something like that. As part of the reason I wrote, the sun rise namesake, as of that date has grown up to do you know you know that their relationships? Third, you don't you gotta, you cannot he's getting something. You gotTA recesses, later at wounded food be like you got out of it, though ten million reconciled energy azure gas is not about a man when you made your mistakes, the own up to them, don't take responsibility and learn from them. Yes, so about does not get caught her by just don't do it.
Ellomenus that is don't get. If you want to build, ran as we call it took some time to consider boy. I'm sure right, I'd be honest. It all men have their timing, mean in and had there are things that we have to do with. Women will never understand it. You know you don't have a painless, so you don't let your land, We all know that we don't know that about you guys. Don't we would you mind, unnecessarily, understand everything my machine I saw which fine figure rod, disconnection between man and woman, you gotta snapchat nigger from this day dimensional. You know that you can always tat time. He had always what I mean is. It is something about that insecurity there may at times makes it a bit now the only allows net if you'd seat- and you dont get quite that you shit in town.
You damn right. That sounds people felt like man. I feel so guilty about this. I feel like I need to go to my significant other, be like I made a huge mistake. This is what happened. So, what's your advice on? If you cheat and don't get caught, should you confess or you just arrived a nice big into the guy who puts it in his music right. I'm like a total deal at I'd, tell a Muslim. Fourthly, regarding involved something else about me: you can really get around at a virtually she'd go see the baby, but people have said is very selfish. It now excited tat because they believed your girl, but then it makes the other person feel terrible. I disagree. I think that if you try to move forward in a relationship, lady come from your mouth, so the person issue one figure this out, because there is a reason why you, while you went to that as a reason why you had a moment why she or you going to guys either by the way women on em on it too.
They are more now than ever had none of sand where no that was gonna come up. Could you be whether women are treated on? You agrees that they, like? I made a huge mistake, whose is one time Sir Bridgman What did I tell you, got money to have a baby I've got a whole mammy, our university in amateur. What was the biggest? did you read Megan in your twenty plus year career as an audit them in it that comes with the territory, always make an adjustment. You always listen to amuse occasional, always kind of collaborating. I think that that's probably one of the hardest places for writers producers to get money. You know something about having a hit reclamation for like you need anybody, but collaboration is what gives you perspective. So when you begin to work with other people, then you get you go farther Santa net. They're, probably is the hardest thing is when you, when you finally get that wait, a minute is not just on me:
this collaboration, it is the people that are helping me understand, see things it. Maybe I didn't catch put in a word with you. If you don't you and I had a long journey and I haven't rallies every age your lives show because there's people even goes, he performed living your leg, irrelevance it out my home, but then this people easy perform live in his like when I was a great experience mean, especially if you go spend at forty dollars of fifty manpower. Whatever caused her to go, see your fervour celebrity, you won't. You want him to show up for you think about people. Love show now has seen you before. I wasn't my artwork down now. Work is highest number menu performing damage, but always in a number of us, the UNESCO about two years ago, the I offer the boy and he walked in room. It's like a path cleared. He danced all away to the vote.
The press in the go? Do you ate of you all thy? We readying ETA give ready now, but I'm a bit disappointed, relax I'm very disappointing. Well, I suppose that is disappointing for the creative directive, because they get paid a lot of money to put the light. And it you discovered Justin Bieber, it huh, for you to leg, pick another It is now becoming success, be bad. Success. Has a million farmers is a ton of people who, apart adjusting be, was discovery. Scooter brought it to me, people, as does not necessarily to business that I have been here. You know I've been more focused on continuing to keep music and if I do hear anything, an artist, poems refiner, my collaborate with them on my help, helped him amid toward him a mental more people than you would ever know any The art is, if you name right now, probably no one mentor talked on The irony is Oji that they got you guys were now
trees on which re language, as rising teller, Bryce Ensue. Gal, definitely committee I mean did he did ever you mean is, is about in order to give to the tree? If you, if you have some perspective by not often say, increase I love you. I mean our. I may say about us now something as my slip out. You never know what perform in a household, legged man, catechism, POW, tragic vote. We thought you let us which we appreciate. You join us out of the eighth through our hearts love out right now. We appreciated thank you. That is. The breakfast club is urgent in the breakfast,
Bob Breakfast, when the game in I make mail on ninety two by now, just to fill you in and was going on the game, things that make mill toads Sean Kingston, that he had him set up and wrapped in a club and allay now the game is saying that he was in a view by police and cleared of all charges, but he does for like meat. Milk is a rat for that situation, Macmillan saying he never did that John Kingston Insane Meek, never told him anything so assumes I got misunderstanding on who told wet okay. Well, a first
again put out this disarm. There's gonna be on his new album is called ninety two bars and he's taken aimed at Meek troubled me, your wages, Niagara common body on. Did you call me for Vietnam split with them loose lives, one being introduced. Actually I'm going to do. Is this the goals data must? Surely they know no horse? Is you would you like a toothpick Reginald again, they never been, of course, is not the one we give Nicky's posted to tell your low vibrant thing come up a curative. We know where you live again. You better move quickly, stop thinking twice about who you happen to quit. As applauded represent,
for not giving a damn about quality. You got that quality virgin? Do that, then we don't care. Why played a quality that? Why these later, when we re me, that's what we always get that exclusively on Friday after everything went down well make no has responded on waxy. Actually, He actually did his song all over. The young Amazon taken have felt Sancho five draft should ask. Point you prefer rabbits Loma. We come to see you again for lady a number of problems. Marvin ignore them it s. In my family, What's the GSM never want forty Roma yeah would actually make enough stories, wins a strip of rebel Rapid, distribute corny in business. You do desire of learning what life is a thousand per week. Megan game Woven Ravenel, negro, nay, bulky they both spit by as nuclear and interesting
download and install it a picture of a red and put Mickey mouse after I what his red ass and how much crack you had to give that smoker weeny sego to escape from rehab the bad homeliest outposts of pitches? It s sick Edward. You need a bath somewhere, food water again, yes, yes, he didn't Benito what he needs. A bad someone food and I heard his gimme the fancy go back and take the soggy tidies Sharm, had access drop out movement at the Centre of Philadelphia, obedience in Jesus Christ, rights is much longer post. If you wanted this lawyer that yeah Roma Goose Sounds has given you guys an update. I know Charlemagne has his donkey of the day, but I'm just telling you what's going on is a lot with islamic male NGO
situation of political version during a mixture of you will be that quality of our not, as is Crystal clear quality, are right. Where that is your room, a report I'm annually and by the way I just want to make sure we give a shit I've to MAX be apparently he is gonna becoming home. Originally, he was sentenced to a seventy five year. Prison sentence. But there is some recent changes. He has a new legal team, new management. They now have a different agreement and it looks like he'll be home in HU a year, the travelling Circus Maggie damage, as my guy did put out a message. Everybody bank debts to my eyes, Montana. His fears that have been holding him down his mom slew? The frank is managed it s. My guy right, it'll make Beemer I right where that is your room, a reporter until you are right. We get docketed covered up. Yes may delegate a day when he shot came from the Communist Friendly convocation. Ok, because when you look at these may be potential volatile situation, discern p. Would I should not be involved in Sean? Kingston is one of them, so we need the having committed.
The convention is a terrible moment arrival. Internet. When we come back, he laughed ass to breakfast club kimono don't you ever do to being a day a little bit of a mixed adult club. Bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty three years. The donkey other day is a new wife, just dont you today for Monday September, nineteen goldfish on Kingston haven't heard. Mercury is a retrograde and niggers is needed more than usual for the last week game took some shots in meat meal into disrepute. Call. Ninety two ball games that he wants to fight meat meal, one all one all because shocking thing I robbed and gay, claims their meek, showing the idea was someone from Games Camp that robbed?
look, I don't know was really going on and is wiser from the sidelines. Like the rest, your all, I know is game. Ninety two boys is very violet, but fire in me Males, o remakes is violet, but fires on minors all the threats of violence. It was a pretty good and in her bob of applause, little Garden Abbas. Ok, now, I used to like on my gave. The rap was actually did gangster things. Actually, lived the life they robbed about, but I'm Verona. So I dont anymore. Which, on a rabbit body, not actually harm each other because hey rabbis matter, but when tools, greed rat was Macmillan game with those shots at each other. Sadly, it's gonna be some violet, maybe its expected milk and meat treated fairly and games from the jungle known as content. So, yes, they won't talk to each other. It is what it is now who we are, like the needs of talk from a shocking list.
The original commission originally had to say concerning the whole situation, played a com which is called a man, the positive work among our commercial goosey from affairs, Mary trying to be no more media, normal domino, nothing, da. We know that no conversation about nothing ass, the right approach. I deplore this allocation for initially taking the right approach. Zulu, ok now blame in what you are about to hear on meat meal and game occasion, I saw all those posed in means, game and Meek proposed and he's all those legs. They was given all those shade room. Bala learn nag been posed in Sean wanting aim, so sign washed up ass. He watched the movie shot is whom they smoke. Some ganja. He wrote a postscript in a little teleprompter app on the phone and with the work was here then in a word we oughta bumble. Glad youngster ya fried to guarantee goes to you straight light there, rose. You load, dark pulled up on your way.
Ray the job here, where's, you call peace, pet ready. I don't know? though it was not ready to drop your, whereas you called peace. We see the before get this clown. You who sign Kingston why rough Latona Y know Body looks at you in that way. Nobody thinks of when that men. In fact, when you get robbed and stuff, we say things like now: somebody rob shocking. I would somebody, That leaves you know. I was somebody hit John kings in there would abolish the nice guy right, but now have the hearing you impersonate out from belly. If, God forbid, you for yourself in another situation like that people say what else what he gets serious question, the social media make you feel like you have to be be tough, thumbtack, thump, Dugan, Sir. Quivering broadband blood and why all you did
king threw open the door from negatively in your life and I really don't know you, but I don't believe you built for when you change ass nest in the club. Correct me. If I'm wrong here, your mother, John Kingston, Mama, got on Twitter and asked what a jury back right. Yes, I'm not making this up Emma. I would that's the first we heard of its knowing that it I read his mom actually took the social media. We sought a tweet for model changed in one game have him for you jewelry back. So sorry, Son we don't believe YO gangs that it has played a plate of Plato. Second clairvoyant Dartmouth, There is still no beast. Why are you will do Barbara still, whereas got money I do for you
this is another area where you want to talk to. You can tell me I'm a rapid stream where nobody will be able goody all see. You are how united screen Negro yakking language. The moral of the story that you're, not a savage indiscreet, don't be a savage in the If you're, not an oh gee, don't front like you want on HIV Acacia. I leave you with this, be careful you pretend to be your might forget who you are now showing case, think it the biggest. He harder sweets as an amateur them away. Ok, Gimme, some sweet, sound and Hamilton new we yeah yeah
not you to fulfil my mom? What it did the same thing more, but you base that we expect their shut up out of them understand all of them Bergen Disciple criminal. I'd be in London. What's the point why be a social media, savage. Why? If you're saying United Greed Bill, don't act like going like way bit. That's like somebody who want some action to me said you wouldn't know. Actually you was a It is only last valid. You want action now right. What beg you of the day now? Let s question Iggy ass early at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one I just was asking for you guys, is when we go out right times, things happen and we hear some inside information. If you found out there's somebody, you know that you as you no kind of cool way, maybe not your best, the another night that was about to get robbed or set up in the club. Do you say something
Your minds are business. Eight hundred five, eighty five one o five one you in the club, somebody Customs uses hey we're about the rob saw so you know em. You know We might not be too cool is in a world where Jack who, which you know each other, would you say, and would you mind your business? Why you got to carry a fake badger out, which is when people walk up the USA stuff, like that, you just flash your badge on you care for what we re talking about. Eight hundred flak, they firewater five one. That is the question call us up right now, we'll talk about it to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast tat was can really would say good morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club, they have just joined us. We ask and eight hundred the five one o five ones is out of the game, show Kingston Meat meal story if you're in a club He comes up to a sitting on a rob. Somebody else that you know would you say so That is the course he lost all what you ye manners.
I wonder how well do I know there is the question I probably this is how I look at it. I will besides how the matter robbing the person nest the most. I could do If you don't say anything to the person, you can never say anything to anybody saved. You choose to manage a business. You can't tell anyone ever to even at any information about it. You gotta just say: hey, I'm not in it. So if it's a really good friend of mine, of course, I will have to tell them- and I would like to tell the prisoner was about to do it like you notice, my homey, so I can't just let this go down will if they were a good friend of mine. I'm sure that everybody would noted, as a friend of mine and a wooden asks, don't know your relations at the actual. If they're asking in that really good friend of mine- and I just know them no amount of our business and when you see me exit that means It is about to happen I'm out of here. I am not saying that in a modem, a business has nothing to do with me out. I want to be involved with his eye a regular citizen, I have a family, I wanna go! That's how I look at it shortly.
Telephone man. I mean, first of all, if you come to me and tell me you're going to rob someone, I number one want to know why you're, promoting and marketing your crime second is cuz not someone, I'm close to, because you wouldn't be telling me if it was so. I said, and three natural humanity is going to kick in and you're not to want to see One get hurt, argue, robbed. I really don't know, but if you say something to put, you involve no no you're involved. Now, I am going to say, ya, know young area in a situation where you do quick store, remember one time I owe this dude some money. Okay, because I was selling dope from Adobe gave me was horrible. I couldn't sell it right up on him some money, so he wanted me to do a home invasion with there's no way. I was going home evasion anew dead from did jump right past that ok I'll go would go movie. So we, in the car and we ride around smoking weed and already knew you'd want it. Oh God s most apparent night. I just thought telling them all first of all, they got us all. Police behind the writer Oda.
Just alone in the house. Are they you do whatever. Whatever Thomsen saying everything I can to make This guy not want to do is home invasion about you and it worked. So I would think that after I would do in this situation, if a guy can't even see I'm about to rob somebody like you, I don't think I would do that smell police outside I heard you do got twenty guns with them on them right now. I don't think you can be able to get up out of here. I would say something to try to keep this situation from happening. A natural humanity, locking up at an incident with it that as action, happened. I was in the club is somewhat of a? U ie. If I was you, not the club right now. That's why he said this is about to get and it. When I got up clubbed really got out now different death death is the general statement you don't right so, but was saying I'm about to rob this parts in right now is a low differ, after we may take. The family cannot come about to get ugly. Thank you for unwanted about. How do you know? I have not anybody tag it in particular at all that somebody italian in particular. I think you really do have a responsible,
you try to south. Madam you do. If you know the person do it, you did what you crazy in these is he in these dreams is mostly Brooklyn Queens brags. It happens all the time. Why don't you tell me why you tell him I'm glad you're always argued outdated, go out alone. I want everybody out of what happens when you try to rob me, pull that are gonna start shooting Norman across my out. Hello. This guy was that man is Tony Tony. What would you do less situations? Owning Leon is, if we take, we call our millennium. No, What are you doing on an alarm about my home is like your coolly. He could allow any based rate of savages well? Let God be what I can do nothing? Elena, who put you in the middle of it, does hello. How are you of a square was going around Brooklyn broken
My ass will be, I will assume, can try to write somebody up that. I know I will act out of respect for them not to do it and then, when I get a chance I get over to that person. Let him know then getting locked up. They need to go now airlines have many drove valise. Speaking has really just Vienna good Human being robbed me, I'm just then a different rules apply indiscreet. That's why I've What game is saying is true, it is wrong would mean, did could both in the street news, but for regular human meet through, don't live bottles rules. Don't tell me things like that: ok, Oh my god, humanity. I'm gonna tell somebody, probably maybe I doubt it how many people so many people in the I know the many people I noted, grimy, anodyne ghouls on a regular people, know everybody so keep me out everything in army no, I wouldn't worry about new aid on good Friday.
I want and fifty one you in a club, somebody comes it. She was sitting on a robber. Somebody that you know you don't necessarily have to be. Who would then you don't have to be site, but you know them. Would you say so? eight hundred five, a firewall or five wanted to breakfast locomotive. Now is more money club problems morning, everybody's dj envy annually ye shall remain the girl we oughta breakfast club. Eight hundred five eight one thousand and fifty one now we're asking out of what's going on, allegedly with meek, mill, Sean Kingston and the game you're in the club, killing somebody comes up to you and says they want to line or rob somebody that you know you don't necessarily have to be cool with them. What would Would you tell him, would you mind your business me? my business? If I'm tight with them, then we gotta do I do not have any one, that's what I mean I don't know, but I'm not gonna like I was up. How would you feel if you know you you mind you bid? Is it in his person goes to run, this individual bonanza Agnelli, killing them or something like that.
You had a chance to prevent. Is I keep thinking? spider man broke my going Peter Parker Guy got by wrestling promoter and enneads I came in at a robbed wrestling promoter, Peter poor Guy, had a chance to stop the robber and now I never went out and killed his I'll go right after that way, so I got bigger things like that. You know it too. In his and a true story is a real sorry, The muddy lie meal and allow me up in any any trying to rob me and it was shooting at me when I try to figure out. Who was everybody that I thought was what me everybody minded their business s right, and you said you a liner business that everybody Montana businesses. That makes me look at people differently now. I know that you guys in these clubs you're not really my friends, but you said you remind your business now. I would Mama business because of what people done to me, because I don't we call it but each other. Let me up in shooting at me and now the people
I thank you, but you you know that it's always gonna, be because it was really what happened to me. I have no need to be monitored by the criminal. Oh tat people. Would you about the do just go. Do it? Why are you giving me warrant ain't right, daddy was there can ever make let's get out of here we about duty by may we don't even know what happened for rail, but I'm just speculating. I get it back. From both sides is like you, you, my mama business allows this day. Was that? What would you do want a situation now, Dr Niche, Do you not say nothing now, you do not know. How do you know that I tell you that the bureau in your old man's like now, Jane really gotta get your then warn you on your way to you a nice corporate job. When you talk about no snatched from Brooklyn Helen around you as that's a blow you away, where do you get that?
the medical research into the knees grief talk about starting, they do have. No, it may come on major mama. Allow loses java fora. We already know what it for Rockaway Quays jewels gone. Oh yeah, of course, about the topic, no lesser. If I'm cool both parties right, you feel like you like that type of information should be shared. I can't let you go ahead and do it. I can't let you go. Rama may have made without a thought another way to get that chicken get that read the book additional change. But what are you gonna get? I can't I can't let that have not been alive. Will you call me that information that out of that already put me in a yes, What is that is very true. Once you tell me, then I become We are becoming a salary to your bs. Don't tell me about them Don't tell me nothing, but are allegedly he told, and I ran it not now off you aren't probation
Would you add here so you you don't get in trouble and you you know, you stay obey and do not then again to her before you never know. What's the matter, the story guys over mad anywhere near my story of neurons. Nobody, ok! When in the name of Maj does not concern. You don't concern yourself my actions and don't concern me with your ashes. Leave me alone. Why you tell me about who you but the run eternal argued that tell me you in and out of that they go somebody shooting club you get shot, you can build. Lord have mercy I'll write. Moby got room, has come to be talk about my dishonor that outcome and I will tell you who is going at Drake. And kind on a new song also find. About an mba player who once made sixty six million dollars and now has filed for bankruptcy? Ok, all I m all keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive
The report raises the reul report, the miraculous club, bad sacrilege, rapid comment for everybody, The song out his paw barley? Relax. I write ambiguity play that amidst this morning, re? Yes, I am already got designs. A kind yea Drake, nobody safe! No more so should be pretty interesting percentage of people over Bawler alert, as well as the exciting. His first single is called bawler are right and I am speaking of which Conway joins Instagram automatic. I thought it over the weekend allude sooner, but he did he's been contemplating to any instagram for some time and finally did also over the weekend. Was the b e t her Papa words in it? and now to change opened, his restaurant is called Escobar lounge. He opened that in Atlantic. I know you had a big ventilate night brunch that was hosted by death jam. I thought I was going down
the latter lot of allotted dinners. Look pretty nice. I saw a colleague was at a dinner was so funny shows me. Nothin loud loveliness ensued romance bank. I would impenitent comedians banking idiot, ok, now little Wayne, which is what is going on with this situation with a married man. Now they are saying is that there was a one hundred million dollar advance that bird had gotten for a distribution due for universal music group. It was supposed to be split between him and little Wayne, but unfortunately very man blue through seventy million dollars of the advance? And now we want to see those receipts now they have in it over some documents. Twenty two thousand pages of documents to little ways, though, is a allowed to go through, but they said, none of those pages include, details on how the seventy million dollars was spent. So that's what they're, trying to figure out now they ve learned thousand pages. Maybe more romantic. Somebody in the club views about the Rob Wayne and nobody told we see
why you gotta to say something. My goodness array and ass begin at the BT awards. Chief Keith, I guess, has been banned. Upset that he's not invited bow, even went on Instagram and said that he tried to get BT to lift the ban on tv, but to no avail words, you keep have no fair. He don't want to go. Any ways are apt to beat your words check it out. You we gotta, be yours too.
The munchkin still bring it out everywhere. You shouldn't be advising possible. Listen! I'm not sure is banned from a lot of places. It feels like member. He had to do the hologram so in and they said that down. I don't know what happened with him and BT, but apparently there's an issue. There are a lady Gaga is said to be headlines. Superbowl twenty seventeen she's gonna be the half time. Headliner ETA has not confirm this news, yet they said we have had conversations with several fantastic artists about the Pepsi Superbowl. Have time show, however, at this point we do not have a final decision, we're happy. There is so much excitement about the show by Lady Gaga David already that she's gonna be doing. That is also putting out a new MS music video for her latest single, perfect illusion and that's gonna. Go out tomorrow during the premier of school scream queens on why other reacted them. So black them show you I even Justin Bieber they haven't. I
oh mother. I remember well these my why lady Gaga P M lady Gaga Big STAR now can't deny that I right now Darius MILES. Mba player has filed for grubbing he may sixty six million dollars an mba. You guys know him up there right. Well. What happen add Sir Darras Mousie was the first man Jack pick with the clippers any sign of contact with nine million dollars. He also starting the movie with Scarlett, Johansson and Ryan Rentals. He added a Jordan. It athletic brand endorse Medea he's thirty four years old now and he's had injuries, legal problems and bad investments, olive that have left him in court asking if he cannot sell up his ass, to pay creditors. He actually has about four hundred sixty thousand dollars and assets, and he has one point: five million dollars and liabilities. He has a twenty thousand dollar child support debt in his bankruptcy and he lost more than
a thousand dollars in California Realestate deal all kinds of situations. Do not have the final sympathy, as you well know, we're just telling you withhold filing for bankruptcy. After making sixty six million dollars in the NBA he now is broke and owes more money than what he don't feel sorry form. I can even begin to feel sorry for somebody who may sixty six million dollar than eleven when broke ass. They dump republic is in no way do not invest money as a bad thing. Laddie plays get all Well you just don't know the door you and I do not know whether you can not a safe you sixty six million dollars. I wish I would. I recognise the role of the idea that Economic Holbrooke resubmit target elite drive a car like ethically twenty. Now that we have a seat I care like escalating. He took up her in all regions of greater glad of a family truck how much lower value of that escalate when you sold it fifteen on it, dolls, solar for good
that and let all the old city that was in it in his eye may banana come. He came. You got no guy our right. Let's go to people's choice mixes up next outta here something eight hundred five, eight five one o five one. We all gonna get that chocolate drop her own and also to meat meal dish when he had a full reckon within a player as well shouts. I feel their revolt, we'll see you guys on asthma represent come on. Let's go,
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