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Tuesday 10/9 - Today on the show we had Cress Williams stop by where he spoke about Black Lightning, the significance of black superheroes in this political climate and more. Also we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners agreed with the meme that went viral, telling parents to stop telling their kids "someone hits you, you hit them back". Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a Long Island driving instructor who got arrested for being drunk while teaching students how to drive. 

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Asked gradually Charlemagne gathered abruptly the voice of the culture wash like this one. My baby shows just because I always keep in mind that there are quite aware on faith, but there you know their listening further. Back than good morning, USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good morning annually manages Andy Charlemagne again. Please do not plan. It is two years. It's Tuesday, absolutely national sneakers day broker you. U S, death
In my view, that a bad me Gabby not anymore, and I really mean it. I'm gonna budgets, legally degraded, actually dislike, give the goodwill assent. Yeah, anticipating amaze me this so in a box and given way smart enough to know what swerve widen was not worldwide. Now goddamn due to resign should definitely because you got a couple appeared as we have a couple of thousand am sure I do you're, giving a good will you get their blessing back late on somewhere down the line and life, Nager NOS eight, nine might have we live in a new dominant. It might never ever get active, no pay for ok, let's go way. Think about it, yes right, Jake locomotor guys. I was everybody yesterday, which you guys do. I was in San Francisco island like one o clock this morning, sobbing going biophysical, it was gas. Has everybody like enterprise. I was moderating a for technical connect, call Pham so Amber grandson, Spatter Anne Elliot do now young we're on a panel as well. What about you Charlemagne? What should we use? It either
broadly remember! Yesterday, man, I want me, I would rather not have you no matter what happened you? Oh yes, every Monday Monday, I remember from yesterday's like no outside it, like the kids. The wife is, I saw me to Mackey last night. Ok, Furthermore, primarily my so damned twenty may live and we might need to be on everybody's tv screen, everybody's radio, everybody pocket. What is this regular normal cell vessel always rooms you talking to her mom last night on the challenges that other Mamma you dumb, down there. I love my goodness: gracious Remy by love, shot. The room shut. The peoples are like meat, Maggie Alexandra I like last and watch any age you gave me got blown borne away like sixteen, bad, but large baseball, but it was pretty bad pray, pretty bad for it from New York Yankees, but they play again tonight, I'm going to the game to him a perhaps must feel my boy. You may be bad luck, not Angola, that ok, how ass, if from a cripple lots of things. I love one sixteen or drop article.
Furthermore the results they must be on that old school. There are those who steroids course that can happen What, though animals ran? Oh, yes, ok, by not baseball meadow? Nobody was, on steroids, louder, louder, washed, again, astounded, exciting sixteen one. I was actually There has been real good this year. What is batten heading runs off answers, good. This is only worth Yankees unwarranted again now using forty acres, I won't allow last night cc's about these bridges, some of those who see sabbatical winter night. Now this morning we got- Black a lightning crust volumes join us every black lightning season to permit tonight on the sea. W is an arrogant Alexander, joining the cast! Now I saw that job directing because he is the place good on live in single, which I didn't know. I did it in getting connect, weed and click on me until yesterday about all show That is good of ruling. So working with him.
Low by aiming front pages. Are we tell me where damage and whence a cargo to do that and frisk policies now talking about that we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast club kimono morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean the girl. We are the breakfast club was keen some front page news now. Last night, a mother I put the northern saints, beat the Redskins forty three nineteen. Now this game, so great, because my division sucks the eagle suck the cowboy suck the Redskins a half way decent and a giant sucks away gotta, like I'm, only one gave away from being a second place. Biological the data within a minimum standard cat in any case law. There's. No sixteen to want to play tonight cease
so an amount. I what else you don't know you lay down a tramp is urging Chicago to adapt staff and frisk policies. He said I have to write it, the attorney general's office to immediately go to the great city of Chicago to help straighten out the terrible shooting wave of only straighten it out and straightened out fast. He, the feds to work with the local authorities to try to change the terrible deal, the city of Chicago Entity with ACL you and too strongly consider step in France. He said it works and it was meant for problems like Chicago. It was meant for its staff and was doubly for his good, absolutely increase racial profile and because they would talk your point disenfranchised areas which are heavily populated by black and brown people, but it has to be some pretty the way to combat gang crime and gun violence in Chicago. So my question is didn't once they get safer after the summer. Oxygen. Not now the Nypd did you stop and frisk and he a credit to Rudy Giuliani. A judge did rule that it discriminated against minorities, which it did because you could get stuff as a black person. We're getting snow,
so much more frequently than why people and then a small thing like having a bag. A weed on you, my end you up might lead. In prison and then you have to sit there and you can get bail or not the sort of food. I do have a record of the city, the disabled, lucid. No, they actually reduce the when they reduce the use of step in France, then the crime jobs even more after they now doing happened and frisk so so I mean there's no, there's no way to feel sorry for his works. Then, if you tested in honor you city like New York, the biggest in America and it in world, you implemented as well and makes no sense crime actually jobs when they stopped using step in France. I right now, in addition to that data Champ apologize to buy cabinet during his confirmation. Here's what he had to say when we of our nation. I want to apologize to bread in the end, cover our family for the terrible pain and suffering. You have been forced to endure those who step forward to serve our country survey a fair evaluation, not a campaign of political and personal destroy,
Sean Base to analyze and deception. Our country, a man or a woman must always be presume, Innocent unless and until proven guilty and with that I must state that you, sir, we're proven innocent, subject matter there, but I mean, if you believe cabin, I didn't do it and he deserves and abolish. He wasn't proven. Innocent agents could improve that he did it. So we just don't know we don't know if he did it or not that improvements, in Writing- FR immensely was lying there becoming in technically and would have. Court, one that would have a baby wasn't even when it is really a job interview. It wasn't a trial forget it investigated. Nearby people have how's it, thereby investigation, as there are a lot of witnesses that could have come for that they didn't investigate all, as well as helping Ireland as well that we, as the emphasis, is as yet sickly. Clearly any view are clearly of us again in there and their mind. If I found my you didn't do anything. So if you believe cabin, I didn't do it any deserve an apology, if you believe he did do it the usual
Apology was inappropriate ray. I can't say that he was proven innocent, though this within in a court of law, where you are proven anything is You know we don't know, but are never really know witnesses that could have and investigate court whether whenever there was investigated at eight, it was invented. It was investigated, array and inflamed. Here is good news. They are getting safe. What a thousand thanks to Elon Musk, Must foundation is donate. Donating monies must know what abounds with filtration systems at all of this force. So that's a great thing, a positive thing that Jerusalem, Robin Hood Bobby Lamas everybody and allay again. Why would you fall of it at every time space? Excellent, you something Some are based are recorded in disguise, and what is worse is that it happens. Every few much love is large and rockets from space eggs every few months and we followed his namesake over and over. My God, you mag add at this point may come off but to say that that limited crashed a day, a goat had twenty people were killed. They sit at their car, didn't have the right inspection,
and the driver didn't have the right laces to be driving a limo so again, rest in peace anybody the laws anybody know crash. It's horrible and they get more more details about who own data more more details about the car is very, very crazy. So if you do have to take a limo, they are saying matter what it is, what its prom with its wedding web is going out. Do your homework Mccoy. How many cars are not even registered in that license right. So just definitely do your homework all right! Well, that's front! Page news! Get it off your chest! Eight hundred and five, eighty five thousand one hundred and five if you need event, hit us up right now, maybe at a bed a horrible morning. You just need to get some things of each has hit us up now is to breakfast club the morning. The breakfast club, is your job to get it off your gas, whether your man wore black, but we want to hear from you. Wanna breakfast allows this morning. Salem get it over with.
I'm actually dressed like I have him addressing I've been working on my mind, my body muscle in my Denver is immaculate and I just wanted to say I'm just The rest of your there awry Salem allows is loaded James from Atlanta, how you doing every James. What's up man, I'm having a great day excited to start work, so I just work week. I was off yesterday for that dude who stole the country, so I'm glad to get to work this week, blessed to have a wonderful wife and wonderful children. When the time is right. We not actually the only thing, Christopher Columbus, really good for fact that some people get day off yesterday, hello, this out want bowed muslim emergency name when a number of you knows, but to be stupid Bob, be what's a girl, don't be well began. A few knows it My girl was a girl what my father
my name is not as I always thought of law, because you said it was probable. What're, you show what you talk about. His wife's name is now has signed. Yes, good, oil right, you're, right, you're right, I don't know what you're able jot, of course, payment middle name without inconvenience and opinions. Yes, you are mad nor hammer goody begging. You have my right now because the Czech Party be when it is she I feel sure got a footballer why you know if you know a party being online, and I can't me more than two days to you know no demanded paycheck, don't allow us to let people call every slay the cause of peace, Hello, who's, is corvette from Jerry. A call rule Rome I don't you why you want to. I don't want to go. I decided on very
I'm actually on my wonder about the word, and I absolutely love your job. We have endeavoured to beg you baby, you to be on October. Twenty there appreciated. Thank you. I love you Now I e how you guys? Would you man? I don't know this. I was their bulgarian d out of there was a home of Michael Jackson in Friday, Gibbs Muslim Ogilvy, exaggerating knows that break you to bear with these mighty jet Ptolemais was the bad did not give us that at the young man air by ally a hose, but on whenever they require new layer of man. Procedure for love and elder run every year
I'll go play some good about this one of them. That's right! I'm trying to play you. Will you keep loving a man whose brother get it on eight hundred and five? Eighty five thousand one hundred and five the breakfast your time to get it off. Your jets are the main from you. Wanna breakfast on your mind, allows is able to go with her. Is what I'll give you a feature broke, lad. God now much without doubt be doing it. But it would appear that finally later well, let it be. I woke up this morning less than TAT I made with every day that dialogue will do to lead the world that could take you up like you, I was as effective as possible.
Ravages by early about bread Kevin. I yes only warn people Certainly, we are going to deleted people, Kevin. I gather Bobby everywhere. You get me a bit better rain alot of people had a problem with the investigation saying it was a very thorough at all. There was a tender revenue it to get to the confirmation, not worthy of a lady. I don't want to be idle Jerry, the gay is, are you got your phone and a Red CUP target beautiful model you. Wanna talk to the end. I write all home
gave a like me: have a male and thereby ragged I can I can I be partisans Piper look about good. You, ve called listen crooked. They're. Not you mustn't, let a little too policies in anyway, but thank you for calling allow. It is risky Ricky. Ravages, the regional man, a man at dollar, twelve, because I think you pull it is when it comes man. You know when you wanna play they get it. Do you do when it came to the third part body that I'm guilty before they there but when it comes to tat love, oh he s been out. But I do the bomb Bay, latterly United Paypal. I beg you to pull it out. We are ready now he is, I mean the all really call and of his day now views this morning. You mustn't, you see, must just felt that must have got out aloud along with several years of age, as I am that the board it blood you guys actually Charlemagne every
Donna, great work and all that stuff? You know all the word. My wife vaguely, no beauty by that. We want to complement GDP growth of beauty by that draft. That gave you know my dear girl on their work the stuff. We need to translate that for the wife he would have made. You listen and you said Vanjali ever wants to come to Miami and get beat up. You know what that is. For getting your face, beat meaning getting you pretty. Didn't you make up put our language to be? No, no account, and I mean do you doubt we we want. The people of the other third reading shows that want to get rid of Probably the barbaric up, as you know, is not exactly a lot of slang. Impaired people out there, the culturally clause amongst us I wanna get. I got you don't need, but have you ever what you're right to give you the floor
a day garriga. Yes, what do you call the broom live? You look like a white guy, did, guy invited angel with according to Miami did beat up and she gladly accepted hello, who is there Roger of Adjustment, there are still of waken up this morning and being able to go to work but also their their home five year. You know I'm thirty. Two years ago, a guy like that of another, you know I haven't been in trouble. Stay out of my head is dead, I have my ups and downs by never, you know I never swayed my way of going back to the streets and I just went in at Nop. Hey, you know, no matter how hard it is that whatever you go until I congratulate answer. Thank you. I appreciate that no Reblong day Gm and Re Windsor say get it off my chest, eight hundred five, eight,
one or five wonder you? We got rooms runaway away, yes Emmi, since we discussed here. Let's talk about Donald Trump somewhere, who is going to the White House to visit him also, regulations to this star who is gonna, be having his own late night tv show all right we'll get into all our only combat keep alive to breakfast global movement at breakfast. I shall tomorrow, we D, Paris, today's his birthday turns forty two. I have a very happy birthday to hear. Now: let's get cities, room was left off. New late night show the Reul report libretto glove less likely might be saying they can in your tv screens, are late night television. He has indeed deal he's gonna develop a series for facts. They said it entitle right now and it will cover topical subjects like pop culture, commentaries, library, interviews, music performance is an comedy acts.
As loud and without salute the fox had been for not being afraid into. Can his head wraps? Ok, if you people like safely cannonade like Militant Mckenna when you started talking all our black power stuff on Ebay, dude, walked away embassy do so as a beautiful things you fox embrace, wouldn't be secret in him by young glad. I definitely be supportive of that. They haven't announced a date for that talk show yet now kind. A west is supposedly going to meet with Donald Trump and Derek customer at the White House. At some point this week so we don't know exactly when that's gonna happen, but according to reports, that's gonna go down Some toward date is having lunch. What the hell's going on! I have no, an agenda that would enable it to get back on such a media are his. He still gone on Mars. Count at their ease off right, yeah, I think he's off now down a trap. Has some issues now Taylor Swift, tell us who have posted and she's never voice.
On political agendas or anything, any support that she is given to anybody. But now I guess she felt the need she posted on his two grammar writing this post about the upcoming mid term elections on November six and which I shall be voting in the state of Tennessee and pass I've been reluctant to publicly voice my political. Pinions, but due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years, I feel very differently about that now and she goes on to support a Democrat she's voting for two Democrats in that state and she's also going against the Republican Marcia Blackburn who's running send it there well down a chump, didn't like that at all and hears what he had to say about Taylor Swift, while larger Blackbird is doing a very good job and jealousy leading now substantially. Would you should I'm sure dollars were? Does nothing or not those in order to bring about a website that I like the music about wanting vibrant Douglas now again well, I've got a library
that is now being aware, though, if you are are not registered to vote today in some states, is the last day to be able to read, stood a vote to make so your votes or to see in Europe day when is the last able for fifteen devastates yesterday is the last day for you to register may show you I had an check, I wonder, would tell Us- was political leanings where, before his administration, I just assumes you was Concerned- There were two my fall for profiling, but I just assume that I wonder what our political anywhere before this administration, for all we know is that is the Grandpa's did bring a spike in voter registration according to vote that org, Yesterday there were about fifty one thousand new registrations. In the past twenty four hours and in the state of Tennessee alone there were about thirty five hundred new red. Trade and so far no border of media power menace. Yes, oh that's a big deal that people are gonna go out now and rested about just because of tell us with saying which he had to say and putting that information
I ride Jim Jones, has announced a new diplomats album and release date as well. So if you guys are excited, it's gonna be the follow up to the diplomats who thousand for album diplomatic immunity to our right, so they act. The announces that a three c festival Jesse notion of video yesterday to yes, it's gonna be coming out on Thanksgiving and its cod diplomatic ties, I'm here for you guys that these giving his on Thursday November twenty second you can look out for that. I am always if anything- and I grew up on a will- always support the artists from my air. I re impose Malone, has gotten his first acting role. Heavy joining mark Wahlberg in a movie and Winston Duke from black Panther as well, and it's gonna be an adaptation of Robert BP Gerda, Wonderland and he'll? Be in that? So we get to see Postman loan on the big screen as well. So, take some shots witnessed yesterday. Our postman
post! Maloney nerves were to get us to take a shot. Seven Pope puzzled, the cover of all his tattoos in everything really address dependable, inherited he's plan. If you'd be a super type cast, it could present a character. I've night, like her, only biker, biker, Beverly. By go at all, I had to lever LA congratulations and that our active role to be alongside market. How do you play only when we do not impose loan of greek loud? It's gonna be a Netflix film. Also, by the way I write em Angela YE and that is your room. A report no right. Thank you, miss ye know. We come back with a front page news. What we are talking about for pensioners, you well, let's talk about Flint, find out what's happening to press cools in flint thanks to IRAN. All right we'll get to that. When we come back, he believed is the breakfast club, the boy doesn't Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club Was- gives a front page news from the last night. Major league baseball, the yeah.
He's, got blown away by the Boston Red Sox sixteen to one but don't worry game three tonight Cici's on the Mount take my pops in my son today. So he should be a lot of fun. The Astros beat the eleven three in a diet is beat the brave six to now in money but the same speed, the Redskins forty three nineteen, which is great for me, because my division sucks so the giant till I. What in four and within. We are in third place, but has a bad as a man out of cowboy fan, my team is inadequacy in east. What I'm now watch football you don't say now you now watching from stand to a cat. Ok, But, as you know, my hurricane Michael is taking, now, so some counties in Florida had been ordered to evacuate, also they'll be damaging winds cross the Florida Panhandle Southern Georgia and sat these Alabama as Michael is moving inland, so just giving you other heads up if your flying travelling may show you check on all of that as well. Also in Flint, schools are getting
safe water fountains at because over half a million dollar donation from Elon Musk there waiting money to install new wider fountains with filtration systems at all. The schools is a crazy. They still living with these issues and Flint Absolute this is the level of the visual data is crazy. That EU law must keep. In those rockets from space, thanks in LOS Angeles and people, keep fall, afford everything time like every few months, as some are be single Woody Cameron discard talking about what a guy in the sky you should know was in the sky. By now, it's rockets from Spacex I write it down on camp, has apologised to break. Have enough for sexual misconduct allegations he apologized during bread cabinets Mason, here's what he said on behalf of our nation. I want to apologize to bread and the entire cover our family for the terrible pain and suffering. You have been forced to endure those who step forward to serve. A country deserve a fair evaluation, not a campaign of Poland.
Colin personal destruction, base to analyze and deception, our country a man or a woman must always be zoomed innocent unless and until proven guilty, and with that I must state that you, Sir we're programme innocent, or only problem that Nepal Youtube an apology for the whole nation, because some people in nation think having I've guilt. If you believe cabin, I didn't do it any deserves an apology. If you should believe do it usually get up into German about and a lot of people were upset with that apology, just because they said it wasn't anything proven by this, because it wasn't a trial. It was basically just the FBI investigation that I felt was flawed as well are right, where that is from Haze nuth all right! Thank you! Miss ye! Now, when we come back, let's take you cause eight hundred five, eight five one or five one yesterday, my wife- and I were talking about
does this mean was floating around in a meme? Is parrots? Please stop sending your kids to school with the idea of some one hit. You you hit him back. You are part of the problem was the wrong: let's talk about it as we saw in my problem that your child is put in hand on my child. My child defend himself divine. Your problem aid under each in my child to defend itself is a prompt Bobby five one o firewall or they have solved for classification. Kids. Why? Kids? riding less time by learn how to box. No worry latter point. I agree with the point it did in Karachi. They teach you not to be, would have some who put their non nude and you defend yourself. Then. Why did you do to me as it is, for the little girl had tat little boy? She beat her up, but we have a beetle that's it I should he had her back or and this hour you gotta go to the extreme of gender. You no eight on the agenda, but we're thing it's easy occurs to hear somebody back. If they hit you do not. Women are right. That's what I'm asking. I don't know, I'm asking a
so I took my case somebody it's them. You hit him back of it. If a boy did you or pushes you, you hit him back. I do tell him, but I Logan a little too far when he was a kid and he would really hit these kids back in the problem was is when these kids push to hit Logan Logan, wouldn't cry so Logan hit the kid back. The kid cries in the low going to get in trouble and we would always stay in the principal's office, but I had to tell him that if you, if you once teller teach it the second on the fringes of now. Having now notorious he would go, you would always get in trouble because, like I said he Blowgun play football rough kid you hit, him he's outcry. Now for my daughter, montagnier dot entire going to early, ok, and she got you going to take down their arms an absolutely labour mobility there. That is our everybody. Keep me here that itself. Would India vit right that some child does put their hands on me? John, my job, no gods inventive and I agree with you in Iraq, and I really think it is a gazelle crazy. I really think it reduces bullying, because now, if you re,
so your kid? If somebody did you hit the back, you defend yourself, I remembered teach him daughter had a snap on a bus like how to these people on a bus. It people discharges it it would Bali in Lebanon. Somebody become aware for that better advice: ok, her daddy will not in the nose You know you know, I would turn the telecommunication museum advice on how to hurt people feel is verbal, your Mama S, S laugh Aguiar, marble, that's all you got to have, and so I would add that contain ass. If he had known ass, the last May's gusty has come to ask us. I know, but anyway, eight hundred Friday, five. What I have learned men, Roma toiled parents, pleased Absenting, accused the school with the idea. Somebody it's how you want what you hear my friend in MECCA open, a coronal I haven't across all add on Ireland. Italy of values that we hold is obviously aren't. You feel is an ass. It was both to do but eighty five a viable nor firewood, someone needs you, you get them back you up.
The problem you agree call is now the breakfast locomotive supporting everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club. Now, join us. This was a combination of my crib last This mean was going around enemy but like his parents, pleased upsetting you accuse the school with the idea, someone you too, you hit them back. You are part of the problem of animal and defend its logic and rely on the finish line, That's not how the world works. You know we're always taught never media aggressor by words action, but in the event you are attacked. You shoot defend yourself you know remain in it, my daughter's tenue load, you think entire guano very early on. I put her into I want her to be able to defend yourself. You put my hat. You put your hands on my daughter. She know how to turn this up, and I did the same thing.
My kids, my daughter, is in Taekwondo. My son is in Taekwondo my son, even with the boxing, and that was part of the thing of somebody hit. You you hit them back and especially cuz. My kids are so small, like I have a small kids. Logan is a small kid so and and that's what happened problem with that is when Logan wound up pygmies. Kids back, these kids will cry because lower play football use, roughy, boxy, Ino, Dick Erotic, though what were these kids the immediate cry, but as soon as Logan hit the kid, the kid will cry and all the principal teacher? see what the kids crying lowood troubles. I had to change a little bit and say the first time you idiot utility just second time we defend yourself I'll, make him Don't let him marginalize himself suppress his strip just got somebody don't know how to keep their. They fell what happens in life and life. You put your hands on somebody, you put somebody, they may point you and guess what their punch maybe MIKE Tyson live in. Has your fault you make it. By the next Camillo, our the known, even though they may what it will elbow utility and of course we retire. Somebody hit
Let them bag by also lead to teach you know. So that is not just a situation where you- and I fighting all the time, so you had allegedly to know he Didn'T- hurt media said and now my dear said, the same thing: if ya know smack from smack dvd does the latterly goddamn story. Again, yes, spirals only fight if you have been a little restaurant of old people know Maggie me and I have a MAC by every single time, but it is what it was ass. My dad sought me let's go to the former, allows this. Let me pay Brigham morning, I. What do you think about their statement did agree? Ireland. I have a daughter in law and they both know anybody. You get them back anyway, I would get off my kids to you, but I imagine tat I gave tubular got out a volume of mine and I turn my back downward demands on our girl. But if somebody
Do you get them back, goddamn ram slowly and I even sell my son. If somebody put their hands or or my daughter, you gotta defend, not yards of music, I beg you. Momently that bad outcome, not that allows this higher quality I was a kid who morning. What do you think about that statement? And may I agree with you. I think there's someone, I pity you, you ve got me neither them back or her back, because it will do yeah, thereby the heat and basically saying- and it will continue in part because I'm educator and I walked were burned, but I definitely think you need to get back
because everything to think about it, but when it comes to bully bullies, only gonna keep doin what you allowed him to do. Yes, exactly right that, if at the back and far as whether or not as the girl, the boy or girl rest of muslim faith when he was in thoroughbred, though I think my bird flu not beat him up, but you can get them off you without really finally end, but you can't let in the day to purple of baking back broker. Thank you, Mamma I have a great deal to graze, command and allow morning good morning now there was a mean going around with somebody said somebody it's you you hit them back. You are part of the problem, meaning that ideas pointed a problem. What do you think I disagree? I will tell my kids don't get back now. Why should be able to be put to a hell of a new phase of antibiotic Nazarite Billina had solved my great grandmother now in my life on the same thing, you don't hit parts that somebody hit, you you'll get them back at you.
Mamma you haven't a bag data, but I M not Madame added told me that want to do. I understand, is unrealistic way of thinking and no one thing I tell my daughter to a man like you know: don't worry about the consequences from school. No we're about to teach you gonna, say you'd or about the principal say to you. We got this. Don't worry about that Helms they or their. You will not get in trouble at home. Not is a life with a hand on you and you too vineyards in that. At all events, it a principle many times what is, but a eight hundred five, a five one, o five one is mean, was floating around. Citys. Let's talk about it, parrots, please stop sitting accused school with the idea, someone you too, you hit them back. You are a part of the problem. What do you think we're your thoughts? Call us up now was to breakfast club morning, everybody's d, J, envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club good morning. Just joined us. This conversation comes from a mean that was floating around
yesterday. It was mean parents, please stop sending it kids school with the idea. Somebody at you, you hit them back. You are a part of the problem, so they want your kid, the grove to be punks. They wanted to grow to be suckers who don't know how to defend themselves. Now, I'm a be honest, ripe, known up in queens. It was more, of course, minorities right, more black must banish all that he knows caribbean, and that was the mentality, somebody to eat them back, and if, if you don't get bad, when you get home you you fight you pops, that's that's what it was near when I'm, although without to Jersey, why people think a little differently. Mca lie like day They tell first date somebody hit you go, tell the teacher which, which I don't necessarily agree with. I think that kind of start bullying I've been very busy put that into the black his head and he's rich. Why? There is because they want us to be goddamn, you know marginalized and oppressed all the mother every time they wanted to feel like victims, all the time of the white man. It's you, you don't hit him back our rights idleness
I will simply hollowed out. Color was go now. I don't see color when it comes to defending yourself. If somebody pose the hairs on you regard as a raise, you have every right to defend yourself as the italian case, its attitude. Also after you pushed him in the mountain you gotta teacher. He hit me so I hit him back. Yes, I mean to have that they have to hit first, because I can't tell if you didn't hit, it looks like he planned. It might get some intelligent, but now we know I tell him if somebody hit you the first time you let it go to second time he about Amazon older, can have by now man about away guys. I would sum if you get a hit, if, if a kid, it's you and then your first inclination to going to teach you your fault, you forward, arrest the school Korea. Thank you, are you bought somebody had always it is a problem with me was: was Logan kid, a hidden, the kid wooden cry, Logan Place proposal. He doesn't crossly the kid, but right now Logan's in principle off, because the kids crime on vat with him no white kitten, your rich town, different nodded to mitigate array,
the american boy, you fight you! Ok, you know what you know. If we get, you allows this Jack from Jersey Jeff. Would you think if I said the same thing like you say every politician approach I would thank him back say nobody telling know tee chain of I got to have an important phase out. Did that because Logan would always get in trouble M, because in this go south crazy in wanted a few blockades into school, we will always principal's office. I suggest chill out float. Let that emit you first. Does it again, knock it s out? That's why the devil footing for younger ones as the same things and went to bed in the teaching or do not teach you what you get situation like she, a copy of like going on, I paid work. Are you gonna do tell them? You tell the boy thought it? No one thousand people they are going to make a living Jamaican at how great a mighty like you, you like them.
Oh I'm also America. I kid I felt like it is thinking, except in a different dialects, known, ombudsman utility job is concerned. I can go you the way nowadays that I like the way you goin on trailer a train of what what do you think about the mean now phone right yesterday, others agree with their because work here for smaller. I appeal bill. If somebody Gilmore do somethin to himself the teacher If she doesn't do anything, then you go ahead of the dangers that now once they get older. I'm like somebody hit you it'll back because sometimes, like you bid Boulier an eighty percent for them filled, the views set up a bully bill quit. Typically, aid is telling the teacher first booths whack. Now, my dear that when they surely, may I be there when they were really really small like because I built one and five, because I got a plan d like how everything here he will either football and he very agree
the EU had a fight with one Peters key at one time, though I don't want him to be introduced on a banal is why does their old room like Wales, you. You know that lend nobody virtue, they ain't gonna. Be being that close. You say in your face. They had you hit on back in the back. Of course, their high school is not bottle on the good locked up, but when you wonder at an asshole elder, when you got a defence system broth, unlike if I'm my dear as somebody who defend assisted. You got you gotta, make sure you defend and make sure tat. We re when you do when you to the medical around the whole down directed a family medication guy down. We not dominican me most, the moral of the story, my motives he has never be the on my word action, but a new mature attack fringes of several decades in a bow does there is now. Are you looking for all right? I really think that rules veto limit, bullion cause bullies will not get over. What have you to present a phase? One time,
What a bully ever faggot a bully is only gonna keep. Nor would you allow me to do. There will be an idea. I always think about the time where we shall Tommy was bullying down syndrome, and in two thousand and not have nothing when a gap in the slogan Liz I've Charlemagne was. Berlin is located in a lot of bullying the Maltese and it is the same thing a joke, and why did you stop? Could you put me in the jungle, then feel like felt like it with almost all, but it would be no Charlemagne on a burglar I saw. I saw my brief. Sixteen YO seventeen, your life before my than a moment, then guy slow, Chad, Sudan as cargo as they are right now. You know what you have them alone. I normally flogging love anybody else. Get it right with outlook is grave differently. No, I even got rooms runaway yesterday, talkin about cabin Heidi, was vain, the Chicago Marathon and find out what he went on his run right, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive.
With Angela, his club? Listen overnight with competing in Chicago Marathon, and things got very real now he said he wasn't too happy with his time. Take it out mobile number to complete man- I don't get the Tom I wanted, but whether was all my acid rain for the first sixty miles, but instead around twenty one. Mouse three broke down a mild twenty two fell like somebody. Loan roof were looking caught, a grant gun shot me my as beef rose up so too, The women themselves, true story I'm Just- is: cannot bag of allay the other stopped in the grass and move to shorten the MIA. But I made it around with a purpose today about the sin: more kids, the college, I'm a double up and what I d- yes, you know guys: Venice, Diarrhoea, Israel each other barometer yourself. At way. When you run a maritime, it happens all the time you can look it up online. Is he teaches people actually winning
marathon doing comes just discharging leg on asking. Why wouldn't you beforehand, know if you know that's going to happen when you run twenty six miles and kind of like breaks down your insides while you're running and that's why it happened scientifically is: can happen to you. Only with a human being can can do poop and keep moving. Yes, you can When you try to win a marathon, you can a serious burden, a yeah I mean, I don't think you can control that from happening leg. You don't anticipate that I'm sorry by ties ago beforehand, but imagine running twenty six. That's a long time held Yamaha, Tumblr and Marathon is training I'm tired metallic me hard work beat talent winter. I done their work because they would have you want a bug. Examine our forty, but he will outward YO ass all day. Long then he's funny at these one, where I am
bill. Can I want you pay road? No religion with you now, according to read our online Bill Caspian jail had some issues. He was trying to tell some jokes and presentation, but he slapped him across the face with a chicken patty wait a minute to first allegedly Gus laboratories. Would I don't I didn't. I guess that this is made through a hot dog odometer freeze lapdog in this chicken. Bearing a moment of truth there are many things had been. The first time is what they're saying, allegedly now they saying that he cracked his joke and the image was mad enough to take his chicken the ban and wondered at. Although it is true I'm leaving in his who dodinas what's towards the suicide airline of animals. As I said, I write jamais. They pray has postponed the launch of his for he said. Ah my fans, I know what I am about to say is going to create a very, very big fire. By due to my schedule and creative changes, I don't feel comfortable starting this tore the fourteen. I honestly believe I need another week to get this. I wanted to be gotta go to fail to deal with bow can hit. The road
charity, more Nebraska. These brought you here he's back any that, then, who knows born questionable in question, will be all the little engines arriving demands that we told you about this earlier about DJ scheme upset about the man said during his freestyle cipher at the Bt Hip Hop awards about extant ass. He on now dj He met with it out yogurt how you gonna say your favorite wrapper is an abuse there and then follow it with a line saying some issue: ex them is so I won't live long. You can deny but everyone who was their heard that as well the mess it went on to grant to. Actually I guessed tat to get more clarity through what it was he was trying to do here is what he said recently that a free stuff with BT awards, cipher, addressing and condemning rap was unabashedly abuse, women and those who stand up for them and even call them ledges austere behind no state
it was pre recorded weeks ago, and I had no idea a grieving mother would be in the audience to honor her lost son. I never intended to disrespect her and offer my deepest condolences for her lost at the hands of gun violence. However, I be him: ITALY reject the trending hip hop of championing abused and I will not hold my tongue about it. I agree with the overall message. You know I'm saying: yes, we should denounce abuses in no people who commit housing is one in which vague you have to Where's, your own bs. First though Vanessa emitted in his own? Each opt out is go here and rough club antsy boy said he saw what we talked about. The rivers club, an oblong above its way may perhaps have by the way, I'm out as little drought and zone. But that's that's the beginning. At his story, does this, as we all realize, is an island, the army, that's when I realized the while, but that was like, maybe to use something before we broke up. So
in my model will allow more of just like some grave You got a mature own bs. First Europe which itself in their midst right yeah. I would think signing and apologise for the fact that accepts extant ass, you as a mother within the audience it s, poor timing, I replied, I re well, I'm Angela yea, and that is you aren't rumour report are right. Thank you. Miss ye shall remain. Yes, we given a donkey to man. You know I suffer from a rental paranoia alarm, a father three, I think that we should have some rational anxiety when it comes to being apparent, but story right here is why I have that rash The legs idea we'll talk about four hours at our door right we'll get into that. When we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive. God you today for to the October knife, go through a long island, mainly Russell calling you know. As a father, three beautiful girls are self from the rational anxiety did, I think, comes, will be an apparent. I call it parental paranoia. Now, anyway,
suffers from anxiety knows how irrational those fears and insecurity that conference from anxiety can be, but being a parrot. It's a lot of rational anxiety. That comes with that. I call it rational anxiety, because I know exactly why I'm anxious when it comes to my kids, because it my cates, ok, wouldn't it be safe at all times. The one of the may waved ensure safety in America nowadays is still crazy at all costs. Ok, crazy places, crazy situations and, most importantly, crazy people. Is that is almost impossible nowadays, because you just don't know whose crazy anymore, ok, all faced bases that use the existing society. All people we used to. I don't want to not be crazy or sometime the craziest, for example, the church not safe. Okay, crazy people coming to remember that bastard Dylann roof rights, police, some of them- are crazy and it ain't we crazy
Could he scared in combination with gay and angry? We would again leads to problems allotted time, ok, Walmart, holy grounds of Walmart used to be a face base, would now is no shortage of crazy, an air. Someone may try to buy your kid for two hundred thousand dollars in schools, all the institution that we have to send our kids to four eight thousand, They already have the anxiety you potential school shootings, but the most He comes from having to entrust arcades safety to a bunch of those that we hope we can count on. Ok, a bunch of what those there hope on crazy, but Lord have mercy Jesus Christ. We know that's not the case and I'll bring Russell calling who is a fifty eight year old, driving and scrubbed there now he's not a teacher per se or even instructor at supper. Auto driving school, and I morning. He was driving in instructing three teams, and this happened. Let's go to see the opportunity offered Republic daughter, are telling an incredible story of I'm arriving in structure teaching Lima banter over the way
how to drive when the kids in the courts, shooting lie. Love realised that the driver or something terribly wrong, you thought I was drunk lie low or high. He was really humph mountainous and He was an early when you say that he was he was driving a radically actually hitting per year yet occurred twice. He told him to take us to Mcdonald, has hit the curve so that we can get them. And he got out of the car. You call nine one won t and suffered police have arrested Russell com. Fifty eight years old driving school in structure that driving school was contracted with such a community college. Who says that they are reviewing their policies and their contract with a tough guy driving for Russia going. You have one job, ok and ass, teach kids out to drive the two most basic rules. When it comes having is what was one of the most basic rules when it comes to driving and always pay attention and shut up
He was one of the most basic rules when it comes to drive and keep your hands and a farewell coming just dollar, basically, but other than that. The tumult basic rules when it comes to driving is where he bowed and don't drink Indra ok. Let's go get a bathing suit. Our I thought. Maybe I did ya know you tried to teach. It would not do behind the wheel of basic their ideas. Kids had convinced this guy the pull into a Mcdonald's. As I know he was drunk, you could know nothing soak of liquor. Like Mcdonald's idea, the promised his man a sausage egg and Cheese Mc Griddle, just like a detour location to escape. Now Russell was arrested on aggravated d, w I and endangering the welfare of children, and only lesson he taught the kid was one. Should already know, and that's highways, and we die ways, the choice is yours, I don't drink and dry. Please give Russell coins we founded Hamilton, You all about
Gee yeah. All right, we'll beg you put a dog the day Charlemagne. An angel ye see built. First then pay attention then put your hands on the run. These are basic, Nemo Basic right. I now when we come back from black a lightning we have crust, I am joining us. So what can we have a we come back. I know you guys, love black, like lag lightened and actually promised to nice even to permit the night on feed w gnats rights at all go anywhere to breakfast locomotive breakfast club. We got a special guess in building the single cresswells, what, with a thousand going overboard The recognition of your mohunes, severe molded use coffin in Europe. You thought was that you have children up hello. How are you ok?
many of the media here, let me just electrocute, you really get it out. How are you one of my brother of good of good, professionally ties that must be our guide working, always work. May I think that's a good feeling a bit. It just is between me and a family man and working. I may give you three main our girl boy. I got a thirteen year old girl, I'm I'm a little, although the President to your girl, get us through and have your boy or must keep the only way. To keep your eye that I got five, I gotta of fourteen Firefox and to make her day of school. We do know that other affected the three rigour: the womb.
In your three or two. We go out with a hole in a path life death, yet whether they are waiting to the teenage years earlier. Marian no rush is rising oil. You gonna, have you got beat going through it now thought about. You superhero area or you always inequalities again. I was in the cartoons. Is that because I can, the forthcoming could avoid anything. I was always in the cartoons superheroes did you know anything about the black, a lightning backdoor? I didn't I didn't I was. I was familiar with like John Stewart Green LAN again, and I was really at the top of my list, but then once a read the script and then a Sorgen into the comics, it was it so topical, even comics and seventy he reached the remedies convict think they could be written today among problems today. Noble people testing you after the first
the sole leg of complicated those serious by yeah yeah yeah issued thirty five. You are wearing out the area. They are rather crazy. Yet when I mean that's why like. I want to read all it is because I know they're gonna tell me and I'm not trying to be like. I don't know, now, one of the major black linen and I'm gonna get him a marble guide of programme. As I wanna familiar black like it's a call him, you should figure out man, and especially from the seventies cool comic. When I think about it, I'm morbid diesel guy anyway Superman was always Mama trash wide. Where do you go by wolves? Men is white supremacy in a flash. I want anything quite supremacy in Africa, s dance for our without fear of the body,
broader of yesterday were as I once they were, going Batman. Superpower white privileged as well. It is a rich white man arise. I may Donald Trump job at heart. It didn't say you know you wanted to be an actor. Your whole life right on my whole life or mean everything that was little kid. You want to see tat. I did I went out, it was kind of like I was a first personal family to go to college. I really want to do that and be the first and completed now, and I know one to be now: smells like gold is well that's. Why you're background for people? I don't owe you were born in Germany. I wouldn't in Germany, my father was, he was drafted, Vietnam and thankfully you never go to Vienna. Ok, you wanna be stationed in Germany and how to work and then, as a story goes, he call my mom and said come to Germany. One makes baby Oh that's what happens if you boys haven't any move to Chicago Moody, Chicago S, my family's regionally from and then my parents would move to allay with my mother. When I was three, there was a momentary married when he told her to come. The germ yes,
yeah. They were my younger brother. They gave me a boy you can call. They are. You ok German. Our did you have lived. There is no comes from those born. We came back. I gotta get their mobility and organization Della. That's what they say and I might you know needed if things keep. Go anywhere, they go into more deserving of the Vienna. How? forcing women like oh Papa. Why, like buying unaffordable? yeah, but my mother, she held it out. You always a television with my baby, and I felt like I was meant to be an aggregate. You like it when you were baby. If you cried, we do turn on television and you will like transfixed, though they Ozma to dodge, affordable about scholarships and grants in loan.
And they all off? Yes, ok, make what kind of guys you kind at all. You know. No, whether that I was there are things that he was a real Bailey was it until I got to let you see a lady gimme. Some grant money has, unlike acting like like scholarships for the most part. First of all, started a junior college back then it was fifty dollars go to college in fifty dollars. Yeah Junior college was the doll aware like twenty dollar twenty dollars is summarised in a brain
about the lonely only order too, I think it might happen, though I was a usually for like two years and I wrapped up in two years, a right of like twelve thirteen done well. There was a daring and I've known up, or not really I mean it's like. I would see em occasion because you still Chicago until I would take some summers and and and go out and and soon we had this kind of not really involve relationship for most my life. But then I really reached out to him like public euphoria, passengers copies for he fastened to set limits is cool, Thankfully, he like here, took him body here to do a body he stepped up and and call me out of the blue and wages are over the phone. We had this discussion, everything out. He took like spawned ability for not being there and adjust it lifted. Everything right we just had discovered a moment and then, from that point on he wasn't even model and not everyone. I gotta do some
lead from issue. My father, basically about enone divorce Mama, I'm in no mood are one another family lawyer I faced or ever use all their free, but I had a conversation with him. This summit I now would always month my heart and my mom I know I had felt the way about disdain, lifting feeling you You know I'm because it was always there and I guess, when I was growing up, I just wanted to bring it out like oh, how come you can call me and then finding you. I guess you reach a certain point of adulthood were for me with his colleague: ok either. I gotta say this in this relationship that a change encore. Would it just keep it moving and not have really tried to get to that place, and I just gonna put it all out this and it took him awhile body he came. He said The great thing is no matter how old you get you still had. I fear you five absolute year. Are you don't you like? You want had a conversation budget. It is not easy.
The king of the Polar Bear part was right, but you can't you do almost guy did to pour your backs against the wall and just like, I can't do it. You know. Thankfully we did when you make a transition from defeated Leg TV, it was weird smooth transition was right in the college man I'd advise had like two quarters left school ass. I was trying to forget, actually outcome pay for what I went to my first year, usually and like that they gave me some award money and I spent all of it over the summer and in work. A job for the next quarter was about to start, and I was like I don't have enough money on. My only two quarters left in may now finish an arm. This connection that I had like they call me out of the blue, a said: hey, you got an audition compatible stuff tomorrow. If they want to be in the rear, current Beverly Hills now to one off, and then they got me the job. They got me an agent, the very next autumn,
in that my agent s, you sent me out on within a single, and I got that job. You don't think I'm at what Scooter Cadiz Y Y Y, you been around a bit of beautiful, why how ninety ninety three ninety four more your first gig out there in amendment no nineteen, one o n, and when I went up air and around the same time, so there ten neglect these media now either now or to one really. Tough that is not neutral towards Belarus. In Greece a Raven acquired years ago, and what they got to call it an army Now, with this John Hardy, like this college, Beth Warbler Brandon was both a tutor me and I just like normal.
Scenario as I have used the basketball player at needed help in education. It was there tat men affect not even that, like it was a stereotyped where I wanna he was posted through to me, and I would just like magic go take. My testimony of the youth superbly view is its exact right. We get more. Whitcross ways black white and when we come back, don't move as to breakfast Club, the moon, the angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have cress ways from black lightning, independent Charlemagne, louder old black eye. Mab are saw that they were audition in and I wanted you know it's been a top mileage place. Nana thank re yeah I dislike, because I would never thinking as a kid we didn't see it. We didn't sunk. My other logbook. I've never heard you use that word. While we got a third reading, room involves that unity word like think. I'm a things be refunded Don Quixote, Funky Wikipedia and then fuck it up or thought issues of
Are we to adjust? You don't gotta group wants in the distance and they start making movies and television. The technology is now where you could see like the special effects in Salzburg man. I want to do this and arm out dish and pollute cage way back in the day I didn't get it play. Look yeah I'll, see you as a location well at about it at the time, but I am happy that doesn't have a rather play bloodline, but you I got the audition and I just it actually happen. Pretty easy like what I was told. They like they were always thinking to me. Why do you think is at the heart of a black superheroes visa hunger for diversity, and I think it's honestly it's because of the do we got in a White house. I think everybody liked them things that are going on and what always look at it like we thought I was gonna likened to road and we thought in her pride in this. We thought that we had like squashed, allowed a road and then without common in gonna turn on light and we looked round will approach is every wall. We are Lama approaches and we not- and so I think that made
is rise up and one, like you know, swing the pendulum. The other way we would get a lot more diversity are useful. You said I was thinking about it. As we can, we have to make sure that, where night reacting to the way they react to Obama the lady I got, there was a lot of irrational biography. Nobody was a lot of the way we act was probably the way their thousandth oil by right. Well, yeah. I want, I think it's always gotta be rooted in in action. You don't mean- and I don't like getting back and forward Name calling an end or just the generalization of like republican Democratic. It can't be that, like bad evil, racist people
Only Republican like it's on both sides. Nightingale crime bill came from Democrat right. You gotta call it for all whether they like to say right away. We just gotta call action to action, so you see some that's wrong. Don't give you a Democrat I'll give you republican wrong is wrong. I mean Trump. His actions are very clear. Now that being a father, could you got three Kaden in how you raise in a cave I mean I'm just trying to make them in the basque people they can possibly be like the necessary change, our reason, but there it is, it does change. I, although I have you, thought you know in the car. We at the way the world is on light was responsible hampering kids into the into this right now I mean my wife, and I we had as though phrase at times you just see something it's happening not just like you know what I want to get out and we saw the trained good. I want to get hold of the study. I weren't you Don T know more about you know, like I just went out audits. Are you killed my original? Yes, yes, you're right way to tell you a tie. Yes at eight.
I thought I was alone into an italian home at first it was scary. Area. We will be autism eating marble; they definitely do not allow just like I mean I know she had a big they will make one Argovie raises like what are you How are you going to you know you will? What are you gonna? Hang me: what are you you know even just meet an apparent to me. I think it's just like a girl primary care for new in southern California, and I just I'm always cautious the men and I leave my neighborhood, I'm expecting trouble right. I was I was worried and thankfully they like they got. They squashed all. But my and laws are amazing. How are you I'm exonerate in our backing. Days. No man only wanted a black woman. Would it would allow me I will use my mom was cool, but I mean I've got it. I guess I got it from harm a mother like grown up watching. You know, I guess I'm a mother appears divorce when I was a baby, so I don't have memories and be married from other
single. She never remember. She was Dayton and my mother aided everyone S. I guess I grew up watching, like all all races come into the house, you know mad saw her at the black severe or are you aware that why women are black man's kryptonite I am aware that is the order. Like lightning in the cat is an immediate and you cite black excellence. Madam. He knew that the thing that I'm struck with an I'm really proud of his that Jefferson peers. You know the altar ego is like he's a heroic person, even if you didn't after him and his wife or divorce, but he has caused. The observatory is raising his daughters. He's a principle and a teacher like community led, so tat. All these things around. I still really come up with any other severe black, otherwise, whose alter ego is that heroic without power back there
because it's all I the king, let it erodes I mean, but most of the time like you know, he's a garbage super. Madam. He was just a reporter. There's nothin like a Europe about it, but you know Batman is a rich. Maybe you don't know you not. I hit a bustle men, as you say, by more minor. We all say why view without a black people. Look like you ve, all of so much like that super make it doesnt glasses, Brad lobby who think about you got notice now realise its vague, It is like relaying, like real, not here with us today, It is you thirty five, and that is why is it important abbot, black superhero than this political climate, especially with the methods that are in black late and not for their got. When I got the role almost went back to being a cake of reversing the thought of the mouth of advocating the show was being or have you, I would certainly calendar I would be like so
but the show was on and new. We never had a member's Celine, the greater the show you talk about. You was a batman and grown up as a kid but like when you were not to get the hollowing costume. He liked the Batman mask havoc amass would like than the face was white yeah. He just had just the inevitable? I couldn't gloves on the cover his skin, so he could like played a superhero. Well that alone. It is ridiculous that we didn't have a superhero that we could like emulate were now for our kids like to have a black superhero, not as well, but like multiple black superior on black lightning. You know my daughters are also superheroes. Would like we're black female superheroes. I mean this is gonna, be like our kids. This is gonna, be their normal digging it. You know. I took my daughter's, unplanned black black lightning. We want to go see black Panther and abstained redneck seventeen, although these black women, who were just like the foundation of weeks later I take it, goes a wrinkle in time and a girl and her light. So much alike, and it's like this is gonna, be their normal
and what are they going to do for the surface feel confident, absolutely just no identity. Moving for that Sweden have we had overcome that The more that, though, we need more family. Only firms like that look out here what you say. It makes a lot of things amenable to my daughter to see black vandals and then it a wrinkle in time for mere and allay their. So as I she saw it all back to back representation and an energy mix. Rene would dominate the whole another lowness of gothic rehabilitation yeah. But thank you. Join us man, rather dry Grass Williams, lag lightning, make sure you check it out and we thank you for arms. There is almost motormouth appreciated picture. I remember the breakfast club is Chris Williams the breakfast putting everyone is the envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club was gives it he's romas. Those talk, Oakdale
the breakfast putting everybody is danger: envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club which gives it he's rumours. Those talk all deal about I'm doing your well. He gave the view where he talked about Eli, Manning and basically kind of aimed him for certain things that were going on this season. How's your record for the journey so far were the replace one. Therefore right, I right here's what he ojo back in January, is not going to the party or not is not running. Is it a matter of time? If you can't, can you do it, though it has been pretty safe as being shallow and trying to take it but over the tops of modern life,
Can you deny also don't have a chance to like do something while I got to take an angle, sixty and not to say is not fun, but it's like I want, but I wasn't easy touchdown to I watch everybody across the league. All the type of tvs get the ball. The way that they you know. Should I say something about it: be courageous, correct. It sounds crazy, therefore guide has never one nothing to be critical to damsel champion, I thought you didn't Maghreb had us if he didn't backpedal after this last game on Sunday and here's what you had to say about these statements, because he's not taken aback. Unease doesn't regret, saying that actually bought the team closer together, regroup, remember, services who took the floor, come together as a team like we did today. I could take that every single time it has been on my heart and, I think, all the stuff that was built up inside it just came out in the wrong way and sex and asked if I can have a minute talk the same. If we're not on the same page, if he's not authentic and real, and we can all understand each other,
you can always be, MR in case the matter. Would he say out of their way to say a publicly as a full body language. You don't have a lock rules is developed further, like but you are manning without their bass and implement. I'm sure he probably did say it in a locker room enough and probably change are not always very frustrated definition of others. When it comes to team sport, the biggest recounting Eli Manning sad, I he hasn't heard anything any said, o Dell and I have a great relationship- I mindset will be everybody stay focused on beating Philadelphia so that with his comments, after that I re cat, will you What happened that he got arrested he's got now. We told you he got arrested for allegedly assaulting his driver, but he still in jail in Portland and apparently he was supposed to be in courtier schedule, court date by instead the people around him didn't tell him about the schedule Corday because they went to him to get some shine at the Mps his management team did. Tell him that he was due in court and land at the same time that he was going to allay to attend the enemies. So I guess he had a worn out as well. So a lot of different
she's going on in his. Why doesn't matter? How funny you almost talent, you have your always a liability of year, career liability. This is why you don't get to the next love ya, can't billions on his behalf. He would have went and went to quite and took care of that business that are going to the award shall had to write to the Sultan. Yeah and I'm found out about the one who got arrested, he then a lot going to allow with God I re analysis, Gaza Jones, yeah? It looks like he might have some type of deal with Adidas. I don't know if you guys saw his post, but he posted a pic Tenis Adidas and he says something fun coming from me and Adidas. So I shall exactly what that means if he has his own ideas gene or, if he's gonna be endorsing them, or this has a project coming with them, but he puts it another pictures I got my new rights in the bathroom waiting to take a bath, and then he put It is a hooked it up. So maybe he's doing something I write
Antonio Brown, the story, if you guys do have kids. So this will affect you, I'm sure, now he's being sued, allegedly, what happened is he was in a violent rage back in April and he was throwing furniture off the balcony of his fourteen story apartment building, while according to open Sternberg, who is suing Antonio Brown, some of those items almost hit and killed his twenty two the old son who was wandering around the pool at the apartment complex. That's when they said large objects, tat too far from the building. Many. Who, above them, including to very large sizes, is an admin and other pieces of furniture. Which actually landed right near the Tyler and his grandfather, sir, right now. They are suing saying that they cause dumb extensive damage and the child was terrified and traumatized by that incident and has had night terrors as well, is doing for assault intentional infliction of emotional distress and saying that Antonio Brown acted without regard for human life. At this issue,
the way you can be, though my furniture often part out of a window in the common people are walking around allow you will do nothing audible window. Will you know people Maybe we should have more. They live in a city someplace where you know people can be bought a pool of them. You don't do that and not at all, and I did at hearing. I read Angela yea, and that is your room. A report derive thank you. Miss YE revolt, we'll see you guys to Morrow everybody else to people's choice mixes up next, get your request in right. Now, eight hundred five, eight five one, five one to breakfast locomotive hi, I'm hi, I'm camp and the host of the before breakfast podcast and the author of several time management books. I must have a host of I hurt media newest podcast. The new corner office in this show we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one where the location and ours are more flexible than in the past. Listen over that first cup of coffee, and I promise you learn something useful listen to them.
You corner office every day and the irish media, app apple pie, casts or wherever you get. Your pride casts a low this rambert and you were listening to my voice, which commands trust and respect. Yes, what my pod gases back and that's a wind for everyone if you're a long time, listen to the show. You probably already know the deal each week, I bring you hard hitting journalism and also light anytime. I contain multitudes, find the wrong burgundy, bad guys on the IRS, radio, app apple pie, guess or where ever you get your pride ass.
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