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Is there ever a good time to wear black face?


2-12- With all this talk about black face in the news we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners thought if there was any acceptable time to wear blackface, even though most likely not. Moreover, after Kamala Harris stopped through the other day, some people were not so happy about it, so we opened up the phone lines to see why they were not feeling the presidential candidate. Also Charlamagne tha god to a man that wants to sue his parents for birthing him. 

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It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started, trying to accomplish everything. You need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead, get connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us. It's Elvis Joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world on the Iheart Radio, APP. Even so it s a most dangerous morning is big day and everybody says in its banana gawayne. Maybe the ruler rubbing the wrong way was a rabbi
Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Morning angels, minority damage Charlemagne again. Please do not let it is two years and we were expecting a huge snow storm on the east coast. This morning was the first Busby tonight noticed at five o clock this morning that it is one of the new posts to back the leg disseminating. But only one thing realize it travels in my life was standing around just on what the hell you talking about, hopefully not either, whether that's it equitable sometime in Spain has been used to be back with their media outlets, could tell you gonna, be seven degrees tomorrow, in Bee seven green eyes, I can say tomorrow is goes. No. There was no nowadays you just going.
Now. The timing is, as the low off from one may do, cause all about my kids. Schools. Absolutely may God knows ghouls Rachel in and I woke up this morning expectancy snow storm and it was easy Breeze Una widower here they set em around commuter time. Like seventy M is gonna now and then after major today, new last night, it was five for five years this was still I wanted it is now, is that they will the way the right now, but in my view they are going. I wanted. I want something. Let me see something now here we don't gives no days. You know me. I do I do like when I get the liquidation of the alert, the emotive, no school, like the excitement and my daughter voice, our magazine so excited, I remember, remember, tat feeling LULU for sometimes I like that will enter. They said I haven't you, make up those days, not it was a year, but then, if you have too many of the danger of an adult in August, so whatever some people know how which mean some people we and you know, there's not as some people do, and even I have to work when it's no devil Nogales nowadays, but anyway. Now,
birth, data, Gucci Gucci may, what they were. Good you don't you may mean boycotting Gucci now. You want to be happy birthday too. Has its gucci names, but, as is both tonight, is Chiujio Philippa, o noble. We have to tackle gmail and bigger front page news which often where you will ever get sick about your next, they have set a record. Was a? U what that record is for also a third of Americans think this is ok, let's see what you think derived will get into makes keep. It lacks the breakfast local he's dj envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast club Luskin some front page news always offer my. U what an ear nets has had a thing Season franchise losing streak, they lost their seventeenth consecutive game last night, to the Cleveland Cavaliers from Naples, bottlenecks baby now, where's reckon I am very bad. They very valid points say thoughtfully. They get the first round pay. Hopefully that's what they're banking on a devil unifies romping mean. Forget me the first link. Ok, we hopefully get the first take us a mess alone.
After major today. Last night it was five for five years. This was still I wanted. It is now is that they want to wait awhile, but in my view they are going. I wanted. I want something. Let me see something now I right now. Let's talk about Karim, hence he has signed The Cleveland Browns he's deformity star, he was cut after they in a video on demand sports, if you guys remember showing him getting violet with a women in a hotel in Cleveland Sally, sign him. Now they said that he took full responsibility for his egregious actions and so true remorse, and secondly, just as import hey he's undergoing and is committed to necessary professional treatment and a plan that clearly laid out as one on Zan you people. Would you your flexible morals, regular regional, watching the anniversary of the end of has historically giving people committed, the violence of the chances Dave historically
murderer that the changes which we didn't have no problem watching today, but someone is enormous and injustice to Carling Cabinet Gaban at all. Now watching the war, I ran a Eric red hair and a three year deal to return to the Panthers. He was one of the players who was joining. Colleague happening kneeling during the national anthem back and twenty sixteen succeeding was the first player to join him, said, if anything, it proves my point from last year: I didn't sign until a few weeks into the regular season. This year I signed a more substantial contract over the same time period on the same player as far as carbon capture Nicky Knowing what I know my hope tank is on IE. This is a leverage games. There was what happens moving forwards and he doesn't believe that Carling Cabinet will be signed. Maggie you money agreed revenue, love air, great Ergo, put a lot of money
I know your words trample on shore and also suitor right now. I think of American think that black face for Halloween is perfectly okay. Now white adults are twice ass, likely is black and those to approve the agony. Thirty, nine percent of those pulled think it's ok for a white person to use make up two dark in there As long as it's for Halloween and only ninety percent, a black respondents feel the same way, and this is an ongoing issue. Actually, this has happened last week. They they talked about this incident last. We put this happen on August twenty. If an elementary school prinspo wore black face to dress up a Steve Harvey at an by staff meeting at the school. The students were in there, but it was all the staff there was all white people in the staff meeting and the person dressed up as Steve Harvey, so they darken their skin least a boy or she's a princess friendship, elementary School and Grandma Pennsylvania. So this is something that sets in Congo. The thing I know it is, then that is a good discussion. Norton was down, I think black raising. I think you know that the flag shoe pilots with the red lips in like, and what have you just write like Robert whenever it was
I was doing Avram from Tropic done the Nepalese about IRAN, Madonna Junior, you Nosair. What are you doing now? What are you doing? What Jimmy and when they only play com alone than necessarily black face tagging your skin to be a black person, I hear that lag vase asking the question moment anybody. Could we not only have we not blame specific character for labelling on making fun of We are they playing a playing a character that is a black feedback and reinforces a lot grandma. I don't even like when people who are lighter darkened their skin to play a character I will add them. Just don't do black face general! Don't act in your skin with make up the oppressed can never make fun of the oppressor. I mean I know your present can ever make fun of the oppressed, but the oppressed can be funded. The oppressor, that's the rule, which has the role, is what it is and has always gonna. Be that right. Ok, I write.
All right? Well, that's your front page news get off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent right now, hit us up online open another again, his eight hundred five, eight five one, o five one. If you're upset you need to vent it is. Right now lab is always some colleagues are used to call this a give they give cause. He shall do that ever volume in it in a week or so, a male de macabre averse shook one anxiety, Blanchard coming my national bestselling second book gradually, don't ask you got you stick yesterday, God is good, tell them of their stick me I mean that the book of the national bestseller- like privileges of the National Bethel. Congratulations, man did you guys, you may God is good million on Zaire. Loom lifelike golden normal guy tells me the debate moving when he tells you to move vague, including about oh captain, Bill Most of the amendments are right, but it will get off. Each has eight hundred five eight
One in five women is to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Is it your time to get it off your jets? Are the young man from you on the breakfast law? Allows this blows boy, balls blood laws, black? What of each Ezra yeah. Now we talk about the black basin or, let me would it be messed up We did why trade we do do am not going away. Wanna be able I based? What do we do we do I raised no, I mean you think about movies like mile in his always why girls, you didn't hollandaise, how things your values to pretend to be too wide. Do mine you'd be routinely? Why do aim is good, but he is the road the rule is. The oppressed can always make fun of President dear present cannot make fun of the oppressed and that's the rules. They didn't give us reparation than they gotta give us rules like that. Bad, Charlemagne right about that like me, what have we all?
Oh by the way he just went away person. What are you beat effort? We have our own. A rational can be done on China right deadly Erna right already. There are in space as the least it, and let us do for our treatment in these countries in the name of Europe. It s. I felt like a thing when people get off that about black d, why, on the same side as they will my people I mean whereby people do my white paper when white, equal anyone by people got that perhaps even I'd like bite. There's. No, then they re enact uplifting way or they become once again the old pressed can make for The oppressor, the oppressive, can't make fun of the oppressed. You know why, because yachting give us reparations and YA pedestrian slavery and Jim Crow segregation, that is the answer for at least can do a lot of the white face you I mean, I guess, if you put it that way, prevent thousands of the millennium
and that your book and at the movie I think about the history behind it. Did you think it s? What we re did as I've gotta may show me, has some type of education in schools? Are they know the history constantly remind them in history? Books, Shaw, Gordon! I know it was I'm showing ravages Charlemagne within that. It's ok for the people who are practising really meant to be applied. Make fun of people that we agree with that? Well, I mean you live, shows us dad nobody's my other side with the bully. Nobody was, I would the person involved. We thought I'd go if you look at it like what they want, but that does not appear to be a little late to make. Other people aren't working because data monarch you a minority would listen. When I just thereby said I said the oppressed can always
make fun of the presence or how good the one percent make fun of people broken, and if it's ok, with a broken with make funding to one percent, though don't think about it to have been met them. Thank you state. You don't think about it to our brother of each year's eight hundred driving five one on fire, one. If you need a bit, it isn't right now is to breakfast cloak The breakfast club pounding down, you're gonna, get it on the agenda. You want a breakfast laughing, but as a military regime for some days to get off, my chest was was bought by radio, the problem with their fight I know, but you don't like
it all wrong, we're there. What is your time is sometimes right. Isn't that what they need for the well meaning? Did you say I don't know? Do you hear me when they about drags on playing on the radio if now lives right to oppose gotta play is right through the many people a more responsible. I would you worry about somebody else. Now the embargo gaudy ignore that more than six months down of european money is a new record at eight, even though our Manette, now this floating around out here, what we got a new kind of erect. If we brought people acts with the new powers I like TAT will take care of our men came at last. Is that you wanted to play that line by line ok, so you know mine here and quality bees wanting hear the that you want to hit that yellow. Okay, I travel Sanchez. Most probably page where you bag, my lab, been struggling,
now here? River was upstairs. Why even grumbling noted the laggard k why fairly high oil prices have already get me up? And We present k I had to up. Yes, I got the heat every hour, you'd be why are you love somebody from other mullet verbal? a jar why lip service is paid out? making a I was making racial remarks because I was the inward non black and everything mark beget gave woman in order that the third though, go back to work today. I believe you guys this benefit as crazy, Let us allow ass crazy. The crazy I told, see you don't know, and now I can't even go to my followers and I don't know I don't get. No like my job follows me:
allowed to have a sign language. A job is selling. They fear that they will get out find out that line work with their views or wherever they with them. They don't want to see you sides have you can applaud, you can do You got some type of discrimination thing going on here because of you, a gay man and you Talkin about your love. You know are the main. That sounds like what what what what what about which were thing doesn't allow what they feel attitude I was banned in word and our the Danes about women like like that. Like the step, no one is David. I bet you don't step on women's faces that wisdom they that someone else does I would, though, like their moral dunno, valued much. You call a myth: Arab I'm mad about day well Allow me now to go back later. He could tell, now allowed
about a Mickey Grammy rate, and nothin baby of every everybody beaten egg is legit. J called on you to have a grand in as I do in his car, when a Grammy. Everybody immediately went to Nikki page and started messing with her and it's in later life. Not there Ain't do and at the same time you know, I don't think not are we talking and eighty by them are needed. Now is not the bandit going around the Grammy, then lady band from the Grand Grammy yoga he to do right drive a man. You know we gotta stop. Acting like comedies winds on Nicky's losses and Nicky you're right now is not the time to going on the grandmother, thereby, what did you just saw? Do because gaudy one rybody correct, they handed one more thing: tragic, diverted Andre, yes, sir, you gotta get out of here. If they decide to keep it, as you gave doggie today, like fire people, get it fully being played xenophobia again, very people, grateful I doing things.
Forty years ago have been Bee Bob and a change in a road between airports. Like arm, and then you go with her and then they are friends. Legitimacy. If you like I met you bowed homophobia remarked, you got a young man of prevention. Come on. It's able too much and made polity with every day that no GDP community be in may mean hurrying when one person they happen to her now appear like how she don't you don't you today, while you normally, I would you. I saw both sides. It s a jewish, and even though that is mom you keep at it. He got a merely think thats. What I got window want social media. I was told that he called her. He called her that slur, and then she replied back you never got it easy lied, and then he got it. I only say why are you I'll go higher welfare? The live you easy
we decided on a good night with objective. Even you never got it never ate. They were infected while each thing almost here, that's tat. We had a where's he should be using, but in any- and he should be called on her daddy loud, but have this debate is that whenever a label that even think about a hundred by imposing alone was the drop, a phone call from Monday to ruin? And it's all you will get people to talk to you today will make people a great raw, can drag and drop it uncle people work and he don't get it. If you do. It is by no means you dont need updating your reward. You give the odd you give your ass. Do you want to give you after, but it's just me, goodbye. My draft I'll know right well get off my chest agent, viable viable, you would have rooms away. Yes, let's talk about just in sky. Now she as named the person who is her, user, and hey you that person is in what she had to say and the whole incident surrounding it, or I will get into that next. Cuba lacked the breakfast
morning the breakfast club of the jail- envy Angela YE shall amend. Guy, we are the breakfast club was gets it he's the sole Katy Parry. We always well Katy Paris got a shoe line and ass. You line so that retailers, egg dealers in Walmart an they ve, actually pulls one of the issues from the collection. The aura face: black he'll, Sandro and ass, because they're saying it resembles black face, another shoes do come and black and in bays, but the black. When again has the red, lipstick and according to people there, like Katy Perry, can't get away with from us all I'm confused ripe, so it's ok on a new phase, but on the black she was not and is asking to scare the faces and black, then, is it a note on again and see the known? What was the moon
there you go about that when the white woman says is Brazil with renewed with the blue eyes. So it looks like a woman's reactive on nothing, but I'm enough Rita freedom. The point because, as a result, was black really done resemble black raise the blue eyes, throw me off a little bit because ample did now blue eye, but if you say resemble- and it's a little too close for comfort, It looks as if the report to be a sovereign identity, Perry. Her team said they she's whenever intended to be offensive their part of it. Entire line, but they said in order to be respectful, insensitive the teams in the process of pulling the shoe smart array, a new fifty cent produce legal drowned. Has been picked up united, we fall and that's been picked up for pilot at a b see it's about a legal and family, about a prisoner who becomes a lawyer, litigating cases for the inmates, while fighting to overturn his own life sentence for a crime he didn't commit dramatically. If it is in our finally Pham have family friendly, ABC Disney got curtains
action on Iraq. The idleness a dozen bedraggled include above a fish out of curiosity celebrating fifty is live in his best levy. A limited live like this. Lord, and he said what he wants to do he dunwoodie. Why does, and he still makes family friendly network like you see Disney embrace them, don't ya! Go backtracking now ABC do the causes. That, in fact, is that in the past Arena Oriana grinding. Her new album had the largest global debut within the first twenty four hours, and that is according to apple music, it's twelve check album and it's the Lord. Global debut of any FEMA artisan every job within the first twenty four hours of their release so can gradually, in the area of grand if it acts I ride, Justine Sky, she has accused Shackle west of abuse, and now you know likewise and as an artist who has a song Obama that everybody was singing this pie? Very poor listen, I know the rugged. The rugged seem begging him, but I'm all right now as you,
I saw some media and said taking a walk with my friends and my man and check West my user and his friends decides stokas and its hack, my friends to cars bullet and where's. While he sat in the car like a bitch, you're, pathetic shack and you beat women, you hit your girl before me and you'll. Do it again. She said your pathetic and all the people defending you Yahoo Bates as label. Everyone you spreading lies about me. Moral of the story is, if you never but your hands on me. You wouldn't be in this situation and you just keep making it worse follows correctly as she weight in gold link right now, so they jumped her and her friends, I guess he was walking down the black in whoever he was with two cars for the people, while was sitting in the car got out and jumps Herman do not gonna put put it de Gaulle link about an hour ago. Languidly lie. Well, anyway,
are people who are here in this debate. For the first time Wednesday's guy was up here at the breakfast club when we were doing chains for change. She did detail that she was in a relationship and here's how it started. She said while the relationship it was short, but it was very intense. It was last six months in our like in the beginning, when guys like being obsessive. Unlike can't you, this can't do that. I love you, don't go there when you were like you're like a guy Wiki lovingly, he really loves. We like the care is no. He just doesn't. Let me talk raining guys. You sleep with jealous and dumb a guy out of hand Grudged and want to believe that this person who claimed they loved me, so much could hurt me seeing the reaction from a lot of people in my life. But I like thought were my friends because of who it was they d It has turned a blind eye now she wasn't ready at that point to talk about who it was because I think he was concerned just about the backlash that she would get as he has been getting backlash, people who were not believing her and
accusations. Here's what she said about why she hasn't told who it is even about protecting him, because the people they need to know. No, I don't know maybe one day like it'll, come to light birth. For me like it's not about revenge about exposing this person's thought about Sal. You know this person gonna protect another people. Could you seem with another woman you have? It is in an that's something that people have. I pointed out to me as well to an maybe like one day. I will It is just this. Guy has a beautiful energy about her suggestions. Guy, and I am sure this guy have endorsements deals, allows he'll, probably lose those Iranians, but ass, he had to say, appeared the breakfast club about, a legit, acute abuser, alleged abuse there check Wes. I don't think that people would care, but I really don't think that it will make a difference
Not, I would never do have legal there now and because in rap culture like people like people, dont care doesn't matter what the artist is about like how talent today are and are still be bumping their music there still be playing there like sounds like damn, that's where he did. But you know his new half of this year or they may I mean believe you sometimes I feel like a whatever. She just wants attention like crazy, yeah and though I admit is literally people who know me will, even if this person, who will look at me, like oh you're, Tyrone, this kid's career, now. He responded on social media on Twitter. He said I to remain silent and so now out of respect for actual victims of abuse, but I can, stand by while lies are repeatedly told about me. I never hit or beat any women. And I did not beat up or jump anybody. There's a few things inequalities allegations the true Emmy losing endorsement. Ah, he go to jail, I guess, I'll, be by a guy in Justin's life that loves her, but if he does music and people still gravitate towards music. That's just what it is. So it's like what what do you want to happen in this situation?
There is some one asked to feel like there will no one's gonna care people is still going to listen to his music room and thus the culture of it. It's a shame, but even if we will deliver any people are accusing I've lying. I was looking at the comments, and am I and even know the either one of One might have an add resource that as she's not telling the truth, we don't even know an appeal. Still isn't musical me still gluten. You still got a job, I get it by God just live their lives or area when I'm Angela YE and that's you remember- I raise a nest ordered made me feel suitable. Could I know just he's gonna, which was largely nor delegate nor I don't know, Galiano wish. I wasn't gonna put. Let us greatly on the avenue added no golden with a person at our goal is a cruel zone. Guys origin their golden. All I heard my hair was, I got money all around me. I didn't write tat had an old golly with the crew, and there was this all Roma report next that you want me to
Although I may rampage nearly was. Thank you. You owe wasn't even goings on our freedoms and our model. Four days ago we got what we talked about, how my guys we are going to talk about your next and Vienna. You levying eggs golden play for the next, What about me, but that is why I will get into that next year will act as the breakfast locomotive breakfast. Your morning. So now would be to say no to haven't adults no day had to Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee plans raising on millions of items if it's happening on your adults no day, it's happening on Ebay. Not now be wanting, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We ought to have. His club was gruesome front. Page news are we talking about you? about your next they're losing streak has had a record as a single. They went They lost seventeen games and arrive at ok. That's
mind. Is seventeen straight losses, so called wasn't an experiment, impressive tests, impressive, seventeen aim, and otherwise the record will. Hopefully we get the first pick now and at its Base NEWS Karim Hunt. Has signed with the Cleveland Browns. We saw the video of him that was posted on DMZ sports, but he was getting violate the women at all Cleveland Hotel, but he asked and scientifically browns. Now the general manager dine Dorsey for the Brown said that he took full responsibility for his reaches actions and showed your remorse and his undergoing and is committed to necessary professional treatment and a plan It has been clearly laid out, so he has gotten resigned to a team after that who incidents greatly to especially be in it. You know we ve all had these everybody had these these moral standards. This moral stand taken now because colleague happening took me in You know they black bought him from the leave with people like that,
when an end of over years, people agreement to begin second chances for years. So we don't care about domestic violence. You haven't gas, crazing right now are agreed, has sounded three ordeal deal to return to the Panthers. Now he was in the first place, the joint cabinet nailing during the national anthem? What he said is if anything it proves my point from last year I didn't sign until a few weeks into the regular season. This year I signed a more substantial contract. Same time period and the same player, knowing what I know what I know my hope tank is on IE as far as common cabinet, possibly getting picked up. He said this is a leverage game, so we'll see what happens moving forward. Robin glued Barbara agreed crossing. The intellectual picket line by resign went to Carolina plants for three years, because we know agreed in all. Do the right thing. That money right is more reinvesting than no you're right.
Beguiling cavern exert was wrong aggrievedly. He so that a feed his family, at least it is a bunch of fly, plays and NFL so agreed crossing intellectual figured mine. I don't think so, ass a boycott, it there's a super buying at land as a shower wherefore cabin establishments. Amateurs family did Homer quit his daughters play cards. You said it was family. Now what is dependent and what its opel at play? This is very Ali Dolly. Yet we move the goalposts lot. We motives intellectual picket line a lot people. I write imperative. Americans think that that phase for Halloween is okay, so not just in general, but it part of a Halloween casting costume, a third of American say that should be acceptable. Now why adults as far as this policy area. Percent of them thought it was ok for a white person to use make up two darkened your skin if your dressing up as a member of a different arrays, only nineteen percent of black respondents about that same way, so there just food for thought right there, and we have definitely seen cases where by people have blackened
her face to portray a member of the opposite, I mean out to portray, amend a black person. So what are you guys think about it? A little bit of the following two eight hundred five? five one o five or let's talk about it, is playing a character the same as doing black face. It arrives in question because blackberries is technically plan a character, but is reinforcing a negative stereotypes. Black people would have Jimmy frowned is pretending to be Chris Rocca. Jimmy Who is pretending to be calm alone? Isn't it the same and when the way it did, white chicks are wounded when David pounded, the whiteness catholic right by but what the rules are, the oppressed can make fun of the oppressor, but not vice versa. Those rules, people, sorry they would have a camera guys. Do you came here and wanted to be Charlemagne for Halloween? You do any of your five Those we would now have you came in and wanted to be. Steve baby
I really like brown over the phone lines. Eight hundred five, eight five one o five one- is playing a character the same as doing black face a talk about it. Just breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club morning, We body is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, not as one of its work black face a low bit now our annually. Talk about some number is about people back for you repeat those numbers you, yes, a bed of Americans think their black face for Halloween is ok. Ninety percent of black people said that an thirty nine percent of white people said it's ok. As long as you're doing it to dress up as a member of a different race for Halloween arise. We ask is playing a carrot, The same as doing black face, eight hundred five, a firewall or five one enemy, Astrogas, summed it alive. Play younger generation might not know the significance of black face. My disfigures a character:
It's called a do. They don't know entities and practicable ways than the leg idea. Mining- and I agree with you, but I mean I can somebody bet it's how them somewhat somebody younger generation might not know. I don't have no clothes, he ought not to do now. Is it s? Okay, an estimate access to information? Yet if he doesn't look on social media, I look in the news or anywhere you can see where there's been issues with it. I do think this is a great question because and take matters right in me when you look at SAM Sambo is very specific. We know what black face a black faces. The red lips stood black shoe as you know, and is also reinforcing a negative stereotypes. Black people could back in the day when he would duties they would you say we were lazy in rail stuff like that. But when you're playing a coward, right, when you see Jimmy Fallon, pretending to be Chris Rock Kimmel pretending to be comical. Milosevic is to say when the way they wages or even when it Mr President, why do I gather, though, in Martin would play Britannia? Why guy are you going to teach these Steve Hobby in a week to paint pretended to be evacuated? a blackness you did. This is mirthful about that. What the direct fuel oil,
Damn do ragging guys know how to get it for you reinforcing the negative stereotypes, black people applying the widening. Rather the woman's you private China had her hair, but yet I did as you will lose. Woman was issued to put these on a pub border proletariat. You get what you think, Yes, these it arose. The oppressed can make fun of the oppressor, but not vice versa, That is black privilege they. What we would just don't stay away from my leg is like a steady, just plain at a slippery slope. This statement and because our lives will be obliging and mocking, why you don't do it? It's not the royal marking why people Billy, ok vacuum! Now why people? As is me, the black man, walking a white male immediately around with every level as it stands, is that you didn't give us reparations for hundreds of years slavery, Jim Crow Segregation mass incarceration. So the least you can do it later. These unwritten rules off arise. If we want to pretend to be white, people call forget what you can do it
The rules are right. The oppressed can make one of the oppressive, but not by birth. Loading was gone on Lahti mobility highlighting the morning they Lahti now we're talking black face, is playing a character to seems to a black face our planet character dog like this all day, because only the caricatures. When we think about the history of an even worse, it's what you I gotta tell you something I didn't. I didn't know how to further. The president cannot renounce any big guy really did I know what you mean. I can't we're not the needs. We got you back bad bad. You saw the buy it now back to correct a part that his regos, you don't be. David did black based on Broadway, you know, but the fact that human life did you know and what it really stands for.
I feel lie in this day and age, unless you dollar, for some form of educational purposes, is completely wrong and that the fact that it still make their way and to pop culture- and in you know in general, american culture and european and world fashioned. Everything recently is completely wrong. I feel like we have, though we have the boycott it as much as possible. Time like with me surely they know it's wrong. Arriving in Europe about great wear black face drink is black. I stood on this day. I led rigs, get a clear password debt No, they don't get me wrong, dragging a black. Why wouldn't identifies black rate is like nobody even asked the question, it is, let him get away explain. I came a matter really. Did you ever sublimity? I can't remember exactly what it was. It was some type of statement. No, I don't know why people like Yoke and capture the essence of blackness without darkening you scandal in unsafe and at the other thing to can. What? If somebody for
and to be flavour. Flay yoga, we'll be mad. It'd be a white slavery. But will be married. We dusk in any way fleet back. You know very well you boy baby that you're not making a mockery of our people. What technical, economic and Marguerite all black people gray grimly wave of slave labour. I'd like to go further than the one is over the form of eight hundred five, a firewall or five one would talk in black faces. One is playing a character the same as do in black phrase: Corliss NAILS, the breakfast locomotive. Did you know that the first computer bug was an actual? But did you know that x rays were used as entertainment at kids, both parties, I'm there and I'm Gregg, and for our new pie, cast surprisingly brilliant weeping collecting some of the most shocking, inspiring and downright bizarre stories from science history from space mysteries to stolen dinosaurs, you'll find it in supplies in me, brilliant from sea so come, listen to surprisingly brilliant.
I heard you up. Apple pie casts or wherever you go, your pack S morning, everybody's d, J, envy, Angela YE shall remain. The girl we are, the breakfast club would talk, and black face this morning were asking is playing a game. The same is doing black face. Now. This conversation comes from a, I guess, a percentage why wouldn't mind enterprises black right is like nobody even asked the question. It is let him get away explained. I came in think their black face for Halloween is ok yeah. I mean it's the great question and I'm not say to was right or wrong because I think everyone should stay away from it period, but I do see oversized. I got can see somebody pretending to be a character like you want to be Chris Rock. You want to be Jimmy Camino Chris, Chris Rock one of the following to be Chris Rock Jimmy Kimmel want to be called Malone. I can see that then we argosy way of norwegian deja vu and wide news gather bite. The rules audio press can make fun of the oppressive and not vice versa. The oppressed can pretend video present, but not by birth, it all that arose Zalzal Enow AL. I say also that
how you raise, because my parents are alot dark at me, but if I ever had black face or even issue it was for Hallooing there was smack the black issue of me, like for real re Lama, be honest. What you look like a black river, all right now are, you sure, does your parents who they got lucky? We have the good work that you have one moment Mamma, how we know you here. Legally aids are fundamental all eyes. Donors, Lamar Lamar. You thought I was funny maintaining and funny about that. I want to touch on the black list of Georgia. We were all shocked. Jurors right now is every bit as well. Light MA. Am we matter blasters because as a wiper, Nah may take them how they believe some black.
Certainly, we all went on to say that the new german government has lost his job today, because somebody did twenty years ago we saw generation. Everything is legal, Why? Nowadays, while I was there think of the low differ with the lieutenant governor either. Not think of the load. Different is because you have the lieutenant we need the governor. I hear lying now lieutenant governor someone, while you did, it also apply. We assumption neither even they gather load different, because when you a politician, I I know that you have no racism menu because you effect policy and legislation in my state, like a lot of things you may be doing, may be called in no discrimination against other people and buys against other people, so I gotta make sure. Did you not the same person from twenty years ago? Innovation those aid that it wasn't him. Even though, who organise boot social body, I just spoken bow. He stood up
Well, I guess black Wanna issue. Railways, life controversy, as some members have apologised to this parliament all college, but the way than he say that it's not him. Our job to feel just such way, you know dilute I'm not because it has to be home, because nobody would be talking about the wisdom and nationally, but my failures is where you from rather glory that we deliver the thought Lamar, we're on our phones. It often is taught in Georgia out o the union above a genuine veneer aids, a kind of Visa raises pay them one of the reasons why we are likely to shut out law abiding by the thought of it. I do love you, don't you talk to me like that boy, Louise, about you lot
like that boy, but also a lot of gold, or we will lose no time about why we, alcohol is gone, lousy insult me broke on a black man. Let the matter Margaret allows its. I loved the avatar, AIDS Alison. You think it's ok to wear black fazl hallowing neuroses problem with it. What why don't you tell me if I wanted to draw up a bit I therefore barbed wire. You happen to be an American out I'll. Do the problem with the now you have put on the Jersey and how would we know now yourselves, you gotta do all in all. We can do what you do it. I have done it s about, according to the public, I can run for public office, not found TAT. I was U dogma now. He's only did it before this data is an outrage going to dodge a dumb ass black face on. If you wanted to be a way, are you do put the helmet on in a jersey and puts a low black stuff Wendy Eyes, you're gonna put the blacks to follow you face what play. What is your view on the jobs that will drive you just put up to pay on
now they have to pay anything suit. Can you be an orange faith or thereon an algorithm law aims to law. Orange and suffer obey leather people? sensitive about how we recommend that you just don't go in black phase where they are these people. If we want to be damaged revolving, I would put myself orange you re in a blue soup. I bet you can do our in space and you won't get in trouble for there to be true, alchemists envelope with minor like it anyway. That was the model. The more the story is the oppressed can make fun of the present, but not vice versa, and you know a man I'm that he is not even a big deal to me, lagging I'm, not I'm not tripping of what everybody is doing. I just would encourage you not to do it on their press. In his climate. Why bring new problems across the outcome of this was a mighty like I want to reply black Panthers Halloween, you know, but I panicked We'll go to recognise the right of withdrawal. Regional and uses doing now you just really just trying to get. You send a push for what
it's? Alright, it's uncomfortable painting your face and you scan black period. You dispelled Double does right of you, I've you wasn't bore with dismal, isn't melanin too bad for you saw you egg, then it is good. Ass dogskin, morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast club the morning, Vd Baby, DJ envy and he agreed to get rid of erecting meagre. Something called a black hit. Another right that you don't know how much you pull up, and even all government in what I believe to the demon he said to do is polo the demon mean in a car off a card on both their bullets at a demon with God. What would you say to people
you're telling me you know a demon is the car. I don't know it's what you just go. These rap, instead of putting these that is so clearly put up, did indeed have barely understand what a rapporteur is. Having an you shouldn't understand what democracy when he was a ten happy. So you don't look rising, did a lot of sounds it. We ve all saying the wrong lyric, as you have just due to kick in our lifetime I got here, look at Dodge for God it's called the DAS demon colonized. Even ok, it's like the super chasm, fragile, bastard, embryology, Usanga does deem them in the car. That's all value to drown modality very can have demon power unless they gonna healthcare. They got s or to hit me as our Tammy. They got healthcare to get the demon, but have you probably already demon anyhow, No, no! No! No!
Well, we got rooms, and why are we talking about? Yes, we are going to have some Grammy Todd now, Heidi, be hasn't things to say about everybody hate in all her eyes. I will talk about. Your words began. Nick humanize got into it and will tell you how beads he had to apologize to her all right, we'll get to all that next to keep it. The breakfast closeted demon guy? and everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast Club is LISA. The snow will start in sixty seconds in the yard. You're, going any opening. Only scare people in Florida, probable intention had hell. We got an alert from the weather, said TAT everywhere. I get a lesson. The reticence son of the weather is about to be ok with sixty seconds in New York, nor is it is supposed to start, but look at these are rumours assault. The Grammy's about the report annually on the breakfast well acquainted deadline,
the Grammy's drew and a five point six rating. So what that means is they were at a record low. Now ratings were low, but they said the viewer shit numbers were higher than they were in the previous year, so they said that has a lot to do with the demographics and others. The people does not that interested in traditional big name programme. Like the Grammy's ask her. Is it the Superbowl also had a drop in ratings? viewer ship as well, and the consumer in different ways? I may not just sitting there watching no damn television. I write they call has posted about the Grammy A in his thoughts. He said I don't ever want to be propped up by tearing someone else down seeing party when a Grammy makes me feel like I won same with J Rock and Anderson, I feel for Travis, because he really that acknowledgement as well, but his moment his way bigger than the awards could say. I went through a lotta heartbreak, the first half of my career, It even longer cause deep down. I need that
a nation that I thought the awards could bring, but it's a quarter I'm about to Google. That's the real issue is a sense of how I feel today for anybody there needs to hear my heart is at ease, knowing that was what was meant for me. One never miss me, and at what MRS me was never meant for me. I saw me yesterday. This energy call never submits any of his music to the ground is one of the true asking it to without him. Addressing that mean that were circulating, why he was posting those things pretty much addressing that me that was circulated. Madam Mina agreed clearly when the award that time maybe he was before any decided not to do it any more desperate to seem like an I got out of it. Yes, I, like he's not doing it now, because he doesn't want to be propped up by tearing summoned Ascanius had seen targeted, Grammy incredible future to been deserve. My men is bigger than the gray recent congrats the mace black really deserve to, but don't sweat it my by the no. Why should ever get it all the way right, especially when it is run by us through Europe
I'm saying that we don't care by the grand within sound like we care about the grants we people do do you care about their models and just say you care about my don't. You know exciting to be acknowledged, regardless what the awarding on me them rooms, valuable, and so I am now that you need the validation, but it's nice, like clearly party, was happy about, Ramey were absolutely I'm a you can't take away from people being happy about getting that acknowledgement now issues she posted on her social. Media, about a lot. I hate that she was getting cause. You did work extremely hard and she's still continues to work hard, his, which he said at last, thou for people for other people down for lives body else. However, I've been thinking a lot of today and I realized tat night and I'm sick of this work I put my mother. I remember last year when I didn't want for border again. There was a party not now this sixty No, no, my number
Only scare people in Florida, robot intention, the hell. We got an alert from the weather sent at everywhere. I gotta get to lessen the wettest had sent out. The weather is about to be. Nokia was sixty seconds in New York measures. It has no is supposed to You don't have to explain nothing to nobody. The within is point. We see that this success. That's great. I will doubtless to hurl deserve you're the guy Gollop earlier complaining that we play tumors haughty right. You that's what happens when you put in that kind of war? Well deserved she put out of work, you put in a term she put into effigies gateway owing to the language I had. I have sadly, every time I see him impressed at last. They get off a social media, looks icy deleted. Her instagram finance out o understand one, and, as you controls you don't give anybody their power, especially people who do unintentionally because they are intentionally doin. It becomes an easy you of this kind and Annette Grammy they all. Louis jumping your comment and hated you suck delete? my game? I want you to see this success by cod is not some still man, so many job out the window. Now many people clearly located
to our. She went even be in a position as she's in minority alone of all gaudy work on a wooden bought. My daughter Lamborghini noticeable progress, because this will go importance for college you today just to have you picked up a dry very much? Thank you. No good. It has to freeze who I reckon there. Nanda human eyes in the meantime, had some issues with BT. Now she did not like opposed that. I BT posted about her This is Mimo. Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lace front. That's a beauty poster they said. Cardi B is the first solo female rapper to win best rap. Album and fans are weeping and bees. He posted that and send me money coming out of being dragged by her lace I don't understand what kind of bees which has to do with Nicky Menage, having not yet won a green card is what is known to Lang. Don't even have to go and in his heart is one is a lot of people would diagram? Is that a well deserving Idas is not the end of the where are the does it mean she won't get one, and I don't, even though this cares card in one is none of these laws and you're gonna stop or not at all bets. Clearly
was very distasteful post now. Bt has since apologise because curricula, I went on social media and set young money will no longer be part of the BT experience or award show some toward dates dropping soon and she posted a conversation Does she have a little Wayne where she was telling him? You know that you doesn't. One of her arm and he's like I'm with you, so I guess that's gonna, be any more young money as part of the awards. So she said this is my bt posted about me. I'm not performing for it. Sami Show anymore, and he said I'm with you and she said: loyalty love him forever. The goat, my brother, my boss, my inspiration, young money. What's his NBC has issued a statement because he loves Nicki Minaj. We have supported her from the very beginning of her career and will continue to do so moving forward that he has paved the way for so many performers and has solidified her place as one of the most powerful figures in the music industry. Unfortunately, the respect we have for Nikki was violated by this post that should never have been written. The post is not reflect. How we feel about Nicki and further does not reflect our company values. We deeply apologize,
the hurt, disappointment and confusion that this post has caused in holding a frightened eyes, sir fans and said they should have never happened borders. It is just some low union turn who participate in social media culture or might not even enter might be. Somebody works would be to participate in a socially go to. He know that mean was gone already noted headline goal rip. Could people retweet negativity way more, pull positively, but I was found many worldwide than that for BT platform. This must be neutral and in support of black odd is everywhere media vague. I have given me already included whatever you Theo. Droll pay have easy access that they are conducting an internal audit to assure these type suppose I not published again so something like that. Never ever happen. Again. I was called leader as to why you got a really started off. You should go to this party like hell, just paid off culture student loans, just because His people ask me another Grammy is empty. My name on Saturday.
A girl, Aloni now Aloni is she's under UK. She LCD lip service before also she actually ass, Nicky Menage was she posted about Nicky Nicky responded to her. She said: Nicky Menage has been tat by her game for way too long to not have had a grand me. I don't know what white men from the board she pissed off and Nicky responded. I picked up. Hey man, Marianna is called out for lying Grammy producing can I was bullied into stay inquired for seven years out of fear, but how my fans, the real on the next episode, a queen radio, the deserve the truth, also congrats to everyone who, when last night, Kathy Nikki right here. This is one of those positions where you damned. If you do damned, if you don't cuz, you got to live your truth right correct. So, if you want to tell the story, tell the story, but everybody going to say you just salty cuz call you one best rhyme with rap album of the year now is not the time to speak is allowed out. Is that everyone Grammy Snow, don't ever want to granting park nine alone agronomic egg?
If the Grammy Amendment Grammy arms do otherwise queuing? Well, let macro more beat Kindred like puffy beat Wooten life, but we think that a bad light by the who cares? What to do? I write well, I'm Angela YE and that you are a rumour report. All right, thank you must come into your souls. Are people buying your records is you're making me We are making the kind of art. Did you want to make you make a living? Should remedy look at? That is, as it tat there s a championship. Trophy look at their grand me how many languages named at least eight. I beg Imo Grammy's. Nobody will be I just before it out a great many right. Ok, they're bundle Grammy's right! Well, we giving your dog. Could you I've got you very passionate during this moon report like this, do they ratio Samuel? He needs to come to the front of the congregation early What about chemicals? We cancel frivolous lawsuits. Okay, this is a frivolous lawsuit. Ask us now we'll need internet next, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive
breakfast club your morning so now would be to say: executive produce lean awaken, Haileybury, be eighty brings you a new chapter born of the classic fill one generation later boring premiers tonight at ten p m only obesity Everybody is D J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast club good morning, mining navvy, just joined, is commonly Harris joined a breakfast of yesterday's. We cannot allow a bottle is very important to note that it is a common hours. The second time Warner brothers cause. She came when she U S in California, Laszlo as you? U S in California and twenty twenty four, the intricate s right in an eclipse what we're all over whose yesterday, so we just a little bit of the former and talk about it a little bit. What has their reaction, then? I say fifty fifty administrative Idiot everybody. I think the only thing that some people want like you, so we will not go like you might think that it is more people. Probably really don't know what it is she's about
I think that's why the very important do your research on all again. It is because it is so easy to manipulate mines on social media. Could you can just or false information idea and people run would occur? They nobody really doing research Laplace empty investment this day, depending on whether or not they like you, I don't like you absolutely Willis play declared. This is her talking about people mad to say she was lacking people up. So this is how talking about it. Now, I'm not going to ever apologize for saying that when a child is molested or a woman is raped or one human being killed, another human being that there should be serious consequence, I'm never going to apologize for that. I also believe strongly that the criminal justice system in America, is deeply flawed and it must be reformed, and I'm going to tell you also when we know a system needs to be reformed when we know it's broken. There is certainly a role on the outside, but we also should not take ourselves out of the opportunity.
Beyond the insight to write them for residual terrify, you need to be locked up. You murder. Somebody need to be locked up she's in browser lily. You need to be lack. The prosecutor put people in jail and two things to be sure you can. Prosecuted and also recognise the system is flawed in the best way to change the system is to be a part of it. I would think so, but Joe There was an eye disdain black people, usually a black person, and you think that you know a black captured lock. You are blah blah blah you didn't put you in jail it s. Just not reality unanimously just not well, let's go to the four lines we are running around in the good morning, I am day to a pretty girl. What did you think about commonly Harrison? A breakfast club- I don't like her drag, were good and a politician edit to do, which is the simple fact that she was like a kid. I know you guys add to that, and I felt like he tried to make it he also emotion, you know by bringing up women that had been raped or you know, people and had been murdered because
We cannot allow a situation where, were you know, violent crimes and One thing that I actually have a problem with the fact that at one point in order to release thousands of prisoners report that order vacation, argument was that releasing that many people would hurt the private. You know that labour with live with a deadly heard at that and she she wants that that case. You know what she fought to keep those people and properly locked up. This is a person who will look out for special interest and not the and you know don't you want to sound like a progressive she wants to see. You know seem like she's in support of legalizing marijuana, but Many people live secluded, very very clearly from marijuana on. You know. You know you know, because it was so tricky from me
When I read about in a column. You know you see things like sheep, the way for RE entry and diversion initiatives in you know she she empty minute when she was a day she had arranged- and diversion a pretty created a programme programme for the entry into Britain for non violent drug. Friend is in majority. They were arrested for cried violations and, if a long before it was made within of democratic boy- and you look at the back on track road as you started in two thousand and four you know. The answer was dislike I'll know. Eighty, within the other things you don't do it I counted it but you know you are perhaps the bow the money, because a lot of time Tuesday, for you have to look at the programme. Administer you know you have to look at the private interest groups that they have come in and administer these programs. These. These you know it's not just.
I think you know what I'm saying is that your own personal believe are necessarily you wanting to do something positive for people who could be because its beneficial for you and your position exactly exactly what thank you for your Como proposes will more than the Georgia a jars Commoter. What are you didn't come on Harrison Breakfast Club, you know just for I wanted to express gratitude. I mean in special, using a platform to inform the math is because the people have felt dictum said the other circulating beams. Those political verdict on the show, an ecologist talk to the myths information. And you guys sign of asking questions the children of human life? So thank you for that, and also bringing on Senator, allow Corey Book a couple weeks ago as well. Outbreak was well without is very, very important. No data, we don't bring them only want to come themselves. All about that are you a lot of a humble brand loaf, weird flex, between the public, and I hope that you never get it continue to adapt the opportunity come on out. They come on
Don't you think about whether you like it or not? I do you know all agree that we have to do it, why you know minded food, they thought human and be right, and so you have those questions where she was. The you know got about Marshall Smoke, little bit and have you thought about the green they're kind of like our family life, that back out of the green group, We thought it, they don't want. What does it do? We wanted to take her out and a politician talking just as normal course to see who she is a personal around. We do not vote for. You just go use more Guido ringing honour and arming arbitrary, not, but what I await a robot. Quite what will you do the robot while it absolutely really go around eight hundred five, a fire what oh firewall we're talking, comma heresy gave due to breakfast club yesterday. Will play some clips? Don't move? Is a breakfast locomotive,
hello morning. Everybody is be J. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club now Campbell Harris after Breakfast Club yesterday, and we talked about a lot. One of the things that we talked about was the black agendas list here, which you have to say about. The blockage of the black agenda has to include H, BC, use and looking at the that, the historical fact that, when the federal government gives attention to each BC use, we end up having a profound impact on black people in America. Part of it is what I was describing about opening on families than making less than a hundred thousand dollars a year. Part of it is focusing on what we need to do: a round reform of the criminal justice system, understanding that the mass incarceration is this country have led to black and brown men in particular, being incarcerated at ridiculous rights, losing revenue very important for all care that its especially democratic, because have you ever been so low that democratic party for so many years? Have you
I have a blog agenda. You don't have begged my fee would have all for you as simple as that. Like you, gotta, have some type of blockages. You know I mean and, as is, is good in the here that she has a black agenda and have even thought about a black agenda aim. She also says you leave some form of. Aberrations as well and people will upset. They didn't think she was black enough. What was that a problem? Would people had ass? I tell you that I still see lack does just stupid of me. I will go to the phone lines. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five one allows. Is it maybe they made me, what did you think about common hours in the breakfast love man, our prevailing ass? He was like we try and about the black boat. Was it a bit more grain later we alibi silent bites, allow bag. You be my wife, and I now do what
You love you about them very busy? Oh I'm a gay! You too much money. You have about. Oh we'll leave alive weeder body. We didn't you ever per mil. Oh my God, I agree we break you about it, everybody on my grades whereby all agree about. What's she like, I don't like me, I agree with biogas. Plants landed with their own likes. You please green blocking black, and I had a dream that we as it was because she says you write the grave. As you know, what's a vegetarian dishes, one would think what would be well Elsie goes. I we we black There's a lot on those who says about bologna knees. Abalone, voluntary moment out, what are you you think he would say: you'd like you weren't there pop get almost weekly paper bag,
as you multiply. Finally, got work, get bad. How now? Maybe I'm until you find out I'm with you, we don't know she could do. I believe, all find our guide them. Ague Mimi outright and allows is early, one area DMZ I out of announced their name, and what did you A couple hours and erratic club come a little thing. Tat big. I appreciate your habit, my god, it analyses the out illumining, sometimes with like minded differently Mary the boy. What did you say what you like about her? I like it. I like that she, your, would not solve even corpse roaming neutrality the only heard about will be honest with you does that does not pass without me off from shares. Wanted a thing that thing. When I gonna move in twenty twenty gamma be taken about ass it beyond the matter. Are you employed brow yeah? They Gordon Brown,
He didn't even at dinner, ass you, but I'm a couple hours or the breathless lobbyists it. What do you think it will be? No doubt no doubt beg you to call him up now is at the bottom. Are you still got that above all that there are no abominable? What did you take? A gamble hours after breakfast lip, yet there are one of the four about. You know the way the situation could I gotta go a little problem in a modern state. We were bound? where you was Rambo from just tell you. Criminal law is in That is not at all a little upset or or whatever, no one and thirty. Two final points. Don't you want to say what you can do for you regularly already I need this, do you call it?
that was why the ferry was Senator Kamel hours there does she wants to legalise marijuana? Ok. So as one of your interests for twenty twenty. You need to write that down and pay attention. Candidates are the legalizing added marijuana and who wants to make marijuana league are not enough we realise that are here, but you know Murphy China do this thing, but you know, fear, and are you eligible moved me? Ok, try to play Wanna play adult Basel away, don't question, I couldn t say a word about one at one point in time I could have When I'm good now exactly doesn't look of a regular questioner, somebody video that's what your interests were: twenty twenty weather, You will illegal, adding marijuana. You need to think about that when you vote, who have you will forget yet no ready! Goodness gracious! What's the moral of the story,
more than a story, it is early. You know now we have a long way to go before twenty twenty, but I want you to pay attention to the candidates. Do your research? Please don't get. Information or social media. Can I give you are really interested in a candidate? Go read up on them in. What they ve done, that you may like see what they ve done, that you may not like you know, mean and invoking interests and twenty twenty does allow what occurred. We would do thou right now you got rooms runaway yes, Jesse's matter we're trying to figure out what's going on with his alleged assault. That happened to him and I'm only that, because we still trying to get all the details, I can imagine that when people are trying to say is true, so what Are you what's going on with this alleged assaults against Jesse, smaller in Chicago or I will, to all that when we come back, keep allowed this to breakfast locomotive breakfast.
Motor everybody's dj envy Angela YE morning, hi hello, how I go to the very dearly I will not get through. These relies phaser idea. Do we not do? This is to be problem. Lies the Lusaka Margaret due to marry Livin allotted fifteen years right, but never detail, and then you know what they say: matinees on Tuesdays all day at the movie better to our two very disturbed club, where their normal lot alleged to be problems caused by anybody know it into the together. More job should show the eighties we'd have a back then blame in this gives it also sounds or less quotes painter.
Really. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club. I re Damon DAS posted a video on his instagram. We're basically he's now saying that he has no beef with anybody. If you remember he's been having issues where people live, Jim Jones, Whitley or call em with Steve Stout or hears what he has to say, call Jim Jones. I know you'll know if I miss him as a brother. I love his family. I want to be happy and Jake. You know the friendship we have is cool man. Dismiss it, but what are we to any dawn but I'm covert above sigh bad? I was a muscle Secondly, I am big I'm sorry bro! If I offended you whatever you doing I'm with it, I love you, man and I know you're mad at me, but whatever I'm sorry, I could have made it make some money I'll send you some schedule. My brother, Are family I was just surprised.
LEO Cohen apology. Oh my god. He hated him dead it s ass. If anybody can undermine our homes and also that all you will get us nowhere named Amazon drop in on. Second of all, our I feel like this has to do with the fact that he wasn't a deregulation or send out method, and I want all the while. I didn't know that is just a branch of a third of all at the use of said it did. He said he bring a bag dancing and parties in you know, namely to dance ill. She has had little motion and I just want you to know man when you look at those figures from Iraq, nation right, Allah, extra, hard Lafontaine do adult branches. It really Rarely have given some people had meant to do them around. There's someone here. I just want to be an old pictures tall, thin man. I want to be one of those guys that can withstand the Thursday in both the low share pain of all data carriage Irena Jesse smile. Saying now. There there's Chicago Police Department has some doubt about his sorry about having been attacked in Chicago according to Jesse smile it
is that he was a randomly targeted and attacked and it was basically a hate crime. He said he was confronted by two men. When wearing a black mass who heard gay and erases epithets at him, while he was walking home from a nearby subway sang with Shap, shortly before two a dot m. Well, We finally has turned over his phone records to the cops had taken quite some time for him to do that. He said he was on the phone with his manager and they sent over the phone records. So they said they do have is receipts his records from within an hour of the incident, they did confirm as head of the records that they'd have, and they wanted to corroborate that he was on the phone with his manager. Urges you couldn't you know, Reggie the stairway monopolies to go through in this guy now. What they are saying is if He did do a potentially false report. He will be held accountable, would have you lie about being able to get into the resignation. Wrench did she. You me out Let us not a guy about China get into it. It is a lot of you would elsewhere.
The gate who I think has had made moody, couldn't get him when he said it was able to allocate a patient like I was there thinking they face cog, either men let them all I know is. I may have as a party right next to it right next door next year of ugly, but I can't get in. We have our own party this'll be pattern I was in Brooklyn ourselves like when you lose the subordination, all you, you know the dirt LOS Rams geared to third world country. Instead, it would you have me to die the ninety. He and that's it you're. A rumour report as a jerk reveal we'll see tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice, mixes next day. Do you now you imagine? I don't want to determine at a time
Has no beef or no ban on oil is a great like baby made. His brother, I understand, is big Z, know J Jim. I had understood that denies the enemy only going. Are you don't you? Even just someone had no beef and nobody right now it s a good thing too, because when he had apologize, when you have their anger and you have that resentment towards other people in each you, alas, I understand and want to let them go, but I never thought that what he saying about LEO was necessarily wrong. As is apparent anything absolutely logical, economic gain of apology. I've, not everybody out. Could those was his peeping lesson? Brothers have a fundamental difference of opinion would be overcome the business. So I want to say what the apology is with. That was the coroner around measurements are alone. All right mixes up. Next is Gucci maize birthdays that will start offers gucci make Mister, Brooks Locomotor Breakfast
your morning. So never beat us saying you don't need now to have an adults. Nobody had to Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping Ebay Deal with our best price guarantee. Glass. Briefly, being on millions of items. If it's happening on your adults no day it's happening on Ebay morning, everybody is D. J Andrey Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we all the breakfast club, it's black, three months. Are we doing? Well is a man. I think that by now we all know black Will it not a monolith if we don't know tat black people, if we done that all drive people will not a lived in. You need to learn today, and I think one of the greatest ways to learn is through a new black history legend by the name of Chris Rock, when he so eloquently broke down. A difference between
Black people, they'll, say: ah black history man moment like a civil war over black people and there's two black people. Listen to it. I can't keep up in three ways: can move it up as we can
that is great and above the cap that was a black history. My moment brought to you by the breakfast club. Thank you, crews rocket. Will we combat positive? No, don't move, at this level more about his d J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago? We are the breakfast club and I just want to say before you do that positive, no united, officially lines my during fragile juice, dot com site, so that is for my fresh- produces USDA organic. Produces I'm really excited about it. So the website is up. If you want to order these Usda organic produce his days to go for a couple of months still retain ninety nine percent of their nutrients super exotic, as have invested. A lot of honey, it's getting this going for everybody, so go get! U S is up and running. I'm excited,
and you know what else I want to say man, I want to say for everybody out there who is trying to do research on a different presidential candidates for two thousand and twenty. Please go to the cause you to pay. As you know, we got a interview accord book. Alas, we as well as the we got to interview of when her cause she came yesterday. Ass, she came last so you can learn a lot about those candidates through it views are right, all right, alright, yes, man, I want to say I want to tell everybody I did at your truth is personal to you your own opinions in point of view reflect your own agreements and oppressing the EU. It is no one's truth, but yours Vivian Finical Yoga,
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