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Wednesday 11/14- Today on the show after Yung Miami was unapologetic about finessing guys and believing men should pay for anything, we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners agree with her. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a New Zealand newspaper for mistaking Stan Lee for Spike Lee in obituary and Angela Yee helps some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Hey it's been Henry and Marcus. Hosts of the last podcast on the left are shows dedicated to uncovering hilariously horrifying stuff and now we're only on Spotify joy. If you want, obviously we never force anyone to just blindly joy bad, be crazy, but if you like stories about doomsday call to do exactly that and more please, on Spotify Visit, Spotify Dotcom, slash last podcast to listen free is a goose haunting de Berulle. In the proof What is wrong gleam covered. Nineteen is a? U S, bio weapon, I'm Ben vote and in our new show strange news daily. We are shedding light on the most bizarre, disturbing and unusual news of the day. Everything for the latest exploits of lower demand to the mind, boggling developments in space exploration, Topsecret, government experiments, newly revealed, stories of the paranormal and more listen to strange
news daily on the Iheart, radio, app apple pie, gas or wherever you find your favorite show. Who's got together like a mega voyages, took all we ve got no point. This press round have recently joined a breakfast club, say some other good, worried: USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO boy. They actually mining is Anti Charlemagne, the guy these to the planet. Yes, what day it is just day, ah ha ha ha ha,
Yesterday's Wednesday hope, day early shadow to my daughter yesterday was a birthday and she passed her driving test so congrats in That's gonna be girl. I've got a brand new car if she did arrange Rover. What I say is away. Yes, it is why she deserves so shut up, shut up, everybody to be involved in Jersey, shot the Shannon shoved them ready. Just so nice. They hurt us radiant morning, so they knew she was come in and she hastily she had no problems. You parallel park like a chance. She drove like a chance so cannot fail to in your father. Does radio not as we will fail their father don't do radio. Ok, you can put them all black. If you fail my daughter, then nobody really want decimal now, but if she deserved it failed in she deserved to fail because she was, she was good. Money makes you pass it s, not only live, and let us not forget that still got my license. I came back so fast, my mama they were happen. I think I pass them
in giving my life, and my lot of people feel that there is now a border bill we produce over dramas. He failed drama. The guy Tracy Molly said had bought all in his dad in mine, and yesterday, when I was on drugs, is the grand paid us all a comet villages far in my mouth, while living to military aid? If we did that, maybe to pass a vote as a comment Why can't you talk aid abalone, drawn whence they say something awful day? And you know data produces well, he failed is driving test. We allow people fail of jobs. Is diverse unbounded, remember fulfilment for its own. Also long enough. Yoda permittest deadly go to permit us to press on with the parameters as a fervent permit, Permettez, whatever yes, you're right for debt relief
first, a hidden, my goodness or what we gotta go. It always was what what what we got popular front. Page news we are going to be talking about, add CNN is suing Donald Trump and they should be pretty interesting. Actually, I was at the graces award yesterday right. This is where women and media and they had a whole table of CNN people. That work is CNN and they were talking about that. I've actually found out about that at the luncheon yesterday when they were talking about how CNN they were about to sue Donald Trump. Why be soon? Have you done with from the norm you're out of your job, we're going for at the end and allows any of these conferences that nobody ajar wasn't? Do you have to be there now these by goose, liable yet it in real time What a media weeds! All the questions they want to be the ideal not going as any other questions you ask is all deflection tactic. I got em and shouts the young Ladys. They call us
Finally, we ever her fundamental wildly said earlier. I guess TAT S a while ago Charlemagne I left the letter of about you. Get me a little matchbox causes envy limited edition. We know you love cause. I was a hot wheels. Cod. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. They sent you a mayonnaise. Insulting dissimulate. Now the semi, some Ganders Gore may real manages and they sent me a boxer crackers. Ok around it, and it's me: of coffee. I'm a burglar privily decide for him. Ass? They sent there absolutely Mirabelle Yuri, encourage colleagues Gallagher colleagues say from what they said. You need, I put their picking up on the wall, but they knew I'd even open again. I would have you guys years diverted even obermeyer, yet these dismissed as their lives.
We have reached a girl that is, namely that of men, a wily, the younger missus low rag issue. So thank you, MRS Maes, is emitted a higher this endless sized bracelet. To give me some good maybe he's going to energy around. Yes, it's Anna, protect me from you got a great variety of what is now proposed. Those is next people like this
The slogan morning warning everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We oughta breakfast global schemes for a page news. We talk of our EU was CNN. They have found a lawsuit against Donald Trump and several of his age. So there are six defendants that Donald Trump Chief of Staff, John Kelly, Press, secretaries, Ferris and his deputy chief of staff for communications bill, shine secret service director, Randolph Alleys and the secret service officer who took John Cost is press path. Her pass away on wins Jim across his press pass away last Wednesday, so CNN said they want to get a cost, is passed back for the future, so we can return to the White House right away and they also went to rule from the court that the White House cannot revoke his press pass in the future. Another reasoning for this, as they feel that other news organization,
Innovations could have been targeted by the Champ administration. In this way. This suit is specific to see an end to Jim Acosta, but it could have happened to anyone and, if left and challenged the actions of the White House would create a dangerous chilling effect for any journalism. We are elected official nodded unconstitutional to suppress the press. Are that uses his rights, it is they don't want. You in my house is saying this revised and fifth amendment rights that are violated by the ban and by the way, if you are the president of the United States, you can pick and choose who can cover you like that CNN, I mean it. I think it is, it is illegal for him to pick and choose where power. That is more ethical, where things have not the right. So like is illegal, because you I was going to ask me: let's I've never done it, but is people in this room will ban certain people from being of it when we get there
that another United Protein of Breakfast club resident irregularly, your reserving the right to have. We wanted his room and is a little different than that promote themselves. They actually asking the president's question, since it is important that we gotta go run away what they really want to know what they are already got, the under their customs legislation that the president should not be in the business of arbitrary early picking the men and women who cover him. So you know, according to of course, in the presidency, is that this is a grand standing and they just wasting time basically and that they vigorously defend themselves. Ever you don't wanna, be happy, you don't have to be around Donald Trump. Our dignity an example is enough to work at sea and an end to cover things like what the President of the United States is doing. You have to be, it is with. Somebody would focus on the fact that he doesn't answer questions instead of focusing on the fact that he liked to deflect
by saying rooting than that we start talking about level we about he, never ethical answers, questions I re and now less mobile and set about this California ablaze. Camp fire saying that it may there being paid one dollar an hour to actually help combat the fire. So far as the death toll has risen to forty eight in northern, California, as they are also searching for people, but you went to people are missing right now and the image paid a dollar and our defied active buyers. Right now, there's about two thousand inmates who are helping battle these flames. The volunteers have to be He members with a non by violent behaviour, even if there are regional conviction, was for a violent crime. Also Mhz who have committed, I sent a rape or sex offences are not considered for What do you teach me how to be a firefighter already? The stormy idea would hold it. Gonna teach you. I would hope so sitting right upon arriving there, their learning new skills by working in a team environments and that's what their claim is for getting them to do that they also are able to get some
I'm off their sentences dollar. Now it is modest lazy and they get some time off. Their sentences were we'll get much time of decent legal right at am speaking firefighters. This talk about the retired, fired firefighter Jeffrey Ziegler. If you remember this was in Michigan, he fired his shot gun from his pocket a black teenager who not on his front door because he was lost. You guys, remember them, don't you didn't write well, he has now been sentenced to four it's a ten years in prison as well. And kill him shot? Your record of yet I mean in the young man was running away. Walker was fourteen years old. He missed a school bus usanga. What school got lost? He was knocking on the door to ask for directions of that's when de Glare fire the shot gun from his port at him ass. He was running out
The glass is fifty three years all yet our Sakharov include Muslims or just regime does Eagle eat. I defend himself and say that he thought tat. He was about to get rather than the shotgun accidentally fire when he tripped. However, they saw homes are really The other thirty actually clearly aim the gander at him. One of you, good lawyer, doesnt matter. I've had a We did not have a balanced one year after the Google over just can't be shooting at board. Attain the ape man. Then there came a running. I stood a mile away. You know how neglected he's going to jail, but I thought a good lawyer got on probation. Some right will last for peace, He knows, get it off my chest, eight hundred foggy firewood. I won't have you need of it. It is a right now may be had a bad name bad morning, or maybe you feel positive and one is present. Positivity eight hundred five, a five one, five one. It is now a brief
come on you're gonna get it obvious. Yes, whether your man, one but a payment. We want to hear from you. Wanna breakfast allows this man is required, was that bring whenever it is man, may I beg you did right, you know how the point you make dog debate about all of us where they got the image that define a while back up. But dollar now right. So you don't have to say, involvement would like I beg you to try and I felt like that they thought about their rights, but the bathtub idea. This is a view that a unified APOLLO we fail. We do now. We can't get a job and barbaric DM five men who felt that play. You know they make they make. You go back to the neighbourhood what did I don't got their party about Israeli, whereas why does why prison reform needs to be actual reform? If you can't do correctional facilities is really correct. People have given trades killed that they can
use when they get out and actually give them jobs that in return back to a life of crime and go back in this is a matter that men are prepared. Groundwater. No one in this brief may allow yeah bigger only allows, there's big chocolate to tell a big shot with until sucker was subdued, quick things one I sent you guys and firstly, Toenails and I want to get off my chest about Tyler Perry. Ok, Tyler somebody made a museum, but don't know the on going. You arrested there's a month, whenever there is determined in Europe. How Gabriel, however, Tyler Phony, you, Joe low things, turn a month ago dogma a good Christian, globalizing golly, wait! Everybody now much. Ladies got a movie ever Tiffany adage. Do nasty things talk about second guys popsicle having sex in the back seat, so I think he's a phoney play on both sides. The old Joe low scenes, a church and apology and keep his big family
behind off state interventionism. As your question, do you love God, Sir, but I'm not a perfect listen, but neither any the Taliban claiming to be a permanent right by right. Also, don't get up one stage and act like a preacher. Little brother windows celebrating a whole day, you're not going to bridge. I saw it on a christian station. You would know about tat you watch you watch prisoners stations within. You call appeared talking mad nasty and freaky. Anyone is then funny how about suck untold sucking two guys Bob names. It's a free gas phone like toes read the Bible, the Bible say downtown, not judge within you call a pig. Judging people, listen some people with a perfect balance of righteousness and righteousness that the Yin and Yang of Life enjoy balance. I got a joke, for you, show me walking their church in the preacher, says: Negro, please! for you. I got a job for you, your mama walks into the room and everybody's a damn, what their mouths-
That requires a new intergovernmental. Do my goodness hello, this money, Anna Maria regular features Mama their next summer, a really serve not to take our monitors again, because I really really tired. Job. Do love! You got that it or a job. What time do you get? I would have to four in the morning: ok as too and what time you get off Thank God. I love by birth and my job, who found require more time. I get obligation eight o clock. Do you feel in a low down this morning which entire quoth he flung open? Nothing is happening right now getting a breast Jews and you feel so much better. I woke up. You know how many of you agree to use money taken environments right from the morning post, by using a beggar. My erika we are. Maybe they give us national nap hours like every like one on which you want our day so that we should be taken that are going to get it in future.
Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent his now with the breakfast club, come on the breakfast club Is it your time to get it off your jets? Are the young man from you on the breakfast law allows this? Do it anyway, to table Adam whatsoever to supper on those balloted everything that I won't be able to keep their energy throughout the whole year around a holiday even in everything just keep the same energy that you have right now. I've got a little, Scott Impossible, Circa. They don't have lagging old back to back holidays. Christmas tree he well. What I'm saying is why we had to have peace and love on progress with the bank, given that every day he was anything energy around
when it comes to our they ve now. Would you just a different tone said they try to make everybody feel happy. Uncomfortable singles, Ben Ali Money, never hear the sound, and I got to get out much of which he was yes, Sir about my birthday man. I never get. Did you gimme address? I got in touch with your answer. I lightweight up and they never. Responded to get in touch with the lady glasses, the foam lay about somebody bloody intervals of the above, the owl. Its economic to address on within your bookmarks is our think about doing a moment. If I'm not thinking about it, I'm gonna do it. You know we hear data retained for James, I'm just gonna bring a bunch looks of hearing people he wouldn't want to pull a blog aching gave you free books. There must pull up me come. And we got all the internet is a sign of men in them as an internet out there, the Hannity numbering of money, you're, Goin books and Black River equals one that allows is rare.
Railways circular of each s mad I noticed I had a moment to ask you a question man, but I got my son man. He just came and told me Real ivy, nobody was still would like. Russia was that you want to be a damn right, RO as a gay rapid. You failed in the farm levies. Everyday Where are you so says not from your era and he's not doing what the kids are doing project if it like? You were court marigold cod is, he would you now a days I'm broke in aid would be right now about not discouraging Vienna, wrapper and light portability of aids in their profits. A did I gotta Emma First Bootblack privilege. I got a whole chapter call a few dreams. Could I you wanna be a rabble and a moment
Doktor Robert Evans told me, I sucked is a rabble and I need to focus on radio, and now the best Why did he ever gave me? So I think that you should be honest, witches and let your son It is a hundred and sixty eight hours in a week, so you can focus on his dream, which is rap, but he still had to do It is a reality which is eaten. Had right back, and that is that we would not do anything. This year, three way rat muslim rap, you kind of motorway, don't do that I have no doubt at all that we will. All have to do is give him hope. Could daddy daddy got only assure the rapporteur might be wrong daddy, my guy always making Connemara ruin your. The global arena. Man is six and them more as a sunny, Chevy China discouraged from wrap it that the railways look again you buy the gas you sign up, for no, there might be good Ravin on.
He's probably get lonely and you may be good blogging about thirty. Second now wear out, then I was absent I felt like I was going to do that God, continuation of carbon mercy. It affords ready dropleaf of these good, and I know you really applause, ready, drowned p word. The bombs will do just that. Unexplained, told army, downloaded was avenant, look YO, What's your rapporteur other lie, yadda yadda, yadda yadda area was brown. Wake outweigh Gabby a day said it the nominal Rapid we went. He has sent the regime in Rangoon, borough jails, oil
where did the far right and not another guy. May we go. We legislate alone, the jailer. This is your chance menaces what you want, your break, your dad's random. Aren't you gonna break shut up the cubby. Go through better lose yourself. A money can make you happy we'll have without the money. That's gonna be like yours. Take the money to pay a strike. Your brain fortnight, if a thing, so you what my heart examine among women on Mars, have we gone by and by the NASDAQ bride. What are you talking about Moreau Rabelais neighbour, allow European left, yeah. You need to tell me you dont, massage Rattleborough, which has called for Well, there you, where you go for his fellow man Don't get me wrong. Film is it failed to break into two. Would you not a fan of other things? You can do You know of any rap Charlemagne
don't be a rather one time and they live it up. I thought when you know that you can adapt economies all demonic her out. You boys, as I did so I operate never karaoke poison. No man is keep pushing murky right, no co Batman. I cannot agree that name in Daddy daddy. What kind of daddy you to call me? Have you son Self Esteem Roland on Defy Wednesday morning good morning. Guy allowed it TAT was open good. I without me there right we'll get it off it as hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty our rooms in away yes, ass, big about wrapping, less talk, the minors who are upset about it's fashion designer the latest ad, will tell you why or I will get it to all that when we come back, keep a lot to the breakfast club good morning.
Breakfast club to body is the very Angela ye shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast right where you ass, a God, dammit drink coffee, integrated Gilolo program, you step in talking to myself. I will ask its resources assaults only Braxton about the report annually on the breakfast, that's very tiny, Braxton Ways and Wendy Williams and she's talking about her upcoming moving and it isn't it as you talked about bird man and when they are planning to get me There is no day we almost had a day. What we had to data. We don't Braxton family values and we're going to a low drama. Was they got in a wedding? Is a good thing to get all the sisters together. Yet I couldn't get us all together now said the weddings, not a good reason, because his messing up my relationship a little bit his I come on. Michel set a date calls me Michel, doesn't gummy Tonia, that's my middle name, telling Michel the other day he's there before the
out so couple weeks come a week's now Burma and why the year is out Burma note, although we feel the new strategy to be released, they ve carver. Ok, let's abounded Also starring in the movie everyday is Christmas. That's going to be on lifetime, so should be interesting. Alright, young thug they're going to have an art. Basel exhibit for him he's the subject of the six eggs if it called young thug as paintings and is inspired by an instagram account that has that same name and basically it's a photographer who created a series of pictures of young thug which are juxtaposed with the classical artwork. So they just paying homage to the quote culture, Capital of Doug don't in jail, is thought. I'm a girl like for young burglar, anything for young burglar. He governs time time, unlike the other Eulogium Leggum misdemeanor. Something has anybody seen and
these young Doug paintings animator, no Instagram account of you want to see a go. Look at young thug as paintings. How things are because a bail Yoda by Muslims around our love. It was that thing in there limiting and allay where they found a gun in his car, and I was so many I never any again, and then he went back in you been logged above everybody's in free thought. Maybe you got free from any way alive, backup and Leonardo. All I know, the idea now lie low the affair, the jagged test. That's why? Because he was out, but he's back behind bars because he felt a court mandated all these provisions on our right now, there's a edges evident enough. You guys saw this, but people are wondering who is this doll supposed to be now? This dog costs over eleven hundred dollars and Adam we're gonna pay for this because it doesn't look like it is. Our at a lot of people are saying it looks like mine, TAT, William worker, her some people are saying the doll looks like Robin
Margo, Romany, Margo, Universal, Alex funding. When I thought all their Romany magnet, I would say but I dont know social media through my retweeted enough, it looks like Romany Margo. People's reply might look like do for think. Like a maid to now looks like do. Does emerge school, my daddy's Romany about all I know, you're a very jail knows, nay fade empty Amor, set out to my guy Romany. He s a posted it and said that Quest Levin Black, but try to say that down with him I write. Some items are upset about this Balenciaga ad. Now. This add actually features a man wearing blue leopard print, leggings and matching heels. So some of the people who commented whereupon be rocky Road, unfollow, T, F and soldier boy, ossipon, deputy f and sunny Digital, said first HIV with the sketches remake. Now they doing this. At this point I just wondering who are missing.
With these on? What is there does heels? They hear my leg and goes a middle. Were they match? Those amends, I guess out. Y Y wires Why does carers and ever seen a mob? Allow everybody and followed him because it at length they got it. Would you ever military and now some crochet goose by what that guy? Like that, I hope we will be able in the August the road of Bolivia Internet. As I say, why would you and followed him because it s like I don't get it. I don't know, I guess they turn. It say they would never wear that they tend to posted. I don't know when the plane is by the house. Get a feel for Christmas. I write me honesty of odds, grow, fat, pig, shouted out. There was a girl. I didn't even pay no attention, he has. I am
he'll than ass, a super male than era net. There's gotta get you. I just got as a jack that footage that everybody's going crazy obey, even though she performs all the time- and you know what I just got show is like she was doing her Song Crown Royal from her two thousand thousand seven album. If ya, don't notice song. This is. It said that such luxuries fairly low one of my favorite artists. She was having a great time at the Maxie licked her hand, James Elles, rocking, like it had a it like. It was really a man just a night.
Iraq in that make you learn to just got. One of my favorite ought to have been about seven angels godchildren, my life, I'm no sooner do anything, but I should have an episode of southern Sudan. Have thing act at all kinds of stuff. You should come to my shows. Accurate just got so most people splendidly laid by whoever they came with another fattened consuming extremely sexy music, but I've never seen her due to events. You put has tax that for an you. You are that data. I'm busy arm Jill Scott, owing silently where women are easier. If they do us egos got hit, I'm so crazy at the sugar watershed to release all inoculated. That a ten foot on her cheek is way before social medium, right. Well, I'm annually, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Missy front page news is next year, but we talking about I. Yes, we are going to talk about these inmates web
Getting paid. One dollar in our would tell you what they have to do. Our right and malice schedule a work permit. This is off the creed through soundtrack. This might well made for rail Kendrick. Lamar's commander. We complete its opt out. We will get better. Breakfast club your morning so now would be to say, continue the adventure Witness commander, as he teamed up with Airbus Dumbledore to stab the dark, wizard grinned. God's players divide the visiting world fantastic base, their crimes have grinned evolve and there is tomorrow rate appeasing everything in right might well made it through Kendrick Lamar. If you, Mr Wynn, on planet We will lose out like their load tuna like their hope man. They will not get nothing out of a flower to say get behind these Satan can't nobody started definite, Gaga plan for a person. Well, let's get some front page news which my easy. Well, let's talk about these inmates in California, they are fighting that California Ablaze, which Delphi had taken Eliza forty eight people and
over two hundred people missing. Now these inmates are getting paid one dollar an hour to fight active fires about two thousand inmates who are helping fight. This battle with the blaze and the way this programme marked by the way. These are violent ears so that these voluntary and may so as not to mean that mandatory have to volunteer to be a fire fighter. And it has to be a team member with a non violent behaviour. Even if your original conviction was for a violent crime. Also, inmates who have committed arson, rape or sex offences are not considered I have no problem with that. If they were actually being taught how to be firefighters and when they get out, you will be, nobody could take those skills to a real fine departments and economic job, maybe Dope Brighton lay. I think they. I am training, then, as far as that
of now within our own home for unity. It out here when you get out, is not just another. Nobody gonna higher convicted, fell into the firefighters, even naughty arch, trained right, and yet some critics are saying they had nothing to help them find work after their release or anything like that, and it does risked their lives. So it is voluntary work. They do balance here to be in this programme, but they said it is important that we make absolutely sure that they making a free and uncle worth and truly voluntary, The choice that is especially important when the work we are doing is very dangerous, like fighting wildfire the problem with the criticism that is not a real correctional facility. Ledge me, you know people should be actually getting correctly that would be dealt with, learn how to fight it cannot be a firefly that will be malaria, learn any skill, any trade and be able to come into the real world and use it for you don't go back to a live chronicle back into. This is now not sure how much time they get up their sentences, but this is that does also reduce their sentences right,
CNN, suing Donald Trump and tap White House as they're suing six people, six defendants, and that's for barring Jim Acosta from CNN from being able to come and attend any of these press conferences. She's not allowed to do that. His access to the White House has been a revolt. This is when it went down with Donald Trump VS, Jim Acosta, Oh, I see an end should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude terrible person. You shouldn't be working for CNN I think that's on your very rude person. The way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible and the way you treat other people a horrible, you shouldn't treat people that work in England, a meter going engines defence. I travelled with an watch them here.
Georgian reporter who does not automatically friend of yours. You gave me the autocratic, everybody got you gotta lovey disintegrating the reactor main reason. I love. That is because he's deflecting from the questions and he distraction from the fact that he didn't even answer the question. Not, alas, it is saying that at sea and its first and fifth amendment rights are being violated by this ban and that the president should now be able to pick and choose arbitrarily who is allowed to cover. Kameido, one another legal for him to do it. Well, he really journalist at CNN random persecutors walking off the street, but he is a jerk lives at sea in ASEAN and is a news outlets they should be able to cover. The president I would like to tell Jim will cause the CNN, don't course through a god of blocked in your life. I don't know why you tribunal defrauded. You know I've been run our condemnation of any Janata, but I really like they have bigger picture. A bigger picture is, is he gonna keep on doing these things in a future? When other news organisations, he has a problem with the questions that they act and they sat barring them. You dont want to give him the power to be able to do that,
and if my house, it's my rules of honour, like you. If I don't like what you stay up for a phone like what you said about me, I don't have to have you over
is how people tat used to be the president. Just what is the people's array and people in this room by people from the show I mean that's Alabama, wiping away rounded saying then, is the different about the prey, the greatest Good Yoni yum anyhow, you didn't varies with them here by the people you block from his showed Angela Trump, that there are some positive news as deafening allopathy adapted her daughter, Haliae dotted with eight months elements he adapt to her now adored is too now. This is important to the story. Stephanie is white and her daughter is african American. The problem is that he's been having issues doing her daughters, hair. She posted on Facebook, dear black friends of social media. This clueless white Mamma is humbly coming to you to ask your how the hell he's here. I've ass, my friends. I have ass changes and public's with kids Mchugh here and I'm still not getting it. We wash once a week. We do the wider leaving conditional oil had Tao every morning, which I more products, no product, less products. We are gentle.
B, but she still requires at least sixty minutes of cuddled after the trauma of her daily here- com, English right. So the open open letter did work because a woman Monica Hunter another man from Georgia, whose african American and as three school age, doors ever own reached out there on Facebook, but advice enacted, came over to her house and help to do a hears. It came Collins, romance hair products and advice. She said it was important for me to touch Haley's hair. Some here is really solve. Them is really kinky with some. The coils are loose with some their tight and she set her hair was clean, soft, a manageable, but the styling had to be kept simple because the girl is still so young cause. You know People are telling us that he said to give her extensions and do but she's only two years old was an I'm glad. You did the right thing. She hired someone to do it. We don't need no amateurs play. It would therefore be higher the women volunteered. I would have told the young lady thy somebody. Could we don't need no ambitious plan with the flat? I need not go. I right, even though get in Burma
com is right, a passage assistance. We don't need that type of amateur. That's like going to do surgery and you're not to do no damn surgery. Ok, I will fight innately now their friends and it won't be the last time they I get together so that with a nice dinner, I welcome right. That's your front page news all right and in again shut up to my baby go yesterday. She turned seventeen and she passed her role test and I feel bad news. So many people out there have failed our roads as yesterday as well to shout her out and say: congratulations, I know she drive and today to school. This is your first day by her. I'm driving, so baby girl be safe. You let her drive the new car to school today. Yes, oh so you already have the tags and registration on it. She got it yesterday. She got the call yesterday it is our job and I want to close bombs ago. That's the only way to school. At my God sent us a guy his license. Yesterday I daisy yes Brand Annual De Luca Grass Debray. I you know you got a girl. You went to college where's, Ma Valerie Boca was about digital.
Your daughter, but all a guide. This can be trying to shoot Asia now cause you got this new with absolutely does make out of aluminum land and I don't get it twice within a goes all with my vote. I wish you every day the aggregate, like you notice, I'm crazy guy that they actually those I was musing pull over now knew of today can be allowed a guy like pair Mattie. Looking good, all we had a conversation away. Just make us your mother's following behind. It is more show how right is to make sure the dog and begged me. Do I thought about that when I thought about them now, I said all right now, let's get into the topic now. Yesterday we are young Miami for city girls. In a building tat. She was talking about men buying her each can we're married your boss, you got out you could stay eggs, a gap, something as a woman. He should do for you anyway. You should buy your food. He should pay your bills. You should betray. You should never have to go in your pocket all right. I noticed that that that type of rhetoric gets two reactions
which me it is a gift to reaction that a guy with a leg. Yes, she write my god. They usually say that usually got money should arise regarding the guy, that's all the Prince Little Bit, normally have it yet, as we maybe like how nosey chirping I'm just saying what I notice are, I will do so, but if the full knives eight hundred five a viable, five one, ladies, you feel like a mayor. Should we pay for everything in a relationship You know what I think, as a woman in the list of what we combat. Ok, we'll do we come back. Fell, as do you feel like you should pay for everything we'll talk about it when we come back, you practice to breakfast promoting the breakfast club morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, they have just joined as young. My from city girls tat through yesterday, and we had a conversation about men paying for things, and this is what she said in a matter of eurobonds and you got out, you could stay exit
a guy for something as a warming. He should do for you anyway, issued should by a fool he shall pay abuse. You should be scrapped. You should never had the boy your pocket eight hundred five hundred five, a five one, o five, fifty open up the MIKE's, less open up the before lines. Do you feel at men should pay for everything he lost all what you ye, I think that in the beginning, when a man is trying to court, you and he's trying to impress you, then yes, he should be planning things. You should be paying for things, but I do believe that we have to spoil our men as well and at times make the plans and pay for them for things just because I did a guy his. I use it at lay. They ve never had a girl. Take them out planted date, pay for it in their like. Oh, my god. This is amazing. Legged doesn't even happened and I feel like I need to be spoilt who sometimes and appreciated shall feel like when you first courting a woman. According a girl, you should take care of everything if your man- that's just what I was always taught us, I was raise. You take care everything when you become a couple an historic day in a day
Good Canada, DV out different things. If you are trying to build a future and they want to pay for everything, you know gear at a better job in a better position when we would they in so she had to take a lot it s, lack efforts in only but at first courting up. Got to get everything, I mean. What was it Mcdonald's at the lower relapse was pizza. I think you care about somebody you just one is you just want to do nice things, but you shouldn't matter. If you're, a man or a woman, I wanna do nice, he's from a man. Absolutely you have no problem with that. I am. I am the type of person who feels like it a tricky issues worth it and, if I am spend in time Jus planted things which you and yes, I feel like. I should be paying for everything and it was a point when I felt the opposite in you know one that point was lit when I was brought her eye when I didn't have it. Yes, I was out of a man. Is sixty chirpy may every free, you know no use. You should prepare for stuff too, but Desmond.
You ever heard of saying so, did you ever out nobody analyses on? Would you have me reverie? That was the thing like Y all used to think like that when I was broke, but you know, when you you know become a man at the Bible, says you put away, charges thinks a and b and brokers, child is mine, and everyone now you think, measure pay for everything. I think that men should pay for majority other thing, even if you, above because growin up my mom for me like a no man going anywhere, if he's paying for mature The FAO cause a lot of time they wanna leave. They can be right there how much money are found so that they like you, hey, but you know there's a lot of guys. They pay a lot of money for things for you, but still cheat on you all the time and do whatever they want. Show me, you don't have to stay with them, but you can get whatever like I'm just saying like it's like she said yesterday, like Caresha said, if they've dated one that one So you do. You want them to opportunity. Nobody
up until now and no no, no, no, you sound like any other than average. You know what I know a man is an opportunity for a woman in a woman is an opportunity for me to law the money tat they re than we have at each other is for opportunity. Without between you to sleep with you, we want our between you two to take you out. We want opportunity, love you, yes, is all opportunity now. Would you to twist know you want you want to get to know somebody not that I wanted to him, because he I'm running about is a bad out. Let me right away, I have always had a problem dating man and taken presence venom if I dont like them like that- and I guess I don't have that already like you like that and your by me- things I'm not comfortable with it as I feel bad and ever you say, oh may, a woman would remain available to deal with on. One may look at a woman's. They don't want to data. No one's rash was the difference. Is never the morning you guys go morning there, which organ new feel men should by women everything?
No, no, no! No! No! No! No! I got two kids. I just moved in with my boyfriend and I believe it's fifty fifty. We try to go fifty. Fifty on almost everything there. Certain responsibilities in the home that I feel like I should be separate, like the man, take out the trash All that you know other than that it could be anything we're talking about household chores. We just talking about two people, Dayton, no sleeping with each other in should Andy Chicken Honorary Buzzy, but also you you got three daughters. I have three daughters. We come to my notice, so my daughter, make sure she has her own, never allow a man to pay for any that right and, I think, is as a financial situation. Sometimes you MA am, I be struggling for many years whatever he's gonna, do and you got more than he does. If you love amnesia now listen? I do agree that you should never have to rely on a man for anything but envy. When you got to a certain point, you you took care,
five right absolutely and ask what I just feel like you should be as somebody they. Motherhood is adding sampling Libya, but you gotta get to the point when I point out marriage when it would even initially of arm ass. Can you out every man whom you I want to take you out? Ok, I want to take you to such a surplus. Ask you to pay. If I'm asking you what you, but you shall we say: ok, we go out. We got on data Rybody Chanel back not now from the door depends. No, you guys go when women expect you to pay for everything and you're, not boyfriend girlfriend. Yet you just dating and never does anything for you and never comes out her pocket legs. Asia birthday she still on page one other measures, purple different as mobility as you should buy me something to my birthday was eighty five. Five one o five one young, my was signal Yo Miami. Yet Miami was in a bill, yet originally girls, Croatia can. We were talking about men buying things here in a matter of eurobonds and you got out, you could stay exit.
A guy for something as a warming, he should do for you anyway. He shall biofuel, he shall pay abuse. You should be spray, you should never had the boy a pocket. What are you dig Carlos narrows the breakfast wanna see J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club averages join us young Miami from city girl. In a building yesterday, and we were talking about men buying things, and this is what she said in a man If your boss, you got shot out, you could stay eggs, a guy for something bill as a woman, he should do for you anyway. You should buy your food, he should pay your bills. You should be straight. You should never have to go in your pocket. Hundred five, a five one or five or let's go to the former allows this MEG Nick was going What's going on, do you feel that mentioned by women everything with in a
what I would call a memo: newsmagazine bread, a guy for though, and I got friends- they won't come on it. Then you know me myself among offence, but then, as I do, that money, though at all my version of the female, but sometimes I don't have they built, but you should be able to weapon. I bet it be able to step up your got you this week. How about you do what you say is around tat time. You you Bob Bob violent. Don't you ve told me I'd make money on a regular daily. The lobbying us as I have money to weaken a couple thousand for weak today, namely that maybe broke Galiani, though Yo Egg this week. I can't do it, but you know my email should be able to recognise that and not assumed Russia to be able to squads worked on. She should never say you know what I know you got me last week, a lad. What the whatever I gotcha this. We know that our programme given taken
you guys got it reciprocate, Quichua. What, but now you say it is a rule, would ask, and I gotta pay for anything at all, be a problem. I mean, of course you can't be needy and are you there, but at the end of the day, if I need help in finding out by fire you're gonna help me if I'm wrong, but not going to give it to you now grass, before tie after after one date to re, lapsed is he gonna, get it back, and I in a global. I bet my bare I like. Can you help like that? I haven't a mania or have now moved beyond with you, I m J no time, but I will culture. Believe me: ok, yes, allow! Now I got your belief. Are you I'll buy? You know die viable wrapping. Does a reasonable request to me. That's actually bet it in migration. Now back some of us see that you threatened as low on YO, but on your whole, after how life ass, I can have the right to run on a bad times. You I'd die bull. That there's never mind.
I did then a man who knows how to do being all I'd say it's. I say, as I got a guy, they can handle everything for you. You got now got away for Chippeway, or can you change it? That's all you see a girl, you, a gradual, Torreon ball baby. You got no more threaten lies in due time baby, so Tat is both very this guy got bars over beg. Remember these guys. Don't you try out of being here a bit like a doll, might prevent the do here. If you buy me a warning I am happy with it ran why you got you didn't moist thinking about what is afforded outside our little apply rather die. If you cannot boy like labelling, I did. I was tired leg ILO playing with them as long as you're an answer A liability at the open ogre right leg was great. Your blaming does things. I take your cards at a car worse for you in do little things like that. Did you
and even now, necessarily need him to do, but he wants to do for you is so nice anybody overboard. You attire, you know, don't I don't think so, Ozma the story. I need my entire, the moors. For me, is it ain't tricking if she's worth it, but one thing that I do want to tell women? No look! something in a man and you don't have an yourself if you broke. If you have nope lazy on then don't look at me. Is there a women s issue that I want a man? I got this and I want to make our going to live. You can't even do it for yourself your leave out of what you sell, so all of I know man at your ways, wanna go these guys are corrected. When we come back change for change is tomorrow we got to talk about it. We need you guys behind it. We need to raise as much money as possible, so we'll explain it when we come back, so don't move its breath. Won T J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are, the breakfast Clement offered its moral. Yes, the breakfast club radio function for change how about those beds will be here from six a m to midnight
That's a long. Libya monitor logo cause lashing raised over eight hundred thousand dollars for gathering of justice. This year would do for project three. Seventy five. And practically. Seventy five is an organization founded by Brandon Marshall, in their attempting to eradicate the stigma of mental health in african american community, and you know, raise awareness for mental health and african american community. So why not great cause right then? If you want to donate, you can buy texting change to five to one eight, two or edit a website bc change for change that current. Developing food that, but all these people at all be China. Since thou appeared, he always wanna in cookers luncheon dinner, but we never hear on mentioned in its correct, might enable me to do that. More data pull up to the radio station with the food absent, ok, absolute now announced I mean I don't care. I'll, give you got one another man, s nose come alone, you come Valley, everybody food. I know you, I don't know who made it s. True, Bestirred S, true! So too.
Are again will be on a radio from six a m to midnight gloomy long day, He knows on a radio raising money for project three. Seventy five right back your rooms runaway. Ah, yes, we are going to be talking about a new Netflix Music competition series. The first This kind of it's how you were heavy hit is our involve at this hour. I will get into all that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast Cloacam on, and this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, where they make us where I carpool, karaoke and yonder. This is gonna, be a good when Keziah really great into an ad lib. So, as you can imagine, it was pretty entertaining check it out.
We must find a new life today in that I raised, so you can watch the whole thing I like that no I'm with that now, let's discuss a new Netflix competition Series is their first ever music competition series is called rhythm and flew, and John lesson and Jesse Collins are amongst the producers of this back credibility. I anti cancer wrapper will be the judges, here's what Cardy be had to say,
what's poppin everybody, I'm excited to announce that I will be one of the judges on rhythm and flow on his new series in Netflix me chance, the rapper and TI going to be judges, and I'm looking for the diamond in the rough, I suggest this Amigo using language. I make haste and I'm looking for you. They do not do what you want to find. You will discover you where's guy, We clearly. Guy knows how to pick a hit record anchoring be knows how to pick. Somebody would stop outlook. As you ve got a lot of talk. I wish it every doesn't. I'm sure I paid a lot of money for those. A very heavy is, is gonna, be ten one hour episode and it would take place across multiple cities, they're going to actually have guessed judges in each one of their staff, so they have said that Atlanta, Chicago and New York are among the confirms,
adding cities so by a new did go when you do a panel like that, you can't have three artist. I think you should have. You should mention of an have artists De Jays radio personalities, lesson, we now than it does now. This is the music industry right where there are gonna, be there are gonna, be different. Judges in each city areas have a guess judges, so we don't know exact Could I see as an executive? Also, then Europe will exert Macaulay BT. I just a rabble, bring the people they gonna bring the people that they need to based if any damage When we look at all the shoulder and american model at frogeity tend to mix it'll be of artifact executive love. You, when I did in its rhythm and flow additions that calm you have to be at least eighteen years old has begun its hands they rapid. More than a musician is also making a movie musical, is cause hope and he'll be doing that alongside has a manager, as I that's to colleague rather guess he's ass, you gotta be a writing that script for Em Gm colleague also rights for empire, Axiom
Does it they were him away back in the day when I was like it was an animated shut, for us and they ever had animated show on MTV and he's been doing his thing ever since he could be editor in chief of the source. Also, so I should be pretty as ITALY, Mostar, pulpits less musical. Most all public good, you always we are launching it, but his music sounds like public debts, and so, if you did a musical which will start all popular stubby dope were actually to be original, music and hope is going to follow a group of Chicago teenager as their band together to turn art into action within their community sounds like his life. Basically, I re rob Kardashian and black. China is new reports about them. Rob dashing, wants to get its had support lowered and he also wants a black China have to report what her own income is. Now he's been paying twenty thousand dollars a month and he wants to get these requests chopped down. He also only agreed to that at that time to get her to go off of the domestic violence claims, as he was a giant to file against him.
We're could hurt him in the long run. Now It is right to have a job, but what has robbed do and how is the honest he's not gonna show as he is he added that company? Oh yeah, he do right, so he actually also wants to know if perhaps she's making some money as well. Now black, and it was posting where cry of Saint Writer, no help. No child supports that the effing lies and she posted her house in her car. Now, when this story was posted in this very room, Barnes commented and said back Nepal, you go, I do think is allows their rob like China, both trying to figure out what the hell it is. They do for live if they re both in the courtroom. My house, I really don't know what do we do. I Irena Monica Lewinsky. She has this as series. That's gonna be coming to any a primarily on Sunday at nine at six percent.
Please, if you guys when it says that I was able to serious physical, always good, the Clinton affair was good quality for people, say it sucks. Now she also says he wants to personally apologize to Hillary Clinton, and she said it's she just very sorry about everything that went down. She said ass. She would amuse her in person. As you said, my first public words after the Skinner added in an interview with Barbara Water is where an apology. Directly the tells you, MRS Clayton. She said if I were to see Hillary Clinton person today. I know that I would seminar whatever fourth I needed to a gate to gain. Send you an apology, stop talking about Burma, a bar bought away. No wife wants to hear from the sergeant anytime. Stop now apology yoga thing, then, when you see me that it would be my husband, keep moving around
and I wanted to explain their participation in this series, the Clinton affair, and that our series is basically examines the scandal that surrounded her affair with Bill Clinton back in the nineties when she was an intern at the White House, she said: why did I choose to participate in its accusations? One main reason, because I could, throughout history women have been produced in silence. Now it's our time to tell our own stories in our own words, She also says that, as you left, her underwear exposed to get Bill Clinton's attention was there between Monica Lewinsky, unlike Brittany, rendering the current steffens and suffered a world. What's the difference, the low do anything ever happen and you can tell your story. We have every right to do to resolve, as it will not be able to deal different here. Ok, if something really happened, the only thing I have a problem with it was people lie, but if it's a ritual story in somebody really did something- and you choose to tell their story, that's your story to tell one
for us, if you will give renewed, was remember neuron around a hundred people given her a lot of flight, but on my rules due to what she's the one who Montgomery S, never any when it anyway use real names, she gave you Baconians Bill kind of new who summoned the people she was talking about where the hairs Monica Lewinsky. I just I felt tat horrible. I was scared. There is more and afraid of where this was gonna. Do to my family based. Was in love with bill at the time so ages, I've hope really responsible saw bully. She was in love, she kept the dress. And put it in a freezer regiment, whatever they like
You know there's a strange reason in putting afraid she do us. Why, because obviously shot an owl judicial showed it could be bogs. Obviously it was no love it. Maybe she was in love was he did say and if you read some of these recent interviews that she did, she talked about China get his attention because at one point you are underwear was coming out from the rear of her parents and she sent instead of playing my Charles's up like I would in any other instance, I didn't it with unnoticed by everybody else in the room, but Bill Clinton noticed and she's just mentioned is Tine always get his attention and being tracked it to him. I write well I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report law right. Thank you! Monsieur Charlemagne. Yes, we given a dog to you. No man is too, I conjure. Data are respect tremendously in this newspaper. New Zealand decided the mixed him up would talk about them, except for after all day. I will do that when we get back, he believed the breakfast locomotive
Bread was glad your morning, so never beat us saying, continue the adventure with notes commander, as it seems that without as Dumbledore, he stopping the dark, a wizard Grendel balls plans to divide the visiting world, fantastic bees, the crimes of Glinda Bald and their does November. Sixteen debate a page thirteen I don't give a day. Job Democrats are being a day a little bit of a mess. Adult club. Bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty years. The donkey other day is a new wife. All right, revolting Vienna really need you on this. When ok, don't you today for Wednesday November. Fourteen goes to a newspaper. New Zealand. Cod is born harrowed. Now this week the world lost a genius
Anyone who knows Charlamagne THA God know that I am a marvel head. Yes, I am a forty year old comic book for Natick. I have Wolverine from the x men tatted on my right shoulder I'm one of those fools who buys expensive, superhero costumes for Halloween and comic con. I've had the pleasure of writing actual comics for Marvel's new to my God, Chris Robinson. So when Stan Lee died two days ago on, Well it hurt, but he was ninety five years old, so no need to cry for staying man created things that are bigger than him created, things are going, outlive him. So his legacy is fine. Travelin clues, boss, finally, the marble brain welfare will be attached to Stanley in Stanley. Fair would be attached to the marble brain that dimension, which gee I and holograms, I'm sure the M see you, which is the model cinematic Universal, finally, to still in search Stanley Marvel movies, but the reason is New Zealand newspaper gives born. Harrowed is kitten donkey. If you have revolt tv,
I hope you looking at it right now, they're getting Don Quixote Day because they had a headline on funding. Their pay would have said characters for ourselves. Her disperse superheroes. Next, as you can see our vote, tv is a picture of Stanley, but it says in Big board. Yellow letter spike Lee dies at ninety five, he was not is in everybody's jewish, not amazed by We in Stanley, above icons, boats, bigamy is a baby compared to Stanley. Sprightly is only sixty one years. Old Stanley is ninety. Five aright likely is black. Stanley is white. I don't even know why a mistake like this. A how mistake like this can be made. How many people would eyes on this in nobody caught it clearly spike LEO Stanley, a pop in New Zealand, because if they were, this would never happen now. I'm shows by ugly and Stanley would have a lot in common, because Stanley was.
Individual, ok to examine were actually inspired by real life. Civil rights heroes, that is a fat aright. Professor exit, his vision of harmonious human Newton CO existence was all Martin, King Jr, in magneto by any means necessary mentality, reflected Malcolm X. Ok, Stanley created Black Panther Blackstone Bureaus also the king of the fictional african nation will kind of which all I know by now, but he made this care day mating sixty six, but I was unheard of in due time to depict a black haired day in that light. So, even though the git born harrowed is disrespectful, confer confusing spike leaned Stanley, it made me think of all the power
abilities. If spike leaned Stanley would have collaborated, can you imagine the classic spike lean Stanley could created together instead of black clansmen? They could have made black estimate right instead of professor extra school for gifted youngsters. It would be professor, Malcolm X, his school for gifted Muslims. Instead of more better glues, you could have had more better mutants. Instead, a jungle feeble, it could be. What kind of fever exploring the interracial relationship between black Panther and Captain Marvel Oda possibilities are endless, can you imagine she's gotta? Have it starring? Storm are due to right thing: starring dead, poor were dead, pool, always asked a question whether or not he should do. The right thing are due to white thing, a highly charged sexual movie, starring, Luke, cage and Jessica Jones, always some good ones, but my favorite
Instead of inside man, ok, they could have done a story about twenty starts, being kidnapped and analyse proved by aliens caught at inside iron. Man drop when include bond, for that, when I know you would love to see an elite probed shut up a spy glee. Instead, the ever collaborated. We note, would be amazing, but they didn't get a chance to put the both of them individually or so iconic and so legendary that they should never be confused our right to give born Harold you. Spike Lee and, more importantly, Stanley's family, an apology immediately because nobody wants to see r, I p next to their name when they are still alive in the great late Stanley deserves more respect than y'all gave them please,
Jeez born harrowed gives borne out. Have you pronounce Sweet sounded a hamlet on you, I e g. Yeah jeez borne. Her would be amazing raw right. Thank you for that donkey. The daily next ask IE eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. If you no relation, advice or any type of advice. Call ye right now phone lines, a wide open to help you all your problems. Eight hundred foggy seven thousand five one is the breakfast locomotive.
The breakfast club, pointing everybody, is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy. We are the breakfast club besides ask e hello. Is this a anonymous they anonymous, which accords of you? Ok, I've or a long time and we started like you know, I'll break have ever you always had a girlfriend where we read it always like had imbibed always been back. Things like that are now used by her own gonna. Give very vague is still like keeping me alone. I don't know what to do like me. You had a frame Alex everything had about the truth about the two, like lerigo versa, by somebody who is supposed to be a best friend. When do that to you re where you live,
you're right, you're right, because I have you know my best friend would never do anything. That would be hurtful to me and whether or not you in a minute, this is hurtful to you he's been sleeping with you by now he's been engaged to somebody else by part of it is Germany? possibility he's not hiding from you break So maybe you know about it, it was well. I don't know, I guess you build now that he has really. And you're about to get buried it? If those are you back Do you want a you're alive? Do you wanna? Have your old man? Do you know? I can't have really you when you're so involved in somebody else, and then your comments among your best ran, whose hurting her feelings right. You're right, we grew pop about guy, not arrive improved like that at all. Now it will be Wait, I just don't see they benefit in this, for you, he added by getting that the army financially revile, but it really is that
and it's gonna be really hard for you to find somebody ass. When you ve blocked off those opportunities cause you're too busy worried about this man, I ride off and he's living his life out there. You right, you are, I know, the money all right as IE, eight hundred five, a firewall firewall, become backwards. Ignore you causes to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of ask a year. We have crystalline allow crystal come on in all areas. The comment I have been given a common and I'm already dead, I mean well, but I'll, be back because that can I know he kindly really want them there, but I hate his sister here: is the package deal kinder, thereby forget them both
so the only brazen you know like this is their while year, most fire, ok, do they do anything as somebody else's how's that you guys can just go? There would be no, going anyway, I'm going to always do the holidays, home cadets, My family days right is everybody, goes as you. I decided to family on safer these giving on Thursday and Friday. We all come together, so everybody can see everything. Set my alarm for the most part. We left his family by the wayside and we just rock out with mine, but I don't want you I just That is that my house, in the petty I come by bring in beer and it is actually being left over taken, I'm back home where her last year, he cannot things gave him one dollar per day.
Sure. That's the only reason to that's the only reason you don't like her. She just said: Patty, individual and she's just always needy and she never bring that into the table. Right. She's just always see the user and you You can ever ask her for anything, but how did your mascot is a man feel about her? He don't like her email, but that's his sister. She doesn't do anything to me personally, but I he always save my own, and I have a problem with that. Life is no happy birthday. In birthday we had a baby waiting at any baby. How give lagging that there may be boy how no half warming, if I were only want to give, but this I say things here: car motorists, If, as I see it, says, I see just kind of a rude person and maybe she's not aware regular social etiquette, bread at times like this, you got it. About your man more than you think about yourself right. He lit by non talkin about with his family, because you could tell
it bothers him that his family's not gonna, be there right any blindness in about twenty percent? Ok, Don't you want him to not be bothered at all. I mean that they will be crash down a long to me. It seems I you know his ears as petty, but she's, not really doing eating, malicious to you, she's as thoughtless and right you can put up with that for one day and add is that you only even really have to interact with her at all. You could talk to everybody else Jack, I somewhat Jessica, someone is nasty it. Roads EU doesn't mean you got him, reciprocate their energy especially cause, go on so well. You have your family around. A yes is still you love a young man who love keeping nothing energy. I have been like that nothing energy works better like Uncle Charlotte, he bad faith and until they re on Thursday, I think given no wacky, we
you know why has managed to come. He wants his mom to come. Ok, but without about how he feels lousy, it's actually a and as the how important it is to him, but I do think around the holidays, especially at this time when we're times extend ourselves a little more than we normally do. You know It is a great gesture on your part, and I think he would love that an approach We are, you said, are you coming because you feel a little bad about it? I feel a little bad about it, maybe like twenty, maybe probably not an empty, really is an invitation to be perfectly honest with you. I think I'm giving them down for this holiday. Tat. We know about what might lay I wanna be Bobby. What does may you'd the man about it and see if there's any type of alternatives that you could do cause. You know you got unit yard together. So you got that these decisions together Crystal
You sound just this petty as her like you, my car either. I knew not where it seem like. Hey, I need is ok, no problem has had to see only quantum is indeed a very men is never miss a beginning and it might even about favouring the instant man like you just don't use. It migrate. As I know by miles you ask him what he wants to do a lot and make a decision. He won't. Let me ok, so let him go. He wines, you have a whole family. There lay I may well let him have his mom in advance, but it is thus a sacrifice, honey, a visiting you this kind of action. Everything is a bag crystal maybe I'll, ask IE eight hundred Friday, five, one o five one of unique relationship advice. You ve got rooms on away the S S talk about this controversy over serene Williams. G Q magazine cover was a little What are you what? It is all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, you belong
Is the breakfast club gas report? The reul report was glad you're no government, but we all know we talk about riffraff who river trending yesterday and that, because of a video that he posted about being extorted garbage keep your secret for the last four years. I've been exceeded, and blackmail and demanded. I give one million dollars cash to an escort agency into a fake ass lawyer. Who's been running scans, working contingencies, upon athletes and high end celeb. Try to get money, and I'm going to hit. Tell you right now, Jack, you ain't makin. Getting on me and off of me, and I want my friends and family know if anything ever happens to me, make sure to take care of my Husky's. I refuse to back down from your scams. What it to extort num about them.
But I got all this- I guess he will use it. S got this, it s core services or what was wrong UNESCO had enough is more than that. You know some people are saying that the sex tape floating around out there in an hour, and I guess we don't know exactly what it is cause he's not being very open about it was becoming another go, but he does have a new album out Tangerine Tiger, in addition to that, he is gonna have to stand trial for alleged sexual assault as something there. And at an about a brothel that child is gonna, be next may now it's a very conflicting confusing. Story, but it was something that happened at the Bunny Ranch brothel, which is right next to the venue and is conflicting story from the two women that were there. They deny beings as if it did happen, the two of them don't even agree with each other in the stories, but he is gonna have to stand trial next May for this alleged sexual assault,
really is something also. Then he was ashamed of. If he's being extorted, Ngos went out the echo the view. If he wasn't ashamed about, he would leave is chosen. Nobody can use its true against them and just tell the world what it is when we are not an avalanche of his merry would cares aware when eight situation is having I may we came at a matter of fact. He was lips everything he has already said. A pair of scissors now do Joe down version is so, if a mean in any event and around all the time- and I put it- I got out of hand, but he doesn't have is not every girls his girlfriend. Now, it's not really actual was, but since the system works, the girls get along. I think if a girl can't get along with other girls just going to be a big problem for me, you know why cuz I'm around girls all the time. So if I have to worry about also making you happy and being me would you. I know, I'm just sorry me. So I have em around people. Men, women, whenever or nickel, will add on
the where's he's not married he's around women all the time. He wants a situation. I damn Bavarian, who has a bunch of different women with him all the time, and it can only be with the woman if it can be like a sister wives situation were bitterly extort cause you just ass. Is he married? Does he have kids and be disaster? All I just play. Beckley so that is not married, he doesn't have an kids. I write and he's gonna be on lip service this Friday, and we did this interview what are these other things came out such as baroness thinks he has a lot of things to say, though, about relationships in women. So mixed up, you check that out. My name in the meantime, has done an interview with the Chicago Tribune and in that interview see talks about Roseanne BAR. She said that when people turned on my sister Roseanne BAR, I couldn't do it because they were black entertainers who had not come on the moaning show because it was quoting quote for two black, but when I call them my sister, she said: where is it and what time you need me to come and which you showed up when the cameras wasn't role, as you said, listen you're the real deal, don't let them use you up and take a ban as EU because they will don't let them do that to you now
women is not going to say that to me now. She also goes on to say that behind the scenes that Roseanne was China puts a documentary about Malcolm met with a brother who is a Muslim and therefore she can't be there's a call rose and your sister, but you tell, and just because someone does something good, for you never mean at their actually good for you with the different people are now. Let's talk about Serena Williams, on the cover of G Q, she was the two thousand and eighteen. It said men of the year and then across at the word men and they put woman of the year and put Serena Williams on the cover of the magazine. She was one of the many honouring their welfare, including Jonah, Hill, Michael Jordan, and regarding beds. They first debate making, when, in part of their men, of the your honor me back in two thousand and three and people want to know why the word woman was in quotes. I guess they were trying to say that they were trying to insinuate quote unquote woman, but do you guys think it was a big deal because for some reason this was a huge
yesterday. A very controversial, oh Mamma was english teacher, so I don't even know patient, moderately mean beyond what I met this away, because people have said nasty things about Serena Williams, insinuating that she's a man because of her muscular physique. She said I bet she set herself in an open letter. I've been called man because I appear outward leaves drawn it has been said, I don't belong in women's sports that I belong in man's because I, stronger than many other women do. No, I just work hard and I was born with as bad as body and proud of it. So they had a problem. Why do you not people living near airports echoes what is it a difference when a word scratched out, I don't know I'm asking they could just women in up at the quote, call you might ask Emma, are really does you see? Let there be no quorum quote, is kind of like are not necessary. Leaving representing that I right I'm Angela yea and that's your Roma report, alright shelter, but we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next, I'm going to start it off with this MIKE will
Aid for rail, kindred joint is to breakfast locomotive. Where's. Your mornings will never be the continue. The adventure with Inuits commander as a team that, without as Dumbledore it is TAT the dark wizard grinned about. Plans to divide the visiting world, fantastic beef, the crimes of grinned about imperatives November sixteenth rate, a pc, thirteen high everyone, its Katy correct. I use my podcast next question is a platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right now, there's no crime. Your time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why we're switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer. Meantime we're going to stay focused on the correct virus talking to the expert, so you can read we understand. What's going on, I know
so overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can listen to next question on the eye: heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your fate. It shows we want you to know that we are here for you. My name is Sir Pearl. Well, for the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year old Son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back outside the Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station were office's: did everything they could to help him and then, There's the true listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your party
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