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Its Not Nasty If It's Someone You Love (Lil Rel Interview)


1/18/19- Today on the show we had comedian Lil Rel hang with us this morning where he spoke about stand up show this weekend, Bird Box, Katt Williams and more. Also Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a pedophile, and no not R.Kelly, unfortunately there is another Robert last name Cronin who impregnated an 11 year- old but blamed it on the clothes she was wearing. Moreover, since it is freaky freaky Friday, and we wanted to know what is the nastiest thing that you ever done for your significant other, but according to Charlamagne it is not nasty if you love them!

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for every one more info it on a virus stock of? Let's all do our part because we're all hashtag alone together, brought to you by the odd council. Syria. Isn't a country whose name is often associated with hope these days, but when I try held there in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the Northeast COBRA Java. I didn't just find fear in violence. I found Hope a group of brave feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society. You can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series. The women war, into the women's war on the Iheart Radio, app Apple podcast, wherever you get your podcast
Java gather like a mega forty, I just got a point: has pressed round about personally join a breakfast club, say some visitors mining, you, Joe YO, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Mining Charlotte morning. Hiv did you wake up and think young Jericho for another day life did the parent. You think that the best thing I thought when I woke up right now did Andy is in South Africa.
South Africa? Yes, I didn't know yes I'll, have you I guess, after my Luther King Jr Day on Monday, furthermore launches up and go to solve ass. He does it all the time That is true. But what is a pot of everyone? probably went to Johannesburg, but on that around two percent sure Madam journalists are low. Johannesburg dropping bombs for Johannesburg in December. It was amazing. Can we go back p s? I wanted the timber and I get in Heaven of time. I was talking about their yesterday. Anita like at least a month are not at all. Like four five day but the days of very long in africa- I don't know if in the event of what it is they seem longer in Africa for some reason to me anyway, that's issue its but it is a long flight to get there and then, when you land areas it time to friends and all the best middle holding. I am sorry that you do not get on your knees morning. Thank soldier boy. now the delighted at inhabit exit aid, but I was
as a result of ways interviews? Yes, it he was on everyday struggle. I saw clearly that when he got rain ovarian, I only know and academics yet over then he apologized to. yeah? I was actually these are what movie last night? How is it I don't get it out? I got like the first element has been on the days of is writ is it. Talks about how you know you first, like really started needs antibodies background. His mom was on, was on draw like he was limited. Grandparents like it's, it's quite interact very Things are going on around him now for him to put dead documentary on, don't know when he's to put it out. It is really see minting historic. you ve never really followed. Soldier boy like tat, I may not be able to just a very detailed documentary, like you know, is actually kind of deep for lack of a better for lack of a better. Some call me, and I want to give Seljouk Way ideal. Somebody
me. I wasn't. I had three you hit me yesterday as anyone a book soldier, but I have some good, as you know, when I came up here, strung out dangerous young man for the Andrea Cortez way arrived without it, we gonna win unbundle goddamn. So do I you're not here but its knowing here in New York City, really effort Yes, it's knowing so these days on this note today is going to snow, I threw out we're talk about that in front page news. Just so you guys know about the weather everywhere. In case you try. Bankers think it is What are we gonna want to show that he Tyler around is gonna, be joining us now. Ok, well. You know he has his own series on fast, but he also was in bird box, and you know if I'm get out as well, it was like everything that he has coming up. our guy? He missed, you I'm no! Madame yesterday, before I loved you tell em all night, he tell me what they saw. The method is not going to be in our radio has towards tonight.
Why not the most and internet would Bobby Boned tomorrow. AU pairs in highly fry, I write cool, Well you're, all into that by next that we got front page news. We are going to be talking about down a tramp directed its hernia Michael coins lie, will give you those details. All that more on the world, more dangerous Monaco show to Breakfast Club is the most dangerous modest or a breakfast club, Charlemagne God, Angela Ye D Davy took his badge ass to South Africa and would govern paid news, re Mary. He athlete internet era, need it is it ok now listen but the weather there is a winter storm watch for the New York City, Tri State area to stay, and they could be up to three in of snow into the early morning hours and then there's going to be sleet and rain Sophia traveling. I just make sure you pay attention to fly to know that is, but if you're coming to New York City now Netflix, Doc has gone down, even though they added nine million pain subscribers. So there has doubts about the real
then, and there. This right is a lad of competition out there, even though their numbers are going up, their growth has slowed down and the recent years they did and now that they are going to actually change their subscribers more. If you guys remember, we talked about that during front page news earlier this week and they gonna try to make up for the fact that they pay a lot for their contents. there's a lot of great original Netflix content, but its very expensive himself has gone beyond the Netflix dogs. Netflix is so much appointed a coach, yummy, Netflix Enshiu, you know they're dead, that phrase alone, solidifies Netflix, Spiten coaching, you nothin, Hulu, enshiu ammo. on and show you know There's more competition apple is doing their own streaming service Disney Warner media, which is the parent company of CNN, and then you know you do have Amazon, Hulu, Google's Youtube and all of that Iraq Hulu is gonna, be about the garden of Eden. Would Disney Disney takes all marvel shows from Netflix they put a bunch of model in oak
sitting on a network Armagh Disney cause. I'm mammography it's getting expensive However, these do may services to match what he's got. You James got you Evelyn spend money in his groom serves. You are right now, Donald Trump according to multiple sources. Direct His attorney Michael Collins, a lie so kind. is about the whole mass cow tower project that he had parliament. He was negotiating to build a tram tower in Moscow and law enforcement federal level. men officials that were involved? Did I say that so did Michael Cohen, he also told oh into that. He wanted to visit Russia during the presidential campaign to personally meet their president, Vladimir Putin and to jump start the tower negotiations, and was instructed then to lie to Congress through any views with multiple witnesses from the Champ organization. He was told to lie to Congress about other things and they had those emails text messages and other
Arguments that shows that chump was directing microphones, highlight a Congress in Moscow Giles ever get done now. it's amazing that is being realistic. I can get anything bill who I think, that time. It was going to happen so when he did when the election, he then had him lie about the timeline as well as far as our way, Negotiation stopped now that a legal or can you call a collusion? Just you got out trying to get a towel built in another country, but think about the influence that would have on you if you try to get something done. You know Also you lied about it any instructed other people to lie as well. I write What are you who is benefiting from the government shut down and that is porn hub accordingly porn. Had they have a spike in traffic. I guess a lot of people are home watching porn because they did not work. Did analyze data from January seventh January eleven, and they found that the time The people are watching porn also has shifted, well so, usually there would be a huge spike between Syria.
hours between ten p m and midnight, but now after that, shut down people that actually watching in the early mornings at nine a dot m to ten a dot m had the smallest change, but after that there's a lot more traffic and also late night traffic increased by up to fourteen percent above average. I guess it makes sense is not like you're completely. Fires is not like. You would be online. Looking for another job, you know saves want to pass the time as I like it, laughing at all mean that an arrest to get anywhere, whereas I do but was born of low rob, worn out. You know when all of us I ride, I don't need your day there, but I may easily and that's your front page news of a dude you gotta, do is shut down. All payment problem would not, at all Now we got what we are coming up next I'll get it off. Each has one we, that is every morning, mail events into one
your father, via one five one. If you got a problem in our view, if you got some two net, you know you just want to express, because just so filled with gratitude. If you woke up this morning- and you cite your Lord save your soldier boy. Day of life right now. Ok, Stewart the number one hundred father one of our world, Diego, yes, threats, club the breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether you're mad or black. But at the same time we want to hear from you on a breakfast. time for you to get it up. He had chanced to that problem. Is the boy are wholesale will oppose them where you ban, as well as the number one. That's what I'm that were on call it all about the deputy right I got to know about my job.
About one or two other important, however, for the week now, why I'm upset is what I call by the way by the likelihood of utmost them depend not growth. You don't know, You got that we will never know you're gonna thought. Second, nobody will be bill and I might be able to perform a, I think, Iphone biggest, I think, is the fact that they image you be scam in issues charging people for shot out. That is why get mouths and they entered oh my god, you in tat respect our You got me gotta, jade I'll need other change, the terrible RO the talk about the current data Ruggles, so the boy with Abu Omar, Al Islam, at least that soldier boy was handed the tough tone, but I don't is tat. You Nevada, smelled, like teen, fiercer light
Norman. His closet got me come on. Music is music. Ass, a classic wrecking the boy here is what you mean a third degree disorder boy might be Jesus, don't out of the hole, and I say that we are talking about eligible before his eyes the open. Now you are so many of us. His eyes have been opened his weak because of our laws, Savior soldier boy now we are getting up yet Chaska morning who's. This Deanna was Garbo use our happy. I'm glad I'm on my way to word, but I welcome the mortar. What a huge bothered by legislation I would like to know what I thought maybe you'd like to marry. You marry in Europe is where I don't want you to know. I don't want you to know. I just want you to know why you got a bonus is still
millions of government workers who didn't get a page. I get there no idea. I don't wanna make us feel bad for no real diamonds about we met at the end of which it maybe you could buy Charlemagne them deodorant. I had the Oder anonymous zone. You I'll take my age. An alarm objects did ray is get it up its yes good morning, who's this guy, My name is with me from Peter horrible taboo, but I'm very Wu Wu wealth of calling found grateful that was up. I'm gonna, be seen as a weapon I would endorse Dogan bade good, bye baby. I got my technical,
We often hear that now about the large like. I am no questions, I thought. Maybe you not a good meal work, maybe Autism dad. You got me work, but you weren't our right now I am I laughed at my view. That is the better. Why visa gotta be able work through union great illegally. But you were you where you stand Can I get you a check or was it a nice surprise? Northern while a religion because- and I read- I write workload agro resolution, although I would a beggar, I write it, get it up, just call us- have right now, set your Friday off right and get it off your chest when eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one is the breakfast club
The breakfast club is your time to get it off. Your jets are the main from you under breakfast club land was that bears the back this club anytime, soon gaiety of yields yet because of that right now, those damn good morning, my name but poor preparatory at our door network was met with them. Is the balmy won't work, bird from our new train out and all alone and more carbon birthday? We ve been until now, someone always involve every bird there. Ok, we're happy by dates in them and asked me Mister barmaid. Thank you! No cap. When his cap of crises in over twenty seconds, I write, I support
happy coins. Get it up. You chess right now, one hundred five. If I want to buy one who's, this London was going to open up the way, allow both the boy now watch your mouth. When you talk about Lord and save you a lot of you, but I have to get the boy why you got a lot of storing great bear your thoughtful drake, what we will be able to look regular, looked up underlines that demonstrates algae. A lot,
without them out of apples bout. It looked in the cave where you have allowed a you'll believe you'll believe their backs up earth allow yoga, Thou came back again in a way the here you gotta go tell the boy has ignored the good, whereupon Africa raffle myself wings, and I would like to quote the boy out there trying to get it on the statute for clean safe for you, a big vanish, those away before it at interview with a big fan of the right, our blew up, and it s not what the boy you Don T like to talk about better everytime, you came out, will more more club, so the blood deceived you re brain is amazing. Watch you know them. Symbolism may is a lot of people we need to give due flowers waddies do he teaches meets in June. We need to have you were not appreciation day at some point in the culture said initially get it. I'm sure you'll get is his flowers the boy. Why is deleted smell? I write
just get it up your chest. Is this? Are you doing What's up anonymous is so silly to be anonymous under Eu Fagin humanitarian aid that we don't have a person. Others, ok, my may be right. Go. How do you use the Lord's name, invaders blast little more able to eat. He had paid their own internal law. You dont like a little prepared by third parties. he told me that he got warlike alone. man bleed lap. He heard the forty a child like tell me they want well he's not gonna, do anything short of it. I know I'm in his time Why are you here the plane, the birthday? Are you none is no Bordeaux Haiti. you kind of you kind of
cuz. You would like it ain't going to last, because I know him. I've been with him since high school, like I know him way is not. Her fault is now doing wait. He supposed to do as his fault that history. He got somebody new to blow out his candle on his birthday in huge Alice. So what he had Adele automated and what do I do to make this happen, like all other daily game, on top of the leading part. Now my God Draco do. What would your joy called do not do that? He got me where his bow. That's right, I'm not adding new legal base that you need to do. We need to preserve. The heart is check that you know out. Ok, that we even know growth and, I know grow trying to be. You was to Neuro Name
so much so exactly so that what you want with jumped wrangler do now asking questions. You already know the answer to you know what you are doing is birth table. Does that where's? You made a man into the main yesterday and somebody as benefiting offer the that's right. You re dead. We have to live with You fight, and I are very vague euro note, the dirty weakening the spider Finally, it is vital to Instagram lived ass, our fight it out of vital either of us all. I re open. I will, no net arrangement. I will get it up. He had she has now you have. more than the way was his will be as though confrontational and talking about by enormous social media. Let's talk about the matter, call. Someone out in real life during a press conference awry writing. Storm of data is monitored. Breakfast club
the breakfast club feeling that this is the Roma report annually on the breakfast club. Where are you now? Presumable is always an honour to find out who is going to be these spokesperson for the Pepsi AG campaign people like Michael J. same bonanza. Britney spears have done it in the past this year the present The lad, in is clarity, be, of course, use. Yes, that's the premier commercial. During the Superbowl, drawn clues. Basel body be not a good thing about all those companies like that when they put cardinals gonna commercials, they use her natural acting in comedic talents, and I should be good here. That's gonna be hiding and in addition to that, you know she has new music coming out. She did say that her album gonna be coming out in April. She has an animal
song that she actually posted on Instagram, it's a teaser clipped. The song is called press and its now that's what at the most viewed video on Instagram. All ready check it out Don't talk to me when include buzz body until demanded that can allow the body is that she has not changed since becoming Could it be that the world now knows in love and when it comes to her music you'd, like our low pop features here near when it comes to her records, she keeps it in the gutter, as is very great, connecting people, even with all the step this he's doing, and how busy She is always on social media on her lap. people get to really see what's going on.
Hiding behind the dazzled. That's what made a social media would would put her in all on everybody's rate on she stick into debt. So does a commendable now. Let's talk about Adrian Browner, you know he has the fight happy against Manny patchy out and he is of course doing his press now, one press conference had to keep it real with somebody now. You know how you have trolls on social media that stuff Chris about you. So imagine that person sees you in person and tries to act like it's all, good wait a little bit on how it is turning the page for you, a lousy, Could you give us- and let me also growth on election day, Andy. They arose right. Gee, I'm firm on avowal, like you, I'm pretend to one of our effort you and we don't effort you gotta, sometimes aberrant. Emu is asking the questions. I guess no more questions from them in the future, but ass, respectable man, We talk and Allison. I want you to be death. They manage, if you talk crazy about me when I'm
around needs are greatly Babylonia social media. When you see making same and you don't try to shake my hand or try to say was sub is no rap for you. I write Mariana, who can do no wrong, is now launching a luxury fashion line. According to reports she's in discussion away El Vm Aids. That's Louisa time Aware Hennessy, they Brains idea might take Ives, Uashi Olive, that's a partner on her own high and fashion line so a method. That is, we all love. The way they re on address is no matter where she has on. She always looks good I am pull up. The looks that she does does Rachel and I want everybody to remember that when Rihanna comes out with her clothing line, okay, you are not Rihanna. So the way that Rihanna looks on her instagram pictures. You not going to look like that when you put that crap, took it as your own with to it ass. I am she's gonna want everyone to fill. You can look like me on it. If you have my fashion line on you can feel like. I just monsieur somebody will remind you that you don't look like a survey, those they learn. France has now. You know Jeff basis is the
who founded in is the CEO of Amazon Jeff resource? Yes and original. He is going to the Oscars and who is bringing the women who he allegedly was having an affair with airlines and says this is gonna, be his first public appearances. relationship has been revealed and they are trying to figure. Should they go to the Oscars together or whites or do not gonna hurt normal right I guess not, I mean you know everybody is expecting that she's gonna be there. Anyway, the cover has been blown, they ve been outlawed, supposedly there in item they very much in love. They were not hiding their relationship, they have been spotted together and you know, you gotta make sure outfit is flawless. Our soon game is phenomenal. Ok Should a jewelry she has on is worth more than everything. Debt everybody else's, even attempting away why cities is going and sweat has really. She got back,
First public start with the richest man in the world. So I got to make sure they pay looks amazing. I write every love. Well, I Mozilla YE, and that is your rumour reports. I am now and then would be a good you all know is coming to an individual front, page news next and firm. NEWS. We are going to be talking about. Imagine this scenario you're in court right could be facing. for the rest of your life. Maybe execution who knows and your mistress takes a stand, but your wife is in court. How awkward is that would say you who that has happened to Jesus Christ edged memo, heartful embodies Gus and I will talk about it after the breaks. The rumble data's Mozart Breakfast Club is what will they do not go to Breakfast Club Charlemagne got annually DJ envies in Johannesburg, and it's time for front page news. You haven't it well, let's make about this adds happen. Triumph His mistress took the stand yesterday in court, and you know his wife move and court as well
and a guy very dramatic. It was very tense in the courtroom, others with happening now actually broke down in tears and she was crying so much that he had to be taken out of the federal court room in Brooklyn beside you got a wife, the psychic was he was on the stance he had to testify against him ere. They said. They left her. My gone according to the New York poster MIKE was still on, while she was sobbing after she left the court room and they said that his wife, was actually smiling and and thought it was pretty fun. Now rags. You, like, I told him about messing with their mother beaches. Now. Look she on disdain testified gave him ass. His ass git now is Thy Sarah Guadeloupe Syn. Says, Lopez actually talks about different things that she had to do, he, she started dating when she was twenty one years old back in two thousand eleven, and then she started working for him and the drug trade. She would go around Mexico. Looking for high quality marijuana, she said she was not pay as you have
had to go to remote locations. You can only call him by climbing to the top of a hill at those locations. I also put our text messages between the two of them in court, which show there She was working for him, but also in Lebanon and one exchange they posted that they showed in court. As you tell them, she was the him three hundred fifty kilos of pat on a plane, and he asked her if she had marked It is in any way- and she said love there is a hard on them and he responded House sweet now That's you moved on to organizing money laundering through front businesses in Mexico. For him, and hiring people who would be easily militia. Manipulative, I'm imagine doing origin at him again paid because areas of he definitely manipulated the whole situation. Some life was in court thinking. This was funny This is just another example that side chicks, talk too much. That's why the faithful blackmail community is the fastest growing community in the world today, because nobody got time for this. Okay, they all over social media talkin. They all on reality shows Talkin they taking the stand, against you, there is no
reading now beside shake in two thousand and nineteen side, cheeks a loyal rights. You went on to say why she was on this dance you set up until today. I'm still confuse because today, I, though he was still involved as partners, so I guess you die. they still were involved as partners in mother up in jail basin of peace in a hundred years ago, and you talking about us being partners outside she don't know that oh go Bore and made talk to bear much well, you know why? That's? Why are you so you don't need women in do these things that make it is that it can make a very special and she might the stand against too. She was seated on here. He told his wife. Will you blog you? I right now. Netflix has added nine million pain subscribers, but their stock is still falling therein. Hola and that's because they do have a lot of original programming that they have to pay for. So they did also
as in the past couple of days that they are going to raise prices for their subscribers. So if you're, a new subscriber, that's gonna, take place immediately. If you are grandfathered an that's gonna take place over a couple of years. You know not what do we do that? I have not yet done, and this is the only problem I think Netflix has Netflix doesn't have a sense of. urgency when it comes to the programming cuz, you know. What's his dad's death, I have not watched the new season of orange. Is the new black and I've watched every season of orange is the new black, is a holiday, weaken it we're Snowden, unthinkable watched at this week. You know where I started: writing it The problem that has I do things like a camera. Put it honest, I cleaning up and doing things, and then I came walking out of the room and welcome back in and not knowing what's going on. So then, I got to re watch it and it's hard for me to sit there and if you focus the whole time that I need to do that, cuz I've been what I miss in then I gotta rewind. It made him
you got habit. It has very crowded in that space. Right now they said: there's gonna be some news. Dreaming services launching in others, already Amazon, Hulu, Google's youtube, but now they're gonna have Apple Disney Warner media. All of those are launching their own streaming services to do They take another model programme elected that will move cage just cajoled all this stuff. I might get Disney. I write as and when last now for you to be careful as you I'd travelling in other weathered made You check that out. If you have a flight of your going anywhere for this holiday, we again because it is now in some places in New York City it is gonna, be snow, and is that went to store morning here and effects of you have to go through here, you're coming here, just be careful. I write Angela YE and that's your front page news us right mommy a little rail as of next a little wrote that you know so I threatened. When is the last thing that I watched on Netflix was bird bucks. I did watch bird bucks if they are wise pair backs.
Yes I'd rather you didn't. I enjoy breadbox like that. It was glad as moments but now in their right out, the robots are washed black mirror they had to snatch it. That was incorrect, ok but little relevant bird boxes, while burdens airbags, actually broke all kinds of records for Netflix, Joker and people. Did it was viral? They had all kinds of meal there. The bird backs challenge shadows value to issue a statement telling people not to drive blindfolded sobers gluten he too had har movie is the put literally yeah. It's went on after him Little rural is next on the breakfast club everybody's dj envy undermine the guy. We are grateful that now we got a special guess it to build it out on a way that there was no law. What I beg you to stop doing this verbal decided a bird back. There was now a high announcement about what they want to buy a hurdle seals might be. Would all I really crazy love you so much
drew blindfolded. The other day, a crash into somebody else got trying to drive with just two gb is yes, so down there? Still only we go with the movie, you always we did a clear about. It was day everybody with silver dialogue, rather rules in a building where we have seen this progress happening. It happened right now we are making to see willow relevant here. it has been a good, I'm really happy. I got this bright. A happy as I've ever been out, I was so happy. I took a trip, I want the Maumee by myself would lie if I sell for Eyelids Asia from Christmas Eve two January, secondary myself, like alone, has just me I'll call. Marquise Leyla gonna take trip alone, I understood a little, but they lay dead. We work out of it if ya go get every day for me. So what did you do by his own?
I was an ocean along the beach and a lotta. Writing you must, a lonely as hell, walkin oughta be smiles and white people. Why people at a time delay make you join groups our need shortly going to allow Burma where Europe has now. I didn't I right now you because you know that black people so vague as a weird. They will let me because we too low a may. We we know your vacation, like you allow general use power. I wanna blogs not inevitably like no one billion by the Dvds guerrilla pages crabby we're twice a week. I think you need to let you talk about Burma. That was a surprise. I was crazy. I saw me and saw cut together and even movie and re description. I read a book
still on the edge of my see them. I know this is gonna, be good enough to say, however, about I'll get out of here. I just thought it was good. You can do some good picks out. What's a work whenever you said, you'd ever really think it with good. I didn't. I didn't love them. I liked it love. It was no one is entered with highly so much hype around it. I think of outages scene it without the hype, our like the more but what type in the net for something I wanna watch it. What does not aware that, with the best thing about it to annul, the hype was unnecessary like this is the great move that is heavy people's excited, be entertaining and asked what it was I mean like up. We want if it is making entertaining movies it had to be given up. Over and locally, where my bro, you Tribune, will now. Yes, I'm glad you said that Anna lies the movie for ask. As I read sweetest everyday somebody wrote this edit. The bird bats was about white people in this oppression of
people and as a guide even realise there, and then people are like our eye Angela relax favourable with regular. You rely. We never saw two miles. They we don't know has started on my, but first of all wild about a skirt words that is from the perspective of the peoples. They should now radio and tv, and we No, I knew was happening wherever those people in the house, What's happening just what we pay, but I have no real details. I love the fact in an alert fact that I'd dad and move was there was an ugly b. We live where so many men die. You do what you are looking for, as well as the fifth person there, and then he had to set an anti virus. Say by themselves. Yet dollar me you're right that we assign you have the goods Roddy really want the value of their lack of fear, the white woman now but systems there. We go with thinking like Kamali out his life for his waiting screen too. right at the beginning of the vote of greatest, even gay among you may be believed. I too believe that care day they made you see. Matthew was scared now really you're. Those of
care to have ever done where I had to be com in Bali. Whatever was happen, they do. A lot is developing. to do such a thing as a lot like me, but this guy was lively, introversion, candlelight, Really, it is all worry, is secure, believe everything you says, I shot that information being twice advertising Agatha Daily or whatever since then, our director, she was lower. You have to believe it. You have to believe what you say, and I have to say, has taught us that method Acting year delay sub targets from affirm I'd, go they had of all in this house, so I We all believe what was happened, houses was light, we do know what the with the weather was outside would be an ever hours it was night and day they will. Let us it to A trail is late. At lunch we ate their and our We do know she was doing it on purpose, but she D is actually made us be around each other so it was a really dns. Oh The way everybody look in a movie will we all EC scared or a close
whose around each other so that he can you also emphasise very backs, which was a huge use hit for Netflix? You are you? Have your own show your onset com, I so much fun at issue also examined base loosely annual at nine years your wife leaves you for the barber near any problems with their, though like good, is it here? Let's Vesta author, you know, no, it wasn't a browser me. I use a lot of real rounds button. as a season when own. It was his more other stuff. Like the my mom ever so was very personal to meet a right, and do you know the one day she pathway o NASA to do this episode debt, hated to hurt me haven't a surreal moment of targets that fried Emma, My mama serb play the little version to me, and it was it was one of the toughest things and Mistakes have ever done, writing and performing psycho just do not occur. whose definition, and now I will get us and to make of it so much more than I want to do with their candidature kind.
as you do. You know how to run a show him in Sitting right lie to learn a lot. I learned a lot about being a job Are you actually be in charge, but is a latin it may be? my last hourly doin now stop drinking and everything just because after do us, I bet you realise our focus, you gotta be. If you really want to be, I want only wanted down and ass. I do this: when do we find out at this season to get to you gonna? Let us know, but it just tough over their fox, no Disney, both Fox ass, so many changes and at times everything you beg you another black due to deal did I know now what about Burma to I'm noting minuet meeting to date, but it looked like a gearing up a lot of our day. Out of everything we wanted. What were that wasn't knew what it was. So I hate seagulls man, do as legal, not a man, a pretty cool light to see a wood,
What really is lot a baby? Finally, we get out of date at a premium. To that's interesting to me. He's a prize at the bourbons numbers was was when I went to Netflix was what an authority Blake whatever, and then it is Bluebeard I wholly with Netflix is amazing minute near was over people like me. Didn't we so good should have been a rain of theatres, and I worry wooden abated pale. Netflix has money. Give them and roused price is phenomena is astronomical. Right now did not say that you got. The here they would have been. All of us is a sound one. this anti basilica, who else you don't even know what I think is now what I was a malady when I was gone, oh really means yeah. What's happening again, de Gaulle me sensible, is useless. Erika Sandy Sandy leased out to me. As I say, I don't said said, he's completely. Gb? I wish he was excited.
Give me an underlying. I beg you to. Let me be a part it is, but it was a team effort everybody. We we're like steel blown away by that, and that is that big, all the means they will have made, as will be. I know about everything I know really help I have to save a beat it be, like means up twice light veto asked as head of me by get our care too busy do say very fascinated by added at twice we got
a little! Well, we come back. He belongs to breakfast club component morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Little rail is in a building money from Chicago. I would ask if you see they are carried out in front of us. Stop listening to music like ten years. Why else? At a personal experiences, wherever that necessary within were ease been? You know what you're my fundamentally fairy, he just a trip, thou gas, so you know I am personally not to say that I am really personal experience around it into almost. Never like his by his ill, I like his energy, even at the last. She was out at a party and licence somebody, you rob Wanna meet you. My ok mother, come over to you since immediately to talk to me, but we often have saved the IP section just coming back that back now, but I just stuff like that, like I'll anyhow through here, I've got out like a long time ago called is people's call me over said. He wanted me to wholesome mix tape back in the day. He flew me from New York to Chicago and they left me in the hotel for three days street. Let me tell you how to have money, that's how I could even change the flight that decide to set the idea. The trap and causes related to travel costs is standing in for the cap, and one of these is background dash to a standard work to issues cool, really, nice and first of all of us is hidden, and we just talk here- and I am not making this man at in a sweaty whose talk it may I will talk him. He was looking like a problem with right, as I have just started, comedy doesn't like no big deal, which is our don't we all standing by the next day. I go to speak to her like a hay. Was that make more eroded Abubakar she's? Let it I can't talk to you know here. Is my boss? Okay, taught you re so day. She goes back over it with him and he makes another face and, like others to the mania is years ago, Saudis sailor has always been as controlling thing when it comes to whom it. So it is the honest, was always we then the music in lyrics in this light, who is he sank into that? Doesn't sound like you sing into an adult woman, and I'm sure I say one last thing, but now, but people support to stop telling people that you don't get to arguments about eleven minutes. Let me just be among the homage shudder and liked to wash their hands not as a matter of a German on a bandwagon. It was goin. Oh, I do think is weirdly disgusted there we light give men at the victims were. Finally, sands, having rather than people I mean they doing it for the money lighter my time again, no money that when you finally makes other victims not want to come, for example, we looked at all. Why does she wait so long via this present, because women, don't fear and power to be able to say this powerful person did this to me because people's eight hours, you turn again money as are many play, they fail to see line. I had I not get me honestly. They get more crudest data. Give me they can they just if somebody's telling you that nobody's gonna, believe you and it was easy for him say that, because he beat his case further eight, you see whenever nobody Gillespie and of some I tell you. Why would you believe that cat whims took some stabs at you? Let you be a star low rail, but you ugly, I like to have it all believe stars. They think you have to be somebody there. Women want to sleep with a male wanna, be right right. Have you spoke to capital before and after that? We do not go further. Aware gave her a fount why some back to back by us all that the inmates I was backstage be used is shipbuilding was talking to appeal brought me over and I lost my uncle Toby. I got like now on my behalf and I can't remember I d say anything about hills as I have any buying or say some issue be, but he was weary. The always is vulgar like decent, weird, creeping crept out them spartan and created the day before marriage around just talked about funny, like either side interview a softly and avoid a car to venture. On my way to Fox I may I would is due to say that, at the very least, though about you know, is border of what is theirs. I sell something up guesses about Tivydale. Otherwise, this her run here they were aroused ugly. What are you gonna? Do you hear what has enough they furs of agony? But I don't care about a gallon apparent call me like you live in a land. I bet you gotta figure via illogical straight, do
Elaine. I pull a bunch of women. The auditors begets. I try to Carlo Dry, you do you're gonna, say of course. That was why we broke with sure you got me is what does David? I worked really hard to get where me. This is a crazy. You know. Facebook has a reminder were a couple years ago, amended W Nba gay course. He is there too. He walks over to me round proudly may doing it. Then we took a pitcher, a positive picture and I got the capture that may get light is now looking at other daylight. Let it I'd do as it is. You told me congratulate everyone who probably man now bugging me even I donno Donno glare of the areas. As far as I am a bit of head of cattle. I apologise if I was I because Africa, because he D brought him back in a dynamic gonna say: why should he should lie input? Kedo, nothing because he's crazy things and we got more little role. We come back. He belongs to breakfast club. Tomorrow morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club little rail is in a building Ye Menendez Del, for you is there and we are having to hide up here. The other day and he's in the movie, the outside rain and at its first, like kind ever dramatic, different type. A role for him, though, is that
comedies, but you have already done those pneumatic type arose and that just comedy here how important you think that is for a year career tonight, be in one January. I don't ever want to be in a box on very observant or works. You, crazy man, everyday life. I just I just want to just keep doing stuff out. You know that's different, that I want to do that right now. I've been in a great position to get me writing my own stuff and working on. Come now well regularly romantic com. If you like wrong wrong, what's your favorite round, can you know what you are so Fridays? I live around by new movie with this guy Ryo Riah running that is a beautiful? Is him tat his daughter? The story of high basically met her mother and she needs to figure out which, when the lady he's talking to,
is her mother to the beautiful modern absolved have are like this. Never let you cry is to have their movies. Swedish related gotta be set as real. I occupied I've been notebook and tight handed you as movies like that. Yes, I am, but those are those that the words I get all that man Miss Winwood Korea is the criminal rob everyone has not been observed, the neutrality of its amateur use of David. He cried character. The ILO, like us, a portal, will you have the support of warm circulate You would either go about Regina how's character to show me the money I am a groundwater Maguire. Just her speech, to whom the above all, where You look ass. If you like, IRAN can only about action. Would you want to do you Do action? Deadly army does, as one of the reasons why I got it.
Leyla muslim arm and everything. I fear they adapt air. I'm not player, yeah you're, not gonna, meeting desperandum. Oh, how would it be somebody out overnight it I'm gonna. Do I want to do my own version tubs? that meant that met now, but others would obviously those biblical cops in we are land, always think of a be funded. Do some with somebody fresher and I we want to do I'm get on now, China right every day. At this point I get like it offer you stuff, but the stuff really want to. Do you get a right, yeah America feel is coming you exact. If it ass, he read the premise. I had a whole applicant ideal there about to say about doubting, or do they won't anyway, but about that you don't want to Simone at they. I would have loved wonder if he was if the young
the king was raised in America and echoes ammonia. Such a beautiful play. for I d go back there. They black Panther, to find his wife you, we could a thousand mood and how beautiful people with a mechanism is an arab, indifferent or been dope a culturally and fund. Doesn't it randomly everyone? Could I love horror movies? All market does as into because I want to do another thriller light Donna obstinacy that I like. No one knows now because easier to be funny, I'm, like maybe Dimas, hiring thriller out. I wanted. I want to be a leader, and while we are really get in and into the nitty gritty of I was going to die right away, no derived we'll figure now still voted out of my house that you I want you to do so you out the next. They do, but otherwise is gonna, be like really lay yeah yeah. Give me a good. kick down. No, and I can follow every care thou play even owes its bit. Funny is just been real, so has been likes. Delight is doubly Kevin. Abundantly shaggy. We gotta grows into again. That was me gotta freestyle a neck. It was so ten cited
Lebanon is a boy I know but you don't want me to go any further geese so upset you sacrificed his eyebrows. I know, but you sacrifice themselves as such. What he has weighed up it was. he'd, do monster guy. If we are really tackled Adieu array of booze, this debate was a new dress and looked just like me added added think about it. The darling, but do you ask the vessel look like it? Just a lawyer, I demo array of fools tat. We could do that, may attack on me, I'm a guy, My elbow uttered a good out like the dew level. You know what your start menu was supposed to look after you, ve got to do it. It was about to do to enter my what
and he's a man. Did you get paid, I'm good at me. You, ok, you didn't have the new land where they have become the duties. Will you like yet I Tom cruise right now? What about our love thing? For you? I may have duck a may you not so my first love. They was a secure. Why me That's right. We did. That was for a better way. Come on the fact that you have to know what did I make it? Sexy about showing that's good, that's what you want to see what the real Bobby Corrado Bobby. I want to see it. I want to do they rode back. Those great almost I love or whoever we d, like already Buddha, were married sums on that issue. Your duties.
We regret the fact that go together happens a lot more every day as a big. What the next is a couple feels about the due next. Will I love interest? Was you have a virus? We will get to see it and once you see my boy, Caroline Airlines, we can help I'm doin. Who Saturday and one Sunday and you set it up for you special. Could you Therefore, this banana so excited. I was in Atlanta last week in some travel in every we give somewhere, but This is really excitement and I feel really good Anders excited some other people forget it idea. Standard I didn't know it or whatever the case may be. Am I up a really good at it it a way. This measure is gonna, be relevant to makes you those he devised and what you do it? What's the deal for their special always going to be HBO,
but thank you for joining us, no room for having me. May I may tell you always come back when you hear I love yard. Is such a dope chauvinism by five Maggie ratio is the It was no ral gas at the Reul report whose club refugees new album is out to day the wizard, and he did in any view on his free bands, radio he sat down for I can the interview with Big Bang Black, who is clearly his friend and you can tell by their conversation. He talks about a lot of different things. He talks about his ex. Era and Russell rustle Wilson in his feelings on him who do as it Louis tell him to do. I feel I he gave, I would also do you realize golden. He not ran a man and opposition. I had not been a man at an airport. Not may not seller Bro chill out. I would add on, and they don't even talking, I'm no, I'm your husband
brain future name of it. That was me, he's kind of a break, his name. She nodded sickening, a brain it's his name up now here what they gave you, what you don't ran a name of banana viewed only would do net and around I'm no don't say, method, don't get no energy he's. Gotta he's gotta he's got a good point just now, No. If she wants to discuss her pass relationship yeah, but no one intended, but do not no point intended when you're in black sea areas. He knows you to be happy should be. They will deal with the present like a man, Americans of Anjou, and they tell us let you can't you just can't ask about future. We'll be allowed. We also believe that you are on the while. We would ask you whether you know how you feel when people come up here and say you can't bring this person if you can't bring net, but we, We know, listen did at exactly my point, man old place, we ve known, abide by those girls right, so that that's exactly what the people are going to ask questions if they going to ask anyway, and what should she do get mad will be like damn what's wrong with her, so it's kind of
then you can do about it I write me and I like it. That is the case when you do have a baby by somebody who is high praise units happy, but you can't talk about that cause then they bring it out, which is also due to the area in question, a move on, I right now. He goes on to also talk about Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams is talk in issue about him and his baby moms and all it add they had I hear he responded to that what he has what he had to say about Wendy when we William situation only thing. I thing I would mad about helping to put my of mother that don't wanna be an alarm. Did it has signed off on a name and a face been there, but as future to mass, inasmuch as they get thrown into a fight. I may suggest only has he doesn't want his children's mothers to have to be laughed at him out there like that The thing that you know we don't we don't think about. I guess you know nude. When you talk about she Jane, I beg you moms, like you can't you shouldn't put their pictures, because they're not in the limelight. They are not asking for it. Like the reverses the error rate
Sierra got a baby profile dudes when she's going, you will be asked about it, but if you don't have baby labour, people is no need to bring them up right now. Yes, I about Rocco any said, I you don't sooner body where we come from the honour that we have in our name where you come from, you shall ever soon, no one, but you shouldn't sue you. There. He goes on to say that Morocco has to apologise, and he says he doesn't effort Joe button He said he got a bad as be, though why you don't jawbone? Listen, I don't know he's just don't mess. We know why I can also view any member it if you knuckles Amy and would give my money. Well, I guess he they money, so they had now uses album, as I said, is out today.
So I hear is future featuring Travis got first off. Those more reveal my cable or for welfare is a civil Jonas vision. Mega really was the better at dusk return. Is that we let it come to dinner. You like I did you see how people A meagre pay me we have to realise into that kind of illegal work out that the Germans, who the hell's you just say, that's what it sounded like you said I could be wrong. There's not a whole lot of, I guess appearances today. Twenty songs on the album and that's why
here, as in the other one is young, dug and Gunnar on Unicorn Bureau, ya, gotta, stop do long, ass brown or gives songs two and a half minutes. Nobody was the twenty songs of anybody. Arcade is no autism wanna hear twenty songs from any one have already out as well. You know back in a day but what put out longer absences your attention span is a short and now, but the shorter hours were always better and airline also being island. People sounds used to be longer to less true like now, the automatic nines ongoing- and I don't twenty records of gave night in top Smith and am elicited dreams triple album. This weekend I make now with that you do I'm still trying to do to Chris Browned, lousy had money goes on for hours and one I write a little way. Naso has a documentary out is cause. I ain't is without you and that's a towards acumen and me. So it's a fan, a priest, asian toward that he did and he wanted to make sure everybody sees that without as bans
in a simple used as not as you said, I'm an artist, they got big off, putting out free music. I started putting mix tape that that I always it is given a free music. I always wanted to be heard and you listen. that's dope and as part of that sort did Lithuanians Hidell did donate ninety thousand dollars to the one million project foundation which gives internet access to one million high school students across the nation could drag on, for both Lloyd and for the record of reducing manages tormented. Yes, you did say that UK he declared Jonas bitter mega come now is not the time see, I've got Lear. I thought he said to him. I didn t know Adobe finale, southern volcano in ok to survive, and I believe that just happen. Is the way it back and then I looked over the Lyrics Erika Mann's elite and that's your rumour report. Jesus Christ soldier point
I write measure, but we do have donkey of the data. May will you give me a donkey to appear before this main Robert Wagner, not showing how who I think again, let's go what discuss going to have don't do that knowledge is man to doubt and blow was made available. Charlemagne tapping I've got to make a judgment, was gonna, be on the donkey other day. Page shows you. The breakfast club rigid doggie, the data they dont you today for Friday January eighteen goes to a man from Upstate New York. May Robert crony now rob is thirty three years old and he is facing sexual assault charge. Stories like this can cause my anxiety to shoot the roof, because,
can your daughter at the house, and they think that is a thirty three year old grown ass man praying on little girls like this makes me want to pray for divine for for my dad is an makes me want to buy another pistol just in case. I have disappointed terrified to meet their Lord in Draco soul. Job now indicate the Robert Cronin. Not only did he sexually assault an eleven year old girl, but he shot her club up and put a body in her box. Yes, Robert Cronin got this eleven year old girl pregnant. Let me breathe for a second okay. Don't you have done the garbage earlier voice, and you said in thirty three thirty three are all Robert pedophiles. Between rapid Cronan, a rapid Kelly. I see no reason for someone. They have introduced themselves as Robert. Ever again. You say your name is Bob. Ok, now a dna determine their Robert was indeed to Father it more you. You are the yes, It is the test results, but he is insisting he never had sex with the child.
Every human on the planet is looking at the radio right now. Shall me what the hell did? You just say I say DNA results, show that Robert Cronan thirty three years old is indeed The father of this eleven year old, girls, child but Robert, is claiming he didn't. sex, what our well, if you didn't, have sex it arrived in. How did you pregnant by pedophile. Let's go to w He and ABC Votary Police Robber, Cronan was arrested. Dna test results had just come back positively identified him as the father of an infant born in member the baby's mother in eleven year old little girl, Robert Chrome and did not deny that this baby is his get. He claims he never actually had sex with the girl crow claims. The unidentified girl became pregnant after she used an article of clothing that he and used to pleasure himself with he said: misgiving police are just lacking in scientific knowledge by police are not buying
story. Krona was charged with endangering the welfare of the child as well as felony, predatory, sexual assault. The baby, and the girl are said to be in safe places and are being well cared for well down? Those sad put him ever. Do Robert Robert said that destroy many difficulties I understand. I said that the police who arrested him we're just lacking scientific knowledge annually. What decide say about the possibility of in pregnant? After coming in contact with clothing, he had used while masturbating impassable ones that Burma is the air you can't even get pregnant and sperm has to swim. So it's not gonna be able to swim on. Clothing has to be a liquid. That's what I was thinking. Oh thank us. The wasteful works from moving to you know you touching it too you getting pregnant last. I checked biomed, competitive regional area and travel toward the uterus in order to get pregnant, but hey what do I know my formal education step
did diploma from Berkeley High School in Moscow in South Carolina, and I got that in my school, so listen to me, but the possibility of his story being true on a scale of wine the soldier boy tawdry. Everything he knows is definitely a soldier boy tajik everything he knows now we're Robert messed up. Is he blamed Nissan sites when in fact signed and what makes them impossible each year with age leads. You said you need fertile cervical mucus for responding to swim through like come on. I'm not even go back and forward you about this. Ok, just can't happen, but if Robert was going to lie instead of sites he should have used religion because ever since our Lord in Draco saw Johnny boy started talking I'll come back, he's been allowed discussion the return of Christ gave, they are saying that sole Johnny boy could indeed be Jesus by. They me and my guy Andrew shows, but that's a whole lot of discussion, I'm just saying a lot of Y'All- probably looked at your radios and shook your head when you heard this story about this man Robert, because
being a baby is here, but he didn't have sex with her does sound far fetched right lies far fetched, not true by an impassable is impossible, but my guy one of the two Three stand of comics in the world today, talent, wise Andrew, showed, has a joke or more. from Munich observation and has robbed. Cronan story proves his theory. True, let's hear it as high changes, so people, for example, right now If somebody needed woman without her consent, we called it merciful master nervous, two thousand years right near the woman with governments and we call on Guy- is really care. So much about forgiveness started making up alibis like there's a lot of as the fathers zone, the holy ghost. How he's got a point
the virgin Mary also claimed to be pregnant with child, and she was a virgin, I'm just saying what sound do the same to us. Now that new sound didn't sound insane people thousands of years ago. So if this sick statutory rapist, Robert Cronin, delighted police about his predatory, pedophile ways. He shouldn't have you signs. He should have used religion rapid crawling being charged with endangering the welfare would shout and felony predatory, it will decide against child younger than thirteen and me personally. We dies in jail, please that remark. If give him the You see her. He he you stupid mother. Are you dumb? Well all right Thank you so much. I let me, but I dont you there s and disgusting sick, stupid people in his world. You still, I write what we do and x Now let me do it adds happen. Next now we are going to talk about the nastiest thing that you ever dumping on Europe out of right. Ye come on now, I'm size.
M is now here and sometimes when I was now here. I don't know, what's happening and other do you? Let's keep oil wallets So you know what that means Frank. I forgave right. We will obviously be to carriers that nothing was doing. Ok, restarted, Ozma ACT like we did this a few times it's Friday, so you know what that means. Free and fair game gave Beetle Mario distributed right. You have ways cracked a little. Ok. What are we doing as an hour? They met the nastiest thing that you ever damper, somebody that you love and we're talking about this, because lip service map gases out today should marry a rainy Devoe were on an element of the package. The big bugger out of his nose, which add that big, they can bugger that I've seen people do that for the way they love and have actually had my boy Bugger out of my nose. I can't do for you I'm just not into that. There's things I do. But that is something I draw the line at now. You guys remember
Bobby and Whitney had their reality show, and he picked a duty but where was it had a duty to her, but somebody might constipated but more than eleven zero per somebody. That's who love write, em stimulation. You just take a somewhere else, but let's talk about what we You do for somebody that you love her. What have you done this kind of action? and you wouldn't do it for anybody else, and I tried him and I know you're going to have some good story, so I can't wait to hear them. Freaky freaky, gay pride Carla's up eight hundred five by one by one and let us know, is the breakfast club breakfast was up, is the brain, club- and you know a day it is Brady with second about the nastiest. Then you down for somebody that you love now here's what happened with Bobby and Whitney. This was the infamous scene, where a Babby pit
duty Babylon Whitneys by nationality, with an ass. These things, give them for your wife. Me is in their own necessarily believe in nasty when his love, you nonsense, like a growth, there is somebody else. Like you know, it's not nasty. One is love. I mean I think I think a body right, the most unconditional love you can show or almost unconditional love you can have as towards you child right. Like your parents, love you, you know you love Ok, I think all of fluids and discuss this stuff mother used charge will ever go back with a number of no round, but our assent, but noble I'm saying is when you, when you feel that type of loved ass, when you start realizing you know love. Actually, we use of you do love your PA now wait away Bobby loved Whitney at one point it away. Ronnie, loves chimera and
book is undue and all that stuff like that, no man is rarely have you had to do like. I guess he asked us. Oh, my God, number, maybe maybe six on period like out on all like death, ass light, nasty It appears that members centres in my world Tommy for me like stuff like that, is not nasty business. The event. Looking burgers out your nose. Does he pat pimples, I your bag, joyfully problems? show pimples get popped, ok ears, maybe airs maybe she's yellow something in the air. She would, if it was their yeah, definitely ok. right now. We are rapidly never do anything on that level. Yet my significant other, but we been together twenty years of weak, you know another twenty, I'm sure as we get older it'll be fun, come on out of us, that we can control that, I too am says, he's had. So why does Nessie armpits thing shirts just started? and ass, a new phenomenon not of scientists, they weren't always admirer of my life. What I've devolution!
had a boyfriend had to clean up my vomit and I've got to clean up vomit as well one. Regular, ass, an area that was very too. enticing was I had to make my within my ex boyfriend. Look for a tampon that was lost inside of me. Wait a minute due to mark we need details, were obliged to get lost in society because sometimes, but here are your period, you might add a leg fool around a little band. He pushes it's too far for mobile workers. You not trying to do while you still haven't such which would do tat when you do. If we have set a good example as to come out of this report to obey. You know we were Barbara load, in, and he was just and I forgot about it- do not ever get out just like ok, stabs tab. I can't- and he was you know, just messing around at the base. I guess so. I was sitting on a bed and a how he was looking for it would a flashlight there, even though
We already know do you, so he played gynecology rolling, but even with that, don't like that does not let you need help The throb has the longest not nasty to me. Lastly, like we'd, like my wife was drawn up as you dont like as that happened, but you have to clean it up, like I'd, do up all over my bed and my hair like everything to clean up it's all. I heard her hair. She too had been logos, throbs Latin wanna, talk about it. Look at those mounted us just love Louis yeah, but I'm saying that what we mean for somebody that you love only. Remove, wiped the toilet. Goggles engender led the way you'd, I have to say we have Jason on the line. The greens elevating J then tell us about nasty thing you have to do for young women at you, love more than my first very Mama toilets. The toy bigger much data material, but she would have been to have in the chair. You know what
pray you always go to the bathroom. Are you always taken a poor whatever, so she was in a bad born of the bear them from Saint Ives Manly thing and clean my baby up, but I loved you barely occasion for Israel my love for my mom, my wife is only you know. Poop donors of them one of the pregnancy thou the first one did the nurses updated. Let area were less active jazz. men jasmines on land Jasmine way is a nasty thing that you had to do for someone to love and advise you think I've ever differ. So allow was a giant who you Savior Friends vagina Maggie. How ugly is our vagina that you think there's nasty wow beside the birthday? Never like a boy. He said he preferred the little people by animal Why not go down near would very likely that the open their conveying, though, why not try and on Cuba
right? Well, you gonna do about me because I don't think I could take on a hair off my leg with you in the back. Are you there might be a lot about the governing the right now we ve got it let me do we know that it is a matter for some people now affairs, where people like that the difficult to of another woman's vagina can be paid. Having save all who war? Did you check shave? Your initials in it just the same, as I say, the pleasant Anderson, imagining how banner vagina was made for you to think this was so gross weather, on that genetically whereby, through prairie, our eye jasmine young women are right. We are talking about the next evening that you had to do by somebody that lack of causes have eight hundred five. If I went to five one is very Gabriel, Gabriel Gay pride on the breakfast lobata step is Angela Ye Charlemagne and we
I do in bringing Reggie ring. I've had a mere you ruin in any way. Every group most on the millennium. To I want ya to know right, matting will be rusty, is out in the harmonies Gandhi off watch. Now you saw Jenny, look when usually arson- oh my god, singing on it. I think you say I thought but he was on wow. I write another one awry, we are talking about the nasty thing to do for seminary. That's you! Love NASH a merry and around Devoe, where on lip service and here's, what ensuring that episode burger it as long as you be the bulgarian eyes now you gotta eat a damn. So look at our homage to think at the present time. It is good and how much you not unlike is now know Portugal. Now I've done a lot of things for my man, but I've never picked a bug around his nose, our oh. Why? But for some reason, that is grosses me out more than anything. I just don't think thing out of something when you're in real love when you're in love. Nothing is nasty.
And I could I really feel like unconditional love. Love their parents have for their children, you think about all the times your parents white stuff out of your nose and cleaned your butt, and you know it when you get kid to transfer them onto that's when you know that type of love, like you love yourself, in others, just like nothin's nastiest love lab as boyfriend. bed and I had to clean it does repeat bed in my relationship but you're, the gray I'll. Then I'm gonna tell it to clean it up. That is embarrassing at this point, but only happening in may maybe a year ago, when the way you have one three: where were you outside p in a european way, I'd just a little becomes? Aren't you gonna jump up rented a bathroom? You know I don't know, doesn't happen anyway, only personnel, what the bed and birds listen. We just need you to start using deodorant arraign, take control of your battling. That is new to me to have thought it would bring it on a lot of changes in my life, I'm just into well, let's see where other people
to say about the analyses thing they ve had to do for somebody that they love Letter D, J D was apt, J D, mourner work and a credible here the lack of joy. Can, I believe, our birth, the servant annually You know how long I've been going over decades there anyway, it ass. You think I've had it with my wild with a girl and she goes totally wait. He would find it in and get me. I had a clean up everything left who she you, Did you lover? I will never know more live and die in a reporter that additional, that's exactly. What I am talking might as well say is not nasty of his love to you. Tat was just nasty. Can you really let Agro not in that time? mom,
nobody had their way out. There died here. Ok, we're glad to be the. I can't wait to come back to Cleveland Sms back out there. I re. Let's talk to track of hatred What about you? those are all, I was then you had to do for somebody. You love by a reporter eager ate one of them, though you RO, a lotta here by my God low Harry planned knows what are you? do far away. the leader, but for used to work. When I read well, there are you ve been there is but forms a guy named links to murder thing the mail there there will, I you know, but then there RO on it by the United States little bit into you, I bit off and they have like a low and very going by selling so you had to really like in his by up to put the near there, and then you have to hold the cheeks open ideas is let s clothes. Were you going to do?
but then there in the boat became known. I burn they. Yet it is, you know they put it around it and in this kind of like you know this make sure you don't get it in the Bible. Remember that's what we call eating clean We all know downloader lighting own badly by. We're going to me here to keep inflation is not nasty of his love, ok and notes. I haven't you. Were unknown. Transit trooper, so eaten Iraq's one. When you, I guess, eaten a box when your woman, his honor appeared, will be considered nasty too. In his car life, no depends on how you look at it? Lets us to secure a she. Kara was a nasty did you ever had to do for your boo out. I thought I was in love with you by the Niger. Let me get you out of your somebody- had tissues them, but I think it was a white beard was able it. Why did you would still be there?
guys. So I dont like that, I'd out clean connection course think was weary. Why did anyone gazers quaint Wade? Why would you shall I broke this day? aren't you shall on his fine whatever day it was wrong with our if I was with my significant other and she had tissue stuck in her ass. Nothing in my brain would say: okay, let me go get some scissors to cut. you oughta her ass. I was to go to God, damn shower. What have you would occur is by while it was like a cod in the air, but wait here, How long was his hair ass Mr Goebbels Travis, an air, I don't know you go with this while Portugal shouldn't be love,
can afford no matter who don't go, get scissors decoded, Longboat heirs, male their hair and the merit of what they did. You ever be there's a role at this hour Oh, my god, I ran with our goal. That is, love ya. Get me something about pop in pimple little things like that. I don't know I was gonna, be all up in people's but the right one, Your has do comes out of him to do. Nasty ameliorating the do in this case he was eating. You bet they pray do do on it. This is this is crazy. Well anyway, there is free, Gabriel gave, Friday, but I want to say that it is more to the store tomorrow. You know, I don't want someone who just seized a good about me. I want someone seized bad nasty in me. Still loves me, say: you're, not gonna use deodorant
use the order all the time. I don't know what happened in that soldier boy interview, a bad that happened to me before everything. I've never had Armitage staves, ok, maybe God because he understood the comedic effect that it would have a bad armpits days in my life. So so they had you under pressure. I don't know why, but this was why not really, I have no clue never seen before Do I go blank? Why, big? What day is it I re was right. I thought that was big evaluating this class, now we guy Rumour report under way Charlemagne. What are we talking about? North actually it's your mood. I get it back as enemies now here and we would have done what we are going to talk about culture
and mixed with blood would tell you who was never knack as they were so desperate. I all more. We combat world Moldavia managing to breakfast love breakfast with Angela disclose lesser known. Yet we are talking about diva from Jack ass. Now he didn't interview with grand dancing or any talks about being so desperate to get high that I won't wait. He actually ended up snorting cocaine that had residue from HIV, positive, ballade splattered on it. Here's what he said- and this is how just desperate and pathetic by my addiction was. I sat there knowing why scraping up this time said the lad to curb care, and I guess I sat there and started. Why was it? Why was the residue from HIV positive blown on the cooking lies juggler with a guy named everything and he went to his house divide drugs and everything who also use drugs was passed out, but he wasn't dead and he would inject himself with cocaine his jailer everything and they would be blood splatter on all over the place because of him, injecting himself with the cooking. So he actually went inside to scrape up some of the cocaine that had summoned to bless bladder on it. The last hour we talked about you noticed Guy Robert Crowning, alleging that he got a girl pregnant because because she touched him cold, did he masturbated on that? We know that science intricately implausible. I know it has to be impossible to judge HIV from sniffing blood were the two of you knows well yeah, but I think he was a second about how desperate he is. Whether or not you know the mare with HIV, positive sniffing, cocaine, Blair residue on it period is pretty desperate. Those then these vicarage, but he was, is pointing out just how bad it was, and he is now eleven year, sober almost any talked about a lot of different things like his favorite drugs, and I said that he had a drinking when he was only eight years. Old Silas does actually a very sad store. I would about you know new knows: Devos Cleanest, Wilson, culture through there are now less about Chris hands. In France, a cat, a predator, there he's been having all kinds of legal issues right. They said he was writing bad checks, any gunshot before that he bound some checks to cover at thirteen thousand dollar bill, and he got arrested well now he's having some other issues, which is that he is getting evicted from his home in New York City. They say that he owes money from August and from September he was ordered out of the apartment. Last week he's been given ten days to vacate. This is discussed in all the profile of this. Man has saved the world from all achieved. This man is saved, you know, and now it is making knowing that a place to stay Amerika ruling on ventures rule, we don't look at Christianity, like you, should be having these issues of America really does not introduce veterans. An actual like the judge. Protein is still comes on tv. Now the real and still come on every moment. Yeah she should we make a residual money, wasn't executive produce addition. I don't know. What's going on and off, he was bad what his money! Who knows you want? The bunch of protoplasm, furthermore nurturing when you told us nor our right Anna Rob Car dashi and he is returning to keep up with the car dashi and eleven open yeah, I mean he's coming out of hiding he's been having its own issues and we're not gonna in a discount the fact that he has been dealing with depression and olive batten skipping out of seasons altogether, so maybe he's in a better space right now I worry. Don't you deal with any mutual visuals on fuel logo to call dashing Housel is the place for you to be specially. As you wanna be on tv, they could do you issue is going to be explored now. Baby from outcasts has purchased the studio where outcast first out of their career, the dungeon he posted on social media new day new lack just cap. The dungeon said ass though you know, there's something that is legendary should be bold. Already has monitored, been indulges yeah I mean it was a hub for the projected who organise noise and they did a lot of our cast up and that's where they started their careers and happy didn't. Have it at that time judges I write a my teeth ass. He did an interview with Joe Rogan on his pack ass talking about how he started owning his own tigers. We all know about my Thyssen and has left his tigers or
What he said. Firemen proven I'm talking through more corridor were at the time, and we have called the belong to a friend of mine and discover the field and painful you ve caught them fully curve to someone and give some horses of the white horse hard here meagre Cougar lines Tiger for you. Do you give me some positive work anywhere booth covered you're waiting for me. You know those tigers were seventy thousand dollars to purchase a quest for thousands of years and months care for it. So doesn't sound like a great investment and no one is that the point one by tiger I why all the data can be domesticated liked it? It just came to him. I guess I write our single you gotta be too by title. You know using body call when we got Ladys were new single, how low feline loves you gotta be single single single, singular by target what you're gonna see MIKE Tyson as we get so just relax. Ok we'd away and to tell you to keep the same energy, no one oberon, I re well I'm annually and that's your rumour report. What's up is the breakfast club? As you know, today, envy is in South Africa Charlemagne. You got the I hire. Radio pack has the whites.
as I already apply gas towards its main Burbank? California, us with my God, Bobby moans, Mario Lopez, highly fry, were all hosting that together and I loved effect they want a park at because you know podcast is illegitimate. You no form of me. You know, and I think that you know arm in arm award- shows validate whatever side media may so is good at as I already opened out. The work of the just shows the place, thereby Yes, I'm in the coach right now, I'm excited to be hosting. The Beth is clear, dynamic. If a. Why right here, because this is what I didn't realize, I realize abruptly club ha gases nor so many numbers until I was looking on the top ten of of pocket, apple. I think you might have been and we would like number six and unlike what the hell row money, but I know I don't think so Someone is somewhere between not, but what I will say this media is changing as such a rapid pace dad you know
when one is contract time in order that they can be added our contracts as up. I rang well what was happening in real time. What thank you too low? I will came through its it any that Carolines all week ends up in the New York City area. May so you go see little rail amiss Magala realm and will come soon as we get the weather not too bad weather bad. I'm telling you, I don't know you gotta, be a real real comedy gotta, be Sidney Guidelines that Algeria I love being out when the weather is bad. you haven't even insanity. Already, though, is a different type of failure. I should be a new Orleans. This we shout out to my guy Larry. Mario, is a birthday party, are annual birthday party that we do we single year. So I'm handed out to New Orleans very bright and early in the morning. A sort of renewables in Antwerp- yes Mcnair, will be there and we will be there as well. A party the negro does what does it make if they go to the area
party, promoted in America Bazin demand as why does a good is another good feeling on from the south. I watched a lot of those guys come up in that way. That's why I respect meat because out there I didn't see a lotta ease. Do not ask circuit when I was coming to build always Jesus in the you know, the tea I than guys applies. Boozy those guys when the clubs heavy what you know me didn't bags, one that I set out to Apple Gamma landed chapter of apathy out where they actually given me in a word tonight. The media advocacy advocacy award is their seventy. Annual living their dream awards reception and they actually raise funds at that reception for their national programmes What Highschool go to college legacy scholars they give mentorship for men, including academic and finances support. So sad out see ya. Thank you so much I'm on it. I can't wait to make their tonight as well. How do you put always award? You say where would you but only the you know I do have like a lot of them. Is that? But I do it.
I am aware there may have been laid hold on my awards is getting really crowded, nobody would enjoy gold. I don't know a lot of aware than they're going to lie, and it is something that I have to hang up. Certificates in all kinds of recognition it fails guide, see, does great around, You won't have, to be honest, crammed mountaineers back in the future, as is sometimes people forget what we say. What would you call do? That's all I'm saying comes as people forget that Now the world will dated. One is only backward. Your father note about this class and Angela Gay Dj Mps in South Africa. The main is get We need a the I radio, music pack ass a worse by right. Now you got the positive note. Yes, an absolute everybody was in Burma, California, seed and night at our radio podcast water MIKE Tyson is gonna, be there never met MIKE Tyson him. Unless I'm looking forward to that, ok, I don't have the valiant tonight and I'm really not to be honest with you is because
I cannot confirm that are white men with MIKE used to snap on people, I don't know where my keys at in his life he's a cancer. So that means that he's hot and cold probably runs hot and cold. Just like I do cuz, I'm a cancer so animal movement is gonna be MIKE is to the pigeons exactly. But the positive no comes from a may waned w die. I want ya to remember this on his fine holiday Martin Luther King Jr weekend weighing down says the more you see yourself as what you'd like to become an act as one you want is already there the more you activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transfer your dreams into your reality forever. Vivian, clinically embarrassing day, Thurston hosted a ghastly respect for we have candid conversations around the power of genetics download Next episode, pharmacogenomics now and learn Experts have to say about how genetics can play a role in. I was ponds, dedication and the future of precision medicine. Farmer cogent.
Precision medicine. Is it supposed to take us directly to that drug? That's going to be a packed and actually important for our help, listen to spit on the Iheartradio APP Apple podcasts. Or whatever you get your pike s high everyone, its Katy correct. I use my podcast next question a platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right? there's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why I were switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer in them in time. We're going to stay focused on the Verona virus talking to the expert So you can really understand. What's going on, I know so overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can list and to next question on the eye. Radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get, your favorite show we want you to know that we are here for you.
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