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2-20- Today we opened up the phone lines after Angela reported a story in Front Page about a man waking up to a man having sex with his wife and stabbed him, but was he in the wrong? So we asked our listeners what they thought about it. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man that is definitely not apart of the "Faithful Man Community" and that is Tristan Thompson because he allegedly cheated on Khloe again, but this time with Kylie's bestfriend. Also, Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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or whatever you get. Your bike asked Missus you'll make a whole day child these agents, Angela YE shall remain on. The planet is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning, so gagged and culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest USA Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo Morning, Angela Ye Magnesium Charlemagne. The guys did have let it just what day it is just one day. Oh yes, it's Wednesday Hub day how life man life is always amazing, incomplete happy. I'm great gratitude to feel bless. My bank account yesterday of my new vehicles. Go about eight or nine baby. Girl would include love me. Maybe you ve, no credit. Ok,
and I did have credible than for hundreds Forty is only got eight or nine congratulation matter. When you get to long as you get the right long, you get their right to look at me now. You know I'm on my way home yesterday there was a huge action on on the highway and our people, boys obligate, that if a woman s self I actually of father and Son fathers, before? He is also seventeen years only we're getting gas at the gas station. A gas agenda was pumping gas. Guy lost control, crashed into them and killed. That is something the gas right now These that not even have the gap is getting tat. They were getting gas and I believe that the guy, driving allegedly possibly was on some type of drugs with job while impaired he lived Ok, listen! I'm trying to forget his father and son was at the gas station getting gas off the highways off the highway. So you really gotta, be impaired, drive off to how this is not a highway. How we I was seeing those like now like roof,
We six rotary, is kind of like a highway, but the gas station is right off is like that. The things that I believe he was impairs. He lived, the Father son died in a gas station, attended that last I was just thinking damn you know you can just big want any. Mining and businesses that work and something happens. At the blue. This guy was withdrawn while impaired, I say allegedly, but any any lived. He live as well. You appreciate every aspect of absolute our time. That's why Grannie logically out to absolutely but those guys in only a can't, come back in a year ago, the jail any deserve rather, but so what you know That's why you know sometimes the little things just got. Let go you argue which man, you girl, your mom's, you perhaps it doesn't matter your brother, you assisting outlet. These things go because you never know when it's over is over. When people say why are you know? I guess it was their time not necessarily like somebody was being stupid. Noumenon Van somebody cut their time short
you could ve negligence. You know there are no MA. Am I right? You put it the present. I did what does after all that this morning, and I would like to know what happened this morning when I was a moment, a worrying me goblet, their father, goblet and you know, pray them footing the family nabs does. What does that mean? I love you. Guys is what to say. I love you say, and I got him in here on a high on credit goin in you. Just slight wow insisted. I grew up in your letters. I love you. I love you guys. Somebody you local die at any moment. Thankful to remind envy is correct. Were eager provision. Well, let's talk about suicidal out right now, I'll be back on Monday, but this has to do with fashion, but we'll get into our right, we'll get internet. When we come back, you practice to breakfast locomotive my name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story of my son Courtney. Nobody was critical to dollar. Fifty is the biggest.
My life, you with them a ladies man, even which, in his grandmother, I'm just the robber Cornick Opel's referendum in twenty sixteen, he wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. Twenty nine, however boy diagram of federal government in its the story of my I search for the truth. This is somebody a coal production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty first, wherever you get your pocket, this is some lobbies try somebody desires to know what had I desire to know what happens among listen to somebody on the heart radioactive apple pod cast wherever you get, your pot guests
tat morning. Everybody is the jury. Envy Angela YE shall lead me to go. We oughta breakthroughs. Cloudless goes from age news. What we saw methodology will. Let's talk about. The there there saying a ladder. The eastern part of the United States is going to get snow, sleep or freezing rain. Today, more than one hundred and seventy million people in the country are gonna, be there's some sort of winter weather watch warning where advisory and nearly twenty million are facing a flood morning wise or flash flood wide. So the reign of snow both had depends on where you are is going to be am from to the twin cities in Washington in Baltimore and where you going in New York City, it's been a snow and then turned to reign at night. They marched
boy. My kids school called a very sad to have early dismissal because it has noticed not here yet all that their expecting, which makes no sense but a daydream. On his birthday yesterday, there boy did not out of the umbrella regret as you around in rather a case again. If you I travelling dismay tat, you find out what's going on at the flight and if your travelling on South West in particular be careful because they have cancelled hundreds, lively, rivalling Zob. You deserve to have you like their vocation. He had no problems. I been around. It was in the sky, so big boss in the sky, for instance, yesterday, they send more than forty of their planes, had maintenance issues alone. They do they. Cancer. Two hundred and eighty six flight yesterday a rather fly greyhound flies itself, great out as a lever. I right now Burberry has had to issue a statement in that's because of one of their fashion: I guess what something that they made out of. You guys started there, but it's a hurry and it has a noose.
Round the neck. Now, do you know just as well that was aware now hoodie then? Maybe you ve done is that do we notice now they ve got a lotta back. And one of the mottoes actually criticise the design and ass. She was painted in the show, but she said she had to come set concerns about the use of a new and people did not care. She wrote on Instagram suicide is not. And it is beyond me how you collated and look resembling a noose hanging from the net out on the and energy also mentioned the horrifying history of lynching that that new shape of evoked and people were talking about that as well, and she said basically, a lot of kids are paid. Intentions a and they target allotted chosen. Why would you let something like this happen with the rising suicide? the world wide? And all of that so she said there are hundreds of it's a tie, a rope and they chose to tie like a news completely ignoring all of that
you're gonna apologia, just when you find out everywhere in the night he was attacked by those Nigeria's ok induces are not necessarily synonymous with suicide in synonymous with racism is synonymous with lynchings and hangings. All that is well not a melting. The russian be just mention that should be the debts with death, and when I see a news, that's what Thank God. Let everybody who committed was I buy noticeable unhealthy news is, I think, a mention sorry. I and less discuss Michael go, he is from Indiana and he just got arrested net. If you think he's wrong for this. Ok, he woke up in his own apartment and found his. Having sex with another man in his own apartments. Yes, what is likely to happen? sense of the male ever. He then grabbed a knife from the bed room and stabbed the member. Several times offices dig it to the scene to find a victim outside suffering, from multiple stab wounds and he has been arrested and
felony ties of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in Asia not be just another charge, not at all my wife, my wife is Gary. Absolutely you wake up in the middle of the night. The laughing you expect to see is another man on top of your wife's or cause. You would think that was wrong, not a meeting and, if you didn't think someone's wrong is still a crime of passion and macro. My license eaten robot know what was going on. I was trying to defend her and my house active citizen, every angle that doctors, to see it in that one scenario of this man guilty of anything lab he's being without buying rain it as ridiculous. You might be black eyes why white writer, oh yeah Oh yeah, he's right here as he looked away, my good at his white, while his wife is really crazy for that. You think in the same apartment armies seamlessly well his two scenarios. You could get well, you gonna, walk up and thought she was being raped. Ah, he could of welcoming today
we have an excellent achievement and it could have been a crime of passion. Men who temporarily examinating, know what to say Bobby said he Bobby said the truth to depletion just shut up and his wife with Lloyd. Doesn't he shouted? I vow would think any other man went on there is my house officer. I woke up my was having sex with another man. Why did you do that drug use. The shrug like at all They with her the next hour right will have front page news get it off your chest, eight hundred five, a five one or five one. If you're upset you need event, that right now may be had a bad night horrible morning, or maybe you feel blessing on principle nativity, eight hundred five, eight five, one thousand five one is to breakfast promoting the breakfast club, our Moroccan, and I would invite you to listen to a new podcast from the Dodo, an animal saved, my life There is the most watch, animal storyteller on social and now it's bringing those stories to life in audio. Since I was a kid I've helped rescue some of the most vulnerable animals. Now we're going.
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now you're gonna get it obvious. Yes, whether you're mad or black, but a payment. We want to hear from you wanna bread, but who is William? what you gonna from Rome Lando Commodity guy mining was happening was about Iraq. Each ass was the matter. Good, I'm really great. Years ago I muttered boy where some a happy birthday outside, today. They birthday William Andrew from when I am William. Had the same birthday is such a legend is Rihanna trouble. No one child Barclays Sidney Party in soon to be cheap, Obi, Williamson, Legend, what take about death and if you guys gonna, break the February surveillance
the debt we elevator birthday calmly. I would really appreciate it if you babies born right now, not sixteen. Sixteen okay, we start talking about when we start talking to my analyst seven. So we go make his eyes were visible, he's a big eleven open minded father, an open book. Arnold Ludovic thrive. Wow, ok, really great, They drive, we had a great Zimbabwe from boy, you, oh god, I'm scared! Yes, I have What does that was I e with the very way it will open booty to you. I would leave cry Let me what do they want to go there? You know so much was dragged out David Laguna, laureate of the grand looking paler than I wanted to come to your lives. Logger. Why you come Colombo
always invited all you gotta do is come monopoly. I got my mind. You know nobody makes very everyone, you, dear reader environment, as travel detail of any job. You think anybody else play You gotta go with them, but what can we do? above all in the body of the arab league. Old leave, then he's not undermining our rapporteur and to resolve the matter with you. I know about it about my Jake, gave a bribe mad. I think I buried but I dont know if everybody knows it, Jake oh did at the counter. Money do so basically lay here those people wait for five hours friend of reform. For a minute he did what he said. He felt bad about performance only, but he had a whole other private cancer from Africa, A bit I got very broadly lit lolly out by the hold me helping team out. Then everybody Oh do man again, I know what a nice guy, Dr Real, quick right, TIM, What is happening again,
I've NBA championship, Leubronn three TIM Duncan fifteen time, all star TIM Duncan two time NBA and BP, you gotta stop did you, but Damn dog implants rabbies moment, maybe I'd is full. Brian. Only gonna build number can become a genuine everybody. I e one day miyage make whatever rule conversations about, I'm gonna make I'm so stupid about. Why do they call it, Go to the bronze age around two thousand and eight to warm up Nick. They are young anyway. By other redress. Direct conversation rigged drink is more, a drink is more sort of abroad. James Arap, natural, let's have it in jail, is enormous and to have you can consider. Let's have a law that can be my swinging. The Carolinas I got you a near Bolivia, along with their got blockers, began. Like the barrier, brunette and blackmail Instagram Milligrams per. Why began mad at you about, but we all know,
story by death. If Molly S M allow, with very say, room begging for apologies, because everybody was saying that you was lying because if you like the first when I came out of their deadly smell of life, I need to be a me that about you paid. It became anybody about a dive in Burma. Com, and I thought the muddy about a diversion. Bobby pay little or no apology. Vega, Magna Carta battle. Ok, he bought you query. Beauty. Just like that. You diagnosed Emma Instagram tribes, judging line, Dr over double elders, comfortable by our job, is named Jesse lines lying. Okay, we welcome you. Gotta combined character in buying is real, live Jesse lines. Now I get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, a five one: oh five, one! If you need a venue, two sub now was to breakfast club combining the breakfast.
Is it your time to get it off your agenda? The email them you wanna, your lie below this That is a very good one morning. Refugees, but he was a man in a well ordered, appear to be glad that Bali, my black for everyday power, you are you don't care about me. I gotta yeah I'm trying to figure out that I'd get out. Then they come yet now having pay bombs on a bigger out about depleted and get my money back or but I'd go. Get em usages resolve the Borg Agog Route, Gucci customer services. They did you boy garden him and you want to reform of Agnes. Yeah. You should do whatever you want, you can do it if you could do at this point, you made your decisions. You off
God, let our boy that ITALY must avoid, because you ask another Viagra made known to the recent. If she wants to see a blizzard, you gotta be look at what they do. You people lady phrase, you people phase, they think black raises. The more clearly. All it is racially insensitive stuff is called is either will burberry day with the nose you gotta? so you want to support these people. If you do call- and I found an easy with Anna Fellow- is dead- you gotta tv right to treat you what did Annabel on. Do you see the things that they set about them? adaptation, and all of that now, when one owner, The boy go daddy, when did we do agree and clearly we gotta Clodagh, fuller gucci under its house about telling people what to do you Would you want to do don't do what you but people went out here? What you put to find out their Floyd now, Angela me whether the facts are,
they didn't like me. You know what I've been black people have you care about your people and you won't supporting leg, had very motivated by simple. Is diabetic confuse where you from Betty from the accident in Boca grandmother would always burberry than with the news or on it. Now we just Burberry developments more barbaric as there are no exactly like oil. The blade of playing the part that, like Dr Betty will go up, would you this is, and I know you wake views now for it. Abby by a year the bang. Would you do for your birthday? Mama absolutely nothing that work and that we can obtain enough. You were you going, I'm gonna Marilyn, you will you now. I never gave each Virginia Ok outer as damaging beast of s, call it here as well but at the matter all alike. Baltimore. Do I love Baltimore
I love you die by lifting every morning, Charlemagne God you gave me a rolling, leaves give me I'll, let you know the morning. Everybody now Bruno loves the fact, as you call them a fat ash. Heirloom angle, you aspire to I want to say that I love you guys and but it's snoop, I wanted to stay this harder than actually we met when he was out here in La I listened to you I'll die and actually year? Just take me help me get out of the toxic leadership and not take the three you guys, I'm not a national spokesperson for America just society others. So now how do we may get home while because, alas, survivor I'm ok survivor and, after a lot eighty pounds a basin.
Need a meal without an actor. I am now and then the attitude I could represent them could American can't society good men were pink, so I wanted to tell you guys. It has been my may in you shallow may I met you and came to the ESA? Let her tell her that I told yet celebrate seventeen years. We can agree and I'm gonna to get you guys. I will you push. You got appreciate everything I do you guys have inspired me to live like that. Like man saying it is about right. Daisy that made it out makes it all work come into work. My love to you may arrive from now. You know how to fly cargo normal. I said you guys. I bet you guys a tweet. I tag on my Grandpapa guys can help me. I'm the Trinity sponsor the American by american cancer citing Georgi
between what I sent you. I really appreciate it. I, like you lead alike. I used obvious avenues that you're trying to raise money for the american breast cancer side. Could you dont have breast normal? I really don't let out the revised. Thank you so much. I love you guys. The reality had I can glass, as does provide tangible Look, I'm going do to get it off here. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one? If you need to vent, you can hit us up at any time that you've got rooms on the way he has talked about Andy. From the fire? Documentary will tell you why? he's happy about. Also. This is a crazy and it's about Chloe Car dashi in her eggs? get internet next keep alive is the breakfast club component. The breakfast morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club
It almost must talk August, how Siena with Angela glow? Well, it's been a while since August as he has done in any view, and now he has Wendy did exclusively with the shade room and he talked about a lot If, in things you know as a new epee out for ever and a day was we want heard already by NASA may show ya check that out and here's what he had to say. How are you coming to my press recently lost her sister. So this is when he's making any means his nieces nurse three of them and use now taken on the role of basically being there, their father. What are the the pressures of that makes me want to be what and who need to be for them, because with my phone
a dead and Heaven a strange releasing ship were my mother mean Why so enemies? He has very emotional August window. Alas, yes, yes, look good brother As I see it as a solid young man he's always been Sally Ann and we always check on each other recent, each other. Both three positive affirmation of them in a man had been added, doing work on his mental wellbeing and then where's bedbugs, that item of every wants heavy ass. It were to be other move. Just atomic prayer form check of autumn x, rays, donor, solid young. Absolutely I rain ass beacon of Araby Quality control. You see they have signed. Their first aren't be Idas. They posted welcome to the full. Only at Layton Green. Everyone welcome our very first aren't be art. Is this girl things from her soul and we are very excited to be working with her estate? Can she sang? I would think so
Luke, you see, I'm sure, I'm sure pinging and Co. Uk did every day homeward. I wanna hear one of those who can say I'm sure you wanna take grassy ass. He had done a viral video that went viral of cover of correct backs role in peace, and so he allowed but were taken that out and somehow they found from that and now she signed, nor congratulations. Only yes and adequate he saying that he almost didn't allow the director of that fact documentary to put his part in there. He wanted it to be edited out, but of in ITALY for him they did keep it in their because a direct told him that it would make him famous. As he told me when he said that it is glad need trusted the director. He said, because that story for him is pay off about oral sex envy, you are a hero to many,
Kay everybody, everybody surgeon, foreign eighty. We all need an anti on the team. We are demanding more from people on our team because we see how far you were willing to go elsewhere. Obstacles Bob Andy, the beach Norway, a teacher today I do have. Maybe I do have a fire hate by aid. Can t shirt I right now Chloe cried dashing unless It surely, finally, over which rest in times in and reason is that he allegedly cheated with Jordan, who is highly, is best friend how crazy now he's crazy highly out about, would join in words. Two of them. I been friends fire years now and according to Mrs? They were all over each other making out and Chloe found out about, The end broke things off with him and she had had enough here is according to Jane only from Hollywood, alas, hears what he had to say fairly. There's lots speculation arise, go back for so why would you do that? There's no truth! As a true issue, you know why one of my riders was there and interested
took everybody's phone, but you let them stay joy came in y'all was smoking hookah. She was all up in your lap. You was all over her touchy feely and you let the girl spend the night till seven in the morning. Now that happen, that's a fact. Mounted on that post, so her friend, she said she did a with with you know another movie with his face to the sky like screaming, when I look back over. The minister gave me a headache, anodyne, Yeltsin's, Dana peaceful it'd, be faithful, ok, Tristan, Thompson, USA, nimble, me begged. Could we try to change narrative, in Vienna from an you desire all These are carrying out a pity I mean just in terms has never been faithful to her, though it don't matter. Then planes disgusting like it is discussed days Craig, I may add a woman he had his girlfriend was pregnant when he got we're clothing and has always pity. I pity I've public displays of infidelity. Ok is all in public variable. Deceive you always six, five or six five. You kid cheat that openly you shouldn t at all,
would you definite cage six five year body can see you everybody. You know what you think far when you walk in a rural area by the autumn attic we looked to see what you play for. I don't know that he's ever really cared he's been. A pretty blatant. Cheaters the beginning zone or learn hardware. I write that in my report I may easily ye know. He could have been? A questionnaire is clearly still friends. We join in after something like the refugee question yoga. I mean, of course, that's a friendship over and done with, We salute always sure did this happen. I mean she commented on the page larsa Pippen, whose their friend put a man Mallika put facts there. Enough in his throat. Animate does not let a fax online. Are we sure this situation action lazily? They had people there. That saw it happened. I say we shall only say with video is no video. There's no pictures in this in twenty May day. Nobody we'll take a picture is woman is all overtures to Thompson gland. Maybe they inhabit, maybe there
well, you guys are defending the defendant, and then all I know is that I do not choose to call it a noose around his neck. Okay, we need to do a lot more investigating on this regulation, no right The sun was doubly so interested as well. Whereas in video this has to do with, but less about proposals, but we don't have proposed is less talk about the weather. If you planning to do travel any time in the next couple of days, because this will give you some of those advisory he's all right, we'll get it rednecks, Cuba, locked us to breakfast club component. Bread was glad your morning. So now would be the same morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club looking so front page news to you on the EAST coast, there really expecting a storm, others guy, you know my kids cooler says early this missile eleven a m
I wish you go to school. Amis emphasis go right now and I say: listen about to get a snowstorm, I'm out here at a meteor outages, gotta shore improved or they ve been awful lot. You re you read this Como though it is a shame. Gotta go. They say early dismissal, Levin schools out at night to border here for two hours: meteorologists, no alot of flexible days now so what's goin on the stormy, wherever they are thing: is much of the eastern part of the United States? Is gonna get snow, sleet or freezing rain, so just be careful, that's gonna to more than a hunter seventeen million people. They said the heaviest Noah hit from Omaha and its. Head of the home, a city, Wichita, Kansas, Kansas City areas, Louis Chicago Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Annapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus in Pittsburgh. There's gonna be light to moderate snow. There's gonna be snowing in Baltimore and Washington areas heavy snow and ice expected from fully to New York. So just be careful. If again, if you are, when you have a flight me, so you check on that as well. I was reading an article about aid
an eighteen year old in Seattle and Seattle, there's no yes February and seventy years, and he made thirty five. Thousand dollars in four days, just ploughing snow frozen asset, He had his snowplow, he was here. He was over there visiting his mom when it s more. Like you know what you to bring your snowplow and actually do that, and he said he was getting jobs Linda back to back to back before days it made thirty five thousand dollars to charge it allowed to Chauvelin. Slowly, because the other dated kid Charles Mean ninety dollars. Indeed, I will be able to travel, never my opinion, although you haven't you re honourable hustle, you know me well knows and enable commonly driveway, need easier. You walk away, I appreciate it. Have you got a long driveway render? I may ninety dollars has actually pretty cheap.
Nobody had a truck matters that allow its ninety down in writing. As you put a plough one in ten it once island and Breathin, ILO Brownstone and all I have is in step in barely anything into France. So it s pretty easy. I right now Lester By burberry they ve apologize for this hoodie they put out. There has a noose around the neck. Now they said that that was inspired by a marine theme, but they said that actually ran throughout the collection, but they said it was insensitive and we a mistake, it was all pointed out by one of the models who was part. Dissipating, and she actually said that she had approached them and tell them. You know less Kennedy at her name. Suicide is not fashion. Is not glamorous and nor edgy and since the show is dedicated to the youth expressing their voice here, I go. She goes on to say, how it's not ok, to do this, not to mention the suicide rising suicide rates worldwide, and, let's not forget about the hearth, history of lynching either there are hundreds of ways, attire rope and they the tie, it like a nuth, completely ignoring them
then it was hanging around a neck. Yet a frank murder has such as synonymous history. Lynching, I mean, I think it was like for them seven hundred and forty two people. Unless, between certain in America dislike come on man, when you look at it now that the four I think the first thing I think of let you know me by people hanging from trees or to outdo south. So why would you everything that was something sexy to put on a yesterday, maybe now. What do we find? Idaho judges? Mallette was wearing and may be shut up. He was attacks Babbitt, it's possible, no Is it not now my samples ass, it might have been met early and that's the story. About my Neil, he actually got arrested and he still how without bonds and that's because he woke up in his apartment and discover that his wife, having sex with a male lover. He then went and got a knife and the bedroom and stabbed him multiple times he has now been charged. With aggravated battery with a deadly weapon
The fight against their man of you. Wake up in your house is Julia woman. I see a man on top of a young woman. You don't know of your wife is given raved rain and even of it. If she is this, respecting the housing disrespecting, you'd s still a crime of passion life, you would have some type of timber insatiable suggested there. Let him finish no way, you know what baby so does your gun we're gonna fix this now which was to mean you, don't you don't always Gordo, he might be rape in China, rape, you next you, you know you ve got to protect and provide a make. Sure you good about await our guided the dead who came in that house asleep without woman. He's a very bold individual he's? U gotta, either crazy, a very bold to come into another man house and sleep in only one man in the natural or less open up the lives, ADA five a five one o five, when I was four pages bite away. Do you think this it should be charged. No Y know eight hundred people A five one, o five one amity did: did you kill him into the guy you
no he's alive, you elaborate soda guy stabbed up, should he be Charles eight hundred, by the five one, o five one. That is the course and calls on the guy was stabbed present What will you and all the other guy it? I don't know Gordon Brown, literally ensuing literally at eight hundred fathoms one o five would then I call right now also monitor. What would you do it? S? Situation is to breakfast club, the breakfast club, morning everybody is J. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club Nervy just joined us. Therefore, pay He knows, told us this story consoles historic. Any yes is happening. Indiana might go. Neil actually woke up and found. His wife was having sex with a male lover in their apartment and he ended up. Having the man and now Michael Neil is in jail and he's under investigation is being held without bond and he's being charged with
provide a battery with a deadly weapon adequacy, anything wrong with it. If I'm sleeping, I walk into a room and is a guy on top of my wife, I don't know how he got in there. I don't, was happening? look at him as a burglar as a robber is insurer maybe my way, but what I assume Adams, Having now, I'm baddies, dab, dab, kept stamina and only written you don't shoot. Em is going on top of your wife. I'm saying, I don't see what this young man did wrong. I just two scenarios I can be said you could you to think that this man is sexually assaulting? You know your woman. Are you could wake up in the comedian great crime, a Paris passion, I guess that's that's litter- temporary insanity. Like I know they are always they don't move off a motion move ah strategy. There is no strategy, s situation. Could you will be overwhelmed with emotion, seeing your wife disrespect you in our manner and seeing a disguise being that both to do that in your house? It? What do you do What would you do? Imagine you wake up your groggy. You hear some noise is like what's going on? you go there and you have no idea what's happening, so I don't
just seeing and how he's India, because a man was on his property in his house because, like that's, also trespassing and they don't look like they got a big house, I'm goin out deleted it. I saw it as do not understand and being rather nice low single. Why Israel? You know She probably was that one in it a trail either does is it a journalist or mean is written. I grew up in a single address, my whole life, so that there must be that demonstrates our multicultural follows eight hundred five, a five one or five. Will we get NEO me online? They only go moaning in here Are you doing this morning? I m all right now what his situation manually, degage recharged. Now he knew to be charge. You know what he was doing You know I do not know like tat, but he is wrong, which is totally wrong a he need to go to jail, what you got charged with Naomi Datum, you know that man was crazy stupid for going into another man's house yeah. I know that her husband was crazy for that, though cuz that might have been said that he never anticipated a situation. That would happen
If he knew his wife was cheating right and he still stands does he deserved to go to jail? And my house yes Juliette brigade. Did she begged me like that in my face in Tanzania either way I'm just waken up, you got another made and is to be honest with you, she loves you use that we told you you look at a hidden, phlebitis stab everybody. You write that said: was happening. Sarah. He didn't know their rights and are gonna stop her. He's scared, you no good. I e the sneak into my wives ass when we were kids when our paths Wall denounced, Likewise, the father would woke up one shot. You dont like egg. Why, God raise name because it I'm going to let him have Addison. You probably mockery of my dyke at every girl has not command in the house. Are right, but just decision scream case noisy ever heart of a wife Can a man and now why how great a longer bar was he has no respect for her has not only been, though she would very very very morning, there's a re yet go Mortimer
What do you think shabby that you should be charged now? I dont think it'll be charged on that because in anybody coming into somebody else without letters problem there, Rebecca where I agree with you He got what he deserved. Exactly very bold, normally that's it doubles the police officers that arrest him don't feel is may as being absolutely it in all you ve got. The cats are right, you, what would become of good Chatham exact do, you know you know you would have you gotta have some type empathy for certain eight hundred. Finally, we drop down may well, maybe Don't you, five, a firewall or five Warner, explains that people happy at the actual so now he was in Indiana and he got arrested and he still being held without bond and that's cause. He woke up and his wife was having sex another man in their home, now he's being charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The worst thing he's sitting in jail right now, I'm probably think in mobile puppy with that. Right now still need other guys in it in and asked bat If they are, we jellies bad, but eight hundred five
five one viable, and do you think the husband should be charged call as nails to breakfast locomotive? warning. Everybody is D, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club number, four age. Newsy reporters story about it be in charge of stab in another man explained story refugee. Yes, he woke up. His wife is having sex with another man in their home in their apartment. Any ended up stabbing him multiple times the man is still alive but Michael nail. Who did this having he's the husband is now being held without been, aggravated battery. So where asking should he be charged, I say absolutely positively not yet We would in no way around. He could have done. Something was happening to his wife. You gotta do is we will get a sexually assaulted? Ah, he could a woke up size. Why does she begged them in a man and it could just be a great crime of passion temporarily his vanity? I will see what he did wrong. Channel air was gone albert. It is now
and no, I don't think he should be charged that all know, that's what he should have just came outside my I thought my wife was being hot. You're. Not a mayor had a situation like that when a warrant in action same angle, Saranac as we could but I was our way together, but I was working at airship achieved. Only ship adjutant must make relations. I came home and she was right. The other man, the guy was up in bed at all, Hell broke loose what did you do, sir? I need the details, you know, that's crazy were in the world. You know. Cops was clog, the cops came and one for me to decide if it isn't that work should have killed me oh, like guys, think about his thought about alike. Like all my life I mean are now would be the case, but I was delighted with the jail, but you know what I'm saying
No, I don't think you should be charged, but he should. It is very mild, set up my wife, a rat race mocha, I will add to all you guys that be doing stuff like this man. If you noted this woman gotta, may you know and you know it is heard house you get. Whenever you deserve you, you got, no man thousand were absolutely Robert was, nay, rabbit was going on in that area, We do a good man like you did the gas we charge rabbit figures to be charged man I mean he's just lucky that they didn't do anything served, but he was furnished with a guy. Like often you plainly does respect somebody like back up. I believe it cease? Their crazy is, is very disrespectfully, like I said you wake up and you see tat happen in what are you going to do like you cheated seat? as usual, be changed at all. You may now be uneasy. These other means how this man of the woman is telling you tat, you know, got a man always sector. Them five eleven Timberline. They heard rubber alone.
This agency. Good eating the Gaza, because now I don't think you should be charged personally. Women play in up with another man, no wonder about bed room there. She is wrong and if you Waking up out of your sleep to find that it could have been anything going on in that room and he was just trying to protect his wife. Also. I also want to know what has been a. Why wouldn't leave them in the same room? He happy she got a slit out. If I want you to get me problems in a master when I'm telling you know how many Roma, maybe she was on a couch, look at them, They only got the geology stood. Probably pull. Look at demand. The man on the border between that, and that is made a deal with the period now, I would beg you vehicle beg you where I was. Well that historic as the moral of the story is God, damn don't be stupid, come on man why we argue big, better, more both sides if you're the man there is no way in hell? You go
were to a woman's house that you know within a relationship and live with her man and demand there. If I heard was exciting, seems just be quite literally me, why did you ever think to do something like that? Now it is, man is dead and buried. There may what died there blow. It have been on that woman's ain't, but I think maybe they fiends some, we gotta be something else to do. Look like mathematics didn't want to say that it made only low fiendish, Wanna Profile didn't want to stare out. I want to say- and I can see the Methodist face to say, is to forge knowing about it is aimed at creating a hotel. You know given but we didn't see to teach our I only got room was unaware YE, yes, Amanda salesmen, see within the breakfast club. You tell us about a guy that she was about to talk to one instagram, and then she got
has that that he was a nasty low per, but are you who it is all right, we'll get it makes people like? Mr Brok was broken water another one of you could get. No you wanna, making making nagging I wanna be a baby. Is Asia baby spend as much as I can gain from a de facto isn't a brown? Then again I just can't beer you little whenever he and his wife does. When our tag
you know, he's got a bag.
Getting it investigated Caesar s next thing, I'd like to think the aid gets down is another little rack down is another matter which is the key issue at a black as if I'm he says, the answer is tat. When I was your facilitating, God he's gone crazy, burned out clear to me and I could get it cannot allow falcons. Somebody, like you, feel like you're, trying to apply a guy. Like you saved, you may be driven pusher baby carrying water Bobby Peru, Shea baby slaughter, like I'm crazy, why you got it all safety by way of a polish around that just now that you want to which are less well I'll call you when I was here as well.
When, while I welcome what built up. This is more ways the wrong with you
Julia be Angelo YE and Charlemagne. The gun breakfast zone in both at the gate. When a big you mean job ass night, you Boys, Aberdeen, oppose wage, will help him eat. It was after Remy by post
the knows that we may know now has no way man. I'm back up. The legend, headed by MRS laid down by Joseph Intelligence, is too much and imposing a joke in regard to which we were pleased to always to farm or you're, no father, so Stacy Dash Mercedes, guessing gotta go made our separate those are my take on his employer grow essays, Anita Pollack, Turnus Fushien, you come and so in three of bad dreaming.
I got. My job is just where we go said the queen even make it around, and she thought it was just above all, I got out Van Adjusted goes food, but they should get oh sure you face come here to both sides.
Someone said she's in love a while back your high school. I used to be over double idea. Happily, ever thirteen hours out like a life like a light, slept like night, every city manage got double bedroom. Men are still task, was a man of great done a maiden bright eyes of price. You did nothing. Nice beggars. Jesus Christ checks over stripes, that's what we like smugglers debt. When I swear
shot dead equity, like all shakes cedar, says that a wet with black Lizzie Valley Circle back to lock, Izzie Ways. No one came season level, while beggar hostile, I use the budgets at a desk, be oh, it doubles the my idea we have, as their data was the latter having out like a like life. I got live like a light like a life, I got, a pastor, doesn't listen and taxing guys, like you, dare I say you noticed disguise possess backward job back on data, not no right. This morning everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast club that we get more updates wonders whether these calls goes. I'm getting more,
we'll call that schools closing at eleven a m. I was dismayed, communiques school, where is animal a busy. Even an area and the EU and Japan. That was a law that was so that is like eight minutes ago. You never know opinion turn into one. She had told you know right, leaves gotta media for managerial forecast and changed the world Hello though sprinkle sprinkle with low, more debris, lobbies bees like that's what it is, and that is what it is That is the power you, the black in room is coming up. This happens, but since either the rumours and she's pain we don't know what's going on in a room, is I don't know you, but it doesn't matter its rumours and it almost like you like. Good gossip, maybe like some good gossip, keep lack the gossips coming up. I think Michael Rapporteur poligized meat meal, so We have audio of that. So we'll get that our necks and don't move Mr Breakfast Club, hopefully you be backhoe fleeting.
Stuck in a tall it. Maybe she fell in the females fall into doll. It did happen, You have three FEMA than you have any of them ever found the toilet alive, ass, a wife you have two daughters, have they need and have three daughters, airy doctors have any item ever found that all maybe a little worth guidest preface locomotive alright morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela ye you baggy, I'm back. Ok, call for you to know you. You know it. You guys we're talking to my side turn a volume down. I hear you forget you the states a room with a sword, Lebron James, the
This is the route towards annually on the breakfast club. Where add something else Lebron James is Erasmus is now in an hour and he's gonna be entering to change. Is next album rap or go to delete? So congratulations to the two of them should be pretty interesting now to change posts. It has been quite the journey to get here all night studio sessions, reflecting an opening, on these record or, as I call it therapy this is my each one teach one body of work. I want to celebrate black excellent rap back black excellence wrapper go to the league, the album Aigner by Lebrun March, some another move load touched it out, but I mean it's not like it's gonna make me for Russia, get down me the anymore, faster than I would have liked to jays already, unless you with in Lebanon as he's pretty upon his music all the time you dance on everything, so it could be pretty doubt because he is clearly a fan as well. I Irena,
Lee Harvey is saying that he misspoke door. His moaning interview now, if you guys remember Was the original debate before the money game is called the integrity gang and we ve lost the integrity weren't about the money more and women? If I remember, if you lot children crumble, my grandchildren crumble, I can not, for the sake of my integrity, stand up here and everybody is counting on the council. So I can make a statement there ways to win the war in a different way. I say my only regret in the whole thing was amiss spoke in the heat of the discussion. I use the word integrity when really I was about the method in which he was going about things, and that's the only thing I just want my young fans, the ones you look up to me who can get me a role model and everything to know that I miss used the word integrity in the wrong, I don't know who you or you can't have integrity and make money, and you don't have to choose one or would not at all. I mean
that a deafening sounded like he was trying to say for the sake of your integrity? You, you know, got it. I for money so glad you clear that up I write when Amanda Seals was on the breakfast club. She told the story about a guy that she had met on social media who she was really accept its habit. Conversations with she didn't tell us. We was, but he did say that she did some investigating and found some things out check it out. I was telling my right hand hunger about it ass. She was like, I think, I'll it up my girl. She sank song girl. She said that when she daddy, hotel room so that they can meet two then go eat dinner. He opened the door, but as negative woe and I tasted him. Let me just tell you something you could be all the road scholars and you,
have all describes, but when you are opening the door but ass naked to women who have not encourage their behavior, it makes you know better and jacket is on the to train the Harlem that the predatory behaviour well. She has since revealed who that person is Now he is a former Tennessee Titans, and if Thou player and he's a neurosurgeon, his name is a minor role, and allegedly he is the person that several women have come forward about. Two. Here's what you had to say when I spoke about him on birth is lab. I didn't say his name. I literally just a couple like characteristics about him and It has been shocking how many women they knew exactly was and that he had been increased Lee Problematic Son has said, could have gotten him fired you are approached by Myron own role. You should just be mindful. I dont have empirical proof but I have had enough women come forward, saying that he was
incredibly inappropriate with them. That I feel it would be inappropriate at me. Do not put the word out there so that is the person this. He is saying ass. She was discussing when she came to the breakfast club with our government, a bird bearded vision, I'm sure he commented on any of this. I you know these are allegations. Let the we have social media yeah. That's they met. Remember they were his ears to Graham, and today is goin crazy. This morning he doesn't know why yet wanted to do a search and see what's happening. I have noticed that my business Lovely London I right now we reported this Terry. Michael wrap up we're going in and make mill for whatever reason he said, meek, male great story, great, look, trash, wrappers, sorry, you make three hundred songs. Bible will be o K. Macneil had a chance to prove with a dope wrapper and then came Drake. That was a moment to stand tall as a wrapper like us, Grace dairy gray, look probably gonna do some positive staff. None of that means you're a dope em,
see, and he goes on to continue so terrified me. My eyes I am being aware of this and make me a response, a micro rapporteur, don't ever use the word trash when you speak on nothing from our culture. Unless you, China, get tress number two who gave you authorization to be speaking on us number He wants. You tried to no less am I saying you, you wanted a selfie be great, though, on the net, and then he posted this selfie that my co rapporteur took with him now. Michael RAP report has been spoken to sway, and this is not an apology, but here's what he said. I should not have used the word, absolutely not a trash wrap. It was. It wasn't the wider world and I would like to take the word back on current. I'm all should mind my hip hop opinion, but it is not That is not true and if not read the boy stupid, it was a stupid word to use. Furthermore, social media be humble, and now a lot of people to people we rarely gun holiday opinions and how they get their backlash and how they get there
where they want to switch up. There was never a reason for Michael Rapporteur, say Macmillan Tran added if you listen to help in any way shape or form an amazing that, rather than as an egg that it be speaking on his hat, there's no body in the history of life we have said meat meal is trash. If you listen to ram music, you know mingled match even When I go back and forth, you never sent me a tragic one thing: meat, milk and newest rap his ass, and can you believe it? I went back and forth. Mcmurphy didn't feel like he was waiting for me is a rapidly as rapporteur. Ok, I right now came cried ass, yet has spoken up That is because of fashion Nova, nappy guy. Because I don't love you I'm sure you outside just ass. She actually war. So the highway beauty, There was tearing Mugabe dress and the vote. Next day there was a version of their dress, unfashionable website it was a knock off version Jerry, Mugridge Dress and Kim Kardashian got upset about. It She went on social media and set its devastating to see these fashion companies rip off designer
I have taken the blood, sweat and tears of true designers who have put their off into their own original ideas. I watched these companies profit off. My has the work for years and now there is also a designers who have been so generous gimme access to their beautiful works. I can no longer sit silent, two days ago. I was privileged enough to wear one of a kind, Finster Vinci's mogul address and a lesson twenty four hours. It was knocked off and thrown up on a site, but it's not for sale. You have to sign up for a weightless because address has indeed been made to sell. Yet this is way to get people to sign up for their willingness to make people believe there is some kind of relationship between me and his fashion site. There isn't that says he goes on to talk about how upset and devastated she is because of her Patients hit with designers that are very important to have. It goes down nobody order into fashion overdressed national action on anybody. That knows passion knows that's never going to that. Somebody design, something and then they may have arisen for people I can afford to buy. Their version of it was pointed out are now to have.
You would have said Polly. Maybe gonna pay out like any, was also involved in that, because how did they managed to do so quickly, but are they did? Was posted and it's not even available yet some sure they just did a design that they plan to sell. But it's not like it's available now organ bills, Mozilla that address, go sky, skyrocket, more you, anybody thy Vashon other! Let me get actually get. Would actually you know, but nobody gonna go to the site and she was talking about and they fly and fly. Invite. So thank you now these name brands has in the past this been going on away before Kim Kardashian. So I write well Angela YE, and that's your rumour report, all right. Thank you. Miss ye now shut up. My yes we given it down, continue to keep it in the car, dashing and family. Why don't we? We need trust in Thomson. Come to the front of the congregation we like to have a little
low were with him. I'm SAM puzzling does want to keep all our brothers. I did it. I mean faithful black men did want to keep us focus this morning, don't be distracted. I will get to that next people access to breakfast locomotion, a breakfast club your morning. So now would be to say. Thank you don't do that knowledge is man to imply was made available. Charlemagne determining I've got to make a judgment of the court, was gonna, be on the dot. The other day paid shows you, the breakfast club. It's used argue the day to day, faithful, blackmailed, link up all right. Don't you did they? Would they twenty of gold to Cleveland Cavaliers on Christian Thompson House. Very important to note that we don't.
Of these allegations about trust in Thomson a true, but this is twenty nineteen facts. Don't matter right. Nobody cares, but the truth. If the lies more entertaining and based off trysting history, whatever they said, he did, he did it now, Sometimes, when is Khloe Dashings Baby Father, they are an item back in October, twenty seventeen. And was caught on video at go lounge in Washington DC, where he motor boat in a woman and was caught feeling up on it. The chief planes to people Motor bonus motor bone is when you take your lives, and you put him between a girl bressani address. He was also called feeling up one another chick while Coy was pregnant and just before she delivered. He was seen on video going into New York City hotel would yet another woman, it wasn't your guess, it was less just in time, as a prime example of how you can be too tall. I write tc. Ok studies show people over sixty five make the worst cheaters.
Because they are too easy to spot. I no matter where you go weakens EU are people who are close to the ground, Betty cheaters they can slip in and out of place is quicker. You don't get it. I easily when they're out and sadly, when you are you six nine black man everywhere you go people staring at you wondering what team you play for. So I have no idea why Tristan Thompson with engaging in all these pity. I, if you know no pity I is thus public displays of infidelity. Now clawing car dashing interest in Thompson, have broken up according to Tm Zita reason they are broken up because once again in Thompson, has been caught engaging in pity. I naturally you there it. Yes, I am Anita, correct me if I'm wrong when you start, because the rumours are your thing right now? Cried me if I'm wrong sources say Tristan Thompson was caught making out with a woman, and he had a rope around his neck could have.
Very hoodie, wouldn't do sought it. We are sure, yet we are waiting for more information. I think you're confusing a bunch of different stories together all laws at a woman, allegedly written, yell, cheating and word at Tristan DIN through bleach on him and said this is cheater country. Neither give murky none of that abbot. Now, that's not to start no Kay, will have go to Jason. We evaluate unlocked with report fairly there's last speculation arise go backwards, and why would you do that? There's no true that a true it is sure you know why, because one of my riders was their interesting. You took everybody's phone, but you let them stay. Jordan came in y'all was smoking hookah. She was all up in your lap. You was all over her touchy feely and you let the girl spend the night till seven in the morning now that happen. That's a fact he's a crazy boy just gave me a headache give me my anxiety act up. I don't missed the days of being a dumb ass, cheat NASS negro at all
I promise you, my brother's, being a member of the faithful blackmail. Community is so peaceful, a right which we gotta be got gotta, be patient with the young brother Tristan. Get it. We know Sudanese a young man twenty seven years old, but bread you're, the one in three things, one, the dumbest. Nine cedar and Olive America, I told you that you are to vertically blessed to cheat my brother there's nowhere. You can go publicly that we can't see you if it's not that into. You are the most disrespectful man in all of America, because it's all purpose of cheating back in the day was to not get caught, because it's not the cheating that get you in trouble. If you get in car what's girl doesn't know, won't hurt our mentality. If a tree ball in the bar is in no one is day to see, Did it really fall? The answer is yes, and when that time, Last year we have two eggs too two. I the nose a mouth NBA contract Anna. Miss Baby mother. Everybody sees when that tree falls. We are literally watching that tree fall again. Trysting do
you chair, because, as the third thing, you must not give a damn. Ok, you must just want to be a baby daddy? If you are tired of keeping up with the car, Daphne and I understand, if you are trying to get out, we get it. We sought a movie. Because I can't be the only logical explanation if you are at that place in your life. You are at that place in your relationships where you are cheating with the best friend of your baby Mama's system. It is really time the dead, the whole relationship, because you clearly don't care. I read you moving like you got nothing to lose our aid. There is no sense of urgency and your infidelity you plan, like you, employee relationship, is fourteen in the eastern conference. Aren't you Claudia nodded championship team. There is no hope. Will you make him to play off, and now you just want a tank to get a new draft pink trysting just ass to be released, eight coy, will gladly wave you. She did yesterday from what we read and then you can go beer free agent in court. Several different teams until you find one
want to make a long term commitment to I'm interest in loves, Chloe sure he loves these job, but one thing I have learned from my mistakes in life there Fidelity does not come from a lack of love. It comes from a lack of respect. Right and usually I respect this self respect and if his no respect is nor relationship because loyalty and respect are not, up grades in a relationship. They are a requirement. Please let Remy Mug of tourists and Thompson the biggest here. He ha ha you stupid, mother, you, dumb The wagons he'll see in front of a whole bunch of people in think this, because no one has their phones and never happen. The brightest is true or not nuclear bombs Weekly was real, help abnormally point the air they show called the breakfast club Monday to Friday, examine any em. They say that everything steady. A great concepts earlier that night wandering they rather Jake Concert together in this Jordan was hanging all over him short, yes or no,
in him all over each other in and they went back to the House irrational My colleague Jan, is best, for that was our best ran to lose. Took him. Yes, he does yea. Do because I gotta pick a your sister, the shadow you best friends I have mentioned. I would never do that. Your best women never put you in opposition all on. Oh, is made a member to favour blackmail. Community is such a nice. Nice nice situated around is always cut Overhear Riffraff Ottawa Community ride. I have a direct line to the police Babo and also my just a code. Is it's either knock odors back in his chair and our code is that all right, ok My life is amazing. Around eight or nine crazy does show that I do not have eight or nine credit score. Until I thought of me, favorite among one or two years in five months of faith in this and other aid,
greatest go when I was she now them six hundred slightly. Can we give you a man polices, letting you know, lady deposed MOB, Michael's gulf? We gotta believe you also have to me. The export of Serbia is a uniform, sadly, no right. What pigafetta docketed day of next ask IE eight hundred five five one o five. What have you any relationship? Advice of any type of advice call ye right now for learns a wide open to help you you, you and you which problems not just in no. You can help me get out and he just can't help it that help himself. S right is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club. Morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club, it's time for ask
as you go morning oh morning until I e g I supposed to do you remember. I called you actually a few weeks ago and I thought you knew my phone there broke out, but I didn't know how to be good mom, I'm whatever show now we they break up. Yes, but I found out that he actually got top dollar by a man but we were still like you know. And I'm just I didn't, confront him about it, because I don't even know how to handle anything. I would rather, he did that with female, and I can get past it, but now, it's ok with him seated, depending on its a man and a woman will gather, though bastard pain, but we rebuilt mass by now find out. He got a job. I manage to find that out. You define at all about asylum,
I love you ye. They call my phone We have found a guile yeah, but it was a tragedy. I was its management at home he sent me a video. Like all your may alike lab, but, unlike ok, oh man couldn't be confirm about it. Just ask him little boys like so where were you on this day or are you gay? Would you That's, not a man of great value, never admit it. How do I humming about two other, even a low pay. I don't know if you need him to admit anything. You already know what it is so is not a matter of you trying to trap him into something. I think in a situation like this. The best thing who is bay, direct and honest, which has now been with you, but I think if you say something- and you have the evidence to show that- and you want to confront him about it- you're not with him not only back together with him. I know. Ok, though I think
now, if you want to tell him leg, I just want to let you know that this came across. You know my phone and I it is present, and I saw the video Samuel what it is that you ve been doing the tube in cheating I'm just put it out this are you know when they are ready to talk about it and discarded, I'm ready to listen but you're, not going. With him anyway, but you guys have a kids together I saw you, you have to think about how to cope here is that there is in some way you have to be able to communicate with each other. And be at least honest with each other about things The fact that I don't even know, if he's been giveaway transport people, whatever our whole relations, how do I know that? Well, you know I don't even don't even worry about what he's been doing. This you're, not gonna, be with him is over. Theatre. He's a liar he's, not honest, you can You know what I do know that these sectors over anyway, but you do have to figure out how you guys confronting together and I'm sure, there's
Is that he's dealing with himself that he doesn't know how to handle or how to be honest about it, You know that anything. They know what I mean. You know there is a great father. What are you? That's not so that's not your ran video of a noose around his neck. There was there and I'm sorry marmalade, go get trusted, though, If you just go. Definitely, ok! Maybe I went up any cheating goes down. You don't hear anything, I'm ready to go there and you get tested right. Ok, thanks I write Abram underscored, we edge ok, I guess we know what you bear deadline. We a We are right to be genuinely notably Jake. We engage Volvo eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship, advice or any type of advice to the now with the breakfast club come on,
morning everybody is D, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne occur. We are the breakfast club, we're in the middle of ask ye, allows this red garlic, Gomorrah may may Sabrina wish of question for you. My question for years. I should make this step. Or in allowing our boyfriends and take charge of all the responsibility. Right now in my work in the parish of Job- and he gave me the option to stop workaday focused solely on school I'm kind of nervous about making a stab, because I have always been the one made apparent. Oh my myself, and I'm afraid to make Dost thou be go about. Although him do, you know bill differently about the situation or feel overwhelmed changes. I down the road and I are below looking stupid, he's, a brain areas, we're our youth, we're so used to be
independent a handle in our own businesses hard for us to rely on somebody. Even if that person is somebody who we love and we want to invest in a future with now, would you do it for him, if you had the option gap at bay, I bade a poem, you just graduated from law, school and he's he's price index. In the lobby at least thou. He ain't. You know our making a really really big checks years, though, I've done their bore him. You know why you want to go. He was working hours, long working, you know, so I want to live under a you, honey, a man with it, he won't do it and let me tell you that the worst case scenario- let's just say things I work out right, but german, and you once Cosette, schoolyard job that should do. It is not something that you you want to keep doing right. That's right! Ok, so, except the help from whether they cares about who loves. You should not be too hard for us to accept help worst case scenario, no, we're gonna! Now you gotta go, get a job and pick back up where you left off. But if you're able to focus on school and have less stress,
because you know that he's investing in your future in your investing in your future is not like you saying, I'm a take care you and you're not doing anything ochre. Oh, you know also accept that. That's I think there s a thing and be appreciative I am very appreciative of whom I am a yes. Yes, I feared Have you no good, like our things, people wake up the lender bring me every day and I don't want him. The wake up one day felt like it for him level, been analyzed you're, smart woman. You are able to get. Other job every necessary so of things. Don't work out, you're not gonna, be stuck. Ok, no accept my baby when fellow the time, but I'm just hard it. That's all This measure want to help you, I think, does dough due to our appreciated your gave me my fire unawares thereof, him leaning towards thereby I just wanted to hear a woman who, always speaking the truth I wanted to hear the truth from a woman who make use of land. I appreciate you and accept that lesson
you deserve it. You weren't there he loves you. He must invest in the future. You have to be able to. Trust each other and lean on each other. Just like he leaned on you. Now is your turn to lean on him. You why you right! Thank you. So much I rang arriving a murmur asking. Eight hundred five hundred five one, five, five. What if fifty one relationship you you relationship, hear ye right now we got rooms now away you. Yes, I talk about leaving Neverland. They have put out the trailer for that HBO documentary that is coming and we have. For you know right we'll get internet legs keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive landfills warning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the brandish clubs do. I would be a great Stds on Jesus. Can I give you my guard when, until I can get people to go to the doktor and get checked out Well, I'm applies only to make haste. Painters gonna make you think about it. Let's get general is this Jesse, smaller,
feeling that this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, where there was a tab there, Jesse smile, it was actually seen in his apartment building with Two brothers. There were later a resident released from the police custody in this whole probe, but they are saying that was actually nothing. That's not true, so they did investigate that's hip and find out there that never happened. So we stood on no going on, but we do know that Jesse smile, it has hired a lawyer, criminal defence attorney might Gara goes just in case. You will do I was confused, they find the two large areas by a whole waste or buying a rope. Was that true or therefore grant was real alone? More listen! That's what they're saying that they did go to this or by thy rope in my hearing, all kinds of things as smaller paid them. Thirty five. Dollar or do you did he say he got beat up by two white guys, judges to
Almaden Country, he said that the guys were pale. He said he's not going to say that they're white anymore cuz, he said he said they were upheld they just had a head son, but he wore Nigeria. No, I don't know. I don't know I just know that Nigeria's at a new phase of domestic terrorism in america- ok, that's all I know I don't know just and Samson he's dead, finding himself, just like Jesse smile, it is doing because, according to reports, they are saying that, according as their Chloe actually asked twisted. What was going on with you enjoyed, and I heard you guys are making out, and he did admit that it was true, so she confronted him about it and according to as weekly, he did say ass, they did happen or using ratifies door. Josie story was more fire knows any just couldn't think we're going to eat your most guys boots. But I guess he was just like,
Then I knew when you young, no good. I mean a day to day. You know that women have the accepted as she doesn't. Even if she accepts it, then you know your keep moving. You try to do better next time, but have not used. We had it worth their while we have to cut off We note the as yet. Oh family acid, to unfollow. A family, overhauls, Jason, actually disabled comments and then join. It still is getting comments unless you just Jesse disabled them recently so they're going in on her. Right now, HBO has released they're, leaving Neverland trailer and their primary date. If you guys are going to watch them. Having Neverland documentary about Michael Jackson, which focuses on two men who said that they were sex. The abuse when they were boys by Michael Jackson, the document who did that Many will premiere on. Third and fourth, and here is a snippet before you-
there is no thoughts of this is wrong or anything like that told me if ever found out what we were doing. He and I would go to jail for the rest of my life. I want to be able to speak the truth. Ass loud ass, I had to speak the lie for so long so TAT S. What is our given? Nobody says if you need to start back like did with some type of public service, because this isn't about alleged This is about ratings. I have had just ask me verbatim: what celebrity can we get to do? A surviving are kept style documentary these networks, Don Quixote, does want to be talked about the internet when especial everybody goes beyond social media area. It won't be wise in some people will be our rays on people won't be shot either way to win in his wagon unethical to people and adopted under. Oh, my God did nothing to them. While they were mean anything when exactly family did issue a statement, they said the creators of this found were not interested in the truth. They never interviewed a single, solitary
so, who knew Michael accept the two perjurers and their families. That is not journalism, and it's not fair. Yet the media are perpetuating these story revile rating visible numbers, though don't don't think this is about anything out. In trying to get all Ya'Ll attending the two nights, their desires, as always allow what he will do. Elvis tone go, do Elvis Elvis LISA Marie Breathless with forty and even the Tories preying on teenage girls. He won't do elves David S. Next, russian. How did you know there's a new mobile rebellion wrapped up. I guess what, when a little when wiped them, asked me some like them. At the fourth thing, I didn't want to go to Elvis Woody Allen was the reply. Rewards the I'd know anything about. I was, of course you did acquiring like about direct iranian cougar he's gonna be doing a movie. Jesus was my homeboy documenting the demise of Fred. Hampton a real black panthers civil rights leader as Gonna focus mostly on www, ammonia with the employment and have the f B. I conspire against Fred Hampton, so it's gonna explained why the ages. He felt the need to improve
made the black Panther Party, they said that Daniel Clia and look keeps damp other also going are in fox to appear in that movie as well as can be fired, rank lose from England and black. These were heavy and ogling personally, be no them in and out ass qualify now at Hampton was deeds I'm in the Black Panthers Illinois chapter and he was only twenty one years old when he was murdered by the F B. I only of all rights could learn his works for shadow to blackmail, the cynical about an inch or some suffered some give gives. Last we go to block the news I pay for social strata. Not for its hands in a new review. Of course now, but I will say it adds a new baby. I know I've. It's a pain in order so early because he got hit in the face with a baseball hours, allows its name when the audience to not do any of the beach balls on stage and then after that happen, of course he got hit. Faced with deeds, but allow realise that a problem, don't people Toby's Balikh idea. Yes,
Yes that's what they do they do and then, when you remove, when you tell people not to do it, of course, they gonna do it, but it was a big boys awaiting this has evolved. The other issue that did rather badly on the bed and how do you not see the baseball come into it? Don't matter on Monday, I barely. Why are you here among us before? We want to see me because I got pay all I'm asking if we are to be just a low nice to me. I write like our rules that are most in need. Let me in favour big Black Alaska Data. The free movement of raising all right or video. You know what to do my any only for farm for like thirty minutes but again in other short and said that they said, with a learning ex experience for the young audience members who don't listen, I told you don't abbeys bananas days, I'm out of here I do know that learning academical, they go to be ready to see the next person have to deepen our telescope whereby, because the state AIDS, now who have lost their points of view, and no baby was dead and you know blooming
that's Deanna. He was discharged possession of a fully loaded unregistered hand going from over an arrest on February. First answer Apparently that is a felony and carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison. Where was it this isn't it your daughter, I write Angela yea, and that is your room? A report allows only possessing people get arrested for goods and illegal to do for day. Does it all the time lily? So am I? It was nice to see him in first class hanging a rear, our right of media, Our vote will see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else to people's choice mixes up next, its request in the breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning. So never beat us saying boarding body. Is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy? We are the breakfast club is black, his remodel be door was a may. We have to pay homage to delay great through Scott, store was a man what the culture of hypocrisy, ESPN, sports commentator and at the twenty fourteen S busy gave a very
empowering speech, was taken up the breakfast club presented a new black his three month, legend you'd die. That does not mean that you'd lose cancer. You beat cancer. Why? How you live, why you live the manner in which you so live, live fight like hell and when you get too tired to fight and lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you, that's also very, very important. I can't do this, don't give up thing all by myself. I just got out of the hospital this past Friday, seven days, state manner, crashed at liver, complications at kidney failure or surgeries and span seven days as of Sunday. I didn't even know if I make it here. I couldn't find good. God cares and nurses, good people, and I love my friends and family naked by the people that I love
last week what they always do. We visited talk to me, listen to me, they sat silent, sometimes they love and that with another new black his three month. Imagine courtesy at Breakfast club arrest in peace. May I briefly to a man who has got sounded like you almost began to you from the I those weaken our main rapporteur, clues wives, to guide them all right. We come back. We got deposit No don't move. Is the breakfast club warning everybody? Is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne again we are the breakfast club. Pay. Now is tat, positive note Eu Bc. Found their say afraid we use every he. Amis emphasis go right now so after guys in on what we have gone on our here. But I don't know if I can yet okey Dokey when he was on a positive note
the man on the positive note assembly that you know if you got. My new book shook one anxiety playing tricks on me and you know I like to talk about positive affirmations. A lot I feel like positive affirmation, keep you in a mentally healthy space fighter tell you today to tell yourself a few positive affirmations like today will be a good day. Everything will be ok. I am against All of my life and feelings. I have people tat. Love me, I have a lot to be grateful for tomorrow will be better if you have been a bad day to day and everything you need is Can you say that you yourself, everything I need is within me forever: this is not politically Ogden allow this ran, and you were listening to my voice, which commands trust and respect as well My part gases back and that's a win for everyone. If you're a long time, listen to the show, you probably already know the deal each week, I bring you hard hitting journalism and also light entertainment. I contain multitudes
find the wrong burgundy biogas on the Iheart, radio, app apple, pod, guess or where ever you get your pockets. My name is Sir Pearl Wells. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet. Back outside of Chicago Police station what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot drove himself to the station. Were office's, did everything they could to help him? And then there is the truth. Listen to somebody on the heart. Radio apple pie, Casper, wherever you get your party casts
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