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Janelle Monae and Jidenna Interview


Janelle Monae stops through her her artist Jidenna to discuss the Wondaland records movement, collaborating together and much more.

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We'll be boiled celebrity real. Some joint existed there morning, everyone. His DJ envy Angela Gay Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast clubs pursue guess inability would have this morning. I guess I should say You know my name butcher, Addis ethically camper. Now that ok forget Gideon, good morning. I you know I am doing is good to see you here. W Instagram Authority taken yoga. That's why they now? Yes, now, Mr Maniac Airlines at dinner, and yet from Brooklyn. If that was actually for. Maybe we also among from a lot of places. Ok, I'm not army by, but I was born in wisconsin- grew up in Nigeria. Boston California work in Atlanta by lebanese flat boys have confused look at you do what we can retain for us out of the market. I beg you. Yes, I say better
I will explain electrically because you got added the thing got at tat. It was like a curl you're ready to run for off the bed. I am what is that as a failure and your girl, you do that every morning fingers I have to live like a girl girl, absolutely amazing. Those means to amend the the look came out of study in the Jim Crow modest Lydia? I feel I we live in the new Jim Crow right now. You know the media's really catch on wind of it, but has been going on for a long time side to study how men really carried himself in an era in own formed. What we see now you ve got the pocket wife now David with hard port at off, You gotta be a certain distinctive type, a certain amount of elegance Polanco, solemnly invaluable work using the inward while you're always exactly know of the classic man ashes single vendetta class. What is the classic me?
Classic man is a man who carries himself with dignity of a certain amount of poise discretion, excellence based on a meet a lot of class that you all a class of men is where Momently England that I believe that it really is a celebration of of integrity and I'm allotted oh geez. I grew up admire and really held themselves in a certain regard, especially when I lived in a in south Central allotted them. You know they got their chests like it is, Now the way up top those men that there really inspired me. I took it as classy, but she looked somebody's Astley here. So here you not afraid a roll of use led to a couple of cars that data that boy, I'm just a bit of a man, s eyes, Ben S, husband has only recently hip hop era. We started to dress down if you were right and I just don't get as a kid.
As a kid you light as a young, and you just like that now have only now. I guess I do, but I definitely didn't I am I I have my fitted as again how much my my wooden vena Baghdad. It has had a low t shirt using that wage. It is there that we will get. You see the guides and jeez agonies panted, like almost every member, We the software that now absolutely set out in these crimes out the software you saying that another finnish inferior listener now denouncing in wonderland, recognise your own label. Yet what made you wanna thought? Only what I mean I came from did he gave me talk to the moon. Ok, look! Yes! So I'm ready to give back a lot of people. Help me get to where I am
and I've always had my import print, but we didn't have distribution and so on once I've felt like there was a void in in in having female business people who know tat when they see it able to see visionary artists and see something remarkable legit dinner. I wanted to make sure that I was the one leading the way for that were so I spent a lot of time last year. Just really humbly myself like it would be good in an artist a few other artists, and we would literally just sleep on the floor cook for each other and just right. Music have conversations about music industry about minorities, about what was going on you know into in today, and how we could help.
And as our humbled myself, I just a lot of great opportunity. Far too commonplace at home. You yourself, you feel when you thought not that's. Ok, it's just that. I have always been a humble person, but you know you just want to go back to our roots, like ok, what is I mean you know. I have a great leadership qualities, I'm in a very great place in my career, where I'm releasing the music that I want to. I have influenced what else can I do, and so I've just been excited about Wonderland records and what we're going to do? How did you do in the music industry They are dinner at a masquerade. Audibly believed it retired traveller. Nowhere for everything we can in the jam. We can go exactly know what we are all we always have our clowns now. So my cloning most definitely meet him in their Jim Crow air. But now we really met at masquerade on the West Coast, but he invited you heard too must base
yet, through my name or whatever it is it you look. A little parties now have like a thorn. I don't think about how business is all batteries. That was when I was on that we are so now I've known you did every year ogre though we met, we met at the masquerade base paint. It was crazy and we ended up just feel in our kindred spirits and understanding what our purpose was and we ve kept in contact, and when I got in a position to help him with his career, I did they have always had the wonderland collective, though, and so now doing the label women
You decide, you know to go with epic with Ellie read you guys already have a relationship will allay had had been a fan of my for a while, and I recently recently reconnecting with him an outcast show and so on. He was just really excited. He put me up on stage was like I just you know. I love you and I want to figure out what we can do together and in one hour of reached out to him and told my has something very special, very special group of of It is for him to meet instantly fell in love, offered us a decent, because you re establish that we get this guy, and I know your suit through your right hand, was now he was not playing, but he was like I'm not miss this opportunity to pass up an opportunity to be in business which no money. No, when you said you first met, will you guys attracted to each other or was it just go? Somebody it's your Mars, based you gotta points now. Do you know how I want to hear his musical no attraction? While I was performing at the party, he was ass. Ok, so what about my business then, and I'm still them
Is there now without fair? Why that's? It now know what they're saying that if it was a man who is gone now interact with each other. On this major question about listen, you dinner is nice. Looking and any woman watching this right now. I hope you can see that realize. Why did sign you but, most importantly, again, visionary artist, people who have ideas as well as vision. I think that what he's doing right now is going to be something that the music industry and hip hop industry how has not seen he has a different perspective story is very unique and the way that he tells a story lyrically as a rap, resolute You live around here. Listen disguise crazy, but I think that you can sing is welcome
Okay, I mean yeah, I mean I mean that's where the hip hop is now, though, right, it's all melodic, so I think the We are at a different phase and in hip pot, where the dolls go really did not embrace melody in the way that the new school isn't it singing now so absolutely in our walk. There lie and I've heard you refreshing music s as swiftly as usually occur reserve for fashion. Yes, what would a swing? Key me why the music is com. Swaying, swag means classy funky, and so I believe we ought to be. A sound is really the evolution. The next stage of her part violate certain rules, like I said, like a fool embrace of melody that the culture really is about going
a party dress to denies banana sweat. Not you addressed sweat, not u suit their examine. I like it. I think I am greatly thousand for some reason. Would he be considered twenty eight he's devilish ranking? I do not think out. Cas has a lot of, A lot of that sound that really made you feel that vibe, I feel, as for rail and J Z, especially when they collapse would make you feel. Ass, though, is not on that comes out of nowhere. You not deftly am respect everybody that dead, no inspired the sound and the culture now saw this hope miss others, though, by the way is agate bridge is different not like your domain before any video hd video withdraw, but did you get nervous at all because it's not like I do it's it's not! That bounds is not that that New York, you know boom baths. You know we ve known, and we knew we knew a special unit
we wrote it, I mean we wrote Jude in a real classroom and we were there when he was riding it and the rest. None of who's, also part of the production team in Rome whose another artist unwanted their workers when they were riding and we knew with special inessa. We we move on. You know we knew was remarkable. We knew that act. We hadn't heard men speaking in that way, sing and in that way, rapid in their way, and so I was excited because we were gonna, be bringing something special like a party all night, understood ass. He lay that session it where it really was aiming everybody just guy, and I mean we was fixed in special drinks, reach, where each other, we had a good time during the process of awe of writing a writing. This means working on his AP. I picture, like did ya like stand house again, I don't know I've taken it is, but we want to get to know. You said you had too humble yourself and take it back to that. You know sleeping on the floor. He has everybody there again,
Therefore, like month, where my house we were, we were, it was in wonderland and we again later, on the floor. Nobody slept in a bit, we rely, we don't take it back to the basics and it really helped our process. I wouldn't know exceed. Oh, you know, nobody was was really them's them them themselves at the world, perceive them be. We came in the wonderland we just stripped away and- and we focused focus in on the music in the ideas and really collaborating with each other and not being afraid, like. I will say this process in writing. Eephus has made me more experimental artist like I'm experimenting with new, sounds new ideas, new concepts. You know, I'm not really inspired to repeat anything that I've dying, so I'm excited for you that here there to cause you guys- and I can't even hate it better- is super private jihad is a white tunics. Tonight we did what the hell are. We agree, wouldn't go also seems to me: you know
the tunic is neither you nor is really when I was when quadruple exile, so odd. Allow ideal lack by main tunic is, is what that was trying to be, but we were Audrey and soon, except on this in the grass and wonder where right so we Dudley Field film Elite if they like who feels like you know, you gotta be eighty five and more in trying to get dressed is just like, where they sometimes we didn't bay, we just kept. We live, when I got a war within it. Then we must focus our dear. We focused on music. We were rule really sad. Look if we don't do this without a do it don't coming,
we're trying to smell hair down. No wonder why don't you never could lead one unless you want to watch out the bomb set out, but we gotta keeping their enemies. Now you ready for this aggressive been executive. Could you been artists and artists can get disgruntled like when you come and do it like this sure? I think that I've always known I could again on I've known you dinner. We have ado owning the cotton roman same beauty. These have been my friends of a really long time. They help with my projects, so it It's organic our relationship and I'm more like I'm in the music industry. I'm here. If you need any questions, answer if you have any concerns- and I just want- also say that it was inspired by dream that we had- there was a dream that we had- that we were
swim into this boat and only ocular. I worry Oliver, yet we will need the producer brought it to us and we just Kip. We kept talking about like why or water, keep coming up in our minds, and there was a dream that we had of the artist swimming and we Ross woman to this boat. And no art is no person was gonna, be left and- and this was before I talk is the year before I talk to ill airy, so we were not even thinking about a label deal, we were just say as a collective. We wanted to create more water to redefine the creative, as you know, the creative waters within the music in it and so when we got that offer with Ella it vinegar, none are now I'm skip it. Then, a year later we went to Mexico in literally had in a water experience. Were Oliver HU. There we got stung by jellyfish version. Swam. It was a mess through yes, and so the dream content happened and taught us.
You know there were people who can swim as much as others. They hadn't felt what effect it is now by jellyfish. We had put each other on our backs and, like somebody, dip dipping each other down in a water just trying to help everybody gets land because we all were freak out Maybe we can auditioning recital somebody is an idea that is out of the bag, another banned, because that one is one things and I had actually talked had up to now. The media me I mean, and I talked to him and he say you guys: don't don't mess up the by that. You guys the number of people who see You know I was such that we can do this, for you you're not doing this right, let you should leave them and you don't that's what happens in the music industry. People want a divide, and those experience has taught us that we have to. We came here together. We gotta stick together. When you see your brother or sister. Our message, or or just out, not remembering what? What we're doing this war is up to you, Put him on your back and taken the link dominant amateur. I love you. Did it you get to save money. Go you out an expensive habitable.
Let sneakers give you, expansion, watches daylight, ass, an expensive. Have you Harold Very well, I beg you now. You know that it looks a lot more expensive than it is the style developed from thrift, shops and thrifting. I couldn't keep up with the Trans everybody spending sixty seven dollars on t shirts nowadays, so I was like I can't. Let me do something else go to thrift if you see a suit by that suffered five ten dollars and I d go of state a state in New York. Now here nowadays, but Buffalo Iago up age gotTA, Canada began. That's who, in a new you really spent money on the on the local tailors. You know a low mom and pop shop and all of a sudden, you ve only spam by fifty dollars, and you have you seven so, it looks a lot a lot more expensive than it is all the suits the the majority. This is that our, where were designed and stuff
by whip, a wily whose all my team, in a lot of the the pocket squares in the ties, redesign like Terry. So it's it's! It's predominate, how are you decided? I am a co design, I'm not a style of study, but I asked TAT now. Is it true that you have a slogan coming dryly wit, almost is come dry and leave were. Why put the pressure to sell low expectations on your pc array, where we have soiree is that we know we host in in though at those Suarez we have women come in and back was dressed as we are. Men come in and niggers and they come dress the demands and they come dry. But we want to make sure you swift generation legacy, and I know where you up using three. I am aware of your mind. You know is all about, Argento
you're really let loose. Wonderland. That's why I'm that one only records, because one who has not afraid to let loose you know you got a party or by for like to say that last hat and they violating its negative. Is is, and we we don't. We don't know what it's like. I listen my sister, the time of the eighties, the seventies, my mom time. While the sixties, everybody used a really actually cut loose. So that's what come dryly whip me. Will you cited the call to too expensive fungal detours outlined a figure lemon four eggs were dead. Where I write exactly now in a video new videotapes, seen we're Kobza harassing arrested on a young african River and you guys woke up what does that represent. I represent, was gone on and has been going on in New York City and use that the cap we started talking to the Cardona Wrath Ass, a man is going back
I don't think it ended bad. I hope it didn't know that in the video it hasn't ended badly badly in my life you know I've often found friends on the on the police force. Do you know the the the officer that I think really represent that job to the fullest? I do think it's a very noble and honorable profession. If done righteously right now. The thing they issue will have an hour days is just that the institution has been militarized may so that we feel that we're occupy nominees Flatbush, I'm here and the Red Sox And when I, in when I M Palestine I'm feeling you know you it's it's designed to scare. You think that African Americans, young african Americans, should dress differently. You know, because you know what I'm looking at the video I'm looking at the guy in the beer. He has a hood in jeans, baggy and you know, and then I look at you walk up. You feel that we should dress more respectful and it look a little better.
As young African over got me, I've been taking you say, or simply because you Addison there's a lot of things you can get away with when you were a suit, but I things that everybody should dress and suits. I think you should dress how you feel comfortable. You know it's, it's it's better to walk and carry yourself and whatever makes you feel comfortable for me and suit suits me further young latina of african american boy. In the video and for the ones that have actually work with in New York and other cities? They aware what they want, but people. You should be aware that people go to sea, Do you say way, but and in no way shape or form? I think a classic man has to dress in a three piece suit. It is much more important that you, you carry yourself, so you go where a bee neck and genes in Thames Anna, fitting Yankee CAP and Europe.
Classic me, you go where a mechanic outfit and- and you can still be a classic man- has nothing to do with the the price of your garment as everything to do with your character that do you do you do yoga. Would you know, do you know she's Tommy, some new moves trip,
As we all know is the doubt made a very good because what about me, I have been in the original as those aloof or that the last year ago I really got into it. It was one of the rituals we do when we were working on issues workin on the compilation and we will get up some of us. We would lead it added really know anything. I started to do big room yoga in Vienna or big room. Have you wanna pronouncing, but I started to do that in the recently when we were doing the project again, I started just experiment with different ways to be balanced and so Gilda does balance me alive and I saw it is binding and never breaking its largest cannot plotted to my life. I love Ingram Yoga, but you ve got a shower before you do so. Does it she's trying to keep the vaccinated? Do as you do you say that you set a snake you in your ear now with somebody else,
I don't have the people in Aramis shower like this early in the morning, the roll out of bed and they may have made the whole room smell, yes, Arab, as of now there before, but I have to get what I need. I came you learn about them. Thinking I gotta get mouthpiece laser. You little piece of my balance, you see, look I'll be home would like what what what? What? What did you feel like you needed to change? I just felt like I was retained your little me now. I wouldn't say that, just as a person you know, evolution is important, mean evolving and if I'm now learning from our mistakes or too much in my head, you know if I'm trying to be a leader and trotted leaves a mighty. How can I led when I'm I'm not balance? You know, and I cannot think were not an issue that I have. I have these late.
Good qualities, I'm surrounded around puff and you know I have the support of l, a red and you know the support of um. You know melody Hopson, whose in investment in an amazing, invest in black woman, and I have the support of all these people. I met George Lucas Thin Steven Spielberg and it's like ok, I'm a young black girl from Kansas. I have a clear big opportunity to move forward and to develop my business and be just as great as these people you not come from. My grandmother was sharecropper in Aberdeen, Mississippi
So I come from a line of women who have worked hard and built nothing out of something. So I knew that there was something I can do so why not, when I got the opportunity to get this label in and to lead in the way that I needed to. I knew that I need to get my mama right for real, like I wanted to make sure that when I'm feelin low and I need to be more balanced, I have to figure out ways of how to deal with it because you can get lost in the music industry Europe. Man is to find a balanced cookie heels, go my here hills and go home. I wish it was the simple. No, I do. I I was just how Mamma Mamma and I had opportunity to buy her first car sought out was like a huge thing for me lad. Then get a privilege ass, weak. Now,
I got our Bmw, no carry the saved up, and I was like couple shells and I'm give up on a couple of shows you could save up. I would think it now. I've seen you performed several times is always been inexperience and you talk about evolving and not wanting to do what you dumpy Abbe. So, what's gonna happen now with the lives, so what's gonna be different about act? That is always been amazing. People always discussing clean. Thank you. They will see like I'm, I'm I'm excited with his project. They were putting out. And it's gonna be great for the summer time. My contribution again is like I'm just innocent ex a space where, if you know my music, I experiment with so many different sounds, and when I looked to some of my heroes, like Michael Jackson, Prince you know even Madonna, they never repeat it themselves and they always figured out new ways to shock in and to reinvent themselves.
So that's what I'm gonna do we have a sound together call yoga S is Jan and gravity of law is so jam and people are not going to be able to act. Yeah yeah, we see. How can we like oh my god, I'm not gonna, give too much away. Would just no with I'm not yoga. Just now about over right. You know apart party part, ponder part pot party or a pond got you appear yeah it's and you just have to listen to it. I just want out. I want you guys to two jammed with first, and hopefully you find some things in their can can help me find you from any signs of people after we gonna marry previous over me. Those if you work
due to take pictures and recreate death. A large wedding photo I haven't been now have been asked, and in that's my friend I was a beautiful wedding like those two Alan has directed a lot of my videos, and you also launches is, is a friend is well, and so too even be there. I was,
I was the quivering already already dvd closet where any made a cameo, so us all family, you know when we get together. We try to make sure that would create more opportunities for a letter. Legendary artists have embraced. Who is well. That's you look to move as impressed you the most that you then I got my god. I can't believe didn't earlier, is in no Monet fan wow who we were gonna out. I don't I mean again for me: Stevie wandered, you know to do their tribute when we did nothing as a few days after Grammy's. That was then why, when he, you know reached out to me in and told me that he listened to I'm using any was singing from my lyrics and in the president, you know, Michel the first lady Michelle Obama President, unlike their so busy in my mind that leading the world, but
Will you realize that your music is reach reaching the White House and is in the hands of people who can change this world for better? It is definitely something that I don't take lightly because, unlike of Alison and a tightrope n, that song was about balancing without tip and on your haters, and when people try to pull you down, and it is about a present people if they're getting that in their they're doing better than doing better because of the cause of my music, I feel like I have a bigger responsibility or you know himself- is by the president's. Listen. He could be making decisions and, like you know what I heard this girl song, they ain't, even the fact that I'm not mad fish there, but I know somebody museum, but, like you have a great career was obviously Joe minute. Money should be a little bigger. Are you sure you sure like why push other artists now when you stood before him on yourself? No because you big, because this is a movie or- and I can't do it alone- I know that these artists are just as visionaries me. I know something when I see it because it enables
see the things that make me specially preserve those. It allows me to see that in other people got and so on. This is a movement and I knew that it was important in I'm glad you even mention that I knew that it was important to give my tribe with me. To make sure that when we come in this time, without parallel very well, I don't? U already. We use the curse about their hair and always serious. It is in terms of black female artist in just like music in general. The lot of marginalization. There has been happening and, of course it it pisses me off. I was listening to a song that I had on the electric lady and how was I man. This song is amazing what they
you know, and I'm just thinking about it. Just is gonna, take more people to push forward a sound to push forward ideas that better as big as my are finally border allege, but you don't know a category of virtue and when you think about, I think I think it'll be great. I think with issues I think with wonderland records. I think that this can be a time where I think I'm gonna go somewhere differences and I'm excited about. Then I think when I came in my main focus was my messaging just you know people look at the black and white and when I hear the turks- and you know when we were uniform as like, you know, she's rebelling Hence our not rebelling but she's not trying to conform, but it was all about his being and control as a woman, and I think it thereby was weren't tuxedos, I might be the one does naked. I just you know. There is just one of those things where, if just just because I'm woman, I don't have to go into those stereotypes but now met the point.
Where I can experimental a bit more. I think that people know my intentions and I come in peace, but I mean business are you going to pay your artist Philly? Are you going down like puppies to do? Is artist now. Let me tell you, I'm not going to talk about puff cuz. That's who gave me my start. You know when I got the label. I went down to Miami and I thank you yeah. I flew just to say thank you and I and I left if not absolutely not always supported, without forgetting tat, never found, I'm taking the same approach. What do you know she swerved posted a the auto fairly? Now, let me turn now. Let me tell they guy they. They are taken care of business family they unhappy they come. This is. I think I had this failure. I give my art is. I got my art, but now this has now, rather than I do. What I do want to say is that I don't flicks as I'm the bastard annul, we're all we're friends. We love each other. Is movement I'm just here to die if we're
boat I'm captain for lobby, and I may not be I'm they? I might need them to captain me. You know we're just there to as any tribe to two of lived each other and to make sure that we will follow. She's the most humble captain. I can speak that everything she's saying is genuine right now. I know a lot of people say that and then behind closed doors, they're, not that Janelle Monae definitely is so it's been a pleasure to be beside you and really not never feel like you were above or below me. You would just always.
Leave no room for growth, but still a general? At the same time, there has been a good woman and honest: let's have a behind moment right did. I was positive, let anybody is coming at next man. Yes, it's it's. It's called ethos and we were inspired by a baseball terminology. If nobody is familiar, I dislike to myself my baseball terminology of penal law pigeon about more. It is a game changer and now we're just excited about it. Your dinner is the first classic man we're getting a lot of support on that will have a Sancho yoga coming out soon as according to our sole clocks, and we have a deep cuts.
Same beauty, and we have Roman and all of these artist right in produce their plane. Their instruments live, I mean they're getting in their ten thousand hours are studying their heroes. A real has, because you know music is change Eric, so much music come in. I write so ass. I get your life performance of work, hard, stay, humble and just take it back to the old days when people just talented his hail from a you, you you so how is it that they got no choice but to see or like we see, you cannot see me not. You can not not see me right now that I'm talented and I'm here and unremarkable. So you got everything we know about your beautiful way me out. Thank you. You have beautiful skin, let dermatitis. I love a Gowers. Does the material Our great in our appreciate you guys come in and induce you not talking to us and again we actually agree with all growth.
I'll bet you, while you know, is this early in the morning, so my wife, my wife, just, went not already look this. My house, this guy, I M going to talk to an unpleasant moves. You pick up the outcome. We appreciate you guys would join us. Thank those more nay and you didn't ask loved them on your mind.
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