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Wednesday 4/25 - Today on the show we had Queen Janelle Monae stop by, where she spoke about her new album, using the N word, woman power and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Noah Crowley, a high school student who used a racist statement to ask his date to prom and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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I heard a radio and tv mobile know that twenty twenties graduation will the unlike any other in history. So, to celebrate all of the graduates we ve created a new podcast called commencement featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names and music entertainment philanthropy and warm here from John Legend Cash and many many more listen to our radios. New podcast commencement on may fifteenth and stay tuned for tee mobiles upcoming toss your cap challenge on Tik Tok to show our support for the grass only from T Mobile, We are all living in the ripple effects in history, a butter I've lapse its wings in China in the nineteenth century, in your uber driver, MRS the turn for the airport for an eccentric genius, invents air conditioning and changes the course of american politics I'm Sean Brasswork post of the thread and I'm back with a brand new podcast presented by Ozzy called Flashback, a series of stories of unintended consequences, listen to flash back on the eye heart, radio, amp apple pie.
Gas or wherever you get your broadcasts. Job together, like a mega voyages, took all we ve got no point. His prayers round about recently joined a breakfast club, say some good body do, as I say, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah good morning, Angela YE go mighty Deeds AMD Charlemagne is Lades. No, yes, guess what day it is guess what day is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha is a great day for meat meal wonderful day for the mill shout to make me a welcome home, I'm so happy for you,
it was released from prison yesterday and it went seventy six game sat right on it. What Madonna would pause right? What is our year right? What is so much of it? It was just a great feeling to see him and his son and getting it Helen Captive for him to take them to gain any friends like debt, sometimes in a rich for his rich friends that I hope we will fight for you to get out and when you get out of a helicopter waitin for you to take your rights, the game in hand which family in lending about other people who don't have writs friends like that annoying in jail unjustly that's what he said. He said that when he got out he's going to fight for those individuals and it put a light on some of the things that's happening in the system so bees how man right so the fact has just started notify you just begun What's going on, you have everything? Would you eat your home now he is back in our settled back in right back to work. Is out, went on vacation for a few days, beautiful way, it came back here. The weather is not as bad as it was when I left
It's been a little weird. This spring and snow aid has been rainy, he's been called, has been warm some days. It's all over the place ripe and next week is going to be eighty degrees, shout to or ignore what to shout to all mothers outdated, have three or more kids for more kids you're a job if, especially specially we have no help is like no one. That sounds Luigi, but you know I am my nanny. She went away for six vacation and we have five kids and a mom would dimension gizmos dimension. When I say it is a circus in that house for them We would rather have started two o clock an end at about six. Thirty, all I do with it. One could hear pick. One came up, take another kid. He had taken other cadet while Geek. Is cooking, clean and begging. Take it how's the circus, Romania being a single man. I can't imagine having to do with Oh you dad out there, though not in your kids life. Shame on you! It s! Organic! You out! Ok, if you my oh, my gosh by just
Right, for they all dazzled for arms. There is this, do try if we dare not even really dad, is let your wife go away for weak in you into all the houses, bonds abilities to kids the cleaning the pick up. Only by over three glinting. Do it all the time? Oh my god, yes, ways highway when kids, who gives especially when you do in it I own, I came for grow up. My wife is no movie like that. I get more light on legal right. Can I watch the game? This one client, you gotta, do this one this woman's mill this when he's help when Homer is one can't Cullen Alliance is wont to practise basketball is. What would you do here play piano is what I have to go to day of, unlike Ash Harry no more go away. I can. I got bigger guidelines or more formal, nor my kids, unaware of former weeks and five. They used to call it that it may become back out Let's get the show cracking do now. Did I detect their whole time now? These out of any company taxes over in five days and when it's over I'm gonna, get mutually and Sea Bass, a red Snapple at these most
events area and begin at who said that, but where you get this information from ass, the girl. Now that is not the goal. The goal is to re ineffectual. My inside a good, my intestines, my liver, my heart, my kidneys and all that stuff. Well, you know, they will be joining us yeah musical genius. She has an amicable Friday, so will kick original Monet next? Our already computer, we got front page news. Yes, let's talk about Jack the judge has ordered the reopening of data after a ninety day, delay cause, you know, don't jump with China, put an end. To that remind me would dog is when we come back as our ok, when we do that, when we come back to breakfast global model morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a girl. We are the breakfast club luskin some front page news. Nba last night, the play off the Celtic beat the box. Ninety two eighty seven Celtics Lee three to the seventy six beat Miami one or for ninety one. They advance go to war. Be dispersed, namely no ninety one, they advance as well. Let's talk about that
I must go to adapt and explain to me what the fuck is going on here. Jack is deferred action from childhood arrivals programme and ass to protect children whose parents have come here from other countries and they ve been living here, since they were for five years old. Their whole lives. Basically, so they can actually live here. They're, U S, citizens for a period of time. They can get work permits, get their licence do certain things, for I think it's who year period and then its renewable after that, so another federal judge has overruled the Trump administrations efforts there trying to end Dhaka. They saying that now the government does have to accept new applications in Dhaka, has protected about seven hundred thousand people, so far has been an excellent programme because of Europe. This is all you know. You were born. You work. You got here when you two years old, you been here. Your whole entire life went right here. This is all you know, imagine being sent to a place. You ve never even lived in on a lot of people, or will I recovery will that I know that actually were deported. They were, they were born somewhere else. They came here like the age of two three and any
the crime when they will. Eighteen any would support it, but they don't know their home country. They know. U. S is the only country which is kind of efta right. In a most, These people cause damage and whenever you think that criminal right things I but a lot of times their regular intelligent cases we'll go to college sometime. This is certain you can't even do when you're not protected here. So it's scary way to live your life and is not your fault where you were raised by our right now, hospitals are saying they may soon have to post prices for patients Linda! You now you go to the hospital and then you the bill in its outrage is in your leg. What were they met might have to post their standard price is for patients on line. That's a new rule that each of them strict and has unveil, because they also went to stab so called surprise. That's when you tides, after unknowingly, being seen by out of network providers and also giving
since better information about the ETA packing class. They will face. Allow designs, people as scared to go to the hospital. Could they don't know what it's gonna end of causing say good as something really wrong with you, but you're the man? I don't know. I can't afford this bill, but ass good, a nose bear me because you know, if you know something is high, you might not go get it fixed, you might wanna be one knows things were like you know what I'm Medea. What does little pain re now cause is known. Cause me, ten thousand I'll have the two thousand and of course you weigh more later on down, alas, or maybe there's a matter anyway, you shouldn't put a price on asthma. Boadicea, you gotta, some, you gotta go, let's have it. I gotta give really like to know what is going to cost because a lot of times it and when does a everquest less than you anticipated to go to the hospital. Last your noble appraisal, hospital Buddha like when you go to a restaurant the prices by the food- and you, like you, know it- I shouldn't be here: she's, not worth it I'm going to think about it like this Lizzie something's happened, which are less a unit. You you broke your arm and is this down now I fix this some people I didn't like you, know what I'm a charter
it is my cell knows you're serious all broken arm. If, if you answer does not logistical, I can sign of broken all the whole of our present. Put up, I have a broomstick ANA Gomes will take twenty kitten, recognise drop, you know like little guy, like those prices are arbitrary and there should be standard prices across the board. Their people have to pay for certain things. If you have the flu and you go to the house, and causing you six. The dollars, and you like all I needed, was a pillow. People try to take some some robot us an essay. I this flow because of our you telling you I got a night in my house, got a little but hurt me every time I said, Lucy was gone now, my wife busted, and when duty of a wife ACC charge, you nothing at the level of the love you re in a european forum on you, but don't you get busted
come on low Blanche below Robin. I call on you not to address you. Write on life does not aim to have you sleep like a baby. That's real love, vague about a pebble buffeloni booty by espoused humane and love. You hear me lovey good morning. I've never had that housing of minute didn't Prodi was unit will arise, and I get me because I'm a bad. You know better people about ever where you bet it in Europe have never implemented that right will adds up front page news. Get it off my chest: eight hundred five, eight five one or five one of you upset. You need event. It is up right now, maybe a bad night bad morning or maybe you just want to spread some positivity. Eight hundred five I want a viable and get it or features is to breakfast locomotive.
The breakfast club phoning down. You're gonna, get it on the agenda on the breakfast blessing, but as they will allow this young girl you boys bird, was abrogated off he just for us, but for the failure of a single das, just got goodbye. How many kids, you guys I got three very costly via the two birds know what it is, but I have a now what s the congratulations and shot out to you, the shouts of more than a down for your point of order. I wrote this green paper every everyone, you can t, go back of data, so yeah They laid seventy mass there I met. I was how about that. Ireland, pretty damn good, allow this knowledge I'll get it off each
without their marriage Charlemagne another as a billion euros per year in Dallas, two years either via twitter is the ground a collar. And they do want another one in New York, really comparable, Dallas kid you would as mere guardy Lud air. Why are you wearing plan and blue line is with borrow Davies on your big man named amid a bottle story? I gotta know refugee Young opens up a vital may be it is still a gap. I'm always I don't onward among those your media's, Aussee banal deftly played on a Monday makes all the time, but I appreciate you mean, like directed nobody achievement keep your achieving all This allows this very day of each Hasbro, I'm not gonna, be can't stated a boy I be late like I do
recommend that leaves you got a job and that young people to be later we'll send people willing at night. You need an extra five minutes, pull up after five minutes late. Now, if you want you, just don't do that not only from the shop they gotta go after it. You aim it allows, is able to manage Rick Registers and that a good off which, as well as what does the magic, our positive, you know everybody out there. Your does are wrongly so bad choice realize you know you can always thought over like a shapeless, the reset button and get it right that ain't all away drew near where you could try and get money idea which lives in his right nodded camp represents. Iser allows this every oversaw the total. I broke it of each asthma. Loud college boy was shot There were universally near the middle I'll write a motion
I love you. I love you. Mamma must enable the name is largely blame. Germany is inalienable, I'm ok, yeah living together, you you're going to get married. You're gonna go library, air Rail gang which he had now work here we have available. Ray. We're done, love a man. You know that!
the only wanting that women must not allow our regular features. Eight hundred five, a five one and five one of your absurdity, divinity it is now a breakfast club, bemoaning the breakfast got: wake up, ass man or black. We want to hear from you allow who, this morning going picture of. What are we doing to the job was not only son. You are going to dig each dog to actually what about a great Rama Roper. You dig, who is coming very funny check it out. I got court trying to kiss Angela ease booty heated MIKE she's, real cute joys, Agonizin ever Ex snooty yoga quit trying to give annually booty made another by the time they re called them scares you just like is denied these. Are you still? Aids is added leggy. Like people begin charges nod. I write a big chocolate Eliza Girlfriend now,
please don't ever do anything like tat in your life. Sorry till sucker allows is I'd undermining everyone, Mortimer Mogador features. I am mad at me, working right up to the ceiling. Yeah, Morgan, Le Fay, job hostility and move forward from a lot of anger,
there would be no life, you don't know what I'm glad he loves out under rapid decline, the girl about how do the job they made enough noise body only about definitely look more like a long careless, somebody one about it. I know he had a camera with video. Now, don't you say let you say it might be in Cameroon and on and beyond the guilty conviction for these cops. You know better than now by the eight April. Correction often happen is that of ability. Phelan glad battling with its true, true, true will take a moment. Thank you. Habitable ethernet allows there is the man who was our guy you're, no israeli border body guy metal grows. Yesterday. Dupont applies
I'm dead, there was dressed, fly too low beam of light. We do pot applies business failure, but that does not mean order, is restored, You move about babble bench, Onawandah Jill, look man. I appreciate it Haven't you ever going to stop because he said it was going to start a box, the GSM, some coffee or something I built within Europe, but I may have a national library people served a boycott of the star amongst the boycott of another books on another matter. We're gonna be elements is getting would say what I never let go along with. It does not fill out. We ve got a point
they do on a day would have set down all the Starbucks retraining, nothing guerrilla, just injustice anywhere the bird to justice everywhere in Europe and that there were people in an open one but I M were again that lead with white girl. Now I gotta have alone bless. Your rapporteur. Never never lay ever is what about everything. What does all would have said? Are you don't get onto a good living illegally in driving? Include Bosnia knew of the home his bag, it's good to be there. You know they will die. God may not come when you want to make a better right on time. They glad he thou as open everything goes deeper. We vote, they don T, know Ass ignatyevna keep region.
They never guy has viewed view and nobody thought there will be no matter who it in online. You know daddy, I'm glad you know the answer. You know Solomon Owl, your return to words get so many words. It is. That is real. God has a plan for you. Nobody can stop. That's why we feel is armed people when they get in the way. We are not even a blessing to bless. You will get ran all we are just after an hour in other people, s right, That's where I led the EU. Please tell your friend from the very badly thought, the other lover, and I think she is so beautiful around. I will now please please
where every major emerging idea, not a bad thing? I think zero one, however, through without outside of arab Railway, by almost a right mama, don't allow was it ever anywhere setting a different state on Friday, five, one o five one. If you needed that you can hit us at any time, you got rooms on the way I mean less tied up with me. May I will give you the details of my mouth. Finally getting at is yes, I will tell you what happened where he, when everybody who shot an amount and what the conditions are right now now I will get into all that when we come back. Keep a lot is to breakfast locomotive breakfast: let's get rights, it evolves, assault. Mcnally report make and now is finally finally out now, hopefully
you know he has his hearing in June still so that still is gonna happen. He spoke to page six any talks about just getting release. He said he still has worked due to get his original conviction overturned, and it was based on the evidence of an alleged corrupt cap, so human, to make sure that he also shines a light on others who are trapped in a failing criminal justice system. He said he in his cell when he fell. That he was actually getting out. He said I was watching the news and they set him free. I immediately set a quick prayer and got ready to go so apparently used it. This was outside of this specific visiting times and phone clause that he's allowed to get so that's why he saw that from watching television, because his people couldn't actually contact him. Personally, he said is good His joy is being reunited with his son, who is barely, during a five months, he's been in jail because even when his sentences in jail. I also said he wanted to take the time to think of his supporters, vans and friends who have campaigned for his release,
Get a post, I like to think God, my family, my friends, my attorneys, my team, Iraq nation, including Jazzy, Desert Perez my good friend, Michael Reuben, my fans, my group, and by the way I came in pigs him and his helicopter and took him to the seventy six. His game is the co, the seventy six is. He personally asked It meet mail from prison to the army, to be the guest of honor for game five against the Miami HEAT and make either that's a ring. The bell, before a tip off a quasi at a summit with him and cabin heart, was there as well. Here is what given heart to say upon seeing me now. We ve got, bears Mcnally, guided freshmen fifteen on Robin include bombs and big Milsom. Unto me, I'm glad is cases exposing crooked judicial system is fully and I hope all the other people who have been victims of debt, crooked judicial system get justice as well
to come home because those guys don't have two powerful influence. People's befitting net Demi does John that overhears meekness lawyer Del attack, subpoena obsolete what you does anymore. The Supreme Court really cut her over the past, because what they said was bail order is sustained place, even if there are continued hearings that cause for not to overturn this case. Because did. The fence appeals it. He says they are on bail, others, an appeal, eventually a court that doesn't have biases and that against them is going to do the right thing. So when I worry that this case is ever going to stand because the prosecutor and defence both agree to case needs to be dismissed for constitutional violations and overturned, is that were going back to jail, so let us be clear. The only reason that he's out on bail right now is because the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overruled what the judge had to say destiny. Sprinkling other judge is still not planning to step down. From this case, she still planning to have. Hearing in June as she had her lawyer speaking for her
according to the lawyers, a child's Peru he told a teams either does not fill the Supreme Court in any way repeated. It her rulings when it ordered that meet, go free with them, belle pending the next hearing in June, and that next hearing will determine if the drugs and weapons Kay should be thrown out because of that testimony from the cricket caught that we discuss earlier gonna courage. How does that by is still on the king S, Ukraine, as you probably foolish, you got some improved because you got a rude like you can ever are presiding over OK prosecutor, saying no, he should be free. We should drop this lawyer. Ok, there were other caps who testified in the case in the original case, and if their credibility is intact in the jail. Might not overturn the connection and never forget all, usually folks called into the breakfast Club Ali all, except for GDP and said I would rather you with when it shall be, shifted, have meek, released and
God was really beyond surely side now Dave could not only did they get the gun, Lowell Miguel released a few months later and six is a blessing on three, the confines of Jesus Christ. Now what did a simulation? Do that that can anyone households can you do whatever he was gay? Does he just have the stained Philly unless there's no is hearings and you look at the Gaza fixed, a crack in the liberal to spend too long. I thank you You know what I'm saying like fix it parties but now the good times fixed era well I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report all right now, when we come back, you know my name will be joining us kicker Wit Jimmy nouns enamel. She has a new item that comes out this Friday. So will kick it when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast clear. We have a special gas in the builders who comes in peace, but she may have written there now more, nay, while in the morning our is so good to see now smell divine. Yes, what
fragrance? That's what I thought that unanimously. Whenever I favour people denominated here when they let me thank you so much as I appreciate it is a big time does the album is coming out their computer? Yes, yes, coming out you, though you put out for a single so far, has been getting a tremendous reception, especially the visual too. So you're dead, sing the videos also or how is that working yeah I mean you know heavily involved in my creative, but I work with some really amazing women and men on the visuals, and it was really great to be able to collaborate and bring,
had my he's alive now got a blue do whatever the fresh on my guard, and even though I had thought that you have made it clear that neither the root of all evil. I know they didn't like these- are my uncle right, one computer. What why are you computer, dirty computer? Well, dirty computer wasn't happened that I knew I needed to make the frightened, but on my first usually and on its discards, about what it means to have your very existence view raised. So what do you think about? If you think about today, you know: You think about women like Sandra Bland, when you think about the two black men who were in Starbucks got it out because of In summary, in their backyard and police officer mistaken a cell phone or gone, I may Rick.
A boy I can go on and on and on but minority those were oftentimes oppressed are considered dirty, complete early, cleaner computer or the The news the things tat make us unique should they became very computers. We see ourselves as positive as attribute this feature, not as bergs viruses. You know that need to be cleaned, and I think this album is celebrating album to celebrate us to make sure that you know as we go through dealing with the leader of the free world, who really, quite frankly, doesn't give us about how do we? How do we get past the anger of that a move from love through love and on continue to come out on top, so I just wanted to create songs, is celebrated black girl magic coming when you look at pink when you look at Jangle Gay, when you look at our like that, when you look at make me feel, is a celebration of the celebration of the things that may
unique, even if it makes up some come variety, even with the first four things that you put out, the others are completely different from each other. I list so I like that, which you just put out the video for that it's a beautiful song and that's the thing and in harmony with rapt too, and then you hear a song make me feel that's very reminiscent of prince, who was on the biggest prince Van. Let one that big it and you probably by that's my favorite artists of all time, did you want which Warner I worked with Prince on on my last projects, and he was a mentor to me in, and he gave a lot like in terms of just advice, and wanted to make sure that if I ever needed anything, he was there, but in times like is giving in what he did? He was always very modest about it and never like to talk about what These are just add. A respect I mean even up to He passed, we didn't know that he gave to a lot of charities, and
people around him because he was one of those people who just gave because it was you know from the night he thought was, was a golly thing to do but I miss him and I try to honour him as much as I possibly can through music. I mean, I don't think if Prince Paisley Park I didn't exist. I don't think I would know how far I could take. Or a mark elected can take it. I in turn of our black artist. I've never seen a black man express himself in the way the prince do the way he play the masculine feminine energy- and you know he was just every mother, you the song. Isn't that feeling deftly used Oh he did weren't wanted you wouldn't yeah. I just I just add a respect you know has. Even with my my last, he was on my last autumn, the electric lady and we do to Sancho. Given him what they love. It was the easier Peter, I ever now, he wishes I. What do you want me to do? There was no lawyer go on back like it was just one of those things where he just wanted
contribute and he wanted to help out in whatever way you look pretty really a normal person like good reasons that around a kick a widow manipulate you're gonna shoot fillet of some light. Don't- you seem very mystical. I will say this in the sky. Difficult so far needed to talk but I will say that he never allowed his mystery to get in the way of his mentorship. But then, after that he became mysterious again, my god really really really really still feel his presence. I just feel like ages in another free. You must have been hesitancy even say, because he probably came to you and said. Oh, I love to do something with you, because you can, like you like, Prince no, we call in everything how about can I get this feature for the album? had a downward. Well, I actually did come to you did area, because we were on tour together and I had a gun to Paisley Park and performed, and I just have this idea and I was very nervous I was Really I was like me, you know he's not gonna he's prince he's, gonna be like I'm not doing this and
I was like. I had have everything I was like I needed have all my dogs in a row. I need to be able to tell you. The vision cannot be as him who has to be clear. It has to be enticing, and so, when I called him up- and I told her to him- he was like. So what do you want me to do, and I was like you, I want you to do this this this I'm shaken up air neighbours like ok. Let's do you write, it seemed to me down time not a bit too. As you know, as a black woman, how was your childhood up, I'm watching videos and into the lyrics? Can you talk about that? You know the kids die rage with six indicate talking in a high. You in your class are weird and the third rate wait when it is a lot of black girl that deal with same thing. How did you overcome that and not let that affect you? Did it affect you? Yes, absolutely and affected me think that you know the media through magazines. There's been this. This stereotype org Or away the beauties foresee and when you're impressionable
then, when you are trying to find yourself for me, I mean decided. I wanted to cut off more relaxed I got my had their black mama, there was Workin Mamma. You know. I've spoken about this Islam I was a janitor. She also was a hotel. She didn't have time to be common. My thick hair every morning, so I went to this line, damn you know I gotta relax through, but when I got out enough, I was like I want to go. It off, I was really and Erika. By do I was in the Lord heel. I wondered I want out. Just transitioning, and then you know I couldn't for all the latest of so I went the first door and you get like Dollars does what is unique like nobody else has. It is so imagine. Workin walkin in ninth grade chopped hair off through stores, Kansas, eighty Kansas, where people were in Jordan, Lynn, Tommy in which is co but that was a me. You know, and it wasn't always met with out ass cool, like this fresh light
that's dope. It was met with man. You be so much prettier refugees day this. If we just did you'd be so much you and that bother me that bother me alive in an that it was important with this album to be very honest and open about those things about me because I have a low niece. I know that is not just me that have experienced when you know not now a feeding in and not on, now feel on his beautiful because you you decided to embrace the makes you go over that you feel coup as yet about fundamentalism and the like their songs. You said the guy raided you a thick than unless, when my daughter, I gave you the day to day whales you'll, never do it from some kid in our clad, like I'm being Bob, absolutely I mean it a little body, but you gotta have is, is about the now we just gotta, have you gotta have self love were gone with a whatever anybody feels about you, because you have to live with you.
and I knew that I need to get comfortable mouths. Are we are more? Would you nobody will we combat? Keep alive? Is the breakfast locomotive? Breakfast is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago? We are the breakfast club, you know, my name is in the building, behind or about you know why you were right, you rat may think I can absolutely our man. Thank you as a huge compliment I use it as a tool. You know, I think, whenever I feel like, I have some things to say that you know it it. It needs to cut through that's when I, when I'll do it, when I, when I was recording Django Jane and Ah I remembered leaving a studio in. I was just so upset think about this. Women's rights are right now bill, unlike illness. Thinking of what it means, your rights, be trampled on. You know by those in a position of power filling a sting of being called, which, for the first time
bye, bye man, I mean you would know with that feels like. Oh, no, you felt there, but I've, absolutely felt that- and you know film speaking of odd fill in like a representation for for black women and things that have happened. As you know, you think about. Is everything been seen on tv. It was difficult to ignore this not out of the room. You hear it in the music when you hear guys referred women billion an old, and I feel like there's a difference between Angela column. You bits thing, you call me ridge likely, but we too and we say we're gonna redefined with them like the power out of it and will use it in the way that we want to use we own. I think I feel the same way about which I feel like bitch. Used to demean women, oppressed women, here we are doing it in an enduring way is still coming from you, mail, you're, you're, a privileged person in this you're, more privileged in the woman and
I don't like that, but obviously I mean I live in Atlanta. I listen to trap music. I listen to all of it. I think it's a conversation. We should keep having yeah I have another word and without fear of ragged jobs, waterway worth a college, Elmo, nay, but I'm worried about you got that kind of how you imagine the rabbit black women I mean black women general, don't count. None of us. Have you know that I just de la yet ass my bed there. You know that doesn't bother me here, because they are less than they ever goin out in exactly like on. All I don't have No, I don't have any issue with the legal base violates a work. Ivy league, ok, every night: when did you get there because I'm sure you won't listen to that table new vision? Yeah, you know what did you say? You know what I like that, after I got got in the industry after I, started, writing in and lyrics, and I think that's when it started to her really. I start to question it.
I just had a feeling- and I felt like it was so much of it started really happen all the same time and unlike economy, so conscious the brain washes us to think that is. Ok, the disrespect. Those like me we're trying to fight against yeah right now thought I want to get to the low you. I got us all together and worry and organise like when I argued in the inward canna, given these white fans the licence to feel like they can use it to out there like night. Now I feel like we can use it. I feel like they. They used it. They peeped their ancestors used it for centuries. Is ours when you don't get it that's. The least you can do is let us have it worth back. You know, ah, I don't feel that way on all feel like those who are more privileged can use words that were used to oppress, though who are still present themselves like concert himself out into the world ass, the private advising you know. I love in a love why people are love. I love
being able to have concerts and have them there for their just some I gotta go to China or other, places around the world in unit would never try to speak on a start myself. You know in in some type of language that the sacred to them, you, just do there and it's like when you a child, you don't getting grandfather business is like they're. There lies the thing, don't give me preaching right now, I'll, let you know how to choose, offer these rights respect, though I just think that you now you gotta respect each other's spaces. Man, that's really what it is- and I think it's just important to deny be defensive about it. You know, listen not to respond or be like. I don't like how year how how this Make me feel, don't look at it as a month in attack on you, listen to understand and less and less but I think we need to do more. Just listen. I understand why something Hurtsthem Madison and the visual. I love the visuals without songs, and it's me
cancer realized they, you guys were dancing vagina, but that this is the model. Fluffy addresses the pants Lovey pan out in the waterways guy says there is a nice ping, vagina gold. Some people call involve a pan vagina bands. You know some women in their who didn't have on patents. The man in the Bush the Bush was in there. I tried as much as that good to be as inclusive as possible, but I really just wanted to celebrate women and black women in particular casino Seattle, seers onscreen really having an amazing time now is at any rate he looks like so much fun. There was so much it was so great, and I had a woman directed in the western by solar energy was just differently. We just like You saw how powerful we are when we're together. We're lies like a visual of that- and I just I just wanted to give like by girls and opportunity. So whenever
fell in love them down, and you can look at pink, see yourself and filling out outage, like wig yeah. I was the symbolism of the vagina dresses. The symbolism I mean, I think You know not all women have agenda there. Some women in there with the pants on their women in their who don't have the money I mean, if you think, think about, female until mutilation, if you think about our trans women. You know I'd as much as I possibly could to speak for my on my own personal experience because it starts from me, but that's not all that there is. That makes up a powerful woman pink like your brain, pink like your heart there, so many forms of the pink and that, even though we may be different but we have we're still gonna help how're each other in support each other through our differences younger, I'm glad you gotta go see him like a cat that we're not supposed to reduce women today Badia. I don't think that highlighting yeah, don't think that we should do that. I don't think,
anything wrong was celebrated. I mean their lot of women who go with vaginas who go through a lot from hysterectomy too. You name it. Some women can hack it like there. There is a lot that goes into that and there's a war on the female reproduce. There's a war on terrorism is not really right. Now, meaning you. Have you go there? leader of the free world, telling you without telling us what we can do and what we can't run A whole line of conservative men are telling us as women are trying to current basically trying to control our bodies through regulations through reducing our healthcare rid of plan parenthood, and all of that we have to really pay attention, and and not demonize women who want to be free and expressing their sexuality, and we shouldn't feel like we have to cover up or not, How about our our part to be proud of who we are you? I have heard people say will how she was dressed, invited
rate culture in or it are or how she was dressed, was the reason why she was raped or sexually harass. Other ass, he what did you have a? What did you have all? We have to really examined by we didn't have to stop our freedom of expression, because some men, some men, can control themselves. I think you know what this album visuals, were on this. It was important to me to experiment with different. Looks indifferent different styles and have the freedom to express myself through my clothing, and through. You know the way that I dance the way that I talked all of it, because I felt like for a while people were using my image to denounce in the fame and demean other women who you know an embargo, but what I'm saying is that because I was wearing a tuxedo in you know you hadn't thing. You know my skin people thought that I was purposefully. I was covering up.
To be an example of how and when the apple of how to be proud of the woman in yeah and so on, so I don't live there. I never took that as a compliment. You know, I never took it as a compliment, because I thought it was very divisive. I thought that, the reasons why dress the web address was because of above to automatic. under my working class barons withdrew form and also to redefine what it meant to be too young to be blacken to be of a woman. Artists like we don't have to I'll take the same coordinates reach the same destinies like I should be able to wear tuxedo industry will be, sexy is really about the agency, and so I think it was important to to very clear that you know no matter how dressed what we look like a Jew, a supporter of women and women's agency.
Every time we got more, would you nobody? Will we come back? Let's get into a single is call I like that is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, you no more days in the building solemnly you'll, just alma women's agency is affordable women s. Why loving? You took the fridge, regarded me again. I loved absolutely I love Carnegie. I love her. Have really really her have em goes like I listen to the one I mean glam and everything. I think that people are doing it. Did you flag for lack of a third of our Lord with there being an old all of their comrades? Why you big cati pre LA they think that somebody, like you said if they did, they perceive agile arise, earn way. They perceive call me a certain way, but I think that, as we shouldn't be bringing up cardigan parties blue, never easy at us. In a week hanging a potentially hammy like I said, women should be very eyeing patria. We should become a gather around bigger issues. Ass, our small talk in I've. I support
DE I support the anti innovative. I think all of us want to be free in the way we express our little about the Europe of former seat of a former culture. Allow data there. What do you think we have this debate so that we could do it, and I would like both great before just perform the matter of aid which share a new scene before what we thought there were you. There are seven beyond say: is a friend she's, a supportive of me, and I've been a supporter of her for years, is an open up doors. For me, I was proud as a black woman as an artist watching her heel, he killed a stranger was an exceptional and arm. I don't think it's fair to compare Michael envy. I think that she has already said that in jail is an inspiration to her light. You know one of her favorite entertainers and I think that Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson and behind say, is beyond good indifferent out of a guess. How did a women's might affect you long term, because you were there for us and I gave an excellent speech, but after that could then I went to the women's markets, and so I know for me it affected me. I had my friends of me and I was like ok, we have to make some changes in that process moving forward. Even for that one day necessary everybody out and about everybody would be a real polite to each other. Everybody was having this feeling of unity. Everybody was as a real great mood and I was like you know what we need. More aid is granted added. At effect, you, oh my god, I was proud, I feel so proud, and this was like a few days after the election and when I went to see the women's marched I felt inspired, I thought incurs felt safe. I felt like we were gonna come together and fix it. I still feel like that on yeah I felt proud as woman to be standing there. I don't have my speech prepared. I thought the way they so to me. It was like I was gonna, be smaller I'll. Think of new. I don't think I'll think the organizers knew it was gonna. They're gonna be millions of people, they have an impact. So when I got there, I was like. Oh my god. I need to get our act together. Like Angela Davis was in the back. There were so many powerful women and, unlike they, privately speeches prepare. Luckily I was just coming off hidden figures, promoter and I was living in all through marriage acts and I was living in the sixties. Fifties era of segregation, and it was just so eerie. You know everything that majority of everything that we were dealing with a NASA and through about segregation and in women's rights in black people. All of it felt like what was going on today, and so I think, because I've been on press tour for that movie. I was already in the zone. I didn't have any thing written down and have any words. You know that I had a long time to think about. Everything was from my heart and I just so very thankful that was received well in that I could contribute their wonder what got about their? How did you get that spirit? Are you using figure? There would be no going through the motions of farming. I did you hear about your everybody. It went encouraged me to write dirty computer. I was right and the album during that time- and I was like- is too much at stake. Like you know, we need we need this now, like hidden figures was in the sixties. Until we have the women's marked with music, I just gonna go where I feel like. I can contribute, and I felt like I could contribute, as well as a black woman voice. I join these time. You know whether people like my music or not, I feel a responsibility. I feel a bigger responsibility as an artist to leave with love and to express concerned and be very honest and open invulnerable, but ultimately move us to a space where we are more solution oriented and where we feel as though we have an opportunity to two to come out on top with, with all of these, things are going to ask a question before before we get about it. That is totally topic here, and this is, if I don't ask this question, I think my wife and women their follow me. A man is well. What is your beauty regiment as far as your face, like a lawless, so earlier girl go ahead, but I have my days ago go heard, Earl,
Don't ya. Guy is pretty lazy where Europe like ours, is a total of four people out there and we have the rebels. And secondly, what does your beauty regiment as far as your face and everything was my view, you know what I have my day when she was here. When I get one up, when I guess dress I can I can get a low bumper too, like I'm not I can. I can actually get it bumper too, but I try to exercise alive. You knock you somethin owes endorphins in you know that that help such a scan. You know why man, I just you, I really do think that it comes from inside. I think that their there have been times were masking has gone crazy because I've been stressed out, I've been worried, I've been concern there and I just dairy two very can do I don't. I don't eat a lotta dairy, but I really do think it comes from and internally for me. I won't speak because some people have you no other issues. I add onawandah want to speak for everybody from me. I find when I'm stressed out. Ass gain is now right, so I just I told myself, you know I'm not gonna be concern within her feet. You know how I wanna I wanted to stay, is honest and open and in and you know making sure there. I know that I'm not gonna get everything right is not on be right in their release. Is a lot of stress of me. No one, there hey, there's some people there may not like your album. You may get some bare of yours. You may get some really positive reviews reviews, but just don't get too high, don't get too low stay right, there's a balance, a balance you're alive, the memory of good. This is your universe, better, this absolutely and never leases. I'm telling you that were that does like a weight off my back. You know I'm SAM, like we'll, make me feel video came out and in general Jane and everything I didn't sleep, and I was so like. Oh my god what people gonna say that as a now like I'm going to his camping, feel like that, I'm not going through life. A normal intentions are another. I'm trauma best to do the right thing. I know I'm trying to push people for push us forward. I know I care too much about it, I'll just stay rooted in there and no wonder you know, nor those things how my skin, what are you triggered? Recording academy prejudicing women will win Grammy's step up. Why did a speech that night that he released a statement and in our got it I gotta pee mail from them after they apologize? I think the day you know after after him saying that I knew he knew he was on the wrong track, and so there been lot of private conversations happening from the women in the music industry and recording academy. We gotta do better and I think you know I'll speak on my speech. It was that sexual harassment, you know, rape, culture. The lack of opportunity for women is not just a Hollywood. Think is right here now: music, industry and until we start having real conversations and start talking about his image, changes is only going to get worse and I think, like I said we have the power to shape culture. We also have the power to undo the culture that does not service will. So that's what I'm focused on and I look for. We need to talk Neil Port now, all the men who have been running it and and and even in the women we got it come together and talk and make some real systemic changes. I don't agree with his statement at all. I don't worry we'll I think now he not agree with it. Either we don't agree with it, and so we gotta without it without try something we all do. It said the emotion picture is going to do.
you re a on is coming on the age when an easy salmon is coming on BT and emptied of Andorra beyond BT midnight right gone into the twenty seven, the sum of its way out, there's one is when he seventy midnight that we ended up everybody, then I think, like eight in the morning, it'll be on MTV on the twenty. Seventh cause has taken two euros, so you watch it. You know it is on. You know, said in the near future. I work my ass off on this project. I just care too much, please. Why did I love ya, think murdered a girl motor is fraud or make sure you pick it up fragrance London is the breakfast global more breakfast, with Angela close sources close to convey our saying that he's acting a little bit erratic. Now various members of his team, which include his lawyers and his manner,
it's good abroad, I guess, have been Let go so he went at his lawyers to work full time and again now anybody else and ask as well as they weren't willing to do that. So I guess they decided to apart. Ways. Canada has said he wants to be bigger than apple, but yeah one his. He wanted to cry to represent one or two people like troms learning. There was only rarely whence everything and how so, in other words, if you're a lawyer and you have multiple clients, which is how you make your money and you don't want to be in house now synonymous with a halo gave. You got the right, client or you needed like wanted to. But if that's what you want I'll see ya, I don't understand what I would like it. If I, what Molloy to only work for me and I could afford it, he says no to report which is making a real good living off. One cannot manage areas whether scooter them out and out of here before I mean, and that's a real s, good IRAN has some really. He was clients as well and he's been doing this in a before. He was working with Congo, so it also kind
if you put all your eggs in one basket as a person who is but to do for a living on a manager. I'm a lawyer, I have multiple clients is, so you have the decision to make either. I continue with multiple clients or not. It's a lot of sources things about kindly and am glad that I gotta come not weaken, maybe maybe let me start doing a little pressure. Something are speaking for myself now, according to the Kite Ash Wednesday, like he's fine and has never been better, and things are going very well for him. What useful Georgia Luminoso enough energy, our government, when I was little museum, find me seem like gone you does. He loves you are you all right now, Christian, has also taken a twitter to defend what people are saying according to people. Congo, where seem, could people magazine that his country, where seems on the edge and is very hard to deal with right now, Congo West has had explosive fights with Christianity and Kim as you can't control him crazy generally
close it and put lies, lies lies nope, not shredded saw it as a long term in Gaza are filled, the exact opposite energy. Well known, kicking it wouldn't. Last week you very com in rational? Actually, I re well. Yes, it has had a lot to say about his support now for certain people. Now people were not very excited about him, tweeting out his admiration for right wing activists. And is oh annulment, everything done about it yeah you should have that income now bill O tweeted kindly West finds himself under its under attack by the american Stalinist? Please me Michael posted right now about the attack crew, frightening I'll deal with Mister West Mara, so they very supportive of Congo S right now, almost right when we will go heads, gonna exploding, do deep dive and its economy It is women is de facto arrive. I write well, Cigarette Tracy Morgan, congratulations to him! The last
oh. Gee has been renewed, so congratulations. We know that was gonna from working trails. Morgan broke all kinds of records on tv S and actually really enjoyed our focus on from Brooklyn to showed in Brooklyn Andronicus Basel Queens. If rehash my guy alum Maldonado, yes so maybe immeasurably unattainable them on that show. I re Stormy Daniels. That is the woman who is saying that she had relations with Donald Trump and then got threaten afterward. She has just released her first new move. For his new born since Thou scandal. It's called before it was she or withdrawal of cosmology Stormy Daniels. Now to tolerate really is called stormiest secret bullet up somebody. Would you dick? We look. I'm actually result IDA. Donald idle. It's under item shows that on two major S dinner she likes you should have a waiter. Couple in, I got more than one hundred and fifty thousand views just for the teaser already a hundred and fifty thousand that's more views than the previous two,
videos that she put up combined, that's more than christening the cougar and confessions of about a harming the cause. You got her brain where the hell is characterised by the watch. My daddy often do support it up, God them and confessions of about a holocaust, so small, My bow molly. Now God made my wanted so I mean, if she's gonna Jackson movies, now isn't time error to go right back to work and get her creative juices gave back on my head of his bitter about mom who stormy then you can now read the watched. It included a great critique, even an apple it up here when I go to my resources, are more affected by you, you gonna, go round his phone but a whole Dixon was yellow and analysing the cougar. We said worse. I know their previous to video and saw this new wine was the name of stormy secret. Is the new one Why not? I needed something way, but would you have called it? I don't know, but I wouldn't eighty from the way and embedded games in Atlanta Halleck task.
His great array. Well I'm annually, and that is your room, a report by all right. Thank you. Miss ye shall abide. Yes, we were given a donkey man donkey of the day of going to a young man nor Crowley's eighteen years. Old me hails from the great state of flora and we would like family committed congregation. We like to have a whirlwind and the smell of dukes manages area on this young man, preference Phyllis. We want to hold me on this one, but I can't every man is our heavy manages to laughter to our heavy many talk for after this debate. come on
don't do that knowledge is man to dog and blow was made available. Charlemagne tapping I've got to make a judgment, was gonna, be on the donkey other day. Page shows you. The breakfast club rigid donkey the day to day. Yes, don't you today for to day no Wednesday April. Twenty fifth goes to a young eighteen year old kid named nor Crowley. Now I'm not gonna lie. It seemed like this week's give the days have been bought you by man he's ok, I think creamy white dressing that consist of egg yokes oil in vinegar in seasoned, and it smells and taste disgusting or at least to me, ok we don T, like man even is just enough and from potato salad, often tunafish, other than that man is disgusting and when I come across people like Noah, who just have nasty attitudes and disgusting mind that I have the card humanities and, ladies and gentlemen, the main aim is heavy on
We not only of the man, is heavy on this. One young noah is from the state of you guessed it flawed. when it was gone for slaughter directly. What does uncle shawl above flora, all People in America come from the Bronx and all of Florida. Now young Noah has a very punchable face. He looks on a lot of levels like a douchebag. He has a public defender or about him. Okay, like will lie to you and tell you everything will be okay within you end up getting like two years in jail for a driving under suspension and then look at you and it's kind of shrug nor gives off that kind of energy. Now I keep telling ya something's can't be explained, they need be experience, so the levels of pollution is that come from no can't be explained. I just have to let you hear the story and then we can discuss. Would you like to hear what is life size jar of Helmand is getting donkey today? Will gotta, W Ethel ATV Embassy Report Police affairs.
A team is in hot water after he asked a girl to prom using a racist message. Over the weekend this post appeared on social media. A river stooped, whom we are not identified, asked a girl to prom with this message, if I was black, I'd be picking cotton, but I'm white, so I'm taking you the serious or to county school district is now investigating that student has since apologized and social media in the school district has not announce yet whether you will any disciplinary action. This is discussed this gas, This is a nasty like people added Donald Trump Rally, sharing a job, Dukes Mammies dipping postponed in the jar and eaten directly off the spoon. Disgusting. Ok, like my god. No
our growth. Can you beat? You are a disgrace to the good brother, nor from the Bible nor from the Bible was a good man, a man of integrity and his community. Ok, no walked with God, nor from the Bible with special, because he listened God when everybody out Dayton. Ok, he built is art and it was a miracle that Godspeed Noah his family, ass from animals. That was a miracle from God. You know a Crowley are just some miracle whip from craft. Ok, side, no, there's a Youtube video that you have to call out. Ok! young FED white kid, ironically name Noah eating uncle with man. I have lived in TAT video several times, I'm not making this up. We play a little it at before. We move amply aware: welcome to your first episode, nowheres feed with IE. I personally had enjoyed miracle with on quite a few things about the video cracks beer. Please go watch it now, the donkey, the young nor Crowley? There's nothing godly about making jokes about people's pain and oppressed.
I cannot imagine your references. Outdated, gave you a black in this area. You could have been. President of the United States of America, like Barack Obama, you could have been see over pharmaceutical company. Like can afraid you could have been c o xerox, like Ursula Burns, when you are blackened his error, you can do a lot more than pick cotton, ok, nor Crowley. If you a black, you would be cool. Ok, you know even cool I can smell dukes man is on your breath. Now, Noah Crowley did apologize any issued a statement says anyone who knows me nose ass, not how we truly feel it with. No many many many many many many many. Many though I truly see how offended people and I'm sorry, no police authority here, ok? It is why we call in raises bigots crack ass crackers are no one knows what he was doing he's smart enough to know the history of black people, picking cotton than you smart enough to know what he was picking. Cotton in the first place. Ok, don't play dumb aright that at that exactly why disrespect has to be met with disrespect. I form
lady Michelle Obama. Low. No excuse me forever. Lady Michelle Obama said when they go low. We go high, are not me. I will now go low Charlemagne. God takes two to flow with them, see nor Crowley. You care for me because I sign you made is nothing but the White Devil. I right this is it His craft nannies spread on unsolved, did crackle served. His appetite is that a k, K, K rally aright, please, please pleaded quit from W Everley TV. Again there is in hot water after he asked a girl to prom using a racist message. Over the weekend, this post appeared on social media, a river view student who we're not. I dented fine asked a girl to prom with this message. If I was black, I'd be picking cotton, but I'm white, so I'm taking you the serious or to county school district is now investigating that student has since apologized and social media in the school district has not announce yet whether your face
any disciplinary action some donkey. Today's decide themselves, please let Remo give nor Crowley too big if he ha he, he you stupid, mother, you dumb But if you do want to laugh at some knows this morning are right and you I understand the correlation between no man is, please go to Youtube and why young man nor doing food review of miracle. It please played against me away. Welcome to your first episode- nowheres feed with IE. I personally have enjoyed miracle with on quite a few days or what would you want beef say? Did you say yes to the actually they this. She responded to harmonious way. Gee? That's a yes, ok, goodness Laura thank you for that donkey of the day. Now we come back, ask ye eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship advice, you can call you or right now in about now. Is the breakfast club
the breakfast club pointing everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, it's for yea hello. Was this good morning alive. You course if he so, I've been heated on twice: ok, bye, same person. Yes, I'm in five EU relationship or on the bar to the bright fire had been. Like ok, you know whatever I feel like the second baron you very well there is, though, when I was gonna happen, because you forgave him kindly quickly and easily. So you didn't think it was a big deal right when I'm not one for all. I didn't want to cause the beginning. There let go my bad like I've been. I set my Bible gibbey long like I did. I went off a little bit, but that was this, but now like I felt like Let me first day also because even that follows embodied out every now and then a girl beside him down.
Right right, those eyes I I'll get. You cheated me once shame on. You cheated me twice now that it is willing to make yeah right advocates of it. Ok, so a couple of things here, so you don't feel like he has any remorse and do you feel like he's? Gonna stop cheating or I do. I do fella kicked out of you, but that's life, but like the idiot play, I felt like it right you talkin about average love is, are you tear up revolvers exercise it's all the water like that. You know they didn't. I dont know how to really look at it. Like is this what you really feel at you can't control what's thou there all I have. Maybe because you saying that he can't control was down, there is actually taking the blame away from him and acting like is something does uncontrollable. It is definitely something that he can't control if he chooses to buy, and if it is It is important to him. Can you stay? with somebody who cheats on you, I've done at this
the thing I don't want it, but I think we may well end up like a password in this much work to be done to give up all the time to give up a delightful bat like I fear that you think that you have to settle, because you probably think them and just she anyway, and it's like a controllable. Think of the latter women think like that, when a man she anyway, I what difference. Does it make a thing, sometimes actually gods? Who am I may listen? I can say this: every year, and seated on you, and He has learned his lesson and continues to do it. Then he showing you that he has a pattern of behaviour that is now a change and then it's up to you to decide. What do you want to do? Do I want to stay and deal with this order? I feel like I can't be, was somebody who I can trust whose cheating on me so some women don't have a real issue with that. Some women are like ok as long as everything else is good at oh man, some women, like myself
could it be, was somebody there. I don't trust him felt like they were eating. Cause is, as are the disrespect of it, knowing that they are not being honest with you and that they are lying to you as sneaking around it. Making you look like a fool behind your back and he s an understanding, and I do believe that when a man, as is that you have to set some guidelines and sea, can he follow those guidelines? Is he it is changing as a person, because he has two once you. If you do, I feel the need to and if you think about My guys were guys. Do then, is not going to stop and if you feel I got a guy, that's what guys do there? Why should ease that? So? Will you I have to do is be a lot more firm and what it is that you went and not think that this is something that you have to settle for. If you don't want to Gary and Libya dont think ideas about. Why this is a problem that everybody has. You know what it is about it from them. I would beg for those right again. Everyone doesn't go through that and it is
their guys do mess up and is up to you to give them a second chance, but a second chance. It means I learn from our mistakes and now I'm a better person- and I care about my woman and I care about my family. If you'd, feel that then ass, a mere decisions to make you don't even country, fitter man, don't even consider merits until you feel certain, like all the while very remarry, very Abbe laying listen. You gotta James back here, even marrying you until you change, because people don't change just cause, they got married. They gotta change first, to show you that they're ready to me that commitment I read in their yeah. Well, good luck to you. What ever you decide? Is your decision remembered on that other people make a decision for you? Thank you. Ok, all right,
ask IE eight hundred five, a five one or five one. If you got a question for you call announced to breakfast club them and I just want to say hey how cheating has been so normalized for people. Women AG legacy is what it is warning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast club, we're in the middle of Ask E Microsoft, might Gore records, for you my group and call me through the owner of the matinee millennia, No Let me hear her from the beginning of our they would you like about six months ago, and she recently found out Friday, they send out the right message on the ground and we never know what's going on and since then she she's with Artie, told me what I of course is bad, and I understand that and she does Edith. Ok is only business prided, as he found I M so as devastating right, but looking at work, really throwing up. Is that since that day,
on Friday. I printed now. How all of that is. She hoped she said. You know what I'm still remain. All, while I was there, he was treating me like normal. Nothing happened it wasn't until Monday, where she said like. I don't want you looking at. You got away with it. These days, we go up your tat. She still walking delightful to father. Ok, I don't know what that means for what they all got to you when Emmi you cheated on her. Do you want to stay with her? You willing to wear Goin being in this village? I do not want to be in a relationship, nor I University, where I got all ties with the person that I I caught outside I'd love. The mobile number. Everything by. I really don't want to do it. Ok, so you re, ready and you're not planning on doing this again. Our mark. So what is? Is he she feels that she can't let you come back in too easily because she does, it may seem like she doesn't have a backbone and that you can do whatever you went to her. You have to go. A bit of punishment and as a wee bit when mention on, as you know, it
how to punish you, because you want to make sure that you know this is not acceptable and that you're going to suffer and if you ever think about doing it again, it could potentially be over, but at the same time you have to keep showing her. How much you want her and you still want to be with her because she needs that reassurance right now, because it makes you feel insecure like what am I fancy Tommy. Is it something about me? Does he not love me? Am I not attractive enough? Is he gonna? Do it again is a lot of questions that we have and right as you know, more reassurance than ever before, right on top We have. We have a cruel bay on here as he stopping it at all. Woebegone accrue about rising, not planning on leaving you, but you have to show improve right now, road, men with that means. If you want to stay with her, you have to go above and beyond to make sure that she feels more secure. You have to so you don't mess up like this again
for a little while you kind of have to deal with whatever her moods. I, however, she's feeling a sometimes she's been a man. I love him like a complete. This happened to me in that sometimes he's belly. Like me, I know if I want to be with him, because he cheated army is a hard thing to get over, remember leisure, to abolish the when I see you like, there's nothing going on like this. I don't feel any way, but then, when I see you that's all I see is a cheater. And that's going to take a lot of time to correct that's going to take a lot of time of you doing the right thing. So you a dead salmon is his leg. You committed a crime. Now you gotta, due to time, I re, maybe I'd appreciate it now. Parliament is nice that she's at least for giving you and once you around some people when, even when you around only normal something or even our re, which our Daddy Day unanimous Ansell yeah appreciate her. For that I write the bad guys? No problem right as key eight hundred five, a file that today You ever was unaware. Yes, let's talk about an NGO.
These amendments are you who is getting married after they both had very messy divorces are right. Into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast logo, Mona the J Envy in Hensley Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast cloudless gets it aromas list, Derek Fisher somebody did the toy annually on the breakfast, congratulations to Gloria Gauvain and Derek Fisher. They are officially engaged. They posted pictures. Proposing to her. They were small little gathering at their home and their kids with their glory. His nephew was there and that's when he put, oh now. What did Matt buyers have to say? Will you posted? I have to if boys from my eggs, we are both focusing on co, parenting and providing the best atmosphere and shouted for them. They love so I love it. Despite not seeing
I initially with Derek he and I are on the same page and communicate weekly about Isaiah and that being said, congrats on the engagement here is what happened. Women binds is on the breakfast club problems. What about day, my ex wife. I agree with that, but you live in the house of my kids and not telling me god they re means had asked his g Kosovo's. We know squash that not taught on the following some of their still together. They lived together. So you, though, without Mikey, has gained the largest pulled him to the side and told him exactly what I told you you know there's ways to go about it. You came to me like a man who told me I would like to, but I've been respected by the flag. You try to sneak around MIKE here's. My kids had to tell me. This is the reason why this window. But after that know, we ve been co. We was cool before we was teammates. He was always a coup duty, just pull Canada, whatever time move, but to me of my kids are happy, I'm happy thirty day, I have two comments to say: hey man, I want to propose, and I had to do- there are ready, let it allows. I think I would think they glow She did tell him know that she had anew.
If we know now that enable they played with each other, they would enable. Can I get you know, that's her kids to kids around somebody ass. You don't think that the mom she got a whole new play ball with coal is unique law. You call me a year broke. This was going on. I should naturally be Geico toward legislative. They play ball together. They knew each other. He devilish you to let him know tat. They have kids together. If you want to have your kids around somebody new, I mean, so let me tell him I'll teach you also of on. If the. If the baby mom comes music, I'm dyin somebody and you I wish you d in Eritrea Derek, why you How do I get movement is less well. He thought I should tell you first stop. I don't know I mean either way somebody to tell them besides the kids, but I you see if you have a good relationship. She shouldn't mentioned it Denzil Washington. He said he is proudly passing the baton. Do a young actor and who is that young actor Michael, be Jordan? That's pretty dope, so I can see that thing than they had had a love white women. We might be joined other. Does he oh Bartleby, your oh yeah,
I don't know what he likes but light he likes. Let him anyone is now just, but what do know is that according to Denzil, he said that my Be Jordan is the next in line to dominate in Hollywood. Other fragile money is one of the great actor communism onto? Is he really yeah that'd, be great of you they creed too, in Philly on that mistake and ass deaf curry. He has just into a multi year deal with Sony according the grail, so it looks it's gonna, be him figuring out a multi year. Development and production deal across their film television and woe by partnerships. Leubronn than brain has allowed going on in the film business now, as I think there s a great idea, as people really likes deaf curry in his brand, and all of that call, also, as we all know, has made that lead to to being a media model as well. So a stroke should be pretty interesting. Kobe did with his dear basketball
all right, I'm Angela Ye- and that is your rumour report- all right. Thank you. Miss ye shall to revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody the people's choice mixes up next, let us note you wanna, hear at D hey envy and of course we must not make the milk mix offers a meek mills. Let me know your favorite meet joint, we'll get that right now is to bring club Gomorrah Scope, essential. That word is taken on a whole new meaning. The products we use every day, soup so disinfectants, things we take for granted are essential right now. Millions of people dont have the essentials they need. So Unilever is donating essential products they make like dove and Helmand to feeding America and direct relief. It's part of Unilever's national Day of service on May twenty first and they invite you to join them, get involved at. We are united for America, dotcom class.
When you twenty we'd know things have been super weird lately were robbed of a graduation ceremony, so we found some people to write. You coincidence, speeches geological he's a very good she's into over twenty of your favorites from Dj College coach, Abbe, one off to halls ain't there all here to give him the wisdom that we could all his right. Now, this entire radios, new bypass commencement, teaches drop, make a thief, and I heard many lack ends and they may send us all. I heard radio station brought you by state farms like a good neighbour, state farmers there.
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