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Jason Mitchell aka Eazy E Interview


Today on the show we had actor Jason Mitchell who played the character Eazy E from "Straight Outta Compton". Moreover he spoke about his role Brandon in his new Showtime series "The Chi", how he became an actor and more. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to an Ohio basketball team that were racist jersey's during a game, and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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In the past few months the notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day, especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something good. For today we spoke to Morgan Brochure, scientific communications manager at Pee, Angie about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to DAWN power wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes. And you can get back to the things you love visit, Don Dish, dot com, if you're, not cheating, not try harder than former cups. First base, Denmark, Greece is a trick. Duration are weekly forecast that deprives into some of the craziest the camps, deception in sports, I'm your hosting that Waxman and each week I'll interview key players and some of the most brazen and bizarre camps on level the playing field in the name of winning broad cheats
scam artists. Thirty year olds, who forged a birth certificate to play, high school basketball, I'll talk to them all, as I attempt to uncover the crazy and dirty tricks of the trade, listen and followed figuration on the eye heart radioactive apple pie, gas or wherever he listened to progress. This is a wake up. Call you love day. One of these agents, Angela Yea Charlemagne girl cell on a planet, is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning so and act in a culture more. Do you want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest
Chris Brow Morning, everybody's a gay envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. Never had a song about problem pills sounded so sexy, but new, slash, kids, it's not ok, nothing, sexually, Bobby and addicted to prescription drugs, nothing at all in the name of songs pills and automobiles. Let's get some front page news last right if you in New York fan and a God in Saint John Paul II, George Ten, which was pretty dope Christmas play all he coached against Patrick Ewing, who coached Georgetown. I was a dope game to Georgetown De Twin, sixty six sixty nine. The total result to see Patrick Universe. Chris Mullin, oh my New York, is out there, now is also talk about these mudslides is going on in California, pretty crazy out there. Yes added the fires. Through southern California. Now heavy rains have said mudslides going
the hillsides in Santa Barbara, counting thirteen people are dead so far. Now they do aspect that number to go up because they are looking for at least two dozen people who are unaccounted for, so that rain had around three I am and until six a m, and they were more than six hundred phone clause for assistant. What assistance, while that very soon because it of fires, a lot of stuff- was dead and then they set it rained like were inches in an hour and then all of a sudden you started sliding down which was checked. Everything car is abandoned, therefore, than that in the street we call mudslides diarrhoea there. That is Thus we seldom, I read his present of our time. Right now, who is now eclipsed bill gates, founder Microsoft is Jeff cells from Amazon he's a hundred and five point. One billion Dalai Lama love their picture that they show when he first started. Amazon and you like miss low small room was a written. This Amazon on it,
where it comes from shares insurers that he has of Amazon stacking own. Seventy eight point: nine million shares. So when that start, clams one point four percent today that means that he got an extra one point. Four billion dollars allow visa. I'm not a happy and luxuries avatar, hate or- and this is clearly lead like nuclear. I'm glad I'm glad you recognise that this was paid off the out. The oddity gave what I'll be there probably not a proviso, mass look, they must have their own fifty style a year. They re ethic it out there. What would you do with a hundred and five percent are really need that money you could happen. Oh dear God, like debates, would you probably have been more above it is. I would assume that he's one of the biggest philanthropists on the planet. I would hopes he areas right too. What do you care about where he wanted to donate his money, and he was asking for suggestions for other other suggestions for his
donation of God. World LLC is a great place that you can donate. Arlington donate the third eye awareness great non profit. You know you would love to just doing it to both of those organizations. Those ok. He gave them Jeff Pesos. What if he was Mexicans. Will there be to elevate, nickname, agony, Genet, a soul, ass front, page news, get it off my chest, eight hundred feet wait. Five, one o five one. If you're upset, need to hit us up right now we had a bad night, a horrible night or maybe you feel blessing ones, present positivity, eight hundred bobby one in five. One hit us up right now. The breakfast locomotive, the breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man, but we want to hear from you wanna breakfast allows- is let's get it off it s. Our get this off. My job by law debate
Boy now have a black day. Every year, loves baby by these can be number five Robbie another more back. We have agreed land to be justifiable that we allow. This is coming from. The junior was abrogated That's all you guys who, even in our five that's cool on which you may say, TAT Bob. There boy now have a black day every year. Love you baby, These can be number five was Robbie Animal farm or that we have agreed land to be at least a family man we allow. This is coming from. The junior was abrogated off. He just left the data. I thought I'd call back in August a burden of not bothered by starting with a look you're alone, a cop you jerk, a bag and all our colleagues do not pursue job. But now you doubt a key. We are now generator of one of the elements from school where we started.
Good Lord? Why? Why? Why? Why either made sense- and I went down- did you just say he said TAT? Somebody here actually mean like desert touch on these key Vienna worries differently. I agree. I grew up he's crowd of. Do it change the attitude than the my judges a job to do better and try to get them via our plan. Long live. At the last minute I you'd be in eighteen. Seventy nine planet again lost out here in the war would have been no guide. Ok, so we would. We will tell me what you want, but you trying to do. What do we tell him to get the blood of neglect overtake adopted here, but I think these dressing downloading, I knew you would give out a email is something would you would you give? Donations is something our work and I'll get my website, and let me just start about London already. They do not permit me to email yet a r d. I anti why Wilson Edgy no doctor monopoly by doing it
think about it on the doorstep of Albania they're doing different bank. Please let me, I want the jargon cooperate among amongst Eddie, I'm thanks man as a very worthy com. You can never Plato season kid around my daddy's nine and she already knows you wanna be inefficient. Wanna go too fast down a wish. You got no dreams from where they may fertilizer. Our I get off my chest. Eight hundred five, eight five one and five one of you upset you need event- is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club Is it your time to get it off? Your jets? Are the men from you wanna breakfast on your life is vague about whose is it doing he ain't day? Mama get it features. Well, you know, outcry relates apologize shall remain Goin off yesterday, you would
for me that lavishing opening grazing on our moment- you say you says Yoda Muskrats came under armor corny like tat, but I must say that you need to shave. Sadly, you need a little extra fur coat is called out, but you shake your body. I may I would now like bad things, TAT Don T, let them grow ever anyway. How did you find me a common global you like out either of them out you're, getting worked up about very glad you do. We know how about you. You know your anger about Africa
the idea of Europe allocated glad because you and I feel, like a big, I clap I'm gonna Katrina, the boy felt and by the way I want you to take matters where we got off on Iraq, which sensitive swinging the Furniture Club Brooklyn Club, what a breakfast club BC at night, kill me now. I beg my goodness moment on if I may be legally binding map as well as I that, where one language is not complete, Luxembourg did nothing flame about it. I'll get wait, wait, wait, wait, meeting, Emmy, dreamier China may want to go out with you shot me beat. I clap that's what I would call it You know what you will eventually glowed. Could you used to having things you away?
but you never have things your way. He the busy. Have you looking to find a way to chain as a b c, not Beach ABC for breakfast Club, I might make at every step
agree. Let me tell you right now that you are really show, and I have no idea what you yesterday, you know a moment ago. We appreciate you call believe and hang up argued abides by goodness gracious gear of which has a hundred five, a five. What oh five, when we are always unaware? You yes said about who got a new reality, so s been of no longer I'm leavin have had and another person say they are not gonna feeling eight with age and am, after all, the scanner they went down, but that Photoshop bar. I will get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast cloak. Among the breakfast Asia pays Rockstar morning, everybody is D, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club loved. I reckon on new posts. Lovers is on sound amazing, nor, my goodness I keep the hook and twenty one service great, so great record. Let's get the rumours that talk more agent. Him fall out.
Did the reul report annually on the breakfast. Thirty easy is going to be terminating his partnership with eighteen em. He has landed supposed to be, bring out in March, and now, saying over the past months I was genuinely excited about my upcoming line in collaboration with eight m. Unfortunately, after seeing the disturbing image, since my excitement of our global campaign quickly evaporated. I've decided at this time. Our partnership needs to end. So that's it. No more Reggie easy with agent. How do the weekend has already said, he's no longer working with eighteen em and the final outcome. What is it what happened when you know have no diversity on your marketing team? You not, I mean like ie somebody in that building. Should have said. You know what this is not a good idea addition I'll be out now he entered thing. I hope that the situation will serve as a wake up call the eighteen, em and other companies need to get on track and
I'm racially and culturally aware, as well as more diverse at every level, what it is, but a culturally clueless people inability Athol it is now James Franco, was on the late show what Stephen copier Yesterday- and I am not sure if you guys know this, but as of late, several women have come forward and said. The James Franco was inappropriate even accused him of something a little bit different golden other actor, he's really fun ease in the bench movies. You actually in a word for the disaster aid is he made them movie with his brother, ever go to jail for Ngos. The stores enough, for you be honest with you should know. Javert is an active he's, pretty funny actor ladder. He is supposed to be doing an event with the New York Times and they actually cancel that event. Event was possibly today actually, and that's because of these allegations now alley. Shady said that he was inappropriate with her in his said this on Stephen Cobia organisers
I have no idea what I did alley. She d I directed her in a play off Broadway. I had nothing a great time with her total respect for her eyes, I have no idea why she was upset. You took the tweet down, I don't I don't the things that I heard that I on twitter are not accurate, but I completely support people coming out, being able to have a voice because they didn't have a voice for so long. So I don't want, you know, shut them down in any way. It's it's, I think of it as a good thing, in his support, The great thing is he may not. Nobody did the alley she Buddha. She does, and I am sure that she'll be revealing its own since you, when uncle bans that he doesn't know not to say tat, there was anything right what if there was something she scope, let everybody no real, so I can use that pineapple Express right, ending in a cave is now also, and now Listen to that. A couple of other women have had some things to say about James Franco and active
I lay Paley wrote on Twitter. Remember the time you push my head down in a car toward your expose penis and that other time you tell my to come to your hotel when she was seventeen after you had Had he been caught doing that to a different seventeen year old and then yesterday she said that he had cause to off an overdue annoyed, convenient phone apology. She said I don't accept, but maybe some other people's lives would be made easier if he'd donated of his earnings from the disaster, artists to a nonprofit group that supports is of six sexual abuse. Now there's another women who accused him of explaining her in a firm she made for him. She said remember a few weeks when you tell me the full nudity you have me do in two of your movies for one hundred dollars a day, an exploitative because I signed a contract to do it. Time's up one that I one hundred percent did not feel like. I had a choice to say: no, so the fall out continues now. Corey fell men ones to fight against it, lobbyists. We told you he's trying to raise money to do his own film about sexual abuse and highly
and about his own life now was to collaborate with other people, including Terry crews, who, as you know, came forward with his own sexual assault allegations. Now he told you know that by reaching out to tarry, but I've been pretty overwhelmed with everything I'm doing, but here's an open invitation, Terry for listening than happy to join forces with you and work together. I'm willing to work with anybody. Can I just put that out there. No Korea Feldman has been very go about things that have happened to him and about alleged sexual abuse in Hollywood there was also a lifetime original movie that came out a tale of two quarries. He executive produce that so now he wants to do even more to help fight for this cause. I write and Joseline Hernandez has her has reality. Own reality shows that switch gear for a second Joscelyn takes Miami, apparently she's gonna be working, but Carlos King, who was up do so far real housewives of Atlanta for awhile and according to hip Hollywood, it's gonna follow her journey as
and go mother, raising her daughter, Bonnie Bela in Miami mission. Was it a crazy foolish of photo should deal with the other leg of a couple years too late, facile, yeah Joscelyn reality show myself my network that is Why doesn't it will announce now it is being spent? No, I just that is being produced by Carlos King, who used to produce ratifies the Billina Georgia. Each one was thankful, remember motor butternut three sixty times Tyndale, I'm sure I write our right: will s room report only come back, Jason Mitchell will be joining us. You kill easy either you go issued on account of a low. Kick it with him. I found even played Brandon in the shine phenomena like the ongoing talks. Also keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive
mornin everybody is the envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. We got especially guests in the building. Yes, sir, my dad, always without Jerry Girls, young, not true, I thought you was everywhere. You fill me with ever more broadly the asian carp and asked whether the Junta girl thing my bounds. Is well reasoned and a lot of the wood. I mutual almost made me cry twice. May almost almost. If you cry is cool the average died media, but I felt like a boy you did my whole boy drama to Yasmine at all. Why you ve got a legal way. It was when you do not know whether we will allay the based on these. Oh god they would. It would be right. Oh wow their mission, the Goblin Watson, the great on a competent, and it's like when you. You find that you had a year the whole legal ones valid right. It didn't you,
the crying in alarm or was it, was yeah, water is limited, says, don't let me immediately insect messages they happen between us. Yesterday, rang a side issue must yea. I swear I. Why is now widely shy the pursue episode? They were so great and I tweeted about it and then somehow I guess you know hashtag dear you retweeted it that you should come about with club. I never Do that, but it worked out, though here you, I owe minimum in the building to those like. If I could do anything in the world, I've got the new bridges Glinda bailing out, though, that you really not problem until you do directly. Less, unlike man is too easy army their messages. Yesterday, right we're going back and forth about the time.
Whatever, whatever in Charlemagne says, I love him along the awaiting us all round about. As I love you may speak, they might indicate our responded. Uppsala habitually wife You don't know what made you didn't act magistrate to find new friends. You know me because I come. Unlike the real hood, not the rap hood, I mean I'm from the one we then grow me away, grew up right around the corner from each other, the jobs, your young care worker, from back there unknown I lost my best friend had twenty two years old, and I didn't college kids Katrina hit, you know right after the storm or whatever I was dislike, calmest scrambling to try to get some money. That's all I could think about was money. You know and on
My best rank is killed in an outside. You know, maybe I should just five new friends very dosages. Why are there so? I went to like this. Random Magda word. Shabby was only like eight weeks and it was just passing through unwanted, my friend. Like major go unlike air? Ok, ray. Actually exactly same do so. He like a week later leg. Whatever happened to you going to the class blah blah blah, like you, I was driving. I had time to read the number Thou heat is remembered. The number the tablet harem like man would signify the fact guys I went down and I could three peace to our terrible. You know me with the lady was like you know it's just some about you, like you know like. If, if you stick with, this might have some juice. You know some, like I thought, maybe five or six weeks into their agent shut agitation. She came in ass, he came to me out in our. It was all from no rarely images
now? No doubt there is somebody when you went to you, I didn't, even though you weren't goods, he saw Something in you in royal do that because if she did it denies now for you who did exactly planet. It is to tell people when you see a little light in it's up to you after that big round, exactly that's. Why I'm glad I get to represent that you know what I so many people saw me. They saw my fault states summer, my ups, so you know to see me and be like to do so what were you doing prior to you get an agonising you say you friend got kit. Will you industry? My eye was outdoor my thing, but you know you know how these Elinor argue that there is no earlier when I got back bamboo secular dove murmur like that. I don't even like the glades there, but it was day was it was it was a thing for me where I was late. Hours is You know, I mean I caught a couple of charges and, like I say,
we die in and there was just going to lead to serious in a revised in order to ideological Genji life. Exactly it has demonstrated a carbon work is today Ok, so effort, you started. I really like Protocol United Extended my email and it was a good sum. They could get. So I asked the question and everybody else as it is What movies going man was acknowledged. Universal Doin isn't on thy word when you say they set their own budgets the casting company consistent through, like you know your agent or whatever, so by the time it gives me a just, be like size for this group or whatever sudden Guatemala audition. So I put it on tape, knock it out. And now he was crazy, because the lady who put me on tape, her name, is of Mega Louis Ladys, like all of you, know anything about lifeboat from Boston We rightly why why? Why embarrassing me so
we'd like I never booked, would have a party railway, maybe fifteen times, and just never, but with so she was This thing would ahead like saying yes and no at the same time, you know I was. There was a bathrooms. I know she double have by me: walk midsummer com like that mega remember me so you know you're often gave they value Hillary Clinton so good. It was so good caught my age right after that, I think he has a chance is be so good ass used by the crown like low, so any comments like a month and a half later. Totally forgot about here, like the cook in them, because I got a cooking job and oysters. Second job really do ass. I was you know travesty of the way in which they can yup de la getting want you to flatter later MA am I was he but my bank account Emmeline
reprobation than ever. They set up arcades leave probation things go alone. In my life, you know economy back, maybe like thirty minutes was like Gary was discussed. They would. You have got a greater threat. I go You know how and why everything I set it up. Unlike look, satellite visuals abbot accrue to be removed. I'm an online Priscilla Gower, nor how long was it was our is. Seventeen minutes were satisfied, a whole movie, regular army. We didn't save five seized back to back to back to back to back to back he's running from unknown. Without really remember his leg at added the hospital seen some like cries. You know either crier by begging vagueness, righteous breaches breaches breeze online, ok, son, relax within the butterflies the like leaving my stomach economic leg is over now. You know- and imagine
burst out laughing and then act here, a bunch of voices, khazar legacy. Based on Skype and not let go of it without these voices and ill, very good, very good in an absolutely right over Skype, just made had never been. EL volume or life, anything about individual navy idea? They, I grew up on borders and, of course, you will ask you: ve got to be in everybody tat, ten at least army. So you know Vaseline was like a big part of my life. Them is without doubt. Why do you know whether it would not be regularly? I was like wool gave me no everybody's agri. He didn't know now. You know you know so home Also. Why are we want probation? man. I just got caught up with this regulation. Would you sell it yeah? Ok, your information,
I am well guy. I am well five use them. What language would what, with? How much do you Hartwick either the best I told them at all. You know we movement for we remove foreigners girl. Here we go Jason Mitchell. When we come back, don't move is to breakfast club good morning, the breakfast, body is the envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have Jason Mitchell in a building. He played Aisy a not accounted ye. I remember reading that. You were disappointed at first because you don't you a book like some bigger things right, at straight out, accounting and riots, a phenomenal, all a man out of acting in a little time. You definitely because leg the things that were hit me we're like pigeon
material. You know I'm your when other radical company against the exact exactly in them lagging alert, unorganized attitudes and honour your beloved. I'm trying to do some males in armies. I windy like Keanu with with a pale. You know, a man was in itself a show. My lady, notably at many irish additive, knew how did you know the Ruby right now we're sow the joint tale to whose doin Absolutely amazing. We're Nancy author. That Netflix, though, that I live Yea College Year. We everything about those days ago through man left over. Our good cry did you learn? Adding acting school would not only from nor leave them probably come from a real place, absolutely absolutely Eustace United Guys. We just never do cried. Never let it out, you know me well, have each other well do none,
so we don't say we love people exactly exactly sign. I love you. I love, you know what I think thank you so much that I held in overtime and I never knew it was their Punic to let it go in. I mean: are you get a woman and you go to sleep feeling better, mainly wake up, and I beg you my living well learn Llosa exaggerate. The hard way would learn Henry Dragons, nor was it was good. Me too, warm shortages have that experience to be wouldn't let it out, because after I found out that I felt better after let it out, I was out not just our chance. No good! Cried the av cry. What do you think about in that moment anything more? getting aid and how you would react. Do you? No? Actually, I did. I did like reverse psychology. Oh my brain, because easy gave way, Seven kids know seventy Mama's Nike. He gave each of them twenty banned a month.
Each case, which is a lot of bread for back, then what I mean so that a British exactly you value NATO Tiree. Remember now. So, just by Can that things like that? I was like you know he was playing with a lot of money for somebody to come to you and tell you light boys is over. Like I'm gonna fix everything like you by the dye signal. Legislate, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait what am late, what you know, so I wouldn't got the nicest by the lack of fine in Beverly Hills, and you stay there for like a month in this was thinking that. Yet if my girl you know what I mean like that's how I was playing it for myself. Until every day when I went home as we were, shooting I was like man I'm about to lose all my life. Everything is just on. So it was. It was some Michael play off rose and what about it, I beg of you, cried and ensured. Seen that
almost got me, I didn't recognize, you almost got easy and I always cried don't you know I was crying By the same today will cry arrives. There's gotta play was freed. It was just it was Adam things were like as soon as you walk incident church. You like a man king. He was somebody who are really got to know and love. You know me with us, but the EU must, together, like Mama, be cook a world where we we in a row and then You know the Nebraska online. We was just you know, half a metre process unknown. At a few views. I scared to overturn a moment shut up some. I do busy, while young leisure, he was killed. Baby, namely by this item yea. I just got. You know the whole thing work in our farm and they got here right now in own resources.
The things that I feel like I didn't really let out you know. I mean in process right so bad that that definitely naturally we turn it off that we don't know. What's it, that's happened yet cause I've only universal episode, but we're up see you made your character, get revenge for your brother getting killed were probably more broadly markers. I'm gonna be in a situation like that and I'm mothers lose to sign, You know what I mean is above there. They won in jail. You don't owe me like. You know you don't win win. You fight back like that, because you got a little less alarmingly oval, pealings outlawed, explain, Alyosha bicycle. What is shy about what it? What is it deal with this as it is, is the circle of Light Chicago. You know, like so many times the human eyes. The fact that These families are losing sized unloosen daughters, the remainder of their being stripped, and thanks, for example, when I first got to Chicago
sounds like an interactive billboards. Forty six people were shot is weak. Why is this not the talk of Chicago Menorah me lay. Why are people not actively trying to get out there and help? But it's because is, it's a misunderstanding and slacker ignorance. In autumn and so this tv Oh, is allowing you to see that, people behind this virus. I always just wild gangs reason behind exactly your condition. Rise is families. You know I mean it's a lot of carrying people behind this is also an ecosystem. In a domino effect around a murder. You Nora me, so it's a tv show that shows how does one bullet just changes? A bunch of love? That's a guy with a very critic, place and then all like a city for trade in your kind away. So did you reach out to from there to make sure like you doin it right now that producer on it yeah, yeah, common, definitely produce only mean a day. In our day. They definitely thorough by me.
The way we operate in the way I think about David did the same thing would have been a compliment. I went to her in and I walked around. I met people. I talk to people So they know that because me can good effect that are met from Chicago in order me, so if they see me in the streets of Chicago. If I don't do that right, they could be like, of course, he's not gonna do away because he never been back. He would at least have a mess it up. If I go back there like look, I'm gonna do my best and they know it like. I spent my eastern back, there would a random fairly in order for me like already. There could be dangerous, though I mean could be you know, but you give respect you'll get it You know you have acted in economic governance at a button about we like to say that when you like, nor will I mean they have they had a few Chicago projects at Mister Mark, yet the one? That's why glee did that now, the terrible
love likely but held animal. So yeah they they were dead. Is one measure hit one allow their entering cheese from Chicago When I pointed out that I love this year a year, we're gonna keep waiting and, as she goes on the Daphne how we address issues. I know a little bit like Deborah, nor would they constantly gives bell. Can one thing about tv every Episode has a new directive. Every episode has written to me, so you know it's. A pretty John Army I was ever made immediately. Has sometime pilot episodes that group while ago, thank you How do you do here? Only the no side, a fair by bit, I dunno about all yes like this, you know what I mean. I just bought me a seller Women will is so sad. It was situation in Zaire. Yes, now is members celebrate in a situation like this.
Each other the repairs and local Jason Raby. We have more with Jason mutual. We come back down to breakfast club tomorrow morning. Everybody is the DE envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, wicked witch ACE Mitchell. You might know him, as easy. If Austria carved in he's here charming, but now, but I hate and stuff like that, because it makes me hey wiping right. How do you do thought from stuff like that? May I tell him about more. Both people were busy. Mamma is a slave movie, but Harry local narrative. I swear you black hat on Athos. Glad of tat order will bypass thousand. What am I gonna give it all away. My mobile phone mother is, if not lay movie is nice is the story of families Michel cropping Jim Crow kind of error that does ready to about you. Not I mean, like people forget indigestion, slavery like civil rights, and you know what I mean, and they forget about
time that we had the cannon deals, this undercurrent of you mean a little green, blacks and whites, so this year's based on it was Jim Crow error, but I don't mind I'm thinkin slave of every time, the white man they jump. They said how exactly exactly exactly boy like I watched my grandfather go to this in order me so like that was historic in went to war. You went to the Korean. I came home still treaty, bad. You know by E. Turn the other cheek and ended up a business owner. You know what I mean in ultimately. Now I get to tell his story on the big screen and be the voice that you always want to be. At the same time Then in a movie made about it, how do you get out you get that out? You'd have to play a role like that. You know what it is thus also relief for me too, because I get to do my part nonviolence, you would observe? As you were exactly you wash days, I wrote in a you go out and you like had his wanna hit. You know you
he's gotta go straight home go home, I don't leave for we. That's that's only option you really, as you know, but this room with special because it was like it is with love and he talks about a ladder things like on the surface. You know them, so like when people leave, they might ultimately at each other. They want to talk about in my lab, like people were really treated like this, and you know that they want to talk. But is now a guy love getting started is all a product of. What I've done you know tell me some super happy about it because out of People who, in the movie you know have they, must reconsider my cause. His soldiers.
I was about to have a moment they just helping to hug me would be like. If it is, you do some made it. How it also the area was a really really good support system, and I have already show my love. The Riis was a great directed most sure black woman. I ever met my wife. You just gotta stay out accountancy when, as you for era, the truth about the first they had been offered. In my whole life do not sit on ozone reform, a glistening. Those barely isn't done a yes you know cuz I was. I was so ready to this inability to show different LEO myself, and to be able to show that, as the minister like we actually shot in places that I took filters to as well as lit, let not role as the guardian of generations. Next leading may always different roles, though meaningless the words that what was it you know is it
we not manage I'm about is seriously enough because begging. You watch movies at home, and you you can try to convince yourself oddities differently, you normally who you I said yourself another in when you find We get to start showing yourself to the world when they respond in a the big awaited then you'd got. They were asked. As for none more like. If I could, I wrote, my story would not be too good. A product would have worked his way up to seven August without a common my bony load, I mean but like I just got it has only- and I just I just keep exe you know I mean I'm gettin go stuff. Like me, Alina we literally held handsome was like legal speak this into existence two years ago, now now I'm the leader of a tv show us crazy soldier came to you about the idea of recycled. We ever do not allow wages happiness each other like impasse in and I was I yoke and hug game is always crazy. Shoe game always greatly sunlight, We take a picture which you issues. I am a big fan and we
we're together one day and know that what they must be given that, as you know, for them operator, despairing, we then we her hands right. There was driving us because its existence in I mean not even two years laid hands escapes come in now many of you know what you wanted. You like, what kind of raw you're looking for next are wont to do there then eroded you, wouldn't let you know, I don't know, I don't think so I don't. So I really cannot be lagging. A challenge must almost some crazy, like Floyd me whether light the mighty one leg need early and you do a gig healthy, Brokeback mountains on like that, don't don't ya! While it is that why you re like the due to let you know what I really don't discriminate against. No Nora, you do anything you know dear I think I would want publish Lloyd, may well because it
his leg. Naturally, he chances himself more than the average person like I had the pleasure of meeting held in Iraq, after Madam met him. He would run it, but I'm always late. But only one o clock in the morning it. I know what I mean is divided on the highway like for you to play here, where you would have to learn how to not realise that I don't follow know how I got no vote. Leave it made them feel like any. They begged will now get this to me is like you deal with. Somebody who has a different type of work ethic in their brain operates on a different waving. That's the fire! You know remained ass, a man. Can I love that through I'm love that I love the whole process of it? You know mean because when you get tired and boxing you get hurt is now I wonder, sports where you can put your hands on her back.
Really, I respect boxes in absolute to have that to have. Somebody have the confidence in me to be able to pull it off like that will be super, though we oppression you should join in a man's have only around, but things ain't be like one. Those then Guy, like somebody, will see a task within a few years ideologies and where not only new love. When we just remember, I don't feel like I like that, would create great content dope at what he does you. What was where you could tell these special lower? My and if you just look at the obvious takes me, let me neither Louis the moment is ratified club. The breakfast morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club. Isoude luggage is emitted for pulling up manage, add the chase Mitchell Craig, he's gonna, be it is pressing, I think,
for too much pressure. Love will listen. I've got a lotta range in autumn, slaving Washington, Tom Hanks type of raised, but I want to press on the younger. I love his host area of how we get started in everything and the size and excellent show. So if you haven't seen it yet may say U S. Efforts Abso came on Sunday in a time, show tone so time us an amazing all right. Well, Three rooms, of course, carry hills, and this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast Club Harry had then had a difficult sit down with Steve, Haivy Psychic, Medium Reginald Louis now he tapped ass. She tapped and he tapped into her, lay grandmother to talk about her, making the right decisions as by leaving certain people behind
now carry hills and also revealed a lot about what's been going on in her life. Personally, here's what happened. I hit rock bottom a feud to end on crawling back to walking in my purpose, I think I had to give up music for a while. I slipped away about it would just be a year. Spend six. Maybe I realize now that I am grateful for all of those years, because I have built myself Back up our metabolism. Carry you didn't give a music music gave up you when you may de Lozada beyond. They pointed to which everything from a gala probable, an ogre all come to you, and now you do Babby ice is how to keep going. She should have apologised is ok.
That was issued a dungeon arising leave, but I'm a beyond as with any got iraqi city aside. I remember when we first have to breakfast club name, we debate. It was really sassy dance. You you think. I know what you're gonna do something like that low says. My name is gradually fancy like mythology. Shallow stories come from that. Why that was it's just that I drink that multilateral remembered. None of these thank you. We ve been used to treat the lab, but you you say with visit the right to veto right, but is tied behind undig. Do
You know, I know the chicken bone and used in buried would carry his name on it. Undeckt bone made dig up newborn. Let carry me Jesus Christ. I right now, as the citizens has two more rape allegations now to women, have gone to the police and they have filed criminal complaints. Now one is saying that recitations raped her and nineteen. Eighty three and the other one is saying nineteen. Ninety one one women is Sherry Heinz and she was an Megan Kelly chauvinism. She said they address. Him is router at his office in nineteen. Eighty three and the other women is anonymous, but she says that Russia Simmons raped her at his home in Manhattan. After they went on a date. She said she was thirty two and he tried to try to take off. Her dress was sitting on a couch and then passed her down and forcibly raped her when she rejected Then it's all allegedly these all imagining that the women were coming for it and making allegations against him. But I'm in and out of the criminal complaint. I guess he could take it the court, maybe what am I pity, is already invaded him for seven claims of sexual misconduct, so
took a pilot graft has in past, and that was for one claim against him. At least one of the allegations against him now Michael Douglas, is trying to get ahead of the gun and he is saying that there is a woman who is about to comment on a story that he masturbated in front of thirty two years ago, and he spoke wrongly or dirty with friends of mine. Now he says I will face up to colorful language, but the issue of masturbating in front of her is something I've only heard about the last year, it's not an expression that related to the eighties, so I thought its donkey said is a complete lie. Fabrication no jutsu wit whatsoever is extremely painful. I Primus up my reputation and business, not to mention the long history of my father and everything else. I don't have skeletons in my closet or any one else is coming out. A sane is looking on those Margaret but anymore good. My group very much good. None of the name. I now I think you might have used some harsh language, but he never masturbated in front of any in front of anyone.
I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report and all right. Thank you. Miss you, Charlemagne, homer! Yes, who were given a doll can do as a matter for half an hour. We have another great case of good all racism in America, unified button topic that I love to talk about, and you are appalled by age, an m situation. Man, I gotta do before you're you for an hour. All right will heed internet that we come back, keep a to breakfast locomotive. Don't deal the day, job Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mixed like adults. I've been called a lot of my twenty two years been donkey. Other day is a new one day. A dog you today for windy January to go to college while Gill Index Scale c boys, rec, basketball, team, Cincinnati,
followed every one with another one or two point: three beaten Cincinnati drop articles bombs, Redemptor, visa man. If you are appalled by the agency mad when he had the young guy dead young black king wearing a hoodie, there said coolly smoking in the jungle stories really gonna grinder gears. All Gilbert GO boys back, Bonteen pulled up for a game on Sunday afternoon wearing Jersey. There said why Jerry, team on the front now wet dreams as essential reference. Uncle think we shall have had quite a few of my day, actually think wet dreams, the ghost having sex with you when you sleep- oh, yes, Bobby Round, not only brother who s poor dispirited to deftly de net a wet dream to me as nothing but poltergeist put porn. But that's neither here nor there is not appropriate for kids in high school, namely a basketball team that maybe they will before a splash brothers kind of five, but now they can
varsity boys. I didn't think that one through imagine coming back from a long away game and all y'all sleep on the team bus and somebody takes a pic y'all points up together in those bus seats, all closed eyes, closed snoring and someone takes a pic and posted with the caption. Wet dream, teen very would have none They didn't today see somebody caucasian mean didn't, have inappropriate things just, back at a jersey had inappropriate things on the front it or not. Just on the front page of the added on the back and ensure the well. Let's go to the news for the report. Please name on the team is a sexual reference that we won't be repeating here and that we are debating a sexual innuendo was printed across the front of their shirts as parents of the opposed. Team sulphur themselves. Yesterday, it's more of a joke to them than than anything else printed on the back of the shirts. Instead of player, names was
thing, that stirred even more anger at West Claremont yesterday, words that some considered racist Its thoughts about you not even than we had black students like eight her or african american students or a minorities like our our kids, were offended like Tony. Grew immediately brought West Claremont concerns to the league wraps attention. I think he call people both him and midway through the second quarter. He came and got repetition in and told him the gang was over. He call that we were going to be a part of it game over and season over for the kings team. Cincinnati premier use basketball League said in a written statement today. The actions and conduct of the team did not comply with our stated mission and expected standards, and that team has therefore been dismissed from our league. Kings was for games into the season, which leaves opponents scratching their heads. Now, the coach Walled Gill Edition they told me on the phone that this whole thing was getting blown out of proportion, but later the
afternoon. He released the following statement, saying we sincerely college to anyone that was offended by the jerseys we offered to cover them up, more change, however. The league saw Fit to remove us and we have accepted that decision, but the King School District did say, condemns any type of hateful or racist commentary. I am in favour of the king's give wisely boys wreck basketball team on the back of journeys. They thought it would be a good idea to have negro on Tibet. They generally, I just got that went to school. You know what that what is happening with K and e g r O Dublin need grand another white guy had Kuhn on the back of his jersey, visible above me about this entire situation. Fisheries militant King division, coordinating she release the statements and kings wreck Basque above a great seven. Twelve does not in any way support or condone, condone the uniform or fractions that occurred. We strictly follow and support the rules set set out by Cincinnati
for me. You ve Molly, and fully support the decision to remove the team from play as well at that This is more than the uniform. Refraction is racism. What do you mean? the former fraction not talking in New Jersey, the uniform, infraction haven't logo on you, Charlie you're, not supposed to have a uniform refraction is racism in its purest form. Then the code to detain puts out that apology we sincerely apart At the end, when I was offended by the Jersey we offered to cover them up, why change? However, the league saw Fit to remove us and we have accepted that decision. Dear coach, won't Gill shut to F up them. I ain't covered up with change me. You mean to tell you in your kid came in. Who decided you didn't tell him he'll know you mean to tell me that you didn't think a group of young white kid going out there with negro on the back of their jersey and cooling. On the back of the Jersey, you thought that wasn't going to send someone deeply Michelle I was there when they go. No, we go have would Charlemagne, God is when they go low taken to flow with them, and this is exactly why I never stopped call in white devils, white devils, ok, all
people on the double, but the ones in New Jersey saw young White Devils to see. We may display racism like this at a young age, a call Craig Ass Crack is in training. Our aid is getting under construction, ladies and gentlemen, but this can be reversed or they can absolutely unlearn whatever they are being taught at home. All it takes is one away game. In a predominantly black district in Cincinnati, I guarantee Jamal in them who play for the undefeated Cincinnati cracker crushes have not played the wet dream team. Okay, I want to start a league in Cincinnati right now. Red black and green are the colors name of the team. Triple See, Cincinnati Craig crushes and we not even go low and have learn on the back of our journey. We will have names like Mohammed Zulu, Tubman Obama fairer, ok, all a knave, that's great fear! You raises bigots and no
dream team better, have that same energy and come in there with racial slurs on the back of their jerseys the play my guys, oh my bad, to play my god This man is a great book data would require. Reading. When I was a lad, it was called the burning binding ever ready, written, Harper Leonhard believe once said, as you grow old you'll see. Why men cheat black men everyday life? But let me tell you something: don't you forget it whenever I made a that to a black man, no matter who he is. Our Richie is how fine a family he comes from that white man is trash if you races, prejudice, big it you are trash, tries, is actually an understatement. You may think the person you being prejudiced against is the problem, but actually you a problem. So if you want to be part of the solution and not the problem than a simple be to change, you want you want to be the change you want to see in the world and don't be races. Please give coach about Gill and kings Guild The boys wreck team Metaphysic Burma as a
question. He he, ah you stupid mother. Are you dumb, simple, the simple all right. I'm serious about, therefore want one or two three to beat since the Daddy Harlem. Mr Monti, my dear colleague as easy to Europe will see Baby Cincinnati cracked crisis made blue illegal and baby right in his arrival. People that don't want it right now, when we come back, ask ye eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you, you need relationship, advice or any type of advice you can ye right now to four lines: a wide open again, the numbers eight hundred five, a five one in five women. I just got a great message from someone who did ascii before she said. I followed your vice focus. I myself and kids. I met a wonderful guy who does my kids just as much as I do, I'm so blest, just one having given up and was okay with being alone. Mr right came along and I thank you for all your advice, all right
you can ask e next, the breakfast cloud bemoaning the breakfast Drake one dance morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club, it's time for a ski, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you, hello, who's this right. You re wish, of course, if we mourn- and I want to add our- do- you love someone there, while our by debt level is one of the main you to explore the Franz though, but they want a more or less so you wanted to be friends with this then, and take your time by he wants to do what you are a good case. I already know obey, but he won't be. He wants a but again on it and I don't want to could be bore the rainbow size it
as you one who jazz data the people and not be in a relationship, yeah you're, not sure about him. I am come and that show was happening, though you know guys that when they ve found it may want up and they wanted to go yet it make it to the next level rather than about bared went back about here. We can in order to combat basis, but not yet. I feel let go get are we to others? And what does he say when you tell him that it is more about like I know it, I wind up with a budget that we have found that Canada play around. If you know we're about good people were, is important for people to another. You both have to be on the same page. The rules were reversed. As a woman you will like well, let's do days, I'm ready to settle down. I want to do that and that my scarce amber right right then I scare many were we're, always toy. Ok, you gotta, just relax. Take your time of your instincts are telling you and everything annual saying on that It is your supposed be jump into this. I don't think there is anything wrong with then he should respect that and that's how you Somebody really is the one for you. If there were any at that pays now, I will
me nervous if somebody was going too fast too quickly, and you should tell him you should be like that. Imma be honest with you, okay, I'm I'm very protective of myself, and I want to be with somebody that understands that and somebody that is willing to take the time that I want to take the kids me to build this foundation together on a one hour into enlightening and rush into it, and you should respect and if you really care about me and want to be with me, then you will be willing to take that time. Also, somebody will wait and will be patient and programmes to you as an therefore I thank you for might be. I want to let you bulk, no fee He saw? You are normal bay with being put in the main been being down into the universe I watch, while every morning outbreak, right bargain you on my right, she's, a great has two guys are right as IE eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you got a question for you, you can call up and ask right now or you can
his email, you, you wish me amiably it s, help me ye a Gmail Durkheim now right to breakfast locomotive rockstar morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of ask e hello. This woman named John, a John which, of course, of Ebro yeah man, I'm a reason dad you no longer allow issue, maybe about five weeks. Then grandma girl boy- you maybe you know I was a baby comic- came out, it's gonna be far away lose. You now is the family there. We fire when the baby. What's a label, You know me I'm paying. For instance, I propose poem depression. Have you ever thought about that? As Women do and don't even realize it. You know I think, about tat. She should go prescription. You know I got one of them. People there being passed out, but there may be is theirs. Chasing a mood. Also. Would there be something to do to help her Phil
She could trust me. Is there anything that I could do to expect? You know where you care for someone to trust you and his hands. I she's really go into some things that none of us could pass we comprehend you know happens has had a baby. I would say that I've always rarely Mary about pills being taken everything, so it may be that she had by workers Does this year on you on them all they may be: prescribe a bigger one want to delete all up and started up a big it was, but it is acting outside. It will greatly awesome. I mean she got on board the postponement oppression you know about that was about the reason behind it, but you know that one way or another on an expert on postponing depend but I do know people that have gone through it and how difficult it is to put yourself out. And she has identified as he is going through something there. She probably feels like she can't control, and I beg is and about that. You want to be there and help her with it, but the issue,
probably not you as much as it is her and you just making sure that you are there for her and supporting her through this time. I would definitely say make sure you keep their communication open and I would highlight come and get it. There appears to somebody they can talk to her, so she can identify, what's going on with her, why these things are happening and have someone to talk to you, because I know one of the main issues with women suffering from postponement. She is really like. They don't have any one to talk to and they can express how fails and they dont know why they feel that way. It might be somebody she doesn't even know. Why are you? Are you ever look? Appreciative of grants are ok, no problem. I wish I could do more bay. He gave like you know, but I do know. That is a really common issue, and I do know that you have to make sure that she has so many times you unless you can talk to you about it, and I do know that is not her fault that she's building these failing. And she probably has no idea how to handle it
three shaded. You know it is really the loved. I got her them. If you want to you, they call in college. I lose it all the time you know like right now, I'm in the military driving a word in June that dream on new thing. On my ITALY, we you know, I love you. I love you care that met. You should always tire how much you care the garrison, expert advice or there's. Somebody then knows and has dealt with this before endowed with women who is separate suffering from this, can actually step in and let her know what steps she needs to take in order to get back to herself chasms. She wants to. Also thank you don't like it is It is crazy that women will never fully trust men until we get detachable Venus is that we can leave at home with them when, where away new blame La Nager I will ask IE eight hundred five, a firewall or farmer. We got rooms on away you, yes, imagine. As women, you were working an you made lesson a thousand dollars and someone who
working alongside you Azure Coast, I made one point: five million dollars for the same exact worth you don't worry. I you who that happen. Fugitives becomes our breakfast locomotive western question. Guy forced Y Y Y know. I have read all about correct, so I'm trying to figure out how come when our goal to you no use the bathroom at work. My leg never fall asleep. The way does it all because at home you more comfortable in your relax, but when you had work you chatting fat out beyond the same amount of time after for five minutes at home or legal to sleep out at all. It's a high all your rights d, always Steve's, diva care medicine. They told the height of exactly what it is all going to handicap thought it all it. I haven't, never while the right body to our body go in a wider, your legs fall asleep. Mine fall asleep, so that ever happened to me ever blood, circulation, circulation and leg stops
So that's. Why go the leg Lena your legs, ass? I know what I mean when I get up at all. Blood is gonna shoot the most lucrative standing there had only epinal penis land. For now we go it alone. We want a psychological now, a joke. It is never happened. Glad of it adds value as last thousand left to three is me and I'll, be things only may play the lead allocation of Iranian? I cant do not not. I get. Regulations got back in my leg and my wife knows it abacha. Whenever she don't push me when it, when you ve been can't move when you leave him, I saw this gets in Rome system. The report raises the Reul report, whose glove gas king clarified some remarks on CBS this morning on a show. Now she was talking about opera potentially running for president in twenty twenty and he is which he had to say. I do think miss though I do think she's intrigue by the idea. I do think that I
so no that, after years of watching the Oprah show, you always have the right to change your mind. I dont think at this point. She is actually considering it, but listen. There are people who said they want to be her campaign manager who want to quit their jobs and campaign for her. She loves his country and wood. To be of service in some way, but I dont think that she's actively for the record that I don't think you can actually should at this time. Is it helping the Democratic Party and always before me, they ve other democratic Party with a shambles before. If the fact that you know but went one of the biggest more powerful on the planet, is like the number one contended need: the democratic nominee. That's not a good thing. I write use me more also clarify what Stedman said when he said that she would absolutely do it hears what she meant when he does and says that he thought the rapporteur said him. Would she make a good precedent and he said absolute? She would that's what that's how he interpreted the question, because this is a thing
said, one wouldn't. Never so cavalierly say absolutely. She would do it again. Girl can explain. Get with clean, genuine got. Explain yourself to nobody was. The news every morning in the mail dorias alone. Why has he also knows that our family business, when all was ready to talk, she'll, tell ya now like ass, she expression meet. She explained right now to Mr Watson, who plays in the NBA. He supposed to Santa contact with the Lakers today is being sued by a woman who says that he gave her her he's and didn't want won her that he had the disease order monsieur she started dating and having unprotected sex with him back in November of twenty six Tina and then the next year's he found out that she had Herpes simplex type too, as you say that it has thought and that he knew he had her peace Minnesota having sex and did not disclose that information she's doing for sexual battery and fraud, as Jaso is doing
emotional distress. When you tell me something about a person before actually get to see them, because now some sort of that turned right to look at a pitcher mediaeval by about half an hour people. What are we look, like my gentle Iraqi told me that only Europe, you look like a heel in his room, habits statistically said, look around the last one in three right aid. One thousand three one, two three well, but you haven't I right, Mr William. She was paid in less than a thousand dollars for some we should not only Door Michel like that man. What the Moselle Jonah man, do a lot of money in the world in a movie but they re, because everything that happened would cabin spacey, so they had to do research for the movie to get him out of the movie. With what Mr William I was over there,
address or those of homage of Daphne lab. So my geiger counter, so apologies still Michel, may be seen as a daily do might arrive at a re shoots Annette Movie us because they had to be issued their scenes and he got a one point: five million dollars for the additional work. While she got eighty dollars a day, Perdita does nowhere. I don't believe it Aging added about agenda not only believe, have all threat that www Myerson attainment arrest, yeah through that makes death Uncomplex that's it. I worry that makes no sense whatsoever that China has. She got less and without a doubt, the duration of the mob Wahlberg at one point: five million. I have no idea how this now time. Mister Williams had said. I be wherever they needed me when it whenever they need to me and they could. She says you tell them they can
my salary, they could have my holiday whatever they wanted, because I appreciate it so much that they were making this massive efforts after the producer and erect a really Scott said that He would be ass. The reason why my malerba cycle is, I get one way while I don't care, I gotta thought a room really does we must all wherein all black now Khatami to be up on that I was the rapporteur raised. Lad, admitted ass with me to movement, need to be we're gobbled by. Why may Michel? Let me do not. In his gaze tv, cried my Mozilla YE and that's your Roma report hour. I shall to revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up
Let me know what you want to hear. The breakfast club good morning, I'm Berrington day Thurston and I feel like we're. Having a moment when officer, Derek starving, killed, George Floyd, something in America broke, I'm going to try to explain it from the Kobe connection to what defund the police actually me when Donald Trump encourages cops, not to tell people, you know something to listen to we're having a moment on the Iheart radio Apple pie cast and wherever you get your pocket? Never has the world of golf and more fascinating or more in flux, thanks to a suddenly newfound appreciation for sport that millions, love and even more millions of Miss watching my new podcast, the shack, show hosted by me. Jeff Shackelford will be that say space to discuss matters both vitally important and total escape us. So as the pro
afterwards ease back into business and recreational golfers rekindle their passion, forgetting outdoors and getting easily aggravated, am maybe minus view, bunker aches and cart sharing or those awkward chess bob's. The shack show will be in your too ready to offer the sports last independent voices sticking up for what really matters each week in our view a wide array of Gaul smartest funny. It's the most compelling mines as we attempt to gauge the state of the game and sometimes I'll just chime in with a quick take on those inevitable first world golf dramas, so listen and follow the shack show on the eye higher radio apple podcast or wherever you listen depart. Guess
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