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Friday 8/3 - Today on the show we had former basketball player Jay Williams stop by and spoke on his new documentary ‘Best Shot’ & doing more in the community to impact our youth. Also, Charlamagne gives another Florida Man "Donkey of the Day" for attacking his ex girlfriends current boyfriend. Moreover, we had Karlie Redd stop by where she spoke about her newly engagement, being on Love and Hip Hop, and things got a little freaky near the end, and lets just say she got very anal about the topic. 

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ass a way of regulating Charlemagne. The garb of a rapid club rates and the voice of the culture to wash his work would like me to do is what my baby shows just because I always keep young real, but there were aware on faith there. You know their listening through the back door: Joe S, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO. Yo morning angel e money began the Charlemagne the guy who's didn't play is rotting. In shouts everybody, there came out to Boston somebody here we had a great term yesterday, yes, slew to Bob are usually don't tell your things like this, but I'm only telling others know. We must act in time. We rode on a private
yesterday to Boston cause. You know my wife is on eight months pregnant right. I think seven. I don't know any decent him to resign from terrible about. It's all I needed to get back to my wife, not even in town. I can even know. I think it's not even hear you understand. I got back, the boy is still with us. No one thought it goes out and private jet life. You know me we're here. I've metal keep alive. You know today, so we got J Williams from European joining us today. Yes, and also for you, If we give rightly calling re, Kali Red RE, loving it barbarous right, readier gave marries used to talk to Jack, keep in mind free freaky Friday. Can you hated they'd nor Nikolay? Read any view is in the context of freaky freaky Friday? No boy! Ok, don't take us out of context later on in life, all right cell rights. I keep a lap and of course,
If each has eight hundred five five one of our borders to breakfast locomotive got away, got manner black. We want you to do this. Been. There were several features. God I love you gave me a couple weeks ago: man, ok, I'm not gonna. Let her know tat. We go back, though this may argue others find cancer. Positive is already is it strawberries? What happens? Dramas God loves you stay strong, keep moving the poor man, prayers for her birthday.
Or their name? We were no language merit wireless though some positive India, therefore Careless Mass Lula, lesser array of her what type of cancer Ziobro Republic air of a network of cocoa- and we call from the road map out the ad aware that they hard reality or die. We sense of prey is our destiny to her brother are both very shocked by bothered about their front sooner. Yes, I know very well that old age You already know my brother allows is the big job was to hey! What's up everybody, we need a little funny this morning. Alright, I want to play a game with you and it's call. Is it just me all right here we go
we should think again suggest me you're the Charlemagne. Look like Teresa GUI Twin, suggest me. It eventually were pants all the time to hide or every legs suggest me or December. I feel like Redford's. Don't you ever do? Is it just me? Oh there, these colonies outages increases. We could just be meat, or is it just me ages down upon the length of the enemy that allows this Arab Asia Regular features Mamma? I think be bothered to day a minimal away. Is the second time call, and it's always now I've got a lot of people. Think of that which would you ask overnight and we're going to do to do is keep him three times a week, but I'll go to work. I'll pick him up in the morning. Take him to school.
Well, you got into you know it you get into when you got into. I did not know he got inside I'll see. Didn't I interrupting. Let me out of my boy latterly you earlier today I had a chef de, let a budget serves the mouse and we got a dead. We shall get a bit nervous. I don't like you, I don't like you interrupted national quality time. What is girlfriend drop off his sign ok day? well made great daily mad at you be able to download. I know I know I said we have a lot to learn about gotta budget, the reserves on a private club. I probably a little about it,
I want to bring good jobs. Now leaders is envies far somehow if you find out- and he forgot them- you will never know that you'd better product you like to make a liking for the Vienna realities of national realities of their reality. I know you do I gotta show me he's got a name may make it. I got a bunch of Jamaica, shifts the jamaican worlds or make it viable and wealth with some american apart. No, what do you believe? I'm sorry that you too, you know Saki in our vision of sovereignty and efficient and one which was gone, argues ass. You saw that he would have you changed, not a major represent a good father. Do. Is you easy, followed out front
my dear sir, I may have a bless my eyes and all is really kid. You all you Debbie ships. Out of you. Just eight hundred five, a firewall or five. What have you need? Divinities now? Is the breakfast level more owning down down to get it off. You wanna breakfast, but allows this day was, I mean to get it off it. Yes, I want to know why mechanic done. I do. You know why oiling Angel Mason, the mechanic play obeyed the LAW of Ireland, my agent Mahal age, but thought than a mere letter. How we don't you go to your room again, you would do somebody free and how Linda, while my you would That is why, yes, on Walmart guy gardeners
yeah. I mean these warmer, but I mean I gotta worry about the food aid. In order to do this, you will show you gotta give renewed and you're here at least tell me like ITALY, which black ass notable black black dog eat dog. You golly regards I wouldn't do you need to go to Jiffy view? When did you love you? Bulgaria's got on walking around a behavior. What are you know where I was down your honor? I take your own abide where local you should relate
economy, gave your head boy you to save the day. Thank you. How kind, no hair on company what why we're minded, ensure ass? Well, let me run about dollar four year old kid. She loved me allow this you'll. Only. What good is Michael problem was problem broke, it features, bandit bumpy would have we have any bad days, though. Whatever? How do you know a lot? Isn't the older or whatever you forget? My call worthy every single day she be smell like Zapruder every day, not a lawyer. I never heard it. I zander our understand how about them. I tell you, you stay, you gotta, you gotta, get a. We gotta get a woman, you gotta get a woman, Mattel another woman and she sent unless usually
was a woman. I say what I wouldn't do not leave order models, maybe get a nice well give basket s and self sin lotion. This now get out of this difficult and everybody emerge job. You know, thinner, Yoshi stages, Mullay, drew's or whatever it is unnecessary and, as you know, I wonder whether that be found or make a ghetto give basket in that give basket. Have the oder it known on Amazon, maybe jammies had diet every founded should be able to nurture below you, don't think your hair, like.
You know you had he known as yesterday's on no united. Now she would around you saved my life. I know now view winner in sheep's. Blurted out instinct in his heart is thanks anyway, agonies you haven't, you got letter. Have no, then you gotta, let no! No, no you got your letter. Ivan right did not allow. This happened. Tat somebody that well, what am I coworkers uses now really bad and we actually had to take him to decide and I will show you think I actually had to tell him and say you know, there's a little bit about odor and I don't know what it is, but I think it was his clothes because he was too it is co in a cold. He would never washing and that's not really bad, and it is our now. He just then shout every day. I know what it was, but we tell them Jewish
the breakfast club men are black. We want to hear from you fellows is a portuguese ravages murmur get off my shared their up at all social media purchase something from them. Prevention over. Don't give me my clarity and I will manage clarity. We stop. I may use that is a local fashion over very lonely emotionally Lowell.
We all lie knows all about our dream. Ibm failure to get it off my chest. Parameters that are required to be asked to help me out will point the way it is negative impact will hardly be presidency. Akashi has like now. Thousands of people have recorded fashionable why you're gonna be a few miles per hour, what it sees as well. I may be kind of you. I have a little more clout mug and is also very fragile, overdressed mobile news of a certain spokesman. For my then they are mere night. You know how we picked out, but I refuse to part with everything- and I feel like I am able listened suppose you do. Semi idea may now, because I do not cover the people, their work, air, some ahead of my guy, then it's him as every girl be good lowly. All of your soul, audiovisual barrier realise vulgar, tromp was gone of rational allows,
This is definitely not the morning breakfast Club age, our low marrying. I, our young people, futures? I just wanted to say that I'm glad you love within the last year them alive. I've been through a lot of money on the kids go and you know, mirror mirror Globe varies beneficial. You know I was over way, not a lot about thing going on in a just read me, love eighty, I was very wine, or could I unsteady if ever I look like my high school days, I've been saying: oh Mamma, article thirteen and a young man. I just went back to work for the first time and I ve been working for a year, and you know things that is really looking up from a funded com. Van Brandt allow Charlemagne and from TAT day I will window crowd about how we have from the bed last night mercy. Wasn't grisly man fleet mad?
fucking failure, inversely, Bulgaria does it deserves in the room. You you wanted we talk about one barium. Do you know where I wish? I could tell a bit hot: ok, I'm doin it. You know me, I'm gonna get a twenty two years under glass and I haven't bunkers you're, so much more confident now too and happy as your own Mohammed. They know how to put right look balmy of ever. Nobody can not only would argue today on whether their over legal grass Zuma devil outta. My while I was rooted, I don't go play while it was right- and I wish you would wish it was really love. My us, legitimate was damaged. Rooms, allows, there's gonna, be rid of what you have just made. What was needed was a broker of each asthma, it very expressive of fingerprints.
Now you are worthwhile and Adobe a bigger and whether empty now I'd like you to congratulate you, because I dig at the global mad we get. There was a real personal. What was adopted earlier, every online but the young lady I had to pay for young lady. You are only what age people twenty seventh tell you crave went on was deprived the poor woman. I walk you now they have to pay pay a hundred out of you when you get what you pay, you get what you pay for a man. So call me when you argue NET Arby's Medicaid like that. But what you know the game and three year you gotta make. It haven't thought about. My break. Wilma clad, always know me baby sometime, you gotta palpably not, and I was talked about back. Did I thought you had all rheumatism. I dared to your grandma jawed more nodded. I would ask that the game of chess eight hundred five, eight five one o five one call us have now was to breakfast locomotive.
The breakfast everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess building by partner. Yeah Williams could be your. I miss your facebook umbrella really good and you got your new documentary best shot year. How does that differ from your book? Life is not an exit. It's almost the same. Look at the best, What about it, though, is in no way I got Chancellor Merkel Maverick on this whole thing, how we do more in our community to impact our youth right in and how we do more for kids that look like us or they talk like us and one of them not really respect about Braun maverick. No Europe feel Jackson couple years ago say no leubronn in his policy. That policy is close to being a billion dollar pass right. So my thing is: hey no longer we can ask situations where one guy makes it out. They proven that guy can make it out. You can uplift the rest of the people around you, so they can be on par. Just with everybody else. Does talk about business, whatever may be
So how do we take that mindset and how do we implement that into our youth assemblies kiss from north man? They almost will. I didn't have a chance report. Him got chance to get started at Santa High schools exactly right, an within sing and what I love- and I was just talking about this- the other day- is a lot of time. These kids come to school and we don't know what their circumstances are like at home. So sometimes they do things oh, and we had to take that into consideration by the way, is the story of what's going on with their family? What's going on with them financially emotionally and all of that they bring leather bag to school, with them my thing is: I'm tired of this kid being white noise. Can you get a lot of people talk about doing the right thing and then we're at least selfish people? Were you worried about your family yourself? What you're doing for yourself and you cannot leave them off in the thigh when you hear fifteen year old kid, and it will say you know what my dad been in jail. My whole life, my brother, getting out of jail family members ask gonna, get us out of her get us a big house. It's all falls on me at fifteen. What the hell kind of pressure that work. It is fifteen years old, they ve another can aim Isaiah. Who is seventeen?
lives by himself. I don't know how the hell he's not in the system, but he lives by himself he's paying rent he's asking me Yo Jake and our brow of our money for rent. I got to die I gotta go to work out the school, I'm not gonna, miss practice who now goes you're sixteen seventeen years or as a lot of pressure so then, if they make a mistake, I another kicker. Break down how he sold rugs and he's like. Why would I go work at burger king? when I make a minimum wage. When I can do this, and I can make five times that in no less than avatar, emerging old, is to prove exactly for that. Will you talk to him about where you see those thorough conversations about hey that same skills at the? U we can find somebody up a very quick, a mad. You can make that applicable to a job where you can. Click on a lot more more. Does it was helping to raise you at home because I have you don't have anybody home? That's actually teaching. You got out a lot of their work on the data. What do you know what to do with Newark shouted nor my old Newmarket play nor did play football unearthly backbone, nor the problem see a lot of times with like cities or places like.
Work is a lot of mortality feels like some terms. The suburbs fires, the water. A fine that one kid in any kind of like pop, that one kid added a basket wishing and permanently in a good situation any never help the town or city or coaches and asked the promised this numbness programmes. How do we break their site, but that's all over. I not laggards his argument. Allow go well said. The brown was a grace. All time will now underway the deck of the executive, reducing document that literally Amida House. Yet I find I like that. We know that, but he's given that that, Forty, one million dollars was caused. The wishes- and I say I got nor the thing that Michael Jordan is down, but I've seen Michael Jordan invests in penitentiaries and things of that sort. I'm not gonna, as you are also of intimate, rob our guy. That's what I've heard lightly, allegedly by no, what Leubronn does were to community. So the fact that he's thus in an earth, my thing being there three days a week for four months and spin and Tom with these kids. I that's how,
You do that lighting. How you do you actually give yourself your time, you effort your mind. You know your intellectual property to these case would understand at all. He looks like me. He sounds they from, but that's not being white ass, being educated right. He thinks thoroughly oil. I can do business too I can on a business, but you need other people like us to empower them to show them. That is feasible a lovely brought with it, but I don't make an agreement that will play a lot You think you can beat Michael Jordan, one one I know is concerned. This conversation is yet. As I don't know, I don't think it's fair compensation. Only the biggest fatal abroad life isn't fair, may only be fair to Jordan. Is God like Joe? It's like taken a ghost Why are you brought it about whenever awake now, you're Talkin team Bass also leave curdle make a couple shots you can you can
other guys, may some big shots. It takes an element of luck to be six unknown. For Michael's ideologies are up, so you did what he thought. A video you would like, though we should be taught. My individual is double the themes of water. Ok, so I beg them. Look like Michael Jordan, led some of the greatest envy eighteens about that's different conversation. Who do you think? Michael beat. The one wants. No, maybe no yeah Novi, maybe one six. Nineteen sixty four training and oconnor, like Michael in its varied back, my going one one went along you back mangled. Only that we see microbes remains it, I'm not going to have no reason to doubt Michael Jordan, about any bank I got throws into doesn't have now. There were no we're, not Two things are not don't think a fatal abroad of the broader, the greatest Leubronn we velvety compared to all these other great you're gonna always be disappointed. He can't reach those expectations. He can't be joined can't be magic, it is, can you ve brought out of August red well for who thou think as your reality. You now for ok cause you're part of that
innovation. It follows that over these kids, they don't know about Michael as we all know, about magic, the pinnacle, but so the car. Some will change in the next twenty years. Could they will have that two compared to does not accurate? Oh, I must As I understand what life without you, I mean there's nothin about us, accurate. We are more with J waves when we come back at all over the breakfast Club, Dumont D, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club from ear to ear and we have J Williams in the building shuddering. You know the drill, I always wondered, lose out unconditional, they did social media. Allow people have broken, you have got oji, you know who made a lot of mistakes when I e the college unease using if mistakes his lessons very body as due to allow people to grow in air, and if you like, a judge, you very thing that may have happened in Japan or area. I think we do if you keep pushing the narrative, But you have to keep pushing narrative about how what you're evolution is and how you changed. You can't be worried about such a media. You have to keep doing the work, may not the best part in for him, though, to like he like he does, It was funny watching him watch in all them, because we went down
for a game and was funny. I don't think ever been in around that many white people in your life ignominy caucasian people. Like date, they never again. What are you insane? You had no body when you walk down the street, so we are where they are unconvincing. Kids like all hay and mama boys haughty on the team that girl. Why? What is wisely and how to me? What do you want? A marquis? Don't we in writing, because they hardly you it's ok, I guess what it why didn't get their bikes lock the albatross likewise be why today still lying around here haughty idomene, so it was such a culture shop for them to understand that this is an environment conducive to you learning right, but they never get those experiences. Ninety five percent em had never been out of the city of new, were ever so like how to help EU plan for what you want to be. When you don't have the exposure to see what you can be as if it was when the best have ever done in my life. Like writing. A book plan born a league all that stuff about him. I don't care about any of that, like I feel like I love this whole thing, be like your. What the hell am I doing like unto God need to do more with my own commute dies every season with different schools. That's it
I don't know what the man is gonna, be it on Youtube is grey. It comes out. I came out last week were Erin a new episode every Wednesday, eight epithet aid episodes. We all of you to want to do no season. We did it a million views ready on Youtube yesterday within borne out days, which is pretty demonstrating a year ago, I mean it's will see our goes, but it's it's real work yo. I mean wipe is pregnant every Monday, enthusiasm in Bristol Connecticut every Friday, Sonny, I'm on the road and then when they there in writing. I was with those kids. Nor does it connection there. After you finish filming you wanna keep in contact still go. Well, that's the best part about it. I mean just because the Dockers series is overdue, mean their lives are over. So now yoke is at what happens. If I say I keep trying to find a part time jobs and go to school like whose help them do all that we have another can name clock on who just
literally, was messed around his boys. They were jump in some kid and then the kid recognized him and then he got put in jail overnight and then he has followed things now, there's a record for conquest. So how does that affect him? And he was there. He was an act like actively Bob and uses their guilty by association so like? How do you help those kids follow up the wreck? eyes at ease of use, Cavan be around for you at the start of distancing yourself and peace. We don't have your priorities in a best of the gods. I think we all had to make it a night of. Let me go out run with the wrong people. You know by Jove, like I can not be around this anymore. I feel the gutter focus all energy ongoing, piloted thing of even have one foot in the negative. The negative will catch up with the May. Your great lesson Talk about you, two of our kids too, because I feel like the people who are able to get bike stuff in life. Is life happens to all of us. More you're able to own fangs and understood like this is where my life was. These
the things I have learned from it, but a nobody out their perfect. So you have a lot of top people behind a keyboard. Would like act like their perfect, by has gone through some kind of obesity in their life, so the more I can only them can empower myself to do more with it. So the fainting with these kids are your own. Your background on, where you're from own, like your town, wrap your city where you can be, as you can be as great as you, b, but nobody you're holding back now, forgiven anymore, like goes back at a source media question, is like you can't make a mistake anymore. Now, when you make a mistake, is, is is hard to be back, I mean you can go back if you know what a sixteen I did this, but now people are looking at what you did at sixteen, They will that your character, now not just with like that might be, like you said, is making mistakes and owning your background and owning the mistakes that you made and learning from them and is keeping a Galway night is keep on pushing the new name. I guess it's just the way life is right, but if I can go on air next, they say I was wrong and I opened a move forward until you get that opportunity now with the airport. Lucky guess. Ammonia are all the time, but I your executives
I was wrong and I only damage forward until you get that opportunity. Nor was the reply I am lucky gives a more narrow time, but I you're exactly your duties. The kids about social media took that feel it s a conversation that has to be had now a days We didn't have to have come in. We really good heavily involved. I think God affects kids, don't blame and they even fire, like their rates of suicides going up because of social media and how much they are affected by things they see and what not. And things like guy? We didn't get into that as much, because I think some of the issues that they had to deal with, where Logan beyond social media, that given time when you guy, when got kids, who are worried about how to put in a money with their mamore put clothes on their. The young brothers backs ices a different set of circumstances, so I'm sure we kind of breezed over social media. Both I mean you start to see the waste when these Kasr Livin in their upbringing. It's like, I like we had to focus on the bigger picture, but how do we? How do we help them get out of this impasse?
I cannot say like like a qualm Gaza go. I want to put on a lay. I wanna go to Miami. Unlike have you ever been outside the city of new work? Do you know jerseys called the garden state? Do you know a jersey can even offer using I never been outside, nor caught on the grasses or in all this like so he only sees through that micro chasm in our so is out of commerce, worth having one hundred percent, but we a chance to get their way commissioner, one eyed wonder and students his father died, and then you want heavy artillery salami like ours, or how do you think he gave them like so we're not episode drops house gonna do that. Sixteen years old, Mary LAW Is that all you view watching his kids go through the first stage of grief of him losing his father gonna play reason we're on a bus, we're down ass, anything we're down a duke was the first time we are giving them out of their environment that we were away from everything we actually having a good time of your fellow data chanced to be kids, kids. You know me like run around, do sillies to ask and then escape eyes out his dad.
But it was one, the most painful and beautiful moments at the same time, because It's all right, but we don't know a lot about Heidi's, family and the family would be there for him, his mom and his in his grandma, but, like you saw us like you saw we all we got by. We are at family eye, we all came and we hugged them and we prayed together and we stayed in his ear, the entire ballgame. We continue to talk to him for days and days after that. Talk till now just actually pay Sammy. Like literally two months ago, I shouted the hard work. He wants the pined away, he just needs. We would help and give him a blueprint. Or Adobe will need a direction and that is managed that employees are my leg, give automatic, deepening, Andy's ice and it's a deep scenario. Yea lever for three now for mines is like telling me the lot to or because our mother bring a child this will allow something about what what kind of father do I want to be in on when I say something now it can just be like oh yeah I get to it is like damn like our I like, I said it again,
be the example I need to set the bar high, so they can set their own individual bar. We are more with Jake We was when we come back to don't move as the breakfast Club morning morning. Everybody you d J. In the annual YE shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have g, William S P and in the building showing your marriage to her, I got no EU was granted a personal stuff. That's my love me. May I go right there like gas, I'm having interracial baby here, Mary able to the clubs. As you know, on the merits of the Mary, I well Amerika the different, not everybody so they feel different about me. Being different. Having error by us is kind of shit Then I, like all you Mary, how is it I'm a disgrace? no way, no different them. What my life was before the summer path at home They tell me a few weeks ago, you, like YO, you really be on ethics.
Yes now, adieu, another choice does so basketball lobby now. Mba brought onto the lake is what does that mean for the West Coast You know the broader data, political backward. He's gonna become that billion dollar awfully are respected. A mayor, who better to lead you their magic me I'll. Get lot at. These occurs on your board right Emmi. So my thing is I, who was on the bonds Boarding Cleveland, dangled? No, I love than respect them, but the already felt that chemistry being off rights like who is the bronze around himself within Gonna Ella, that's magic, Rob Lanka, Kobe, Bryant, Jenny, Balsamy thing about exponentially different that borders in the border, originally adding under any still gonna. Be ok. Build around him, I mean just has to be patient. The west is ridiculous. Man, like I think, One is gonna Whammy, Toronto, be better with quiet, but I mean to have gone to stay with buggy
now on a genuine Europe laid at this late in your career? Didn't banged up from the west? Could all games will be how difficult that, like that to team that you gotta worry about it any easier you got punch attainable being you adopted, it will be better known for the quality of life, only life, so different. Every thing is to like he's all about family and legacy. So my thing is like runabout charges. Sailor business is done of all that. You don't know you Tom cause. Now, like I was in Cleveland, I do. What I said I was gonna, do in Cleveland came back to Cleveland. I want your chin like either I said I was gonna do now when I go to allay. Might I am to take along the first year but think about LISA and not done lie Macromedia sport space DM two. They got so many things in the work in the works, media empire? Why not build your legacy right there? I may just put a man you get there, you don't want leave at his age and he's gotta families can plan ball. I e a theme that there were no baffled. I mean I've been here. Another Katy might come to New York to really
I've been hearing Kelly, cometh noisily it you think I'm in here- and I am not being here and Ginger Butler inquiry. Come the Brooklyn, LAN, Saddam Hussein. Broken our love that promote Roddy. We may soon be vain. Israel's come on man from people in the streets. Why would you become the New York? Why would he do that? Israeli society, while you re going to state according to you, I mean so the army have AIDS it. I mean look here if they are all gravel really here, whatever Katy one do is what Katy was to do, but the thing I love about Katy he's different cat, buggy and I like he does he likes to do things that kind of thorough people off like you didn't like for you to know what he's going to do. A good bye wants, a hate I am going to go to stay is no when ships and eventually me out, I think he's gonna wanna have his own team. Could there be in New York City wanna go to these visas, as all think it did. I This today, in some unease accompany York events. Now what you thought I need the car. Somebody now believes that we're gonna stay is gone start losing when somebody play a third level K. I want to try new things.
My good early locate houses deals are next to me. I'm only you can help me MAX deals. Can you ask me in clay? Is one those guys I mean you think I'm gonna stay? Who do you think about Katy or seventeen Number one was you think about your Mama airplane, while I grew more right out there, you say more animated right passions remind those what plays the four may be put em bogey. Now a buggy comes back full strength, maybe buggy, and then what place? Fifth is gonna guy, that's fifth he's fit the got. It dropped the one. Fifty point Second, a game again. Three now quarters is weird: he deadly faded debate. Some say: hey watch your mouth all now, what about Malloy? On Iraq, it is a good bad either. I think it is only feasible place Ramallah. There is, I mean ok, see didn't work out. When were rust is a different, Russia's, a different animal. We all know that Airbus on my while he could go different places, a mug. Why I just go when a chip by come off the bench, love another item of the bit? Does it matter if you wanna Chip Army, he got it
twenty five million. Why are you got another two point? Four million dollar deal for a one year. I haven't ego, I get that would have your mellow Haskins has served whereas I guess what am I doing I cannot raise. Does he put out an yesterday? Was given Brennan Gent Brennan Jenny, some buckets, I see, but I mean it's almost like the way you get to serve We are getting old, nor is it a young man's game, respect that and getting what you really come in for a good ten fifteen minutes. Get your fifteen points when a championship with used to call it a day, walk off as it were, merely about the money, no more time to do that when you come and live with brown umbrella, so drive and twenty dirty again the young man below Yonder mulatto goods they buy is one. I remind you that there is no. I gotta go the more you two boy for me. I was a kid, my riches, They do it my way to do it now, you eyes in my life.
The I you let the accurate that you went to empower you feel empowering you either you find other things in Italian. Kid is starting to empower me MA. Am we're never gonna nor bicycle? are you say in your name? Why you talk about her? She has a member yet like I'm all by speaking my life into existence, river right, so I mean thirteen years ago, I would never thought I would have been in a room with ya in. I was on the verge of commit suicide twice. We thought So now to be able, I find that we like to simplify life. The only way we are able to break people down, as if I can put you in a simplified box, like all your radio announcer o k, o o your dj or you do. Your thing is acknowledged, we're all complex individuals in the more I can share my complexities with these young kids in the world? Let them understand it. I am unique and I am full of flaws in ample apart. Things as well like we're all in the same, but we're all trying to figure it out. You know by different from another. How many the data. You get mistake if a big Rockefeller at some
Mrs Green ever doubted third member Rockefeller records December. Were there. Then I get the same model might be going there alone, a girl by good day why this love good boy, Don T, camel dont here today for Friday August third goes the Richard Matter, organ of the great state of flux I have not given donkey to anyone from Florida all week, so is safe to say it is dishonest. Week. Florida has ever had what does your uncle I'll, always tell you crazy,
people in the world come from abroad and all a flawed and I began to get a little worried is weeks in Florida provide so much content from my donkey today and lo and behold in my inbox came a perfectly good donkey wrapped in a bowl from you guessed it the great state of Florida, Sunshine state. Now Richard is a crate. Boyfriend a lot of women? Have those ok to ones who pop up at your house our job, unannounced threatened by. When do you are aware, we are currently Dayton leave crazy messages on your voice, mail in on your social media. You know to type rigid that type I write it ex girlfriend Megan one choice, proud to say she's his ex, because whenever you realise our crazy someone is leaving them you realise that the best thing for you, ok, we'll Megan with attending a surprise birthday party with our current boyfriend, Christopher Lowry. It was her birthday and Richard
who clearly was invited- must have gotten a memo with time and location because he pulled up what an all smoke. Let's go to NBC six Miami Footer Report police and aligning attack a man trying to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday wines of getting stab by her ex boyfriend especial night. Sing into a nightmare. It appears that the suspect was waiting in his pickup trucks for the victim to arrive right here at this art studio in Davie before beating the victim with a screwdriver all, while his friends and family and even a child. Looked on thirty four year old, Richard Madruga in the surveillance tape police say he came out of the truck apparently enraged and attacked Christopher Lowery with two screwdrivers stabbing him. Multiple times The two wrestled to the ground, while friends and family watched in horror, LAO Ryan up in the emergency room to get stitches in his face and staples on his head.
The police arrested and charged madrigal with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon now bring. My brothers I understand, You may be all in love with your ex and she may be best thing you ever had, but ask yourself one simple question: is the woman you loved that doesn't want to be with you anymore worth, taking a penitentiary chance in spending time in Aceh surrounded by a bunch of penises for an extended period of time. The reason is so stupid, why'd, you obeys new boo. It's not like you retinue boyfriend. Ups. You can view which you ok, this isn't it for her heart or I do not for her love after you hurt his manager sitting in the jail cell, she's still going to be out here in these streets, letting her new boo blow her back out. So what's the point Richard you pull up in your truck with your pistol on her birthday a pistol when our new boo, Russia's you and resort to stab in her new boyfriend to screwdrivers you play is all wrong because she will never be with you again simply be
one you're crazy and to your ruined our birthday. If anything you should- God or an amazing giff. That's how you probably disrupt our birthday Yarborough. Gotta stop looking for revenge and forgot away to make your excellent jealous and make her feel like she's missing. Something and the way you do that is through flaws. In now, fighting don't blocker a gram, twitter and Facebook, see you shining every day. You get look like you haven't good time without her getting shape, be successful, success is always the best revenge, not stab enriching above dramas in he had dropped. You know enriching the shortfall seizing a set up, but it says yes, and exactly what Richard Madrigal is okay and that's exactly what Christopher Lowery got stab. I cannot say Chris thereby Bob on top not as night work now, ok, anyway. Richard Maharajah, the biggest ya
Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club against pursue guess in a building golly right The newly and gazed Carly RAE, oh, my gosh, is crazy. As the area he's thinking downstairs, does there somewhere in letting them up, we engage to of irregular. Bad at app another explained the store. We ve been there in on in what was for some time now in really do love anybody know really date. Ok, I can sum oh yeah your mother, he from just a year ago. Malta year we maintain on and off, and I was surprised that he bought the question. So I just like us So often on him watching you on, you know, Levin Hiphop had he feels the end. Dating other people I may. As my past, you know so
I've on how long then asked about six months. Now we fell in love a hip. Hop may before you know, and we just like wound is too every single day? One of those things were made him the one. Why? Why? Because this is definitely a is, is not on some tv He is not on some like. Oh you know. I need her for Sunday. She in all you need is not that it is really love each other. When I gave us some as I who is this either leg. What does he do? He just came out of nowhere for us. Yes, you know as people watching you. We had no idea who we were so tell us. You guys met. Who is he we met? We may in a Lana in freshly. What manner we met my land, you know it's crazy, jogs manager introduced them
only the well known and he's the jagged blogger was introduced, as our colleagues is that an he was somebody wants to meet you some. I was museum. I would ever whatever I'm just gonna come out and have homage, as we hang out and a meadow men we being taken out while weeds acts, Did you do that? As you know there you in that could potentially got back together their part. I don't know what the hell you think a wet hey. I may add, on Jack, and I really really good when all our history, comes from being good friends. We ve gone regular, widely regular, wouldn't because he is a violation of. As you know, Jack is After all, I was in wrapper. You know Things are moving around regular job like what does he do arm he also chucking company. Okay, now he's just work, you know he's not in the industry. These guys are you. I bought a medium or Ebro, making more money than nine. It was an all out as we gotta go drunken yes ends on checking companies, oh yeah, he does make you like this.
It has many. Does that's not an industry this, my first time and unlike this works, he's he's not caring about taking pictures with me in Vienna land light another night. How many of you have always he's actually got a private pay she'll either Maybe a keeper pages primarily by moving, came out everybody when requesting like hang on lighten he's like I'm, not following nobody at internet. Other girls we have drawn up a loner, I'm sure I don't know I'm sure, but he needs are almost always. These are doing nothing about I'm having home. I don't enjoy a day at a time I love it and it's a great platform for my stores for my book, the man you know Things that I want to do is a great pleasure for me to talk about this. A sexy buggy and tell us a little bit about it. Ok, so I'm sexually like freeze,
it wasn't? Like I don't mind talking about thanks a lot of people. Comfortable, I don't mind second about sexy. Am I talking about things that I'm just like hey? You know, but other people uncomfortable talk about sex, so I got would say she's one of the best time when I M bestseller year when it comes to love you- and I was in essence, do I did a role in there I got. Saying his name was like yeah. I would love to, and I told her she was like just tell me all your stories tell me everything you want to talk about and I'm going to fix it up and make it give it to my story. Now, that's a freaky. I saw many of you know everything you here is a low spoiler. Give us linear, freaky stories I entertain relaxed. Mothers. What is it? I know? It my personal awareness among all oh gosh, not aim alone. It has been a pleasure,
aware way, we are reminded of beware yeah what they mean that everyone Is it have anal next month every? Yes, everybody knows what action means having had an all women. Do get so yeah you want him through some guys are hesitant. Do that the seminar hasn't it to tell a man like that. Yeah, I think, is one of those things. These were amnesia? Sexual of me is that, like all I'm a planet at ten, forty five is just go with the flow I'm drunk put it in you. Do that would enable men think it by my good friend you don't you had to prepare for another someone like me, sir. You cleaned there in a league, could you can't just lighted in areas how Mclean part of czar I've been one, be cleaned out, nobody's other people, you may say
Goddamn you, I mean. I know yes, indeed, shall have you at you, don't and you have to use Lou. Do every time you pull you shall yes, why does it? Yes, I do you pulled every time. I'm your shower rhythm of you as others, as it is in every time about now. If you haven't, they were Misa, pooping, mornin, yes and an environment that they know their wares. If you're in the shower- and you have to go and you'll idea, we will need a geologist our every time you up with the others around the house. If now everything's all right, I guess what
you know you're gonna want what away my guy you're close up when you will be mine, what happens in our wipe thoroughly got a big day and you'd you animal day. Now you get about where you are only value. Deputies of the world is a pleasant way. One is rising and we take a merry. Maybe it s a gift for after marries leg, given some in the forty two, absolutely absolutely. I will give up on my cheeks before the marriage. What other together, I damn you fought, sounds and complete. How can you tell us what story? That's what you alone is many give us when they make us. When you read this, ah year were doing it to a guy before in the world. Are you pegged year, you put a stand? What are you doin now was is and always within a buck away as in Atlanta, is in a book with
with me when I signed it now, whenever they both in Atlanta. What border with this is in the book is the honest. Now I said what We now know names and about him. We really do this in a book. She settled in a lantern, yes Ochres in August of me how to do it? How did he ask industries that use Ebay about you? You know you have to come out was echoed illegal use it as eclipse. Now we already guy you at Andy, Peg, peg, pegging, I'm going, you know you don't having ended. We have already asked you, don't think, Thus it is not one of the things you plan is, but you don't have a step on. The road does have many closet yeah yeah. I know I had other. That's where I haven't. We exploit company would dump Johnson were Bynum, except here put out a sex toy land with Doc, Johnson, so yeah
we are more Callie Rail. We come back, don't move is to breakfast club the morning wanted everybody is the J envy Angelou Ye Charlemagne? The girl we are. The breakfast club is fraud, as you know what that means. Friday, Friday, we give Golly RAM, hurled and show me thankfully different nobody else. Can I pay. I pick the ones that I went out. You know doctors and I got to get anything ok, which are the ones that you really really like, like our buzzing in your mouth there that one we must recognise the year is out when you go down the somebody's abide liquid vibrator. So is it clear and you putting imagine a businesslike paragraphs, not necessarily padlocks, just like a vibrator but racks Pepperbox it is the liquid vibrated. What about rings? They use those on a guy. Now like Ireland,
love ordering zone has been really given him young that their pleasure innocence I've, never driver democratic, growing, never tried it they say. No light, there is my leave your senses, I didn't like you. Have you like the lagoon its message, you circulation a balloon, not models when I heard yeah, who guidelines I suppose, that automobiling erection for a longer period of time and make you more sensitive. They also guys you are circumcised, have allowed. Why sensation in the hotel I can deal with solemnly circumcised was half observers at? How did you know that? and so you, guy from the automobile amyloid lag, is needed at Calais. I won't ever never going are you? Are you sent us as a user? Concise observers are ok travellers. Have we ever lower wages are low skin reach? I was a little skin
Where did I had put his is gone anyway. You know how to go back to the hospital, and I was like seventy eight others. Lopez has gained from the chef to the head of the and you'll see it like Google, it in your mind with a European as with no actually what you know I went for something. Doesn't the doctors say? Yes, I said: what is that doing? you? Gotta get his exceed seventy arm about I'll, get done something almost adversity didn't and he would like you the directive earned about, but why did it hurt me? Google Oh wow that will be mine, but you'll see, would tell why I don't either. Okay, so give us some other toys out. I shall yet they give us your favorite air tat, legally vibrator, strap on eyes. I look,
I've been looking for you. I think I was crazy. I don't got me, I thought it was no longer the darkroom. You thought you'd like what is that I believe that no blue about fish, malnourished, magma spanking well, I gotta go. I would only I suddenly grantline the strap. I frequently have you uses Jack on men like how many different men have you known on just one just once I did, he will love it, I'm sure he remained. Now, where they did it. I never thought about my word values among you, gotta go. You will never government every, but yes, the delinquent vibrator, where workers are managed by so was a wide open. I did they have to do with it. As you know, is one of them in an unambitious Lebanon. Can
Would you go up there may be you believe One guy has notably no known, should have an admin everybody's, as is they weigh up again and again, nor the legal via by which I mean like them. Never been that big into toys by the packing rocket. I had that to my mind, yeah yeah I'll. I'm dying. I gave a ragged rise, allied semi, the receiving ok, solid legal Bobby. I do like the park iraqi on. The handcuffs situation now legislation I wouldn't offers new What am I gonna everyone's his number them? Oh brother, does exactly. Are you guys doing?
another measure rather than the eyes met within the normal. You get a real case. Mademoiselle me I'll, have anger when you get married, you have the reasons. Is that I think I would, but I don't think he would allow me to say you. Be with me, and I will be with you. Ask him about it. Now, I believe all Inca going through my work. Is he a freak in a barrel, Emily's yeah, but I don't he will be what they did. Do. I you don't wanna three, so I can even touch his and even go let yen hooligan. Now I can't even my liking, I, if I even making ass. He be light as Ukraine now who's manner that we may get out the shower, I've got you worry they can emulate. Don't even look at me. Do you like smoking and stuff like that, when you're in a bedroom ya like honest and guess what you like very lightly, not like
am. I pass out some people like that. I might pass out till now you gotta now, but as fighting what about a smack likely lightly, not now little daddy's landing in their lives? Are you? Are you been talking as Maggie? I took a hidden, yes, you, like being so, no like an angel dimmed enough like some. Strong he's right here, but has no chance jotted down. You should be good, maybe go, but now a point about role play here, I don't know work as our thinking. Oh, if you ain't a scrap of reading,
as you know, he's Frankie because, as other ways be freed by what how mistakes anywhere any was occasionally even exhibitionists, was the greatest pleasure and attract crazies plays on my guys on national crazy on bees is not crazy. On a plane is not crazy, obeys doing it, but it is nevertheless another list. Then, in order for me to do to be re, re gonna think about that. You gotta give me your bars to I mean in them. You ve done so much for just a few bars way. You think caliber. Would you don't Eggs bring your valley, say and thereby white booming. Yes near you probably right even use penises overrated, like I'm sorry even though my do does have a small piece of that out the light them more like what you mean by small Gigi you'd penises over in reforming Judy
what about you easy on lorry, even though we know in mind excited I like and began to use a small yes when all these small businesses easier, if you re. Oh, my god I don't. I mean my do dynamic more, but I do like I'm smart as one when you leave out with great enthusiasm. I am raise animals I like em, I gap, you know guys walk around in a like Google brood. No wonder, usually don't have combines a Brac lorry still energy. They think about the way the energy alot of people rag about am I like them
I would like us to this as a double always. I really like that. Doing it and now that the rightly so rob That's easy lawyer! You now you gotta gonna, forget your logical order of lip service about has lived. There is any! I please clarify rose you remember. We put them out We read thankless Bergamo and with a breakfast club, it's time for our politicians to answer to the people, and that means you so simple. Look on your questions for our panel enjoyed as weekly for political ends. Hit podcast how the hell are we gonna get along I'm hosts Clayton and each week I'll put your questions to a new batch of your favorite comics politicians and pundits, but they have what it.
Takes to get us to twenty twenty one find out. First, with new episodes? Listen to political, how the hell are we gonna get along on the eye, hard radio, app apple pie, gas or wherever you get your podcast rename Buddhist authoring each Jarvis Masters steadfastly maintained is innocent, since he was sentenced to death almost thirty years. Podcast dear govern Jarvis poses the question of what from the confines of his nine by for sale in San, when Jarvis will share his riveting life story, how we manage to maintain a sense of optimism in the most dire circumstances of their power by the girl, in house will provide the details of the bloody murder trial that landed on debt relief, work out back in charge here, details from inside it, Missus attorney spite for his final steed, a p.
With newly disclosed evidence. The posters and claims of innocence will the California Supreme exonerate him reaffirmed death sentence, listen to dear governor and the I hurt radio apple podcast. Wherever you get your part tests,
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