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Friday 12/15 - Today on the show we had Jeezy stop by where he spoke about his new album "Pressure", the younger generation and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to an Ohio college student who tried to trade chicken Alfredo for sex. Moreover, we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought about the comedian beef between Kevin Hart and Michael Blackson. 

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In the past few months. The notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day, especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something good. For today we spoke to Morgan Brochure, scientific communications manager at Pee, Angie about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to DAWN power wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes and you can get back to the things you love visit, Don Dish, dot, com, twenty seven clubs, podcast were famous musicians who died prematurely and sometimes mysteriously, each seven. This pike this hosted by me, Jake Bernat Creator and hosted the award winning music, untrue crime podcast disgrace seasons, features, twelve episodes of life and death to Mars the doors and the twenty seven. Could contains adult content and explicit language. You can listen.
The twenty seven club on the Iheart, radio, apple podcast or every class. Even so it s a most dangerous morning is big day and everybody says in its banana, giving maybe the ruler rubbing the wrong way. The breakfast ravaged by yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah YO good Morning, Angela YE minorities Amy
It's Friday component everybody's, the envelope work week. It's over forceful couple weeks. Tsar last stated: we go away cases to the new year. I turned my alarm, for you followed, so does ring anymore in the morning and I think up so early in the morning. I'm excited a holiday the coming. I'm excited to us of that low a little, but I shall have to do for the kiddies, but most everything is This is the small ones the one year old and three euros only one I didn't get for I've been doing every address, think or twelve days a Christmas with everyday? I it my wife something special something nice and, on the twelve day, watches Christmas. I give her a big if just just funds of Munich kids pick those stuff out. We set it up in a house of I'm tired. I had to sit up or last night, you know when you all recently blade their entirely after, but you can't say if there could be no ready jumped in so get a finnish tat out so TAT S. My family
The very just was Minneapolis eighteen cousins. Donor alone is whether young sum of arms and what you gotta give me. I remember growing advisory. Might everything on Christmas, where that would be my whole family and everybody Wikimedia lower envelopes in agreement. Minimum size give area handed out of the blue eighteen, I may what s the right words do. Fifty brow cheap, thereby is actually a lot easier than haven't. I go out saddened me. No bad things over. I guess a car with the money, so low lazy, Noddies Anna AIDS is nobody like when I was growing up. I used to be like how much money emigrate gave for Christmas and the new year. So why wouldn't I pay for ok, you're, right, you're, right Today, I want to show you easy will be joining as easy as a new out right now, so deftly go downloaded treatment, approaches that right now shouted Jesus call pressure process, also Eminem as eminent Zob drought. Right, yes, Eminem Revival Adam is outdated, having Rodya, Namibia,
I've been working all day every day since Sunday last night and get home so really lay. Also, I've had a chance to do anything so fortunate. There has granted it out to the last day of work, or I will ask it to show cracked and propose knows what we talked about where we are going to be talking about a morose and her. This is a Robin Roberts, this civil war. They have going. Ok, we'll get us all that when we come back to what I get all carry these the breakfast locomotive everybody is Luigi envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast war tat men and Friday. Goddammit lies largely twenty. Seventy right. Well, let's get some front page news. Now: let's talk broncos, they vehicles last night, twenty five thirteen.
What is our models? We should talk about a year. We I mean, I am sure, will be talking about which he s a day for a little while now we told you yesterday about I'm, arose doing her first interview on good morning, America Michael stray hand, and she said that she can't talk so much about why she quote resign. But here's what she said. There were a lot of things that I have serve during the last year that I was very unhappy with things that observe that I heard that I can expand upon it, because I have to still go back and work with these individuals. But when I have a chance to tell my story, Michael I too story to tell as the only african american woman in this White House, I have seen things that have made the uncomfortable that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that is affected by community and my people, your community, in your people. You print decides day over there. Now Robin Roberts had this to say about those remarks. You said she has a story to tell them sure she'll be selling. That story
It will save Felicia those even the abrupt robbing allowed. Would you got me more vocal? Ok, I re well, of course, I'm Rosa responded to thereby Felicia in a text message to incite addition to whose solution- and that was a petty- it's a black one. Civil war is not a black woman civil war. You pick, I desire, you pick decide not react. Job is not about conservative liberal, not a very public, not about
black awaited by good evil. God Satan right and wrong. You picked aside around since they over it. I never said about net neutrality. They have upheld a net neutrality, that's real! There was first put in place under President Obama and twenty fifteen now. What their means net naturally were rules that ensure that internet providers can't deliberately speed up our slowdown. Traffic transpacific websites are apps and they can put their own content at an advantage over rivals. Well, the Republican led FCC has voted to repeal those regulations, and a lot of people have responded. Facebook chief operating officer shall Sandberg said today's decision from the FCC to end net neutrality is disappointing and harmful and open internet is critical.
For new ideas, an economic opportunity. Internet providers shouldn't be able to decide what people can see online or towards more for certain websites. It doesn't work out of Mohammed passes Bill. I Amazon, chief technology opposite, am extremely disappointed in the FCC decision to remove the net neutrality. Protections will continue to work with our peers, partners and customers to find ways to ensure an open and fair internet. They can continue to drive math Innovation and new net neutrality for dummies cause could still really don't know. What's goin on a pretty much like cable anyhow, and basically, we have a basic plan, might be twenty and you can get a certain number channel the area and then you gotta pay for other channels is the same thing with the internet that he can do. So. If you want to go to Google, they might charge you ten dollars to go to Google now a month, go to Google or if you wanna, go to you too. They can charge in addition, amount money to go to you to a certain things. I would prove Walla, but we shouldn't leaving any free. All is maybe go pay now. Does not the Americans, Maybe it's the capitalist society are you running? Internet providers can also slow down or speed up certain other websites. So as this kind it gives others tat companies an unfair event.
Over other went invaded, will more money and as well. Of course you are you got you agent. Nancy doesn't want to do that. Netflix vimium arise once you do. They want open internet, it's their Republican. That FCC has decided to repeal those values. But is actually looking at all the billions of people online. And how can I get a dollar as well Thou indian people. That's exactly what it is and Disney boy I'd twenty percent. In fact, by the way and a deal with more than fifty two billion allowed for the wardrobe include bombs models and fired a model cinematic universe, Gobi nags. Now you can have x, men and avenge is in the same Freaking Phil. Oh, my god, you now good next Nega minorities and I ran down the x men, alien, predator anchises, and then you have so like the Simpsons family guy, the experts as all about on time. This is because it finally war comes on next year's or by the time the fourth Infinity war comes you'll, be able to have every single card in the marble cinematic universe in one movie. This is amazing. Genesis, arraigned Deasey might go just kidding
is cash today the file excited isnt read his agent. Is you don't even know you know that you have no idea how good they meet our model with good? Now you have no idea how good about it. Now I will star wars. Now today, already seen lots of people, we must not let ourselves wars. So does it know if that floats your boat? Does it I do want aliens extraterrestrial to come now real, quick, too humble everybody on after ya, feelin yourself, too much darker right well, front page news, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one! If you know if you want to vent, if you had us bad news. You want to spread some positivity whatever it. Maybe call us up right now, get it off your chest. If you're upset, you need event call if you want to press and positivity call it whatever. Maybe breakfast club morning. The breakfast you're gonna, get it obvious. Yes, whether you're mad or black, but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna bread, but allows is
They say we love it. Yes, Mamma. I am fell at thirty five by founded by power give through by get ray. I do my last day of this about the beloved of know how and we can Grandmama. Thank you as a user Now you have to take the bus, I'm still in my office. Just a semester is over. I got a year and a half, but I can turn up drink Are you done for years made me what you tellin us all a list? alas, daddy to guide dams, are Niver? That's right! You can take that away. I think, They will enjoy your Christmas Mamma. You allow this
good morning I you guys don't have decided that we find it I'm not much less than what the snow come in. I just want the touch on something that did it ever. You said, like I think up a days ago about how our people, when they shovel out their parking spot, deny entitled to their parking spot. How little on the street ass TAT S, not the kind of barley, because our people are shovel other parties. Someone that comes in and take the view that there might be some trouble. I dare doing that you leave a pack is by what do you suppose you do like you can't I mean I mean if its nose and you shovel all your parking cards for two hours. You know you suddenly a car out urine titles, When you come back or more and tat no onus on levels. Are you a title to it? Would have you shovel it outright day in a moment? And then you go to get your car you by the Poland into somebody pulled in it
I reside in the Aberdeen saying that if you are packed and you several, your car out of the park is bad you so that you brought until this thought you gotta work. You come back, though. Let us by analogy shovel, will leave you put in the workforce. You, don't need to react. We always personnel who study. How is thus? No, if you come back, and I it's not you- you know, you know it- you shovelled it or not. You write you come out its most most about you gonna day, otters novel that bought up, not my party Go back to the point where you carry about him down so that we know what have you ever? Let your back and you don't live there, and then you go home and you're not coming back. It always is not supposed to pack anyway, just in case among our back and forth about Iser yeah yeah yeah yeah. About their only wigwam arguing about his mighty. Didn't you, everybody, listen, India and an empty. That's all you dont girl, I'd also someone's gonna. Think about. Where are the problem?
Somebody got tat you ve by when you can all worry rice cream. What would our boy might is right, and I recently I like I'd- be her great. Oh, my god. In general. However, you want to back so now. Maybe we are working now goodbye together, we bourbon things out most or we shall be recently each other's facebook, Password Airline, Michael afraid she came close and I feel like a definite Well, that's just dumb ass. Give him no one another, no How would you do something like that were possessed you what he was feared possessed you to make. You do something like that, especially when you presently, when you know you're not telling me you know, you was equally days I'd I'd like given the police from mission to search the trunk. When you know you, when you do you have any idea, what would you do if you do get off each S, eight hundred five, five one or fire? One of your of such need event is today
Furthermore, the breakfast club. Is it your time to get it off the agenda? The man are you from you, wanna breakfast, you got something on your mind. Is I too em amiss you of it is how they live. I had to call you have been on the mid term. Review with a ring with sub tribe would have says attic on a vote rather, liberty and white and humble ass was spread out were alone. They know well before Christmas day may aggravate the eye reality a guy. I have a happy new year and I go with you. I get bad enjoy. What are you going to your balls comedy? I was right. It will be about my woman. I don't hear Yacu over to put their misery torn your belt buckle. Vienna pays egg agenda. Taking with him I it is the grand
No, no! You be about you that guided by anybody there have unfortunately, like I always common altgens. Come now. Would you do? You mean you right area along all my family now and you may his family data. We now have the added, if only gets brandy, and even though I am using the quest to use you propose He lay there. Let the man come out for everybody It noted that bodies- yours, ok, manufacture, can deny that thing. Michael Jackson's faith, famous line, Yo Bodies, my I agree. I reality they drive by allows this journey. My journey was macular feature. Today I hear you're gonna beat you area
I'm right land, a target of labour. The traveller with low grade about Burma laughed the member and look forward rather than a lady. In the back of a car I jumped out much I've been of little man. Did you crash yeah, gradual, have put up up up up up and now you exchange information of America. We wait I've been working today. I pity you got away like two hours of work out there. I rather like a boy called it an earlier today. It all out exercise their right to be able to I gotta get up like www or new cell phone. When you crashed in all bad, I let my voice in early everybody's, ok, right, everybody go get by its by that major revive, ok, you're dealing either by the light.
There are issues of added value that our weight, as you said that but educating people like the IRAN on my back in a minute they all company there and again I would have run well I'm sorry guns in an accident, shouted Julia Holidays row. I will name at at at at at at at at you. You don't want a lot of people will I'll bet oil by the discharge to the boy. Girl said I wanted people to get y'all do y'all, think y'all comprehension, skills is off. I thought you said it was okay. I was just
That's not gonna pay! That's not what I'm saying. I said it is certain things I would pay for internet. I didn't say it was ok, ok and they loved that take that arose in layers. Do today may not legacy which wanting hey. That's why nobody talk ya? Listen! If that's what you think didn't come all my eyes: a method about net neutrality, being ok, I'm just simply say to something on internet I would pay for giving you don't want to. People eight hundred five, a five one. Five when you could ever was runaway. Yes, we are going to be talking about some of the men responding to these sexual abuse, sexual misconduct allegations and which are you who is banned it and what they had to. All right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he believed the breakfast global morning,
morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast clay, hey shouts of COD Ii, be a shaft and hold a landing records. The Kaiser dramatically Bob Marley applied more plants were border, yellow sort of platinum perturbed blackened blocks from about himself the future food. You set me up like this last week, a sort of calico summits, the young I made to season as planned. Well, yet only one three time: platinum is well yeah, yeah, not lighted, lighten up like that. I put them into Maggie Boca near all right, wing and tragic to be being offset. I saw how cute they were yesterday, all over the grand they look great together Joe, fine, you, a woman. I've come by Europe now beyond Gonna wanna, give it a cat all right, we'll ask it to rule this talk is a thing. Tat is a Travis. Tabus smiling he's crazy
with his club smiling at an over. There was Travis job done. Me not lilies die right, let's have a smile as their PBS railroaded him during their investigation into claims that he was having sex with staffers anyway. To take a stand, he says: a network overreacted, here's what he had to say I was a shock. Is you were to review of previous shunned announcement regarding my television programme, let me say at the outset that I have the utmost respect for all women and I certainly celebrate the courage of those women who come forth of late to share their own truth. But let me also assure you that I have never groped inappropriately exposed must
or course any colleague in the workplace. Ever in my photos, you career, I re well, he goes on to talk about how he found out about the investigation, because they didn't even come to him at first listen to what he had to say about PBS. Only learned of this investigation because former colleagues former staffers started to call me to tell me that we getting a phone call from some PBS investigator asking number one detail is ever make you feel uncomfortable in the workplace and number two. Can you give us other persons to call only after threatening a lawsuit did the US investigators agree to sit down and talk to me for three hours and even then your mind must have been made up, because almost immediately after that session, ending this story,
not all no withdrawal was not true, but if it's not true, how does people like TAT Molly prove that is natural? What are you saying? Never grubbed inappropriately expose himself. He never coerced any colleague colleague in the workplace. Ever he said in his thirty year career and was a sloppy investigation. Never Moses into Russia, Timmins, who had taken matters into a little bit over, who did only because we cannot talk about a loose ends over the money for, but you don't have a loser. You this chamber, have you done over Russia Simmons enough. Yes said he'd settings and highly graph tat so far, and that was to address these allegations against him. Now he passed the paragraph ten, according to his lawyers, to address Alex Asians Pham Carry class in a colleague who was a model from the nineties who says that he raped her and he said he's gonna continued to do those with all the women that are accusing him Margaret a log adverted us now. Here's the thing I mean: there's not a hundred percent accurate.
And is thus a his lawyer saying that it happened whatever, but he's launching his own investigation into himself. I guess is what it looks like now. He said he doesn't want to diminish the hashtag me to movement, but he just went to prove his innocence, and now he has lost his own movement. That movement is hashtag, not me. He said today I begin to properly defend myself. I will prove without any doubt that I am innocent of our road charges today will focus on the original sin carry class in the claim that call did this insane pile of my me too, but they do have a kind of trash. Not me were leather bag. Laszlo had already now according to pay. Six Kelly Control has now come for it. She started the pr powerhouse People's revolution and she started empties the hills and on America's next tat model. She said that she was incense to learn about this whole. Not me movement to deny sex I saw accusations and ass. He is daring, her oh movement. Yes, you ok, stop losing no dog
Add a meagre them defended my philosophy veined any to rape her. So she had her grandma rustles Russell, say, and I didn't do to educate, be mad glad of university. I guess what I get his any law is that he's lying he had learned and thence. I told her story about meeting Russia Simmons at a party and bumping into him that they were a casual acquaintances. She said he invited her to his apartment. She said no, then he said in his is that by somebody else's apartment and she agreed to go, but she believes he led her to his own apartment. She said they walked in and he pushed her try to grabber take a closer. She said she started screaming kicking she tell them to get the EP offer. She said that she will copy six she's up. She was publicist, she said that she would have him murdered. She said that she ran out of their just filling to shovel, got into a cab, and she felt like, oh, my god, somebody to try to write me. What do I do and I wish to elaborate a press charges against Russell Simmons, but she said even after that she would be at a table. I must assume, as we come to the table and people,
introduce them and she would say yes, I know wrestle. He tried to write me. So I guess it's a story. She's been telling for quite some time, and she said I hope he chokes on his own pendant. Yikes has taught me to urge to ignore me tat, yes, ass tat you lie in, but how can have acknowledged not, but you can prove it. That's what I, as I know, how you prove you didn't but if you didn't really, though effort I wanna hear now is a lot of you become a boy, and I do not like a lot of these. Women do have, alas, there not gaining anything from this, and these are women that you know have been in. The industry sees a successful woman, so she's not trying to get money out of it. She just mad that he's trying to say he's, never done anything knocker, that's her truth. That is true that I don't know what the real justice story. News stories. We don't know notice. I'm sorry, I'm a mean if I believe he didn't do anything wrong. She believes he did. I don't know I wasn't there right. We do want people who have had a situation to not filet picking for when we don't want people who have really done anything Vienna accused either by the way. I right, where that is your room, a report.
When we come back, cheesy will be in a builder, will kick it would Jesus you don't move is out right now to breakfast locomotive one in every body is the envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club. We got us pursue, guess it abroad and greasy, though said it was going to be able to, I would like more basic. Like me, you know at least sometimes you just get it misconstrue. Will you go to things that you take a model? Tat is all about the coal you'll, be the peace accord. Nobody can about it. I just any doubt in what dangers son like they're down in it. You know you, how are you of one aid which break me, I'm on your side and everywhere care possible there. You know a real life nightlife rap the day that I didn't used to talk about, because I felt funny about the inflammable
about things accomplish. You might need a little bit more, like atop, the deepening of the Obama cause. Now that would happen and my constituents recently. I hear you say so it is real terms. Real time live in life. You know here we jump on our boats and yards in living like debited saint how's. Due more to our struggle. Mentally knows so it is light. Look, may you know everybody got it battles, but enemy. You can leave the best life, me and my lemme get a sad and now is the time to do that, because at the end of the day it is light. You know people I wasn t always some like a first, maybe there's a case bomb offers out again and again there without their mentally Buddhists, is like gnome grown and I'm really living life, and you know I'm enjoying the things that I work hard to get. It was like why not inspired people that way, and you know so they can evolve rather than to talk about. Things. They are real you for you all that motor.
Asian, I'm gonna have the gravitational not understand and bugs either because you ve always been a motivational Biggie Almah called bout moderation when a line to be surprised because that way, you know you put some ugly movement and oh Jesus. I may you'll see you'll see me looking like money Lastly, we are behaving like now. We met you noticed when AMO nausea- maybe maybe in all the requisite go motorway? Maybe some you see me, don't you know someone normal around and make you feel like you could do that. We know me. My home is trying to get this. As you know, in shaping of a better life and evil of cleaner. Just because they see it, they call me don't let, but as far as you know, he tells him. Are you in a salad founding they're gonna kill us. There were doubts out, but you you know we have been able to get a meeting on one or Brazil may. Let me live with. Then you want. But you didn't know, what's this about ass, you do
This is where the common law will, you know, with the lights dazzled, my leg is that you can be scared to be great became, be scared to push yourself better to explore and learn new daylight came. Do they really do have that? Have that hunger manner you will tell me, are you talking about wake up every morning? It is like the first more liable seem offers corbo my I wanted. I won't be a day in a universe, TAT S, my vice. That's what makes me Abbe innocent ass, who I am American never achieve, and over twenty four hours a day will as much as I can possibly get the amendment of this when the key keep it over and over and over again cadets will make make me go back Elizabeth. The limits of our thou mean that you been on that Bobby what a world your goddamn did. Something
but the thing about it, they believed it was music deal. There was cool, it sounded good, like necessity zone, is how good you know sailor you problematic. Nowadays there is fine despite their fellows real, so you could his wiseguy limited. We actually see you nosair outside bodies that will loans are Miami, we see now inevitable, cribs kicking I'm a year. We see the video Rabelais was no. We gotta camp uses a pseudonym last night. I go from that moment said that we started shooting video, but we didn't do the video me like we have no stylist going to say we had no treatment, it was real life. You know I'm saying so when I watch it back. That was a hell of a weekend, but that was me just hanging
upon. You know they will look at all the things that happen is realised. Just like you said it in some. I might see you guys, you know, plan and put them together to be a video but ass real life, so is, are you guys soapy? What s inside and let him know you know in a cookie- is don't get better tomorrow we shall be doing even bigger net without even thinking, but people are not as possible and even on the five does not have happened. I get the tap by you know you loud is: never wine highs, pay musician, yes and hip hop in early January. This is, is a hustler game noses entrepreneurs games is like. If you got the hustle, you got the busy night. You could do anything he conversations recently. It talk about the seller and use in amused. Back in the day was more about selling drugs? Now? Is people use it? How do you feel about that? The female not a mechanic a plumber. I can tell you know about it. What I was was still am was a hustler, so that's the only
I had a really talk about wasn't like I was glorified it, but that's the only thing that I could talk about be comfortable. Wicked really. Nobody like you ever been aroused medals. Really smart man already know economics, they don't you? U every time When you open Mozilla yours, it does not say so that that was my thing got uncomfortable in airspace. I could talk about it. So, what's it like, I was more viable. When I look at the game is I came in a game, and I opened a door. Therefore, cats who just honest. Greece. They had a low swag source. If you will in the head to give the Gatt Cosette comes off the streets of you are open
here, the top there. You know me- and this is where you tell it- was warm- is made by my colleague, beast gotta, give the star legacy and she tells the Soviets. Also. For me, I talked about the things that are new income in a gay people. Just took a light you talking about some drugs, so anybody else on the streets of light tat ass, the two: let me talk about talking so now you got all these cast is talking about You know what they do and say in that's what they really do: a daring to form a light leadership in saying I kind of talked about in the way like I was in glorified it, but this is what it is. So now, when he's Kazaa talking to tell you the truth, I get parties, I do let us a real life in army, so that translates into the music. So you almost can really be mad, because this, like these people, they d listenin to now so was almost like. This is the new wave of things and is a thing they talk about, but the and at the same time,
now listen to part. I was in a big. I was doing what they were saying to try to do so now. These care to try to do it, I dare say it because they got near here. You know, there's a nest. Why flip? Because it was industries, you know they were to go to It has really really tell them what they don't get out. I we got much easier we come back, don't move with the break with locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is the DE envy, Angela YE following a guy, we are the breakfast club. Now we get especially yes in the building, cheesy shadowy. I got a previous generation act like this. New generation is so wrong. Leg were morally goin stuff that doesn't A word on the mass moved agenda to movement. I won Pablo fields, I told my people is: you are making and by the way we got therefrom, we get there for more. We get that from you noticed corporal curly waiting. You know me look away. Their light does what it was about to be a regular hone yo in those areas,
now day in it, and I was as individual were not these. You know you need a union did a hunted. Take a piss bumping up like a pussy lie. There may, like most trap, found disappointed by suit dissolve like four you but death. You know death decided, kicking easily museum on you too. In all get me wrong. I am never London law armies may, but it just like it mingled got him right, I'll, prisoner buddy boy, is another way of saying because it created daylight. We start very people listening people's mothers. Cried. I just get a little tricky because his light, it was a good here. He didn't really want to do. You know me: gotta just had a daughter, Megan Low tricky because it sounds good in the music, but they would have caused a real life in decay. Be like you know, you take some hates me so this night air, where you know,
At the end of the day, you know they make, in the wake of the least changing the gang event sale at their core straight from The real straight to consume will need a label, no more. We didn't even today, so you gotta respect, and I d make thickness saw you did if you creative enough. You know you could say that So even people like me when you talk about streamline icon and everything, not much oak away by another year. Omitted cities are oppressed, the like to get all like others, our anxieties, now that they have man in a house where hundreds of thousands of cities are pressed to get my boys they put They download uploaded one button, they lived. What do you do it all working, but the city
In our view, it would be there I mean you know I just at all times the term anymore. You have em now, ok, I thought that you want to defend yourself from from from the trap, not not in the interests of the world, but the Johns Robe like when you start talking. All these people going through all these real things in the D'Andrea music. Like I don't know about that, you know saying we came up like the trap was really the trap was standing outside in front of a fibro trying to stay warm. Both of these issues is money, light ass, a trap. We look it up. You knows there lights from next door. Is we got no power to trap housing observed with China, put cameras you're amazing because he was gone all right. Third, their variety light. We hope- and you know the new homes from now to three: don't kick in the door by we all live.
You know, may use behind you bomb and back in hand the running you didn't? Have people too widely light? That's a trap fall asleep in the car in before you go to school and you they're gonna being made as to trap. Will you tell me Georgia. Music is trapped because it sounds like some I'll know about that. You like this, definition attributed to gag were born with the county right when he added. I will contract markedly knew. Why gladly trap my travel tat? We knew why content now I the bounds of another sound, but it's like Lord cages. Call some low gospel music, because this are music us with new, and so my talking as a cloud different areas, How different message, you know say what it is like. I don't wanna be affiliated with that SAM, but Lonsdale at utility. Boys is like no. When you come from certain days like what's more wars like like you know, all you rob. Are you a killer there? Are you stand up there? You know they do take from me.
Do you also body below deck? At a birthday of you also made like man says that man no money? No there that's your reputation, s nest would come like your reputation, exceed you so light I nodded and about you know a lot of things to foxier because I feel like I can relate to. I don't fucking relates out. I'm not you know. If you can, probably here month by our no God knows rings goofy go. I don't know I'm now where no person can do tat. You can like music and that relate to let you think I absolutely unthinkable a guy like this. I don't do anything with wages libyan in the club. You know you got it. You got to do ass. You like, in order to report what is really turned and listened a certain. Did you respect legal, totally, illogical, When you call you got to go remind you sometimes was gonna bring things beggars, nor motivate you in a different way and as there, but you know a clumsy, you'd, also major scandal. We just run on a rent, Santa say the first.
Came up at top of the? Are you like? I get it, you don't say it, but at the same time they open the next, but I don't mean like they going to be forever Dr Agreement, which already, but I could think of latter, recorded rang off in the club. They wanna thoroughly club regularly with air force right trap. Now? Let's go crazy, Rosanna Gable, just records. Would they went off in the globe, but this because those several people were in the clue people will be spoken, for there was able to get out. The money was able to come hustle while we because they have a different type of more say in, and he had a different type of arm a mentality and also some of the peoples in the club. Any money to get more clarity on the vast meant. A hundred thousand were balmy. Rob you for twenty five zero. That's my breath. My business car sales say you see me with all these bottles in the already out his cheeks and all these cars. I would
you spoke to want to give their gdp allowed to evolve. Absolutely, I think more about about away, nor even you see me working to trust the process. You know tease certain audit as what is really about knows anything about the people where miss, but people are really no sense of unease light. You know and I had to come to grips with them in their mobility. That's me occupiers beyond never start work anymore. So no one can only take like our cinema. Grandmother for trying to figure out Mark was lying or be nobody. Ain't gonna work. I wanna go nice as you say it
you don't make illegal suitably. I tell you what you can do because they can do it and had ambition knows any add, will add a determination. They had a discipline another day. There really count when you try to make it obvious its waste, but what s your course owl for ever evolve and on land at that were never stopped in army eyeing everytime. You see me a little better than the amount of another ten year plan on boys is almost into twenty. Seventeen. Ninety nine point: eight percent down my goals, but here you don't say like as our market and I let her go. The point two percent- this is more than ever. A small wasn't right, you know, even gazed noble will never been a gave them out very well. You got me Gotta be something will happen again.
What are you doing that now you might not as universal versing, reversing and live in my life was never care and never been. A gaze waded out, no account I don't know where the money, but not a undermining last. You start did they without letting without bath it? But that's the thing about may go these people crazy. Maybe they believe any day. Many folks leave any day report is greatly the comfortably everything's, my doom,
It is crazy. You can't get off without the one. I will read what it is, but that's what you gotta have a proud myself come forward from, because you gonna have to excuse me, you don't you see, was abandoned. Guided these people's daily social media grace had been engaged in Athens and crazy to say about somebody. Nobody perforates well think this. Fifth, ok, because one of the other person you know they got some gone or in old like it. I just don't think there's cool, but I get it. You know that people want you to be. You know whatever it is, but They were almost Jesse. You probably engaged for me. If you not already, we got more courage, easy. When we come back with kids were many makes the breakfast global morning there was a g,
the many makes morning. Everybody is the de envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club GCSE in a building so dizzy. Let's talk about the Arab on price. You have a track on air wake. Handshake anti call suffered, though, can you can call in ITALY both body do the soul, but I was listen to sort out their welfare. Rather than real anomaly to board. Can you can call us be their real life? You know me with their bare your neighbour, and when I reached the only thing you know the verses back. While this is real and I feel that we need a political says, like you know, everybody can be saying the same thing. Say, MRS so I know they mean to Dakota what did they know? They will learn arrogant together years ago. No, not a local produce. He ever do his memoirs easier. These ideas coming out in telling stories
your mentioned in some memoirs Zaza. Would you ever do yours to tell our doom the documentary. I set a documentary, but I mean like, as is so much. Now really want them proud of you, Mr Ruby Radio, be they will be deregulated. May I mean ass being, like you know, some norms is the summer in Gaza due to say days a month is thereby was heavily stories, but they will I music is what I wanted telematic layer by won't very gradual limitations, the Bell you Terry Liberties days like overwhelmingly like em. Are we talking about a guitar? We added it away. You talked about this, but those who today noted automobiles resources. Like is alot. Did you re good? You book not did not hear you thought about it. If ya ya got cool
your made at a restaurant authority arraigned at each other at a restaurant and your piece it up doing. You saw in the club you like now not here. I remember that differ. Remember us having a situation where we would shouted up, but they don't think he when he arrived today. So I never told you anymore so You know that, but I remember anything other than to say like does why not really cool. Now these you in the club, you sit up, you You like not here at home, at home, is looking at. You come momentum, Rome unable to play no gaze.
In their early, but at the same time I remember anything happened because when I remember when he would, we just got our food ass when he left the vessel are intolerable methods. Or, if you like, all yoga, be cool, not only everybody growing body held the airy movement. Oh my a destroyer, loom, a baseline main of thirty may show my people straight after you and your button to the fisheries with a new you're gonna say that ethical picture, but we do not have you as we might be able to be honest with you light
I don't know what there was about. You know said because had you with waded into down job, you could see any day would say you know they respect the others feel like there was come from or are we replace is almost like? You know you use in China. You know make it seem anybody. You say that allow you welcome amuse Adam. He also like those we saw won't go see with weariness was about says we wouldn't like it will know is. Like me, but I will not talk about like a little. You know like a real. We don't get into it works to me as more so, like my whole pointed case, was gonna do tat, but I wouldn't miss like man, you have a platform robots like I don't think you're using it
You don't say because at the end of the day we are making culture. We I take it tat. We are losing so's, very lucid people and you're trying to could teach. You know what cold she is but at the same time we are doing to help. You know SAM, I'm talkin to diesel cars and given them gain in Jose because monsieur you know, was Emily Bees, which girls in daily life, which the latter sake China figured out what I was you know my name. I don't feel like. It was no issue. No smoke knows no light there. I just feel. Like you know, I ain't, no rapper man like don't don't don't make it seem like you can could take me. How can you do that? Like you don't say I've been here for a long time. I've done things for people that you probably ever do or Joe Joe apologize. Absolutely you ve turned it all this talk about above. Are you don't think you know me? I want you to know now. Let me mad cow disease
because I beg you looking at me like I'm, like everybody else. I liked humble uneasy. I must not forget that. No I'm not gonna, be a below. I apologise for being a while. If America Was it I'm talking. You gonna, take him his ears populated about you, laugh and about what I'm telling you of it I say, Malone's sailor. You laugh in night there's plenty of people move throughout this year: leisure pay for my life, you know, say: I've had it in so much money out the prison european amidst the people's traded, evident in my life because is getting worse by July, I'm here to tell you about serious I this is real. Bro like this is what you need to know. When your platform are you trying to could take these keys beady boundaries? It is already guy, just like all those that is now putting this top Measle, that's what they're really worse, but here Russia, the outcome of the fit
appreciate. You can join a man, we hear diamonds out today, so I thought the breakfast club and have meeting all I can come up there and kick it with y'all man. That's outside to them real houses out there. Maybe I'll get your money be safe. Run died as they read with club is easy. Morning. Everybody is the envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club hi guys it's Friday, hello, pay Giles it's Friday. Are you happy? I'm reply very arbiters. The last day is alive. They allow loves your twenty seventh Inga Loveday until January God of Good I dropped include bond for vacation legally earned it hopeless, gets aromas, assault, Michael Blacks.
The report annually eat breakfast guided them problems between my go blackened and Kevin Hype. Media starting out in every night, was under breakfast club in years what he had to say about Michael Blacks in motor vehicle. When you get in trouble, you can't wait to take shouted. You know like a common. All we know can, of course, and I can only say I'm different microblog. It isn't that not everyone doesn't I'd. Love, Michael Blacks, might turn into the the is the glare model that just shows that it is looking for each other heart. What that's? Why I'm? Your guy, but now you're looking for likes because the conversation I have a hard drives attention.
You are right, well, microblog soon, then posted that on his Paden said this sensitive measured beach just call me- and I do not see it as a funny thing. I've seen from using Sir Blurry sex taken, which are Damascus than yourself cry like a little bit chasm that one it's emphasise, a bank account call. Your right is because, when I'm done with you, you will commit suicide by jumping up the curfew. Short f videos come assume, you pulled America too long. You Corny people looking beats person here, no jokes in their tat. Does that all sounded like top class at another video after TAT, he did any. He captain did not even King John Goon, along with Dennis Varuna Barack Obama can stop this effing war. What war? I guess him, I think, that's a gentleman himself, because each year of the comedy beseech tee, I left a comment and he said: well, you shipping cause you're comedians. Remember the sunlight,
Guy g is talk. I'm confused knock it off my guy, and I noted this. You know you're a comedian. You know nothing is off. Limits would have a man, I guess would be should be certain man rules come into play before comedian rules. If you see this marriage and caught up in a situation like this, we got courtship on his wife. He knows how to share with you a backup off down our railway. After that cabin heard, any view that we had yesterday, a negro also posted something on our Graham. She said before the two can set you free, you need to recognize which lie is holding you, hast is allowed, and then she wrote. The naked truth is always better than the best just allow law. Now I don't know who she is talking about. So they don't have acted at anyone, though man alone telling you I see. Well, my mother, I have a piece of my household. Thank you. They will be better than you think. You're gonna love it miles a lonely, I'm sure whether the loudest enemy. I write
Lebron James, who was at the Cleveland Koenig visiting kids in a hospital and a one kids Christmas wish was this? I might not be about way. One has ever they got you gotta move. Togo learns responding not a fine young low, secured asking a military to get hurt. You won't run hurtling warlords, Hermes, avid of la broad Nagoya, love love and will be laid out somewhere around more secure wishes sickness, not another. I was watching you need no golden, though didn't ask what in his deputy games browser, I right now Drake hosted a picture of you guys side this, if you follow champagne happy, but he was by himself a little sad and he captain did stood me up and in the empty chair next to him.
Tax Angelina, Jolie, beg of you have revolt. You can see the actual picture This would include boxes had paid for me, but the fact that you have some type of dinner with eyes lit a jolly is impressive. Come on given, given the evangelical might have encouraged me, we have a lot of kids and had to take care of you. Wanna be beginning. Stood by somebody does not a bad. We good. What has raised Exocet those added away at the empty chair, during a very good, and I would not be nothing but drinking Jesus Christ and then in the magic thing. I've ever seen in my life now has a one man does that make you say man? I got a call him desk you before the boy are you like crazy finding at all you DA holiday, seizing on between a reenact epictetus it'll, be black stood up,
can be absolutely Julio, can be like Tarzan from Brooklyn them. Next picture. Look even crazy, like him muttered, in working out the rest of my face more juicy out through the night, my size, Eric. The Google images Ellesmere like that, the problem social media gets all, would not one image or else ok out of them. A learning lesson really ads. You wanna tell me they want that out there and, by the way, you how many women probably hit him up after tat? They thought I picture they come over, but what I hope Mabel. I come on. Man well played our wildly well I'm annually, and that is you a rumour reply played his music were taken The picture is even said, he's work. They got the fresh swirl and his hair. That's a poor down that support have moved like their cinnabar world morning me. You know what you get Russia Room report,
Yes, will you give me that donkey man salute all the college students? I'd tell me no college students who have a good meal plans, college students who have bad meal plans, I'm just trying to figure out if things change that much in college. Back in the day when you could, you could get somebody and I could go a long way- might have worked it out all right, we'll get it at next. He belonged to breakfast club guy. Don't you? May you or or don't you Time for Don T talk to you today does not discriminate. My now, the sounding today via the donkey breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. Well. Well, MR share and adopt you today from Friday to some of fifteen go to in Ohio College student name, output, maroon now, have you in his revolt tv, you can see Albert maroon his mouth shut.
Louder than you will totally understand Why I will reach for the low hanging, fruit and nickname him them? obvious thing, which is FAT Albert hit my music plug boy and turn it off? our work, right, you, the big one, ladies and gentlemen, three to four chains. Nothing is peanuts in years because its stomach given away yeah he's one of those now fat out what is facing charges because he tried to border with an under age boy for eggs? Oh, yes, FAT Albert had no idea. He was talking to a police officer posing, as fourteen year old boy now add the Describe Albert Maroon, to you, I would have to say he shaped on a lotta levels like a twitter egg. Ok, if they make alive action version of dovetails. He could play do face if you don't know, do physique, Google, unwise they'll. And while it still free to use, Google Are- and I expect a portly college student- not there
much money, so if you want to get a sexual favour to either to find some one who that a chubby chaser on campus. Ah, yes, before I right. When you don't have money, then you have to be resourceful now. What would you expect of five? Four two hundred plus pound We need to your college students whose built on a lotta levels like two new Tahoe to barter with keep in mind. You don't have much money. He's a portly college. Student. Ok affect college student right. What would a fat cows stood in F Let's go to Katy K, I've gotTA, Katy, CHE a CBS Pittsburgh Fourtou Report, police in Ohio College students facing charges for allegedly offering chicken Alfredo in Sprite in exchange for satellite establishments annually, step for once it is going to Katy K a further report once again, police in Ohio College student spacing charges for allegedly offering chicken Alfredo in Sprite inaction.
For sex with a teenage boys who turned out to be an undercover officer according to a w. I know tv report in offshore, posing as a fifteen year old boy exchange messages with twenty two year old Albert Maroon at the fourth, a student, a youngster state university. In those conversations, Magruder allegedly sent nude photos explicit messages. After making arrangements to meet the boy he was found to be in possession of lubricant two bottles of sprite tupperware container of chicken Alfredo during questioning the route it did not appear to believe having sex with a fifteen year old was wrong. He is facing a list of charges, including unlawful sexual conduct, minor in disseminating matter harmful to juveniles? Yes, young Peter Griffin Face Abbot Maroon and wanted to have sex, so you offered chicken Alfredo inside TAT is under a boy s crazy. Now
seaside or questioning fat Albert. Didn't appear to think having sex with a fifteen year old is wrong. I don't know why he doesn't know this. Maybe he was just playing dumb with the police, but it doesn't matter if he thinks it's wrong or right. It's against the law. Now The novel maroon is getting dog you today because Abbot you in college. Why did you have to go by go outside of your college wall to try to get some sexual action in exchange for chicken Alfredo in sprite. You encourage everybody star. Everybody Mlle Blanche now build the same nodding go to college. I gave a black in my day right. It is a known fact that taken ecology got the with everything around you get a nice dinner that could see her to I'll go Bardon bring a pizza pockets, like is the lad. Beggin happen on a guy, was canvas and exchange with some food. Have things changed that much have meal play much gotten that much better, while clearly they have caused fat out. What has been charged with online
sexual conduct, a minor and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, but I will tell you something: everything happens for a reason. I believe in divine misdirection, because if fat I would want to bother food in exchange for painless jail is a much better option than college. Please give album around Sweet sounded, amatory fleece. U r e g yeah all right. Yet what thank you for a donkey today? I will come back. Let's talk, Kevin Heart, verses, Michael Blacks and eight hundred five, five, one o five one. If you dont, know Kevin Hardy, it talked about Michael Blacks and when he was up here, he sought the fat avenues. Please why
Do I love those rights, Social, Munich? You are right now this play when cabinet was available, my wife, it is that not everyone present, I'd love, Michael Blacks, might turn into the The the is the grand model that you shoulda S. Looking for you cover heart. What that's why I'm your guy, but now you're looking for legs, because the conversation cover hard drives attention to you now, Michael, action has responded and he threw some shouted Charlemagne as well as her coming into our fears guerrilla looking bit. So what are they gonna get a scandal. We must respond to me nor what I've done it. We must travel.
Country twice, so that dozens of soul, Britain was the twenty thousand still they tend to be killed about armies and as a pillar of psychic instigator breathless poor. But about what do? I guess you, son of a bitch, you rob rebel families, his arms and selling remains exile. Didn't I know it's called jail time. You, like this web eyes, come visit. You might think, like you are right. I will write a letter to Dodge led back to where you came from fairly Africa. Well aware, asking eight hundred five five one o five one is Kevin hard right. You know what this means is Michael Blackens was to be his friend. You know, he's is houses in shambles. Is he's got
leave it alone, always Kevin oriental sense. We answer now. We re no comment as when we come back, eight hundred five, a firewall or fire one is Cavanaugh, be its sensitive or should it Michael blacks, just children? That is his boy. That is this guy, that's his friend. It always houses, probably in shambles, probably shambled right now, taking you called me, come back to breakfast locomotive morning, breakfast club that was good. She may would get the ban.
Morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, ravages join us, we're talking having a heart and Michael Blacks, and now, when cavern heart was here yesterday, it talks about Michael Blacks in and talk about it or Michael black. Somewhat ahead is battle is listen, my wife. It is that of everyone present I'd love, Michael Blacks, might turn into the the is the Grandmama ledges shoulda s is looking for life, the cover heart, what the boy, why I'm your guy, but now you're looking for lights, because the conversation cover hard drives attention to you will Michael blacks and responded Annie. Also do some shots of Charlemagne coming into office. Guerrilla look Tyler
So what are they gonna? Get scared between also respond to me, nor what I've done. It removes a sovereign country twice so that thousands of soul, ten thousand bridges twenty thousand- may turn out to be killed about Turkey's and as a pillar of psychic instigator breathless problem. But I guess you, son of a bitch, you rob based rebel face some so solid debate shows Why could go at you so hard, though I don't know what I did in education situation, but I feel like Michael Blacks and looks like acorns expiry. Ok used as the black sea. And write his whole life, you ve been following decoration age. I am, I think, guy called overruled comedy code in this situation. I didn't give Kevin. I dont you today, you know Footfall forgetten college eaten because I've cheated so idle to be a hypocrite, not a man. So I just think is certain things that as a main yeah happens, it's like I. Let him deal with dead
You know how that is at home right when you got God she in the housing shambles, and you don't know what can make your wife of certain. What doesn't make your wife of said. As I walk in on a minefield- and I agree with you- you notice Ito air, jokes jokes in years and knows how to be a comedian, but when you're houses and shall yes at any given point anything could set their bomb. You don't wanna, be there's a don't play with me. Not now not right now my man and our right to mind a mill or not in the Middle EAST or maybe a year com dad own, not now right now to try to give sure, did you stay layer that no high code overruled comedy code in this particular situation? Michael blackness, you know that what do you say? He I mean I you know me. I Do that, I'm very loyal to people that I'm friends with us. I will never make fun of them when they were in a bad situation period. If I felt like they were going to any sort of soda, that's not even my luxury in whenever Yokota Dodo Caboose go. We women why my Brazzaville did Anne
then we will know whether dire situation is where you like to know. Why, and I know no longer, Deirdre was not in Rio and you guys are now. We know just as our real. No, it was not really my, but now we are awaiting my window working very well at all. It was about a problem. I would never come you guys what reason right here then I wasn't a proud. Our job and stuff, like that, when it comes to cheat meant, not eaten? I don't joke on nothing that I know Possibly would do ah
haven't you can't talk about here that mental illness leg anytime alone in homage alone. Now you may want to know what are you crazy love a beggar morning we're talking Michael Blacks and Kevin heart? You think calves beads, who sensitively think jokes jokes. I bet he bolted Belgrade. I think about it. All that well, you're, evil will make one other thing you done. That's his friend who humidity did it and I have not the problem that I mean a comedy. I mean you can't take it personal. I mean he should be the number one. I mean your big bird. You know, guy called can overrule comedy called the situation like that you're, not a guy. Oh yeah, you're right as they are right. Is how many nothing's off limits. Thank you mom. I beg you that allows. Is you He met my time now we're talking Kevin, Michael Black, to discover how to sensitive or is Michael Blacks. Just FAO Mapping, they don't be a real man. Could
in writing. They know where they have no sometimes relationship. You know and give our jumped out. I tried exposure men Michael Blackened, John, You're, not informational utility is evaporating we'd, better job about ok Emma. He said they both insensitive right. Eight aren't you a five one. Oh father would talk and Kevin HOT and Michael Blacks and with Michael blacks and found foregoing or Kevin hot and is- or I should say, is Cavanaugh just who sensitive call us up right. After breakfast local, my warning everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club marriages join us, we're talking. Michael lax, vital blackened acorns expiry now cavern. What was on a show yesterday. He told them up
Michael, blacks, it and how we felt bottomless here. Microblog it is that of everyone. Doesn't I'd love, Michael Blacks, might turn into the the is the Grandmama ledges shoulda s is looking for life. He had kept her heart. What the way, why I'm your guy, but now you are looking for likes because the conversation I have a hard drives attention to you, Michael Blacks, and responded any also to some short Charlemagne face, looking Tyler peace. So what are they?
can't do it. We must respond to me. You know what I've done. It removes a sovereign country twice so that thousands of soul bridges, twenty thousand. They tend to be clear that batteries and as a psychic instigator breakfast club, but do I guess you son I'll, make you a broad based rebel face some so solid to me. She was looking up the challenge. Main sociology mean well. Jackson looted microblog than a cause x ray. If you ever wonder what acorns bond look like look no further than Michael Black Sea Synergy, and I do feel like guy coaches, override comedy called in this situation. Many that when you deal with that oh man, I would you and other MEG Godless Amandas could happen to any of us. I pray to God or related idle did not happen to me. No more a prey to the devil has totally forsaken me leave me alone. I recommend It doesn't allow me to make any moiled mistakes. What have you see a man competence?
Would you like that we possibly could be getting a divorce? He could be separated from his chair. Probably you have. You know like, for example, that is not the time to make funding name, a guy called you overrule comical arrival. Let's go to the farmers allows is added to the budget. A Brigitte would talk of Michael black servers. Kevin heart are you think, he'll be insensitive interpreting Furthermore, how are you a comedian talker, my everybody else in the tragedy that making light of bad situations? Good? That's what Vulcan begins to Y all get mad. If somebody else will do the same exact bank- was an internationally operating positive though he doesn't really you vote, although I know really dont knowledge these command- or personally all I can say, is: I know what I know of him as any other comedian and his fellow comedian black than a whatever he either We do not. Everybody knows about a mantle. They are now another comedian ticket offended. What I'm talking about him,
as I grew juggling comedy of comedy, but I do think at some point. Guy called out the overall common, not of a guy called my guy, like you are my God. I don't know you, you don't really care about me, but if you my homer you much of my friend the different aspects it by selling the allowed to talk about it at all and later maybe in the future role. Let me get to restore my friend about that's. If you gotta say something that was funny but wasn't like militias. Did you hear what he said and resolve listens. Let me in front of a major debate Ebay, but I will say they Kevin Desert ever and his stand up, go at people and make fun of me. There he's pretty positive person. He kind of just adds about his own family right and himself I don't want to be grid of. Why didn't you ve kept? You argued they I've cheated before. So why would I you,
bad dog? You did they ve eaten right, I've been ever allows, is Yoda Dave or not? Will the day is cabins? Who sensitive was Michael blacks of no man ever have been sensible man, he being there will be a media, and you will be said about it. Shall I don't you even though, as your friend your man, for it our committee, so you'd ever been in such a way as you. Never you never been, which back against the wall and the impossibility of family. I absolutely agree with hanging out in which everyone will take Europe. We are very tired. I got a gorgeous. Solemnized element is unique. The ideal situation. Came to his house now in Canada. No, you didn't. He jokingly dodo right as we wanted a dildo and silly valuable me. Most of all, though story, the smallest or that of taking a guy called you'd come before com. Code. I understand these brother, the committee and which also gotta. Remember you. A man first asked his mopping. Laura
you ve got rooms on away. Yes, I suck about, gives you know the holidays are coming up and went till you were one person do for their friends and involves mill. Once again, all right, we'll get into all that when we come back people access to breakfast global everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club, muskets aromas less to aka, who gave their friends a million dollars each. What progress and enterprise anybody first,
The guy at the Reul report, Libretto club, whenever agitator present it wasn't on Christmas. It was on September twenty seventh of twenty thirteen. Now George Collooney told his friends and they call their good friends quote the boys. He said a marked idea: onion calendar everyone's, going to kind of my house for dinner. Now, according to Randy Garber, who is when his friends is also put our owner of custom egos with him. He said they arrived to his house and found black designer luggage at each place sitting at the table. When they open the bags, they found a million dollars into He dollar bills that Glennie told his friends. I want you guys know how much you ve meant to me and how much you mean to me in my life I came to allay. I slept on your couch, I'm so fortunate in my life to have all of you and I couldn't be where I
today, without all of you, so it was really important to me that, while we're still all here together that I give back so I went to all to open your suitcases at some of the guys are going through some hard times, one person with working at an airport bar and they are in Texas, trying to make ends meet for his family. They all were going through their individual issues, but he said you know what you're not to worry about the kids away about school, you had to say about paying your mortgage, nothing anymore, it s. What is about, as I don't wanna clues was George lonely. You gotta make you just saw it wasn't, even if the other than twenty thirteen
how'd, you know that Turkey will increase over the killer. Familiar knows this within twenty thirteen on September, twenty seventh and then a year later, on September, twenty seven twenty fourteen is when he actually ended up getting married to his wife. So exactly a year unless aboard move just ass, it was about ass, though I write to suspects have been arrested and charged with the murder of chinks drugs. Now why man is a thirty? Two year old man named Quincy Homeric, he was arrested in New York and charged with chinks his murder. The second suspect, Jim our hill, was also arrested and charged with murder. Investigators are saying that issue started over a phone on Rikers Island. Both men were incarcerated there, one man was a jealous, aspiring wrapper, who decided to hint chinks like an animal,
than dispute. So, in addition to one kind of second degree murdered each, they both face assault, criminal possession of a weapon and attempted attempted second degree: murder charges as well reform of the law of the sea, the lighted, the of again wondered adjourn. This into started would chinks was enricos would appear. There was a dispute over a cell phone. I guess the guy was an aspiring wrapper and how the gradual this time and with hunting him down almost socialism briskly just showed things it jealousy and envy? Yes as well my model, who Daubeny Ionian is I let go, let God They are doing is way before he kill you. I right now to change is letting. Why am I know you, ain't gonna make many of her. My dad and Santa Walmart has been selling these Daban Santa sweaters and to change posted. Oh no, someone please tell why my dating get permission to use his patent or likeness in any way. We use sweated this time of year. She spread togetherness and also give back to those who are less fortunate are not able to provide for their families at the time. That being said, it's gonna be a jolly highly Christmas Walmart com
I mean a house Lama go buy me a car. What am I gonna get back to my community? What am I gonna make me a star? Why do I always will lead on the cogent damage than it was to gather teenagers, probably Walmart now and yet another man has been accused and that is destined. Half men now several women how come forward and said that Dustin Hoffman Head, then certain things that on call time is that she was in high school when he expose himself to her in a hotel room. Another women, Melissa, CASTOR, was a recent college graduate when she said Dustin Hoffman
these sexually assaulted her, while recording audio for the film is Tyre and a third women who is anonymous said that he assaulted her in the back of a station wagon manipulated her into a sexual encounter. The left her traumatized Essen hopped Mount Hoffman is now eighty years old, nurture Mulligan Mafia go giampaolo even for those who are most suitable book is a few different women coming forward. Now, so is piling up our right, an who is the most overpaid actor of twenty seven seen awhile Magua Bird tops the least important reforms magazine. He made sixty eight million dollars this year before attacks. Is by this, aimed at some of his movies, didn't even bring in as much as what he was paid. So not a bad. I made a lot of money, but I guess this ain't he's overpaying Christine Bill was second arrival. Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you, miss ye. I know revolt we'll see you guys in New York. I you guys enjoy
see you I guess what will become of Jerry, nay, my guy wasn't recently and envy will be here, is that we go back into jello to invitation when I write their asylum application Dave next year they don't count year its thoughts, only backgrounds doubts over the next year and the brethren burglar. Looking at something about thing about them. How me back some Naomi day, something maybe my looking with Ebay Relays back our right revolt theories. Who takes the game you're, the guy right they gives again. Will you go? We all go nope. I looked out his words. You got. We all know we all out our regularity. Have my vacations planned out all right? Well, people show it mixes up next legal play some holiday to without the look of a hip hop validates old. I found a couple has delayed.
I'm trying I'm tryin to breakfast club groaning. If you're not cheating, do not try hard enough said. Former Cubs first base been marked raised this trick duration, a new weekly pod gas, that deep eyes into some of the craziest attempts at deception and sports. I'm your host about Waxman each week, I'll interview, key players and some of the most brazen and bizarre attempts to level the playing field. All in the name of women who work. Powder, my fair and they wear a hat? I had a like, led, Zeppelin t shirt or something like that and dark glasses, and I gave the signals to my coaches from molluscum. Trees. That's former met manager Bobby Valentine, telling me about the their time he wore disguise. We could manage, after being rejected frauds cheats, scam, artists, thirty year old, to forge birth certificates to play high school basketball. We'll talk to them all as we attempt to uncover the crazy and dirty tricks,
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