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Today on the show we had Jeff Johnson from Bet show Man Cave stop by, where he spoke about the concept of the show and accidentally found some stuff out about Charlamagne. Moreover after devastating news about a Florida school shooting Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to the gun man of the shooting Nikolas Cruz. Also, Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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In the past few months. The notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day. Especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something, good for today we spoke to me in brochure, scientific communications manager appeal Angie about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean Sudan Power Wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes, and you can get back to the things you love visit dawned.
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Allow me to sit at the most prominent when you were a little boy was able showing a yo yo you yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good Morning angel ye have money. These anti Charlemagne began to play as it's Thursday, everyday another mass shooting in America. So discuss these bad, no Defamer million. Never do anything. I've been,
our words, would measure even America. I was seen one kid posted from Snapchat by the shooting with happen: that old, Evelyn heart breaking out. Nobody saying what went on there why these kids, why to pull out their phones nor a tragic situations? I still get lower Bavaria about. I ran day. I had a really high because some kids are in the hallway teachers are telling them get in the classroom, get in the classroom. So what do you know me like, Are you kidding you that, following the don't you pick up a continent when one call your parents and guardians of Argyle hiding all recall, I think everybody was aware that there was Matthew there in the building, but at that point or they could do with hide out. I know no more reminiscent of you think of you think and possibly could be your last moments when you call like your Maya we are witnessing here will take its social julia. Where now to call my dad and myself or Georgia, caused me, because you know you don't know who knows adapt boy, but I would if I wouldn't do that, but I do they had
had a drills who at the school to learn what to do. If there was an active shooter begun down genocide, the idea of a gun, putting drills and schools, drills for mass shootings, addiction, The main value measuring the american way now been now we gotta be illegal it was gone law as a meal. Let those them also put in place a long time ago and rifles only had one shot. So one bullet two bullets now not having a office You know you ve got a lot of this at forty five rounds in me. You like that is ridiculous. Eighty eight only lead to shoot a deer all bear if you, if you are hunting that money can meet absolutely right because what is not allowed and when we have the same talking points every time. These measures, having the same confirmation, oh yeah, discussion of how are we gonna discuss, cannot operate for such that. If the same thing nothing's going change has to ensure that it has not been the powder, be Karen I was legalised last yesterday when I was when I was watching the story develop. If my door of my school
we'll call me said my daughter was stuck in school. What would you do as apparent you know? What could you think what you like? I don't even know less than this drill is something you used to like. I have no clue I'd be dead, would probably grab you're gonna go to school, adaptable grandma gotta go down to the school. Sadly, I thought about adjusting whispered second filled with another Smith that offer my market. Hopefully in me, I know by our love of being a situation. One woman was on the nose tab within the school and she was saying how you never really thinking this a real until that happens in your own back in your own this involved doesn't even seem like a real situation goes back soon. Like school should have you know, Yes, I was well what does have all schools have onto journeys guys that priority schools and they know that there's nobody there, of course, should back. Then why not deny arms accordion school attitude? It is active yards, school mass, shooting, drills, one of his eye on two June, when it here and which
which infringe them. I will give you are those deeds, in front page news of what we know so far about Nicholas Crews, who is the person in custody now for one deadly issued. Mass shootings and the United States, or in other words will talk about an x and also we have Jeff Johnson journalist is what you have to be. The Americans are gonna show last week it comes on every Darth, They might actually at the time tat I think, can thirty and thirty years later they get the curse but every hated him homage after our eyes, black Panther yesterday. Rarely, yes, I did in Brooklyn wanna good. I was grey, ok, I think it's safer and I'm happy. A lot of students are going to say, they're, going to be great for all the kids to go and check that out. News? Next? No, we talked about. Cuba lacked the breakfast club tomorrow morning, everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club blueskins some front page news. Fellas
about this horrible horrible shooting afar. Yes, this was a tragic situation in pipeline Florida. It was a high school Marjorie, storming Douglas High School, a gun man they have identified, as Nicholas Crews is suspected of killing at least seventeen people they think is one of the ten deadliest mass shootings in modern United States history, the very least after we gotTa Thompson pleasures deplore the fire alarm, and so there was a fire alarm earlier in the day he seems like you wanted to, people out of school and get a higher death toll. Then they said he concealed himself among the hundreds of students fleeing the squall investigated did identify him from school security videos and they found him in a nearby neighborhood in cars brings Florida. Now they are,
and looking at his digital profile and, as you can see these very, very disturbing content on his digital profile. You can see pictures and post things in common that he believe under videos on Youtube. Things like I want to show people with my mother, my our fifteen. I wanna die fighting killing a ton of evil. I'm gonna kill law enforcement. One day they go after the good people, naturally pleased that he did have multiple magazines at least one active fifteen style rifle any actually bought that fire I'm in the past year and pass the background check to make that point. According to Eu S officials, they said he did seem to have any friends. Usually he would just stick to himself, but once given here unity. He did like the talk now here is one of these students saying that they predicted he was at the school one day. Obviously, Army were Congress, it I was gonna, be Hannes Swoboda reality Redruth August reply by saying that he is the one before, but it turns out. I wondered at today it's crazy. He was on the third floor. You know
school lay out. He knows where everyone would be added as a right now you ve been is on fire. Josie prepared this. We have everybody predicted the measure for too long regarded. The school anymore, Nicholas Coups actually had been expelled from the fight with you. Why? You dear yes on all sides, we are used to make just one more serviceable, Wendy Yoga nobler on union through the jaws of large somebody, felicity was being bullied. Kid was bullied, lie in ages, T he was outside the care they suspended. Decayed expel them said. I never told you will come back right. He came back, he wasn't supposed to be. There and he's not. A student agar left back twice he's nineteen years old, Nicholas Crews- and you know they are. That he was adopted by both of his adoptive parents died. His adapted father died ten years ago from can form a heart attack and the MA I believe title three months ago. So that's what we know so I haven't seen people at least at this point being killed, won T charity
that hiding nineteen students in the closet, and they did have these drills to see what would happen case. There was an active of shooter. They address at the school and According to a lot of this, Then the teachers, those jobs we have four when something did actually happened. My life, babies and labour law enforcement- I gotta have a minority report out arrest you before you commit a crime, I have you posted. Like you wanna superiority of fifteen on your social media locker whenever there she must know There is no team that should be able to purchasing a fifty. Knowing how do you pass the background sector? Be able why you still maintain high school lesson. The question of illegal just passed, a fingerprint he passed, the fingerprinting is no prize. No domestic violence, no violence! When you reckon you pass out eight, that's easy! If you have it record at nineteen eighteen hours. Were all he wasn't part is that you should not be able to purchase the habitat was power. The FBI had been warned about. Nickel is crazy months ago, our algorithms, where they weren't FBI, a Youtube blog. I saw the comments that
leaving on videos any said every eye contact him after he alerted answer the goblin on earth and I got what is contact me? Hey? Are you dont? Are you crazy? No about Greece, you're right have an estate have contact like come on, come on our right last vote. Age news get it off. Each s eight hundred five, five one o five one of your of need of it. It is that right now, maybe at a bad night bad morning, you just want to get a little bit or maybe just wanna. Try to spread positivity this morning are eight hundred five, eight five one off. I wonder what out their Florida. So if you guys wanna call will take your phone calls, you could wait a little bit. I it is sub now's. The breakfast Logan the breakfast club you're down to get it off your Jas, whether your man, one we want to hear from you on the breadth of those remarks I got it all just very bad. I wanna data
I love you. Bringing you baby I'll pay you, and I want there that I'm glad, I beg pardon my new business at the online quoting booty and I insist incredibly blood. I beg you, you'd. You thought you that shot the gods like me out. That's an over I'm taking over. I am working on. Love alluded, as is now a lover he saluted you ve been came out with a club for you all. I saw a great great move about this. I repeat: broken refugees, a man Photoshop mackerel, and now we ve been trying to find people. I ve ever married after that. I've got that guardian, The people have man. If we do this kind of aid people, may we gotta you gotta check a battle favoured. We don't need the people Man, like I say we diverge,
I'm a people is gonna, be out there. What do you want? The traffic trying to bridge the gap between the police and then the police of police force. My how does the lever making these words where everything would be connected to your phone thereafter, additional equipment you can purchase. If you know it needed, is gonna be connected to you we're gonna have a database. This is information there If you knew it can be you than the court, it'll keep formation on you, know, history, they have a history of political freedom. Revenge on being gone be crazy. Maybe I could think of our Facebook if Kaffar Guardian look, we're relaunch and our logo, so we're gonna have are twitter, everything's gonna be pop, and if my back he's gonna make history in black history will congratulations
okey workin on either of you just eight hundred foggy firewall or fire one of your obsession debate. It is now a breakfast locomotive for breakfast you're gonna, get it off each other. You may want to break. The law. Allows is managing wait. Thirty job because I like you, do not want it now. I want to everybody. Now two years ago saw a man under one of the we can about Greece. They glided can be proud.
A network of Babylon, because we believe in a little while you can't you look further ahead. We ride, I write it is black. Hair was whether there could you governing Lee or YE do every man I got up and found not we're gonna get laid on the table and no doubt no doubt she doesn't signal. They don't say bags, you doubtless know down there. What do you say? No doubt about it? No doubt no doubt allows this that Brown, powerful Charlotte North. Must have a full was happening of it s, a man. I suppose I M very glad out a police officer, and our government decided that we gave. A grand allows companies opposite an thank you. Thank you how to get the hopefully
now. What are you doing to help better relations between the police in the community? I'm actually out the anglican early manner about their mother like picnics, occasionally picnics, community basketball game. Imagine there may well be a lot of stuff. I they there's gonna dig is nice he would have interactions with the police that are not negative, Zambia's Deborah. Please do something you did wrong. Let's have a nice level, as I mean, I'm a nice community, basketball game and other designating cookouts Michael Jordan care about will want, but I would have you believe
Where are you? Are you how you cross the accounting? And now we want to believe you believe that now fifty railroad, I'm pretty sure you crossed over this point, his life, the breakfast club, modern everybody, is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club it should always was told drink with his cloak Ceylon Jake, is, is tat for a good deeds right now we told you about a lot of things that he's been doing. He actually donated money to a women. Shelter in Miami went by a Miami seen even by my anything, your high school did you do me
video, and he gave one student fifty thousand dollars scholarship, as well as offering twenty five thousand dollars to that school. He also spent fifty thousand dollars in everybody's. Got three at a local supermarket and now he has done something for housekeeper at the fountain blue, gave her a luxurious by day and a ten thousand dollars shopping. Spree O Delhi Perry is her name. She's worked at the bamboo for two decades: you gotta mysterious phone call from a woman who range where it happened. Besides, the Fontainebleau and then dinner at their state house? Then she actually ended up going shopping, think that since a car for her and took her to sex with avenue and they he turned around Drake was there while nice, the idleness my immediate Drake Miami did something for drink and drink must have an incredible album right now, because he is doing much for my enemies, given back shouted right now she had a budget at ass. He had forty five minutes to set for whatever she wanted some facts so there's when she got it,
of eight hundred I'll issues. Valentino purse for perfumes and six now the golden diamond necklace? That's it very, avoiding the only getting you forty five minutes. Gonna buy straight down for the least a hologram. Well, sir, a boy I mean you know what I mean. I don't know those in battle mad nodded. What shop, but at least agree for development is ok and yesterday was Valentine's day and in honour of that Congo, where three started his instagram, he cleared everything off. He wasn't there anymore, but his first post with happy balance day babe for Kim Kardashian and then he paused a series of different couples J, low and ditty Angelina. Billy Billy back door in? If you go, it is paid. He has a whole bunch of different couples is posted on they. I get an image of valentines, I was going to marry. Why need imposed, remained Prijedor Jackson, I think gee. I now hear that you and gear
they can. I posted at it has taken more like cheesy beyond, say hello or the keys was beat sore in all, but only an to back up those kind of weird you. I guess he just felt like these, where iconic pictures right now, Carmelo Anthony for Valentine's day posted a picture of himself and Leyla, any posted mine for ever happy Valley, I say to my wife- and I was there a picture was added new picture. I now already know nothing no picture that I'm happy for him. I think they should be stay together for ever. Am I mad at him ass old picture, you still swinging on the matter that either Nellie posted his lady from is Jackson. He said at loving. You is easy, loving me something! I've made very hard saying I our view is easy, showing how much I love you is something I will do the rest of my life. I love you, shall Jackson Happy Valentine, so that was his post to her daughter. I re so that's Valentine's day,
looking at everybody's posts on on the gray, and that's how you see what's good array mo need is still second people he's been on its whore. After all the situation netflix- and I guess you felt like some people are judging her before she wants and the room she was sitting down to an interview with a the radio house. Energy, and here is what happens when I walk into here son and you don't even introduce yourself. That's why you notice. Had direct my conversations somewhere else to your image. You got right, you then decided to say. Ok now, let me introduce myself, we gotta, learn, two more years, but have you also worry Billina contact with me, the height first part of the iron curtain and I'll tell you welcome because we walked in you, don't even addressed us, so I was busy rapid have something else with Ireland. Am I apologize open late? All we always make sure that we welcome- and I guess and entertainment business it so easy to come Eric
I would love to see the whole interviews. Always she didn't say, you didn't, say hello to always you won't, then she just wants to have told us today. We don't know what happened before, but I guess this is what happened? I guess she just jump right into the interview and is very awkward in the beginning. This is within like the first three minutes. It did happen, so I guess he felt like I'll see when the interview started. It was very awkward and then that's why Molly well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss you know we got front page news next, when we talk about the third issue is so sad is one of those things as apparent, and I just don't even know what to do like. I was sixteen year old in high school? I have one is going to high school next year and is very scary. Cuz. It's no way to protect your kids from this. Don't talk about it when we come back. You block this breakfast club good morning let's talk about this horrific horrific shootin afforded by this was an parkland Florida advisor stolen men's Douglas High School Nicholas Crews is suspected of killing
at least seventeen people. This is going to be one of its hand deadly as mass shootings in modern. U S, history! As of now, they believed that he concealed him among the hundreds of students fleeing the school and AIDS finds him later on in the neighborhood and coral springs. Florida they said is digital profile had very, very disturbing. Content and he had a variety of gun and violence related postings on social media sites. The FBI had been investigating him already because he was flags on you too, for common. That he made by another user. And both of b I have contacted at others to discuss what was going on. I don't know he was still under investigation or if it had been closed, now. Here is one of the fellow students and Marjorie stuff. Douglas High School predicting what they thought would eventually happen. Aren't all people were with that I was gonna, be him that are very happy with Ruth August, so tight that saying that he's the one sort of before, but it turns out yell and one particularly
It's crazy. He was on the third floor, the school lay out? He knows where women would be at as a right now he's been is on fire. Goes you prepare for this and that's what I'm gonna do Then he said the F B contacted what does that mean that ages call by fear in order they speak to class. Smells like I just gotta do more than call on you to send. You live there, a comment that with disturbing so he they flagged him and the F b I contacted, The new there are new to who actually flagged him just to see what was going on inside another e with under investigation. I don't know if they ever spoke to Nicholas crews or white, but he did have an air fifteen. In addition to that, he smote grenades. He had a gas mask as well now the EIA fifteen that he had. He bought it in the past. After passing a bag, Jackie, with only nineteen years, already again left back twice: which is why he was still in school. He was actually expelled from Marjorie, stolen dogmatize,
so he was no longer a student there. He show back up and carried out what people thought he would be. The person do something like that. All a background check doesn't mean issue was all they do. Is they do you fingerprints to see if you have a criminal record and they also check If you ve been emit into a hospital for mental illness or if you have any violent crimes of violence tendencies and have none at all? on your record, you hated and that doesn't mean you not crazy guy doesn't mean you'll have mental problems. That doesn't mean you know, violence alone. It is isn't it pretty much better second digital profile as well, because they said he had all kinds of crazy pulls out enough. They do that. But that's definitely something so be also taken into account. Raising and ironically enough, Parkland was named, florid is safe a city last year and then said they like happen. They only had seven reported crimes, and one hundred eighty six property crimes the previous year. So this is a I was not expecting anything like this to happen. It is very sad
any detail the gun law, as a mean when it made the gun laws, I was only had one or two bullets. So that's what those guns, before, not in our fifteen, where you can shoot up to forty five rounds in a minute like the decay weapons, the weapons have changed dramatically. We need to change these laws there's no way. Eighteen year, all night in Euro should be able to get a have that much power, not at all I re well, I'm Angela YE and there is your front page knows all right there will we come back just Johnson. Four main cave will be joining us will kick it with him. We come back to me was on a show last week needs to show that I found it this programme on he's gonna be DJ. Envy angel ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, we got a special Yes, in the building from the eighties man cave Jeff Johnson lesser was run on greater. Media Mangi. Yes, I got a name every day, and here I believe that a bunch of guys talking, I sit here, title zone it out, but we can see.
Nancy Ellen? Now, though, I think it's about a million a year, to anyone who remain as they imagined item. Turning out the studio. We hope you to imagine there now. That sounds like an interesting, so that is a fantastic show. We all appreciate it may come through last. We beg our fourth episode is meant as a committee we attach they shouted BT about four years ago I was tired and not seeing maize conversation on tv. Less we're talking about sports language were caricature is right is either this pour over masculine thing, war, some measure of sexual thing. I love you. I sense it aside our sensitive zone would we have since- and I like to hear you guys, now you know break I'm very grateful that we talk about that other time as women by four men like. What's he do to get over a break up. What's what every breakers not disdain?
sometimes sometimes destiny is, is it is a temporary dandy for the pain. Sometimes it's not even abandon. Sometimes you just a response. Ok, but by a dictatorship sammy- every relations it everyday realities into saying so ya don't go through system. Since the therapy for every dude you break up here we do. We now have a date, and you only felt I guess a break up is definitely something happened. We definitely need a little. Did I see that's the problem, a guys. They don't do that brother. There be really tat when you go to law, agree no luxury, reverie what have you got me? Don't get emotional connection wouldn't when we deal with most of the time. Most of the time all just like physical sex, we'll find out more about a zombie belie yeah. You know you know as well as I do. You could break it. She caught fire tat again, Oh God Bregetio gunfire times one ended, but in vain, and when you see I was on back or anything more three times relationships or is able to grow monetary dialogue, relation that doesn't mean. There's emotion
that doesn't emotionally involved. An authority is new and I've been since I do not think that women can do that, and women do. That can also not be emotionally involved as well. I know some of those we re absolutely anthropocentric and I felt like I sometimes had heard you women away where their automatically think that they think we want to be in a relationship when we might just want to date, and so they automatically don't get too attached, letting you know I don't want to be in a relationship and then all of a sudden they want to be in a relationship of most, but even women who say they don't want to be in a relationship have have mapped out before the first date start you mean that now tell me about it. I'll expectations, I know women that before the first day starts they thinking
baby, nay, Mikey, again, look even have set out is gonna. Stop that that there is say I'm I'm sticking to this date, because I want a relationship that has, as you have seen on another sands. The way I would approach it is maybe will end up being maybe it'll be something more, I'm not sure, always been away, what does your ball was shot? Call them for your courage and aplenty abolish. I do think that sometimes manner perception that women really want to be in a relationship, and we have other things painter ready. We, you know we're way in our options and, honestly, I think that's what we did make a week. We all are complex right movements or every guy doesn't want the same thing. Every guy doesn't think the same way, there's some threads of course and and things that we do but I was tired and not seen any complexity and men on tv, like ISA, had think like the gazed in ice
when he was up here, but that does not a secret, like gangs been united, C Mon, but I feel like that something men don't like to talk about, so I've been told them. I demand the man's king. I may come to what may take of the Buddha talk. I didn't mean to put his legs keep it well that's not alone tank. I would they don't you have a new climate you'd be doing something more like politically driven that why. Use of gigantic, I M a good judge. There's always does we know Johnson at that, but does that vaccines? Are you? Ok, you I'm not so sure thing about. It is the whole reason I demand caves, because I didn't want to be a net and then I got tired of every time I go somewhere. I gotta have a political conversation with you once more that I want to talk about them. Poverty,
and, frankly, does a whole new younger generation millennials. They got the that got the political think, they're so I must say in your perfect- and I must say that I am not even talking about our people on tv, so I think there I'm I'm seeing on passing communities all over the country, but I think a dope and I haven't these conversations and end led movement and while they and grow when there's some suffocation. I think I haven't. I just want to be my wholesale tiresome but the club and being at the does want of our policy to Amsterdam Club enjoying Life club. You saw no matter how think that a lot of brothers, brothers get trapped in the box at a job and enough frustrated as a result of it, and I want I want, is greatest showed it gives us a permission to be our host. I met him like their Peter. I feel in a way that, because the intense guys after they don't talk about with their friends, so they may hear you guys about an hour. Men gave an
Oh man, I was having a similar problem by color oh boy, Salamanca he's got a laugh at me. We still but I am against it- did not always gonna be job. Miss I was gonna have to take into stacked. I think also with a lot of weight. You would have to talk about it. Is there anyone who read but he's not the folk land familiar point? There are lots of people who were traditionally follows a man would piss. As I was look of Awoke tv, where all we did from beginning to end was talk about social political issues and how we can solve all day and night. Wine Why wasn't? Eighteen, thirty, nine BT does not where you go for that too, as you do your point, we need spaces, because, because people keep asking what can be the barbershop Am I know it's not gonna be the barbershop is because a warning about the barbershop is you could talk about anything but you'll. Never talk about
yeah no, no, no you rather than at arms out, like Madam happens in towns, is women. Earl is no transparency gone on in the barbershop, whereas Harcourt honesty and apply? That is, we ve made. The barbershop seem like is their that is not, and so we need a space in, and that's why I'm here, I think you saw when you came on these it makes our show differences. We not trying to get no aha moment tat, nobody and saying some. They don't want to say we won't be transferred and let you say what you want to say: if you want to stay at you, don't is now authentic, anyway,
Oh, we lose in the man gave if we're inauthentic in the name of just trying to get somebody to say something against. We got more with Dr Johnson from be eighteen may enable we combat revolvers. The breakfast locomotive everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We have Jeff Johnson from be eighteen May, a cave in the buildings ie. If a man s is that an seeds bugging you do, it again is running back. Does he want? I think that that is likewise an important going to do? Is now not every manage resources, woman don't want, or sometimes as an indication that this topic is sometimes trying to get her back. This means you ve got other options in. You get so Zone Army, I think brothers were in earnest right in, and I've been there and my own life before others were in earnest about. To get a woman bag need to spend.
This time trying to figure out how to get him back and more I'm fine fishes, so an anarchist when they try to get her back is all about baby. I want you back on my duties do to do this. Do let me show you who I was in this moment is not who I am the policies to be. It is does it now, when you say you ve been there before what makes a man she is not there's nothing lagging a sometimes women. To give very personally, like it's my fault, what did do wrong. What's missing from our relationship is also often manage is just straight ego is is there. Somebody can make me feel great right now and nothing exist, so so I know chastity and united in thinking about who they were. It is this moment right now to mount his ain't got mad at me, go home to whoever unpainted bills, for whoever I'm trying to take here of this is a moment in time. I don't mean an end
immature, because, a real way? Everything we do have consequences for the people there lad a minute assessing the dead. There's. Always a main sheet for Eagle in women. She for emo emotions he's got. We just wanted to say that these matters are no more than that. We like, we still got it or not we just we are just sold. Child is sometimes their wages war because our girl now knows us or woman. Now knows us. Our wise now knows us that she nasty an eagle regularly and is about to do they got caught up just because you made me feel like a man when Tarzan, I'm, which treats me I'm supposed to know, I'm mean I don't got morning. Ladies. All I need to hear the movement can also be over here. Ok, annoying everyone is too loud, waits relative to lag they could be like two legs like you're acting like me,
my job, you view can be not loud. Amazingly, her ability to be authentic in the moon is important. Hardly got more, do most Where do they go more to tell you the rest gross onawandah makes out by want to take you to see how we would do so that we finally get it done. Fortunately, air, a movie about will be totally honest. I mean it was at that time, no it was no kind of Steve Baggage, so You people been hard won t for a number of things, with a deterrent how's that there was so stay with super hat with Blue
folks deal in a railway and has not decided he's not now, but you understand, I'm saying and I think BT was interested in Vienna, Steve Hearted is there in an hour, They went in Vienna, Steve Arbitrariness, because it was that relationship. I had written a book, Mestizo ACT like us. I think, like assessing, and I worked on it again as we had a business relationship at the time. An arm, and I was in the two, and how do we put out a man's content that is China TAT women, what to do I never agree with it. I did think is ready. I never do that. We are not allowed to work on without trying to tat women have to be any sort out. There was another thing women, Where I was delivered about, we will not, we will have a saying: may we will have a day. We will have anything as much women we use yapping about you guys, a tiresome that when we're not around Bessie Anatomy is more valuable.
And I was trying to tell you how to be you and we figured out tat. They got some of everyone on constantly working or just a general, like you know, just telling other people I meet him, and you can't tell her further, we gave you should be doing why further K, L, a black present, have what races feels like legs is this. This is interesting. Now now those candidates would yourself. Do you think that we is lacking Sometimes we cannot know that, despite a mean, we thought of all baby out with the bathwater from time is much deeper than the black people, and community. Miss hat, and all that is evil I don't know of a lot of people thought that was the first miss. Yet there is one I saw Steve's always been good to me I got no issues with Steve. I think that you could handle the Trump visit different, and I thought that the underestimated the moment
think I think Steve under common area have a conversation come out and it was gonna, be no big deal you have been doing before they do. Business is father, guys, universe pageant arrived like this, I so sire. It was a mistake in that regard, but yeah. I think that a lot of times we are so quick to challenge somebody's blackness area based on one thing that they do there, that we cut people off who actually have done the best. They can absolutely be good to us and even if they haven't been perfect in doing it, but they haven't anything malicious, and so even when people make mistakes, The same is somebody the aim of Lee Anti Black, or overtly China manipulate black people overtly trying to take advantage of black people, and I don't think that's me, Steve is ever been lever, and so I do I take issue with that. With would not only how people who don T, what have they done other people, so we gotta get overt act as has sometimes what we want, we don't realize is we are separating ourselves from allies that we also
We can use later on. We can plan checkers and its chess. Yes, as the EU is constantly I would like to have you seen on different in owed a television show, the not regular work. They are like when he does his chance. We bring another he's afraid I'll give you anything that camp is done, he's done for nearly a decade. The hoodie awards where he was recognising businesses. When nobody was talking about small, like businesses, he does needed for over a decade he's hired it's on a black folks way more folks, a color on his ass and people are and an end to me. Is what, where you, where you invest your money in your time, is what you really care about. So those kind of small mistake. This is both we and when half of the people, accommodate you don't do a fraction, you do for a network of use. Me address the articles on the articles
one may be able to help in some of those people never liked them, and so did you notice. Well, as I do something which is never going to leave their self were self. A man came up. Back to me a second let's ride. So do you think there are you ever is about giving away like secrets of things men do for women who were eavesdropping on this conversation. Gotta know. Sometimes I do my pack and I ask questions I gotta guys do day so that an certain guys don't want it answer because they don't want to tell on himself were what other guys are the real reasons why the showing G thirty five last via means is like listen. I got two texts, The last forty eight hours from Brussels, say May Mass thank you He was my gun Although my wife better understand me now from latin issue and so
in twenty. Eighteen is not a whole lot of stuff gas adieu. Women don't know about especially in internet in a day is social media? Will you gotta when you got a bunch? people talking about it anyway, so now we not given away secretly people know about, and if women can better understand a man, better understanding, father, better understand his son, and I waited small fraction of brothers. You don't want to get out there because they want to manipulate women anyway. So for me, I'm about I'm about how we use is content to help brothers be better, understood, versus help, brothers continue run. Gangs. Are you if you don't want to go out alone that are not as they will be? When I watch a meteorite, we get, we just gotta do better promoting content of network. We great continent network, our job as man is best but we can so that the network and others
want to make sure everybody noses out alike on for another black people, this man don't start they'll start now, no doubt at all about this matter, Janjaweed. It may take a monitor the every Thursday night. In thirty pm eastern words I get out on BT. If the breakfast club that you come about argument, yes, Sir the Breakfast FAT northern area wonders man. Don't blow was made available. Charlemagne lived on, the judgment is gonna, be on the donkey everyday page. How you, the club, Ricky Doggie, the data they told you today for Thursday February chief goes to Florida zone.
Eighteen, o Nicholas crews. What does your uncle Charlotte always say? Kids decree, people in America come from the in all of Florida. Wouldn't it groovy beyond crazy, even though he's from flawed, ok, Nicholas crews, pure evil, see Nicholas crews and responsible. For the lady thing that had become all too common in America and Ass mass shootings, all remember the old saying American is Apple pie. That's done is a rat for that the thing and write. The new thing is absolutely american, as mass shootings, ok go get to go, get the bumper stickers and the teachers ready, because America this is. It There are new reality for a long time. We can't even front like these isolated incidents anymore because a snack the American Way Mass.
Linda and very five of America just like racism, and I have absolutely positively no idea on how to change this reality clearly needed to politicians, policy makers in law makers, because if they did, I think that we would have put a cat on this mass shooting thing a long time ago, but I truly believe that our government, like so many of us, a nominal masturbating, that this point they probably look at it as collateral damage for the right to bear arms. I cannot see any other reason. Why aren't you create the gun laws, but I feel like I'm his wasted. My brief right now, because I am sure we know the man showing that this point- and I shouldn't be, Mass shootings are normal, but they have been normal lives, and I was thinking about the yesterday, a thousand Jim, because a passport, a tv, I thought I had lie and then stopped actually can see what happened. In fact, I put my headphones on and ironically, put on pray for me from the black Panther Soundtrack, because when these mass shootings happen in America now days, as all seems like we can do is prey, but as we are,
favorite outwardly dates qualities, you know pray for Park Lane Florida pray for such such place when these schools humans happen been cool, but we should, his prey for people in places after these tragedies admin, we should be praying in working towards some type of conscience role in America to prevent these tragedies from happening in the first place. Now I hate dab to give you data. That is an evil that nickel is crews caused by ignoring a problem that maybe go away to. Let's go to sea, be as my enemy foot a report, a former student Marjorie stuff, Douglas highs, who is accused of firing round after round. At the end of a school day, seventeen people are dead and law enforcement arriving. You, someone was on campus and armed after the chaos and the killings by us. As they found the suspect, Nicholas crews of former student at the school in an area your by me, while students and parents desperately searched on the ground and online for missing friends, so many questions right is girls.
Nineteen years old and still in high school, he got his brow. Absurd for being expelled and came back and shouted to school. Did he get its bowed, or did they kick because he was a super super senior who Nolan had ever eligibility maintained seem too old to be an ice Korea? Could someone make it may It must be clear. I've been two eyes cools, Berkeley, eyes, grew ass gravity school respectively in South Carolina, most cortisol Koane goes tricks, algae aloud, and when I got kicked out no schools, all I really wanted to do would find a way to get back in and because I wanted my diploma and as well, all the women were and I could go to any sports function. Since I was a kid, I was well no basketball, a football game, you know, that's everything and eyes grew, so I thought I'd take a night classes. That was my begging and my we're finished you when I started on fan all out to sea. Not once did I think that was the in my life Over because I got kicked out schools. I would love to know what was going to Nicholas Cruises. Mine are really all begin
definitely kill him and then uses ran for science, because I'm interested to see what makes these table people take. Now I had always nineteen. He could be real. Militarily throughout the chair. Stop it I'm just crime, that is so heinous, so despicable and you know, get the opportunity to ever be free again down care by rehabilitation. In this case, seventeen people a day I write, give him a jail sentence for ever and death penalty. Ok, like this really made its permanent division of temporary failings and everybody knows you don't make permanent decisions based off temporary feeling and if you dont know tat, you need to learn. Ok, like an expulsion is not to India Life in eighteen about a long way to go at once in your life. Why? Why that
was it mass shooting? The only way to handle this situation, you decided that you wanted to go in people's lives because you face a small speed bump in yours, like it next bowed his calm, ok, the communists and the flight pause. What someone shooting and killing you is a period life is over. Seventy you will never have a chance of doing anything in life because Nicholas crews didn't know how to handle small setbacks in his life. Bright was Valentine's day once you innocent Our flora yesterday was a true Valentine's day. Mask okay, Harpy, Workpeople and Nicholas Yard. Ass broke a lotta hot first thing I thought I heard was: who didn't you ever caught? Who didn't bite his cow debacle? fuck with clearly do like love and everyday mystery? Someone? I heard someone revealed a party that lacks love and needed to heal. Clearly Nicholas crews was in need of healing. Now, I'm a be honest. I don't have anything you know, I have to say, because I
pointless conversation and a red. Nothing does gobble is pointless because we literally the exact same things out these mass shootings is actually textbook. Now you ve seen a play. So much did you recall it verbally Ok, everyone react on social media pray for, such as such in the councils of Maastricht. The gun last thought and a cobbles about mental health and politicians to our condolences and nothing happens. We just go. Our laws and then act so surprising, shocked when another, soon Avons a few months from now. Oh trust and believe another one will happen, because this is America and Mass shootings are the amount can weigh listen people, some things will never ever change and some things will have restated same sadly, for me, the best Did they would situations like this in the assembly That harsh reality. Please give me. It is true the biggest here I will take you for a dog. You today
Ask IE eight hundred forty five one and five. One of you need advice, relationship adviser, any type of advice. Call you right now to help you. Your problems such as the breakfast locomotive? Opening everybody is d, J envy Angela YE shall we go. We are the Breakfast Club Santa. Yea allows this lively, Jason? Was you gotta for you? My boyfriend we ve been together could hear my goods that their day he tv and better to some girl back in December down my baby next week. An endless like you, I will. Why would you got him? I found myself said the boy why why do you have a home video of you? Don't it will grow in air? You gotta say the about. Like you. Go back
What are you boy like that when Janni Sal, you know that this video was found in December, I chaired the detailed on a baby only fair December, twenty seven, twenty everything, but you talkin about its own video- is founded memory card. You, why are you? I had a new found three every time I ve told you married ass, Molly, put it on an avowed array cell number one Therefore, as you have a baby coming next week, so well need to do, is and as difficult as it is right. Now is the number one concerned about that baby, Mario Monti right devastated by values. It is quite right at all, even though would probably like, I feel, like I'm quite sure, everything whoever beer every failure, like my face before I think he's awful, thinner and disgusting. The problem is that he still lying. Is this the first
then let him sitting near he added. I raise a way he needs to do. As answer any questions that you have, but he needs to answer them honestly, what I would call Mamma you why you don't even want to talk about, unlike in order to meet the path we have to talk about it. If we are talking about a week, amount is referred to here may you know wiped out on me about everything obeying why if I bought the one about while he put out if I'm right, we were in God be, but you out here, don't you Ok is really what about the video meet somebody there would be nothing I could appear that could have justified version implied. It is, and I always feel like this- and people fled out on you and you're. Not doing anything is cause they're doing something clear you won't do has long could I would never have wide first invasion. We gotta go. I don't trust anyone at all
you're trying to have the early in you probably why now what made you go to his phone in the first place? We are you, ve gotta go in there and you would like and I was shining awake or mob aid would not wake up. So I just took it upon myself to three almost call when I would ever it without an impact message from another girl, talking about. Are you won't baby? I'm my businesses grow brave boy but she was like I didn't know. You had a girlfriend on my year, usually go at that point I just by going to the bar go. Why as you had your suspicions? Obviously, because he will you found something attitude even attend to find out what I would for us to have a chance to talk to him. As I hail now
I might have been our report under my account, were put ninety days. Now you right now, you have you told you have friends, family or anybody about this. For my honour to my fire, like what you guys were like broken up at the time. Was it you like? We can work, our jasmine now, but look at how we can leave any of these every believe. Every weekend I get asked myself are we saying all prepared? Now we met broke out. We do that. We have together, but now that the videos and rhetoric about we broke up the back one out of every word, we woke up the air was now we get dollar together, we do not like laser, is a liar and achieve our exert gradually. What it is right now, but I think you need to number was around yourself- are really close friends and family. That can be very supportive. You right now and that's what you need
anybody, judging you can only anybody tell me what you need to do. You don't know that defending hand. What you need is to be able to talk to them that's your feelings, get through it had this baby and then, after that, you need to deal with. What am I gonna do with my relationship. He may take some time to come to the terms of the way. That he could potentially lose his women. If he doesn't come clean, and be honest and advances about him, and if he's but that is not the right person for you, but if you must abide by your relationship and fight to be with you in fact, to have your family together, then he needs the facets of what it is that he did. They need to be honest with himself. He needs to be honest with you in this. Explain why he was doing things that he was doing. He needs to know. If he's got, it is moving forward. Does he want to Vienna relations? does he want to be single? He learned. Do those things, but I think first right now before you have this baby just be around people that can be supportive. Let them now. I just need to back right now These are telling me I'm wrong on a needs. I tell him what you need to do this. You need to do that. I just need to be able to talk were how down,
it's an information, Amazon and see. You can ask him and maybe we'll all three of us have a low conference call later. Ok, all right as the year when we come back more ask used to breakfast or war what everybody is dj, envy Angel Ye Charlemagne ago we are, the breakfast club is turf. Hello. This is somehow asian. I wish, of course, to flee. Ok, you either they became my anyway. The name by after him. Hampered I found out alive lie he liked. Nearby age, emigrate both legal and Why you ve, been wiping under familiar with men, sounds like you Carla Disengagement, why really like him, and now he is a good thing, and I know you love me. My daughter by I have about
where the lad I will go, Ultimately, I don know I write so late. Back to your issues. Do ok number when a guy lying to you about those things is definitely red flags agitated Once again the lie to me about his age. He said he was three years younger than when he was ass. He went to jail for three years and he said I was three year they took from his life. Why did you lie to you about things look. I gradually lie you admire to hamper. He value. I heard he bigger than Why why dude desolate stupid. Why I a mighty, outdated, uber boy, FAO. I may ass well, about their data like using arrest again married because of his immigrant status. Mama
I don't feel that way, but then I'm like, why are you lying that is constantly lying to you and you've only been dating him for ten months? I feel like don't rush into that. I understand that you care about him, but there has to be, think of other things? You probably don't know that he lied about also. Why, because those are pretty big things to lie about like and how did you find out he lied about is easy. Just tell you or you found out there we were ever heard palm. He fell like he had to tell me that I lay there lab been acted at some later found out about the NBA, legal and wiping out of my name. You should tell me this before we period I even guy in our life, thereby after lie. You plan to me that the airlines do you wanna? Do I want to be able to make this
genes based on the real who you are what everything is, but I do understand, it is to be in this country as an legal immigration and not be able to get papers and not be able to work and make a living. So I Stan that, but I do want to question you to just take it slow okra. You know you guys, Only been dating for ten months any already proposed, if you have any time uneasiness about anything. If he loves you, he will respect that. Her understand lead, you live. Me. I found out you know you tell me, you lied about this and now advantage. About this. I need to make sure that answer and because this is what I consider a life long decision, we are gonna, be spending the rest of our lives together, and I don't take that very lightly and if he is about his business, he will be proving to you the type of person that he is and if not but only time will tell you call eyes on his axe. Don't you do it?
right, you don't you find a five one. Oh I wish I would be didn't emigrate any act of in America with me under the trunk administration. Always I wish you would you better known? Are you a government runaway yes will be taken about the big three now you know we love wife, knows basketball games as ice Cube three on three, let's find out who is about it? in this next season and I know you're gonna be excited or I will get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast programme or the Weber report on the breakfast club. Yet whenever you has been having some health issues, you know she's cancer of the past few shows now here's what you had to say because you know where a little bit concerned at one time he passed out and fainted as he's been living here
a dizzy one hears what you said on Instagram. It's not a clue yet. I feel I feel awful taught Arab not going to work today and every day to get myself together, because our right do, you know, who started this shop. They love you seen the shovel. She almost pass out again, as I sunlight is holding out about I right now. Out I'm says he wants to play in the big three. Now we actually went to a big three game last year when it all kicked off at the bike, lays in Brooklyn ICE Cube, big three League and Lamar Odom setting the play as a tribute to ask you about lay hears what he said to the port, not one word lemme automobile Bethink. I say I have seen him play basketball in a minute. Now have a suitably born a minute either, but if you get to shape a ticket to be debating him come into legal, be dope. He's aggressively strongly store big,
good for league really doing it, as I say as tribute to, I saw a butler S, Butler, as you know, was killed in a car crash on January thirty first, and it was his best friend in the NBA. So I guess he has something to work for running workin for your friend arise. Guy Bayer, we told you before bye, bye, his co star from Charles in charge, Nicole Eggert, and how she is claimed that he sexually assaulted her when they worked on the show together, but now her CO star Alexander Polinsky, aims that guy bail exposes genitals to him and called him a homophobic swear was only eleven years old? When I went down what happens at their press conference during the first year, Oh, I was eleven or twelve. I observed Scott with our Co Star recall on his lap backstage. I was so naive. I innocently hops on his lap expecting to hear Story about Fonzie or happy days, Scott immediately through me off him and began angrily. Call me Scott told me,
sexual conquests with young girls and the co stars of the show Scott pull down my pants in front of over a hundred people and on another time he laughed ass. He cut a hole in the canvas wall of my private dressing, room onset and exposed his genitals to me those crazy that's discussing headed, Laurie Hole in his room, but he's only eleven years all when he died. I now ask I bales team They are going to have their own nose conference in that's gonna happen today, will see what happens in this. I re well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report and also a moral started. My looks like he's gonna be joining ice Jews, big three league, so it should be a real real good season this year already last year and it was the first these, as others have the exciting. Absolutely I well You even report now revolt, we'll see you guys on Tuesday, you got many vacation it'll be interesting when they come back answers, because you know that my detached today, the day tat. Now
I don't know what I'm gonna be like on Tuesday, but there is a lot arrests get alot arrest. We shall see the right well but he also people's choice mixes up. Next, let me know what you want to hear a hundred five five one, five one get your request in right now is the greatest I will tell you is that it is doubtless piquancy has a fine onawandah. Maybe he was isn't, it is about. Our care is never imagined,
have you baby legged? I obey the agency, which is another sign of his enemies. Is it about another? Could imagine never have you baby W p m hd one your radio station. Nobody ever hear something good is a new show from the Seneca women Podcast network in I hurt radio it's a great way.
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