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Jill Scott Discusses New Album 'Woman' And Offers Relationship Advice

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Real, celebrity real. Some joint existed there. Dorothy was dangerous, modest one particular excited idea. Why I'd like to talk to guess before the interview you know when I wait until you at all, and then you know tat. We re looking at my phone back and authoritative, you started, but we got just got here was happier Julie from fully. Let's see you, yes, it's great to have just go. Here and I will say, Charlemagne went to go, see you perform in Brooklyn. I was supplies, We can't get him to go the way of at least fifteen. At least fifty that cries. The attack. I told you before I go to the sugar Waterford when it with you and Erika by Do and flow Audrey Incline and I've been you'd perform countless about it ass. A knight embrace, Let me tell you something: do not yet
no choice does one little thing the would like a joke. God is manifest, go to cover the jersey when I was baby food in Brussels will make have already made it happen for me. So we went out monumental I don't have gradually nations on the new alone bank. You think he's like cruising, I think, is my favorite song on air. Our survival is gold and I, like I'm closure, and I want to talk about for a second ok, because I was haven't commerce anti when one of my friends right and their song is really about like having sex with somebody for the last time for closer. You really think that's a good idea. I think Eagle work, hey, listen, unimportant us, nor is where what am I I am with it in the work that is, is work for you dig of possible organs. Why'd. You do that one left on my MAC, him a disk, and let me say that I am trying to do it like the best you ve ever done. It said he feel egg. Ok, I don't wanna, maybe maybe not far from me. I've had that experience and that last one was not the best one,
yeah, that's what I'm trying to her, but must be were already on my way. You not a me. I knew this was it last time and in making a conscious decision and then actually I am a give my body this one more time, but making a conscious decision and second gas over grad or anything with the point it at length. I want what kind of organization disobedient, sometimes phone calls work with some people, sometimes aid, Tell me I, like I say, any port in a storm when you're trying to get away from something does not necessarily beneficial to you. If the conversation you had a conversation lug when I couldn't do this anymore, it was great- and I want more from us
and then he had come again, just an old man. You smell like that, you know, and and all of a sudden you ve changed your mind and next thing you know you're gonna Rebecca back where started and it can go through the whole thing again was. Somebody has said that in other bang is really challenging two to one. But you know that same thing that you used to love when you was in love and now you know you don't want to be with him anymore as the same thing at end of irritating you yeah, but this was this is not about a love relationship is about two people that are friends. Homie lover friend is going well and we have a great time, but in order to get more and more than spend order to have a well balanced relationship, you know a participant in your life, not just somebody that comes in and makes a good real, quick and disappears you Talkin about a partnership. In order to have that you got to make way, you got to make
and in that my opinion, I really feel like you gotta, you got a clear some stuff out. You know that in order to let that in that's the reason for the closure cuz of the net, you still got this other thing. They can hold you back from where you when I go out watching you. The document we are sent out of the document is like you perform allow woman yeah and you seem like you're in a great space with love like you was talking about. Love and whose idea water, in my will, who is Bang and jails back out there,
if I well, I can say this is more than is more than sex way way way way more than that and as this best go faster than the gang, that's the end game in more than just my physicality being appeased, please or stimulated articulated is more than that in all is the rest of it to have a partner there's own you'd, seen that will hold up there in plus yours. If you need it, that's what I'm talkin about! There's a difference and you're willing to hold a baron they need absolute me. It's a beautiful given take no use talking like this present had killed. Somebody for you before my hope is that this individual, you talk about our sitting on the Catholic, really don't call talking about any now you're talking in general about love. You, like you, know and love when you first
now. Why don't you do it from the camera? That is a part of absolute, is his well, I'm I'm a voyage. I watch people like everyone Is I met a man ass, a musician the other day I loved watching him talk. His wife. I love looking at her with she when he wasn't look written. I love watching her. Look at him. I was this is what I'm talkin about in a is just paying attention to what I see and I'm seeing a beautiful resurrection of relationships. People there genuinely about that life for each other and They have their stuff with them, but is their stuff. Maybe you know what I mean so I'm gonna surveys it. What kind of space where you in doing this album commonplace was I- and I was in a couple of places yeah. They are different. Yeah go well. The owl
is like a journal. You know, so you, if you ve, ever kept a journalist. I have since I was twelve, but when you look through it, you got sometimes you your every page. Every day you right now you journal and sometimes you're you miss month, say you know some stolen due to journal looking through, and I see this part or myself, and I see this party myself and then that's kind of how that the album really worked. Ok differ heights of your life different pieces in is not necessarily my life. Like a cinema lawyer, I listen to a lad of women, I listen to older women, a listener younger women. I listen and I listened a man to people talk to me for whatever reason I level. Nor did you make an amazing life, coach, Bang, an amazing, like psychiatry, type programme. Anyone go to to tell your problems, they would give advice to apply. That was one of the plans before you are. You discovered psychology. I was about to really aimed at the last moment minute and decided to teach angle.
Really what made you to a made. You wanna be a psychologist to begin with. Mr Klaus has attribute, while I enjoyed listening, and I thought that I could help you know the five. You now have a balanced perspective on stuff that I might be able to help them money. That's interesting! I went to school and accept algae and it was too high energetic as only class every job. It was away hearted. Another me, then: I ended up in english major right after that, Did anyone look at that when I ain't gonna doesn't always whenever they are trying to go to college bladder psychology and I bought the book but would declare. I remember a reasonable those books were eggs that psychology book without this big I add the air. How is they out of this crisis? We make those books are really expensive, which is one of the reasons why not desert? but I ended up started blues way foundation because I wanted to pay for people's books right leg. I confirm my books I could afford school again
get the school, was awareness and claws noble times a week, I'm trying to get someone with any kind of Lando. Second Hamburg saying I got inside a second hands, I could get desire right. There was a lot that was the land of OZ. Scrimmage begins meet la that. No, I am I clean toilets not now arm. You said something very interesting and hovered impose our registers. Being being arduous automobile, copies it being a artists in a black man. Beloved one and most dangerous positions danger he being he can you elaborate? I well. I remember the day when I was in New Jersey and I saw every kid with an Allen, Iverson Jersey, on every kid everywhere and that
I myself he's in trouble he's in trouble when you are looked past your skin and at your talent. When you look past your skin and at what you bring to something that people love. That means your beloved beyond the color of your skin or your race, and all of that, and it was maybe a month later there he was on the cover of the Daily NEWS in Philadelphia with his brains out, and he was about maybe two chaise docker on a cover. And then he was it was like he they had vilified him. You know that quick ringing alot of light and attention to the prospect of a human being, simply being a human being coming from a black man, is dangerous. In my opinion, look at what happened to Michael Jackson. Look, it will happen
sick having class, I'm talkin about Elmo how you saw be loved by everyone, I'm not trying to dismiss the fact that people that's, then oaks have done some terrible. Gods vow things with understanding that men all have proclivities, rich ones Smart one, dumb ones by words ones. All men have proclivities that just me Somethin S, natural to you that you like this, probably really bad. We figured out here over whom forget that there but what I see is add are heroes.
And please understand the anthem nor Philly will cause me from is from nor Philly that man was like a father to me. He showed me everything about life that I did not see nor Philadelphia, not just because I was to television shows, but I did watch them I watched the cause me so I mean I wash the cause we shall. I was glad outward for world made me want to go to college college anybody round my way, gonna know Kiley, or I appreciate, and respect that legacy, stillness and still ass. A man and I've always been about therewith with fame and famous people, but I I felt the need to remember the Kevin classes and the Michael Jackson, how people were really trying to destroy that legacy, what was the deuce
Phil Spectre. He killed a woman tried and convicted, but he still in a rock n Roll Hall of fame out, if I'm not mistaken, Elvis Damn young, I'm that I'm not saying that this is right. I'm saying that all men have proclivities and I really feel that whatever is done to some do too Oh don't decimate the legacy of the good you trying to tell me you trying to tell me they were gone, as the how much good I do in the world. If I do something bad do something terrible everything else is pushed away. Forget, and now it is something that happens with black man and then you look at every level of Phil Spectre who, in the back row hall again, even though he murdered someone, Www Ireland's another goody harrassing s had sex with his step, daughter, whatever, whatever she was, a woman.
Is adapted, don't worry I'll dead animals and now, while making a job already in my bag. Yes, they had a dad died, a million did ever married LEO's Anna was Great balls of fire was an m will be on Jim thou Buddy Holly, I mean a habit. It has happened, a latin history and now they're saying we will cause be get all his tv show them. Air spamming no longer what they does. Why scholarship programme had down his statue does work during that they guessed wagons because Lightwood yield. You said about the voters fired one of garlic and my hunger Jeff flashy. Have this saying what she says we we have to learn to separate the art from the artists. The art helped in benefited, lack the artist may be flawed, but the art made you wanna go to out Bognor a notorious racist, but incredible musician and composed I mean did the history and list of men with dirty tat,
horrible things and guess what the more money you get the more easily and more after you are to do the worse things because they always been in you there, it is of no bodies, helped you're or guided. You were stopped you from from being the worst. You can He and their lifting you up and just you know allowing you to do the worse things you can do with probably. So what do you think should happen, then, in that case and a bill cause be situation? What do I think should happen to him near by what should happen, wishes the repercussions b? I mean a lot of these crimes alleged crime. Were committed so long ago. It's past statute of limitations are lugubriously misbegotten, Duenna passively, because this land on turned disability just like that. They did the same thing Golly vilified, Michael than women,
capacity with the heroic enough. It is eight only say you only the died here or live long enough to become a bill. I was torn out on off his turn out that the first person to accuse Michael Jackson and their father committee- so I mean I don't know either I just heard that I love is true in all that would have recently showed us not based on facts and gear online. You all I'm saying, is it it looking at the big picture was the reason that I could not could not. Real decisions other than love, if issue or father it is your dad and in its deep less I sixty less a hundred people say something terrible about your father, the one as raise you. The one has been there, the one in the care, your skin knees
the one in the care, your skin knees, and I'm not saying this because I saw a man on television bill. Cosby has been good to me officially good to me, nor Philly Girl door. Well, regional, how you doin you need anything. Let me give you some advice. Let me share something: you're, not cappuccino with you. Nobody had his daughter drive to New York to get something for my throat and I tore it up. I drink it everyday it's hard, you're, not a bad and plus he has said. Yes, I've done what kind of liberalization. But even in this- and it was like he'd like that- you didn't you you do you do you came on- is that you have to stop defended him now, because it doesn't look good. Am I in my mind, is, is present my heart. They now want to believe anything negative about someone I love and admire and respect so much, but my mind is still present. It was like.
Dammit. There's no way around this. This is this looks bad. It smells bad taste bad. This is bad. You got a lot. A backlash from social media like this is Jill Scotch all trying to lay their lesson. People make mistakes. Sometimes we miss be. We can change our mind. We can change everyone's involving get more amazing to where I can get more information and more facts and be like you know, maybe there's more to this than I a regionally knew. It happens every day. Lay it happens all the time you don't you don't know something you find something only find out. Some or all I know is that I am a human being and my loving watery and just cause a guy hat, saying just jump in dissipate or evaporate behind and understanding. You don't understand.
Move ray I'm a person and this man. If I could explain how many people die in North Philly spicy when I was growing up, if I could explain the the difference is between myself and I felt like so many other people. I felt very alone- and I saw someone just making strides now and down doors. It was inspiring to me and I would hope that if the shoe was Evelyn other foot, this something was being said about me that was terrible ha bull Y, all and disk casting our whole. There's somebody who's ever claim to a priest. Love and respect me will at least be like. Let wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, I'm not jump in anything, I'm a whole tight Ah, you probably got a lotta twitter followers.
I would hope that that I could be treated the way I will want that. I treat other people you do, what social media which, like you, wanted disconnects. When are you going the music you here, you thought I'd also like you to social media present, but I see you goin back and forth from time. Would these Charles, sometimes sometimes I sometimes and battles? because I was saying is that there was a. I don't see how somebody could not live zeal sky, as is don't get a leg. Amazing thing, a great songs, fifteen, There is in the game. Always many a business unites is not like you being a middle class of people to try. I try sms, which Emily a walk over it ass net me you are we. Women, we go through the same things you go through I mean I would say we live in an era of you gettin back. Would you give us an anomaly vampire I get it back. I get it back. I get back. I get it back when somebody yells from occurring
the street or somebody behind me as like Frazier too, thanks to because they had not stopping my life. You know I mean fanaticism is different from respect fanaticism, goals hard and it's it's what they need not now. What will make this a real moment is thy ya in o n. I experience that occasionally more than more than I want to, but then I have these moments were. Somebody is telling me what this song did or or how it affected something in their lives. I gave birth to the song. I made my child this song when my father died,
played this song. He loved this, and I have those kind of moments where am Graham so grateful to have any impact. Also was life like wow I get to do this sets a music as it was before. I would think I would think, and I appreciate those moments, what. You're, tired of this woman and a way to get here for a long time, woman Beza as a female girl. I've been waiting to get to this point. Where am I am wrong, I'm going to say what I feel I must say what I believe are going to use my wisdom that I've had enough life experiences that I feel like I could. You know really impact somebody younger than me, or maybe somebody the same age. I sociate myself with elder women because they got great stories. They ve got great advice, they call
you're my stuff only commie, almost before the jack you Y got out Oji later. I certainly what oh boy open Are you afraid bill no Matlin, but I am now real life by way whether what I got from my eldest sister about the bill Cosmus situation, she said, I don't agree with you, but you have the right to feel the way you do truly Now what the rest of the world didn't know is at the same time. My father has dimension, so I'm losing my dad and I'm losing my dad. At the same time, I'm not talking about like at all. I'm not look if anybody feel sorry for me, I'm just saying I am a person, this stuff that happens in the course of a life that somebody else doesn't understand, and it is what it is. What about relationships? Do you have other women? They call you out on things that you do in relationships that you need to o differently. He s
slowly, thou Dost thou me- and this is what I'm gonna. Do I nodded it? You ve done a lot of quick. I used to ice. Do you never fallen move? When you fall, you get hurt. You spoke to grow in love with me. I agree. I agree. It takes time absolute and takes up, but you can't My grandmother told me that the man is the stem and the woman is the flower. He must always be looking up at her. Miss them get stuck in the flower to base. If you feel what he's the roots and sees the blossom from their from that, and I see always told me that the men know before we do you guys know at some point it tell me Emma them and on the other, we rightly you look it's a wife and say of less my wife. Yes, that's what apparent as I know exactly when they happen, who seldom issue. When did he tell you
He was lying on the floor almost dead from dehydration. It exist in running around, do whatever he was doing. It was not always gone. I bet I gotta get my girl back I'm here now. I guess where there was an ecologically a battle. I care about you, but when you were, when you leave a mere evident, even here We already have an awareness tomorrow anyway and achieve real, ok, how you, through and you know what I mean we just now. We know who wanted now. Even if we invest Zaga convinces dive. Vince convince me that you're different betcher different and that this is sincere and it's you me what you say: Never stand as a part of the beautiful. You know that the whole owe their love. That part events me so
That's no good for some reason. Women and never really, truly convinced- and I get that uses on atolls, maybe take a light, two steps forward and one step backward. That's why I think a lot of times you'll do legs and Grace Evan, then, all of a sudden, you do have been as a red flag we, I wanted to say that were men and, I am glad to say, Lamb, a work in progress the guy who, at that time, a work in progress until I got puts the dunes their balmy animal work in progress. We our lab, where we make decisions, we can make this truce and tribal stick by like. I'm, like you said you may was armed woman, arms trafficking. Why? At this point you live, you feel like a woman. Could you been mad? You gotta childlike yeah. Why now in upholding less after another level of accountability, I think I used to blame whoever it was hurt. My feelings like they were wrong. United,
and I hold myself accountable. A? U shows that person you accepted his you accepted it. You went for you bit entered apple. You bought the mood, the wooden nickel in us, and you did that the accountability is a big position and in being a woman and being an adult that is being an adult but officially owning your womanhood, because a lot of times we have these fantasies as girls. Oh, how is gonna be in who he's gonna be, and if he hurt my feelings- and here I feel as well- men have feelings too. They do it takes two to tango. There are you in a relationship. Reiner hit sieves coffee subsequently by bill gum
this is one of the areas where they would. You say no, because you said your ticket accountability for you, so you can't be a woman like a marriage, though Miguel woman, a child, omega woman, has to be something within you. Yes, and it takes time they ain't gonna, earnest, stripes. Oh you, gotta, get down on the ground. Have a heartbreak! Look at yourself, really look at yourself: the choices that mother made. How did you end up here? Why did you get here in this I'll make some changes? Would you dig has contributed to your growth, the most in your life? You good pinpoint one thing: you said this
What made me rural lesson I knew I haven't had a lesser near as he sees me, is not like a front. What who by case sees me like everything's all right baby, his I saw you grow heck, he told me not longer. He told me that women have to tough up. I was telling them. I was afraid I was a come scared uses a mummy. Women just happened over and over things out without allowances. Would somebody opening by how women are so want or when a needle is saving it? I would not have used see different things. Women have different thing. They have to deal with, especially a black woman. You got a deal with racism and criminals
which is tat, has got a high. You gotta, leave you open all that it can within the thing, is about being open. Is you have to for me anyway? I believe that you have to make the decision on how much you open and where you do. You know, given a little bit at a time, given a little, if you're, in a relationship washing. Why should he see everything will happen? I'll say for me anyway, we have for me is the kind of relationship that I hear with the last dude I'm trying to have with them. Ex do because, as the kind of relationship, I'm alike may well the whole different person ray we're whole definitive. You know you're, trying to day the same person, indifferent skin, You know, or you are debating the same person indifferent skin. So you end up missing out on what you really me, because you lookin at which want
Women look at what they needs more than what they want. Necessity, Emma choosing a fabulous pair shoes, or am I choosing a healthy meal? Am I choosing this house that I can afford, or am I choosing to live with in my life in my budget with in my budget, within my circumstance, sighing at worry it's. It's is about making decisions in the Amazon. You guys think biome, but you have to look at the bigger picture, though what you want right now, because that's what girls do their children and in a sense you don't owe me that's what kids do his get, what they want. They don't think about. I need a vegetable because you know any do in Arab proper movement. If nothing about like mad mystic younger girls. You know yeah me less. Would this were kids are with it in a lot of women,
or else a lot of grown girls grown girls. You know they make their decisions on their life based on what they want. Now what you need. You think women know how much power could I acted now. This is a thought that I now I feel like I've. Women came together and created organization. After, like maybe more powerful in Asia, the man will governing glad like women can shut you down. We make decisions about what we're gonna, accepting what we won't entertained all those things in this society. A whole lot of change. If we decided that we don't like guys that show their underwear in the street. I will give you about a good move. Nobody told me so around where no man, let me show you the way, We make a decision as say that we need some one day.
Had read a book that I can have a conversation with. We need that in some requirements before I even let you touch it things are gold chain eyes. I look like women set the tone and really since it unwise in life guide only door were girls. Accept we dress a certain way. Good ass would girl, like an entire, because a girl like that girls have more power to me. No animal wrangle tell a meadow, but Daphne I mean that's what happens with girls and I mean being a girl awesome. Fine, crazy, wild, beautiful experience is ever when we get the about, but being a way, there's something so fulfilling is so, as is excellent. And the light on and sea like oh a blog all all this time. You know I've been
This do like, for instance, there's a song on the album called the lighthouse has caught lighthouse an initially you saying that in I'm here for you, you know for whatever I'm I'm your rock. And it sounds like to me, it sounds like you know they make love, that's what it sounds like musically does, but then afterwards she has a moment where she saying I'm I'm sitting here contemplating. If, if we should even be yeah I've got out. I have a mandate that loves me for me. He do anything easily for his heart knows no boundaries, but he saw me he needs sometimes to ride with a different pen on different paper. He needs the cheetah renown. Listen that thing
right there, youth region to region battles will listen. It's ok for me and I must say I have. I am not saying that I am saying that he needs not every man needs did took to be a philander matter, man has to have a whole bunch woman women to feel salad in whom they are, who they are or just because I like it, you know me not every man needs that, but if you have one of those, can you deal with their and ass your decision? That is your decision. I want to make it make it you shouldn't be a decision of the main road is supposed to do, and by that I mean, not getting caught, cheating and income hot cheating, yes case, knows that he needs to do. The right I personally, as a woman
I want to live in a relationship where you got secrets. Did you have this other life that on that privy to, if you have another life, go, go who that other life, because I'm trying to be your ass, you may suppose what if you tell a woman, you went any from a relationship that they may really be ok with rather than in another way, rather than if you do it without saying anything, and then she finds out, and now you have a secret from me. Somebody had remained at fatted out information in rural areas, but ass. It will also. I believe that there is a difference between dealing with a woman in a girl. A girl would be offered her. I don't know, I don't know for the time being, for the time being, a woman might be off, or to I'm, not I'm, listen, just just to be clear with you. I'm not judge mental. I'm not What I do is I make observations about people life in things ass, my job.
I'm a journalist who happens to sing the report's. That's what I'd do if you're honest, about what you need. You just might get it. You just might get it be happy now go home and jump up. The fact that no one will do Well the method does not now be Umbria. Birmingham I'll need anything. Busy Lebanon's. It is one big leave me. I am definitely not in a position to get exactly what it is that I want that's. What is it's got to be not want. Forgive me, forgive me up here when I want need when I meet when I need what does a woman need? I don't know about. Everyone is just got mean. I need a partner,
I need somebody that can understand what it is that my life is, that can check me and not in a disrespectful way or woman bow down kind of way, but yo you need to chill for a minute for real and then the mutual respect that says to me. You have nothing in you that once harm for me. Nothing! You love me. Let me go 4Minute and trust and have faith in it. That's what I need. I need that kind of relationship. I need somebody who likes to go to Lowe's and, like I like to fix stuff around my house, participate. And I mean someone who's gonna show up to the crib wit with wayward Taos. In our enemies of toilet paper like you won't be here right. Now, you're not going to be able to tell you get over. It
I'm just no, no, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! I I just I I need. I need my ace. You know what I mean, someone that really understands and enjoys and loves the things that I love. And wants to support the things that I love and have things that I love about them, that they want me to support them in and I enjoy it and it sounds so simple. It's so simple, It is so simple was, is really not rocket science, we put all its other stuff on it. Oh, he got a head. He got to have a six pack in a Bugatti. He got ahead. Is that that that that nothing all of the stuff, that's at the end of the day it looks nice, but that whip can be crashed. That house.
And be birds. You know those those absently. Let me too much now work out or whatever they disappear, they disappear. And what do you have all your wants? A Czech they're gone, and now you got this guy when none of the stuff that you want as not allows me, does not bring an overnight Philippe, not as now participate, having in life immediate or participate in life. We want. Right right. That means it. Maybe you cooked like. Maybe maybe we have a shared- maybe maybe maybe I cook, maybe you mark the floor and I'm just saying in order for things to say This is some modicum of normality, which I believe- and I don't want to get to. Fancy- did forget that I'm Joyce's border guards and bills child I'm gonna, forget their onawandah. Forget.
Are you grew up around a lot of loving relationships like you saw a lot of Helen, a loving, really, and I love saying I love saying that I don't know how it is I will tell you happen as a girl. I forgot what was important. I'm supposed to be adored you're supposed to be adorned. Your wife is supposed to be a downward like the flower, get it. That's. That's how you know. And you are when you loved and appreciated for now we're having your weave tight today my nobby! Oh, you nails done More or you know the ports might be said now today or whatever the cases like half so when it appears
She aids, who you are regardless that means is passed by a male or female, is being is love, is, is way pass it. I think we put a lie. For lack of a bet. If we ve got a lot of ball on things that really matter. So damn you know, I'm I'm sorry. If I send, like I'm preach uneven really not little things you need to come up with a book is down airlines engine. I'm hanging out with these older checks is women, woman and you wanted to know why the outcome is called women, and these are other reasons. Thank you was a law. Where were you when you get a document I am now you need, so you gotta give me like this with them. He had lately just got into the masses whereby the relativity and musical you should be good, for some people need to hear you you're with them. I feel like you're, full of knowledge
And you got a nice warm, adding failure, music and your performance is. That is like my talks of more wow. You need to talk to you when you like, when you, August, like if you like you, will burn me than was levied Leon. You bring me like this wall, maybe I don't know, I don't know there's much to do. There is allowed to do. I'm really excited about about my future. I'm really excited about this. Just in case something happens in some He tells you that I killed my self fur. No now you know everything, I'm telling you everything everything ever good that ever happened in my life, and that is something that I would not do. Building anyway. I hear me out there I was saying,
this data is just hey. Somebody says that I did that. I'm saying re here that definitely one hundred did not happen. The unwilling to go due to fire you out o concerned no black, black woman, of course, of course, How do we not have those concerned of love where women are very warm, and my mobile with women got all? I'm play they do, but they still so one day. Understand how much we need you brothers, you do you. Do you ask how necessary you are these things happening with our case? Do you do you? Are you paying attention? That their building, more prisons and tearing down schools Deasey see was happening. How necessary you're, not just your presence, but your voice and you're you're you're your command women.
We need to wide awake. We need you so desperately so deeply, o whatever it is, that you have planned, keep it in the dark revolution does not happen in the light. It happens in a dark and is normally some smoke involved, I'm just saying jazz was not invented in broad daylight. It was invented. Some in small, tiny places would allow smoking air and people were being themselves. You can. Videotape it you can't blog about it. You can you can't do any of that stuff. It has to be why it focused, and then you bring in people who mean and do good that are focused on that, not just every bad, because it looks nice
I just people they wanna has now writer and Instagram imposed pages with the hashtag right right. If we had, we want to make a change. Is gotta be done quietly ludicrously, forest focus the direction and they make their direction happen, focus bringing people that you need. What do you need? You need people that early understand law and all the addendum than men, dooms and all other foolishness then are added to laws when he cemented understands it really really understands, then you need
on them, alas, or about politicians are now Aubigny biologist. I don't either. I guess you kind of look if you like one who can do he needed John F Kennedy and Linda be job fundamental civil rights. I commend his laboratory. You kind of do for like law of the land, but here I will begin for revolution. Language revolution and is: is it has still color revolution does have a color, it is people deciding that what is happening is incorrect. Food is not beneficial to the society is not beneficial to the people when foods have more stuff than food in the pay. As you said about this yesterday, ass Craig re, adding expect people to thrive and growing
five and be saying how do you expect that way? Now SAM just got, ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry that I have a lot of sir I wanted to ask you about Visa, the Chicago Katy, the love him. Three July, that I like these data Chicago care about it. I was just wondering what made you to say: he was the one feature for the album There were a lot of people that I had tried be J M. First of all, I fell in love to his first record pineapple now leaders. Would you still one my favorite records of all time I heard his voice in its is set, is so women is in of everything, that's good about music and he's got this clear understanding of what soul is absolutely I'm I'm excited about him.
So he's out on the road we now made in our own. Their child walk my walkway hacking away. So you know he was the only in only a few Johnny Album does, because knife wonders evolve, announced like I just like have this feels this feels beautiful and I wanted to give him a shout out. One is supporting. Does I think he's a man killing. Shall we put out there you and you will make needed like a revolutionary record again. Listen about their run, a jewels life or that that will happen. I am saw the Jew here. All z lose my favorite ever, did you didn't you Atacama David banners Uzi, you half is: is David Banner and Big create murmured? Oh, let me the
gotta be laid at every turn I brought before I perform. I have to play. That is, is all repeat repeat that, though, and obviously you know run the jewels. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you appreciate. Thought they. You just got avenues in stores. Now old woman check it out. RO way an There's one more, please Lucy's! Ok, I don't want to forget push a t. Ok at all that man has a perspective, any paints. It like a surgeon is precise. He paints his his pictures. I love that. Do I agree on that. Their varying bit there, Do you not understand I've never been in it that trap life? I don't get it. You know for myself, but I appreciate the story below My vote on them. I did. I did and and and mean people to look, for it is foolish goal with them remakes with positive yeah. Ok, I gotta check it.
Please do not make you just now. We really appreciate your family and I am glad to see you always applies when you come by skin, looks beautiful, begging and shouted. The documents has said it is a great orator. Doesn't just got lagoon about aware of them when the bad is out marginal Monet? Is the breathless glove jewels got.
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