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Thursday 12/6 - Today on the show we had Jim Jones stop by where he spoke about solo project called "Wasted Talent", dipset and lets just say he had a message for Mase after the Mase and Cam'ron beef. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to three guys that broke into a home, and got caught while police were investigating the home. Also, Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Even the most dangerous morning in order of the day and everybody phasing in spending to go with me to the ruler rubbing the wrong way the breakfast ravaged by.
Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, modern age. Lee mining is Annie, Charlemagne Galleries, replied. Yes, it's Thursday, religions are their mental. Consolatory me. We continue to show to arguments. Ingredients ammonium, promote good that NATO is Friday. This morning, when I was working in as I guess, it's Friday realises that never enough technically is right. If you wanted to be Friday, it all depends. How had to give day is today, as you got one in a light fur these will. You can just go home after work, ease right on the Friday. Thinking going to make this year we can add deficit,
I daresay I hate weakened as he and plus Thou days to one of those who would have chosen to enjoy every moment of holidays. I'm not the guide. I wait until Christmas Eve. Giddiness bear I've been in the Christmas period since I think that it might happen in the case of Britain's before them. I really enjoy every moment of you owe me both yes and I want to see crossroad tonight to the gods ones, and I too am Devlin. Gathers Q. Navona seekers, rats, nay, is way tomorrow, I'm going I finally got my Christmas tree of the Christmas tree is a dynamic Christmas tree. Decorations of this we need the tree was up with no degree you put him up, will absolutely not Alcan throughout my daughter him away, we gather might come do hours or so they put the tree of life. They will finish last. They like eleven o clock. No yesterday was our companies Holiday party. Yes, it was now Charlemagne. Arrived early, actually arrived a violent. I mean why leave, but for us the right for it
the arrival of belief, but let me tell you when a new show me was ready to leave so about seven. Fifty nine the body mine you like seven hundred eleven but nine Charlemagne said says to our boys coach by their right now. I must take this group and take so our looks at me you know you seen because he was to leave as rise. Early looks at these doors laughin, as in a guy back the guy had to day I didn't just I don't just do radio do a few of them so I would literally in the city all day long awaited go. How shall I go to bed? You move so Charlemagne depicting bout death it now I guess we, you did. Let us be clear, everyone get barely know, he got eight. I was ever about fifteen minutes. There grew produced shows that he was there. I was there right now. There are positive signs, holes idea, also grandma, but a sort of asking you shall remain shaken a wigglin hood.
I was now Jack, you know and as we all know, that anything is it I additives day, man till I was over every time I try to leave. I was stabbed in that a whole another conversation I was as died of leaving the room the party within that I was in the bar outside their room. Then I was on the staircase and forty forty. Were you fifty? What every time I was, Megan my way toward the door, but then it be another comment on my drink a mile as I do that now have a tells me you're not wanting to have as little as we gotta get caught up in the bathroom for extra five minutes, and I wait, however, show us what signal labelling must be do remember, took his tie. Buggy importer rig arrives in the bathroom, isn't I believe from all these small meaning in amendment no two conversation with May suit, all about maize and- grab and let you know what I'm not. I refuse at this point my life to be in a bathroom in New York City S, cousin black, Robin All irish leads. I can about black Rob the whole they're gonna have all made long management about pass. I have a black rob good rap debates, though,
as the Georgia hesitated before you're talking about my wife and I definitely Ozma Nairobi, What do you get? A Harlem Jim Jones will be joining us this morning with Jim Jones Show as Jim Jones about may sometimes, the good will? Of course we will. I must show greater from Patients are each of my young man. I know you guys are somewhat bidding and allay with these wild in southern California, with these wildfires in people having to evacuate overtook about that, but from Amazon about marrow as well all right, we'll get into all that a more keep it locked, his pulse, most larger ass, ass, twenty one, Savage is rocks
What I mean by his DJ envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast when I be worded in some down a build up of what I do it instantly united we drive and even like there would have to abolish, came from guess at this time around in a whole power until five ones through your human yogi, garlic is gone not only as a gaunt. They moved to reign. Crest is grass arrive, Cresswell pass that private studio. Have you been here Yes, I have made our windows plus So it was not a good veto. How you do see that another motel I gotta tell you, you ve got a window in the on going to see the city. When you turn around, you see another brick wall, or would you prefer to see the hotel others wall this wall? Writing I rather as it is a nice, it doesn't wicked looking pigeon to fly, run window. Look, you didn't ya and wonder what you doing our. I will ask him to fret page and new. Now in further.
I would just tonight knew all is played a land of foul gives them a song about these fires and carry your legs are financed. Us Angela's has been threatened as these wildfires are spreading and in Belarus Sherman Oaks, tens of thousands of others are coloured. California residents also they ve already fled and more than eighty three thousand acres in So many businesses in homes have already been reduced down to ashes. So I'm sure you guys I've been seeing eye on it. News. It looks crazy, even more easy air driving on the freeway. You can see all of that happening also. They say that these about fires will get worse before they get any better. Just because of the conditions in California. Is there a very dry right now strong violets, how the winds and the terrain is very difficult for fire fighters to go through so Oliver right now and is not prime time for California to have to deal with this
firefighters lobby, and I'm gonna put those outlandish bladed trying, but I mean I'm, I'm China Digits China contained they were China, flood plain and would have eyes watery ending later on. Will com does like you? Would those cigarettes like US box? I wanna with anyone. Because legacy signal it is really quickly spread of solar. Ire is yes, though, giant its windows. This hurricane, like wins, so just add a considerable number of smoking to bear campaign would be pointless, yes or no but how late now they are there going to be the largest? U dot S city with legal recreational marijuana, so they just decided to say voted yesterday and they're going to license sales next year that, after all these debates, they finally approved rules that will make sure that, Sales and cultivation laws are gonna begin in less than a month under an initiative that was approved, so residential neighborhoods will be off limits to those businesses, and so with areas around scheme, libraries in parks bets now, people can recreate
Nellie have marijuana legal and lessons of all we were not going. You forget about the therefore advice. Ok right, What does the dogma? That's it were now in the House of Representatives has also passed a bill yesterday, loosening Gunnar restrictions and are you got your gun like recently right in thirty five states. So right now you actually, if you have a permit, you can carry concealed weapons, legally travel with those firearms to other states yeah. You know I mean that's unexamined. Did that regardless you got a flat on the plane, but you just came so. Does that mean I can take my by art in New York City? in travel benign. I gotta traveller to Jersey. I guess how this thing, kind like having a marriage or a driver's ladle, and none of it? Listen it's like having a set of measures, it's a driver's licence is valid and other states so now you have a licence to carry conceal weapon. You can bring that firearm with you to other states.
I'm glad. You know any new names, Russian at New York, Milky Geraghty three new. In particular, they talked about a woman from Pennsylvania, no criminal record. She had a conceal, carry permit for her pistol and they didn't recognize that when you travel to new jersey- and she was later on put- and yes, it is saying that they should have to make sure that never happens again, and now you can. This carrier concealed weapon almost my locally alarming shook. That's how the set out nope right will as front page news. I get it off my chest GTA V, fifty one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset, you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night a bad morning, whatever it may be. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one maybe went to your Christmas Party, Company Holiday party, you're, tired or maybe just want to spread some positivity eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one hit us up right. Now. It's the breakfast club, the breakfast club,
is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black but a payment. We want to hear from you wanna breakfast, in turn, we re Mama, get it over. Just oh well, I didn't want to complete this morning and I really think I did want to refrain from private Sylvie. Ok, I'm basically saying. Every day. You know a blue data go out there for it. Try some defray is happy with the situation. Stop complaining about it and go up, Rinkitink yeah. I'm totally agree, I agree with, as it had all design. Thank you Mamma. He won't have a great big eyes. You two allows those groups, Chris given of each Israel is provided for me. I know regulation that there will be no salary so every Monday and every Friday outside avow, I'm thinkin about that's what I like to three days level Maggie.
Shit, I'm thinking about things, I'm using all my birthday birthday, you gotta tell me our dog is wanting a nice lawbreaking. Then the year we have a go with me. I had about a week Hello, there is allowed, the latter were no, nobody could have borne about you're morning than what was that about ideas, the land. I can only go away we gotta get to have thought. I wanna bet, ok the committee's you pay, as this is a tough season for may deliver like a mammoth moodily values. We take the plague about your work the elderly, and imagine quite you find it insulting. When people say I, u Piazzas higher income, we I've got great benefits, the argue painted nice rate. Then let me let me ass. You can it was a good fit for european traffic that never tipped Eu Pierre delivery guy. But this ya gotta TAT was a good to me.
A good deal of reopening of dry, where one is called. We will pursue to get everything up whenever one, but when I took him out to look like a ticket out, ok, you figured out it about figured out. Ah fifty dollars, it was the one I feel for you. We drive, I never see the one. I would always be too short short in the low brown short or long term goals. We got it under the nuclear threat that God you ok, ok,
how do I get it off your jazz, eight hundred five, a firewall or fire. One of your upset, you need event, is up. There was to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Is it your time to get it off your jets? Are the men from you wanna breakfast on your mind, allows there's nobody what I've ever was sub roses: J, J ravages rope, Aileth man, I believe that never met your online rights meet up. She said to me, like a look, I'm running late, my eyes no problem, but when she gets here, she had no matter what that bother me, those that he or she ordered
we thought that he had legs why there was no matter. How can you look at present in Shinola no leg within its own colleagues, because she says she was running late automatically associate la rightly talk about his joke last night, you the yellow card abruptly club in the morning. I must say this in a more rip when not at its everybody language with blanks their face. You owe me thinking it. You re thinking it near he retorted cyber allows. This could be a game of chess. This was a school. What about it is that good or bad I need a break. You owe you bondage one already becoming ready to combat agreed you and I the job they re coming up and then you got there. His eyes grew Levin. Didn't you haven't called you feed you do your reply have a black day. I rain already allows this get rather less about me
marriage, without this Doin Sadly, we have, it is, maybe I'll lay down so mad and well focused laying foe, they have, and I try to get over get over by don't beat up over and had a mentality that I wish the mighty were hit me and the money Let me every day you know I gotta figure We have the guys that ours was the yield toolbars. Then it would have been there question trap. Did you get hidden in the the idea, let a lady may live in April there last night by the different belly of you. All you are, who you really enjoy glue the girl. Would you in the back? Look, they were mechanical regime. Like an old enough- and I worry whose o the model
lot of the work here play with people with all the cause. They don't really care much for they cause. They were badly and healthier attributes filling out. I don't really like to know why no problem. About an aluminum you'd, see each Wanna play. You think you are messy bottoms where you live in a land land messy bottoms, along with him every bottle, anyway. I live in a fairly good, bye and beyond it drawn up That's right, you gotta go now get it features. Five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, it is up at any time you got rooms on the way person of the year will tell you who got that and I'll give you some news. That's quite ironic. Get into all that when we come back, keep a lot to the breakfast club come on the breakfast club,
It is a good morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club. Now, let's get to these rumours that short term magazines, personal ear with his club, where we talk about the candidates for a person of the year for a time magazine in they did and are taking this time around the silence breakers. The people have come forward in all of these sexual harassment scandals. That includes asked Judd Taylor Swift New CD dj in one earlier in the year former Uber engineers, Susan Fowler Activism, damage and Terry crews was mentioned, Mc Gowan Alyssum Olano, some Blair Maggie a lot of people were mentioned on that time magazine person of the year come
I like that the dog definitely got kicked off the hinges this year regarding rape, culture, sexual assault, culture and I'm definitely seeing guys change their ways and think about their past behavior. So everything happens for from interesting. We enough on CNN one woman Jessica leads you seventy four years old, and she had mentioned in- did interviews about down a chump, actually groping her and a first class cabin on a flight more than three decades ago she was a traveling businesswoman at a paper company, and she sat next to him in first class. As you said about forty five minutes have to take off. He had lifted the armies and began to touch her grabbing. Her Bressani try to put his hand up her skirt. She said he was, I can add, to put his hands were everywhere and she actually went to the back of the plane because she felt she was being assaulted. Now here is what Donald Trump said in response to her accusations. Previously, people that are willing to say all I was withdrawn from community. Our sitting were very modern. Europe
he won't after me on the planned yeah, I'm gonna go left. Believe me, she would not be my first choice that I can tell whether she was banned in Sudan on CNN. Here is where Jessica leads had to say about not being his corner quote first choice. I find that just ludicrous because he didn't pick me. I was there, I was available and he was bored. That's that's all it was that's all. It was the other women who are beautiful and and beauty pageant types and most of them have long blonde hair, which is something these themes the like. He picked them, but I was just there a zoo cuz? I'm not your type, no me and you won't try me I mean I prefer green tea, but if it's no green tea around I'll drink, some ginger tea, black tea, some honey is cool. Whatever the failure, multiple women have accused down a tramp of sexually assaulted them groping
grabbing. Then one woman talked about working at a company of paper company and she said when Donald Chum came, Annie, kissed her on the cheek, then kiss on the mouth and when let go rose air one another sixty with him like he never see leads into line on nothing turf logged on laughs at overcame him and even said hey before about women's that I just I kissing them is like a magnet just kiss. I don't even waits villages but basically kisses win without imitation of any I'm very broadly. Legs is truth, be told like What would they landed honesty? He says that these allegations are offers an issue these ages, words that he said, and he never actually carried out any of those behaviour earnest right MIKE apps is gonna, be, reproducing the social media awards, I'm BT, that's the air live on February eleven, so it's gonna be the best and worst of social media.
Social media was that's the first time ever doing Robin include bombs. Bt beat off in the culture the past year sober nine even allowed to eat what about interests, but it was to have the desired or not. Yet. I have no idea what it s website vessels. I'm paying gonna be about like that's gonna. Under the most viral moments, ochre breast socially, a personality stuff like that of the year and congratulations to Remy Math opening her new store conceded your mom every month alone? I suppose it is an act conceded this door if you want to follow she's the one in my dreams. I came to you. I appreciate everyone that stood. That long lines during the grand opening, and thank you for your continued support. Thank you to everyone has been set. Thank you to all Mab bomb ass employees, so lovely God, your baby legal congratulations to analyse and she has her especial that's gonna, be airing on when her in
are Remy and Papoose a a merry Mackey holidays? That's gonna air! On December eighteenth on vehicles, I'm Angela Year remain Papoose got especially all the wayward remain pep whose have especially, I said that this is our second about door, and then there is the other way, and I said, Remy ample booth was wanted to be equal billing us said Remy Papoose, stop it SL. I write amazingly, and that is your room, a report all right. When we come back german jewels obey the builder, will kick it with Jimmy, said old movies to breakfast locomotive, worn and everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast club. We got us pursue guess about in Kabul, Jim Jones. Before the other night. I thought you were doing some sequencing in another, but album
What's going on, the very peered at law is more solo, practical wasted, silent gives Rp Jumper the giver that GDP subsidies can last night table matter. Much different things where's easily, so feels good everybody's embodies only. I gave her neighbors for forward. How did that relationship you back again? Last time you know we spoke to you guys were necessarily scene I or talking at our conversation Conversations have been there, will gunning tumor, tumor Spotify automobile through the common that was done by doing away with you a check up. It was William look negotiations situations when we came home last Can I want some in new like that,
It was in the most friendly ever encounters like them is reasonable person. They said it wasn't like now know how you can kiss in it like that, and I was really left it at that, and then someone wanted to do were absent reunion fearfully raft caviar so that they ve been Doin had success with them in different places You know you have you no tumors car harder really tell him now say: to my mind. I've been on for so long such a dear friend and a great gives a fan areas. GonNa May says in weighing what speed to care furs and then he came speak to me ass. He spoke to me right. Damn future the exact same thing I can't says, moreover, those not say the same thing we rose. Bush was cool and on their lets, us having to have some more
conversations over what we wanted to do for show and let's have a conversation about music, and then we had a bit of a great conversation over the phone about. What's the next step from head to the concert that we give it back to New York for them being so great that storage is off, we are finally going take I claim in the gym and get them Kudos s old oats were so. I think we can go for the Cologne, YA history so deep know. Anyway, I've got the history. Our guide have never really bout. Nothing in camp Alice's views chosen literally legumes on day one, like always kid say a day day ready my day. One now really grew up with them, so you know if those good did not to be on the same page- and you know maybe column you not all know animosity, no Babel,
like that is those good sounds them abroad, so maybe we'll get it finally Haiti's recognise that the drain produced. In any event, I would I had a regular Doug zone of we rose if you know a call him up for me the address, let me get those regular required about forward a monkey use and re me, so they are produced by training for deep set rugged. Why didn't we make animal studio knows how much open non recognition, but his dark and re use is so must we mustn't? Priceless must still sound. Goes, though, is great experience anyway. What calls out and can you are you you experimented with that a couple times from you later I love the worst goes music. That was so, favours, as was the whole was caused when it came
boys boys, the boys in a hurry immensely society, and I was in love with those movies came about about lash areas. Graduating always comes closer. Was this like a blue, my mind to pass and dogs is my favorite rap of all times it felt like it and start again and said a whole gang coach Not only are the ones from near universal drugs, no else like bees, another also you sit down and got a budget lloyd, Ray I do not need a billion hours when I thought of a really give a mob like air. You go to sleep at all, workers that we haven't heard yet that's in about without a few workers. We got a few already that we never released an omelet abortion work that we do the same like directly. There are probably forgot about drugs does later, so we we prepare, we work in the most exciting policies. Wells were a siege was excited. He stopped suddenly
listen he's in the studio work it s the best part of what do you think that gives that break up cause? You're, not argue. We knew the big. There was a point way with jewels and way faint they did. I was another lie: wages chap wrong, but as a jeweled got kind of stuck in the label, nimble did said breakups all it ah borrow a lot, but I know one in life when you dealing with this. What would just lifestyle comes with a lot of demons and sometimes facing your demons take longer than all the other things in life and in these things you just got to face. I couldn't tell you no answer about what took him so long, why you got Iphone but he was through it. We always there for home in whatever, however long it took takes for him to get back on track or took for him to get back. Echo is all ran anyway, he still here we still able to be relevant people love ass. We did a great show, so you know maybe was just oughta are at the same time as his eye
if that were young man and the torrent everything happening. Others amazing Cameron, drama window where then on their Emma. Yet that's when you ve got a drum rose. What made you think about the article when it came out where you live, damages came when I'm having heard of about or do you play games and persons like snow. We gonna come up. Lessons have been enough room or light blushing here, but on other than those Kuhlmann Meriden. By making the way your money
in incident is kind of a wife subjected to talk about a wet person. I was younger, Tommy, don't beat up, the cow is limited by the imo is bringing back there all call when you called edgy back in the day Like you know, I ended up. Are you doin Zaga rob? I was alone moose back their common taken advantage of the situation and wooden gonna win and allow from them. Things like that, like you, don't bully, and it's not great. It wasn't great on the on the schoolyard of the ingrate as a as a grown man. So I stay out of if it ain't worth nothing, to put no money in my pocket or got something to do with helping my family estate that I kind of I kind of got to stay out of things nowadays. You know I mean out of it. I don't think they want me in anyway. I we got Jim Jones we combat keep alive. Is the breakfast locomotive The breakfast club is morning, everybody's dj, envy
Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast Club, Jim Jim. It is in a building, charming This movement was different man. As a means for you. There really Cavan nothing different, Plaza Hall Industry, didn't have nothing. We wasn't no big time drug dealers and drugs, but we do we had to do to get busy casings niggers on our feet and be able to get an eternal with things like that in a body it's a we was able to sign. Deals deal that any teenage age was eighteen. Nineteen, first Ilsa, No Isabella Davy is ninety nine. Ninety ninety seven think that that is where we talk in a big big. The pity of data about my main man, because more personal note like these came of different, I already too many people older meeting do not already has a lot to do so, because the first
but there was some different. He always did out to me that the black, or even when I got to the game washed in Iraq, of alleged opposition to mistake about him and everything and then, when you get to know, as he has more of a personal, oh, yes, I know he does the plug half ITALY is telling us about. Our hustle Abbe spoke today have area not running I'm cool on solid umbrellas managers who spent doing anything that into what are they summon the benefits being regulation now, two thousand Rodney we could delay that music in a forty forty, two real bad over, don't be allowed as of an hour ago, drug related earth and go through what unites us. Russia, Oji Thousands South Africa South
Emory South. So he has our sad sizes. The south, What makes it so many nasal dead dead. I kid at you. I wish I had a host of overly welcome you over armed with very helpful. When I'm going to build an arm. Solitude did That is why you on me. I mean they did a couple of re deals me over data has nothing to do with music. Miss me, oh Jesus not only the the same now know what we do want or web so you have makes the money and that's what I that's. What I respect the most and things like that as a factor show me how to make some money web. I got to hit record it. Not I meaning left a power to a power man, the door was a grave them and allow myself what was a powerful people like that minorities way for me to finish my party, so they actually can show me what they do get a prize against Minister ten years a seekers they saw like features on when you get back home,
Please let me start right now. I go no mess out the big homie. What I am going to do when I finish it, imma Imma, imma, deathly, going to give him Og hitman Og a copy to listen to in them. And bade him. That way, let him here a couple workers will use in office on the day. He was like s that talk like this. The term in another respect out. For me. Would you like to talk about Rather than did low Bijou everything home for me was like out, the blue have almost half the has little old, using only you'd like I've read your lunch. Level and the party within the figure that, after that, that was actually I was the first time that are seen as I found. I was the birch, the bright red it rang out. Women up, I was a little off with low bid. You know
by looking like homer dinosaurs, like Ireland, legged dinosaurs as back, and then after that, a couple months. That the acts me long ago or jubilation come up here. So They gave me a day, so it was an expensive trip. I caught a private jet out. There want to go chop it up for a couple hours and got some good weed engine on the jet on was an old video. You are frequent studio nowadays, I tell them all situations as Europe has been through on one leg when it came to it at that bring alighted on yourself who was because spree? Do you to hear your wrapped in tat job? There was a meeting of the mission. Of of both regime we lay down and then what represented Negro thousand. You know you got people went hand. I want to tell you that, as for you, they got some kids.
The data is, wants you to kick the ass. He could go back to their home I'd, not a real native kick my ass. I tell you D. Real legacy is bad was in the games or we did a lot ass kicking a verified, we were with the are you tired, old mother rocket can I go up rather was weak man? I will. I will tell you the whole story recommended. Oh my little man we do it was. It was big team against can't can't see more camp. Play a butter, I bought a source, like out his heart, they demanded the island Do you like said the Thursday? Some say big name is like it is parliament. Not my le Maire, even pleaded in solemn AIDS, because we all good near South Omar became snub. Malone man I got it says they get a snuff back ass. He s not me before Hawaii fewer arms away, it's not
if we him and then I got one heavy body as you know, is clearly and then you know, people always lay your camera. You can laugh you and later, but Don't leave me in if you is that the scheme of opposition camp was the money. I always looks like that dealt with the rules he wasn't supposed to get enough, and I get into this. What I do you heard and you got out, and I would just like forty people now, some people want to learn more and they start and puffing up puffier watching over time. A levelling out well why, like none of them Really! Then I had to. I had a box cutter, my pocket, that's really how I got out of there. I have forgot to have the box cut off. Alarms going to join big was talking about the Orange Box cover the Bank of everybody, was they all got the Raven Ayala. Let me get a bustle of yours, I was. I was What no one! I had. No scratches us enough, like five people back to raise our living like soup, if anyone can was again was like large him. Never do.
Got out at any point everybody, a hundred percent. I mean no one person and at that some appalling, a box. Sixteen I'm fine coffee security in a much bad boy you do. That was Lisbon, nice, whom I have a pretty good do the Harlem whirlpool. Gambling out of the woodwork called did that the world was lagging cruel. Just like a war was the place we asked Lucy in Harlem, how was it like? I got how the world more does what, I would like to believe it. Ain't inscription lay dead, then really feel like the one he had his group's did did I want, because I was from Harlem World Day may student run home world may never leave later. He just was the currency kid know how to rap and dancing and got a chance first to wrap the dance with husband got on. He wasn't never a gangster or Pompano drugs in Harlem with it anything like that.
Always dope at the music, everybody think, I'm being biased. By saying I thought it was a reason for him to take. Cam got my name on his arm like Harlem World in the Boro but we did more for Harlem did not to state our hottam very hot. More would give yours when we come back manifest looking into a Jim Jones many mix. Let me know your favorite cappel recognizes the breakfast problem or more everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club Jim Jones is in a building showing about Newbridge or thought of it. You know we started to mace and can take that away. Mace was the first want to get a salon brain cancer to send it to the water like candy. Get a drink it like that and then are you the man you in my position, you cannot dictate was gone. Honest is just like that. What do the hallways these this thing alone, the singers
one day, you know measures the chosen. I have hand in really like this, so he would have us as Speaker Jimmy. You want nasby girl, he covarubio choreographing. Two days later, so we did it one day right, I feel I feel in this issue must bear the same. What we do next day care like package, we added a nobler myself started. Work like that, then I think it is really be in us in things at the moment there are respect careful. I can't tell you the toughest individual behind or partly daffing Ellen. By do nothing. I don't want to happen in a just. Do we stand enough for no matter what the situation is where we come out on the bottom bid on top of these standards for less seemed stand off everything down.
Got when you coming up and we watching how both he was for us to be. Like Manuel I'm going to put everything on the line for that What was your around it I'll get you a casual gaming about ninety nine! You do like right before the tunnel rapporteur. I cannot gauge anything about a third of the tunnel was like before in Africa, Is this: a diesel fuels came at a very early Tommy guy came in, one came: did sports clubs in everything that was, for some people rose wells, music? What I was told by sixteen Jeffrey with reducing the talented imams companies. Empathy came in the came right when you pretty much loss idea was one time it was the sixty. Four million send us back to Sony, and then we doing the joint Estonian, then I'm on my money right now in the bank, they looking good and you like. We got to do what we got to do. Bro I'm going back to the streets
like real hustling, like like a long wait and called the lifestyle for self that not going back to the project to live like that. I could hear caffeine it, but why do we need to do more work? We can't be broke and then, on day in came in a pitcher got to sit down with him to things before day by the time we someone because of its debt and had gone me, so the loyal there we are dismayed and put his own powers are gonna, be guest worker. Someone we feel is an address issues. What does he want to see a shining go to start? I wanted them, so we can get to talk again was only three of us being put off you. I now, in the passage
This mundane gotta put his whole harmless bill. If you know anything about Davy, so hard thing about my home, rustic, together, man became go to the danish small person. I was at the time when he's thinking clearly took the american position again for management Tal came into US sign over the Rockefeller. Then he got a page movie automatic saint Sour Remsen. Forty four right over heated did Rockefeller. Do the directive would bleak in all of them in a coal can be he Dame call can, while using his block pop, you got upon the paid forward credit, the damage screamed out into the regulator came and Jacob Miguel weeding out the Roma. Jim, where we were when they get the regular domino four minute, like his
all over again getting back in the game. We just seen every video the album anything that came out within five he's, had it on hustle into a doing that we need to do to it. So you know it's true that we wanted to get the record and cam timing light in the area that somehow so did I had a we wanted to and I was making a jail You love him about that J amount to his position in right. There was up no, we dollars, then nothing will happen when nobody wants to happen. When I wanted sooner or later You re when you look at it like that is dependent on Monday, we studio, he lay your you're ready, you gotta get gave way, and I was there said the beat up on his back and forth. All it was a fight was a beautiful sight, handling booth come out. Jangle right, both come on I'm going to boot command ourselves like nobody was near right. It was like the way hadn't unpremeditated.
J came back to out of nowhere. Are you ready to put the beat up? I got verbal warfare, at the highest quality of ever since I was, I was a dope moment in their pockets. Before me. Sedatives old idea was to take the whole boy, kill, kill. How the wireless coal is called Rais d- there is no! No, no a race dashed out the computer like disappeared as dont want, no, by levied at birth again like respect for what, though, because even trying to get a move on Just like it was a lie gone all. We was young, we decide and eagles flair and we from hormone can't think you'd better. The J He is the man at the time, came as a young gonna vicious got the city or killed this dog growing knob leg was feeling on
we have high, we noted in a city. Nobody else was how enough, but Jake nobody. Rockefeller was higher than those nobody in New York City period, no disrespect and nobody is like the nothing they pose a hot. What they want. This. How does us not at that dead. I married you this measure would I do they threaten to another thought about their jobs. Camels, aware Einstein again: we need to hold it hold it. I've been in all air use these in a situation in which was all I was remember when we man, you can discuss them grabbed Hamley, one over the house, I was gonna have a form to I bet. I met my smell like nautical switch from big him another when, on how saloon informally the unnoticed avenue gave from North Korea elaborately
It is not enough. He enough enough. We hear me if I write a book in all I'd, say dear, you think all that it helps to heart I interrupted time a hollow. My mother died reunion show very next. They may comes out at this ragged nuffin. Her skull aw publicity is all media is all the more sound legacy. Harlem is more home guess, but are you know I'll be one I want to say so much work anymore. The humanity. My turn I didn't come up here for that is like that, but just no Beth has always been a good kid. Like you not completely MOB Unesco You see my HOLLAND divided like he ain't from home. He don't represent nothin in home, he's a good kid. They came out a whole made us money from your jig. He'd have stopped Rep like ninety eight nine, like this only later what these dawn. You want me to get on or try to get back in the music gaming want to become,
Rowan, do and abuse of face mass I'd like that, like an whatever may, like only scale, we negative got age if accuse noise going in bed now. That would therefore who brought back I want to know how old is he had at once you had. A movie is bad and ballot is like is by using them A fifty cent ploy like what are you doin my? What are you really trying to get it right here? He was never known for Malta, MACE every new career, any record that people have ever her was come or you want to come. Will you want you made great wreckage? You have done extend were bad boy, more men will do that when I oh she's gone some great, there are twenty eight you have. Who have no arrest me a rap. She. You have even been in court at all. What are you talking about as one and bad you hang out one or two girls. I come on man escaped his coolly. Do you music it it is? The director will pass
Call it a puffing Kelly won't be associated with the bosom. Is that you should pull? That's not and they lay toffee got Amelia. Can't it wait a billion you looking crazy. You do I'll get back to your money. She's, gonna, poems you work out thinking what this anyway Bre at all. You dig talk about the cinema, hostile public you some three weeks ago. I spoke in your life, you ever, but that's not what I'm here for charging a positive sign nation. I think they wanna hit only with they like me, man is people play with they didn't want me to be involved in cyberspace. Leave us alone: If the breakfast club that you can do this, the breakfast club. Just about
The report annually on the breakfast club, where quality control music has a new project coming out controlled the streets value when and there's a clip on Instagram and in their clip. Kwairyo is saying this for young again floated eyes began to hide a common goal: you said in the code, you in Amigo Jump Joe Biden, man, Edward Aden, column, gel button, and you can hear the word. That means vagina rams it with the attitude of the jar ground, juggled, starved out a design issue that I can't even pronounced man, as is only a sad day upon me, but I was it is. We have to stop saying just because somebody that, unlike in music, that their hatred against it
We got we gotta get over tat people, I mean if you dont, like something you're Haider. If you like something you deride, unlike, whereas the middle ground on this issue of quivers Quavered music, anyone come Adam, he can only welcome. I am only on fire with all that. Well, Joe Biden responded quaver once smoke Ella well and where cod mean was he on the ad Lib track the coroner was well rhymes with you, but I can say to cobble. I would remind you to talk on a new God while, like a couple of language, was soon ass, he saw a pizza, he decides to unleash the lyrics. Venom in my direction. Dreads I'm crazy as M Aids, and then he also swedish. I am your oji, and you will respect me as such is gone you in the enclosure, when Amigo jumping up no damned YO dismay show you record a little bit of it man to my guy
Nobody listened strong want to Bob Joe Boys, my guy rising, I would say I re Peter guns was our marriage spook campaign? He revealed the fans that he was molested as, child. Our disorder, Bartholemy Luggage tell a story channel do this. I was no less today that it is nice that I was six seven or eight years ago there was an older woman. We used to watch ass. She used to do some really inappropriate things to me. She would put her mouth and inappropriate places any said that abuse has caused him to me treat his own companions later in life. He said she made me scared to tell I got older like fourteen the girlfriends I had. I would pressure them, so I feel they abuse it that I put it on other people.
A doubly I was given to us. Well, my cousins, which way for digital only reason are made, are stopped because I, like this Miller Jirga we are willing to one, is one thing that we always talk about all these women coming forward, saying they were a sexually assaulted. Why did they wait so long? It was thirty years go, but you never know, has something that happened thirty years ago, and affects you to this day. There are real others, sexual assault. Later on, in my life, the one I thought, all the Perry on Oprah crying old Cry- agrees that aren't towards him and all they will. What our own me could I enjoyed. I write goodness gracious, who right now, let's Gus fresher on economic revival album the Czech listing came out at me, so that fresher is on that album. Now it's up to this is fifty and describes how Emily I learned about him? Was the bar last, let alone on waiting three minutes
I'm hit him on twitter? What is this, why are you doing with whose goals this is fresh is right? This is what all gay- ok, that's when it had greater than when he found out not just here Luciano generated Ill Eminem shouted the record out an alarming all you see it's, I don't believe it until poor rules and its money and the men. What special I'd say. As I said, a little treasure about like verses of boys like a sound, but I want to go to jail, get taken of Giralamo Gonna, get it at lower gonna talk about citizens as well, and so in this same, isn't it the interview fresh? It talks about to change. I guess he thought to changes. Gonna make it onto the same sampler septic, then he's on check it out, who you are doing
they say gotten worse should not brothers raises are due to vote a those crazy did little to change to this, as well as what was they got the feeling to change wash them in and will never occur to. You took him off now material story technique. I ever got every somebody got their worth in a league it into jail, verses, imbedded in Eminem. We can't let this conspiracy theories fly out that anybody gonna get us out of an eminently let anybody leaved studio whatever. I don't know why you just take it to change, but I'm sure he's gonna explain it assembly. So we don't know what the reason is. Maybe I have no idea bets too is to impose the picture of him and Eminem five hours ago and his instagram any his. He posted Virginia said according to fresh it to change its original verse on eminence Clarice Sector made him lose his mind now to chains posted there picture and are grateful for the opportunity now. They're gone the way, I'm shortchange gilded the one opportunity, I guess in Emma Work, aware and doing something with him.
I did. I'm afraid I don't wanna go above. Examining predominating jazz contains for change and given us what he donate a hundred these thousand dilated every building ground nation, you, and we really appreciate that. Yeah that lie where on the man who was about to be the new president of damn that Rosenberg next month limit as Do we not take too many? Have you ever during any want answers right you into jail. Put, did a picture. You pulled up on a gram little before they arise about aging love, yonder breadth of club talk about it. I need to know why freshening on regulatory jades, not I need to know is that it has never do afresh it time avenue afresh by means of a year. That is, you have in the report that one ear tags well. Thank you miss he job. I yes legally, it I could do was a man who their bodies Charlotte North Carolina, North, the holidays and everybody Stealing. What have you got still. You gotta learn how to steal right. Ok, please, God!
consolidated wrong? I mean you shouldn't deal and also about that. We know that, but if you're going to steal, please try to get away with it. All right. How do the days up next to breakfast locomotive? I don't know, maybe you or or don't you, time for donkey dog. You today does not discriminate. My now desalvo today by got the donkey. There needs to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. You have argued David thirty December Sevenfold, the five young men and Charlotte North Carolina saluted Queen City, everyone is the utmost screech. One on three point: three and Charlotte drop in a close bond for two seminal for Charlotte was have no one of my favorite cities in the world. Now, five young men who go by the names of Johnny Penny, Divinity Cathcart, my leak long Coolio, while in Jamaica, Colbert or all
did for breaking and entering larceny possession is stolen goods, one would even call it a firearm am possession of marijuana was now authorities, and people is stealing my rightly taken packages, Front Porch, they break into your they do whatever they have. The new dangers got a good Christmas, even if at the Spain, of ruining yours and has exactly what five young men try to do, but clearly they aren't good added. A right is breaking, and entering thing is tough me now off I've got into the town house in a lot of work. States were made. Ok, I can tell by how young me are that they within overhead. Now, for whatever reason three, guys cited the leave town house during burglary are right. Maybe they the boat jangled, something ok, do at a burglary makes you crave Boveri biscuit so I was just Johnny and Javan tea in the town ass. I join each of anti at thirty three and twenty four years old and Friday, a man who own town house came home in fact
in the house. In the middle of a burglary, not a man was able to Moon walk out of his house without them noticing when he called nine when one for the police pulled up and when they put up John while they were in the house, so I know you think well, if it was I've guys in the house and three at a guide left. We'll get Bobby biscuit from both angles and when the police, came. It was only just to guide left in the house how the hell did all firewood and get arrested, go to W B tv CBS. Would report least, what would you do if you walked in on your own home burglary, one Charlotte man experience that last night, but that's not all to this story. Some of the burglars walked right back into the house, while police, where they are investigating five people, are behind bars. Now Johnny penny Giovanni Cathcart long, clear, Wallace and to make a call brief. But this was an ordinary burglary. When the homeowner returned home he saw penny and Cathcart inside they didn't see him. He left and call nine one one. When police arrived long walls and call brief, try break into the home again, not knowing officers were
inside when they saw the police, a friend of mine, popped out the back and saw the runaway, but they were caught and arrested. So you mean to tell me he was already out of the house You want the bow, jangled give all very historic burglary. You see the police at the house, Can you decided to break into back into town out you're, not gonna. Tell me you didn't see all of cop cod outside. I right. You can't major on everything beleaguered twenty. Clearly, twenty torn Jamaica, Jim go in Heaven. S name is sixteen, so aid should be an excuse for good. Fashion, common sense, kids, you shouldn't be still at all, what are you going to steal at least try to get away with it? Isn't that the whole point of crime do carefully your games now Dave and actually attempt to beat them. Remember we get used to play video games and attempt to actually beat the whole game. We didn't want to lose. Okay, we didn't want to die and lose lives seems like these kids out. They are really plan. Is game called life and try to lose thou not dies great or even to spend. We never claimed to be, but the whole point
maiden. Crimes is to avoid the police right and black man. You try to avoid the goals. In my this point out you try to avoid my tightens up a that. Only to these, I do not avoid the police. They set the table for the police at the scene of the crime and decided to come back to the scene of the crime that take their seat at the table with the purple now all of them will probably spending a good portion of the holidays in jail. Now I could be wrong, but commit no crime better than this. You should just get a job. Ok, that is going to bulge angles, will bury biscuit goad. Both Jane was an athlete job application. Another think I handed at near I don't think they can Andrews mobility working about jangling some donkey today. Just sat himself. Please give Penny divided have militia, clear, wireless and Jamaica COBRA, two biggest he hardly I also think that if you get caught Obregon hindering nor nowadays they should keep you until after valentines at a valid haven't Valentine agree which God or nowadays even cupids, allowed Valentine
you know what we reduce costs. It is when I woke up on my sometime. You get arrested on the weekend Sally we gonna keep going down mind ass. They pushed the right you ride and dynamism holiday. There you go for that matter that you may you steal from people in Britain we will lose the nor nowadays you gotta stay. Italy's, demanded that right day there was a person there were still in package's from other people's. They courtiers collaborators cut him. I've got another. What Dakota Female too that's crazy right will always go we're gonna be my pack is right outside anyway greatly anyway. This is what I been a something called some call a dog now, so they gotta be very. Very careful. Cuz got a nice neighborhood that very little has been done about ago. Did they they gotta go someplace where people will have? No doubt you will get out my neighbour guarantee, but you'll grow.
I'm not even wherever realized something, and I am glad about that terrible dogged area tabled that shirt with very good. You don't know, therefore felt it. Nobody would have good that interest. Parliament under the mistletoe would go out right now. I wanna get turned, and why would you be remiss entering Talkin about inherited? They tell what you call somebody Christmas to plant a reference value added tax is ask eighty five, a far what a fool I warn you got a question for you call. It now is to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast tat was kind.
Western. Why you morning, every body used e g in the angel ye shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast club it's time for ask IE eight hundred five, a five one, o five one hello. This is a technical AIDS at Vienna, which of course, of easy. I want to know about my boy. I don't even know how the data should I buy the reform now, even won't. You were ok now slow down. Oh ok, so you know you're gonna break out better. Do I love you? let me answer a question. You know how it is. I really hard time to break out. Did you feel I gonna put my work in all year? Why what's material things are never reason to say with anyone. I won't, but then again I feel bad. I love than I do have a low level of work, but I dont know if we're going to really work out more body when it brings up again, you will not look very effectively together right now. What kind of on trial bade the boy Charlotte? for me that he can be the person, but I knew him to be occurring as another
one unlike any involving, but I don't know if I wanted him or what was the problem. What is it about him that you put him on a trial of right now, our papa, though having a path about What are your long term goals? What are you trying to do right now that you know whatever it is I'm in school? You know, I have no plans to go to medical school and things like that What is the EU doing to make that bar live and move forward? You do things were left out of paper. You gotta put hands on me well about so you do what you gotta help me help me words. Yes, that's cool. Easy, Gaza for a moment, then you let them thought better, go back, but our night, we can't go for me back into the hour for my bare legged by rightly that together I got to eat in my way back into this see. If this is what I really want,
I am always very when somebody put their hands on you does not the person for you and you sound like you. Don't really want to be with him like what are you feel bad about like every time I go to have become all about love. How are we going now is like something out of it. You know what I'm going to do something and they all baby don't give up on me. I'm so tries there were the number of goods by road and their right now, but there for you, every area of every other week in o, using or assured things like that, but out of bone. What I want any more ok Y Y, you guys on this chart separation number one I feel like. Ok, I want is still maybe we can, because I want to give up the gifts daddy really matter. Yes, he said at a better himself because he did something that was awful something that will make me not want to be with somebody now. I can't tell you what you should do, but I can tell you: is that many put their hands on you? You should never feel bad for them. If you decide to know with them, that's something that he did and the consequences of those
actions are, you may not have his woman anymore because he did something that is unforgivable He put his hand. Anything could happen. What if you would have killed you? What, if he does it again, you know by, I do feel like it great that he's working on a he's in therapy he's going to church Lamb. Gunnar on his own possess some issues that he has. It has nothing to do with you. He needs the fix himself, but don't be was because you want to make sure you get presence but a holiday or along the liking, but on the other like I'm late, but I already know that the rights of the person that he only knows you'll be all right. You got to deal with that, an amazing. Where he's do is really get back with you. Then he better be ok with anything that you say right now. Tell him. I can't do that because you jeopardize my life. I don't feel safe when you did is unforgivable. He's that followed it does I him he made a mistake. He got to suffer the consequences of that mistake, and that is that he might, not be with you ever again. You know you can't just bill
there is, somebody was a villain bear when he did that you at that moment or will arise. So ok Tell you like how things are going to progress. I think it's great. Let him go work on himself. Do what he's got to do, but I think for the holidays, time a family with the people of their love. You with the people that you love that you want to spend time with now somebody that you feel bad for all. Neither am. I am a little bit selfish when it comes to something like this. Do is best for your. I write. Tatiana by Fani I we got more as key when we come back, eight hundred, froggy, firewall or far will need us up as the breathless locomotives. Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, where animal of as key hello, this aid to want to give a course of you. I was, of course, a vehicle for what can you take as our bluetooth? You suddenly crowd
My question is: I have a nine year old daughter, another thing for five years and I'm just trying to figure out how to go about promoting could be around. You know my daughter, because the collapse of the winner is far away case came away, stated at listen, don't have anybody, ammonia, don't answer you ready to get married and then still double check. You know amnesia and listened clearly, you can never predict with them I do, but you can definitely lower the risk and what I mean by that is may say you do any kind of background check you got. It Once again, you know their family members may so you know to France it they grew up with Mesa. You know a people have to say about them. You know at a word all those things also daughter nine July, you go to a doubt, but they out the. How do I get me? and I heard a lot of story. They thing happened in my family already, though, I'm a little nervous about that the latter day. I don't do anything. I just go to work right and taking her, but I beg you meta, you know, and the monetary dating
They don't bring anybody around your daughter, anytime, soon, ochre and there's no real should be left alone. With her daughter, you gotta May said that you fill a hundred per cent. Comfortable and even then nothing is guaranteed by anything that you can do to make sure. I may start it's her daughter, no, the lines of communication which you are open monsieur. She knows what's inappropriate any may sound comfortable monsieur? She tells you about everything says he knows you can kanzi you no matter what negative intimidated nothing's going to happen to you nothing's, going to happen to her, so that you can always tell you of thing is weird and she knows how to react also, just in case somebody even does anything to her. What somebody you're dating, or anybody in this world cup girl every month, I try to figure out how to get but from other daughter, fellow countrymen, whenever anyone outdated from a family member. So do you think it bears the girl dated by bombing reminded old fashioned way at midnight? They whatever works better for you like do you go out? Have you told your friends and coworkers hey? If you know any,
regrading yard. I want to get back out there and started dating in just don't put a lot of pressure and yourself when you do go on these days, so, are you not looking at it like? This is about to be my man? Oh my husband. This is just somebody I'm going to have a good time with may be, will end up being friends or maybe it oh go further. So does it never have to feel like this so much pressure that every person who me and go out with it's gonna be the one? Ok, I gotta take up what my life to the low level of regrets. Her right, Lieges Mesa, you got you, somebody goods babysit. When you go out. Ok, I'll, get you a risky cameras aroused a very inexpensive right. Now you can get a writer, I follow you go out and have came as an emerald. My crib just think it. Ok, ok, I'm good at it. Allied? Thank you so much. You are right as IE eight hundred five, a far below five when we got rooms and away yet. Let's talk about science. There wrapper would tell you about his foundation and who just donated one point: five million dollars to his foundation are relegated to all that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast global morning.
The report is the rule of law, the breakfast Friday, because Yoda this Friday, Lord, like Frank, you guys go back, will reduce our rights, as your rapporteur, let's talk about what he's been doing for the public schools in Chicago. Yet again, now he has gotten. One point: five million dollar donation from Google's charitable arm and his using that for these cargo public schools and for his arts, education, nonprofit, Robin Koumongoe Rebel, that money will be divided up. One millions going through his education has arts education, non profit, then social works and which is social works and five and two thousand is going to Chicago public schools now perpetuity children. For spend as certain people. I don't understand why people don't like Chancellor
with deftly wanted old intervene. How could you not like There- and I did so out of that money- is also going to be going to a computer science education to ask gruesome kindergarten into twelve grade within the next decade. Another thing he did was: he gave some Chicago high school students, some unreleased Jordan's said I was exciting them as well as in nice surprise her everybody. He has this event the open MIKE event that he does in honour of his mentor, MIKE Hawkins, who died three years ago. So he makes that he goes to this event that they have and with the help of Nike, he gifted the attendees with the Jordan Retro Eleven. While we in origin of the robber neuron Jane for change of Cuban. Oh, my god, I forgot about China. We should definitely academic assembly has been changed. What can we do? We raise money for deserving organization was permanently in ancient. I now, let's talk about Barbara boy? Are you a job
there and the use of modern technology receive money, will only some of it and know how they bury was ass, though there with her boyfriend. Why should I sent her ex boyfriend now allocated to see them anywhere? Do I took up my grandma daughter took a picture of a birthday. I did you know they broke up already. They would give work to bring about the morbid they broke up. Inborn. Can you imagine that no dress? I would rise up with him during their romantic vacation. Basically he's thirty five. You know she's fifty one. Years old. She decided he was too young his communication skills with terrible. She said you need someone who can think for themselves was made. Where's Martin, all about adventure, so she went ahead and but a flight No, they together, no alone. Five month he's been was dragged down he gave his peat is to lose it premature. Ejaculated Hollywood
Two over his anger have now been gazing. Guy wrongs, job breaks out as you can't fly, enjoy you enjoyed throughout the boar everything payable out there with them, together with their wasn't together with their issues, which ludicrous you think about it. If I was there, we already have like three days like well: you're, not gonna fly ten hours for three days, I'm likes drug. Bob Marley, bear because a thousand men they dare to a woman, it be a completely there's no way, and that is a woman of the dead man. S gang stock, opposed to fix an eye when opposed to picture. Could I thought maybe was you know how the owner lower somethin, but you you're low PPP railway capacity. By both of them, I would add more he's sitting down and she standing up not see him at a picture, but I don't wanna. Disrespect of that was away. No uniting didn't think it makes you dont know: Madison adds its innocence it with them. Activated back? No you idiot, Madison took a picture, would have very, and he was sitting
but I would opposed to pitch because it shows him in a picture. I like it. She's going to know whatever it was. I want to be disrespectful, so I just never supposed to call. You probably tried everything she probably tried his mouth after his little penis not with words you like, I am out, I'm get the hell out of here as well as the array, away out of his company. I wouldn't recommend J that our work there, and he said I do this, for your body- wants to hear some little way. Music, I will be out on Christmas. Enlargement project is boy, remember, exploit ruinous that do them right now cause at all, and if you ever vote you could have you don't know me stop there. We don't make a guy loaded me to know what you need is out of date left informs there. Mama beyond which you from the bridge is thus you should never went nowhere with aright. He was always even
I remember him nodded. I think about our member states that if one it was obviously glue, that's low trouble here you go right job when a clue A volley bury a gangster load hour. Flight is like at the last minute as part of a twelve thousand dollar four salutary she guided Avenant allay. My lab is tat. Our by aid have not. I was a little closer to allay least what could he I will not elaborate. They items look at above light. He has many things. We have to pay for, as you like looks day, do some push get your arms right using penis exile, you, don't say Miata next woman, you will appreciate the low two inches. You got a right, but I'm going I'm goin back up. I write Ray mode of amazing at the They are at all. We that is far less highly bear poor guy. May I write. Well then
and by the way he has his own monies produce allowed a huge songs, or does he got a big green is right, as without would manage to say why even air erratic awaiting wouldn't go left and Barbara seemed neither will nicely to care and aligning on top of that, when you were born The downs you fifty one you, those at unemployment low flabby on lobbying, is meant. That would include Bob all right, I'll get the hell out of here, because he just couldn't worked middle. Alex decay. I to keeping says, is down cheese during the night. I you know. I love this guy revolt, my goodness I shouted Alex to keep me. Was nice and Halley to all right. Sadly, that where do you guys tomorrow, I body the peoples, mixes up next, let me know what you want to hear at Dj Mps to breakfast locomotive
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