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Wednesday 8/29 - Today on the show Joe Budden pulled up on us, where he discussed what happened with "Everyday Struggle", his new podcast, and right in front of our eyes he was turning "Industry". Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to the 45 year old man Paul who is a serial "Dine and Dasher" and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Hey. It's been Henry and Marcus hosts of the last podcast on the left are shows dedicated to uncovering hilariously horrifying stuff and now we're only on Spotify joy. If you want, obviously we never force anyone to just blindly bad be crazy, but if you like stories about doomsday call to do exactly that and more please, on Spotify Visit, Spotify Dotcom, slash last podcast to listen free I'm embarrassing day, Thurston hosted a ghastly respect for we have candid conversations around the power of genetics download. The next episode pharmacogenomics now and learned with experts have to say about how genetics can play a role in our response to medication and the future of precision medicine.
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Zip recruiter the smartest way to hire Julie Charlemagne, the growth of the voice of the coach wash like this one. My baby shows just because I always keep your young might now, but there were a bear on Facebook there. You know their listening for the record
good Morning, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Morland annually manages Andy Charlemagne. Guy he's did a planet. Yes, why? Don't you just one day? Ah, yes days Wednesday, hot day, I got a job when a coup bombs for the sunshine, gradually yeah yeah, didn't effort of always say you uncle shall always a decree. These people in the world come from the broth and all the Florida and forty odd didn't effort up Andrew give them into first African american candidate, for donor in the state of flawed and draw political, Mazarin Guillaume damage TAT made it you gotta, show up in November when you real
Amongst the reelection, when the big show happened eventually No, I don't ever went round the actual governing to be governor. I didn't do it with a long shot and was the underdog induce pick the coming like fired? It was an absent. According to reports, railing reactionary value dialogue, you forget oppression, give floated dog they at least thirty, The recent arrested him off. Yoke address Mozart. What we're gonna do, I might even wanted it rested a month now. Also we get a job. What a clue love Angela YE cause yesterday is, actually Ye D. Now she was nominated arose in nominating you were, but whether they give ye I was given my own day, I was given a pollination elysium may answer from the mayor of New York City. I know the blossoms there near here by the fire, honest twenty twenty eight ten and the city of New York has now I ll drop
glad you know that was happening. We do know now. I knew I was getting up. Had the Mason and is also a wise they do. This annual West indian celebration cause the West Indian a grades coming up the snow every year they autism body out, and I was getting a day and raise a grey data again. Yes, you know we live in a movie coming up about August, twenty eight really. Yet because s Hey there. My I have dreams beats yulka, that's also the day that wait in ITALY. Amateur was murdered, but it set off a whole civil rights activist movement. As well and educate them, that's right went to be big. Candidate for governor subsidies varies by? Oh yes, it is the area of day, so you have to play in something big on a day every year. No, yes, I well like trade aid knows will be day. The Amazon really believes that they become an out and support and everybody that has shown eleven. I also made me the embassy
Therefore, the New Europe Havoc libraries yesterday nice as well, which is a big jailer library up as a lot more than just books in a ladder cities it does. I got to see Gracie measure yesterday I haven't, even though a greasy manager was written mayor letters with a male as I had no absolutely central park. I had no idea you agree. Submerged was were yesterday. There was a Lotta people out this important language of people and it was it was it was a dope. A vessel shouts. Romania shouted amaze. Why we had a glare later and yet you guys I was highly was air was a hundred degrees exit was unfortunately without degrees out. It was a great celebration the new public library as well. They do a lot of things there like they give you job, training, tagging training, all that stuff is free citizenship courses,
everything's avenant the libraries it was not just books is a lot more did you can do to well? Congratulations. Junior year grown he's dead. You there had order, pay the terrible, very wary. Sierra honey. Look like use an island illegal. Lao assured all like. I thought it was a west indian celebration. So what are you where it is these western means? It is what I ask of you know a puppy management. We have another terrible address, it I'll be joining us less right. It Charlotte. The guide model, Joe Zeal, but to be able to do a job. I need a little bit and we got front page news. Yes, ok, sounds about energy, but we're going to talk about Stds and how it could be affecting you. Ok, into all that when we come back, he believed the breakfast locomotive more Everybody is the g envy. Angela ye shall amend a guy. We are the Breakfast Club Watkins front page. None was a powerful former little baby featuring jury.
We need a marketer. Ok, so are we announce at any time you have three to invade Iraq. We were forced to have it all right. If the latter we gotta go anywhere about Nigeria does one above all out of harmony, molest in front page news. At length. It he's have had an all time high for the fourth straight year in the United States is aimed there's been a spike in committee, a gallery and syphilis and as exactly, why are renowned in US aloof fuel, wood, Herpes, social is gonna Reechoed media, because I want everyone to be represented by they define a sixty seven prison. Increase in gonorrhea diagnosis, and this aim is an alarm over the growing threat of an treatable strain. So imagine that so that's why you guys have met, got to make sure that a use protection and be you get tested. If you know you have drawn a cool bond for everybody suffer the morning. You appreciate. I right now hear some that I think, is
Maybe you know I hate to say it is good news, because it is good news, but is good news that comes from tragedy. A white former texts, police officer has been found guilty of murder and that is fatally shooting an unarmed black teenage? If you guys remember, Roy Oliver fired, into a moving car carrying five black teenagers who were leaving a house party and ended up killing. Fifteen year old, Jordan Edwards, who was a passenger. Now he did say that he opened fire because the car moves toward his partner, but his partner is saying he never thought he was in danger at all, didn't fear for his life and never even felt the need to fire his own weapon. So now he has been convicted. What I shouldn't even be good looks there should be regular. There should be just be asking you what happened set it down. You know, but it does not something I should just be applauded. So hopefully is going to be a precedent moving for sale on please up. As you know, there are some type of you know. Something will happen. You won't kill an unarmed black tea or anybody that around
the exception in order all our right and congratulations detail. Has he Mayor annual Gilan regulations edge? Give traveller clues Barbara drew Gill right about now going to be so. They said with ninety four percent to two percent of the votes candidates of yesterday, yet an inefficient three percentage point lead over his clothes. My vote was still pretty clearly having over twenty thirty thousand, both until they say- and this is the highest turn out- mid term primary election in Florida. History doing and so led by a whole that in Miami Dayton Brow counties that those are the two large this democratic counties in a lot of people, came out and showed their support hears. What he had to say a few people said. This moment would not be possible and then there were a few more this thing is possible. I realise that some beer just tuning into the possibility what this means for all of us
she didn't know that thing is not about me. It has been, and it never will be. This race is every last one of us, ok to further You have to do. Is I don't know man drew guillemots campaign because he's, gonna need all that money and all the result of them, because the brother needs better Michael cavities about it might add. Audio was tat. Her like that was the handheld with batteries that death the batteries of article dead on a microphone like I'll, get him inefficient price microphone when a man is blown, congratulations immigrated first, put it the forest governance Canada examination forgiven here you go. Do I Jesus great honor, you D, better, better microphone. Now I got molest front page news articles, but when a man may we go get him? Oh, my God, ADA
five a five one off. I won't get it off. Each has, if you need event, is up right now is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast laughing, but allows is ill thought out. Every lots of writ was problematic ghetto average Hasbro, our joint effort, and it became a carpet bag of youth. It I'm glad you know, thank God, adjusted given we gotta go broke out in the garden for people know that listen, you gotta, fed up with something coming out of it. I am so glad that found guilty and I'm following his partner could, he would wander said TAT. He never felt threatened any tough riots, but why,
I beg you, stop it. I'm gonna build the boy worth more than happy. Man. Mythology tend to care for them from five going up nor that of the world that Europe of dangerous accounts, and I had a terrible tat built when they get no. When you get some beautiful thing that you won't celebrate that absolutely I mean, even I noticed the exception and not the rule. Maybe it is a step in the right direction. Allows is aided in my earlier Milon from long Beach. California, I, U scenario, names are raw. Did you say your name is now the other Charlie you Charlie you're, no unaffected, ok anyway, I went to bed and left because I know that my future didn't brighter I know that I'm gonna be working with some of my idol soon and my like, but you bernay their age under I will never not gonna, be working. Let them come right in every people. Yet until now, life or living up, and I and I worked really hard and act in if I got very well both when them
lab at the mill death, ever need a writer of or anything like that, I'm willing to pay. The aim of really the infinite variety room than everything I'm out here. Sarah does not need his words, such as China or not, is not a place to put out you rather Magneto nope is there anyway? I got highly daddy, will wanted him unless a you know why? But my ordinary Guyana radio does more than I ever knows it might at any rate. In that way, it is full name you never would have not out of definite oddity. We built this works firms are allows. Is his jailer Franco on the morning Sun chandelier has gone from learn much that might wanna get as much as they will say. I'm Hayden No Canada, the dilemmas Berwick settings. Man. We need all the help we get aboard air condition so what they ve been doin closeness Guph had I just started, who last week they already closed with a spoon for half a day, saying to highlight
while any we had to go when it was a hundred agree knows how to use our fit for forty years ago. Man now I agree, we never will. I agree with you, sir. I agree with you. I was saying: ok, it's ridiculous. That's ridiculous! You got it you guys, you did him give. If, if you answer can be on slaves say songs in that heat they weren't allowed acquainted, they weren't allowing you to hammer down a slave ship or where they exactly that's. What I'm saying is that we got a quick spoil, any scale on which your brother is too high. About we. I gave them of money is funding a guess. Mere condescendingly disappearing does not do so because in order to do that in all probability
No I've got to be totally outside Mama needed all future as eight hundred froggy five one and five one. If you need to various up now, was the breakfast locomotive breakfast got wake up, man or black we want to hear from. You is pay good morning to you all A moment later of, though I am problems I won a really thought you guys, though I had been prepared for this idea and bow imports preparation. I will call you guys randomly don't forget. They embody office. When I got to learn that I gotta get there you, what would our moral one fell for it is welcome that hearing Charlotte called Urban Social GB
form their own local producers is coming up with, but we can talk about social cultural issue. M are barred, the gay gave Gonna be a hearty began better. If I get african American ART Museum in short to it, and you can be like where art leaked activism so we're gonna be able even said platforms, it does get our voices up there. I don't baby regulation regulations. Allows this big chocolate to toast. Whatever happened to human, don't you got lies, having listened to beg, you to and I want to congratulate you on your big day being. Do you think I hope your toes were looking good yesterday girlfriend had a real life in Cairo agenda Jackson, ozone uses decision came to you Cubby Carolina, and it was national for day and JANET will come in a half hour I spoke to so I simply to suggest
JANET. Let me read you feed, you told, will good enough to eat. Let's do while the dj drop to be JANET. Let me read your feet, so they play the pedantic JANET thought it was wax. Oh, no! No! No! Not into toes in feed me so well, big, chocolate, one dutifully. So she got here, but she didn't like it so were shut out the Jack Jack, and I wish you luck with the single. What do you think about? what our single know- you're single by my little, you're wrong with me to movement. They get older. You big job with details of. Why is that boy, you, sexual harassment, game with great care. You make me uncomfortable and creativity right. Every night at understand created, haven't you wanna go like all the creativity is that instead of the golden boy tat, each lids allows is one of our societies. I would argue, ravaged Ezra. I just- stay calm, I just got my website my business,
I also wanted to say we shall never have no gas house. We are bound by Jason we may get those to other people down. You impacts ready to take over for all of us. I mean like bikes. The bank on vacation one day, a Yahoo mediator outcome not hang out with some by Philip Asylum in a uniform way, Why you wanna. Do it? Do it yet dog arrogant knows a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, Yo Yo. You knew I do a lot more than that. Without thousands of each has eight five, a five one old bob. What have you need a bit you need us, have ye be government away. Yes, we are going to think about eight spear, this in programming that they will be doing any more words how you, what that is also find out, who has
tenth child on the way the beaten you envy all right, we'll get internet. Will we go back? He belongs to breakfast locomotive breakfast everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall amend a girl. We are the breakfast club morning. Happy Wednesday less gets. It is almost a short Eddie Murphy about annually on the breakfast Eddie Murphy is about to have his tent child. His girlfriend is pegging with his ten tat, so yes he's my earlier, I realize you have a lot of very thank you. A lot for a person we're ready for me, and I know, but it still a lot of families are about the money I mean I did. You know he was having thank you
new Year nine, so yeah neither last no, it is not about the money. Don't you need money to have his time and attention that is age, he's not dead democracy. That low boy must be to learn something media dynamic, realize he had them until they sell He had kids Binnacle Murphy Male Beads Maritime Arlette Mcnally, his old, Kid is almost thirty years old and now he's having his second child with his current girlfriend page, but we'll drop, one of whom was very much. You know why man he's gotta to bear out basketball squads against now remember ever got turnout adds located in restoration. Absolutely mush out or will not be re announcement. You know every year we have the baby shower might become a solemn, never know it's ok, now kind well he's had to explain his slides area, really sue. Buddy posted a picture of Santa Claus does japanese ones, any put the japanese way any posted in
The nation, I guess, trying to show why his flies looked smaller than theirs have I don't know, I guess he was tired. People making fun of the fact is: I'd, be a revolt tv. We can see how it looks like his foot in quite fit. They look after comfortable. I did in fact his heel hanging out a little wall. I guess according to him in Japan, that's what people do. You can be weighing over, neither walkin around Chicago's one ok and Evelyn Lozada has apologised, it was a petition. People started to kick her off a basketball, wise and that's all because of the situation of arguments you got into was cecy goods. Gutierrez happened on the show they always another problem, evil land. Have a problem with soup. Every problem with Jill Maylie was lily. A girl, so its rays waste every even gave me a chance to get to know you were there.
The re only evil. They nominate boy, I'm telling you evil impetus. Evil I write so Cecy is filipino. And Evelyn is our cause, her lily, which was supposed to be a common because ass, the girl from the nail shop. So they did this whole petition ons. He's dead or they set of Evelyn is brought back for another season. I don't see myself and many other people supporting these group of Ladys and some of their great business ventures anymore. It's disrespectful to the consumer, which is as we find her check. So this is our simple request: move her she must be held accountable, just like Roseanne BAR and everyone else. In twenty eight seen. Yet why do I need a list, a racial learn that in that no doubt was recently. I have not given us and by the nurse, have girls stereotype of an asian person working in an airship, even though she doesn't like an inessa lad machine. I know that she said Lily. Everyone adamant. They said ass, the name of the girl, both international and she said it. I did it up or yes, here is? What evidently that Lozada set as an apology? I wanted two
equally apologize to see, see her son, her family, anyone that was offended by my comment during a heat of the moment argument. What I said was wrong and I should have never said that as an even who I am and how I was raised organ Our group has again I apologize for a few weeks ago. We talked about it. She apologized for things that she said and we both moved on Lily is not a slurs the context of what she says. She said aunt. The Abbe China say that, you are asian, therefore, Workin announced Align groves they posted. I understand why many people are upset by my derogatory stereotypical reference of another woman of color and for that sorry, Sir intentionally ads pat of racial divisiveness is not reflective of my heart, so I do appreciate that she can apologize for those comments and admit that she was wrong for them are HBO is dropping all of their adult.
Film and documentary spend their channels, an streaming services and no more of those a late night, sexually thee documentaries and soft core porn dunes. Nor do feel do circle, for you remember where sex How about you that many others I was more of a shorter, been it had a little research shows and when I speak, I did have some documentaries and kind to show they had to do a Saxon late night programming and all of that and so now, they're not gonna. Do that anymore, I used to be kind of a stable, but now that's all guy, Loser go the age be awful point, especially with the enemy, in two thousand eight hundred? Why they don't university? This requirement is raising especially especially solve quota. Was soft Obama Paypal solve cooperate when I get hard core freons launching again there ready, having only I'm, maybe you re having power back into data Patagonia. Why China, in the new season Nagy, P, Maloney S presence, could still worked updated intellect goober, but that wasn't like pouring not
but I got the idea that wanted to show the chancellor's was considered pointed at last night, a note being programme. I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report law right now when we come back, we have Joe button join us, never heard of Of course he has a new shore revolt. He has his pie, cats and you know what time is it you never come back on a breakfast like you and I added I bring it. I never will ask about it. When he comes in here. Give a lock is to permit was a contractual obligation. We revolted me maybe we'll find out. Everybody is J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. We got a special gift, in the building now Joe Button winning. He said he was never coming out of breath up again. He said that he did. I remember that Jabez is a lot of things.
Good morning the morning. First of all, you know: envy guidelines can memories. I remember everything that hurt him at some point on the road. I say that as rapporteur I envy when you was Achan spicy. Last time I was in here in my Mammy will tell me how the failure in a loser- everybody, the pantry array value- was talking about a gay wanted in the battle was about delay. Would neither wrappers rapid Joe any other tore open his dates honest media develop Ok, I was wrapped, only grow it my dear, but at a time every was making his town- and you know at that. Thank you for that could help me realize everything's, but he was making a sound, then like, if you weren't, putting or not as the grammar wasn't happened it and I will just late at a party of realising the people We thought like that. That was our argument then ran Let the there and drawn start trying
the grim them little. I'm really trash set it on your blog that you would lead to the party on Somethin social media. Why that's kind of internet use all with anatomy at first glance, He works for everybody else yeah, but late to certain realizations on internet, like I was on internet, but european would Ali. I was never from within. Button. Rebranding consciousness is no, it wasn't. You know, when I was doing my my last time when I didn't regional machining before I did that out of my trying to figure out a rebrand, but as an as an MC. Never this. So this wasn't of calculated thought out. I knew I wanted to do broadcasting. And that was it. I'm telling you I would later party of evil realizing it. Everybody thought I was so dress everybody was turning the update and just the way did you was living You're, the marriage is lemon. You live in eleven tragedy, it is altogether so I think I think that when you may, I made thought and make certain changed from us. Any good
and started to happen in a universe started to respond. Started. Have a lot of those conversations like I have envy about people now understanding their retirement from rat thing? ravaged uptake them. Railed have taught me altogether yet could you started talking and probably bans on mountain. That's my thing. I'm talking about wrappers minds higher career coming along no trouble, The thing is in no way that I used to be on many southern back into the Porsche air. Is sleep in Indonesia Rumour has it using his sleeping with an executive for a job. Is that in Jersey, but we are not about knowing rumour iron. Rumour right so gay Angelo, my God, it's Ellen alive, outdated, noted dirt luxuries treaties. Tracy's great you gave you must start she seen a vision before radio somebody. I was telling our yo, I'm scared to death
I don't, belong on urgently. Maybe I'll just go on air and it was great I loved, and you stopped because have allowed me me criminals. May me he didn't think that you could sell record envy accessible. Ah, ever day on airwave and I was too two hundred and twenty three at the time, so it was like you know. You got time on your side, so yeah. I want to rap. We have a big responsibility to cause. You gotta be there every day and we were asleep coins, as inherit like when you have a job you have to travel, go onto our go on a row is kind of difficult. When will the twenty two only three. You don't really know that you have to be responsible so I didn't think about it. I learn those thing. You're responsible, not I'll talk to someone other than other young stronger, not do the job. They judge your hide your button for your monitor. They called you Joe. Why, then, is not that's pretty they not reliable on society. In a complex
a moment ago, because radio you get everything in life and I went there had been an everyday still like I know, is a financial being where you thought you were supposed to get a certain amount of money. Not I was it in. There was an alcohol, but did you not love beam air like what was the real issue? Creative differently I think that the idea of what I thought it would be going in improperly would it turned out to be ended by the end of it is real, different ways. You'd think anybody. I thought to be a bit more mature and How can it goes? I thought the dead and potential to be the greatest thing ever, but I think the council Hilda Collaborative effort. Moldova is it now They want more bees, more problem out check it out, win win is when I want you're some net- maybe I gotta say, but has not very does not often,
Is it a new phase it out with him or last electoral? So I called it out only call it what you called it, because you thought it would be insubordination. Oh my poor, it technically what not to say jungle technically now don't get fed up and walk away from an add on way, shape or form definite Ngos were followed. Do that when I got a couple of weeks and gets out about he doubted if it's crazy. I appreciate it if you'd I've these till, we want them to be. Why appreciate that? Very many people are honest with me. I'm gonna, by way of an honest they possessed by Pakistan, alas, is on you today as different. Yes, I could be a thousand or I could be alone, but none onto my office so ban me enough to do with some of those things, but but I had a vision that complex it. Ways now. The first time is like you know. What let me really stay out of my own way. I want to quit. I wanted money until it was because of my but where is the greater, is a greater cause so homage estate.
With a certain point in NAM makes I don't remember to move, but you could cut on screen and see that he one planet and I was, and at the time of his just wild at every other company, you could tell a radio Percinet said this to everyone. When he alone in the world is looking at my value and his high? Ah they all it only wants, didn't they don't recognize there. To be around now lagging yeah, you know your values high, but along job, I'm gonna wanna be here in this situation. Well, if anybody that knows, a button is three: I have no problem exiting testify. I have no problem the problem, I guess they invest in you and they want to invest in promoting a sewing, and you can't you need you need you need balanced. So that's the problem. If that's your perspective or could be a really good I like it was cute and beginning when it put the little disclaimer thing near it. Yoda about his days and while it was cute, but when you start looking at acuteness understand, why did Joe was? I had had listened.
Is there no way so back in can you benefit if you have a partner that you know you aligned with never alliance with them. True, really appreciative. And everybody there ya gas it up a little bit do ya, but the windows they some crazy stuff like everyday scrub, the greatest hip hop show ever voting time potential. Norway and you sit down. I saved your life, you talk about sway and taken a morning bag, and today we are, we had on buggy talking about us. You do know what the word potentially means. A right so mean given some time. I would never. You know not dead, arrogant. Take time allotted time to take. It takes a lot of time, but you know what I mean me and again, in those people building what we accomplish net short amount of time? If we were projecting got all we projector, that's a much faith I haven't in me as a broadcaster. That's a heavy statement listen, I would be aid or, if I say it like all,
average from last egg, it is better than all around and it is better than all the rapid rapid. Now like you want to Morrow to be better than of course. Yesterday, like I want you all the time give props did a peep, would it did mentor you and if you, but if you look up to an eye, lies, but at no point do I take it. As Charlemagne. Aid same realm or don't get justice busier like began respect for people and and noted, we we get busy, that's arms are true, I'm always Gilbert and when we come back, don't move is the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago we are the breakfast club, Joe Buttons, in the building of others, Pike ass yak. As there are some issues I guess appear on the brakes, Claire Billy was not ever any issues. I do not mean I never any land for analysing what happens behind, but how joy? I call him like a lot
envy. I had a Brian. We have has had problems with me throughout the years because we have personal relationship It has never been a business. Beef has never been a yo. Everyone I play must never been yeah, it's been we care about each other like you and has been that Charlemagne, and I have an mad friendly beef. I think we hate with summary, actually like Joe boy, but I am not even talking about Joe Biden Blue. I don't. I bet. I saw him back and forth and social media you can never be they envy. You too have anyway me with Joe now now Adele with worry yeah, although worrisome stuff on our own I can't move face resistance, pebble in ease into attitudes, opinion, but like I'm not to let you talk about me and then come on my platform to promote resale. I really never hurt I'm about to be missing it. What the royals say about envy that put you up,
is valid condemn every week, but but no one envy talking about would cry from like two years ago, though, you know, one thing that envy heard and called on to know why you might have it was able to tell us about the things they lost mixed up. What I told you, so we all have a certain role that we asked what it. So, if its efforts, if we have kindly appear let's say Charlemagne Honecker yea and has given a comfortable. My role is to make Carney feel comfortable so use. But enough to answer the Quadroon cardio euro. Kindly down more leeway goes too far He flies out the Robin better, go we're about power, and I don't know you knock it off. Sinuous Mitch, Furthermore, these roles appear new EU citizens like Mary liking, worried. I understand radio I can tell you doesn't come from radio, though you
an opinion of Sudan's then radio and illegal by the curse me out about it, but I am a real I didn't come up here. I mean you to promote the roaring in more, not do it because you won't allowed him to a because they did not skilled and Maria Mogadishu and every one of you to carry on EL on their all alone. Yes, no exactly as tough to do that, I'm that this money, to carry a buck f alone right, I listen to the people they do, then it's tough guy. They could do it gathered. They decide that. I'm not sure I could do it s, you can, I think of it.
I'm not sure about things is now so doing now to confer from that argument about a mile by one point: Nemo's Mademoiselle, Madame all went well, they got a scrap devil. Everybody got his grand went a little bit me everything I'll be mad, as I might still nobody log tat. Molly was wrong in Magua with two more things in a breakfast was over you Molly idolized. What have you got there s not a bad about, but he was Adam Awful good ass. You have put a timeline on it. I don't even know what he would say. It is not a fee. Twenty one August, this gathering any Aung San Antonio Antonio. I thought it and argued that was glaciers, eighty plus markets, where what the hell you know, Joe you come from Radio Vienna Nationalists indicator. Radio show the big do like you.
Put us in the line when you talk about as you talk about joiners capital drank cigarettes. Put us in their look. I damn right eve. Avi reverting to Elmhurst ran out there like, and we black and who pop radio, which illegally revenue was basing losing wasn't despite by moving very industry, move very quickly that doesn't sound like you at all. Why the opportunity the opportunity to be global, spread my message Throughout the overall, where this, our guidelines, the used them home unease about men like an out loud and an area on Youtube, staggered forty eight hours after my he knows how to make it on your lap. I says on your package: Sometimes you go in and eyes, and then, when you have up front with the odd, as you say to saying that when the debate, would it not too good evidence? Would you say that to say that I think are. Lastly, we
as already mentioned on its head. It is mine, in your view, biology every artist decades natural Andrew now all, aside. Not all easy and you have smoke for cheesy are it? Is thing that out, maybe I'm a little loss but when I have the smoke the army's here, so I feel like I see them is not the time to continue that you heard what I said now you going to respond and we going to have an adult conversation about it. That's that's all I said so. You think come call you on it and then you get into the air like allotted lot of times by we saving energy. Is different rain like Dunham gum in before the cameras come on extra sensitive, if they extra hard core of the land I'm a moment, but I loved you I love to, but
you gonna company, like that, and I have the conversation you her when I say you feel away. Let's talk about it. If not come of. It is true that you as a person every dislike it about you. So what did he say on arrogance? This. Is there another? Listen. Do you dollar nerd when you say that things there was proud of. Not I was he was Venza? What exactly what he said. He said I wonder now, and I will ask you about that without the ask about that is because getting all of us a new son, you pull so many pictures, wouldn't arousal you're all this and looks at like tat was enough for me, no one in the new generation envy, so my oldest son looks at it like mine, newest son, way more followers on Instagram, Anita S. That's all it avoids these rules. But you do feel bad about the fact that you weren't around not own. Why
because I made every effort to be we're. Like is now I will just gone laws. I want made every effort to be the ok when the aware, through the court yard you young, so mean I you know, So that was me and his mother's battle like now, these older now that her and I are amicable. She's married now we're gray, my my old is his whip me every other week at any time. You can come over and angry dad just went to the concert Friday him in more than a month ago, but it like that conflict I wouldn't Roger you value you drink. A very weird relationship my get around dragon lovely my sins embody without what you're on the jump you you think, I don't think so. I don't trust him.
I trust, issued a year is not a good relationship. I was they weren't. You all the people that I beef. We went out Robin legwork great now we got more words both job, but it will become back. Don't move. Is the breakfast club Gomorrah putting everybody's D J envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club, Joe Buttons, in the building like falling father, Joe Joe. Hold me periodic meetings me above all that stuff like seeing their debts job for more dramatically bothers. Isn't anything like that? How did I, when I start designing a man with her mother and new upbraiding, regional, so goddamn much those like she did? You did, but I mean Joker Frown joke or even we in Sweden
y know. What do you mean like uneven anyone any right? This is great Joe. This is a wonderful job, that's a relationship of eminent now. What about and and the whole team over there, because you were assigned S. Eighty, I think I am standing still. Scientists think ok, but you're not gonna. Put out my music never still allow another night. You know a lot of return and retired for Real rice and raised it, wasn't that would have you would think you were saying about him. Oh no mirrors will make me a worse and a good conversation is my gun this is my guy way for music. You fought defence force say something about him. Therefore, as you will be a respectful ways, in a situation that they now wagons laugh out was even though it was an have the wiles dislike. They kept pushing you pushing you pushing you anything like a like. You forced you to say something. Don't think it was the Van really was just whatever that song was that I was talking about at the
and I remembered an aimless all when I read the song. I will really was my natural reaction. The disarmament His em, like I, have a problem with artists who latch on two big movements to sell a record like we now hear you speak about these things when you're not attempting the seller record zone, that that's not it s, not specific to M S M war. At that moment, Congo is a bunch of it's. A bunch of people do- and I agree with you, but I think that the time is a little bit different. I think Are they not even without having a lot of he was voice? really people are relevant to be at that. Having the White House I've been alive, you will use new platforms if, as some people feel like a message, is my Pavel when they put it in music and maybe they fair leg, has ended in talk a lot about, he doesn't do any of you. The last period ends began. He doesn't really tweet or anything. I can really see how he felt. I can only speak about
I felt hearing the song. I was glad we were able to get past it. Could that moment seem to cause a lot attention between people, but we move fast. I've done everything that was done, a lot of people with his loyal em, no reason the reason I say that is less a clue some like laugh at Lahti. They'll tell you to stop. Can you stop lightly with them less not do things. I have a really good in a view. You don't make me angry and morning. No, I don't think so. You include you, don't know those between you and gloomy and am envy. I thought your name was called, maybe not made. Maybe and articles of the people assume that, shall I let you include like aims not on Jos Wikipedia. You know I, like many of you know not only this parliament when you say that you now close, would someone it's interpreted as malice or a days or like I'm, just not close with him. I am super super super type would worry, saw me, and I explained to him that, in our respect his feelings, but my relationship with M is not.
Aim is his saw and you you can expect me to bathe in a manner that you would and ass all any He and he understood disagree, but he understood not stated the coach. Yeah. I did. Of course you will you be discussing more than your parliament stated a golden hopefully. Could I feel that's the only thing, just limiting Joe Biden a little bit eddied only always discussing hip. I would To discuss more and more about every like when you discuss how about you end up discussing other things, as is Hiphop, also discusses politics. It also discusses the need to move on if somebody things involved we have had the world is enemy will now talk about him up without talking about a million of them, though try to I agree with all the main if this, if there's some areas that I think I need improving to be able to maybe hold it down solo by myself, I would love to just try to be able to talk about. Everything is patently Adolf about this, but It does seem a young boy
I do not see a press about it. There was something on a blog online at your name was heavily on it. They do you insane, none more so singing now beat it is at a no. Its assent. Eleven about who you have theirs. There is no eleven have the planet. I know you are a terrible terrible liar. You get a sewage ribs. If we're about to ask who are not doing it within Goin saying that I am here to talk about my brand new show stated article on revolt, the ivy. What do you think of the New York Times headlined a hip, Hop Howard, Stern, that they give every black outspoken media accommodated? you didn't do you? How does this advisory its ambling? I understand what they would they be trying to do when it when they do it. I was grateful
there wasn't a headline they actually printed on Sunday? They changed it, but I feel like they discredits. You do a little matter. You up become a why. How is definitely the like finding out how it's done? Don't even like biogas and I know what you're, knowing I know, we're Papa Gas has never been done before. How will not even in that media. So how can be the Howard Stern of when you something new in the park ass, we would I don't like the way our discredits podcasting. But ass. I was a little Edith, adult no common everything else, the job Joe Joe. Here we go, there can be. No, let's be honest. Charlemagne is flying recently took on this house I don't know how to know That means that by another interview over me, I that by while I'm examined, I'm not goin everyday.
But we are not my guy like it. I, like you, I ain't interview, Charlemagne is it's gonna. Get you feel about about only win easing Joanna, even alas, when we finally face I'm out at all, isn't another Joseph diamond joy joy in what do you mean he came to my radio show in Colombia, Zaki liner? Would it do you need had or are they anyone? in about these games. I wanted you to know. You wasn't like that exactly I value should be able to be with people with this economic differences, and I would on Burma Jeez on our laundry to hand out in pay for one grand a european right, as is on a dog Akhabbu raises you, you don't know it could be the other stuff we driving times their and shrink, and time has come for. I know no a Bay Congo, and you do too and you better now we need you lack people need you, I'm black is
I would like they comfortable he's. Always I got my mind. Are these comfortable. The sole comes out every time you think. If foot distress, they'll hip hop unity, we we build so much right. Where you got the organs is tragic death it rather than we have you, don't know her desert. Now I don't know the desert ran stated a coach you, my new show on Monday. ITALY, five pm Eastern M off too Today's linear ten p m. They start September assessing its hand. Oh yes, it's impotent September got along with joy when I do advocates found over one announced that way out, cajole of a non Yonah, a coal host Now now mag unity or you're, much creative, now listen stay June.
Yo at some point, I'm gonna now due to caused, is an ongoing changed. It is very, very, very, very big pause is job. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast club combating The J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was consumers the saw Bossi. This is the rumour reform on the breakfast club. Well elbows. He did and any of you ever lad tv any talk about our Kelly Azure racism in sexual allegations. Now here's what he had to say about our Kelly and birth, as you have near him, why? Our Kelly is there's so much fire? I will begin with a blanket. We hear them to. A think that they got a lot to do with our girl and when people say they were, they add is hard to get all if there was a regular beyond is where
legal girls who wouldn't even be nothing but his art Kelly may one It means allows bad of Malaga made. Their main ruling. None. I want involve my yeah mobile. What about one thing, I'd charges for the kind of God take their musical ordered them. I believe the sixty. Will he peed on a thirteen year old girl in Iraqi merrily when she was fifteen. For that where it was illegal for with another item I do now you'll hear us he's had illegal, so yeah if this was it legal, but because it was two situations, people will always look at our Kelly. Other sexual credit granted any probably measure that issue before they can then at least did Kate poise musical spot of another agree with that. But I didn't play music. I specified that they just took it out and playlists that they promote cinema, our right now? You also talked about Russell Simmons and the me too movement, not if tomorrow senator
my head behind me is something I was going to ADA's what the Fuk good man got to ask for pimple or try to take. A robot bid. You may you end up with em all moles when people molds and whole may remain. Why you Citizen, a seven is an aim. Could you you won't be taken home, but he D, dreams you bitch. Now you now you will bring accusations? Oh don't take begin cake unless those This is when you sit in Barboza. You just lie flat far away. I never have nothing to do with whether or not somebody that sexual predator, just cause you have a lot of money doesn't mean that you are not capable of doing so, and things like a hobby rising meet their obligations of rules that are not going to do the job. It was a good looking. Guy played an active role emitted drugging women in such development, as it has nothing to do with, hundreds of millions of dollars that you might have at all Yugoslavia now now low, both yes
is that the me to movement is hypocritical ad infinitum. Game or will design taken demand gotta make you go away, Then I do want to older people when eighty old Tom out he trudged on my and try and take it created, We ever thank you to build the hearing on take Mama free. When I You said by years all tell all he robbed me an elevator yeah do you robbed Ahmad back, you know, I'm in We can put on a bench. What about them away above per night for resolve, admittedly, the double standard, but I would say that man, then I am not impressed us had come forward and pesticides in Luxembourg next week, You just wait: presentation I owe you just where I started about eighty. Listen, don't push me
close to the? U S: Army where'd you talk about is born. Disdainful, though pressure is on those by brutal, just keep pushing and in the same vein you can understand. My somebody would be hesitant to step out and discuss things that have happened to be a hundred was a cause of how people view them through a three hundred million per se. I would I u any differently Charlemagne I've, even in about a been advocating obsolete or even Albert me off the is when, whenever something to happen over a decade ago, it could be something that you bring up now, because you feel like you're capable and about how to me. If you can, you, clown yourself. That's. Why have you a serious, then? I will tell me that therapy in the way they yes actually is trying to cope with some. I got things I wanted you to have much of which north. What wonder I right now to do. Let's talk about AIDS, He owes the shop Leubronn. So the first episode aired on too day, and he had a bunch people joining him talking about a range of topics he was doing but
ever Carter, business partner, John Stewart, J, Migraines, new dog job, I'm doing air Candice Packer, Michael Bennett, amongst There is now one thing that they did discuss on the show their brands had through snoop about black culture. They remove the way people dress, removed, away, people think we motorway people, dance, music, people listen to the mode of way people play sports anywhere at all. When I first went to London for a farce timelines riot stage like semi, thousand minorities and ages rack and why I came back overseas and every country I went to it was getting bigger then the call for was the way their rage always alot of people overseas and told him not to speak in English. To my muse, black people and more respect us out of America than America. They both right and I now want to use our power and influence to get us impositions that can really really really move society. Adele beckons,
I was on a he discuss, sometimes feel like an animal at the zoo I haven't over there. I don't want to depreciate monopoly in Russia not to go again on Twitter. I always do we really want to take pictures lie to me. We feel, like I told you, it is also a really feel like a zoo in like this one. Scan for me. You don't owe me like. I got people come dance like like I'm Chopin is so Monkey is, unlike I'm, a puppy. Lena me in, to meet. It doesn't feel good, but as I damn that's, where life became, but no
Can you ever really detention? Know your fault. Nobody total doubted dance every chance. He gets enjoy city in Georgia, but are absolute I'll? Give you a joy. They have no doubt that you are what you today it org language dance together. Now don't work late added like mad, always a lower gleaner ways. There was you were there when you add music reach, as sadly, you are no longer to property yourself, you are probably you to public monopoly, probably wanted they. Let you get. There fell away that Gaza way about it. By he's nice ain't, he doesn't want to be who you say no, because they know like if he's in a rush. I've seen him stop and take pictures for zillions occurs. But if he's in a rush you, I wasn't future part, but you or dance no, they won't take a picture without any. Where we squeeze
portraying there was a Marshall, put Yassum ownership of some odd. You go back and tell you. So no one can tell what you'd know they have that option absolutely. But I have the option of feeling. I want to feel as well the option if we really want to feel we ought to say where bottle I right, I'm Angela YE and that's your room would well tell you more days Lloyd, online shaken it as and when you take that step away. Ok, see an inappropriate. We know what we'll. Let me see you dead now. I want to see you guys rumour dark days there. Let me see you dared several days. Maybe you should meet with robots limousines. Whack you make me uncomfortable. Does the money the? dont you today for it I was going to a young man named he's not a young man is actually forty, five years old, but he's moving like a young man, and we need to have a conversation and we'll get our right
It is true that when we come back, he locked the breakfast locomotive Don Quixote Day, job Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mess adult I've been called a lot of my twenty four years been donkey. Other day is a new way. As dodgy today, for which they always twenty may have goes to a forty five young man named POG and zealous now always remember in life to things can be true, so I can give pod did they would also agree with some of his ways? I'll. Tell you why I agree with some of his ways and just a second but the reason Paul of getting donkey today, because Paul the cereal dining dash, yes Paul. Emma was that he will meet women at restaurants, all over LAS Angeles. Only to leave them went to bed. Now, let's go to Katy five. Would report fully
man accused of meeting women on dating sites and then running out on them before paying for dinner, has pleaded not guilty to fourteen charges. Paul Guadeloupe, Eggins Allah's, nicknamed the dining dash data prosecutors impasse Yunus they the forty five year old, arranged dinners with women over the course of about two years and after having food and drink seal, Julie, bailed on his dates. Before the bill arrived, the women either covered the charges which tabled some nine hundred and fifty dollars. In two cases the restaurant covered the bill making them part of the litigation and solace faces theft and extortion charges he could face up to thirteen. Years in prison if convicted. This knowledge is sound growth to be F boys. This is what happens when half boys become s main amateur, something are respected, that all is man wants to do. Is it ok, We have realised that previous somebody's guy law, we noticed some ineffectual predators and we ve heard story. The guy's Loring women on dates, only the sexually assaulted and killed him human.
Can Israel's and effective guide, literally just inviting women, awful food and drink sums given on a bill. He's gonna call could be worse ass. It could be worse, question we need to be asking is wise, happening at all right. How I would love to talk Ah, because China disdain, why does he gone dates? The dining dash is ignored it because it's easy a dining dash when your, which someone Is he doing it because we simply thinks he's funny? Look I'm emitted ale. So, as things are, I find it in our funding to everyone out. Some people may find leaving someone would a bill hilarious, especially elite Firstly, a lady who pulled up the sea you and she's dress, nice and smelling good head deed arise because she thinks you don't. David, then you just bout Dat could bring. Somebody great joy, but I don't need a human, I just want to know if my God, your ball, because I would simply like to know why Paul arranged dates in Pasadena, Long Beach, Burbank Annesley, where he ate and drank fool, just a ghost his date
bill came how'd. You have money to travel. All over California, but don't have money to pay for your food and drinks. I tradesmen castle. Paul got a little bit change. You may can afford the eaten. A restaurant is dining in dancing in what he can afford to eat. Now I didn't realize how legally this was Paul. Inside with seven pounds of extortion, two counts of attempted extortion, one can grant fell into misdemeanor counter defrauding an innkeeper, an petty deaf and is now facing thirteen years in state prison. All because he wants to dine in dash some Aren't you two days just sat himself. Please get plugins out as we found in amateurs you you he.
All right, that's the donkey up the day now will we come back. Ask IE eight hundred Froggy five, one o five. What have you got a question for you call a right now is to breakfast logo morning. I envy Angela Yea Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club, ISAF, ask e hello. This is allowed. Then I am this morning was of course, a four year deadline allegedly, has now be a much aid delivery on every minor, not the way to wag the autonomy of the good When I was ok, don't worry, I'm ok, so my them and I would go to America the old when the guy you when I met him, my kids were my daughter were through very well, we got married last year, I saved by name and this year my kid asked me: can they change their last name too, but their data of alive? So I'm not sure if I should do that, were I think
you said: hyphen ate their last name. Canada's hyphenated, yeah, that'd Earthquake Academy would think of that Africa Bank with Burma. Way they can have both last names in represent both of their fathers Ah, I beg you be afraid that by now, after all ass, I re banking data rather than you guys, who marries last year, pretty Zeta bag thousand quick was listening times as solutions right there, and you don't even think about it. I was another line allows this. DJ a morning good morning. What do we do? A grey was, of course, if you had been with my wife what about seven year Norm August, twenty fourth baited begging, gear congrats and my Why for has a baby Mama day, basically cause a problem all the time, and basically she used to baby at the pond. Why he does everything for a child whenever you get the chance and
He always call for his time. Every week week in his haggard encourages like she took him to court and make sure that he gets his best. The testing and it'll be core order visitation, so she cannot deny. I am afraid that by she also have like or three other kid he's worried about. He actually want to do more for custody, because she does it really so minded Annette. My child? The point she doesn't use for you again, that's been that he's gonna have to deal with inquiry. If he wants his head again for custody. You know is, He a good MA am really because she does. I want the money she did. She doesn't gets for her child and ban on top of that. She, you know she always wished to give money. She, though they do anything for them. She does. She basically lived on child support. And the government that it should have adoption of have added job. You know tat point his eyes on government tat point is always a difficult situation,
It's not your not able to enforce what she really. I spend that money on. How can you you know by was a he needs to go to court. He needs again his visitation. If you want to try to get full custody, he needs to put that impressed. Can be really proactive about it. Now. Why he's really worried about all tat? She had other kid and if he goes for his son as their full capacity, will it be of point where they look at all the case at all. Right, take them or in Iraq there is either go mad. Then she s she's, a good man. They're, not gonna, just take the kids away from her. As now like he's accusing her child abuse. He just once for custody because he feels like you can do a better job. If his, lives with him and that's a responsibility for both of you to take on a traitor. I love tat, wait for light, bag right, I love that boy ended like we tried to get every weekend, but she always had the excuse and
by just like he asked to pay every month. You guys need to make sure there is set up so that she has to give you those kids. Every single weaken has acquired, is gonna enforced now he'll be able to call the police ok. So I guess I'll talk to him. If you bear in mind that the major thing right now good We really want him to enjoy life she's like a man. From happening right now. Priority is making said it has taken care of right. Thank you. So much ass. You live here. Welcome you sound like a great human being. I haven't one body ASCII, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. When we come back Andrew Gillum, going to check in we going to talk to him about him winning yesterday and talked about with it. Mordechai Nominee for the Democrats, but we still have a look
his family go to become the governor of Florida. Arrival told him. When we come back, he belonged to breakfast local envy, Angela YE shall them into girl. We are the breakfast club. We got us press, you guess all we have a democratic nominee for governor flowed on the phone. Yellow drab. What a global drawn up by Congress
Are you kidding me? Are you kidding Angela? This is dead at a credible and proud of its a night of Arabic, of sweatshop, we're on our way to do a little morning, Joe refugees or a, but I could not sit back again our day of press without coming home, because I would not be here. I can tell you that for certain were it not for the early platform that you are provided aid to talk about the issues that matter, and they were the name with your listeners and with the people of the state of flora, such to the point tat without legally six million dollars and their ninety billion, we were able to overcome
What many thought was all over comparable to become the democratic nominee for governor of the state of horror, pretty incredible, pretty incredible night, I gotta tell ya power to the people for road and a few surreal is still die or be out of the air. We gotta get a flow into this thing, but the two cases it is the future two important what we got it. He was just too big for me to get caught up. We gotta be clear about the moment ten numb, especially in these closing days, because the other side is not covered everything that they have rights and we gotta be prepared to respond to be prepared to push back up. All importantly, over the course of these next several weeks. These next week's give our eyes supporters everything they need tippy unapologetically for us as they can't be because, as I said, my support is last night. My name is nothing, but a foil on the ballot was really on the ballot. All those issues we ve been talking about Darfur now minds: education, good job, healthcare, criminal justice reform, stranger ground with teal, although that is what's on the ballot money with the soil. For that we just gotta stay clear about that clear about the mission
and the only thing about it as an addition to oversee continued support, Israel, prayers and the coming in coming several weeks and months for my family, and I, as we propose you know these new territory where congratulations are making history. Has a lot of people came out to vote and it was historic numbers the highest turn out for a mid term. Primary election gotta keep their you going as well. That's why I know it was the highest. I tell you, what do you think that was so encouraging to be imparted to state that the postal not expect people to turn out? The turnout was off the charts. You're right, we had historic, mid term turn out and I think a lot about had to do with reaching. New generation of voters activating them in then turning the mouth a you know I want to enjoy a moment, but I do want to celebrate too much could like you said you noted. The big show is right around the corner. So what can people do a meal
ITALY right now they get you in the best possible position for November. Well, the first thing I gotta do back yet it ya gotta raise money when you talk to give us an answer given that com, so you see in this campaign, this can't be real without every single person pudding, you know something to feed into this race and on that basis for particular Mount the maximum contribution is three thousand dollars per person per entity, but give it your giant all the way through the primary shall about Europe is over. I was so my mother is all Otto either for twenty dollars a month or two about getting better This is a general election, but really back how we got here. I don't wanna betray area that it wouldn't be what we always is raised were it not for the twenty dollar fifty dollar, hundreds of other contributors who, frankly without backbone.
I beg you. May we just want to salute you married wanted to congratulate you this morning will keep driving tabled. It website can again donations to your campaign? Could we gotta bring an almond ovenbird minute? There's anything we do anyway. We could come out and support you. Let us know a wee bit. We there will be clear about that, because we need you out so you that in advance, but listen just though that never forget what we were able to help me doing this by merit. Your number wanta be always and you and your conversation I prejudge brother dead, you arrive at Yalta. Here are right. Thanks to end you give em for joining us now. Will we come back? We got room was on a wasted on over to breakfast locomotive breakfast aghast at the point of reference club. Yes, Anti sat names here at this point and social media you, I have seen their fifty cents character. How I is dead,
If I might add, is animal diseases as well. Everybody's been posting about it s the only reasonable spoiler, where fifty cent also posted about it. That was stupid boiler. Any studies are ready and executive induce her to show he's gonna return next season as a director ourselves there. You have it people that, though it that aids over he's gonna be back and he'll be directing some in did you see that Similarly, it is not produce of day ever yet was directed it everything he peed on land by directing, is so different or a nowhere? He stood. A key piece was delicious regards. It had started by retaining as a direct in existence, and that of the news I write Serena Williams. We talked about her cat suit ban in France Now, she's gonna be what you she won by wearing a too at the. U S open, so she can. Where would I she went in bad Susie was actually designed by Virgil and Nike. So,
collaboration between the two of them off light yea on software letters and Nike collaboration with with virtuoso. Congratulations sues therein, for winning the? U S open at the? U S open a fiery! he got a deal. He got a seven figure there all because his penis apparent yes, they gonna do a life size mould of his penis and they're gonna say with mass production and the priority in December, the toys was ship out just in time for Valentine's day. So if you are I've always wanted to have sex with safari. Now she can great what other girls matters of ivory. No money right now guys can bring safari rigour, lost out of a bad situation and now quaver it was our Anti Martinez and he ass. He talked about go so now here's what he said. Some is just crazy way, some real special way for new boy, honcho, quota transfers name luxury goods, I've rain on September, nice than me
It is then the first one and then they got it out. Some crazy on the way, some real special on the way leaving the group, but he is going to be doing this all the album. He didn't give any real, solid details about what it is, but he did confirm that some is going on in other no brain. You gotta do give unequivocal. Avonlea give MA said avenue. Give me take over me. Now I gotta sneaky suspicion and TEL Aviv and probably will be the best one. I Audrey I write when I'm Angela YE, and that is you ain't rumour, appoint all right. Thank you, Miss INA, shout the revolt will see tomorrow. Everybody else is getting, it is mixed. They is Michael, Jackson's birthdays. We will give some Michael Jackson on intermixed this morning for women If every major joint I try to get it all, for you is to breakfast locomotive high or of the under camp and the the before breakfast podcast and the There are several time management books I most of it. Did I hurt areas newest podcast? The new corn office. In this show.
Their strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one where the location and ours are more flexible than in the past Listen over that first cup of coffee and I pray. You'll learn something useful. Listen to the new corner office. Every week day on the I radio up apple pie casts. Ever you get, your podcast is a ghost Jeanne De Berulle in the FU fighters. Why does IRAN claimed covert? Nineteen is a? U S by a weapon. Ben Volie and in our new show strange news daily. We are shedding light on the most bizarre, disturbing and unusual news of the day every. From the latest exploits of Florida man to the mind. Boggling developments in space exploration, Topsecret governed experiments newly revealed stories of the paranormal and more listened a strange news daily on the Iheart Radio, app apple pie, gas or wherever you find your favorite shows
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